Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Army Bride Assaulted 1 & 2’
and Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife 1 & 2’
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With the tour of duty date nearing, all the soldiers were confined to the base, with only the officers and drill staff allowed out on furloughs.  For 20 year old Mrs. Kim Thornton, she was at her wits end and mentally drained since returning from the base’s open house to spouses, family and significant others.  Kim had to make a life and death decision, that being the survival of her husband from the deployment or not coming back alive to her.  That was a fact made all to clear to her by the demented drill sergeant in charge of her husband’s unit.

Initially planning to be married in a year or two down the road, Ben and Kim moved up the wedding date when the announcement came that the unit would be activated and going out on a tour of duty in the war zone.  Initially, Kim was quite surprised to hear her husband’s name being announced as the most improved soldier in conquering the obstacle course, for Ben had always relayed of his coming in last or next to last in completing the run.  Kim now realized that it had just been a ruse created by Ben’s drill sergeant.

Following MSgt. Carter’s announcement of her husband winning the award and called upon to demonstrate his skills to the audience, her husband’s sergeant then came over to stand next to her as her husband began the run.  “Are ya surprised that Ben got the most improved award?” she heard the drill sergeant ask.  “I sure am because Ben been telling me all this time how poorly he performed on the obstacle course!” Kim replied.  With MSgt. Carter looking straight ahead and not at her, it would not appear that he was having a conversation with her.

What Kim heard next from the devious drill sergeant made her skin crawl and she was getting nauseous.  Staring ahead but not paying attention to her husband’s run, Kim could not believe what she was hearing as MSgt. Carter advised her “That sorry ass husband of yers can barely make it through the obstacle course and is gonna git his behind blown away!  Ya had better kiss him goodbye permanently when he ships out cause he’ll sure as hell come back in a body bag!  That is, unless ……………………….spread those sexy white legs fer me!  Then I’s see to it that hubby comes back to ya in one piece!”

Before the drill sergeant had made his departure away from her, Kim had been advised to make her decision and call the base by Thursday, with her to ask to speak with the drill sergeant.  Told to keep the weekend available, Kim knew what that meant if she agreed to the proposition before her ……………………that of allowing MSgt. Carter to have sex with her in order to save her husband from a sure demise!  ‘Who can I go to about this?  Will any one believe this outrageous proposition?’ she wondered.

Agonizing over her dire situation for days, Kim came to the conclusion that she just had to do it in order to save Ben.  ‘One weekend!  It’s just one weekend in order to save Ben!’ she told herself.  The thought of allowing the demented black sergeant to touch her made Kim sick to her stomach.  ‘Spread my legs for that bastard!  That’s what he had blatantly told me ………………spread my sexy white legs for him!  Bastard!!’ she fumed.  With MSgt. so big and muscular, Kim could not help but wonder about that myth about blacks.

Back to the day of the open house, MSgt. Reggie Carter had spotted the red haired beauty while scanning fairgrounds.  Wearing a blue dress, the redhead had caught his attention and the diamond ring on her finger told him of the young beauty’s marital status, with her trim milky white legs giving him with a raging hardon.  With her soldier husband off on her far side, Reggie initially could not make out who he was.  Keeping the binoculars focused on the sexy redhead, he then smiled in seeing who she was married to and concluded that ‘Pvt. Thornton, ya’ll later be announced as the soldier most improved in handling the obstacle course!  Yeah, and when ya’s out on the course demonstrating yer sorry ass, I’ll be standing alongside of yer beautiful wife ………………………..making it quite clear to her that those sexy white legs of hers will be the determining factor if’n ya come back in a body back or not!’

Getting the anticipated phone call from the sweet Mrs. Thornton, he heard her stammering as she advised him that “I …………….I can’t get the day off on Friday!  The earliest flight I can get is on Saturday!”  Reggie chuckled, advising the young beauty that “I don’t want you spending yer hard earned dollar on an airplane ticket, sweetie!  Don’t ya worry none about that cause I’s got money and I’ll be flying in to see ya!  Ya know why ……..cause I’s wanna fuck ya right on hubby’s bed, Mrs. Thornton!  Ya ain’t ever gonna git the kind of fuck’n like what I’m gonna give ya!  Now ya jist pick me on up at the airport tomorrow night at 11 p.m., then we can go to yer place and party!  And dress nice fer me when ya come ………..a nice dress and high heels will do ………..fergit the nylons as they’ll only git in the way!”

