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Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Teenage Stud VII
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Melanie felt so guilty in having lied to her husband as to going to visit her old college sorority sister for a get together with their friends.  ‘What can I do?  How can I get out of going up to the remote cabin in the woods to meet that awful teen?  How could I ever have allowed my daughter’s teenage boyfriend to seduce me that night in the house?’ she nervously wondered.  Now at the age of 39, Melanie Haverly could not believe how her life had changed so drastically in the past six months.  Having always been a true and faithful wife since being married to Tom, she had been under the teen’s magnetic charisma whenever he had come over to visit her daughter.

Melanie shuddered as she recalled how she had gotten the call to meet her teenage lover at the motel when he had called her at the office.  She had gone there, in need of once again obtaining the ultimate pleasure that only Mark could bring to her.  Then she had discovered just how vile and evil Mark really was, setting it up for the school’s black janitor to enter the motel room and rape her repeatedly.  It seemed that her anguish and humiliation only served to satisfy Mark’s twisted desires.

On the drive up to the cabin, Melanie wondered just what horror the devious teen had in store for her.  Blinking back the tears, she wondered ‘What devious plan does he have in that twisted mind of his?  I’ve got to go …………….do as he says …………………..not with his treat hanging over me of sending my daughter and husband photos of me with that janitor who he had allowed to rape me in the motel room!  That bastard!’  If Melanie only knew what awaited her at the end of her destination, she would have turned around immediately and taken her chances.  Awaiting her were the five offensive linemen, on the top ranked high school football team in the state, who would be protecting Mark as their quarterback.  And Melanie was to serve as an enticement to be sure that they always protected the number one man on the team.  Along with the five big lineman, Mark also invited the skinny white kid who served as the team's waterboy, an important member since he was the one with the connections to get them the drugs that they craved for.

When Mark had demanded she spend the weekend with him at the cabin, Melanie objected, saying that she would not subject herself to such a degrading ordeal as when he had 'given' her to the school's janitor.   Although the telltale photos were mentioned, Mark told her that he 'loved her' and that he wanted to send the weekend alone with only her.  She prayed that indeed that was the case.  Driving along, Melanie told herself that she should approach the cabin slowly and if more than one car was there, she would turn around and get the hell out of there.

In the cabin, having driven up in his family's van, Mark had needed all the seats to accommodate his buddies along with the supply of food and booze that he had his parents  purchase.  He had told his parents of treating his linemen for the upcoming season, wanting to take care of them, but had not mentioned the special guest that he had invited to entertain the guys.  Planning to arrive an hour in advance, the guys had begun drinking beer in the van as Mark abstained till he reached the cabin.  Guzzling up the beer in the van, the big black linemen were: George Thompson (252 lbs.); Mike Foreman (263 lbs.); Cory Rashad (258 lbs.); Tim Gumbel (271 lbs.); and the biggest of them all was Issac Denton (310 lbs.).  Then there was the skinny white waterboy, Adam Miller, a full 125 lbs of skin and bone.

They all knew Adam dug guys instead of girls, a real faggot but he got them good deals on drugs.  Mark joked with Adam and the guys, telling them "Adam's going to get his wish of having one of you big studs buggering him this weekend!  We're going to start off with a nice little game of the 'Two minute drill'!  Whoever doesn't survive the drill will have to bugger Adam before he's allowed back into the game!"  All the guys laughed aloud, but Mark detected a bit of a nervous laughter in each of the guys, knowing that they feared the thought of losing and having everyone watch him having to buggar the faggot waterboy or be left out in the cold.

As Melanie made her way across the dirt path to the cabin and up the wooden steps, the door opened as a smiling Mark appeared with a beer in hand and a glass in another.  Then she found herself being embraced by the bold teen as she tiled her head up and opened her lips to him.  When the kiss broke, she was handed the glass as Mark advised "Got your gin and tonic prepared as soon as I hard you drive up!  Drink up quickly so we can get on with some loving!"

