Cunning Old Coot
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Gus Mitchell had worked as the custodian at Westgate Medical from day one of the facilities opening over ten years ago.  He had become a trusted employee, considered by the staff at Westgate to be a friendly, competent janitor, but otherwise just an unassuming, doddering old black man.  Gus was more than happy to have others believe him to be just a harmless, unassuming old man, when in fact he was a shrewd, opportunist with his eyes open and an ear to the ground to parlay any opportunity that fate might throw his way.

Fate was definitely smiling on him the night he just happened to be mopping the corridor on the 2nd floor, just a few yards down the hall from Doctor Scott Chandler's office. Dr. Chandler, a psychiatrist, occasionally worked late, so Gus was not especially surprised when the door to his office opened and a woman appeared.  She was young, blonde and stunning, wearing a sexy print dress and heels, and Gus caught himself doing a double-take, almost dropping his mop in the process.

Gus quickly recovered, but the young blonde seemed oblivious to him, appearing noticeably dazed and flushed.  She paused momentarily to gain her bearings, then turned away from Gus and sauntered a bit unsteadily down the hall to the elevator.  Although Gus entertained the thought of following her, intending to use the fact that she appeared dazed and disoriented as an excuse to approach her, pretending to offer assistance, perhaps even somehow using her dilemma to his advantage.

As he began to follow her, he realized that the young blonde had inadvertently left the door to Dr. Chandler's office slightly ajar and Gus decided to pause to investigate.  Looking past the receptionist's office, Gus could see that the main office door was also ajar so he quietly slipped in. He observed Doctor Chandler seated at his computer, his back towards the door and that he was currently on the phone.

Gus moved quietly into position to spy on the unsuspecting psychiatrist, listening intently as the man bragged to his friend "You should see the sweet little thing that just left my office!  I've just snapped off several shots from my camcorder onto my computer and I'm attaching them to the email that I'm getting off to you right now!  It'll be some real juicy photos from tonight's session!"

Married just six months, Kim Fortin and her husband Mike had been referred to Dr. Chandler in hopes of salvaging their marriage.  The newlyweds had both been virgins on their wedding night and the honeymoon had proven an utter disaster, leaving both husband and wife in total frustration.  Mike suffered from premature ejaculation to the point that both Mike and Kim had soon lost all interest in sex.  Wanting to start a family soon after they were married, it appeared to Kim that it would take a miracle for that to happen.

Dr. Chandler met with Mike and Kim together during the initial consult, but suggested the two should be counseled separately once he realized how sensitive and inhibited the newlyweds were to discuss there sexual problems in each other's presence.  Both husband and wife professed to Dr. Chandler that they'd been in love since childhood, that they were willing to do whatever it took in order to salvage their marriage.  They expressed their desire to bring the kind of intense romance and sexual fulfillment into their marriage they'd waited a lifetime to share.

Cock rising immediately upon greeting the young blonde beauty, the wheels quickly began to churn in Dr. Chandler's devious mind, deciding the incredibly attractive young bride was innocent and naïve enough to exploit.  He wanted to laugh at the gullible young man, obviously a total failure when it came time to perform and please his beautiful bride.  He advised that both husband and wife should absolutely abstain from having intercourse during the therapy and the desperate young couple naively agreed.

Early on during therapy, Dr. Chandler had convinced the naive young husband to follow his advice to the letter.  In Mike's solo session the next week, he was instructed that in order to overcome his problem of premature ejaculation, he needed to build up his sexual stamina by masturbating a minimum of four times a day.  First, after awakening, each and every morning.  Second, during his lunch hour at work or at home, if on the weekend.  Third, immediately upon returning home after work or at dinner time.  Finally, just before he went to bed at night.

Mike was instructed to keep a journal, noting each time he masturbated, detailing what he masturbated to and to judge how much sperm he ejaculated.   He was not to share with Kim the fact that he was masturbating and keeping a journal.  Unbeknownst to Mike, the devious Dr. Chandler had successfully duped him into thinking that Kim would think less of him if she knew he was masturbating.  Also, after discussing it with the doctor, Mike had been convinced that it would please Kim much more to simply surprise her with his impressive new sexual stamina once therapy had been completed.

During one therapy session, Mike confided to Doctor Chandler that his cock was becoming very sore, and it was painful to masturbate four times a day, seven days a week.  Dr. Chandler choked back a laugh and assured his patient that it only served to prove how lacking in stamina he was, that he needed to continue to masturbate at least four times a day if he loved his wife enough to want to salvage the marriage.

Dr. Chandler warned him that if he cheated and cut back on the four times a day, he was sure to fail in his effort to build a satisfactory level of sexual stamina -- that research studies had proven that such a thing would occur.  He went on to tell the duped young fool that, in fact, his own patients who had not followed through 100% had invariably failed to ever reach a satisfactory level of sexual stamina.

Mike also confided that he thought Kim was getting suspicious, perhaps even thinking that he was a pervert, locked away and spending more and more time in the bathroom.  Again, Dr. Chandler choked back a laugh, reminding him that "Even if she catches you in the act, you must never confide in his wife that he is masturbating as part of his therapy to build up your sexual stamina!  Remember the old adage 'No pain, no gain' and you'll be just fine!"
Watching as Dr. Chandler pulled out a videotape out from the top desk drawer, Mike was handed the tape and advised to watch the video as it would help get him aroused in order to sustain his four-times-a-day 'therapy'.  He heard Dr. Chandler chuckle "If that porn flic don't get you up and off, nothing will!"  He looked down to see that it was one of the now well-publicized Black Demon films making the circuit.  The title read 'Black, Large & In Charge'!  Mike had heard of Black Demon films while drinking with his buddies, but this would be his first opportunity to view one.

As for Kim, Dr. Chandler had convinced her that she might just be too uptight when it came to sexual expectations, making it much more difficult for Mike.  That she needed to lose her inhibitions, to get in touch with her sexuality in order to fully experience and enjoy sex, and to pleasure her husband.  Although the innocent, prim and proper young wife was reluctant at first, Dr. Chandler kept working on her, bringing her along slowly by first planting the seeds by suggesting things to her before asking her to reveal any fantasies that she might harbor.

Dr. Chandler enjoyed seeing the naïve little beauty blush when he planted the seeds of evil and lust in her young mind, thoughts such as "My dear, don't be ashamed of any sexual thoughts you might have ………….it's only natural!  Being in this profession for so many years, I've come to find that many young women ………….a young wife like yourself, fantasize of being manhandled by a big muscular black brute, dragged off and ravished!"

To dispel any thoughts that young Kim Fortin might get in realizing what he was saying was far beyond ethical practices, knowing that the lovely beauty would never cheat on her husband, Dr. Chandler threw out the suggestion that "Kim …………….viewing the fact that Mike is the first and only man in your life ……………I'm afraid that the only solution to your problem is to get other experiences with the opposite sex!"  As expected, this shocked the young bride as she stammered out "But ………….but …………..I …………..I could never ……………ever cheat on Mike!"

