Drugged Beauty
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Mrs. Julie Benton
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Captive Young Wife
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Feet on his desk, Bubba Grimes leaned back in his comfortable chair, thinking back to all the pleasures he had enjoyed as benefits of the job.  Being in this high level corporate position allowed him to enjoy the perks of the job with everyone fearful when he passed them by.  The one thing that he desired most was getting into the panties of an innocent and faithful young wife, in particular a beautiful white beauty.  The only other pleasure that was just as pleasurable was the knowledge that he had 'knocked up' the unsuspecting little beauty.  Closing his eyes, he thought of the former Mrs. Laura Wieland and how he had bedded her just two weeks after she had returned from her honeymoon.  The fear of losing her job in a tight job market, along with her husband's employment uncertain, Bubba had gotten her to spread her sexy white legs for him.  Of course Laura Wieland had insisted on safety precautions, forcing him to put on a damned rubber each time.  But he had sure fooled the stupid little bitch, having poked the foil covered condom numerously with a sharp pin.

Laura Wieland

Bubba gloated in recalling how his trick had worked to perfection, leaving young Mrs. Wieland pregnant from his evil scheme.  All the while that she was pregnant, stomach bloating up, young Laura had been duped into thinking that she was carrying her husband's precious baby.  He laughed when she had come to him shortly after giving birth, sobbing her pretty baby blue eyes out, telling how her husband had called her a 'fucking whore' and walked out on her.  It was obvious that young Laura Wieland wouldn't be able to support herself and the baby on just a secretary salary.  Bubba soothed the young woman, assured her that he'd take care of her and the baby, especially since he was the father.  He'd have her move into a condo he owned and would hire a sitter for her whenever she was busy or at work.  Also, he would have her promoted into a sales position where she'd bring in more money to pay the bills.

He had gone over to take the sobbing woman in his arms to comfort her, stroking her soft creamy body.  Caressing her, he slowly got his hands under her blouse and had his hands on her bare skin as he reassured her that he'd take care of her and their little baby.  Bubba was proud to learn that he was the father of a little 7 lb. baby boy named Jerry.  To celebrate this news, he soon had the mother of his baby lying on his office couch, naked with her legs widespread.  He smiled at the thought of having this little beauty handle all the sales closings.  He laughed to himself as he thought 'Hell, it'll be cheaper than hiring a hooker to entertain the important clientele!  She'll easily get those signatures on the dotted line, once they get her flat on her back!'

Once he had learned that Laura was indeed pregnant but before she had begun to show, Bubba had used her to secure his next conquest, that of the beautiful Mrs. Terri Harmon.  He had gotten Laura to entice that young punk Trent Harmon and set it up where Bubba would walk into the storage room and catch them in an inappropriate position.  From there, that stupid young punk made the ultimate sacrifice of letting Bubba possess his precious wife in order to save his own fucking ass.  Bubba leaned back and laughed, thinking how young Trent Harmon had given him access into the house while Trent took his wife out to dinner.  Then he was waiting for their return, with young Harmon supplying him with the rope to tie him up and even the knife for him to use in the rape of the beautiful red-haired Terri Harmon.  He chuckled as young Harmon had thought he'd be tied up in another room when his wife was forced to submit to her rapist but instead he had given that young punk a front row seat to his wife's defilement.  Now young Harmon saw the reminder of his indiscretion each day when he returned home, seeing his son, knowing that Bubba was father of his child.

His thoughts then turned to the beautiful Mrs. Julie Benton and how he had gotten into her tight little panties.  Bubba smiled as he went over the details that led to the pretty little blonde's downfall.  He really had to thank his daughter Nasha for delivering her beautiful friend right into his arms.  Nasha had been brought up by her mother after the divorce ten years ago, with Bubba responsible to pay for her support and education.  Nasha was now 24 years of age, the same as her friend Julie, sorority sisters from that ivy league college that Bubba had shelled out a ton of money for.  He smiled at the thought that at least he had gotten a sweet dividend from that expensive investment.  Once Nasha had graduated from college, he had helped her get a job through some connections he had.  From her college days, he had become closer to his daughter as compared to when she resided with her mother. 

Trying to make amends for his absence in her teenage years, Bubba gave his daughter access to the private and exclusive clubs he belonged to.  He had no idea that such would turn out to really be to his benefit.  One day, his daughter asked if he could reserve a couple of hours on the tennis court on Saturday for herself and her friends, followed by lunch in the dining room.  He readily agreed as Nasha relayed that one of her sorority sisters from college had recently gotten married and moved to the city due to her husband's job.  Thus, Nasha and her boyfriend wanted to entertain them for the day.  His daughter seemed so happy to have one of her close sorority sisters now living nearby.

It happened on a Saturday, when Bubba had finished with his golf game and was strolling into the dining room entrance that also had the member's bar off to the side.  As he was headed to the bar, he heard his daughter's voice calling "Daddy ……..daddy!"  Turning to his right, he saw his daughter waving and signaling for him to come to the table.  At the table were Nasha and her boyfriend facing him, with evidently a white couple sitting with their backs to him.  He had not even thought to ask or wonder if her sorority sister was white or black but seeing the long golden blonde hair, it became quite evident.  Going over to the table, Nasha excitedly introduced her sorority sister and her husband to him.  Touching her soft white hand got Bubba's immediate attention, feeling that old familiar twitch in the bulge of his pants.  'God, she's like a fucking angel!' he thought as he shook her hand.  His daughter called the waiter over and asked him to "Please bring a chair, along with a scotch and water for my father!"

"Daddy, I'm so glad you stopped by the club!  I was wondering if you could help Julie in finding a temporary secretarial job?  She's gone to the companies hiring out temps but they all indicate that the prospects are quite bad and lots of those on their temp rolls aren't being called for weeks at a time.  Can you do anything to help Julie, Daddy?" Nasha begged pleadingly.  Seeing the little blonde angel sitting across of him, there was no way he was going to let this opportunity escape him.  "Sure, honey, I'll certainly see what I can do!  Our company normally uses a secretarial pool consisting of full-time employees but I'll check on temp jobs.   Julie, can I ask why you want a temporary job as it is much easier to get you a full-time position in this unusual type of job market?"

Across the table, Julie Benton had an uncomfortable feeling after shaking Mr. Grimes hand and seeing his eyes fixed upon her.  Although this man was her good friend's father, she just felt uncomfortable, a feeling as if his eyes were stripping her clothes from her body.  Shaking her head and chastising herself for thinking such thoughts, she slipped into her husband's, responding with "Well, Mr. Grimes, its just that Phil and I are newlyweds and want to start a family soon!  Actually we've been married six months now but it just wouldn't be fair to a company hiring me!  I just wouldn't feel right in taking a full-time job knowing I'll only be interested in staying for about a year!"

