Dilemma for the Father of the Bride
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Miss Megan Howard
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: ‘Trick or Treat 2’
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She was now Vicki Harrington, having married Jeff after that fiasco of them both having their prospective mates tying the knot together and leaving them flatfooted.  A rebound for both of them, Vicki looking for a sugar daddy to help foot the bill and move up the rungs of society, with Jeff just loving the new found sex provided.  So, for the two losers, it was like using two minuses to get a plus.

Though really a trailer-park tramp, Vicki had learned a lot from rooming with Stephanie Schaeffer, the prim and proper fiancée who had initially been betrothed to Jeff.  Wanting to move up the social ladder, Vicki knew very well that she needed to do her part and pull off the perfect charade in appearing to be a prim and proper woman.  But still, the well-experienced conniving side of her had her looking for the easy way out.

Vicki Harrington

Introduced to Cameron Howard at a company retirement party for another fellow, Vicki thought it quite ironic to learn that he was called ‘Howie’ and that the sixty year old fellow was planning to work another five years before retiring.  How similar the situation was to when she was hooked up with DJ, the bastard who dumped her after seducing Jeff’s bride-to-be.  She had been the one to pull off the devious scam, seducing Howard ‘Howie’ Camden and getting him to retire or face the scandal of having an affair.

Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Howard there at the party, Vicki wondered how much the old bastard cherished his thirty-five year marriage.  With Jeff hired and being groomed to step right in if and when ‘Howie pulled the plug and retired’ Vicki began thinking that pulling off the same scam as she worked with DJ would certainly speed up the climbing of the social ladder.  Thus, she soon became intent on seducing the new ‘Howie’ to literally wear him out and right out of the picture.  Hubby Jeff would then move up the corporate ladder and increase Vicki's status along with the income in being married to a corporate exec.
At first Jeff knew nothing of the plan being contrived by his social conscious wife.  His love for Vicki was quite different from when he had been with Stephanie.  Life was so different as compared to then, though it was only less that a year since he and Vicki had ended up tying the knot.  Stephanie had been his true love, as she had always been so prim and proper, till DJ seduced her and had her craving black cock ever since.  Vicki on the other hand was quite well-heeled, very open to any type of sex he desired, things that his once conservative Stephanie would never have gone along with prior to DJ getting to her.

After a while, having figured things out, Vicki then clued him in as to her devious plan.  She gave him all the details of his demise as setup by DJ, causing him to lose Stephanie to him.  And she admitted her part in it also, creating the job opening by seducing old Camden Howard and putting the screws to him.  But she also pointed out that, after all she had done, DJ had dumped her in the end for his prim and proper fiancée.  “Let me help you this time!  Then you won’t have to wait a full five years to move up the corporate ladder!” she advised.

Although Jeff at first was repulsed and disgusted in knowing that his wife was willing to have sex with his boss, he began to get a hardon in picturing his old boss in the clutches of the likes of Vicki.  Oh, Jeff knew she was really what people would refer to as ‘white trash’ it was that what he loved most.  She was willing to do it anytime he wanted, even in public and thus he couldn’t ask for more in the sex department.  Picturing Vicki snuggling up to ‘Howie’, Jeff knew the old bastard didn’t stand a chance.

Having led Jeff up to the apartment to watch his fiancée get seduced and fucked royally, Vicki knew he was a cuckold at heart and would soon fall in line with her plan of seducing his old boss.  She knew that if he got to see her fucking another man, it’d be a real turn-on for him.  Then, in bed, she began purposely talking about how she planned on seducing Howie.

She’d tell Jeff what she planned on doing first, just before she performed it on him, “Caught that old bastard eyeing up my legs!  Going to tease him with my legs, slip my heels off and run my foot over his hardon!  Then I’m going to fist his old pecker, go down on him and give him head!” Vicki advised, just before clamping her mouth over Jeff’s hardon.  “Ahhhhhhhh ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………Goddddddddddddddddddd!” Jeff groaned with pleasure, sending spurt after spurt into the hot mouth that was vacuuming up his entire load.  He was now hooked and wanted to see it all happen himself.