"Yes …………..yes ……………you already being married poses a problem!  Is suppose there isn't any male friend you have ……………that you thought of having an affair with?" Dr. Chandler asked.  After the response of "No ………absolutely not!", he shook his head and advised "Well ……………I could refer you to a colleague ………….since you may be uncomfortable with me since I'm also treating your husband!  We're all trained in this area and we make sure there's no emotions associated with the treatment ………….such as there's absolutely no kissing allowed!"

Using the calm cool professional technique worked like a charm as Dr. Chandler got the desired response as the distressed beauty stammered "Please …………..Dr. Chandler ……………..I ……………I feel comfortable with you!  I trust you!  I just can't face a stranger and not knowing how professional he'll be in all of this!  Could ………….could you do it ………………help me solve my problem in expectations from the opposite sex?  I'll do whatever is necessary to save my marriage to Mike!"  He wanted to laugh when she thanked him for agreeing to do all the necessary consultations and therapy needed to solve her problem.
Continuing to eavesdrop on the conversation, Gus listened intently as Dr. Chandler bragged to his friend on the phone just how he had set it up to capture the innocent young wife touching herself up and then to slip her hand into her panties to masturbate.  "Damn, she is so shy and innocent that I couldn't get her to do it in front of me!  I had to leave the fucking room so that she would be comfortable to do it!  But with my hidden cameras that I've got set up, I was able to watch her from my private office and get it all on tape!  Geez, I just gotta get in her tight little panties or I'm gonna bust my nuts!"

Arriving back at her home, Kim was greeted with a quick kiss on the lips by her loving husband.  As Mike inquired how her session had gone, Kim swallowed and blushed, then responded with a meek "Fine, honey!"  Feeling guilty at having touched herself so intimately in the doctor's office, Kim felt as if it was written over her forehead as to what she had done.  Though Dr. Chandler had tried to convince her that countless other wives had performed similar sexual acts in his presence as part of their therapy, she just could not do it.

Even knowing that he was simply there as a trained professional to counsel her through the exercise and to assess the progress of her therapy, Kim just could not do such an intimate thing in front of him.  Only when the doctor had left her alone on the couch was she able to bring herself to touch herself.  Closing her eyes, she had slowly brought her hands up to cover her breasts, moving her manicured fingers over her blouse and bra to caress her sensitive nipples.

What Dr. Chandler had told her about other women's fantasies had her mind in overdrive, something that she had dared not even contemplate before.  Kim had then begun wondering what it would be like to manhandled by a lusting black man, dragged off and brutalized ………………..raped and ravished!  Body shivering from the pleasure her fingers were creating, Kim began to emit her love juices, squeezing her legs together to quell the flow of slick juices into the crotch of her panties.  Eyes tightly shut, Kim pictured the muscular black doorman at her office building, the man who always gave her that snickering smile and eyed her up with that leering look of his.

When alone in the privacy of the doctor's office, Kim had let one hand drift down to the hem of her skirt and raised it up to her waist, then ran her middle finger over her oozing slit.  Faster and faster she had rubbed herself, arching up into her finger as she pretended being mauled by the lecherous doorman, then shuddered as her body quivered in a much-needed orgasm.  Kim pictured herself naked on her marital bed, the muscular doorman naked and upon her, forcing his monstrous manhood into her petite body.   She was so glad that the helpful Dr. Chandler had not remained in the room to witness her masturbation.

Little did Kim know that Dr. Chandler had watched it all on his monitor in the next room.  That the good doctor had wanked himself off while watching her masturbate and had everything captured on videotape.  Positioned on the coffee table near the couch was a nice floral arrangement that hid the miniature camera that was sending a clear view of what was taking place on the couch.

Still on the phone with his colleague, Dr. Chandler bragged that next week's session would be even better as "I plan on being the one feeling her up with my hands to get the sweet little bitch off!  I've got to make sure she doesn't report me to the authorities or the psychiatric board that I got way out line and touched her intimately!  Got to be certain I've convinced the naïve little bitch that I'm just doing what any trained professional in this field would be doing to assist her with her sexual problem!"

"Yeah, got it all figured out!  The following week is when I'm going to nail that sexy little bitch!  Going to give her a drink laced with the new liquid 'Spanish Fly' and then start to touch her up again!  She'll be begging me to tear off her panties then and stick it to her!  This bitch is sure an innocent little sweetie but deep down, I swear she can turn into a hot little nymphomaniac!  And I'm going to find that little switch of hers and have her climbing the fucking walls!" Dr. Chandler chuckled on the phone.

"Can't wait, huh, Fred?  Tell you what, I'll make a copy of the tape for you right now and get it out in the mail to you tomorrow!  Then, once I nail the little bitch and have the whole tape filled, I'll make you a complete copy from tonight's session on!" Dr. Chandler advised his friend.  "You got that email I just sent?  The attachment open up okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, you like what you see in the email attachment I just sent!  You want in on the action!  Well, let me see what I can work out!  Once I get in her panties and have her desperately in need of sex, I could refer her to you for consultation that you 'specialize' in!  Guess I do owe you that favor for referring that cute little Asian babe last year since she didn't want to go to you for consultation, not with her husband's office in the same building as yours!" Dr. Chandler spoke on the phone.

"Fred, that sweet little Kristi Fukumitsu sure was a sweet little lay!  She sure turned me on when she showed up that day, right after getting in from her flight!  Man, she sure looked sexy in that TAL uniform!  She was the first only stew I've nailed thus far!  Too bad her husband got a promotion to the west coast and she had to change her home base to be with him!  She was fucking sweet!  But I just got a letter from her, saying she's referring a fellow stewardess from TAL to see me!  Thanks me for solving her problem and tells me that she actually joined the 'Mile High Club' ……………getting nailed by a passenger ……………a big black football player to top it off!"

Gus watched as Dr. Chandler got the incriminating tape out of the right hand desk drawer and placed it in the VCR.  Then, after turning on the VCR, the doctor inserted a blank tape into a second VCR and started the 'record' button.  Gus decided that it was time for him to quietly sneak on out of there.  With the master key that he had been given, to be used in case of an emergency in the building, he would be able to get back in once the devious doctor had gone home.

Busying himself in the lobby, Gus knew that Dr. Chandler would have to exit from the side door of the lobby since it was past the time for all other doors to be locked shut.  Once the coast was clear, he'd then let himself in the doctor's office and make himself a copy of the tape.  Thinking it out carefully, he'd check the appointment log for the young beauty's name, then search for her file so he could obtain her home address.  Cock twitching in his pants, Gus planned on visiting the young married beauty in the comfort of her home.  There, with the incriminating tape in hand, he would blackmail her and have her submit to him right on the bed that she shared with her hubby.

Throughout the next week, Kim felt her knees go weak each day when the leering doorman looked at her with that leer of lust in his yes.  It would take her nearly an hour after getting to her desk to calm herself down, often looking about the office to see that no one was around so she could slip her hand under her dress to rub at her puffy slit through her panties.  Ever since Dr. Chandler had mentioned that many white women fantasized of being raped and ravished by a black man, she was consumed by the suggestion and just could not help but think of herself in such a situation that she had no control of.

