Couple's Loving Marriage
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Married now for about six years, George and Anne Williams were quite happy in their marital life together.  George who was now at the age of 47, working successfully as an engineer in the silicon valley, thought back to the day he met his lovely wife at a friend's party seven years ago.  Prior to that, George loved to date beautiful women but somehow Anne had captured and tamed him down.

His lovely wife Anne, a beautiful woman who was four year younger, stood at 5'8" and at 132 lbs.  Tall and beautiful, augmented with 34C breasts, Anne looked no more than thirty years of age in her natural beauty and enjoyed her job in interior decorating.  Blonde hair and pretty green eyes, her slim waist and firm small tight butt had men's eyes turning whenever she passed by.  One thing that George loved about his beautiful wife was the fact that she just loved having SEX!

Married and in love with each other, George trusted his beautiful wife and knew she would never cheat on him.  But one evening, having stopped off bar for a drink with his wife, George went to the restroom leaving his beautiful wife standing at the bar.  Returning from the restroom, George spotted a couple of black guys passing the bar and saw their heads turn to check out Anne's beautiful backside.  Heart pounding in his chest, George froze in his tracks, wondering what Anne would do if the two men made a pass at her.  With the bar filled except for the space saved for him, George saw the two men reluctantly make their way over to a booth.  Calming down a bit, he then made his way back to the bar to rejoin his beautiful wife.

Taking a gulp of his drink, George looked at his beautiful wife to his left.  But in the background, he could see the two men still eyeing up Anne sexy body.  George felt his heart pounding in his chest once again, wondering just how Anne would have reacted if the two black men had tried to hit on her.  He knew she would have flatly rejected their advances but then he began to fantasize his lovely wife being accosted by them.

Though his beautiful wife loved having sex with him, George wondered just how Anne would react to having a big black cock forcing its way up between her long sexy white legs.  'God, I wonder if the old myth is true about black guys?' he wondered.  His cock twitched and throbbed in his pants at the thought of seeing a big muscular black stud spreading Anne's beautiful legs apart to shuffle up between them.

That night, upon getting home and in bed, they had fantastic sex as never before.  Anne had commented to him that she had never seen him so gung-ho and energetic, referring to him as her 'gung-ho stud'.  George felt a bit guilty at the comment, for in the midst of fucking his beautiful wife, he had closed his eyes and made believe his beautiful wife was moaning and cooing as one of the black studs at the bar fucked her.

Ever since that night at the bar, George could not help but to fantasize of his beautiful wife being accosted by a big black stud, watching her try to fend him off as he hit upon her.  His fantasies varied throughout the entire gamut, from where Anne would fend off her would-be suitor to where she was brutally raped by the guy.  Such fantasies got him to keep his name as Anne's 'gung-ho stud' when he fucked her.  But many such fantasies occurred as he lay in bed next to his wife when she had already dozed off, forcing him to get out of bed to wank off in the bathroom.

With no children to worry about or care for, they would often go out for dinner after work and have a good time before heading home.  Besides dining out, they enjoyed doing different things, even walking the mall or going to a theater for a movie.  But every time a muscular black guy passed by, George could not help but to wonder what it'd feel like to Anne being accosted by the fellow.

However, working tirelessly on a project for the past few months, George was so glad that it was finally done.   He felt bad at having neglected his beautiful wife during this recent period, knowing that she must now be climbing the walls as he had been just too exhausted to have sex, something they both enjoyed tremendously.  The project had been so grueling that, on a couple occasions, he couldn't even get it up.

Anne understood the pressures that her husband had been under during the project and now that it was over, she excitedly looked forward to the super weekend, her husband had promised, in the big city to make up for lost time.   Anne was excited at the prospect of the four-day adventure that her husband had promised, she went out ahead of time to Victoria's Secret and Frederick's for some great sexy new clothes before making the trek.

Though truly in love with her husband, the past few months had been quite trying and frustrating for Anne.  From the late teens, after her introduction to sex, it was something that she craved with a guy she had feelings for.  Once she had married George, she sincerely intended on keeping the vows she had exchanged at the alter.

