Devious Father-in-Law's Desire
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Glad to be back from that nerve wracking patrol, Cpl. Rich Shepard relaxed in the relative safety of the barracks and away from any incoming mortar rounds.  Going to one of the empty computers available for them to check their emails, Rich logged in and saw that he had an email from his dad.  He smiled as the email was entitled: ‘Congratulations, Daddy!’  Opening up the email, it read: ‘You’re now the proud father of a 6 lb. 10 oz. baby boy!  Both mother and son are doing just fine!  Took Marion to the hospital at 7 this morning and baby James was borne at 1:05 p.m.  Attached are two photos that I took before leaving the hospital!’

Opening up the attachments, Rich beamed with pride in seeing his beautiful wife cradling their newborn as she sat propped up on the hospital bed.  Marion looked so lovely, not looking the part of having just given birth following six hours of labor.  Baby Jimmy looked so cute and tiny, named James Reese Shepard, with the baby’s middle name being that of Rich’s fifty-seven year old father.  Rich was quite thankful to his dad who was graciously housing his wife since his departure and would now be housing both mother and son until he and his National Guard unit returned from its deployment.

Sighing now in despair, Rich could only shake his head at how things had so drastically changed for him in the past ten months.  Graduating from college fifteen months ago, hired to a promising job with a large firm, then came his happiest day when the beautiful Ms. Marion Tremont came walking down the church aisle to become Mrs. Richard Shepard.  Marion was from a wealthy family that had its roots back east from the colonial days, with Marion being named after her grandmother.  And with her background in sailing, as her parents owned a yacht, Rich was happy that Marion and his dad would surely enjoy each others company with sailing being the common thread.

Closing his eyes, Rich pictured his lovely bride in his mind and remembered how beautiful she looked in her long white wedding gown.  But their wedding day had been met with disaster just an hour before the scheduled ceremony when Rich’s best man broke the bad news of their unit having been activated for immediate deployment overseas to the Middle East.  He and his best man had kept the bad news to themselves, not wanting to put a damper on the wedding as Rich wanted a bit to time to break the bad news to his bride-to-be.

Fortunately for Rich, his father Reese and Marion had hit it off from the moment that he introduced them to one another during the week that of their college graduation and had so graciously come to their rescue when the depth of the bad news hit home.  Rich had met Marion’s parents during the spring break when he had accompanied her back east to meet them when the engagement was announced.  His father got the meet the Tremonts during that graduation week, then Rich and Marion planned on making their home out west when Rich had grown up as he had already lined up a good paying job with a large architectural firm.

All the plans had been laid out for the summer after their graduation, with him showing Marion about back where they’d be living before she headed back east in mid-August to prepare the finishing touches for their wedding at the end of the month.  And with Rich’s new job to start two weeks after they moved there, they planned on staying with his dad for a week or so till they found a place to rent.  Having mentioned his upcoming wedding prior to being hired, Rich already had his employer’s go ahead as to all the plans made as they had no problems with him taking time off for the wedding and a week’s honeymoon.  And with his mind trying to get things in order along with having to learn the ropes of his new job, Rich was grateful that his dad and volunteered to show Marion around whenever time permitted for her.

As for Reese, he was indeed quite impressed upon meeting his lovely future daughter-in-law, so impressed that he just could not get her image out of his mind.  So sweet and lovely, seemingly so innocent, especially when Rich advised him that Marion was hesitant on staying at the house and thought it best that she get a hotel room till they found a place of their own.  Reese then took great pains to assure the lovely beauty that there were more than adequate bedrooms in the large home and assured her that it was not bother in having her staying there.

Reese had advised the lovely beauty that just a few items in the spare bedroom needed taken care of and he’d it ready but the time they arrived that next week.  In actuality, other than a little dusting and vacuuming of the room, everything was really in good order.  In fact, the room was just perfect for a visiting guest but Reese wanted to add something special to it, even if Marion insisted that he go to no extra trouble in getting the room prepared for her.  And Reese need not add the rather unnecessary item, one that his future daughter-in-law would certainly not desire, especially since he planned on planting a hidden camera to spy upon her succulent and sexy body.