As for Mike, he found that the video that Dr. Chandler indeed helped, giving him a hardon as he watched muscular black studs help themselves to the charms of young and pretty white wives.  Locking himself up in his study, he would watch the video on the television set next to his desk, wanking off into the roll of paper towels that he had stashed in his desk drawer.  Using headphones, he could turn up the volume, enjoying hearing the young white beauties scream as they were forever stretched and 'ruined' by the big black cocks.

It was a bit more difficult for Mike when he was at work as he was unable to bring the videotape with him.  Well, he could have brought it but Mike did not want to be caught viewing the skin flick at the office.  Instead, he would lock himself in a bathroom stall, close his eyes and fantasize of the big black studs in the video and hearing the screams of the terrified victim that fell into their clutches.  What got Mike's cock to attention and spurting quickly was him picturing that it was Kim in their hands, wailing as a monster black cock was shoved up her tiny hole.

The next week's session, scheduled for the same time and same day of the week, Gus viewed the young beauty pull her car up in the parking lot.  Dressed in a white blouse, navy blue skirt and matching 3" blue heels, his cock rose to attention as he gazed upon the young innocent beauty.  She seemed a bit hesitant and nervous, apparently apprehensive of going beyond her masturbation of the past week.  He knew what was in store for her in the doctor's office and was hell bent on viewing Dr. Chandler fondling this succulent beauty.

Being cautious, knowing of Dr. Chandler's plans to slowly seduce the young beauty, Gus waited a bit, continuously peering in through the glass door to see check the light under the door to the inner office.  Finally, when the light under the doorway dimmed, Gus knew that the devious doctor was now making his move to feel up the innocent little beauty.  Now was the time for Gus to quietly enter the office with his master key.

Slipping into the doctor's smaller private office, Gus observed that the video recorder was indeed on and taping everything in the conference room where the consultation sessions were held.  Turning on the monitor, Gus found that Dr. Chandler was making good headway in getting the innocent beauty turned on, making her squirm about on the couch.  Gus smiled as he watched the beautiful Mrs. Kim Fortin, eyes clenched shut, clutching the sides of the couch, squirming about as Dr. Chandler caressed her breasts through her clothing.

"Oh, Doctor!  Ohhhhhh ……………………it feels so good ……………………your touch feels so gooddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhh …………yes ……………….yes …………………ohhh, don't stop!" Gus heard the beauty moan as the doctor continued to feel her up.  Then, Gus observed the doctor's hands leave the beauty's breast, using one hand to slowly drift down over the beauty's trim belly while his other hand went to undo his zipper.

For the devious Dr. Chandler, he was so tempted in to climb up onto the couch and stick it to the innocent bitch right at this moment.  Now both hands of his moved down to caress the soft beautiful and flawless thighs of the sexy young wife.  He had desired to touch this beauty intimately for weeks, ever since she walked into his office.  He could hear her intake of breath, panting slightly in anticipation.

Down over her trim legs his hands slowly drifted, the wheeled stool he sat upon easily moved with him till he reached her navy blue heels.  His cock twitched in anticipation as he was about to quench the need to satisfy his fetish, to see and touch Kim Fortin's sexy feet.  Slowly he peeled off her heels, one at time to savor the moment, viewing her pedicured little toes.

Touching her slender feet, the lusting doctor was so tempted to slide his aching cock up against her tender soles and have her bring him off.  But that would have to wait as it certainly would not do to have the innocent beauty run screaming from his office, telling everyone he was a pervert and violated her trust.

Sliding his hands back up her sexy legs, Dr. Chandler heard his patient suck in her breath as he gently caressed her inner thighs, feeling her body go taunt as she fought the feeling of pleasure coursing through her inexperienced young body.  Then he heard her gasp loudly, felt her body quiver, as his index finger touched the crotch of her panties.  "Mmmm …………………ohhhhhhh …………..mmmmm!" the beauty panted as he traced the outline of her sensitive slit through her thin panties.

Skirt lifted and now providing him with a good view, Gus watched as the good doctor pressed his fingers into the crotch of the beauty's wet panties, finger fucking her through the thin silky covering.  Eyes glued to the monitor, Gus watched as the sexy young blonde pumped herself up and down onto the fucking fingers, all the while moaning "Ohhhhhhhh …………………….yesssssssssss ………………….yesssssssssssss!  Ohhhhhhhhh ……………… gooddddddd …………so gooddddddddd!"

Next, Gus observed Dr. Chandler picking up an item laying on the couch next to the quivering beauty.  He watched as Dr. Chandler then twisted the bottom to apparent turn it on, then went back to caressing the crotch of her panties with the vibrating dildo in hand.  He initially could hear the soft hum of the vibrating 'Pocket Rocket' but then it was drowned out by the beauty's loud moans "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhh …………oh, Godddddddddddddd!"

Minutes later, as the finger fucking sped up with Kim Fortin clutching to the side of the couch for dear life as she continued to moan and arch up on the couch, Gus had to get his own cock out of his pants to stroke himself.  He then observed Dr. Chandler reach into his back pocket to retrieve his hanky, opening it up to wrap it around his cock.  Meanwhile, Kim Fortin continued to whither about, screaming out "Ohhhhhhhhh ………………doctor ……………ohhhhhhhhhh ………………ohhhh, Godddd ………………….I'm cumminggggggggg!"

Kim had literally passed out for a few moments following the unbelievable climax that had rocked her young inexperienced body.  Shy and self-conscious, upon coming out of her stupor, Kim was embarrassingly turned away from the doctor to face the wall.  Closing her eyes, she was unaware of Dr. Chandler wiping off his spent prick with the cum saturated hanky that was wrapped around his member.

During the next week, Kim felt a bit guilty at having climaxed from Dr. Chandler's touch.  She kept telling herself 'It's just the prescribed treatment that's needed to overcome the problems Mike and I are having!  It's like I'm cheating on Mike with another man!  But …………..why did it have to feel so good to have another man touching me?'  In bed at night, she would touch herself the way Dr. Chandler had done in his office, but pretending that it was the black doorman at her office building doing the touching.

Kim began to wonder why Mike was being so secretive these days, always taking a long time in the bathroom at night, locking himself in the study after work each day.  She wondered if she should mention it to Dr. Chandler on her next session.  Wanting to watch the exercise video that she had just rented, Kim was disappointed to find that the video recorder was not working properly in the bedroom.

As Mike was at his therapy session with Dr. Chandler and wouldn't be home till late, she decided to use Mike's video recorder and television in the study.  Entering the study, she tried to insert the exercise video but found that another tape was already in it.  Hitting the 'Eject' button, the tape in it popped out.  Taking it out, Kim looked at it and caught her breath as she read the label 'Black Large & In Charge'.  Curious, she turned on the television set and slipped the tape back into it.

Using the remote, Kim hit the 'Play' button and sat down in Mike's office chair.  She swallowed as it came on introducing 'Black Demon Films' presents 'Black Large & In Charge'.  Unable to breathe, Kim finally took in a much needed breath of air, then began panting for air as the movie played.  She could not believe that she was actually watching an x-rated film, her very first.  Immediately, upon seeing that it was young white wives having their first encounter with a muscular black man, Kim rubbed her thighs together and moved her hands up to cup her breasts.


