Demented Boss - X
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Demented Boss 9’
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Having sated his vile lust in getting to sample the charms of a lovely beauty right on her wedding night due to the foolishness of her lame brained husband, Edgar Bennett's devious mind was already churning and scheming as to making another conquest, that of getting his donkey-sized cock into the tight little panties of another sexy white beauty.  His focus was now on another woman he had first met at a company party, a beauty with long silky brown hair and hazel eyes, the lovely Mrs. Beth Anderson who had been introduced to him by her husband.

Edgar would again use Jenny Brisco, the sexy little tart to help work it out for him to fuck that beautiful unsuspecting bitch.  With all the things he lavished upon Jenny, besides sating her craving for his big black cock, Edgar knew that the hot little tart enjoyed her role in seducing a handsome young punk and be responsible for the breakdown of his marriage.  And after having called Jenny into his office, he proceeded to give her the new assignment to seduce the finance manager, knowing that the gullible Mark Anderson would not be able to resist the young blonde temptation.

Jenny Brisco

Called into Mr. Bennett’s office, Jenny went over behind the desk to stand alongside of her boss.  Having earned and pocketed that big bonus after accomplishing that last assignment he had given her, Jenny saw one of the photos, taken from one of the recent company parties that had included spouses of the employees, had been blown up.  That blown up photo was that of Mark Anderson and his beautiful wife, a woman probably about 30 years of age and appearing to be quite sophisticated as evidenced in her dress and appearance, with the bottom caption indicating that the photo was of Mark Anderson and his wife's name was 'Beth'.

Jenny glanced at the photo of her new ‘mark’ and wondered just how long it would take her to have that handsome bastard willing to break the marital vows that he had exchanged with the beautiful wife of his standing besides him in the photo.  Jenny wondered as to what kind of plan that her devious boss had dreamt up this time, but she knew one thing for certain, that it would assure her horny boss a clear path to get into that beautiful bitch’s tight little panties.  Reaching down, she placed her hand on Mr. Bennett’s pants, right atop of his raging hardon, then whispered in his ear “That Mrs. Anderson sure is a sophisticated little beauty, isn’t she?  She sure knows how to dress!  You wanna fuck that sexy bitch, don’t you?”

Ms. Beth Anderson

Hearing her devious boss pant as she stroked him through his pants, Jenny smiled upon hearing him mutter out “You’ll get another three grand bonus if’n ya work it out so I can git into that purty’s bitch’s pants in three months!”  Seeing the edges of a couple more photographs directly beneath the top one on his desk, Jenny reached forward to push the top one aside to reveal a close up portrait-like photo of the beauty’s lovely face taken during the party.  “Oooh, she is beautiful, isn’t she, Mr. Bennett!”  Expertly unzipping her boss and pulling out his thick throbbing member, she fisted him a couple of times, then letting it go to wave about as she reached forward for the photograph.

Standing the photograph on his knees and propping it up against the edge of the desk, Jenny had it where her boss was looking right at the beauty’s lovely face.  Then grasping his thick cock once again, it throbbed and expanded as she proceeded to fist him, chuckling as she saw his pisshole now flaring wide.  Her boss began panting harder and faster as she sped up her fisting, Jenny then taunted him with “Look at her beautiful lips!  Think the sophisticated little bitch ever sucked cock before?  I doubt it!  Wouldn't you want to be the one to show her how to suck cock?  Imagine those sweet lips of hers wrapped around your cock!  Imagine cumming all over her beautiful face!”  Faster and faster she expertly pumped him, then when the timing was right, Jenny slowed down the motions just a bit as she made her proposal to “Up the bonus to five grand and you’ll be spurting all your creamy joy juice over her beautiful face in six weeks!”

The thought of possessing the lovely Mrs. Beth Anderson within the next six weeks had Edgar panting with lust as he gazed upon the beauty in the photograph.  Gripping the arms of his chair as Jenny Brisco’s trim fingers expertly went to work on him, he gasped “Yeah ……………..yeah ………………….dammit, ya bitch ………………….five grand ……………………if ya set it up fer me in six weeks!  Uh ...............................uh ......................ugghhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And then Edgar lost it all and he got to see the photograph of the lovely young wife become soiled and saturated as he blasted her facial image with a steam of cum, something that he was now determined to do in real life ……………… six short weeks!

“Oh, my goodness!  Bet that’ll be the creamiest facial the bitch will ever get when you cum all over her pretty face, Mr. Bennett!  Jezz, you must have shot a whole fuck’n pint on her picture!”   Grabbing a few tissues from box behind on the credenza behind the desk, Jenny then proceeded to wipe off the strings of cum that had gotten onto her fingers.  The thought of earning the five grand bonus had Jenny quite excited, though she certainly would have done it for a fraction of that amount, as the thought of seducing the handsome finance manager would be fun, especially knowing that she would be responsible for the downfall of that sophisticated bitch that he was married to.

Deep down in Jenny Brisco’s subconscious, it was her inability to be a woman of sophistication that had her wanting to destroy a woman like that of the lovely Mrs. Beth Anderson.  As she couldn’t come close to measuring up to a beautiful sophisticated woman like that, Jenny would only get to feel superior once she broke the elegant and faithful woman’s marital vows apart.  Jenny wanted to see the beautiful bitch ‘broken’ and what better way was there than having Edgar Bennett’s big black cock shoved up into her unwillingly twat.  And then Jenny thought ‘And the icing on the cake would be to have Mark Anderson witness his goody-goody little wife get the fucking of her life by his own boss!  I’ll get him to think that a condom will be used to keep his wife from getting knocked up!  Shit, I’ll bet he freaks out seeing the bitch actually getting it thrown to her bareback!’

With her husband busy traveling about in his sales job and she showing him the money coming in as Mr. Bennett’s personal assistant, Jenny had him believing of her busy on the go schedule that had her off and about for days at a time.  And so, just days later, Jenny was writing a company check to rent a nice condo unit a mile away from the Anderson’s home.  With Mark Anderson knowing that she was a married woman, Jenny planned on using the condo availability as a guise for house sitting her sister’s unit and caring for her fish and birds whenever she traveled.

