Demented Boss IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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    With money pouring in from illegitmate sources such as sleasy porn shops, prostitution in sleasy motels that he owned, Jerome Wilks would then launder the money through some legitimate company that he'd buy and continue to run as a front for the real money makers of his operation.  Having taken over this new high tech company, Jerome made it a point of meet each of his employees.  It was important to keep morale and production up, along with reassuring the employees of their job securities.  It was also a means of learning more to the employees' personal lives and to make note of the beautiful women employees.  Unknown to the employees was Jerome’s private file on each employee, gathering as info as possible.  A photo of each employee’s spouse was taken by a private investigator who Jerome used for his personal undertakings.  He always made it a point to view the spouse’s picture before interviewing the male employees.

     Prior to interviewing Dave Adams, he opened the personal file on the employee.  He pulled out a photo of what Jerome could only describe as an angel with long golden hair.  Jerome’s dormant cock began to stir in its confines.  At the bottom of the photo, a stick-on note indicate this beauty to be a Ms. Meredith Wilson, age 23, occupation: interior designer, blonde w/lovely blue eyes, 115 lbs, fiancee of Dave Adams, and the wedding date set two weeks from now.  Seeing this, Jerome’s cock twitched in anticipation.  ‘Man, I’ve got to get into her sweet pants.  God, she looks like a fuck'n little angel.  So beautiful and innocent looking!  I’ve got to get in there and show this lucky bastard just how to knock up an angel that that!’ he thought to himself.

Ms. Meredith Wilson

     In interviewing Dave Adams, he could see that this young man was quite ambitious and dedicated to the company.  He wanted to learn more of his personal life and invited Dave to lunch with him, a means of putting him at ease so he’d unknowingly reveal some info on the beauty whom he'd soon be marrying.  He laid the groundwork that he liked to have all employees considered as family.  Jerome told Dave that he would like to attend the wedding and reception if possible.  Dave was only too happy to extend the invitation, explaining he had not extended it earlier as he felt it inappropriate not having met him before and not making it awkward for Jerome to decline.

     “Dave, I’m going to love meeting your lovely bride.  Be sure to introduce me to her at the reception.  Once you and the lovely bride are back from vacation, I’d like to have a talk with Meredith about her ideas on interior design and just maybe she can help me in the new home office building.  I’d love having someone who’s ambitious and intelligent in the field looking out for my interest.” Jerome said, laying the foundation for lovely angel’s fall from grace.  Dave Adams could only express his thankfulness and appreciation to his new boss, a dwarf of a man with a rather hideous appearance but quite wealthy. If Dave Adams only knew that his devious boss was after his bride’s sweet jewel, he would not be so thankful.

     Plying for more info, Jerome asked his employee if he and his fiancee had set up house already.  He saw how Dave blushed and blurted out a soft ‘No’ explaining that his lovely bride to be was quite conservative, having been brought up by religious parents.  But Dave indicated that Meredith wanted to start a family right away, once she and Dave got married.

    Jerome’s cock gave a twitch at learning this info, wondering that perhaps the angel in the picture was in fact truly a virgin.  He doubted it in this day and age but with being brought up in such a strict atmosphere, just perhaps it could be true.  With his cock twitching, he told his young employee “I know your lovely fiancee must be quite busy with the wedding so nearby but do you think she could perhaps go over some of the plans I have and give me some ideas?  Anyway, I’ll understand if she’s too busy right now but if she’s able to, I’d really appreciate it.  Check with her and have her call me tomorrow so we can work something out.”  He smiled at his young employee’s reaction and was certain he’d be hearing from his lovely bride-to-be the next morning.

     Over dinner that evening, Meredith was surprised and excited at hearing the news that his boss would like to talk to her about her ideas on interior designing of the new home office building.  It would certainly give her a jump start in furthering her career in the industry.  Dave told Meredith of his uneasy feeling in being around his old dwarf of a boss, saying his boss gave him a creepy feeling, trying to describe his boss's ugly features "He's balding and unkempt in appearance!  From the shoulders up, he looks normal but when you see is body, it's like a man that got caught in a trash compactor!  I don't think he's even 4' in height!"  Meredith laughed and dismissed it, thinking it was Dave’s imagination due to the older man being his boss, wondering if anyone could look so digusting as Dave's description.