Bubba smiled and commented "Well, I think that's commendable of you for wanting to be so honest with an employer!  My company certainly appreciates such honesty and I'm sure something can be worked out.  In fact, talking about starting a family, my secretary is in her 8th month of her pregnancy and only has about a week left before she goes on maternity leave!  It might just work out as Laura's indicated that she'll be out for about two months total!  Come on in on Monday and at least then Laura can give you about a week of training!"  Bubba could see the revulsion that the little blonde angel had for him, apparently her instincts sensing his lustful intentions.  He listened as Nasha chimed in to tell her good friend not to think of such things and telling her its just a temporary secretarial job that'll be a snap for her.  Bubba then mentioned the pay she'd be getting for a 40 hour week, an amount far higher than other temporary jobs, as he wanted to entice the young beauty and her husband.

Seeing the leering eyes of Mr. Grimes focused upon her, Julie felt as if she had just been stripped naked.  Never had she felt so nervous and uncomfortable, even with her arm in the security of her husband's.  She didn't want to offend her good friend from college, even rooming with Nasha in their senior year, but she just couldn't picture herself working for this lecherous man.  "Oh, Mr. Grimes ………....…thank …..................…..thank you so much but …...............……it just wouldn't be right!  I ………..I'd feel so terrible if I fouled up somehow, especially you being Nasha's father!" she stammered.  But then her husband Phil was encouraging her to go on Monday, unaware of her feeling's toward Nasha's father, telling her "Honey, I'm sure you'll be able to handle the job!  It'll be perfect as you know it's temporary, just like you wanted!  Besides, we could use the extra funds for now until I get a couple of paychecks, especially seeing how much it cost us to relocate!"  There was nothing Julie Benton could do but to accept the job without offending Nasha at this point.  Holding back from grinning too much, Bubba could feel his cock twitching in anticipation. 

'Oh, you sweet little angel!  Want a temporary job cause you want to start a family, huh?  Well, I'll certainly see that you're 'knocked-up' before the two months are up!' he laughed to himself.  After it was set that Julie would be starting on Monday at 8:30 a.m., Bubba threw in the kicker to set the stage and pave the way, right into her tight little panties.  "Oh, just one other thing I do need to mention, but it hasn't occurred in months.  Secretaries are required to travel with the management staff on any out of town emergency meetings.  But, like I said, it's only occurred once in the past eight months.  Should that occur, the secretary receives a bonus plus double the hourly salary, which includes travel time for the inconvenience!" he advised.  Bubba held back his smile upon seeing the lovely young wife grimace at his words and swallow nervously.

On Monday morning, Laura Weiland greeted the young Julie upon her arrival, having already been briefed by Mr. Grimes.  Young Julie Benton reminded her so much of herself and as she showed her what would be needed they chatted further.  Seeing that young Julie had just graduated and no secretarial training, she knew that it was not her secretarial skills that Mr. Grimes had hired her for.  Laura knew something was up when Julie nervously mentioned "I hope there's no emergency management meetings out of town.  I hate to think of going out of town and leaving my husband, even for one night!  Mr. Grimes mentioned the last such meetings was about 8 months ago.  Did you have to go to that one, Laura?"  Laura desperately wanted Julie to quit this job and leave immediately, otherwise she would fall into the same trap that she did, but she did not want to lose her job either.  "Oh, yeah, I did!  It was quite a ways back and it was only for one night!" Laura lied, not wanting to tell Julie that the 'emergency' meeting would be scheduled whenever Mr. Grimes wanted some pussy.   When Julie inquired about the details of the duties while on the trip, she merely advised that it was just basic secretarial stuff.  "Don't worry, Julie!  I'm absolutely positive you'll be able to please Mr. Grimes!" she advised the nervous young woman.

Looking at Julie, Laura estimated the pretty young woman to be about 5'4" and 115 lbs.  She cringed, feeling sorry for her, picturing Mr. Grimes' muscular black body defiling the innocent Julie.  'Just be certain you make him pack a supply of condoms!  Otherwise, you'll be in the family way that you want, only the father of your baby won't be your husband's!' she wanted to add.  Laura found that she had been so right in her assessment of the reason why Mr. Grimes had hired young Julie Benton.  In the afternoon, she got buzzed on the intercom, with Mr. Grimes wanting her to come into his office.  She dreaded these calls into his office, knowing it was not secretarial work that he wanted.  With Julie currently doing filing, Laura reluctantly went back into Mr. Grimes' office.

Opening the door to the office, Laura was surprised to see Mr. Grimes standing a few feet to her left, looking out of his one-way window.  Turning to see what he was starring at, she immediately knew she had been right in her assessment.  She looked up to see Mr. Grimes lick his lips as he ogled the sexy body of young Julie Benton.  "You know why I hired that sexy young thing, don't you, Laura?" she was asked.  She merely nodded her answer.  "Take a look at that innocent little angel!" Laura was told as she felt her hand being pulled over to where Mr. Grimes stood.  When her hand was placed his bulging crotch, Laura knew what was being asked of her.  Her fingers searched for and found the tab to the zipper, then slowly pulled it down.  Reaching in, she fished out the lengthy black cock, then slowly ran her fingers up and down the pulsing shaft.

It was a thrill for Bubba, making the pregnant Laura Wieland suffer the indignity of jerking him off as he stared out of the window, telling her what he planned to do to the lovely Mrs. Julie Benton.  "What do you think Laura?  Think she'll put out for me?" he asked and saw the negative response of Laura's head shaking.  "Think you're right, Laura!  Guess I'm just gonna have to use the knock-out drops I got and rape the hell out of her!  Man, I'm gonna love stripping that little white beauty of all her clothing and then getting my face up her golden snatch!  Did she tell you she wanted a temp job cause she wants to start a family?  Well, I'm gonna be the one to knock that little bitch up!" Bubba advised.  He panted from ogling the long sexy white legs as well as feeling the hand on his cock moving faster and faster.

