Demented Boss – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
 Ralph Calhoon
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     Jerome Wilks was itching for some fun and games.  This being a Friday, Jerome headed out to the country club to relax.  Lucky that his parents had founded the country club for he would never have been allowed to join, especially in his tiny stature of being a rather repulsive dwarf of 4’.  At the pool, he was joined by a pudgy old guy who had befriended him, hoping for his chance of getting Jerome’s investment banking account rather that for social purposes.  Although his bank account swelled at the seams, flushed with money coming in from his many sleasy rental properties and also from the string of porn shops that he owned across town.

     Ralph Calhoon, the manager of that brokerage firm had always been after Jerome to handle the company's investment account.  Another opportunity to hit him up again.  Jerome had often kidded him that “I’ll think about it after you find me a beautiful piece of ass, a young innocent unsuspecting bitch that I can knock up!”  Calhoon, as he was called, was a fat old geezer of 60 yrs with a lust similar to Jerome’s. He decided to see if the little man was serious with his banter.

Jerome Wilks

     Late night in the middle of the week, Calhoon stopped in at Jerome's office located in the seedy side of town where a couple of his sleasy motels were located.  There he chatted with the little dwarf and found that Jerome would be at the country club on Sunday.  Calhoon smiled and told him to be a poolside as he had a proposal to make.  Jerome suspected that something interesting was going to be proposed and assured his pudgy old friend that he’d be at poolside.

     The next unfortunate young wife was a beautiful young schoolteacher with honey colored hair.  Ellen Ryan, wife of a young stockbroker named Darrin, was 24 years old 5’3” and sexy as hell. Her 35-23-34 milky white body made heads turn wherever she went.  To top it off, she was very conservative and innocent, with naïve being a better description.  She had met Darrin in college and they fell madly in love.  She had dated in high school and college but had never been intimate with anyone, saving herself for marriage.  Now, after the first year of marriage, things were starting to fall into place.  She had established herself as a teacher in an elementary school while her husband was making strides as a stockbroker.

Ms. Ellen Ryan

    Ellen and Darrin had been invited to the exclusive Foxdale Country Club on this Saturday.  They were told to dress casually as it was for a day of relaxation at the pool and a casual luncheon.  This was a reward for Darrin’s great production in the past month.  They had never been to the exclusive country club but of course had heard much about it.  They looked forward to going there for the first time, especially since they were guests of Darrin’s boss and it was for lunch and swim.

    If Calhoon played his cards right with this evil dwarf, he'd get the account over to his firm and just maybe get his own cock into his employee's beautiful wife - a beauty that had his cock twitching whenever he saw her.  Old Calhoon had seen the lovely Ellen Ryan on occasion waiting for her husband and at the company socials.  He had gone to bed many a time while jerking off with the lovely wife in mind.

    Jerome's cock twitched when he saw Ellen in her black and white swimsuit as she lay near poolside for a sunbath. Her milky white body was absolutely perfect and Jerome’s tongue was hanging out.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off her lovely body and wondered who’s guest she was, as he had never seen her before at this exclusive club.  Suddenly he was startled by the gruff voice of old man Calhoon, inquiring how he was doing.  ‘God, I’d give my left nut to nail that little bitch!’ replied Jerome.  Old Calhoon looked over at the succulent blonde beauty, then gave a hearty laugh before advising “Calhoon, you can save your left nut, I can arrange it fer ya!  All I want in exchange is your account!”

    Calhoon filled him in on his guests.  Says he knew what kind of effect that beautiful bitch would have on him.  Old Calhoon wanted to nail the little beauty himself but made it a point to stay away from employees or their wives.  Jerome learned that Ellen was a schoolteacher and he wished he was back in grade school.  Well, he was going to teach her a thing or two.  ‘Hmmm’, Jerome thought to himself, ‘making a little money on the side would also be a potential’.

