Dream'n of His Daughter-in-Law
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Cunning Old Coot
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Lying in bed while pretending he was asleep, Frank Fortin or 'Pop' as his stepson and daughter-in-law referred him could not get his mind the events that had taken place in his home that afternoon and evening.  Having married Mike's widowed mom when he was a youngster, Frank had adopted Mike shortly afterwards and always treated Mike as his own.  Just over a year ago, Frank and Mike's mom Sally were both delighted at Mike's engagement to the lovely Kim Harper.

From the first time that he had been introduced to the lovely Kim Harper, which was about a year before the engagement, Frank envied his stepson in his managing to date such a beautiful young woman.  Long blonde hair, a real sexy body, and seemingly quite an innocent young woman was his assessment of the lovely beauty.  Prim and proper in her manners, so friendly, yet as Frank correctly assessed a bit naïve when it came to the opposite sex.

Whenever Kim was over to visit at their home, Frank had found himself captivated by the lovely blonde beauty, often forcing himself out of the room they were in to keep from staring at her.  He loved looking at her long trim legs, cock twitching in his pants as he tried to imagine the pleasure a guy would derive from between them.  Frank felt guilty at thinking such thoughts of the beauty his stepson was dating, the one who had later become his stepson's fiancee and finally his wife.  She was now his own daughter-in-law!

Frank had always kept himself in check when his lovely daughter-in-law was nearby, though he desperately wanted to take her in his arms and hold her next to him.  Now, it seemed like his wish would soon come true, though it still seemed like a fantasy at what happened earlier this evening.  Closing his eyes, he pictured himself back outside near the grill as he and Mike were chatting, all while he was facing the patio where the women were sitting.

After a year and a half, Frank had always kept his eyes peeled for an opportune view of the sexy Kim but she was always so prim and proper in making sure she got in and out of her chair elegantly with her skirt tightly around her.  But today, one of Frank's dreams had come true as he had gotten several good views up Kim's skirt, all the way to her lacy white panties.  Not once but several times that afternoon, giving him a boner that threatened to bust right out of his pants.

Now Frank had to wonder if Kim had deliberately provided him with a free shot up her dress, giving him the come-on!  Ordinarily, he would have thought that Kim was just relaxed and had let down her guard, but now he believed that she wanted him to look up her dress.  And when she had let her black heel slip partially off her foot and dangled it with her toes, Frank had found himself hooked and was being reeled in.

Normally, he would kid her about making him a grandfather but while talking to Mike at the grill, his stepson had told him of the problem he had in fathering a child due to a low sperm count.  Rather than kid Kim as he usually did, he came right out and told her that Mike had just advised him of the problem he was having, telling her "But don't give up, Kim ………………….miracles do happen!"

In thinking about the moment before their departure, Frank kept asking himself 'Am I dreaming or did that really happen?'  Playing it back over an over again, after Kim had given Mom Fortin a goodbye hug, she had then embraced him with a hug as she usually did.  But this time, it was so different!  With the view of her face blocked by his as she hugged him, Kim had flicked her tongue in his ear and playfully bit his earlobe.  Then his daughter-in-law had whispered to him "Would you like to be the one to make that little miracle come true, Pop?"

'Was I dreaming?  Did that really happen?  Does Kim really want me to bed her ……..to fuck her ……………..give her my baby?  Damn, Mike must not only be short on the sperm count but short on the stamina to keep his pretty wife happy!  God, I'd give anything to get into bed with that sweet little thing!' Frank thought.  With his wife now asleep, Frank quietly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom.

There, locked in privacy as he stood over the john, Frank pulled his cock out of his jockeys and began to handle himself over the toilet.  Closing his eyes, he pictured his lovely daughter-in-law as she had sat at the table in the afternoon when he managed to peek up her dress to her panties.  Then watching her sexy legs as she dangled a heel from her toes, Pop needed to feel her legs around him.