Wanting the indignity to be over with, Laura pumped her fist faster and faster, squeezing down harder onto the throbbing black muscle.   Looking into the next room, it was obvious that Julie was unaware of being watched as she dropped a heel to relieve the pressure of standing so long.  Feeling Mr. Grimes pumping his cock into her fist, she knew it wouldn't be much longer and grasped the hanky that was lying ready on the windowsill.  Shaking it open, she covered the pulsing cockhead just in the nick of time to capture the hot wads of cum that quickly soaked the hanky.  Exiting the office, Laura immediately went to the nearby restroom, she dumped the soaked hanky into the trash.  Turning on the hot water and using a lot of soap, she began to cleanse her hands of the sticky and smelly spunk.  Seeing how much spunk had been unloaded into the hanky, she knew that with that amount of hot jism flooding Julie's womb, she didn't stand a chance of not being caught and put in the family way.  Returning to her office, Laura told Julie that it was time for them to take a break.  She wanted to warn the innocent newlywed of what was in store for her, should she stay in this job.  Knowing that Mr. Grimes was intent on raping the young beauty, Laura felt guilty already but still she had herself to worry about.  In a sense, Julie's presence had already saved her.  If Julie had not been there, Laura knew she would have ended up on her knees in Mr. Grimes' office.  Instead of jerking off the lengthy black cock into the hanky, all that slimy filthy would have been shot down her throat.

Three weeks after she began the temp job, relieving Laura Wieland until she returned, Julie got the word that she had been dreading.  Her initial dislike of Nasha's father had not changed at all, just being near the man gave her the creeps.  Now the dreaded thought of having to accompany the horrid man to an 'emergency' meeting and having to stay overnight away from home.  But there was nothing she could do to get out of it, after all Nasha did to get her the job and the fact that she had been told before she started.  Entering the plane, Julie cringed as Mr. Grimes held her elbow as she stepped onto the entrance.  She could swear he assisted her as an excuse to put his hand on her, that his touch lingered a bit too long on her arm.  She couldn't help but to shudder at his touch, feeling dirtied by it.  'At least one consolation is that we're seated in the first class section!' she thought.  As this was a business trip, she initially turned down the glass of champagne.  She was quite surprised when Mr. Grimes told her to take one as he would be too.  It was a rather long flight and midway through her second glass of champagne that he had gotten her, Bubba could see that the lovely young wife was starting to loosen up a bit.  Prying about her married life, he learned that she and Phil had been trying for the entire six months of marriage to start a family.  In fact, just the other week, Phil had gone in for some tests and found that he had a normal sperm count.  Her testing showed no problem and thus it was just a matter of trying harder and more often.

throughout the entire trip, Bubba couldn't take his eyes off her ivory white thighs, knowing that in a few hours he'd be pushing those flawless thighs wide apart.  But first to go through the motions of the late afternoon 'emergency' meeting at the branch office.  Actually, it was just a regular branch production presentation and he really didn't need to be present.  He smiled at having given the little bitch instructions to take detailed notes of the unimportant meeting.  When the meeting was over, a limo took them to the Hampton Hotel where they would check into separate rooms.  Bubba told the lovely young woman that he would knock at her door in an hour as dinner was in the plush restaurant on company expense.  He wasn't surprised when she tried to refuse, saying she didn't want to take advantage of the company's benefits, adding that she wasn't that hungry.  But to counter her refusal attempts, he simply told her that he wanted to go over the notes she had taken at the meeting and to get her impression of some of the topics covered.

Having been advised that she may been having dinner at the Hampton, Julie had packed up an evening dress and heels for the occasion.  Still, she felt quite uncomfortable in having dinner with her lecherous old boss, telling herself over and over again that it was business and she was with Nasha's father.  She just wished this evening was over quickly and she could get back to her room and away from this leech of a man.  The feeling was quite the opposite for Bubba Grimes, as he walked into the plush restaurant proudly with a beautiful young blonde on his arm.  He knew the sight of an elderly black man with a lovely white beauty such as Julie Benton would have the heads turning in their direction.  Upon entering the restaurant, he wanted to yell out to everyone "This pretty little white bitch will soon be carrying my little nigger baby!"  An expensive bottle of wine, appetizers, and a fine dinner set the stage for what was to be a fine evening for Bubba Grimes.  He could see that the innocent little beauty was not accustomed to drinking much, seeing she was a bit tipsy since he had continuously seen that her glass was never empty.  When she returned from the ladies room upon finishing dinner, Bubba advised that he had taken the liberty of ordering them an after dinner drink.

Julie wanted to refuse the drink as she was already tipsy and knew that she had consumed more than she would normally.  She desperately wanted to get away from this man and thought she would quickly finish the drink in order to get back to the safety of her room.  Little did she know of the potent drug that the evil Bubba Grimes had slipped into it, sipping quickly at the sweet but pleasant liqueur.   It was then that Bubba picked up the small plastic bag that he had carried in with him.  From the bag, he pulled out a gaudy medallion on a chain.  To the puzzled young beauty, he presented it to her and explained that it was an authentic African fertility charm.  He explained that it was a good-will gift in appreciation for the sacrifice she was making in attending this 'emergency' meeting.  Not wanting to appear too forward at the moment, he merely handed it to her for her to put on herself.  "Go ahead, put it on Julie!  I can't promise it'll actually work but legend has it that by wearing the medallion it'll increase fertility and guarantee that the woman wearing the medallion will, in fact, become pregnant!" Bubba advised.  Actually, he had stopped off at a pawnshop the night before to purchase a cheap medallion that had no meaning whatsoever.

Not wanting to seem impolite, Julie graciously donned the gaudy medallion.  She blushed when Mr. Grimes proposed a toast to the 'fertility' that the medallion would bring to her.  To appease Nasha's father, she lied saying "Thank you so much, Mr. Grimes!  That's so thoughtful of you!  I can certainly use anything that'll guarantee me getting pregnant!"  What she didn't realize was that Mr. Grimes had another surprise to give her, something much bigger, something that would surely get her pregnant.  Bubba watched and smiled, knowing that the uppity Mrs. Julie Benton was consuming her after-dinner drink quickly in order to return to her room.  Before they were done with their drinks, Bubba summoned the waiter over and handed him his credit card.  He saw the pretty little bitch sigh a breath of relief, knowing she'd be back in her room soon.  Bubba just smiled but wanted to say 'You'll be back in your room soon, bitch!  With my black fertility shaft stuffed up your tight little twat!'

By the time that the bill was taken care of, young Julie was feeling quite woozy and was having time focusing her eyes.  Blinking quickly, trying to get her head straight, she murmured "Mr. Grimes, I don't think I'm used to liqueurs!  I'm getting a bad reaction to it!  I'm feeling ………quite ……..dizzzzzzy!  I ………I need to get to my room!"  “Here, Julie, let me help you up!" Bubba offered as he got out of his chair to hold her by her elbow while pulling the chair out for her.  With his arm around her back, hand on her elbow, he then helped the drowsy young wife out of the restaurant.  Everything was beginning to spin wildly in Julie’s mind at this point, unable to focus on any detail as she was escorted to the elevator.  In the elevator with an elderly white couple, Bubba smiled as they looked at the lovely beauty who was in an obvious daze. He then made it a point to run his large black hand up from her elbow, caressing her up and down her arm, seeing their eyes glued to his every movement. As the elevator came to a stop and the door opened to their floor, Bubba gave the elderly couple a big grin and a wink.  He wanted to laugh seeing the elder woman's jaw drop open.