True to her vows, Anne felt a bit guilty during the past few months, having allowed thoughts of having a brief affair creep into her mind.  But she had managed to fight off those temptations.  Still, just the thought of cheating on her loving husband to get a quick thrill to satisfy the nagging itch between her legs had her feeling quite guilty.

One occasion kept coming back to Anne, the one where she had been driving over to the small strip mall.  At a stoplight, a tall young black fellow was crossing the street in front of her while bouncing a basketball.  She recalled how she had to squeeze her thighs together to stem the flow of juices from leaking into the crotch of her panties.  Anne could not help but wonder about the old myth, that of how black men were so well endowed.  Instead of going straight ahead to the mall, she had found herself circling the block and passing the young man once again.  Tempted to stop and offer him a ride, Anne had managed to find the willpower and step on the gas to keep on going.  Should she have stopped, Anne knew exactly what the outcome would have been.

Having checked in at a five-star hotel, they first unpacked and rested up a bit from the long drive.  Then they showered and dressed to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  As he drove, George moved his hand over the console to Anne's soft thigh.  Then he playfully moved his hand over her clothed mound while driving, telling Anne "Let's pull out all the stops this weekend!  Take a walk on the wild side so to speak!  Do some things we have only read about other people doing!"

After dinner that night, they were on their way back towards the hotel when George had to stop at a red light.  Then Anne commented "Look honey, there's that skin flick theater that's always in the newspaper!  Let's be naughty tonight and go to a skin flick!  Please, honey ……………I've never been in one of those gaudy theaters before!  Pleaseee!"  Turning off at the next intersection, George looked for a parking space, anxious to take that walk on the wild side.

The Stardust Theater was not located in a ritzy location but in the older part of downtown where one would expect to find a theater playing raunchy skin flicks.  The sidewalk was filthy as one would expect in such an area but it seemed to add to the excitement of it all for both George and Anne.  But what was on the sidewalk made it that much more interesting as they watched the various hookers and pimps ply their trade.

Looking about like two naïve teenagers at the box office, not wanting anyone they knew seeing them entering such a raunchy establishment, they quickly purchased tickets and entered.  They had not even bothered to look at the title of the skin flick that was playing.  Entering the dark theater to the loud 'Ohhhh's and ahhhhh's' coming from the screen, they let their eyes get adjusted to the lighting.

Seeing a lot of men's heads in the front, George looked back and saw an empty section above them.  Grabbing Anne's arm, he led her into the upper middle section of the theater that was vacant.  Watching the raw fuck scenes taking place on the screen, Anne grasped his hand and whispered "God, that big black stud's going to nail that little cutie!"  Staring at the screen, George replaced the image of 'that cutie' with his beautiful wife, causing him to have a massive hardon in his pants.

Anne was evidently all caught up in the skin flick and asked him if he could buy them some popcorn and cold drinks.  "Sure, hon!  I've gotta go to the john first anyway!" he replied as he got out of his seat and made his way down the stairs and out to the theater's lobby.
Standing in the corner and relieving himself in the urinal, John froze as a big black guy came to take a whiz in the urinal next to him and another guy was standing immediately behind him, even though other urinals were available no more that six feet away.  His heart pounded in fear, thinking that he was going to be robbed or beaten up.  "Hey, Linus!  Ain't this the dude that brought in that beautiful blonde chick sitting in the upper section?" the guy behind him asked loudly.  George could see the guy next to him turn towards him and laughing reply "Yeah, this is the dude!  Anybody bringing in a beautiful chick like that to this dive needs his fuck'n head examined!"

"She yer girl friend, dude?  Yer wife?" the guy behind him asked.  Panting for breath, George stammered out "My ……………my ……………she's my wife!"  Scared shitless, or more like scared pissless, George realized that both guys were at least 6'5" and over 250 lbs. apiece.  At 5'9" and a mere 180 lbs., George knew that he was no match for these big brutes and was about ready to meekly hand over his wallet to them.

