Demented Boss - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

It was his turn to do the training session for new employees just hired for the four surrounding stores of the new and popular JJ's Department Stores.  Troy Harris would much have preferred being back at the store that he managed in north side of town where he had much more freedom during the day, so long as the store ran smoothly.  Cooped up in the classroom setting with over a dozen management trainees was not his idea of a fun day.

Looking at the roster, Troy counted eight men and eight women scheduled for the ten day training he would be conducting.  'Yep!  Typical of human resources in trying to make sure there's that equal opportunity for the sexes!' he concluded.  'Well, at least there is one good side of being the trainer this time ……………….I get to pick and choose the four trainees coming to my store!  It'll probably have to be split with two men and two women just to keep HR happy!  That last batch of new employees was just a bunch of bimbos and knuckleheads who couldn't count pass ten!  Damn, how did they even get through HR?' he cussed.

At the age of 52, Troy sighed in thinking of his current situation …………divorced and cleaned out by my ex-wife.  'Shit ……………..she got the house, custody of the kids, plus over sixty percent of my monthly income as fuck'n alimony!  Plus, the bitch is entitled to half of my pension once I qualify for retirement!  Damn ………………..I'll never be able to retire at this rate!  Just because she caught me boning that blonde bimbo I had for a secretary in the employee's parking garage!' he swore.  Shaking his head in disgust, Troy sighed 'What makes it even worst is that damn bitch was lousy in the sack!'

Seeing the room beginning to fill up with trainees, Troy looked down at the list of trainees and counted out the pamphlets to be distributed once the session began.  Looking at the time, there was about eight minutes to go before the scheduled class was to begin.  Glancing up, Troy tried to keep from shaking his head in disgust in seeing the group of trainees in the room.  The men looked like they were applying for a job as a service station attendant and the woman looked all in their fifties, apparently with very little sales experience.

With fourteen trainees seated, Troy looked at the time as it neared the 9 a.m. starting time.  Then heavy footsteps could be heard and another 'high quality' male recruit walked in.  With a minute to go, the clicking of high heels could be heard and Troy looked up at the arrival of the final trainee.  What appeared at the doorway had Troy wondering if this lovely beauty was in the right room.  'Damn, at least one person knows how to dress for work!' Troy muttered to himself.  'Damn, she sure looks good!' he added.

Ms. Julie Morris

Troy was quite happy that the only seat available for the lovely beauty was located in the second row, right in off to the left side of his desk.  He took in the blonde beauty, dressed in a nice black dress and matching black heels.  As she slid into the student style chair that had only one opening, Troy managed to get a glimpse of her creamy white thighs, causing his cock to twitch in his pants.  'Damn, that's tender white meat!' he muttered to himself.

Normally, Troy would just do a roll call to see who's who and wouldn't bother asking the trainees to stand and give a bit of background of themselves.  But he wanted to learn as much about this sexy beauty as possible, besides what was on the copy of her application form that he had in his folder.  He pulled each of the trainee's application when they stood up to give a little background and Troy asked a question or two.

Then, when came time for the sexy beauty to stand and give her background, Troy's cock twitched in anticipation.  He listened intently and pulled her application as she spoke "Good morning, my name is Julie Morris and I'm 24.  I graduated three years ago from State University with a degree in business administration.  I worked for a year and a half at R&S Department Store in Shatsburg.  Recently moved here from Shatsburg and look forward to working at JJ's Department Store, where I hope to make my career!"

"Welcome to JJ's Miss Morris!  I must compliment you on the way you're dressed for the occasion!  You'll go far in this company!" Troy advised, using his comments to compliment that beauty and put down the others.  "What made you move from Shatsburg to the big city, Miss Morris?" he inquired.

In response, the sexy young blonde advised "Well, Shatsburg my hometown and but I just got engaged to my fiancé.  He recent here in the city and wants us to make our home here!  It sounded like a real adventure to move to the big city so I was happy to make the move.  Still, Shatsburg is only a two hour drive so I can always visit my parents!"

"Thank you, Miss Morris!" Troy advised as the beauty prepared to sit back down.  Glancing at the beauty's left hand, observing her beautifully manicured fingers, Troy saw the sparkle from the reflection of the beauty's diamond.  'That son-of-a bitch sure is a lucky bastard!  That's some fine piece of ass he'll be getting!  Damn, I sure as hell would like to sample some of that white cuisine!  Man, that's eating stuff!' he thought.  Cock throbbing madly as he gazed on the trim sexy white legs beneath the beauty's desk, Troy began to think with his head, the one that was currently bloated in the confines of his pants.

Having submitted her application to JJ's at a job fair in Shatsburg, Julie had made an immediate impression upon the head of the HR department who headed up the JJ's recruitment booth at the fair.  With Julie's retail experience, she was hired on the spot and allowed to choose a start date since a move from Shatsburg was needed.  With all new employees, experienced or not required to attend a training session, Julie made the move just the past week in order to attend this training session.

Julie Morris had lived her entire life in little Shatsburg, other that when she attended college that was only seventy miles away and just over an hour's drive back home.  Brought up in a upper middle class home, Julie took on the conservative and religious values as those by her loving parents.  She had dated Mike Renford during their senior year in high school and throughout college.

Just two months ago, when Mike returned home from the city for the weekend, he had proposed to her.  This had been Julie's dream for years, making her so happy that everything had worked out.  Since Mike had moved to the big city after landing a higher paying job in his field of architecture, they had been carrying on a long distance romance with phone calls every night and Mike returning home each weekend.