"Do you have your card key, Julie?" he asked, seeing if she was even capable of opening her purse at this point.  Seeing her struggle with her purse, he advised "Wow, the liqueur must really have affected you!  Here, let me help!" Once the door was open, without waiting for the lovely beauty to object, he merely said "You had better lie down while I get you a wet towel!"  With that, he let go of her arm and watched as she stumbled that short distance to one of the twin beds in the room.  He watched her hands reaching out to feel for the bed, then collapsing face forward onto it, falling diagonally across the foot of the bed. 
Bubba just chuckled, deciding to bide his time and allow the drug to take full effect before proceeding.  'You dumb little bitch!  I'm soon gonna give you the only thing that'll get you pregnant!  That, I'll give you a 100% guarantee!' he mused as he took off his coat.  Then Bubba took his time, removing the rest of his clothing.  With all his clothing removed, he laughed aloud as he stroked his lengthening cock, chuckling "In nine months, that punk whiteboy of yers is going to throw yer sweet white ass out on the streets!  Don't think he'll be too receptive of ya trying to pass off a little black baby as his!"

Bubba looked down at the beautiful young wife, laying on the hotel bed and entirely at his mercy,   In his hand was the slim camcorder that he had packed with him in the plastic bag.  He soon had it turned on and placed where it would capture all the action.  Bubba wanted to be certain that the little bitch was totally out as he went to the bed and shook her shoulder.  "Julie ……............…Julie, are you okay?  Wake up, Julie!" he called out loudly.  Getting no response, he smiled and laughed "Time for your fertility ceremony!"  Reaching down, he caressed her ivory legs, feeling his heart pumping and cock throbbing in anticipation.  Standing alongside the bed, he shucked at his throbbing cock, then leaned forward to rub his ebony shaft upon the back of her soft upper thigh and down to her calf.  Then stepping around her legs that were partially beyond the bed, he rubbed his shaft up and down her soft white skin, only this time he left a thin wet trail behind.  "Oh, baby …............……gotta see that his fertility shaft touches every inch of your lovely body!  Yeah, gotta make sure this magic wand blesses you all over!" he laughed.

Reaching down, Bubba grasped her black heels and slipped them off to her sexy white feet.  Then he rubbed his leaking shaft upon one soft pink sole with the other to follow.  Grasping her feet in his hands, he drew them upon his throbbing cock.  Panting to catch his breath and to control himself, Bubba slowly began to fuck between the unconscious beauty's soft soles.  Then he froze, ceased all motion for fear of losing his load right then and there.  Gasping, he had to remove her soft sexy feet from his pulsing cock or he would surely have cum.  Looking down, he smiled as he saw the sexy pink soles glistening with a layer of his fertility juice.

Moving up alongside the bed, he then reached for the tab to the zipper of her black dress.  He slowly undid the zipper and licked his lips upon seeing her ivory white skin beneath it.  Pushing her dress from her shoulders, he then grasped the bottom edge of her dress and began to pull it from the drugged beauty.  A moment later, he gazed upon the lovely white body, now clad in only a matching pair of lacy black bra and panties.  Reaching up to the waistband of her panties, he slowly peeled them from her trim hips and down off her legs.  Holding the silky garment to his face, Bubba inhaled the sweet fragrance of the young wife's charms, then brought it down to wrap around his throbbing cock.  A few strokes and he was again ready to unload himself into the sexy garment.  But he refrained from the temptation, removing it with having left only a bit of his slick juices in the crotch of her panties.

Shuffling up onto the bed, knees on both sides of the unconscious beauty, Bubba then used his leaking shaft to rub up against the soft white asscheeks.  Then he moved back a few inches, pressing forward and snuggling his thick cockhead up against her tight little ass.  'God, I bet your sweet white ass is cherry!  Tempting ………tempting ………but I'm gonna save it for later!  Later ……….when you're wide awake ……….cause I wanna hear you scream when I rip your cherry ass apart!' he commented to himself.  He knew he dared not fuck her in the ass, not if it was cherry or she would certainly know what happened when she came to.  Crawling up further, his leaking cock was now in the small of her back.  Sitting upon her, Bubba undid the clasp of her bra, then continued on with his journey.  When his knees were on the sides of her shoulders, he wrapped her long blonde hair around his leaking shaft.  Stroking his shaft with the silky hair, more and more of his juices oozed from the slit of his cock, leaving a bit of his evidence matting her hair.

Moving up over her head, Bubba turned around and gently turned the sleeping beauty over onto her back.  Leaning forward, his cockhead touched her forehead, leaving a wet smudge then he traced it over her eyes and down to her nose.  He next eased the straps of her bra from her shoulders, then threw the garment to the floor next to her panties.  Bending forward, he took a perfect pink nipple into his mouth and lathered it with his wet tongue.  Then he spent equal time with its twin, till each had hardened in his sucking mouth.  His mouth moved down further, licking at her bellybutton for a few seconds, then traveling down to her precious golden jewel.  Rubbing his face in her soft golden muff, his tongue went on a search, seeking and finding her tight slit.  His probing tongue parted the entranceway, delving down in search of her sensitive clit.  Tonguing the sensitive bud, he heard a soft moan from the sleeping beauty.  Breaking off contact for a second, Bubba looked back and grasped his cock, guiding it to her soft pink lips.  His finger touched her chin and pulled it down a bit, then he pushed his cockhead forward till the soft pink lips enveloped it.

'God, you're so fucking sweet!  Pure sweet honey nectar!' he commented to himself as he pushed his sensitive cockhead between her soft lips.  Coming up for air, Bubba knelt up and looked down at the pink lips around his aching cock.  He had to pull his cockhead out or he'd be cumming in her mouth right then.  'Not a bad fucking idea!  One day your little white throat will be bulging with my cock stuffed all the way down, sweetie!  Wanna see you choke on it bitch!' he laughed.  'But for now, sugar, I'll just give you a little taste!' he mused, shucking his cock till several thick drops of slimy goo dripped down into her slightly open mouth.  Getting up from the bed, Bubba went back to the foot of the bed, crawling up between the sexy white legs, letting his dangling cock make contact with each leg as he did earlier.  Then he was sucking at her tender nipples again, moving up to get himself into position.  Rubbing his cockhead into her golden nest, he found his goal, pushing at her tender tight slit.  Smiling at the conquest he was about to make, Bubba looked down at the beauty put her arms up and gave her a passionate kiss.  He knew the positioning would be good for the camera, making it obvious a kiss was taking place but no one could tell the bitch was unconscious.