     Over the next hour, Jerome’s beady eyes never left the flawless body of the beautiful Ellen Ryan.  He laughed to himself as he thought of how her husband’s own boss had bartered her beautiful charms in exchange for his account.  As the young couple lunched with Calhoon and his wife, Jerome waited till they were done before strolling over to their table.

     “Hey, Jerome! C’mon over and join us for a drink” greeted Calhoon, as they had planned.  Calhoon stood and had Jerome sit in his chair while he pulled up another.  It was no accident that Jerome got to sit next to the lovely beauty that he lusted over for the past two hours.  Introductions were made and they chatted over drinks.  Before leaving, Jerome invited Darrin to contact him during the week and they could talk about stocks and bonds.

     The plan was working well.  Darrin Ryan had called early during the week and Jerome set up a brief luncheon where they could talk a bit but not much due the time constraints he had set.  Jerome mentioned to Darrin how lovely his wife was and how he was a very fortunate young man.  Also that he’d love to meet her again.

      Poor Ellen had no idea what was in store for her.  Her husband mentioned he had a great chance in possibly landing this big account.  Jerome had told him that he only believed in doing business with those with a wholesome family life, preferably with happy children.  Though they had no children yet, Darrin had informed him of how he and his lovely wife were now trying to start a family.  He had guessed that the dwarf didn't have a happy childhood, being so short and ugly, that he wanted only to do business with a stable person.  Thus Ellen agreed to his inviting this gruesome dwarf for dinner if it would help him land the account.  Little did she know this invitation would land her sweet tail flat on her bed, with legs spread wide.

     Ellen had not observed the various vans near her car in the school's parking lot.  She was totally unaware of the activity in the vans, recording her every move.  She was to be the star of the movie "Teacher Gets Taught by a Big Black Buck".  She was beautiful for the film, in her low heels, skirt & blouse.  Her thin gold frame yuppie glasses looked beautiful on her face.  Jerome loved her in the yuppie glasses and that's all she'd be wearing when the black buck fucked her beautiful face and ass. The video would begin with the teacher at school on various days and with the school children around.  The viewers would know she was a true teacher and not a phony actress.  This would be a true real life rape recorded.

     Jerome called his cohort Calhoon to inform him that the account would soon be with his firm.  That Jerome had just gotten a dinner invitation from the young couple and it would be next week, on the day school let out for the summer.  But old man Calhoon had to create a phony crisis at the firm to get the husband out on the evening he dined with the Ryan.  And then keep him away from home for a lengthy period, for whatever reason.  Then Jerome would give that young broker handle the company's investment account.

     The plan was put into action.  Just when the main meal was completed, the emergency phone call came and Darrin Ryan had to rush to another city for his boss.  Jerome volunteered his help, calling his airline and had a first class seat ready at no charge - a seat had been set up far in advance of this 'emergency' call.  Seeing Darrin out of his home, the dwarf told him he had a great time and would be leaving after having dessert with his charming young wife.  Only, Jerome neglected to tell Darrin that his lovely wife was the dessert he had in mind.

     Jerome enjoyed being alone with this lovely young wife, thoroughly enjoying seeing how uncomfortable she was being alone with him.  Once he deliberately patted her beautiful manicured hand and saw her shiver in disgust in his sweaty touch.  He smiled to wondering how disgusted Mrs. Ellen Ryan would be by the end of this evening, when more than just his sweaty hand would touch her.  His mighty deformed cock gave a violent twitch at the thought of her soft hands stroking his weapon.

     Ellen breathed a sigh of relief as the gruesome dwarf finished his coffee and then got on his cell phone to call for his limo.  The last hour had just been awful for Ellen, feeling as if this little dwarf of a man had stripped her naked with his eyes devouring every inch of her body.

     Both Ellen and the dwarf headed to the front door when the doorbell rang, obviously the dwarf’s chauffeur had arrived.  Just as Ellen opened the front door Jerome called out to her.  Turning her head back to the dwarf, as the door was opened, Ellen did not see the unkempt black man that stood at the front door.  Nor did she notice the man step into the opening of the door, until her mouth was covered by a large filthy hand.

