CPA - Cutie's Prized Assets
(m/f, i/r, n/c, cuckold)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'The Dental Appointment'
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Kelly was quite disturbed with herself after the past few weeks, wondering why such wicked and shameful thoughts had come to flood her mind constantly since celebrating their first anniversary.  Married to the handsome Nick Benson, Kelly was beside herself for she had never even looked at, much less thought of any other man in an intimate way.  'God, why?  Why do I keep thinking of that man in the dentist's office?' she kept asking herself.
Thinking back a few weeks, Kelly recalled feeling quite nervous as the nearby man smiled at her and spoke "Hi, how are you?  You were here last week too!"  Being polite, she had responded with "Fine, thank you!  How are you?"  But she was taken by surprise as the big burly black man took a seat to the right of her, then began to make small talk.  When asked what she did for a living, Kelly responded that she was with an accounting firm and hoping to make her way up the corporate ladder, now that she had passed the CPA exam.  That she now need to get some clientele.

It was then that Art Thomas had formally introduced himself to her, giving her his business card, then extending his hand out to her.  Kelly had extended her hand out in courtesy to shake his hand and immediately quivered as her petite hand was enveloped in his much larger and callused one.  Her heart pounding, Kelly realized just how big and powerful the man was and she had felt so helpless in his grip.  For some reason, her mind had wondered 'My God ………….he's so big ………… black!  God ………….it'd be so awful to have a man like this even touch me in an intimate way!'

'Why ………………….why do I keep dreaming of that man ……………….that Big BLACK man!' Kelly trembled, then shuddered at the thought of Art Thomas touching her, sliding his rough callused hands up under her skirt to caress her soft inner thighs.  Closing her thighs tightly together, as if those hands were actually upon her, Kelly was unable to stop the juices from flowing and escaping out into the crotchband of her panties.  Feeling herself flush in embarrassment, Kelly could not understand what had come over her, as never before had she ever felt that way with any man other than Nick.

Little did Kelly realize that dreams were based on an event that had actually taken place, right on the dental chair in Dr. Sloan's office when she had needed that emergency filling repaired.  It had been a week ago, when she had first seen the likes of Art Thomas, on the afternoon before she and Nick went out to celebrate their first anniversary.  That Art Thomas had taken an immediate interest in her, a very evil interest, one of secretly obtaining carnal knowledge of her.

 Unknown to Kelly, was that the trust she placed in Dr. Sloan could not stand up to the hold that Art Thomas had over the good dentist.  That Art Thomas was Dr. Sloan's bookie and that the dentist was currently far in over his head with gambling debts.  Furthermore, the big black bookie was there to collect his debt, and that Dr. Sloan was scared out of his wits after the bookie had threatened "Ya got yerself a real nice office here, doc!  Must be pretty expensive rent!  Sure gonna be hard fer ya to keep up yer going practice …………….with …………two broken arms!"

Upon entering the patient's room to have her tooth repaired, Kelly listened as Dr. Sloan introduced her to the wonders of having nitrous oxide administered to her.  Not caring for the normal pain and sound of drilling associated with a dentist office, Kelly was excited to give it a try.  She had no reason to suspect that there was another reason for Dr. Sloan administering the gas to her, to put her out completely in order to buy some time in paying off his gambling debt.

Art Thomas had been more than happy to give the good doctor a week's extension without any interest, a small token for the chance to sample the succulent blonde beauty that he had seen out in the waiting room.  With the lovely young wife coming in and out of consciousness as Dr. Sloan applied the gas, Art had seen her eyes flickering, knowing that it would all be like a very hazy dream for her.

Since that fateful day, Kelly's dream had always been the same, the grinning Art Thomas approaching her, his rough hands touching her intimately.  It was as if she could really feel his rough hands caressing her, then reaching up to peel her panties down, stripping her of the protective garment.  Then he was spreading her thighs wide apart, shuffling his hips up between her widespread legs, rubbing his bloated cockhead up against her slick but tight slit.

But after that point of her constant dream, it was always a blank where Kelly would get up from her nightmarish dream.  What Kelly didn't know was that the blackness from that point on was due to Dr. Sloan having increased the dosage of the gas that put her out completely.  That once she had passed out, the evil Art Thomas had taken delight in personally giving her a present for her first wedding anniversary, that of his big black cock raping her as she lay unconscious on the dental chair.

Had she been conscious, Kelly would definitely have felt the big man's cock penetrating her and heard Art Thomas moan with pleasure "Ahhhhh, fuck, doc!  This little angel is so fuck'n tight!  God, if I didn't know she was married, I'd swear she was a fuck'n virgin!  Ahhhhh, man, her husband must have a pencil for a pecker!  Ahhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh ……………………this is greatttttttttttttttt!  Oh, so tight ……………………so tight …………….so fuck'n tightttttttttttttttttttt!"

With her rapist slicing in and out of her, the evil man had moaned upon giving her the anniversary present, one that no wife would want from another man as Art Thomas groaned "Oh, baby …………………….wanna wish you a Happy First Anniversary!  Ahhhhhhh, yeah ……………………..gonna give ya and yer hubby a nice little anniversary present!"  Stretched out far wider than her husband ever had, Dr. Sloan knew this and had to keep Kelly under much longer than usual in order for her body to readjust and recuperate.  Also, Dr. Sloan needed the extra time as he had been left with her messy raped pussy to clean up once Art Thomas had departed.

Following that second office visit, Dr. Sloan mentioned that Mr. Thomas had advised him of the business card he had given her earlier in the waiting room.  Dr. Sloan advised that Mr. Thomas requested that she call him sometime during the next week to possibly take over the accounting for the video chain.  The thought of getting the video chain as a client excited Kelly, causing her to rationalize that this was really the reason for her constant thoughts and dreams of the company's owner.

