Distressed Young Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Ssgt. Wilbur Mills looked over the sorriest mess of recruits he'd ever laid eyes upon since becoming a drill sergeant.  At the age of 42, having served in Desert Storm, Ssgt. Mills had decided to make the military his career.  Standing at 6'4" and weight a solid 235 lbs., he was mean and tough on the recruits, knowing he had to be or these men would not survive the hardships endured in a military conflict.  On each side of him were the two sergeants just below him in rank but whom he relied upon to get these men in shape and through basic training.  The men at his side already knew in advance of what was coming as they had discussed it the night before.

"Listen up you morons!  As a unit, you have again failed to make the 5 mile run in the required time!  As I warned you bunch of losers yesterday, another failure and you'd be kissing that weekend pass goodbye!  So, any plans that you had to go out partying this weekend or going to the bars, just forget about it!  Instead, you ladies will be going on a camping trip, escorted by Sgt. Thompson and Sgt. Franks!" Wilbur hollered.

As the groans and moans could be heard from the recruits, Wilbur then gave them the clincher "You goofballs will be headed out tomorrow afternoon, in full battlegear, for a 10 mile hike where you will make camp at the base of Mt. Camel.  On Saturday morning, you will then make a 12 mile hike to the base of Mt. Sheppard where you will camp there.  Then on Sunday, you ladies will make the 10 mile hike back to camp!  I'll be thinking of you ladies every time I sip at my nice cold beer!  Dismissed!"

An hour later, Wilbur was joined by Sgt. Thompson and Sgt. Franks in his office with the door closed and locked.  Getting out three cans of beer from his small fridge, Wilbur handed a can to each of his buddies as they began laughing at moans and groans given by the recruits when Wilbur had given them the bad news.  They had been doing this at least once for every recruiting class, just to show them that life brought about some hardships.

Sgt. Thompson advised "Sarge, when you were tied up with Capt. Simmons, word came down that recruit Bailey's mother had a heart attack and was in the hospital!  As we've done before in these situations, I had the staff arrange to get him off to the airport and on the next flight out to be with his family for the emergency!  I told Bailey he'll do the hike later or get extra duty later just so the other members of the unit don't think we give out free passes!  He'll check in to advise me on his mother's condition so we'll know when he'll be expected back to base!"  Wilbur nodded and replied "Good!  Giv'em the time he needs!"

Then Sgt. Franks tossed an envelope onto his desk and advised "Recruit Ryan's got a bit of a problem and was in a bit of a panic when he came to me!  He's been pretty good thus far in training so I told him I'd talk to you!  Appears he got married just before entering boot camp and his wife purchased some non-refundable airline tickets to be with him this weekend.  The letter in there is from his wife that he got earlier telling him of when her flight would arrive tomorrow afternoon!  Wife had sent him a photo with the letter and man she is some looker!"

Picking up the envelope and withdrawing the letter, Wilbur glanced at it and saw that indeed Ryan's wife would be getting in late Friday afternoon.  Knowing that the recruits made peanuts, losing out on the cost of tickets would really be a set back, causing Wilbur some concern.  As he was about to put the letter back into the envelope, he saw the edge of the picture that Sgt. Franks had mentioned.  Pulling it out, he gave a low whistle as his cock rose to attention, commenting "Man, that Ryan really married a fuck'n beauty!  Fuck, she looks like a fuck'n model!"

Putting the letter and photo back into the envelope, Wilbur tossed it back onto the desk towards Sgt. Franks and said "Have Ryan come in to see me later!  Damm, I hate to make this kind of exception or everyone else in the unit will pull the same stunt!  Let me figure a way to pull this off so everyone's happy!"  As they sat back drinking and laughing about the day's events, Wilbur couldn't get his mind off the beauty in the photo.  'Damm, I sure as hell wouldn't mind getting into that little bitch's panties!  God, bet she'd scream bloody murder with her tight little pussy stretched around my 'ol cock!' he thought.

A half-hour later, Wilbur looked at the young recruit seated across the desk from him, wondering 'How in the hell did this little punk land a gorgeous beauty like that?'  Then he spoke up "Understand your wife was planning to visit you this weekend and has non-refundable tickets.  Is that right, Ryan?"

"Yes, that's correct, Sarge!" came the response from recruit Eric Ryan.  At the age of 19, Eric had been working part-time at a service station to pay for the community college courses that he had been taking.  With him the oldest in a family of eight, his parents couldn't help much with his college tuition, thus he was trying to save up to afford transferring to the university after two years of community college credits.  When 9/11 came, Eric took a different outlook on life, deciding to be more useful to his country by enlisting in the army.  With the G.I. Bill, he could get the government to later pay his college tuition when he did his duty.