Though the drink tasted sweeter than normal, Melanie offered no complaint as Mark kissed her and whispered the naughty things he would soon be doing to her.  With Mark holding his can of beer to toast their being together again, Melanie was unaware that the sweetness she tasted in the drink was the remnants of taste emitted by the 'Spanish Fly' that Mark had spiked her drink with.  As Mark leaned over her to plant a deep passionate kiss on her lips, Melanie began to feel the initial effects of the drug spreading between her loins.  She shivered as Mark cupped a hand over her breast, caressing her hardening nipple through her dress and bra.  With her eyes closed for the kiss, Melanie was unaware of the other teens quietly slipping in from their hiding places in the bedroom.

"Mark ………………Mark!" a startled Melanie screamed from the rustling noise and at the sight of the five big muscular black football players clad only in gym shorts.  Hidden behind them was the team's skinny white waterboy.  Melanie shuddered in fear as the players slowly closed in upon where she and Mark sat.  Mark loved the fear shown on the lovely beauty, telling her "Mrs. Haverly, meet the guys who'll be protecting me throughout the football season!  I invited them up here for a fun weekend and I wanted you here to help me entertain them!  How about getting things started by doing a seductive striptease for them?"  Pushing her out of her seat, Mark commanded "Strip off that dress, bitch!"

"You …………….you can't be serious!" Melanie stammered as she tried to run but was suddenly cornered against a support post in the middle of the cabin.  From what sounded from far away, she could hear Mark's voice telling her "Either you start putting on a show for these guys or they'll be tearing that pretty dress off you and then we'll be having a gangbang on our hands!"  With no alternative, Melanie reached to the back of her neck and unhooked the top of her yellow dress, then slowly pulled the zipper down her back.  As she pushed the dress to the edge of her shoulders, the leering teens began hooting and hollering as her flawless white body began to be bared before them.  Closing her eyes in shame, Melanie let the dress fall to the wooden floor around her white heels.

"Okay, off with the bra, sweetie!" one of the teen's yelled out.  Reaching back to comply with the demand, Melanie blinked back the tears now flowing down her cheeks.  She then shuddered in fear as she observed the teens dropping their gym shorts through her blurry vision.  Peeling off her lacy white bra, she let it drop to the floor upon her dress, then crossed her arms to cover her bared breasts. "Damn, did you see her titties!  God, I gotta get me a bite of those pretty pink nipples!" one teen commented.  "Man, that's prime white meat!" another laughed.  "C'mon, baby!  Show us that pretty little beaver of yours!" demanded a third teen.


Sobbing, Melanie put her hands down and pushed the waistband of her lacy white panties over her trim hips.  Then she tried desperately to cover her private parts, with her hands over her crotch and upper arms hiding her breasts.  "Only one thing left baby!" she heard Mark comment.  Putting one white heel behind the other, she stepped out of one heel.  Then toes behind the other heel, she then stepped out of it.  Now she was totally naked before all these lusting teens.

So ashamed and humiliated, weak at the knees, she sank down to the wooden floor onto her knees.  Melanie sobbed and cried, crossing her arms to cup a bared breast in each of her hands and kneeling forward a bit to hide her womanhood from the leering and applauding teens.  Then she heard Mark announce all the rules of the 'Two minute drill' to her and the listening teens.

"Isaac's going to have a pass on this one cause if our lovely guest here fails to bring one of you guys off with her sexy hands or mouth within two minutes each, he's gonna have the pleasure of fucking her sexy little ass!" Mark announced.  "C'mon, Isaac!  Show the pretty little lady what she has to look forward to if she fails to bring one of the guys off in the two minutes allowed!" he advised.  Turning to the teen who had stepped forward, the biggest of the lot, Melanie shuddered in horror and fear.   "Introducing …………..big, bad Isaac Denton!  310 lbs. of solid black muscle!" she heard Mark announce to the audience as Isaac stepped forward.  Then her eyes widened in horror as the big muscular teen held the monstrosity of a cock, twitching it on purpose, a sight that brought 'oohs and ahhs' from all in the cabin.  'Oh, God …………….he'll kill me with that!' Melanie swallowed in fear.