"That there is Linus and I'm Marcus!  What's yer name, dude?" the guy behind him asked.  "Geo ………..Geo ………….George …………George Williams!" he stammered in reply.  "George, this is not the safest place to bring a purty lady ………………more so leaving her all alone up there!" Marcus advised.  "Linus and me are regulars here and we sure as hell hate to see any newcomers like ya and yer purty wife get harassed!  How about us joining ya and yer purty wife to make sure no one bothers ya!"

"Uh ………….uh ……………I'm supposed to get some popcorn and cold drinks!" George stammered, hoping that he could talk his way out of having these two big low-lifes brutes accompany him back to where Anne and he were sitting.  His heart thumped as Linus replied "Hey, that sounds great, George!  Marcus and I would love some too!"

Out in the lobby, with Linus and Marcus at his sides, George ordered four popcorns and four large drinks.  Struggling with a box containing the four large drinks and two boxes of popcorn, George made his way back into the theater and up the stairway.  Behind him were Linus and Marcus, each munching from their own box of popcorn.

George knew that Anne would be naturally stunned and nervous when he saw Linus go around to sit on the opposite side of his wife.  With Marcus sitting in a chair directly behind him, George could feel his presence lingering above, especially with Marcus' knee brushing up against his shoulder.  "Hon …………honey ……….this is Linus and Marcus!" he stammered.

Anne was shaking with fear in the presence of these strange men, leaning over to express her concern "George ………………George ………….I ………….I'm scared!"  Reaching over, she clutched at his hand for security.  Her fear was not relieved at all when her husband meekly handed her a drink and a box of popcorn.  Then she swallowed deeply upon watching her husband pass out drinks to the strange men, drinks that he apparently had bought for them.

"Hon …………honey, they ……………they're regulars here and  ……………just want to make sure no one bothers us!" George stammered.  Holding his wife's hand, he felt her shiver when Marcus commented from above "Damn, look at them fuck!"  "George …………..George …………!" Anne shuddered softly to him.  With Anne wearing a navy blue dress, he could see where her dress ended on her thighs.  Glancing down towards his wife's lap, he could see that Linus had boldly put his hand on Anne's thigh and was caressing her, pushing the hem of her dress further up to bare more of her thighs.

Anne didn't know what to do as she clenched her legs tightly together.  She had called out for her husband, sure that it was loud enough for him to hear but he did not respond at all.  "George ………………George!" she whispered again as the searching hand got bolder and was slipping up under her dress and trying to force its way between her legs.  Squeezing her husband's hand tightly, Anne shuddered as the exploring hand neared her panties.

"George ……………George …………………oh God, George!" Anne shuddered as a finger traced her moistening slit along the outside of her panties.  It was as if the magic button had been touched as Anne relaxed her legs and parted them a bit, allowing the searching hand further access.  "Mmmmmm ………………..mmmmmm!" she moaned softly, not wanting her husband to know that the man next to her had slipped his middle finger up under the legband of her panties and had it inserted into her slick juicing slit.

Holding his wife's hand, eyes glued to the movement under her dress, George knew that Linus was more than just touching Anne's leg at this point.  He could sense that Anne's stiffening in her seat as she clutched his hand tightly, along with her stifled moans, were telltale clues that she was being finger fucked.  Then the sudden shuddering of her body as Anne clutched his hand even tighter, George correctly suspected that Linus had just finger fucked his wife to a climax.

Then, feeling a finger twisting and pulling the back of his shirt collar, George shuddered in fear as Marcus whispered "Georgie, boy!  Why don't ya come up here and keep me company!  It's a better view from up here and I jest hate sitting alone!"  Heart pounding madly, George swallowed nervously as he picked up his drink and box of popcorn, then walked to the aisle to go up to the next row for a seat next to Marcus.

Sipping at his cold drink, George watched as Anne looked back nervously for him.  Then he observed Linus leaning over to her, whispering something in her ear.  Then Anne looked back in his direction once again.  His wife appeared to hesitate a bit, then turned forward before sliding down off the front of her chair.  George could not help but emit a gasp as he observed his beautiful wife turn and move to her left, her silky blonde hair now visible just above the seat cushion where Linus sat, right at the level of his crotch.

