Demented Boss - IX
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Demented Boss 8
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Sky high, knowing he'd so cunningly defiled and impregnated the young wife of Ted Brisco, Edgar was eager to score his next conquest.  He decided it would be the lovely fiancee of one of his employees, one whom he had first seen in a photo on the desk of Jay Owen's, then had the pleasure of meeting the sexy beauty at a company party.  Edgar recalled how proud the young punk was in introducing his bride-to-be around at the party.  The beautiful woman had promised herself to the young Jay Owens but now Edgar wanted her for himself.

Stopping by Jay Owen's desk on the ruse of discussing an account the young punk was handling, Edgar looked at the photo atop of the desk, taking in the sight of the lovely Ms. Bonnie McDaniel looking so damned sexy in that black and white print swimsuit.  He had seen the photo before meeting her in the flesh at a promotion party for one of the new supervisors.  And once he took her soft and beautifully manicured hand in his, Edgar was hell bent on nailing the succulent little bitch.

Ms. Bonnie McDaniel

Unfortunately for the proud Jay Owens, from the moment he introduced his lovely young fiancee to his boss, Bonnie McDaniel's fate was sealed.  Edgar recalled how the unwitting young bride-to-be had smiled and cordially greeted him, but he sensed a trace of revulsion in the young beauty as he took her soft petite hand into his large and coarse black one.  He vowed right then and there to somehow exploit the sexy little beauty, pledging to himself that he'd come up with a plan to turn that trace of revulsion into wanton, unbridled lust for the black meat dangling from between his legs.

Jay Owen was a hard worker, a dedicated employee, but woefully naive and unworldly.  Very much what Edgar Bennett would consider as a wimpy nerd, undeserving of such a lovely prize as the sexy Ms. Bonnie McDaniel.  But the prospect of nailing the young beauty after she was officially Mrs. Jay Owen was much more of an exciting image in Edgar's cunning and devious mind.  For Edgar, nailing a married white woman was the ultimate prize ……………………….the ultimate forbidden fruit!

A plan quickly formed in Edgar's cunning mind as he would pretend to take the unwitting employee under his wing, taking a personal interest in his career development.  In the process, he would shrewdly prod the naive young punk for personal information, especially anything related to the sexy young beauty he was soon to marry.  Seeing the beauty's photo on the young punk's desk, Edgar wanted to whip his dick out and jack off all over the beauty, but of course he had to refrain from such an act.  He told himself 'Be patient, soon ya'll be jacking off all over her beautiful face and not her picture!'

When Jay Owens confided that he and Bonnie were due to be married within the month, Edgar began to home in on the upcoming nuptials, assuring the young punk that the corporation was to be a very family-oriented operation.  Of course, the naive young groom-to-be had no idea of the hidden meaning in that assurance.  Edgar then began pumping him for their plans on starting a family and learned that the couple hoped to begin a family right away.

Hearing that, Edgar patted young Owens on the back and told him he was proud of him for waiting until after they were married to begin a family.  Jay Owens had then blushed, unwittingly confiding that Bonnie was old fashion in many ways, and that their wedding night would be their first night 'together'!  The young lad admitted that Edgar was totally stunned by that interesting tidbit as it was quite a rarity in this day and time.  'Damn, she's a fuck'n virgin!  I's don't fuck'n believe it!' he muttered to himself.

As for the young punk, following Edgar's prodding, Jay Owens admitted to having experienced the joys of sex several times while in college.  Apparently it was with his fraternity brothers on spring break when those remaining back had driven across the state line to visit the legendary 'cat' houses in Nevada.  Edgar smiled as the young man bragged on getting laid everyday that week.  Upon more prodding, Edgar learned of the young man's weakness for blondes, something that Edgar himself had a hankering for.

It was all Edgar Bennett could do to contain himself as a new plan of action immediately began to take shape in his vile and fertile imagination.  It would be a real challenge for him to come up with a plan to wait until Bonnie and Jay were officially man and wife before nailing her.  But the real trick was beating the unwitting young punk to the punch in taking her cherry before young Owens could bed her.  'Damn, it sure as hell would be something if I pulled this one off ………………………and even more of a bonus if I knock the lovely bride up on her wedding day!' he mused.

As the wedding day neared, Edgar was bent on getting the so-called goods on the young pup, something that he certainly would not like his lovely bride-to-be to learn of.  That's where the pretty Mrs. Jenny Brisco would come into play as she'd do whatever Edgar wanted of her.  Telling the young pup that since he was about to be married, he'd better bring home the bacon, thus was turning over a big account to him as that would be a good base for his monthly commission check.