Jenny had to chuckle in finding just how easy a ‘mark’ Mark Anderson turned out to be.  Watching and waiting for the appropriate times to initiate come-on moves, Jenny easily had the handsome but foolish finance manager breathing hard whenever she came on by.  A touch by the copy machine, going to his office to discuss rather minor errors discovered and leaning against him, and other contacts quickly led to getting the supposedly faithful husband asking her out for drinks after work was over.  First it was in the midst of the lighted bar area, then the next time she had him in the far off corner booth where they could touch and hold hands under the table.

After a week of holding hands under the table, her snuggling up to him and letting her hand slide over his confined boner, Jenny had the young husband right where she wanted him.  Then, on the suggestion that they have a drink at her sister’s condo unit that she was house-sitting instead of the bar, it was all over for the anxious and excited Mark Anderson.  And indeed, after just a sip of the drink handy to him by the saucy young Jenny Brisco, Mark was running his hands all over her soft sexy body.  Headed home an hour later for dinner with his lovely wife, Mark would be filled with the guilt of having committed adultery for the first time.

Unbeknownst to Mark that as he began the drive home from the condo, after having fucked that sexy Jenny Brisco good, that hot little bitch was already with another man …………………..Edgar Bennett!  Once she had closed the door behind of him, the bitch went to open the closet door to tell her boss the coast was clear, then the sexy young bitch was on her knees after having unzipped the front of his pants and stopping at that point to tease and torment him.  Jenny chuckled “Pretend that I’m Mark Anderson’s beautiful wife!  Now you won’t have to use her photo, Mr. Bennett!  What are you going to do?  Show me what you’re going to do to that sophisticated bitch if you manage to get her on her knees!”   And to tease him, she used one hand to rub the thick lump showing through his trousers and ran her other hand under the pants crotch to grab his swollen balls in her fist.

“Ooooooooooooooooh!” he groaned with pleasure as his cock was being caressed while his balls squeezed through his pants.  Shivering at the prospect of that thrill really taking place, he had closed his eyes to imagine the beautiful Beth Anderson kneeling before him as the teasing Jenny Brisco had suggested.  Pretending that it was indeed the sophisticated Mrs. Anderson kneeling, he grasped the trim wrists and ordered “C’mon, bitch!  Git it outta my pants!”   Forcing her left hand into the opening of his pants, he ordered “Git it out, bitch!”  Glancing down, seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on the petite white hand as it pumped his ebony cock had Edgar’s cockhead flaring wide in excitement.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Edgar groaned, while keeping his hand on the wrist of the hand stroking him, he reached forward with his other hand to grasp the back of her head to pull her forward.  “Open yer mouth bitch!  I’s been dream’n of ya sucking my cock fer months!  C’mon, suck it …………………..lick it with that talented tongue of yers!” Edgar panted out as he pulled her head forward while moving the captured wrist from side to side, with is mind picturing the reluctant beauty cringing in disgust at the prospect of taking a cock into her mouth.  Adding to his pleasure was the feel of the bitch’s head in his hand trying to pull back and away from him, then came the plea from her begging “Please ……………………no ……………………no, Mr. Bennett ……………..please ……………….I’ve never ……………….never done anything so filthy!”  Holding her wrist still, pulling her head forward to him, then came sweet music of “Nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….grrrgggggggggkkkkkkkkk!”

Jenny looked up as her boss panted and wheezed with pleasure, she saw that his eyes were closed and head thrown back as he began sawing his cock in and out of her mouth.  Kneeling beneath him, Jenny proceeded to give him a fabulous performance of a woman not wanting to perform the task of sucking a man, forcing him to keep his hand at the back of her head or she’d pull her mouth off of him.  Shaking her head from side-to-side, acting as if she wanted to rid his cock from her mouth, Jenny knew that she really had Mr. Bennett going as he muttered out loud “Damn, I’s been wanting to do this ever since I’s met ya at the company party!  Can’t believe that fool of a husband ain’t demanding his right of getting his beautiful wife to suck him off!  Jezz, what a fuck’n fool!”

Fisting her boss faster and faster now, pushing the tip of her pointed tongue up into his pisshole, Jenny then lathered his bloated cockhead by rapidly flicking her tongue over it.  Cock throbbing in her fist, cockead ballooning in her mouth, Jenny then felt his balls contract in her other hand through fabric of his pants and jockeys.  Although Jenny loved blowing a man down and loved the taste of cum, enjoyed seeing a big man get weak in the knees by just the use of her hands and lips, she planned on playing her role to the utmost.  She was her intent on getting her boss so turned on by playing her role to the hilt, knowing that when the real thing came, her satisfaction would be in seeing the sophisticated and beautiful Mrs. Beth Anderson get a hot facial like never before.

Very familiar as to her boss’s sexual tendencies at this point, especially knowing from the way his balls contracted, Jenny knew that he’d be cumming very soon.  Seconds later, with the flaring of his already bloated cockhead in her mouth, this signaled the crucial moment.  Throat clogged by the blasting stream of hot cum, Jenny deliberately made gurgling sounds as she jerked the fisted cock away while yanking her head back successfully to uncork the throbbing stem from her lips.  She had done it to perfection as Mr. Bennett frantically yelled “Bitch!  Fuck’n bitch!  Don’t wanna eat my cum, huh?  Well, here’s a creamy facial fer ya!”

Cumming like never before, Edgar looked down at the cockteasing Jenny Brisco as she smiled and licked cum from her upper lip.  Then he smiled down at her and panted out “Damn, that was so fuck’n good, Jen!  Yer sure are ahead of schedule with that young pup!  Anxious fer that big bonus once I git into that punk’s beautiful wife, huh!  Ah, yeah, sweetie …………………..ya sure know how to use that sexy little ass of yers!  That young pup Anderson jist couldn’t keep fuck’n his hands offa ya!  And soon it’s gonna cost him plenty!  That little plan of yers sure sounds sweet in having that fool leave that purty wife of his alone with me, right in their own home!  But, if’n that don’t pan out, a little blackmail with the pictures of him shagging ya ought to work!”

