Demented Boss - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: ‘Naive Newlywed I & Captive Wife I'
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Closing her eyes, thinking to herself, she said 'I'm finally Mrs. Adam Harrington!'  Trish leaned back on the sofa, happy that she and Adam were embarking on their lifelong journey together as husband and wife.  She thought back to her sophomore year of college when her sorority was to have an evening of dancing and socializing with the popular fraternity across the street from them.  It was at that function that she had met Adam and they had been inseparable since then.

Trish just loved being in Adam's comforting arms and snuggling up against his athletic body.  She just loved his masculinity, especially the way he kept his body in shape after ending his high school football days to concentrate on academics in college.  She always shivered with pleasure upon feeling his touch upon her body and found it extremely difficult in stopping Adam before his caresses put her past the point of no return.

Proud of herself for managing to be able to present Adam with her virginity on their wedding night, Trish knew it made their relationship that much more special.  She was also proud of Adam for respecting her wishes, knowing they had nearly gone over the edge several times, especially on the occasions where she had let Adam slip his hand up under her blouse or sweater and under her bra.  She shivered upon recalling how her body had quivered with pleasure when Adam's thumb had flicked at her sensitive nipple, causing a reaction that caused the muscles between her thighs to clench and the flow of her love juices dampened the crotch of her panties.

At that very moment, Adam Harrington was also reflecting back on the past several years, wondering how he could have landed the most beautiful girl on campus.  It seemed that all of their interests were mutually shared and they just enjoyed being in each other's company.  He didn't know how he endured what seemed like an agonizing frustration on his part whenever he dropped her back off at her sorority dorm while trying to quell the aching throb of his cock.  Once he had gotten carried away and needed gain relief, he had grasped Trish's hand and placed it on his throbbing cock for the first and only time during their courtship.  Only separating his cock from her touch was his jockeys and pants.  Feeling the squeeze of her petite hand had sent him over the edge as his cock squirted out its juices into his jockeys.

Recently back from their honeymoon, the Harringtons were now embarking on the tougher part of life, that of seeking employment in a tight job market.  During their last year of college, things initially looked bright on future job prospects with firms interviewing students on campus, especially for both Trish and Adam.  But the sudden economic downturn caught everyone by surprise and firms suddenly were putting a freeze on hiring.  As they both had been born and raised in the state, in small but different hometowns, they wanted to settle down and get jobs near the college they had attended.

 It had been a week now of pounding the pavement and submitting resumes for both Trish and Adam, all without any bright prospects of meaningful employment.  They would normally split up and head out to the various firms where a job could possibly exist in their respective fields, Adam in computer engineering and Trish in travel industry management.  Where there was a possibility of a job interview or even questionable that a job interview would be obtained, they would split up and not tag along with the other.  The reasoning for this was to not jeopardize the other's chances in getting a job by appearing insecure in having to bring his or her spouse along.

On this day, they had split up at 9 a.m. and had made arrangements to meet back at the clock tower where they would then have lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Adam had planned his morning out, hit the various firms one by one and then drop off his resume at a major firm located near where he was to meet with Trish.  He had seen an ad in the Sunday paper looking for computer specialists placed by a company located near the tower.  The ad had indicated that applications could be submitted or resumes could me mailed in, indicating that interviews would be conducted at a later date for qualifying applicants.  Thus, he would drop off his resume, then meet Trish for lunch.

His scheduling appeared to be going right on time except for the lengthy application that the last firm had asked him to complete.  Getting to the clock tower, Adam saw that Trish was already there waiting for him.  As they were going to call it quits for the day and have a nice long lunch, he wanted to drop off his resume before lunch, that way he could have a couple of beers during lunch.  He certainly did not want to drop off his resume with a scent of alcohol on his breath.  As he would merely be dropping off his resume and there would be no interview, he told Trish to keep him company up to the 20th floor of the building.

Going up to the Human Resources department, Adam inquired as to who he could drop his resume off with.  The secretary then handed him an employment application form, telling him that the managers do prefer that form on top of the resume and asked if he could fill it out.  Hearing that, Adam took the form and began filling it out.  Meanwhile, Trish picked up Adam's resume and was casually going over it.

Normally, the Human Resources Manager would screen all the applications, then call in the qualified applicants for an initial interview.  If the applicant appeared truly qualified, he or she go through another interview with the department head, who would oversee that employee.  However, the Human Resources manager had been out ill for two weeks due to a heart condition and it was not certain of his return date.  Various assistants were helping out to fill in but they were all rather inexperienced as the senior assistant had recently retired.

Walking down the hallway to the Human Resources department, Bubba Grimes looked over the brief wording for the ad to be placed for a computer specialist that could do presentations to various offices in the region and serve as their contact for any computer problems they ran into.  Entering the department, Bubba noticed a young man filling out an application off to his left, then his eyes caught the pair of trim ivory legs and black heels just beyond the applicant.  Immediately, his cock gave a twitch, excited by what he had seen thus far.

Going to an elderly assistant's desk in that department, Bubba positioned himself so he could look out into the waiting room.  As the assistant looked over the information and began telling him of her suggestions, Bubba's mind was totally focused on the lovely young beauty with the silky golden hair.  'God, that fucking little beauty is just begging for it.  Shit, I just gotta find me a way to spread those luscious white legs and show her what a 'man' really feels like!' he thought to himself.

Then the assistant told him that there were several applicants on file with computer backgrounds but they were the nerdy type, very knowledgeable in the technical side but not very good in.  Then he heard her advise, "Oh, when I came back from my break, I overheard that young man out inquiring about some type of computer type job.  He seems like a personable young man but I don't know his qualifications."  That was just the opening that Bubba had been looking for.

Thinking quickly, Bubba advised the assistant that if she could pull the applicants for computer jobs anyway, he'd do a quick screening just to make sure since he was rather desperate to find someone.  Also, he asked her to call the receptionist out front to have the young man wait when he was done and bring the application back into the interview room for a quick review.

