Demented Boss – V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Honeymoon Horror - II
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Nate Moore was sky high after the successful rapes of Annie Owens & Linda Simmons, two young women that had so recently given their wedding vows.  Being part owner of this successful nightclub had given him the opportunity to meet beautiful young women and Nate’s devious mind had been successful in satisfying his lustful cravings.  There was nothing that Nate craved more than a tender piece of ‘white’ meat.  With two rapes under his belt, Nate’s now hellbent to continue his rampage.  But with his two victims no longer in town, hopefully pregnant with his black baby, Nate must find himself another victim.  Who better than Tori Bridgewater, easily the sexiest and most attractive waitress at the club.

Nate had been observing the sexy 26 year old brown-eyed brunette from the very first night he took over the operation, and he had tried numerous times to schmooze her.  But all his efforts were rebuffed each time and Nate easily sensed her disdain for him, apparently repulsed by his dark unattractive features.   Tori was a stunning 5’6”, leggy brunette who seemed to enjoy hanging out with the band and the other of the club, but she all but turned her nose up at her interim boss.

It might have been different had she at least been friendly and respectful to Nate, but she didn't seem inclined to make any pretense at all that she despised him.  Nate wasn't sure if it was his looks, his color or the fact that he was her boss that she despised him.  But Nate had every intention of making the uppity bitch pay for her insolence.  Every time he eyed her in her short costume that displayed her long lovely legs, his cock twitched in his pants determined to have those long legs around his black ass.

Nate considered firing her, but he knew that a gal with her looks and personality wouldn't have any trouble at all finding another job as a cocktail waitress, though not at a place that tipped as well.  No, Nate wanted the punishment to be much more personal, wanted the punishment to fit the crime.  He dismissed drugging and raping her, as he'd done young Annie Owens, wanting her to be fully conscious when he stuck his long black cock in her uppity white cunt.  He wanted the beautiful Ms. Tori Bridgewater wide awake when he nailed her, wanted to see the look of horror on her face when he took her roughly.  Nate didn't just want to just rape her, he wanted to humiliate her and put the bitch in her place.

Somehow, Nate needed to get the upper hand, to get some leverage over the beauty.  He set out to find something he could use against her, first by calling upon a PI who had done some confidential work for him earlier.  He had the PI follow her and fill him in on all his findings.  Looking at her personnel file, it showed that she was single and the next of kin was her mother living at the same address.

Three weeks later, the PI report came in and Tori Bridgewater was squeaky clean to Nate’s disappointment.  Reading the report, Nate was surprised to learn that Tori’s mother was wheelchair bound due to debilitating illness and had caretakers stop in the early evening to assist her with dinner and getting her to bed while Tori was at work.  Nate wondered how Tori could afford to pay for all that care and medication on her own.

 Nate stared out of the one way mirror of his office, eyeing his lovely prey as she did the nightly tally of the tips turned in.  At the club, all tips were pooled together and totaled by Tori, who then kept it in locked money box that was placed in the safe each night.  Tori had been put in charge of that aspect since she was well respected by her fellow employees, totaling the tips each night, then to be distributed to the employees at the end of the week according to the scale established for their job and hours worked.  Tori was well skilled at this job and the paperwork that she submitted were always accurate.

Tori was really feeling the pressure with her mother’s constant care and especially the new medication the doctor was prescribing for her.  The drug coverage on her mother’s medical plan only covered so much and the excess had to be paid in cash.  This had drained Tori financially but she would always find a way to do it.  Handling all the tips each week naturally was tempting but Tori would not let herself compromise her morals in any way.  But last week, her mother’s medication had run out and Tori wrote a note of owing $200, on the paperwork in the cash box, money which she would replace on Friday when her base paycheck was received.  Tori felt guilty, knowing this should not be done, but she would replace it before it was distributed and besides her cash box was never audited.

On Thursday afternoon, Nate was desperately searching for a way to get anything on the young beauty.  He decided that maybe somehow he could do something to the cash box of tips and thus got the cash box out of the safe.  Opening it and going through the slips, he observed Tori’s note that she owed $200, then the grin on his face widened.  Although there was an IOU note in the box, borrowing the funds in such a manner was still grounds for termination.  But firing the beautiful little bitch wasn't what Nate had in mind.  He'd blackmail her, by telling her he could and would turn her over to the cops for theft, though he knew that with the IOU note and fact she’d replace it, the charge wouldn’t hold up.  But he knew the shame and humiliation she’d feel, especially in front of her peers, and loss of her needed job would be too much for her to bear.  He'd bluff her into believing he had rock-solid evidence to convict her and put her in jail for quite awhile.

