Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the
earlier stories entitled:  ‘Army Bride Assaulted 1 & 2’
and Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife 1, 2 & 3’
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At the army base’s open house, while scanning the fairgrounds from his vantage point in the sentry tower, a petite Asian beauty standing at most 5’2” caught Reggie’s eye as her long silky black hair against her creamy white complexion had his cock pushing up against his fatigues.  He watched the beauty as she followed her husband as he led the way down a metal stairway.  ‘Damn, she must weigh jist over a hundred pounds or so!  Shit, I’s bet my cock’s as long and as thick as her forearm!  Jezz, she sure looks like a little honey ………………she looks young to be gitting married already!  Cpl. Dawson, ya got yerself one sweet little angel, that’s fer sure!  That earns ya the honor of demonstrating yer shooting skills this afternoon!’ Reggie surmised before chuckling out loud “We’ll soon gonna see what happens to a sweet little angel like ya, when a big black devil shows up at yer door!  Damn, wonder if a pruty young thing like ya’s ever sucked dick before?  Fuck, wonder if’n my’s fat cock can even git in between those sweet little lips of yers?”

The final announcement from MSgt. Carter came forty-five minutes later, when Cpl. Tim Dawson was announced as the most improved ‘sharpshooter’ in the company.  Following a congratulatory hug from his fiancée, lovely 21 year old DeAnn Kawakami, the very surprised corporal made is way over to the nearby shooting range to demonstrate his skills.  ‘God, I must’ve lucked out and hit all of the targets dead-center yesterday!  Unreal!  From being told by the drill sergeant that I’d be dead before I get to squeeze off a round  to being the most improved, just unreal!’ he thought.

Little did Cpl. Dawson know that as he set his sights on the target down range, his burly black drill sergeant was honing in on another target nearby, that of his lovely fiancée as she made her way to watch his performance.  Had Tim Dawson known that his lovely DeAnn was being propositioned at that moment, he certainly would not have pleaded with her to make the trip down for the ‘open house’ as she had told him that she just could not handle another tearful departure.  DeAnn had come in early that morning, just before the base’s ‘open house’ began, although Tim had wanted to be with her for a romantic evening the night before.  She had given him a valid reason why shed couldn’t get there till early that morning, that it’d wouldn’t look good to take off as she was student teaching.  But Tim knew the truth was that his lovely fiancée did not want temptation ruining her plans of walking down the aisle as a true virginal bride.

With the base’s ‘open house’ coming to a close late that afternoon, from his vantage point up in the observation post, MSgt. Carter viewed the hugs and tearful goodbyes taking place down below.   Girlfriends, fiancées, and women married to the soldiers in the unit were at least trying to blink back the tears in hugging their loved ones goodbye.  But in the case of beautiful DeAnn Kawakami, she was shedding tears openly for fear of losing her loved one.   Propositioned by the vile MSgt. Carter when her fiancé had been demonstration his award of being ‘most improved’ in his marksmanship, DeAnn had come to realize that it was in her hands as to whether or not her loved one came back in a body bag or not.  Although not said outright, the veiled threat had been quite clear ………………….have sex with the big burly black drill sergeant or her handsome fiancé would not be coming back from the war ……………not ‘alive’ anyway!

Having taken the shuttle provided from the base to the airport, DeAnn would be catch her flight to go back home.  On the flight back, DeAnn blinked back the tears and was in deep thought as to the private conversation with MSgt. Carter during her fiancé’s marksmanship demonstration.  She pondered the fate of her beloved fiancé as it had been made quite clear as to how he would be returning by the drill sergeant, with the choice being all hers ……………….alive in one piece or dead in a ‘body bag’!  She had been stunned into silence when broached with MSgt. Carter advising that “I’m the one choosing who goes where and in what door!  And I’s just can smell it out when a house or building is bobby trapped!”  Given till a week from Thursday to ponder the fate of her fiancé, tears flowed down DeAnn’s cheeks on the flight back, for she surely knew that if she conceded to the atrocious proposition, she would not be walking down the aisle as a virginal bride!

