Elaine’s Ebony Emotions
(m/f, n/c, i/r)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled:  'Star Player 1' & ‘Confessing Her Sins’
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At the age of thirty-seven, Mrs. Elaine Williams was quite the ideal woman and ‘model’ wife in the City of Middleton, well respected and looked upon as an active volunteer and leader in the community.  A mother of two teenagers, with her daughter in middle school and son a freshman in high school, Elaine naturally became a volunteer if needed at the high school while also serving as president of the PTA for the middle school.  Moving to this upper middle class subdivision from when it was built eight years ago, she was also drafted in as president of the community association.

Married now to her loving husband for sixteen years, there had never been a time when Elaine had looked at another man, much less desired anyone else.  All that had been so true, up until a month ago anyway, and it had all come crashing down upon her right in her own home.  It had occurred when her son had invited a teammate on the basketball team over for dinner one night, a teen three years older named Lonnie who was a senior and captain of the team and had had taken her freshman son John under his wing.

With her husband having to leave for a club meeting after dinner, and her son going to drop his sister off for a sleepover after picking up a couple of her friends, Elaine found herself alone in her own home with her son’s brazen teammate.  Lonnie, a lusty eighteen year old black teen, had merely befriended John and seemingly taken him under his wing for the one purpose of getting close enough to put the make on his beautiful mother.  With his big twelve incher rising up under his thin pair of basketball shorts and the lovely beauty just sitting off to his side, the thick muscle was even beginning to dart its head out from a leg opening and Lonnie knew that her eyes were mesmerized upon his moving shorts.

Husband having departed and when her son had gotten up from the table to help his sister with her things upstairs, it was then that Lonnie brazenly made his move by reaching for her hand and drawing it down to his exposed boner.  The mesmerized wife and mother was then handling a cock other than her own husband’s for the very first time, a big black one at that, stroking and pumping at him till her fingers were sticky with his precum oozing out of it’s pisshole.  And when her son and daughter had come back downstairs, Lonnie advised them to go ahead as he’d stay back to help with the dishes as the car would be filled up with the girls and their overnight bags.

Right in her own home, Elaine felt so helpless up against this brazen black teen who was so cocksure and confident of his male prowess.  Unable to put up any resistance as she was pulled into the master bedroom, then she could only stand there with her mouth wide open in awe as the arrogant teen began disrobing to reveal his muscular ebony body for her viewing.  Then, pushed down upon the bed that she shared with her husband, Elaine merely laid there as the snickering teen began tearing her clothing off her body.  Dress, bra and panties torn from her body, then her heels were peeled from her feet.

‘Was it rape?  Will people not believe that I was raped?  After all, I did tell him that I didn’t want him to do it to me!’ Elaine thought, trying to convince herself that the arrogant teen had forced himself upon her and against her will.  ‘But what if you claim rape and then it comes out that you were handling his big black penis at the dining room table when your son and daughter were upstairs!  Will I be able to lie, to disavow such an event taking place at the dining room table?’ Elaine wondered while shuddering, recalling how she had jerked upon the stick tube of flesh jutting out from the legband of his shorts.

Looking down at her fingers, rubbing her thumb on the undersides, Elaine recalled the slickness of the teen’s slime that had coated them when she had stood at the sink pretending to do the dishes when her son and daughter had come back downstairs.  Her fingers were webbed with the sticky goo and the arrogant young teen had not even ejaculated as yet, merely having given her fingers a coating of his pre-cum juices.  ‘How could I have done such an awful thing?  And right there at the dining room table!’ she chided herself.

‘And I barely put up any resistance when he boldly said ‘Let’s go to the bedroom!’  I did try to pull away at the door to my bedroom but could not break away, and then I just stood there in the bedroom as he began stripping off his clothing!’ Elaine recalled.  ‘I did make a protest, telling him that I didn’t want such a thing to happen!’ she added but knew full well that her protest had just been a mere token of verbal resistance.  ‘Why didn’t I put up more of a fight?  Hit him?  Kick at him?  Run?  And when he pushed me onto the bed, I just lay there and allowed him to tear my clothing off, wanting it to seem like I had no choice in the matter!’ she realized.