Over the next hour before Tori was to start her shift, Nate was behind his desk in his locked office.  His pants unzipped as he stroked his long black shaft as he closed his eyes shut, picturing Ms. Tori Bridgewater long white legs that would soon spread wide for him.  He waited until she came in for her shift and immediately sent for her.  Being an upscale club, the waitresses were required to wear tasteful but provocative outfits comprising of silky blouses, short skirts, and heels.  As soon as Tori had changed into her uniform, she reported to Nate, as requested.

Tori had her usual brash, indignant expression on her face as she stood in office of this repulsive boss.  But all that changed as Nate informed her of the ‘discrepancies’ in her cash box and warned her of the consequences.  He snickered at her, advising his intention of prosecuting her to the fullest, to make an example of her.  Trying to explain that she had put the IOU not in the box and was going to repay that amount tomorrow when she got her paycheck.  But Nate leered at her and said his mind was made up, telling her that she’d never get another job in town as he’d make sure any potential employer knew she took money from the cash box without authorization.

Ms. Tori Bridgewater

Sitting behind his desk, Nate grinned at the now sobbing young beauty sitting across of him.  As Tori covered her face, weeping into her hands, Nate was busy stroking his long black shaft that poked through the opening of his zipper.  ‘This little bitch in mine now!  Gonna soon have this uppity bitch spreading her long white legs for some good ole nigger cock!  Gonna make this bitch pay real good!  Gonna give her my potent black baby juice!  Knocking up this bitch would sure bring her down from her high horse!’ he mused.

“Please …….please, Mr. Moore ………I’m  paying it out of my paycheck tomorrow!  Please, my mother ……………I need this job to pay for my mother’s medication and home care!  Please believe Mr. Moore, I wouldn’t have left the note if I intended to steal the money!”  Tori sobbed.

“Ms. Bridgewater, I believe all thefts should be prosecuted to the fullest, no matter how trivial it may seem.  However, in view of your circumstances, maybe I can be persuaded not to call the police!” Nate offered.  Hearing this, Tori lifted her face up, blinking away the tears “Oh, please, you won’t be sorry!  I’ll make it up to you, Mr. Moore!  You won’t be sorry, I promise!”

As Tori stood up from her chair sobbing, she turned and was about to walk to the door.  “Where are you going Ms. Bridgewater?  I haven’t been persuaded by you yet!” Nate hissed.  The frightened beauty turned to him “What ……….what can I do to persuade you, Mr. Moore?”

“Come over here.  Come around desk over her!” Nate ordered.  Slowly Tori walked the few steps to the side of the desk.  Then Nate swiveled in his chair to face her and smiled as he watched her gasp in horror.  He watched her eyes look down at his stroking hand and especially the thick bulge under his jockeys that were visible with his pants unbuckled and opened for her viewing.  Then he stood up, rubbing the bulge under his white jockeys, causing the bulge to get even larger.
 Tori’s lips were widely parted as she gasped at the thickest and longest cock she’d ever seen as it was bared before her eyes.   Plus the fact that this was the first black cock she had ever laid eyes on and it looked so dirty, causing her to cringe in revulsion.  ‘Oh, God!  The bastard wants to have sex with me in exchange for his silence!’ she realized.  She shivered when he ordered her to kneel down before him and to hold his filthy his cock.

Tori’s natural reaction was to turn and run out of the room as fast as she could but the threat made earlier had her frozen to the spot.  She could only stand frozen to the spot as she saw a thick goo ooze from the thick black cockhead as her horrid boss shucked away at his cock.

“Get on your fucking knees, bitch!  Better persuade me not to call the police right now and start jerking me off!” Nate commanded, his free hand moving to rest on the handle of the nearby phone.  A shiver went through her body, repulsed at the thought of touching the filthy prong.  Realizing she had no choice but to obey or the possibility of being led out by the police in handcuffs, Tori sobbed and closed her eyes.  Slowly she frozen knees buckled as she forced herself to kneel before her demented boss.

Nate grinned widely as he watched the uppity young bitch kneeling before him, obviously repulsed at his display of masturbation in front of her.  He knew that soon he’d have this beautiful white bitch spread out on his couch and he was going to give to her good and hard.  ‘God, it’s so obvious that I make this little bitch’s skin crawl!  This is gonna be fucking fun humiliating this fucking bitch!’ he mused.