The proposal had come at their favorite hideaway as they sat in the moonlight, with the site overlooking the slowly moving river.  Having always fended off her handsome boyfriend, telling him that she was not that kind of girl and wanted to only be intimate with the man she married, Julie resolve to remain chaste till marriage succumbed once the passionate kisses ensued.  There on the riverbank, lying on a blanket, Julie made love for the very first time and surrendered her virginity to the man she would soon marry.

Though losing her virginity was painful, the love she felt for her the man she would marry made it all worth it.  It had been a wonderful experience for both Julie and Mike but she made him promise that it would be their only intimate lovemaking with the next being their wedding night.  Julie was glad that Mike had made her a 'woman' on the night of their engagement, happy that she would no longer have to wonder if it would be painful or if enjoyable for both of them.  She had nearly fended Mike off successfully but finally gave in to the passion when Mike advised he had a condom in his wallet.
That night, alone as usual in his bed, Troy could only think of the succulent beauty that graced his training session.  If not for her, it would have definitely been another one of those boring days cooped up with a bunch of idiots.  He could still picture young sexy blonde, her trim ivory legs, along the sparkling diamond ring that adorned her finger.  'Damn, it'd sure be something to get between those sexy legs before that white boy can claim her as his wife!' he thought.

Easing his jutting bone out from his boxer shorts, Troy wrapped a fist around his throbbing hardon.  Eyes closed, he pictured the moment towards the end of the day when the trainees were taking a problem solving test that involved real-life retailing situations, where they were to determine how best to resolve them.  His eyes were naturally focused on the sexy blonde as he nursed a hardon beneath the desk.  When she had inadvertently dropped a heel as she worked on the test problem, Troy had to grip the desk to keep from cumming in his pants.  Then she toyed with her fallen heel with her succulent toes and Troy knew he was determined to get into her pants, one way or another.

Stroking his lengthy boner, Troy promised himself "I'm gonna get me a piece of that little bitch!"  Picturing her in his mind, he told himself "Gonna peel those heels off her sexy feet, then I'm gonna lick her from the tip of her toes right up to the treasure hidden in that golden nest!"  Pumping faster and faster, near the bursting point, Troy moaned out loud "Ahhhh, baby ………………..gonna teach ya what life is all about in the big city!  Ya gotta always be on the lookout here …………………otherwise ………………every horny bastard gonna want to get in yer tight little panties!"

Pumping up into his fist, pretending it was the beauty's tightly little cunt that he was fucking, he could then hear in his mind the whimpering and sobs that would come from the sexy young blonde.  "Oh, baby …………………oh, baby ……………………I'm gonna get ya ………if that's the last fuck'n thing I ever do!  Oh, baby ……………gonna 'ruin' ya!  Gonna shove my black boner up that tight little twat of yers!  Gonna make ya scream, baby!  Gonna give ya a present …………..yeah ……….right in time fer ya wedding!" he panted out loud.

"Ahhhhh ………………yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!" he shuddered as a geyser of cum erupted high up into the air to land all about his legs and the bedsheet.  Troy surprised himself at the height of the geyser that he had sent spurting up into the air.  "Oh, baby ………wait till I bust my nuts in yer tight little twat and a give all the TLC ya can handle!  Gonna give ya yer fill of TLC ………………..yeah, gonna fill that belly of yers up with Troy's Lumpy Cum!  Sweetie, ya better be on the fuck'n pill …………..or else!" he laughed.

Having fallen into an exhausted sleep, the next morning Troy had to strip the sheets due to the mess he had made and shower get off all the splotches of cum.  Today was the very first time he looked forward to conducting a training session, wanting to see the beauty in the flesh once again.  'One thing's for certain ……………….that sexy little bitch will be working in my store!  Damn, I just gotta figure out a way to get into her tight little panties!' he mused.

At the training site, Troy's ears perked up with the familiar sounds of high heels on the cement floor.  Heart pounding in anticipation, Troy certainly was not disappointed when the blonde beauty appeared in a nice white blouse, yellow skirt, and 3" white heels.  Accented with her trim ivory legs, flawless to perfection, Troy's cock became rock hard in the confines of his pants.  Pretending to be reading an article at his desk, all the while peering over the edge of paper, Troy was treated to a glimpse of the beauty's lacy white panties as she slipped into her chair.

Throughout the next week, Troy found that the lovely beauty was indeed quite naïve and innocent in her outlook on life.  Although her employment sheet indicated that she had worked in retail sales for a year and a half, just by her surprised reaction when various real-life scenarios were covered in the training session.  As the young beauty had worked in a small town where everyone knew each other, crime was so minimal as compared to the big city she was now living in.  This just made Troy all the more determined to bed the naive beauty.

To learn even more of the young beauty, Troy used the time for benefits explanation to carve out further tidbits from the lovely Julie Morris.  With the topic to be covered being employee discounts, Troy asked "Miss Morris!  On the first day of training, you mentioned that you're engaged to be married soon!  Have you and your fiancé purchased a home or decided where you'll be settling as yet?"  The answer came back "We're just starting to look at starter homes right now!"

Having learned that tidbit of the beauty looking for a home, he advised "Well, in discussing employee discounts, each of you are entitled to a 15% employees' discount of the current price of the item and that includes when items are on sale.  So, besides the sale price, you also get 15% taken off that lower price.   For example, if you waited till the $600 refrigerator went on sale for $500, you get an additional 15% off the $500 sale price!"

A month later, assigned to work in JJ's northside store, Julie busied herself in trying to learn all the ins and outs of the company's guidelines.  She really appreciated the concern and help expressed by Mr. Harris.  Julie thought she'd merely be assigned to a person in mid-management, one in charge of just one department, rather than being assigned directly under the man in charge of the entire store.  Innocent and naïve, Julie thought Mr. Harris was truly concerned with her welfare and advancement with the company.  Little did she suspect that her boss had only one thing in mind …………………and that was getting into her panties one way or another!