It was there at the community college that Eric came to meet the beautiful Lynn Shafer, also age 19, in one of his classes.  They were instantly attracted to one another and fell madly in love.  Lynn had been getting part-time modeling jobs since her junior year in high school.  With a light load of courses at the community college, she could still get her education as well as continue doing her modeling jobs.  At 5'5" 118 lbs., a stunning figure of 35-23-34 with long blonde hair, she was beginning to get more and more modeling jobs.

When Eric had made his decision to join the army, the major obstacle was in having to leave Lynn.  But with the emotional effects of the national crisis, Lynn encouraged him n his decision to enlist in the army but said "Let's get married before you go!  I'll join you wherever you get stationed and get modeling jobs nearby!"  With that, it was a quickly arranged marriage with only immediate family and very close friends present to help celebrate the occasion.

"How long is she planning to be here?" Wilbur asked.  "Well, a little over a week! College is off on spring break and she arranged to have the modeling agency to schedule anything that comes up for when she gets back!  We were hoping to have two weekends together!" came the reply.

"So, have you made arrangements for your wife to stay somewhere?" he asked.  "The Oasis Motel!" Wilbur exclaimed after hearing that was where the recruit was housing his wife because it was the cheapest he could find after calling all around, apparently not aware of what a sleazy dump it was.  "Shit, you know where that is?  Damm, you can't leave your wife there all alone when you're confined to the base during the week!  Shit, that's where all the streetwalkers' take their johns!  Guys see your wife alone there, they'll definitely proposition her in thinking she's one of the streetwalkers!"

Thinking of the sexy little blonde, learning that she was indeed a model, the gears in Wilbur's mind began to churn.  'Damm, just picturing the fucking beauty's got my fuck'n nuts boiling over!  Shit!  Hmmm, maybe!  Just maybe I can just pull it off and get into her tight little panties!' he thought.  Shaking his head, looking down, he said "Ryan, I'm going to let you skip out of the hike this weekend and give you an emergency pass since your wife can't get a refund on the airline tickets!"  Wilbur then asked "How are you planning to pick your wife up at the airport since no recruits are allowed vehicles on base during boot camp?"

"Well, Sarge, I figured I had enough time to hitch a ride outside the base to get to the airport on time!  Then when I meet her at the airport, I figured we'd splurge and take a taxi to the motel!" Eric replied.

Knowing that recruits got paid peanuts, it was obvious that the young newlyweds were living on a shoestring budget, especially with him in boot camp and his wife a part-time model and college student.  His head bowed, shaking slowly from side to side, he wanted Ryan to see that he was concerned and thinking.  But what he was really thinking about was laying out the details of his quickly devised plan of getting his hands on the body of the young recruit's beautiful blonde wife.
"Fuck, Ryan …………….shittttttttt!  Now, Ryan, I don't want this getting out to anyone on base!  Call and cancel that sleazy motel room you got reserved.  I'll sleep on base till your wife leave the next week!  You and your wife can stay at my place and save your money!  If she's at that motel by herself during the week while you're on base, that's asking for trouble.  I've got an SUV at my apartment so you two can use it to see the sights!  Let your wife use it to get around while she's here.  Just fill up the gas when you're done with it!" Wilbur advised gruffly to make it seem that he was concerned about them.

Eric was stunned at the compassion the tough and gruff drill sergeant was showing him.  He certainly could not pass up such an offer and he also could not offend the drill sergeant by declining his generous offer.  "I ………I don't know what to say but 'Thanks', Sarge!" Eric advised.

"But don't you think you've gotten out of that hike I announced today!  You and recruit Bailey, who was given an emergency pass to see his ailing mother, will make that hike on your own two weeks from now!  That way the rest of the unit will know there's no escape since you'll be on the hike when they have a weekend pass!  I'll instruct them to plant a unit flag at each location the make camp at and you and Bailey are to retrieve them!"

As the young recruit was about to leave his office, Wilbur advised "Ryan, forget about hitching a ride to the airport tomorrow!  I'll give you a ride to the airport then show you two where my apartment is along with the SUV.  I normally do my laundry on the weekend so I'll be hanging around about an hour and half!  Then you two lovebirds will have the entire apartment to yourselves!"

Alone in his office, Wilbur rubbed his aching crotch as he closed his eyes and pictured that lovely beauty he had seen in the photo.  'God, I just gotta get me some of that tender white pussy!' he groaned.  His mind racing, Wilbur began to conjure up a plan that just might get him some of tasty poontang.  He licked his lips at the thought of dipping his tongue into that sweet tasting honeypot.