Taking the applications into the interview room, Bubba set the applications aside, not bothering to look at any of them.  Closing his eyes, he could still picture the sight of that lovely blonde beauty in the waiting room, causing a stirring in his aroused loins.  'Damn, I just gotta get me that little prize!  Fuck, I don't give a damn if that white boy of hers can't manage to even plug in a damned computer!  Boy, you gonna get yourself a nice job traveling about, leaving that precious little beauty all alone by her lonesome!  And I's knows jist the guy to make sure she don't get lonely!' he chuckled to himself.

Adam completed the application and handed it and his resume to the receptionist.  He was surprised when the receptionist asked him to wait for a bit as Mr. Grimes was currently reviewing applicants in the computer field.  Returning to the sofa next to Trish, he relayed what the receptionist had just told him as they watched her go into the back with his application.  Adam told Trish he was a bit nervous, not expecting to have an interview with this firm.  He felt a bit more at ease as Trish boasted his confidence by telling him that his resume, that she had just read, was excellent

Bubba looked at young Adam Harrington's application with interest, seeing that he was indeed married to that beautiful blonde bitch sitting next to him in the waiting room.  'She's sure a fuck'n looker!  And sure knows how to dress appropriately!' he mused.  Gazing at the application, then the resume, Bubba mused 'Hmmm, married with no dependents and fresh out of the university!  Wife's name …….Trish!  Well, Adam Harrington, this is your lucky day!'

Ms. Trish Harrington

Picking up the interoffice line, the receptionist then approached Adam Harrington to advise him that Mr. Grimes wanted to interview him.   She then advised him to follow her and she would introduce him to Mr. Grimes.  Meanwhile, Trish picked a magazine to bide the time while Adam had his interview.

When the young man entered the interview room, Bubba quickly sized him up and began the interview, asking him about his interests and what his goals were.  He went on to explain the job opening, advising that not only did the applicant need to possess the technical knowledge of computer engineering but also be able be personal enough to convey things to other employees who were in different departments.  Then, to set things up, he inquired "Adam, you're certainly qualified from your resume and I know the university is highly regarded in computer engineering!  Also, in talking with you, I can see that you have the personality for this type of job!"  In actuality, the job needed someone with some type of hands on experience rather than just the sheepskin of a college diploma.

Bubba could see that young Harrington was excited from what he was hearing.  Then, Bubba mused 'Okay, whiteboy, now let's get down to the meat of the matter!  Yeah, that beautiful piece of white meat waiting for you out in the waiting room!'  "Well, Adam, I can tell you that you've passed the first phase of the application process!  This job position involves a lot of travel to assist the various offices and employees in the region.  Does a job involving travel appeal to you, Adam?" he asked.

As expected, young Harrington expressed his enthusiasm for the job.  'Who wouldn't, especially in this tough job market?' thought Bubba.  Then Bubba added, "I see from the application that you're married, Adam!  How do you believe your wife would feel to you traveling lot?"  Of course, the young man went on with traveling not a problem for he or his wife.

Bubba continued "Adam, we've found that in jobs involving travel, we like to have the spouse present so he or she knows what the job entails!  Prior to us doing such a second interview, we found that if the spouse had not been aware of the travel requirements of the job, the marriage quickly dissolved.  The company is very family oriented and we just want to do things the right way.  So, Adam, when you and your wife are available call me so we can set up the final interview with both of you present!"

"Mr. Grimes ………….by chance, my wife and I were both out submitting job applications today.  I didn't expect to get an interview here today and was just dropping my resume off!  My wife, Trish, is right outside in the waiting room!  If you'd like, I'm sure she'd be willing to sit in on the interview right now! " Adam advised.

"Oh, that's great!  Fantastic!  That'll save us all that time in coordinating another interview time!  Let me have the receptionist show her in!" Bubba advised, feigning the knowledge that his lovely young wife had accompanied him.  As he chatted with the young man, Bubba was really thinking 'Whiteboy, without any work experience you certainly don't qualify for the job but you do possess the key to getting that job!  It's that pretty little thing that's coming in here in just a bit that's gotten you the job, prick!  The way that chair next to you is situated, I oughta get me a good eyeful!'

A moment later, Adam's beautiful young wife entered the room and Bubba stood up to great the blonde beauty as her husband made the introductions.  Holding her soft manicured hand in his, Bubba's cock gave a mighty twitch as he contemplated the feel of that soft hand on his throbbing black muscle.  'Oh, baby, Adam is sure lucky you came with him!  Your hubby soon going to be on the road a lot but I'm gonna make certain you ain't lonely, sweetie!' he chuckled to himself.

With the young Harringtons now seated across the desk from him, his cock was throbbing like crazy at the sight of the sleek white legs of the lovely Mrs. Trish Harrington.  As he imagine those long sexy white legs wrapped around his back as he pumped his black baby into her fertile womb, he listened as Adam Harrington explained that they were newlyweds and just starting out together.  Bubba assured the young man and his lovely wife that the company is very family oriented.  'Yeah whiteboy, when you're out on the road, I'm gonna get into your sweet little bitch's panties and put her in the family way for ya!' he chuckled.

During the interview, Bubba turned on the charm and casually inquired from Trish Harrington about their plans as a couple that's just starting out.  He loved the way she blushed and confessed that they were anxious to start a family, just as soon as they got settled and had a steady income, explaining that she wanted be an old fashion stay-at-home wife and mother.  But the lovely newlywed indicated that till then she would continue to look for any type of part-time or temporary job positions available.

Bubba advised the happy young man that he was hired for the job and would start on Monday, giving him a packet of paperwork to complete at home.  So as not to give his lustful intentions away, Bubba advised that the company prohibits having both husband and wife working for the company, thus part-time work would not be possible unless she was with a temp outfit or self-employed in her own business.  Pausing, he then added "Say, Trish, I would suggest you take out a gross excise license setting yourself up as self-employed.  It cost only about $10 to do so, that way you could do temp jobs for the company and get around the employment issue!  That way I'm certain I could funnel some of the company's temp jobs over to you!"

Trish had never thought of this aspect in getting a job and with this large company, she realized that there would be some temporary jobs coming open from time to time.  She then inquired a bit more from Mr. Grimes and learned that the gross excise license could be obtained at the state office a few blocks away.  "Thank you so much for the information, Mr. Grimes!  I'll definitely let you know when I get it set up!" she advised.