With the recent opening for the V.P. of Finance position, and Mark Anderson hoping to fill the position, it provided the perfect chip for Jenny’s game plan.  It was she who put the bug in Mark’s ear that she’d take it upon herself to tell Mr. Bennett that it was her opinion that he was the perfect candidate to fill the position and “From your new office, you’ll be able to see me right from your desk if you leave the door open!”  She knew that Mark would not object to her buttering up the headman, then she’d come up with the perfect way to set things up in telling Mark that “Mr. Bennett loves to meet and chat at length with the spouse of those he puts into upper management!  He wants to make sure the spouse is fully aware of all the time to be put in on the job and is comfortable with all of that!  So when he comes to you and say he'd like to discuss the position and also meet your wife on a more personal basis, invite him over for dinner at your home!”

That next Saturday, Beth Anderson was not too anxious to entertain Mark’s boss but she was happy to do what she could to help her husband’s career along, especially knowing that all that extra time he had been putting in at the office was paying off.  One night of boring company and all shop talk, but Beth told herself that it’d be a small price to pay if it helped Mark get that promotion.  She had been introduced to Mr. Bennett at that company party she had accompanied Mark to, at which Beth had thought of the man as being rather crude and unpolished, causing her to wonder just how fortunate or lucky he must have been get to that position in the company.

Veggies rinsed and placed back into the refrigerator, seasoned roast cooking in the oven, it was time for Beth to freshen up with a cool shower and dress elegantly for dinner.  Going to the large walk-in closet, Beth then chose a nice yellow dress for the evening, then proceeded to her underwear drawer.  She chose a matching pair of a lacy white bra and pair of panties, not for Mr. Bennett’s sake but in hopes of later being seductive and having Mark take her to bed for some much needed lovemaking.  With Mark so busy over the past few weeks, Beth felt a bit neglected and missed the thrill of having sex with her handsome husband, for he was always just 'too tired'.

Showering and drying herself off, Beth then donned her lacy undergarments before looking at herself in the full length mirror.  Just the other night, in snuggling up to Mark in bed and trying to be seductive, Beth merely got a response of her husband turning over onto his side saying “Not tonight, honey ……………….I’m just beat tonight!”  Little did she know that it was young Jenny Brisco that had gotten her husband ‘beat’ earlier that evening, with two fuck sessions provided to her husband before he had left her place to come home.  Unbeknownst to Beth, her husband was afraid that she’d reach over to squeeze him, deathly afraid that his secret would then be evident by him being unable to get it up for her as he had been completely drained by the little saucy blonde bitch.

‘Damn it, Mark ………………I need a good fucking tonight!’ she sighed, hoping that things would go well that night and that Mark would then want to celebrate by taking her to bed and making passionate love to her.  Closing her eyes shut, Beth then shivered as she naughtily tried to imagine just what it would feel like to have another man touch her for the very first time.  In reality, Beth would never allow such a thing to happen as her marital vows were sacred to her and never to be broken, no matter what the circumstances.  Hands up on her trim waist, Beth pretended they were those large ebony ones of Mr. Bennett as they began to move up her body.  Hands up to the bottom of her bra encased breasts, fingers pushing the cups up and over to bare her breasts, Beth was so wound up that she shivered and nearly climaxed as she fantasized another man touching her for the very first time ……………….and that man being Mr. Edgar Bennett!  The image of Mr. Bennett had only been conjured up in her mind due to his coming over that not, as she had never fantasized about him before this day.

Greeted warmly at his arrival, with the lovely young wife very appreciative of the floral arrangement the florist had delivered early that afternoon, Edgar took in the sight of the beautiful and sophisticated Mrs. Beth Anderson.  With the lovely wife in the kitchen preparing dinner, Edgar had a drink with the anxious Mark Anderson in the living room.  Drink emptied and as Mark was about to freshen up their drinks, he told the young husband “How about giving me a tour of this beautiful home!  Very nicely setup and beautifully decorated!  This will even give me some ideas for the remodeling I’m planning to do at my place!”  The one room that Edgar really wanted the unsuspecting husband to show him, the only one that he had been interested in, was the master bedroom …………and the  king-sized bed that he planned on being entertained on later by the lovely Mrs. Anderson!

An excellent dinner had been prepared by the lovely hostess with after dinner drinks being consumed, it was time for the next phase of the operation, that of finagling a way to be all alone with the prim and proper little bitch in her own home.  Reaching into his coat pocket and keeping it there, Edgar pressed the quick dial button on his cellphone, waited for fifteen seconds or so before hanging up.  That quick dial call was to Jenny Brisco’s cellphone, signaling for her to put the next phase into action.  A moment later, with his cellphone ringing loudly in his coat pocket, Edgar sighed and feigned discouragement as he advised the Andersons’ “Oh, no, it must be sometime of emergency!  I specifically advised no calls other than emergencies!”

“Hello!” Edgar answered and listened, nodding and pretending, then spoke “A burglary!  The finance office!  Anything missing?  Can’t tell, huh!  Computer tampered with ………………possibly going after customer account information!”  After a pause, as if listening to the other person talking, Edgar then added “Someone in finance is needed down there!  Oh, perfect ……………………I'm actually having dinner with the person to help you out down there!  Here, let me put Mark Anderson on the line and you can explain to him as to what’s needed!”  Turning to Mark, he advised “Mark!  I think this is right up your alley ……………………….in fact, an ideal situation to see how you handle this, especially since you're a main candidate for the next V.P of Finance slot!”

“Hello, this is Mark Anderson!  What can I do to help?” he advised after taking the phone from Mr. Bennett.  Then Mark swallowed deeply as a cold chill shot through his body upon hearing the sexy voice of Jenny Brisco on the other end of the line, asking him “You could have invited me over for dinner too!  That way it wouldn’t be so awkward in just entertaining one person!  But seeing as it is, the saying of ‘Two’s a party and three’s a crowd!’ is the appropriate one here!”  Mark didn’t know what to say and Jenny was silent on the other side of the line for an entire moment before she spoke up once again, telling him “I’m calling as Mr. Bennett just paged me!  He gave his instructions for me to call if he wanted an excuse to get you out of the house!  Did you hear him making up that story about a break-in at the finance department?  That my dear boy is to have you leave your home on that pretext so the horny bastard can be all alone with that lovely wife of yours!”

