Cunning Car Cleaner IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled: Star Player V and Cunning Car Cleaner 1, 2 & 3
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Partying it up after the road trip back after beating State's biggest rival, having scored three touchdowns in the game, Tyrone Barnes could only think of one thing that would really put a cap on this celebration.  Muscles still tense from all that pounding he took throughout the day, Tyrone needed to get some relief ……………..sexual relief to be exact!  More so since it was now several weeks that he had such pleasurable relief.

Back in his dorm room, with his roommate sound asleep, Tyrone took the locked canister out from his desk drawer.  Opening up the envelope, he laid out pictures of the eight lovely beauties he had taken pictures of with his telescopic lens.  Surveying the pictures, Tyrone felt his cock twitch in excitement.  Picking up the picture of the lovely beauty in her blue outfit, that of Mrs. Allison Miller, he looked at the calendar of the prior month.

Finding the day that he was looking for, he then wrote the date on the back of the photo.  Tyrone looked at the photo again, cock hardening as he thought back to that particular day when he had gained entry into her home and surprised her.  Closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair, stroking his hardon through his shorts, recalling the valiant fight that she had put up in an attempt to save her honor.  But the valiant fight had gone for naught as the lovely wife was no match for his overpowering strength.

It had been such thrill, as Tyrone recalled rubbing his bloated cockhead up and down the beauty's tight and dry slit.  His cock was now rock solid as he played back the sobbing wife's frantic plea "Oh, please ……………please ………….please don't rape me!  I have a husband ……………….children!  Oh, God ………………..please ……………you'll get me pregnant!"  And when the frantic beauty came to realize that rape was inevitable, she had pleaded "Please ……………..please ……………..please use a condom!"

It was at that instant, Tyrone had stuck it to her ……………….bareback!  Cock far thicker than anything the lovely beauty had experienced, he had brutally shoved a mere two inches of his bloated cock up into her tight little snatch, enjoying her scream "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Grasping her trim hips, he lunged forward again, causing her to scream out "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………….…nooooooooooooooo ……………………..noooooooooooooooo!  Stoppppppppp …….………..stopppppppp ……………………it hurtssssssssssssssssssss!  Owwwwwwwwwwww!"

'Damn, that was one hell of a good day!' Tyrone chuckled.  Looking at the photo of the lovely Mrs. Allison Miller, Tyrone then thought back to when he had departed from her home, recalling how he had left the beautiful and innocent wife and mother.  He had left Mrs. Miller crying and sobbing uncontrollably, splayed out in all her beauty, raped and ravaged with his cum oozing out of her violated slit to soil the bed sheets of her marital bed.  Tyrone then opened up a second envelope that was in the container to put in the picture of Mrs. Miller, along with all the other married beauties that he had successfully 'raped and ruined'!


Turning the seven other photos over and mixing them up, Tyrone then put them back into the original envelope.  Closing it up, he shook it a bit and then reopened it up and reached in to pick out the next 'winner'.  That unfortunate beauty would be the 'winner' destined to sate Tyrone's raging lust.  Turning the picture that he had drawn out, Tyrone look at the lovely blonde beauty dressing in a sleek pink dress and black heels.  Looking at the name written on the back of the photo, the next unfortunate beauty was to be Mrs. Trish Jennings.

For Trish Jennings, at the age of 35, she was quite happy being married to husband Ed and having two lovely daughters aged 12 and ten.  Having taken off from her job to rear the girls, Trish had only returned to the work force five years ago and enjoyed her newfound profession of design work for layouts of book covers and a lot of menus for restaurants.  She enjoyed driving from one business location to another, finding it far better than being cooped up in an office.

It was by sheer chance and coincidence that their paths crossed as normally her husband took the time to wash their cars at home.  However, with a car passing her and hitting a pothole, Trish couldn't believe how dirty it had left the entire left side of her car.  A bit low on gas, Trish looked at her watch and figured there was adequate time to fill her gas tank and get a much-needed car wash.  Grabbing her folder and notes concerning the next client, she exited her car and went inside to pay her bill while the attendant took her car in for the wash.