With the image of Kim in his mind, Frank fantasized that he was slowly undressing her, touching her soft smooth skin.  Next, he was embracing her and she had her arms and legs wrapped around him as he pushed himself into her.  'Oh, baby!  Oh, Kim …….Kim, baby ……………….oh, Godddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he moaned softly through gritted teeth as he began spurting his pent-up load into water below.  Seeing his copious load drifting down to the bottom of the toilet, Pop hoped to soon have his still potent seed sinking down into the fertile womb of son's beautiful young wife.

Lying in their respective beds, next to their spouses, both father-in-law and daughter-in-law lay awake with their eyes closed thinking of one another.  Pop wondered just when he would have the opportunity to have Kim's sexy body in his arms, wondering how he'd manage to be alone with her.  Meanwhile, Kim was thumbing a sensitive nipple and fingering herself as she thought of her burly father-in-law anxiously climbing upon her and getting in the saddle.

Faster and faster, her finger dipped in and out of her dripping slit in search of some temporary relief.  Although Pop had not responded verbally when she had whispered in his ear, Kim knew that her lusty father-in-law would jump at the chance of getting her in the sack.  Pop did in fact respond to Kim's wicked suggestion.  She got his responding message upon feeling the twitch of his cock up against her pressing hip, which told her everything.

Kim knew that Pop Fortin would even be willing to rent the penthouse of the most expensive hotel in the city just to be alone with her.  But, Kim felt so wicked in her thoughts, not wanting any gentle lovemaking but to be taken roughly and used in any way that Pop desired.  What she wanted was for Pop to treated her like a whore, to fuck her like a cheap prostitute, bed her in dirty and sleazy place.

Throughout the week, Pop looked for any excuse to call his son's home, hoping that his lovely daughter-in-law would be the one to answer.  But on the two occasions that he had picked up the phone and called, his son was the one who answered and Pop had to go through with the lame reason that he that thought up to make the call.  On both occasions, Mom Fortin later got on the line with Mike and she was the one who eventually got to chat with Kim, leaving Pop totally frustrated.

What Pop Fortin did not know was that Kim had been expecting him to call and sje checked the caller I.D. each time the phone rang.  Seeing that it was from her in-law's home, Kim had called out to Mike each time, asking him to pick up the phone and giving an excuse as to being in the midst of doing the dishes or wash at the time.  She wanted to keep Pop hot and horny for her, then when he did have his opportunity, he would not be very gentle with her.

On Friday evening, Pop drove Mom Fortin to the shopping mall across town.  As it was still early when she found and purchased the items she had been looking for, Pop suggested that they see if Mike and Kim were home and they could pick up dessert for all of them.  Excited upon hearing his wife make the call and announce that they'd be stopping over in fifteen minutes, Pop felt his cock harden in his pants.

Arriving at the young couple's home, Pop's hardon lengthened as the door opened and they were greeted by their lovely daughter-in-law.  Kim was dressed very casually in a pair of blue shorts and white halter top, with the top bunched up and tied above her waist, revealing her bare midriff.  The trim and flawless legs had Pop all excited as he gazed down to her sexy feet and pedicured toes.  'Oh, God!  I gotta have those long sexy legs wrapped around me ………………..soon!' he moaned to himself.

With Kim holding the door open for them and Mom Fortin walking ahead of him, Pop was immediately aroused as his daughter-in-law's soft manicured hand made contact with him and squeezed his hand briefly.  "Hi, Pop!" she greeted him, pulling him towards her to plant a kiss on his cheek.  He then saw her glance to her right, towards the living room.  With Mom and Mike facing away from them, Pop was treated to Kim's soft lips upon his and her pointed tongue dipping in quickly between his lips.

Sitting in the den with his son, while Mom and Kim got dessert and coffee ready, Pop pretended to watch the sports highlights on the television screen but all his thoughts were upon his son's beautiful wife.  Sitting upon the sofa, he heard Kim's soft footsteps approaching from behind as she announced "Coffee and dessert will be ready in a minute!  Whenever the sports is over!"  Pop felt a shiver of pleasure course through his body as Kim stood directly behind of him.  With his head blocking Mike's view, his son's lovely wife was running her fingers along the base of his neck.