Wearing a black dress and 3” black heels, Kim was shaking as she got to the airport just before eleven.  Then she spotted the black bastard walking to the car.  Kim stomach turned as she felt sick at what she was about to do, but she reminded herself that Ben’s life depended on it.  The sergeant first opened the back door to throw his duffel bag in and then he got into the front passenger seat next to her.  Wanting to but before she could start the engine and pull away from the curb, afraid that someone she or Ben knew would spot her, the bastard had his large paw around her neck and pulled her to her for a passionate ‘welcome’ kiss.

Heart pounding in her chest, Kim cringed at the feel of the bastard’s saliva covering her lips from the kiss and from the feel of his thick tongue Frenching her.  Pulling away from the curb and any prying eyes, Kim then had to contend with bastard’s hand pawing at her knee and sliding up under the hem of her dress.  “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” she gasped upon feeling the bastard’s fingers rubbing over the crotchband of her panties.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………….oohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted out while trying to keep the car in its lane as the bastard slipped his middle finger under the legband of her panties and was rubbing at her clenching pussy lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kim shivered as the thick digit slipped into her slit as the demented bastard proceeded to finger fuck her as she drove.  “Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd!” Kim gasped as she came right on the bastard’s sawing finger.  Car merely coasting along as she tried to guide it along, Kim’s arms and legs felt limp from the overwhelming climax that had rocked her petite body.  From the corner of her eye, she observed the black bastard looking at his glistening middle finger, then she shuddered upon seeing him bringing the finger to his mouth to suck it clean.

Twenty minutes later, after opening the door to the apartment unit, Kim stepped in as the black bastard caressed her ass through her black dress.  Trying to stall things by asking the drill sergeant if he wanted something to drink, her stalling tactics didn’t work with the crude bastard telling her “That can wait, Mrs. Thornton!  Let’s git in the bedroom so’s ya’s can give me a striptease!  Then I’s wanna git my rocks off between those sexy white legs of yers!”

Then Kim’s stalling tactics of getting him a drink backfired on her as the bastard advised “On second thought, gimme a beer to drink!  And I’s got yer drink right here fer ya!”   Kim swallowed in horror, wondering if meant what she thought he had said about the drink he had for her.  ‘He can’t mean that!’ she prayed to herself, trembling and shuddering as she made her way to the small refrigerator.  But in getting the beer out and closing the refrigerator door, Kim observed the bastard shucking at what she apparently would be getting her drink from.

Taking a guzzle of his beer, Reggie then ordered the trembling wife to “Git down on yer fuck’n knees and start sucking my dick, Mrs. Thornton!”  Enjoying the look of disbelief on the beauty’s face as she forced herself slowly down to her knees, Reggie suspected that the bitch had never had a cock between her lips ever before.  “Ya ever sucked dick before, sweetie?” he asked.  Seeing her shake her head ‘No’ had his cock give a lurch in excitement as he was going to have the honor of being the first guy to get ‘head’ from this sweet little thing

Silky red hair in one hand, beer in the other, Reggie laughed out loud “Yeah, Pvt. Thornton is sure a lucky guy!  Keeps some good beer on hand fer guests and a purty  little wife to give a guy some good head!”  “That’s it, sweetie!  Now yer getting the hang of it!  Use the tip of yer tongue over my cockhead!  That’s it, now tease my pisshole!  Ahhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!”  Pulling her head towards him while thrusting his hips forward, he got half of his fat cock embedded in the beauty’s mouth as she gagged and tried to spit it out.

Shuddering in revulsion, her mouth sticky from the leaking spend, Kim tried to pull her head back as she was afraid of the bastard doing his ‘thing’ right in her mouth.  She still could not believe that the bastard expected her to allow him to ejaculate his filth right in her mouth, thinking ‘How can a man do that to a woman?  It’s so degrading!  God, I’ll die if he does it in my mouth!’  Cock pushing farther and farther down into her throat as the bastard began face fucking her, Kim realized that her worst fears were soon going to happen to her, that the bastard was going to shoot off right in her mouth.