Preoccupied as she looked at her notes, Trish had not seen the attendant eyeing her up nor was she aware of the hardon she was giving him.  As she read her notes, that attendant in her car was snapping a photo of her as she sat on the bench thinking of that next appointment.  Also, ever so trusting, Trish never expected that one would be so devious as to be awaiting someone like her to unsuspecting leave all of her keys attached to the key ring.  With a waxed impression of her housekey being made by the devious attendant, the privacy of the home she shared with her family was now in severe jeopardy.

With a waxed impression of the beauty's housekey made, Tyrone then opened up the glove compartment and found the car registration.  Copying down the residence address, along with the name of the lovely Trish Jennings, he would soon be casing out her home as well as her daily routine.  Taking down copious notes and following her about till he was confident that he had enough info, Tyrone would then keep it locked up in his desk until the time came to pay her a visit.

Pulling out his notes on Mrs. Trish Jennings, Tyrone reviewed them and saw the area that was marked with a star.  His notes indicated that the lovely beauty headed off about 7:30 in the morning, dropping her girls off at school, then headed out of her office.  Looking at the beauty in the photo, eyeing up those boobs hidden under the maroon sweater, his cock twitched at the sight as he thought 'Damn, that's prime white meat, man!'  Within an hour, his prey would be on the road to make her calls, then would be home in the early afternoon to do her etchings that she would later present to her clients.  With the girls going to sports practice directly after school ended, they would be picked by their father and arrive home at 6 p.m.

With a bye in the schedule and no game the coming weekend, Tyrone looked forward to the normal day off from practice that Wednesday when such a bye came about.  Checking out the house key that he held it up to the light to make sure all the edges had been cut and brushed to perfection.  Placing it next to the indentation in the wax kit, he wanted to make sure that it had been cut to perfection.  He was well aware that any small glitch in the cut would prevent him from gaining entry into the beauty's home.

Early Wednesday morning, Tyrone watched from his parked car as the Jennings made their normal departure from their home.  Cutting his afternoon class that day, Tyrone then drove by the Jennings' home to check out the status and what was taking place in the neighborhood.  Everything was nice and quiet, with none of the nearby neighbors out in the yard.  Tyrone then parked on the next block and made his way back to the Jennings' suburban home.

Key working perfectly, Tyrone smiled at his handy work as he stepped into the immaculately cleaned home of his beautiful blonde prey.  Having skipped lunch, he went to the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator.  Seeing some leftover chicken from the night before, he helped himself to a piece and grabbed a bottle of beer that was on the bottom shelf.  Then he grabbed himself a second bottle of beer to take with him to the master bedroom while he awaited the arrival of the beautiful Mrs. Trish Jennings.

Pulling up into the driveway just after 2 p.m., Trish reached for the remote to open the garage door.  Driving up into the garage, she parked her car as usual and got out.  Opening the door that led to the kitchen, Trish then hit the button on the wall to close the garage door.  She just loved her home, feeling so secure in its privacy.  Little did she know that her privacy had been violated in the past hour and the horror that waited for her in the master bedroom.

Having set her briefcase and files down in the living room, Trish proceeded to walk toward her bedroom.  Reaching back behind her neck, Trish unclasped the hook of her dress and pulled the zipper down.  Once in the master bedroom, she entered the walk-in closet and stepped out of her white heels and pushed them in against the wall with her other heels.  Pushing the yellow dress she had worn off over her shoulders, Trish let the garment fall to the floor and stepped out of it, intending to throw it in the hamper later.

Just as she reached up for her shorts and blouse hanging on the nearby hook, Trish shuddered in total fear as a large hand was suddenly clamped tightly over her mouth.  Then Trish heard her intruder advise "Yer home right on time, Mrs. Jennings!  I've been waiting fer ya!  Hope ya don't mind me helping myself to some leftover chicken and yer hubby's beer!"