Shuffling about, Bubba leaned back and reached under the young wife's knees and drew her feet up under her.  He then pushed her knees up, then each hand grasped the back of each ankle and pushed her sexy legs up over her head.  The unconscious young beauty was being bent in two, legs stretched in a wide vee above her head, with the probing black shaft readying itself to plunder her innocence.  Rubbing his sensitive cockhead up and down the moist sensitive groove, Bubba forced himself into her, groaning at the pleasure of having his cockhead enveloped in her hot groove.  "Ahhhhh, you sweet little bitch!  Gotcha!  Gonna guarantee you one thing, sweetie!  When I'm done with you, your little belly's gonna start swelling up very soon!  Gonna knock ya up good, bitch!" Bubba growled.  Stabbing forward, he embedded four inches into the raped beauty.  From then on, it was tough going as it became obvious to Bubba that he was now exploring virgin territory.  He laughed aloud "God, Phil's got some little weenie if he hasn't gotten this far, sweetie!  You've got a 'real' man in you now!" Fucking in and out of the raped young wife, Bubba couldn't hold back much longer.  He slowed his strokes to make it last that much longer.  Finally, he knew the end was near and withdrew till only his cockhead remained captured.  With a brutal thrust, he slammed himself down, burying his cock fully into the unconscious beauty.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………ohhh, yeahhhhh ……………aruggggghhhh!" he groaned as he emptied his lust directly into her fertile womb.

Another three times that night, Bubba had his way with the beautiful young wife.  Each time he filled her to the brim with his hot potent seed.  It would be a miracle if she escaped the assault by millions and millions of the thick seed, especially since this was her fertile time of the month.  Julie would no longer need any type of fertility medallion to get herself knocked up.  She had just gotten a good sample of the absolute best and surest fertility shaft, one that had already proven itself.  Physically exhausted, Bubba finally pulled himself out of the raped beauty.  Going through her overnight bag, he found an oversized t-shirt, which he determined was what she'd wear to bed.  He lifted her into a sitting position and pulled the t-shirt onto her limp body.  Then he went about picking up her bra and draped it over the chair and neatly lined up her shoes at the foot of the closet.  Getting her black dress from the floor, he hung it up on a hanger in the closet, then went to get wet washcloth.

Looking for any visible white blotches on her body, Bubba wiped any visible evidence away.  Spreading her legs, he washed away the crusty evidence that smeared her thighs and matted her golden curls.  Once done, he retrieved her lacy black panties and drew them up over her feet and up her legs, into place to where they belonged.  Then, as an after-thought, he slipped his hand back under her panties and dipped a finger deep into her raped slit.  Withdrawing his hand, he looked as the thick mucous covering his finger.  His other hand on her jaw, he opened her lips a bit, just enough to put his slime covered finger between them.  Bubba laughed "When you get up, you'll get a taste in your mouth like never before!"  Getting dressed, carrying his coat, Bubba checked about the room to make sure everything was in order.  With the lovely beauty now safely tucked in bed, he picked up his video camera and plastic bag.  Seeing the beauty sleeping soundly, he went over to the bed and carefully pulled out the 'fertility' medallion that was under her t-shirt and placed it on the outside.

The next morning, Julie awoke from her drug-induced sleep due to the ringing of the telephone next to the bed.  She groaned from the pounding in her head, a painful headache like never before experienced.  Answering the phone, she was startled as it was Mr. Grimes phoning her room to inquire about her.  Julie was in a panic, realizing that she must have overslept.  She needed to be packed and on the road in thirty minutes.  Still dazed and groggy, Julie managed to pull herself together enough to dress & pack in time to check out.  Seeing Mr. Grimes anxiously waiting for her at the check-out desk, she apologized profusely for being late.  "I'm so sorry, Mr. Grimes!  I ……..I don't know what happened?  All I remember last was having that sweet tasting liqueur.  I ………..I must have had some kind of reaction to it!"

"Don't worry about it, Julie!  That happens to all of us one time or another!  You're right, you must have had some kind of allergic reaction to the liqueur as you were fine till then!" Bubba advise.  He again reassured her, quickly changing the subject so she wouldn't dwell further as to the events following that point.  With Julie handing him her cardkey, Bubba took care of the bill with the desk clerk.  With his copy of the bill in hand, Bubba turned to see that the next couple in line was the same couple that had gone up in the elevator with them.  He gave them a nod and that same wink, whispering as he passed "Ohhh, it was a fine night!"  Because she was in a rush and keeping Mr. Grimes waiting, Julie had left on the 'fertility' medallion, though only the chain would be visible as her traveling outfit covered most of her neck.  She didn't like the gaudy medallion but thought she had better appease Mr. Grimes, especially since she was late.  Trying her best to apologize for getting drowsy at dinner and for being late, Julie smiled up at him as she pulled the medallion up for him to see "Thank you so much for the 'fertility' medallion, Mr. Grimes!  You're so thoughtful!  Now only if it'll work!"

Two weeks after Julie's temp job came to an end, Bubba was sitting at the bar of the club, waiting for Nasha to meet him for lunch.  When he heard the familiar "Hi, daddy!" he stood to give his daughter a kiss on the cheek as they went into the dining room.  Chatting with his daughter, he listened as Nasha said "Remember Julie Benton, Daddy?  Well, I saw her yesterday and she showed me this 'fertility' medallion that you gave her!  She was so excited cause she says it must have worked.  She just found out she's six weeks pregnant and claims that was exactly when she got it from you!  She says she's going to keep it on till the baby's born!" Hearing the good news, though it was not unexpected, Bubba inquired on how the young couple was doing.  He listened intently as Nasha elaborated "They're doing fine!  Phil's happy with his job overall but wasn't aware he'd be traveling so much!  She and Phil are so happy and excited that they're soon going to start looking at baby cribs!  In fact, Julie mentioned they would be doing that tomorrow when he gets back from the seminar in Phoenix!"