Julie was quite surprised when Mr. Harris advised "With your prior experience and knowledge, you've been placed on the fast track!  Also, we need more female managers in the company!  You'll do fine ……..but of course, you're expected to do sales work like the regular trainees as well as learn the company's management philosophy!  If you haven't had the sales experience with JJ's, it'll be difficult for you to later train the sales force!"

Of course, an ulterior motive of the sly department store manager was the fact that now the young blonde beauty would be reporting directly to him each day, giving him a chance to get to know the sexy blonde even better.  On the pretense of training her, Troy plied her retail background that she had acquired from the department store in her hometown.

As Julie Morris had her work experience in her small hometown, Troy uncovered one area in which she lacked experience.  Her weakness, much due to the small town atmosphere from where she came and some due to her naiveté, was in the area of theft.  With her inexperience in the theft area, basically that being young teens trying to abscond with merchandise they couldn't afford, Troy's devious mind began to churn.

Troy was impressed with the beautiful blonde, especially as she readily admitted that she had a lot to learn in the area of merchandise theft.  He gave her some pointers, using real-life theft situations to make his point.  Some of the situations seemed unbelievable and the shock on Julie Morris' face told Troy just how naïve the beauty was.  But Troy didn't want to teach her too much right away, instead he would use her inexperience in the area to put her in quite a compromising position.

For good measure, he did give her a veiled warning "Julie ……………this is a big city ……………..quite different from the small hometown atmosphere like Shatsburg!  Trust no one!  Every person you come into contact with here in the big city, always ask yourself 'What does he or she want from me?'  People here are quite devious and won't hesitate to take advantage of someone as innocent as you are!  You really have to watch your backside here in the big city!"

As the sexy beauty made her way from his office to help in the cosmetics department, Troy's eyes were focused on her trim ivory legs, causing his cock to twitch in his pants.  He chuckled at the thought of her thanking him for the advise he had just given her on not trusting anyone, smirking "Don't say I didn't warn ya, baby!  Better ask yerself as to what 'ol Troy wants from ya, sweetie!  Better watch yer backside, Julie baby ………….cause 'ol Troy wants to take a bite outta it!"

Two weeks later, Julie was quite excited after getting the call from her fiancé advising that the realtor had called to advise of their purchase agreement on a home was accepted.  In her regularly scheduled meeting with Mr. Harris in his office, Julie couldn't contain her excitement and advised her boss of the good news she had just gotten.  "Ohhhh, I'm so happy!  I've been eyeing the bedroom setup that's on 'sale' till the end of next weeks ……………it's so beautiful and will go perfectly in the master bedroom!"

Able to think quickly in situations, one of Troy Harris' strong points, he advised "Julie, that edition's going to be phased out after the sale!  You could save 50% off the sale price by reserving the display model!  It's brand new, just been the display model for a bit!  If you want, I'll be happy to put it on reserve for you!"  Troy then suggested that they walk on over to the furniture department and that he'd personally talk to the department manager that it be reserved for her.  Once in the furniture department nearby, his cock grew as the young beauty sat upon the edge of the bed that she would be buying with the pink decorative headboard.

With the young beauty eagerly taking him up on his suggestion, Troy talked with the department manager and watched as the young bride-to-be sign the purchase order.  Back in his office, Troy's cock gave a twitch in his pants as he chuckled 'Oh, baby ……………….if I get my way, ya'll get to try it out right on the display floor!  Yeah, ya want a bed that's comfortable ……………….especially when ya get fucked on it!  I'm so glad I could help out in getting it reserved fer ya ...................and I'll certainly be glad to 'test' it out!'  Leaning back in his chair, closing his eyes, Troy pictured the the bed just purchased .....................with he and the young beauty giving it a good test.


One day after the store closed, upon leaving the employees' entrance Troy was introduced to the young man who had come to pick up his pretty fiancee.  The fact that Julie Morris was so innocent, so obviously in love with her fiancé, only made her more desirable to him.  Watching them drive off, Troy muttered under his breath "Oh, baby …………..we got to do an inventory check soon ………….make sure that bed ya bought is in good shape!

Having formulated his devious plan, Troy decided it was time to take full advantage of the young beauty's innocence by setting her up for blackmail.  That night, he called his former bimbo secretary who he still 'bopped' when she could get away from her husband and kids periodically.  It was the perfect timing as she was eager for another rendezvous and his big black cock to scratch that itch of hers.

Assured of the cooperation of his female confidante, Troy had it all setup where she would pose as a customer.  As she been his secretary at a different store location, employees at this store would not recognize her as a former employee.  When the young Julie Morris would be working alone in the women's department where all the expensive designer outfits were located, she would be unaware that her own boss had been purposely switched price tags on several expensive items.

Troy's confidante found the pre-selected designer outfits readily as planned, then proceeded to check out through the naive young beauty's register.  Having gone up to the security room at the time his accomplice was to pull off the scam, Troy told his old friend manning the security cameras to take a long lunch break as Troy wanted to play around with cameras for awhile.

He smiled as his accomplice nervously looked around purposely, glancing up at the camera and talked to the innocent beauty at strategic intervals with the surveillance camera capturing the incriminating transaction on film.  Troy excitedly watched the monitor, seeing that the young beauty indeed was too inexperienced in this situation to catch on to the scam and unwittingly run up the expensive items without realizing the fact the price tags had been switched.  His friend had put on a very convincing show, implicating the naive young beauty in a crime she was completely innocent of committing.

Later, after the regular sales person would return from her lunch break, Troy would then confiscate the cash register receipt.  His accomplice had already given him the customer receipt and the items with the switched price tags still attached.  With the door to his office locked, camcorder and tripod set up, he and his accomplice went through the charade of her being presented with the evidence and would pretend to breakdown and confess to the crime.

