Degraded Young Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Star Player - VII
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Sitting in front of her mirror, combing her long blonde hair, Amber somberly looked at herself in the reflection of the mirror.  She couldn't believe the change that had taken place within her over just the past three months.  Looking to the side of the mirror, she saw the reflection of the master bed that she shared with her husband, the bed on which she had been 'ruined' when taken by force by the devious black teen.  But what shamed her most was the fact that she had not been forced the second time that she had shared the bed with the lusting teen.

Amber had been married to Bob Barnes for just over 17 years and she had been quite true to him throughout their marriage - up until that eventful day three months ago.  Now it seemed as if the muscular black teen had some kind of hold on her, making her unable to resist his sexual advances or demands.  'God, what would Bob think of me if he ever found out?  He'll surely divorce me on the spot if he ever learns that I let a black boy fuck me willingly!' she told herself.  She wanted to believe her thoughts that she could refuse Reggie from here on, but deep down she knew that she was helpless once he touched her.  She was thankful for the events of this past week, thankful that she had suffered a miscarriage.  She would certainly be unable to explain to Bob in giving birth to a little black baby.

'God, how can I be such a wanton slut?  What's become of me?' she asked herself repeatedly.  'A successful interior designer, respected member of the community and women's league - yet, a whore for black cock!' she chided herself.  Starring at the king-sized bed through the mirror, Amber could just imagine what a sight it had been with her trim white legs widespread and encircled around the teen's muscular black butt.  Her 5'4", 118 lb. frame, certainly would have provided a sight to see coupled with Reggie's 6'5" 220 lb. coal black body.  As her mind drifted, Amber unconsciously slipped a hand under her negligee and under a leg band of her lacy panties, a finger dipping into her wet slit to massage her sensitive clit.  A moment later, her petite body shuddered in an orgasm while mentally picturing the black teen humping up and down into her.

At the age of 18, Reggie Brown had all the talent needed for a promising career in baseball.  He had taken the team to the state championship and scholarship offers had come pouring in.  Even professional teams had come scouting and it appeared a certainty that a professional offer would come his way.  But in the past couple of months, everything took a turn in the opposite direction.  His test scores were far below acceptable and then came the failing grades in math and science, causing the scholarship offers to be withdrawn.  Soon there were no further contacts by the various college coaches that had been calling him each week nor would they return his calls.  Frustrated and upset, he stupidly got drunk one night and beat up a white boy who taunted him on failing the two classes.  With the assault charges pending, the professional teams also quit calling.

Reggie was getting desperate for money as all the free handouts stopped coming his way once his prospects of being a college star or professional athlete faded away.  It was when he spent the three weeks sentence in the slammer that his new profession came to light.  The jail was filled and he shared a cell with three other blacks, all three of which had been in jail many a time.  When the subject of sex came up, the eldest cellmate who was about 60 years old told Reggie that he always dreamed of getting it on with some beautiful white babe, that it'd be doubly good if she was married to some punk white boy.  When the two other cellmates chirped in that they'd pay a hell of a lot for that pleasure also, Reggie's mind began to churn.

Before Reggie left his cellmates for the outside world, he had learned where each could be reached once they were out of the slammer.  He had told them that he could make their dreams come true, that they'd better save up some bucks as it'd cost them.  When he described the physical attributes of the lovely Mrs. Amber Barnes, adding in the fact that she was married to a white boy, Reggie knew he had three paying customers for his new profession.  From now he would be Reggie the Pimp.

After three long weeks in the county jail, Reggie was relieved to be out into society again.  It was a Saturday as he headed out to the bar that served him, regardless of the fact that he was underage.  After that first needed beer, he went to the pay phone and dialed, then spoke "I need a good fuck, bitch!  I'm in the bar next to the Wayward Motel!  I'll be watching for you to drive up and check in!"  As he was getting a response of refusal, he merely hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" asked Bob Barnes as he bit into his sandwich.  "Oh, just Jennifer calling for me to meet her at the mall so we could spend some time chit-chatting and shopping!  I know you want to watch the ball game so it'll allow me to get out of your hair!" Amber lied.  "I'll probably be a bit late, so why don't we just go for some pizza when I get back?" she asked, seeing her husband nod in agreement.

In her bedroom, Amber bit her bottom lip as she stripped off her blouse and shorts, trying to select the appropriate clothing from her closet.  She decided upon a nice summer dress and heels, knowing she would be a bit overdressed to go to the mall with and hoped that Bob would not even notice.  Just as the game started, she yelled out a 'goodbye' to Bob and as she had surmised, her husband merely kept his eyes glued to the television and grunted out an acknowledgment.