Seconds of silence went by before Mark stammered out “I …………………..I don’t understand what you mean!”  More silence, then came the reply from Jenny who advised “Silly boy, don’t be so naive!  This is the test you have to pass to get that vice-president position that you want so badly!  You can either make an excuse and say that it doesn’t require your presence and blow any chance of getting the promotion or get up and leave Mr. Bennett alone with that lovely wife of yours ……………… he can FUCK her!”  “You ……………… can’t be serious!  There’s no way that would happen!” he stammered out.  “Oh, don’t under estimate how conniving Mr. Bennett can be!  Now all you need to do is to dream up a reason to get your pretty wife away from the table and see you to the door!  Come over to my place for a big surprise …………….and you’ll be able to see Mr. Bennett get your faithful wife to beg for his big black cock!” he was advised just before the phone clicked in his ear.

Numbed by what he had just been told on the phone, Mark looked up at the man across the table from him to see a sly smile on his face with a glint in his eye before his boss asked “Think you’re up to solving that problem, Mark?”  Swallowing nervously as he nodded a ‘yes’ indication, he put his napkin onto the table and looked over at Beth, then asked his lovely wife “I’ve got to rush on down to the office to help and check on the computer system!  Can you get my briefcase from the study for me while I get my keys from the bedroom?”  With Beth immediately getting up from the table to go to the study for his briefcase, his boss loudly advised “I’ll be headed on out shortly ……………..right after I taste that beautiful dessert yer Mrs. prepared for tonight!”

Coming back from the master bedroom, Mark saw that Beth had his briefcase in hand and awaiting for him at the front door.  As she handed him his briefcase and leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek to bid him goodbye, Mark’s stomach turned at the sight he was privy to seeing above her shoulder, that of Mr. Bennett’s hand reaching over the table to drop something into Beth’s coffee cup.  ‘He’s drugging Beth’s coffee!  Oh, my God …………..he’s planning to rape her after I leave!’ he realized.  ‘Do I dare leave?  If I do ………………………’s like giving the bastard the go ahead to rape Beth in exchange for the promotion!’ Mark told himself.  But he could kiss that promotion goodbye if he didn’t!  “This will probably take hours, honey!  Checking the computer system, filing the police report and all that!” Mark advised as he exited his home.

Parking a mile down the road and going up to Jenny’s unit, Mark stammered out in inquiring “You ………………….you didn’t tell me about all this!”  “Nothing was for certain, Mark honey!  Mr. Bennett only told me that he’d probably made his decision once he got to talk to both you and your wife together ………………… a joint interview to see that your wife had the temperament in having you out working all hours of the night on behalf of the company!  And apparently he’s made his decision to give you the promotion, but provided he has a personal interview alone with you lovely wife!” came Jenny’s well rehearsed and fabricated response.  “Come and take a look at my monitor ……….got it wired up to my cell for a bigger screen!  It’s been on from when you and your wife got up from the table!  Mr. Bennett called back and he’s got it on the dining room table and aimed right at your lovely wife!” he was told.

Staring at the monitor, Mark observed Beth sitting across the table in her chair while finishing her cup of coffee, the one that Mr. Bennett had drugged.  He observed his wife blinking her eyes rapidly, as if her eyelids were getting heavy, obviously due to effects of the drugs administered to her.  Mark then saw his wife shifting about on her chair, then learned from Jenny that “Mr. Bennett dropped a capsule that dissolved in her coffee …………………..something that’ll get her all hot and bothered ………….something new version of what's called ‘liquid Spanish Fly’!”  Mark swallowed as Jenny taunted “God, look at your wife squirm in her chair!  Only one thing’s going to satisfy that itch between her ‘sexy’ legs ………………any way, that’s how Mr. Bennett described them in talking about your beautiful wife the other day!  But don't worry, honey, Mr. Bennett wanted me to relay to you his promise to use a condom!”

“Are you okay, Mrs. Anderson?  You don’t look well at all!  Perhaps you should lie down fer awhile!” they heard Edgar Bennett advise through the speakers attached to the monitor.  Seconds later, the image of Edgar Bennett appeared behind of the dazed beauty, his large black hands resting upon Beth’s shoulders, then those hands were massaging Beth as she panted for breath.  In her mind, Beth thought ‘He’s touching me!  Mr. Bennett’s touching me!  Oh, God …………….he’s fingers are going lower and lower, touching me, going below the opening of the neckline of my dress!’  A moment later, as she panted desperately to catch her breath, Beth realized that “His hands are all the way down into the vee of my dress ………………….and his fingers are trying to get under my bra!”

Like in her fantasy that afternoon, only now it was real, Mr. Bennett was feeling her titties up, thick thumbs flicking at her budding nipples as they hardened under his intimate touch.  And then her earlobe was being nibbled as her husband’s boss whispered “Yer the only reason that husband of yers is on top of the ladder fer that big promotion!  It ain’t his talent that he’s being considered …………………it’s because of his beautiful wife that he’s being considered!  It’s those long sexy white legs of yers that’s gonna earn him that promotion!”  “No …………………no ………………………..I won’t …………..I won’t have sex with you!” Beth desperately panted out.

On the monitor, Mark and Jenny watched as Beth was scooped up from the chair and being carried by the black bastard.  They went out of sight of the camera, then suddenly the screen went garbled, then pitch black.  Moments later, a garbled picture came back on as it was finally stabilized showing the king-sized bed located in the master bedroom.  On the screen appeared Edgar Bennett as he carried Mark’s drugged wife.  With Beth’s head moving about as if in a daze, it was obvious that she had not control of body as she was being lowered down to the carpet.  With Beth held up by the hair, they watched as Mr. Bennett used his free hand to undo his belt, undo the top of his pants, then unzip himself to let his pants fall to the floor.