Anxious at the prospect of getting the video chain's account, the possibility of becoming a partner with the CPA firm in doing so, Kelly had made that call and a meeting had been set up to meet with Art Thomas.  Unknown to Kelly, the devious owner had been waiting for her call and was anxiously looking forward to their meeting again, that he had already begun planning to make that meeting quite a special one.

On that day of the meeting, Art Thomas viewed the monitor that scanned the visitor's parking lot where he had told the lovely Mrs. Kelly Benson to park upon her arrival.  He had instructed one of his trusted employees to start the video taping of the parking lot five minutes in advance, then to continue the taping through the other cameras throughout the complex.  Once he spotted her, he buzzed the taping room to confirm that the fellow doing the taping had seen her pull into the parking lot.

Seeing her approaching the front door, Art went to open the secured door to allow entry for his lovely guest.  Art was impressed with the lovely beauty, clothed in her nice navy blue dress and 3" heels, knowing she had wanted to look her best in landing his account.  'Baby, ya don't have to dress on my account ………….heh, heh!  Undressed is how I like ya best, sweetie!  Next time I get between yer sexy white legs, I want ya wide awake and feeling my big boner, baby!' he mused.

Art knew that the latest financial statements would certainly impressive the lovely beauty, knowing that landing an account such as his would start her rise up the corporate ladder.  He knew that it really didn't matter the type of business it was to these big firms, just so long as they could bill a ton each year to add to their own pocketbooks.  As the beauty sat across from him to view the statements, he could see that she was impressed with the figures he had presented her with.

Once she had looked at the preliminary paperwork given to her, Art threw her a curve in saying 'Yer company is a very big firm, a very reputable one from what I understand!   Ya impressed me at Dr. Sloan's office but …………….but I wondering if ……………..if I dare ask if yer familiar with the industry I'm in!'  Then he confronted her "Have ya ever seen a porno flick, Mrs. Benson?"  Seeing her nervous swallow, Art knew that this succulent beauty had probably never seen a fuck flick in her life.

Learning that she was indeed an innocent little bitch, in her mind only but far from it in her pussy since he had raped her unconscious body on the dental chair of Dr. Sloan's office, Art couldn't wait to give to her once again.  Only this time, he wanted her fully awake and feeling him fucking her, then he would really put her to work.  'Oh, baby ……………….when I's git ya again, I wanna feel those long sexy white legs wrapped around my black ass when I stick it to ya!' he chuckled.

Looking at the sexy young wife, cock growing in his pants, Art thought 'Ya sexy little bitch!  Gonna make ya all hot and bothered by the new derivative of the Spanish Fly!  Gonna git ya all hot and bothered …………………gonna make ya a bitch horny for a big black cock!'  Once he succeeded in his plan, Art had the future outlined for her as he thought 'Oh, baby, gonna get ya a close-up view of the 'smut' industry!  Yeah ………………..a real close-up view …………………so close that ya'll even be lying on a cum stained sheet being fucked by some big black porno star!  Yeah, that'll be real good introduction into the porn industry ……………..and ya'll be starring in yer very first fuck flick!' he chuckled.

Kelly felt very nervous, even squirming in her chair a bit, but told herself that it was purely business and not for her to morally judge one's business.  Though deep down, Kelly would never have gone to a theater to view a porno flick, even if accompanied by her husband.  'Gosh, can I do it?  I won't even go to see such filthy trash, even if Nick begged me to go with him, and now I'm practically ready to beg this man for his business account!  What kind of morals do you really have, Kelly?' she asked herself.

Accepting the cold ice tea drink that had been brought in to them, Kelly sipped at the very delicious beverage, a very pleasant and rather sweet tasting tea.  It tasted different though, with a slight hint of licorice mixed in with the mint flavor, but very delicious to her taste buds.  Little did Kelly realize that the hint of licorice was the special flavoring of the liquid Spanish Fly that had been added to her drink.  The amount that had been added to her drink was not a full dosage, just enough that would have her squirming in her seat before the hour plus long meeting was over, and even worst when she departed.

Explaining her work experience in the accounting field, the fact that she had just obtained her CPA license, Kelly sought to assure Mr. Thomas that she was quite capable of handling his company's account.  But Art Thomas rattled her nerves when he advised "I'm sure yer quite capable of handling all the books and tax returns for the company but …………but …………but I'm not sure that a 'lady' like ya can handle all the nitty gritty details of this business!  I just want to be certain that whoever handles the account fully understands the business itself so I can talk freely to that person!"

Mr. Thomas told her to take some time to think about it, saying that the account was hers, but only if she was certain that she would not be bothered by hearing foul language around the premises and of course the sexual nature of the business.  Feeling that any hesitation on her part would be harmful, Kelly lied and assured Mr. Thomas that she was not as 'innocent' as she appeared.  Kelly felt that she could put on a convincing front when she needed to stop by the company's office and that she could do a lot of the work by having some of the young male trainees do the auditing once the account was landed.

"Great, glad to hear that, Kelly!  It'd be so hard to try and curb the normal language going on here, especially with the type of industry we're in!  So, you'll have to know all the terminology we use, especially since a lot of our paperwork will contain the various abbreviations!" he advised.  But Art knew from the way the innocent had blushed that she was putting him on, that had 'virgin ears' when it came to sex.  "Since you'll be handling the company account, we should be on a first name basis, don't you think!  And please ……….call me Art!" he advised.