"Mmmmmm …………………mmmmmmphhhhhffffffffff!" was all Trish could muster, unable to scream with the large hand clamped tightly over her mouth.  Then suddenly the hand was removed and Trish tried to take advantage of the situation.  Opening her mouth to scream "Hel ………….ppffffffff!" but it was cut off as a wet piece of balled up clothing was shoved into her mouth.  Shuddering at the foul taste of the foreign and slimy texture of the liquid, her eyes widened in sheer horror upon hearing the intruder chuckle "That's yer panties that was on top of the hamper!  Waited so long that I jest had to take the edge off ….............………it felt good wrapped around my cock!"

Shuddering in total disgust, realizing that the despicable man had actually masturbated himself and gotten off right in her discarded panties.  And now that soiled pair of panties had been stuffed into her mouth.  Desperate to spit the silky garment out, Trish pushed the tip of her tongue up against the soggy garment.  As her tongue pushed against the lumpy front of the crotchband, it caused the outer edges to fall forward a bit, allowing the cold slimy goo to escape and pour out over her tongue.

Body quivering uncontrollably, Trish thought that she would die of shame and humiliation.  Stomach churning, she felt sick and wanted to throw-up and cleanse her mouth of this man's filth.  Never having put her mouth on her husband's penis, much less sucking him off, this was Trish's first experience in tasting a man's semen.  Cold and slimy, with a bland but salty taste, Trish could not help but to feel the gooey substance spreading about her entire panty stuffed mouth.

Tyrone enjoyed feeling the lovely wife shudder in disgust against him, then taunted her "What's the matter, sweetie?  Don't like it cold?  Well, before I leave, I'll be sure to give ya a hot fresh load ………………..straight outta my churning balls!"  Having pushed the lacy bra cup up over the perfectly shaped mound, looking down over her shoulder, Tyrone used his free hand to cup her soft quivering white breast.  Then his thumb flicked at her tender pink bud, watching as the bud began to harden under his touch.

Dragging the frightened beauty over to the bed, Tyrone taunted the lovely wife with "Oh, Mrs. Jennings ………………….yer jest what I been wanting ……………….some tender white meat!"  Dumping her onto the middle of the king-sized bed, Tyrone reached up to the rope he had tied to the bottom of the mid-section of the headboard beforehand, then secured the woman's arms up above her head.

Bra removed and lacy panties stripped off her long trim legs, Trish lay stark naked upon the bed that only she and her husband had occupied throughout their marriage.  Eyes widening in horror, Trish watched as the intruder began to bare his muscular black body.  Soon, there was only the ski mask remaining as the man began fisting the monstrous shaft jutting straight out from between his legs.  'Oh, God …………..oh, God ………….he ……………………he's going to rape me with …………………..with that humongous ……………….thing of his!' she realized.

Shuddering with her mouth filled with her soggy panties, Trish blinked back the tears as the ski masked assailant was now hovering above her, long thick tongue darting out from the round hole where his mouth would be.  Shivering as the flicking tongue teased at her pink nipples, then the mouth was capturing each, sharp teeth nibbling and biting at her tender buds.  Each breast was taken into the slobbering mouth, nipple tongued and teeth biting into her soft flesh.  Trish sobbed, realizing that bruises and teeth marks would soon appear and leave telltale signs for weeks to come.

Then the masked head was down on her belly, tongue briefly flicking at her belly button, then began to move even lower ……………………..……down to her sex!  'Oh, God ………….oh, my God ……………………..he wouldn't do such a thing!' Trish thought.  There was some fumbling movement between her widespread legs, that of her assailant lifting up the bottom of his ski mask to bare the bottom of his face before clamping his wide open mouth onto her.  "Mmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhh …………………mmmmm ……………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpffffffffffffff!" came Trish's muffled scream into the soggy pair of panties.