Helpless, mind floating about as if in a dream, Beth realized that this nightmare was actually taking place in the master bedroom of her own home.  She then heard Mr. Bennett ask her “Ever wonder if that myth about black men was true, my dear?  Well, like they say ‘The proof’s in the pudding!’, and here’s the proof fer ya!”  Beth’s eyes’ widened in complete horror in seeing the man’s jockey’s being pulled down over the large lump to have the big plack cock come spring at her from its hiding place.  Head pulled back by her hair, Beth shuddered as the bastard began brushing his filthy cock about her face.  Then came the order to “Open’em!  Open up those beautiful pink lips of yer, Mrs. Anderson!”

Mark’s jaw dropped wide open at the sight  of what was taking place on the screen, his cock twitching in his pants uncontrollably, as his boss was doing to Beth what he had hoped to do himself someday ……………………….getting her to open her succulent pink lips and suck his cock!  “Grrrrgg ………………..grrrggg ……………..grrrggg!” came the gurgling sounds as Edgar Bennett forced Beth to accept his cock into her mouth, and then the bastard began face fucking her.  “Grrrrgg ………………..grrrggg ……………..grrrggg!” came more gurgling as now looked as if Beth might throw up from the disgusting act.

Jenny smiled widely as she moved her hand down onto Mark Anderson’s throbbing hardon.  ‘A fitting end to bringing down that sophisticated bitch!’ she thought.  She knew Mark was wrong in his thinking as to what would happen in the end, but she knew better to speak up on this and kept silent as to await the climax that she predicted.  Jenny told Mr. Bennett as to what would be more devastating for a husband to see – his black boss enjoying a blowjob and cumming down his wife’s throat, but even more so in giving her a taste of the gooey cum and then ejaculating that vile scum all over her beautiful face and soiling her in such a manner!  Reaching over to Mark’s zipper, Jenny reached in to withdraw his pulsating cum, intent on having him shoot his load when Edgar Bennett sprayed his cummy load all over Beth Anderson’s lovely face.

Cock being fisted by the little tart sitting aside of him, Mark panted aloud as his boss continued fucking his filthy black cock in and out of Beth’s reluctant mouth.  ‘He’s going to cum in her mouth ……………….make her eat his jizz!’ he thought.  He observed Edgar Bennett lean forward, hand keeping Beth imprisoned and preventing her from puling away, then Mark observed the bastard’s body convulse and realized that his vile boss had just ejaculated in his wife’s mouth.  But instead of finishing in that manner, Mark was wide-eyed in seeing his boss pull out and in doing so begin spraying streams of his vicious cum directly into Beth’s stunned face.  He observed his wife blink and cringe in response to this obscene debasement as more and more of the slime goo shot out of the cocktip.

Stunned beyond belief, face saturated and semen splotches sprayed about in her hair, Beth looked down to see the front of her dress just covered with the slimy filth.  But now her mind was only centered upon that nagging itch between her legs, causing her to think of how she could quell the urge to reach up under her dress to diddle herself, even if it meant doing so as her husband’s vile boss watched her relieve herself.  But then Mr. Bennett was pulling her up and the vile bastard grasped the front of her dress, yanking and tearing it right from her body.  Bra torn from her next before she was tossed onto the bed, Beth could only pant in fear as the bastard began working her lacy white panties down over her trim hips to leave her only in her white heels.  She watched as he stripped off his coat before approaching the bed.  Large hands on her drawn knees easily spread her legs, then her husband’s boss was leaning forward.

“Oh, God ……………………..oh, God ……………………oh, my Goddddddddddddd!” Beth squealed out as Mr. Bennett clamped his wide open mouth over her sex.  “Ahhhhhh ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she wailed as his squirming tongue entered her agitated slit.  “Ohhhhhhh ……………….oohhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..Godddddddddddddddddddd ……………………..oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she screamed out as the bastard expertly tongued her ultra sensitive clit.  “Yesssssssssssssss ……………………..yessssssssssssssssss …………………..yesssssssssssssssssssssss …………………….I’m cumming ...................................I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” Beth squealed as a mind shattering orgasm rocked her entire body.

His jaw dropping open in awe, Mark watched as his horny boss fished out a foil packet from his pants pocket and proceeded to tear open the top of it.  Wide-eyed, Mark stared at the screen as his boss placed the protective condom atop of the bloated cockhead.  His own cock expanding in his pants from viewing the exciting scene taking place in the master bedroom, Mark’s conscious was relieved somewhat in knowing that a condom being used would prevent his beautiful wife from being put in the family way by Mr. Bennett.  The size of that monstrosity jutting out from his loins, although having spewed out its first load of creamy seed into Beth’s mouth, Mark could not imagine having even a drop of his boss’s potent seed entering his wife’s fertile womb.

Looking at his beautiful wife squirming about on the king-sized bed, obviously from the drugs in her system, Mark’s stomach churned at the sight of the filthy black cock that would soon be entering her.  But who did he have to blame for all of this?  It was his own greed and desire for a promotion and raise that had caused him to deliberately place his lovely wife in such a predicament.   With the condom process not going well and now unraveled, Mark turned his attention to his boss who was on the side of the screen when he heard him cuss “Fuck ……………………the hell with this fuck’n shit!  Fuck the damned thing .....................can't feel anything with it on anyways!  I’s gonna fuck ya bareback, bitch .............................gonna knock ya up good!”

Dumbfounded at seeing the protective condom being tossed aside, now lying useless upon the carpet of the master bedroom, Mark saw the bastard shucking at his upright prong.  “But ……………….but you said that he promised to use a condom!” he muttered out to Jenny Brisco who had set up the unsavory deal for him.  “He did promise!  But, gosh, look at it from his perspective by putting yourself into his shoes!  If you were a black boss and had and opportunity to fuck your employee’s beautiful wife, a lovely white beauty, wouldn’t you want to do it without a condom with the prospect of getting her knocked up with your little black bastard?” Jenny Brisco countered.

Hearing that so true statement, a shiver of fear and excitement coursed down throughout Mark's body, causing his cock to twitch and expand.  Indeed, Mark knew that if he was a black bastard like Edgar Bennett and standing there and looking down at another man’s lovely white wife withering about on her marital bed, there was no way in hell that he’d be using a protective condom to keep her from getting pregnant.  Quite the opposite in fact, for deep down Mark knew that he too would have loved the opportunity now being afforded to his devious boss.  Heck, what guy in his right mind would be so Christian as to walk away and not take advantage of the situation.

