Demented Boss – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Jerome enjoyed his initial venture in debasing an innocent young wife.  For his second venture, Jerome had only one other goal.  Instead of taking advantage of his lush estate to do his dirty deed, he wanted to initiate the unwilling young wife right on her marriage bed.   To debase her on the bed shared only by her husband and his faithful wife.  To see her fear and to hear her scream in pain, as he shoved his large deformed cock up her tight snatch.

     The next unfortunate young wife to fall victim, to the demented dwarf, was a beautiful petite redhead that was married to one of his ambitious managers at the above board and legitimate company that he ran during regular day hours.  Jerome happened to visit his subsidiary company one day and observed the beautiful young wife meeting her husband for lunch.  He watched them walk off arm in arm to a nearby restaurant.  He couldn't keep his eyes off the young wife's trim milk white legs, dressed in a neat black outfit and heels.  Her tight little ass had a beautiful sway.  Jerome quickly invited one of his underlings to lunch with him, to the same restaurant, so he could gaze upon the young beauty.  There he learned a lot of the husband and planned his next conquest.

     Returning to his office, he quickly summoned the personnel file of the ambitious young manager named Jeff Hughs.  Wondering how he had overlooked such a beauty before, he discovered that the beauty's photo had not been in the file when he first observed it.  It had only been added to the file as they were newlyweds.  Jerome felt his cock twitch learning that fact.  Married six months and just bought a home in the suburbs.  Robin Hughs was her name and she was a secretary for a law firm that the company used on occasion.

Ms. Robin Hughs

     Jerome personally knew the senior partner of the law firm, a man just a demented as Jerome who always competed for wealth.   Perhaps that partner's lust for wealth and power would be the key to getting on with his devious plan for the young couple, in particular the lovely Mrs. Robin Huntley.

     A luncheon was set up with the senior partner of the law firm and Jerome couldn't believe his luck.  He learned that his lust for the beautiful young redhead was also shared by her employer.  His rival was afraid of a sexual harassment suit and thus had to keep a hands off approach to the beautiful newlywed.  He advised Jerome the young wife had come to the U.S. from Australia, meeting her fiancee and now husband a year ago.  A plan was set for next week for Jerome to attend a party held by the law firm and there he would meet the beautiful redhead.  The senior law partner would be certain to personally introduce him.  The party was for the office personnel and business guests only.  No spouses, so Jerome could make his move.

     Robin shivered as she shook the hand of her husband's employer.  Her boss had taken her away from the other women to introduce her to an important client, one that she should be very 'nice' to as he could bring in a lot of business and the point was made that this client happened also to be her husband's employer.  The senior law partner whispered to her that he'd throw in a big bonus for her if she could get in a good word for the firm that would result in more business from this client.  The bonus figure given to her was even more than her yearly salary.

     The evening was an agony for this young beautiful wife.  She couldn’t seem to get away from this leech, who always stood close to her and brush her legs with is short arms.  She was sure it was on purpose but she couldn’t afford to offend him.  Even when she made the excuse to go to the restroom, she intended to return to group of secretaries but was intercepted by her boss.

     Her boss told her how pleased the ugly dwarf was to be in her company and was leaning to giving their firm all the airline's business.  He quoted the dwarf in saying, "any firm that hired such a beautiful and talented woman as Robin, deserved to be considered for all his company's business".

     In bed that night, Robin told her husband of meeting his boss along with the large bonus her employer promised her if business came their way.  She also mentioned that his boss said "I'd love to get together some evening and hear the future plans of both you and your husband!"  Hearing that, Robin's ambitious husband quickly added in that they should invite his boss over for dinner in the next week or so.  Robin shivered at the thought of having the deformed and lecherous dwarf in their home.  She knew her husband wanted to get ahead in the company but not go overboard doing it.  Seeing how excited her husband was, she did not want to say no to the idea.

     Appetizers and cocktails before dinner set the stage for a nice evening.  The meal she prepared was excellent but she didn't know how she got through dinner.  She drank more than normal to dull her senses with the ugly dwarf gazing his eyes up and down her body.  During dinner, the dwarf purposely rubbed his leg against Robin's.  She looked up at the dwarf to see him grinning at her but she could move her legs away without making a scene.