     The dwarf’s driver, actually one of his loyal mechanics whom he would reward, had the beauty easily.  Another black employee of the dwarf was allowed to participate for his loyalty to the dwarf.  This second black was filthy and greasy and appeared to need a bath, especially since his regular job was collecting the scrap material for the plant but also to perform some underhanded tasks need by his devious boss.  Jerome thought they were perfect to debauch the prim and proper young beauty.  Watching and videotaping her being sodomized by two blacks would be worth a fortune on the porno market.

     The video, now taken over by Jerome, showed the beautiful teacher being dragged by the blacks into her bedroom.  The struggling beauty fought with all her might against the two filthy intruders, tried kicking at them with her sharp heels but lost her white heels as she was dragged backwards.  With one black brute holding her shoulders, the other took delight in grasping the front of her elegant dress and tearing from her.  Jerome smiled as he continued the video taping, loved the way this innocent wife sobbed as her lacy bra was torn to bare her perfect milk white breasts capped with beautiful pink nipples.  The grimy black fingers tweaked at her nipples bringing them to stiffness and the lovely wife sobbing more in humiliation.

     Then the video recorded the lovely young wife and schoolteacher withering about, trying desperately to stop the filthy black intruder from peeling her lacy white panties down her flawless white legs, letting the final protective garment to puddle at her sexy white feet.  “Oh, pleaseeee ………….pleaseeeeeeeee, Mr. Wilks, please stop them ………….pleaseeeeeeeee!” Ellen pleaded as she looked over at the snickering dwarf.  Her eyes widened in disbelief, seeing one of the huge burly black intruders removing his pants.

       The horrified look on the face of this innocent young wife would reap its rewards in the open market when this tape hit the underground.  Here was this beauty, being forced to kneel on her marital bed, to reach out and handle a smelly black cock.  Ellen was being forced to stroke the pungent black cock with her left hand, stroking it up and down as it pulsed madly in front of her horrified face.  All this was being put on video, the horrified look on Ellen’s face told the tale and her petite white hand stoking the thick black cock would arouse any film watcher, especially seeing the sparkle of her wedding ring marking the degrading of her marital vows.

     When the black hands, entwined in her soft silky hair began pulling her head forward, Ellen’s petite body shook in revulsion.  “Oh, please, please ……no, please …..don’t make me do such a filthy thing …………….oh, please, it’s so filthy ……..please, I’ve never even done such a thing with my husband!” she desperately pleaded.  The video recorded Ellen closing her eyes tightly, her lips sealed tightly, and her body began quivering as the oozing black cockhead pushed against her soft pink lips.

       Ellen was unable to back away with her tormentor’s hands tightly entwined in her hair.  The other filthy black intruder meanwhile was crouched directly behind her, his grimy hand holding her trim white hips from backing away from the cock in her face, his throbbing cock laying menacingly upon her cherry white ass.

     “C’mon, open those beautiful sweet lips of yours, honey!” the black holding her head ordered, as his oozing black cock brushed up against her lily white face.  Trails of the filthy goo soiled Ellen’s beautiful face.  Seeing that this innocent young bitch was not about to let his black cock soil her innocent young mouth, the desperate intruder gave that knowing nod to his greasy black pal holding her by the hips.

     Jerome smiled as he continued to tape the hot scene.  The grimy intruder behind the lovely Mrs. Ryan had grasped his 12” black tool and inserted into the crease of the beautiful white ass.  Then he watched the dirty maintenance man lean forward with all his weight. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………….nooooooooooooo …………..ohhhhhhh!” came the high pitched scream of the lovely Mrs. Ellen Ryan, as her tight cherry white ass was speared by the thick black lance.  Then the shrilling scream was stifled as the innocent young wife was fed a mouthful of the oozing black cock in front of her.