The next afternoon, having chauffeured the young recruit to the airport so he could pick up his wife, then waited off in the background as the passengers began to exit from the gate.  Then he saw her exit the gate and his cock gave a lurch in the crotch of his pants at the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen.  'What a fucking beauty!  Man, far more beautiful that the snapshot had depicted!  Oh, I'm definitely getting me a piece of this tender white ass!' he told himself as he gazed upon the sexy beauty dressed in a light yellow blouse, a yellow printed skirt and white heels.

Wilbur put on the act of a perfect gentleman, wanting to put this sexy beauty at ease and to have her and her punk husband that I'm only concerned with their safety.  He watched the young couple kissing and hugging, obviously madly in love with one another and having missed each other badly from the separation.  When the young couple ended a deep passionate kiss, he observed them making their way through the crowd towards him.

As the young beauty's husband made the introductions, Wilbur gave a friendly smile and extended his hand to greet her.  "It's so nice to meet you, Ssgt. Mills!  Eric was just telling me how nice you are in offering us the use of your apartment.  Isn't it just too much of an inconvenience for you, after all, I'll be here for over a week?" the young beauty asked.

Her sweet voice nearly melted him as he held her beautiful soft manicured hand.  'Oh, baby!  Yer soft sexy hand is sure gonna feel good wrapped around my 'ol black pole!  Looking at her sweet pink lips as she spoke, he cock throbbed at the thought that it's slurpy cum would soon be spilling from between them.  'Hmmm, wonder if this innocent little thing as even got the taste of a man in her mouth!' he wondered.

With the young recruit loading his wife's luggage into the trunk of the car, Wilbur was at the front passenger door holding it open for the lovely beauty.  He certainly did not want her husband sitting up front with him, not when he could be eyeing up her long trim legs as they drove.  'Damm, she's so fucking sexy!  Those long sexy white legs sure turn me on in those white heels!  God, I can't wait to crawl between them and get a taste of yer sweet honeypot!' he moaned inwardly.

As they chatted in the car, Wilbur took a slight detour, wanting to point out the motel that the dumb punk had booked is wife into.  He knew that by doing so, he would look like a fuck'n hero in their eyes and gain their complete trust that he was looking after their well-being.  It was a perfect timing as he neared the motel, seeing that the hookers had just started to come out to begin their solicitations.

"I took a slight detour to show you exactly what you would have gotten yourself into if you stayed at the motel!  It's coming up now, right where those three gals are across the street!" Wilbur advised, smiling inwardly upon hearing the beauty next to him gasp as she view the hookers in their rather lewd outfits.  "Those gals and the ones here to your right are out here throughout the day and night looking to pick up a 'john'!  Worst yet, the motel you were going to stay at are where they take the 'johns' to!  Any guy seeing you coming out of that motel would presume that you were a hooker for hire and definitely proposition you!" he added.

"Th ………..thank you so much, Ssgt. Mills!  I'd have been completely terrified if I had stayed there!  I can't thank you enough for saving me from that experience!" Lynn exclaimed.  Having modeled in the big cities before, she had occasion to see some of the lower parts of the city and gals such as these, but only in passing.  The thought that she could have actually been staying for an entire week, in the same motel where the hookers serviced their customers, made her shudder in horror.

"Please call me Sarge, Mrs. Ryan!  Staff Sgt. Mills sounds so formal!" Wilbur replied.  "Frankly, I'm so happy that I could be of help and prevent a serious problem from occurring!  You'd never have felt comfortable to even get out to do any sightseeing from that location!  Now, please feel free to just use the SUV that I have at the apartment!  I show you where it's located when we park this car.  Anything you see in the apartment is at your disposal!" he added.

In the apartment, Wilbur showed them about and advised the spare room was theirs as clean sheets were just put onto it.  Then he went to the kitchen to pour three glasses of wine, two of which were laced with a potent sedative, one laced quite heavily while the with half the dosage.  Then he invited the young couple to join him in the living room, saying that he picked up the bottle to welcome Mrs. Ryan to this remote town and hoped that she enjoyed her stay.

As the couple came into the living room to join him, he handed the heavily spiked wine to the young recruit with the less potent one to his beautiful young wife.  After a sip of his wine, Wilbur left the two alone with the bottle of wine in the living room.  As he departed the living room, he advised "You two got a lot of catching up to do!  Wine's all yours!  I'll take my glass with me and gather up clothes to put in the wash!  Once that's done and put in the dryer, I'll be leaving you two lovebirds all to yourselves!"