With his son and bride-to-be still not living together, Marion remaining at her sorority house while Rich stayed back in the fraternity, Reese suspected that his future daughter-in-law still had her precious little cherry in tact.  ‘Damn, I’d sure like to be the one to pop that little cherry of hers!’ he told himself, then added ‘And just maybe get to the father of her child and not its old grandpa!’  Mind now consumed with only thoughts of the lovely beauty, that thought of having that beautiful virgin in the house for two months or more gave him wild ideas that he could somehow seduce the succulent beauty away from that rather wimpy son of his.

‘Jesussssussssss!  How in the fuck did that wimp ass son of mine land such a fuck’n little beauty?  What the fuck does she see in him?’ Reese wondered.  Ever since Rich was a little tyke, Reese took his son to be a nerd rather than an all around boy, with the same applying throughout his high school years as books rather than sports were Rich’s interest.  Puffing up his chest, giving his pulsating cock a twitch, Reese chuckled and wondered ‘What would she do with a real man?’  ‘Damn, she’s the sweetest and most naïve little bitch I’ve ever seen!  God, I’d sure as hell would like to be the first to give her the meat!’ he thought.

Reese’s physique and behavioral characteristics being so opposite that of his son had not escaped Marion’s attention from the moment they had been introduced.  With her future father-in-law a widower for the past ten years, Marion quickly surmised that Reese was quite a womanizer, especially upon learning from Rich of his father only recently dating women half his age and just a few years older than herself.  Having learned that, Marion could not help but to wonder what it be like dating such a worldly man like Rich’s still very handsome father.  Imagining Reese’s large calloused hands touching and caressing her body, Marion couldn’t believe just how opposite father and son could be.

Marion had often imagined her wedding night, one of gentle loving making with Rich in which he would have the honor of taking her virginity.  After having met her buff and muscular future father-in-law, knowing what a happy go lucky womanizer Reese Shepard was, Marion could help but to wonder just how such a man would treat a virgin bride on her wedding night.  To have such a big burly man upon her versus her rather slim husband-to-be, Marion shivered at what she imagined would happen, something of what would happen in the caveman days in which she’d be thrown over his broad shoulder and taken into his cave to ravish her petite body.

Two weeks before the wedding date, Rich and Marion had found a townhouse to rent, in which they would occupy when married.  Having moved most of their things into the townhouse a week before the wedding, Marion would move there that next once the bedroom set was delivered.  They were both quite exhausted from transporting their things and unpacking them, returning back as Reese was putting some steaks on the grill for dinner that night.  Though Reese had told them to save their money and move in with him permanently till they could afford to buy a place of their own, both Marion and Rich thought it’d be best they start their marriage off in their own place.

For Reese, he was devastated at having them move out, especially at the thought of no longer having that succulent little beauty in his house to spy upon though his hidden camera, especially loving the sight of her disrobing.  For the past six weeks of having her there in his home, Reese had sated his deviant lusty desires that no man should have for the future bride of one’s own son.  Actually, it was when she was not in house and out with Rich that Reese sated his pent-up lust for the sexy young beauty.  Sneaking to her room, opening the bag that she had on the closet floor for dirty clothing, Reese would bury his face in her soiled panties.  Tasty crotch band of one pair in his mouth, he’d stand over the toilet wanking himself off with another pair wrapped around his throbbing cock.

Spirits down as Reese started up the grill late that afternoon, this would certainly not be a celebratory occasion with this being Marion’s last night in his home.  Upon their return from taking that last load over to the townhouse, Rich and Marion were visibly exhausted from house moving.  Telling them to relax while he got the grill ready, Marion had gone up to shower and freshen up.  And when she was done, Rich went upstairs to shower as his fiancée picked up a magazine to relax on the couch.  Through the glass patio door, Reese’s cock twitched to arousal as he ogled Marion’s long sexy white legs, wishing that could compare the taste he still had from eating her panties that afternoon to a real fresh taste.

Upset that his son had been the one insisting on taking on their own place, now Reese would have to somehow nurse his desires for his future daughter-in-law, with no spying nor having her soiled to take the edge of his lust.  Insisting that Marion relax and let him handle things in the kitchen that night, living the sight of her lovely outstretched legs as she lay upon the sofa, Reese placed the potatoes and veggies out on the dining room table and had all the plate settings laid out.  Steaks grilled to perfection and on the table, he then called Rich and Marion to dinner as he brought out three glasses of ice tea on a tray, licking his lips with that last look at her trim sexy legs.

