Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Army Bride Assaulted 1 & 2’
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For Sgt. Reggie Carter, a twenty year veteran and ‘lifer’, there was nothing more exciting than wartime.  Fighting in combat was in his blood and the adrenaline had him pumped up where the men under him considered him as a killing machine.  The men in this war were primarily civilian soldiers, not wanting to go to war but were forced to do so as they had long been taking the benefits associated with being in the army reserve.  Not expecting to go to war unless attacked by another country, being in the reserves during peacetime was a cakewalk with added money in their pockets.  Now that things had changed and they were in the frontlines, staying real close to a vet like Sgt. Carter meant the difference of going back home in one piece or in a pine box.

Just back from his second tour of duty, Sgt. Carter was looked upon as a hero for his bravery and even sacrificing his safety to save several of his men who had been wounded and pinned down by sniper fire.  Having the able-bodied carry and assist the wounded, Sgt. Carter himself had literally carried out Pfc. Mike McCoy who had taken shrapnel in the groin area and unable to walk at all.  To his credit, although several had suffered some serious wounds, all the men in his platoon had made it out alive.  And that’s what had mattered most to the folks back home as he now proudly stood front and center at the ceremony to award him a medal for his actions and valor under fire.  As the commanding officer read the account of the battle in awarding him the citation, Sgt. Carter’s eyes took in the civilians attending the ceremony.

There on the third row sat former Pfc. Mike McCoy and his lovely young wife of a just a year now.  And as Col. Dempler continued on to the accounts of the battle that led to his heroic actions, Reggie observed the young man whom he had saved put his arm around his lovely wife who was sniffling and rubbing the tears from her eyes.  Reggie firmed his lips as he stood at attention, not wanting to break out in a wide grin, for he knew that the sniffling tears had those around her thinking that they were tears of joy that her husband had survived and come home alive to her.  But Reggie knew something that no one else did, that the lovely Mrs. Cheryl McCoy had not been joyous of her husband’s homecoming one bit.

Sniffling and wiping away the tears as the commanding officer relayed the details of how her husband Mike had been saved by Sgt. Carter, Cheryl swallowed deeply as her heart pounded in her chest as guilt engulfed her.  “There ……………there, I’m right here with you, honey!  I made it out of there alive!” her husband advised as he sought to comfort her by stroking her back.  As she sat there trembling, Cheryl reflected on the past couple of years and how she had been panic stricken at the thought of her then fiancé not coming back alive from the war.  Mike was really a city slicker, having joined the guard for the benefits but never expecting to be called up, and he too feared the worst.  He had also relayed the same nervousness being felt by all the other members in his unit, with all agreeing that staying closed to the old time veteran Sgt. Carter would mean their survival.

Unbeknownst to Cheryl back then, the sergeant had seen Mark gazing at her photograph one day and the vile man had deviously sought to sate his pent up lust at her expense.  Attending the ‘open house’ that the base had for the spouses and significant others of the soldiers, Mark had been quite surprised when Sgt. Carter made the announcement that he was ‘most improved soldier’ and was called upon to provide a demonstration with his sharp shooting skills.  It all had been just a rouse as Sgt. Carter had made a beeline to stand next to her and watch Mark perform before the large crowd.  With Sgt. Carter standing next to her, Cheryl had advised “I'm so surprised!  Mark has always expressed how ……………….how unsure he was doing in training!  I've been so worried about him …………………worrying that he won't come back alive!  This is really a relief to hear you say he's the most improved, Sgt. Carter!”

In seeing the rather devious smile on the black sergeant's face, a shudder of fear coursed throughout Cheryl's petite body as the sergeant leaned over to whisper “Do you remember me saying that besides skill, one needed luck on his side?  Well, Mark has luck on his side, Ms. Miller!  But what do you want …………..Good ………...........….or Bad Luck?”  “Well, Miss Miller …………………the type of luck that's in store for Mark lies right in yer purty little hands!  Do ya know that the 1st Sergeant creates much of the type of luck a soldier gets?  Fer example, could ya believe how much ‘Bad’ luck comes to those assigned to go out on point, being the first one leading the way!  Believe me, Mark is far from being the most improved ……………….sending him out on the demonstration was jist a means to git myself close to ya!”

With Mark's demonstration about to start and the crowd craning their necks in that direction, Cheryl had shivered in revulsion as the back of Sgt. Carter's hand moved down her arm, caressing her.  Frightened out of her wits, yet not wanting to offend Mark's sergeant, Cheryl forced herself to remain still as the bold man was taking her left hand in his and toying with her engagement ring.  Then the vile man advised “I's can gives ya a guarantee that yer Mark will never be sent out on point!  Ya be nice to me and I's take the inexperienced fiance' of yers under my wing and make sure he comes back to ya ……………….ALIVE ……………and not in a body bag!  It's all up to ya, sweetie!  Otherwise, I's can guarantee ya one thing ……………………………..ya can cancel them wedding plans permanently ……………………cause he ain't making it back alive!  Make up yer mind before he gits back here ………………..it's all up to you, baby!”