With an inventory planned the next two days, Julie told her fiancé not to pick her up as she'd be driving in, unsure as to how long the inventory would take after work got done.  Though engaged to be married, Julie had settled into a nice apartment located several miles from where Mike's was located, insisting that they keep separate places till they became man and wife.  Julie knew that if they were to move in together, she'd never be able to keep her resolve that she and Mike refrain from sex till they were married.  Thus, she told him not to worry, that she'd be safe in driving herself to and from work.
Toward the end of the regular workday, as Julie sat in Mr. Harris's office discussing how the past two days had gone by, one in the children's department and the day before in the women's section.  Unknown to Julie, Mr. Harris had instructed the assistant manager to postpone the inventory to another day and to advise the others to call it a day once the store closed.  That would leave he and the lovely bride-to-be all alone in the huge department store.

Once the topic of the women's section was brought up, Troy put on a pretense of having a frown from on his face and brought his right hand up to rub at his chin, making it seem as if he was in deep thought.  Playing his part perfectly, waiting for the young beauty to inquire "Is something wrong, Mr. Harris?"  Shaking his head purposely, in a deep concerned tone, he replied "I really don't know what to say, Miss Morris!  But, why don't you watch this video and perhaps you can explain everything!"

Puzzled, Julie turned to the large screen monitor nearby as Mr. Harris began playing a tape.  It was from a security camera located in the ceiling of women's department.  It showed her with a customer she recalled helping, remembering how friendly the woman was to her.  Then, as she was assisting another customer off to the side, the woman was sorting out the items she had selected at the counter.  But the overhead camera clearly showed the woman switching tags with some others that Julie had earlier removed from prior purchases and set aside.

Julie was in utter shock and disbelief at what she was observing, now realizing that she should have been more careful in merely setting aside the tags from prior purchases.  Also, with it being a bit busy, she had relied solely upon the scanner and not checked to see if the item rung up matched the item being purchased.

Then Mr. Harris stood up with a JJ's bag in his hand and laid out the items of clothing that the woman had purchased, along with the switched tags and receipts.  Restarting and continuing on with the video, she was handed a written statement signed by the woman.  Then the audio in the video startled her and Julie looked up to see and hear the woman naming her as an accomplice.

Speechless, jaw dropping open in total disbelief, it took a couple of moments for the gravity of the situation to set in.  "Mr. Harris …………….I ……………….I don't know what to say!  I ……………..I don't even know this woman!  Yesterday was the very first time I ever laid my eyes on her!" Julie stammered.  "Please …………..please …… must believe me!  I had no part in this entire thing!" she added.

In a deep serious tone, Troy advised "As you heard on the video, as well as that signed statement in your hand, she's named you and provided quite a bit of information on you.  Your address, phone number, and that it was you who conjured up the scam in allowing her to purchase expensive designer clothes for a small percentage of the actual price!  In exchange, she gives you a kickback cause you need money for your upcoming wedding!"

As the frantic young beauty continued to plead her innocence of any crime, Troy shook his head and advised "Such a shame …………..such a shame!  I hope your fiancé and family are prepared for this shock!  You do know that I'm required to report all employee thefts immediately to the police and to have them proceed with your arrest!"  Seeing the shocked expression on the distraught beauty, Troy knew he had right where he wanted and now unable to explain away the incriminating evidence.

Suddenly, with everything sinking in fully, Julie feared what her family and friends would think if they found out about this, especially her fiancé.   'What will Mike think if he found out about this?  Will he still want to marry me?  Oh, God ………….I may even go to jail for this …………………….and never be hired to work another job!' she worried.  'How did this woman get all that information about me?  Why me?  What can I do?' she asked herself.

"Please, Mr. Harris ……………you must believe me!  I had nothing to do with this!  It was a busy time of the day, I know I should have placed the prior sales tags in a safer place!  But ……………that was an innocent mistake ……………….it wasn't purposely done!  Please …………..I beg you, Mr. Harris …………… me …………..please …………….don't have them arrest me …………..I didn't do it!" Julie pleaded sobbingly.

"Come ………….walk with me, Miss Morris!  I always think much better when I'm walking around the store!  Perhaps you can help convince me fully not to report this to the police and have you arrested!" Troy advised, moving up to grasp the back of her left elbow to get her to accompany him.  Feeling the lovely tremble, blinking back the tears, Troy played it to the hilt in advising "I believe you, sweetie!  Its got to be some kind of mistake or someone's deliberately out to sabotage your career with JJ's!"

Accompanying her boss out of his office located on the 3rd floor, onto the home furnishings department, Julie was unable to think clearly.  Her heart was thumping in her chest, full of fear from the situation she was in.  Never in her young life had she even contemplated stealing anything from someone or from a store, yet now she was faced with that accusation.  'Why?  Why?' she repeatedly asked herself with no clue of an answer coming.  Then she heard Mr. Harris ask "Do you think someone is out to get you?  Why would somebody want to set up a young beautiful woman like you?"

Sobbing at the thought that someone could be so cruel and evil as to want to hurt her reputation like this was just beyond her comprehension.  Tears flowing down her face, feeling weak at the knees, Julie tried to wipe away the tears.  Then a comforting arm was around her shoulders as her caring boss drew her towards him.  Continuing to sob, resting her forehead on the front of his suit covering his muscular chest, Julie took comfort from her kind and consoling boss.

"I ………………I don't know who would do such a thing to me!  I just moved here!  I really don't know anyone who would want to put me into such a predicament!" Julie stammered as she continued to sob upon her boss's chest.  The comforting hand stroking her back soothed her but little did she realize that it was not meant to comfort her but to caress her.