Dinner over and with both Rich and Marion appearing quite tired, Reese told them not to worry about the dishes as he had everything under control.  Peering out of the kitchen, Reese observed his son slumped on the sofa and heard him snoring deeply, with Marion no where in sight.  Making his way upstairs, he turned the doorknob to the bedroom where she slept, then smiled widely in seeing the lovely beauty sprawled out on the bed the summer dress having been removed and leaving her in just a sheer black panties and red bra.  Stepping into the bedroom, locking the door behind him as a precaution, he moved forward and reached out to caress her soft ivory thigh.

Having refilled their glasses of iced tea after the first was fully consumed by each, Reese knew that he would not be disturbed in proceeding with his vile conquest of this succulent little beauty, not with each having consumed that potent ‘roofie’ in the spiked ice tea drink.  “Mmmmm ………………..mmmmmm!” Reese moaned in pleasure as he rubbed has face into her panty clad muff and inhaled her fragrance.  With his tongue, Reese then traced the outline of beaver through the silky garment.  Pulling the silky black garment aside, he then clamped his open mouth over her sex and inserted his exploring tongue up into her little snatch.

Reaching up, pushing up the red bra cups, Reese cupped her breasts and caressed her pink nipples with his open palms.  He felt the tender nipples budding under his touch, felt her cunny getting slick as he flicked his tongue avidly about in her sex.  Cock hardening, Reese was now just thinking with the head between his legs, making him wonder if he could get away with a bold rape of his future daughter-in-law.  Did he dare do the unthinkable?  Lifting his head up from between her thighs, he then put his other ‘head’ where his mouth had been, rubbing it in her slick juices.

Kneeling between her widespread thighs as he now mouthed her tender nipples, Reese slowly forced his thick cock up into her tight little snatch.  ‘God, she’s a tight little bitch!’ he panted, managing to get just two inches up into her as he pumped slowly back and forth in trying to work his way in.  Another inch but in trying to gain more penetration, Reese then bumped up against a barrier, which he knew could only be one thing preventing him from going any further …………………..her precious little cherry!  ‘Damn, she’s cherry!’ Reese realized as he froze at that point.

Daring not to go any further, not with her cherry still intact, for he then would certainly not be able to get away with this vile rape of his son’s beautiful bride-to-be.  Holding still, trying to compose himself and keep from instinctively thrusting forward to claim is future daughter-in-law’s cherry, Reese then began to ease back and forth within the short length permitted without popping her cherry.  Holding her hips while humping faster and faster, then keeping his cockhead up against the fleshy barrier, Reese shuddered and groaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  A hot burst of his seed went splashing up against the barrier, then another spurt, bathing the beauty’s interior with hot male cum.  Reaching down, grabbing his jockeys, Reese placed it under their place of union to absorb the leakage that would surely follow once his plugging cock was removed.

Lust sated for the moment, a shiver of fear and nervousness coursing with regret throughout his vile body, Reese looked down as his deflating penis began to slip out of the young beauty’s raped slit.  And along with it came his thick slippery seed, oozing out of the reddened gash and onto his jockeys that had been placed beneath her.  Stepping back, looking at his cum that continued oozing out, Reese hurried out of the room to get a wet washcloth to cleanse the raped beauty of any incriminating evidence to her violation.  Returning to clean up the messy evidence, Reese had to wonder ‘Is it possible to get her knocked up without busting her cherry?’

That next morning, Marion could not believe how late she had slept in.  Normally an early riser, she told herself ‘I guess all that moving yesterday really did me in!’  Body feeling tired, Marion hoped that she was not coming down with a bout of the flu as her body ached some, especially her thigh muscles.  She concluded that it must be a result of all that climbing up the stairs while carrying boxes and furniture.  Little did she suspect that it was actually due to her thighs being widely spread around the waist of her future father-in-law, while pumping his raping cock into her body, being the reason for her current discomfort.