Her lips went dry and she flicked at her nipples, bringing them to rigid hardness.  As she watched the screen intently, Kim pretended that it was her on the screen, being forced to spread her legs wide as the muscular black brute began to force his monstrous cock into her.  She quivered with each blood curdling scream as the young wives were forced to accept the thick black monstrosities.  Then she would lick her lips as the beauties were forced to accept the throbbing black cocks between their lips.

Fingering herself to a wild climax, Kim panted for breath as she turned off the recorder and television.  Looking down, she noticed that there were an awful lot of crumpled paper towels at the bottom of the trash can.  Reaching down to pull the can closer to her, Kim reached in to retrieve one of the crumpled paper towels.  She tried to peel it open but it was stiff, like glued together.  Kim knew then that it was not from Mike blowing his nose in it, but that he obviously had been masturbating to the skin flick.

Though naïve and innocent, Kim could not help but wonder 'Is that what turns Mike on?  Seeing and hearing petite white wives being manhandled and brutalized by big black men?  Watching them forced to service a black man with their mouth and tongue?  Seeing them defiled …………with ……………with all that ………….sperm …………….drooling off their lips ………………and stretched vaginas?  Is …………….is he fantasizing that it's me in the film …………………being made love to by a black man …………….pleasing a black man with my lips?'

The next day, after Mike had come out of the study, Kim pretended on be in the middle of cooking dinner.  As Mike entered the kitchen, she asked "Honey, could you do me a favor and run down to the market and get me a dozen eggs?  I need it for a batter I'm making for the fish!"  Once Mike had departed, Kim quickly made her way to the study.

Seeing the counter on the video recorder, it was not at the count that she had seen before Mike got home, evidence that he had just watched the tape.  Looking in the trash can, she swallowed as she spotted one that was still wet.  Retrieving it, Kim slowly pulled it open to reveal the load that her husband had just deposited into it.  Turning the television and recorder on, Kim watched the exciting flick again, wondering 'Would it get you excited, Mike …………….seeing a black man putting his hands on me ……………….your wife …………….watching him make love to me?'  Seeing the beautiful blonde on the screen in pure agony as she was taken roughly, Kim wondered just how she would respond if a black man like that forced himself into her.


At her next session, Kim was a bit hesitant when Dr. Chandler asked if she was sure that she wanted him to continue the 'therapy' sessions because it would now go further than what it did during the last session.  When she asked how far would it go, she was again advised that he could refer her to a colleague if she felt uncomfortable with him being the one to administer the therapy.  Feeling that Dr. Chandler was trying to be as professional with her as possible, she nodded that she wanted him to proceed.

Everything swirled about her, coming so fast that she could not really think straight.  She had not comprehended a word following Dr. Chandler's comment of "Of course, a condom is always used to keep thing professional and there won't be any unwanted consequences from the treatment!"  'He ……………..he's actually planning on ………..on putting it ………….in me!' she realized.

Second thoughts crossed her mind, making her want to get up from the couch and run out of the office, feeling that she just could not go this far.  But she told herself 'I must do it to save our marriage!  Whatever it takes ……………..I must do it!'  Given a glass of warm liqueur, Kim was grateful to feel the warmth that it created, feeling it going all the way to her belly.  Panting for breathe, Kim lay back on the couch as Dr. Chandler instructed, the lights dimming as the doctor advised he'd let her relax first and be back soon to commence with the 'therapy'.

Unknown to both Kim and Dr. Chandler, the session was being viewed by the evil Gus Mitchell in the other room.  That when Dr. Chandler exited the room, a knock to the skull with Gus' trusty blackjack, had the doctor out cold on the floor.  As Kim Fortin relaxed on the couch with her eyes closed, having unknowingly consumed a liqueur laced with a dose of 'Spanish Fly', the hand reaching in was not that of Dr. Chandler's.  The lights were slowly dimmed gradually till the room was in pitch darkness.

Hearing the door open and close shut, Kim opened her eyes and blinked several times, realizing that the room was now in total darkness.  She was relieved and thankful that the doctor felt it best to have the lights off.  She was so scared, grateful that the darkness would make it easier for her to get through the 'therapy' session that lay ahead.

Gripping the sides of the couch as footsteps approached, like one would in a dentist's chair before the drilling began, Kim began to pant for breath.  In the darkness, she could not make out where the doctor was, but sensed he was near as the wheeled chair was sat upon and began to move towards her.  She shivered when a hand touched her, then another as both hands cupped her through the blouse that she wore.  As the thumbs searched out for and found her budding nipples, Kim moaned "Ohhhhhhhh ………….oh, doctor ……………ohhhhhhhh!"

Feeling the effects of the potent drug, Kim began to rub her legs together, desperate to quell the raging itch that was beginning to drive her crazy.  Then she felt the buttons of her blouse being undone, the hands now fondling her with just her lacy bra covering her.  She gripped the couch even tight as her bra was pulled down, baring her breasts as the thick thumbs began flicking at her stiffened nipples.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhh …………ahhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as one nipple was now in the doctor's wet mouth and his tongue was now flicking at the sensitive bud.

With her other nipple now being sucked upon, the itch between her legs driving her out of her mind, Kim was happy to the hands pulling up her skirt and pulling down her panties.  "Oh, doctor ………………..ohhhhhhh ………………….please ……………..I …………..I'm burning up!" she moaned as she wiggled about on the couch.  Feeling the hands at her knees, pushing them apart, she eased the task and spread her legs wide to give him access to her itching madness.

"Oh, God ………………….oh, God ………………….oh, God ………………….oh, God ………………….oh, my Goddddddddddddddd!" Kim wailed as she tightened her grip on the side of the leather couch, arching up into the doctor's face that was now on her mound, his tongue flicking at her slit and trying to insert itself into her.  And worm its way into her it did, causing Kim to arch up further, wanting him to soothe that itch between her legs.

'Sweet!  So fuck'n sweet!  Pure honey!' Gus gloated to himself as the tongued the naïve little bitch into a frenzy.  He was glad that the innocent young wife was clutching at the sides of the couch and not at his head, afraid that she might realize that he was not the doctor from the feel of his short kinky hair.  Seeing how crazy he was driving her, even with the aid of the potent drug, Gus knew that the doc was right in telling his friend that this little bitch had it hidden in her …………….that she could be a raving nympho.

Then Gus felt the beauty's inner thighs closing upon his face as her trim legs crossed over his back.  Legs crossed over him, Gus could feel the back of her heels rubbing against him, her sharp spike spiking him in the process.  But the pain to his back felt good, causing him to flick his tongue madly at her sensitive clit, enjoying her screams "Ohhhh ………….oh, Goddddddddddd ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  God …………..I ………………I'm cumming …………………..I'm cumminggggggggggg!  Arggggghhhhhhhhh!"