Innocent, naïve, and fearing for her fiancé’s life had Cheryl absolutely petrified with fear.  And with Mark’s shooting demonstration over, there was no way for her to tell him that she had just been propositioned by the vile sergeant who controlled his destiny when out in the war zone.  ‘Open house’ at the base over, Cheryl forced herself to comply and follow the directions to the bar where Sgt. Carter would be meeting with her.  Once there and drinks ordered, Cheryl felt a bit relieved that her senses were numbed by the alcohol as she was unaccustomed to drinking alcohol so fast nor in such quantity.  At least it allowed her to bear with the sergeant's hand pawing at her nyloned thighs under the table and begin to slide up the hem of her dress.

Fear and nervousness filling her body, Cheryl basically could not comprehend all the things the man was telling her ……………..being so pretty ……………so nicely dressed ……………..etc, etc.  But the one thing that registered was when Sgt. Carter advised “Snuck and read yer luv letter to yer boy ……………telling him how's difficult it is but ya's glad ya two's gonna wait till yer wedding night!  Now sweetie, I's jist can't believe ya's 24 years old and still cherry!”  It got even worse when he added “Ya know, I's ain't ever had the honor bestowed on me to pop a purty white girl's cherry!” Up until this point in time, Cheryl had held out a hope and prayer that Mark's evil 1st Sergeant would be satisfied with just some talk and companionship over a drink.  ‘Oh, God ………………..I was saving ……….it ……….myself ……………….for Mark!  But ………………but if I don't sacrifice it ………..myself ……………….Mark won't be alive to claim it …….me!’ she realized.  Blinking back the tears as she recalled the her sex education class from junior high, Cheryl stammered out “You …………………you will put on a ……........………a condom, won't you?  I ………………..I can't take that kind of chance!”

For Sgt. Reggie Carter, he had just created quite an added benefit for himself in going off to war while being in charge of such wimpy civilian soldiers.  And his very first caper, that of propositioning that sweet naïve Cheryl Miller (now Cheryl McCoy), had really gone unbelievably well and far smoother than he had imagined it would be.  Taking that naïve little bitch to the motel across the parking lot, he soon had the pretty beauty down on her knees and making her undo his fly if’n she was wanting the man she was engaged to come back alive.  Making her stroke him, then being the first guy to put his cock into her succulent mouth ……………………that was fuck’n unreal!  ‘Man, I’s never thought she’d keep my load down …………………thought she was gonna puke her guts out!’ he chuckled silently.

Of course, that had just the beginning of the ordeal that he put the sexy young beauty through that evening, making the innocent little bitch do the unthinkable ………………….that of surrendering the most precious gem that she had been so well preserved over the years ……………that of her precious little cherry!  Once her queasy stomach had settled down, although she nearly came to puking at times, Reggie had her disrobe before him in doing a sexy striptease for his pleasure.  And then the lovely fiancée of Pfc. Mike McCoy had made the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loved so dearly, to assure his safety in going off to war, allowing the vile sergeant of his platoon to deflower her of her preciously preserved gem.

To keep from having the succulent beauty changing her mind about it all, Reggie had been forced to used a damned condom, knowing that she’d back out if he refused to do so.  But he had made it fun by telling her "Okay, I'll wear one ...................provided ya put it on fer me ..........................cause I's never worn one of those damned things before!  Watching the inexperienced beauty struggle with the task of rolling the protective rubber on his thick tool, a task that she obviously never done before too, Reggie loved the feel of her fingers trying to roll it down his jutting pole.  With the run down motel next to the sleazy bar, there was no worry of anyone coming to investigate a woman screaming out in pain, and Reggie took full advantage of that knowledge in not showing her any mercy when savagely thrusting his bloated cock up into her virginal sheath.  Her screams of pain and fear were just music to his ears as he made her bleed profusely by busting her wide open.

With the deflowered bitch sobbing and pleading with him to let her off his fuckstick, Reggie did ease her up and off of him.  But as the sobbing bitch panted in catching her breath before the fuck was to recommence, Reggie was deviously shucking off the bloody rubber.  With the bitch in pain from having been skewered by his big fat dong, the remnants of her bloody cherry then served as lubricant that masked the fact that the protective rubber had been rolled off before re-entering her devirginized slit.  The trick worked like a charm and Reggie got to blast his potent seed right up into the fertile womb of the stupid little bitch!  With the pretty bitch’s mind befuddled by alcohol, her being completely inexperienced when it came to sex, she was oblivious as to the soothing balm that had suddenly flooded her to the brim ………………………..her insides being coated with his nasty and very potent sperm!

Reggie was certainly not about to let a good thing go, and lovely Cheryl Miller was just that to a ‘T’.  With the reluctant beauty already having submitted her lovely charms to his lust once, especially with the surrendering her prized virginity to him, it would not be as difficult to have her spread those sexy white legs for him once again.  And having befriended that fool she would be marrying, having seen him get back safely after the first tour of duty, Mike McCoy had given him the honor of serving as best man for the wedding.  Handing the groom a spiked drink before the reception was over, when she should have been consumating her marriage with her newlywed husband, it was Reggie who was shagging the beautiful bride on her wedding night .

Although the bitch had been reluctant to give into his demands each time, Reggie knew that his cocksmanship would certainly not be matched nor even come close to by that wimp-assed prick that she had married.  And with the young stud turning out to be a complete dud on his honeymoon, the frustrated bride was soon begging Reggie for the kind of fucking that she now had come to crave.  From the innocent young beauty sacrificing herself for the life of her fiancé, the bitch had turned into a sex-crazed nymph craving for a big black cock up her snatch.  The bitch had even suggested that he send the newlywed groom out on ‘point’, the most dangerous assignment when out on patrol, saying that if she became a war widow that she’d then move in with him ......................and 'marry' him!