With the laundry room situated toward the bedroom, behind the loving couple, he saw them kissing passionately and cuddling.  Wilbur was glad to see the unsuspecting couple sipping at their respective glass of wine between their kisses.  The young recruit would be out cold soon after finishing the first glass of wine.  That sexy little wife of his would be too woozy to put up much of a resistance once hers was done.

Going back and forth from his room to the laundry room, pretending that he was quite busy, he continually peeked out to check on the loving couple.  Back in his bedroom, he peeked out from his door and observed the sexy little beauty with eyes closed and lovely pink lips parted to engage in another passionate kiss with her young husband.  He observed the young man's hand move up to cup his wife's breast and heard her moan in response to his touch.

Unzipping his fatigues, Wilbur fished out his throbbing tool, one that he would soon put to use in splitting apart the sexy white legs of the young model in his living room.  Fisting his cock, he licked his lips in anticipation, anxious for the young husband to feel the full effects of the spiked wine.  'Oh, baby, bet you've been dying to have a cock between your legs after being without it for weeks!  Bet that itch between your legs needs some scratching right about now!  'Ol Sarge is here to help ya scratch that nasty itch, sweetie!' he said to himself.

Wilbur smiled as he saw the young recruit's head bob a bit between a kiss with lovely young wife, then reached forward to pour more wine in his now empty glass.  Seeing the lovely young wife put he glass up to her lips to drain her glass so her husband could refill it.  He could see she was a bit woozy from the drug, but with less sedatives, as she hugged her tipsy husband.

Hearing the beauty tell her husband that she needed to use the bathroom and seeing her rise from the sofa, Wilbur remained in his bedroom with his back to the door pretending he was folding some clothes to pack in his bag.  He heard the bathroom door close and the button lock pushed.  Turning and going out to the edge of the living room, Wilbur smiled with delight in seeing the young recruit out cold from the heavily drugged wine.

Going back into his bedroom, Wilbur stood hidden just inside the doorway, listening intently to any noise that emanated from the nearby bathroom.  Staring at the king-sized bed, looking at the bedposts, he was satisfied that he had set everything up properly while the couple was smooching in the living room.  A strong rope, each 2' in length loped at the end with a long plastic tie attached to the end of it, would serve to carry out the evil plan that he had devised while in bed the other night.

Pulling off his shirt, quickly dropping his pants and jockeys, he was now ready to spring upon the unsuspecting beauty when she exited the bathroom.  Then, hearing the flush of the toilet followed by the running water of the faucet, Wilbur knew that would be but a mere moment before the young beauty would be in his arms.  Then he heard the faucet being shut off and then the click of the unlocking of the door, followed by the turning of the doorknob.

Having dabbed some cold water onto her face, Lynn tried to shake off the hazy effects feeling that had come over her.  She surmised that it must be excitement plus already having consumed a full glass of wine on an empty stomach.  Opening the door and stepping out, she turned towards the living room and brushed her long blonde hair back.  Suddenly a large hand was clamped over her mouth from behind as a muscular black arm encircled her trim waist.

Frozen with fright, she saw the living room getting farther away as she was being dragged backwards.  Stumbling, trying to regain her footing, Lynn's heels got caught in the carpet and lost her heels in the process.  Her hazy mind cleared somewhat from the adrenaline created by this sudden attack, realizing that her husband's drill sergeant was not such a kind and thoughtful person after all, worst than the men who would solicit the services the women in front of the motel.

Fear coursed throughout her entire body, feet digging into the soft carpet in an attempt to prevent herself from being taken into the bedroom of her husband's drill sergeant.  But Lynn found that she was just no match at all for this big muscular man as he pulled her further back into his bedroom.  Lynn shuddered in fear as a strong hand grasped the top of her yellow blouse, yanking it downward with great forcing, the buttons popping off as a result.  Suddenly she found herself lifted high up in the air, turned and flung down onto the king-sized bed.  The heavy weight of her attacker suddenly upon her a second later knocked the breath out of her, nearly causing her to black out.

 Wilbur took advantage of the young beauty's stunned condition as he reached up to quickly draw down pull the torn yellow blouse off her back and down her arms.  Quickly, the hook to the back of her thin lacy bra was undone, then Wilbur was pushing the bra straps over her shoulders and down her arms, tossing it to the floor.  Undoing the button of her yellow print skirt and unzipping the side of it, he turned the dazed beauty over onto her back, he had the plastic tie secured around her right wrist.  Seconds later, he had her left hand secured to the other bedpost.  Sitting up as he straddled her, he could now take in the beautiful white breasts capped in pink as she struggled to regain her breath.

