Disgruntled Boss's Retaliation III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Holly Brand
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Disgruntled Boss's Retaliation 1 & 2
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On the dance floor with the owner of the firm for which her husband worked, Holly chatted with Mr. George Alston who was admired by all of his employees.  A widower in his early 60's, Mr. Alston was very mild mannered and a caring man who treated all his employees like family.  As the music commenced for the slow dance, Holly felt the man's hand at the back of her trim waist pulling in closer to him.  Her hand in his as they danced, Holly inhaled a whiff of his cologne that caused a shudder to course throughout her entire body.

For Holly, the fragrance of the man's cologne brought back memories of a few months back, a day in which she would never forget.  'No ………………….it just couldn't be …………………….wouldn't be …………………..not Mr. Alston!' she tried to convince herself as the man pressed himself up to you.  Her petite hand in his larger pudgy one, Holly's heart began pounding in her chest as she fought jumping to conclusions at the rather familiar touch.

As the minute details began to flood her mind, Holly recalled the day that she had gone to meet her babies' father, the man who had raped her in her home.  She recalled being surprised that the room number took her up to the luxurious penthouse suite, something that she would not have expected.  She had known that having sex was going to be demanded from her in exchange for the man not to file a paternity suit for custody of her twin boys.

Though she had given birth to the black man's twin babies that had resulted from the vile rape, the motherly bond that had development as they grew within her body had Holly unable to put them up for adoption.  Though she had agreed with her husband initially to put the babies up for adoption upon their birth, the bond that had developed just could not be broken.  Willing to do anything to protect her babies, Holly was even willing to submit to the horrid man who had violated her once again.

But upon entering the penthouse suite, meeting her rapist face to face again, Holly was surprised as the man blindfolded her and led her into the bedroom.  Forced down to her knees, she then became aware of a third person being in the room ………………another man!  She had wondered as to why the need for the blindfold, wondering if the man was a public figure whom she would recognize ………………….or worst, someone she knew!

There on her knees, there would soon be one way for Holly to identify the man if she was to meet him again ……………..but that would mean opening her lips to admit his fat penis and sucking it to completion!  Then again, maybe just the texture and/or taste of the man's would do the trick!  Holly recalled just how quickly the man was done after pushing his 'thing' into her mouth, telltale evidence that he obviously had been wanting to do such a vile and demeaning thing to her for some time. in advance.

Later that day in the bedroom of the penthouse suite, Holly had been blindfolded once again, forced to stand while the man's pudgy hands undressed her.  Hands with the touch very similar to the hand that now held hers on the dance floor.  Panting for breath, Holly recalled how the man touched and caressed her body, the touch of a man who wanted possess her.  Shivering, Holly then realized that she would be able to tell if Mr. Alston was that very same man by what had occurred next ………………but she dared not ask him to get down on the floor between her legs to 'eat' her out!

Taken to the bed blindfolded, Holly recalled the feel of the naked man's pudgy body upon her, a body so similar in build to Mr. Alston.  Hands above her head, fingers entwined with the man's pudgy ones, so very similar to the hand that now held hers.  The man was obviously older, having being referred to as 'Pops' by the other man, Holly had been in dire need for a man's loving once again.  With no intimacy with her husband since the rape, this elderly man was to provide her the attention she craved.

She had not been taken brutally by the man, instead it seemed as if he wanted to make passionate love with her.  With the man lasting longer after his initial quick ejaculation into her mouth, Holly had found herself responding passionately to him, embracing him with her arms and legs wrapped around his pudgy body and returning his French kisses.  And then she had a mind-shattering orgasm as the man's body quivered uncontrollably atop of her, spurting his hot seed deep into her womb.

'Could it really be Mr. Alston?' Holly wondered as she pressed her body up against him and rested her head on his shoulder.  Inhaling deeply, taking in the scent of the familiar cologne once again, Holly was certain that it was the same that worn by unseen man in the penthouse suite.  'Mr. Alson would certainly have rented such a plush penthouse …………………that's his lifestyle ……………..and he certainly has the money to do so!' she concluded.

Feeling the man's hand in the small of her back move a bit, caressing her, Holly shivered at the thought of that unknown man in the hotel room being Mr. Alston himself.  As her thoughts continued on, a shudder coursed throughout her body as she recalled what that pudgy man had done to her next ……………………something that she had not experienced ever before …………………that of being sodomized!  'Oh, my God …………………were you the one, Mr. Alston?  The man who sodomized me ……………………..the man who shoved his cock up into my virgin ass?' she wanted to ask out loud.