Then the other guys were chatting, making wise-ass remarks like "Man, I'd rather take the fat end of a baseball bat up my ass than have Isaac shoving his cock in me!" "This pretty little lady's gonna be screaming like a fuck'n banshee if Isaac gets at her tight little ass!"  Melanie cringed and shuddered when the skinny white teen laughingly made his way to where she was shamefully knelling.  Then the teen named Adam reached down to caress her ass and slapped it, remarking loudly "Me, I've been dreaming of having a big black cock shoved up my ass!  But there's no way in hell I'd be able to take Isaac's big black monster!  Better you than me, Mrs. Haverly!" the teen taunted, bringing a roar of laughter from the others.

"Okay, guys, line up according to your jersey number with the lowest going first!  Remember, the guy who 'blows' it has got to bugger Adam before he's allowed back into the game!  Adam, you get into line too ………..at the end!" Mark advised.  Then Mark opened up a bag and pulled out a shiny black plastic tube and held it up in the air.  Then gasps could be heard as everyone made out that it was a 15" dildo, one that could have been molded from what Isaac was now fisting.  "If the pretty little lady gets your faggot cock to blow before any of the other guys, you'll get this up your faggot ass instead of a real one!" Mark advised as all the linemen applauded and roared with laughter.

First in line was George Thompson who stood smiling before her as his thick cock began hardening and waving at her.  Then the sound of the 'ding' came from where Mark was keeping time with a stopwatch.  But Melanie felt so embarrassed and humiliated at her nakedness and at the idea of tossing this teen in front of all his friends.  But then, a glance over at Isaac's cock growing even bigger in his fist had her frightened at the prospect of what it would do to her.  As she reached up to grasp the thick cock before her, there was only a minute left and the 'ding' sounded before she could do very much.

Cory Rashad was next and with the 'ding', Melanie grasped his cock with both hands and began pumping him, hoping to get him off within the allotted two minutes.  As the teen's manhood grew in her hands and he began to moan in pleasure, hope set in that she would prevail.  She saw the purplish black cockhead swell as the pisshole flared open, thinking it would soon begin spurting.  "Suck him!  Suck him and he'll pop!" yelled a teen from the crowd.  But Melanie shivered in revulsion at the thought of putting the vile cock into her mouth, especially in front of such an audience to witness her shame.  She slumped in defeat at the 'ding' ending the session.

Mike Foreman followed, then Tim Gumbel, but Melanie got no further with either of them.  She had absolutely refused to put her lips around the black penises, trying desperately to preserve some dignity.  But now, only the team's waterboy remained and her hopes dimmed drastically as she wondered 'What chance do I have if he's only interested in other guys?'  Still, it was her only hope and she sought to try her best rather than resign herself to the awful fate that awaited her with the muscular Isaac.  Realizing that this last teen was her last hope from being viciously sodomized by Isaac's big black cock, which was now fully erect as he stroked it in anticipation, Melanie's hope diminished as she gazed up Adam's rather limp dick before her.  With his preference being guys, Melanie thought there would be little chance for her to get him erect and shooting off within the allotted time.

At sound of the 'ding', Melanie desperately grasped the teen's cock in her hands and began pumping at it.  Feeling this teen's cock in her hands versus the others, she could not help but think 'Its no wonder the myth about black men got started!'  Frantic, she stuck her pointed tongue out and began flicking it madly up against the rapidly expanding cockhead.  "Ahhh ……ahhhh ……..ahhhh …….ahhhh ………ahhhh ……….oh, God ………oh, God!" she heard the teen pant out as his cock grew under her teasing.  Then the teen began to loose control of himself as he began pumping up into her caressing hands.  With time running out, she clamped her mouth tightly over his throbbing cock, sucking it like a vacuum cleaner and pulling back till it 'popped' from her lips.  Immediately flicking at the cockhead again, she felt the teen shudder then groan "Nooooo …………ohhhhh, nooooooooo …………..ahhhhhhhhhh!"  Then the cock exploded, shooting a stream of cum over her shoulder to land on the bare foot of one of the football players who yelped with a loud "Fuck!"