Knowing that the young beauty was starting to feel the effects from the dash of Spanish Fly, Art decided to shock her with "Of course, I'm sure you're well aware of the basic terms ………… 'fucking and sucking', but do you know what 'DP' stands for?"  Seeing Kelly blush in embarrassment as she shook her head 'no', Art took great pleasure in explaining "That stands for 'double penetration', you know like having a cock in yer cunt and ass at the same time!"  Art wanted to bust out laughing as the shocked young wife spilled the remnants of her ice tea onto the carpet.

As the startled beauty reached down to pick up the glass she had dropped to the carpet, Art stood up from his desk and went around to her, advising "Oh, don't worry about that, Kelly!  Come, let me show you a little about the industry and what this company does!  I'll show you studio in the back lot as we've got a film being made right now!"   Grasping her by the elbow, Art could feel her body shake in nervousness as he led her down the hallway and out to the back lot.

Heart pounding in her chest, feeling an itch between her legs like never before, Kelly found herself entering the secured studio with Art Thomas very close to her body.  She felt very nervous with him being so close to her, especially due to the shameful dreams she had been having over the past few weeks.  She felt him close the gap even further as he held the back of both her elbows with his head nearing hers, then heard him whisper "We've got to be very quiet as they're about to shoot a fuck scene now!"

Ushered into the set by the owner, Kelly's breathing nearly stopped at the scene before her, seeing a beautiful petite blonde in the embrace of a big muscular man.  She shivered when Art Thomas whispered "Look at that big black stud!  Look at the boner on him!  Do you think she can take it all?"  Swallowing, panting for breath, Kelly seriously wondered if it was humanly possible.  Never before had Kelly seen a man so well endowed, not believing that what she was observing to be real.  In fact, other than her husband's, Kelly had never seen another man's penis.


Eyes focused upon the bed as the legs of the petite blonde were now being spread wide apart with the muscular black stud shuffling up between them.  'Oh, my God ………….they ……………they're actually about to do it!' Kelly realized.  Then the black porn star was putting his penis up against the petite beauty and his manhood slowly began to disappear.  Kelly shuddered and shook with fear as the blonde on the bed squealed "Godddddddddddd ………………..ohhhh, God stoppppppppp ………………'s too biggggggggggggggg!"

Standing there as if in a trance, Kelly watched as the fucking took place on the bed, not believing that the pretty petite blonde was taking it all up into her.  Much less, how could the lovely blonde let a big black man put his penis into her ……………..without a condom!  Squeezing her thighs together, rubbing them unconsciously to scratch that nagging itch between her legs, Kelly felt the crotchband of her panties become a sopping wet mess.

Mesmerized by it all, when the scene stopped for a break, Kelly observed the man behind the bamboo screen for the very first time.  He had been standing in the bedroom all that time, watching the couple have intercourse.  "How'd ya like that scene, Kelly?  It's gonna be a real turn-on flick, a part of the Black Demon series to be titled 'Voyeur Husband'!  Yeah, husbands always get turned-on wondering what it'd be like to find his wife in bed with another man!  Don't ya think this one's a winner ………………..especially with the guy finding his lovely blonde wife getting fucked by a big black stud like that?" she heard Art Thomas say.

Back in the parking lot, shaken to the core of her being from what she had observed, Kelly panted for breath.  Fingers still trembling, she finally managed to get the car started and began her journey home since this was her last appointment that day.  Kelly was nearly squirming out of the driver's car seat by the time she neared her home.  Unable to think of standing in the kitchen to cook dinner, she pulled into the drive-thru for an order of fried chicken.

Arriving home ahead of her husband, Kelly set the take-out meal on the kitchen counter and placed the coleslaw in the refrigerator.  Then she made her way to the master bedroom and opened her dresser drawer to obtain a fresh pair of panties.  Going into the master bath, Kelly locked the door as a precaution, just in case Nick got home while she was preoccupied.  There, in the privacy of the bathroom, she stripped off her dress and undergarments.  Closing her eyes, recalling the sex scenes she had witnessed, Kelly touched her aroused nipples.

Seated upon the closed toilet seat, Kelly touched her breasts with one hand and spread her legs wide as her other hand went down to her juicing womanhood.  Then she reached up to the counter to retrieve the item she had brought up from the refrigerator.  Looking at the object, Kelly's fingers encircled it, believing that the long cucumber in her fist was nearly identical in size to what the muscular porn star possessed.

Spreading her legs wide, placing one end up against her sex, Kelly winced with pain as she tried to push it in.  'Oh, God …………… did she take it all in her?  She was so tiny, only 5'1" or so, far smaller than me!' she wondered.  Then, pushing harder, the thick cucumber began to disappear up into her horny slit.  Juicing so much, the object in her became quite slick and Kelly began to hump forward into it.  'Oh, God ……………….oh, God ………………….is this how it'd feel to be taken by the big black stud?' she wondered.

"Ah ………………ah ………………ah!" Kelly panted as she fucked herself with the large cucumber.  'God ……………… it really true that a man gets turned-on in seeing his wife with another man?  Has Nick ever dreamt of me in the arms of another man?  Would he get excited seeing me in the arms of a big black stud like that guy in the studio?' she wondered.  'Oh, Nick ………………would you like to see me get fucked by a big black cock?' she panted, body stiffening and then shuddering as she came around the thick cucumber.

Having calmed herself down a bit, though still annoyed by the itch between her legs, Kelly gazed at her husband as he ate dinner across the table from her.  She had mentioned to Nick of her meeting with Mr. Thomas the night before, but had indicated her nervousness due to the type of industry it was involved in.  She was afraid to bring up the subject, not wanting to tell him what she had observed on her eventful visit.

Then she gritted her teeth upon hearing Nick ask "How was your visit with Mr. Thomas?  Did you bring me back a hot x-rated flick?"  Swallowing deeply, feeling herself become flush with embarrassment, Kelly replied "Okay!  But …………………but I don't know if I can really handle it though!  Its so …………………so …………………….such a ………degrading ………..disgusting industry!  And no, I didn't bring you back a smut film!"