“C’mon, bitch!  Grab hold of my cock!” Nate shouted, his cock oozing more and more of his slimy goo.  He watched as the beauty’s perfectly manicured fingers gingerly touched his pulsing cock, watched her cringe in disgust as she forced herself not to jerk her hand away.  “Ahhhhhh, yeah, baby!” he groaned as the soft white hand replaced his, causing his cock to respond with a pulsing jerk of excitement.

Tears flowed from Tori’s tightly closed eyes, face grimacing in total disgust as she forced herself to handle her boss’ filthy cock.  She tried desperately to shut the horrible thing that was taking place, telling herself to just get it over with and then she could get out of here.  With that thought, Tori tightened her grip on the pulsing cock and sped up her jerking motions.  She knew that he would never be satisfied without being jerked off, without satisfy his lustful need to cum.

Nate’s breathing was now labored as he watched the horrified beauty handle his aching cock, causing him to take a deep breath in hopes of not losing his load prematurely.  Knowing he wouldn’t last much longer, he reached down and wound his fingers in her soft brown hair, ordering “Open your eyes, bitch!  Get a look at the black cock that you’re gonna having popping soon, bitch!”

Obeying the command, Tori blinked away the tears and shivered in disgust as she gazed upon the biggest cock she’d ever seen.  It seemed to have doubled in sized from when she first touched it, knowing that her handling it obviously had stimulated it to this unbelievable length.  She had the myth about black men many times and often had wondered about it.  Now it was no longer a myth, she had the proof right there in her hand.

Tori held the cock so it point off in an angle away from her, not wanting to be further soiled when it spit out its filth.  Then her eyes widened in horror as the hands gripping her by the hair began pulling her forward.  “C’mon, bitch!  Put your mouth on it!  Give it a good suck!” Nate ordered.  Tori struggled, trying desperately to get away, never having contemplated having to do such a filthy thing.  Never before had she done such a thing and she certainly wasn’t going to start with this repulsive black cock.

“No ….........…no …...........…..!” Tori protested, turning away and clenching her lips tightly together as the cock was not only inches from her face.  She closed her eyes again, trying to block out the horror before her.  She body cringed again in disgust as her lips were being probed by the slick rubbery cockhead.

Nate gloated in triumph as he began to gloss the young beauty’s pink lips with his slimy ooze.  With a sudden yank of her hair, Tori gasped loudly in pain.  Her gasp gave Nate the opening he was looking for as he thrust his throbbing cock into her virgin mouth.  Tori shook and twisted wildly, trying to dislodge the invading rubbery shaft, feeling her stomach churn at the thought of having to suck the disgusting member.  But the grip in her hair continued to pull her forward onto Nate’s arching hips, forcing more and more of the thick cock into her mouth.

“Ain’t so uppity anymore, huh, bitch!  Always too good for the likes of me, huh, bitch!  Ya don’t look so uppity now with my nigger cock in your mouth!” Nate laughed out loud.  Then he began to fuck in and out of her face, loving the sight of her horrified face and the streams of tears pouring out of her eyes.  “Ahhhhh, baby!  Gonna cum real soon!  Gonna give you a taste of nigger cum!” he groaned.  Pulling her head tightly to him, arching up high, he groaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……….........……arggghhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ah …..............…ahhhhhh ……...............…..ahhhhhhhhhh …...............……ohhhhhhh!”  Spurt after spurt of his thick cum spurted from his contracting balls, right into her throat.  Then he pulled his cock out till only his cockhead was enveloped by the pink lips, as Nate wanted to give the bitch a good taste of his cum as his still spurting cock filled her mouth to the brim.

It was swallow or drown in the filth for poor Tori, as her entire body shuddered in revulsion as the slithery goo made its way down her rebelling throat and into her queasy belly.  Swallow after swallow of the oozing filth had Tori’s stomach churning madly.  Finally she had eaten all the cum from Nate’s black balls and the now dwindling cock was pulled from her mouth with a loud pop.  Gasping for air, her body quivered madly, her stomach churning in rebellion of the slimy substance.

Nate laughed as he watched the lovely beauty grasp her stomach, body shuddering in disgust.  Then he knew she was about to heave her guts as she turned and leaned over into the trash can.  He laughed loudly as Tori began gagging and coughing up his slimy spend.