‘Damn crazy fuck’n bitch!’ Reggie had cussed to himself when that had occurred.  For Reggie, that took all the fun out of getting the pretty bitch into the sack.  The last thing that he wanted was to get saddled down by a crazy bitch that Cheryl McCoy had turned out to be.  With her so sex-crazed, Reggie knew that she’d now willingly drop her panties any time he wanted.  Oh, she certainly was a good fuck, but all the fun seemed to have been drained out of it with her now craving it from him.  As Cheryl was now helping care for her wounded husband, unable to get the fuck satisfaction from the now limp-dicked punk, he’d easily have her begging for it.  ‘Hmmm, maybe I’ll pimp the pretty bitch out to some of the horny guys on base and make a few bucks on her sweet little ass!’ he mused.

Already, with new recruits joining the company and a new tour of duty coming up, Reggie had been quite busy in training the green horn soldiers.  And with an upcoming ‘open house’ on base for the spouses and significant others to see army life up close, Reggie planned on doing some close up surveillance, just as he would do in going behind enemy lines.  But for Reggie, this was to be a fun type of surveillance, that of scouting out the sweet white flowers that he’d like to devour.  Now confident of his technique, Reggie felt assured that he could instill a lot of fear in any of the young punks by chastising their field maneuvers and undermining any confidence the punk had in himself, instilling the thought that he’d certainly be coming back in a body bag.

As there was now a new lieutenant in charge of Company B, the company he’d be MSgt. of, Reggie had checked and found that the asshole's combat experience was a total zero.  Reggie’s head had rolled in learning that Lt. Gary Brenner was a green as they came, with the many of the grunts having more combat experience from the first deployment.  ‘Shit, didn’t think they had any more of those ROTC pricks from college any more!  Jesus, just march on the college football field for practice and go to OCS, then they get to put on those damn shiny lieutenant bars!  Fuck, and he’s to be leading us into battle!  Jesus fuck’n Christ!’ he cussed.  But then, when the ‘open house’ day arrived, so did the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Brenner to get to see her husband after several months apart.  Her long flowing silky brown hair had Reggie’s nuts in an uproar.  ‘Wonder how worried she is about that officer prick she married?  Wonder if’n she’d like to have me keep a close eye out fer hubby’s safety?’ he chuckled.

Having continued on in the ROTC program from high school to college, though he hadn’t initially planned on it, Gary Brenner had gotten the much needed ROTC scholarship to fund his college tuition.  His parents had done a good job in saving for him to go to college but the sudden illness of his mother had drained the family savings and forced them to dip into a lot of the college fund that had been set aside for he and his sister.  Making the best of things, especially happy with his mother’s recovery and his meeting Jennifer in college, Gary had to fulfill his commitment by serving for four years in the military.  Afraid of going to war for the first time, the thought of being a coward in battle or screwing up and costing lives, Gary was just a bundle of nerves to say the least.

For Jennifer Brenner, she too wished that her husband did not have the military commitment but grudgingly was forced to accept it if she was to marry her true love.  But after coming across an article on the war, Jennifer’s stomach turned as it pointed out that the enemy’s main target was that of any officer over the regular lowly combat soldier.  The article did make a lot of sense but with Gary a lieutenant, the lowest ranking officer on the field and leading his men, Jennifer was fearful that her husband would not be returning from the war zone alive.  Heart pounding in her chest, Jennifer could not comprehend the notion of becoming a widow at the mere age of 25.

Just as Reggie figured, the brown nosing lieutenant would be kissing ass on up to his superior officers and their wives for brownie points.  Having been introduced to the lovely Mrs. Brenner earlier, Reggie moved on in when the lieutenant was called upon for more kiss ass duty.  “Sir, as the lieutenant has pressing duties to perform, it would be an honor in escorting the lovely Mrs. on a tour of the facilities!” he so efficiently advised.  “Thank you, MSgt!” came the reply from Lt. Brenner prior to his scooting off to see the Captain.  And then he had the lovely beauty to himself as he planned on prying for information that would lead to the perfect set up.

As they walked along and the subject came to their upcoming deployment to the warfront, Reggie’s cock gave a twitch of excitement when the opening arose upon her inquiry of “MSgt., I recently read an article that an officer on patrol is the most targeted of all by the enemy!  Is that true?”  Sensing the nervousness and true concern in her voice, Reggie decided to first go with the classic response and let her take the bait before setting the hook, responding purposely with a stammer “Well, ma’am ………………don’t go believing all those articles ………………many ………of those writers have never been in combat themselves!”  Then he got the exact response that he was hoping for as the lieutenant’s pretty wife advised “Please give me the truth, MSgt!  I need to know!  I need to know if my concern if for naught!”