With her husband prodding her for more info on her visit, Kelly felt nervous and stammered out a lie, telling Nick "I ………………I just looked at the books and financial statements…………..that's all ……….strictly business ……………….and …………and nothing else!"  Seeing her husband looking a bit disappointed at her reply, Kelly advised "Mr. Thomas indicated that his was planning a new concept for his next film!  He asked my opinion but I didn't think it was realistic!"

Seeing Nick look up inquisitively, Kelly was expecting his next question inquiring as to what it involved.  "Well, Mr. Thomas appears to think that the series of movies he's planning will be a hot seller!  Its ……………..its about a married white couple ……………and …………………….and the husband catches his wife having an affair with another man!  And ………….and he watches it all!" she advised.

"Sounds like an ordinary tv film, honey!" her husband responded.  "Well ………….you know what kind of films this company makes, Nick!  Its ………………well, its supposed to be quite explicit to say the least …………..…you know what I mean!  In this one, the wife is blonde ……………someone just like me ………………..and the husband watches as she has an affair in their bedroom …………….with ………………with a big ………………black man!"

Seeing her husband nearly choke on his scotch and water drink, Kelly knew that the lewd suggestion indeed intrigued him.  Taking the dishes to the sink and washing them, she then made herself a vodka tonic and went out to the den where Nick was sitting on the sofa watching television.  Sipping her drink, Kelly sat down next to him, then set her drink down so she could lie upon the sofa and rest her head on his thigh.

Stroking his thigh, Kelly plied "Honey, you never did answer me?  Was I wrong in telling Mr. Thomas that I didn't think that story line would sell?  That a husband wouldn't find it exciting to see his lovely wife in the arms of another man ……………….a big black man!  Would it excite you seeing me in the arms of a black man?"  "Well ……………..well …………….I …………….I don't know, honey!" she heard her husband stammer in response to her question.  But with her hand on his thigh, there was no mistaken the throb of excitement creating the movement under his pants.

Rubbing her hand over his hardening cock, something she had never done except in the confines and privacy of their bedroom, Kelly cooed "Oh, honey …………… are getting excited!  Shame on you ……………………getting all excited in picturing me with a black man!"  Stroking Nick's now rock solid cock through his pants, Kelly teased "Picture your shameless wife ………………..spreading her legs wide ………..letting a black man ……………………put his big black thing in her!"

Hot and horny from his wife's teasing and stoking, Nick was beside himself as his previous prim and proper wife was now unbuckling his pants.  Taking over the task as Kelly began to get out of her clothing, they were soon naked and in a passionate embrace upon the sofa.  With his lovely wife displaying such a wild streak after just going to that company to secure their account, something so abnormal in her behavior, Nick loved it and definitely planned to encourage his normally reserved wife to take the account.

For husband and wife, it was the most fantastic fuck ever for both of them, one they'd never forget.  It was the wildest Nick had ever been, fucking his beautiful wife while she egged him on with "Fuck me like you'd like to see that black stud doing it to me!"  Then they both collapsed in each other's arms, still joined together after enjoying the best fuck of their marriage.  Never had Nick ever cum so much, nor had his beautiful wife been so wild and crazy for a fucking.

The next week, Kelly found the president of the CPA firm knocking at the door to her office, an event in itself as Mr. Gregg normally remained in his penthouse office and let the managers under him handle the staff.  She was surprised as him extend his hand out to congratulate her, advising "I must congratulate you on landing Art Thomas' account, Kelly!  I personally tried for years and gave up and I know several of the other partners tried their best also.  Believe me, in landing this big account, your name will be coming up in the next partnership meeting …………..and you certainly have my vote!"

That night during dinner, Kelly advised Nick of the company president's unexpected visit to her office and the she was nearly assured of becoming the first female to become a partner of the most prestigious CPA firm in the state.  Then she asked her husband if he had made any plans for Friday night as Mr. Thomas had called and invited them out to dinner at a plush restaurant to meet socially and to introduce her to important members of his company.  Kelly was relieved that Nick could accompany her as she did not want to go alone, feeling much safer if she was in his company.

Entering the plush restaurant that Friday evening, the hostess advised that Mr. Thomas and the rest of his party had just been seated a few minutes earlier.  Kelly wondered who would be in attendance and their status with the video production and distribution company.  Not knowing who would be in attendance for this dinner meeting, Kelly had selected an elegant black dress with 3" black heels and matching smoke-colored nylons.

Following the hostess and stepping into the small alcove, Kelly gave a slight gasp in seeing the three other people in the room.  Besides Mr. Thomas, there were two other men dressed in suits and a woman dress in a nice evening dress.  Kelly swallowed as she had seen trio before, but had never met them personally, only having observed them starring in the filming of the raunchy porno flick.

Rebecca Starr was first introduced to Kelly and Nick, with Mr. Thomas advising that Mrs. Starr was in charge of hiring the talent, while her husband Steve was the production manager for the company.  Then they were introduced to the tall muscular Hank Hammer as the stage and equipment manager.  With her petite hand fully engulfed by the large black one of Mr. Hammer, Kelly felt her knees go weak as the powerful man held her.

Kelly knew full well that Art Thomas had made the introductions in that manner for just the sake of her husband, especially after seeing the trio at work the other week.  'My gosh, she looks quite prim and proper, so innocent looking!  So different with her clothes on …………….and not begging to be fucked!' Kelly thought.  And she had seen Rebecca's husband Steve at work also, as the voyeur in the bedroom scene.  As for Hank Hammer, Kelly had seen the man also ………………all of him …………….including that big monstrosity that he proudly exhibited before fucking Rebecca out of her mind that day.