Struggling against the bonds of her wrists, Lynn shuddered as the evil drill sergeant pulled her yellow skirt over her hips and down her legs, leaving her now clad only in her lacy white panties.  Realizing his true intentions, Lynn screamed loudly "Stop!  Stop!  Eric!  Ericccccccccc!  Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ericcccccccc!"  'Oh, God, let me die!' she sobbed to herself, realizing that only her thin white panties remained.
Wilbur took in the exquisite sight of the flawless white body of this sexy young beauty.  He had left her panties on purposely, wanting to savor this precious moment, wanting to see the fear of horror on the beauty's face as she realized that she was totally at his mercy.  He saw her eyes widen in fear as her gaze went down to the movement at this crotch where he now stroked his monster of a cock that throbbed and threatened to explode.  The fear in her eyes told him that what he possessed greatly surpassed anything her innocent eyes had ever seen, then he laughingly advised "Yer hubby's out cold from the drug I put in the wine, sweetie!"

"No …………….noooooooo!" she yelled as observed the grinning man reach forward towards her panties.  Kicking and thrashing about, she managed to kick him in the shoulder and chest before her trim ankles were caught in the vice grip of his hands, which then forced her legs prone upon the bed and were pinned as he sat upon them.

Lynn shuddered as she felt her lacy white panties being drawn down over her legs, then the man got off her legs as he drew her panties off he feet.  'Oh, God ………….oh, God ………….help me ………..please help meeeeee!' she prayed.  "Please …….please …………..please let me go ……………….please don't hurt me!  Please ……..please don't rape me!" she whimpered.

Wilbur had received great pleasure in the kicks to his shoulder and chest when the flailing beauty attempted to kick him away.  This was so much more fun and pleasurable than a bitch that just lay back like a dead piece of meat.  Pinning her legs to the bed, he loved the way the beauty sobbed in horror as she realized just what was in store for her as her eyes were glued upon his throbbing cock.  Wilbur eyed the golden treasure before him, framed in the tiny triangle of soft golden curls.

Shivering as the evil drill sergeant bent down to nuzzle his gruff and grimy face between her widespread thighs, Lynn had never before had a man's face so near to her sex before.  Clenching her thighs together, she tried to still herself, trying to will herself to feel no pleasure whatsoever from the wet tonguing of the tender flesh of her inner thighs.  She shivered as a tingle of unwanted pleasure coursed through her innocent young body.

Then the teasing tongue began to move upwards, the top of her assailant's head now at the level of her pubic mound.  It was then that she realized what this evil man intended to do to her, causing her to shudder in disgust.  'No ………no ……..it …….it can't be!  No ……..no man would do such a thing!  No man would put his face there!' she told herself.  "Ohhhhh, God …………….noooooo ……………….nooooooooooooo!" Lynn screamed as the man's face nuzzled itself into her soft golden curls.  Then the sudden wet flickering burrowing between the slit of her womanhood, making contact with her sensitive slit had her body shuddering uncontrollably.

"Arrrrruggggghhhh ……………oh ……….oh ……….oh ………..ahhhhhhhhhh, God!" Lynn screamed as the hot mouth now clamped over her womanhood and was literally eating her out.  "Stop ……………..stop …………oh, pleaseeeee ……………….please, stoppppp!  Eric ………………help me!" she sobbed pleadingly.  "Oh, God …………oh, God …………please ……………..pleaseeeeeee!  Please …………..please …………..please, I beg you ………….please …..it's so filthy!" she whimpered.

Lynn struggled desperately against the bonds securing her wrists.   Her legs widespread, with the big muscular body between them, she kicked at his thighs and waist with her bare feet in hopes of pushing him away from her.  But her attacker was not to be denied and she could not escape the devouring mouth and tongue that wormed itself into her now slick slit.

Lynn tossed her head from side to side in disbelief, her long blonde hair whipping about in her agony.  She unconsciously arched her hips up in response to sensations created by the wet slurping mouth between her legs.  "Ohhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhh, God!" she moaned as jolts of unwanted pleasure coursed through her innocent body.  "Ohhhhhh, God …………….oh, God ……..what's happeningggggg …………..to meeeee!" she shuddered, arching up once again into the slurping mouth.  "Ahhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhh .…………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Lynn screamed as her body convulsed in an orgasm, one of such magnitude never before experienced in her young life.

Lynn lay limply upon the bed, her mind in a stupor from the mind-shattering orgasm that had rocked her body to the core.  Then she felt a heavy body begin to cover her, sliding up and rubbing itself upon her.  She was helpless beneath her attacker, her hands secured to the bedposts, she shivered as a sensitive nipple was captured in a hot sucking mouth, his teasing tongue causing her nipple to stiffen.  She moaned as the man then went on to tease her other nipple.