In her distressed state, Tori barely felt the hands slipping under her short skirt, a hand slipping under to caress her tender asscheeks.  As she continued to cough and gag, spitting up the slimy from her rebelling belly.  Finally, when her belly settled down, Tori was panting over the horrible experience.  Then she was being pulled up by her evil boss, who ordered her "Okay, bitch, time to drop that skirt and panties!"  She shuddered in disbelief upon hearing Nate tell her “C’mon, bitch, time to spread those long white legs for ole Nate!”  Reluctantly, she began to pull down her shorts, knowing it was a price she'd have to pay.
Shaking from her recent experience, Tori tried to pull away from Nate’s strong grip as he forcibly led her over to the couch.  ‘Oh, God!  This beast still hadn’t fulfilled his evil lust!  What more must I do to get out of his clutches?” she pondered.  One thing for certain, she would not let him put his filthy cock into her without a protective condom, not wanting him to soil her in that way nor chancing being impregnated by him.

Nate knew he had her over a barrel when he had ordered her to strip off her outfit.  Tori grudgingly agreed to have sex with him, but insisted that he at least wear a condom.  She feared the thought of being impregnated by him, the thought of getting pregnant with his black baby made her nauseous.  Indeed, just the very thought of his filthy sperm in her body makes her shiver with revulsion.  But Nate has no intention of letting this uppity bitch dictate to him any terms whatsoever as to how he’d fuck her.  However, he was smart enough to realize that Tori would rather go to jail for theft than willingly allow herself to be impregnated by him.  Thus, he decided to trick her into having unprotected sex with him, lying to her by reassuring her he was ‘safe’ after having had a vasectomy years ago.

Even so, Tori still didn't want his filth inside her, contaminating her.  She demanded that he wear a condom on the grounds it would be too messy for her to be out there, serving drinks to the customers with his semen leaking out of her pussy.  Nate merely laughed in her face, telling her he's wasted all the time he intends to on her.  Either she submits to his terms right then and there, without a condom, or she can do her talking from behind bars.  “Who’s going to care for your poor mother when you’re locked up and can’t pay for her care?” he added.

With that remark, Tori reluctantly agreed as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.  Hesitantly she began to undo the buttons to her blouse.  Soon she was standing totally naked before her devious black boss, who grinning and snickering in triumph as he began to get out of his clothing.  Tori prayed that this disgusting fuck would be over quickly so she could rush to the ladies room to cleanse herself.

As Tori lay back upon the soft cushions, she couldn’t hold back the tears as she looked at the muscular black body that would soon possess her.  She had always enjoyed sex with the boyfriends she previously had but it was always with someone she felt close with.  She felt so repulsed at the evil boss that wanted to satisfy his lust on her body, blackmailing her to submit to his wishes.  She willed herself not to react nor enjoy this fuck in any way.

  Seeing Tori shudder at his approach made Nate smile, enjoying the humiliation and agony he was putting this bitch through.  He was going to treat her and use her like the pure ‘white trash’.  He watched her face cringe as he began caressing her soft white thighs, spreading her long white legs apart as he shuffled up between them.  He knew this little white beauty was repulsed and humiliated to have him touching her.  But Nate was going to use her pussy and mouth for his own personal cum dump.  He chuckled, wondering if she really believed he had a ‘snip’ job and couldn’t produce any sperm.  He suspected she had bit the line, otherwise she’d have let him call the cops rather than take the chance of being knocked up by a nigger.  He was really gonna enjoy this, especially with the dumb bitch not suspecting he would be seeding her fertile, unprotected womb with his potent sperm.

Tori gritted her teeth and clutched at the sides of a cushion, willing herself not to show any response to this blackmailed fuck.  She tried to blank her mind of what was taking place, trying to think of something pleasant, telling herself she had to endure this horrible act to help her mother.  But she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, unable to stop her body from shuddering in total disgust.  She clenched her teeth tightly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of the pain she was feeling as his thick cock stretched her as never before.  Her body remained still, other than its shuddering in disgust, but she couldn’t control her cunt muscles from clenching around he invading shaft.

Although the blackmailed beauty was refusing to hump back at him, fucking the beautiful bitch like this was quite satisfying for Nate.  Seeing her grit her teeth tightly, tears still flowing, Nate knew he was debasing the bitch and humiliating her in such a way that she would never forget this night.  Then to add insult to injury, Nate began to taunt her as he fucked away, faster and faster.  Deeper and deeper he sank into the weeping young woman “Ahhh, baby!  Like they say, when you go black, you don’t go back!  You uppity little bitch!  Not so uppity any more, huh, bitch?  Always the prim and proper, Ms. Goody-Goody!  How does the prima donna feel with her precious cunt stuffed with nigger cock?”