Then Jenny Brisco was standing behind of him as his eyes were glued to the screen displaying the action taking place in his home as Edgar Bennett was now at the foot of the bed caressing Beth’s trim sexy legs.  Mark shivered with excitement as Jenny’s trim fingers grasped the remnants of his hardon that now limply hung out of his pants.  Cock throbbing as he watched his wife’s legs were being felt up on the bed, Mark shivered once again as the little bitch behind of him traced her wet tongue in his earlobe, then cringed as she whispered “Mr. Bennett really did promise that he’d do his best to refrain from fucking your beautiful wife bareback and breeding her!  But I guess he really knew himself because he told me to let you know that if he did renege on on thaat promise, he’d add on another three hundred bucks a month on top of the raise you’d be getting with the promotion!”

In reality, there had been no promise made by Edgar Bennett in using a protective condom when he did get to fuck Beth Anderson.  In fact, he had bragged to Jenny that “I’m gonna love knocking up that beautiful bitch!  Anderson’s a fuck’n asshole if’n he leaves that beautiful wife alone with me and even more so if'n he thinks I’m gonna use a fuck’n rubber to keep her from getting pregnant!”  Following that comment, Jenny easily convinced her demented boss of making a show of his attempt to put on the condom to give her foolish husband the false hope that his wife’s fertile womb would not be inundated with his hot and potent seed.  Then Edgar had come up with the idea of adding onto the bonus if he ‘failed’ to keep the so called promise, laughing aloud as to told Jenny “Fuck ………..that three hundred bucks oughta help take care of the diapers and childcare for the little bastard child I giv'em!”

Squirming about desperately on the bed, needing to have that nagging itch between her thighs to be scratched, Beth had initially been willing to allow Mr. Bennett to help solve her problem.  But that willingness had only been if his ebony cock was sheathed with the protective covering that he was attempting to put on a moment ago.  With the condom tossed aside and Mr. Bennett now fisting the menacing monster, Beth was terrified and filled with fear that her husband’s boss would put her in the family way.  “No ……….no, please ………………….you need to put the condom on!  Please …………….Mr. Bennett ..........................please ……………………pleaseeeeeeeee …………………………please put it on ………………….please .........................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Beth pleaded while rubbing her thighs together in order to quell that burning itch.

Grabbing her trim ankles, Edgar forced his employee’s beautiful wife’s legs apart as he knelt up on the bed and shuffled forward into position.  As she withered about in an attempt to deter him from gaining entry to the most sacred part of her body, Edgar used one hand to hold her in position while using his other hand to guide his bloated cockhead up and down her juicing slit.  “Beg me, bitch!” he demanded.  Edgar chuckled as the determined beauty bit down on her bottom lip while tossing her head from side-to-side to signal ‘no’ in defiance.  Inserting just the tip of his helmet between her sensitive slit, he then twitched his cock time and time again, knowing that he’d drive her craze with the heartbeat like palpations beating in her quim.

The burning itch between her legs had already been driving her crazy enough to climb the bedroom walls.  But now with the added pulsations throbbing at the entrance of her cunny, Beth was going completely out of her mind as she clenched her teeth in desperation.  She mentally did not want to copulate with her husband’s vile boss in this manner, not without protection anyway, but she desperately needed to quell the fire raging between her loins.  Refusing to verbally comply with bastard and beg for him to go ahead and ‘do it’ to her, with teeth clenched tightly she tried to arch up towards him and do it that way.  But as she began to arch up, the chuckling bastard pressed his large hand down upon her hip and belly to prevent her from doing so.

Anticipating the reluctant beauty’s actions, Edgar held her firmly in place while quickening the pulsations of his cock between her pussylips, then taunted her with “Uh-uh, ya can’t git yer nookie scratched until you beg me fer it, Mrs. Anderson!”  Seeing her blinking back the tears, Edgar knew that he had broken the bitch down, then he looked towards the camera phone and smiled for his watching audience as the beauty gasped and panted out “Damn you …………………do it …………………… it!”  Looking back at the distraught beauty, he asked “Do what, Mrs. Anderson?  What do you want me to do?”  “Put ………………….put it in!  Pleaseeeee ………………..put it in!” came the desperate response.

“Put what in, Mrs. Anderson?  Put what in, and where do I put it in?  And tell me what ya want me to do after I put what ya want in?” he taunted, determined to break the bitch completely.  As tears flowed from the corner of her eyes and she began sniffling, Edgar smiled in realizing those signals were signs of her defeat as the potent drug had driver her to need what only he could give her at the moment to put out that fire, and he certainly had the firehose to do!  Then, between her sobs of defeat, he heard her tremble voice tell him to “Put ………………put your big black cock ……………in meeeeeeeee!  Fu ……………fuck …………………me with it!  Fuck me with your big black cock!  Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee ……………………damn you!”

Looking into her hazel eyes as he leaned into her, Edgar smiled widely in seeing those lovely eyes widened in absolute fear as he began stretching her out like never before.  She uttered a loud gasp as he speared three thick inches into her, then she raised her hands up to his chest and tried to push him away, pleading fearfully “No, stop …………… won’t fittttttttttt!  It won’t fit!  Stop ……………..please!  I ……………I changed my mind!  Stoppppppppppppppp!  I beg you!”  Edgar gave a quick response to her plea by mercilessly thrusting forward once again, this time getting half of his foot-long dong into her tight little snatch.  “Oooooooooh ………………….noooooooooooo!” came the cry of anguish and pain as skewered even deeper, burying his bone further into her tight little cunt.

“You don’t think I’m going to stop now, huh, sweetie!  I’s been dream’n of this fer so fuck’n long, ever since meeting ya at the company party!  Yeah, Mrs. Anderson, ya’s the only reason that hubby of yers is gitting the promotion!  Gave me an excuse to come over to your home …………….then send hubby off on a fake burglary! ” Edgar chuckled as he gave her a mean thrust.  Reaching back with both arms to slide them under her knees to lift her legs and cradle them in the crooks of his arms, Edgar then proceeded to give her the kind of fucking needed to scratch the fiery itch between her loins.  And soon he would give her the soothing ointment that was needed to extinguish the fire temporarily, squirt that hot creamy soothing balm ……………….right from his cock!