For the next week and a half, DeAnn’s thoughts were filled with dread and worry as to the horrid thought of never seeing Tim again once he departed with his unit on the deployment.  Each nightly news revealed more and more of a deadly toll taking place in the war zone.  ‘Would Tim want me to sacrifice myself for him in this manner?  Would he expect me to?’ she wondered.   ‘If not, and then he finds out, how will he feel about me having sex with another man …………..letting his black drill sergeant have sex with me ………….even allowing the vile man to take my virginity that belongs to Tim?  And will Tim even want to touch me, knowing that I’ve already been ‘used’ by another man?’ she pondered.
The decision certainly did not come easy for DeAnn for she’d never before come into contact with anyone the likes of MSgt. Carter in her entire life.  Brought up in an upper middle class area, there were a few blacks that she knew but they were quite refined and friendly, quite the opposite of the vile drill sergeant that made the horrid proposition to her at the open house.  Nor had she ever met anyone so uncouth and vulgar, so crude and disgusting, especially when he had come out and told her that “I wanna feel how hot and tight that pussy of yers is around my big black cock, sweetie!”  DeAnn cringed at the image of the big muscular black drill sergeant and couldn’t think of anything so disgusting as to having sex with such an uncouth bastard.

 DeAnn could not fathom the thought and horror of having MSgt. Carter putting his big callused black hands on her petite body.  And from the looks of the vile bastard, she could not expect any gentleness from such a muscular brute who intended on defiling her with his big black penis.  ‘My, God ………………..from the size of him, if his ‘thing’ is proportionate to his body as compared to other men, how will it ever fit in me?’ she wondered.  Of course, her experience was only limited to having touched Tim and had felt his erection on several occasions when the petting between them got hot and heavy.  She had even wondered if she would stretch enough to accommodate Tim the first time they made love and his drill sergeant was a much bigger man physically than Tim.

That Thursday night, MSgt. Reggie Carter just could not believe the conversation that he just had on the phone with Pvt. Dawson’s beautiful fiancée.   He could hear the beautiful bitch sniffling as she tried to discourage him, telling him that he would enjoy it with her because she was so inexperienced and in fact had no experience whatsoever.  “A cheery?  Yer cherry?  A virgin!” he exclaimed in both total disbelief and delight.  ‘The fuck’n bitch thinks that I’d change mind cause she’s a fuck’n virgin!  What a dumb fuck’n cunt she is!  Only makes me want her even more!’ he chuckled as his cock throbbed at the exciting thought of getting to pop the pretty bitch’s cherry.

Complying with the demands and instructions given to her by the drill sergeant, DeAnn took half a day personal leave due to a ‘family emergency’ and caught the shuttle flight that afternoon to the small airport near the base.   Then she took a cab and got let out at the No-Tel Motel, going straight into Room 7 that was ready, waiting and open for her to walk on in, as the drill sergeant had informed her over the phone.  Once in, she was to press the button on the blue and white pager that was to be left next to the phone, which would automatically notify him of her arrival.  Then she could expect his arrival at the motel within fifteen minutes.

For Pvt. Tim Dawson, he had drawn duty that Friday in the communications room along with several others from his unit.  Then MSgt. Carter handed a remote pager that would buzz to apparently give a prearranged signal or message, and was told that “I’ll be in with the Captain right now!  If it buzzes, yer to interrupt and notify me that an ‘urgent’ call came in fer me, got that!”  “Yes, MSgt. Carter!” Tim had snapped back in response.  Little did Tim know that his beautiful fiancée was a mere ten miles away at that instant, just stepping of the small shuttle plane.   And soon, when she took the cab ride and entered the motel room, the pager that he was monitoring would be going off.

For Reggie, it was a turn-on to have the you punk being the one to get the beep from the remote, pressed on the other end by his beautiful fiancée, that she was in the motel room and ready to sacrifice her virtue for the punk’s return home alive.  Interrupted by Pvt. Dawson as to having received an ‘urgent’ call for him, Reggie turned and advised “Captain, please excuse me as I’ve been waiting for this important call!”  Once outside of the Captain’s office, Reggie turned to the young private to advise him “Bring the jeep around as I’ll need you to drop me off in town.

As Pvt. Dawson proceeded to drive the jeep out of the barracks, he listened as MSgt. Carter relayed how his job as drill sergeant often went beyond just training the troops as often concerned family members tried to get involved.  This must have been one of those occasions for the drill sergeant, Tim thought as MSgt. Carter advised “You wouldn’t believe what I have to go through, even being offered money by parents who want me to keep their son or daughter away from the front lines!  All kinds of offers that I have to flat out refuse and tell the family member that I can’t play any favoritism and must treat each soldier equally!  God, you wouldn’t believe the kinds of offers I get!”

Dropping the drill sergeant off in the back of the tavern, Pvt. Dawson circled around the tavern to head on back to the base.  Having gotten back on the roadway in front of the tavern, a movement caught his eye as he observed the drill sergeant walling towards the motel located behind the tavern as both establishments shared the same parking lot.  Slowing, he saw the drill sergeant approach a motel room and enter it.  ‘If all that he told me was true, the drill sergeant apparently wanted me to think that he would meeting someone at the tavern!’ he surmised.  Looking up at the name of the motel, its name full described what one would presume taking place at the No-Tel Motel.  ‘Refusing the offer?  Right!  And bet it sure ain’t a cash transaction being made!  I wonder who’s waiting for him in the room?  Got to be some guy’s wife willing to exchange sexual favors in exchange for special favors afforded her spouse!’ he thought.