“Ahhhhhh, baby …………..ahhhhhhhh ……….gonna cum real sooooon!  Awww, gonna fill ya up with some good ole nigger spunk!  No puny white boy’s gonna ever fill ya up like this!  Ahhhh, you ‘Fucking Bitch’, no white boy’s gonna wanna make love to you if he learns you humped a nigger!” Nate taunted the weeping woman as he thrust violently into her widespread legs, wanting to hurt her.  Gripping her hips tightly, he slammed forward with all his might, burying his twitching cock deeply in her womb.  “Oh, yeah, here it cummmmmmmms …………………oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!” Nate groaned as his body convulsed in uncontrollable spasms, as his cock twitched and began to flood the beautiful little bitch’s womb.  ‘Ahhhh, baby!  Just wait till your little belly begins to swell up with a nigger baby!’ he chuckled to himself.

Minutes later, Nate lifted himself off the dazed young woman and began to get off the couch.  His shriveling cock exiting with a slight plopping sound, followed by a slow moving river of thick cum.  “C’mon, bitch, time to get up and get to work!  There’s a lot of customers out there to take care off so get our fucking ass in motion!” he ordered.  Dazed, Tori bit down on her lip as she tried to move her aching thighs, not wanting to give the bastard the pleasure of seeing the pain she was in.  Never before had her cunts been so stretched before nor had she been so brutally fucked before.

As Tori began to get into her clothing, she looked up to see Nate smiling as he twirled her lacy panties around his index finger, while he held her pantyhose in his other hand.   As she to retrieve the panties from him, he snatched it away laughing “No way, baby!  This is my little prize to remember you by!”  The horrified look on her face made Nate laugh even harder.

“Please, I’m dripping!  I need to put them back on before I go out there!” Tori sobbed.  Reaching over to the tissue box, it was also snatched away by her quick moving boss.  “Hurry up and get your ass out there!  I’ll be watching you from this window and if I see you going to the bathroom, I’m gonna bring you in here for another fuck session.” Nate advised, grasping her by the arm as he hustled her to the door and pushed her out into the dark atmosphere of the club.

Nate laughed out loud as he watched Tori slowly walk to her station near the bar, trying to walk slowly to keep the cum from leaking from her well fucked cunt.  He saw her look towards the ladies room and then up toward the mirrored glass where he stood, though she wouldn’t be able to see him actually watching her.  Then Tori looked about her and with no one looking at her, she got a couple of cocktail napkins and reached under her short skirt to clean up the leaking jism.  Still looking about to make sure no one was looking at her, Tori then grabbed several more napkins and stuffed it into her well stretched hole, causing Nate to roll with laughter behind the mirrored glass.

When a break was coming up for Tori, she had planned to then rush to the bathroom to clean the filth from her cunt.  Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nate smiling and crooking his finger at her, signaling for her to come into his office again.  She sighed, knowing that her horrid ordeal was not over as yet.  Head bowed in shame, she slowly made her way to where Nate stood gloating.

With the door locked behind them, Nate laughed “What’s the matter, Ms. Bridgewater?  Something stuffed up your little cunt?  Let me help you unclog it!”  As Tori stood frozen to the spot, Nate reached up with one hand and with a finger began to dig out the sopping wet cocktail napkins.  His other hand was immediately below her cunt, catching the thick flow of cum that poured out of her.  Then he mashed his wet palm up against soft brown fur, matting it with a thick layer of cum.  The excess on his hand was rubbed against her nose and mouth.  Grabbing he by her arm, he pushed her out the door “Break’s over, bitch!”

Nate watched as Tori slowly made her rounds, enjoying the thought of having degraded her.  He laughed at the thought of his thick spunk dribbling down her inner thighs or a whisp of cool air on her snatch, knowing she’d definitely remember who now owned that precious little jewel of hers. He also immensely enjoyed the added humiliation of sending her out to wait on customers without her panties and with the pungent smell of her just-fucked cunt wafting up from under her short skirt as his spunk dribbled out of her and down her inner thighs.  Before she left from work, he’d have another hearty fuck session with her to send her home with a fresh load of nigger spunk.

 The next day, Tori went in early and got her paycheck from the day supervisor.  She rushed to the bank and got the cash she need to replenish the cash box.  But going back to the club, Tori learned that cash box was locked in Nate’s desk.  She would not be able to payment until that evening, thus ruining her plan to make the payment and walk out of the club for good.  After the ordeal she had suffered through the night before, she knew she’d never be able to keep Nate’s grimy hands off her.  She’d get two jobs if necessary to pay for the needed medication and home care for her mother.  But for now she’d have to suffer through another night of shame and humiliation at the hands of her evil boss.