“I'm going to fuck you like ya’ve never been fucked before!  Right in hubby's bed!  I'm going to give ya a prize too - my black baby juice!” the arrogant teen had told her.  Elaine swallowed as she recalled her rather meek and response to that of “No, please ………………..please don't …………….please leave me alone ....…………...you …………..you'll get me pregnant!”  ‘My God, if you went to the police with that lame excuse for having put up a fight and verbally saying ‘No’, they’ll laugh you right out of the police station!’ she shivered.

‘But I did scream when he forced himself into me!’ Elaine told herself trying to justify the rape claim.  But she knew that her legs had not been physically forced apart by the deviant teen, and that her scream had come due to the size of his big black cock, for it was of a thickness that she certainly never had experienced before.  ‘And what are you going to tell the police next?  That he had you begging him to keep on fucking you till you had the most fantastic orgasm ever!  Or skip that and say that I pleaded and begged him to stop!’ Elaine pondered, knowing that she had only begged him to stop only after she had orgasmed and came to realize the potential consequences should he sperm in her.

Elaine was never good at lying to anyone, even a little white lie in trying to keep from giving away a surprise birthday party was difficult, thus causing her great anguish as she knew that she was really lying to herself in having been raped by the teen.  ‘How could you have allowed him to put your hand on his genitals at the dining room table?  You should have known that it would not end there!  It ended up right where you should have known it would, flat on your back in the master bedroom!’ she chastised herself.  Elaine knew that she could not scream ‘rape’ and also feared that her husband would learn of what else she had done, that of allowing the teen to put his sticky black penis into her mouth!  And worst of all, she had allowed him to do his ‘thing’ right in mouth, and she ended up swallowing all of what the teen had ejaculated into her mouth!

Racked with guilt throughout the following week, Elaine just could not live with such remorse, causing her to confess her sins and seek advice from the kindly priest in the confessional of the church.  Awaiting in the confessional for Father Downey, Elaine had been unaware of the emergency that had sudden arisen in the few moments after the good father had told her he’d be right with her.  And Otis Brown the caretaker had been instructed by Father Downey to relay to her of the emergency and that he had to rush on off to the hospital.  In her distraught state, unaware that the caretaker had slipped into the darkened confessional across from her, Elaine then blurted out the sins she had committed.

Recognizing the black caretaker of the church at her front door at her home later that day, Elaine had opened the door to talk to the fellow after he had advised that she had forgotten something at the church.  But in being courteous in opening the door to the fellow whom she had recognized from church, the evil bastard then forced his way into her home, telling her “I’ve got just what you need here, Mrs. Williams!  A big black cock!  Not a young teen's cock but a more seasoned one!  You won't have to go on dreaming for more black meat up your horny little twat!”

Horrified that her deep dark secret was known by this horrid man, Elaine then learned as to how it had gotten out from her disclosing it in the privacy of the confessional.  “The good Father had a sudden emergency and I took your confession, sweetie!  I thought I'd stop by to scratch that little itch between your sexy legs, Mrs. Williams!” she was then advised by the arrogant caretaker.  Making a dash for safety, Elaine got to her bedroom but was unable to lock the door in time and her assailant was then upon her.  On this occasion, she fought with all of her might as her clothing was being shredded from her body.

Her legs were then forced apart by her stronger assailant but Elaine was determined to fight him off with all of her might.  But what came next was something she had never contemplated, causing her body first tremble and then to shudder in uncontrolled spasms.  Never would she have ever believed that a man would do such a thing, putting his head down between a woman’s legs and place his mouth over her sex.  And that long hot tongue withering up into he hot slit was driving her out of her gourd.  “Stop ………………..stop ………………….please stop ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God ………………..stopppppppppppppp!  Ahhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God ………………….oh, Godddddd ………………..stoppppppppp!” she had groaned while involuntarily arching up into the slurping mouth.

Following her shameful display of orgasming in the caretaker’s mouth, Elaine lay upon her marital bed utterly defeated, realizing that she had no choice in the matter with her deep dark secret known by this horrid man.  As he would obviously was holding that secret to blackmail her from reporting this attack, Elaine resigned herself in having to submit to her rapist, but firmly resolved that she would fight off the demons within herself and not give him the satisfaction of seeing her respond to this unwanted rape.  Thighs widespread as her assailant rubbed the thick bloated head of his manhood up against her opening, her fingers clutched tightly at the thick bedspread in readiness for the rape of her body.

Eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched in anticipation of the inevitable, Elaine’s toes began to curl as the black bastard teased her mercilessly by rubbing his cockhead up and down the length of her juicing slit.  Fingers clenching and unclenching repeatedly as she prepared herself, Elaine trembled as she waited, but it was all for naught as the bastard was intent on driving her out of her mind.  Desperately trying not to show her emotions, yet now near delirious in her need to quell that aching need once again, Elaine tried to edge down a bit to envelope the thick cockhead that was teasing at her.

“I’s ain’t gonna rape ya, Mrs. Williams!  Ya wanna git fucked by my’s big black cock, then ya’s gotta put it in that hot little box of yers!” she was told.  Letting go of the bedspread that her left hand had been grasping, Elaine then reached down between her widespread thighs to grasp the thick black muscle, realizing that it was indeed so much thicker than that of the teen’s.  And as it slid into her, stretching her as never before, she soon was to discover that it was even longer than Lonnie’s.  That so-called myth about black men was no longer a myth, not with two of two black cocks proving it to Elaine as her body shivered with pleasure.

As she looked back to that day in shame, Elaine sniffled in remorse at how she had behaved even after trying to will her body to show no response.  Although Otis Brown had forced himself into her home and tore off her clothing, how could she go to the police and claim that he had raped her, not with her reaching down to grasp his manhood and guide him into her as she had been driving out of her mind in need of it.  And upon feeling his big sweaty body moving atop of her, his super-sized cock sliding in and out of her, Elaine shook her head in disbelief in the manner which she had then begged him to ‘Fuck me!  Fuck meeeeeee!’  That played itself in her mind over and over again, along with hearing her voice yelling out ‘Cum ………..cum in meeeeeeeeeeeee!’

Sitting alone at the kitchen counter with her face buried in her hands, Elaine realized that it was now three months since that fateful night after being seduced by that confident teen.  She wondered as to how she had managed to put up such a goody-goody front before her friends and co-workers, especially managing to pull the wool over her husband’s eyes, without giving a hint as to the change in her.  Once prim and proper, faithful wife and pillar of the community, Elaine was consumed with only one desire, that of having a big sweaty black body sliding atop of her while thrusting his ‘proud animal’ into her hot juicing pit.

This uncontrolled need for wild unbridled sex with a black male seemed to consume Elaine’s thoughts throughout each day and night, even dreaming of it as she went to bed.  To make matters worst, her son John often invited his mentor on the team over in thinking that Lonnie was interested in his doing well in basketball.  For Elaine, each time that vile teen was over at her home, she knew that he would find some sort excuse in getting next to her.  Heart pounding each time, unable to follow through with her rational thinking of locking herself away in the  bedroom till the deviant had departed, it seemed as if her body betrayed her each time that he came over to her home.

With the lusty teen so bold and adventurous, Elaine’s heart would be pounding madly in her chest whenever he was visiting, wondering just when Lonnie would come looking for her.  That week following her initial seduction had the brazen teen coming into the kitchen when John had gotten a call from one of his female classmates, allowing Lonnie to depart on the guise of allowing John some privacy.  Freezing at the kitchen sink with her hands in the soapy dish water, the arrogant teen eased up right next to her, then he reached over to grasp her wrist to draw her hand out of the soapy water and drawing it back over the front of the sink.

Hand slick, soap suds acting as a lubrication, Elaine fisted the long thick cock that had been exposed when the leg of his shorts had been drawn up.  “C’mon, Mrs. Williams, pull on it!  Git me off before John comes looking fer me!” she was told by the lusty teen.  The mention of her son’s name had Elaine in a panic for it would surely be disastrous to have him walking into the kitchen while was jerking off his vile teammate.  Swallowing in nervousness, she fisted the teen’s lengthy black cock faster and faster so she could send him on his way.  Moments later, with a wet dish cloth in hand, Elaine was crouched down on the kitchen floor clean up the sticky mess on the cabinet fronts and the drips of cum falling from the bottom of the cabinets onto the floor.

From then on, the arrogant teen had gotten bolder and bolder, making each subsequent encounter that much more dangerous or wicked in nature.  For allowing things to get further and further out of hand, Elaine could only conclude that she was absolutely ‘sick’ mentally for not putting a stop to it all!  With her husband having earlier told Lonnie to just help himself to anything in the kitchen whenever her was over, she was sure that ‘anything’ had not included her body.  And help himself he did, often getting himself something to snack on ………………..her hot little pussy in particular!  Like that time when her husband was in the backyard when John had driven out to the store for some drinks and Lonnie was to get ice from the freezer, Elaine looked out through window at her unsuspecting husband as the lusty teen was crouched below the sink eating her out.

