Cruise Ship Captives
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
netscape composer
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The luxury cruise ship 'Islands of Pleasure' was soon to embark on its maiden voyage, for a week long trip from Charleston to the Bahamas.  This initial cruise was to test the cruise market for Charleston as a departure point.  Naturally, with this being the first cruise out from the city, the majority of passengers were from the general area.  Further cruise dates would depend upon the success of the initial cruise as other cities also were in consideration as the departure point.  The ship would hold over 2,000 guests and nearly 800 crew members for the pleasure cruise.  Many of the guests would be couples, both young and old, on vacation and even newlyweds on their honeymoon.  All the guests were looking forward to the life of leisure and being catered to for the next week.  The crew, however, knew they would have a week of hard work ahead catering to all the demands make upon them by the tourists on board.

One crew member was anxiously awaiting for the passengers to board the ship, anxious to see all the beautiful women, especially the beautiful white women.  Having worked on ships for over 15 years, Omar Shoron had obtained the position that he had always desired, now basically in charge of the crew.  With this new position, he had all the information that was essential for him to accomplish his goals, that being to satisfy his lust for soft white flesh.  He just loved the feel of a beautiful white woman struggling in his arms as he took her by force.

Over the years, he had raped several women on cruise ships while he was a crew member.  Most of the women were too ashamed to tell the man they had come with of being raped.  They could not identify him, never getting a glimpse of him in the pitch black inner cabin where he had quickly dragged them into.  Only one rape had been reported but the international law of the seas prevailed and the crime basically went without any investigation, especially with the raped beauty leaving the ship once it returned to port.

As the passengers began to board, Omar would search out for the beautiful women that caught his fancy.  He would then greet the young beauty and her escort, asking for their cabin number so he could direct them or have a crew member escort them to their cabin.  But he always made notes in his folder as to the beauty's description and of course her cabin number.  By the time all the passengers had boarded and the ship was about to depart, he looked through his notebook and smiled as he had made notes on nearly twenty women.  He knew he had missed some beauties when he had been busy with the others and would add them to his list of potentials.  He licked his lips, wondering just how many of these beauties he would be able to sate his lust upon.

With his basic duties being to oversee the crew, he had a lot of spare time when he so desired.  One aspect of the new position gave him knowledge of any vacant cabins, his master key giving him access to all the cabins on board the ship.  The few vacant cabins would be in the interior of the ship as all outer cabins were preferential ones and all taken.  He loved the inner cabins, for with no window in the cabin, it would be total darkness once the door was closed.  That would mean that the victim would be unable to identify him unless she got to see him before he got her into the cabin.  He definitely did not want to get caught, did not want to have the beauty's husband come walking in at the wrong time, thus he did not want to take the chance of making his move on the beauty in her own cabin even if she had an inner cabin.

That first day out from port was quite hectic and the couples were cozy together, not leaving any opportunity to getting the young beauty alone.  That evening, Omar sat in his bunk circling the cabins where the beautiful women were located and the cabins that were not occupied.  With most of the ship's cabins filled, he would have to eliminate half of the beauties on his list.  He studied the layout on which of the remaining beauties were located near a vacant cabin, making them the more ideal prospect.  Still, from this point on it would be by pure chance that he would come upon the beauty in a vulnerable time when her hubby or boyfriend was occupied elsewhere.

The second day of the cruise was one of frustration for Omar, unsuccessful in all three times that he had been about to abduct his beautiful prey.  On each occasion, other passengers happened along the corridor where the beauty's cabin was located, making it impossible for him to achieve his goal.  On one of the occasions, he was just about to grab the beautiful bitch when another couple rounded the corner into that same corridor, allowing the young beauty to escape his clutches.  He had been tempted to go right in there after the couple passed out of sight but that would allow his victim to identify him in the light, forcing him to give up the chase.

The next evening, Omar observed one of the beauties on his list going into the casino.  Checking up on his casino crew was his excuse for being in there as he continued to watch the lovely beauty.  They were a married couple as evidenced by her large diamond ring and wedding band adoring her finger.  She was a beautiful blonde, in her early 30's, with trim white legs.  Omar's cock twitched in his pants at the thought of getting between her sexy white legs.

Melissa and Brad Moore were taking the cruise to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  They were still very much in love after going with each other from their second year in college.  They now had two children, a boy and a girl, ages 7 and 5 respectively.  Melissa's parents were caring for the children while they were away on the cruise.  At the age of 32, Melissa's beauty had men's heads turning whenever she passed.  She had kept her trim figure, weighing a trim 115 lbs, standing at 5'4" in height.  Melissa enjoyed her job as an interior designer while Brad was moving up in the banking business.

As they had dined in the main dining room, the attire called for passengers' attire to be suits for men and dresses for the women.  That evening, before going to the casino, Melissa wore the conservative black outfit that she brought with her, along with black nylons and 3" black heels.  Conservatively dressed but Melissa looked still looked so elegant and beautiful that even the captain came up to her to pay her a compliment.  Her long blonde hair and baby blue eyes had many men's cock twitching in their pants at her beauty.  But her beauty had another admirer casing her every movement that night, hoping that she would somehow let her guard down and fall into his snare.