Raising her hands up, placing them on the fatigues of the sergeant’s thighs, Kim tried desperately to push away and expel the filthy penis from her mouth.  Gagging as the bloated cockhead pushed its way down into her throat, Kim thought she’d die at that point.  Lightheaded already from the lack of oxygen, Kim was horrified as she looked ahead and saw another six inches remained of man-meat before that fluff of kinky black pubic hair.  She then heard the sound of an empty beer can being placed down, then that free hand also grasped the back of her head as the drill sergeant announced “Now deepthroat me, bitch!”  ‘My God, he’s wants to push it all the way down my throat!’ she realized as her body quivered in fear.

Reggie loved seeing the anguish that he was putting the young wife through as he sawed his throbbing dick down into her reluctant mouth and throat.  He smiled at seeing her dazed eyes rolling from the lack of oxygen as he proceeded to feed her more and more of foot long dong.  Then to add insult to injury, while taking delight at her struggles on his fat dick, he taunted her with “Pvt. Thornton sure is a lucky guy to have a beautiful wife like ya who’s willing to suck dick to save his sorry ass!  Not only is he hopeless as a grunt, he’s fuck’n stupid not gitting any ‘head’ from his beautiful wife!”

The way in which she tossed her head from side to side to get off his cock, it was like a fish desperately trying to shake the hook in its mouth in order to get away.  But just like one would do in keeping the fish on by holding onto the pole and keeping the line taunt, Reggie’s clutching fingers that were entwined in the long silky red hair kept the bitch from getting away.  Sucking in his breath while gritting his teeth, Reggie sought to prolong the pleasure he was deriving from this innocent young wife learning how to give ‘head’!

When he got back to the base, Reggie planned on engaging in a more friendly and personal conversation with Pvt. Thornton, telling the punk of how he had scored over the weekend and taught the pretty bitch how to give a guy head.  And to put a dig in, Reggie planned on asking the young punk if he ever got some ‘head’, knowing that he never got any from this pretty wife.  Then he planned on going into detail of how he had her gagging and choking on his hot jizz when he blasted off in her virgin mouth.

“Ahhhh …………………….yeah, baby …………………gonna feed ya my jizz soon!  Suck it ………………………….suck it, bitch …………………suck it all outta me!” Reggie groaned as he neared the popping point.  Wanting to see the pretty bitch choking and gagging on her first tasting a load of hot male jizz, but he knew that wouldn’t happen with his cock buried all the way down her contracting throat.  Pumping faster and faster, rubbing her nose in the short rough of his kinky pubic hair, Reggie then pulled his cock up and out of her throat to the entrance of it.  Groaning loudly as Reggie held her firmly in place, his nuts churned and he then popped right in her mouth.

Reggie laughed upon seeing the whites of her eyes as the frightened beauty got her first taste of male spunk.  And with her lips tightly sealed around the stem of his bloated cock, there was not much choice of where the spurting cum could go!  For the young inexperience wife, it was to swallow the jizz flooding her mouth or choke to death on it.  As she began choking and gagging while forced to swallow the copious amount of spunk that he was ejaculating, Reggie laughed as the bitch would not forget her first experience in giving ‘head’, especially in seeing cum coming out of her nostrils.  He was certainly giving the young beauty quite a rare experience, one she’d never forget.

Easing his now dwindling and spent cock from the beauty’s parted pink lips, Reggie chuckled as the dazed young wife appeared to be in a stupor as cum overflowed from her lips to ooze down her chin and drip onto the front of her black dress.  Reaching over, Reggie grabbed a dishtowel and handed it to the dazed bitch, telling her wipe her mouth with it.  “C’mon, bitch ……………let’s go to the bedroom that ya share with hubby!  Time to give me a tantalizing striptease and show me that hot little pussy of yers!  I’s wanna see how lucky that loser grunt is in having married a purty bitch like ya!” he advised.

Literally fucked out of her mind at this point, Kim merely rose to her feet and walked to the doorway of the bedroom that she shared with her husband.  Disgraced beyond any stretch of the imagination at what she had been forced to perform on the demented drill sergeant, having regular sex with the bastard now seemed like a small price to pay to save her husband’s life.  With the drill sergeant plopping himself down on the queen-sized bed and leaning back against the backboard, Kim then reached to the back of her neck to undo the hook of her dress.