      The next morning, Jerome got the message from his secretary over the intercom.  The lovely Meredith Wilson was on the phone.  Answering the phone, the lovely bride-to-be had such a soft and sweet voice, that Jerome stroked his pulsing cock as he talked to her.  He explained to her that all the plans were at his lodge near the lake, where he always met with the contractors for his project.  He asked if she was available to meet with him the next day for lunch there.  Meredith was only too happy and anxious for the prospective project and jumped at the chance to meet him at the lodge, located an hour away.

    As the office in an adjoining city was behind in its projections, Jerome set up a small team to fly out to help that office.  This was not a real rush but the timing was right and it would be a ploy to have his employee out of the way for the next few days.  With that new project for his employee, Dave Adams’ innocent young bride-to-be would be at the mercy of his lewd and devious old dwarf of a boss.

    That evening Dave was excited at the prospect of progressing fast with the company and now spoke so highly of his boss who apparently thought enough of him to put him on the travel team.  Meredith was also excited at the prospect of taking on the interior designing project for his boss.  Neither had any idea that this was a plot cooked up by Dave’s evil old boss, to get his grimy paws on Meredith’s innocent young body.

    The next day, Meredith dressed sharply in a navy blue suit and heels.  She wore a new pair of blue nylons to accent the beauty of her trim flawless legs.  She left a bit early as the drive would take an hour and she was not too familiar with the area.  Prior to this meeting, Meredith read whatever she could locate on this wealthy old man.  In one magazine was a picture of the old dwarf, which she had cringed initially at the sight of the man.  The photo was a few years old and if Dave's description of the man's bodily proportions was correct, he must be an awful sight.  But the thought of getting this important project made her forget how despicable the old man appeared.

    Meredith drove up in her BMW that she had received three years ago, from her parent upon graduation.  It was an impressive car for such a young woman and helped in her career field, as it impressed people.  Parking her car, Meredith shivered as a large black man, well dressed as a butler, walked up to her door and opened it for her.  Her petite 5’3” frame was so tiny compared to Silas’ 6’6” 300 lb. black body.  This neatly dressed man and apparently was the butler of the lavish lakeside estate of Dave’s elderly boss.   Still, Meredith shivered as she stood next to the towering black, his starring eyes appearing to strip her of her outfit.

    Silas was Jerome’s right hand man and he enjoyed many important fringe benefits for his loyal service.  And today he was about to be rewarded with the most desirable benefit he could dream of.  He gazed upon the lovely beauty, so young and innocent looking.  His boss had told him that this lovely young woman who would soon be walking down the aisle of holy matrimony.  Looking at her, he knew he had just lost his bet with his evil boss.  The old dwarf knew his stuff when he showed Silas her photo and bet him a buck that she was a virgin.  Seeing the innocent young beauty, Silas chuckled, knowing he’d soon hear her screaming for mercy when his boss’s deformed cock stripped her of her innocence.

    As he followed the lovely beauty, he took in her milky white legs and trim body.  He couldn’t wait to see those trim white legs widespread and encircling the pudgy body of his boss.  And then he would have the beauty on her knees.  Silas rubbed his throbbing cock, through his trousers, for her virgin white ass would be his reward.

    Meredith was warmly greeted by the scheming dwarf, but Meredith shivered at the sight of the grotesque features of the little dwarf of a man.  She was given a tour of the elegant lakeside lodge, more of an estate than a lodge, and was impressed at the furnishings.  The furnishings clearly indicated that an interior decorator took a large part in the decisions.  Then Jerome led her to an outside table for lunch, overlooking the large lake.

    Over a lovely lunch, served by Silas, Meredith profusely thanked Jerome for the opportunity to present her ideas.  Meredith had turned down any alcoholic drinks and asked for a coke.  Silas smiled as he watched the lovely young woman sip her coke, which he had heavily laced with a sedative and aphrodisiac. Silas knew that the potent drugs would soon take effect and this lovely innocent beauty would be totally at their mercy.  But mercy was one thing he and his evil boss gave no thought of when they had such a beauty in their possession.