Escorted by Mr. Alston back to the table where she sat next to her husband, Holly knew that she somehow had to find out for certain.  As her husband's boss pulled out the chair for her and thanked her for the dance, Holly swore that his pudgy fingers lingered on her bare upper back a few seconds longer than necessary.  'If it was Mr. Alston, does he want me again ………………..make love to me again?' she wondered.  'But ……………how …………how ………………..what connection would he have to the black man who raped me?' she shook her head.

In bed that night, Holly recounted all the intimate details with that unknown man in the penthouse, the man who obviously desired her body and had loved her with both care and passion.  'It just can't be Mr. Alston!  He'd never do such a thing!' she told herself.  'But that cologne …………………..the feel of his body against me ………………….the touch of his hand!  So very similar!' she thought.  'Somehow ……………..somehow I must find out for sure!' Holly told herself.

Early the next week, after arranging a sitter for the twins, Holly drove out to the hotel where it had all taken place.  She recalled the number of the room to the penthouse suite but could she get the desk clerk or manager to divulge the name of the person who had rented it.  Having gone over the calendar for the particular date in question, Holly was determined to find out whether or not Mr. Alston had been the one paying for the luxurious suite.

Surveying the front desk, Holly decided that her best bet of getting the info was from a male rather than the gals there.  Spotting a rather nerdy old man who apparently was the manager there behind the front desk, Holly waited for an opportune time to make her approach.  Dressed in a nice blue dress with pearls around her neck, along with 3" white heels, her approach certainly did not go unnoticed by the skinny old fellow who smiled widely and asked if he could help her.

Following her request for the needed information, the area became a bit more crowded with the female receptionists helping other guests checking in.  With other so nearby, the man advised "I'm sorry but I can't divulge that information!"  As she nodded her understanding of the situation, Holly wondered what to do next as she moved away from the desk area.  Just as she was about to give up hope, she heard the man call out "Oh, ma'am ………..ma'am ………hold up a second!"

With the man coming out from behind the desk to approach her, where no one could easesdrop, Holly listened as the man propositioned her "Ma'am ……………..a pretty woman like you shouldn't go away disappointed!  Tell you what ………………..perhaps I could dig up the information ………………….after I get off my shift in a half hour!"  As the man looked her over and licked his lips, it was obvious as to what would be expected of her in exchange for the information as the man advised "Maybe we could meet …………in private ………………after I get off!"

With the man's hand moving towards his belly, dangling a hotel room key, she was advised "Room 415!"  Up in the room, Holly wondered 'Is it worth doing this ………………….to find out whether or not Mr. Alston was the one?  What if the other man was the one renting out the place that day!  I'll have put out to the skinny bastard for nothing!'  But she had to find out one way or the other at this point.  'What if it was Mr. Alston?  What'll I do then?  What can I do?' she asked herself.

Deep down, Holly knew that if in fact it were Mr. Alston who had made passionate love to her, she would be willing to spread her charms for the man once again.  The thought of it, should it be Mr. Alston, it felt so wickedly exciting for Holly to know that her husband's elderly boss had desired her so much and had possessed her.  'My God …………..what would Tom say if it was ………………if he found out that his old boss gave his wife the fucking of a lifetime?' she wondered.  Still, it seemed like such a longshot for Mr. Alston to be tied up with the black man who had raped her earlier.

For 55 year old William Lent, 'Old Willie' as the other employees referred to him behind his back, he had never seen such a sexy little beauty that had come to him for obviously confidential information.  Tired of the job, not really getting along with other staff members, Willie just could not let the opportunity of bedding such a beauty get away.  He just couldn't believe when the succulent beauty took the key from his hand, his cock rising and throbbing in anticipation of what lay ahead.  Before his shift got off, Willie planned on picking up a bottle of champagne from the gift shop in the lobby to take up to the room with him.

With the skinny old man's arrival, Holly knew he was too smart to give her the info right away, not before she paid up first.  With the man indicating the info was right in the envelope in his coat pocket, Holly smiled and accepted the glass of champagne that had been poured for her.  Asking what was being desired of her, Holly suspected that it would something humiliating and demeaning that this skinny old man would be demanding.  Indeed so as the man advised "I've always dreamt of having a pretty little lady down on her knees and blowing me!"

