Dark & Dirty Desires
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
At the age of 20, while giggling and chatting with her sorority sisters at her roommate's home, Breanne Williams' mind began to reflect back to high school, her senior prom night in particular.  Why now to think back to that eventful night?  Perhaps because her roommate Rachel, who was hosting this sleepover at her parent's country home, was a very nice friendly black gal whom she got along very well with.  But 'Bree', as she liked to be called, gazed across the living room towards the kitchen to where her roommate's father stood.

Upon meeting Mr. Sanders upon her arrival to Rachel's country home, Bree froze in nervousness had the big muscular man took her petite hand in his rather enormous one.  Rachel's rather handsome and rugged middle-aged father had Bree unnerved, not that he was impolite in any manner, but his age and rugged build gave her flashbacks to her senior prom night.  With chills coursing throughout her body, Bree felt even more self-conscious as the uncontrolled juices began seeping out of her leaking slit into the crotch of her panties.

The age and build of the muscular Mr. Sanders resembled that of Josh Jones, the black janitor at her high school who had taken her virginity a week after she had turned eighteen, on the very night of her senior prom.  What made it all the more deplorable was that her first true love throughout high school had set up her downfall in order to save himself.  High school sweethearts, Bree and Ryan had been going together from the end of their freshman year.  There was a lot of kissing and petting between them, with Bree even allowing Ryan to put his hands up under her blouse or sweater, but that was as far as she would go.

With chaperones all about the auditorium where the dance was being held, a couple trying to slip out would be quite noticeable, thus Ryan had it planned where they'd each go to the restroom and slip off on their own and meet back by the equipment shed.  Bree had been excited, wanting to slip off with her handsome boyfriend and make out with him.  What she didn't know was that Ryan had been caught red handed the previous day by the janitor, who had a hidden camera set up that caught Ryan selling some weed to some fellow students.

Having already accepted a football scholarship at a major southeastern university, Ryan knew that would be lost for good and very few schools would look at him with drug charges leveled against him.  Confronted with this dilemma, Ryan tried to plead and reason with Mr. Jones, promising him some money or even more weed for himself.  But Ryan stood flabbergasted when the conniving janitor advised "Ya got herself some purty gal on yer arm everyday around campus!  That cute little cheerleader with them big boobies!  Damn, it must feel fuck'n great to rub yer face in them big titties!"

Seeing the devious smile on the man who now held all the cards and his future in his hands, Ryan then pitched the deal of getting his girlfriend to seal the deal in which the incriminating tape would not be made public.  Once in the darkened equipment shed, wrist in the grasp of the devious old janitor, Bree was frightened out of her wits when her supposed boyfriend and protector was telling her to be nice to this man who held the goods on him.  And then her boyfriend had left her all alone in the shed with the lusting old man.

Eyes tearing, Bree shuddered as the thin spaghetti straps of her gown were pushed over her shoulders and the low-cut bodice of her satin gown was pulled down of her 36" breasts.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………………ohhhhh, Goddddddddd!" she shuddered as the man's hot wet mouth clamped over the sensitive pink nipple of her left breast.  "Owww …………….oh, stop ……………….please …………..that hurtsssssss!" Bree pleaded as the sharp teeth bit into her tender flesh.  Then her other breast was being suckled by the hungry man as he savagely bit into her once again.

Roughly pushed onto a dirty mattress on the floor, Bree could not stop this savage man from pushing up her gown and tearing off her panties.  Legs forcibly spread wide apart, Bree could only sob in shame and fear as the man fitted his bulb-like cockhead up against her virgin slit.  "No …………………..no ………………………..nooooooooooooooooo!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………owwwww ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….stop …………………..stop …………………it hurtssssssssssssssssssss!" Bree whined out in pain as the janitor brutally rammed his black penis up into her unused slit.

Pinned down on the dirty mattress, it was the most horrible way imaginable for Bree to become a woman.  What Bree had always dreamt in the losing of her precious virginity, it was to be with her handsome boyfriend in a loving and wanting sort of way.  But instead, it had been brutally torn away by this evil man …………………this black janitor of the high school that she had seen ogling her on campus.  Bree's dream of losing her virginity to a handsome lover, expecting pain initially but followed with pleasurable lovemaking, was instead replaced by sheer agony in this awful rape of her innocent young body.