The next week, Bubba dropped in at Adam Harrington's desk, inquiring as to how he was adjusting on the job.  But it was really Adam's beautiful young wife that Bubba was interested in, asking the young man if his lovely wife did get her excise license as there was a temp job coming up in one of the other departments.  He was happy to learn that lovely Trish Harrington did in fact get that license and was now getting a set of business cards printed, that he would be getting one very shortly.

Opening the mail the next morning, Bubba smiled as he read the nice thank you card from Mrs. Trish Harrington, saying she couldn't thank him enough for his help and for providing him with the idea of getting temp jobs.  He looked at her picture on the business card and his cock gave a twitch, he muttered quietly "Oh, Mrs. Harrington, it'll be more than an adequate thank you when I get into your tight little panties!  You can thank me again when I get that pretty belly of yours to swell up with a little black bastard!"

He had to hear her sweet voice again and picked up the phone to dial the number on her business card.  Hearing her voice sent a thrill throughout his body as he identified himself and advising of his receipt of her thank you card.  Bubba advised her there was a temp job of two days the next week in the advertising department as the secretary needed to go out of town to be with her ill mother.  He then advised her as to who the manager was in the department and that it'd be all set up for her to work on Thursday and Friday of next week.

On the way out, passing near Adam Harrington's desk, the young man stood up and thanked him for getting his wife that temp job.  "Trish just called me and gave me the good news, Mr. Grimes!  You sure perked her up as she was quite excited when she called!" he advised.

Bubba smiled and replied "Oh, your lovely wife is quite a charming young woman and very intelligent too!  I'm sure she'll be able to handle it quite well!  In fact, my secretary indicated that she might need some emergency time soon also, believe it's her father who might be in need of a surgery.  If that happens, I'll be sure to fill Trish in on it!  I'd love to have her work for me then!"  Bubba hid his smile, thinking 'Actually, she'll be definitely working directly 'under' me and fill her in with my aching cock!'

That next week, Bubba made it a point to drop in at the advertising department, something he rarely did before.  Of course it was to give him an opportunity to ogle the sexy young beauty.  Each time he saw her, his cock rose to standing attention and he swore to himself 'Oh, baby, I'm gonna get Adam outta town soon so I can get between those sexy legs of yours!'  He then went to say 'Hi!' to the sweet little beauty, shaking her hand to welcome her that first day.  As he held her soft manicured hand, his cock twitched in anticipation of having that lovely hand pumping his throbbing monster.

It was now two weeks since Bubba had seen that lovely young beauty but he dreamt of her each night, wanking off to that beautiful image.  Opening up his desk drawer, he looked down at the picture on the business card and licked his lips in anticipation.  'Adam, my man, it's now time to send you off to a couple offices out of town.  That'll get you out of the picture for a few days!' he snickered.

Having given last minute instructions to young Harrington the day before his scheduled trip, Bubba learned that Adam had a 10 a.m. flight and that his lovely wife would be dropping him off early at the airport.  Bubba smiled to himself, cock twitching in anticipation as he picked up his telephone.  "Hello, Oman, did you have a nice trip over to the United States?  Good, I have the luncheon all set at the restaurant in your hotel!  Hopefully we'll be able to conclude our business deal tomorrow!  You treated me very well when I visited you in your country and I do remember you telling me what you wished to have most!  Well, I intend to make your dream come true tomorrow!  That special herb you introduced me to in your country, do you have some available?  Good, good!" he chuckled.

At 9:30 a.m. the next morning, Trish had just gotten back to the apartment after dropping Adam off at the airport.  Just after entering the door, the phone rang on the extra phone line that was installed for any business calls coming in for her temp jobs.  Rushing to the phone, she eagerly answered it in hopes of landing another job.  "Oh, hello Mr. Grimes!  Today??  Well, yes, I guess I could get ready by then!  Is there anything special I need to do on this assignment?  Okay, I'll have my notepad with me!"

On the other end of the line, Bubba smiled at he rubbed his thick hardon, telling the young wife that his secretary had to rush out of town to care for her ill father.  He added that he desperately needed someone to fill in at the scheduled luncheon with an important client from the Middle East.  He added that it was important that she 'dressed to impress' as this would make a definite impression on this potential client.  "It'll be a business luncheon at a nice restaurant in the hotel where the client is staying at.  In fact, there's no point on you driving in all the way to the office as the restaurant is back towards where you'll be coming from!  I'll pick you up on my way out there!  Say about 11:30?" he added.

What Trish didn't realize was that the business luncheon didn't really require the needs for a secretary.  Her purpose would involve entertaining the special client, in a way she would never have dreamt of.  She looked into her closet and selected a stunning black dress, one more appropriate for evening wear than business attire but Mr. Grimes had requested that she 'dress to impress'!  She hadn't expected to be working today, thus she would have to put off the plans to shop for a birthday gift for Adam.

Bubba arrived at the apartment building a bit early to pick her up for the luncheon.  On the phone, she told him she'd meet him at the front entrance but Bubba purposely arrived early, knocking at her door and surprising her at his early arrival.  As she was just about ready, Bubba waited at the open doorway, not wanting to give the young beauty any cause to feel uneasy but in peering in, he got to case the layout of the newlyweds' apartment.

Seeing the lovely Trish Harrington again had Bubba licking his lips in anticipation.  He nearly whistled at how sexy she looked in the long black dress.  The black nylons and matching shiny black heels just added to the allure of this young sexy bitch.  As she preceded him down the stairs, he did get a glimpse of her black bra strap as she leaned over to watch the steps as she descended.  His cock gave a twitch as he suspected that she was wearing a pair of lacy black panties beneath the dress.

Off they went to meet the important 'client' for lunch.  As she shook hands with the important client, Trish felt an uncomfortable shudder coursing through her body, feeling the man's evil leering eyes focused upon her.  She felt as if his beady eyes were slowly disrobing her, leaving her naked before him.  She swallowed, trying to shake off the uncomfortable feeling.

With Mr. Grimes and the client discussing various business-related concerns and topics, Trish jotted down what she thought was important.  However, most of the conversation was beyond her realm of comprehension but she tried to hang in there and listen intently.  However, she was struggling to maintain her focus as the two men ordered drink after drink as the two men reached their business agreement.  They toasted each other time and again, of course they tried coaxing her into joining them in each toast but she wasn't used to much alcohol and merely sipped at her glass of wine.