As the man stood and set his glass down, Holly shuddered as she gulped down the contents of the glass before setting it down.  Then she slid off the chair onto her knees before the awaiting old man.  Swallowing and running her tongue over her lips, she then reached up to the top of the man's zipper.  Zipper pulled down, Holly reached in with her right hand to search for his old wrinkled manhood.  Pulling out the shriveled peter, she wanked at it and felt his member begin to throb and grow in her palm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..ohhh, babyyyyyyyyyy ……………….I ain't ever had a pretty little thing like you before!  Damn …………………..you're sure give good head ………………….better than I ever dreamed it'd be!  Who'd have ever guess ………………….a pretty lady like you willing to get down on her knees and give an old guy head!  Damn ……………….oh, yeah ………………….suck it, baby ………………….suck itttttttttttttt!" Willie groaned.

Reaching out, entwining his bony fingers in the long silky blonde hair, Willie needed the support to keep his knees from buckling under.  As the beauty's head bobbed up and down on his old boner, he swore she had to be a pro the way she sucked him along with her flicking tongue teasing at his pisshole.  "Uuuuummmmmm …………………mmmm ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he growled, pulling her up against his crotch as he blew his wad in her mouth.

For Holly, performing such a demeaning and humiliating act would have been unthinkable just two years ago.  Now, getting down on her knees to suck off this skinny old bastard was giving her a wicked thrill as she flicked the tip of her tongue over his rubbery cockhead.  Cum oozing onto her tongue, Holly sucked him fully into her mouth as the man moaned out his pleasure.  Once out of her mouth, Holly watched as the man fell backwards onto the bed in sheer exhaustion.

Holly smiled, knowing she had given the old geezer the blowjob of his life.  Unzipping the back of her dress, she did a sexy striptease as the man looked on.  Bra unsnapped and breasts bare, she then inserted her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, letting them slide down her legs .  Stepping out of her heels and puddled panties, Holly then climbed up onto the bed and straddled the old man's face.  Setting her dripping cunt down over his mouth, she then rubbed herself over his face, shivering as the man returned the favor by flicking his tongue over her snatch.  "Ooooooooooooo ………………….eat me ……………………..eat me you old bastard!" she encouraged.

Shuddering as she climaxed in the man's mouth, Holly squeezed her cunt muscles to feed him her sweet honey.  Dismounting the man's face, she then fell off to the side to recuperate.  Moments later, she watched as the skinny old guy took off his shirt and was about to get out of his pants.  Stretching her leg out, Holly teasingly rubbed her foot over his growing boner.  Out of his clothing, the old guy anxiously shuffled up between her legs, getting himself fitted to her.  Holly couldn't help but think 'For an old geezer, he sure giving it the 'ol college try!'  She wished Tom could see her at this very moment, having him witness his young wife spread her legs for an ugly old geezer, especially having witnessed his excitement on the night she had been raped by the big black man.

With her arms and legs wrapped around the old man, Holly proceeded the give him the fuck of a lifetime as she told him what a stud he was.  "Oh, yesssssss ………………so gooddddddddddd ……………………..you're so gooddddddd!  Fuck me, stud ………………………fuck me!" she encouraged as the man humped at her.  Though he was built rather small, the old man made up for it in effort, giving Holly an orgasm as he spurted his watery seed into her.

Looking at the time, needing to go and pick up the twins, Holly slipped out of bed and got dressed while the old geezer slept soundly.  Grabbing some tissues from the box atop the nightstand, she wiped up the thin watery trails of cum that poured out of her pussy and down her thighs.  First wiping upwards from her right knee to her leaky slit, she then had to hurriedly reach down to her left ankle to begin the clean-up.

That night, with the envelope still unopened and tucked away in her dresser drawer, Holly wondered about the content of it.  'Was it Mr. Alston …………………..the man who treats his employees and their families as his own?  Was he my unknown lover that day in the penthouse?  Was he the one ……………..the one referred to a 'Pops' being encouraged to get me pregnant …………………….to knock me up with his little baby?' she asked herself.