Omar watched as the couple began gambling, with the husband going to the blackjack table while his beautiful wife wandered over to the slot machines.  He could tell she wasn't much of a gambler in the way and amount that she played, noticing her yawn a couple of times as she pulled the handle to the slot machine.  'Perhaps, my fortune will change tonight!' he hoped, just aching to sink his throbbing cock into that white beauty.  Rechecking his chart of the rooms, he noted again the vacancy of the interior cabin just across from where the Moore's cabin was situated.

Licking his lips, Omar watched the beautiful wife give up on the slots and go over to stand by the blackjack table, standing behind her husband.  After a couple of hands, when the dealer was reshuffling the cards, he saw them embrace one another and the husband giving his beautiful wife a slight wave.  'Ohhhh, you stupid fool, letting such a beauty out of your sight is a crime!  Heh, heh, well, a crime is soon going to be committed because of your stupidity and need to gamble!' he muttered to himself as he rushed down the hallway.

Omar knew that she would be going to the elevator down four decks to her cabin level.  Entering the crew's stairway, he quickly ran down the steps to the 5th level and exited onto the corridor between cabins.  He looked around as he calmly made his way to Cabin 515, right across from where Mrs. Moore's doorway was located.  He left the cabin door open so he could peek out the slits to assure that no one else was in the corridor along with the unsuspecting beauty.

Everyone on the ship seemed so friendly and helpful that the Moores' were unaware of just how unsafe a cruise ship really was.  With the crew consisting mainly of men and women from foreign countries, plus the international laws of the sea governing crimes, it was a sanctuary for sexual deviants like Omar. They had not watched the recent documentary on cruise lines and how dangerous it was, especially for a woman walking about the ship without an escort.

Exhausted from a long exciting day on the cruise, having taking in some sun, Melissa waited for the elevator with a group of others leaving the casino.  As the elevator descended, the once crowded elevator was now empty except for her as it stopped on the 5th level.  She walked down the long corridor to her cabin and began to look for her card key as she neared her doorway.  Unable to find her card key right away, she stood and paused while facing the door as she searched through her purse.  Suddenly a large hand was clamped over her mouth and an arm closed around her and the purse she had opened, then she was pulled roughly into the cabin behind her.

It was totally dark in the interior cabin as Melissa shuddered in fear, the hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming and the other hand beginning to roam over her body.  Then she heard the thick foreign accent of her assailant whisper in her ear "Ohhh, I've always dreamed of having a sweet American beauty like you!  Tonight, you will make my dreams come true!"  Then he threatened her to prevent her from screaming "Yell, pretty little miss, and you will yell no more!", putting pressure on her throat to get the point across.  He slowly removed his hand from her mouth, hearing her sob in fear as he fondled her body.

Melissa sobbed uncontrollably, tears pouring from her eyes from the fear.  The large hand slightly squeezing her throat kept her from moving.  Meanwhile, her assailant's other hand was busy pulling down the zipper in back of her dress.  The large wet tongue slobbered at her ear, making her nauseous "You are so beautiful, Mrs. Moore!  I have watched you all evening!  Your husband is foolish to leave you to yourself while he gambles his money away!"

“Please ……….....please  leave me alone .………please, no ………….no …………my husband will be looking for me ….…….please,  I've got some money in my purse ……. you can have it ………..take it …….. please don't hurt me!” Melissa sobbed.   “Please ……….no, pleaseeeeee …………………..please don’t do this to me!  Please, please ……………I beg you!” she whimpered as a hand cupped her breast, squeezing it. "Please, oh, please ……………..please don't rape me ……………….please!" she sobbed.

Panting in fear, Melissa realized that it had to be a crew member as he knew her name and especially with his foreign accent.  She groaned as the majority of the crew members that she had seen were from some African country.  She shivered at the horrible thought of being raped by a black man.  She shuddered as her dress was being pushed from her shoulders, feeling it fall from her body to her feet.  Then large rough hands began to roam over her breasts, feeling and squeezing them through her thin lacy bra.  She felt her assailant's hands push up at the bottom of her bra cups, pushing the material over her breasts.  She moaned as her stiffened nipples were bared, tweaked, and pinched roughly.

Frozen to the spot, Melissa felt her assailant's free hand then move to the waistband of her pantyhose and panties, pushing both down at the same time to her mid-thighs.  She shuddered at the hand caressed an inner thigh and began creeping up to her most private part.  “Ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhhhh ………ohhh, God ……………please!” she groaned as a finger sought out her sensitive clit.  “Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Oh, pleassssssseeeeeeeee  ……………….noooooooooo!” she sobbed as her body shook from the tremors stemming from the sensation caused by the rubbing of her sensitive clit.  “Ahhhhhh ……….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………............…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned and sobbed in humiliation as a thick black finger began to fuck in and out of her slick womanhood.

Omar had quickly slipped out of his clothing in the brief time he had while awaiting his prey, making his attack with only his briefs on.  "Reach back with your hands and slip them in!  You will have the special honor of being the first American beauty of sampling this fine African manhood!  Now reach back with your hands to see what I have for you!" he growled, squeezing her throat tightly to show he meant business.