“Well, ma’am ………………..unfortunately, that particular article is CORRECT!  It’s just something that each side does …………….go for the leader of the group!  But in this particular war, that doesn’t apply as much!  It’s more indiscriminate as to who gets hit as it’s more bobby-traps and what’s called ‘IEDs’ or improvised explosive devices!  On the patrols that we’ll be doing, house to house searches, it’s equally as dangerous as no one knows which building could be wired!” Reggie advised the concerned wife.  He then added “But don’t ya worry ma’am, one gits to learn instinctively as to which house or building might a setup!  Lt. Brenner is a quick learner from what I’s seen!  I’lls be teaching him all’s I’s learned and git him up to speed so’s he’ll be coming back home to ya in one piece!”

Hearing that, Jennifer felt a bit of relief as she advised “Oh, that’s a relief!  Please promise me that’ll you’ll help get my husband throughout this tour of duty!”  With the big burly master sergeant teaching Gary the tricks of the trade and even looking after him, Jennifer’s worry of her husband’s demise out on patrol was definitely lessened.  That instinct MSgt. Carter had talked about had already been mentioned to her previously in several phone conversations that she had with her husband over the past couple of months.  In fact, in a phone call the other week, her husband had sounded rather down as he expressed his concern of his lack of wartime experience in telling her “I’ve got to pick up the instincts that my master sergeant has!  He’s the one I’m depending on as he’s got several tours of duty under his belt and just seems to know when and where to go!  On today’s maneuvers, going from building to building, he was right on each one being bobby trapped!”

“Ma’am, fer ya, I promise ya that he won’t have a scratch on him when he returns from the duty tour!  I’s give ya my word!  The next time Lt. Brenner calls ya, ma’am, he’ll tell ya how much confidence he’s gotten from this day on till then!  I’s personally gonna see to that!” MSgt. Carter advised sternly.  Seconds later, Lt. Brenner appeared with Major and Mrs. Stanton, at which time Reggie greeted them politely before making his departure from the officers and their wives.  As he walked on back to check on the troops and their lovely wives, Reggie smiled in having set things up, for he planned on closing the trap door in just a few weeks.  ‘Damn, that Lt. Brenner’s wife is sure a purty little thing!  Fuck’n sexy white legs …………….and so smooth and flawless!  God, I’s jist gotta have them beautiful legs wrapped around me!  And better yet ……………a fuck'n officer’s wife!  Jeez, I’s can’t fuck’n wait!’ he thought.

Going up to the nearby observation post, Reggie advised the guard posted to “Go ahead and take a fifteen minute break, Cpl. Gates, I’ll cover for ya!”  Once the sentry was gone, he picked up the guard’s pair of binoculars and scanned the crowd, and of course his focus was on all the young beautiful wives or significant others of the new recruits.  Immediately, a tall striking blond caught his eye and he focused the binoculars in on her, licking his lips as he viewed the beauty in her pink blouse and colorful skirt, with strap on heels.  Then he focused in on that sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on her finger.

“Ohhhh, blondie …………….ya's a real cutie!  So young and innocent looking!  Bet ya’ll scream bloody hell when I’s stick my ‘Reggie Rod’ up that tight little cunt of yers!  Oh, yeah, baby ……………….I’s wanna hear ya scream, heh, heh!” he chuckled.  As her soldier husband came up and put his arm around the trim waist the blond cutie, Reggie concluded “Well, Pvt. Benton, no way you’d be considered as the most improved overall, so I’s guess I’ll change things a bit, so ya’s jist got selected as the soldier most improved in disassembling and assembling yer AK-47!  And when yer out there demonstrating to the audience as to how’s its done, I’s be right next to that beautiful wife of yers, letting her know in no uncertain terms that yer coming back in a body bag or not depends entirely on her spreading those sexy white legs of hers fer me!”

Back to scanning the fairgrounds area, a lovely redhead wearing a blue dress caught his attention.  Diamond ring on her finger provided Reggie with the young beauty’s marital status, and her trim milky white legs provided him with a raging hardon.  With her soldier husband off on her far side, Reggie could not make out who he was as yet.  Keeping the binoculars focused on the sexy redhead, he then smiled in seeing who she was married to and concluded that ‘Pvt. Thornton, ya’ll later be announced as the soldier most improved in handling the obstacle course!  Yeah, and when ya’s out on the course demonstrating yer sorry ass, I’ll be standing alongside of yer beautiful wife ………………………..making it quite clear to her those sexy white legs of hers will be the determining factor if’n ya come back in a body bag or not!’

After scanning about further, off to his left, a petite Asian beauty standing at most 5’2” caught Reggie’s eye as her long silky black hair against her creamy white complexion had his cock pushing up against his fatigues.  He watched the beauty as she followed her fiance' as he led the way down a metal stairway.  ‘Damn, she must weigh jist over a hundred pounds or so!  Shit, I’s bet my cock’s as long and as thick as her forearm!  Jezz, she sure looks like a little honey ………………and she sure looks young to be getting married!  Cpl. Dawson, ya latched yerself on to one sweet little angel, that’s fer sure!  That earns ya the honor of demonstrating yer shooting skills this afternoon!’ Reggie surmised before chuckling out loud “We’ll soon gonna see what happens to a sweet little angel like ya, when a big black devil shows up at yer door!  Damn, I's wonder if'n a pruty young thing like ya’s ever sucked dick before?  Fuck, wonder if’n my’s fat cock can even git in between those sweet little lips of hers?”