Seated at the table, Pop observed Kim take a sip from the cup of coffee placed directly across from him, commenting that it tasted just right but more so to indicate that she would be sitting in that chair.  Finally everyone was seated at the table and Pop's heart was pounding in sitting right across from his lovely daughter-in-law.  As he sipped at his coffee, his cock twitched as he felt Kim's bare foot touch his pants just above his ankle.  His heart began beating faster as her foot traced its way up to his knee.

With his wife next to his side, Pop was happy that he had earlier spread his napkin out upon his lap.  Not only did it serve to absorb the coffee that dripped down his chin as he nearly spilled it, but it hid the face that Kim's sexy foot was pressing up against the hardon that threatened to bust out of his pants.  With her toes tracing the outline of his cock, Pop tried his best to keep as still as possible.  But then his body shuddered as his cock jerked and began to fill the crotch of his jockeys with hot sticky jizz.

Kim smiled at her husband's panting stepfather, feeling the dampness at the bottom of her foot as she continued pressing against his now softening cock.  With dessert done and Mom Fortin standing up to help clear the table, Mike advised "Let's take our coffee into the den and relax a bit!"  Then Pop responded "I'll join you in a minute, after I use the restroom!"

Knowing exactly why her father-in-law had to go to the restroom, Kim reached over from behind to pick up his dessert plate.  Face near his ear, she whispered "I've got a surprise waiting for you in the bathroom, Pop!  Look in the bottom bath towel that's on the closet shelf!  It's something I was wearing up till five minutes before you arrived!  Next time, maybe you would like to help me take it off!"

Swallowing deeply as Kim took the dirty dishes into the kitchen, Pop got up from the table and quickly made his way down the hallway to the guest bathroom.  The now cold and sticky jizz making a mess of his jockeys and soaking the front of his pants.  He was certainly glad that he had worn a pair of black pants that evening as it'd hide that fact that he had wet his pants.

In the privacy of the bathroom, Pop quickly dropped his pants and got a wad of toilet paper to wipe up the mess in his jockeys.  'Oh, God!' Pop sighed as he cleaned up the mess.  'Damn!  That's the most I've cum in years!' he muttered to himself.  Flushing the evidence of his ejaculation down the toilet, his thoughts then to what Kim had whispered to him at the table.

Opening the cabinet, Pop observed the stack of folded bath towels and pulled the bottom one out.  It was just what he was hoping for …………….a pair of Kim's lacy white panties.  Holding it up to his face, crotch band over his nose, Pop inhaled deeply to take in its sweet fragrance before pocketing the garment and making his way out of the bathroom.

Upon their leaving, Mom Fortin first got a hug from Kim while Pop Fortin purposely moved to the driver's side and awaited for her come over to him.  With the car blocking the view of Mom and Mike, Pop boldly let his hand caress and fondle Kim through her pair of shorts, squeezing her tight little ass.  When Kim softly asked "Did you find the present I left for you, Pop?  Are you going to wank off in it when you get home?"

Pop could only stammer softly in reply "Ye ……….yes ………………yes!"  With Mom and Mike hugging and saying their goodbyes, Pop nervously asked in a whisper "When …………when can I see you, Kim?"  Heart thumping in his chest, he heard his daughter-in-law respond in a whisper "Soon, Pop …………..very soon!  Stay by your phone on Wednesday and I'll call you at noon!"  With that, along with a peck on the cheek, Kim moved off to stand next to Mike as they waved goodbye.

Forty-five minutes later, with his wife in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Pop reached into his back pocket to retrieve the gift his sexy daughter-in-law had given him.  Draping it over his face, he shivered with pleasure at the feel of the silky garment.  Inhaling its fragrance, he then open his mouth to take in the crotchband and began sucking out its tasty flavor.

Lost in the pleasure from the silky garment, Pop panicked at the sound of the bathroom door being opened.  Quickly taking the pair of panties off his face, Pop stuffed them back into his pocket just as Mom Fortin walked back into the bedroom.  His heart was now pounding in his chest as it was quite a traumatic moment, nearly being caught by his wife with his daughter-in-law's panties draped over his face.