Mark could hear his wife mewling as she was being expertly shagged upon the bed, could also hear the squishing sounds of the mating taking place, and felt his cock pushing up excitedly against the crotch of his pants.  He then observed his wife’s trim legs going taunt, the pointed fronts of her heels now lowering and pointing forward to indicate that Beth was in the throes of an orgasm, and then his boss’s ebony body was stiffening before convulsing.  Mark was frozen in his chair as he stared at the pair rutting and mating upon the bed that he shared with his beautiful wife.  And with the protective condom lying uselessly upon the carpet, the family that he and Beth had recently decided to start might very well be taken care of for them.  As Mr. Bennett recommenced the fuck motion with his now ejaculating cock, Mark observed the white foamy liquid being formed at the point of union and knew it was his fucking boss’s ominous black baby batter!  And the walnut-sized balls between his boss’s legs obviously had unleashed far more of the venomous liquid deep in Beth’s fertile womb.

A shudder of disgust coursed throughout his entire body as Mark pictured himself holding his lovely wife’s hand as she lay upon a bed in the maternity ward as she was about to be wheeled off to the delivery room. And then he was standing beside her as she pushed and pushed, about to bring his boss’s little black bastard into the world.  Mark swallowed deeply, his stomach churning as he propelled himself forward into the future, nine months to be exact as he pictured the image of Edgar Bennett’s little offspring emerging from between Beth’s thighs.  ‘Why did I leave Beth alone in the house with him?  You saw him drugging her coffee!  You allowed it to take place ……………all because of the damn promotion!’ he chastised himself.

While his gaze had been glued to the screen, watching as his vile boss proceeded to rape his drugged wife, Mark had not objected to Jenny pulling at his limp pud to get him revived once again.  Neither did he object to her continued fisting as the action took place on the bed that he shared with Beth, for he was unable to keep from getting the biggest hardon ever as Jenny expertly fisted him.  As Beth’s trim white legs fell aside of withdrawing ebony body, Mark observed that his wife’s tight pink slit had been transformed into a wide open hole.  And from that gaping wide hole came the outpouring of a seemingly endless flow of male semen.

With Jenny fisting him faster and faster, Mark could no longer control himself but strained desperately to keep from popping his load.  But then the wicked bitch bit at his earlobe whispering “You were naughty and hoping, weren’t you?  Hoping that Mr. Bennett would fuck your beautiful wife ………..bareback …………………weren’t you?”  Cock swelling in the bitch’s squeezing fist as she pumped him even faster, Mark then lost it all when she whispered “I didn’t tell you earlier, but after Mr. Bennett said he’d up he ante by $300 a month for you if he failed to use a condom, he just laughed saying ‘Shit, I’s jist gotta breed Anderson’s beautiful bitch!’ and how the $300 ought to help in raising his little black bastard!”

Body tensing as he began spraying his seed wastefully onto the front of the desk where he sat, Mark continued watching the screen, where he could view semen that had not been wasted like his load.  With his boss’s vile seed oozing out of Beth’s widened slit, Mark cringed as Jenny taunted him with “Wow, wasn’t Mr. Bennett like a stud stallion with that beautiful filly of yours!  Look at all that filthy stuff ooze out of her!  Jeez, he must have dumped a quart load of cum up in her fuck’n twat!  He sure as hell went and bred her good, that’s for sure!”  Groaning as his spent dick began to wilt, Mark was ashamed and disgusted with himself for allowing what Jenny had referred to Mr. Bennett breeding his beautiful wife.  The horrid thought of his black boss’s bastard baby in Beth’s tummy had Mark’s stomach turning.

An hour later, after watching Mr. Bennett copulate with Beth once again before going to take a shower in the master bath, Mark made his way out of Jenny’s condo unit.  But in approaching his home, Mark observed his boss’s car still parked at the curb in front of his home.  Parking two doors down, at the curb across the street, Mark decided it best to wait for the bastard to leave before returning home.  Then a shadowy figure appeared coming down the walkway of his home, go around the car to get in the driver’s side.  Car starting and headlights turned on, it started to move forward towards him.  And then the headlights of the car flashed off and on twice before passing on by, causing Mark’s stomach to churn in realizing that his boss had known it was him parked there and his signaling him so.

Quietly making his way into the house, Mark turned on a lamb in the living room and observed the coffee cups and dessert plates still on the table.  Making his way down the darkened hallway, the dim lighting coming from the living room allowed him to gaze into the master bedroom without turning on any other lights.  There on the carpeting were scattered items: Beth’s dress; heels; bra; and panties.  Also on the floor was the empty condom that his bastard boss, according to Jenny had apparently purposely discarded, for he had wanted to ‘breed’ his beautiful Beth!  ‘Fucking bastard!’ he cussed under his breath.

On the bed, Beth was in a drugged sleep after being sated by the vile copulation that soothed the fire between her thighs.  Legs partially bent with her trim hips tilted up after his boss had put a pillow under them after that last fucking, Mark had wondered why until Jenny whispered “Mr. Bennett wants to knock her up ……….doesn’t want his cum to leak out!”  Heart thumping in his chest, Mark moved up to the bed and reached down, wondering if Beth would awaken.  But only a slight “Mmmmmm!” could be heard as he caressed her left thigh, his hand moving along her soft inner thigh ………………..before his fingers slid across a slick filmy substance ……………..the commingled fuck juices of the recent mating!  Hand in a fist, other than his protruding middle finger, Mark used it like a dipstick to check the oil gauge.

‘Filled to the brim!’ was the indicator when he withdrew his finger from her well-fucked cunny.  Bringing his slick coated finger up to his nose, Mark turned his head away as he inhaled the stench of his boss’s still hot cum, then quickly bent down to grab Beth’s dress up from the floor to wipe the filthy grime off his finger.  Dried finger up to his nose again, Mark got another whiff of the heady aroma, then did the unthinkable by putting the tip of his finger into his mouth to taste it.  Looking at Beth lying there on the bed in her stupor, Mark’s cock gave a twitch as he wondered ‘Do I dare!  She went wild when the bastard ate her out!’  Never having done that to Beth, as she never allowed it, Mark thought twice especially knowing that his boss’s cum was in there.