With an out of town meeting with the clients set up, Jay Owens was to accompany Edgar along with his pretty secretary to sit in on the meeting and get to know the fellows who'd he be talking to in the future.  Then Edgar planned on a nice dinner for the three of them, with Jenny to give the young pup an obvious come-on.  He then planned on leaving the two together for a nightcap, where Jenny would make it obvious that she'd drop her panties for him.

Ms. Jenny Brisco

But Edgar would not be going to his room, going instead to Jenny Brisco's room as he would have an extra key.  There, hiding in the closet, he'd film the groom-to-be sowing his wild oats just weeks before marrying the beautiful Bonnie McDaniel.  'Now what would yer purty fiancee say or do if she got wind on ya boning another gal jist before yer wedding?  Bet she'd dump ya on yer nerdy fuck'n ass, punk!' Edgar chuckled as he conjured up the wicked scenario.

'Bet ya'd do anything to keep that purty little filly from finding out about yer sticking yer pen in the company inkwell!' he laughed.  'I'll lay odds ya'll let me spread open those long sexy white legs of yer beautiful bride, jist so's ya can save yer own ass!' Edgar wagered.  'Hmmm ……………….now how should we's go about getting that pretty bride of yers all hot and bothered during the wedding reception!  That new liquid version of 'Spanish Fly' certainly gets'em!  And then, my friend, ya's gonna slip a 'roofie' in the glass of champagne when yer up in the honeymoon suite!' he thought.

With Jenny Brisco dressed to kill as they met for dinner, Edgar could see that the young man's eyes were glued to the sexy beauty.  It was the perfect set-up at the hotel's prestigious five-star restaurant as soft dinner music filled the atmosphere with the dance floor opening at 9.  Edgar made sure the drinks flowed and when the dance music started up, he announced "You two young ones need to unwind from all this shop talk and relax some!  C'mon, Jay ………………ask the pretty lady to dance with you!  When I was your age, I certainly wouldn't pass up on the opportunity!"

Having ordered a glass of straight tonic water on the side earlier, Edgar poured some into the vial he had in his coat pocket.  Contained in the vial was the remnants of the pill he had crushed earlier, one that had recently become well known for anyone with erectile deficiencies, a pill call Viagra.  Capping the top with his napkin to prevent any of the blue pill covering to escape, he then poured the liquid out into Jay Owens' half filled glass of his gin and tonic.

Looking out into the dance floor, Edgar smiled as seductive Jenny Brisco was pressing her shapely body up against the nerdy young punk.  'Damn, if that doesn't give the punk a hardon, he outta have his useless nuts castrated!  But once he gits the pill into his system, he'll be aching to git his rocks off!' he concluded.  'Yeah, Jay, my boy ………………ya gotta be made of stone if'n ya can keep that pants of yers zipped tonight!  Then that purty little thing yer gonna marry will be all mine!' he chuckled.

Wanting to please her boss in any way possible, even if it meant having to seduce the nerdy young Jay Owens, Jenny rubbed her titties up against chest as they danced close together.  She could feel the nervousness in the young man from the second she stepped in close to dance with him.  Though Jay Owens wasn't a fluid dancer, Jenny turned on the charm as she lied "Mmmm, Bonnie's sure a lucky girl to land a man like you, Jay!  You're a fabulous dancer ……………………………you make me melt right in your arms!"

As the dance ended and the young couple returned to the table, Edgar advised "Oh, drink up as I've ordered another round!"  Watching as Jay Owens downed his drink, Edgar gave a wink to Jenny that the plan was in motion.  Chatting for another fifteen minutes, Edgar feigned a yawn, then announced "Boy, am I beat!  Guess I'm just getting too old for all of this traveling and meetings!  I'm going to leave you two youngsters to enjoy the dance music ………bill's already taken care off but still open for whatever you want to order!  I've instructed them to just bill my room!  So you two enjoy!"

Bidding them goodnight as Jenny held Jay's arm, telling him she wanted to dance again, Edgar knew the downfall for Jay Owens was soon to come.  'Downfall?  Well, maybe rising to the occasion would be more appropriate of what's to come in the next few minutes!' Edgar chuckled.  With Jenny pressing up against the nerdy punk once again, he correctly suspected that the young man was a bit embarrassed in having his jutting boner pushing up against the sexy beauty on the dance floor.