    Even with the cool lake breeze, Silas could see the drugs taking effect as the lovely beauty began to blink her baby blue eyes as if trying to stay awake.  He noted the perspiration on her forehead, the drugs getting her system heated up.  Soon the heat would be spreading down between her innocent white thighs and Silas knew his boss would be only too happy to put that fire out.  ‘Yes, that old dwarf would only be too happy to put out that fire with his fire hose of a cock’ Silas thought, hosing her down real good.

    Over lunch, the devious dwarf had pried as much as possible into the private lives of this lovely innocent and his employee.  When he expressed his surprised that she and Dave had not been living together already, rather than wait for the formality of the wedding.  The way Meredith colored up and tried to explain that her parents were very conservative and would never allow such a thing, the dwarf knew he was having lunch with a pure ‘virgin’.  And this innocent young virgin was going to make such a sweet dessert for him.  Topped with her well guarded and precious little cherry!

    “You look hot, my dear!  Let Silas help you take off your blazer.  Meredith was panting from the effects of the potent drugs, feeling large hands on her shoulders, peeling off her navy blue blazer.  Then she shivered as the large hands returned to her shoulders and began to massage her tightening muscles.  Jerome smiled and watched Silas, his large black hands caressing the innocent white beauty.  It was obvious that Meredith had no idea what had overcome her, for she would certainly object to being touched by a strange man in this manner.

    Meredith’s breathing was labored and her body tense from the effects of the drugs.  She closed her eyes as the large massaging hands eased the tension in her shoulders.  All this anticipated by the lusting little dwarf, who gave the awaited nod to his friend Silas.  These two cohorts had taken advantage of many women, but none so young and innocent as Miss Meredith Wilson.  Jerome’s grin widened as he watched the large black fingers continue to massage the lovely beauty, but now the fingers began to move slowly downward.

    The crisp neatly ironed white blouse was slowly being crinkled and wrinkled by the large grasping black paws.  Meredith’s golden hair slowly whipped from side to side, her lovely pink lips apart as she gasped for air.  Meanwhile, the large black hands fully encompassed her size 34 breasts, the large black thumbs tweaking her nipples through her blouse and lacy bra.  Her nipples stimulated to hardness where they indented her blouse. This was something only her loving Dave had been allowed to do before, and only on very rare occasions.  Now, she was being crudely molested by this huge black man, right in front Dave’s boss.

    Meredith gave a loud startled gasp as the front of her blouse was suddenly pulled open, two buttons popping off her blouse.  She opened her eyes, looking down to see the large black paws slowly pull her lacy white bra down to expose her perfect pink capped breasts.   Her head was spinning wildly and she was unable to protest as the thick black thumbs began to caress her hardened pink nipples.  She groaned as she looked up to see the old dwarf grinning as he watched her being molested.  Never had her breasts been bared before in front of any man, even Dave.  Now her breasts were been lewdly fondled by this black brute, all this being observed by the little dwarf.

    Her body functions waning, Meredith’s attempts to push herself up were futile gestures.  Then she was scooped up in the arms of the black giant behind her, her eyes hazing as she made out Dave’s boss leading the way into the mansion.  As they entered the door to a large bedroom, The large bed caught her eye and she was puzzled with the sight of various tripods around the room, each with a camcorder atop of it.  She observed the little dwarf move to each camera and turned each on, along with the bright light to illuminate the bed.

    From the various camera angles, on tape would be the large black brute slowly removing her white blouse.  Then with a quick twist of his wrist, the lacy bra gave way at the hook.  The large black head bent over to tongue each of her pink nipples, then nipped at them with his teeth, causing a groan of pain from the lovely captive.  Then her skirt was unzipped and drawn down her trim white legs, leaving her in only her lacy white panties and white heels.  The strong black hand shredded the lacy white panties like it was tissue paper, revealing her soft blonde fleece.

    Spreading the long white legs apart, the black tormentor delved down to taste the sweet honey nectar.  The cameras caught the lovely captive sobbing loudly as her blonde hair whipped from side to side, in the innocent beauty’s disbelief of what was taking place.  “Oh please, pleaseeeeeeeeee ……..noooooooo ………………… Godddddddddd ………………..noooooooooooooooooooo ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as the how mouth descended upon her most private jewel.  Never in her life had she felt such a sensation, causing her to plead for mercy “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………pleaseeeeeeeeeee …………………..stoppppppppppp!”

