Demented Boss – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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    Jerome thought back to when he first began his devilish deeds.  He had often dreamt of fucking innocent young bitches but he couldn’t even get the time of from any woman.  His pudgy features were an obvious turn off.  His short stature was also a detriment, with many referring to him as ‘the little dwarf’.  Until he inherited the company from his deceased parents did things take a definite turn upward.  Now he had clout.  Much of his money came in from seedy motel rentals and porn shops about town, but all of this was a well-kept secret as to his involvement with the use of shell companies.  However, he did own a well established and reputable stationery company, from which he used as a front for the illicit income from his many other sources.  With this reputable company, lJerome took it upon himself to learn all about his employees and their spouses.  He had investigations conducted on all employees regularly.

     One newly hired employee named Jeff Wilson appeared quite ambitious and smart.  But so were many others in this tight job market.  Thus, Jerome could pick and choose no matter how talented the prospect was.  What stood out in the private investigation of Mr. Wilson was the photo of his beautiful young wife. Jerome's cock twitched in his pants and stood up in attention.  Now this beautiful wife could send her husband to the top.  Jerome would see that young Mr. Wilson would be kept busy.  The report showed they had no children as yet but were hoping to start a family soon.  Jerome looked at the photo of Mrs. Julie Wilson again, determined to help the little beauty get started on her family.

Ms. Julie Wilson

     The report showed that the couple was outgoing, husband loved to fish for big game while the wife enjoyed swimming and enjoying the sun.  Thus, Jerome looked at whatever his employee stood out at and created a surprise award for that category of work.  He awarded the unsuspecting husband with a weekend, for he and his wife, at his special estate.  An overnight fishing trip was arranged with his charter boat and his wife could relax at his estate that had an olympic size pool.

    Jerome called in his ‘star’ employee to congratulate him.  The conversation as very casual as the boss wanted to put his employee at ease.  In doing so, the demented boss learned more of the personal history of the young couple.  Jerome was delighted to learn the couple was trying to start a family at this time. Partly due to Julie’s allergic reaction to the pill, they had decided it was the right timing.  The boss wanted the young couple to enjoy the private estate and they would be alone that first night and Jerome would be getting back the second day to join them for lunch and dinner.

     Jeff Wilson also got the Friday off to pack and enjoy the limo ride to the estate.  Both he and his beautiful wife, Julie, were picked up at their modest home in a stretch limo.  Opening the door and greeting them was the boss's private chauffeur named Otis, a 6'6" muscular black.  Never had the young wife seen a black who's skin was so dark.  Though the black had a friendly smile, Julie shuddered at the thought of ever having a black man upon her delicate white body.

     The excited young couple arrived at the estate in a limo that Jerome sent. They were there alone, the servants to wait on them.  They swam and Julie was going to sunbathe with Jeff went pack for his fishing trip.  Unknown to them were the peering eyes behind the powerful binoculars, eyes trained on the slim lucious white body of the beautiful young wife.   Jerome had stayed in the mansion, hidden from sight and was drooling at the beauty.  Jerome drooled at the lovely ivory white beauty in her pink bikini.  How'd he love to sink his 10" cock in her tight little snatch right now.  He was determined to put his baby-maker to work soon.  Tonight in fact, he was determined to make a baby right in that young bitch's womb.

     Julie stayed to watch the sunset and had a light dinner at poolside.  Her hubby was out on the bay fishing and would not be back till morning.  She had been quite impressed with the entire estate and the beautiful mansion.  The entire household staff was at the beck and call.  Soon after her meal, she felt light-headed and drowsy.  She just made it back to her room and locked the door.  Her mind was drowsy but she was awake, not know why since she had only consumed one glass of wine.  But she did not know that one glass of wine had been laced with a powerful drug that would temporally affect her nervous system.  In the privacy of her room, Julie disrobed down to just her lacy white bra and panties, then lay back onto the bed as the drug did its work.