For Jay Owens, he had never before felt so hot and horny, unable to get his boner down.  There was no doubt of his boss's secretary feeling him pressing his cock up against her, though he had tried to keep her at arms length for the last dance but she slipped up into his arms.  And when his cock made contact with her belly through their clothing, Jenny had whispered into his ear "Ooooooh, my …………………….Bonnie's really getting herself a stud on her wedding day!  I just wish my husband had the kind of equipment that you're packing!"

At this point, Jay Owens had no doubt left in his mind that the beautiful and married Mrs. Jenny Brisco was his for the taking if he so desired.  The boner threatening to break his zipper was evidence of his desire for the blonde beauty.  But he had to think of Bonnie, the beautiful woman to whom he was engaged to and would soon be marrying.  'I can't cheat on Bonnie …………………..not at this point in our relationship!  But damn, Jenny's sure a hot little number ………………….and she's really hot for my bod!  What the heck ………………Bonnie will never know ……………………..and I've got to practice up for our wedding night!' he told himself.

For Jenny Brisco, it was rather thrilling in seducing the young man who was a year her junior, especially knowing that he was about to be married.  Though she wanted her boss's big black cock to herself, Jenny knew very well that Mr. Bennett could never be satisfied with one woman.  'So what if he's got a hankering for the pretty Bonnie McDaniel ……………….once he succeeds in getting into her panties, that'll end his lust for the little bitch!' she told herself.

With Jay Owens escorting her from the restaurant up to her room, Jenny took his hand and placed it around her waist, then leaned up against him in the elevator.  At the doorway, she knew that the invite in for a nightcap would not be refused.  But instead of going to the minibar in the room, Jenny encircled her arm around the young man's neck and tiptoed up for a passionate kiss.  "Oooooh, Jay ……………………you're so well built!  I can just tell by what I'm feeling against me!" she cooed.

When Edgar Bennett had left the young couple alone, he had headed up in the elevator to the floor where they each had a room.  But he did not go to his room, instead using the extra cardkey to Jenny's room as planned, Edgar awaited the return of the young couple.  With the camcorder already setup and stashed in the closet, Edgar was all set to capture the punk's foolish indiscretion on film.  Just as planned, he watched as Jenny Brisco made her play for the young punk directly in front of the closet, making it indisputable who was on the film.

"Ohhhhhhhh ……………………………oh, my Goddddddddddddd ………………….oh, Jenny ……………………….ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jay Owens moaned with pleasure as the pretty Mrs. Jenny Brisco was down on her knees and taking his cock into her mouth.  His very first blowjob and Jay pumped his rockhard cock into the avidly sucking mouth.  Never had his stamina been such as this night as Jay felt that he could fuck her for an hour without cumming prematurely.  Little did he realize that such was the effects of the potent drug that had given him such a hardon.

Caught on film as Jay Owens kicked off his pants while Jenny Brisco let her dress fall to the floor, Edgar smiled as he watched the slutty blonde take hold of the punk's hardon and pull him to the nearby bed as she told him "Oh, God, Jay …………………..fuck me with that big cock of yours!  Give it to me!  Give me the fucking I need!  Show me what a stud you are!  Show me what you're going to give your bride on her wedding night!"

Jay Owens made his way back to his room with a depleted cock, after having the suck and fuck of his life.  He was a bit disappointed in being ushered out of her room so soon after the fuck but he guessed it was her feeling guilty at having violated her marital vows.  Little did he realize that with his indiscretion caught on tape, Jenny Brisco was left totally unsatisfied as she had faked her orgasm, and that she wanted to be bedded by the man hiding in her closet.

Though he felt guilty himself, Jay told himself that as he wasn't married to Bonnie as yet, he hadn't broken any vows at that point.  Looking at the time, Jay realized that he had promised to call Bonnie that night, feeling a bit awkward in doing so at this point.  Opening the mini-bar in his room, he poured himself a shot of straight gin, trying to steel his nerves before making the call to Bonnie.  He certainly hoped that she would be able to sense his nervousness, that he had stepped out on her less than two months before their wedding day.

With the Norris account assigned to him, Jay Owens felt both nervous and excited that Mr. Bennett told him that Jenny Brisco would be assigned to help him into the presentation early that next week.  This time Mr. Bennett would not be tagging along, that it would be just he and Jenny Brisco flying out to meet with the clients.  And in getting together with Jenny in the privacy of the conference room that day, she had left no doubt that she would be all his again.