In checking into the motel, Amber was presented with a choice of two double beds or a more expensive room with a king-sized bed in it.  Without any hesitation, she chose and paid for the room with the king-sized bed.  Before entering the motel room, Amber nervously looked about, praying that none of her friends happened along by chance to see her drive in and enter the motel room.  Once in the room, she looked about the meager surroundings and thought 'Oh, God!  What am I doing here?  Why was I helpless to refuse his demand?"  Quickly she grabbed her purse to leave immediately.  But she froze at the sound of the doorknob being turned.

Reggie smiled as he entered the motel room, seeing the lovely Mrs. Barnes trembling as he approached her.  Unzipping his pants and pulling them down some to reveal his growing monstrosity under the jockeys he had on, Reggie muttered loudly “Ohhhh, baby ………………….I’ve dreamt of you every night while I was in the slammer!  Oh, baby, come and get a good feel of a 'real man'!  Git at taste of some juicy black cock!”  Amber's eyes widened as Reggie approached her and expected her to perform a deed that she had absolutely refused her husband.  Yet she had not refused this confident young man when he had demanded it of her earlier and she was powerlessly to refuse him again.

Unable to refuse, Amber dropped to her knees before the approaching young stud, then reached out and proceeded to caress his hidden manhood before reaching in to grasp the thick piece of man-meat.  Her head was then being firmly held tight in the large hands of the teen and she could only close her eyes in shame as she felt the thick rubbery cockhead prod at her tightly clenched lips, trying to force its way between her teeth.  The relentless pressure forced her to part her lips and open her mouth to admit the thick rubbery cockhead into her mouth.  Her eyes bulged as the thick cockhead forced itself into her throat, making it difficult for her to breathe.  Unconsciously, Amber let her tongue flicker about to explore the invading object, swiping her wet tongue over and over around the plum-sized cockhead.

“Ohhh, yeessss ……………….ohhh, that’s the way, Mrs. Barnes!” Reggie groaned.  Amber was amazed at the power she had over this muscular teen for the moment, having him groaning with the teasing of her tongue.  Another lick of her pointed tongue had Reggie groaning, his cockhead throbbing wildly in the confines of her tightly sucking mouth.  With the tip of her tongue, Amber teased his pisshole, teasing the tip of his cockhead until the taste his pre-cum juice coated her tongue.  Then Amber began to bob her head up and down faster and faster, taking his cock in to its hilt, deep into her throat.

Reggie maintained his tight grip in her long blonde hair, forcing the lovely young wife to gobble more and more of his thick black cock.  How he wished that her white punk husband could see his beautiful wife at this very moment.  He knew he had this beautiful bitch under his thumb, feeling her soft white hands stroke the length of his throbbing black cock, using her hands to pump him faster and faster. "Suck me, bitch!" he ordered.  He groaned as he felt her comply, tonguing his pulsing cockhead, as she then looked up into his eyes as he moaned with pleasure.

Reggie groaned as he looked down into the eyes of the beautiful Mrs. Barnes staring up at him as she tongued and bobbed her head on his cock in earnest.  Never had he felt anything so damned fantastic in his live, this being the best blow-job ever to be experienced.  “Ohhhhhhh, Mrs. Barnes …………………..ohhh, yesssss ……….fuckkkkkkkkkkkk ………….eat me!” he groaned, his fingers gripping tightly into her soft blonde hair.  "Oh, baby ………………eat it ………… it …………… all my nigger cum!" he groaned as his body shuddered, cock exploding into the hot sucking mouth.  Reggie was totally exhausted as the lovely beauty continued sucking his black cock as it spewed spurt after spurt of his thick cum into her mouth.

Pushed back into a sitting position on the motel room floor, Amber was in a daze as she looked at the dwindling black cock that she had just sucked off, licking her lips to savor the taste of his manhood.  Then she touched herself through her dress, looked up at the grinning teen, pleading "Please ……………please, Reggie ……………ohhhh, I need it so badly!"  When the teen just laughed at her plight, Amber begged "Please, Reggie ……………….please ……………I want you to fuck me …………..fuck me like the whore I am!"