Never having felt such sexual stimulation before, Trish could not help but to respond by arching her hips up into the slurping mouth.  "Mmmm …………..mmmpppfffffffffffffff …………………..mmmmmmmmmmpppppfffffffff" she shuddered as the dam suddenly burst within her loins as Trish began to feed the intruder with the flow of her love juices.  Never before had such an orgasm rocked her body in such a manner and never before had Trish ever climaxed with a man's mouth on her sex.  She'd heard the term before but never had she ever been 'eaten out'!

Having rocketed into the stars, Trish slowly began to descend back to earth.  As the reality of the nightmarish horror of what was taking place, Trish opened her eyes to find the sex fiend straddling her body and handling himself just above her face.  'Oh, God …………………it can't be ……………………it's not humanly possible!' Trish shuddered as she stared up the nearly foot-long black tube of flesh that was being stroked back and forth.

"Like my babymaker, Mrs. Jennings?  It's gone and knocked-up a hell of a lotta bitches already!  But, ya's such a special lady, Mrs. Jennings!  I's seen how ya's brought up yer two lovely daughters!  Ya's gonna make a fine momma fer the baby I's gonna fuck up into her pretty little belly!  After all, they don't calls me the 'Stork' fer nothing!" Tyrone taunted the frightened beauty, letting go of his cock to let it fall onto her horrified face.  Then he moved back and forth, as if he was fucking her beautiful face, leaving trails of his leaky cum on her pretty face.

Now with her assailant lying atop of her, Trish looked up into her eyes peering through the slits in the ski mask, hoping to find some mercy.  She felt him lift off her waist a bit but then realized that it was just so he could guide his penis up against her womanhood.  Having seen it close up just a moment ago, Trish realized that it was far thicker than her husband's, with it being at about 4" in diameter.  'It's so bigggggg ………………it'll never fit!  He'll kill me with that ………………….thing!' she shuddered.

Grasping her trim hips firmly in his large hands, with cockhead in the ready position, Tyrone gave a solid thrust forward to penetrate the lovely wife.  Behind the mask, Tyrone smiled in triumph in seeing the beauty's horrified eyes bulge in disbelief as her muffled screams sounded "Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..mmmmppphfffffff ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!"  With only two inches of his boner skewering into the raped beauty, Tyrone backed up a fraction of an inch and slammed forward once again, this time forcing another three full inches up into her tight gripping slit.

"Oooohhhhhhhhh ………………….oooohhhhhhhhhh …………….oooohhhhhhhhh!" Tyrone groaned with sheer pleasure on each thrust into the agonized beauty's tight sleeve, forcing more and more of his throbbing black cock up into her.  Finally, after a half-dozen more thrusts, Tyrone had buried his footlong dong fully up into the raped beauty.  Holding still for a moment, letting the sobbing wife to get accustomed to his oversized cock, as well as to keep from shooting off prematurely.  He slowly withdrew his raping cock till just his bloated cockhead remained captured, then slowly fucked it back into her.

For Trish, she wished that her vile rapist would be violent and merely satisfy in lusting needs as quickly as possible.  Trying to steel her body and not feel anything, especially any pleasurable feelings, Trish felt so ashamed of herself as her body began to involuntarily respond to the slow lovemaking motions of this unwanted fucking.  Eyes tearing as her cunt muscles squeezed around the thick invading cudgel, Trish now felt as if she was committing adultery rather than being violated against her will.

Eyes now closed, Trish fought not to respond but the sensations caused by the slowly fucking cock had her legs rising to encircle her rapist's humping ass and pulling him down tightly up against her.  "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came Trish's muffled moans as she climaxed and orgasmed around the raping shaft.

A wild climax, far beyond anything experienced in lovemaking with her husband, Trish began to settle back down to earth as the slow in and out fucking into her squishy slit continued.  Then, as the thick cock was full embedded and not withdrawing back out, Trish felt it suddenly give a lurch deep in her womb.  Another quick lurch of the cock and Trish realized in horror that it was about to unleash its vile pent-up scum deep into her womb.