With kids running about and checking out all the military equipment and arsenal on display throughout the parade grounds, the soldiers and spouses listened as MSgt. Carter got up to the microphone to announce the soldier most improved in the dismantling and reassembling of the AK-47 assault rifle.  Pvt. Mark Benton looked at his beautiful wife Melinda with total shook when his name was announced by the master sergeant.  As her husband went up to demonstrate how it was done, Melinda Benton felt so proud of her husband, especially as he had been complaining of how he kept getting in trouble with his sergeant as he had often been last in reassembling the rifle.

For 21 year old Mrs. Melinda Benton, it had been so good to be able to take off from her bank teller’s job for a day in order to make the drive over to the camp, especially since she had only been on the job for six months.  Married six months ago, having moved up the wedding by eighteen months when Mark’s guard unit had been activated, Melinda was filled with fear for her husband.  When Mark had joined the guard, things had looked as if there would be a large drawdown of troops and thus the chances of the unit being activated looked very slim.  But as things turned out, everything had gone south and even more troops were being sent abroad on duty tours.

A bit later, MSgt. Carter was at the podium again, this time to announce the soldier most improved in conquering the obstacle course.  A moment later, Pvt. Ben Thornton was getting a congratulatory kiss by his beautiful 20 year old wife Mrs. Kim Thornton, then he was headed upfront to demonstrate his skills to the watching audience.  With great surprise, Kim watched as her husband proudly crouched down a bit to get a running start at the obstacle course, wondering why her husband had always complained about it from the start of training camp.  She did know that Ben had improved from being last to finish to beating several of the troops but never thought he’d qualify as the ‘most improved’.

Wanting to spend as much time with Ben as possible during his weekend leave for the ‘open house’ and not wanting to make the long drive, she had taken the day off from her job as a paralegal in a law firm, hopped on a commuter flight that had gotten her in at noon the day before.  With only a few motels nearby, the Starlight Inn had been where they had spent the night together, with the sagging bed having to do for their passionate lovemaking.  Like many couples planning to be married in a year or two, so too did Ben and Kim move up the wedding date when the announcement came that the unit would be activated and going out on a tour of duty in the war zone.

The final announcement from MSgt. Carter came forty-five minutes later, when Cpl. Tim Dawson was announced as the most improved ‘sharpshooter’ in the company.  Following a congratulatory hug from his fiancée, lovely 21 year old DeAnn Kawakami, the very surprised corporal made is way over to the nearby shooting range to demonstrate his skills.  ‘God, I must’ve lucked out and hit all of the targets dead-center yesterday!  Unreal!  From being told by the drill sergeant that I’d be dead before I get to squeeze off a round  to being the most improved, just unreal!’ he thought.

Little did Cpl. Dawson know that as he set his sights on the target down range, his burly black drill sergeant was honing in on another target nearby, that of his lovely fiancée.  Had Tim Dawson know that his lovely DeAnn was being proposition at the moment, he certainly would not have pleaded with her to make the trip down for the ‘open house’ as she had told him that she just could not handle another tearful departure.  DeAnn had come in early that morning, just before the base’s ‘open house’ began, although Tim had wanted to be with her for a romantic evening the night before.  Although she had given him a valid reason why shed couldn’t get there till early that morning, that it’d wouldn’t look good as she was student teaching, Tim knew the truth was in that his lovely fiancée did not want temptation ruining her going down the aisle as a true virginal bride.

With the base’s ‘open house’ coming to a close late that afternoon, with the troops being restricted to base from the close, those guests not having arrived by their own car would be shuttled by the busses provided by the base to take them to their motels or to the airport.  From his vantage point back up in the observation post, MSgt. Carter viewed the hugs and tearful goodbyes taking place down below.  With the troops having had a leave the prior day and night to be with their guests, he had remained on duty at the base to see that everything was in order for the ‘open house’ day.  Thus, he’d be taking his day’s worth of leave once the guests had departed and a staff sergeant would fill in for him.

Girlfriends, fiancées, and women married to the soldiers in the unit were at least trying to blink back the tears in hugging their loved ones goodbye.  But Melinda Benton, Kim Thornton, and DeAnn Kawakami were shedding tears openly for fear of losing their loved ones.  Each had been propositioned by the vile MSgt. Carter when their respective spouse or fiancé had been demonstrating their respective honor of being ‘most improved’ in a particular skill, and each one of them had come to realize that it was in their hands as to whether or not her loved one came back in a body bag or not.  Though not said outright, the veiled threat had been quite clear ………………….have sex with the big burly black drill sergeant or their loved one would not be coming back from the war …..............…‘Alive’!

The plan for Mrs. Melinda Benton was to drive back to the Evergreen Motel where she and her husband had spent the night together, spend the night there alone before heading off on the drive back home early the next morning.  Heart thumping madly in her chest, her entire body trembling badly, Melinda wondered if should have dared telling Mark of being propositioned by his drill sergeant.  ‘Would he be able to anything about it?  Would it make it even worst for him in being a private and making such an accusation about his drill sergeant, giving the impression that he was making such a thing up to try and get out of the guard before being shipped out?’ she wondered.

That next morning, having checked out of the motel and making the long drive back home, Melinda tried to blink back the tears but they began streaming down over her cheeks.  ‘Is having sex with another man, in order to save the life of your husband, actually cheating upon your husband?’ she wondered as she drove along.  ‘Surely it’d be considered as being blackmailed into it if the man was your husband’s drill sergeant and he had assured the fact of your husband coming back in a ‘body bag’ if you didn’t comply!  Can you claim rape in such a situation?’ she wondered.