It was late afternoon, nearing sunset when Julie went to answer the door.  As the front screen door was locked, she opened the front door and was surprised at seeing a smiling Mr. Grimes standing on the front step.  "Mr. ………..Mr. Grimes!  What ……….what brings you here?" she asked, totally puzzled by his appearance.  "Hi, Julie!  Congratulations!  I saw Nasha at lunch and she gave me the good news!  I was so happy for you and Phil, knowing how hard you've been trying to start a family!  That medallion must be the real thing!  I know it’s a bit early but I was so happy to hear the good news that I went out and bought a car seat for the little one!"  Bubba advised.  Looking down and seeing the large box with a yellow bow on it, Julie was forced to open the screen door, at least to accept the gift. 

"Thank ……….thank you, Mr. Grimes!  Here, I'll take it!" she said, not wanting this man to enter her home.  But there was nothing she could do when Mr. Grimes carried the box past her, saying "Nonsense, it's quite heavy!  I'll just set it inside for you!  We can't let you injure yourself now, not in your current condition, can we!"  At this point, Julie didn't want to be rude and out of courtesy offered her former boss a cool drink.  To her dismay, he accepted the offer and she then proceeded into the kitchen to prepare it.  Bringing out a tray of cookies and cold drinks, she responded to Mr. Grimes' inquiry if she still had the 'fertility' medallion.  "Oh, yes, I keep it on me at all times for good luck!  It seems to have been good luck for I've learned that I conceived immediately after you gave it to me!" she replied, pulling the medallion up from the vee of her blouse to show it to him.

Bubba smiled widely when the lovely young beauty told him "I owe my much-wanted pregnancy to you!" He wanted so badly to reply 'You don't know just how right you are, sweetie!'  Then he let her continue on saying "If it’s a boy, we're going to name him after Phil or Phil's father!  But, again if it’s a boy, we've already got his nickname picked out!  We're going to call him 'Bub', after you for giving me that fantastic medallion.  Fighting back a gloating smirk, Bubba smiled and again congratulated her on the pregnancy.  Telling her that the great news called for a celebration, he held up his glass to her in a toast to the good fortune.  Julie still had that uncomfortable feeling, even though he was Nasha's father, a man old enough to be her own father.  She hoped to be rid of him.  When Mr. Grimes requested more ice, she went back into the kitchen, putting some into the small ice bucket.  Returning, she was surprised to see Mr. Grimes standing in front of the television, inserting a videotape into the VCR.  She was puzzled as Mr. Grimes held up his glass to her in a mock toast and then pressed "PLAY."

Julie was quite puzzled upon seeing Mr. Grimes signal for her to come closer, wondering what he wanted to show her.  Unfolding on the TV screen, she recognized the room being that of where they had stayed at the Hampton Hotel.  She gasped at the next scene showing a woman lying face down, diagonally across the bed.  She recognized the clothing immediately and automatically knew that she was that woman lying on the bed.  As the next scene unfolded, the ice bucket fell from her hand onto the carpet, scattering the contents about the floor. Her eyes widened, mouth dropped open in disbelief, her face registering the display of her naked body and the fact that she was having sex with Mr. Grimes.

Bubba looked at the horrified face of the lovely young wife as she stared at the screen, hearing her moans along with the lewd remarks he was making to her.  He had done some slick editing of the videotape to dub in moans from an x-rated flick, along with some of the lewd remarks he had made that night.  Such lewd remarks included "Ohhh, Julie!  That's it, squeeze me with your cunt muscles!  Yeah, baby, gonna cum in ya ………….gonna make ya a little black baby!  Here it is baby, yeah, squeeze all the cum outta me!"  Julie realized immediately that she must have been drugged and that the evil Mr. Grimes had taken advantage of her.  'But how?  It couldn't be real!' she told herself, but the screen depicted otherwise.  There she was, moving and moaning as Mr. Grimes said lewd things to her, talking to her as he fucked her.  The editing was so well done that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to convince anyone she hadn't been a willing partner.  'Oh, God!  Who's going to believe me?  What's Phil going to think of me if he knew I had sex with an ugly old black man?' were the thoughts racing through her mind.

Bubba turned off the TV, bringing the young beauty back to reality as he moved towards her.  He loved the petrified look on her face, the tears forming in her eyes, her sobbing reaction "You …..........……you ……..........….you raped me!"  He smiled as the frightened young wife began to back away from him, holding her arms up to keep him away.  He snickered "You dumb little bitch!  You really fell for the powers of that phony medallion, didn't ya!"  Then Bubba moved his hand down to his crotch, watching her eyes follow his movements as he squeezed his big bulge.  "Honey, there's only one sure-fire baby-maker that I know of!  And it sure looks like it did the trick again!" he chuckled.

Horrified, Julie swung her arm out to strike the evil man who had raped her, wanting to scratch his eyes out.  But instead, her wrist was captured in his large powerful fist, causing her to moan in pain as he twisted it.  "Ow ……...............….ow ……................ohhhhh!" she moaned.  She looked up into Mr. Grimes' leering face as he bent her wrist over, pulling her hand downward.  "No ........…………no ………………oh, noooooo!" she sobbed as her hand was now being rubbed over the bulging crotch of the man who had viciously raped her.  Fighting with all of her might, Julie was no match against her larger and muscular opponent.  Each of her wrists was now held captive in Mr. Grimes' hands as she was being forced into her bedroom.  Suddenly she was being shoved and found herself falling onto her bed -- the very bed she shared with her Phil, the very bed she thought where the blessed event had occurred.  Before she could scramble away, she was being pinned by the heavy body falling onto her.  She was helpless beneath the heavy body, her hands held firmly above her head in one large hand.

“Oh, please ……................... please ……….........………please, don’t do this to me …................… please, Mr. Grimes!  Please, please don’t rape me ………………please!" Julie sobbed.  She was terrified as the heavy body lifted a bit, allowing Mr. Gimes to insert his hand into the top of her blouse.  She sobbed loudly as she felt her blouse tear, buttons popping off, then felt another tug and her thin lacy bra was torn from her body.  "Oh, please ………................….please ………........……..please ………….........…nooooo!" she whimpered as she felt a hot wet mouth clamp over a sensitive nipple.  She shivered at the unwanted stimulation being felt from the tongue flicking at her budding pink nipple.

For Bubba, he derived great pleasure in having the sobbing young beauty struggling in his arms.  From then, it was a simple task of tearing the white shorts and lacy white panties off the struggling beauty as she kicked her legs about to free herself.   Now the prim and proper beauty lay naked under him.  As she continued struggling under him, he used his free hand take off his own clothing.  It felt so good to rub himself up against her soft creamy body, feeling her nipples stiffen as he did so.  With his free hand, Bubba grasped his throbbing black pole and rubbed it up and down the beauty’s golden treasure, causing the young beauty to begin sobbing hysterically.  "You're gonna have a 'real' man today, sweetie!  Gonna tell your hubby about me?  Gonna tell him how a nigger 'ruined' his precious little wife!  Gonna tell him about the little black bastard that's now swelling up your little tummy?" he taunted.