Thinking about things, Pvt. Dawson had to question family members having the nerve to even approach the drill sergeant with a proposal, especially if that family member was a soldier’s wife.  ‘He’s got to be the one going to them with a proposition and not the other way around!  God, I wonder who’s the poor sap who’s wife is about to spread her legs for the big bastard?  Geez, he’s so damned big and strong, she might just as well take on a wild bull!’ he mused.  ‘Damn, I bet that black bastard targeted some white guy’s beautiful wife!  That probably gives the fucker an even bigger turn-on in getting to bed some beauty married to a white soldier! He must have spotted some pretty filly at the open house the other week and gave her an ultimatum of fucking him or becoming a widow!’ he concluded.

Little did Pvt. Dawson realize that when he was on the firing line to demonstrate his skills and taking his shot at the target downrange, MSgt. Carter was taking aim at his DeAnn and taking his shot at propositioning her.  Pulling out his wallet and looking at the picture of his beautiful and innocent fiancée, Tim hoped that the deployment would pass quickly so he could return and they would then be tying the knot.  The thought had occurred in moving up their getting married once the unit call up had occurred and the announcement made of their upcoming deployment to the war zone.  But with DeAnn being the only daughter, and with one of her dreams was in having a large wedding reception for family and friends, they had decided to keep their plans of marriage on the same track and not detour from it.

Looking at the picture in his wallet, Tim gazed at her beautiful face and her trim figure, wishing that he could be wherever she was at that very moment to look and stare at her beauty.  Fortunately for Tim that was not to be, for at that very moment his fiancée had tears running down her cheeks, her beautiful face cringing in fear, for her sexy petite body was being fondled by another man.  Tim’s thoughts went back to when they had petted heavily, when his hand had slipped under her blouse and bra for the first time.  He had then pushed up her sweater and was about to suck her left nipple into his mouth when she pushed his head away and put a halt to his advances.  At that instant, just miles back, thick lips were sucking on his lovely fiancée left nipple was she moaning “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………oh, Godddddddd!”

Just miles away, that same sweater that Tim had pushed up when petting his fiancée and attempting to suckle her breast, was now up over her breasts along with her flimsy white bra as Tim’s drill sergeant mauled and suckled at the twin beauties.  The tender pinkish brown nipples that Tim had once touched and caressed, but not yet gotten to suck upon, were been bitten and ravished by his vile drill sergeant.  Large ebony hands were now squeezing at his fiancée’s creamy beauties and already bruises were beginning to form on them.  Saliva now covering the stiffen buds as his drill sergeant’s thick tongue swirled over the sensitive tips to give his DeAnn unwanted pleasure of having her titties sucked upon, so much so that DeAnn was panting for breath as her petite body quivered.

“Oh, please ………………….don’t torture me like thissssssssssssss!” DeAnn pleaded as her body quivered from unwanted pleasure from the  slobbering of the thick tongue teasing her nipples.  With her sweater pulled off her head and arms, bra pulled from her, never before had DeAnn been in a state of undress like this with a male.  Easily lifted off her feet, held tightly by the muscular drill sergeant who had stripped off his uniform top, she was told to rubber her titties over the brute’s burly chest.  ‘You’re doing this for Tim!  You’re doing this for Tim!’ DeAnn kept repeating as she forced herself to comply with the vile bastard.  Hands atop the muscular shoulders, DeAnn then complied with the demand for her to “Wrap yer purty legs around me and lock yer heels together, sweetie!”

After several agonizing moments of having to please the vile drill sergeant by rubbing her sensitive buds over his wiry chest, DeAnn found him walking her over to the table and then she was told to “Stand on the table, sweetie!”  Unlocking her heels, DeAnn placed one foot on the table and then the other.  Pushing up on the muscular shoulders, she then balanced herself up to a standing position on the small table.  She shivered at the touch and feel of the large callused hands pawing at her legs.  Then she began to shudder, gasping, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as the bastard up his head up under her skirt and mouth her right through her lacy white panties.  Weak at the knees, DeAnn reached down for support, clutching at the back of the bastard’s head through the fabric of her skirt as laid her down while lapping at her most sacred spot through her panties.