‘What would the police ask?  Would they ask for all of the details?’ Melinda pondered.  Driving along while deep in thought, questions came to mind of what the police would ask along with the answers she would provide:  Q: ‘Did he force himself upon you?’  A: ‘Yes!’  Q: ‘Did you resist?’  A:  ‘Yes!’  Q: ‘What did you do to resist?’  A: ‘I pushed at his shoulders to get him off of me!  I tried to squirm away but he was just too big and strong, too heavy for me to get away!’  Q: ‘What happened next?’  A: ‘He pinned my wrists above my shoulders, then raped me?’  Q: ‘Was he wearing a condom?’  A: ‘No!’  Q: ‘Did he ejaculate in you?’  A: ‘Yes!’

If those would be the only questions she’d have to answer to the police, Melinda would go and make the report.  But she feared other questions being asked, answers to which may not look too favorable on her behalf.  Her mind was just jumbled, asking herself ‘What if they ask me this or that?’  Such questions, along with the truthful answers she have to give were: Q: ‘How did he get into your motel room?’  A: ‘I answered the door when he knocked!’  Q: ‘Did he force his way in when you opened the door?’  A: ‘No!  I stepped back and he came in!’  Q: ‘Did he force you to disrobe?’  A: ‘He told me that I had a sexy body and that he wanted to see me do a striptease for him!’

Melinda knew that there’d be even more questions at that point, and the police would probably then have her explain in detail up to the time she fought and resisted.  Blinking back the tears as she tried to concentrate on the road up ahead, her mind began playing back the events following the end of the base’s ‘open house’.  It hadn’t been more than fifteen minutes after she got back to the motel room when the knock came at the door.  She had stared at the door for a whole minute before answering it, knowing full well that it was MSgt. Carter there.  In seeing the big man standing there, she had panted in fear as she stepped back into the middle of the motel room as the drill sergeant stepped in and locked the door behind him.

With those answers, Melinda knew for herself that the police would jump to the wrong conclusion.  And she just couldn’t face their questioning faces nor the obvious questions they’d then pose to her:  Q: ‘You mean to tell us that he told you to spread your legs for him and you did so?’  Q: ‘Did you do as he asked in grabbing hold of his condom covered cock and guide it into you?’  Q:  ‘Are you telling us that you only put up a physical fight after he pulled off the rubber and was trying to put his penis back in you without the condom on?’  Q: ‘Are you claiming rape just because he fucked you without a rubber on?’  Q: ‘So, you wouldn’t be claiming rape if he had sex with you with the condom on, is that correct?’

Advised of the man’s desire to see her disrobe so he could see her sexy body, Melinda recalled tears then flowing down her cheeks as she had told herself that she was doing it to save her husband.  She had lifted her pink blouse up over her head and off her outstretched arms, then had undown the button to her bright floral skirt before undoing the zipper down the side of it, letting the garment fall to the floor and puddle around her 3” open pink heels.  She recalled gulping in nervousness when MSgt. Carter advised “Lemme see those big titties ya got hiding under there, Mrs. Benton!”  Undoing her lacy white bra, then peeling the straps from her shoulders, she bared her breasts for the man as she let the lacy garment fall upon her puddled skirt.

Melinda had then closed her tearing eyes and bit her bottom lip as the drill sergeant’s large calloused hands fondled her bare breasts as if he was at the supermarket trying to find a pair of ripe cantaloupes.  “Owwwwwwww!” she had cried out when the bastard bent down and sank his sharp teeth into the pink nipple of her left breast.  She could only sob in shame as the bastard then moved over to her right breast to feast on that one.  Panties suddenly pulled down over her trim waist and down her slender legs to her heels, she recalled standing on the tips of her toes when the bastard knelt down and put his face right in her golden fleece.

As requested, Melinda had then unbuttoned the front of the drill sergeant’s fatigues, put her hand on the bulging mound of his jockeys, she was then had to pull down the garment to reveal the monstrous manhood specimen.  Instinctively grasping at the ebony bone that  sprung out to slap her wrist, Melinda began shucking at it, then she had looked down to watch as the ebony shaft nearly doubled in size, causing her to think ‘God ……………….it’s got to be at least a foot long!’  And the thickness of it, but in feeling of it in her hand in comparison to having shucked her husband the night before, Melinda concluded that it was more than twice that of Mark’s in girth.  Pushed down to her knees, Melinda knew what was to be expected of her, and thus she opened her mouth wide.

After several minutes of having the tip of the bloated cockhead in her mouth while swirling her tongue around the helmet, Melinda found herself being pulled up by the hand on her upper arm. Dislodging her mouth from the throbbing cockhead, she stood up on her heels as she was turned about to face the bed.  Stepping out of her panties, she assumed that the bed was the next stop.  But after just a step in that direction, a big burly arm snaked around the front of her trim waist.  What happened then occurred in a flash and had her head spinning as the brute lifted her up and flung her upside down.  Then the drill sergeant had her upside down in air, lifting her up some ……………….so that her mouth was at the same level of his jutting cock.