Downstairs over breakfast with Rich and Reese, it was then that her fiancé broke the bad news that he had received the night before when the best man for their wedding had called.  That bad news being the guard unit that Rich and his best man were a part of was being called up to active duty, with their report for duty required that next Monday at 7 a.m.  Now they had to quickly ponder their immediate future, especially with Rich still on trainee status with his job, such would be kept open for him upon his return but the loss of income of the job versus military pay was tremendous.  They would need to see what could be cancelled or changed before making a final decision as what they should do.

A lot of phone calls, dashing about from place to place, Rich and Marion were able to take a big sigh of relief in how understanding everyone was in regards to their unfortunate situation.  The owner of the townhouse they had rented was an old friend of Reese’s and he had let them out of the contract at no expense, even giving them another week to move out the items that they had already moved in an unpacked.  Bedroom furniture to be delivered and there was no penalty as the owner of the store heard about the unit’s call up and fully understood their problem.  With money obviously to be an issue, they would have to take up Reese gracious offer in having Marion live their till Rich’s return with the unit.

The wedding took place on that coming Sunday as planned, though it was a bittersweet event with Rich’s scheduled deployment early the next morning.  The bride and groom partied with their families and friends from college at the reception, though all knew that such happiness of this special occasion would be turning to sadness when the bridal couple had to part early that next morning, leaving them just seven to eight hours of wedded bliss alone together as man and wife.

That next morning, it was a sad farewell at the airport as the Rich and his unit headed off dressed in their fatigues, carrying their duffle bags and weapons.  Plane lifting off, Reese then drove his SUV on home, all while taking in view of his now daughter-in-laws sexy and flaw legs as she sat sullen in the passenger’s seat.  ‘Is she no longer a virgin now?’ he wondered as his cock twitched at the thought.  Of course, sex had been obviously on the agenda that night earlier for the newlyweds, especially for the purpose of consummating their marriage.

Of the hundreds of guests attending the wedding and reception the night before, Reese was the only one wondering if the newlyweds had indeed consummated their marriage together, for all the other guests merely assumed that it had taken place.  Indeed, such consummation had not fully been completed, for the groom had entered his bride as a man should with his wife but failed miserably in doing the deed.  For the groom, penetrating his bride several inches and meeting the barrier signaling her virginity, it was certainly what he had hoped for.  But then disaster struck, as his cock suddenly began wilting and losing its rigidity, slipping out of his stunned bride and Rich just could not get his soft penis hard enough to get himself back in where he belonged.

Consoling one another in each other’s arms, admitting to one another of inexperience on each of their parts, it had been concluded that Rich’s failure was due to his worry and fret of having to depart early that next morning with his unit.  The dangers that he and his fellow soldiers would be facing naturally had Rich quite worried, evidently causing his failure to perform as a man on his most important night to prove himself.  Little did Rich know that his failure to perform had been a result of having consumed a drink handed to him in a toast with his conniving father who had mixed into it two dissolved antihistamine pills, such causing a male to not function as one should.
Two weeks later, Marion bit her bottom lip as she shuddered in despair, feeling so funny and wishing that Rich was there to make her a ‘woman’ finally.  Thighs clenched, nipples feeling so sensitive in her cups of her silky bra, Marion trembled uncontrollably as it seem she was coming down with something.  Shoulders feeling tense, she could only nod that she was okay when her concerned father-in-law asked “Are you okay, Marion?  You look a bit tense!”  At first she declined the need to have her shoulders massaged but now her body tingled at the touch of Reese’s strong male hands on her shoulders.

Unbeknownst to Marion, having consumed that glass of orange juice earlier that morning was the cause of her agitated state.  Such had been the plan of her vile and evil father-in-law, thanking him for the glass of orange juice he had prepared and handed to her, unaware of it being laced with a potent dose of liquid ‘Spanish Fly’.  Now that Reese literally had his calloused hands on his beautiful daughter-in-law, he was intent of seducing his son’s sexy young wife.  The evil and lusting mind in his head had concocted this vile plan, but now the head between his legs was anxious to find out if her cherry was still intact.