“Oh, please …….. please stop ………………please, don’t do this to me …… I beg you, please!  Please ………………please don’t rape me ………………please don't!  Please stop now ………………I won't tell Eric what happened!" she sobbed in fear, hoping that he would stop now by promising not to tell.  She then shuddered in fright upon feeling a hot fleshy bulb rubbing up against the entrance to her womanhood.  'No ………….oh, God …………..nooooooo! No man can be that ……………biggggg!' she shuddered as it continued rubbing up against her, seeking to part her moist folds.

She grimaced with fear at the feel of the thick cockhead prodding at her entrance, shaking in terror as she sobbed “Oh God!  Please ………….please …………..no ………..no!  Please don't rape me with that ……thing!  It …………. it's too big!  It's too biggggggg!"  Lynn struggled helplessly against her bonds, kicking at her assailant, trying desperately to save herself from this brutal attack.  

With the large hands under her, gripping her asscheeks tightly and his cockhead at her entrance, Lynn helplessly sobbed and cried.  As the pressure of the prodding cockhead increased in its goal to gain entrance, Lynn cried out "No ……….nooooooo, pleaseeeee ……………………ahhhhhhhhh …………owwwwwwww!  Please …………oh, please ………….please stop!  It hurtssssss …………it hurtsssss!  It hurts so baddddddddd!  Stop, please ……….pleaseeeeeeee!”  But in response, Lynn just heard laughter coming from the man above her as he brutally shoved another inch of his bloated shaft into her aching body.

"Oh, God ………….oh, God …………….help me!" she sobbed as she felt the thick blunt shaft spearing into her moist slit.  Bound to the bedposts and this muscular rapist upon her, Lynn could do nothing to escape this vicious rape.  She knew from the size of this man's cock that it would surely tear her apart.  The pain of the brutal intrusion was so great that Lynn spread her legs even wider in an attempt to ease the awful pain.

"Nooooooooo ………………ohhhhhhh …….………..ohhh, please ……………….please stop …………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!” Lynn screamed as the thick cock bored deeper into her tight channel.  Then the demented drill sergeant began to stab into her, deeper and deeper, withdrawing some only to plunge it all the way into her fertile womb.  “Oh, God ……….oh …….…oh …….…oh ……..…oh ………..oh ………..oh, no ………oh, nooooooo …………………oh, Godddddddddddd, nooooo!” she screamed as unwanted feelings of pleasure began to course through her innocent body.

Betrayed by her own body, Lynn's legs raised up high to now cross over and wrap themselves around her rapist, arching up as her body tensed in a mind-shattering orgasm.  "Oh, God ………………..I ………………..I'm cumingggggggggggg ………….arrrughhhhhhh!" she cried out as her body shook uncontrollably, racked in spasms

Wilbur couldn’t believe how this naïve little bitch was clutching him so tightly to her, her legs stiffening as they locked tightly around him.  Purposely, he slowed up his strokes, wanting her to cum back down to earth.  Taunting her, he snickered “What would that punk husband say if he could see you now, baby?  Cumming on a black cock!  Gonna tell him I raped you, sweetie?  Tell’em how I ‘ruined’ you, sweet thing!  Oh, baby ……….gonna cum in you, bitch!  Gonna knock you up good!”

The realization that this rapist was about to spew his filthy seed into her body snapped Lynn out of her fucked out stupor.  She realized that this was her most fertile time of the month, knowing that she was going to be with her husband again and she had hoped he would impregnate her on her visit.  Horror set in, realizing the dreaded consequences she faced if her husband's drill sergeant deposited his potent seed in her fertile womb.  “Please, please no .……………no ………….stop …………..don’t cum in me!  You ………you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.

But her assailant had no intention of stopping as he humped away like a wild animal, causing the bed to bump against the wall time and time again.  “Oh, baby, you sweet little bitch!  Gonna fuck a baby in your little white tummy!  Gonna knock you up good!  Ahhhhh ………..yeahhh ……………..here it cummmmmsss ……..ohhhhhh, babyyyy!” Wilbur groaned as his cock unleashed a quart of his hot thick jism.   His body convulsed as the sweet young wife clung to him tightly with her trim ankles locking upon one another to keep him closed joined to her.

Having been fucked into oblivion, it was twenty minutes before Lynn awoke to find what she thought had been a terrible nightmare was really true.  She gritted her teeth as her body shuddered in revulsion, feeling the heavy body of her rapist upon her, still deeply embedded in her.  Pulling at her bindings, tears flowed from her eyes as she realized that they would not give way.  She sobbed when she felt a twitch of life throb between her thighs, a throb of the buried meat between her legs.  'Oh, God ……………….he's going to get me pregnant for sure!' she sobbed to herself, feeling the slimy spend overflow from the now loosened joint of their union.