Pulling the jeep in and turning off the engine, Pvt Tim Dawson took a moment for himself as he looked at DeAnn’s photo once again. Closing his eyes, he wondered what it’d be like on their wedding day when he would not only touch and kiss her nipples but he would then venture further in touching and caressing her body.  ‘Surely she won’t object to me putting my face between her sexy legs and nuzzling her there once we’re married!’ he figured, knowing that it would never happen before the pastor pronounced them as man and wife.  ‘Maybe that first time I’ll start slowly and trace my tongue up her slit through her panties!  I bet she’ll squeal with pleasure when she gets her pussy licked for the first time!’ he surmised.

If Pvt. Dawson was back at the motel where he had dropped off his drill sergeant, he’d have discovered how correct he was as Tim would have heard DeAnn squealing “Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….oooooooooohhhhhhhh!”  Indeed his beautiful fiancée did squeal upon having her sex slit licked through her panties for the very first time in her young life, throwing her head back as her petite body began to rock with uncontrolled spasms resulting from her very first orgasm.  Lights flashing in her head, mind swirling, DeAnn could only shiver with pleasure as Tim’s drill sergeant continued eating her through the thin fabric of her panties.

Delirious at this point, DeAnn was oblivious to her lacy pair of panties being pulled over her trim hips, down her sexy legs, and then off her black heels.  Then her outstretched hands grasped frantically at the table sides as the demented sergeant proceeded to eat some raw pussy.  “Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” DeAnn squealed as the bastard’s thick tongue wiggled right up her clasping pussylips.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” came another mind-shattering orgasm.

Fantasizing in his mind, Pvt. Tim Dawson imagined what it’d be like to be the one to penetrate DeAnn’s virginal pussy and to claim her maidenhead.  ‘Will it be difficult to break her cherry?  Will she squirm about and try to get away?  Will she scream for me to stop?  That I’m hurting her?  Will she push me away, try to stop me from breaking her cherry and consummating our marriage?’ he pondered.  Then Tim thought ‘Waiting this long, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop even if DeAnn begged and pleaded with me to stop!  Will she bleed a lot when her cherry gets broken?   I hope I don’t get too hot and horny and just shove my cock in her to bust her cherry and cause her more pain than necessary!’  But that last thought alone had his cock throbbing and expanding in his pants.

Could Pvt. Tim Dawson be right back in the motel that he had seen his drill sergeant disappear into, he’d have gotten the answers to his questions first hand.  Even if he could not be in the very room itself, he’d definitely have heard DeAnn’s shrilling screams “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………….STOP ………………………..oh, God …………………STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!”  And if he’d have been just outside of the doorway, he’d also have heard the familiar voice of his beautiful fiancée frantically plead “NOOOOOOOOOO ……………………….STOP ……………………….it hursttttttttssssssssss ……………………..………it hurts so baddddddddddd ……………………………..I can’t go through with it ……………..I ……………………………I CAN’TTTTTTTTTT!”

The husky voice of his burly drill sergeant would then be heard laughingly advise “Ain’t no way a fuck’n bulldozer’s gonna git me to pull’s my cock outta yer tight little pussy now, sweetie!  I’s in only three inches but there ain’t no ways in hell anyone gitting me to pull out now …………………not when I’s about to pop that precious little cherry ya’s been saving all these years fer that foolish punk of yers!”  With MSgt. Carter standing at the edge of the table, at where DeAnn’s cute little butt rested, the frightened beauty was desperately grabbing at the sides of the table to pull herself further up the table and off the invading cudgel.  And then the loss of her innocence was loudly announced with the piercing scream “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

For Reggie, the loud squishing sounds from the joint of their union gave evidence as to just how much the beautiful bitch was bleeding from getting her cherry popped!  He had popped a few cherries in his lifetime but this was certainly the most squishy fuck ever!  Withdrawing some, he then lunged once again, causing the innocent bitch to scream out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Reggie now had forced ten full inches up into the sobbing and weeping beauty, and there were still a couple inches more to go.  “Please, no …………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” announced the fact that Reggie had now buried his foot-long dong up into the once virginal twat but now bloodied cunt.

All that blood, squishing out of her clogged cunny each time the thick cherry buster slammed back in, not only were her creamy thighs bloodied but a puddle of blood now formed on the tabletop below.  Grinning with pride, Reggie couldn’t help but chuckle as he thought of the young fool who had unwittingly dropped him off so that he could bang the prick’s beautiful fiancée who was waiting in the motel room.  Then he reached over for his cellphone that was in his pants pocket, then hit the speed dial to connect to the communications office on base.  Upon getting someone to answer, he advised “This is MSgt. Carter!  Is Pvt. Dawson there?  Good, put him on the line!”