Unknown to Bree, her scum of a boyfriend was right outside the shed with his ear glued to the door, relieved that he had managed to save his scholarship college football career.  Though he had elected to sacrifice his pretty girlfriend, Ryan was getting quite an erection in his pants as he listened to Bree's agony.  Ryan had tried many a time to get Bree to loosen up and permit his advances and he had been determined to be to one to bust her precious cherry.  Having given his girlfriend's cherry to the blackmailing janitor, Ryan unzipped his pants, pulled out his growing boner and began to wank himself off as he listened to Bree's mewling and the man's grunts as he was now apparently about to cum in his girlfriend's raped body.

With her filthy rapist thrusting himself in and out of her pain-racked body, without any consideration for her comfort at all, Bree's innocent young body merely served as a receptacle for his vile lust.  Then, as the man's grunts and groans turned to wheezing as he humped even faster at this point, Bree remember what was to come next from the class she had taken back in middle school.  'Oh, God ……….…………..……oh, God …………………….he ……………..…….he's going to do it ……….in me!  Oh, God …………….please ………...don't ……………….don't let him get me pregnant!' she prayed.

Totally defeated as the now quivering man atop of her exploded deep within her body, flooding her fertile womb with his vile seed, she felt his manhood twitch and lurch deep within her.  Bree could only sob in total shame as the janitor's body spasmed once again, spurting even more of his slimy goo into her ravished body.  As her rapist slid out of her finally, Bree sobbed and observed the man reaching over for her torn panties, using the shredded garment to wipe his blood streaked manhood clean.

About to doze off in the aftermath of her vile rape, Bree was startled awake as she was being straddled with the janitor literally sitting upon her breasts, hearing him chuckle loudly "Nice soft cushions ya got fer me to sit on, sweetie!  Now, open those purty pink lips and make me all hard again!"  Hands pulling tightly upon her hair, Bree was forced to open her lips to admit the man's foul manhood that had earlier taken her virginity.

In these modern days, Bree had often giggled with her girlfriends when one of them made talk of going down on a guy to give him head.  But having been brought up in a conservative church-going family, Bree certainly had no inclination of doing such a filthy thing.  Forced to accept the thick black penis that her stolen her virginity, Bree salivated a lot as the fleshy manhood started to fuck in and out of her mouth.  Then she shuddered in revulsion as the saliva thickened with the leakage of the man's juices.

Cock withdrawn from her lips, knowing she would not be able to escape at this point, Bree closed her eyes and prepared for another vile assault upon her body.  Grasping the sides of the dirty mattress, Bree planned to just lie motionless and get it all over with, telling herself not to show any emotion at all.  But with her rapist in better control of himself at this point, Bree was not prepared for the slow penetration and the constant rhythm of this fuck that would give her unwanted pleasure.

Cock rubbing up against her sensitive clit as it pumped in and out of her, Bree was not prepared for any pleasurable feelings within her ravaged body.  But as the fuck continued, pleasure building within her young inexperienced body, Bree began to unconsciously fuck back as the thick cock sliced into her.  Letting go of the mattress, she then wrapped her arms around the janitor's shoulders and crossed her legs over him, not wanting it to end as she humped her hips up into his thrusting ones.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhh ………………..oh, God ………………I ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Bree moaned as her body quivered uncontrollably as stars flashed before her eyes.  Then, from a far distance away, Bree could hear her assailant's gruff voice say "Yeah, baby ……………….cum baby …………..ya's one hot little number!  Gonna cum, sweetie ………………..gonna fill that belly of yers up with my hot cum again!  Yeah ………………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Yeah, gonna knock ya up good, that's fer sure!"