Shaking in fear, Melissa reached back with both hands till her fingers came into contact with the thin fabric of his briefs.  Nervously, she forced herself to let her fingers slip into the elastic waistband, forced herself to reach down into the briefs of her assailant.  She gasped loudly as her fingers came into contact with a hot fleshy bar of an unbelievable size, larger than she ever dreamt possible.  She shuddered as she forced herself to grasp his thick cock.  'Ohhhhh, God …………….it's so biggggggg ……….it'll kill me!  Maybe he'll be satisfied if I bring him off with my hands!' she prayed as she squeezed her fingers around the meaty shaft, pumping it with her fists.  She began pumping harder and faster, wanting him to satisfy his lust right then and there, hoping desperately that then she could escape her horrible fate.

Omar smirked as he felt her soft hands jerking at his big boner but he knew exactly what her intentions were.   There was no denying the pleasure of feeling the soft hands pulling at this cock, but Omar prided himself with his control and staying power.  'We'll see who gets off first, my sweet American beauty!' he mused as he began flicking her clit faster and faster, delving his raping finger into her nest deeper and deeper.

Melissa pleaded with her attacker "Please …………..please let me go ………..please, I won't tell anyone!  Don't rape me ……………please don't rape me!  Please, don't ……………..I could get pregnant!"  But the constant rubbing of her sensitive clit as the thick finger plunged in and out of her wet slit, she couldn't stop the urge to squeeze her thighs together around the groping hand, her cunt muscles squeezing upon the invading finger. “Oh, oooohhhhh ......nooooo ………noooooooo” she moaned loudly as her body betrayed her, shuddering in an unwanted climax.  Never had she reached a climax in such a manner, nor with any man other than her husband.  As her body shuddered in response to the climax coursing through her body, the hand at her throat slipped down to flick at her stiff nipples, bringing more unwanted stimulation.

"Okay, bitch!  Kick off your heels and don't get any bright ideas on trying to spike me with'em!" Omar hissed as his hand again clamped tightly against her throat.  He felt her shaking in fear as she stepped onto her fallen dress, then with one thud followed by another, her heels had been kicked off.  With that, knowing the exact layout of the interior cabin, darkness did not hinder him in dragging the sobbing woman to the bed.  Holding her with one hand, his other roughly pulled down her panties and pantyhose off her legs.  Then her thin bra was stripped from her, leaving her totally naked at this point.

Melissa sobbed and pleaded "Please ……....…….please let me go ……….......…….please don't rape me!  Please ……...............……I love my husband!  Please …………..please don't hurt me!  Don't rape me, please ………….I don't want to get pregnant!" She began crying as the attacker's hands were now fondling her breasts, flicking her stiffened nipples, bringing unwanted stimulation to her body.  Then the added horror of the situation flashed through her mind 'Oh, God!  I had wanted Brad to get me pregnant on our anniversary cruise ……I can't let this black man rape me ………..I can't get pregnant by him!'

“Oh, nooooo …….....………..nooooooooooooo!” she moaned as the huge muscular frame descended upon her, forcing itself between her legs.  "Please ………….oh, please …………..please, please let me go …………….please don't rape me! Please …………I beg you …………..please, please don't hurt me!" she whimpered in fear.

Feeling the thick blunt shaft part her moist slit, she could do nothing to escape this vicious rape, knowing from the size of his cock that it would surely tear her apart.  The pain of the initial intrusion was so great that she forced herself to spread her legs wider  in order to ease the pain.  “Noooooooo ……..ohhhhhhh …….ohhhhhh ……………..ohhh, please ……………….please don’t ……......……..argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Melissa screamed as the cock plunged into her tight channel.  Then her rapist began to stab into her, deeper and deeper, till it plunged all the way into her fertile womb.  “Oh, my God ……….oh ……oh ……oh ……oh ……oh ……..oh, no ………oh, nooooooo …………………oh, Godddddddddddd, nooooo!” she screamed as her body betrayed her, her legs crossing over to wrap themselves around her rapist and arching up into his now spurting cock.

An hour after abducting the sweet American beauty, Omar got into his clothing.  Feeling for his camera, two blinding flashes soon went off, capturing the beautiful woman naked in her soiled disgrace.  He leaned over the sobbing woman, licking her inner ear, whispering "Nothing better than a big African cock, huh, my sweet American beauty!  I have your address and phone number in Charleston, Mrs. Moore!  Perhaps I will be on another cruise that docks there!  I will give you a call then so you can again sample some prime African cock!"  Being sure his back was to her as he opened the door, he soon disappeared, leaving the beauty sobbing in the darkened cabin.

 Sobbing from her ordeal, Melissa stumbled about the cabin and finally located the light switch.  She looked at the clock on the desk and realized that it was over an hour since she had been abducted.  She realized that her husband had probably just made it back to their cabin as he told her he'd play blackjack for another hour then join her in the cabin.  She shivered, knowing she would be unable to tell him that she had been violated, raped by a big black man in the cabin across from theirs.  Sitting there, thinking what would she do, she then slowly staggered over to the shower.

Looking into the mirror, she blinked back the tears, trying to make herself presentable so she could return to her cabin.  Melissa touched up her hair and make-up, then searched about for her panties but they were no where to be found.  Her bra had been torn and the clasp broken, rendering it useless as she stuffed it into her purse.  Her black pantyhose was shredded and that too was put into her purse.   She could only hope that Brad did not notice the change in her appearance.  She put on her black dress, then slipped into her heels before opening the cabin door and walking that few feet over her cabin.