Finally getting his hands on the soft tender beauty, Troy immediately felt his cock twitch and begin to rise to the occasion.  'Oh, baby!  You innocent little bitch!  You're mine now!  Gonna make ya scream, baby ………………..scream all you want!  Cause nobody's going to hear you in this empty store!' he mused.  But first to tease her, play her along until she finally wises up to realize as to 'who' and 'why' she had been set up ………………all for his entertainment!

"Now who could want to take advantage of you, Julie?  Remember I said that you always have to watch your backside here in the big city?  That you should always ask yourself 'What does he or she want from me?'  That people here are quite devious and won't hesitate to take advantage of someone as innocent as you are!" Troy advised.

Hearing her sniffle and feeling her head nod a 'yes' upon his chest, he continued "Imagine if some devious old guy saw a pretty little innocent beauty like you and wanted you all for himself!  Imagine if he would do whatever it took so he could get his arms around your sexy lily white body!"  Feeling the beauty's petite body stiffen in his arms, holding her firmly in his grasp to keep her from pulling away, Troy moved even closer to push his hardon up against the belly of the struggling beauty.

Looking up in disbelief, Julie was gazing into a face she'd never seen before, one of pure lust taking over the normally smiling face of Mr. Harris.  "Y ……………you …………it was you who deliberately did this ………… incriminate me!" she stammered as it hit home in her brain.  Struggling, trying to get out of his grasp, Julie shook with fear as she heard the tear of her white blouse under the strain.  Blouse torn down front, revealing her lacy white bra, Julie pleaded "No ……………..…..please, no ……………….stop …………….Mr. Harris ……………..stop!"

Troy loved the fight the sexy young beauty was putting up.  Seeing her beautiful body that was previously hidden, he grasped the center of the exposed bra and gave a hard yank, pulling partially the beauty's twin peaks.  As she continued to struggle in his arms, Troy pulled the bra down further, pulling the protective cup from one of the twin beauties.  Bending down with mouth wide open, Troy captured the tender pink morsel that had been exposed, then began to tongue the bud that was hardening in his mouth.  "No …………….oh, God …………….nooooooooooo!" came the moan of disbelief from the young beauty.

Julie shuddered from the unwanted stimulation that she had only once felt before with a mouth suckling upon her sensitive nipple.  Only Mike had been allowed that pleasure, just that one time down on the riverbank, the night she allowed him to make love to her.  Now it was her lustful and devious boss who was taking that privilege, forcing himself upon her.  She shuddered as Mr. Harris slobbered upon her stiffened nipple, quivering at the flicking of his tongue.

As she fought and struggled against the muscular man, her blouse completely shredded down the front and pulled out of the black skirt she was wearing.  Then, the other bra cup was being pulled down.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………..noooooooooooooo!" she moaned, eyes closing as Mr. Harris captured her other nipple into his mouth.  Sobbing, tears flowing down her eyes, Julie could only shudder in shame and humiliation of her boss sucking upon her tender breasts.

Forced to her knees, Julie looked up pleadingly to her leering boss.  Mr. Harris had fingers of his left hand entwined in her hair pulling her head back.  Using her hands, Julie pushed at his thighs, trying to get away from the man.  Then her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as Mr. Harris used his free hand to grasp the tab of his pants' zipper.  "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzipppppppppp!" echoed the sound in her ears.

Frozen on her knees, Julie watched as Mr. Harris inserted his hand into the opening of his pants.  Then some fumbling took place beneath the garment.  Unable to blink, Julie stared watched as the hand began to reappear, grasping something huge.  "Oh ………… God ………………my Godddddddd!" she sobbed at the appearance of his manhood …………..his penis!  Other than little babies that she cared for while babysitting, this was the first she'd ever seen of a man's penis.  Even when she had made love to Mike, she had not seen his penis, only felt it as he penetrated her.

'Oh, God ………………oh, God!  He's planning to rape me with that ……………thing!' she worried.  Watching her horrible boss shucking at himself, seeing the man's penis grow in both length and thickness, Julie could not believe any man could possess such an awful monstrosity.  It seemed as if it had a life of its own, like it was gasping for air as the bulblike head flared wide and the pisshole opened and closed as if it was breathing on its own.

Then Julie heard Mr. Harris advise "What would people say if they got to see that video and the woman's confession?  You be nice to me ……………real nice to me ………and no one will ever get to see it!"  She shook her head 'no' as she would have no part of such a thing, even if people got to view the terrible incriminating video.  Then she heard Mr. Harris growl "Give me a blowjob for starters, Julie baby!"  'A blowjob?  What's he talking about?' Julie wondered.

Fingers pulling her head back, her boss's monstrosity nearing her face, Julie's eyes bulged in disbelief.  'Surely ……………he ……………he doesn't intend on putting that filthy thing ……………in my mouth!' she shuddered in revulsion.  Clenching her teeth tightly together, shutting her eyes tightly to block everything out of her mind, Julie quivered when the rubbery flesh pressed itself up against her clenched lips.

"Open your sweet lips, baby!  Open those purty lips for yer boss, honey!" Troy moaned as he rubbed his throbbing cockhead up against her soft pink lips.  Shucking his cock, he smiled as precum began to ooze out of cockhead.  Using hand to guide his leaking cock, he gave the beauty's lips a coat of clear gloss, making it nice and shiny.  Pushing his cockhead up against the middle of her lips, he purposely twitched more of more of his slick goo, wanting it to ooze into her tightly clenched mouth.