When she gotten up to get a file from the office, Jay had shivered with pleasure and anticipation when the blonde beauty leaned over to nibble at his ear, whispering "Should we save the company some money and just take one room this trip?"  Wedding plans be damned at this point as Jay was hot and horny for the young married blonde.  'Maybe I can get her to suck me off all the way this time?' he wondered, wanting to fulfill a fantasy of seeing a beautiful woman going down on him and watching as he spurted his pentup load of jizz into her sucking mouth.

Weeks later, with the Norris account all wrapped up, Jay Owens couldn't believe his manly conquest of Mrs. Jenny Brisco.  Fucking and sucking throughout the night of their out of town trip, Jay had his fantasy fulfilled twice with Jenny taking his load into her mouth and swallowing it all.  He learned that Mrs. Brisco had been married only a short while and could only hope that Bonnie was not like this little slut and sleep with another guy.  'What was good for the goose' certainly was not good for the gander when it came to his Bonnie.

Of course Jay felt obligated to invite the office staff, including Jenny Brisco and her husband.  He was surprised in getting the RSVP stating that only Jenny Brisco would be attending.  When he saw Jenny the next day, Jay inquired as to why her husband couldn't make it, he got the shock of his life when she replied "He doesn't know about the wedding invitation?  I told him I'd be out of town on a business conference!"  Then Jenny had pressed herself against him, cooing "I'm so jealous ……………..that another woman's going to have you!  Get her wasted at the reception …………..then when you get her tucked in, you and I can make love in the room I'm staying in!"

Totally stunned, unable to get any sleep that night, Jay was beside himself for the mess he had gotten himself into.  With his lack of sleep, trying to keep his mind on the job as he sat in Mr. Bennett's office in going over the Norris account, Jay had been unnerved in passing Jenny Brisco as she softly greeted him with "Hi, honey!"  Though the blonde beauty was great in the sack, Jay certainly did not want her interfering with his marriage to Bonnie.  Having learned of her jealous nature and her demand upon him, Jay didn't know what to do.

Out to lunch with Mr. Bennett, it was apparent that his nervousness was showing as the headman asked "What's the matter, Jay?  You haven't been yourself all day!  Getting nervous about the upcoming wedding?"  With Mr. Bennett having taken him under his wing, treating him more like a father would than a boss, Jay decided that he needed to confide in someone in hopes of getting things in perspective and perhaps figure a way to get rid of the jealous Jenny Brisco.

As Edgar Bennett listened to the story of the distressed young man, he had to hold back a laughter in finding out just how effective his plan had been.  Having Jenny Brisco pull on the jealousy act, demanding that the groom spend his wedding night with her instead of his lovely bride, Edgar let his jaw drop in shock as he exclaimed "You ……………and Jenny Brisco?  My God, she is a fox ………………….but I didn't think she would be so jealous ……………………especially with her being married!  Damn, Jay ………….you must be some fuck'n stud to git her so jealous in losing ya!"

Jay continued on telling Mr. Bennett of his troubles with Jenny Brisco, relaying that she claimed to be pregnant with his baby, that she was demanding he get Bonnie so plastered at the reception so he could spend the night in her room.  "She's absolutely a nut case, Mr. Bennett!  She gave me an ultimatum ………………..that if I didn't spend the night with her, she'd go to Bonnie and tell her of our affair and that she was now carrying my baby!  You've got to help me think a way out of this, Mr. Bennett!" he had pleaded.

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Owens

The big day of the wedding had finally arrived!  Nervously getting through the outdoor wedding ceremony, then into the hotel for the reception.  Later in the evening, Jay Owens looked over to Mr. Bennett dancing with Bonnie while he tried to keep the aggressive Jenny Brisco at arms length after she had come up to him for a dance with the groom.  Feeling her hand dropping a hotel room key into the front pocket of his tux, he was nervous as she whispered to him "I can't wait for you to make love to me again, stud!  Get the bitch wasted quickly so I can suck that big cock of yours again!"  Just as the dance ended, Jay swallowed nervously as he heard "Don't disappoint me, lover!  You wouldn't want that bride of yours learning of our affair, would you?"