    In just a few moments, the trim white thighs closed around the black head as he continued to tongue her sweet honey pot.  The long trim legs crossed around the black head, as Meredith locked her white heels together, to prevent the sensation from stopping.  The cameras recorded her sudden arching of her back, burying her golden muff into the black face, groaning “Ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddddd ……............…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …............…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The lovely bride-to-be had experienced her very first orgasm.  One brought about by this large black brute of a man.  As the orgasm waned, Meredith sobbed loudly in her shame and humiliation, realizing just what had occurred.

    The camera recorded the grinning black face finally emerge from between the tender white thighs, his long tongue licking the slick juices from around his thick lips.  “Ah, boss, that’s some sweet honey!” he laughed as he continued to lick his chops, then looked up at his boss “Ready to bust her precious little cherry, boss?  She’s an honest to goodness virgin, boss!  Felt her little cherry with my tongue, boss!  This little bitch is gonna be walking down the aisle soon and that fool’s gonna think she’s still an innocent virgin!”   He laughed as the drugged beauty tried to hide her body by turning onto he belly and tried to crawl away from the evil man, then collapsed in a faint.

    The black giant looked at his boss, amazed that a dwarf could possess a cock that even many a black would be envious of.  He watched his boss, who had shrugged off his trousers, and was now stroking his massive cock.  It was as if this little man possessed a third leg, one that he was stroking with great pride.  “My God, boss, you’re gonna rip this poor little white bitch to shreds with that thing!  Think of the poor sap she’s gonna marry!” he laughed, pushing the trim white legs high and spreading them wide.

    Coming out of her stupor, Meredith observed her husband’s boss totally naked, approaching her while stoking the monstrosity of a cock that he possessed.  Her body shivered in fear and her mouth dropped open in disbelief.  In an intimate moment with Dave, Meredith had touched and felt his penis swell under his trousers.  But what she had felt was absolutely no way even near what she was now observing.  No way could any woman survive being raped by that monstrosity.   The little dwarf was stroking what appeared to be his third leg, only it was not meant for walking.  She shuddered wondering how she could accommodate such a enormous thing, for it would surely tear her apart.

   The black giant shifted about, still holding the beautiful white legs apart for his evil boss.  He pulled back on Meredith’s legs, he nestled in with knees on both sides of her head and his greasy black cock twitching above her lovely but horrified face.  Now that grotesque face of her husband’s boss leered at her, from between her widespread legs.  She shuddered in fear as she felt his thick fleshy knob rubbing up and down her wet slit, tears pouring from her eyes as she begged “Ohhhhhh, please, pleaseeeee .………no, pleaseeeee …………..have mercy ………….please, I beg you!  Ohhhhh, please don’t rape me!   It’s toooo biggggg!  Ohhhhhhh, pleaseeeee ………….it ………it won’t fit!  You’ll tear me …………pleaseeeee!”

    Jerome grinned widely at this pleading captive, taunting her “You sweet little bitch!  Your fiance’s just one of a dime a dozen young punks!  The reason Dumb Dave is getting ahead is because of you sweet little ass!  Wanted to give you and Davey boy a special wedding present!  And you’re feeling right now, bitch!”  Looking up at his black employee, Jerome gave the nod to his smiling friend.

    Suddenly, Meredith felt her legs pulled even wider apart and back, leaving her totally exposed and defenseless.  Feeling the pulsing knob of flesh follow her wet gash, she looked pleadingly to the evil dwarf. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  Noooooooo ……….nooooooooo ……..argggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” Meredith’s shrilled screams echoed throughout the mansion, the dwarf’s brutal thrust between her innocent thighs brought pure agony.  Her prized treasure that she had protected all these years, planning to present it on her wedding night, had been brutally torn from her.

    Jerome snickered as he gazed down at the gasping young beauty, who’s beautiful baby blue eyes starred back in horror.  He loved her horrified look as he taunted her “Ahhhh, you beautiful little bitch! Explain this to Dave next Saturday night, when he’s expecting to claim his beautiful untouched bride. Tell him how his good ‘ol boss copped your precious cherry!”  Then he withdrew his plundering weapon and looked down between their still joined bodies.  Lifting her head up a bit Meredith could see his mighty weapon coated in her blood “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, baby!  Did that hurt you, baby?  Look at all that cherry juice on my cock!”