Totally inexperienced, eyes still tightly closed, Julie shuddered in revulsion upon feeling the man's slick wetness begin spread up her lips and oozing before her clenched teeth.  'Oh, God …………….he's a filthy animal!  He did it ………………right on my lips!  But thank God he didn't get it in my mouth and make me suck on it!' she sighed in relief.  Recalling how Mike and quickly dwindled after finishing off in the condom and withdrawing from her, Julie expected the same to occur here.

Feeling the tenseness of the beauty relax some, Troy wondered just how inexperienced this young beauty really was.  'Does she really think I came already?' he wondered.  'What the hell …………….let's see what happens!  Nothing to lose!' he concluded.  Then he loudly proclaimed "Oh, Julie baby ………………….ahhhhhhhhh ……………….that was so gooddddddddddd!"  Fingers still entwined in her hair, he then purposely relaxed his grip a bit.  Then he slowly eased back some, removing his cockhead from her glossy lips.

Relieved, Julie unclenched her jab and blew out of her lips, trying to get the filthy slime off her lips.  Unfortunately for her, Julie failed to open her eyes to make sure the man's penis was spent.  Instead, thinking that all was now clear, she opened her lips to suck in a deep breath of air.  She got that and far more as Mr. Harris thrust himself between her teeth.  Eyes popping wide open in disbelief, Julie's stared in disbelief at the foot long prong that extended out of her mouth, all to the laughter of the evil man standing above her.

Troy laughed at the sight of the startled beauty, realizing that she was so inexperienced and thought his precum was all that his pentup balls had to offer.  "Julie, baby ………you didn't think I came just by putting my cock up against yer purty lips, did ya, sweetie?" he chuckled as he forced several inches of black meat up into her widely stretched mouth.  Pumping back and forth slowly, working even more of his cock into her mouth, he then heard her gag and body shudder in revulsion.  Twitching his cock, letting her get a little air and stop the gagging, Troy laughingly told himself 'Be a gentleman and let the little lady compose herself before ya stuff it down her throat!'

Shaking her heard, hair tossing about, Julie pushed against the man's thighs as she tried to lift her mouth off his filthy penis.  'Oh, God ………………..oh, God ……………….this is so shameful ………………….so dirty!  How can this evil man do this ……….putting his filthy penis into my mouth!  Oh, God ……………….Mike will never be able to love me after this ……………not if he learns I had a man's filthy penis in my mouth!' she thought.  'He didn't finish ……………..he says he didn't finish!  Oh, God ………….does he plan on finishing himself ………………in my mouth?  Oh, God ……………….let me die right here ………………right now!' Julie prayed.

Now, with both hands entwined in her long silky hair, Troy jerked her head back and ordered "Look up at me, sweetie!  I wanna see those baby blue eyes of yers when I cum down in yer mouth!"  Seeing her eyes bulge in disbelief, hearing her sputter from around his invading cock, he added "Yeah, baby!  I'm gonna cum in that sweet mouth of yers!  If'n ya thought I came on yer purty lips earlier …………………….ya'll be fuck'n choking on the load my black balls got stored up fer ya!"

It was the most fantastic blowjob ever for the well-experienced Troy Harris.  Nothing beat introducing an innocent beauty into the art of cocksucking!  Pumping slowly at first, pulling her head toward him as he thrust his big boner between her lips, he soon had the gagging and spurting beauty taking the full then on his dark meat.  Faster and faster the pace picked up till he was face-fucking the beautiful young bitch at a furious pace.  Seeing the whites of the beauty's eyes, Troy knew he was literally fucking her out of her young innocent mind.

He could very well had cum right in her belly if he wanted to but instead Troy eased his cock back till just his bloated cockhead remained captured in her mouth.  He wanted to cum right in her mouth, filling it to the brim and give her tastebuds the treat of knowing what a 'man' tasted like.  "Oh, babbbbbyyyyy …………………..oh, babyyyyyyyy …………..gonna blow ………………..gonna blow between yer purty lips ………….oh, God ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Troy groaned as he emptied his balls into her gurgling mouth.

It was swallow or die as there was no where for more of the spurting goo to go.  Shuddering in revulsion, Julie swallowed and wished she had died as the thick hot slime began to slither down her throat and slowly wind its way down into her belly.  Again and again she swallowed, her belly now filled as if she had just gulped down a thick milkshake.  Then the throbbing black meat once again pushed further into her mouth and pushed itself down into her throat.  Swooning, unable to breathe, she was now nearing the point of fainting from lack of oxygen.

Looking down, pulling back on the beauty's hair, Troy softly chuckled and wished the beauty's fiancé was right here at the moment to see the woman he would soon be marrying.  His shrinking cock lurched back to life at the thought of it, seeing the dumbfounded beauty's eyes rolled back from the lack of oxygen.  Seeing her face pale, he quickly pulled his cock out so she could breathe again.

Smirking, stepping back as the young beauty gasped for air, Troy watched as her hands then clutched at her belly.  Then she lurched forward, bending over and began gagging.  It was obvious that her stomach was now rebelling against the slimy goo that she had swallowed and began puking out the pint of jizz he had fed her.  'Thank goodness she puking it out on that small rug!  Man, it'd sure be a mess to clean up otherwise!' he chuckled.

On her knees, stomach churning out the slimy goo that she continuously spat out onto the rug before her, Julie was too preoccupied to put up any resistance to the hands that pulled and then tore the catch holding her skirt.  Her black skirt was being crudely torn from her.  Then hands grasp the lacy white panties that she wore and tore it from her body as if it was mere tissue paper.  Now she was clad only in her torn white blouse and a pair of 3" black heels.

Seeing the young blonde beauty now on her arms and knees, mouth gaping open as her body convulsed from her gagging, with a long thick string of cum hanging from the bottom of her bottom lip down to the puddle of the sticky stuff below.  'Ah, this is the ideal sight for any man ……………….having an innocent beauty on her hands and knees gagging on yer thick cum!  Damn, it'd be fuck'n fantastic if her fiancé was here to see his precious little bride-to-be!'