    She gave a gasp as the closet door opened and leering at her body was her husband's dwarf of a boss.  His snickering grin scared her.  She glanced down and screamed as she observed that he was naked, his 10" cock waving about like a baseball bat.  Julie tried to move but her body failed her.  Jerome smiled knowing the paralyzing drug had taken effect.  He loved seeing an innocent young wife's fear as she was about to be plundered by his baby-maker.  Julie could only moan and shake her head from side to side as her husband evil boss crawled above her head.

     The horrid dwarf was on her immediately, pushing up he lacy bra and began sucking at her pink nipples.  Soon he began edging down, peeling her lacy panties along the way.  Seconds later, he nuzzled his face in her soft golden treasure, his tongue snaking out to to tongue her slit, delving in to search for her sensitive clit.  Worst of all, his smelly leaking cock was oozing a trial of slime all over her innocent face.  Never had she endured such a horrible experience.  Never had she kissed nor sucked her husband's cock, although he often begged her to.  Now this monster was rubbing its mucous all over her face and glossing her tiny lips.

     Getting off the bed, Jerome then crawled between Julie's trim white legs and held her legs up by the ankles.  Standing up, his short body brought him to the perfect height where he could lick her tender soles.  He sucked each tiny toe and licked between each morsel.  Julie could only groan in shame, looking up at her gruesome attacker who's cock twitched between her legs and drooled its slime onto her ivory thighs.

     Jerome saw the beauty's distress as her eyes were glued to his monster shaft.  "Bet hubby doesn't come close to this, my sweet Julie" he goaded.  "Please, leave me alone....don't rape me please!" Julie pleaded.  "I know you and Jeff are trying to start a family.  I'm just going to help out by fucking a baby in your sweet belly" laughed the demented dwarf.

     Crouching down on his knees, he let Julie' legs drape over his hunched back.  Slowly he began to slide his thick cockhead up and down at the entrance to her tight womanhood.  "Ohhhhhhhhh …..........................God, nnooooooo …..............……, stop …….................stop ..…..................…….please!" Julie kept pleading.  Jerome smiled as he began inching his way in.  His cockhead was meeting more resistance after fucking in 6".  Tear welled in Julie's eyes "Stop!  Please, you're hurting meeeeee!  Oh, God ……….................… ……..................…'re too bigggggg for me ...................……ohhhhhh …………..Goddddddd!" she screamed.  Jerome laughed, realizing it was virgin territory from this point on. Apparently her husband only possessed a mere 6" toy.

     "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ........................................owwwwwwwwww!." came a piercing scream from the young wife.  Brought about when Jerome reared back and slammed the full 10" up the beauty unstretched pussy.  Right into her womb. Jerome enjoyed seeing the agony on the beauty's face, contorted from the pain of being ripped apart by a cock thicker and longer than her husband’s.  Slowly Jerome begins to fuck in and out of this young beauty.  Withdrawing till only his cockhead remained and slowly inching his way back in till his balls slapped her tender ass.

     Faster and faster now, Jerome reared back and slammed forward.  Like riding a derby winner home for the final stretch.  Suddenly Julie's slim legs crossed around his neck, dragging him closer as she came "Ohhhhhhhhh ......……..................……noooooooo …….................…no. .......…................…..ohhhh ………….....................……oh, my Godddddd!"  Julie's back arched up as she reached an unwanted yet mind-shattering orgasm, nearly bucking the dwarf from his saddle.

     Twice more the beautiful and faithful young wife bucked uncontrollably, her body racked by mind-shattering orgasms.  Suddenly the dwarf's hands grasped her hips tightly and the plundering cock was buried deep into her belly.  She felt the bulb like cockhead expand and heard the dwarf grunt "Time to make us a little baby in your belly!"   "No, please, please, noooooo …..............…...please ……............……….please, pull it out ......…….........….noooo …………...pleaseeeeeeee!" she pleaded.  But it was too late.  Jerome groaned loudly as his cock exploded deep into the young wife's womb, filling her with his thick slimy seed.

     Throughout the night, Jerome managed to debase the innocent young wife beyond her wildest imagination.  Immediately after the initial rape, the dwarf had stood up and wrapped her tender soles around his slimy tool.  He obviously had a fetish for her beautiful feet.  He fucked himself into a frenzy and came a cupful, being sure to spout his load on her soles and toes.