Unzipping the back of her dress, Kim resignedly peeled the garment from her shoulders, then allowed it to fall to the floor and puddle around her heels.  “Beautiful!  Jist beautiful!” came the compliment from the male admirer as he gazed upon her trim sexy bod that was now clad in only a matching pair of lacy black panties and bra, along with her 3” black heels.  “Now show me them purty titties ya got hiding under there!” she was told.  Reaching back to undo the clasp of her bra, she then allowed the loosened straps and let the lacy garment to fall to the floor next to her dress.

Kim closed her eyes shut to block the sight of this black bastard leering at her bared body.  Then she shuddered with dread as the bastard ordered her to “Play with yerself, bitch!  Play with yer titties!  Git those nippies hard fer me!”  Bringing her hands up to comply, Kim shivered in feeling her nipples respond as she thumbed them for the bastard.  “Now, them panties!” she heard before bringing her hands down to insert her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy black panties.  Seconds later, the lacy garment was slithering down the length of her legs to puddle around her black heels.

“Go git me another beer, bitch!  And hurry back here with it!” gave Kim a slight reprieve at that point.  But in returning to the bedroom, she froze at the doorway in seeing her husband’s drill sergeant now buck naked on the bed and using Ben’s pillow to prop himself up against the headboard.  She then stepped forward towards the bed to hand the bastard his beer.  Kim trembled in nervousness as the black bastard grinned lecherously at her and she could only wonder as to what was in store for her next.  Then the bastard was reaching out for her hand, telling her to “Step on up here, Mrs. Thornton!”

Forced to stand and face forward at the head of the bed, Kim stared ahead to look into the large mirror on the dresser, at which it was like watching an XXX rated movie unfolding on the screen.  Having been ordered to play with her titties once again, Kim’s butt was leaning against the bedroom wall above the top of the headboard to keep her balance as her heels wobbled upon the soft mattress, all with the black bastard having tilted his head up to drink at the trough!  Gasping aloud, Kim’s petite body trembled and shuddered as the drill sergeant took a gulp of beer then stuck his ice cold tongue up into her slit.

Withering about against the bedroom wall, body lurching time and time again upon been eaten to a climax by the bastard, Kim closed her eyes in defeat as the loud slurping between her loins continued.  Finally, when it came to an end, Kim placed her palms upon the top of the headboard to catch her breath.  Suddenly, large hands grasped her by the ankles and she was yanked forward by the muscular bastard with all of his might.  This caused Kim to slide right off the top of the headboard and away from the wall, and she unceremoniously landed flat on her back on the bed that she shared with her husband.

Before she could gather her wits together, Kim found herself with her legs widespread and the back of her knees resting upon the forearms of the big black bastard.  As the drill sergeant shuffled up the bed between her thighs, she shuddered upon feeling the head of the fleshy spear bump against her cervix.  “Owwwww!” she cried out from the bruising thrust, and then once again when the bastard lunged forward to gain entrance without any guidance of the throbbing monstrosity.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed out when the bastard speared into her successfully on this third try, forcing three solid inches of his bloated cock into her.

With everything happening so fast, Kim then came to realize that her prior planned out strategy had not been implemented at all.  To try and rectify the situation, Kim frantically pleaded out “Stop!  Pull it out ………………..you need to put a condom on!”  The plan was to have the vile sergeant put on a condom that she had strategically placed in the nightstand drawer adjacent to the bed.  But the response she got was another three plus inches forced up into her hurting slit as the bastard was now deeper than she had ever been penetrated.

Reggie just laughed at the beauty’s plight, giving her a throb with his embedded cock, telling the young wife “A condom?  Are ya fuck’n kidding?  Ain’t no ways I’s putting on a fuck’n raincoat!”  Grasping her trim hips, he reared back and gave the now sobbing bitch a good solid thrust to bury yet another three inches up her tight little twat.  He laughed upon seeing the agony on her beautiful face, feeling her sexy legs flailing about on his arms, then taunted “Pvt. Thornton needs as much incentive to come back alive and not git ass shot off out there!  Sure, he’s got himself a purty wife like ya to come home to!  But jist imagine how badly he’ll wanna stay alive and git home …………especially never having seen the little baby his purty wife gave birth do while deployed!”