The plan called for Jeff to set up and videotape her and Howie having sex in a most incriminating and lewd sex romp that would ensure that Howie would agree to anything, rather than have the sex tape go public.  At his age, stature in the community, his years of being well respected in the company, it would surely destroy him in all aspects.  His reputation as a husband, father, business executive and pillar of the community would hang in the balance should he not retire and recommend Jeff for the job.

In bed, while having sex with Jeff, Vicki knew that it would eventually do the trick of getting him turned on to imagine his wife fucking another man.  It worked even quicker than Vicki had planned and now everything was falling into place quite nicely, just needing to set things up right and then to seduce the unwitting old fool.  According to Jeff, Howie appeared quite the loyal husband, spending his weekends with his wife at the country club and taking her places, thus it seemed quite the challenge to get things rolling.

Two weeks later, Vicki learned from Jeff that Mrs. Howard left the night before on an emergency to care for her ailing mother who had fallen down some steps.  With Howie having to fend for himself, not much of a cook, it was the perfect opening for Vicki.  Having Jeff invite Howie over for dinners each night till his wife came back, making sure to have Jeff tell Howie that ‘My wife insisted that you come for dinner!  She’s preparing dinner and will be really pissed at me if you don’t come!’

Not much of a cook herself, plus not wanting to labor in the kitchen, Vicki had everything catered in and delivered with adequate time to make it appear she had done all the cooking.  After all, she had to take the time to get all dolled up, wanting to look elegant in a nice evening dress and heels for the old bastard.  She had it all planned out with: a little leg show; dropping her heel and letting it dangle from her toes; then start out with an innocent brush of her foot against his leg under the table; then making it no mistake that she was making a play for him.

Thankful for the dinner invitation, Howie’s mouth watered at the sight of the lovely young wife, thinking of how lucky a young man Jeff Harrington was to land such a beauty.  ‘Damn, her legs are so sexy!” he muttered to himself in seeing the young wife reaching up to get some dishes down.  He then shook himself to rid the thought that was creeping into his mind, the thought of wondering what it would be like to have his face up between her legs and eat her sweet pussy!

Over dinner, Howie talked about his family, told them of how proud he was of his son who was an attorney and then that of his beautiful daughter Megan, who was about to tie the knot.  Pulling out his wallet, showing them a family picture of the four of them taken at Megan’s college graduation a year ago, Howie advised that he was proudly anticipating giving away his daughter in marriage just a few weeks from then.  And then, out of the jacket he wore, Howie handed them an invitation and advised “I’m personally giving this to you as the invitations went out before your arrival here and us getting to know one another!”
At first, the devious plan was to merely force Howie to resign under the threat of having his scandalous affair with his subordinate’s wife unfold.  But the truth was, Vicki missed DJ and that big black cock of his, for Jeff could never satisfy her in bed.  And it aggravated her to know that DJ tricked her, used her and then threw her over for Stephanie.  Then a cunning and diabolical plan came to mind, maybe even getting DJ to get rid of Stephanie and take her back.

‘Maybe DJ will take me back if he sees that I can produce the goods ……………..that of the likes of a pretty bride-to-be such as Megan Howard!’ she thought, not caring if DJ stepped out on her every once in awhile, so long as she was the one he came home to in the end.  ‘Stephanie was just a fluke!  DJ just went ga-ga over how prim and proper the little bitch was!  Bet he must be getting tired of her by now, especially since she must be fat as a cow by this time!  With the bitch nine months pregnant at this time, bet he’s dying for a fuck!’

Feeling that first brush of her foot on his leg, Howie moved his leg away, apologizing as he did so as if it had been his fault for the contact.  But then came that second contact as she rubbed the top portion of her heel over his leg and there was no mistaking that this contact was deliberate.  To his sorry misjudgment, perhaps male ego, Howie actually thought that this young beauty was attracted to him and did not suspect her true motive.