George swore that he heard a zipper being undone, then blinked his eyes as he thought Anne's blonde hair was moving.  His suspicions were totally correct, especially when Linus moaned loudly "Oh, Mrs. Williams ……………..yeah …………..suck it ……………..suck it all the way!  Oh, fuck ……………..oh, baby ……………….ya sure give good head!"  George was beside himself as rarely, only after nearly having to beg Anne, would she go down on him.  But here she was, readily going down on a complete stranger in this sleazy theater while he sat no more than five feet away.

Then, portions of Anne's blonde head were darkened.  George blinked rapidly to get his eyes focused better, realizing that Linus had his hands at the back of Anne's head and was now face fucking her.  Mixed in with the loud 'oohs and ahhs' from the screen, George heard Linus moaning "Oh, baby ………………suck it …………….suck it!  Oh, Mrs. Williams …………….gonna cum ………………gonna cum in yer sweet suck'n mouth!  Ahhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhh ………………….fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Staring down at the scene taking place just a row below and to his left, George saw Linus slump back in his chair as his hands now rested on the armrests.  There was no doubt left in George's mind that his beautiful and faithful wife had just sucked off a complete stranger with him watching.  Trying to think rationally, George knew that he should be totally pissed as his 'faithful' wife had not really been forced to do what she had just done.  Still, he himself had not done anything to prevent it and it was he who had brought these despicable men to where they were sitting.

In fact, George found that deep down he had really enjoyed watching his lovely wife go down on another man, as evidenced by the rock-hard cock throbbing in his pants.  It was as if one of his many fantasies had just come true to life.  Then he was startled back to reality when Marcus nudged him, saying "Georgie, boy!  Take off your jacket!"  When he turned towards Marcus, he was advised "C'mon, get yer jacket off!  The floor in this fuck'n theater is covered with shit!  You don't want yer beautiful wife lying in all that crap, do you?"

Having taken off his jacket and handed it to the man next to him, George watched as Marcus hopped over the row of seats.  Then an exhausted Linus slid out of his chair and made it out to the other aisle, making his way to sit where Marcus had been.  In the row beneath him, George saw that Marcus was now kneeling behind his wife.  Trying to focus his eyes in the dark setting, George then heard the sound of a long zipper being undone.  It was obviously Anne's navy blue dress being undone as her ivory white back became bared by the parting of the back of her dress.

A moment later, George felt something soft land partially on his foot with the majority landing atop the head of the chair that he initially had been sitting in.  Reaching down in the darkness, touching and feeling the material, George swallowed deeply in realizing it was the dress Anne had been wearing.  Blinking his eyes, George then could make out what the small white strip that was now dangling atop the head of the seat two rows below.  It was the lacy white bra that his wife had been wearing.  A couple of small thuds on the cement floor below told George that Anne's heels had been removed and discarded.

Then, another strip of white fabric came floating down towards him.  Just as it was to land in his hands, it was snatched in the air from him.  George turned and saw the shiny white fabric in Linus' black hand as he held it up to his face.  George did not have to guess but in fact knew just what garment it was that belonged to his beautiful wife.  More rustling of clothing could be heard from the row below him but it must have been Marcus disrobing as George could not make out the outline of his black body in the darkness.

George wished the ongoing flick would be more lighted, wanting to get a better view of what was taking place in row below.  All that he could make out in the darkness was his wife's blonde hair, her trim white arms apparently encircling the black man atop of her and her sexy white legs that were waving straight up in the air a few feet away.  George swallowed as he heard his wife's voice "Oh, God ………………oh, my God   ……….it ……………….its so bigggggg!  God ……………it won't fit ………….it won't fit!"

"Oh, baby ………………..Georgie boy must only use his little finger to fuck ya with ……………..damn yer tight!" Marcus advised.  "Ahhhhhhhh, Mrs. Williams ………………..spread yer legs wide so I can get it in ya!" he panted.  "God …………..yer fuck'n tighter than a virgin …………..spread yer legs wider for my foot long dong!" he bragged.

Staring in awe at the scene unfolded on the floor of the row below him, George could not stop the pulsating throb of his cock. He was mesmerized by the exciting fuck about to take place less than four feet below him.  With the seat below him automatically folding up when he had left the chair, that was the only way for Anne to spread her legs as the upright back of the chair on the other side would prevent her from doing so.