Recalling that her rapist said his nickname was the 'Stork', Trish shuddered in dread as she certainly did not want the 'Stork' from making its normal delivery ………………a bundle of joy that would certainly not be welcome in this case.  Feeling the pulsating shaft within her lurch once again, Trish could not prevent her cunt muscles from responding by squeezing tightly back upon it.  And that did it as the thick lengthy cock suddenly burst deep in her, flooding her fertile womb with its thick vile seed.

An hour later, after another fuck session that had her climaxing just as the raping cock burst in her womb, Trish felt the soggy cum-filled panties being pulled out of her mouth.  But before she could close her mouth, Trish found her teeth clamping down upon her rapist's thick black cock.  Never having sucked on a cock before, never having wanted to, the forced act had her wickedly tempted.  While already having had a taste of a man's slimy spend, Trish found herself pushing the tip of her tongue up against the flaring pisshole.

Flicking her tongue up against the bloated cockhead, Trish then ran the tip of her tongue around the thick edge of the crown.  It was as if another being had taken over her mind and body, taking what was being forced upon her as the opportunity to learn what it like to blow a man.  Sucking hard as the cock began fucking her face, Trish ran her tongue along the underside of the thick stem, then up against the bloated head as withdrew on the backstroke.

Cheeks bloated as her mouth became filled with her rapist's gooey ejaculation, there soon was no where for any more of the vile spurting stuff to go.  Forced to swallow once, Trish felt the hot slimy bile ooze down the length of her throat and then slowly begin to find its path all the way to her churning belly.  More of the sticky followed as Trish was forced to swallow once again, her body heaving as her stomach was about to rebel from the foreign substance.

A half-hour later, reviving from the dead faint she had fallen into, Trish tugged at her bindings and was surprised as the rope snap.  Bringing her arms forward in front of her, Trish then began to push at the bindings on wrist.  She saw that the rope had apparently been sliced most of the way, apparently by her rapist, allowing her to get herself free.  Looking at the time, Trish realized that she had a bit over an hour to clean up the evidence of her violation before her family got home.

Not wanting to face her family at the moment, feeling so soiled and violated, Trish ordered a pizza delivery for 6:30 p.m., leaving a note for her family that she was not feeling well and had ordered dinner for them.  Remaking the bed, getting rid of the rope that had bound her wrists, Trish sucked in her breath as she looked on the floor to see the cum-filled panties that she had in her mouth throughout the ordeal.

Before the large bathroom mirror, Trish cupped the undersides of her breasts and held them up for examination.  She then blinked back the tears in seeing the reflection showing the purple discoloration about each breast and the obvious hickeys and teeth marks left by her rapist.  Under the hot shower, Trish quivered as she watched a string of thick cum disappear down into the drain.  Putting two fingers up into her violated slit, she then scooped out more and more jizz, watching as it moved along the tiles and down into the drain.

After the shower and a potent douching of her violated body, Trish then crawled into bed and pulled up the covers.  She had made certain to wear clothing that would not lead to her husband seeing her bruised breasts, not wanting him to learn of her being violated.  Always thinking that women who were raped had somehow asked for it, Trish now realized that such was not always the case.

Hearing her family arrive home, Trish blinked back the tears in realizing that horrible secret she would be harboring from this day on.  Though she knew that she should be calling the police have them see if the rapist could be caught, having police cars at her nice suburban home would certainly lead to the neighbors asking questions.  Soiled and violated, it would only make it more unbearable if her family and neighbors knew that she had been raped and 'ruined' by a black rapist.  By not letting anyone know about her disgrace, Trish only had one obstacle to now face, praying that the rape did not lead to her being impregnated by her rapist.

Miles away, back in his campus dorm, Tyrone retrieved his lacked canister and put the date of his conquest on the back of Trish Jennings picture.  Then he put her picture into the envelope containing that of all the other raped and 'ruined' victims that had he had conquered.  Looking at the six other photos remaining, Tyrone gathered them up and shook them, putting them back into the envelope so he could pick out the next unfortunate victim.

End of Story.