Having waited for this day for weeks, not jacking off but letting his load build up for this sweet young thing, Gus needed to get it in her right away for fear of spurting all over the prone beauty right then and there.  With the young beauty now lying in a limp stupor, Gus climbed up onto the couch between her widespread legs.  Defiler in hand, Gus smiled as he moved it into place, rubbing his bloated cockhead up and down her juicy slit.

Gus held still when her heard her sweet but frightened voice "Doctor ……….doctor ……………you are wearing a condom …………as you said you would ………….aren't you?"  "Mmmm ……….hmmmm!" he responded so as not to give away his voice.  'Oh, you sweet little bitch ………………….Gus is gonna give ya a nice little present!  Yessiree ………………..Gus is gonna help ya get yer little family start right now!  Gonna give ya a nice little black bundle of joy!' he mused.

Though in heat as never before in her young life, the probing bulb that Kim felt between her legs seemed to be as big as her fist.  'Oh, my God …………..its too big ……….way too big for me …………….it'll never fit!' she worried.  Panting, Kim stammered out "Doctor …………… ………………I'm scared!  You ………………you're too big for me …………… won't fit in me!"  With the strong hands grasping her hips tightly, the bulb-like head threatened to destroy her totally.

"Doctor ………………..doctorrrrrrrrrrr ……………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stop ……………..stop …………….it hurts ……………… hurts ……………..stop, please …………….I want to stopppppp!  Oh, Goddddd ………………arghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kim cried out at the thick cudgel bore its way into her, stretching her a never before.  "Oh, doctor ………………please ……………..I ………………I can't go through with this!  It hurts so bad ……………….oh, please ………………..please ………………stoppppp!" she sobbed.

With only three inches inserted into the sobbing beauty, Gus chuckled to himself as there was still about a foot of solid meat to fuck into the beautiful little bitch.  Making sure he got a good grip on her asscheeks, Gus withdrew a bit, then slammed forward once again.  "Owwwwww …………………..ohhhhhhhh, pleaseeeeeeeee!" came the weeping cry as he had now buried half of his lengthy cock into the wailing beauty.  Withdrawing once again till only his cockhead was enveloped, Gus slammed into the beauty, this time burying his meaty cock deep to the hilt.

"Ah ………..ah ………..ah ………..ah ………..ah………..ah ………..ah!" the trembling young wife panted beneath him with his cockhead buried right in her fertile womb.  Gus froze, keeping totally still, allowing the panting beauty to get her breathe and for him to keep from losing it right then.  With her panting slowing down to a normal breathing pattern, along with Gus regaining control of himself, he slowly withdrew his lengthy tool.  Once just his bloated cockhead remained, Gus then slowly fed his mighty cock back into her now clasping pussy.

He had to go slow as her snapping snatch was threatening to milk him dry right on the spot.  Then she was wrapping her trim legs over his back, locking her heels together, trying to pull him back into her.  'Damn, this little bitch has all the makings of a fuck'n minx!  She don't need no 'Spanish Fly' to get her going!  Fuck, no wonder that whiteboy turd has a problem in keeping it going!  This pretty little fox would drain anybody dry!' he concluded as he kept up the slow in and out rhythm.

"Oh, Doctor ………………oh, yes ………………..oh, so good!  Feels so good ………………….oh, yesssssss ……………….don't stop ……………….don't stop ………………… goodddddddddddddd!" Kim moaned as she met him thrust for thrust.  She kept her hands clutched to the sides of the leather chair, remembering that Dr. Chandler said to keep it unemotional, not wanting it to be like they were making love to each other.  'Oh, God ………… feels so good!  But ……………its just therapy …………….this is needed to preserve my marriage!  Oh, God ……………….does it have to feel so good?' she asked herself.

Then the speed of the fuck began to speed up and Kim kept up with the pace, her itching snatch squeezing at the pleasure giving muscle.  "Oh, God …………………oh, God …………………oh, Goddddddddddd!" she screamed out as the lengthy cock rubbed against her sensitive clit as it plunged in and out of her steaming pit.  "Oh, God ……………..Doctorrrrrrrr ………………..I …………………………..I going to ………………..cummmmmmmmmmmm!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out.

With the young beauty screaming out her climax, letting go of the couch to wrap her arms around his neck, Gus couldn't hold back any longer and let his cock burst deep in her womb.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, baby …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as spurt after spurt belched out of his pisshole, seeding the beauty with his potent seed.  He knew the she was deep in the throes of her mind-shattering orgasm to make out the groan not belonging to Dr. Chandler.

Twenty minutes later, Kim blinked her eyes in the darkness, trying to make out where she was.  Then she realized that she was on the couch, in the dark, having just concluded with her 'therapy' session.  That itch had dwindle some but was still there, along with a wetness between her legs and inner thighs.  'Oh, no …………………..the condom must have broke!  Oh, God ……………………I need to douche!' Kim realized in a panic.

Sitting up, trying to find her way, she bumped into the small wheeled stool and nearly fell over.  Arms outstretched, Kim slowly felt her way to the nearby desk and breathed a sigh of relief as she reached it.  Searching for the lamp that was usually turned on, she found the switch and turn the lamp on.  Gazing around the dimly lit room, her panties were no where in sight.  Grasping several tissues from the box on Dr. Chandler's desk, Kim lifted her skirt to wipe up the cum drooling down her inner thighs and seeping out of her well fucked slit.

Needing to clean herself up, Kim opened the door to go to the bathroom within the office.  She gasped in seeing an unconscious Dr. Chandler lying face down on the floor with a piece of tape covering his mouth, his arms behind his back with hands bound by a rope.  Tearing the tape off his mouth, Kim frantically asked "Doctor ………………Dr. Chandler …………..what happened?"  Getting no response from the unconscious man, she got up and rushed to the bathroom to get some wet paper towels.

In a panic, Kim rushed back to the fallen doctor.  Untying him, then turning him over onto his back, she wiped his face and placed the cold towel on his forehead.  Fearing that he might be dead, Kim breathed a sigh of relieve in hearing Dr. Chandler's moan of pain.  Seeing him blink his eyes, Kim swallowed in fear as he asked "What happened?  I came out ………………then something the back of my head!  Damn, my head's throbbing!"

With Dr. Chandler's wallet lying open on the floor, Kim watched as the doctor reached for it and opened it up.  "Guess someone followed me up after seeing me get money out of the ATM!  Cleaned me out!  Are ……………are you okay, Kim?  Did he hurt you?" the now concerned doctor asked her.  A fear of dread coursed throughout her body as she realized that it was no therapy session that she had undergone.  Instead, some had broken into the office and raped her ………………..given her the fucking of a lifetime ………one that she would never forget!

Kim stammered, wondering how to respond.  Heart pounding, she couldn't tell him that she had just been raped by the intruder, knowing that she might have to tell the police that also.  'What about Mike?' she thought.  'I don't ………………I can't tell Mike that ……………that I was going through a therapy session ………………expecting Dr. Chandler to put his penis in me with a condom on ………………but instead I was raped by someone unknown …………….that he might have impregnated me!' were the thoughts racing through her mind.