With the bitch’s fiancé getting on the line and identifying himself, Reggie advised “Pvt. Dawson, this is MSgt. Carter!  Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting back tonight like I advised you earlier!  This has turned out into a real messy situation!  A real fuck’n bloody mess!  As you’re on duty tomorrow in the early afternoon, I’ll be calling then fer ya to pick me up where ya dropped me off!”  With one hand holding the cellphone up to his ear, the other on the trim right waist of the agonized beauty, Reggie then kept the unsuspecting private on the line as he sawed his bloody prick in and out of the shuddering beauty.  “Pvt., I thank you for time you’ll taking in picking me up on Sunday!  When I’s git back, I’ll see to it that ya git some time on the private phone so ya can call that beautiful fiancée of yers!” he deviously advised.      

Delirious as DeAnn tossed her head from side to side on the table in disbelief, it seemed even worst than the most horrid nightmare imaginable.  She had stared up in total disbelief when the vile bastard had the gall to pick up his cellphone and actually make a call to her fiancé on base.  And as the big rapier pumped in and out of her bleeding slit, the double meaning of the words spoken made her agony even more deplorable.  ‘My God, how can I ever face Tim again?  Having sex with his drill sergeant while Tim is talking to the demented bastard!’ DeAnn wondered.  Then she realized in horror that ‘He’s not wearing any protection!  Oh, noooooo …………………I could get pregnant with his baby ………………..his little black baby!’

Having hung up the phone and setting it aside, Reggie then grasped the trim hips to pull the agonized beauty to him each time he lunged forward to bury his cock deep into her bleeding cunt.  Knowing how innocent the lovely bitch was, as evidenced by the bloody mess between their loins, Reggie couldn’t resist taunting her with “Ya know what the term is fer a purty bitch like ya taking a big black nigga cock fer the first time ………………………………….‘ruined’, heh, heh!  Yeah, bitch ………………….ya jist got yerself  fuck’n ‘ruined’ by Reggie’s Ramrod!  Ya always gonna remember this fuck, sweetie!  Cause no way Pvt. Dawson’s gonna ream out that pussy like I’s jist went and done!”

As the innocent beauty was now splayed out and mewling in pain, Reggie lunged and buried his cock deep as he groaned out “Ahhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………cumming …………………..cumming ………………cumming, bitch ……………………………and I’s gonna knock ya up good!”   Even if he did not succeed in knocking the stupid bitch up, Reggie thought ‘I’s wonder if’n that whiteboy of hers would even want to touch her now that she been niggered by me, heh, heh!’  ‘Can’t believe this beautiful little bitch went and sacrificed her precious little cherry to the likes of me fer helping protect that asshole on deployment!  Dumb fuck’n bitch!’ Reggie mused as he unleashed another spurt of his hot baby making jizz.

Shaking uncontrollably with her entire body racked with horrendous pain, unable to move her widespread legs even after the burly black bastard withdrew his big bloody penis.  “Oooooooohhhh …………………ohhhhhhhh ………………ooooooohhhhh!” DeAnn moaned.  She was unaware of the movement next to her, until a large calloused hand was placed at the back of her head, turning her head to the side of the table.  A thumb at her chin pushed to part her lips, then a wet rubbery shaft was on her lips and pushing itself between them.  As she got the first taste of it, DeAnn struggled to get away in realizing just what the demented bastard was doing to her ……………………making her such his filthy penis while it was still covered with blood from her ruptured hymen!

Strong hands holding her head tightly in place, DeAnn heard the vile bastard laughing at her plight, taunting her with “Like the taste of the cherry coated chocolate popsicle I’s got fer ya?  Suck it, bitch!  Ya outta feel privileged, sweetie ……………..cause not many women git to taste their own cherry juice!  It’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity, heh, heh!”  Then the bastard was sawing in and out of her mouth, actually face fucking her at this point as her hand was grasped by his and being drawn up.  Once her fingers were molded around a large fleshy sac, the bastard laughingly advised “Roll my nuts with those purty fingers of yers!”  Then came the moan as she was advised “That’s it, sweetie …………………….squeez’em and ya’ll soon get some hot whipped cream with yer dessert!”

Getting his digital camera out, leaving the hidden camcorders running, Reggie smiled as he took in the sight that he was about to photograph.  ‘Damn, sure wish that fuck’n punk was here right now to see his purty little fiancée!’ Reggie gloated to himself as he snapped a shot of the beauty lying upon the small table with her legs draped down the front of it and head turned to the side.  Looking at the shot he had taken, Reggie smiled as the picture had clearly captured cum oozing out from between the beauty’s pink lips, both the open pink lips of her mouth and the open pink lips of her widely stretched cunny.  Then he thought ‘Shit, these pictures are priceless!  And she’ll spread those sexy legs fer me any time I’s want, even after she marries the punk, cause she ain’t gonna want him ever seeing these pictures!’