    “Aieeeeeeee ……………noooooooooooo ……….nooooooooooooo!” Meredith screeched as the hot bar of flesh was brutally thrust forward again and again, impaling her onto the bed.  Then the bed began to continuously bang against the wall due the jackhammer fucking of the little dwarf.  “Oh …..oh …..oh …..oh …oh ……oh, Godddd!”she panted aloud in timing with the rapid fire thrusting and withdrawal in her raped slit.

    As the pain eased, it was evident the lovely beauty was now feeling the unwanted simulation brought by the plundering cudgel that explored her fertile womb.  Evident by the lovely body hunch back onto the plunging cock of her husband’s boss.  Jerome looked up at the smiling Silas and gave that knowing nod.  With that, Silas  released his grasping hold on Meredith’s trim ankles.  It was like the rodeo, when the gate is opened and the animal freed to buck its rider off.  The trim long legs wrapped themselves around the tiny waist of the dwarf and the wild ride began.  Meredith bucked up and down madly with the rapid fire stabbing of the monster cock buried deep within her.

    With Jerome’s worldly experience, it took great pleasure to humble this beautiful young bride-to- be, see her young and innocent body respond to the unwanted stimulation brought about by her very first fuck.  It was in fact like a rodeo and Jerome was gonna break this little filly.  He couldn’t believe how this once pure and innocent young virgin was humping back madly at him, trying to devour his entire cock that even well experienced whores had a hard time accommodating.  Yet, the lovely Meredith Wilson had them all beat without question.  Jerome was panting in delight as he was being tightly squeezed by the beautiful long legs, locking him into the saddle as he rode the little filly.

    “Ohhhhh ………..ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhh …………..what ……….what’s happening to me ……..ohhhhhh?” Meredith panted loudly as a shivering wave rippled throughout her body.  “OHHhhhhhh ………..oh, my Goddddddddd …………ohhhhhh, Goddddd!” she swooned, in what was her first orgasm ever.  An orgasm of the magnitude she would never achieve with her future husband.  If only Dave could see his lovely bride-to-be at this very moment, desperately clutching to his boss’ dwarf sized body with arms and legs wrapped tightly for fear of him withdrawing the mighty shaft that gave her so much pleasure.  This little bitch was just too much for him, as his thick cock expanded and began to belch out spurt after spurt of his thick baby-making jism.

    “Oh, you beautiful little bitch!  Nailed ya, you little goody-goody bitch!  Ahhhhh, that’s my hot baby-making jism that’s flooding your fertile womb!  Gonna knock you up, knock you up good you sweet young thing!  Just think, you’ll be carrying my baby as you walk down the aisle next week!” he taunted as he continued to fuck his spurting rod deep into her.  “Ahhhhhhhh ………………….. ohhhhhhhh ……….ahhhhhhhhhh!”  he groaned as he emptied his spurting cock deep in her womb.

    “Noooooooo …………noooooooo ……………noooooooooooo!” Meredith sobbed in despair, feeling the hot flood of filthy slime spurt deep within her.  Her cycle was always on time and she had planned her wedding date accordingly.  She and Dave had not wanted to start a family right away and thus she wanted to be certain that the wedding took place after her fertile period, which was at this rough period of time.  To make certain they did not start a family right away, Dave had agreed to the use of condoms since she had gotten a prescription for birth control pills but as it turned out she had a sharp allergic reaction to the pill.  The words of this devious little dwarf hit home, for she somehow knew that the filthy hot seed was impregnating her at this very moment.  She cringed at the horrid thought that she would be carrying the offspring of this hideous little dwarf as she walked down the aisle.  How could she ever explain the loss of her virginity to Dave, after putting him off so long and telling him that her first time ever would be on their wedding night.