Reggie just laughed at the sight of this prim and proper wife begging for his big black dick.  Then he reached down to pull her up at the elbow and took her to the front door.  Having zipped up again, he took her towards the bar he had been in.  As he walked her to the bar, hand on her elbow to lead the way, he told her "You're my fucking bitch and you'll do whatever I want!  You do what I say or you won't get Reggie's big black dick up your little twat!  Now, there's an old geezer in there and I want you to get him to pay ten bucks, no more and no less, for a piece of your beautiful ass!"

"Please, Reggie ………….I ………….I have the money ……..........…….I'll give it to you ….........……..I'll give you way more than that …….........……I don't want anyone else!" Amber pleaded.  It was then that she realized he truly wanted her to be his whore, to do anything he asked, what and whenever he demanded it of her.  She sighed deeply, knowing that she was weak and would do anything to please him.  With Reggie taking her purse from her, she had no money and had to show Reggie the $10 that she would sell herself for.

Seeing the old man at the bar, Amber shuddered at the very thought of this old man even touching her.  The bar was filled with patrons and she knew Reggie had picked out a rather despicable and grimy old man to test his hold upon her.  The man had a decent looking shirt on, but his pants was filthy and old wrinkled hands had her cringing.  Still, Amber knew that she was powerless to disobey Reggie's demand and started to move toward the old man.  Standing next to the old geezer, she shuddered at the stench and knew he was a wino, wondering just when he had bathed last.

Sitting in a booth, Reggie chuckled as he watched Amber debase herself as she snuggled up to the old man, determined to proposition him for a mere ten bucks.  He laughed as many of the other patrons in the bar tried to cut in and proposition her, each walking away puzzled that such a classy babe was only interested in a down and out wino.  He watched and laughed as the prim and proper Mrs. Amber Barnes led the old wino out of the bar and head towards the motel room.

Amber felt so humiliated at the display she had made of herself in the bar with all eyes upon her.  Now her ass was being groped and fondled by the old man that she had been forced by Reggie to pick up for a measly ten bucks.  'Oh, God, he smells so bad!' she shuddered, wondering just how she could endure him upon her body, letting him shoot his filth into her.  The thought of her loving husband and what she was doing to violate her marriage vows filled her with guilt and shame.

In the motel room, Amber closed her eyes as she was forced to perform a strip tease at the request of the happy old man.  Then he was rubbing his face on her breasts, tonguing and then biting at her nipples with his sharp crooked teeth.  Next she was lying naked on the bed, the smelly old man was rough with her, bending her in two by placing her legs upon his shoulders and humping away at her well exposed cunt.  In hopes of him shooting off quickly to exhaust himself, Amber clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles around his now stiff old cock, shuddering as the image of her loving husband flashed through her mind.  Throughout the ordeal, Amber turned her head away from the old man, trying not to breathe in his smelly stench as she sobbed quietly in shame.

Shortly after the old man had left to go back to the bar, the motel room door opened and Reggie looked at the prim and proper Mrs. Amber Barnes lying lewdly on the motel bed, naked and her thighs glistening with the wino's cum.  He knew she had done everything he had asked of her in her desperation to get him to fuck her.  But Reggie was determined to humiliate and debase her further.  Purposely, Reggie leaned forward towards her outstretched arms, then made a cringing face, telling her "God, you stink!  You're nothing but a fucking whore!  Get in the fucking shower and get that stench off you!"  As Amber sobbed and crawled off the bed, Reggie reached into his pocket for the box of douche that he had bought earlier, just to humiliate her further.  "Here, bitch!  Clean out your sloppy cunt with this!  I ain't sticking my dick into that fucking mess!" he growled as he threw her the box.

Upon showering off the stench and douching out the wino's cum, Amber opened the bathroom door to see the black teen in the middle of the bed with his aroused cock in his hands.  Mesmerized by the throbbing black length, Amber made her way to the bed and climbed up upon it.  Reaching out with her right hand, she had to feel its throbbing power.  Shuffling up, she straddled his thighs and her right hand guided the throbbing cock to her puffy cuntlips.  With the cockhead now inserted into her womanhood, Amber dropped her weight down onto the fleshy stalk, impaling herself upon it.  "Ohhhhhh ………..ahhhhhhh …………………yes …………..oh, yesssssss!" she squealed.

Two hours later, having fucked the beautiful Mrs. Barnes four times, Reggie pulled his dripping black cock from her well-fucked cunt.  He had made her squeal and beg for him to fuck her time and again.  He had done just that until she passed out from the mind-shattering orgasms that rocked her entire body.  After today, Reggie knew she would obey his every whim, even selling her body on the streets just to please him.  And that was just how Reggie planned on making money from now on.

