Deep Dark Secret
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Classroom Conquest 3 & Terrified Teacher 8
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At the young age of 26, Jennifer Harrington looked over at her handsome husband whom she had married just six months ago.  With her husband sound asleep, Jennifer could not help but to shudder in remorse over the horrid events that continued to plague her over the past year.  'I feel so guilty in marrying Tim, deceiving him into thinking that he was marrying someone innocent and perfect for him!' she thought.

'I …………………I should have told Tim …………………confess to him as to what had happened to me a year ago …………………then I wouldn't have been blackmailed into this horrid mess!' Jennifer told herself.  'How can one horror turn into another …………time and time again?' she wondered.  It had all begun when she had innocently hired Dwight Nelson, one of her rather nerdy high school students, to help her move from her apartment.  But in her innocence Jennifer did not know how disastrous that would turn out to be, changing her life forever.

Jennifer knew that the nerdy Dwight Nelson had crush on her,  but thought that it was a mere schoolboy crush.  She knew the young teen's crush on her was part of the reason he had taken up the job offer to help her move.  But little did Jennifer know of the teen's devious friend, Nate Thompson, a black classmate of his and to whom he had confided his innermost feelings.  When she had answered Tim's call on her cellphone, Jennifer had stepped away from the can of pop that she was drinking, allowing Dwight to take the potent knock-out drug provided by Nate and drop it into her drink.


Drowsy from the potent drug, Jennifer was then assisted to the bed by her lusting student.  Groggy, she could only lay there as Dwight admitted his devious black friend into her apartment.  Lying helplessly on her bed, Jennifer could only shudder in fear and horror as she was being stripped of her clothing, baring her untouched and innocent body to the lusting teens.  Legs limp and spread wide, the nerdy Dwight climbed up onto the bed while his black friend filmed it all.  The virginity Jennifer had preserved for the man she would marry was about to taken from her.

It was just sheer agony for Jennifer at that point, unable to help herself as the vile students from her high school proceeded with their vile plan to defile her.  Virginity lost to her clumsy young student as he anxiously stabbed into her, puncturing the precious hymen she had protected all these years.  Stupefied by the blood on his cock, Dwight Nelson did not realize his crowning achievement, until his buddy Nate literally had to explain the 'ABC's' of it all and that he had just 'popped yer teach's precious cherry'.

Hearing of his unbelievable feat, the nerdy Dwight began celebrating by excitedly humping faster and faster in his beautiful high school teacher as she wept in shame.  Dwight was then spurred on by his devious friend, encouraged on by his black buddy to 'give her a wedding present and knock her up good!'  Excited beyond belief, having never before possessed a woman, Dwight Nelson could not hold back for very long as his balls constricted and then began churning out his youthful seed into his beautiful teacher.

Raped of her virginity, Jennifer could only lie there with legs widespread with her student's vile semen oozing out of her raped slit.  Then to add to her horror, Jennifer watched as Dwight moved to get off the bed and exchange places with his black friend.  Her eyes bulged with fear as the sneering Nate Thompson approached, fisting the enormous black fleshy rod that jutted out from between his loins.  It was quite obvious that he too intended on raping her, only with something twice as big as what Dwight Nelson had forced up into her body.

"Shit ………………you're gonna kill her with that thing!" Jennifer heard Dwight exclaim, causing her to tremble in absolute fear as she gazed upon the still growing member.  Tears pouring out of her eyes, weeping as the black teen climbed up onto the bed and between her still widespread legs, Jennifer shivered as the fleshy bulb was traced its way along her bleeding slit.  "Mmmmm ………………….mmmmphhhhhhhhh ………………………nnnnnnnnnnn!" came her muffled scream from under the teen's callused hand as he forced his monstrosity up into her ravaged body.