Jay was glad that he had confided his dreadful secret to Mr. Bennett, telling him of the outrageous demand made upon him by the jealous Jenny Brisco.  He recalled how his stunned boss had shaken his head and advising "Wow, ya've really got yerself a major problem, my boy!  Nothing worst than a woman scorned!  Ya jist don't know jist how far such a woman would go to git even if ya don't do her bidding!  Ya know, that 'fatal attraction' show where a jealous woman will stop at nothing to git rid of her rival!"

Up in the honeymoon suite, Jay slipped the pill into Bonnie's glass of champagne, a pill that Mr. Bennett had supplied to him.  The pill, a 'roofie', was to have Bonnie drowsy and asleep within fifteen minutes and Jay prayed that it would indeed work so he could placate the jealous blonde waiting for him down in her room.  He was amazed to see the pill dissolve so quickly and saw no residue on the glass.  'Now, if this only works!' he prayed.

Twenty minutes later, Jay was having his clothing stripped from his body by the sexy blonde tigress immediately after having entered her hotel room.  Pulled to the bed and made to lie down upon it, Jay was about to learn what '69' was all about.  Cock in the hot sucking mouth, Jay quivered at the musky smell emanating from her dripping pussy as the crouching blonde pressed her pussy up against her face.  Nose in her smelly twat, he then pushed his tongue up into her juicy snatch.

With the nerdy punk's clothing lying in a pile next to the door of the adjoining room the preoccupied groom was not aware of the door opening and the hotel room key being snatched from his pants pocket.  And with that key, Jay's beautiful and innocent young bride was soon to be in a big heap of trouble.  In the hand of the devious Edgar Bennett, that hotel room key was now being inserted into the door of the honeymoon suite.  Very soon, the precious cherry that his beautiful bride had preserved for him would be no more.

Setting up the tripod and camera that he had carried up with him, Edgar Bennett smiled as he gazed down upon the passed out beauty.  Having attended the wedding ceremony earlier that day, he had watched the lovely Miss Bonnie McDaniel walk down the aisle in her long flowing white satin wedding gown.  He had licked his lips in anticipation, knowing that in a few short hours, the virginal beauty would then become a woman and he just couldn't wait to do the honors.

Lights on brightly to assure capturing the bride's most important moment of her wedding night, it would certainly be one of Edgar's prized possessions.  With the bride still in her wedding gown and sound asleep atop the king-sized bed, Edgar unzipped his pants to ease the pressure on his throbbing cock.  Moving to the side of the bed while shucking at his growing member, making sure the camera view was not blocked, Edgar then lifted the bridal veil.

Excitedly rubbing his fleshy cockhead against the bride's pink lips, Edgar rested the sticky underside on her virgin lips.  Feeling her breathing upon his cock, he was tempted to blast his hot load of jizz right onto her beautiful face.  But there was something far more important to take care of as Edgar used his cock to rub the pearly drop of leaking fluid upon the bride's lips.  Pulling away, he then began to undress before the camera as the unconscious bride lay a few feet away.

Pushing up the wedding gown, Edgar eagarly tore at the bride's lacy white panties, pulling the torn remnants away to reveal her golden treasure.  With the bride's legs spread wide, the innocent beauty was obscenely displayed before the camera as Edgar Bennett lifted one sexy leg to place it over his shoulder, then the other followed.  Flicking his lengthy tongue out for the camera, he then clamped his wide open mouth into the bride's treasure.  As his tongue delved in between her cuntlips, Edgar felt the petite beauty's body involuntarily shudder beneath him.
Tasting her sweet nectar, Edgar couldn't wait any longer as he knelt between the beauty's sexy white legs while shucking his foot long dong.  "My purty Mrs. Bonnie Owens ………………….ya looked so beautiful walking down the aisle to the altar!  The big day ya've been looking forward to all of yer life …………………..and now it's time fer ya to become a woman!" Edgar muttered as he rubbed his bloated cockhead up and down the crease of her tight slit.  Shuffling about, he then got the tip of his boner between the lips of her snug little cunt.

Not worried about her screaming, Edgar reached up to grasp her bridal gown at her hips, he got ready to plunder the succulent little bride.  "Ah, my purty Mrs. Owens ………………in nine months, ya'll be having a little black bastard sucking on yer titties fer their nourishing milk!  Cause I's gonna knock ya up good on yer wedding night ……………..all's while yer still dressed in yer beautiful wedding gown!"  Thrusting forward with all of his might, forcing his thick cock up into her tender fold, Edgar beamed with delight in feeling the tight resistance suddenly give.