Then, following dinner, Vicki exclaimed “Oh, my goodness, I don’t believe it!  And I wanted to have everything perfect for Howie tonight!  I was right near there, then got distracted in helping our neighbor Mrs. Harold put her groceries in the car ……………and I forgot to pick up the special cheese cake that I had ordered!”  With Jeff dialing the phone, placing a fake call as had been the plan, he advised “Great, you’re open another twenty minutes ……………..I’ll be right there!”

“Ooooh, thank you, honey!  I’ll make Howie an after dinner drink and keep him entertained while you’re gone!” Vicki advised as she gave Jeff a kiss on the cheek for being so nice and accommodating.  But what was on the agenda was for Jeff to back up and leave, only to circle back and turn off the headlights so as not to be noticed when he parked across the street.  Backdoor left open for his return, he could then enter the darkened kitchen and retrieve the hidden camcorder to film the seduction taking place in the den.

Jeff couldn’t believe how easily old Howie succumbed to the temptation of the flesh for a man who professed ever-dying love for his wife of thirty-five years.  It was not more than five minutes from his departure and return that Vicki was sitting in Howie’s lap giving the old geezer a passionate kiss.  Seeing the hands of the pudgy bastard fondling Vicki’s asscheeks, Jeff knew that the promotion was soon in the bag.  Then Jeff’s cock gave a twitch upon seeing the anxious Howie slide a hand up under the hem of Vicki’s dress.

This was so much easier than Jeff had ever imagined it would be as Howie was pulling her panties down over Vicki’s hips and stripping them off her legs and heels.  As Vicki had planned, he watched his wife lean back and extend her foot out to tease the bulge beneath Howie's pants.  Then, as Vicki knelt atop the back of the sofa, he saw her glance up and smile as she planted her pussy over Howie’s face.  “Oooooooooooo …………………………….Howie …………………..ooooooo, yesssssssssss …………………….eat me …………….eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, lover …………………………eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Then Jeff was filming the two lovers pulling off their clothing, with a naked Vicki on her back on the sofa with arms and legs widespread to welcome her elderly lover.  Old Howie had gone for the bait in swallowing it hook, line and sinker!  “Oh, Howie ………………………oooooooh, make love to me …………………………..fuck me ………………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!” Vickie baited.  And with Howie’s body disappearing behind the sofa, not much imagination was needed as Vicki moaned “Oh, yessssssssssssss …………………………….oh, yes ……………………….deeper ………………………….fuck me hard!”

Ten minutes later, camcorder put away, Jeff took the cheesecake out of the refrigerator and made his way out the backdoor and to his car.  Starting up and driving past the house before turning on his headlights, he then went around the block once again before turning up into the driveway, pressing the remote to the garage door to signal his return.  Cheesecake in hand, he entered the front door to see Howie and Vicki fully dressed and chatting in the den.

It wasn’t hard for Vicki to track down DJ at their old stomping grounds, but was unable to win him back with her feminine wiles.  Apparently DJ had fallen head over heels in love with Stephanie and was telling Vicki that he had no intentions of cheating on her as he had changed.  But Vicki knew DJ’s weakness, telling him that he owed her one, that he just had to do one thing for her and they’d be square.

Figuring once he got the taste of some new innocent pussy, she’d win him back, and thus Vicki then played her ace card.  Flashing the photo of the young and beautiful Megan Howard, the perfect picture of a prim and proper innocent, she then filled him in on her plan to have Howie serve up his beautiful daughter Megan to him on a silver platter.  And when DJ was advised that it’d all take place on the bride’s wedding night, up in the honeymoon suite, there was no way in hell that DJ could pass it up.

Working quickly, calling Howie at work each day and getting him to take off in the middle of the afternoon for a romp at a nearby motel, Vicki wanted to laugh as the old bastard could barely walk to his car when it was time to drive on home.  And then the poor old bastard got to see that he had been duped as Vicki showed her true colors. In addition, the crude classless bimbo had duped him into believing she was in love with him and now wanted to divorce Jeff to marry him.