What turned out to be even more of a horror for Jennifer was the betrayal of her own body as the lengthy black cock sliced in and out her ravaged slit.  Body quivering uncontrollably, cunt muscles squeezing tightly upon the raping cock, Jennifer soared into outer space as a mind-shattering orgasm rocked her petite body.  And then her womb was once again being flooded by hot sticky jizz, only this time it was by the black teen gloating at the thought of possibly being responsible for putting an unwanted baby in her tummy.

After being violated repeatedly throughout the day, Jennifer was just too ashamed to report the rape to the police, feeling so humiliated at what had taken place in her apartment.  Not wanting to endure the hideous questions in which she would have to go over all the vile details of her rape, Jennifer also could not stand the thought of having Tim learn that she was no longer pure and virginal.

Not one to lie when asked a question, Jennifer could not help but to wonder and ask herself that if she did report the rape, would the question be posed 'Did you have an orgasm during the rape?'  And so, Jennifer kept the deep dark secret of her violation to herself, hoping that the two teens would not go bragging about their triumphant conquest to their classmates.  But she did not realize that by not turning the two teens in for the vile rape, it emboldened their confidence and desire to sample her charms once again.

With the school year finally over with, Jennifer was finalizing the move to the new home that she and Tim would share together immediately following the planned wedding.  Having picked up her wedding gown, she then took it to the new home in preparation for the upcoming event, as she planned to dress there before going to the church.  Upon her arrival, Jennifer was then accosted by the two teens who had broken into the house to pay her another visit.

The prior rape was horrid enough, but on this occasion Jennifer was forced to put on her veil and wedding gown that she had just picked up, forced to her knees in order to blow the evil teens.  Sucking the filth out of their churning balls, she was then thrown upon the soon-to-be 'marital' bed and raped repeatedly upon it while still dressed in her wedding gown.  Finally, after the vile teens had vented their lust for her that day, Jennifer found herself looking up at the ceiling ………………….body and wedding gown covered with sticky white splotches of male cum.

Severely depressed and ashamed, unable to forgive herself for climaxing time and again while being raped in her wedding gown, Jennifer came to the conclusion that she just had to call off the wedding at that point.  Trying to gather her thoughts and brave herself in breaking the news to Tim, it was then that the newscast on the television caught her attention.  On the screen, it showed the fiery car crash that had killed two students from the high school where she taught.  And then the teens were identified on the news …………………..that of Nate Thompson and Dwight Nelson, the two teens that had raped her.

With that newscast announcing that her two teen rapists were no longer alive to torment her further, Jennifer then felt a sense of relief as if the world had just been lifted from her shoulders.  With pictures of the crash scene showed that everything had been burnt to a crisp, it meant that the incriminating tape of her vile rape by the two teens no longer existed.  Or so Jennifer had thought, not realizing that the teens had made another and had it stored in a school locker.

As the summer drew to an end, married just a month to Tim, happiness was short-lived for Jennifer as she discovered that she was already six-weeks pregnant.  With a contraceptive used in lovemaking with her husband, plus the length of her pregnancy period, the only explanation was that the baby had been conceived prior to the wedding date.  That one of the vile teen rapists had fathered the baby now growing in her tummy.

In addition to Jennifer's distressful discovery of her pregnancy, the copy of the incriminating tape was about to be uncovered by Leon Smith, the new janitor at the high school.  Unfortunately for Jennifer, she had already caught the eye of the horny janitor when the faculty had met in the auditorium.  Upon his viewing of the tape entitled 'Popping Miss Emerson's Cherry', Leon readily recognized the woman being raped on the film as the newly married, Mrs. Jennifer Harrington.

Worst of all, having viewed the incriminating video, Leon was intent on sampling some of the goodies that the two teen rapists had obviously enjoyed immensely shortly before their untimely demise.  And Mr. Smith had recently begun to follow her in hopes of learning her routine.  The timing was quite unfortunate for Jennifer as she led him right to the out of town abortion clinic where she had made an appointment.  With Leon Smith breaking into the facility one night, her record of the abortion was then in his hands.