      The video captured the young wife eventually gagging on the monster black cock as it erupted in her sweet mouth.  The vile taste of the slimy goo had the young wife trying to cough up the rich protein.  The cock was withdrawn as it geysers of erupting cum shot directly into the young wife’s face and streaked her silky brown hair.  As the cock softened and was withdrawn from her once cherry ass, the sobbing young wife collapsed onto her marital bed, humiliated by being forced to suck a black cock for the first time and her body sodomized by a filthy black.

     As set the video onto a tripod, Jerome began to shuck off his clothing.  He watched the lovely Mrs. Ryan eye widen and her shocked gasp as his deformed cock was revealed.  Although he was deprived from having a normal body size, he had been blessed with a cock the size of a donkey.  “Ever seen a cock like this, Mrs. Ryan?  Heard you and Darrin are now trying to start a family.  Well, honey, I’m gonna breed you with my donkey cock!” Jerome laughed as he watched the innocent beauty try to back away on the bed.  “You’re gonna have your family started right on the bed you share with your loving husband.  Gonna breed ya, you beautiful bitch!  Wonder what your offspring will look like, Mrs. Ryan?  If it’s a boy, he’s gonna have a big cock like his papa!” Jerome laughed.

     Ellen’s hope to escape was short lived, at the two black cohorts of the deviant dwarf easily captured her on the bed, her arms held above her head and her legs spread apart in the shape of a V.  “Oh, please ……………please don’t rape me, Mr. Wilks!  Please, oh God, no!  I’ve never been with anyone but Darrin!  Please, you’ll get me pregnant!  Oh, please, get away from me!” Ellen sobbed as she gazed upon the evil dwarf.  She couldn’t believe anyone possessed such a monstrous cock, even bigger than his black cohorts.  She swallowed hard realizing that what her husband’s boss said was true, that he possessed a cock like a donkey.  And he was intent on putting that monstrous thing in her, that he was going to rape her.   She shuddered as she observed the dwarf approach her, it was if he was walking on three legs, with his cock nearly touching the floor.

     As the dwarf got into position, Ellen’s head was lifted up by the black holding her hands.  Ellen sobbed in horror as she got a good look at the monstrosity that was intent on worming its way into her fertile womb and deposit its potent goo.  “Oh, God …….it hurts ……………awwwwww, it hurtssssss baddddddddd …….owwwwwww!” she cried out as the plum sized cockhead forced its way into her tight groove.

     Jerome took great pleasure in fucking an innocent young wife on her marital bed.  And he was getting a lot of encouragement from his two cohorts.  “Way to go, Mr. Wicks!  Lay it into the little bitch!  Knock the beautiful bitch up!” came the shouts of blacks, as the dwarf began to hump furiously into the weeping young wife.

     The long monstrous cock was buried deep in her womb, something Ellen had never experienced before with her husband.  Ellen groaned in shame as her body began to convulse, her pussy lips beginning to contract around the raping cock.  “Oh, no! Oh, no!  Nooooooooooo ……………….!” Ellen groaned as her body arched.  Her legs were released and she wrapped her trim white legs around the little dwarf, squeezing him and trying to get him to bury his lengthy cock deep in her womb.

     “Oh, Godddddd ………..ohhhhhhhhh, noooooo………… noooooooooo, oh, I’m cominggggg……………..!” Ellen groaned loudly, her body out of control as she arched up and tightened her trim legs around the demented rapist.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh ………oh, Godddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she squealed as the long pulsing cock within her pulsed hotly and then began to belch out its molten cum.

     A half-hour later, the two blacks chuckled softly, not wanting their demented boss hear them laugh at his predicament.  Their boss was being held captive by the young wife’s trim white legs, with his monster cock still embedded in her well stretched hole.  Orgasm after orgasm had the young wife out of her mind and she had passed out, with her body tightly gripping the dwarf to her.   Finally, the trim white legs relaxed and the black cohorts helped their exhausted boss off the young wife.  As they watched the thick cum flow from the raped wife, they knew that the amount of cum deposited deep in her womb would definitely do its nasty deed.