Of course, for Howie, this had been an adventurous affair that not many elderly men could find the courage to pass up.  He had no desire at all to divorce his wife of thirty-five happy years and marry this shallow sex-crazed bimbo.  In fact, at this point, he truly regretted ever having gotten involved with her.  But now she had him by the balls and was beginning to squeeze.

Vicki naturally anticipated Howie's refusal to marry her and went into a rage and pretended to behave like a jilted lover.  She claimed she was a naive newlywed and that Howie had taken advantage of her, used his charming personality to seduce her and simply used her for sex.  She then threatened to tell his wife all about their affair and could see the old geezer begin to sweat as he offered her a large sum of money to go away.

Let him sweat over the weekend before calling him on Monday afternoon, telling him to meet with her at the regular motel room ……………..or else!   She then presented Howie with a copy of the incriminating videotape, graphically showing Howie fondling her on the sofa, eating her out, then stripping and fucking her like a cheap slut.  She then demanded payback, an eye for an eye or she'd ruin him. She promised to destroy his reputation, his marriage, and career.  His life would be one of misery if she went public with the videotape.

With a frantic and desperate Howie pleading and begging her not to go public with the tape, Vicki pretended to ponder her options.  She then delivered Howie an ultimatum that he must make the ultimate sacrifice for dumping her.  Howie was to offer up his daughter,  his pride and joy, to a man of Vicki's choosing.  And also, he was to resign and recommend Jeff for the job, telling him “If I must stay married to him, I want to at least live with decent money coming in!”

At first Howie refused, which Vicki fully expected.  Fuming and picking up her things to leave, Vicki left the poor bastard no other choice as he began to weep like a little baby.  Again, he feebly tried to buy her off instead on seeing his beautiful daughter pay the price for his indiscretion, Vicki used it to her advantage by claiming that offering her money just serves to prove her point that he thinks of her as nothing but a whore.  She steadfastly held to her ultimatum that Howie will offer up his daughter for sex on her wedding night or the incriminating videotape goes public, promising that the first tape would be sent to his wife of thirty-five years.

Still in contact with some former colleagues at the his old firm, people who distrusted the devious DJ, Jeff learned of his former fiancée giving birth to DJ’s little baby boy two weeks ago.  Then Jeff realized ‘Damn, it’s the second week of August!  Two weeks ago makes it the end of July – exactly nine months from Halloween, when he seduced her up in the apartment!’  Then his buddy advised “Yeah, DJ’s been on the straight and narrow with Stephanie and now a real caring father!  Funny though, didn’t think he’d want to leave her and the baby alone so soon …………….took off a day, saying he had to help out at a wedding!”

With the wedding ceremony to be held at some fancy resort, many friends and co-workers planned to get there a day early to enjoy the fancy resort that was a bit of a drive away.  Howie had already turned in his resignation and would retire at the end of August, having done his part in recommending Jeff to replace him.  With Howie’s cold glare at him and not speaking to him since Vicki’s ultimatum, Jeff merely shrugged his shoulders, figuring he just had to put up with it for another two weeks.

‘What the heck!  Don’t be pissed with me, besides you screwed my wife right in my home, along with the other romps at the motel the next week after that!’ Jeff thought.  When Vicki’s phone call came each afternoon, Jeff had to hide his smile as Howie excitedly packed up his briefcase and made some excuse for hitting the road in the middle of the afternoon.  Having taken Vicki to the Spy on the World shop, a built in camera at the bottom of a purse promised Jeff entertainment each night when Vicki got back from the motel.

Though he didn’t want to go to the resort a day early, Vicki had insisted and Jeff complied, figuring that Vicki wanted to sink her claws a bit deeper into poor Howie by just being there.  Needing to go to the car after getting settled in the room, the black sports car across the way certainly looked familiar – DJ’s.  Going closer, the personalized license plate confirmed the fact that DJ was also here.  ‘What’s he doing here?’ Jeff wondered.