Armed with the incriminating tape and abortion records, the bold janitor now had an unbreakable stranglehold upon the beautiful high school teacher.  Leon correctly surmised that her husband was totally clueless as to the deep dark secrets that his beautiful wife harbored within her.  And with that, Leon became quite brave and bold, enough to make one of his all time fantasies come true.  Looked down upon as the lowly janitor, he had always felt far beneath the faculty members at the high school.

Cornered and confronted by the devious janitor in the privacy of her own classroom, unwilling to have her husband or anyone else learn of her being raped nor that of her aborting the baby created by the vile teens, Jennifer was then forced to make Leon's hideous fantasy come true.  Forced to disrobe at the front of the classroom where she normally stood while conducting class each day, Jennifer could only shudder in shame as the black janitor ogled her sexy body.

For Leon Smith, ordering the trembling beauty to clear her desk and then to climb up onto it, he then began shedding his clothes so he could fulfill his fantasy of giving this beautiful teacher the fucking of her life ……………………right upon the her own desk!  Sporting the stiffest hardon ever, Leon moved to the desk to caress the soft ivory skin of the shuddering beauty.  Climbing up onto the desk, atop of the petite and beautiful high school teacher, his fantasy then came true as he stuck it to her.

What a fantastic thrill it was as Leon heard the sobs and mewls of the beautiful teacher as he forced his throbbing black bone up into her tight little slit.  "Ahhhhhhhhh ………..owwwwwwwww ………………big ………….too bigggggg ……….too bigggggggggg!  Its stretching me …………….it hurts …………… hurts …………….its to bigggggggg!" he heard her sob in pain, his cock giving a twitch of excitement.  "Stop …………….stop …………….it won't fit ……………..its too biggggggg!" she had cried out, but it just served to turn him on even more.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhh ……………ohhhhhhhh!" Jennifer had groaned as the vile man gave a brutal shove forward, forcing several inches of solid black meat into her ravaged cunt.  With the horny janitor pumping his big black cock in and out of her, rubbing up against her sensitive clit each time, Jennifer could no longer control her body.  Wrapping her arms and legs around the blackmailer, she then screamed out as he shot his hot load into her, sending her into another world at the same time.

Weeks later, after leaving the sexy teach alone to ponder when he'd blackmail her for sex once again, Leon then sought to fulfill another fantasy that had been building up in his mind as he dreamt of fucking her once again.  Then, accosting her in the hallway at the high school, Leon enjoyed seeing her face pale when he made his next vile demand upon her.  As she and her husband had plans to go to a restaurant that evening, he told her that he was going to fuck her right in her own home when she and her husband got home that night.

For Jennifer, feeling no choice but to go along with the demands of her blackmailer, she slipped the potent drug into Tim's drink upon returning home from dinner.  With Tim passed out on the bed in the master bedroom, she then admitted the vile janitor into her home.  Jennifer knew that she had to submit to him once again but in the spare bedroom, allowing him to satisfy his lust here, or so she had thought and hoped.  Jennifer would soon find out just how demented Leon Smith could be, pulled into the master bedroom and forced to submit on the bed right next to her unconscious husband.

So horrid was this vile mating with her blackmailer, with Tim lying just a foot away, yet Jennifer felt a wild and exciting sensation coursing throughout her body.   The wickedness of it all, being fucked by the janitor's big black with her husband so nearby gave her a mind-shattering orgasm like never before.  Headboard thumping against the wall as she arched up to get the thick length fully within her, it was as if Jennifer wanted the noise to waken Tim so he could witness what was taking place on their marital bed.

Jennifer vividly recalled all the details of that evening, especially the taunting from her blackmailer as she humped back onto his sturdy prong.  "Yeah, baby ……….yeah!  You love it, don't you, bitch?  You love being fucked like a bitch!" he had taunted.  Jennifer recalled how she had shuddered, then convulsed, causing her to yell you "Yes ………..yes ………..fuck me …………fuck me!  Cummingggggggg ………….cumminggggggg ……………..I'm cummingggggg!"  And then she heard him groan loudly as he proceeded to spew his hot cum deep in her womb.