Then the two men chatted about Mr. Grimes visit to the man's country and how enjoyable it was.  She had no clue what Mr. Grimes was referring to when he told Oman "Tonight, you and I will have a grand time!  I must show you the hospitality that you showed me on my visit!  For all the lovely women you sent over to my tent, I will make that dream of yours come true tonight!"   Hearing that, Trish blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed and excused herself to go to the ladies room.  She felt the two men now needed time alone to chat among themselves freely.  She smiled and chuckled to herself, thinking that Mr. Grimes was going to take the foreign client off to some of the seedy strip clubs in town.

At that moment, the two men were at the table proposing another toast to each other, with Bubba Grimes asking "Well, Oman, how do you like the delectable young beauty that I have selected to make your dream come true?"  Bubba knew his client was totally happy with his choice in seeing his wide grin, then asked "Did you have that special herb so we can add it to her drink before she returns?"

Oman smiled at his host and nodded "Indeed, you have selected a most delicate little morsel for Oman!  I see she has the symbol of love on her finger, the diamond that promises herself to the man in her life …....................…….excellent!  My dream will indeed come true tonight when, as you Americans say, I get to 'fuck her tight little white ass'!  I am going to enjoy making her scream when I 'stick' it to her!"

A short while later, the threesome got into the back of a limo that Bubba Grimes had arranged for the afternoon, leaving his car parked at the hotel.  In the back of the limo, Trish began to feel lightheaded and pressed herself down into the leather seat.  She felt an itch like never before spreading from the center of her thighs, an itch that begged to be scratched.  'Oh, God!  I wish I could rub that itch!  But I can't touch myself there, not with Mr. Grimes and his client sitting next to me!' she moaned to herself.  Panting for breath, she closed her eyes and hoped the ride home would be quick.

Oman looked over at Bubba Grimes smile and nod that the potent herb was indeed having the desired effects.  He knew that the potent herb had the little innocent beauty literally squirming in her seat, the fire between her legs becoming unbearable.  He watched the pretty young wife's body tense as she gasped an intake of breath as he brazenly placed his hand on her thigh, caressing her thigh through the material of her thin skirt.

Bubba returned the smile and also placed his hand on the other thigh of the beautiful young wife.  He knew that she was theirs for the taking.  'Oh, you sweet little bitch!  All that planning was certainly worth the while.  It was worth giving that young punk a job for a chance to get between your beautiful legs!  Oh, bitch, you're gonna get it today!' he chuckled to himself as he slipped his hand under the hem of her skirt.

By the time the limo reached the apartment where Trish lived, she was nearly delirious from the potent sexual stimulant that also affected her ability to reason.  The only thing that seemed to matter was the need to extinguish the burning itch between her thighs.  The stroking hands on her thighs did help to ease the spreading of that terrible itch but she need to put the fire out somehow but the finger that had pressed down right onto the itch itself had her shuddering as the itch was soothed.

With the limo coming to a stop, Trish looked out to see the familiar apartment complex but everything else was a bit hazy.  She was thankful for the strong arms assisting her from the limo and guided her to the elevator.  In the elevator, she was thankful to have the strong arm of Mr. Grimes' around her waist to steady her.  In her condition, Trish allowed Oman to fumble through her purse in search for the key to her apartment.

Dazed, Trish was led into the apartment that she shared with Adam.  "Th ….........….thank you for helping me home!  I …..........…I feel so dizzy ……… everything's spinning!  Can …….................can you let yourselves out!  I …….................……I need to sit and maybe lie down a bit!" she stammered out to the men.  She gave a sigh of relief as she sat upon the soft living room sofa, then felt the strong hands easing her back, then her legs being lifted from the floor and her heels being removed.

Moments later, with Bubba and Oman going out of sight to the nearby kitchen, Bubba opened and closed the door loudly so the young beauty would have the false sense of security in thinking she was all alone.  Then the two men began to undress.   Opening the briefcase that he had brought in with him, Bubba set up the video recorder to capture to big event on film.

Quietly returning to the beauty slouched on the sofa, the two men witnessed young Trish squirming about on it, panting in heat as her left hand caressed her right breast.   The men smiled as they watched Trish's right hand move across her thigh, nearing the center of the burning itch.   "Ahhh …...........……ohh ………..................….ohhhh ……..............…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she panted, totally unaware that her visitors had returned into her room to witness her shameful behavior.  The drug that she had consumed had her all hot and bothered, delirious with her only concern being that burning itch between her thighs.  With Omar sitting to her left, the lusty man began to feel up the sexy young wife.

"Ohhhhhhhh ……................……….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Trish moaned as her fingers came into contact with her silky panties as she began rubbing at the burning itch.   She did not realize that her skirt had been drawn up over her thighs by masculine hands, hands that were now going to assist her in reaching that itch.   "Ohhhhhhhh …….ohhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, arching up a sudden pressure being applied right onto the center of the burning itch had her body quivering.

That sudden pressure was the thick middle finger of the smiling Oman, a man well experienced at the effects of the herbal stimulant.  His finger, coated by the thin layer of silky panties, was now delving into the mushy pit of the stimulated young beauty.  In and out his panty coated finger plunged into the moaning young beauty, causing Oman to laugh aloud at her plight.

Trish was totally delirious from the potent herb and now that burning itch was being expertly rubbed.  She felt the bed sag from the weight of her observers kneeling on each side of her squirming body.  As she squirmed about, arching up into the teasing finger, she felt her hands being pulled to her sides and her fingers came into contact with two hard fleshy bars.  Instinctively, her fingers closed, unable to full encircle her fingers as she squeezed at the throbbing instruments.  Lightheaded as if floating up in the air, Trish did not realized that she had easily been lifted up by the two men and being carried into the master bedroom.

As Oman's finger circled into the slushy pit, the young beauty arched up even higher, her womanly instincts making her squeeze and pump at the throbbing fleshy bars in her hands.  Then through the thick fog in her mind, she heard the familiar voice of Mr. Grimes calling to her "Trish …………..Trish …………..can you hear me?  Squeeze hard with your hands if you can hear me!"  Both Bubba and Oman groaned with pleasure as the trim fingers squeezed with all their might.