      The next morning, Jerome’s black cohorts left to go to work back at the airport.  Jerome instructed them to have the videotapes kept in his office as a precaution.  With the young wife on summer vacation from school and her husband away, she would not be lonely for company.  The threat of releasing the tapes of her being raped by his two black cohorts would ensure her cooperation.

     That evening, Darrin called home to talk to his loving wife, telling her the emergency would take longer than expect but old man Calhoon had promised him a large raise.  Also, Calhoon gave him the good news that the little dwarf had turned over his investment account to the firm and that he would get all the commissions from the trades generated.  Darrin kept going on and on, enjoying the sound of his wife’s voice.  As Ellen kept saying they should hang up before the bill got too expensive, Darrin advised her Calhoon told him not to worry about expenses.  But the phone bill was not the reason Ellen wanted to hang up, it was the head of the little dwarf between her widespread thighs driving her crazy, as the dwarf was intent on making her cum with this slithering tongue.

     The next evening, Darrin received a call in his hotel room.  He was surprised to get a call from Jerome Wicks, telling him what a lovely time he had with he and Ellen.  The dwarf told him the dinner was great and he loved the dessert his wife had served him.  Jerome told him his boss had given him his number and he just wanted to thank him for a good time.  Darrin had heard that the dwarf turned his account over to his firm, with Darrin to get the commissions, thanking Jerome profusely.

    “Darrin, my boy, you sure have a beautiful young wife! Wish I could find a lovely beauty like her!” Jerome told him.  Darrin’s body shook, as he couldn’t picture a woman like his wife with anyone so gross as him, much less giving the little dwarf the time of day.  If Darrin only knew that at that very moment his lovely wife was crouched on their marital bed, giving the little dwarf’s donkey cock the sucking of a lifetime.  Before ending the call, Jerome told the young man “Darrin, next time dinner’s on me.  I know of a special dessert that you wife would just love!”  Darrin would have gone out of his mind if he knew that his precious wife was having a taste of the special dessert at that very moment, her mouth filled to the brim with the hot pudding emitted from the dwarf’s erupting cock.

     Over the next month, Ellen remained in her home, at the mercy of the deviant dwarf.  Jerome saw to it that groceries and any necessities were delivered to the home.  Ellen didn’t know how the little man could be in constant need of sex, the deviant pleasures the dwarf desired drove her to the brink.  Each night her husband called to talk to her,
Jerome had set up a video with her on the phone while engaging in a sex act with him.  She didn’t know how she got through the recent call with Darrin, crouched on all fours on her marital bed as the dwarf fucked her mercilessly.

     Ellen couldn’t believe how she could let herself respond each time with such a gruesome little dwarf.  It seemed that his thick long cock made her go crazy with lust, bringing her to peak after peak in orgasms, something she never achieved with her own husband.  She closed her eyes as she recalled the last episode in bed, where she wrapped her hand and legs around the tiny humping body and yelled out “Oh, fuck me ……fuck me, Mr. Wicks!  Oh, yes, slam it in me …………..oh, yesssssssssss ……fuckkkkk me ………….give me your baby!”

     Jerome departed the Ryan’ household before the unsuspecting husband returned from his emergency assignment.  Darrin was greeted home by his beautiful wife.  After an elegant dinner out, he was anxious to be alone with his wife.  In bed, Darrin was taken by surprise by the way his naïve young wife wrapped her trim legs tightly around him and hunched up at him.  Astounded by her aggressiveness and due to the lack of sex, Darrin couldn’t handle it and prematurely ejaculated, leaving Ellen humping onto his dwindling cock.

     After two weeks, the lovemaking had not improved at all.  Ellen was going crazy in her thoughts, wondering just how the ugly little dwarf could make her climax numerously whereas her husband left her high and dry.  She thought of the phone call from Jerome Wicks that she had received that afternoon, telling her to come to his office tomorrow at
11 a.m. if she wanted more of his donkey cock.  She bit her lip wondering what she should do, for she had not been ordered to meet him but he had left it to her.