Slowly, his hands moving from her shoulder muscles, down her upper arms and then down to the small of her back.  Massaging of her neck turning to caresses, Reese now had the beauty panting for breath as his fingers went down her trim arms to end with her fingers clutching his as he nuzzled at her earlobe and neck.  Placing her hands on his thighs, feeling her fingers clutching at him desperately, Reese then had his hands on her trim waist and slowly making their up.  “Ohhh ………………ohhhh!” came her pants of desire as he cupped her breasts through her thin blouse and bra.

Being an expert womanizer, Reese soon had his hands up under his daughter-in-law’s blouse, and it was just an instant later that his hands were cupping her swollen breasts.  As he thumbed her budding nipples, hearing her pant with desire told him that she would soon be his, moving his hips forward so that his cockhead would nudge at her nearby hand on his thigh.  He smiled as she instinctively reacted, moving and adjusting her petite hand to mold over the hardened outline of his cock, clenching it with a feeling squeeze to feel its rockhard strength.

Soon a passionate kiss ensued, the kind of kiss that only a husband and wife should engage in, not one to be between a young wife and her husband’s father.  Inexperienced sexually and petite body under the influence of a potent aphrodisiac, Marion was at a complete disadvantage in the experienced hands of such a lusting womanizer.  And now with large experienced hands caressing her thighs, she had no will power left to push away the hands that were undoing her shorts at the moment and were soon pulling them down her hips and legs.  Her father-in-law caressing touch had her wilting in weakness.

A few moments later, her mind delirious at this point and body in heat through the influence of the potent aphrodisiac in her system, Marion’s fingers were wound into her father-in-law’s hair as she clutched him tightly with her heels pressing into his broad back.  “Reese ………..oh ………..Reese ……………Reeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Marion cried out in sheer ecstasy as her husband’s elderly father expertly ate out her pussy, giving her quite a mind-blowing orgasm, sending her sweet love juices into his slurping mouth.  “Ahhhhhhhh ……………........ahhhhhhhhhh ………………….nnnnnn …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered as her petite body shook uncontrollably.

Now kneeling between his daughter’s sexy widespread legs, Reese slowly and deliberately parted her juicy pink lips apart with the tip of his bloated cockhead, then began to trace the outline of her flowering gash with it.  And as his son’s beautiful wife arched her hips up to envelope his boner-head into her cunny, he quickly eased back a bit to prevent it from happening, driving the lovely bride into a frenzied fit of frustration and causing her to desperately pant out “Please …………………please …………………put it in …………………….hurt me ……………….make me a woman ……………make me a woman ……………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!”

Just as Reese had hoped, his delirious lovely daughter-in-law now looked upon his son’s inept attempt to penetrate her on their wedding night as unmanly and that gentleness in lovemaking just would not make a woman of her.  Now, with her heels spurring him on, Reese grasp her trim hips firmly in his large hands as he thrust forward, driving forward a good five inches of solid meat that caused her to shriek “Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” as he ruptured her well-preserved hymen.  Feeling the liquid warmth now surrounding his embedded cockshaft, Reese just had to have a look and pulled out a bit so that he could get a look at their incestuous union.

Reese smiled with pride, knowing for certain that he had made a woman of his son’s beautiful bride, for the bloody evidence left no denying of that fact.  Pumping in and out quickly, loving the squishy sounds of their fuck, Reese was determined to bury his bone deep.  “Ohhh ………………ohhhh ……………..ohhh ……………..ohhh!” came the cries of pain from beneath him, each associated with his forward thrust as the anguished bride could no longer stand the agony as she tried futilely to push him from her.  But Reese would not be denied at this point, giving a mean thrust forward to bury himself fully in his son’s once virgin bride.

Now Reese lay motionless atop of his beautiful daughter-in-law, letting her get accustomed to having a man’s cock embedded in her hot little cunt, but more so for him to not pop off too soon and his desire to have this beauty experience the joys of womanhood.  Making her first experience a fantastic one was a primary goal as Reese certainly didn’t want her to have a bad experience and not desire sex in the future.  Now with her hot cunny snapping at him, Reese smiled as he gave his son’s desperate wife a throbbing response to every squeeze upon his cock.