Later, pulled down from table, DeAnn found herself being pulled naked towards the bed.  At each painful step, DeAnn felt a stream of warm liquid flowing down her thighs. Looking down, not comprehending anything, she noticed that it was a foamy pinkish fluid flowing down her legs.  Pushed down upon the bed, her legs were pushed wide apart once again as MSgt. Carter sought to copulate with her once again.  Then she felt the bloated cockhead again at her slit as it pushed right up into her and the second fuck session commenced.  But this time certainly was different as the back of her knees were being cradled in the crook of MSgt. Carter’s arms while his thick penis sliced slowly in and out of her now clenching cunny.

Slow and methodical was what would do the trick in breaking this innocent little bitch as Reggie sliced in and out of the gripping confines of her hot little pussy.  ‘Right now, after having sacrificed her virginity to me, the bitch is justifying things in that the sacrifice was made to save that fuck’n punk of hers!  But when’s I’s give her a fuck’n orgasm, she’ll feel so damned guilty in having enjoyed sex!’ he correctly surmised.  Having cummed twice already, he could keep this up for as long as it took to break this little bitch!  Another long deep stroke to bury his bone deep, Reggie then rotated his crotch so that the bitch would feel his kinky hairs rubbing up against her.

Ten minutes later, Reggie smiled in triumph as the innocent bitch’s hands were clutching at his forearms and he could feel her legs straining against him.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the mewls and whimpers as the bitch fought the urge in responding to the fuck.  But in feeling her cunny squeezing tightly at his slicing cock, Reggie knew that she was near the breaking point.  Feeding her the full length of his cock, pulling out nearly all the way before spearing back into her, he then won upon hearing her scream out in ecstasy “Ohhh, Goddddddddddddd ……………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddd …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

A half-hour later, blinking her eyes from the exhaustive sleep she had fallen into, DeAnn found it difficult to breath with the heavy weight of the black bastard still lying atop of her.  Closing her eyes in shame, DeAnn realized that the bastard still had his ‘thing’ in her.  Trying to expel his nasty manhood, she squeezed her cunny to accomplish the task.  Once, twice, but as she was about to clench her cunny once again ……………..it expanded and throbbed within her!  To her horror, she had awakened the sleeping bastard and he was starting another run at her.  ‘Oh, God, no ……………..don’t let me respond again!’ she shivered as her cunny instinctively began squeezing, unclenching, then squeezing upon the growing manhood.

‘Oh, noooo!  Nooooooooooooooooo!  Don’t let him ……………………make him stop!’ DeAnn shuddered in horror as the fleshy tube within her expanded even further.  But what her mind told her did not correspond with her cunny that kept on clenching and unclenching upon the throbbing stem of flesh, causing it to rise in excitement.  Then the muscular body atop of her began to rock back and forth, cock slicing in and out of her once again, causing DeAnn to bring her trim legs up to wrap them around her black fucker!  “Uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh………….uhhhh ………….uhhh!” came her pants as the new fuck session commenced.

Feeling the sexy legs wrapped around his ass and pulling him in deeper, feeling her petite hands clutching at his biceps with her fingernails digging into his skin, Reggie smiled in knowing that this pretty little bitch was obviously in dire need of another good fuck.  Rearing back till near the end, Reggie then fed her back the full length of his donkey-sized cock.  Hearing her mewls of pleasure as he sawed in and out of her now widely stretched pussy, Reggie knew that this once innocent little bitch would be far from that by the end of the weekend, wondering just how long she could go without cock and how soon she’d step out once the unit got deployed.  His large hands clasping around her trim hips, Reggie got a good grip on the beautiful little bitch and began to give her a good shagging, causing her to moan “Ooooooooh ……………..………….oooooooooh …………ohh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With the pretty bitch mewling continuously with pleasure as he sawed in and out of her hot twat, Reggie taunted “Oh, sweetie, ya’s jist love having a big cock up that hot tight little pussy of yers, don’tcha?  Ya ain’t gonna be able to go long without spreading yer sexy legs fer another fuck!  Jist remember one thing when ya go out looking fer a good fucking, and that’s “Once ya go black, ya can’t go back!”  Soon, in perfect timing with each of Reggie’s lengthy strokes, the once innocent beauty panted out “Uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh ………….uhhhh ………….uhhh………….uhhhh ………….uhhh!”