Thrusting himself forward once again, Edgar moaned "Ohhhhhhhh, babyyyyyyyy ……………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………………there it went ………………….there went that precious cherry of yers!  Damn, yer tight ……………….so fuck'n tight!"  Five inches enveloped in the raped bride, it was painful for Edgar as he pushed himself further into her, feeling as if her tight cunt was skinning him alive.  Resting a few seconds to let her cunt muscles ease up a bit, he then worked inch after inch up into beautiful bride.

Burying his big black bone all the way into the raped bride, Edgar reared back slowly, drawing his lengthy manhood out till only the tip remained.  Looking down between their bodies, he then smiled at the bloody mess on his cock, then sank it back into her raped slit.  Fucking in and out of the unconscious beauty, Edgar imagined the shock young Jay Owens would get when he returned to the honeymoon suite.  He chuckled, knowing that the young punk could never tell is bride that he wasn't the one responsible for condition, that it had been another man who broke in while he was in bed with Jenny Brisco.

Raping this beautiful little bitch on her wedding night, possibly knocking her up with a little black bastard on top of that, had Edgar excited as never before.  "Oh, sweetie! Gonna knock ya up with a fuck'n black baby, bitch!  All because the nerdy little punk ya married couldn't keep his pants zipped!  Yeah, baby ……………………yeahhhhhhhh …………….gonna cum soon …………………..real sooooon!" Edgar moaned as he hammered away at the unconscious beauty.

"Ahhhhhhhh, gonna give ya the first dosage of hot jizz, Mrs. Ownes ……………….I's gonna knock ya up real good …………………………..gonna start yer family off right away!" Thrusting deep into her, burying his entire length buried into her raped slit, Edgar then popped his load, groaning "Ahhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Spurt after spurt of hot baby juice churned out of his bloated nuts as Edgar proceeded to blast his potent seed out into the fertile womb of the raped bride.

"Ah, sweetie ……………….ah, Mrs. Owens ……………ya's gonna make one fine momma fer yer little black bastard!" Edgar gloated out as his balls churned and sent squirt after squirt of his thick jizz into her fertile womb.  Exhausted, Edgar fell asleep for a few moments atop the raped beauty, his cock tightly enveloped in her gripping slit, preventing any of the little buggars from escaping and allowing them time to assault and fertilize her egg.

Finally, after his dwindling slit eased out of her bloody slit, Edgar used the bride's satin white gown to clean himself off.  The gown that the bride had intended to keep well-preserved as a reminder of her wedding day was now ruined.  Not only was the gown ruined but so was the bride herself.  Clad in her blood stained bridal gown, semen oozing out of her raped slit, it was not the type of photos the former Bonnie McDaniel had anticipated being taken of her on her wedding day.

Moving up the bed, Edgar straddled the lovely bride and slipped his hardening cock up under her bridal veil.  Thumb on her chin to ease her mouth open, he then slipped his slimy cock between her lips as it twitched back to hardness.  Pushing himself into her mouth, he pumped in and out of her slack mouth, till his hardening cock bloated up to have her jaws stretching as wide as possible.  Then, face fucking the innocent beauty, Edgar groaned out loudly "Oh, baby ………………..ah ………………ahhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..cummingggggggg ………………cummingggggggggggggg!"  Sending a blast of hot jizz into her mouth, Edgar then pulled out of her mouth to spurt the rest of his sticky load onto her beautiful face.

White heels of the bride removed, the hem of the bridal gown was then lifted as Edgar's large black hands caressed the trim sexy legs covered by the bride's white pantyhose.  Soon, the pair of pantyhose was being peeled down to reveal the ivory white skin of the drugged bride, with Edgar reveling in the prospect of soon defiling the innocent young beauty.  Pantyhose peeled off the bride's pedicured toes, Edgar couldn't resist the urge to tease her pretty toes with his tongue, sucking each into his wet mouth.  Then he proceeded to wipe his dangling slick cock about her pretty pink soles.

Downstairs, Jay Owens stepped into his clothing, wanting to get back upstairs to the honeymoon suite as soon as possible.  He prayed that the pill Mr. Bennett had given him had worked and that Bonnie would still be fast asleep and had not missed him.  With Jenny Brisco draped all over him as he tried to leave her hotel room, he told her "Jenny, I've got to go ……………….just in case Bonnie woke up and is wondering where I disappeared to!"