Taking a deep breath, preparing herself and forcing a wide smile, Melissa opened the door and stepped in.  Not wanting to answer any questions and be put on the spot, she thought it best she cover all aspects.  "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry!  I should have left you a note that I had stepped out for a moment.  I only intended to get a coke from the bar but the piano player was so good that I sat there and lost track of the time!" she lied.  She was so happy that Brad just smiled and walked over to kiss her, but she shivered when he held her in his arms, feeling unworthy to be held by him.  She blinked back tears, realizing that probably her rapist had been fucking her while her husband was in their cabin just a few feet away.  Now she was forced to lie to him as to where she had been.

The following day was one of total frustration for Omar, with two unsuspecting beauties narrowly escaping his evil clutches and what he had in store for them.  Saved by other passengers that just happened to be walking by at that very instant when he was about to make his move.  That night, all he could do was to dream of the beauties that had gotten away and the pleasures he had obtained from the one that failed to get away the day before.

The next afternoon, with his first rape going unreported, Omar smacked his lips as he watched one of his potential preys lying in the lounge chair on the upper deck.  She was one gorgeous redhead with a nice tan, stacked to the hilt with a bod that was absolutely flawless.  He noticed all the guys on deck stealing peeks at her, wishing he was that guy whom she was with.  Omar gazed upon the young beauty as she lay back to catch the rays, clad only in a skimpy two piece off-white bikini.  'Ohhhhh, I've never had a red-haired beauty before!  She would certainly be an ideal one to fuck!  Mmmmmm, she'd sure put up a good fight to stop me from getting my big African cock into her beautiful body!' he pondered.

Looking at his notes and charts, this young beauty had her cabin on the sixth floor near mid-ship, the cabin being registered to a Mr. & Mrs. John Atkins.  He noticed a green dot in the corner of the special section then checked the index for the significance of that dot.  He smiled upon learning that the green dot signified a couple just married and celebrating their honeymoon.  The only vacant cabin near hers was between the elevator and Cabin 638 where she stayed.  'This would not be as easy as last night!  But will she leave her husband and go to her cabin alone?' he wondered.  His cock was twitching madly in his pants, desperately wanting to sample his very first red-haired beauty.

Below from where he was standing, John and Carol Atkins held hands as they lounged side by side.  It was the perfect honeymoon cruise for them.  The wedding had gone off without a hitch and they were madly in love with each other, ever since they began dating in their senior year in high school.  Having gone to college, graduated together, they both had good jobs and could look forward to the perfect marriage.  The first four days of the cruise had been absolutely heaven for the newlyweds, spending their entire time fine-dining at the ship's main restaurants but most of the time in their cabin making real fine lovemaking.

With the heat from the sun rising, Carol knew she could not take too much direct sun or she'd have a bad burn.  Not wanting her husband to have to curtail his enjoyment on the lounge chair, she told him to stay and get all the sun he wanted, telling him she was going to change then take a look at the pictures in the art gallery.  She knew that would be fine with John as he never did enjoy looking at paintings.  They agreed to meet back at the cabin in a couple hours so they could then dine at the French restaurant.

Omar's mouth began to water upon watching the young beauty begin to collect her purse and towel.  He began to edge his way to the doorway just in hopes that his wish was to be answered.  He watched as she slipped into her sandals and bent over to kiss her husband goodbye, then put the towel over her shoulders as she began to make her way through the uneven line of lounge chairs surrounding the pool.  Hoping that his prey would be headed to her cabin, he had to time it right and quickly made his way down the crew's stairway.

Grabbing a few newly folded towels stored at each level of the passenger decks, he laid them out on his arm, then waited near the elevator doors.  When the 'beep' of the elevator sounded to indicate it would be stopping on the 6th floor, followed by the sound of the doors opening, he began walking down to the vacant cabin.  He held his left arm out wide, towels draped over his arm, making it seem to anyone behind him that he was merely taking towels to a guest's cabin.

As the elevator was descending to the 6th level, Carol couldn't repress her smile knowing the two men in the elevator were stealing glances at her body as they stood next to their spouses.  Stepping out of the elevator, she could feel those eyes glued to her tight ass.  'Sorry, guys, but this little butt is now spoken for!  Eat your hearts out!' she thought quietly as he turned the corner to make her way to her cabin.  She knew her figure had always attracted men and those two men were no exception, still she couldn't help but to flaunt it a bit while in her bikini.

Keeping a constant distance of about 10 feet ahead of the unsuspecting young bride, Omar turned a bit to open the cabin door but not to give a profile view to the woman behind him.  As he opened the door to the cabin, he let a towel slip from his arm to prevent the door from closing.  At that moment, the young beauty was just in the process of walking past him.  Seconds later, he had her mouth covered and was dragging her backwards into the inner cabin and into pitch darkness once the door slammed shut.

Feeling a shudder course through the beauty's body as he held her tightly to him, he bent down to nuzzle then nip at her left ear.  "Are you enjoying your honeymoon cruise, Mrs. Atkins?  A thoughtful husband would never leave his precious bride alone, not even for a second!  He should be worried about his beautiful little bride and protecting her at all times!  You never know what can happen on a big ship like this!  Someone might even try to take his bride captive in a deserted cabin so he can have her sample some prime African meat!" he taunted the struggling bride.