Later, assisted out of the equipment shed by her so-called boyfriend, Bree sat speechless on the ride home.  Finally, upon Ryan pulling up and stopping out at the curb, Bree sobbed out "Why?  Why?  How could you do that to me .......................pawn me off like that?"  Bree could not believe her ears when Ryan respond "C'mon, Bree!  I know it hurt at first ....................but you liked it the second time around!  I was right outside .....................I heard the way you were moaning and all!"  Bree could not believe that he had listened to her ravishment, then told her now ex-boyfriend that if he ever breathed a word of her being 'raped and ruined' by the black janitor, he'd get a dose of the same medicine by her going out and telling everyone that he had set up the rape just to same his own ass. Taking the promise ring she wore on her finger, Bree threw it at him and slammed the car door shut behind her, bringing an end to their relationship.

Going to another college, after initially having planned to be with her bastard and now ex-boyfriend, Bree did not want to even be at the same school with him.  Going to a college on the west coast, Bree found happiness once again, meeting the handsome Jim Kotter in one of her classes in her sophomore year.  Dating for over a year, Jim had proposed to her and she had accepted with marriage to come when they both graduated.  But memories of her prom night continued to plague her, causing her slick juices to flow uncontrollably.

Kissing and petting was where Bree drew the line, knowing that once she gave in to anything more, sex would then be a constant key to their relationship.  She was so happy that Jim respected her wishes, telling her that he was more than happy to wait till they tied the knot.  Thus, Bree could not ask for anything more as Jim was truly in love with her and wasn't about to press her for sex.  Still, she wondered if she should tell him that she wasn't a virgin, telling him of the horrid episode on prom night.

But at this moment, after meeting her roommate's father, Bree's mind was in a garbled mess.  This man was built very similar to that of the muscular high school janitor, roughly of the same age, but Mr. Sanders was quite handsome and much more refined than the man who had raped her.  Bree couldn't take her eyes off the man, wondering what it feel like to have his large black hands caressing her body, stripping her of her clothing and having his muscular body pressing up against her naked one.

As more sorority sisters came straggling in and with Mr. Sanders going out to the corral to tame a wild stallion, Bree changed into a blue top that was quite revealing and slipped out to watch the muscular man's glistening black body ride the unbroken horse.  Looking about as she leaned against the top rail of the corral, making sure that she was the only one out there while Mr. Sanders was riding the bucking bronco, Bree the unbuckled the belt and undid the top button of her white shorts.   With her tight revealing top and shorts teasingly ready to fall to the ground, Bree smiled when her roommate's father nearly fell out of the saddle upon getting a glimpse of the tantalizing sight she was providing.

Later that night, following a nice dinner with Rachel's parent joining them, all the gals giggled and bid Mr. Sanders goodnight when he stood up to say "You young ladies have fun and enjoy yourselves!  Mrs. Sanders will stay and help out in here!  As of me, Rachel and Mrs. Sanders have banished me to the bedroom next to the barn for the night!  I'll have to spend the night out there with all the other stallions just kicking up my heels in frustration!"

Finally, after partying and giggling throughout the night, all the other girls were asleep in each of their sleeping bags lining the living room.  Going to the kitchen for a drink of water, Bree saw a light from the kitchen window and made out the shadow of Mr. Sanders in the bedroom adjacent to the barn. Biting her bottom lip, peering out once again, Bree then got a plate and began putting some of the various desserts upon it.

Robe on over her nightie, Bree slipped out of the kitchen door and walked barefooted towards the lighted room.  Reaching the door and about knock on it, Bree hesitated, then put the plate down upon the bench next to the door.  Taking off her robe, she rolled it up and placed it under the bench.  Plate again in hand, she then knocked upon the door.  Seeing the shocked face of Mr. Sanders as he opened the door to see her in the see-through nightie, Bree spoke "Hi, Mr. Sanders!  I saw your light on and thought I'd bring over some dessert since you got banished out to the barn with all the other stallions!  Have you been kicking up your heels in frustration?"

Stepping into the room as the astonished Mr. Sanders stood with his mouth wide open, eyes glued to her well-endowed titties, Bree placed the plate of goodies down upon the desk he had been working at.  Pulling his arm and guiding him to the chair at his desk, Bree then plopped her butt down on the desk next to dessert plate. Raising her tantilizing bare legs up, she then place her trim petite feet upon his thighs to slowly tease and caress him through his pants.  "I wanted to get a close-up view of a big stallion!  I was hoping that you could teach me how to ride one like you did today!  Will you teach me .............please!  I want to start ……………..by riding ……………….a BIG BLACK STALLION!" she teased.