     The phone rang just as Robin was preparing dessert and coffee.  It was an urgent phone call for her husband's boss.  Robin hoped it would get him out of her home quicker than expected.  However, this was a well-timed call planned by the dwarf himself.  Off the phone now, the dwarf approaches her husband asking a big favor "Is there any way you can help me out?  One of the managers above him took ill out of town.  Could he drive out to the neighboring town a couple hours away and finalize the deal.   Any way of you filling in right away?" ask the company owner.  Of course, there was nothing Robin's husband could do by jump at the chance to help his boss out, he would definitely be in good graces with this man.  The dwarf added "I don't want to spoil all the work your wife went through to prepare this delicious looking dessert.  I'll keep your wife company and finish dessert and coffee!"

     Robin's husband readily agreed and rushed out, taking a suit with him.  Robin was trapped alone in her own home, with this detestable looking dwarf of a man.  Robin stood by the window watching her husband pull his car out.  The dwarf stood beside her.  She wanted to run out, but this was her own home.  She was trapped and hoped she could get rid of this evil dwarf.

     An hour later, Robin sighed with relief as the dwarf finished his coffee then used his cell phone to call Otis, his driver.  Otis had been anxiously awaiting the phone call from a block away, anticipating it once he saw the husband's car pull out.  Ten minutes later the doorbell rang.  The dwarf got his coat as Robin led the way to the front door.  Opening the front door was the largest black man she had seen so close up.  Black as the night, smiling in his driver's outfit.  She turned to shake the pudgy small hand of the dwarf to wish him goodnight.  He kissed the top of her hand.  She was shocked that he did not release her hand.  Suddenly a large black hand clamped over her mouth and she heard the door slam behind her.

     Jerome laughed seeing the frightened young beauty.  Robin tried to scream but it was muffled by the huge black paw.  The muscular black easily lifted the petite beauty, following his dwarf boss, as he led the way to the young couple's bedroom.  Entering the bedroom, Jerome turned to greet the struggling beauty and began removing his clothes.   He enjoyed seeing Robin's green eyes widen in fear as he exposed his 10" deformed cock.  She struggled more as the dwarf slowly approached, all the while stroking his deformed cock to rigid hardness.

     Robin lashed out with her right foot but Jerome had been expecting a fight.  Jerome caught her foot and removed her black high heel.  With the dinner at her home, she had selected to go without nylons.  This had only served to excite the little dwarf throughout the night as he had gazed at her long slender ivory legs.  Then he brought her tender foot to his face and inhaled its fragrance and began to suck her tiny toes.  Robin tried to push him away with her left foot but it too was captured and bared of the spiked heel.

     It was a beautiful sight for the black driver to observe.  He had the beautiful red-haired young wife easily in his grasp.  His dwarf boss had the beauty's feet in his grasp, pulling her legs together and wrapping her tender soles around the deformed cock.  The dwarf began to fuck away at the tender feet.  Suddenly he observed the dwarf convulse and pulled his cock back a bit.  Then the cock erupted its hot molten load, to be capped by the struggling beauty's tender soles and beautiful toes.


     Otis released his hand from the beauty's mouth.  Robin gasped and cried at her defilement, sobbing "Oh God!  My God're ….........……you're nothing but a filthy pig!"  Her sexy feet were now saturated in the thick hot goo.  She prayed that they would leave her alone.  She looked at her husband's boss, who grinned evilly.  She began sobbing as Jerome announced "A filthy pig, huh?  This filthy pig is going to breed you next bitch - right in hubby's bed!  This filthy pig is going to make that tiny belly swell in a few months!"

     Jerome made sure the double-paned bedroom windows were locked tight.  The little bitch could now scream without the neighbors hearing.  Jerome took the video camera the driver had strapped over his shoulder.  This video was placed on the dresser to take in the entire bed that Robin shared with her husband.  It would be preserved in Jerome's collection.  He would enjoy watching it later, hearing this young wife scream as he fucked her with his deformed baby-maker. Fucking this beauty with his deformed body was a dream come true.  And the thought of planting his seed, in this fertile womb, made it even more enjoyable.  Perhaps he might later put this video on the open market for many would pay a fortune to see a beauty like this raped by a big-cocked dwarf.

     Robin was roughly thrown onto her marriage bed but she managed to scramble off and tried to run.  However, the black was quick and tripped her, causing her to fall onto the black sofa chair.  Then the black assistant pulled her up, tore her white dress, letting her dress fall to the floor.  Then the strong black easily pushed her back onto the bed, pinning her to it.