"No ……………no ……………I'm fine, Dr. Chandler!  I …………….I was wondering what was keeping you for so long that I ………………I came out to find you!  I ………I wanted to tell you that I couldn't go through with tonight's 'therapy' session!  That ……….that maybe …………….maybe I'll be ready next week!" Kim lied as she clenched her thighs together to keep her rapist's cum from slithering down her thighs.  "Are …………..are you going to call the police ……… report the break in?" she asked.

When Dr. Chandler nodded that he would, Kim desperately did not want to talk to the police and go through any interrogation as to where she was and what occurred while the doctor was unconscious.  Besides, she desperately needed to get home right away and douche out the filth that her rapist had spewed deep in her womb.  It was all she could do to keep her thighs clenched, preventing the slimy filth from pouring out of her.

"Doctor ……………I ……………..I just can't talk to the police ………………I …………….I …………..can we keep it confidential ……………the doctor patient thing!" she blurted out nervously.  She breathed a sigh of relief in hearing Dr. Chandler say that he would keep her out of it, that there were no patients in the office when he was mugged.  Quickly, Kim rushed to get her purse, then made her way out of the office.  Down the elevator and out to her car, Kim then realized that she had been in such a panic that she had not wiped herself off, feeling her skirt clinging to the saturated mess clinging to her pubic hair.

Rushing home, Kim was glad that Mike was locked up in the study.  As she passed the door to the study, Kim shook her head in disgust, cussing 'You're jerking off again, watching those big black bastards screw the brains out of pretty white women!  Maybe you'd get off in knowing that your wife was just raped …………..maybe impregnated by an intruder breaking into Dr. Chandler's office!  Yeah, I bet you'd get your kicks off watching some bastard force himself into me!'

Up in the privacy of the master bath, having locked the door, Kim rushed and prepared a potent douche.  She hoped it was not to late, praying it was done in time to stop all those unwanted buggers from fertilizing her egg.  Sitting on the toilet, Kim then looked down at herself, gasping from the sight of her normally fluffy golden curls all matted and caked together.  Then she sucked in her breath.

Reaching over to her toiletry bag on the counter, she opened it and took out a pair of tweezers.  Tearing a piece of toilet paper, she lay it down on top of the countertop.  Unable to breathe, going slowly with the tweezers, she aimed it amid her matted curls.  She plucked one, then another, followed by a third and placed them atop the piece of the toilet paper on the counter.  Finally, after inspecting herself thoroughly, there were six of them ……………….six pieces of tiny kinky black pubic hair belonging to the rapist.

Inspecting the hair upon the piece of toilet paper, there was no doubt that she had been raped by …………..a black man!  Looking at the results of the douche in the toilet, Kim shuddered at seeing how much of the thick spunk had been welled up in her womb for the past hour.  The thick spunk reminder her of tapioca pudding and the phrase came to mind 'Proof's in the pudding'!  'Oh, God …………………..what if I didn't get the douching done in time?  What if the bastard got me pregnant?  What will I do if I am?' she wondered.

That night, while lying awake in bed as Mike snored beside her, Kim slid her hands up under her nightie and began to fondle herself.  She shivered as she made contact with her nipples, recalling how her rapist had fondled her and then sucked on her titties.  Then she slipped a hand into her panties and began to finger herself, shivering as she remembered the feeling of when the intruder placed his mouth over her sex ……………… he had literally eaten her to a wild climax!

Thinking of what occurred in Dr. Chandler's office, along with the film she had watched over and over in Mike study, Kim felt that the intruder certainly qualified to be in that film.  'Black Large & In Charge' was certainly a fitting title for the man who had raped her. The evidence left in her golden bush proved that he was 'Black'.  'Large' was mildly putting it from the monstrosity he had raped her with.  And he was certainly 'in charge' after knocking out Dr. Chandler and not taking any considerations to her pleas to stop.

Back at the office building where Dr. Chandler's office was located, Gus smiled after being questioned about the break-in to the doctor's office.  He advised the police officers the front doors of the building had not been shut down to the public as the break-in apparently took place just before the scheduled timing to close up.  Gus was delighted in seeing that Mrs. Fortin had gone home ahead of the police and that the doctor told them all the patients had departed before he was mugged.  Just as Gus had hoped, the rape went unreported.

Over the next week, Kim came to one realization, that being the fact that Mike would never measure up to what she needed.  Not measuring up in size, length, nor the quality of the fuck itself.  Kim resigned herself to the fact that if she were to preserve their marriage, she'd just have to overlook Mike's talents in the bedroom.  Now that she had sampled the manhood of another man, a black man, she would just have to satisfy her sexual needs elsewhere.

Thinking things out, Kim knew that she still loved Mike with all of her heart.  But, no matter how much treatment he got, there was no way that he'd be able to satisfy her.  Not when he shot off once he entered and she wrapped her legs around him.  'Will he notice the difference, able to tell how stretched out I've gotten compared to before?  Nah, I doubt!  I'll just wrap my legs around him and hump up at him!  He'll cum right away like before!' she concluded.

For Dr. Chandler, after being knocked over the head, things just did not improve for him.  Out five hundred bucks from the robbery, suffering a splitting headache each day for the past week, now his plans to finally seduce the lovely Mrs. Kim Fortin were scrapped.  After getting the message from his secretary that Kim had called in to cancel her appointment, he had tried to reach her by phone but to no avail.  His raging hardon would now have to be treated with a handjob from himself.

Mike was relieved in the change that recently came over his lovely wife.  No longer was she upset that he ejaculated to quickly, leaving her high and dry, telling him that it'll improve in time.  He felt a bit guilty but the masturbating did help him somewhat.  At least he didn't cum as soon as he entered her and felt her sexy legs wrap around him.  Now, he could at least go a dozen or so strokes before spewing his load.  But Mike would not have felt so relieved if he knew what Kim was thinking of when they made love, that she was planning to make a date to drinking with the doorman at her office building.

Weeks later on a Sunday, after bidding Mike good luck in his golf game against his buddies that day, Kim was getting ready to go for Sunday services when the doorbell rang.  Opening the door, she found herself facing an elderly black man.  As she was about to point to the sign saying 'No Solicitors', the man spoke "Please excuse me ma'am!  My name's Gus Mitchell!  I'm not here selling anything, jest trying to find the rightful owner of some clothing that was lost several weeks ago!"

Reaching out to the large photograph that the man handed her, Kim couldn't breathe as she gazed upon the photo showing a pair of lacy navy blue panties, exactly what she could not find at Dr. Chandler office the night she had been raped.  Heart thumping, Kim realized that the elderly black man standing outside of the front door to her home was the man who had raped her.  The man who had given her the ultimate pleasure, that mind-shattering climax, this man who belonged in the film that she watched daily.

"Haaaaa ………….." Kim gasped as she stared at the photograph, a cold shiver coursing through her body.  'Oh, my God!  It …………….it's him!  The man who raped me!' she thought to herself.  "No ………………no …………….it doesn't belong to me!" she stammered in fright as her trembling hand held it out the smirking old man.  "Wha ………….what …………….what makes you believe that …………….it be ……belongs to me?" Kim asked nervously.