Closing the bedroom door, putting the room into total darkness as a precaution, he got up onto the bed.  Arms under his wife’s thighs, Mark he traced his tongue along her slick groove, then heard his wife moan “Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!”  Another tracing of her slit with his tongue had Beth panting “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes!  Eat me!  Eat me again, Mr. Bennett …………………… meeeeeeeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Tongue dipped into her slimy cunt, Mark ate out his beautiful wife, had squirming about when he flicked his tongue against her sensitive clit.  Mark wished that Beth knew that it was he who was giving her this pleasure, rather than hearing her thank him with “Ohhhhhh, Mr. Bennetttttttttttttt ……………….yes ……………..yes ………………….yessssssssssssssssssssss!”

Wiping the fuck juices off his mouth, Mark then stripped off his clothing and climbed up onto the bed, he proceeded to shag his beautiful wife who had immediately wrapped her sexy legs around him once he got into the saddle.  It thrilled Mark in the manner that Beth responded, his cock hardening immensely from the feel of all the hot gooey lubricant when he stuck it in, but he became disheartened when his wife panted out “Ohhh, fuck me, Mr. Bennett …………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”  Realizing that it would not be good for Beth to come around out of her stupor and see him there, Mark got dressed and departed from his home once he got done filling her up with his seed for a change.  He figured on going back to Jenny’s place and spend the night there until mid-morning before calling Beth to tell him that he was still working on the burglary.

Blinking her eyes as the sunlight coming through the window awakened her, Beth tried to focus her eyes on the items lying on the carpeting of the master bedroom.  She recognized her dress, her heels, her panties, and her bra.  But what was that small white little item that was on the carpet?  A little white balloon that needed to be blown up?  ‘It’s …………………a condom!  My God, it wasn’t a dream!  A nightmare!  It really happened!  It’s the condom that Mr. Bennett tossed aside instead of putting it on!  Oh, my God ……………………..he had sex with me ………………………..did it in me ……………………..ejaculated in me …………………oh, Godddddddddddddddddd!’ Beth shuddered in despair.

The next horrifying thought was ‘Did Mark return home to see this awful scene?  My clothing, undergarments, and heels scattered about on the floor!  The condom on the carpet!  Me naked on the bed, male semen all over my face and body, obviously having had sex on the bed that we share together!’  Beth then thought ‘If he did return home, I can’t blame him for turning right around and leaving me for good!  But I must have been drugged!  He drugged me and took advantage of me!’  Just then the phone next to the bed rang and startled her.  Reaching over to answer it, Beth breathed a sigh of relieve to hear her husband on the line advising “Sorry I’m so late in calling you, honey!”

From his car, Mark told his wife “I’m just finishing up in checking things out here!  Can’t find any tampering with the computers and nothing appears stolen!  I should be home in about an hour and a half!”  He was making the call from his cellphone while sitting in his car outside of the Jenny’s condo complex.  Having returned to the condo that he had left before returning home, Mark had found Jenny’s stall where he had parked earlier occupied by another car, the same one that was in front of his home earlier.  It was the very same car that his boss had flashed the headlights off and on as he made his departure.

A few minutes later, the familiar figure of Edgar Bennett exited the building with the bitch Jenny Brisco on his arm.  And from the way the two were carrying on, Mark then knew that he had been the bitch’s mark.  It all made sense now, realizing that it had not been his skills and knowledge that had him being considered for the position over several other more qualified candidates.  It had been Beth’s attractiveness that had vaulted him above the others!  Obviously the bitch Jenny had played a part in all of this, gaining points and probably a big bonus from Mr. Bennett too.  The other candidates were all males ten to fifteen years his senior, and so were their wives, and obviously Edgar Bennett had primed his sights on Beth!

Meanwhile, back at the Anderson’s home, Beth scrambled out of bed to hurriedly pick up her strewn clothing and put them in the hamper.  Looking down at the limp rubber, she picked up the unused condom, then wrapped it in a tissue and tossed it into the trashcan.  She looked at herself in the mirror and gasped, for the sight of the woman in the mirror looked like a slutty whore as her face was just covered with dried male spunk.  Next was to take a hot shower and wash the smell of sex from her body.  She shuddered in realizing that there was no douche in the bathroom cabinets, not thinking she’d be in need of any as she and Mark were trying to start a family.  Letting the hot shower bead down upon her body, Beth inserted two fingers into her vagina and had to blink back the tears in seeing the thick grayish muck that her fingers had managed to scoop out.

Returning home ninety minutes after having made the call home, giving Beth adequate warning, Mark pressed the garage door opener to signal his arrival in case his wife was still attempt to clean up the house.  Entering through door leading to the kitchen, he passed the laundry room and observed the bedspread and sheets balled up in a bundle to be washed.  He observed the kitchen sink clean, then peered out into the dining room to see the dining room table cleared of all cups and dishes that had been still there when he had departed that second time.  Peering into the master bedroom, Mark observed the bed neatly made with a new bedspread that now covered clean sheets.

With his lovely wife combing her hair before the mirror in the bathroom, he called out “Hi, honey!  Back finally!”  His lovely wife, dressed leisurely in a blouse tucked into her shorts, Mark could not resist asking “Did Mr. Bennett stay long after I left?  Hope it wasn’t too much trouble entertaining him?”  Mark swallowed in hearing his wife reply “Oh, it was no problem, he left about twenty minutes to a half-hour after you!”  Had he not witnessed it all on the monitor from the transmittal of the cellphone, Mark would have believed his wife’s every word.  He’d have thought that his lovely wife would have just been overwhelmed and distraught, that he’d have to try and talk sense into and keep her from calling the police and filing rape charges.  But instead, Beth was putting on an unbelievable performance in putting on the air of purity and faithfulness. Obviously the stigma and disgrace of being a raped woman had Beth unable to confide in him as to what had really taken place after he had departed.

End of Story.