    Silas had gotten the camcorder to take some close-ups of the lovely beauty in the throes of her mind shattering orgasm.  What a sight it made to see the lovely long legs finally untie themselves from the body of the little dwarf, the little guy slowly turning over, pulling his monstrous blood stained cock from the brutally raped slit.  Then the outpouring of thick cum, a dark pink in color from the mixture of the thick cum with the blood of her ruptured virginity, began to ooze from the gaping hole down onto the bed.  Silas couldn’t believe how much of the thick mucous bubbled up from the flooded hole, amazed at just how much cum the little guy had pumped into the beauty.  Then the lily-white body turned onto its side, body shaking from the shameful sobs of the lovely woman.  Anxious, his cock rock hard in anticipation of having his turn with the blonde bitch, Silas began to disrobe.

    Jerome staggered off the bed to take over the video.  Stepping back, he wanted to capture the lovely beauty curled in the fetal position as the black giant next to the bed began to disrobe.  Jerome smiled, knowing just what horror was now in store for the beautiful bride-to-be.  He was proud of the fact that his cock compared well to that of Silas and that both were the envy of many a man.  He adjusted the camcorder so he could set onto the tripod and soon get in on the action again.

    Silas stroked his 12 inch black monster, licked his lips at what he would bet his last dollar was a cherry white ass.  He reached over to caress the soft creamy white ass, then handled the distraught little beauty till her lovely ass was perfectly positioned for him.  He looked towards the camcorder, smiled deviously as he shucked his long black cock and let it twitch upon the creamy white ass.  He waited for his little boss to move to the top of the bed, knowing that the beautiful bitch would soon be fed that monstrous cock that the dwarf was now pumping in anticipation.

    Meredith sobbed in her shameful disgrace, her eyes closed, horrified at what had just taken place.  She felt the large hands shifting her onto a kneeling position but she was too distraught to be consciously aware of just why she was being moved into such a position.  She did not believe she could he more humiliated by anything worst than what had already taken place.  Then the cobwebs began to clear as she felt the hands stretching he ass cheeks apart and then felt a hot blunt object trying to squirm its way into her ass.  Suddenly it registered in her mind that the black giant was actually going to try in fuck her in the ass.

    Just as Meredith opened her eyes and was about to protect, she observed the tiny body of dwarf kneeling before her, stoking the mighty weapon that had earlier destroyed her virginity.  She shivered and gasped at the horrifying sight, observing the red streaks that obviously evidenced the remnants of her torn hymen.  Before her disbelieving eyes, the pulsing cock began to expand and regain its stiff stature.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………nooooooooooooooooooooooo …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ she shrieked in horrified agony, the awful pain shooting through her body as the lunging body behind her forced its way brutally into her buttocks.  This was even more painful that the rupturing of her virginity.

    The loud horrifying screams of agony was music to the two lusting males.  They liked nothing better than to listen to the terrified screams of a beautiful young woman, as they defiled her innocent young body.  Here at their mercy was the lovely Meredith Wilson, who in a week had intended to walk down the aisle as a pure innocent young virgin for her precious wedding day.  But they had every intention of seeing that innocence destroyed and the lovely Meredith would be a well-fucked little whore before this day was over.

    The walls of the mansion could not contain the shrieks of agony.  But the screams would go unheard by anyone else as the nearest neighbors were nearly a mile away.  The long black shaft was withdrawn 11” before being brutally shoved back down into the screaming young beauty, each brutal lunge bringing a bloody scream of agony.  “Pleaseeeee ……….please stop …………….ohhhh, it hurts sooooo baddddd …….pleaseeee ………!” Meredith pleaded.  Then suddenly she gurgled around the thick muscle being shoved into her mouth and being forced down her throat.  She shuddered and shivered at the horror of being forced to mouth the filthy organ that had raped her so viciously.  She was disgusted at the thought of putting this filthy thing in her mouth, something Dave had begged her to do and she had absolutely refused to perform such an act on him.

    The video recorded the young bride-to-be’s humiliating fall from grace, her petite white body being buffeted from behind by the brutal black giant.  The monstrous stalk jutting out from the hideous dwarf and forcing it’s way down the gagging mouth.  This video would be the highlight of the company meeting that Jerome would be conducting in three weeks, here at this very mansion, with the top brass of his company.  Dave’s immediate bosses would witness the debauching of the innocent woman that Dave just took as his wife.  It would be arranged that young Dave would be assigned out of town during the business meeting. There would be a drawing that evening and the lucky winner would be given the key to the bedroom upstairs.  There the lucky winner would then claim his prize and spend the entire evening fucking the young bride of Dave Adams.