Then more questions arose in Holly's mind as she wondered further 'If it is Mr. Alston …………………did he know or even arrange for the black man to break in here …………………..to rape me?'  'But if so …………………..why?  Why would he do something so hideous?' she asked herself.  "Oh, my Godddddddd!" she gasped out loudly, realizing that it had all taken place just when Tom was about to leave the company.  'Could that have something to do with it all?  Was it done somehow to get Tom to remain with the company?  But how?  Why?' were the questions now flooding her mind.

Going into the master bath to shower as she pondered all those nagging questions, Holly looked at the well-starched panties from the leaking spend courtesy of the skinny old man that afternoon.  Instead of tucking it down into the hamper, she laid it atop of the hamper cover, with the soiled crotchband clearly visible.  Then she stepped into the stall for a hot refreshing shower.  Thinking back to that afternoon, Holly had to thank the old geezer for making her feel like a desirable woman again ………………..one who a guy like that would do anything for a chance to get into her panties!

With his wife in a robe sitting on the bed, Tom Brand got a clean pair of jockey and a tee-shirt to take into the bathroom.  As he began to undress, the Holly's baby blue panties attracted his attention, especially the whitish stains in the middle of the crotchband.  Seeing a wet spot, Tom then ran his thumb over the slick fluid that had all the texture of a man's slimy cum.  Crotchband of panties up to his nose, Tom inhaled the unmistakable odor of fuck juices from the wispy little garment.  'Who was Holly with today?' he wondered.

Unable to hold back any more, Holly tore open the envelope and pulled out the folded piece of paper.  Swallowing in anticipation, heart thumping, she unfolded it.  "Ah …………….oh, my Goddddddddddddddd!" she gasped loudly.  There before her eyes was the name written of 'George Alston', the man who had rented the penthouse suite that day.  Then all the nagging questions returned to her.  As her husband was about to come back into the room, Holly tucked the envelope and note between the mattress and box spring.  Slipping under the covers and turning off the lamp, she lay there in deep thought.
With Tom on his side of the bed and the lights out, Holly slipped her hands under her nightgown and cupped her breasts.  Slowly thumbing her nipples, she recalled how Mr. Alston had caressed her breasts, mouthed them and eagerly sucked upon her nipples.  'How long has he been wanting me?  Does he know that the black man had raped me?' she wondered.

Then, in thinking of Mr. Alston and her black rapist, Holly thought back to the time period immediately after the rape.  Being so distraught in the aftermath of it all, it had not been till days later that Holly had noticed that the blinds had not been closed fully, something that she always did when getting to the master bedroom and before taking a shower.  She definitely had closed them the night of the rape, not touching them till days later when she had finally pulled herself back together.

'Were the blinds opened so that someone outside could peer into the bedroom?' she wondered.  Swallowing deeply, Holly wondered 'Were the blinds opened so that Mr. Alston could watch me being raped by that black man?  Did he jerk himself off when he saw me taking that big black cock into my mouth?   Did he get off seeing me being raped ……………….seeing that monstrous black cock being forced up into me?'  Then another thought crossed her mind 'Wow, if he wanted me ………………..wanted to take me from way back then, he sure waited a long time to set things up at the hotel!'

It was her belief now that Mr. Alston had watched her rape and defilement from outside the bedroom window, that he indeed was the unseen pudgy man who made love to her that day.  That he made her take him into her mouth and sodomized her as well.  But instead of hating the man, or being upset as one would expect, for Holly the whole thing rather thrilled her.  It was somehow thrilling for her to know the lengths an elderly man, who publicly treated her husband as his son would go to get into her panties.

'I wonder ………………..does Tom have any clue about this?  He certainly did his best to convince me not to report the rape ……………though I was too ashamed to report it to the police also!' Holly thought.  Puzzled about it all, trying to put the pieces together, it just seemed too absurd to be true.  But the name of Mr. Alston was on the piece of paper as the man who had rented the penthouse that day and Holly saw it with her own eyes.  With the connection between Mr. Alston and the black rapist confirmed, Holly wondered 'Is there any other connection between Tom, Mr. Alston and the man who raped me?'

Though she had her cunny sated that afternoon, the discovery of Mr. Alston indeed being her unseen lover, Holly slipped out of bed and into the bathroom for some needed relief.  Grabbing the hairbrush with a round handle, Holly pulled the hamper over and then sat upon the covered toilet.  Legs atop the hamper, she then began to fuck herself with the rounded handle, closing her eyes and pretending it was Mr. Alston sliding his cock into her once again.