It was just unbelievable to Melinda, certainly a first for her in this position.  Blood rushing to her head, she lifted her dangling arms up, then reached out to wrap her arms around the bastard’s black ass for support, she then mouthed the jutting prong that threatened to poke out an eye if she didn’t.  What happened next was even more flabbergasting to Melinda as she realized they would be ‘69ing’ in that awkward position.  She had to admit that the bastard knew what to do with his tongue as he had her orgasming right in his mouth.  In the position that she was in, and the way the bastard was lapping her up with such slurping sounds, Melinda realized that her love juices must be bubbling right up out of her cunt.  Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted, for she then had to concentrate on all the slimy goo flooding her mouth and throat.

Dumped unceremoniously onto the bed, done exactly liked a wrestler body slamming another onto the mat, Melinda was ten looking up at the ceiling.  Out of the corner of her eye, she observed MSgt. Carter shucking at his boner, stimulating it to get it back into action.  It was then that she put up her first protest, advising “Only with a condom!  This is the worst time of the month for me!”  Of course, no condom had been used the night before, but that lovemaking session had been with her loving husband and getting pregnant by him would have been delightful.  Melinda was relieved to see a foil packet being torn open and the dangerous prong was then being sheathed by the protective covering.

And when her husband’s drill sergeant approached the bed, Melinda complied with his request to “Spread those sexy white legs fer me, Mrs. Benton!  There between those sexy legs of yers is the key to life or death of that punk yer married to!”  And as he knelt up onto the bed and shuffled into position, Melinda was told to “Grab it, baby!  Guide me into that tight little cunt of yers!”  Reaching down between her body, she grasped the condom covered penis, instinctively shucked at it some before pulling and holding steady the bloated cockhead up against the opening of her slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she had groaned, her body shuddering with the pain of being stretched as never before.  “Oh, Goddddddddd ……………………….it’s too bigggggggggggggg!” she cried out.  “Oh, God ………………oh, God …………oh, Godddddddd!” she panted out as inch after inch pushed its way into her.  Fingers gripping tightly at the bedspread, Melinda realized that there was so much more to go, that only about a third of the foot long monstrosity was in her so far.  Large hands gripping her trim hips, the bastard then reared back and lunged into her.  “Aaaaaaaaaa …………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she had screamed as it seem that she had been torn in two.

The fucking seemed to go on forever, then Melinda’s blackmailer advised “Can’t feel a fuck’n thing with this damned rubber on!”  Suddenly, the fuckstick was gone, pulled right on out of her.  Stunned by it and opening her eyes, Melinda saw that the protective condom was being rolled off the ebony shaft.  “No, no ……….…….leave it on ……….leave it on!” she had cried out.  But seconds later, Melinda stared at the flaring head of the pulsating snake-like cock.  She was then advised that “Yer gonna git it bareback, sweetie!  Don’t worry!  If’n ya git knocked up, with the tour of duty being a year, ya can give birth and put the little bastard up fer adoption!  Hubby will never know our little secret!”

It was at this point that she had put up a fight, pushed her hands against his muscular shoulders and tried to squirm away.  But Melinda found that she was no match against the muscular drill sergeant.  Hands grasping her by the wrists and pinning her arms to the bed, the bastard entered her once again, only ‘bareback’ this time!  At this point, after all the preliminary of fucking with a condom, the horny drill sergeant was only interested in popping his nuts ………………popping’em right in her fertile womb!  And there was nothing Melinda could do to prevent it from happening!  “No …….no ………….please ……………..no, don’t!  Pull it out …………..pull it out ………….pleasssssssseeeee!” she had pleaded.

But seconds later, the loud grunts from above and spasming body atop of her signaled the impending explosion that would soon take place.  Indeed, the dam burst and hot searing fluid filled her to the brim and the squishing sounds now being made at their union indicated that it was the only escape route for the still gushing cum to go.  Taking the bastard’s cum directly in her body had Melinda sobbing in defeat.  But worst, the now exhausted drill sergeant had fallen asleep atop of her, and she was unable to push him off body.  The bastard had fallen asleep atop of her, with his dwindling cock still embedded deep in her, and she was prevented from getting up and using the bottle of douche that she had purchased as a precaution just before returning to the motel.

With the check-out time for the motel being at noon, Melinda had just managed a bit of sleep throughout the night, then an hour between when the drill sergeant departed and the noon check-out.  The man had been insatiable, demanding more and more sex throughout the entire night, and of course all done without a protective condom.  She did see him popping a blue pill from time to time, with the effects becoming quite obvious ten to fifteen minutes after taking it.  Pulled atop of him in a sitting position, Melinda then had to get in the saddle to ride the stallion as if in a derby, with saddle horn right up her stretched cunny.  Another romp had her on all fours as the drill sergeant told her that he wanted to ‘fuck like a bitch in heat’!  And yet another had her straddling the stud once again, only this time she was facing the other way.

The things he had done to her had been beyond Melinda’s wildest imagination of how men wanted sex acts performed for their lusting pleasure.  Told to wrap her long silky blond hair around his filthy cock, Melinda was made to jerk the bastard off in that manner, when ejaculating onto her hair he had laughed “Aw, yeah, baby!  Lots of good hair conditioner there fer ya!”  Another time masturbating the bastard by hand, Melinda found that he wanted her to jerk him off ………………….right in her face ..................ejaculating a continuous stream of sticky filth in her eyes first!  The absolute worst experience for Melinda had been when she was told to get on all fours once again.  Getting into position, thinking she would be fucked ‘doggie style once again, Melinda had gotten the shock of her life when he brutally shoved his cock up her virgin ass and sodomized her.  Her shrill shrieks of pain surely must have been heard but others in the motel but no one came to investigate.