This is the moment Nate had been waiting and planning for, calling the beautiful bitch into his office as her shift began.  He took great satisfaction in degrading her and forcing her to pay homage to his black cock, with no thought or care for her own sexual pleasure.  In fact, the more she detested it, the more enjoyable it was for Nate.  During Tori’s dinner break, he was going to give nail her on the couch again then feed her a tube steak to chew on for her dinner, dark meat of course.

The fact that Tori was utterly disgusted to be used and degraded by him, to be the receptacle for his filth and to be forced to lick his smelly cock soon after he fucked her just increased his pleasure.  In fact, Nate made sure not to bathe that day to ensure Tori's meal was as degrading and disgusting as possible for her.  As a resigned Tori knelt before him to suck his cock, he saw her cringe as the strong aroma from his dirty crotch hit her nose.  “What’s the matter bitch?  Don’t like the smell?  Thought you’d like the smell from our fuck sessions last night and same the aroma to make your meal tasty tonight!” he laughed.

Nate had planned to seed the bitch at least another time or two but he never got the chance.  After the shift was over and Tori returned the money, retrieving her IOU, the tips were distributed among the workers.  Tori was so humiliated and ashamed at what her demented boss had put her through, that she dropped out of sight, too ashamed to even collect her last paycheck.  Nate laughed at the indignity, shock and humiliation the bitch would feel when discovers she's knocked up with his black baby.

Having taken the sexy cocktail waitress down a peg or two, Nate beamed with satisfaction.  He smiled at the thought of the little bitch thinking she had gotten out of Nate’s devious clutches.  But Nate had learned the value of the camcorder.  Following its usefulness in his earlier conquests, he had the office wired commercially to videotape the interior of the office from various angles, merely at the push of the button under his desk.  And that button was pressed before Tori Bridgewater had been called into his office to be confronted with the cash shortage.  That videotape would certainly come in handy at a later date, perhaps when she was about to tie the knot with some white boy.  Nate chuckled as he pondered the aspect of yet another honeymoon horror for the unsuspecting bride.

With his partner soon to return to running the club, Nate turned his attention to one last score to settle, that being beautiful Brandy Trafer.  Nate didn't hate Brandy the way he hated Tori, for she wasn't brash and disrespectful to him like Tori had been.  Brandy always looked so elegant and sexy up on stage belting out those sultry songs.  However, Nate couldn't help but imagine those long white legs wrapped around his waist as she begged for him to fuck her.  Of course, Nate knew that a girl as sexy and stylish as Brandy Trafer wouldn't give a black man like him a second thought, but he still couldn't stop fantasizing about fucking her.

Ms. Brandy Trafer

 Nate had often tried to hit on her but was always politely rebuffed in a nice way by Brandy.  But on his last attempt to seduce her, he learned that she flashed a large sparkling diamond ring in front of his face.  She told him that he had to keep it a secret for awhile since it was Bob Peters she was engaged to.  Nate’s jaw dropped at the announcement that she was engaged to his business partner.  Brandy explained that his partner had proposed to her just a day before the auto accident and neither his partner nor Brandy had officially made the announcement.

What made Nate target this beautiful respectful young lady unfortunately was not her own doing.   While Nate had been trying to come up with evidence to blackmail the sexy cocktail waitress, he found evidence that his partner was stealing from him.  Now he had a score to settle with his partner and what better way to pay him back than to ‘ruin’ his beautiful fiancee.  ‘It be just payback to fuck a nigger baby into his crook of a partner’s beautiful bride-to-be!’ he surmised.

Nate went about his new task very cleverly, luring Brandy into having dinner and drinks to discuss an various options to Brandy, where she could buy out his half of the business.  He told her that since she and Bob were engaged to be married, he wanted to first see if she was interested, then if so they’d bring Bob into the discussion as he had the funding.  Nate used the excuse that he didn’t want to bring it up to Bob unless she was game, not wanting to distract from Bob’s concentration on getting physically better from his injuries.

Chatting with her about the potential deal, Nate told her how thrilled he was for his business partner to have found himself such a lovely and special lady to marry.  In celebration, he kept the drinks flowing and got her quite drunk.  Then as she excused herself to go to the ladies room, he slipped a potent tranquilizer into her.  Then, too woozy to know what was happening to her, she leaned back in the car as Nate drove her home.  Moments later, she succumbed to the effects of the alcohol and drugs, oblivious to the hand that was now wandering up under her skirt caressing her soft inner thighs.