     The next day at 11 a.m., Jerome grinned and escorted his lovely visitor into his office.  He knew she would be here and it wasn’t because he had that incriminating video of her.  His lovely visitor made no objection as his pudgy little hand slipped up her dress to caress her soft thigh.  He loved the way she had dressed, so beautiful in her summer dress and white heels.

     Fifteen minutes later, the secretary’s voice came over the intercom “Mr. Ryan is here for his 11:15 a.m. appointment”.   “Send him right in!” Jerome responded.

     “Good to see you, Darrin!” Jerome greeted the young man.  “Just wanted to go over the investment account and chat a bit!” he advised Darrin.  “I appreciate your confidence in having me handle the account, Mr. Wicks” Darrin responded, as he watched the rich little dwarf rocking slightly in his chair.

     Quickly covering his investment objectives, Jerome turned the conversation to women.  “Darrin, my boy, you don’t know how lucky you are to have a lovely wife like Ellen!  She sure is a beauty!  With my looks, I can never find a beautiful woman like her” Jerome commented.  Darrin was taken aback, not knowing how to respond, only to humor this ugly old dwarf “Thank you, Mr. Wicks!  Yes, I must admit that Ellen is quite lovely and I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful, faithful wife like her.”

     Then the conversation got a bit more raunchy and Darrin laughed with this big investor.  “Darrin, gotta tell you of this beautiful gal I recently met at the country club.  Man, she can’t get enough of me! What a fox in bed and boy can she give terrific head!”  Darrin shuddered a bit in revulsion trying to picture any beautiful woman giving head to
this creepy dwarf.  Then Darrin thought how lucky this damned dwarf was to have a woman suck his cock, for he never had that thrill since Ellen absolutely refused to do such a ‘filthy thing’.

    Darrin got up to leave and reached over to shake Jerome’s tiny hand “Thanks again for having me handle your investment account, Mr. Wicks”.  Jerome smiled as he shook the young man’s hand “Darrin, I know you’ll do good.  Tell your lovely wife that I really loved that dinner and dessert!  I’ve got to show her my special dessert receipt for the best
tapioca pudding that’ll she’ll just love!”  At that very instant, Darrin’s lovely wife was crouched beneath that same desk getting a bellyful of creamy hot tapioca pudding that was generated by the deformed little dwarf.

     Eight months later, little Darrin was born, at 5 and a half pounds in weight.  Ellen reassured her husband it was to be expected since the baby was a few weeks premature.  But the lovely wife knew the baby was not premature as she convinced her husband, she only prayed the baby was small but not a dwarf like his father.  Darrin Sr. kissed his wife and commented how his son resembled his dad, big dicked for his size.  Darrin Sr. laughed but paid no attention to his wife shiver and look of disgust when he said that, for it was so true that their son took after his ‘father’ in that department. He thought of how fortunate he was to have landed that dwarf's company, which was now his biggest account.  He had to give himself a pat on the back for his accomplishment.  Actually it was his wife's accomplishment on her back that had gotten him so far ahead.

    Darrin Sr. had gotten a big bonus when he had returned from the last lengthy trip of six weeks.  He wanted to be close to the family, especially with a newborn.  However, his boss asked for him to handle another six week project out of town and would be hiring the needed sitters and even a cook so his lovely wife would not miss him too much.  Still, he was hesitant as he did not want his lovely wife to be alone so soon.  But Darrin need not need to worry, for his lovely wife would not be alone at all over the next six weeks.  The hired help consisted of a sitter, a housekeeper and a cook.  All starting before Darrin left for the trip, reassuring that all would be well.  Most importantly, the lovely Ellen would not be lacking company.

    With the baby in the care of the sitter, Darrin sat back in the passenger seat as his wife drove him to the airport as she needed to take in a bit of shopping afterat the new mall near the airport.  Ten minutes after being dropped off at the airport, his lovely wife was pulling her car in the express hotel that made up a part of the new airport mall.  Minutes later, as Darrin entered the airport lobby after passing through the security gate, his lovely wife was entering the lobby of the airport hotel.