Back in the hotel suite, with Vicki in the bathroom and suitcase atop the bed and open, Jeff rummaged through the contents for any clue.  There on the bottom was the purse with the spycam built in at the bottom.  ‘Now, why would she bring that here?’ he wondered.  It didn’t take a genius for figure that something was certainly up and it would indeed involve her old flame DJ.  ‘Is she trying to extort money from Howie?  Why bring in DJ, she’s already got the goods on Howie?  She’s gotta to be trying to hook up with DJ again ……………….dump me and tie up with DJ!’ he realized.

‘What about Stephanie and the baby?  From what I hear, everyone’s thinking DJ’s reformed his ways and going on the straight and narrow since taking Steph away from me!  Hmmm!’ Jeff wondered.  When Vicki came out in a bikini to go down to the poolside, Jeff told her to enjoy herself as he merely wanted to take it easy and get a catnap.  Once she departed, Jeff rushed down to the parking lot and headed off to the shopping center in the nearby town.

Just as he had hoped, there was a branch of the spyshop on the outskirts of the town.  Going inside, he pointed out the purse Vicki owned and explained what he wanted to do.  A light weight transmitter was purchased, where attaching it to the spycam meant a separate signal would be transmitted as far as a quarter mile away.  An additional purchase of a dvd recorder was all he needed, along with some blank discs.


On beautiful Megan Howard's wedding day, Vicki choked back a laugh in seeing the look of sadness and guilt on the face of the bride’s father.  Resignation shone in Howie's eyes, rather than pride and happiness that one would expect on such an occasion.  Vicki’s evil plan called for Howie to slip a combination of drugs into Megan's champagne before retiring to the honeymoon suite, putting her in a horny and drugged stupor.  As for Megan's husband, a couple of sleeping pills in his final champagne toast would ensure he was out of commission.
Howie naively assumed Vicki's choice to deflower Megan on her wedding night would be her own husband Jeff, in accordance with Vicki's demand of an eye for an eye.  After all, he had fucked Jeff's wife, so it was only logical to assume that Jeff was the one entitled to have a go at Megan.  He also planned on having his wife’s drink drugged so he could meet with the vile Vicki, allowing her and her husband in to the bridal suite.  Having made the arrangements and going to the desk to leave his credit card, an extra key was already in his possession.
After knocking loudly without getting a response, a teary Howie entered the bridal suite.  There he found the groom passed out as expected.  The beautiful bride, his pride and joy, was writhing on the king-sized bed in a horny drug-induced stupor, oblivious to her surroundings.  Howie then waited nervously for the fateful knock on the door.  Howie was understandably shocked, confused and sick to his stomach to see Vicki arrive, not with her husband as expected, but a large, intimidating black stranger.

Howie had no choice at this point, however, and simply hoped it would soon be over and that somehow he could manage to live with himself for what he had done.  Pushed down onto the loveseat in the bedroom, he was told by the vile Vicki “You had a front row seat at your daughter’s wedding and now you’re going to have a front row seat for your daughter’s deflowering, Howie!”  “She is a virgin, isn’t she, Howie?” Vicki taunted.  “I ……………I don’t know!” Howie stammered in response.
“Well, Howie ……………………I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure!  DJ, you have the honors!” Vicki advised as the bride’s father had tears rolling down his cheeks as the sound of DJ’s zipper broke the silence.  “Oh, God ……………….oh, God ………………..please ………………………you’ve got to use this!” Howie pleaded as he reached into his tux to pull out a foil packet.  Snatched out of his hand by the vile Vicki, it was then tossed to the bed as she called out “Here you go, DJ!”

In the hotel suite that Vicki shared with husband, Jeff took the drink his wife had made upon their getting into the room and pretended to drink the gin and tonic from the glass.  With Vicki going to the bathroom, Jeff dumped out the contents into the nearby plant and refilled his glass with just tonic water.  Downing the drink upon Vicki’s return, he soon lay upon the bed fully clothed, pretending to be out cold.

After giving no response to Vicki calling his name and shaking him, Jeff heard her punching the buttons on the telephone.  Then he heard Vicki say “DJ ……………….he’s out now!  Meet me outside my room!”  Door closed as Vicki exited, Jeff waited a moment before going to the closet to get the already prepared dvd recorder.  Plugging it in and hooking up the cables to the television, his jaw dropped wide open in seeing what was happening up in the bridal suite.