It was a very nice setting in his elegant restaurant, with Mr. Thomas apparently a regular customer as he knew the waiters and maitre de included.  With the alcove dimly lit and soft piano music coming in from the main dining room, drinks continued to flow for all.  In fact, Art Thomas was a silent partner in the restaurant and he had given the bartender instructions to put a small dosage, of the vial containing the Spanish Fly, into Kelly Benson's drink.  A tiny dosage that Art Thomas figured would be enough to get the pretty bitch in the mood, just enough to let her inhibitions down even with her husband sitting nearby.

As the dinner commenced, everything seemed like a normal business/social dinner meeting with some small talk on business in general but more just friendly chit-chat.  With Nick seated between Steve and Rebecca Starr, he seemed to be enjoying himself as he told them about the business that he was in.  Kelly just hoped that it would continue that way and neither would let on to her husband as to what they actually did for a living nor the fact that she had observed their performance the other week.

But midway through the meal, that same itch that she felt a week ago began to act up between her legs, causing her to squirm about on her seat.  Then she heard Hank Hammer whisper to her "Did you like my performance last week, Mrs. Benson?"  Feeling a flush of embarrassment come over her, jaw dropping a bit, she turned towards the man who was leaning over closer to her.  "Actually, Mrs. Benson ………………… stage name is Sledge Hammer!  Can you guess why?" she was asked.

Off to one side, Nick Benson could not believe how lovely Rebecca Starr was, so innocent looking but wondered how she could be so innocent if she was working for Mr. Thomas' company.  On his left was her husband, chatting to him about production problems that's normally takes place while the man's sexy young wife was sliding her hand up and down his thigh.  'God, she's feeling me up and her husband is sitting right next to me!  And Kelly's just a few seats away!  Thank God Kelly's preoccupied!' he thought.

With his cock growing and Rebecca's fingers just inches away, Nick was nearly panting for breath as he did now want her to stop there.  Then Rebecca was leaning closer, telling him "Your wife is very beautiful!  Did she happen to mention the new Black Demon flick we're doing called 'Voyeur Husband'?  Where a big black dude seduces a beautiful white wife!"  Nick could only swallow and nod a 'yes' in response.  Again, Nick could only nod a 'yes' when asked "Do you think it'll be a big hit?"

Then the sexy blonde's fingertips grazed the edge of his rock hard cock, causing Nick to nearly pop his load.  "Beautiful talent is so hard to find, especially one that's truly innocent ……………a real prim and proper woman!" Nick heard Rebecca say.  Feeling her petite hand move, touching and clasping his cock through his pants, Nick steeled himself to keep from filling his jockeys with his spunk.  Then the next question really threw him for a loop when Rebecca asked "Wouldn't it be a thrill seeing Hank over there put a make on your lovely wife?  Putting his big black hammer to her!"

At that same moment, as Kelly moved about in her chair to try and get some relief from that nagging itch, she gasped slightly as Sledge Hammer but his large paw upon her thigh.  She shuddered, creaming in her panties as the large hand slid up under her dress to caress her.  "Did ya like seeing the equipment I used for that scene, Mrs. Benson?" she heard him ask.  Unable to answer as she panted for breath, Kelly could only give a slight nod to indicate 'yes'.  "Well, I's got that equipment of mine all out and set up right now!  Jest ya reach on over under table and git a feel of it!"

An hour later, with dinner concluded and everyone saying their goodbyes, Kelly sat silently in the car as she stared blankly out the window of the passenger door.  Elbow on the top of the door, Kelly rested her chin onto her closed fist.  Meanwhile, Nick stared out onto the roadway as he guided the car along, his mind a shambles after sitting next to the lovely blonde wife of Steve Starr.  Nick kept thinking of what the sexy bombshell had whispered to him, telling him to come over to the studio on Tuesday morning so she could give him a personal tour of the studio.

Nick could not believe that the lovely blonde, Becky as she liked to be called, had stroked his cock while her husband sat on the other side of him.  And the promised tour on Tuesday morning would be when Art and the guys would not be in.  "I want to show you the private viewing room that's in the studio, equipment with several monitors with one being a 50" screen, and a nice comfortable bed for us!" she had told him.  There was no mistaking the inference to the 'bed' remark as she rubbed and stroked him.

What also intrigued Nick was Becky telling him that in the late morning Tuesday, they could then watch Art and Hank break in a 'newbie'.  "This new talent has a lot of promise, quite beautiful but so prim and proper!  Quite reluctant to get into the business though, but Art's determined to get her in the business!  You'll really enjoy seeing Art and Hank break her in!  They're going to first slip a strong dose of Spanish Fly into her drink and that will cause her to lose all her inhibitions!  She'll be begging to be 'fucked'!  So long as the guy's got a cock, she'll be so horny that it won't matter that she'll be getting plugged by a big black cock or even a horse's cock!" he was advised.

With Becky stroking him faster and faster under the table, Nick shivered as she further advised "And she won't even care if a condom isn't used or that she could get knocked up by it!  You'll really enjoy seeing a beautiful white chick get broken in by those two horny guys!  Wait till Hank shoves his thick boner in her, I guarantee you she'll be screaming bloody murder!"  It was at that point that Nick had filled his jockeys with his hot spunk, jockeys that he'd later strip off and disposing of when going to the 'john'.  Never before had Nick ever thought of cheating on Kelly but he just couldn't pass up a chance like this.

On the other side of the car, Kelly swallowed as she thought back to what she had done in the restaurant.  "I can't believe what I did!  I actually touched another man's penis ……………..his cock …………….and right under Nick's nose!" she thought.  "My God ……………….he was even bigger than the cucumber ……………..thicker and even longer!  How could have done such a filthy thing?" she asked herself.