Getting up to jackhammer speed as he fuck the little bitch, sawing his big black cock in and out of the slushy cunt, Reggie felt her tense and arch up to him, then her heard cry out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………Goddddddddddddddd ……………..oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  As her petite body tensed and shuddered up against him, obviously in the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm, Reggie unleashed another torrent of his hot baby-making jizz deep up in her fertile womb, chuckling as he spurted his hot seed time after time to tell her just how he was “Gonna cum again and make sure’s yer knocked up before leaving here, bitch!  See if’n that punk yer gonna marry can give ya a fuck’n like this, bitch?”  Then Reggie grunted out “Ahhh ………………..ahhhhhh ………………………ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Twitching out the final remnants of the copious amount of seed from his swollen black balls, Reggie glanced up towards the small miniature camcorder and smiled in knowing that all of this had been captured on tape.  It would be something for him to view in the future, and very possibly be used later as blackmail to get the beautiful bitch to submit to him again, for surely she would not like to have the punk she’d be marrying to get wind of such a tape.  Pushing up her leg and bending it at the knee, Reggie then grasped her limp arm and placed her hand on her knee to keep it in place, then proceeded to do the same to her other leg and arm.

Spreading her legs apart, he retrieved his digital camera from his jacket and ordered “Squeeze yer cunny, bitch!  Squeeze out all the cum I’s went and pumped up yer tight little snatch!”  Just a trickle of cum escaped as the bitch was refusing to comply when she saw him aiming his digital camera between her widespread legs.  “C’mon, bitch!  That’s the only protection ya’ve got in not gitting knocked up!  Squeeze that cum outta yer snatch or yers gonna have a little black baby fer sure!” Reggie advised.  “Ah, yeah, that’s it sweetie!  Squeeze ……………….squeeze it!” Reggie encouraged as he snapped a perfect shot of a large dollop of cum oozing out of her well-fucked cunt.

Having arranged for the tavern across the way to provide delivery service for food and drink that evening, as there was no need to rush things, Reggie let the sweet little beauty shower after so many fuck sessions.  Then he got a go at her once again when the innocent beauty smelled so sweet and fresh rather than a sweaty little cumdump after several fuck sessions in a row.  Making sure that she had good food and drink also assured him that the bitch was healthy and revived for more fucking rather than having just a limp doll in his arms.  Naturally, the remorseful bitch did not eat a meal with, but Reggie easily got her to change her mind by advising “If’n ya don’t like the meal I’s ordered, ya can eat more of my black cock, sweetie!”

Following a rather very nice steak dinner and a bottle of champagne brought to the motel that first night, DeAnn then got to learn what it felt to be fucked like a bitch in heat!  Naked and kneeling on all fours on the bed, DeAnn shivered as her dangling titties were first cupped by the large calloused hands and her sensitive nipples were flicked and played with by the bastard’s thick thumbs.  Then her tormentor was shuffling up further behind her to get himself into to the right position, allowing his fuckstick to find its home on its own.  A couple of missed attempts, then DeAnn felt her cunny being parted once again by the drill sergeant’s big black cock.  Sucking in her breath at first, DeAnn then panted “Ooooooooooh …………………ohhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

By the end of the fuck, Reggie knew that this once innocent little bitch had been fully conquered and might just become a hot little whore for cock from here on out.  Flicking at her nipples rapidly, cock pumping in and out at jackhammer speed, the hot little bitch mewled out “Ahhhhh …………..ahhhhh ……….ahhhh …………..ahhhhh ……….ahhhh …………..ahhhhh ……….ahhhh …………..ahhhhh ……….ahhhh!”  Then the petite body beneath him shuddered and quivered as the bitch came while crying out “Godddddd ……………………….oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Then Reggie pumped another huge wad of cum up the bitch’s hot snapping snatch, a lot of which was picked up on the camcorder when it back-flowed out of her gaping cunt when he pulled on out of her.

Twenty-four hours later, DeAnn could not think straight, much less count the number of times the horny drill sergeant had fucked her royally.  Doggie style, missionary style, straddling the black bastard and riding him till he popped his gooey load in her, it just seemed to go on and on with only a short break to eat.  But one particular fuck came back to mind, causing DeAnn to perspire and shudder in hopes that such would not occur again.  Such was the fuck that took place when she was once again on all fours, thinking that she’d be fucked like a bitch in heat again, only far more that she had bargained for.  “Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she had cried out when the black bastard proceeded to sodomize her by shoving his monstrous cock up into her virgin ass.

That Saturday night, after letting the hot water bead off her well-scrubbed and soaped body, DeAnn was surprised when told to put on her dress as they would be going across the parking lot for dinner at the tavern.  Although the troops in training were confined to base this weekend, it appeared as if MSgt. Carter was a regular there as he basically knew everyone at the tavern.  Then, when a burly Mexican stopped by the booth, MSgt. Carter greeted him with “Hey, Miguel, how’s business this weekend?  Grab yerself a seat next to the purty lady there!”  DeAnn soon learned that the lecherous looking Mexican sitting next to her was the owner of the tavern when he asked “Ah, is this the beautiful and fabulous prize you promised Miguel in exchange for the best food and drink my tavern has to offer?”