Looking at the lovely wife sprawled out on the bed, obviously fucked out from the humping he gave her, Reggie went back to the bar.  There he found the old wino telling the guys at the bar how fortunate he had been.  Reggie heard all the guys express their disbelief even though they had seen the old man leave with the beautiful woman.  Reggie walked up to the group and interjected "God, old man, you must really be a fucking stud!  That beautiful broad sent me over here to fetch you, says she just loves the way you humped her and wants you to fuck her senseless again."  Reggie knew that would make the old man feel on top of the world and have all the other guys wondering just what he possessed.

 Amber awoke suddenly, feeling a body shuffling about upon her.  Taking a breath, she cringed in disgust at the awful stench.  She looked about, seeing Reggie standing off to the side and snickering as the old man licked at her nipples.  Amber then realized that Reggie had brought the smelly old man back from the bar to humiliate her further.  Sobbing, she tried to show no reaction as the wino fitted his wrinkled old cock between her slick folds.  With the old man humping away at her, she felt strong hands grasping her ankles and lifting her legs to cross over the old man.  She sobbed in shame as the old man wheezed and his body convulsed as his cock spewed out his hot slimy love juice.

With the old man departing the motel room, Amber slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, getting up to go to the bathroom.  Then Reggie was blocking her way, inquiring "Where do you think you're going, bitch?"  "I …............…..I need to wash up ……................……please!" she pleaded as she looked up at him.  "Here's your dress, bitch!  Go home to your husband smelling like the whore you are!" Reggie snickered as he tossed her dress to her.  Amber began to put on her dress as instructed, unable to argue with this dominant teen.

Driving home, Amber desperately tried to compose her but could not stop sobbing as memories of the humiliating experience flooded her mind.  She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to stem the flow of the watery cum from soaking her dress.  It was as if the wino had pissed in her rather than cum in her.  As she was stepping into her panties, Reggie had snatched it from her hands, laughing at her plight "You'll be a welcome sight to your husband!  A wino's cum dribbling down your legs and you stink to the high heavens!  Going back to the bar to tell the old wino you wanted to have this to remember you by!"  Opening her purse, she grabbed what few tissues she had and stuffed her well-worn slit to stem the tide.

Arriving home, Amber breathed a sigh of relieve as she saw her husband working in the yard.  She waved at him as she drove up into the driveway and parked her car.  Quickly, she made her way into the house and into the safety of her bathroom.  Peeling off her smelly clothing, Amber stepped into the shower.  There she pulled the sopping tissues that formed a plug.  Once removed, the flood of the old man's cum slithered down her thighs.  Looking down, she sobbed in shame in what she had done - selling herself for a measly $10.  She had literally become a prostitute.

After a lengthy hot shower, trying desperately to cleanse herself of her shame, Amber stepped out of the shower and sobbed as she saw the folded dollar bill.  She had hurriedly stripped off her clothing and had forgotten about the dollar bill that Reggie had stuffed into the top of her dress before he pushed her out of the motel room.  The old wino had left the $10 payment along with a $1 tip for her services.  Reggie had folded up the dollar bill and slipped it in her bra, telling her "You get to keep the tip, sweetie!  You earned it!"

A couple of weeks later, Amber felt nervous as Bob told her of his plans to join his buddies for a weekend of fly-fishing up in the mountains where they would stay at one at Hank's cabin.  This was a regular outing for Bob and his friends, doing it once or twice every year.  But Amber could not get over what Reggie had told her "If you want some of Reggie's big black cock again, call me when you have an all night getaway from your husband!  I'll put you on the streets to earn some money for me first!"  She told herself not to make the phone call, to maintain her will power and refrain from giving into the temptation.  Amber knew that making the phone call would only lead to more degrading experiences with the black teen, knowing she'd be forced to prostitute herself again.

With this still being summer, it would remain lighted for an extended period, allowing Bob Barnes and his friends to depart in the late afternoon.  Having just gotten home from work, he changed and got his fishing gear ready.  He gave his lovely wife a playful hug, telling her he'd be back in the early afternoon on Sunday.  Holding her in his arms, he gave her a kiss, telling her "I hope you won't miss me too much, honey!"  He laughed at his wife's response as she playfully gave him a bit of a shove, teasing him "Bob, I'm so hot and you leave me all alone for two nights!  I just think I might go out on the strip and pick up a few Johns who know how to satisfy a woman!  In fact, I think only a big black cock will be able to put out that itch between my thighs!"  Bob laughed at his wife's teasing.  He would not have laughed at all if he knew just how true her statements were.