Last week in particular was quite a memorable one for Elaine.  Again in the kitchen but this time her soapy hands trying to grip the sink, with her toes barely touching the ground with her panties around her ankles, Lonnie’s strong arm encircling her waist was pulling her back down to the ground, right onto his upright cock.  Fortunately, the horny teen had clamped his free hand over her mouth, muffling her squeals as she got her ass shafted by his big black boner.  It had been quite obvious to Elaine that Lonnie had been just waiting for the opportune time as he was already rock solid when he had entered the kitchen.  In less than a minute’s time, Lonnie had her panties pulled down and his big cock shoved up her tight ass, then he began reaming her out.

With Lonnie a star on the basketball team, it was a foregone conclusion that the high school would give him a passing grade to have him graduate and move onto college on a basketball scholarship.  And thus, cutting a few classes wasn’t going to get him on detention nor jeopardize his graduation status.  Knowing this full well, once the basketball season was over, Lonnie would often depart when the lunch hour came as the cafeteria food stunk.  And over at the Williams’ house, he got to eat his favorite food ……….fresh furry beaver!  He often wondered what went through Mrs. Williams’ mind during dinner when she looked over at her husband, for instead of food on the plate that her husband was eating from, her hot pussy had been in its place at lunchtime.

Elaine’s exploits in her own home, with the element of danger in being caught thrown into the mix, certainly would have shameful and disastrous results if either her husband or son ever walked in while in a compromising position.  But even more dangerous was the Thursday afternoons that she had ‘volunteered’ her time to help clean the interior of the church, a ‘volunteer’ service that Otis Brown had insisted that she do for the church.   And with the devious caretaker taking care of the cleanup before her arrival, Elaine was really there to silence her blackmailer’s threats of releasing the deep dark secret that she had blurted out in the confessional.

With the church doors closed and locked each Thursday afternoon for it’s so-called cleanup day and made known to the congregation, no one would be surprised to find everything locked up till the choir practice began at 7 p.m.  Especially with a sign posted on the closed and locked door explained that it was ‘Closed Thursday afternoons for cleaning!’  Thus, the first two Thursday afternoons up in the somewhat safety of the balcony area where the choir sang each Sunday, Otis had the sexy member of the congregation spreading her beautiful trim legs and singing a tune unheard of within the walls of the church.

Although he was an employed by the church on a part-time basis as caretaker, Otis really was not a member of the church nor did he attended any of the services.  He was on the grounds of the church every Sunday, doing what he was paid to do as caretaker.  As the congregation filed in, Otis noticed that most of the congregation seemed to have a favorite pew and would be sitting in the same location each week.  Perhaps by habit or just feeling that pew being ‘theirs’, that even applied to the Williams’ family as they would sit in the seventh row on the right side of the church with hubby next to the aisle and Mrs. Williams on his right followed by the children.

On that Thursday afternoon, the seven row on the right side of the church was certainly not as neat and tidy as one would find it when entering for the Sunday services.  A pair of 3” white heels lay scattered under the pews, pink dress in a pile on the floor, along with a pair of lacy white panties and matching bra were also lying there.  And there upon the pew normally occupied by the Williams’ family, such was occupied by the lovely Mrs. Elaine Williams, with her right ankle over the back of the pew and left leg draped over the pew in front.  But instead of the normal prayers on a Sunday, Mrs. Williams prayed that no one from the congregation would see her their in all her glory, and not hear her calling out “Oh, God …………………fuck me ………………….fuck me with your big black cock!”

Weeks later, sitting next in the pew next to her husband, Elaine kept her eyes focused upon the brochure that had been handed to her upon arrival at the church.  With the priest now standing behind the alter, Elaine’s stomach turned as she could not get over what had taken place that past Thursday afternoon, recalling how cold that marbled alter felt against the bare skin of her back and asscheeks.  Though she had tried to pull away from the demented caretaker, Elaine had been forced upon the alter, then taken right there by the black bastard as if she was being sacrificed to the gods.  Disheartened, she recalled having to clean up the sticky mess that had oozed out of her well-fucked slit.

End of Story.