Having been in the car when his partner had picked up Brandy on one occasion, Nate did not need directions to her townhouse.  As he drove up into the driveway, he slipped his probing finger out of the tight slick snatch of the unconscious young beauty.  Then going through her purse, he found her house key.  He went to the front door and opened it.  Then he returned to his car and opened the trunk for the two tripods with mounted videocams.  Going into the townhouse, he easily found Brandy’s bedroom and quickly set up the two video cameras.  He turned the cameras on to the empty bed, the bed that he'd soon be occupying.  Now to go back the car and get the beautiful ‘star’ for this video.

Nate carried the unconscious blonde beauty into her bedroom and unceremoniously dumped her onto her bed, knowing all this was being captured on video.  He pushed the young beauty onto her side and unzipped her green dress.  Then he pulled the dress off the drugged beauty, and carefully draped it over a nearby chair.  Slipping off her heels, then pulled up her thin black slip.  Next followed her lacy black panties and bra, then the young beauty lay in her beauty before him.  Nate then leaned over and extended his long tongue, wanting to taste her sweet honey as he delved into the soft slick groove.

 Pushing his thick cockhead into the lips of the beauty’s tight pussy lips, Nate pushed forward with a hard thrust and his cockhead was enveloped by the slick tight lips.  Pumping back and forth, he fucked back and forth slowly till the tight cunt began to get slick with her juices.  “Oh, yeah, baby!  You sweet little bitch!  My fucking partner thought he could get away with screwing me so it’s only fitting I screw his precious little gem!” Nate taunted, knowing the microphone would be picking it up.  Then Nate began to fuck away in earnest, slamming hard into the raped beauty.

 “Gonna dump my hot nigger juice in ya!  Gonna knock ya up good!  Gonna teach that fucker to mess with me!  Yeah, Bob, fuck with me and now it’s sweet pay back time!” Nate laughed loudly for the mike.  Grasping the slender white hips tightly in his large black hands, Nate thrust forward to bury his cock deeply “Ahhhhhhh ………baby ………… I cummmm!” he groaned, his body shaking in convulsions as he unleashed his thick hot cum.  Buried deeply, his thick cockhead began spouting his thick hot jism into Brandy’s fertile womb.

 Laying upon the raped beauty, Nate smiled at his accomplishment, wondering if he had just fucked a nigger baby into this little blonde beauty.  He was in no rush so he could savor this exquisite moment.  He planned to keep on fucking her till he couldn’t get it up any more.  He’d then clean up the outside of her raped pussy and fold her clothes up nicely.  ‘That’ll sure have her puzzled in the morning!’ he chuckled.  Once he had satisfied his lust, he’d put her black undergarments back on the unconscious beauty, wondering if she'd be curious as to what happened when she awoke.

The next day, Brandy was very confused and quite upset, barely recalling any events at all of the night before.  She hoped the vague recollection she did have had all been just a horrible nightmare.  Nate was right there to greet her when she arrived at the club that evening and she confessed that the night before was a total blur, apologizing for getting so drunk and thanked him for seeing her home safely.

Nate then asked her to follow him to his office and calmly told her how much he enjoyed last night, especially her.  Brandy didn't understand what he was trying to tell her until a few moments later, when Nate tossed several incriminating photos of him having sex with her the night before.  At first Brandy was too shocked for it all to register.  When the reality set in, she tried to reason with him, denying she had any recollection of willfully having sex with him and reminded him that she's engaged to be married.  Nate just laughed “Wonder what Bob will say he sees these photos?  Think he’ll believe your story of not remembering this fuck?”  Then Brandy realized the bastard and drugged and raped her  “You bastard!  You set the whole thing up drugged me!  You raped me, you bastard!”

Even with Brandy hitting it right on the head, Nate laughed as there was no evidence to back up her side of the story.   Nate, however, had the incriminating photos and videotape.  He then gave the stunned beauty his ultimatum, reassuring the desperate young blonde that if she willingly had sex with him, she could have the photos and that no one other than just the two of them ever need know they'd been lovers.  Otherwise, he'd cause a scandal that'd humiliate her in the eyes of her fiance and her band, telling her he'd do everything he could to ruin her career as a nightclub singer!

Brandy, at the age of 23, is rather naive and inexperienced sexually.  She is totally repulsed her fiancé’s partner, turned off totally by him, the very thought of having sex with him made her nauseous.   But after seeing the incriminating photos, she knew she had no other choice, otherwise the man she loved would never marry her if he saw the photos.  She tried desperately to talk Nate out of it, again reminding him she's engaged to be married.  Little did she realized that this just made Nate even hornier to fuck her.