Carol was in a panic, struggling with all her might, trying to hit back at him and to scratch his arms.  Having lost her sandals in the struggle, she tried kicking back at him but it had not effect.  She felt herself being dragged back further, then turned and pushed forward to land on the bed with her assailant covering her.  The hand covering her mouth smothered out any noise from her.  'Oh, no ….......…….no ….........……no …..............….oh, God!' her mind said as she felt her bikini bottom being ripped from her.  She shivered in disbelief as the top of her bikini immediately followed.

Pinned to the bed, all Carol could was to shiver in fright, unable to fight against her superior opponent.  Tears welled and flowed from her eyes, muffled sobs wracking her body, then she felt a hand caressing her inner thigh.  She heard her assailant with the heavy accent advise her not to scream or she'd never see her husband again.  She shuddered as the hand moved up, touching her where only her husband had ever touched her.  Another follow-up threat from her assailant and suddenly the hand over her mouth was removed, but she was so frightened that she broke up into sobs.

With both hands, Omar caressed her tender young flesh, excited at the thought of possessing this beauty with the flaming red hair.  He hand seen her ivory white skin and now he felt how soft she was, anxious to bred this young bride.  He loved the way she squirmed as he played with her breast, pinching her stiffening nipples while his other hand cupped her furry mound, a finger rubbing her sensitive clit.  Then to taunt the young newlywed, Omar whispered in her ear "I have a late wedding present for the beautiful little bride!  Something I'm sure she has never had yet!  Yes, my precious bride, you will have a 'real' man today!"

Scooting up a bit, Omar moved his throbbing cock into place, rubbing his oozing and pulsing cockhead at the bride's slick pussy lips.  He pushed forward, forcing his thick cockhead into her tight opening, enjoying her cry of anguish.  Again and again he pushed forward, but only another inch of progress was made into the sobbing beauty.  He grasped her hips tightly, getting ready to slam himself forward into her.

“Ohhhh, please, pleaseeeee ………………….it hurts ………………it hurts ……………....please nooooooooo ……'s too bigggggggggg!” she pleaded.  Carol could only sob in humiliation as the agony continued, the awful pain between her legs hurting so badly.  'Oh, God!  What can I tell John?  Oh, he'll never want to even touch me ever again, not when he learns that I've been raped by a black man.  Oh, God, he told me my skimpy bikini was too sexy!  He might even blame me for leading this man on!' she worried.

Grasping her firmly by her hips, Omar lifted her up a bit, then slammed forward with a brutal thrust.  “Aieeeeeeeeeee ...…..........…………..arrrrrggggggh ...……….....…….noooooo ……..........…nooooooooo ohhhhhhhhh……...................noooooooooooooooooo!" came the moans from the sobbing beauty.  Her moans of pain were like music to his ears.  He loved nothing better than hearing a young beauty moan in pain as he stuck her like a pig.  Only half way in at this point, he withdrew a bit and slammed forward with all his might.  “Arrrrghhhhhhh ...…oooo………please …..........…oooooooh ...........……..oh, please ………..stop ……......…..stopppppppppp!” sobbed the beautiful young wife.  Omar laughed for his cock was now fully imbedded into her, knowing she never before experienced a cock so long and thick as his.  He rubbed his finger up against her sensitive slit as he began to fuck in and out of her.

Never before had Carol been taken in this position, she couldn't phantom what was overcoming her feelings.  “Oh ……..oh ……….ohhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as the thick finger was driving her out of her mind.  “Ohhhhhhhh ………………oh, Goddddddd ………….ohhhhh ……….nooooooooooo, what's happening!  Oh, God, I’m cummingggggg!” she gasped, her muscles now squeezing her thighs onto the thick raping shaft.  With this mind shattering orgasm, she collapsed forward and blacked out for a moment.

She awoke a moment later in a panic, pinned to the bed with her heavy assailant still upon her, cock buried to the hilt.  As the body above her began to rock upon her, monstrous cock sliding in and out of her, she sobbed as her body unconsciously reacted and caused her to fuck back onto the long thick cock.  “Oh, God!  Oh, my God!  Oh …………oh ………………..oh ……………noooooo!” she groaned.  Feeling the thick cock begin to pulse and throb madly within her, the consequences of this horrible mating was too much to contemplate.  “Oh, God …………….no!  No …….please, no ………!  Don’t!  Don’t cum in me ………….please!  Please …………you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.

"Ohhhhh, my dear Mrs. Atkins!  You should be ashamed of yourself, cumming on another man's cock while you're on your honeymoon cruise!  Gonna make you cream again, sugar!" Omar taunted, fucking into her again and again.  Fingering the stiff clit as he pumped into her, he knew he had the little bitch right where he wanted her, feeling her body quiver as she did when her prior orgasm struck.  Hearing her loud groans, he knew she was cumming again on his thick shaft.  Grasping her trim hips, he buried his long black cock into her tender body, taunting her further "Is the honeymoon couple planning to start their family on this cruise?  Here, let me help you!" With that comment, Omar slammed forward to keep his cock buried deeply, then he unleashed his potent seed directly into her fertile womb.