Bubba smiled at his client, then looked down at the young beauty, telling her "Oman says you have consumed a poison and he will help rid you of it!"  Looking up at Oman, he watched the foreigner unwrapped the squeezing fingers from his throbbing cock, lifting her hand up.  Bubba grabbed her left hand then moved to straddle the young beauty, bow letting both of her hands squeeze at this long black cock.

Looking to his side, through the reflection of the large mirror, Bubba could see his client caressing the trim white legs of the young newlywed.  He smiled when he heard Oman "Ohhhh ……………this is an exquisite American beauty, Mr. Grimes!  I am honored that you have selected such a delicate beauty to entertain me in your city!"  He watched as Oman gently removed each of Trish's heels, then raised her sexy feet up to his face, rubbing his face in her soft pink soles.

Then his client leaned forward to grasp the waistband of the beauty's lacy white panties, slowly drawing them over her hips and down her thighs.  Seconds later, Bubba felt the silky garment being placed upon his shoulder, which he grabbed and held up to his face.  He then inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet fragrance contained in the silky panties.  Then the put the wet crotch of the panties to get a taste of the sweet honey.  Feeling the beauty's hands squeezing and pumping at this throbbing cock, he looked down at the agonized beauty and was tempted to cum right then, right on her beautiful face.

Meanwhile, Oman was in heaven, rubbing his bearded face between the soft white thighs.  Then he nuzzled up to the golden treasure, the soft curls teasing as his nose and lips.  Sticking his tongue out, he licked at the beauty's tender lips and the sweet juice escaping from them.  Darting his tongue between the sweet lips, he heard the beauty groan "Ohhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Dipping his tongue in and out of the slushy groove was met with coinciding moans "Oh …..oh …..oh ……oh …….ohhh!"    Seconds later, he could not hear the moaning, not with the trim legs rising up onto his shoulders, soft thighs wrapped tightly around his head to cover his ears.

Bubba laughed at the innocent young beauty, chuckling "You dumb fucking bitch!  Only reason that punk got the job was because of your sweet little white ass!  Now its payback time, sweetie!  You want to start a family and Bubba's here to help you out with that! Yeah, baby, gonna cream ya good!  Gonna fuck ya real good!  Gonna plant a little black bastard in that tummy of yours!"  Then he had her moan loudly "Ohhhhh ………….oh, God ……………I ……………I'm cumminggggggg!  Aiee ………..mmpffffffffffffff!"  To keep her screams from being heard, Bubba had shoved his cock into open mouth.

He could feel the hands on his cock trying to push him away, his lengthy cock was buried in her throat and the beauty was struggling to breathe.  "Ahhhh, fuck ………………….ahhhhhh, eat it, babe!" Bubba groaned as he pulled back a bit till only his cockhead remained.  He wanted her mouth filled to the brim with his hot thick cum, wanted her to get a good taste of him.  He laughed, seeing Trish swallow once then began choking on the slimy goo, rivers of his goo escaping from the sides of her pink lips.
With the innocent beauty now choking on his thick seed, Bubba pulled his cockhead out of her mouth, letting his remaining spurts jet across her beautiful face.  As she turned her head in an attempt to spit out his gooey seed, Bubba laughed and rubbed his drooling cockhead over her face, smearing his cum about.  He wished that young punk could see his beautiful young wife now, face covered with spunk and Oman feasting on her golden treasure.

Bubba heard Oman "Oh, my sweet American beauty!  It is now time for me to sample your sweet American white ass!  Praise Allah, I shall make you scream with pleasure!"  Looking in the mirrow, he saw his foreign friend smacking his glistening lips and kneeled up on the bed.  With that, Bubba moved off from his straddling position and helped Oman turn the young beauty over.   He watched Oman draw down the long zipper of the black dress, then he assisted his friend in stripping her dress right off her body to bare the beautiful white angel.

Grabbing her roughly by the hips, shuffled up behind the young wife and put his hands under her waist and pulled the drugged body up so her beautiful white ass was high in the air.  Meanwhile, Bubba lifted the young wife's head and placed the two pillows beneath her.  An arm around her waist, Oman fitted himself into position, then wrapped his other arm around her waist.  Oman looked at his host and smiled to thank him with "I thank you my American friend!"  With a brutal thrust, he shoved himself into her virgin ass and yelled "Praise Allah!"

"Aaaiiiieeeeeeeee ……………………owwwwwwwwwww ………………ahhhh ……….ahhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhh ……….stop ………..stoppppp ……..please!  It hurtssssssss …………………..ohhhh, it hurtssssssssss!" Trish screamed into the pillows.  Desperately, she tried to crawl forward but the arms tighten around her waist and two hands pushed at her shoulders, preventing her escape.  Then her rapist thrust into her again and again without mercy, causing her body to shudder in agony.  "Oh, God ………….it hurtssssss ………….it hurtsssss so badddd ………………oh, God!" she sobbed.

Sodominzing the weeping young beauty, Oman laughed with glee upon hearing her cries of pain as she pleaded with him to stop.  But the screams of pain from the young American beauty only served to stimulate him further as he then reared back and gave another brutal lunge forward with all his weight behind it.

“Noooooooo …………….God, nooooooooooo ………ohhhhh ….……arggggghhhhhh …………..owwwwwww!” Trish screamed ashe excruciating pain was just unbearable.  “Oh, stop ………………please stopppp ………it hurtsssss ……….oh, pleaseeee!” she sobbed and pleaded.  “Nooooo ………arrgggghhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed and shuddered as the evil man slammed himself into her again and again.

"Ohhhhhh, this sweet American ass is so tight my friend!  Oman will cum soon in this American bitch!  You have chose well, my friend!  The contract is all yours for giving Oman his first piece of American ass!  Uggghhhhh ……………..ahhhhh …………Praise Allahhhhhhhhh!” Oman groaned loudly as he unleashed his pent-up cum into sobbing American beauty.   He felt her slender body shake and shudder as she climaxed from his expert fingering of her clit.