Grasping the bottom edge of the headboard with both hands, Kim tried not to show any response as the black sergeant began slicing his donkey-like cock in and out of her.  Sucking in her breath as she felt the course kinky hairs rubbing up against her much softer red fleece, Kim realized that she had just done what she had thought would be impossible to accomplish, that of accommodating the twelve inches of bloated man-meat up her snatch.  She desperately prayed that the bastard would just do his thing and be done with it at this point, hoping that she would not give him the satisfaction of her responding any.

But three minutes later, a time period after which her husband Ben would already have expended himself, MSgt. Carter was still going strong and laying the wood to her.  Clenching her teeth as her cunny began to involuntarily squeeze itself around the plunging cudgel, her thigh muscles became taunt as Kim realized that the battle was being lost.  ‘Please ………………please God …………………..please don’t let me respond to this bastard!’ she prayed.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she moaned through clenched teeth as she shuddered with unwanted pleasure as the lengthy cock slid over her ultra-sensitive clit.

For Reggie, he knew all along that the pretty bitch was trying not to respond to the fucking he was throwing to her.  But he was determined to break the bitch, knowing that all it would take was a bit of time, coupled with the stamina and willpower that he had gained from his manly experiences.  Hearing her moans of unwanted pleasure from her clenched lips, now followed by her flailing legs crossing over his ass with heels locking on one another, breaking her completely was certainly nearing at this point.  First to hump her at jackhammer speed, Reggie saw the bitch’s fingers gripping the headboard frantically as he proceeded to gave her the short strokes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the moans of pleasure from the private’s beautiful wife as she arched up into his boner as the short strokes were getting to her.  Reggie chuckled to himself as he thought ‘Now’s the time to send the fuck’n bitch right over the edge!’  With that, he pulled back till just the tip of his cock remained enveloped in her now snapping little pussy, then slowly slid the entire length of his donkey-sized cock up into the bitch!  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out, letting go of the headboard to wrap her trim arms around his broad shoulders.

Then Reggie slowly fucked her back and forth with the full length of his dong, his hands cupping her asscheeks to have her at the right angle so his cock would rub at her ultra-sensitive clit.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhh …………….nnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnn!” came the mewls from the beautiful bitch as she clutched at him tightly while arching up to his slicing bone.  From the way her body was trembling, Reggie knew that he had her close to skyrocketing into outer space with a mind-shattering orgasm.

With only his bloated cockhead still enveloped on his backstroke, Reggie held her trim hips at bay to prevent her from arching back up on his once slicing bone.  “Wha …………..what are you doing?  Why are you stopping??  Please ………………please ……………….I’m so close ……………………put it back in …………………….put it in!” came the desperate pleas.  Reggie had her now, and he was gonna break her completely as he demanded her to “Beg me, bitch!  Beg me fer my big black cock!  Beg me to fuck ya!  Ya know I’s gonna knock ya up if’n I’s cum in ya, don’t ya, bitch?”

Gritting her teeth, Kim tried to refrain from caving in and obeying his demands for him to keep fucking her.  But she was so close to what promised to be the climax of all climaxes.  By repeatedly squeezing her widely stretched cuntlips that enveloped the bloated cockhead, she tried to entice the drill sergeant to recommence the fuck session without resorting to begging the bastard to do so.  Trying to arch up onto his cock proved futile as the bastard held her at bay.  Then she gave in to the bastard, begging “You win!  You win!  Fuck me you bastard ……………….fuck me!  Cum in me ……………..I don’t care!  Knock me up with your black baby, you bastard!  Now fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………….fuck me, you bastarddddddddddddddd!”

From that instant on, the Thornton’s marital bed shook and rattle as never before, only it was not marital relations between husband and wife taking place upon it.  And then the beautiful young wife was screaming “I’m cummingggg ……………..I’m cummingggg ………………………….oh God, I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  “Ahhh, ya hot little bitch ……………………I’s gonna knock ya up good!  Gonna give that sorry ass hubby of yers a little kiddie to come on home to!  Take it ………………..take my cum up that hot little cunt of yers ………………….here it issssssssss!  Ahhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Passing out from the mind-blowing fuck session, Kim was stirred awake a half hour later by the thick cock expanding and throbbing within her.  Never before had she fallen asleep with Ben’s cock still in her as he always shrank to a little weenie and slipped out of her juicy slit.  But her husband’s drill sergeant possessed something far thicker and longer than she could ever imagine a man could have, causing Kim to pant out “Oh, Goddddddddddd …………………give it to me again ……………………….fuck me ………………fuck me again!  Oh, yessssssssssssssss …………………………..give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Fuck me with your big black cock ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With the lights turned off in the Thornton bedroom for the night, the exhausted young wife fell into a deep sleep with her husband’s drill sergeant curled up behind of her with his cock still deeply embedded in her cunt.  She would awaken periodically during the night, each time due to the big cock expanding in her once again as the devious sergeant wanted to have another run at her.  When sunlight came in through the window, Kim was slapped on the ass and told to “Go make us some breakfast …………….right after ya blow me!”