Her mind flashed back to that point of the dinner when she tried in vain to encircle the thick monstrosity that Sledge Hammer possessed.  "He has to be over a foot in length!" she swallowed.  Kelly felt so ashamed of her behavior, for once she began stroking his meaty length, she could not stop shucking at it.  Faster and faster she had stroked him, till Sledge had grasped her wrist and pushed her hand further up his pulsating stalk.  And then it happened, bursting right in her palm that cupped the spurting cockhead.

Inhaling deeply, Kelly breathed in the potent aroma of male cum that still coated her palm and fingers.  When it had finally stopped spurting, Kelly's cupped hand was filled with sticky hot goo that slowly oozed between her webbed fingers.  Using her napkin, she tried to wipe the slimy mess from her fingers and hand.  Finally, after doing the best she could with the napkin, she put the balled up cloth onto the floor beneath her chair.  Then Kelly did another previously unthinkable thing as she stuck her tongue out to cleanse her fingers and get a taste of male spend.

Telling his secretary that he'd be out visiting customers and wouldn't be back to late afternoon, Nick pulled up into the employee parking lot as Becky had instructed him.  Going in, he was warmly greeted by the lovely blonde who gave him a kiss on the cheek and held his hand as she took him on a tour of the premises.  Once they were out of sight of the other employees in the building, Becky then leaned up to give him a passionate kiss, darting her tongue between his lips.  Then she was pulling him out the rear exit and towards what she indicated as being the studio.

Once in the studio, Nick was led by the sexy beauty and shown the bedroom setting that would later be used that day to break in the new talent.  Becky pointed out the large mirror on the wall, then explained to him that it was really a two-way mirror behind which they'd get to watch Art and Hank break in the sexy beauty.  He then was being led to the adjoining room that contained the two-way mirror and Nick was informed that it was a soundproof room.

Nick recalled that Becky had told him the new gal was white and beautiful and that she'd be slipped some Spanish Fly to get her hotter than hell.  But Nick was surprised to learn that the new gal was married, finding out that fact when Becky chuckled "She'll have to hold off having sex with her husband for a week or so!  Otherwise, her husband won't feel a damned thing with her stretched open by Hank's monster cock!  I swear, it's like he's got a baseball bat hanging between his legs!"
Once in the soundproof room, Nick saw Becky lock the door as she commented "Just in case!  We don't want to be disturbed now, do we?"  Then the petite sexy blonde was in his arms, kissing him passionately.  Once the kiss ended, Nick watched as Becky pushed a button on the wall.  Seconds later, what had been a sofa unfolded into bed.  Now Becky was pressing herself up against him and undoing the buttons to his shirt.  Nick was anxious at this point, reaching behind the petite beauty to unhook the top of her dress and pull her zipper down.

Undressed and naked in bed with the sexy blonde, Nick sucked in his breath as he learned what it felt like in feeling a woman's mouth sucking upon his cock.  This was what he had dreamt of for so long, always wishing that his lovely wife would do this for him.  But Kelly was so innocent, so prim and proper that he dared not offend her by asking this of her.  Nick felt guilty cheating upon his lovely wife but he just could not resist this sexy beauty.

Perhaps Nick would not have so easily given into the temptation and kept his pants zipped up had he known that all the events taking place in the soundproof room were being videotaped by hidden cameras.  That all this had been staged and the three men he had met at the dinner meeting were secluded away in the taping room, watching every movement and zooming in on the action.

About an hour later, having dozed from exhaustion after blasting his balls in the sexy little blonde, Nick felt her shaking his shoulder.  Opening his eyes, seeing the smiling beauty beneath him and realizing that he was still in her, Nick heard her say "Time to get up lover boy!  I think Art's about to break in the new talent!"  Pulling back slowly, Nick shivered as he felt her cunt again squeezing at him, turning what had been so pleasurable earlier to now fill him with guilt.  Then came a 'plop' as his cum soaked cock flopped out of her tight little slit.  Next he was being pulled up from the bed by the sexy beauty, telling him to look through the two-way mirror.

Hands around the sexy blonde as they stood looking out the two-way mirror, Nick cupped and played with her breasts while she reached behind to cup his balls and pull at his cock.  Indeed, Art had returned with the new talent he was about to break in.  Though the man was standing with his back to him, Nick recognized that it was indeed Art Thomas.  And Nick could see the top of a woman's blonde head showing just over Art's shoulder and saw her trim white legs and heels standing between that of Art's widespread ones.  Seeing the way her heels were facing, it became apparent that Art Thomas was standing immediately behind the woman and the way the back of his upper arms were moving, the man was making his move.

"Let's listen in!" Nick heard Becky say as she reached over to turn a knob on the wall.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………..……ohhhhhhhh!" came the woman's cooing over the loudspeakers.  Then Nick observed the woman's left arm reaching back over Art's shoulder as her petite hand clasped the back of his neck.  In the woman's arm movement, he caught a glimpse of the sparkle of the woman's diamond ring, causing Nick to mutter 'Damn, she really is married!"

His cock reviving from the exciting scene, Nick felt his cock lurch as Becky wrapped her fingers around him as she teased "Getting turned on again, huh, loverboy!  Getting a turn-on seeing Art break-in the new talent ………………..seeing him fuck another man's wife!"  From the fingers stroking him, as well as seeing the woman's white dress fall between Art's legs to puddle around her heels, it was certainly an erotic scene for Nick.  Then the woman's lacy white bra dangled from Art's fingers for a moment before falling to the floor of the studio.