Lynn shivered as the meat between her legs throbbed once again, feeling the body upon her stir as he automatically pushed his growing manhood into her once again, beginning to slowly begin pumping in and out of her.  'Oh ……………ohhhhhh ………..he's really going to fuck me again!  I just can't believe anyone could have this much stamina!' she thought.  Cock rubbing against her sensitive clit, Lynn was nearing a tremendous orgasm, clutching tightly at the muscular shoulders.

Desperate to achieve that unbelievable sensation that she had experienced earlier, she wrapped her legs around her husband's drill sergeant, arching her hips up into his lunges, moaning "Ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhh ……..oh, yes …………..oh, yes ………yes ………….oh, God ……….I …………I'm cumming!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Lynn's body shook and shuddered, convulsing madly as the cock in her twitched, expanded, then began to spew its hot jizz deep into her fertile womb.

With sunlight about to breakthrough the windows, Lynn lay back upon the bed, totally exhausted after what seemed like a continuous fuck session with the insatiable sergeant throughout the night.  She watched as her husband's drill sergeant was now dressed and about to leave, telling her that the drugs in her husband's system would wear out in a couple of hours.  Lynn merely lay back upon the bed, unable to recall just when the bindings on her wrists had been released, but she did remember how she had embraced the muscular body with her arms as well as her legs when he fucked her during the night.

Getting the strength to make it from the bed to the shower, Lynn staggered to the bathroom and into the shower.  Running her trim fingers between her legs, touching her matted curls and opening her slit, she cringed as her fingers were coated with a copious amount of thick jizz.  Turning on a hot shower, she bathed and lathered her body, trying desperately to cleanse herself.  But not having brought a douche with her, the main part of her body was yet to be cleansed of the dangerous goo.

Dressed in a pair of shorts and a blouse, Lynn saw that her husband was still out soundly, snoring in a deep sleep.  Slipping on her sneakers and grabbing the keys to the SUV, she made a quick run to the 24-hour grocery story that was near the apartment.  Purchasing a bottle of potent douche, rushing back to the apartment, Lynn then set out to hopefully put a stop to the danger that she was literally flooded with.

 An hour later, Eric started to stir on the couch and awoke to find his lovely wife asleep next to him, cradled in his arms.  Looking about, he realized that it appeared to be morning as it was rather dark outside.  He couldn't believe he had fallen asleep after only a couple glasses of wine, then realized it must have been due to the exhausting week of boot camp.  He looked at his soundly sleeping wife in his arms, thinking that the flight must have totally wiped her out.

With her husband's movement, Lynn awoke in the comfort of his embracing arms, then turned her head to kiss her husband.  She then advised "You were so exhausted yesterday honey!  You fell soundly asleep after having a couple glasses of wine.  I didn't want to disturb you so I just showered and changed, then joined you here on the couch to sleep!  Oh, honey, I've missed you so much!"

With so much precious time already lost, Eric pulled his beautiful young wife up from the sofa and into their bedroom.  It had been so long since he had had the pleasure of helping undress her sexy wife, letting his hands roam over her soft sexy body.  Feeling his lovely wife's soft naked body rubbing up against him in bed, Eric eagerly thrust himself into her.  It had been so long a separation that he came immediately when his sexy wife wrapped her arms and legs around him.  Feeling he trim legs wrap around him, her arching up to him as never before, he realized that she must be just as eager for sex as he was.

Lynn was so surprised at how her young husband had expended himself once he had gotten in her.  She had wrapped her legs around him and arched up just once, then felt him shudder, realizing that their lovemaking was already at an end.  Lynn could not help but to compare her husband's quick and inadequate lovemaking versus the long lengthy fucking that the drill sergeant had given her throughout the night.

The young couple remained in bed the entire day, taking time out for a quick lunch, then they decided to go out for a nice dinner together.  For Lynn, it had been a full 24 hours of constant fucking.  First by her her husband's drill sergeant who gave her orgasm after orgasm.  Then her loving husband who came quite quickly each time without so much as to give her even a mild orgasm.

The next day, Lynn and Eric spent the day seeing the sights of the area, then the evening in each other's arms to snuggle and kiss to make up for their long separation.  Then more lovemaking that night as Eric would have to leave at 5:30 a.m. to get back in time to meet his unit in the messhall for breakfast.  Lynn would have to drive him to the base and drop him off, then she would return to get more sleep.