     "Stop …….......……stop ……….........….oh, stop …….............….please!" Robin screamed and began sobbing as the dwarf jumped onto the bed and began ripping the clothes from her beautiful body.  Her lacy white bra was ripped and her matching panties slowly drawn down her milky white thighs.  Robin groaned as the dwarf darted his head to her jewel.  She shivered as the thick wet tongue lapped at her sensitive clit.  Jerome kneeled up.  He did not want the beauty to get too wet and juicy.  He wanted to hear her screams as he plunged his deformed monstrosity up her unprepared tight love nest.

     Robin pleaded "No, please ……...........…….please don't rape me!  I ……..................I beg you .......................please ….........………stop, pleaseeeeeeeee!"  This brought delight to the two men.  They loved to hear young women beg and plead, trying to escape the horror of being raped.  Jerome snickered as he began rubbing his throbbing and leaking cock head, at her snug entrance.  Robin cried out "No, please .......................don't …..........……..don't ……........……'ll get me pregnant!"  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..............................................................owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" came the beauty's scream as the deformed cock was brutally shoved into the resisting beauty.  Her screams were music to the men's ears.

     Robin was now bent in two.  The black had released her arms but had grabbed her by her ankles and pulled back so she could not move.  Tears ran down her beautiful face as her red hair whipped from side to side in her agony.  Above her, the demented dwarf was delighted at ramming his deformed cock all the way, till all 10" was buried in her tight snatch.  Never had she been penetrated so deeply.  She had been a virgin on her wedding day and thus had only experienced her husband's cock.  She had thought her husband was huge with his 6" penis but it was a mere toy compared to what this dwarf possessed.  Then, fully embedded in her, the dwarf bent over her bent body took over holding her.

     Sobbing, Robin heard her husband's evil boss taunt her "What would your husband say if he could see his beautiful and faithful wife now, sweetie?  Does he have anything to compare with what I'm giving you?  Do you like chocolate popsicles, honey?  Look to your right and see what you're gonna be sucking on soon!"  Looking to her right, Robing shuddered in absoulte horror upon seeing the glistening body of the muscular black disrobing.

      As the dwarf's driver approached the bed, Robin's head frantically turned from side to side, not believing what was happening to her.  Suddenly, her red lips began to brush against a wet rubbery object.  Her sweet lips began to get slippery.  Her eyes opened and she shuddered in fear, gasped at the sight of the black's 12" snake dangling above her face. The black assistant took advantage of the beauty's gasp.  He dropped his crotch down to embed 3" of his throbbing shaft into the beauty's gasping mouth.

     All caught on video was the agonizing rape of this beautiful red-haired young wife.  True to her husband, never experiencing another man, this young innocent wife was being forced to take two monster cocks at the same time. Here was the petite milky white body being fucked out of her mind by a deformed dwarf and tiny mouth gagging around a black cock 4" in diameter and 12" in length.  The dwarf went into a frenzy as he was about to unleash a torrent of sticky white cum.  The black suddenly withdrew his cock.

     The microphone recorded the wife's pleaded "No, please .....…………..please ………..pull it out …………don't shoot it in me!  Please ………I ………….  I'll get pregnant!  Please don't .............................agggggggggggggggggggggggg ......….............……nooooooooooooooooooooo ...............………arrugghhhhhhh!" her voice suddenly cut off by the black cock.

     Robin would not dare report this rape.  No one would believe her.  Jerome played back the end portion on the tape and Robin could see herself in the viewfinder.  The majority of the tape showed the beautiful red-haired wife being raped and sodomized.  The dwarf had fucked her in every orifice while the black had stuffed his wang down her throat and all the way up her ass.  The last portion of the video showed her crawling to the black, smile for the camera and holding the black snake on her own.  Then, with her eyes looking directly at the camera, she began licking the black cockhead like an ice cream cone.  It showed the full 12" black snake slowly being eaten by the young wife.  Finally it showed the smiling beauty take the black's full load in her beautiful face and mouth.  A close-up final shot showed the beauty with her mouth filled with goo, face covered in slime, and white streaks in her beautiful red hair.