“Ohhhhhh …….…ohhhhh, God …………….what's happening?  Oh, God ……..I …..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ….………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Trish moaned from the totally unexpected pleasure, shuddering as an orgasm shook her entire body.  The evil man had brought her to a mind-shattering orgasm by his expert fingering.

Bubba laughed as his foreign guest exhaustedly fell back onto the bed, his still thick cock 'popping' out of the sodomized beauty's tight ass, leaving the young wife sobbing on the pillows.  Then Bubba pulled the pillows from under the sobbing wife and flipped her aching body onto her back.  He patted her face a few times till he saw her blink several times to focus on what was happening.  He wanted her to be aware that was going to fuck her.

He had succeeded in bringing her back to reality when he heard “Ohhh, ………………….G-Godd ………………...M-Mr. Grimes ……………..please!  Wh ………….what are you doing?  Pl ………please………………….please ………….stopppppp!!”  Then her hands pushed back at his shoulders as she tried desperately to fight him off.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….please ………..Mr. Grimes …………you can’ttt …….…no pleaseee!” came the desperate plea.

Bubba nuzzled at the young wife’s tender ear, whispering to her “You don't think that your young punk husband got the job because of his brains, do you?  When I saw you out in the waiting room with your hubby, I was determined to make you mine!  Without any work experience, he ain't qualified to be conducting class for the offices!  He got that job so he would be out of the way.  But I shall repay him by doing him the honor of 'knocking' up his beautiful wife!"

The slaps on her face had brought her out of her haze and what her evil boss just whispered to her did the trick.  She shuddered in fear, knowing that he intended to rape her and intended on getting her pregnant with his baby.  She couldn’t let this evil man succeed as this was her most fertile period and could very well get pregnant from this illicit mating.  Desperately, Trish fought with all the strength her drugged body could muster, pushing at the broad black shoulders.  She sobbed and pleaded “Pl-pl-lease ………… …………don't ……………..don't rape me ………………please!"

Even in her drugged state, she was rational enough to realize what could happen from an unprotected mating with her evil boss.  She continued to push his muscular shoulders but she realized that she would not be able to fend him off.  Then her befuddled mind came up with a solution and she stammered "Please …………….Mr. Grimes ………………pleeeasee ………………….please put on a condom!”

“Oh, Godddd ……….….stop ……………….you need a condom!  Oh, God ………….stop …………….stopppppp!  Owwwwwwwww ………… ………….you're too ….biggggggggg!  Oh, God …………….it hurtsssss ……….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Trish sobbed loudly as her boss forced his thick manhood into her tight entrance.   She sobbed as she heard her evil boss laugh at her plight, telling her "You dumb fucking bitch!  Bubba ain't wearing no fucking raincoat!  Gonna 'knock' ya up good, you dumb little bitch!"

"Stop ………..stop ……..please!  I don't want to get pregnant ………….not by you!" Trish sobbed and groaned as the thick  length was forced further into her agonized body.   “Ohhhhhh …………..Goddddd ……….stopppp ……….its too biggggggg ………………….oh, it h-h-urtsssssssss!” she sobbed as another few inches penetrated her.   "Oh, God ……………take it out …………….you're killing meeeee!" she pleaded.

Bubba held still to cherish this moment that he had dreamt of each night since laying eyes on the young beauty, also to keep from cumming prematruely.   He wished Adam Harrington could see his precious and faithful young bride at this very moment.  Once the young beauty became accustomed the thickness and length of his, Bubba began a long slow withdrawal of his meat, then slowly feed it back deep in to her.  His experience and stamina soon had the young wife mewling softly as her petite body began to hunch up as he slowly plunged his thick meat back into her.

Coupled with the potent stimulant and Bubba's expertise, his long slow strokes had the pretty Mrs. Trish Harrington going out of her mind, desperately in need of sexual relief as she unconsciously hunched her tiny body up and down to get more of his lengthy shaft into her.  He was caught by surprise when she wrapped her trim arms around his neck and her slender legs around his ass.  The sweet young wife was pulling him even deeper as her ankles locked upon one another, squeezing him to her.

The potent drug had again overtaken all rationality and Trish could only think of one thing, that being to extinguish the burning itch between her thighs.   Faster and faster arched up onto the lengthy shaft, finding it more soothing the faster she rubbed herself upon it.   Suddenly, a shudder shook her body as hot sensation coursed through her, a feeling never before experienced in her life.  She screamed “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………… …..Godddd ..….……..ohhhhhhhhh ……………….I ……….I'm cumminggggg!  Oh, my Godddddddd!"  It was a mind-shattering climax that rocked her entire body, an climax as never before experienced.

Bubba continued with his long steady strokes as the young wife came back down to earth.  Then he held still in her again while she caught her breath, letting his cock throb in her raped slit.  When he felt her cunt muscles squeeze back at his deliberate cock throb, he knew it was time to fuck her in earnest.  Now he was going to make her beg him to fuck her, drive her out of her mind with the need for his black cock.  Then he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of the slick groove, determined to now bring the young wife back to her feverish state.
Her head tossed from side to side, whipping her hair about as the lengthy cock sliced in and out of her burning slit.  "Oh ……….oh ………..oh …………..of ……….please …………faster …………faster!" she moaned, wanting that burning itch to be extinguished.  Desperately, arching up and down, Trish begged "Ohhhhh ……………fuck me ……….fuck me!  Oh, please ………….Mr. Grimes ………….I need …………..I need it so badly!"

Smiling as he looked down upon the fuck-crazed young beauty, Bubba began to speed up his pistoning cock, feeling the trim white legs tighten around his lunging ass.  He wished that her punk husband could see his lovely wife now, going out of her mind with a nigger cock deep in her cunt.  'Oh, man, I sure as hell hope I knock this little bitch up!  Sure would like to see that punk's face when she presents him with a kinky hair bastare!' he thought to himself.  Laughing at that exciting thought, he gave a hard lunge into the squirming beauty, burying his cock deep in her fertile womb.

Buried deeply, Bubba then expertly held himself absolutely still and waited.  Less than thirty seconds lapsed before he got the response he was looking for when the young beauty clutched tightly at his upper arms as her legs spurred at him, trying desperately for him to continue the fuck.  The he gently tapped her face a few times, wanting her to realize what was taking place.  Once he saw her eyes widen, with reality setting back in, he told her "Gonna have to pull out Mrs. Harrington!  Need to pull it out or I'm going to cum!"  He knew she was too much in heat to let this happen, feeling her arms now encircle his neck and her legs tighten around him.