    The next Saturday afternoon, Meredith blinked away the tears, thankful the bridal veil shielded the tears from the many onlookers.  She looked at her beautiful white wedding gown and down the long white carpet leading to the church alter.  The white wedding gown was to signify her purity but now she felt so soiled and dirty.  As she took the long walk down the aisle, all eyes glued upon her, she felt as if they all knew that she was no long pure and innocent as her wedding gown signified.  As she approached the end of the church pews, her tears poured from her eyes as she saw the hideous dwarf’s with that knowing all grin on his face.

     Meredith was thankful that Dave consumed a lot of alcohol during the reception, drinking with his many buddies.  So much to drink that he was intoxicated by the time they got to the honeymoon suite.  She was so relieved that Dave was too excited and intoxicated to notice that her virginity was not longer in tact.  Meredith couldn’t believe just how fast Dave had cum into the protective condom, certain it was only a minute or so once he had entered her.  This was so much different versus the rape by his brutal boss’s monstrous cock.  She had wanted her husband to make her have an orgasm, to wipe out her memories of how the dwarf’s cock had made her orgasm time and time again.

    In the second week of the honeymoon, Dave got a beep on his pager that he had an emergency call from the company.  In calling in to firm, he found that the company president needed to discuss something with him.  Meredith sat at the counter, shivering in apprehension, when Dave was transferred to the hideous dwarf.   Hearing a piecemeal of the conversation, she shook in fear as it appeared that the devious boss was up to something and obvious wanted Dave out of the way.

    When Dave hung up the phone, Meredith swallowed hard when Dave advised her that it appeared he was becoming invaluable to the firm for the head boss wanted to have his input on an important account.  He said it’d take a few hours and if it was okay, they’d come to see him at the resort, his boss promising to make it up to him with a big bonus.  There was nothing Meredith could say to this, but she knew darn well that the devious little dwarf had other things in mind and Dave’s input on the account was a mere excuse.  Dave was rather excited at the prospect of the boss needing his opinion, bringing out the production manager to discuss the project.  Meredith swallowed deeply when Dave told her that his boss was flying out right away and she was invited to lunch with them at the resort’s exclusive restaurant.

    Sure enough, when they met down at the lounge and headed to the restaurant for lunch, the dwarf sat on one side of her.  Meredith cringed with disgust when she felt a pudgy hand come to rest on her thigh, then began stoking her and moving under her skirt.  Then as she feared, when lunch was ending, the devious dwarf announced that they had reserved a conference room and the production manager could spread out the items for Dave to go over.   Jerome winked at the nervous bride when he told Dave he’d appreciate his lovely wife showing him the resort while the production manager briefed him.

    Three hours later, the door to the conference room opened and the little dwarf came swaggering in looking exhausted but with a big smile on his face.  “Hi Guys!  Got everything solved yet?  I must say, Dave, you’ve the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Your wife gave me a great personal tour of this beautiful resort and I’m totally worn out!” Jerome exclaimed as he plopped his pudgy little body down into the chair.

    Dave looked at his totally exhausted boss.  He was a bit upset that Meredith had not let the poor fellow rest at all.  His boss looked as if he had run around the entire resort.  But Dave would have quite upset had he learned that the only part of the resort his boss had toured was the honeymoon suite.  That the honeymoon suite had been put to very good use, but only one occupant of the bed was a honeymooner.  While Dave had been busy studying the plans, his devious boss was busy humping away at his lovely bride.  Had he seen his lovely wife’s trim white legs wrapped tightly around the humping little dwarf, yelling “Oh, yes, yesssss ………….yessss, Jerome ……..ohhhhh, it’s so much longer than Dave’s ……….sooo much thicker …………oh, yes, yessssss ………..fuck meeeeeeeee ………oh, yessss shoot it in meeee………...ohhhhhhh, your cum is so hotttttt ……………ohhhhh, yessss Jerome ………….ohhhhhh, fuck your little baby in me!” Dave would have been really upset.

End of Story.