Now with a month and a half-later passing and no further confrontation with Leon Smith, Jennifer prayed that the vile janitor's lust for her body had been sated and that he would no longer make any demands upon her.  But deep down, Jennifer knew that it was just wishful thinking on her part, knowing that the vile man would never stop demanding lewd sex from her.  She just wondered what vile demand he would make next. Having gone so far to prevent Tim or anyone else from discovering her dark secret, Jennifer could not let her efforts to date go down the drain.

Trying to keep her composure, not wanting to let on as to the stress and fears she was under, Jennifer busied herself in correcting school assignments and also attending high sport functions that the faculty were encouraged by the principal to attend.  Having played high school basketball when he was young, Tim seemed to enjoy accompanying her to all the games, especially with Wilson High a top rated team and predicted to win the State title that year.

In the remedial math class that she taught, Jennifer had the star of the team who was in his junior year and needed to pass basic math in order to get through high school.  Standing at an even 7' tall, Jamal Johnson was obviously the tallest player on the team and in the entire nation for that matter.  With his prowess on the court, Wilson High was a big favorite to take it all and was in the top three of a national ranking of high school teams.

That Friday evening, as she and Tim entered the gym and walked along the side of the court to get to the bleachers, they stopped abruptly as Jamal Johnson chased down a ball in front of them.  As the teen grabbed the loose ball, he stood up tall and smiled "Oops!  Sorry, Missus Harrington!"  Jennifer returned the smile and commented "Good luck tonight, Jamal!  Win!  Okay?"  As the teen was about to head back towards the team, he replied "I's gonna win this game …………………..jist fer ya, Missus Harrington!  Jist fer ya ………..I's gonna put a whopping on'em fer ya ……………..and by more than ten points!"

Little did Jennifer realize there was a double meaning to the last statement that Jamal had made to her.  Jamal had been getting money slipped to him on the side by the janitor who was betting big on Jamal and Wilson High's basketball fortunes.  Though he wasn't actually in on the take, refusing to shave points for Leon Smith, Jamal did try his best to beat the point spread that the janitor informed him of.

For this game, Leon had dangled an extra incentive for him if he made sure that Wilson won by more than the ten point spread.  When Leon asked "Hey, Jamal!  Ya's in Mrs. Harrington's math class, ain't ya?"  "Yeah!  Why's ya ask?" Jamal had inquired.  "She's sure a purty little thing, ain't she?" Leon responded.  To that comment, Jamal certainly had to agree.  In fact, when in her classroom, Jamal could not help but to eye up her trim sexy white legs whenever he had a chance.

"No fuck'n way!  No fuck'n way!" Jamal had exclaimed in total shock and surprise when Leon told him that he'd see to it that Mrs. Harrington would drop her panties for him if he made sure the spread was beaten that night.  After nearly bumping into his pretty teacher in the pre-game warmup, Jamal had returned to his team sporting a raging hardon beneath his thin uniform.  He was fortunate that the warmup period was over at that point, using the basketball to hide his boner from the spectators.

"Wow, that Jamal sure is a stud, honey!  Did you see that way he creamed that guy and swatted the ball al the way up into the stands?  Jezz ……………………look at him ………….he's really on a mission tonight!"  Tim Harrington commented after Jamal's tenth block shot of the night.  Tim had never seen the likes of a player like Jamal as even some pro scouts attended all his high school games.  There were talks already that Jamal would be the #1 draft pick by the pros following his senior year in high school.

At the end of the game, Wilson had beaten their opponent 88-66 with Jamal Johnson blocking 14 shots and scoring 34 points himself.  As Jennifer was stepping off the bottom bleachers, she was approached by her very happy student as he exclaimed loudly "I's told ya I'sd win that game fer ya, Missus Harrington …………………..jist fer ya!"  "Thank you, Jamal!  You were terrific!  Just terrific!  Congratulations!" she had innocently replied, not knowing what he truly meant by that comment.