"What's the matter, Miss Morris?  My jizz too salty fer ya?  Ya shouldn't waste all the nutritious protein!  Especially since didn't jack off fer day, saved it all up and stored special for ya!  Ya went and coughed up all the spunk I went and fed ya!" Troy taunted the shuddering beauty.  With the young beauty's face just inches above the rug that she was spilling her guts upon, Troy reached forward to push her head forward, rubbing and mashing her face right into the large puddle of sticky cum that her stomach had churned out.

Falling off to the side, sobbing in humiliation, Julie's eyes widened as she watched her demented boss begin to disrobe.  Coat discarded, followed by his shirt and tie, then he was about to take off his pants from which his monstrous manhood stood proudly out of.  As her boss pulled off his shoes and tossed them aside, Julie looked about frantically for an avenue of escape.  Then, seeing the fake setup of a fireplace, she quickly crawled several feet to grasp a real fireplace poker that had been placed there for visual effects.

Stepping out of his pants and jockeys, Troy smiled at the beauty's attempt to defend herself as she now faced him sobbing while holding the black fireplace poker in both hands, using it like a spear.  Bending down, reaching into his pants pocket, Troy retrieved a foil packet that he always carried with him …………just in case!  Smiling widely, holding up the shiny foil packet in one hand while fisting his cock with the other, he stepped toward the cowering beauty.

"Ya gonna try and stick me that that poker, sweetie?  Bet ya I'll be able to get it away from ya, if I have to!  Then, I'm gonna shove this black poker I got in my hand ………..right up yer tight little twat …………….in the raw!  Saw how much cum I blew down ya throat ………………..ya gonna have a similar helping right up yer twat!  I'm gonna knock ya up if I haveta take that poker away from ya!  Then I'm gonna turn that taped and written confession over to the police!" Troy threatened.

Holding up the foil packet, Troy then advised "Ya put that poker down and crawl up on the bed there, the one you floor model that ya just purchased yesterday ……………and I'll put dis here rubber on!  Put that down and ya'll also walk outta here with the video and the signed confession!  It's all yer choice now, sweetie ……………….ya wanna take a chance of getting yerself knocked up and everyone thinking yer a thief?"

Knowing that he had her right where he wanted her, he watched as her head bend forward as her sniffling grew louder and the pointed poker began to lower.  A moment later, the fireplace poker lay uselessly upon the floor.  Trying desperately to think rationally, Julie realized that she was no match for against her muscular boss, even with the poker in her hand.  The thought of that big black penis being inserted into her, without a protective condom had her shuddering with fear at the awful consequences.

Equally as devastating to Julie was the possibility of the video and phony confession naming her as an accomplice to the crime.  Knowing that Mr. Harris would surely overpower her, Julie sobbed in defeat as she resigned to her fate and crawled over toward the bed that she had chosen for her new home.  Pulling herself up, she sobbed hand fell forward onto it, then slowly began to roll herself over onto the center of the bed.

As the sobbing beauty chose the alternative of surrendering herself to him if he wore the protective condom, he bent down where the fireplace poker was located, then pulled the sides of the foil packet over the poker's sharp point.  Pulling it hard with both hands, the poker speared right through the center of the packet containing the protective condom.  Troy chuckled as he wiggled the punctured item back off the poker, pressed the puctured center section back down just as the beauty rolled herself over on the bed.

With the frightened beauty now looking towards him, Troy made a big production of tearing open the side of the foil packet.  He with drew the rolled up condom from the container, then got up onto the bed and spread her legs wide.  Seeing the fear in her teary eyes, Troy smiled as he began to roll the defective condom over the bulblike cockhead.  Shucking at the rubber, he managed to get it down the base of his cock.

With the punctured tip dangling below the tip of his cock, the puncture could not be seen as the rubber tip was not stretched fully.  Troy withheld his laughter in seeing the innocent beauty push up on her elbows to make sure his cock had been rubber coated, then her head dropped back onto the pillow in defeat.  She sobbed as her boss crudely advised "Spread yer purty legs so I can fuck ya!  Ya sure got good taste ………….this bed is so soft and comfty!  Just made fer fuck'n!"

Feeling the rubbery shaft pressing up between her legs, trying to push into her, Julie sobbed out "Please …………….please, Mr. Harris ……………please be gentle!  I ……………..I've only made love once before!"  Little did Julie realized that he deceitful boss had shucked at the rubber covering his cock, pulling at it till the ruptured tip expanded, working it down over the flange of his cockhead.  The rubbery shaft that she was feeling would be penetrating her in its useless state, the bared cockhead primed and ready to blast away into her defenseless womb.

Troy couldn't believe what he was hearing, that this innocent beauty had only had a cock in her once.  Cockhead flaring and at the ready, he grasped her trim legs and spread her wide, then began to skewer his thick prong into the sobbing beauty.  The whimpering was pure music to his ears as he heard "Please ……………….oh, please ……………..please be gentle!  Please, Mr. Harris ………………stop ……………it won't fit ………….its too biggggggg!  It hurts ………………stop ………………….it hurts …………..please ………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  'Damn, tighter than a fuck'n virgin!' Troy smiled as he stuck his cock a third of the way up the squirming beauty.

Squirming under her muscular boss, feeling his large and grotesque manhood splitting her in two, Julie pleaded “Please ……………..please ……………. I beg you ………stop please ……………….you’ll kill me with that thing!"  But all Julie got in response was to feel her hips held tightly in Mr. Harris' large hands as he pulled her towards him while thrusting his hips forward, burying his cock deeper within her body.  "Argggggggghhhhh ……………..oh, God …………….stop ………….stoppppp!  Please ………….please …………… hurts so baddddddddd……………I can’t take anymore!”