When Bob was off to meet his fishing buddies, Amber got out of the clothing she had worn to work.  After a shower, she began to get dressed for her new profession as a 'working' girl.  She put on her short black dress that showed a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg, doing away with the strapless bra that she normally wore with this sexy outfit.  From the closet she retrieved the fuck-me pumps that she had purchased the other day, following Reggie's instructions to wear 4" black pumps.  She looked in the mirror and realized that she was now nothing but a slutty hooker who was about to sell her body to please her pimp.

Going back to the Wayward Motel, Amber rented a room then walked over to the bar where Reggie awaited her.  She followed the instructions he had given her over the phone, going straight up to the bar to ply her new trade.  It was just a matter of minutes before she had her first customer in tow, leading him back to the motel room.

After servicing four clients from the bar, Amber saw Reggie signal her to go outside.  She felt relieved that now Reggie would make love to her, wanting him to scratch that itch between her thighs.  A feat that the other men had not been able to accomplish.  But she was disappointed when Reggie instructed her to walk the street in front of the bar and pick up some drive-by customers like a regular street-walker would.

Finally, at 1 a.m., Reggie told her she could call it a night and now she could have some of his big black cock.  Reggie was satisfied with the $700 that she had earned for him that evening.  Although several of her customers had been black, none had been able to compare with the loving Reggie gave her.  She desperately wanted to have Reggie fuck her in the motel room quickly but had to wait a bit as Reggie had her drive him to her home.

Once in the well furnished home, Reggie plopped himself down onto the black leather sofa.  He enjoyed degrading the lovely blonde beauty in her own home, ordering her "Okay bitch, time for your midnight snack, a big black sausage to munch on!  Come and get it, bitch!"  He smiled as the lovely beauty quickly dropped to her knees on the carpet and reached up to unzip his pants.

This little beauty had become an expert cocksucker, having learned so much since he put her out working the streets for him.  He shivered as she ran her tongue up and down his lengthy cock, then capturing his thick cock into her gobbling mouth.  Reggie enjoyed taunting her, he snickered as she sucked him "Oh, baby, does your husband know what a great cocksuckere he has for a wife!  Imagine the surprise hubby would get if he came in right at this moment, his precious little wife going down on a nigger cock!  Oh, yeah, baby ................gonna cum ..................gonna cum!"  Just as he was about to cum, Reggie jerked back on her long blonde hair, letting cock explode straight up into the air and splashing down on her beautiful face.

It was late Sunday morning when Amber was able to begin the needed clean up of her home.  She had just arrived back home after giving her guest a ride back to his apartment.  She had much to clean, beginning with the black leather sofa in the den, then  the dining room table where the dried fluid gave evidence of their coupling - right where her husband Bob ate his dinner each night.  Then to clean up Bob's leather armchair, in which Reggie had sat while she climbed onto his big boner, creaming time and again to leave a messy puddle on the seat.

She had showered and dressed in her normal wear of a blouse and shorts for a Sunday.  Having stripped the well-stained bedspread and sheets, Amber was remaking the bed when she heard the garage door opening to signal her husband's return home.  Bob happily greeted her with a quick peck on the cheek, telling her he'd first shower to get the grim and fishy smell off of him, then he'd tell her of the fun he had with the guys.

When Bob rejoined her, he began to tell her of the fun he had and of course, the big one that gotten away.  She cringed when he mentioned his friend Hank, who had caught the biggest fish and won the jackpot.  Hank had been a good friend of Bob's from work and had always been quite respectful of her, although she could feel his eyes upon her body whenever he thought he was being discreet so as not to offend her or Bob.  "God, Hank is so damned lucky, everything just seems to fall into his lap!" he commented.

On the mantel of the living room was a picture of Bob and his buddies from an earlier fishing trip and Reggie had seen it over the weekend.  She knew Reggie was trying to debase her, making her shed all her morals, yet she was powerless to resist his demands.  She didn't think she would be able to comply with Reggie's demand before he left.  That demand being for her to seduce Hank at the Wayward Motel, where Reggie would be hidden in the closet to witness her degrading seduction of her husband's black friend.  She knew that Hank would not resist the chance of getting into her pants but hated the thought of her husband's friend learning just what kind of slut she really was.  Knowing she did not have the resolve to disobey, she muttered to herself 'Hank's going to get even luckier than you can imagine!  He's going to get his chance bed your slutty little wife, Bob!'

End of Story.