"Oh, Jamal …………… my husband Tim!" he heard his beautiful teacher say.  Smiling at the woman's husband who came up to his chest level, Jamal gave the man a hard handshake, one that the man would feel as to just how much power was behind his muscular 7' tall frame.  It was a rather odd sensation for Jamal, shaking the hand of the man who's beautiful wife he had been promised to him for beating the point spread.

After breakfast the next morning, Tim kissed his beautiful wife goodbye as he headed on out for his regular Saturday round of golf.  About to go into the garage, Tim turned to look back at his lovely wife as she exited the glass sliding door to do some gardening in the backyard.  Tim smiled as his petite wife looked so cute in her gardening outfit comprised of a white blouse, blue shorts, and a pair of funky blue sneakers.

A few minutes later, after Tim had departed for the golf course, Jennifer heard the phone ring and rushed to get the extension out in the back patio.  A shudder of horror and fear coursed through her body upon hearing the familiar voice of the tormenting janitor who she so detested, fearing that she would have to submit to him once again.  "Where are ya now, sweetie?" she heard him ask.  Trembling, Jennifer replied "Out ………………out in the backyard ……………to do some gardening!"

"Would ya like some big black cock again, Mrs. Harrington?" Leon asked the stammering beauty as Jamal Johnson listened in on the conversation.  "I didn't hear ya, sweetie!  Cat got yer tongue?" he pried.  After a bit of silence, a response came "Ye …………………yes!"  "How about a real big one ……………….ya ever seen one bigger than what I's gave ya?  Huh, sweetie?" he asked.  "No ……………………no!" came her reply as Jamal then exited the janitor's car and made his way to the side of the house.

As Jennifer listened to the demented janitor, hearing him tell her how she'd scream and whine if she ever came across a cock bigger than his, she thought that he was merely bragging at the size of his manhood.  Preoccupied with the phone call, Jennifer did not hear the wooden gate being opened, nor the approaching footsteps of 7' tall Jamal Johnson.  Jennifer was then puzzled by Leon Smith's inquiry of "Did ya git that big present I sent over to ya yet?  Not yet ………………..well, it should be real soon ………………..real soon, sweetie!"

Jennifer was puzzled as the dialtone suddenly came on, indicating that Leon Smith had just hung up the phone.  Hanging up the phone, Jennifer wondered as to what the janitor was getting at before ending the call.  Turning, Jennifer suddenly bumped into the muscular black frame standing immediately behind her, causing her to loudly gasp "Jamal …………………my God …………………what ………………what are you doing here ……………….at my home?"

"Came to git my prize, Missus Harrington ……………………….fer winning the game by more than ten points last night!  I's thought he was shitting me ……………till I's heard ya talking to Leon ………………….telling him how ya like having a big black cock stuffed up into ya!  Ya's sure had me fooled …………………..never suspected ya being a fuck'n little whore fer black cock …………………but guess ya's jist a slutty white whore ……………………ain't ya, Missus Harrington!" Jamal advised.

Stunned speechless as she looked up at the widely grinning face of her towering black student, Jennifer shivered in fear as the bold teen touched her arms and drew them forward towards him. Fingers coming into contact with the silky basketball shorts Jamal was wearing, Jennifer's fingers could feel the thick manhood pulsating beneath the bulge of the thin material.  Instinctively, her fingers squeezed at the meaty tube, then she began to trace down its lengthy form.

With her gaze now focused down upon the bulging pair of shorts as her fingers continued stroking at the teen's muscle, Jennifer was panting for breath.  'My God ……… God ……………….it's HUGE!' the thought raced through her mind as she squeezed upon it.  As her fingertips caressed the bloated head, Jennifer realized that it was still growing in length beneath his shorts.  And that if she eased the confining edge of the short's leg, the meaty bone would then be making its appearance out into the open.