Back at the barracks, Pvt. Benton was surprised to have MSgt. Carter stop by his bunk to chat with him.  Standing at attention when the drill sergeant stopped by his bunk, he was told to stand at ease.  Then he was told “Yer a mighty lucky man to have a beautiful wife like that to come home to!  Got to chat with your Mrs. a bit while ya were out demonstrating yer skills to the audience!  She was quite worried about ya going off on the tour of duty but I’s promised her that I’s be looking after ya and make sure ya git back home in one piece!”  Relaxed from this informal chat, when the drill sergeant asked if he had any little one’s yet or planned, Mark replied “We’re trying at the moment!”  That’s when MSgt. Carter chuckled and patted him on the back, replying “Trying at the moment, huh?  Stayed at the Evergreen, huh?  I’s bet my’s bottom dollar that purty wife of yers got knocked up there!”

For Mrs. Kim Thornton and Ms. DeAnn Kawakami, both women had taken the shuttle provided to the airport to catch their respective flights back home.  On their flights, each woman would blink back the tears and be deep in thought as to the private conversation with MSgt. Carter during their loved ones’ skills demonstration.  Kim pondered her husband’s fate while DeAnn did the same for her beloved fiancé.  It had been made quite clear as to how their loved ones would be returning, as per the drill sergeant, alive or in a ‘body bag’!  And how each soldier returned would depend on their part.  Each had been stunned into silence when broached, with MSgt. Carter advising that “I’m the one choosing who goes where and in what door!  And I’s just can smell it out when a house or building is bobby trapped!”
With the tour of duty date nearing, all the soldiers were confined to the base, with only the officers and drill staff allowed out on furloughs.  For Kim Thornton, she was to make her decision and call the base by Thursday, asking for the drill sergeant.  Told to keep the weekend available, Kim knew what that meant if she agreed to the proposition before her ……………………that of allowing MSgt. Carter to have sex with her in order to save her husband from a sure demise!  And the same applied to DeAnn Kawakami, only she had till the following Thursday to ponder the fate of her fiancé.  Tears flowed down DeAnn’s cheeks on the flight back, for she surely knew that if she conceded to the atrocious proposition, she would not be walking down the aisle as a virginal bride!

As for Lt. Brenner wife, the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Brenner, her mind had been set at ease by the reassurance given her by the veteran drill sergeant.  With her husband having already expressed his amazement at MSgt. Carter’s instincts when it came to combat situations, she knew that if the drill sergeant kept his promise to look after her husband, that he’d be fine can come home in one piece.  In a week, her husband would be telling her of just how uncanny the drill sergeant was on the maneuvers that day, avoiding all the bobby trapped doors and only hitting the clean ones.  Little would Lt. Brenner know that the drill sergeant had slipped his cohort setting up maneuvers that day a hundred bucks to learn in advance as to which buildings were bobby trapped.

And so when Jennifer Brenner picked up the call two weeks later, seeing that it was from her husband’s cellphone, she’d get the surprise of her life in hearing MSgt. Carter identify himself.  “Oh, nothing’s the matter with Lt. Brenner, ma’am!  He’s leading the troops across the river and I’m just holding onto his personal gear!  Jist thought I’d call ya about the promise I made to ya on the ‘open house’ day!  Remember that promise I’s made to ya?” she heard.   “Yes!  I certainly do and I thank you for it!” she’d reply.  Then would come the horrid proposition with the drill sergeant telling her “Ya know, Mrs. Brenner, a promise like that is difficult to keep!  Of course, if’n one was to git a bit of an incentive, that kind of promise would definitely be kept!”  “What are you implying here, MSgt?” Jennifer would demand authoritatively.  She’d then swallow with nervousness when the drill sergeant replied “Well, Lt. Brenner’s going to stay on base this weekend since he’s low man on the officer totem pole!  But I’s got the whole weekend off!  Perhaps we can get together at the ‘No-tel Motel’ near the base, where ya and I can discuss some incentives fer me to see to it that hubby don’t come home in a body bay, huh!”

For Jennifer Brenner, she would have quite a dilemma to ponder.  ‘Do I dare tell Gary of the drill sergeant’s call?  How can a drill sergeant proposed such a ludicrous thing?  And to me …………..an officer’s wife? ‘ she’d wondered.  ‘My God, there wouldn’t be anything they could do to him if he merely didn’t advise Gary of his instincts, like a particular building being bobby trapped!  He’d even send Gary in deliberately, letting him get killed in such a manner!’ she thought.  Jennifer would then shudder at the thought of the motel’s name, the ‘No-tel Motel’ that left nothing to the imagination of who would be staying at such a place nor for what purpose!  ‘Discuss incentives with the bastard!’ she fumed, knowing just the kind of incentives that the burly black drill sergeant was looking for ………………….having sex with her!’  she shuddered.

End of Story ------(till the other wives respond to MSgt. Carter’s vile propositions).