Sobbing, Julie pleaded for him to stop as he continued to rub his thick cockhead up and down her the entrance to her slit.  She grimaced upon feeling the pressure of the plum like cockhead, trying to force its way into her.  “Oh God!  Please ……...........…….please ………..........…..no ……..........…..no, it's too big!  It's too biggggggg!" she pleaded.  "Nooooo …….......………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……….........…owwwwwwww!  Please …….............……please …….........…….please stop!  Oh God, it hurtssssss ……..........……it hurtssssssssss .............................it hurts so baddddddddd!  Stop, please …........…….I ……..........……I can’t take anymore!” she screamed.

Bubba just laughed at her plight, knowing that he only had two inches stuffed into her and there was a hell of a lot more to go.  Hearing the beauty’s pleas and anguished whimpers, it was almost too much for Bubba as he stilled himself a bit to prevent a premature popping of his hot load.  Rearing back a bit, Bubba then slammed himself forward with all of his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …….........…………ohhhhhhhhhhh ……........……oh, Goddddddd …….............…...arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!” came a piercing shriek of pain as it felt to Julie as if a knife was stabbing into her.  Kicking, her legs flailed about as she tried desperately to kick her attacker away but she was just no match for her dominant assailant.  She had never felt anything so thick and so deep inside her ever before.   She couldn't believe this awful nightmare was happening to her, raped by an evil black man.  'Oh, my God!  I ……............I'm carrying his black baby!' she realized and sobbed.

Bubba lay upon the sobbing beauty, letting her body get accustomed to his long thick cock.  He then nuzzled at her ear “That’s my nigger cock in ya, Mrs. Benton!  What's people gonna say if they knew a nigger fucked your pretty pussy and knocked ya up?"  He slowly withdrew his lengthy black cock till it was only the plum sized cockhead that remained, then slowly he began to fuck in and out of the sobbing young wife.  Speeding up his cock slicing into the sobbing beauty, Bubba then began to fuck her in earnest.  He smiled as he felt her trim white legs raise up and encircle his ass, feeling her ankles lock upon him, trying to pull him even deeper into her.  He released her arms and felt her hands on his shoulders, not attempting to push him away but caressing and feeling his muscular build.  The sobs had ceased and now only soft mewling sounds were now emitted from the raped young wife.

Sobbing and groaning in despair, the long slow fucking strokes began to have undesired effects on Julie's young innocent body.   Involuntarily, her cunt muscles squeezed back upon he thick raping cock that was deeply embedded, her mind was in shambles at this point.  She did not want to feel any type of stimulation nor pleasure from this savage rape, but now her body was betraying her from the long slow fucking strokes.  As the long thick cock continued slicing through her slick folds, Julie arched up to get it all into her.  “Ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh ………….oh, what's happening to me!  Ah …………..ahhhhh …………..ohhhhhhh!  Oh, God ……………..oh, God ……………....….ahhhhh ….........………..I ……..........…. I’m cuminggggggggggggggg!” Julie screamed.  Her body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably, sending her over the edge and into an orgasm never before experienced in her young life.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh …….................…….ohhhhhhhhh!" she screamed again as she felt the hot explosion deep within her body, then felt the burning sensation spreading.  She began sobbing again, realizing that her rapist had just spewed his hot filthy seed into her, feeling it burn her insides.  She cried, ashamed of the manner in which her body had betrayed her.

Dazed from the aftermath of the rape, Julie groaned as she felt her aching body being turned over.  Then she felt strong arms pulling her up so she was on all fours.  'What ………......…..what's he doing .................................what's he doinggggg?  Oh, no ….......…..he's depraved ………....….he wants to take me like an animal!' she thought.  She sighed, resigning herself to her fate, realizing she could not prevent him from taking her in this fashion.  Then, to her horror, she felt the prodding flesh move high, pushing at her ............................pushing at her anus!  Feeling his hands on her hips, she realized what his evil intent really was and she desperately tried to crawl away.  "No!  Please …....…..............…..no …..................……..…you can't ……...................………not there …...........................……..please!  Please …….............................I ............................I've never ……................!  Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ......................................owwww ..........................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" she screamed.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………..…………..argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the piercing scream as Bubba took her cherry white ass.  "Scream, bitch!" he laughed as he stabbed more of his thick cock into the distressed beauty.  "Ahhh, yeah ....................................yeah, sweetie ........................gotcha yer sweet little white ass!  Ya'll always gonna remember who got yer cherry white ass, bitch!" he gloated.  Reaching forward, his fingers searched for and found her sensitive clit, rubbing it as he fucked into her tight little ass.  He knew he got to her, feeling her body convulse and quiver in an orgasm as he continued plummeting her creamy white ass.  Then he slammed his cock fully up into her tight little ass, his cockhead expanding before commencing to giving the sobbing beauty an enema of hot spurting cum.  Throughout the night, Bubba enjoyed himself at the expense of young distraught Mrs. Julie Benton, taking her time and time again.  Hearing her sobs and cries, yet feeling her arms and legs gripping him as he fucked into her, Bubba was in seventh heaven with this young beauty.  Time after time he spewed his hot sticky seed into her, each time feeling her lithe body suddenly contract with spasms, taking her to orgasm after orgasm until she was fucked senseless.

When daylight came, Bubba helped the soiled young beauty from her marital bed and helped her into the shower.  There he showered and lathered down the fucked out beauty till she was squeaky clean.  Nearly slipping in the shower stall, Julie reacted by bracing her hands against the glass stall.  Then she felt the muscular arms wrap around her waist, lifting her up.  "Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned as she felt the probing shaft.  Moments later, she shivered under the spray of the cool water beating down upon her body while her insides were hosed down with a hot sticky liquid.  Wiping himself off with a towel, then drying the dazed young beauty, he led her back into her bedroom.  He told her, "I'm going to be leaving now, sweetie!  But how about a kiss before I go?" He saw her tilt her head up to him, then he laughed as he forced her down to her knees.  "That's not the kind of kiss I meant, honey!" he advised.