Unable to resist the wicked temptation, Jennifer's fingers pushed the edge of the tight shorts up over the bloated cocked, giving it an escape route from beneath the confining material.  Immediately upon beginning its escape, Jennifer's right hand captured the slithering black serpent, grasping it with her trim manicured fingers and squeezing it tightly in her palm.  A foot long and yet it was still growing in length as Jennifer's jaw dropped in sheer astonishment.

Left hand grasping and stroking a portion of the meaty length through the silky pair of shorts, right hand grasping the bared boner to make an awesome contrast of black and white.  'My God …………….it's unbelievable …………………it's not humanly possible!' Jennifer thought.  But seeing, along with feeling it continue to grow under her ministrations, there was no mistaking the fact that her teenage student had something that was one of a kind.

For Jamal Johnson, he normally could keep a good boner up for a long period of time before losing control.  But this was no ordinary slut handling his proud weapon.  This was the pretty Mrs. Harrington ……………….the most beautiful teacher in the school ………………..a supposedly happily married woman handling his cock.  He had always eyed her up from his seat in the classroom.  Now there was only one sight that he wanted to see …………….that of his pretty high school teacher down on her knees and sucking on his throbbing wang.

Pushed down onto her knees, Jennifer thought her jaw would be dislocated as she tried desperately to open her lips wider in order to accommodate the girth of her student's bloated cockhead.  Using her left hand to push back the leg opening of the silky pair of shorts, she was now pumping the grotesque length with both hands on the sticky piece of dark meat, watching intently as a pearly drop of fluid began to appear, getting bigger and bigger.

As the pearly fluid was about to drip from its leaky faucet, she flicked the tip of her tongue up against the flaring pisshole to capture it.  Swirling her tongue about in her mouth to savor its taste, Jennifer's mind wandered back to a time years ago at her grandfather's farm where she got to witness the size of a donkey's tool as it proceed to mate.  Indeed, this part of her teenage student's anatomy was quite comparable in both length and thickness to that donkey on her grandfather's farm.

Fingers entwined in his pretty teacher's silky brown hair, Jamal groaned loudly "Ah, teach …………………..ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, teach ………………..yer so fuck'n purty ………………….so beautiful!  Ahhhhh ……………………..yeahhhhhh ……………………..that's it ……………………that's it …………………….oh, yeah ……………………suck it ………………….suck it!"  Looking down, he panted "Look up ………………….look up at me, Missus Harrington!  I's wanna look into yer beautiful eyes when I's cum in yer purty mouth!"

With six inches invading her widely stretched mouth, Jamal wanted to push his throbbing dong all the way down her throat.  But he knew she'd never be able to take it down her throat, not without passing out or killing her from being unable to breathe.  Only one woman had taken his boner down her throat but nearly died, blacking out in the process ……………………and she was a fuck'n pro who walked the streets and did it for a living.  With the pretty Mrs. Harrington sucking him off, the last thing Jamal wanted was to have her passing out on him.

And then it happened!  The tall high school student let his cock burst in his teacher's fully stuffed mouth.  He hear her gurgling, saw the whites of her eyes, then pulled back some till just the tip of his cockhead remained between her pink lips.  Streams of his thick cum began oozing out from her nostrils as there had been no other place for his gooey load to go when she was choking on it.  Now, as he continued spurting into her mouth, his thick jizz began pouring out over her lips and down her chin.

As the now depleted cock slipped off her bottom lip, Jennifer continued to kneel on the concrete patio in a dazed stupor as strings of cum continued to drip from her chin.  Front of her blouse completely drenched, blue shorts discolored from the wet fluid, dribbles of cum ran down her thighs to puddle on the concrete.  It was as if the donkey-sized cock had unleashed a quart full of the sticky stuff and the teen's manly smell was overwhelming.