Brandy cringed in disgust, frozen to the spot, as Nate moved up behind her.  Her body shuddered as Nate began caressing her bare shoulders, feeling as if his black hands were soiling her with his evil touch.  But what could she do, she had to prevent Bob from seeing those photos.  Reluctantly she forced herself to give in to his repulsive touch, hating him, thoroughly disgusted at the thought of having sex with him.

The next thing Brandy knew she was laying upon the cool soft cushion of the soft couch.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….no ….............….no …………ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as the Nate’s hot lips closed over a pink nipple, which immediately began to stiffen from the teasing tongue.  “Ohhhhhhh ……..............…nooooo……….............noooooooooooooooooo!” she moaned again when the other nipple was engulfed in the hot sucking mouth.

Brandy was shocked when her tormentor let up on her nipples, licking his way down, down to her jewel.  “Ohhhhhhh, Goddddddddd …….................God ….............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, long blonde hair whipping from side to side.  Unconsciously, Brandy spread her legs wide and arched up “Ohhhhhhhhh ……....…........................…ohhhhhhhhh!” Never had she ever felt the pleasure of being eaten by a lover, the long flicking tongue teasing her sensitive slit.  Brandy arched up and screamed “Ohhhhh, God …..........................………ohhhhhh, yes …...................…..I ….........................……I’m cummmingggg!”

Nate reached down with one hand to grasp his pulsing cock, then ran his oozing cockhead up and down through the soft blonde fleece.  Pushing forward, his cockhead penetrated the tight gash, then he had the little bitch arching up her hips to accept his thick cock.  He slammed forward, bringing a shriek from the blonde beauty, then he began to pump his cock into her at jackhammer speed.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop …………you’re too biggggg …………..oh, God, you’re too big!”   With her hands she then tried push at Nate’s muscular chest, trying desperately to push him off her.

“Oh, please …............…..stop …….................……pleaseeeeee ……................…..ohhhh, noooooooo!” Brandy sobbed as her legs crossed over the humping black butt.  the thick cockhead repeated twitched within her, driving her out of her mind.  The sensations between her thighs, caused by the jackhammer fucking she was getting, Brandy’s body betrayed her.   “Oh, God …...............….ohhhhh ……................ohhhhhhhh, ……............…..ohhhh, you’re so big  …...........…….!” she groaned as her long trim legs wrapped tightly around the black humping ass.  A mind-shattering orgasm then shook her to the core as she soared to heights never before reached.

As reality set back in, Brandy sobbed as tears flowed from her eyes, realizing just how she had reacted to this unwanted lovemaking.  Brandy sobbed as she lay in the arms of her black lover, naked with her arms and legs wrapped around her blackmailer, who’s thick black cock still lay deeply embedded in her fertile womb.  She closed her eyes in shame, unable to deny to herself that Nate's tongue and thick cock had taken her to heights of sexual pleasure that she'd never before experienced.

 Brandy and her fiancé had made love many a time before they became engaged.  Their love and pleasure they shared in lovemaking played a major part of their engagement.  However, the auto accident seemed to have taken the stamina and potency from Bob’s ability to make love to her.  Now Bob seemed to cum to quickly, always leaving Brandy high and dry in search of some relief.

 Two months into Bob’s return to the club, Brandy was in total sexual frustration.  Whenever she saw her fiancé’s partner, she could not help but remembered just how he had taken her, taken her to such heights.  Once Bob was up on stage introducing a new opening act, Brandy was standing at the door to the office.  When the office door, she turned to see Bob’s devious partner staring at her.  As Nate’s head movement invited her in, Brandy bit her lip and hesitated.  Then she entered the office as Nate locked the door behind him.  Brandy was pushed to the table in the middle of the mirror glass, where she looked ahead at her fiancé on stage.  With her panties quickly pulled down by Nate, Brandy could only look at her fiance on stage, while being nailed to the table by his wicked black partner.

With her own body betraying her, the initially reluctant young Brandy was now nothing more than a cock-hungry slut.  Nate was satisfied knowing that her heart may belong to Bob and that she may try to be a faithful, loving wife to him.  But he knew her pussy would forever be his whenever he beckoned her to drop her panties for him.  Nate was thrilled in the knowledge that he had destroyed any chance Brandy would be sexually happy and satisfied in bed with his double-crossing white punk of a business partner.  He was determined to pay back his crooked partner by laying his seed into the bastard’s bride-to-be.

End of Story.