Ever so slowly, like a locomotive picking up speed as it pulled out of the station, so was Reese’s pulsating cock picking up steam in his beautiful daughter-in-law’s deflowered cunny.  Burly muscular guy in his late fifties energetically humping up and down, young beautiful blonde in her early twenties whose trim arms and legs encircled him, such was the erotic lovemaking scene of the loving couple.  The scene now appeared to be that of two well-experienced lovers rather than that involving a young inexperienced bride who had just lost her virginity.

The effects of the potent aphrodisiac had her already ultra-sensitive clit enflamed and driving Marion right out of her mind, the only relief being that of Reese’s thick cock rubbing against it, and the faster the better.  “Ohhh ……………oh ……..….ohhhh …………………fuck me, Pop …………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she cried out while arching up and back as she rode the pleasure giving shaft.  “Yessss ……………………..yes …………………….oh, God, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss …………………………..yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Marion screamed out in ecstasy as arched up, body convulsing in spasms.

Grasping her taunt little ass and holding her orgasming body up against him, Reese popped his pent-up load deep in her fertile womb as he proceeded to seed his son’s beautiful wife.  “Ugh …………………..ugh ………………….ugh ……………..ugh ………………………ohhhhhhhh, you sweet little bitch!” he wheezed and panted as squirt after squirt of his sticky white stuff began mixing with the red blood of her ruptured cherry.  Moments later, bodies that were straining against one another began relax as the two lovers continued embracing one another in the afterglow of their sensational fuck session.

Forty minutes later, Marion stirred from the deep slumber following her mind-shattering orgasm.  Pinned to the bed by the heavy body lying atop of her, Marion squeezed her agitated cunny upon the foreign matter embedded in her.  Another squeeze as the feeling help to stem the agitation in her cunny had Marion shivering as the realization hit her that the weight upon her was that of her husband’s father, and that the throbbing response she was now feeling was that of his cock reviving once again.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she panted as her father-in-law began pumping into her as their second lovemaking session commenced.

Another fantastic fuck session ensued, the aftermath in which the two lovers again slept in one another’s arms again, only to later recommence in another lovemaking session once they awoke.  Finally, after the third time, Reese’s aged and dwindling cock slipped out his daughter-in-law with a small ‘pop’ as she turned her petite body and snuggle up against his sleeping form.  When the light of morning lit up the room, the two lovers would once again engage in something that should be for husbands and wives, not a husband’s father and husband’s wife.

For Rich, it was reassuring to know that the landlord had been understanding and let them out of the lease when the unit was called up.  With the company holding his job for him, that was all he could expect as he was still in the ‘trainee’ status and not employed there long enough to get the benefits available for the pay differential of what he had been making and what he was now getting on activated duty.  And with his dad generously inviting his bride to stay there rent-free, it was a relief to know that his bride would not be burdened with the finances.

That email Rich received from his wife a week after arriving in this God forsaken place gave him some comfort that Marion had moved out of the rental with the aid of his father and had moved all of their things over to his place.  It also noted that ‘Pop’ had remembered where most of the things belonged in his old room and put them back there for him.  Rich had only assumed that meant that Marion had moved her things into his old room and was sleeping there too.  Little did Rich suspect that his lovely bride had her clothing hanging in the walk-in closet of the master bedroom, her panties and undergarments in dresser drawer next to Pop’s jockeys, and that she went to sleep with his father every night in the king-sized bed of the master bedroom.

Day in and day out, his life in the balance each time he went out on patrol, Rich looked forward to the down time, especially when he got to log into one of the computers available for the grunts.  Getting one or more emails each day from his lovely wife served to brighten those miserable days of his life in the Middle East, for Rich always feared that a fire fight would end it all for him.  Glad that he had tied the knot with Marion, Rich only regretted his poor performance on their wedding night.  And with his departure that next morning, there had been no chance to rectify the situation.

Now, a month and a half after his arrival with his unit, Rich’s jaw just dropped upon learning that the disastrous wedding night proved to be even more devastating.  Rich was bewildered at the news but recalled his cock wilting that night, the condom slipping off as he had then tried to reenter Marion bareback.  Apparently while in his futile attempt to reenter his wife on their wedding night, his leaking cock was all that had been needed to knock her up.  Mixed with emotion, Rich used this bit of news to boost his esteem for his failure to perform as a man on his wedding night, thinking ‘At least I was man enough to get Marion pregnant with my baby!’