Jeff watched as DJ opened the foil packet to pull out the protective condom, much to the relief of poor Howie, who had done the unthinkable in offering up his pride and joy as ‘sacrifice’ in order to save his own ass.  But then, instead of placing it on his bloated cockhead and rolling it down upon it, Vicki’s evil friend was shaking the condom and held it limply between his fingers.  Then it was brought up to his lips and blown up like a balloon, tied at the end and sent floating in his direction with a smirking taunt “Got any more balloons for me to blow up for this special occasion, old man!”

Hot and horny with a terrible itch between her legs, the innocent and naïve young bride withered about on the bed panting “Bruce ………………..oh, Bruce …………….please ……………………..please make love to me!”  The room spinning about her, Megan was unable to focus her eyes nor anything being said in the room, but the feel of her husband’s strong hands touch and caressing her legs and thighs felt so good at that moment.  This was the night that she and Bruce had been waiting for so long, the night that he would make her a ‘woman’ ………………..his woman!

Gown bunched at her waist, Megan lifted her hips as she felt the waistband of her panties being grasped.  Panties pulled down over her trim hips and down her legs, Megan felt so proud to be able to finally reveal herself to the man she loved.  “Ooooooooo, Burceeeeee ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Megan cried out as she felt her husband actually nuzzling his face into her fuzzy curls and was not hesitant to put his face onto her sex.

In fact, he was actually putting his tongue into her at this moment!  “Ooooooooooooooh …………………oooooooooooooooh ………………………….oh, ysssssssssssssssssss …………………………..yes ………………….so goodddddddd …………………so good ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Megan cried out, her body shuddering in uncontrolled spasms from her very first orgasm ever.

Vicki’s attention went from Howie to DJ as he began stripping down before shuffling up into position between Megan's flawless white thighs.  Turning back to Howie, she noticed a tell-tale bulge forming in the crotch of his pants and that he seemed to be squirming uncomfortably.  “Well, well, well ………………………..what have we here!  You’re nothing but a dirty old man …………………….getting a hardon with your precious daughter about to be raped!  You want to see her raped, don’t you, Howie?  You wanna see DJ’s big black cock tear her pussy open, don’t you …………you dirty old man!” Vicki whispered in his ear as she fondled his cock through the material of his tuxedo trousers.
Front of his tux unzipped by the vixen, Howie shivered with pleasure as Vicki’s soft trim fingers were wrapped around his hardon and pulled out of the opening.  Howie then realized how demented Vicki Harrington really was, having set this up for Megan to be raped by a black bastard while she intended to get him off while his daughter was being raped.  Gritting his teeth, trying to will his cock back down, there was just no denying the fact that his cock was in fact throbbing and growing in length.

For DJ, the past nine months had been nothing but bliss and joy upon marrying the woman he had seduced on Halloween night.  Stephanie had made a changed man of him and for once DJ took pride in everything he did, even more so in transforming himself into a devoted husband and a proud father of little Dwayne, now two months old.  This was the first time that DJ had been truly in love and really caring for someone.  And now that someone special had borne his baby ………….their baby!

But having gone the straight and narrow route for the past nine months, an opportunity like this was just too unbelievable and had his nuts in an uproar.  As a tiger doesn’t change its stripes, DJ’s prior history of scamming and on the hunt for innocent young beauties had him thinking with the wrong head.  And the head he was now using was throbbing with blood pumping through its veins as he rubbed the sensitive head up along the tight slick groove.