"Oh, baby …………..ya got nice titties!  Ya like me touching and pinching yer nipples, don't ya sweetie!  Ya like another man feeling ya up, dontcha?" Art's voice could be hard over the loudspeakers.  "Yessssss ………………….ohhhhh, yessssssssssss!" cooed the woman in response.  With Art's right arm moving, angled downward, Nick guessed what was taking place.  His guess was confirmed in seeing a tiny wisp of white slithering down the sexy white legs.  Then came the woman's moans "Ahhhhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Though knowing that the woman had been slipped a potent drug, Nick could not believe just how easy the supposedly reluctant woman had succumbed to Art's advances.  Then came Art's taunting "Ya want it, dontcha sweetie?  Ya want Art's big black cock up between yer sexy legs!  Ya want a good fucking, dontcha?"  "Ohhh, yessssssss ……………yes ………………..hurry, please ………..pleaseeeeeee ……………….hurryyyyyyyyyyyyy!" came the woman's shuddering response.  Next, Nick saw Art scooping up the blonde woman and carrying her over to the large king-sized bed and laying her upon it, then Art backed up a bit and began to get out of his clothing.

Stretching his neck, Nick tried to get a better view of the woman as she lay upon the bed, his view partially blocked by the undressing Art Thomas.  He wondered if the drugged woman was as Becky had described to him earlier, beautiful and with a look of innocence, one you would not ever suspect to be in the porn business.  Then to his surprise, Becky advised him "Want a better view?  See all the cameras out there?  Well, they're all live and getting the action all on film!"

As Becky reached over to flick on another switch, Nick took a step back to see all the built in monitors come alive on the wall.  "This one is shot straight down from the ceiling!" Becky advised him as his eyes turned to the monitor she was pointing at.  The scene was focused directly down onto the bed, providing an excellent view of the withering blonde upon it, making all her lovely features quite visible.  That was when Nick's jaw dropped wide open as he gasped "Oh, my God ……………………it ……………………..its Kelly!"

Looking back through the two-way mirror, Nick observed Art was now totally undressed and fisting the proud manhood that he possessed.  Nick felt his cock throb and stiffen even more as Becky fisted him, telling him "Exciting, isn't it …………………..watching your beautiful wife get seduced and fucked with a big black cock!"  Then Hank appeared on the scene, holding a commercial camcorder, kneeling down alongside the bed to get a close-up shot of Kelly's penetration.

With Art Thomas kneeling upon the bed between Kelly's widespread legs, Nick turned to look at the monitor showing the zoomed-in view from Hank's camera.  Nick's breath was shallow as he was nearly unable to breathe from the sight, seeing Art's thick black cockhead tracing up and down Kelly's glistening pink slit.  Then the black cockhead was rubbing itself into his wife's soft golden fleece.  "Please ……………….please ………..I ………………..I need it!  Please …………….pleaseeeeeeeee ………………..hurry ……………..hurryyyyy …………………fuck me ……………….fuck meeeeeeeeeee!" came his wife's urgent pleas.

It was a sight that Nick never would have believed he'd witness in reality.  In his dreams and fantasies - 'yes', but never before his very eyes did he expect to see his beautiful wife in the arms of another man and begging to be fucked.  Then he realized 'Oh, God …………...we just made love last night and she made me put on a condom!'  Over the loudspeakers, he heard Kelly's voice plead "Put it in ………….put it in ……….hurry ……………hurryyyyyyy …………………fuck meeeeeeee!"  It was quite obvious that she could care less at that moment, not giving any thought to the potential hazard of such a mating.

Craning his neck back and forth, from the two-way mirror to the monitor showing Hank's zoomed-in shots of the penetration taking place, Nick was astounded to see his beautiful and once faithful wife taking another man's cock into her.  Nick had been told of the size of Hank's hammer but in observing the cock that Art Thomas possessed, there was no need to be ashamed of such a weapon.  In fact, Nick could only admire Art's thick and lengthy shaft, one that was far longer and thicker than what he personally possessed.

Nick stood flabbergasted as he watch his wild wanton wife embrace her black lover, wrapping her arms around his neck and entwining her legs around him, locking her heels tightly together.  Looking at the monitor, the close-up view showed the thick black bone slicing in and out of Kelly wide stretched slit.  Nick shivered with excitement upon hearing his wife's voice, hearing her wails "Ohhhhhhh, yes ………………….yes …………………fuck me ………………fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, God ……………….oh, Godddddd ……………….yessssssssssssssssssssss!"

Then the frenzied mating got even wilder as Art Thomas slammed in and out of the petite body beneath him.  "Oh, baby ………………….oh, baby ………………………hope yer on the fuck'n pill cause Art don't shoot no fuck'n blanks!" Art moaned.  Then Art's body quivered as he buried himself into the hilt, sending spurt after spurt of his hot potent jizz into the young wife's fertile womb.  "Oh, Mrs. Benson ………………….ahhhhhhhh, so fuck'n tight!  Ah, sweetie …………………….gonna knock ya up real good this time!"

Nick stared at the monitor, watching as the thick black cock once again pumped in and out of his wife's stretched cunt.  Only now, the ebony shaft showed streaks of thick white jizz upon it, evidence of the spunk that had been spewed into her.  Then Nick watched as the still lengthy but now dwindling shaft was slowly being withdrawn from his wife's prone and now limp body.  Nick swallowed upon seeing his wife's once tight slit now appearing to be a wide open hole.  Then the camera zoomed in closer to capture the flow of thick jizz oozing out of her like a slow moving river.

Moments later, Nick watched as Art Thomas was taking over the hand held camcorder while Hank stood up and began to undress.  When Hank dropped his pants, Nick swallowed and gasped in amazement as Hank began to fist his ever-growing shaft.  With Becky fisting him slowly, Nick still sported a rigid hardon that had begun leaking pre-cum juices.  "Hammer's just a part of Hank's stage name, Nick!  His stage name is really Sledge Hammer!  Can you guess why?" he heard Becky ask.