     If this was the only portion of the tape a person viewed, no one would ever believe she had been raped.  Why'd the beautiful wife stoop to crawling for the big black cock?  Robin had been offered the choice of doing so and smiling for the cameras or have the 12" black monster cock shoved into her tender pussy, being sure to deposit its potent load in her fertile nest.  Although being fucked by the deformed dwarf's cock, Robin could not contemplate being 'ruined' by a black cock.  What if the black's sperm knocked her up?  At least the dwarf's was white.  Thus, she chose the least of two evils.

     Robin's husband's emergency assignment turned into a six-week project.  The lovely young wife was not missed at work.  The senior partner had announced that he was sending Robin out on a special assignment that would take two months or so.  This was the least the senior law partner could do, at Jerome’s request, especially with the entire account being turned over to his firm for this favor.

    Jerome saw to it that with a promotion for the young man and had him busy in a different city over the weekends.  He promised the ambitious young husband more advancement and a bonus for this six-week endurance.  Jerome told the young man of the bonus he was getting, who was excited of the unexpected enrichment.  The pudgy little dwarf laughed to himself for the main bonus would delivered in nine months.  Mr. Huntley would be the proud father of a baby boy or girl.  In that six week period, the dwarf occupied the husband's bed each day and night, till the beautiful young wife indeed got knocked up.

     Robin was happy to learn she was pregnant in the fifth week.  Jerome had the pregnancy confirmed by the company's doctor.  Robin happy by being knocked up by her husband's boss, a dwarf that possessed a 10" deformed cock?  Very much so, for if she had not conceived in a two-month period, the dwarf told her he'd let his black driver do the honors.

     Once the pregnancy was confirmed, the dwarf left her alone as he had promised.  On Christmas day, Robin's husband was the proud daddy of a baby boy.  It was a healthy baby boy indeed, a baby with a penis that appeared larger than normal in proportion to its body.  Robin's husband liked to kid around with his wife, as she was good humored.  He couldn't understand why she shivered a bit every time he kidded "This kid is just like his daddy, having an awesome dick!"   If he only knew how true his statement was, he wouldn't keep kidding his wife about it.

     Robin's husband couldn't believe how generous his boss was when the baby came.  Flowers for Robin and toys for the baby.  Three months later, Robin's husband had to pack for another six-week venture but the company would help out with furnishing a 24 hour maid.  He did not know the maid was there to do everything, while his wife stayed in bed the entire day, another “special assignment’ was the reasoning given by her employer to fellow employees.  But the marital bed would not be occupied by only his wife as his boss dwarf wanted to give his son a baby brother or sister to play with.

     After the second child, another son with a big penis, Jerome let Robin rear the children in peace.  No more six-week ventures for her husband for his boss wanted the boys to have a good family life.  Only occasional weekend assignments out of town.  Of course Robin dreaded it, for she expected a call from the dwarf to meet him at a hotel.  Or she would be called to accompany him in entertaining some out-of-town business client.
Entertaining that important business client always consisted of an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant.  However, dessert was always held at the important client's hotel room - with the lovely Mrs. Huntley as the dessert.

     Five years later, Robin did not know that a portion of the initial film taken was making its way in the porno film industry.  It was of her crawling to the big black dick, sucking it off till it exploded in her face.  Her next door neighbor's son, Tim, who she knew when he was fourteen, had just made eightteen.  He had gone to the porno shop where a friend worked and watched a hardcore flick highlighting interracial sex clips and in particular each cum scene.  It took a while for him to recognize her, for she appeared to be a wanton slut in the movie, versus the wholesome wife and mother who lived next door to him.  The fancy ring she wore on the right had clinched it for he remembered that ring from before.

    Robin found find herself confronted by this young teenager, who was certain it was his beautiful neighbor in the flick but was still uncertain to some degree.  Once he saw the beautiful wife and mother coleur up, he was then absolutely certain she was the star of that portion of the flick. Robin begged the young teen to please forget what he had seen.  The teen was happy to accommodate her wish but of course for a price.  That day the beautiful wife ended up kneeling on her kitchen floor with the teenager’s virgin cock in her mouth, then teaching him the art of lovemaking on her marital bed.  From this day on, Robin was forced to satisfy his constant demand for her beautiful body on the threats of revealing his find.  Result – the marital bed of the Huntleys was the place of conception of the Huntleys’ third child, only this child was the product of the beautiful wife and the teen neighbor.

End of Story.