It gave Holly an immense thrill in knowing that her husband's pudgy old boss lusted after her, recalling the wicked sensations of having his soft round body humping atop of her.  That fact that he was an elderly man, her husband's boss, not very handsome at his age, fat and not muscular were the very elements of the fuck that turned her on even more.  And upon hearing the man wheeze, grunt and snort as he emptied his pent-up balls into her had Holly soaring into outer space with a mind-blowing orgasm.

In the middle of the week, Tom and Holly carried the twins into the home after going out to the grocery store, Tom saw that the answering machine was flashing.  Having pressed the button to playback the messages, Tom listened to the first one that was from his sister.  Then as Holly was about to pass by him, the familiar voice of Reece Braxton came on, Tom heard his wife stop dead in her tracks behind him.

Both Holly and Tom shivered in unison as the recording played back "Same time and place this Saturday sweetie!  Ya's sure did some number on's Pops that he's jist went and paid me a thousand bucks for all day Saturday with ya!  So's ya's go the desk and git the envelope that'll have some instructions fer ya to follow!"  Holly saw Tom's pale face as he turned to face her as he stammered out "Are ………………are you going ………..to meet this man?"

With excitement now coursing throughout her petite body, cunt juice wetting the crotchband of her panties, Holly wanted to respond with 'Your boss would certainly be upset if I didn't show, honey!  Mr. Alston's more than twice your age Tom, but he's certainly more of a stud than you!  That old bull might have been out to pasture for some time but he's sure horny as hell!'  Feigning shock, trying to hide her excitement, she responded with "I …………….I must ………………….for the sake of the twins!"
That Saturday, Holly anxious obtained the letter of instructions from the front desk, telling her to go up to the same penthouse and use the key in the envelope to let herself in.  Before entering the bedroom door, she was to first put on the blindfold contained in the envelope and knock before entering.  Upon following the instructions and entering the bedroom, the man's pudgy hand gently took hers and led her into the room.

Feigning nervousness, knowing that most men got turned on at the opportunity, Holly deliberately gave a shudder as the hands upon her shoulder forced her down to her knees.  Hands drawn upward to the man's crotch, Holly feigned a cringe of disgust as her fingers fumbled with tab of his zipper.  The fumbling on her part was not deliberate but due to her excitement of taking the man's flaccid manhood into her hand once again, then blowing it stiff and hard.

Having expertly blown the man down, Holly shivered with pleasure as she stood and felt the man's fingers fumbling at the clasp to the back of her dress. Wickedly relishing the feel of the man's pudgy hands on her sexy body as Mr. Alston proceeded to disrobe her, Holly ran her tongue over her lips to savor the taste of his manly essence, enjoying the feel of his hot lumpy load that had settle in her belly.

Holly wished that she could take the blindfold off, wanting to watch her husband's boss avidly rub is face up into her womanhood.  "Ohhh ……………...oooooh ……………………….oooooooooooooooooooo!" she swooned, reaching forward to grasp the back of Mr. Alston's head to keep her knees from buckling.  "Oooooooooooo …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came Holly's loud moan of pleasure as she orgasmed in the elderly man's slurping mouth.

It was an afternoon of sheer delight for Holly as Mr. Alston went at her like a young bull, going at it for two long and fantastic fuck sessions, displaying far more stamina that would put her much younger husband to shame.  It felt so wicked and wonderful to Holly, wrapping her arms and legs around the soft pudgy body of her husband's laboring boss.  And to Holly's astonishment, her lover had got it up once again to stick it up her tender ass and bugger her good.

For Tom Brand, he swallowed upon seeing the glow on his beautiful wife's face upon her return home.  He correctly suspected that it was far from being subjected to an unpleasant afternoon with the unknown man who had satisfied lust, sating himself on Holly ……….in her!  Going into the master bath after Holly had showered and was now preparing dinner, Tom observed the pink pair of panties that his wife had left for him to find atop the top of the hamper.  Interior of the crotchband clearly visible, Tom swallowed once again in seeing the lumpy white goo that had oozed out of his wife's well-filled snatch.