"Oh, my apologies for disturbing ya, ma'am!  Obviously, I'm mistaken ya for someone else!  Jest wanted to see if I could find the lovely woman that it belongs to!  I didn't get to see her that night, when she lost it, being that the room was totally dark!  Guess I'll be on my way!  Sorry fer troubling ya, ma'am!  Have a nice day!" Gus advised.

Seeing the man turn and begin to leave, Kim felt her thighs quiver, muscles contracting as her juices leaked out to saturate the crotch of her panties.  "Wai ……………….wait ………….Mr. Mitchell ………..………..please ………………wait!  Per ……….perhaps I'm mistaken ………………….it …………………it does look like the …………….the pair that I'm missing!  Please ……………….please so we can discuss it!" Kim panted out, afraid to have him leave, yet afraid to have him come into the safety of her home.

As the trembling beauty stepped back from the front door, opening it wider in the process, Gus smiled as he entered the home that the newlyweds had recently purchased.  He knew this hot little bitch was in need of a good fuck and he intended on giving it to her, right on the bed of the newlyweds.  But he would break her first, get her down on her fucking knees and begging him for it, just like a true whore.  "Gosh, Mrs. Fortin, in meeting you I realize it must really belong to another woman!" he added.
As the man entered her home, Kim closed the front door and locked it, then turned to see that her visitor had strolled into the living room.  "I …………….I ………………maybe if I saw the pan ……………the garment itself, I could be certain!" Kim spoke nervously to the confident man who now had helped himself to a seat on the sofa.  Hands clasped together, fiddling with her fingers in nervousness as she approached the man, Kim realized that her panties were now sopping wet.  "Do …………do you have it with you ……………so ………………so I can be certain?" she asked.

"Oh, no, ma'am!  Didn't want people touching it and getting it all dirty!  Jest thought I'd see if I could find that rightful owner!  But ma'am, I really do not believe you're the owner of his pair of sexy lacy panties!  You such a ……………… innocent young woman ……………..a young married woman!  The woman that owns it is ………..well, how should I say it ………………….a hot little nymphomaniac!"  Gus replied.

Enjoying the sight of the nervous blonde beauty trembling before him, Gus asked "You all dressed up this morning, Mrs. Fortin!  Were you about to go somewhere?"  He saw her swallow, then reply "To …………….I ……………I was about to leave for church!"  Seeing her eyes looking down at her clutched fingers, Gus added "A church going lady like you would certainly not be like the nymph I took it off of!  Or am I again mistaken, Mrs. Fortin?  You sure are purty in that yellow dress!"

"Were ya going to have communion at church this morning, Mrs. Fortin?" Gus asked.  Seeing her biting her bottom lip as she nodded a 'yes', Gus inquired "Ya haveta knell down when ya receive communion, don'tcha, Mrs. Fortin?"  As she nodded another 'yes' to him, Gus then suggested "I'd sure like to see a purty little thing like you on her knees before me!"  He smiled in seeing her shudder, then begin to kneel on the soft carpet on the living room.

Standing up from the couch, towering over the lovely young wife, Gus taunted "Are ya going to prove that yer that same woman I was with in Dr. Chandler's office?"  Another nodding of 'yes' and Gus added "Well, I don't want ya to miss communion this morning!  That jest wouldn't be right!  But I did bring something that'll be a good substitute fer ya …………..right under this here zipper!  Would ya like to have communion now?"

Seeing her pant for breath, then nervously lick her dry lips, Gus smiled as her trembling hands moved up to the zipper of his pants.  He then saw her panting even harder once the zipper was pulled down and a nicely manicured hand disappeared into his pants.  "Ohhhh …………..babyyyyyyyy!" Gus groaned as her soft warm hand wrap itself around his throbbing cock.  It was his turn to pant for breath as Gus nearly lost his load from her soft touch.

Gus had sensed that this young beauty had all the makings of a nympho but never had he expected to see the transformation take place so quickly.  "Oh, yeah, baby!  Ahhhhhh ……………….yeah ……………..yeahhhhhhhhh!" he moaned as the lovely Mrs. Kim Fortin delved down upon his sensitive cock, sucking it as if she was a pro at it instead of her being a first timer.  As she both of her tiny petite hands were at the base of his cock, holding it like one would a baseball bat, she was expertly pumping him up all the while bobbing her head up and down upon him.

Having watched the video time and time again, having intently watched as to how it was done, Kim had indeed learned quickly.  She had pretended that she was the one doing it to the big black studs on the screen but it felt so different to have her own mouth stretched wide against the real thing.  She shivered, swallowing repeatedly as that was the only way to accept the lengthy cock down her throat without choking to death.

Lightheaded, dizzy from the lack of oxygen, Kim found her nose being tickled by the kinky pubic hair.  Deep in the far recesses of her mind, Kim realized that she had accomplished the unthinkable, swallowing a foot long cock that had to be nearly five inches in diameter.  Now accustomed to the lengthy prong down her throat, Kim lifted her head all the way up till only the bloated bulb remain in her mouth, then slowly swallowed it whole once again.

Slowly at first, then Kim began to really bob her head up and down, enjoying feeling the power she wielded upon this man towering high over her.  It gave her a wicked sensation to have this elderly man, who had raped her weeks ago, now moaning as she felt his knees threaten to buckle under him.  With his hands now clutching at the back of her head, fingers tightly entwined in her long blonde hair, the man was now trying to hold himself up as she gobbled up his cock.  "Oh, baby …………..oh, baby …………..oh, baby …………….ah …………ahhh …………ahhh" she heard him panting, as he fucked into her mouth, only served to spur Kim on.

Feeling the once powerful man now quivering like putty before her, Kim rapidly flicked the tip of her tongue over the bloated cockhead, then once again gobbled him whole.  Then she the elderly fellow cry out "Oh, baby …………………baby …………..time ……..……..time for your communion …………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..Godddddddddd!"  Never having experienced the feeling before, Kim was nearly blasted off the bursting cock that immediately flooded her mouth full of hot liquid goo.

She swallowed quickly, taking down all that she could, but it was just far too plentiful for her to cope with.  Gagging on the copious amount of the slimy goo, unaccustomed to the bland salty flavor, out poured the overflow from her lips, down over her chin and onto the front of her Sunday best.  Again and again her mouth was filled as she tried to swallow as much as she could.  But the copious amount of slime continuing to escape from her lips, flowing flood-like over her chin to saturate the front of her dress.

"Ahhhhhh, baby …………………..ohhhhhhhh!" Gus shuddered as he pulled back on her hair, trying to get the still avidly sucking mouth off his now ultra-sensitive cock.  He wouldn't have believed how insatiable this beautiful slut had become had he not witnessed and experienced the sensations for himself.  As his dwindling but still lengthy cock finally slipped from her pink lips, he was again taken by surprise as the innocent beauty held on to his cock for dear life.

Not surprised that she held on to him but the fact that she was rubbing her beautiful face about his cockhead, painting her face with his still oozing cum.  Gus looked down at the lovely beauty, who now appeared to be in somewhat of a stupor, with her mouth partially open as cum oozed down her chin to soak into the front of her yellow dress.  He jerked as his cock belched out its final spurt, sending a stream of jizz up into her silky blonde hair.