Beside herself, Trish sobbed and pleaded "No …………, don't …………..oh, God …………I ……..I want it!   I ………….I need it so badly!  Please …………….please, Mr. Grimes ……………..fuck me ………fuck meeeeee!  Fuck me ……….please ………….cum ………..cum in meeeee!"  Tightening her arms and legs around her husband's evil boss, Trish hump up at him, trying to stir him into action.  Then, to her delight, the fuck continued.  "Oh, yes ………..yes …………..fuck me …………fuck meeeeee!"

Then the fuck slowed again, causing Trish to become frantic as she clutched tightly to her ravisher.  She felt him lick at her ear, biting her earlobe, whispering to her "Tell me what you want, Mrs. Harrington!  Tell me what's going to happen if I shoot my cum in you!"  Arching up, Trish desperately pleaded "Fuck me …………fuck me hard!  Shoot it in me ……………cum in me …………fuck your baby in me!  Please ……….ahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss!"

It was another mind-shattering orgasm that had the young wife swooning as he continued to pummel her with his hard, lengthy strokes.  Then, unable to contain himself any further, he grasped her trim hips and again buried himself deep into her.  His body shuddered as he began to unleash his hot roe.  "Oh, baby ………................……yeahhhhhh ….................……….here it cummmsssssss!  Gonna fill ya up with my nigger cum!  Gonna knock ya up with a little black bastard!  Ah, sweetie …..........................………..ah, yeahhhhhh!" he groaned as he spurted his thick seed directly in her fertile womb.

A short while later, Bubba returned to the room with a bottle of scotch and two glasses.  Seconds later, the two men smiled and toasted one another for their success in bedding the blonde beauty.  They looked down upon their now unconscious victim, who had passed out due to exhaustion and the potent drug consumed.  Sipping on their drinks, caressing the soft skin of the widespread beauty, they rested up for the next go-round with the lovely young wife.

A half-hour went by and Trish was awakened by the pain in her scalp, pain caused by the hands wound tightly in her hair as her head was pulled upwards.  She blinked to focus her eyes and found herself starring at the paunch belly of the man upon her.   Looking up above her, she realized that she was being pinned to the bed by Oman.  Swallowing, she shuddered at the foreign object in her mouth and throat, her stomach heaving as she realized just what filling her mouth.  'Oh, God ……................……..oh, God ………...................……nooooooooooooooooooooo!' she cried to herself.
'Oh, God ……………how can a man want to do such an evil thing …………….so filthy!' she thought.  Then tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that she had performed this filthy act earlier, that she had sucked off Mr. Grimes, swallowing all his filthy spend.  'Ohhhhhhhh ………..........……I wish I was dead!  Sucking these evil men's penises and I just refused my own husband just last week!' she thought.  But even as her mind rebelled, Trish could not help pushing her pointed tongue up against the thick cockhead, exploring and teasing the sensitive slit.

Then a shiver coursed throughout her body as Oman reached back to dip his fingers into her hot pit, reviving that burning itch between her thighs.  Trish moaned around the fucking cock, closing her eyes as she arched her hips up against the teasing fingers.  The burning itch between her thighs had Trish going out of her mind again, causing her to now suck avidly at the throbbing cock in her mouth.

Curled up in a fetal position, choking and trying to spit out the slimy cum, Trish Harrington sobbed in shame at the thought of the despicable act she had just performed.  She could not believe how much cum the evil man had spewed in her mouth, forcing her to swallow all of the slimy goo.  Her stomach had rebelled and she had nearly thrown up once his cock had slipped from her mouth.

Throughout the night, Trish's ordeal continued as the two evil men just couldn't get enough of her soft beautiful body.   Continuously, she was placed on all fours as the two men both satisfied their lust at the same time.  Either it was Oman fucking her tight ass with Bubba fucking between her sweet lips or it was Bubba fucking her doggie style as Oman got himself sucked off.  Several times during the night, Oman had prepared an herbal tea for the young wife, a brew that would aggravate the burning itch even further, yet keep her mind clear so she would now be fully aware of what was taking place.

As daylight awoke her, Trish again felt that burning itch between her thighs.  She found Mr. Grimes asleep to her right with Oman asleep on her left.  She rubbed at the itch, realizing her fingers were not long enough to scratch that itch.  Squirming on the bed, she reached out with both hands, capturing and stroking a cock in each hand.  Squeezing and pumping, it was Mr. Grimes's cock that first rose to the occasion.

Desperately, shucking at the growing cocks, Trish sat up upon the bed.  With Mr. Grimes' cock up to the occasion, Trish then straddled his black hips, then reached down to get his lengthy cock into position.  Slowly she sat up the thick cockhead, capturing it between her mushy cuntlips.  Closing her eyes, the satisfying feeling had her groaning "Ohhhhhhhhhh …….................………..ahhhhhhhhhh!"  Her hands came up to her breasts and fingers touched her sensitive nipples.  Then she began to fuck herself on the stiff upright shaft.

With Mr. Grimes' cock deep in her to scratch her itch, Trish felt movement upon the bed, then Oman's familiar hands upon her hips.  She felt him positioning himself into his favorite position, ready to fuck her now well-stretched ass.  For the first time, Trish was going to be doubled fucked in this manner.  As Oman's cock spread her asscheeks, she moaned "Yessssss ………………oh, yes ………………..fuck my ass!"

With both men now fucking into her with earnest, Trish now could not get enough cock.   Then, all three of them froze upon the bed at the shrill ring of the telephone.  Looking at the clock, Trish muttered "Oh, God!  It ………'s Adam!  He said he would be calling in the early morning before he left the hotel!"  She didn't know what to do, unable to reach the phone plus there was no way she could talk to Adam in the condition she was in.  She would just let it ring and make some excuse to Adam later.