Having kissed her husband goodbye at the front gate of the base, Lynn made the drive back to the apartment where she planned on catching up on some sleep.  Putting the key into the lock she entered the apartment and put her purse onto the sofa, then removed the sweater she had worn due the coldness of the early morning.  She sighed as she removed her tennis shoes, realizing that this would be the first she had been alone since arriving at the airport.

Letting a hand caress her breast, she closed her eyes as memories of that first night flooded her mind.  Lynn had no idea how any orgasms her husband's drill sergeant had taken her too.  'Damm, just one of those orgasms surpassed the entire time with Eric!' she muttered as she unbuttoned her blouse and turned into the bedroom.

Pausing as she looked at the bed that she and Eric had shared during the last two days, she then pulled off her blouse and let it fall to the floor.  Unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down her legs, she got ready to go back to bed.  Reaching behind her back, she undid the hook to her bra and removed it.  Pushing her lacy blue panties down over her hips, she let them fall to her feet and stepped out of them, then slid her naked body up onto the cool sheets.

Lynn reached over to the side where her husband had slept during the night.  As her hand reached over to let her trim white fingers encircle the thick black cock that had given her so many orgasms the other night, Lynn licked her lips in wondering what it would feel like to please a man with her mouth.  Moving forward, she parted her pink lips wide and engulfed the thick cochead of her husband's drill sergeant.

"Oh, babyyyy!  Ahhhhhhhhh!" Wilbur moaned as the sweet young beauty sucked earnestly at his cock while jerking him in her warm fist.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned from the sensations caused by the flicking tongue lapping at his sensitive cockhead.  Putting his hands on her head, wrapping his thick fingers in her silky blonde hair, he pulled her further down onto him as he arched up to feed her more of his dark meat.

At 8 a.m., Ssgt. Mills was surveying the recruits before him as he did at the start of each day of basic training.  When the troops were dismissed from the formation to take on some classes on weapons training, Wilbur called recruit Ryan over, then advised "You're a very lucky young man to have such a beautiful and faithful beauty like that!  I hope you're man enough to take care of a beauty like that!"

After the young man thanked him and went to join the other recruits, Wilbur smiled and chuckled to himself.  Knowing when recruit Ryan was scheduled back on base, he had watched in the darkness of the early morning as he and his lovely wife departed the parking lot of the apartment to head out to the base.  Wilbur had then admitted himself back into his apartment and awaited the return of the sexy young wife.

Wilbur enjoyed the fact of knowing that the young man's lovely wife had given him the blowjob of a lifetime.  He learned it was her first experience in performing such a deed after seeing her unable to hold down the rich protein.  Wilbur had laid back on the bed and was amazed to see the change in the lovely beauty in just a couple days, watching as she straddled him and fitted his cockhead into her slick hole, then fuck herself upon his stiff shaft.  'Man, that was some fuck!' he commented to himself, recalling how great it had been while feeling my her sexy legs sheathed in the blue nylons she had worn for the outing with hubby.

From that Monday through Thursday, with the other two sergeants taking over from when the recruits were dismissed for dinner at the messhall, Wilbur then left the base to spend the night at his apartment, in his king-sized bed joined by recruit Ryan's sexy young wife.

The next week, on Thursday evening, Eric managed to get to a pay phone to contact his lovely wife.  He was glad to learn that she had a good flight home earlier that week.  As he and the other recruit were about to make up that two day hike, he wanted to call and talk to her as he would not be able to call till Sunday when he got back.  As they bid each other goodbye, his wife advised him that if he did manage to call on Sunday, to call on her cell phone as had a modeling assignment out of town during the weekend.

Exhausted from having completed the two day hike covering over 30 miles, Eric longed to hear his lovely wife's voice again.  Waiting in the long line of recruits, he managed to get to the pay phone and dialed his wife's cell number.

"Hi, honey!  How was that two day hike?" Lynn asked upon hearing her husband's voice.  "Oh, yes, I'm on a two day assignment and will be getting back home tomorrow!" she advised.  "What am I doing now?" she repeated the question from her husband.  "Well, I'm all naked on the bed touching myself, wishing my lover come and make love to me like he did last week!" she teased.

Eric laughed, proud of the fact that his lovely wife wanted more of the loving that she had gotten the past week.  But he would not have been happy at all if he knew that his call to his wife's cell phone had it ringing just a mile or so off the base.  His beautiful wife was indeed quite naked at the moment, kneeling upon a king-sized bed as her black lover shuffled up behind her.  That she indeed was about to get more of the loving that she had the prior week.  Eric continued babbling his love for her, unaware of that her hand was clamped over the mouthpiece to keep her moans from being heard as was being fucked doggie style.

End of Story.