Helping the now stunned young wife up by the elbow, Gus guided her down the hallway to the master bedroom.  As she stood at the foot of the bed, Gus snuggled up behind the petite beauty, licking at her right ear as his encircled her body to cup her breast through her wet and slimy dress.  "Ohhhhh, baby …………………the front of yer purty dress is all wet and slimy from my cum!  We're gonna have the put my next load of juice where it really belongs ………………right in that horny little twat of yers!  Ya want a 'real' man's baby ………….don'tcha, sweetie ……………….not from a punk who can't get ya off!" he taunted.

Knowing this evil man's taunts were so very true, Kim could only stand there as the zipper to her dress was pulled all the way down in back.  Dress pushed over her shoulders to fall to the carpet upon her white heels.  Then her lacy white bra was undone, pushed off her shoulder and pulled from her arms to be flung away.  Next, her lacy white panties were being pulled down over her hips as they slid down her legs onto her heels.  "Get up on that there bed so I can give ya what ya really need, Mrs. Fortin!" Kim heard as she stepped out of her clothing to obey her master.

Lying in the center of the bed that she shared with her husband, clad only in her white heels and string of pearls, Kim anxiously awaited the man who promised to give her what she needed.  Seeing the elderly man undressing at the foot of the bed, Kim couldn't wait any longer as she spread her legs wide and reached down to begin fingering herself.  Through clenched teeth, she pleaded "Please ……………..hurry ……………..please ………………..I'm going out of my mind!  Hurryyyyyyyyyyy!  Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

Needing to recuperate some, a lot to be exact after fantastic blowjob, Gus climbed up onto the bed.  Like an animal sniffing out a good meal, Gus made his way up to the juicy mound that awaited him.  As he neared the succulent goodies, the beauty's hand moved up to clasp the head and pull him right down into his waiting meal.  "Yesssssssssss …………………oh, Goddddddddd ……………yessssssssss ………………eat me …………………eat me again!" Gus heard the beauty moan as her thighs closed around his head.

Though her golden curls were quite soft and curly, the way the horny young wife was pulling at his head while arching her mound up into his face, it soon became like a rough sponge scrubbing his face clean.  Gus lapped and tongued the squirming beauty's ever juicing hole, being continuous fed with her sweet goodies as she shuddered and wailed to a climax as his teeth found and clamped upon her sensitive clit.  "Yes ……………..yes ……….oh, God ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he heard the muffled wail with the trim thighs tightly wrapped around his head.

Using his fist to get his cock fully lengthened, Gus was taken by surprise when his hand was brushed aside by the frantic young wife as she clasped him with both hands.  She was pumping at him as she slid her body down the bed to get herself into position.  Then Gus felt his cockhead being greased as it was guided up and down the greasy slit.  Cockhead put into place by the desperate beauty, Gus felt her trim legs encircling his ass and pulling him forward.

'Oh, fuck …………..this is one horny bitch!' Gus thought as his cockhead was enveloped into the hot steamy pit.  With the spike of the bitch's heel grazing his ass into action, Gus stabbed forward, plunging his cock into the well-oiled hole.  'God ………………what a fuck'n little minx!  I knew she was fuck'n hot to trot ………………but little bitch is something else!' he laughed to himself as his cock slid all the way home.

Headboard pounding against the bedroom wall, leaving indentations in the plasterboard, the Fortin's would soon need to do some touch up work.  Secretly to both participants at that very moment, with each having their own reasons, both were wishing that young Mike Fortin was there to witness what was taking place on his marital bed.  Gus wanting the young man to see what a little tramp he had as she begged to be fucked, while his own precious wife wanted him to see how a 'real' man fucked a woman.

Many hours later and countless fucks in the interim, Gus pulled the beauty's bare feet from the tie they had around his back.  Long since having lost her heels in the midst of a wild fuck session, Gus wrapped her tender soles around his now tired and weary old cock.  Sure enough, it worked as his cock sprang back to life as the once innocent young wife began to pump him with her sexy feet.  In no time, Gus lost his lost for the final time, oiling up her tender soles and sending several spurts of jizz up to her inner thighs.

It was mid-afternoon when Gus, totally exhausted at this point, had to pull the hot little bitch by the hair to get her sucking mouth off from his drained cock.   Earlier, she had told him that her hubby normally got home just after 4 p.m. on his golf outings. It was now 3:15 and she was begging him to fuck her one more time.  'Man, that limp dick husband of hers ain't ever gonna satisfy this hot little bitch!  Damn, she fuck'n wore me out and still wants more!' he thought.

Three months later, with no further improvement in Mike's sexual problem and inability for Kim to conceive, tests revealed that Mike had a very low sperm count.  Kim had initially thought that she would be able to start a family, even if Mike ejaculated too soon to bring her off, but at least it was in her so she could get pregnant.  Now, with this new finding, the hope of having a family was fading quickly.

As Mike's parents lived nearby and were quite respectful of the newlyweds privacy, it made their get-togethers that much more special.  Mike biological father had died in an auto accident when Mike was a child and his mother had remarried several years later.  His step father was a happy-go-lucky fellow, apparently quite an athlete and skirt chaser during his high school days, had adopted Mike and helped raise him as his own.

At the recent dinner at Mike's parents, it was quite apparent to Kim that her father-in-law had curtailed his sports activities to that of golf but not his skirt chasing activities.  Kim was sure she had caught her father-in-law eyeing up her legs when she sat outside talking to her mother-in-law.  Pop and Mike were having a beer together, trying to get the grill going, with Pop facing in her direction.  Deliberately, Kim let the hem of her skirt ride up to reveal her long trim legs, then getting up slowly to get a drink of water but giving Pop a glimpse of her lacy white panties.

Returning to her seat, Kim saw that Pop Fortin was trying to get another peek up her dress once again.  A wicked thrill coursed through her body as Kim turned to face Mom Fortin but in the process of slowly turning to the left, she knew that it would give Pop the view he was looking for.  Crossing her left leg over her right knee, she then dangle her black heel dangle from the toes of her left foot.  Pop's eyes were glued to her, obviously in need of a drink as Kim observed him begin to lick his lips.

Later, when Pop was alone at the grill to watch the roast steaks, Kim made her way over with a cold can of beer for him.  Normally Pop would always kid around with her, loudly asking "So when am I going to be a grandpa?"  But this time, he softly said "Mike told me of the test he recently had!  That the 'count' was low!  But don't give up, Kim ………………..miracles do happen!"

After a nice dinner and evening, Mike's parents walked with them out to the driveway as they were about to head for home.  Before getting in the car, as always, Kim first gave Mom Fortin a hug.  Then she walked over to give Pop Fortin a hug.  With the view of her face blocked by Pop's as she hugged him, mother and son could not see her tease Pop's ear with her flicking tongue or the playful bite on his earlobe.  Neither would they hear Kim whisper "Would you like to be the one to make that little miracle come true, Pop?"

End of Story.