Foot just inches away from the bulge in Mr. Sanders' pants, Bree teased "Aren't you hungry, Mr. Sanders?  Don’t you like any of the dessert on the plate that I brought over for you?"  Then Bree reached over and down to grasp his hands, drawing them up to her and placing them on her buxom breasts, asking "Then how about these for dessert?  Would you like to taste them ……………..bite into them?"  Needless to say, Mr. Sanders did not need any more encouragement as he lifted up her nightie and mouthed her stiffening nipples as Bree slid her foot over his rockhard boner.

Panties stripped off her slender legs, Bree grasped the jutting black prong as she attempt to get into the saddle.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God ………………….you're certainly built like a stallion, Mr. Sanders!" Bree cooed as her slick cunt envelope the thick black cock.  Kneeling on both sides of his thighs, her hands clutching his broad shoulders for support, Bree rode the man like she would a stallion.  "Oh, so gooooooddddddd ……………………so good ……………………fuck me, Mr. Sanders …………………….fuck me good!" Bree panted.

It was a wild fantastic fuck for both of them, with Bree creaming like crazy on the cock of her roommate's father and Mr. Sanders grasping her ass tightly as he boned his daughter's horny friend.  "Oh, God ………………….oh, God ……………………I ………………..I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggggg!" Bree cried out as she rocketed off into outer space, her body quivering in uncontrolled spasms.  And then Mr. Sanders lost it too, moaning "Oh, Bree ……………………Bree …………………you beautiful little bitch!  I knew you were a hot one when I met you!  Damn, baby ……….hope you're on the fuck'n pill ……………….cause I ain't shooting no fuck'n blanks!"

After sharing the bed with Mr. Sanders for another fantastic fuck session, Bree retrieved her robe from under the bench outside and made her way back to the house, slipping in quietly and tip-toeing back to her sleeping bag in the living room.  Only now did she think of her fiancé, wondering 'Jim might be able to excuse the loss of my virginity to being raped but what would he say if he found out that his loving faithful fiancee just seduced her black roommate's stud of a father?  Jim's not allowed to go beyond kissing and petting but yet I let a man I just met go all the way to town with me!  And I let him cum in me without the use of any protection!'

A month later, with Mr. Sanders driving out to the college campus to drop off clothing that Rachel needed, Bree joined father and daughter for a nice dinner at a nice steakhouse.  Seated in a both next to her roommate and across from Mr. Sanders, Bree dropped her right heel and stroked the man's leg through his pantleg.  With Mr. Sanders staying in a motel overnight, Rachel and Bree checked back in before the curfew set by the sorority.

Not having any classes with Jim for this semester, Bree called to tell her fiancé that she had to pass on lunch that day in order to finish a paper and would meet him later that afternoon.  But for that day, Bree cut her morning classes to go to the motel where Mr. Sanders was staying.  Three times that morning, they fucked and sucked one another till contented and exhausted.  For an older man, Mr. Sanders still could get it on up, giving his daughter's sexy roommate two doses of hot spunk up in her fertile womb and had his balls drained once by her hot sucking mouth.

Jim Kotter was so much in love with his supposedly quite innocent fiancee that he had no clue whatsoever as to her promiscuous behavior and need for sex when in the presence of an older black stud of a man.  As both he and Bree were graduating this summer, they both planned on getting a job and working a bit with the wedding date set for the middle of December.  Taking Bree back home to spend time with his family during spring break, little did Jim know that he was about to set the stage for another of Bree's promiscuous episodes.

With Jim and his sister planning a surprise 40th anniversary for their parents, Bree was busy helping out wherever she could.  After being there the first few days, Bree got to know the layout of the rather small town and felt comfortable driving around and did not worry about getting lost.  As the elder Mr. Kotter was a former educator at the high school, it was no problem in getting permission to use the auditorium for the big event.  In fact, it had been Jim's former baseball coach who had also been a fellow teacher with the elder Mr. Kotter.  That fellow was now Principal Thompson of Newberry High, the auditorium was theirs for the using.