An hour later, the beautiful Mrs. Carol Atkins sobbed as she sat on the bed.  Having found the light switch and her bathing suit, she tied the torn garments together, just so it would hold up on her till she made it to her cabin.  Her thighs ached from being stretched so widely, her cunt felt as if it had been badly torn from the brutal fucking.  After he had fucked her from behind, her rapist had turned her over onto her back and had a second run at her.  'God, why did I have to respond to that evil man the way I did!' she sobbed, recalling how she had wrapped her arms and legs around her rapist, begging him to make her cum again.  She shuddered, remembering two bright flashes of light as she lay wide spread upon the bed and her rapist telling her he'd call her when he came to Charleston again on a cruise.

The cruise was only a day out from its return to port and Omar's plans for additional conquests were all thwarted in one way or another.  There had been several opportunities but each time other passengers happened along, leaving him totally frustrated in the empty cabin.  So many young innocent beauties did not know just how close they had come from being raped and ravished.  With the cozy couples on their last day on the cruise, things were bleak for Omar to notch another conquest to his belt, with all the beauties he had earmarked not leaving the side of their escort.

The ship had docked in the early morning and now the luggage was being unloaded.  Omar sighed in disappointment with everything going wrong since the fifth day out.  Now the guests had basically vacated their cabins and were waiting in the lounge areas to await their departing times.  Omar stared at one beauty with long dark brown hair, a succulent little bitch with ivory white skin that he had spotted that very first day.  A beauty that he had to scratch from the list of potentials due to the location of her cabin and the lack of vacancies in the nearby area.  He had seen her several times, looking so elegant in her evening dresses and so sexy in her two piece pink bikini.  As the cruise was over and today was departure day, she was leisurely dressed in a blouse with a white pullover sweater and gray slacks, and a pair of 2: black heels.    His cock twitched as he recalled having observed her long sexy white legs when she was wearing that pink bikini, wishing he could have had a chance to sample her lovely charms.

Married for three years, Wendy and Peter Anderson had put in for vacation with their employers once they had heard of the inaugural cruise that was scheduled to leave from Charleston.  Now at the age of 26, they had purchased a nice suburban home and things were looking rosy for them.  It was a dream that they had for awhile, wanting to go to the Bahamas, but most of the departures were from Miami and that meant some wasted traveling time.  This cruise from Charleston offered them the perfect opportunity to achieve their dream.  They did not have any children as yet, hoping soon if not now to start their family as they both were secure in good paying jobs.

Then as fortune would have it, luck would suddenly fall upon Omar as he observed the beauty look down at her arm in a panic.  She had discovered that she had misplaced a bracelet that she taken off in the cabin.  Then the couple listened as the loudspeaker announced their color code for departure, advising them as to where to proceed for their luggage.  Edging closer to the couple, he heard the young wife tell her husband to go ahead and look for their luggage while she went back to the cabin for her lost bracelet.

Quickly making his way out of the lounge and to the crew's stairway, Omar ran down the stairs to where the young wife was headed.  Opening the door to the corridor, he observed a crew member with a clean-up cart about to get set up.  Going up to the crewman, Omar advised him that there was to be a change today and he was to work from the forward end.  As the crewman pushed his cart around the corner, the 'ping' of the elevator stopping on that floor sounded.  Running to the far end and turning the corner, he hid and waited for the unsuspecting beauty to approach.

Hearing the approaching footsteps and the jiggling of the door handle, Omar then stepped around the corner as the young beauty had just opened the heavy cabin door.  Before she could flick the light switch, he had pushed her into the dark cabin and had clasped his hand over her mouth.  As her husband would be expecting to meet her down on the dock, it would have to be a quick fuck.  But after being disappointed the past couple of days, he would not last very long anyway, once his cock was surrounded by her tight pussy lips.

Hearing the gruff voice threatening her, Wendy sobbed in fear, feeling a large hand insert itself into the waisband of her slack.  A hard yank had the button popping off and then the zipper came down to allow her assailant to pull her slacks down over her hips.  "Oh, please ……………..please, don't!" she pleaded as she then felt her panties being pulled down over her hips, feeling the wispy garment and slacks being dragged her knees, then they fall in a heap onto her heels.  Feeling a fumbling behind her followed by the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down, Wendy struggled and pleaded “Pleaseeeee …….............…..oh, please …………stop …….........…………stop!  “Please …….......……please.......……..I'm married ……..........……..please, I want to remain  true to my husband ….………please, no, nooooooo!  Stop!  Stop!"

Wendy was shoved up against the wall, feeling her assailant lifting her up a bit as he stepped on slacks and panties to get them off her feet.  Thrown down upon the bed once her clothing was stripped off her heels, she then felt the prodding bulb at her entrance.  Suddenly she was slammed hard against the wall, the heavy body behind her lunging hard into her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………argggggggggggggg!” she groaned loudly as her rapist rammed himself forcibly into her tight slit. “Oh, pleaseee ………..pleaseeeeee ……………….oh, God …….it hurts …………………hurtssssss so baddddddd!” she cried out in agony, sobbing at this horrible rape.  “Oh Godddd ……………… me …….ahhhhhhhh …………noooooooooo!” she whimpered as the cock pushed deeper into her.

“Oh ….........….oh ….............…..oh …….............…noooooooo!” she groaned as the invading cock began to saw in and out of her. Then a thick finger found its way again to her sensitive clit, causing her to moan as her cunt muscles contracted around the raping shaft, her glands involuntarily secreting her slick love juices around the thick shaft.  With the large hands firmly on her hips, the man began fucking her at jackhammer speed, intent on breaking her apart.  "Oh, God ………….......….nooooo ……..........………..ahhhhhh …...................……..nooooo!" she moaned as her body went into convulsions.