To her shock, Trish saw Mr. Grimes reach for the telephone and pick up the receiver, holding it in place next to her ear.  There was nothing she could do but to answer "Hello .........………….hello, Adam?  Hi ………............hi, honey!  Yes …………..........…yes ….........……I …............…..I just got up!  How ……........……….how was your trip!"  Listening to Adam on the line, Trish covered the mouthpiece as she groaned aloud, feeling the two lengthy cock slowly slide into her.

"Oh …….........………you ……..........… talked with Mr. Grimes just before lunch yesterday?  Ah ….......…….yes ….........….yes, the luncheon went well with his foreign client!  A bonus fee?  Mr. Grimes told you I'd get a bonus fee added to my billing if the client signed up?  Oh …...........…….I ….........……..I believe it all went well!" Trish replied.

On the other end of the line, Adam enjoyed hearing his lovely wife's voice on the phone.  He missed her and wished she could be with him.  Then he thought he'd tease her "Did you have to show a lot of leg to entice the client to sign up so you could get that bonus, honey?  Bet he couldn't take his eyes off your sexy bod!"

Trish shivered as she felt Oman push deeply into her widely stretched ass at that very moment.  She felt so wicked with Adam talking about the very man who was fucking her ass at that very moment.  She couldn't resist the temptation to play along with Adam's teasing, telling him "Oh, honey …….........………don't be silly!  He certainly wanted to do more than just look!  That nasty man just couldn't get enough of my tight little butt!  Ohhhhh, honey ……................……….he made me scream when he ripped my butt apart!"  She heard Adam laugh in response to her teasing, wondered if he would be laughing if he could see Oman's long thick cock buried in her bowels at this very instant.

Hours later, the effects of the potent herbal stimulant began to fade, leaving Trish Harrington sobbing in shame and humiliation.  She recalled the shameful manner in which she had behaved, just like a true slut who couldn't get enough cock.  Curling up into the fetal position as the men dressed, she heard Mr. Grimes tell her "Go ahead and cry rape, bitch!  See if anyone will believe you, especially if they get to see the video of the three of us together!  Think Adam will believe you?  Tell him and I'll fire his fucking ass to boot!"

After the men left, Trish showered and proceeded to change the soiled sheets.  She tried to block the experience from her memory, hoping that Adam would not notice any change in her.  With Adam getting home that night, she decided to prepare a nice dinner for him, trying to keep her mind off of what took place on their marital bed during the past 24 hours.

That night, Adam was anxious to make love to his beautiful wife.  In bed, he raised her thin nightgown and bent over to capture her stiffening nipple into his mouth.  Nipping at her sensitive bud, he heard her gasp loudly in response.  Encouraged, Adam continued nipping at her stiff nipple, teasing it with his tongue as he felt her trim finger wind themselves in his hair to pull at him.

Trish shuddered from Adam's suckling of her breasts, nipping at her nipples with his teeth.  But the nipping from his teeth was causing her great pain and no pleasure at all.  All the handling and suckling earlier had her breasts raw and discolored with bruises that she had made certain to not let Adam see her in the light.  Finally, when Adam entered her, Trish realized just how stretched she had become.  She prayed that her husband would not notice and wrapped her legs around his waist.

As Adam humped into her, Trish could barely feel his pecker, getting no satisfaction whatsoever.  All Adam did was manage to get that burning itch started between her thighs but she realized that Adam's length was insufficient to scratch the itch.  Then she began to think of the two men who had raped her, began fantasize about the way they had taken her to satisfy their lusts to achieve her sexual satisfaction.

A week later, Adam leaned back in his chair and looked at the clock on the office wall. It was another hour to go before Trish picked him up for lunch.  He was happy that Mr. Grimes had mentioned the new restaurant that morning and told his boss Trish loved trying new restaurants and it'd make an ideal place to go to as they had planned on lunching together today.  He did not know that his lovely wife was parking her car in the parking lot at that very instant.

An hour later, just as Adam was about to get up from his desk and wait for Trish outside of the building, he was to see Mr. Grimes leading Trish towards his desk.  "Adam!  Look who I found waiting outside in her car!  Can't let a pretty thing like this wait out in the hot sun!" he heard his boss call out to him.  Adam had to admit that his wife looked radiant in her black dress and heels, her glossy pink lipstick had her lips looking so succulent.

"Hi, honey!" he greeted his lovely wife, bending a bit to give her a quick peck on her glossy pink lips.  Normally Trish was shy about any public display of affection, thus he was surprised that she returned his kiss in front of Mr. Grimes, darting her pointed tongue quickly between his lips.  Out of courtesy, Adam invited his boss to join them for lunch but Mr. Grimes replied "Thanks, but I've got a lot of work to catch up on!  Couldn't concentrate on any work during the past hour so I've got to pay the price now!"

Bubba watched as Adam walked out of the office with is arm around his lovely wife's trim waist.  He smiled, thinking 'Hope young Adam's hand doesn't move a bit lower or he just might notice that his lovely wife isn't wearing any panties!'  Reaching into his coat pocket, Bubba fingered the silky black garment that he had peeled off the beautiful Mrs. Trish Harrington in his office.

When Adam had informed him of their luncheon, Bubba had placed a call to the Harrington home and advised the young beauty to " … up at his office an hour in advance or hubby will be getting a video of his very naughty wife!"  During that hour, Bubba certainly could not keep his mind on any work, not with the beautiful young wife on all fours in front of his desk.  She had certainly remembered his favorite position with her, fucking her doggie style.  Then, just before escorting her to Adam's office, he had enjoyed seeing her baby blue eyes looking up at him.  Their eye contact didn’t break, even when he filled her mouth to overflowing, forcing her to swallow gulp after gulp so none spilled onto her black dress.

Another month went by and then Adam called in to advise that he would be in after lunch, taking a half-day off.  Upon getting into the office, he responded to his boss's inquiry if everything was okay, telling him "Yeah, thank goodness!  Trish couldn't even get out of bed during the weekend and today she was throwing up!  I rushed her in to the doctor's and we learned that Trish has a bad case of 'morning' sickness!  Funny, it was just six weeks ago that Trish had a total change of heart and talked me into holding off with starting a family, saying she had decided it best to wait a bit and get more settled!  She had gone in for a prescription of birth control pills but that sure turned out to be a waste of money!"

End of Story.