    Sitting in a chair up in the priority lounge, Darrin thought about his lovely wife and how much he loved her.  He hoped that she was enjoying herself and not too upset with his need to take on this lengthy trip out of town.  Although there was the baby and the sitter in the house, he just hated to leave Ellen basically all alone, and him not being there to make love to her.  But if Darrin could be a fly on the wall in the room at the airport hotel just two miles away, he be able to view his lovely wife busily licking and sucking at the long thick cock of the deformed dwarf he had first been introduced to at the country club.

As she serviced the evil dwarf, Ellen was unaware of the presence of another man in the room hiding in the closet, that her husband's boss who had been so instrumental in her downfall.  This man was now watching her performance intently, already having stripped off his clothing prior to her arrival.  In fact, the old grey haired bastard had been standing near he window watching as she turned up into the driveway of the airport hotel.  And as she walked from her car to the entrance of the hotel, the bastard was wanking at his old wrinkled cock. 

     With the throbbing cock sliding down her throat, the dwarf’s hands wrapped itself into her long light honey colored hair, keeping her on all fours.  Suddenly, Ellen was startled to feel clammy hands on her hips, as the bed sagged from the weight of another person.  She tried to struggle and get up but to no avail, desperate as she felt a probing between her thighs.  Someone else was preparing to fuck her.  She thought the decrepit dwarf had invited one of his employees, with her again as the reward for a job well done.

    “C’mon, Calhoon, I know how much you’ve been waiting to get a crack at her sweet little pussy!” Jerome laughed.  “Yeah, my balls have been aching just waiting to sink my cock in this beautiful little bitch!”  came the gruff voice behind her.  A voice that she readily recognized, the voice of her husband’s lecherous old boss.  It was the pudgy old boss of her husband’s that was about to be the first to claim her tight pussy since she gave birth.  “Come on, Calhoon, see if you can give my little kid a baby brother or sister to play with” Jerome goaded.

    “God, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to get my hands on your sweet little ass, Mrs. Ryan!  I’ve watched that video of you over and over, jerking off each time” Calhoon snickered.  His pudgy hands began to caress the soft trim hips and beautiful little ass of the distress young wife.  Edging up, his throbbing fat cock nudged the entrance to his employee’s young wife.  Rearing back, Calhoon gave a mighty heave, forcing his cock deep into the object of his dreams.

    Tears welled in her eyes and flowed down her lovely face, ashamed at the juices lubricating her slick groove, brought on by the cockhead prodding and rubbing at her sensitive clit.  Even if this stimulation was brought about by her husband’s pudgy old boss, who’s cock was now edging it’s way into her slick lips.  “Ohhhhhhhh …………” came the muffled groan around the thick cock in her mouth, just as her husband’s boss fucked her like a bitch as he shoved his wrinkled old cock into her slick sleeve from behind.

    Panting, old man Calhoon couldn’t believe he was now sampling the choicest piece of ass he’d ever laid eyes on.  “Oh, Mrs. Ryan, your husband thinks I sent him on this assignment for his knowledge!   But you’re the real reason why I sent him on that trip!” he huffed, as he lunged into the horrified young wife.  “Oh, yeah baby!  I’m going to be the one to knock you up, bitch!  You’re gonna be my fucking whore for the next six weeks, till Darrin gets back!  Oh, yeah, you sweet little bitch ………….here it cums, ohhhhhhhhh …….ohhhhhhhhh!” Calhoon groaned as he slammed his salami home, letting it burst deep in her womb.

    Ellen’s petite body shook uncontrollably as an orgasm overtook her, thighs clenching the belching fat cock of old man Calhoon, milking the pink of hot thick cream into her fertile womb.  All the while she nursed at the little dwarf’s monstrosity till it erupted deep in her throat.

    A year later, Darrin Sr. happily played with his two sons.  He was proud to have fathered two healthy babies with his beautiful wife.  And he was quite surprised that when the recent birth came, his boss told to take a week off with pay saying “A good man has to take good care of ‘his’ son!”

End of Story.