"Oh, God …………….its too big ……………….I'm scared …………….it won't fit!" George heard his wife's frantic voice from below.  Then George did the unthinkable as he leaned forward and reached out to grasp Anne's trim white ankle as her legs flailed out in a panic.  He pulled her outstretched leg towards him, essentially helping Marcus spread her wide so he could accomplish his objective.


"Oh, God ………………oh, my God   ……….….its so bigggggg!  So big ……………so big ……………so longgggg……………… big and long!  Oh, God …………..oh, my God …..…………….so gooddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came Anne's voice from nearby in the darkness.  George had actually held her struggling leg spread wide so Marcus could get his obviously oversized cock into his beautiful wife.

Seeing his wife's left leg cross over the black form atop of her and now feeling the right leg in his hands relax and attempt to pull away from him in a different direction, George released it.  Leaning over the chair a bit more, he could see Anne's trim white legs crossed over Marcus' black muscular body, ankles locked tightly together.  Watching carefully, he saw her crossed legs going up and down in the air, evidencing the humping that was taking place on the floor below.

"Oh, so good ……………………ohhhhhhhh ……………….deeper …………….yes, deeper ………………fuck me deeper …………..deeper, lover ……..deeper!" George heard his wife coo.  "Ohhhhhh ……………never so deep ……………..never so good ……………..oh, fuck me ……………….fuck me, stud …………..fuck me!" came Anne's cries.  "Oh, yeah, baby!  Squeeze me like that, Mrs. Williams!  Squeeze the tight little cunt of yers around my dick!" he heard her lover's response.

Always enjoying sex with each other, George swallowed as he realized that his beautiful wife had never responded in such a wild manner with him before.  It was certainly enjoyable for him, sitting in a sleazy theater with his rock hard cock in his pants while his beautiful wife got fuck by a big black stud just a row below.  He had fantasized of such an event taking place but never in his life did he expect it to take place in real life.

In his fantasies, George had always dreamt of stumbling upon a scene with his wife being hit upon by a black stud and then he would merely stay in the shadows and watch his beautiful wife being seduced or even raped.  But those were just harmless dreams and sexual fantasies.  What was taking place on this night was totally real and to his dismay, George realized that he had not just remained in the shadows but had played a very instrumental part in his wife's seduction, even buying the two men refreshments.

"Ohhh …………..ohhhh …………..ohhhh …………..ohhhh …………..ohhhh!" came the familiar voice of his lovely wife as she got the shagging of her life.  "Fuck me, stud ………….fuck me!" came the familiar chant that George had heard many times just before Anne climaxed.  "Oh, God ………..fuck me, stud ……………….cream in me …………..cream in me ………………..shoot your hot cum in me!  Yessssssssss ………………yesssssssss ………….oh, God ……………..ohhhhhhh, so hot …………….your cum's so hottttttttt …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came her moans that caught George by surprised as Anne had never before been so vocal in her throes of orgasm.

"Ah ………..ah …………….is ………….is ………..?" George stammered unintelligibly.  "What's the matter, Georgie boy?  Cat got yer tongue?" Linus needled him.  "Is …………is ………….isn't he ……………..isn't he wearing a condom?" George stammered out.  At that comment, Linus broke out in a loud laughter and yelled out to his buddy "Hear that, Marcus?  Georgie porgie here wants to know if ya took the time to put a fuck'n condom on before ya screwed his beautiful wife!"

Hearing Marcus' laughter in response gave George the obvious answer, causing him to shudder at the thought of the potential consequences from such a mating.  Then George got a nudge in the side from Linus, who advised "They're both pooped out right now!  Why don't ya go on out to the lobby and get us some fresh drinks, Georgie boy!  How about some hotdogs this time?  I'll go on down front where the winos hang out and see if any of them wants a whack at your beautiful wife!"

Back out in the lobby, George ordered a new set of cold drinks.  As there were four of them, George ordered six hotdogs, figuring that that both Marcus and Linus wouldn't be satisfied with just one.  He was thankful that he got a larger box this time, making it much easier for him to carry everything back to his seat.