Horrified at hearing that and seeing the wide grin on the drill sergeant’s face across from her, DeAnn cringed upon feeling the Mexican’s clammy hand being placed on her bare thigh.  As the fat bastard’s pudgy hand began sliding up under her skirt, DeAnn cringed and shuddered but she better than to pull her leg away from the groping Mexican.  Withering about on the cushioned seat, DeAnn could only pant in desperation as the thick pudgy fingers began rubbing at her slit through the fabric of her thin silky panties.  DeAnn reached down to grab the tavern owner’s wrist as his fingers began to sneak their way under the leg band of her panties.

Finger-fucked till she creamed on the thick pudgy finger wiggling about in her twat and rubbing at her clit, DeAnn could barely walk on her rubbery legs as the two men led her to the doorway.  To her horror, the fat Mexican’s arm around her waist had her turning back to face to onlooking patrons in the tavern, then the greasy bastard was holding his hand up in the air to get everyone’s attention to announce “Amigos, I shall be joining my good friend Carter from the army base and this beautiful ‘Puta’ in his room across the way!”

Then the tavern owner said something to the group in Spanish that had them roaring with cheers and laughter.  Not understanding any Spanish, DeAnn mistook the word ‘Puta’ for ‘Woman’, not realizing that she was being referred to a ‘Whore’ to the onlookers.  But the cheers and laughter should have given her some hint otherwise, especially with the fat bastard holding up the pair of white panties that he had stripped down her in the booth after he had fingered her to a climax.  And the announcement made by the tavern owner in Spanish told his patrons to ‘Whoever’s got a hundred dollars on him, get in line to sign-up if you’d like to fuck this whore who’s engaged to a gringo soldier stationed at the base!  Your hundred dollars will even give you seconds, as much as you want till tomorrow afternoon before she flies on home!”

Moments later, DeAnn was cringing with disgust as the fat Mexican’s pudgy hands were on her bare shoulders and pushing her dress down over her shoulders.  Then the bastard had dropped his pants and DeAnn was made to fondle the short oily stub as well as his swollen ball sac.  Thrown upon the bed, shuddering as the fat greasy body rubbed itself atop of her, DeAnn then felt the bastard guiding his short but very fat pecker up against her slit.  Just two days ago she was still a virgin and now she was allowing a second male cock to insert itself up into her.  Lying there in disgust as the greasy bastard labored above her, it was just a short fuck as the horny bastard began grunting like a pig before unleashing his pent up goo deep in her womb.

Late that next morning, after getting a call from his drill sergeant, Cpl. Tim Dawson pulled up in front of tavern where MSgt. Carter stood waiting for him.  In the background were three men exiting the motel room that he had seen his drill sergeant going to the other day upon dropping him off.  “What’s going on over there?” Tim asked while nodding with his head in that direction.  Tim was then advised that “There’s a hot little whore in there and she can’t get enough cock!  But you wouldn’t stick yer dick in that filthy little bitch!  In the past couple hours, I’s seen the bitch spread her legs fer so many guys and when she seems to like nothing better than pumping two additional cocks while she’s getting it, encouraging the guys she’s stroking to pop off on her face!”

Knowing that it could very well be some soldier’s wife in there, Tim listened intently as his drill sergeant added “ In the past couple hours, I’s seen the bitch spread her legs fer so many guys, each guy dumping a fucking load up her twat!  And she seems to like nothing better than pumping two additional cocks while she’s getting humped, even encouraging the guys she’s stroking to pop right off on her face and hair!  Damn, ya couldn’t even recognize the bitch with that thick layer of jizz covering her entire face!  Shit, it had to be a half inch thick of spunk shot all over her face!  Lemme tell ya, that’s one fuck’n whore ya wouldn’t ever wanna touch, cause ya wouldn’t know what ya come away with!  Heh, heh, probably the clap fer sure at this point!”

Knowing the fact that his drill sergeant had gone to that motel room a couple days ago, Tim suspected that the bastard had not only gotten his kicks fucking the bitch but had taken his devious pleasure in forcing her to put out for those other men.  Of course he dared not tell a soul back at the barracks but Tim wished that he knew of the woman’s identity.  ‘Damn, it’d be a turn on in seeing the poor sap back at the barracks, knowing that his wife was putting out in the motel for the likes of Carter’s big black dick as well as those Mexicans I saw going in and out of the motel room.

End of Story.