Feeling the lovely beauty reach her peak on his cock, Omar shoved his cock into the hilt, then began to spurt and ejacualte his hot jism deep up in her fertile womb.  He leaned down to nipple at her ear "You are exactly what I read about in magazines about American women!  You are a true American beauty!  Now you can tell your husband that you have sampled a true African cock!  Tell him how a big black buck 'ruined' you!"  As his pretty victim weeped and sobbed in despai, Omar laughed in triumph.  With that, he pulled out the knifing fleshy sword to get dressed, then left the sobbing young wife in the cabin to make his way up forward to the gangplank.

Ten minutes later, he watched as his latest victim slowly made her way down the ramp to the dock.  He watched as she joined her husband and continued watching as the couple checked out of customs.  Omar was a bit worried, having raped the young beauty while the ship was docked, meaning that if she reported it then it'd fall under the local jurisdiction of that country and not out in the open ocean.  That would be much more dangerous a situation calling for a more thorough investigation than if the crime had occurred in international waters.  However, it was apparent that Mrs. Anderson did not want to let her husband know that she had been violated in that short time that she had been gone.

Six months later, the 'Islands of Pleasure' sat docked at the pier while the crew worked at getting the ship ready for its third cruise from Charleston.  It was evening and the crew had the nights off while in port to do as they pleased.  A large part of the male crew was currently gathered at the penthouse suite of a plush hotel in downtown Charleston.  They were all neatly dressed as if going to a gala affair.  Indeed it was, for each crewman had to pay $500 apiece to get an invitation to attend the affair put on by their chief.

Omar smiled at the scene taking place before him.  It had paid off well to befriend the bell captain of this plush hotel when meeting him on the first cruise.  In exchange for favors, the bell captain had arranged for this plush penthouse suite at a nominal price.  Thus, the bell captain was invited to the party at no cost as Omar planned to continue such events whenever the cruise ship docked in Charleston.

Looking about the room, he observed his crew mates enjoying themselves, ordering the drinks of their choice.  All the black male faces had wide smiles as the crowded into groups, all centering their attention to one of the three hostesses there to serve them.  All those muscular black bodies crowding around, trying to make small talk with the beautiful hostess near them, thinking how it'd feel to make love to such a lovely white beauty.  Having advised the paying members of his crew that they could have a full refund if they left within the first hour of the gala affair, he knew no one would be seeking a refund.  He smiled, with 30 paying guests to the party, he'd net out at least $10,000 after expenses.

Surveying the room, Omar smiled to see that the beautiful hostesses were really turning the men on.  The hostesses had showed up right on time, an hour before the party was to begin.  He had told them how excited the men were to meet them, how he had learned that none of them ever had enjoyed the pleasure of being in the arms of a lovely white beauty.  It pleased him to see a big smile on each of the beauty's faces upon hearing that.

He saw the three women doing their best to entice the men, each holding her champagne glass in her left hand.  Omar knew they were doing this to get the men hotter by the minute.  He had let them know that he had advised the crewmen that all their hostesses were married women, married to some white boy!  "Nothing turns on a black man than getting in the pants of a white beauty, especially one married to some white boy!" he had told them.  With the drink held in the left hand, he could see that each lovely hostess was flashing her sparkling diamond and wedding band, wanting them to get excited at the thought that they would soon be bedding a white boy's prized possession.

With the drinks flowing and the party underway, it was time for Omar to draw the names of the first lucky winners.  Upon calling a name, a yell of joy came from the lucky winner and a moment later, he was being escorted by a hostess into one of the three bedrooms.  Moments later, all three bedrooms were occupied by the lucky winners.  Once all the names were called, then they could go for seconds with the hostess of their choice.  Of course, they'd have to put their names on the list and wait their turn.

By midnight, to keep the anxious men happy and the lines down, two to three men were entering a bedroom at the same time to be serviced by that lovely hostess.  This party would continue on till early the next morning, allowing time for the crew to make it back to the ship before the duty bell.

The next day, the three hostesses were sitting at the penthouse's dining table as room service had brought up a fabulous lunch for them.  The host of the party had seen to it that they were treated like queens.  Champagne was being poured for them as lunch began with appetizers.  Each hostess was caught by surprise when handed an envelope.  Opening the envelope, each found ten $100 bills in it.  They had only been introduced to one another the night before, just before the guests arrived, thus none of them knew how each had come to be involved in the prior night's event.  As they chatted, they found that they had so much in common and enjoyed making the new friendship.

One thing they each knew about each other, without discussing it, was that they each loved being fucked by big black cocks.  As they chatted, then it became obvious in the connection they each had that had led them to attend the gala affair.  The common link was that each had been a passenger on the inaugural cruise on the luxury liner from Charleston to the Bahamas.

Once that common link was established, they looked at one another, each hesitant to say or ask what was on their minds.  There was absolute silence for a few moments.   Then the silence was finally broken.  "Carol …….Wendy ……………were ………were you raped on board the ship?" asked Melissa Moore.  With Carol and Wendy nodding, they knew each other's situation leading up to this day was identical.  Then they began to tell their stories to each other, how each had been taken by force on that cruise.