“Please ……………….please, stop ………………………I’ll give you as much money as you want ……………………….please don’t rape her!” came a sob from the defeated old man.  Excited from it all, DJ grasped the bride’s trim hips and lunged forward, moaning “Ahhhhhhhhh …………………….damn ………………….she’s tight!”  And echoing in the room at the same time was the innocent bride’s shrilling cry “Owwwwwwwwww ………………………….Bruce …………………..it hurts ……………………….it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

“Oh, Goddddd ………………………..nooooooooooooooooo!” Howie whimpered upon seeing blood oozed out of the union.  And then the vile Vicki whispered tauntingly in his ear “My, my ……………………a virginal bride!  Didn’t think there would be any beyond the age of eighteen!  You and the Mrs. sure brought her up good, Howie boy!  Gave her all the right values ………………..including that of saving herself for her wedding night and the man she married!  And now look ……………………..you went and ‘ruined’ it all, just because you couldn’t keep your pants zipped!”

Vicki fisted the old guy with one hand, using the other to snap a shot of the bride’s rape with the digital camera that had been on the dresser, enjoying Howie’s obvious discomfort yet sporting a hardon as he witnessed the deflowering of his beautiful daughter on her wedding night.  And now, the drugged bride had her arms clutching at the back of her black lover, her white heels encircling his black ass as the black fuck stick sliced in and out of her raped slit.  “Oh, sweetie ……………………….gonna knock ya up good ……………………gonna pump a little black baby into yer tummy!” they heard DJ pant out.  And then, Megan was moaning and writhing as her body shuddered in orgasm while in her sexually aroused haze.

With Vicki coaxing him on with her taunting and clutching fingers, poor Howie could hold back no longer.  He reluctantly gave in to the moment, sexually aroused by the sight of his own daughter being deflowered by her imposing black lover, whose clenched ass made it quite obvious that he was now seeding the bride.  Howie too was now spilling his seed, right up into the air and onto the carpet of the honeymoon suite, at the very instant that his daughter’s black rapist was spewing his hot thick seed into her fertile womb.

Tears fell from Howie’s eyes as the still lengthy but now softening bloody black fuck-stick was being eased out his beautiful daughter’s raped body.  As the black rapist lifted himself off the raped beauty, leaving her legs widespread, Howie observed the horrid mixture of blood and cum oozing out of the reddened slit and begin to puddle upon the white sheets.  And then the damned bitch who had conned him into this mess was dangling a bottle before him, asking “Do you think the pretty bride will need this bottle of douche right away before one of the little buggers makes it all the way!”

A bit over an hour later, paramedics were called to the resort area after a security guard found the bride’s father sitting on the grass in the garden area.  It looked as if someone had beaten the poor guy to a pulp, especially with his face covered with blood along with blood spots visible on his white shirt, and babbling incoherently.  Hotel management were quite concerned that such a thing happened on the resort premises, especially with Howie having earlier paid the five figure bill for the reception.

Bloody face wiped up by hotel staff immediately responding to the call, they merely assumed that the old guy had been roughed up and sustained a bloody nose as no cuts were visible.  Little did they realize that the blood was not from the beautiful bride’s father but from the bride herself.  Begging Vicki to use the douche to prevent his daughter from being impregnated by the black rapist, Howie then was told what he needed to do before such a preventative measure would be performed.  Though horrified, Howie just had to comply with the bitch’s demand of first cleaning out all the liquid by putting his face between his daughter’s legs.

Vile Vicki chuckled as the distraught father of the bride nervously got into position, then pushed his face right into his daughter’s bloody mound.  Then, removing the bride’s white heels, Vicki closed the soft thighs around the old guy’s face and draped her legs over his back as sounds of slurping could now be heard, along with the bride’s moaning “Oooooooooooooooooooo ……………………………oooooooooooooooooooo!”

It was quite a sight to behold of the bride being eaten out by her own father on her wedding night.  “Ooooooooooooooooooo ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the drugged bride moaned with pleasure, drawing up her knees to press the balls of her feet down onto her father’s back as she arched up into his nuzzling face and slurping mouth.  Instinctively and with the aid of the vile Vicki, the bride’s hands were now upon the back of her father head to press his face up against her snatch.

It all seemed like a dream to Megan, never having experienced such pleasure, and never before even thinking of being pleased in such a manner.  ‘Oh, it feels so good!  Oh, Bruce ………………oh, yessssssssssss …………………….keep on doing that!’ she thought with teeth clenched tightly, pressing her feet down while arching up, pulling the head down into her.  And then there was a voice whispering in her ear, telling her “It’s your daddy eating you sweetie!  Isn’t daddy making you feel good ……………like never before in your life!  Tell daddy what you want!”