With Hank fisting himself just above Kelly's dazed face, there was no doubt in Nick's mind as to how Hank got his stage name.  It appeared to Nick that Kelly was oblivious to what was taking place just above her face, as she was obviously in a totally fucked out stupor.  Then Nick saw that Hank was trying to waken her out off her daze, rubbing his growing cock all over her beautiful face, then slapping her cheeks with the thick stem.  Glancing at the monitor, Art had focused in on the action, apparently wanting to capture Kelly's expression once she snapped out of her stupor.

Slapped across her face, Kelly blinked once, then again.  Focusing her eyes, Kelly gasped upon seeing Hank and his gigantic sledgehammer looming immediately above her.  Though in need of more cock to quell that nagging itch between her legs, Kelly was frightened out of her wits as she got a close-up view of what Hank intended on fucking her with.  Afraid for her life, Kelly found the strength to turn on the bed and began to scramble away.

But Hank was prepared, knowing that women got scared shitless when they got a look at his more that foot-long dong!  And the lovely Kelly Benson was no exception to the rule as witnessed by her attempt to scramble away from him.  Before she could escape, Hank reached forward and grasped the back of her ankles and dragged her back down the bed to him.  Knowing that the beauty would fight like crazy to be spared being 'ruined' by his monstrous cock, Hank peeled off her white heels and tossed them aside, sparing himself the possibility of being spiked by the beauty's frantic attempts to escape.

Nick looked on, seeing his wife's long silky blonde hair whipping from side to side frantically as Hank held her legs up by her ankles, slowly spreading her legs wide apart.  "Ahhhh, Mrs. Benson …………………..I's gonna 'ruin' ya good ……………….real good!  Why's ya so scared of what's I's got fer ya, sweetie?  Ya weren't so scared of it when ya's jerked me off under the table on Friday night!" Nick heard Hank over the loudspeakers.

Then, what Hank just said began to sink in as Nick realized 'My, God ……………some faithful wife you are!  You actually jerked him off in the restaurant!'  Due to the soundproof room, Nick's voice couldn't be heard by the participants in the next room as he shouted out "Fuck her ……………….fuck the bitch ………………….'ruin' the fucking bitch!"  "Ahhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhhh!" Nick moaned with pleasure as Becky then got down on her knees and took him in her mouth.
“Oh, noooooo …………please ………please …………….pleaseeeeeeee!  Please don't ………….please don't ……………don't put it in me!  Please …………you ………you're ……….you're too biggggggggggg!  You ………you'll tear me …………..I can't take anything like that!” Kelly sobbed in fear.  Feeling the blunt cockhead nudge against her already stretched slit, Kelly pleaded “Please ……….please …………… noooooo …………pleaseeeeeeeee!”

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhh …………………God, stopppppp!  Stop ………… hurts ………… hurtssssssssss ……………… hurtssssssssss so baddddddddddd!" Kelly sobbed as Hank thrust into her.  Tossing her head from side to side in sheer agony, Kelly desperately tried to wiggle away from the spearing cock.  "Oh, God ……………oh, God …………….stop ……………it hurts …………… hurts ………… hurtsssssssssssssssss!" she sobbed.


But as the fucking commenced, Nick could see the change taking place in Kelly as she now embraced the big black stud, her arms clutching at his shoulders as her bared feet drummed upon his asscheeks to spur him on.  "Oh, baby …………….yer so tight ……… fuck'n tight!  I's want ya co-staring with me in all my fuck flicks, Mrs. Benson!  Ya'd like that, wouldn't ya, bitch!" Hank's voice came over the loudspeakers.  "Yes ………………oh, yes ……………….fuck me …………….fuck me ………give me all of your big black cock!" came Kelly response.

Seeing the bodies on the bed glued tightly together, quivering in mutual pleasure, Nick grasped the back of Becky's head as he fucked her face.  Hearing the groans of pleasure coming over the loudspeakers, Nick himself groaned loudly as he enjoyed his very first blowjob to completion, filling Becky's sucking mouth with spurt after spurt of his pent up cum.

Nearing evening time, Nick returned home after having gone back to catch up at work, only to find that Kelly had not returned as yet.  Seeing the flashing light on the answering machine, he played back the messages.  Then he heard Kelly's voice "Hi, honey!  I'm running a bit late today ………….due to some field audits!  I'll be home shortly after you!  I'll bring dinner home with me!"

Minutes later, hearing the garage door opening, Nick waited for the appearance of his beautiful wife.  He wondered just how disheveled she would look from what had taken place during the day, expecting to see her frazzled from the fucking she had received.  Then he heard the garage door closing just as Kelly entered through the kitchen entrance.  Nick was amazed just how radiant his wife looked, hair nicely in place, looking beautiful in the same white dress and heels that he had last seen scattered on the studio floor.

"Hi, honey!  Sorry I'm late!" his wife greeted him as she set her purse and the take-out food down onto the counter.  Then Kelly wound her arms around his neck and tilted her head up for a passionate kiss.  When the kiss ended, he asked "How'd the field audit go, honey!"  Nick saw his lovely wife shrug and respond "Oh, nothing special!  Just the usual …………you know, getting down on your hands and knees to find out the nitty-gritty of  a business, then crunch those numbers out!"

Nick swallowed and thought 'Yeah, crunch those numbers all right …………… how many inches of cock you took up your horny little cunt!  Did you keep track of how many times Hank pumped his sledgehammer up that twat of yours before filling it up with jizz?  Or how many cocks you'll have up your fucking cunt now that you've been inducted into the porn industry!  '

End of Story.