Over the next three months, it was babysitting duties for Tom Brand every Saturday while his wife went out to get herself royally fucked by this unknown man named 'Pops'.   He recalled how his wife recanted the events of one Saturday afternoon, when be began prodding Holly as to what occurred that day, that the man gave away the fact that he indeed was much older when he had exclaimed to Holly as he was cumming "Ooooh, sweetie ………………I'm gonna knock you up good!  You're gonna get knocked up by a guy in his sixties, honey!"  Tom could only swallow his pride when his lovely wife relayed how the old guy was like a young bull out to sow his oats, going at her again and again throughout the day.

Seeing the available evidence every Saturday after Holly got home and showered, Tom would then get a break from babysitting the twins.  He anxiously awaited for Holly to relieve him and play with the boys, allowing him to make a beeline to the master bath to discover which pair of his wife's lacy panties were now soiled with 'Pops' spunk that had managed to ooze out of Holly's well-fucked cunt.  Tom couldn't resist the temptation of dipping his fingers into the gooey puddle, feeling the slick texture as he rubbed it between his fingers, then taking a whiff of the strong male odor.

On a Saturday three months later, George Alston relished the touch of the lovely female beneath him as she caressed his shoulders as he lay spent and drained within her, joined as only a husband and wife should be.  After a deep passionate kiss between them, in each other's embrace, he detected a slight shiver and sniffle from the delicate beauty, causing him to ask "Are you okay, sweetie!  Did I hurt you?"

To George Alston's surprise, she responded "No, no ………………you didn't hurt me!  I ……………….I loved it ………………..every time ………………every time you make love to me!  It's just ………………..just that I ……………I ……………….I wanted you to know ……………that …………………I ………………….I'm pregnant with your baby ……………….Mr. Alston!"  Oh, he certainly was shocked to hear that the lovely Mrs. Holly Brand was pregnant with his baby but more so that she knew his identity.

Shocked out his senses, cock immediately shriveling and slipping out of her gripping quim, George Alston stammered "You know ………………..you know who I am?  How ……………….how long …………..have you known!"  Seeing the beauty then smile and lift the blindfold off her tearing eyes, he then saw who sincere she had been in telling him how much she enjoyed his love making.  He was shocked to hear "I've known since that last company function!  Your cologne gave you away!"

"Did ……………..did you tell Tom …………….that's it's me?" Alston asked.  He was pleasantly surprised when she entwined her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips before advising "No ……………….I kept it a secret ……………………because I wanted you to make love to me again and again!  Ohhhh, I looked forward to each Saturday!  Now I'm so happy I'm carrying your baby!"  Then the look of dismay showed as Holly told him "I just wish I could be with you everyday and night!"

A month later, everyone at Ace High Amalgamated was in grief, devastated at the horrendous tragedy on the annual hunting trip that many of the male and a few female employees liked to participate in.  It certainly appeared to be the result of a tragic hunting accident, especially with ballistic tests showing that the bullet did not come from any of their rifles, that had left Tom Brand dead with a bullet to the heart.

With hunting parties all over the mountain, it was virtually impossible to trace where the bullet had come from nor who had fired the fatal round.  As it was the first week of hunting season, with no apparent motive for the slaying of Tom Brand, the police merely ruled it as a hunting accident.  There was no reason at all to suspect the prominent George Alston, just no reason at all.  Nor was there any obtainable link between him and that of the shady Reece Braxton, an expert marksman during his stint in the army.

Later that year, everyone at Ace High Amalgamated thought it was so touching and kind of Mr. Alston to see to it that Mrs. Brand and her family got everything needed to survive on.  Though surprised to see Mr. Alston inviting a well-pregnant Holly Brand as his guest at the Christmas function, the employees and spouses thought that it was a very kind gesture to continue including her in as part of the company's family.  When asked, Holly proudly announced that a test had recently been done and that it was going to be a little baby boy, also adding "I just hope he looks like his daddy!"

As Mr. Alston and pretty Holly Brand became to be seen more and more in public together, it seemed that it should be less of an intimate relationship and more of a father/daughter relationship.  But the way they held hands, cozying up to one another, the gossip birds were beginning to chirp that something more than a friendly relationship was developing between the two.

The sudden marriage between old George Alston and pretty young Holly Brand soon became the talk of the company, as well as the town.  But it was concluded that Mr. Alston took pity on the pregnant wife of his deceased employee and did not want the baby to be borne without a father.  Little did they suspect that the bloated belly of the new Mrs. Holly Alston was a product of the old geezer himself.

End of Story.