Grabbing a pair of jockeys from his drawer, Pop made a beeline to the bathroom.  Locking the door behind him, he then got out of his pants and stripped off his soiled underwear.  Taking off his shirt, he now retrieved the lacy garment from his pants and stood at the john.  Wrapping the pair of panties around his once again hardened cock, Pop began to wank himself off, just as he had told Kim he would.

Finally, after having relieved himself with that aid of Kim's silky panties, Pop went into his study to hide the precious gift in his desk drawer.  'Wednesday ……….Wednesday!  Wednesday?  Oh, shit …………………..I'm supposed to take Sally to pick up some plants at the nursery after we go out for an Italian lunch!  Fuck!  How the shit do I get out of it ………………I gotta be here when Kim calls at noon!' Pop wondered in panic.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pop advised his wife that he had just gotten a call from one of his old buddies that he had worked with before retiring.  Saying that his old friend needed some help in moving some things early Wednesday afternoon, he asked if Sally minded that they put off lunch and going to the nursery till Thursday or Friday.  Pop breathed a sigh of relief when his wife said she didn't mind at all and would instead go to the mall the next day.

Then next day, Kim sat at her desk and smiled as the clock hit twelve, knowing Pop Fortin was anxiously awaiting her phone call.  Purposely, she let the minutes go by, till it was 12:15 p.m. before picking up the phone to make the call.  Kim wasn't surprised that the phone was picked up immediately after the first ring, with Pop Fortin anxiously stammering a "Hel ……………hello!"

"Hi ………Pop!" she said seductively.  "You have a pen available?  There's a motel at 814 Third Ave., a couple of miles from my work place!  If you get us a room, I'll take off early and be there at 3 p.m.!  And Mike won't be expecting me home till 5:30.  Leave a note on your windshield as to the room number!" she advised and hung up without saying goodbye.

Not waiting, Pop got into his car and made his way down to Third Ave., wondering why in the world would Kim pick such a sleazy area for their rendezvous.  Third Ave. was just cluttered with litter, funny looking characters walking about the street, and the buildings were old and shabby.  As he approached the address Kim had given him, Pop swallowed as he viewed the streetwalkers moving about and some pimps watching over their turf and property.

Turning into the parking lot of the address he had been given, Pop was taken back at the sign above the motel building, reading 'No-Tel Motel'.  Parking and locking his car, he then went up into the dingy office and asked for a room.  He was surprised at the rates posted atop the counter as this motel apparently only catering to those stopping in for quickies, advising it was $15 per hour or $65 for the whole night.  At the bottom of the sign, it read '$10 for a clean sheet - you make the bed!'

At it was just past 1 p.m., having rushed over in his haste, Pop decided to walk around the area for awhile as there was no sense renting the room just yet and waste his money.  As soon as he walked down to the sidewalk, one of the streetwalkers approached "Hi, sugar!  You wanna get it on?  We can go 'round the world', if ya wanna!"  As he politely declined, the hooker offered "Thirty bucks and I'll give ya some head!"

Passing on the offer, Pop wondered again 'Why would Kim pick such a sleazy place to meet?'  Looking about, he observed all the adult bookstores that had their colorful neon signs touting movies at 25 cents.  Then it dawned on Pop.  He realized that his once innocent daughter-in-law picked such a sleazy place since she was going to be cheating on her husband, wanting to degrade herself by going to such a cheap place to do it in, wanting him to treat her like a cheap little tramp.

Pop chuckled to himself, thinking 'Well, Kim, baby …………………you want to be fucked like a little whore ………………..your old Pop will be only too happy to oblige!'  Looking about his surroundings, seeing guys pull up and the hookers getting in for the ride or actually about to give the guys a ride, Pop thought 'Damn ………………….it'd be a fuck'n turn-on to one day pimp my own son's wife out to anyone who'd pay the bucks!  Shit …………….Kim wants to be treated like a whore …………………..bet that'd turn her on!  Yeah ………………watching some 'john' bone Kim after paying me for the privilege sure would be exciting!'