Nearing the age of retirement himself, Tommy Thompson was only too happy to provide the high school's auditorium for his old teaching buddy and also for Jim Kotter whom he had taught in a science class, along with coaching out on the baseball diamond.  Seeing the car pull up outside of the fieldhouse, Coach Thompson as he was still called by some let out a whistle in seeing the succulent beauty set out of the familiar car owned by Jim's dad.  He was told that someone would stop by to pick up the key to the auditorium and suspected that this was Jim Kotter's beautiful bride-to-be.  "Damn, I'd give my left nut to get that fuck'n bitch in the sack!  Damn, I swear that's gotta be at least 36-D's!" he muttered out loud.

With this being spring break for the high school also, the school was deserted and the few athletes that had come in to work in the weight room had already departed.  Greeting the lovely Bree Williams, holding her petite hand engulfed in his much larger black one, Principal Thompson wished he could have her manicured fingers wrapped around his growing boner.  Tommy detected her nervousness as he greeted her but noticed the glimmering tinkle in her eyes that his worldly experience told him that she was really hot to trot.  'Yes sir, just push the right button and she'll spread wide open for you!' he told himself.

Chit-chatting on the events to take place, Principal Thompson went on about her future father-in-law as well as the man she would be marrying.  Giving her a tour of the auditorium, pointing out where the caterers could bring in the food and where tables could be set up for the buffet, Tommy cleverly inquired and learned that the young beauty had been a cheerleader at her high school.  Learning that, he then took a slight detour to take her to the room where the cheerleaders practiced at times in order to prevent injuries.

With mattresses stacked two high along the floor of the small room, set up to break falls, Principal Thompson closed the door behind him and proceeded to make his move on the young beauty.  As he had suspected, the pretty little bitch definitely had a thing for a guy with a big black cock and he had a boner that would get her attention for sure.  A mere touch and she was putty in his hands, enjoying his hands on her boobs as he thumbed her hardening pink nippies.  So eager in fact that she helped him unzip his pants and slip her hand in, wrapping her soft fingers around his raging hardon. 

Getting her pullover blouse off and bra unhooked, Principal Thompson slid his boner up between her big juggs and began to tittie fuck her, enjoying the feel of her flicking tongue on his cockhead each time he pushed his cock up to her pretty face.  Pulling off her tennis shoes, stripping off her shorts and panties, they soon were putting the mattresses to good use as Principal Thompson commented "You sure are a hot little number, sweetie!  Jimmy boy ain't ever gonna be able handle a hot little bitch like you!  Ohhhh, yeah ………………damn, ya've got one hot snapping pussy …………..oh, yeah …………ah, squeeze me ……………just like that!  Oh, baby ………………..I just knew ya had a thing for a big black dick once I laid my eyes on ya!"

That night at the surprise anniversary party, Principal Thompson took great pleasure in being the Master of Ceremonies for the big occasion.  After presenting the anniversary couple to the crowd, he then introduced their daughter and her family.  "Now it gives me great pleasure introducing the young of the family, one who I had the pleasure of having in my science class as well as on the baseball field ……………Jim Kotter!  But that's not it folks, as I had the pleasure this afternoon of meeting and getting to know well, Jimmy's fiancee ……………….the lovely Miss Breanne Williams!" he announced.

Returning to school after spring break ended, all Bree could think about was satisfying that nagging itch between her horny thighs.  Of course, the only thing that could scratch that itch was a big black dick!  The next lucky fellow was Professor Gibson, who's psychology class Bree was in and the beauty's presence had certainly not gone unnoticed.  The professor would easily succumb to the luscious beauty, as she daily chose a seat on the tiered classroom that would provide him with a direct shot up between her sexy white legs.  A's were difficult to earn in his class but Professor Gibson would have no qualms in giving one to the young beauty in exchange for the pleasure of getting into her tight little panties.
End of Story.