In her daze, Julie looked up at him with a puzzled look, wondering just what he meant.  She felt the fingers wrapped in her hair, holding her tightly, then looking ahead she realized just what he had in mind.  "Please …......……please …….........….no …........….I can't ……..............…I've neverrrrr!" she pleaded, shivering as she felt the blunt cockhead brushing up against her lips.  Knowing that it was useless to fight this madman, she reluctantly parted her lips, hoping that he would truly go after complying with this obscene demand being made upon her.  Fifteen minutes later, Bubba was getting dressed as he looked at the stupid bitch still kneeling there before the bed.  He chuckled at the sight of the young beauty, kneeling there in a fucked out stupor, a hand at her belly as her petite body shuddered every few seconds.  He could see she was getting green around the gills and ready to lose it all, then he saw how right he was in his assessment as her free hand came up below her chin.  He laughed aloud as she scrambled to her feet and rushed to the bathroom, leaning over the sink as she began to spew her guts into it "Accckkkkkkkkkk ....................................accccckkkkkkkkkkk!"

A full hour of cleansing herself under the shower, trying to scrub her soiled body clean, Julie tried to think as to what she should do.  Her religious upbringing told her she could not have an abortion, yet how in the world could she present a baby to Phil that obviously was not of his making.  She realized that the tape that Mr. Grimes had of her, there was no way she could charge him with rape.  'How could she tell her loving husband that she had been raped and impregnated by Mr. Grimes?  Would he believe her?  What if he confronted Mr. Grimes and was then shown the tape?' were questions flooding her mind.  Stripping off the soiled bedspread and sheets, Julie stuffed them into a large trash bag, not wanting any remembrance of that evil man being present.  Into the trash bag went her torn blouse and shorts, along with the undergarments that had been stripped from her.  She put the bag into her car, along with the large box that Mr. Grimes had brought as a gift, then drove off to where she knew was a dumpster.

Returning home, Julie stripped off the soiled bed sheets, then remade the bed with new sheets and a clean bedspread.  She opened up the windows as the room needed to be aired out of the obvious stench of raw sex, then Julie surveyed the area to make certain everything was in order.  Looking at the clock, she knew that Phil would soon be returning home from his trip, but she was able to breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that she at least had some time to get everything done.  The Benton household was finally cleaned up as Julie went about checking each room, and there was nothing visible to give away that she had an unwelcome visitor that afternoon .  Julie tried to decide as to what she should prepare a dinner for Phil, wanting to prepare one of his favorite dishes, hoping that it would somehow lessen the guilt within her.  However, after all her scrutiny, there was just one thing that Julie had overlooked in her distraught state ...........that being the removal of the incriminating disc from the CD player!

That next day, with Julie out getting her hair done and then to pick up some groceries for the week, this gave him the opportunity to watch his favorite porn flick that he kept hidden in his file cabinet.  Phil looked forward to this 'alone' time, when Julie went out shopping, giving him time to be a little naughty in watching a bit of porn.  After retrieving the CD from it's hiding place, he then went to put it in the CD player, first turning it on and then pressing the 'open' button in order to put the disc in.  Seeing a disc already in there, Phil knew that it couldn't be his, having used the player a couple days earlier prior to his trip and he had the disc in hand, his favorite and the one that would have been in there if he had forgotten to take it out.  He then noticed something written on the top of the disc with a felt pen, then picked it up to turn it upside down to read it, and written was 'Sweet Hot Julie' along with a date below that was a bit over six months ago.  Wondering as to 'Why would Julie make a disc of herself?', Phil put it back into the slot and closed it, then he hit the 'Play' button.      

From the moment the screen came on to depict what was on the CD, Phil's eyes bulged right out and his jaw dropped, for there was no denying that it was his beautiful wife starring in his x-rated porn flick.  "Oh, God .........................shitttttt ..........................he's fucking her without a rubber!" Phil exclaimed loudly as he watched the big black cock penetrate his wife while bareback, causing his own cock to twitch and expand with excitement.  "Gonna knock ya up good, bitch!" he heard her boss growl out while spearing his extremely long black cock up into Julie's petite body, making Phil wonder 'How'd she ever take that big cock her tight cunt?  Shit ..................it's twice the size of mine!'  Then he thought back to the time he easily slid up into her cunny, the time he had lubed his condom to make it easier than normal, but now Phil realized that it was shortly after she had returned from that out of town business trip.  'It wasn't the lubricant after all!  It was because she was all stretched out already ................................by that donkey-sized cock!' Phil realized as he beat his meat while watching his beautiful wife getting hammered on the screen.  Cock all hard and swollen as he fisted his boner, and it was obvious that her fucker wasn't going to be pulling on out any time soon, that he was going to fill her fertile womb up with his potent roe!  There was no denying that the convulsing black body atop of his wife as jettisoning its baby making batter deep up in his wife's fertile womb, then upon seeing the black schlong sliding on out and followed by the overflow of baby batter, Phil lost it all and he sprayed his load  right on the tv monitor. 

Using a spray glass cleaner, Phil spent some time to make sure the monitor screen was all cleaned up and that no streaks could be observed.  Wondering about the disc, Phil realized that it must have been put in there yesterday, the day when he had gone out of town on his business trip.  'Was it sent to her in the mail?  Or did her boss bring it here, maybe telling her she had better put out for him again due the incriminating evidence on the disc?  Did she forget it was in there?  If she got it in the mail, watched it, she'd have taken it out right after!  But if she was being shown the tape, blackmailed into putting out for the bastard again right then, that would explain why she forgot all about the disc being in the machine!' Phil figured.  Apparently Julie had forgotten all about the disc, probably thinking that Mr. Grimes took it with him upon his leaving, Phil then took it and would hide it away as this would now be his most favorite to watch.  Thinking further, Phil realized that the bed had new sheets on when he got back from his trip, that the bed had been stripped a day earlier than normally done. 

With the weekly wash normally done in the late afternoon on this very day, Phil got up to go to the laundry room and saw the crumbled up sheets in the laundry basket that was sitting atop of the washer.  Opening up the sheets, Phil sucked in his breath upon finding huge circular areas that were rather stiff, obviously starched by the copious overflow of semen as he had witnessed earlier.  There he observed several small kinky black curls embedded in a couple of the starched areas, making it quite evident that his wife had a visitor yesterday, and that the fucking(s) had taken place right upon their marital bed itself.  Then Phil observed a small balled up garment that had been stuffed into one of the corners of the laundry basket.  Reaching over to retrieve the balled up garment, Phil discovered that it was a pair of Julie's black panties.  In opening up the garment at the waistband, he then found that the crotchband area was pretty much glued together and had to be pried apart.  Evidence of the white glue used could easily be seen, but with the panties being black in color, it did take some time for Phil to locate two kinky black curls in the dried up mess.  'Will her boss be coming again the next time I'm out of town?  I need to get a spy cam set up in the bedroom so it'll get transmitted and recorded on my computer!' he thought.                        

End of Story.