In no time, with all the crazy thoughts going through his mind, it was nearing 2:30 p.m. and Pop hustled back to the motel.  Remembering Kim say she had to get home by 5:30, he rented the room for three hours.  About to pay for the clean sheets that he had asked for, he pushed it back to the desk clerk and advised that he had changed his mind on them.  He concluded 'Hell, if Kim wants to be treated like a two-bit whore ………..what better than to fuck her on cum-stained sheets!'

Excited, having taken off from work early, Kim made her way down towards Third Ave.  It was the 'red light' district of the city that everyone referred to as the 'other side of the tracks'.  Seeing the pimps and prostitutes cruising the sidewalks, she wondered what'd it feel like to be one of the hookers walking her beat, propositioning a man to pay for her charms.  'God ……………….I'm really doing it!  Meeting Mike's stepfather at a sleazy motel …………………..going to let him fuck me …………………..to knock me up if he can!' she thought, squeezing her thighs together as her love juices began to flow.

Pulling up along side Pop's car, she pulled the small piece of paper from the windshield and read 'Room 108' written upon it.  Swallowing deeply, Kim began to have second thoughts 'Oh, God ……………………how can I be so depraved ………………wanting my own father-in-law to treat me like a cheap whore …………………to fuck me ……………and use me anyway he wants!'  But the thrill of being so wicked easily took control of her mind as Kim walked up to Room 108 in her nice green dress and 3" white heels.

Looking at her wristwatch, it was several minutes after 3 p.m. as she knocked upon the door.  As the door opened, Kim was surprised to see her father-in-law's stern face as he sneered 'You're late, bitch!  Get your ass in here ………………..I'm paying for this fuck'n room by the hour!'  Panting for breath, now a bit afraid of the once easy going father of the man she had married, but thrilled that he was certainly the man in charge as he ordered her 'Get that fuck'n dress off before I tear it off!'

With Pop plopping himself down in the only chair in the room, Kim licked her lips as she reached behind her neck to unhook the back of her dress.  Unzipping the dress, Kim stood before Mike's leering stepfather and pushed the dress from her shoulders to let it fall to the dirty carpet around her heels.  Reaching behind her back once again, this time she unhooked her lacy white bra, peeling the straps from her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.  A moment later, panties sliding down her legs to land atop her heels, Kim was now revealing her golden charms to the elderly man.

Ordered to "Get your ass up on the bed!" Kim stepped out of her heels and her undies to comply with Pop's demand.  She shuddered as she felt the rough sheets, her hand moving to touch the rather rough spots.  A tremor coursed throughout her body, as she brushed the white flaky crust from her fingers.  It was an unbelievably wild and wicked sensation for Kim, knowing that she was about to commit adultery with her husband's own stepfather at the 'No-Tel Motel' and doing it on a bed that had been soiled by others.  Licking her lips, panting with excitement, she watched as her burly father-in-law began undressing as he stood near the bed.

Legs spread apart with Pop's hands on her knees, Kim gasped as her father-in-law gave her what she needed ………………………his face buried in her muff and tongue flicking at her quim.  "Oh, Pop …………………Pop …………………..oh, God ………………..yes ……………..yesssssssssssss ……………….eat me ……………..eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cried out.  Arching up into his face, she began to feed the all slick juices that started to flow out of her.

"Pop …………………oh, Poppppppp ………………………..yessssssssssssss ……………oh, so good …………………….so gooddddddddddddd!  Oh, God ………eat me ……………….eat me …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed out as her body was rocked by a mind-shattering orgasm.  Body quivering, legs going limp, Kim continued to feed her husband's hungry stepfather.

Before she realized what was happening next, Pop was upon her, thrusting his rigid cock into her wet and horny pit.  But Pop was in need of relieving himself of his pent-up lust at this point as he hunched up and down upon her, sliding his excited cock in and out of her as if riding home a derby winner.  And then Pop was cumming in her, spurting out hot splashes of his still thick and potent roe into her womb.

Though it was rather quick and fast, the fuck was so wicked that Kim shuddered as the hot splashes of cum sent her over the edge once again.  Wrapping her legs around her father-in-law, she arched up to get his cock deep within her, getting his hot cum to saturate her fertile womb.  "Ohhhhhhhh, Pop …………………..ahhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out as her body shook in orgasm from the much needed fuck.