Making his way to the elevator, Jay wondered what the crazy little bitch was jabbering about when she had pleaded "Stay with me, Jay ………………..stay and make love to me again!"  "I've got to go, Jenny!  You've got to understand …………'s my wedding night!  It's not like we're alone on a business trip!" he had replied.  Her response to that was also puzzling as Jay wondered what the nutty bitch meant by "You'll come back to me, Jay ………….once you see that she's no longer the innocent little bitch that you married!  I've seen to that!"

Entering the honeymoon suite, Jay Owens was surprised to see all the lights on, especially since he had been certain to turn off the lights as Bonnie was in her drug induced sleep.  A chill went over him in thinking that Bonnie had awakened and had turned the lights on, wondering where he had disappeared to.  "Oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!" Jay yelled out as he peered into the bedroom.  Though Bonnie was still lying in the same spot on the bed, it was obvious that something had taking place on the bed while he was between the sheets with Jenny.

Jay Owens then saw the envelope on the bed with 'Jay' written on the front of it.  It was a note from Jenny Brisco, telling him how much she loved him and that she wanted him all to herself.  Tearing up the note and throwing it in the trash, he then went to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth.  Tenderly he cared for his raped bride, wiping up the bloody mess between her widespread legs.  He wiped up the sticky white stuff oozing out of her bleeding slit, only to have more of the gooey fluid ooze out of her.

Peeling off the bridal veil that seemed glued to her face, he then wiped the drying substance off her lovely face.  Trying to clean the stain off the wedding dress that his wife intended to keep, Jay's heart sank as he realized it was too late, the bloody stains had soaked right through the garment.  Seeing more of the sticky white stuff oozing out of her raped slit, knowing it was the semen from her rapist, Jay shuddered as he wondered just how much more of the stuff was still up in his lovely wife.

'That damned Jenny Brisco!  Fucking bitch is crazy!  Damn, why didn't I keep my pants zipped?" he chided himself.  'What if Bonnie gets pregnant by the bastard?  I'll just have to pretend the baby's mine!' he told himself.  'Yeah …………………yeah ………….that's what I'll do!  But shit, I've got to get that dumb little bitch hooked on another guy ………………..get her off my case!  That's the only way, especially if Mr. Bennett is right about a woman scorned!' he concluded.

With Jenny Brisco being a blonde, Jay Owens merely assumed that the cohort she had enlisted was a white guy.  Never did he even suspect that it was his black boss that had been the one deflowering Bonnie.  His thought of pretending and acting as if the baby was his would certainly not be a possibility from the second that Bonnie gave birth to a little black baby.

Upon returning from his honeymoon two weeks later, a nervous and rather despondent Jay Owens entered Mr. Bennett's office after seeing the email advising him to come into his office at 10 a.m.  Heart pounding in nervousness, Jay felt a bit relieved as the fatherly Mr. Bennett shook his hand in welcoming him back, greeting him with "How are ya, my boy!  Man, I's been worried sick about ya the past two weeks!  The pill did work, didn't it?  It did knock that pretty bride of yers out so ya could take care of that crazy blonde bitch, huh?"

Nodding a 'yes', that the pill did in fact work and did knock Bonnie out throughout the night, all Jay could mutter out was "Thanks ………….for the pill!  It ………….it really worked ………………….it had Bonnie out till the next morning!"  With Mr. Bennett breathing a big sigh of relief, and then asking if the honeymoon went okay, Jay could only nod a 'yes' as he just couldn't divulge just how wicked and vengeful Jenny Brisco had been on the night of the wedding.

Edgar smiled at the young man and patted him on the back, telling him "Sure can't believe how scornful Jenny Brisco can be …………………shit, she looks so fuck'n sweet and innocent!  Well, Jay ………………..I think I got some good news fer ya!  While you've been away fer the last two weeks on yer honeymoon, it seems like sweet little Jenny has taken a fancy to Mark Anderson in finance!"

Having sated his lust to sample the charms of the lovely Bonnie McDaniels, doing it on her wedding night, Edgar's devious mind was churning and scheming on his conquest to get into the tight little panties of another sexy white beauty.  His focus was on another woman he had first met at that same company party, a beauty equally as attractive as Bonnie McDaniels, the lovely Mrs. Beth Anderson.  And so Jenny Brisco was currently working on her assignment to seduce the finance manager, the gullible Mark Anderson who couldn't resist the young blonde temptation.

End of Story.