Pulled up and taken by the hand to the patio door by the towering student, Jennifer pulled back some as she stammered out "I ………………I can't go in there like this!  I …………………..I ………………….I'm sopping wet and dripping all over!"  As the tucked in blouse was pulled up out of her shorts, Jennifer instinctively raised her arms up as Jamal pulled the wet garment off.  Being at home to work in the garden, she had taken the liberty of not wearing a bra and now her damp titties were being cupped by the excited teen.

Shorts undone by her student and panties pushed down over her trim hips, Jennifer stepped out from the puddled garments as Jamal pulled her into the kitchen.  She was now clad in only her light blue tennis shoes.  Jennifer noticed that her student was obviously quite excited again as his donkey-sized cock began to jut straight out once more.  With her titties mouthed by the eager teen, Jennifer was then pulled down onto the hardwood floor of the kitchen.

Miles away at the Firwood Country Club, Tim Harrington chatted with his golfing buddies, telling them of the exciting Wilson High School's basketball team.  "I met Jamal Johnson last night!  Damn, he really put the hurt on Merton High last night ………………blocking fourteen shots!  Man, it was like looking up at the ceiling when my wife introduced me to her student!  Never seen anyone so tall ………………..nor so BLACK, for that matter!  Guy's black at night!" Tim told his friends.

As the conversation continued about the basketball phenom, relating it back to his high school days, Tim advised "Sure glad the players during my time were a foot shorter than that big buck!  What a show he put on the hardwood floor last night!  Damn, he just kept pounding the guys into the floor as if he was on some kind of mission!  Imagine that black buck nailing you, throwing all his weight and 7' frame behind it!"


Ironically, at that very moment, Jamal Johnson was displaying his 'A' game on the hardwood floor once again.  Only this time, it was a sport that he enjoyed far more than basketball, that game to which he like to refer to as 'Pussy Plundering'!  If only Tim Harrington knew that the hardwood floor in his own home was where Jamal was currently displaying his talents.  And at that very instant his beautiful wife Jennifer was literally being nailed to the hardwood with Jamal slamming his full weight and 7' frame into his petite wife.

"Ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh!" came the groans from the Harrinton's kitchen as inch after lengthy inch was stuffed up into Jennifer's way too tight slit.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………….oh, Jamal ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as her student tried to do the impossible ……………………..that of getting the full length of his donkey-sized cock up into her.

It would have been quite a sight for Tim Harrington had he been able to see into his kitchen at that moment.  All that would be visible of his lovely wife would be her trim white arms and legs embracing the big black body of the 7' tall teenager.  Tim would only be able to identify Jennifer at that moment by the familiar pair of light blue sneakers that he had seen her wearing before leaving home.  He'd also be wondering if his wife dropped a carton of milk on the kitchen floor, especially upon viewing that pool of white fluid spreading about in a large circle.

Tim Harrington's golf game was met with frustration that day as his putting on the green was quite miserable.  Put after put, his strokes just weren't accurate to get it in or even near the hole.  But it was so much different back at his house, on the very bed that he and Jennifer shared together, as his beautiful wife was getting her 'pussy plundered by Jamal Johnson.  His wife's high school student stokes were straight and true, in and out of her tight wet hole.  Blue sneakers peeled of her feet, the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Harrington was totally in the buff for the 7' stud to enjoy.


Later, when one of his golfing buddies commented about Jamal Johnson possibly becoming the number one draft pick after his senior year of high school, Tim replied "Well, if he manages to graduate from high school next year!  According to Jennifer, he's really got a problem in math!  He's got to get basic math down and pass that course in order to get his high school diploma!  Apparently he can count only up to fifty …………………the number of points he had scored in one game!"

But at that moment, Jamal was far above the high of the 50 points he had scored in one game.  Jamal was currently on the number '69'!  In fact, he was the one teaching this particular math course, showing his pretty high school teacher what that number really meant.  With his tongue flicking about in his teacher's juicing quim, he had her quivering uncontrollably as he tongued her sensitive clit.  As his teacher skyrocketed off in her orgasm, Jamal filled her mouth with hot jizz, then pulled out to spray his remaining load onto her pretty face.

End of Story.