     Julie could not believe the horrid dwarf had not yet satisfied himself.  The filthy shaft was forced between her lips and she was forced to service it to fulfillment.  She choked and gasped for air as she was face fucked, with 10" fully crammed down her throat.  She could not hold down the cupful of slime that erupted in her throat and mouth.

     Later, Julie looked up in her dazed state.  She couldn't move away to avoid the lecherous dwarf masturbating into her face.  She saw what looked like a drooling snake slither along her face and blonde hair.  Then the snake began to quiver, its cockhead expanded, and then spew out its venom right into her eyes. Finally it stop emitting its slime, but not until her face was covered in its goo and her hair matted with its white slime.

     Julie sobbed and began to relax for her demented rapist seem exhausted from his multiple ejaculations in and upon her now messy soiled body.  She gasped hearing the door to her room open.  In walked the limo driver, smiling with his wide toothy grin, his muscular black chest bare and he was now undoing is pants.

     Julie's eyes wandered down to the bulging white jockeys, gulping as she could imagine the monstrosity that it contained.  As the white jockeys were slowly peeled down, she gave a loud gasp at the sight of the gigantic black cock, appearing to look more like a thick baseball bat. Julie shook with fear, knowing now that her agony was far from over.  "No ...........please ..................nooooooooooooooo!" she sobbed, tears flowing down her face in fear.

     For the next hour, Julie thought and wished she would die.  She was forced to suck on the black cock until it spewed its filth down her innocent throat.  Next the black rapist stood up, turning the young wife over and held her in mid-air by her slender waist.  “Oh God ……….no ……………….. not there …….please, no ……………I …….............…… I’ve never done that before!” Julie pleaded. "Aieeeeeeeee ………….............................nooooooooooooo!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……..............….noooo….........................…..stoppppp noooooooooo ....……….................……no, pleaseeeeeeeeeee ....................................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...........................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ................................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    Her screams pierced the estate as the 12" shaft rammed up her cherry ass, slamming into the petite young wife over and over again.  This black rapist was fucking her like and animal, handling her petite body with no problem at all.  For a full five minutes the innocent young wife’s scream could be heard throughout the mansion.  But there was not help coming. Otis was so turned on by the screams that he soon had to shot his soothing cream into the ruptured white ass.  As his cock began to dwindle, Otis walked to the bed with the impaled young wife and let her slip unceremoniously onto the bed.

     The dwarf had a big smile on, as he videotaped the innocent young wife's rape by this trusty black employee.  The room had two videos recording the entire evening but this hand held video would be great to splice into the rape scene.  Finally, the black satisfied himself by wrapping her blonde silky hair around his black cock.  Jerome got a beautiful cum shot as the black monstrosity erupted its goo, shooting streams of thick slime all over the young beauty's face.

     The black employee truly enjoyed his job.  The young wife's precious cunt reserved only for her handsome husband, had now been filled by a pudgy dwarf.  Her virgin ass ripped apart by a black cock.  The black knew his place.  The young wife's precious cunt was reserved for his boss, as it was to be certain that the dwarf's seed would be responsible for planting a baby in her precious womb.  The black didn't care for he could easy get his jollies by defiling the young white wife.  He especially enjoyed hearing a beautiful white bitch scream as he plundered her tender ass.  Tonight had brought him tremendous joy as Julie's scream was loud enough to wake the dead.

     The next morning, Julie woke from the gentle nudge of the two housekeepers of the estate.  They helped the devastated young wife up.  They helped her to the shower, but making sure to stop by the full length mirror so she would observe her young body covered from hair to toe in dried cum.  They helped cleanse her body and dressed her in a red bikini, telling her she was to please the horrid dwarf or the video, of her being fucked by the black driver, would be distributed.  The stunned Julie was speechless as she was shown a large colored photo.  Julie clearly recognized herself but it depicted her shamelessly sucking on the chauffeur’s long black cock.

     Jeff returned from his fishing trip and greeted his wife.  He then anxiously awaited the return of his boss, from his business trip, so they could lunch casually at poolside.  Dress attire was to be totally informal so they could swim before and after lunch.  At lunch, Jeff reached out to grasp his boss by the upper arm to hold him steady.  Surely, Jeff thought, his boss was having a seizure or heart attack.  It lasted a minute or so but Jeff was relieved to see his important boss recover his composure.