"Melissa ………Wendy ………….did Omar call you three months ago when the ship was docked prior to its second cruise?" asked Carol Atkins.  Seeing Melissa and Wendy nod their heads, Carol went on "He ……..he called me at my home!  He didn't threaten me or attempt to blackmail me!  He merely asked me if I ………if I wanted more of his ………his prime African cock …………like what he gave me on the cruise ship!  That if I wanted more, I should meet him at the room he had in this hotel.  I …..I lied to my husband, telling him some girlfriends were going to be in the city on Friday, that I was going shopping with them and we'd spend the night at a hotel.  I …….I took off early from work on that Friday, spent the entire afternoon and night alone with Omar, then went home the next morning!"

"My God!  I met Omar for lunch that Saturday, right here in the hotel!  Then I spent the rest of the day and night in bed being fucked out of my mind by him!  The way he went at me, I would have sworn he hadn't had a woman in weeks!" exclaimed Wendy.  "I used the same lie as you did Carol, telling my husband I was going out shopping with friends and spending the night the city!  I …..I even wanted to spend Sunday with him but he made me leave in the early morning, saying he had an appointment!" she advised.

"Guess I was responsible for that, Wendy!  He met me downstairs in the restaurant for the champagne brunch that's served on Sundays!  Needless to say, like both of you, I spent the rest of the day on my back getting well fucked by Omar!  I used the same excuse of meeting friends to go shopping. But I couldn't spend the night, not on a Sunday, not with two young kids going to school the next day!  I had to rush home to make dinner and then get the kids ready for bed!" advised Melissa.

Once it was established that all three of them had done the exact same thing, they began feasting on their fine meal and poured more champagne.  They had become fast friends with so much in common, laughing together as they listened to each other's exploits with Omar.  Then they began to compare notes on the men who had attended the gala affair.  Each of them had lost count of the number of men that had visited their bedrooms that evening.

There had been one fellow that they all remembered distinctly, the huge 350 lb black giant who had sampled each of their wares at some point in the night, remembering how big his cock was and how brutal he was in using it.  "God, he had me literally climbing the walls when he shoved that big cock of his up my ass!  I found out that his nickname with the crew was 'Tiny'!" exclaimed Wendy, getting a laughter in response from her new friends.  "He sure shagged the hell out of me!  I tried to get my legs around him but that was physically impossible!" laughed Melissa.  "I guess I got off easy then!" Carol advised, adding "His was the first number drawn for me and his fantasy had always been to have a white gal get down on her knees and blow him!  I was choking on his load when he pulled his cock out and blasted it right in my face!  On his second visit to see me, he fucked me doggie style while I blew one of his friends! "

Three weeks later, at the Anderson's suburban home, the three couples sat around the patio table while steaks were on the grill.  Wendy introduced her husband as the guests arrived and they all got along well.  When the cruise was brought up, Wendy advised "I'm so glad the three of us met at the piano bar on the ship.  Otherwise, we'd never have become friends and enjoy the two shopping trips we've had so far!  I'm so glad Melissa suggested we all get together so you guys could meet!"

"Yeah, we certainly don't want you thinking we're stepping out on you guys when we spend a day shopping and with our girl talk at night!" Carol chimed in.  Melissa snuggled up to her husband, giving him a peck on the cheek "You know you're the only one for me, honey!"

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, you gals can get together anytime you want!  Carol was so excited and happy after your last get together that I'm all for you gals shopping a couple times a month!" advised John Atkins.  "Why, honey, did I wear you out after that fun weekend?" Carol laughed as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"It sure was a fun time on the cruise!  Sure hope Charleston will be a regular port for the cruise line.  I just saw an ad in the newspaper announcing its next cruise from Charleston set for the end of September!" advised Brad Moore.  "Oh, that's about when we girls were planning our next shopping excursion in the city!  But gosh, that seems so far away!  I wish we could somehow make it sooner with an added trip in between!" his wife responded, getting a very favorable response from her friends.

When the women were alone in the kitchen to do the clean up, the conversation excitedly went to the next cruise departure.  With the last gala affair drawing such a crowd and considering the success of it, the women concluded that word would spread and the next event would surely increase by a large percentage if not double.  "My gosh!  I was all fucked out by the time they left in the morning!  What's going to happen if the crowd doubles?" said a worried Carol.  "Well, remember that there's been two cruises since ours!  I'm sure Omar has been busy 'recruiting' new hostesses for the next affair!" advised Melissa.

As luck would have it, the three friends did manage a 'shopping' trip at the end July, all getting the blessings from their respective husbands.  It was a 'shopping' excursion down to the City of Savanah, for the weekend, a drive of several hours from Charleston.  When each of the women got the call that the Islands of Pleasure was departing for the very first time from Savanah, there were no 'hostesses' available in that city as yet.  Thus they were on their way to an all paid for shopping excursion in the City of Savanah.  Along with that would be a very private party at some plush hotel that they would surely enjoy!

On the long drive to Savanah, the three friends took turns driving Carol's car, each looking forward to seeing the host of the party again.  "When Omar called me, do you know who kept asking him to have us as hostesses again?  Appears Tiny's intent on making you two gals climb the walls this time!  I pity you girls!  Let me tell you, Tiny had me screaming my head off when he rammed that monstrous cock up my butt!" laughed Wendy.

End of Story.