Eyes needing to get readjusted to the darkness once again, George slowly made his way back up the stairway.  In the shadows, he could make out the two men sitting side by side but his wife could not be seen.  "Pssst …………over here, Georgie!" came Linus' voice in the darkness.  Reaching the row they sat in, George made his way towards them.  He swallowed hard as he glanced about for Anne, then blinking rapidly to get a better focus in the darkness, he saw the whiteness of her arms and legs as she still lying upon the cement floor a row below.

First handing out the new drinks and hotdogs to the two men, George then passed along the packets of condiments to put on their hotdogs.  Leaning over the chair below, George gasped in realizing that Anne was not lying there alone.  Then he heard an older guy's voice gruffly say "Ya sure as hell wasn't shit'n me!  This hot little bitch is prime meat!  Man, I ain't had nothing this good in fuck'n years!"

"Oh, yeah, baby ………….wrap those sexy legs of yers round old Rufus!  Ya got old Rufus hard as a fuck'n rock!  Haven't had a fuck'n hardon like this in years!  Oh, baby ……………yer making old Rufus feel like a young stud again!" came the gruff old wheezing voice from below.  "Yeah, baby ……………yeah ………………..ahhhhh …………Godddddd …………….ahhhhhhh ……………….cummingggggg …………….cumming in yer hot little twat!" the man shuddered.

As Rufus was getting into his clothing, Linus introduced the old man "Rufus, meet Georgie boy here!  Georgie boy here a really nice guy!  Ya don't always get a chance meeting someone like Georgie boy here!  He even bought me and Marcus drinks and popcorn tonight!  And ........................that's his beautiful wife that ya just shot yer old skunk in!"  Then Linus laughed and asked "Never thought ya still could get it up, old man!  Ya ain't shooting blanks are ya, Rufus?"

George was taken by surprise at the unexpected personal introduction to the older guy, who looked like he had made a living being a lumberjack, who had just boffed his wife.  More surprised, George saw the long bearded and balding guy extending his hand out to shake his.  Swallowing in embarrassment as he reached out to clasp the man's hand, George shivered when Rufus advised "Pleased to meet ya, Georgie!  Ya sure as hell got yerself a pretty little filly there, sonny boy!  Old Rufus don't shoot no fuck'n blanks guys!  That pretty little thing might just be spreading her legs wide in nine months for a little fold to come out kicking!"

As Rufus was making his way to the aisle, George heard Linus call out "Rufus!  When ya get back down there, send Silas up, will ya!  He wants to get his first sample of some soft white ass!"  Then Marcus, sitting next to him, gave him a nudge in the ribs "Yer purty wife likes it up the ass?"  "I ……………I …………I don't know!  We …………….we never …………..never did it that way!" George stammered in return.

Silas was a big brute, a big black brute who was far taller and broader than both Linus and Marcus.  To George, this man was built like a refrigerator, like a big football lineman.  As Silas began to undress, George saw Marcus lean over and pat the chair just below where George was sitting, commenting "Right here, Silas!  Right where her hubby can get a good close up view of his wife getting buggered!  Hubby says he ain't ever butt-fucked his purty little wife!  Jest think, Silas, ya jest might be getting a cherry white ass!"

A moment later, Silas pulled an exhausted Anne up by the hand and got her to kneel up on the seat of the chair, right in front of where her loving husband sat speechless.  Anne could not believe how she had allowed all of this to happen without out putting up so much as a fight.  'And George …………………George brought the men up here and got them refreshments!  The bastard knew the guy had his hand up inside my panties while he just sat there holding my hand!' she thought.

Now Anne was facing the back of the theater, looking right up at where her damned so-called loving husband sat while this big black bastard planned on shoving his fucking pole up her unused ass.  She thought 'He doesn't care!  He watched me suck the guy Linus off and then watched Marcus give me the screwing of my life!  Then he watched that smelly old wino have a go at me!  He even shook the old fucker's hand afterwards!  Fucking bastard!  I'll show you!'