As it neared 4:30 p.m., Pop amazed his own self as he stuck his rigid cock into his lovely daughter-in-law for the third time that afternoon.  Now he was fully in control of the whole situation and of his son's beautiful young wife.  As he thrust into her, Pop made it known what his intentions were, demanding of Kim "From now, you're going to meet me here anytime I want, aren't you, bitch?"  "Ye …….yes!" came Kim's meek response.

Fucking in and out of her, Pop told her "You're going to let me fuck you anytime and anywhere I want …………….aren't you, bitch!"  "Ye ……….yes!" came the soft reply.  "You and Mike are coming over for dinner this Sunday!  You're going to want to come and see the orchids I'm growing in the hothouse ……………………cause you're getting down on your fuck'n knees there and gonna suck me off!  Aren't ya, bitch!"  "Ye ………yes!" came her reply.

Pumping faster and faster, Pop sliced into her, telling Kim "The next time we come here, I might just decide to pimp you out to some smelly old bum!  And then I'm gonna watch him ball the shit outta ya!  You're going to let me pimp ya out, aren't ya, bitch?"  Pumping in and out, Pop demanded "Answer me, bitch!  You're going to let me whore you out, aren't you?"

"Yes ………………yes …………………..anything …………………….just keep on fucking meeeeeeeeee!" Kim pleaded.  "Yes ………………..yes ………………..fuck me ………………….fuck meeeeeeeeee!   Oh, yes ……………so goodddddd!  Yes ……………..yes ……………….pimp me out ………………….make me your little whore ……………….pimp your son's wife out!  Make me do whatever you want ……………………..sell me ……………..pimp me out to some degenerate old bastard!" she chanted.  "Oh, God ……………….oh, God …………….yes …………………yes ……………………I'm cummingggggggggggggg!" Kim screamed as Pop brought her to another mind-shattering climax.

A bit later, dressed elegantly like the way she had entered the motel, Kim got into her car and was about to exit the parking lot.  Then a greasy old bum appeared at the driver's window, yelling to her through her closed window "Hey, sweetie!  How about you and me getting it on?  I got twenty bucks on me!"  Shocked back to reality, Kim stepped on the gas and turned right, then sped down the street to head for home.

Having put his window down upon seeing the old geezer approach Kim's car, Pop heard the man's offer to Kim and saw how she had taken off out of the parking lot.  Pop chuckled, stopping alongside the cussing old man and asked "What's the matter, old-timer?  The bitch give you a hard time?"  Hearing the old guy relay his frustrations, Pop advised him "Don’t worry, old-timer!  She's just new at it ……………first timer!  I'll set it up for ya next week Wednesday ……………make it 4 p.m.!"  Getting some info from the old guy, Pop learned his name was Fred and that he hung out in the area nearby, sleeping wherever he could find an empty doorway.

That night, when Mom Fortin called to tell Kim that they didn't need to bring dessert on Sunday, Pop told his wife that he wanted to tell Kim of the new orchid that he just got and was about to bloom.  Alone on the phone with his son's adulterous wife, Pop chided her "Why'd you take off from the old geezer in the parking lot that way?  You hurt the poor guy's feelings!  But I went and comforted the old-timer …………………..told him to hold on his twenty bucks as till next week Wednesday ……………………….when he'll get a chance to get his jollies off in ya!"

In bed that night, Kim couldn't help but wonder what she had gotten herself into.  First, she was the one in control of things, having Pop wrapped around her little finger and begging like a puppy dog.  Now, everything had changed and Pop was in charge, even now telling her that he was going to pimp her out the filthy old man out in the parking lot of the motel.  It was what she had secretly hoped for and now it had all come true.  In the darkness, Kim reached down, hand delving into her panties as she began to finger herself.  Other hand caressing her breasts, she began to fantasize what it'd be like to have the smelly old fart crawling up upon her body, putting his filthy cock into her.  All of it in the happening in the sleazy motel room while her lusting father-in-law witnessed her digression.

End of Story.