Following lunch that she also had to prepare after providing more entertainment for the lusty sergeant, Kim prayed that the ordeal would be over as soon as possible, but all indications were that she would have another 24 hours to endure before the black bastard departed on a flight back to the base.  Just a few minutes before 2 o’clock, Kim was told to “Git up on all fours on the bed ………………….so I’s can fuck ya like the bitch ya really are!”  Sucking in her breath through gritted teeth, Kim prepared herself as the bastard was using his bloated cocked to trace up and down the outer edge of her pussy lips.

Right at 2 p.m., the phone rang and Kim was instructed to pick up the extension on the night table next to the bed.  “Hello!” she answered.  Then she exclaimed “BEN!  I …………………I thought that you ……………….your unit was restricted to base with no phone privileges?”  As she listened to her husband on the phone, Kim trembled upon feeling the large hands caressing her ass as the thick cockhead was now pressing against the entrance to her slit.  With the thick cock entering her from behind, Kim learned just how devious the bastard was as Ben relayed that “Our drill sergeant apparent thought we were improving and told the staff sergeant to give us some phone privileges today!  And guess what, I’m the first one in the unit to get to use the phone!  Sgt. Morton advised that the drill sergeant told him I had the number one slot for use of the phone since I improved and came in 5th ………….from last in the obstacle course the other day!”

Cock sliding in and out of her from behind, Kim realized that the bastard had set it all up and apparently knew exactly when those phone privileges would be granted.  ‘God, he knew in advance as to when Ben would be calling!  He was waiting for me to get on the phone before fucking his cock into me!’ she realized as the bastard slid into her widened cunt all the way till his dangling balls bounced off her inner thighs.  Trying to make small talk and listen to her husband was quite difficult donkey-sized cock pumping away at her.  Told by her husband of having to wrap things up due to the time allotted each person, Kim repeated “I love you, too!” to her husband just as his vile drill sergeant spurted more of his nasty deep up into her fertile womb.

Back at the barracks late Sunday, telling the men to be at ease, MSgt. Carter strolled through past the bunks.  Stopping by Pvt. Thornton’s bunk, he leaned over to inquire “Did ya call that purty wife of yers yesterday?  I’s told Sgt. Morton that you had first dibs in using the phone privileges for improving on the obstacle course!”  “Sure did, MSgt!  And thank you for honor!” the young soldier replied.  “No problem, private!  Ya deserved it!  Ya keep it up and ya’ll come back to that purty wife of yers in one piece!” he advised.

Seven months later, after coming back from patrol to the secured zone for soldiers, Pvt. Ben Thornton logged on to one the computers available.  Checking his email, Ben observed one from Danny Myers, a good buddy who recently got back to the states with his marine detachment.  Ben had to read the email twice to see if he had read it right as the second paragraph read ‘Hey, I bumped into your beautiful wife yesterday!  How come you didn’t tell me that a baby’s on the way soon?’  Then Ben rationalized that ‘Kim must not have wanted to put any extra burden on me during my deployment!’  Ben smiled to himself as he proudly thought ‘That night in the motel, during the base open house, must have been the magic night!’

That night, Kim trembled in fear upon getting her husband’s call and his inquiry of her pregnancy after getting the email from his friend Danny.  The natural response was to tell her husband what he had surmised, that she did not want his mind preoccupied while out on patrol.  They had made love during that weekend of the base’s open house, but her husband did not know of her douching following their lovemaking so as not get pregnant so soon in their married life.  That following weekend however, she couldn’t even get to douche out the copious amount of spunk from his drill sergeant, not his cock embedded up her twat the entire night.  So, in Kim’s mind, it was a sure bet as to who had gotten her knocked up!

End of Story.