Checked over and being helped back to his room, Howie changed into some clean clothes and slipped into bed next to his sleeping wife, who had been slipped some potent sleeping pills.  Shuddering at the thought of what he had done, cleaning up the blood and cum with his mouth and swallowing it all, he could not forget what had occurred next.  As a flood of sweet nectar followed, Howie realized that his tonguing of his daughter’s clit had resulted in her having an orgasm in his mouth.

With his daughter’s thighs clamped tightly around his face and ears, Howie could swear that he heard Megan’s voice crying out “Oh, daddy …………………………yes ……………………yessssssssssssssssssss! Eat me, daddy ………………………..eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  ‘Was that just my imagination …………………or did she really call out ‘Daddy’?  Does Megan know it was really me between her legs and doing that to her?  Will she ever be able to look at me again?  Speak to me?’ he worried.

Life could not be so different for all those involved, as so much had taken place over the next twelve months.  First, the marriage between Megan and Bruce was annulled a mere three weeks after the wedding.  The honeymooners barely talked to one another after Megan awoke on the blood stained sheets the next morning only to find that Bruce had disappeared.

Showering, Megan felt so guilty at having that wicked dream of having her loving ‘Daddy’ putting his face between her legs and giving her so much pleasure.  Hours later, when her husband still had not returned, Megan then had worried ‘My God ……………………..did Bruce do that to me ………………..put his mouth on me …………………………….when I called him ‘Daddy’?’

As for Bruce Jenkins, the young groom had gotten up with a mean hangover as he gazed upon his beautiful bride with her wedding gown still on but bunched at the waist, exposing her lovely legs and the fact that he had made a woman of her.  But then, Bruce realized that he was still dressed up in his tux and even had his zipper up.  And next to him was the digital camera he had bought the other week with a note taped to it saying ‘Busting the Beautiful Bride!’  Turning it on and going over the pictures, it was quite apparent that both he and Megan had been drugged, then his lovely wife raped of her virginity ……………….by a big muscular black!’
Oh, Vicki divorced Jeff soon after to see if she could win DJ back, promising him even more surprises if he’d come back to her.  Though DJ had transformed himself into a family man and loving his beautiful Stephanie and his baby boy, his marriage dissolved quickly when Stephanie got an envelope containing pictures of her husband taking advantage of a drugged bride ………………raping her while the groom was out cold.  Seeing that DJ had cheated on her, it was the one thing that Stephanie could not stand for and she immediately filed for divorce and custody of their son.

Picking up the morning newspaper, Jeff chuckled as he read the article on the big drug bust.  In the picture, police were leading away the couple caught with a couple hundred pounds of ice.  ‘Well ………………..looks like the two lovebirds are going to be put away for quite a few years!’ Jeff laughed.  As the mastermind behind setting up the drug bust that caught the unsuspecting couple totally by surprise, not knowing the drugs had been planted in their car and residence, Jeff knew that it would be impossible to disprove their involvement with ‘ice’ found in their car and home.

As to the two Howies, they were quite ecstatic with the news also, happy that Jeff had brought them together to get even with the bitch who had seduced them and the bastard DJ.  With their funding and contacts, the two Howies went along with Jeff’s well-planned scheme to pull off the caper.  The first Howie had some unsavory contacts from his younger days and made some calls to get the drugs delivered.  The second Howie had contacts within the police department and got them to make the timely drug bust.

As for young and beautiful Megan Howard, she was also quite ecstatic but for quite a different reason, having discovered that she was now three months pregnant.  ‘How things had changed for the better ………………..especially after that disastrous marriage followed by an annulment!’ she thought.  But she had met her true love six months later when she was at her parents, when her father had a meeting with a Howard Cramden and handsome young Jeff Harrington.  A whirlwind courtship followed, with she and Jeff marrying three months later.

End of Story.