Feeling the large hands caressing her ass, a shiver of fear course throughout her body as Anne had never been butt-fucked before.  Reaching forward with one hand, she found exactly what she was looking for, her husband's hardon.  'Bastard's just loving seeing me sucking and fucking these low-life creatures!' she realized.  'I'll teach you a lesson, you fucker!' she cussed as she unzipped his pants and fished out his throbbing cock.

Having heard that the husband had never had his cock up his wife's pretty ass, Silas correctly surmised that she indeed had a cherry rear end.  Silas just loved tight little asses and knew his busting through a cherry ass would bring about a piercing scream if not muffled.  Stroking his cock, he was excited at the prospect of getting his very first cherry white ass.  "Go ahead ……………..suck yer hubby's cock in yer mouth!  Don't want ya screaming none when I shag yer purty ass!" he advised.

Rubbing his cockhead up against her messy cunt, Silas greased his cock up in preparation to travel up the narrow dirty road.  Then he addressed the woman's husband who was now gasping for air ass his lovely wife blew his cock, telling him "Grab her head and keep yer cock in her mouth!  Otherwise, she'll be screaming like a banshee and bring everyone up here!  Just pray she don't go and bite yer little cock off when I stick it to her!"

Getting his cock into position, Silas grasped the beauty's trim white hips as he prepared to sodomize her.  Looking ahead, he saw that the husband had followed his instructions and had his hand holding his wife's blonde head down to his crotch.  "Yeahhhhh, baby!" Silas let out as he charged ahead, slamming his big black cock up into the tight cherry white ass.

"Owwwwwww ………………………..owwwwwwwwwww!" came a loud yelp of pain, like a dog being hit by a car.  It was not coming from the sodomized beauty but instead from her yelping husband who had his cock in her mouth.  Evidently, the painful intrusion into her ass had caused her to clench her jaws together, biting down hard into her husband's hard throbbing cock.

Silas just laughed and chuckled to the wounded husband "I warned ya!  Lucky she didn't bite it off!"  Laughter erupted nearby from both Marcus and Linus as they looked on at the spectacle taking place before them.  "Oh, baby ………………tight ………… fuck'n tight!  Soft and creamy white ass ……………..I jest luv it!  Damn, nothing beats a cute cherry white ass!"  Humping in and out, hearing the chair squeaking under the vicious assault, Silas finally groaned "Oh, babyyyyyyy ………………….yeahhhhhhhhh ………..oh, God ……………………….cumming in yer purty white ass!"

The bite on his cock had been so painful that George had immediately felt his raging hardon turn to a wilting lily as his beautiful wife eased up and began ministering to his aching cock.  The cum that had been stored up in his hard cock now merely oozed out in pitiful dribbles into his wife's sucking mouth.  His hands caressed Anne's silky blonde hair as he sat drained in his chair with his lovely wife collapsing face forward into his crotch.

Then with the aid of the light coming from the screen outlining Silas' bulky form, George saw the big man bend down and retrieve something from the floor.  George made out the outline of the garment and realized that it was his coat that had been used as a blanket on the dirty floor.  Then he watched as Silas used the soft inside lining of his coat to wipe off his shit stained cock.

"C'mon, Georgie boy!  Time to zip up!  The Velvet Hotel is just a few doors down!  Go on over and rent us a room!  Wait for us in the lobby!  I'll stay here and help yer purty wife get dressed …………….right after she gives me another fantastic blowjob!" Linus advised as he pushed George out of the chair.  Linus then sat down into the chair, pulling Anne's head back down into the position she was just in.  Only now it was now Linus' crotch her face was buried in.

As George began to move out of the row towards the aisle, he heard wet slurping sounds coming from behind.  Then he heard Linus advise "Marcus, go on up stairs to the projection booth and borrow the camcorder and tripod that Artie stores up there!  In exchange for borrowing them, tell Artie he can come over to the hotel for a piece of the action!"

Finding the Velvet Hotel, George looked about the run-down, roach invested establishment.  It was so different from the five-star hotel room that they had waiting for them across town.  He rented a room with a large king-sized bed, knowing that what would be needed for the night's activities.  Having a seat in the lobby, George began to have second thoughts of having suggested that they pull out all the stops and take a walk on the wild side.

End of Story.