     Jeff would have lost his composure if he knew the real reason for his boss's seizure.  Had he looked under the tablecloth, he would have seen the real reason.  His wife's sexy feet had jerked off the 10" cock till it spewed out streams of sticky white cum, covering her tiny toes and delicate soles. Julie prayed her husband, in his concern for his pudgy little boss, would not smell the pungent aroma of his cum that soiled her lovely feet.  She held back a sob, having been forced to perform this deed during lunch, under the threat that her husband would be shown the video of her episode with the muscular black. She wanted to die there, forced to masturbate the dwarf's deformed cock with her feet and she could now feel her tiny toes being webbed together by the sticky goo.  And she had been instructed that she had to accomplish the dirty deed as her husband ate his lunch.

     Exhausted from his fishing trip, Jeff retired to the bedroom for a nap.  Julie dove into the pool to wash her cum encrusted feet.  She was followed by the dwarf.  Lucky Jeff did not look too closely out the window before napping.  The dwarf and his wife were behind the trees in the middle of the pool.  Julie finally paddled her way to the edge of the pool, trying to escape the dwarf's advances.   Just as she grasped the edge of the pool, she was grabbed at her hips and her bikini panties stripped down her legs.  The dwarf paddled up between her slender legs.  Julie gave a startled scream as the dwarf's deformed cock plunged suddenly into tender folds.  It was a sight to behold as the deformed dwarf hunched away at the young innocent wife, finally spewing its filthy mucous deep into her womb.

     Dinner was more of a formal attire with the men in suits and Julie in a beautiful maroon dress, and open-toed black heels.  As the dress she wore was floor length, she had eliminated nylons.  Once dinner was over, the couple said their good nights and thanked their host for a beautiful weekend.

     On the walk back to their room on the far side of the mansion, Jeff commented to his lovely wife “Boy, I think the boss needs to see a heart specialist!  The seizure he had at dinner was exactly what happened at poolside.  Julie blushed and tried to walk normally.  But it was quite difficult to achieve this for the distraught beauty.  Her normally perfect fitting heels were slipping, perhaps from the thick layer of slime that had been spurted onto her soles.  Julie knew very well that it was not a heart attack that had caused the pudgy dwarf’s seizure, especially when he held her feet tightly together as he creamed her.

    Julie sat on her bed crying.  It was over a month since her rape.  The horrid dwarf said he was going to help them get their family started.  He was going to be true to his word until he was certain the job was done.  Each day, following the weekend at the estate, the young employee had been given a special assignment that would take him to different sites each day, causing him to leave early each morning and return late evening.

    Jerome arrived at the young couple's home soon after the husband left for work.  He loved to threaten the young wife, seeing her distraught face as she reluctantly led him to her marriage bed.  There, Jerome and the young wife would spend the entire day, as he proceeded to breed her with his deformed cock.  It seemed that breeding a beautiful young wife, on the very bed she shared with her loving husband, seem to make the dwarf’s deformed cock last longer and produce a heavier load of his baby making juice.

     Julie had quickly douched after each session, once the dwarf bid goodbye, to rid herself of the filthy goo. Julie desperately tried to excite her husband in bed each night, wanting her husband to be the one to impregnate her.  But due to the long trips each day, her poor husband was simply too exhausted to get it up.  As Julie could not handle the pill, douching out the horrid dwarf’s slimy spend was the only alternative.  That was up until the end of the second week of submitted to the filthy pig’s demands.  The frightened young wife definitely had her mind changed for her when the horrid dwarf advised her of his plans to have his trusty chauffeur replace him if he was unable to do the job.

    From then, Julie always kept the dwarf’s slimy seed in her tight womb, praying that it would take root.  At least if she did get pregnant, the baby would be white. It was better than being knocked up by the brutal black chauffeur.  Julie remembered how long it took her to heal after that black shaft raped her virgin ass.  She just hoped the baby would not be stunted in growth like its father or her loving husband might suspect something.

End of Story.