Earlier that day many time-zones away, while sitting her gynecologist’s office, Marion told her female doctor that estimated term of her pregnancy had to be off by about week. A virgin at the doctor’s projected time of her inception, especially since it was two weeks prior to her wedding date, Marion had come to the conclusion that her husband had inseminated her after the condom had slipped off and Rich had tried to reinsert himself into her.  ‘At least the baby is Rich’s!  It’s bad enough that I let his father seduce me, that I now sleep in his bed every night and can’t get enough of his cock in me, it’d be unforgivable if I was carrying Reese’s baby!’ she told herself.

For Reese, he had to fight showing how overjoyed he was upon Marion’s announcement that afternoon after returning from the gynecologist.  He would let his daughter-in-law think that the baby was Rich’s, but Reese knew that the baby was his, especially if the doctor’s initial prognosis of inception time being correct.  ‘Damn, I can’t fucking believe it!  Didn’t think it was possible!  Not without busting through her fuck’n cherry first!  Let her think Rich got her knocked up, so long as she can’t get enough of my cock each night!’ he reasoned.

Seven months later, Rich got to add another stripe to his sleeve as he had just been promoted to staff sergeant in his unit, and by coincidence it was on the very day that his 6 lb. 10 oz. son was borne.  He looked at the picture he had printed off the email attachment of is lovely wife holding up their newborn son, named James R. Shepherd.  Rich sure had a lot to thank his dad for since the call up of the guard, first taking in his newlywed wife, giving her a job and now helping to care for his son while he was away.  Rich just prayed that he stayed alive and made it back home in one piece, thinking that naming his son after his father was the least they could do as the ‘R’ stood for Reese.

Through her father-in-law’s urging Marion agreed to work with Reese in helping him get out the billings for his business selling yachts and to act as hostess when taking potential clients out on the bay.  Such was due to Reese’s reasoning that it wouldn’t be fair for her to take on a full-time job with a company and then have to tell she’d soon need a pregnancy leave.  Starting on her first day on the ‘job’, Marion accompanied her father-in-law on his planned trip down the coast to show potential clients the yacht Reese used for display.  It was quite an easy job as Marion in being the hostess, greeting and serving them drinks while out on the cruise, showing the ladies more of the inner layout of the yacht.

But once they returned to the dock and the potential clients departed, then Marion learned that the real work was about to begin as her randy father-in-law took her down below deck where he soon had her buck naked in the bunk.  It did not take much encouragement on Reese’s part, not with his beautiful daughter-in-law already in heat thanks to the aphrodisiac laced glass of orange juice that he had handed her before the potential clients had arrived.  In fact, while playing hostess earlier, Marion had to fight the urge to rub her thighs together to stem that nagging itch between them.  She was wanting of sex, needing the expertise of her father-in-law once again, for he was using that long tongue of his to make her cream endlessly.  Toes curling, soles of her feet pressing on the low beam above the bunk, she squealed “Ohhhhh, yes ……………….eat me, Pop ………… me ……………………eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Steadily for a month after seducing his son’s beautiful wife with the aid of some potent aphrodisiac, Reese kept delivering her potent glass of orange juice each morning before tapering off the dosage, eventually doing away with it entirely.  He had successfully converted a prim and proper young beauty into a wanton little sexpot who just loved being eaten out and well-fucked time and time again.  And with her working with him in his yacht business, traveling far up and down the coast and away from knowing eyes, no one seeing the loving couple would ever suspect that they were not husband and wife in the way they lovingly held onto one another.  Morning, noon, and night they went at it ………………just fucking and fucking to their hearts content!

Baby now six months old, Rich looked at the baby’s picture and wished that he could be home with lovely wife and little boy.  But now, having just emailed his wife and given her the bad news that had everyone in the unit down and depressed, he wanted his wife to not get the shock of seeing it in the local headlines that unit’s deployment had just been extended another six months.  Little did Rich know that his email would be one greeted with much relief by his wife back home for two big reasons, one that his wife would not have to move her things back out of the master bedroom, the second being the inability to explain how she could be pregnant once again with him not having been at home to do the deed.

End of Story.