Hearing the beauty's pleas and screams was almost too much, even with all those years of experience that Troy had behind him, causing him to nearly pop his load right then and there.  Grasping her slim hips firmly with both hands, Troy slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..…ohhhhhh, God …………Goddddddd …….arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!” shrieked the beauty as she squirmed in pain.  Troy enjoyed the feel of her trim white legs flailing about as she tried to get away from his skewering prong.  But he had her stuck good, real good with his entire 12” skewer embedded deeply within her.

Troy lay on the sobbing beauty, twitching his cock periodically as he let her body get accustomed to the large invading object.  Nuzzling at her ear, he taunted the distraught beauty “That’s 12” of black meat ya got stuffed up yer pussy, Miss Morris!  What would yer fiance say he knew ya got fucked by a big black cock, sweetie?  Think he'll marry ya then?"  Then Lonnie slowly withdrew his mighty black cock till it was only captured the plum sized cockhead remained.  Slowly he began to fuck in and out of the sobbing beauty, causing her to groan in despair as the long slow strokes began to have undesired effects on her body.


Julie’s mind was now in shambles as she certainly did not want to feel any type of stimulation or pleasure from this coupling that she had been blackmailed into.  But now her body was beginning to betray her, the long slow rhythm of the thick cock fucking in and out of her slick sensitive folds, Julie instinctively arched her hips in an attempt to get the entire length into her.  "Ohhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhh!" she moaned as her legs rose of the bed.  Unconsciously, Julie then crossed her legs over the ass of her muscular boss and locked her black heels together, arching up into thrusts.

Feeling the changed reaction from the innocent beauty, Troy sped up his lengthy thrusts and withdrawals to fuck the pretty blonde in earnest.  He smiled as he felt the long white legs raise up and encircle his ass, feeling the trim ankles lock and pulling him even deeper into her.  The trim white arms now encircled his neck to embrace him as the petite beauty eagerly began to fuck back at him.  The desperate pleas and moans had now ceased.  Only soft mewling sounds were now emitted from the lips of the beautiful blonde.

Suddenly, Troy felt the petite body beneath him begin to quiver uncontrollably as it lost control of itself, the beauty began moaning “Oh, God ……..oh, God ………. Oh, my God, what's happening ……………………..what's happeningggggggggggggg?  Ahhhh ………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Suddenly her body began to quiver and spasm as the beauty arched up sharply to him.  Troy gritted his teeth as the petite beauty arching up in a mind-shattering orgasm, lifting his much heavier body up into the air, her body given unbelievable strength from her climax.

In the throes of the most fantastic orgasm ever in her young innocent life, Julie swooned from the exquisite pleasure, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around her blackmailing boss.  With her loud moans of pleasure, enjoying the feel of the thick cock within her body, Julie was sent over the edge by the warm soothing balm that burst within her.  Falling faint from the wild orgasm that overwhelmed her, Julie was oblivious to her boss grunting out his pleasure "Ahhh ……….ahhhh ………baby ……………fill'n ya up with my hot jizz!  Ah, baby ………………gonna knock ya up real good!"

Pulling his dick out of the fucked out beauty, Troy reached down to grab her torn panties and tucked the edge of the white garment under her ass so that the spunk drooling out of her 'ruined' slit would fall onto it.  Reaching up, he pressed his palm down onto her belly and watched as more gooey spunk came drooling out of her.  Troy laughed, pumping up and down like one would to an old fashion water pump, getting more spunk to ooze out of the unsuspecting beauty.  The torn white panties were now covered with spunk but Troy wasn't worried as he knew a lot more of his potent goodies remained hidden in the beauty's fertile womb.

A bit later, dazed and body aching, Julie blinked her eyes as she realized that it just was not a nightmare that she had gone through.  She looked to the side and saw her evil boss tossing her torn skirt and white panties onto the rug that she had dirtied, then began to roll it up for disposal.  She swallowed as Mr. Harris turned to see her awake and approached the bed, telling her "I brought you a pair of lacy white panties, from the women's department, to replace the one I tore!  Here's the designer outfits that was left in my office!  Put one on to replace your torn clothing!"

Staggering out of bed, back to Mr. Harris, she took off her torn blouse and slipped on the clothing provided by her boss.  Then the videotape and signed confession was tossed onto the bed before her as her boss advised "The one and only tape that was made of the woman implicating you in the plot!  Also the original and only signed confession!  All as I had promised, sweetie!  Damn, ya sure was the best fuck I've had in years!"  Then she heard him chuckle and add "Take tomorrow off, honey!  I'll tell them ya literally worked yer purty little ass off tonight!"

Clutching at the video and signed confession, Julie had no intention of returning to this job and demented boss ……….ever!  She turned and leered at him, about to tell him that he'd never see her again, she hesitated for a second.  The smile and smirk on Mr. Harris' face told her not to say anything as there was more to worry about.  Indeed, she was right when her boss advised "I've given ya what I promised!  But ……………if ya don't want a copy of the video recording of ya suck'n and fuck'n me seen by anyone, you'll show up to work da next day ……………….or else!"  Looking up, Julie saw the small blinking red lights that indicated the cameras trained upon the bedroom section where they stood.

Taking the soiled rug and garments home as souvenirs, Troy wondered if the taped session would be of good enough quality to be used in an x-rated flick.  He had security install the state of the art cameras with adjustable audio that just came in the past week, right in the home furnishings for this particular occasion.  'Hmmm, small town girl making it big in …………x-rated flicks!  Or …………….maybe a high-priced hooker?' he pondered of the beauty's future.

End of Story.