Having collapsed to the floor, the skinny teen who had just lost the game was being turned over by a couple of the big linemen.  Panting in exhaustion, relieved that she would not have Isaac sodomizing her with his monstrous black cock, Melanie felt a bit sorry for the young teen in knowing that he would soon have that huge dildo skewering into him.  'Better you than me getting sodomized!' she thought in pay back for his comments earlier.  Feeling Mark embrace her from the back, Melanie could not help but shiver from the pleasure of his touch, regardless of the depravity he had just forced upon her.  She swooned as he tenderly touched her, whispering in her ear "You're so sexy, Mrs. Haverly!"  Then she shuddered as she looked down to see that Mark was strapping the 15" black dildo around her waist.

Then Mark announced "Okay, guys!  Get a good hold of Adam caused he's now going to get the big black cock he's been wanting!  Right up that little faggot ass of his!  As our pretty guest here got Adam off it's only right that she give him his prize!"  Adam's face turned a beet red and he began bawling at the thought that it would be a woman buggering him.  The other two linemen then grasped his feet to hold him from crawling away.  Melanie felt nothing but pity for the poor teen at that point and did not want to be the one to cause him any pain.  She shook her head, not wanting to take part in this awful game, watching as the skinny teen struggled in the linemen's grasp.  Then Mark was embracing her from behind once again, whispering in her ear "You get up there and slam it real hard into the little faggot's ass!  Make him scream!  If you don't, then I'm gonna have Isaac slam his big black whopper of a cock up your tight little ass, bitch!"

That last comment filled Melanie once again with fear.  Quickly, she got up on her knees and tightened the strap-on dildo around her waist as she shuffled forward.  As she got closer, she observed the skinny Adam struggle madly in the grips of the linemen, screaming and crying "It's too big ……………it's too big ……………there's no way it'll fit!"  But all the football players just laughed at his plight, enjoying his dilemma.  Melanie felt a wave of illicit pleasure course throughout her body, feeling the power that now she would be the one inflicting the pain and not receiving it.

Suddenly, Melanie was like a totally changed woman as she shuffled up between the struggling teen, grasping the 6" round dildo and putting it into position.  As the whimpering teen felt the cold plastic, he once again struggled to scramble away from her.  Melanie reached forward with both hands to hold the teen's skinny waist and yelled out to the linemen holding him "Hold this damn faggot still, will you!"  Then with all of her weight behind her, Melanie did what would have been unthinkable just an hour ago, slamming forward as hard as she possibly could.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………stop ………..stop ……………..please ………………Mrs. Haverly …………..it hurts ………………..it hurts!  I'm sorry ………………….I'm sorry for making fun of you!" Adam cried out to her, whimpering like a little puppy dog.  But Melanie had no sympathy for the teen, recalling his slapping her on the ass and remark of "Me, I've been dreaming of having a big black cock shoved up my ass!  But there no way I'd be able to accommodate Isaac's big black monster!  Better you than me, Mrs. Haverly!"  Recalling that, Melanie withdrew the dildo quickly and slammed forward once again.

All the big black brutes, along with their white quarterback leader, looked at each other in total astonishment.  Here was the petite frightened beauty, cowering before them less than an hour ago trying to hide her nakedness from them.  Now, with her bared titties flopping about as she humped into the team's waterboy, it was obvious that her wild side had been unveiled.  They each felt a bit of pity for Adam as the lovely beauty took out her revenge in slamming the entire length of the thick dildo up his ass, cringing at Adam's now spine chilling screams.

Ten minutes later, two of the linemen were literally pulling the determined Melanie back, dragging her back to slowly pull the dildo out of the now unconscious waterboy's torn asshole.  "No ………..no …………….I'm not done with him yet!" Melanie screamed as they pulled her away.  When the lengthy dildo was finally withdrawn from the prone teen, Melanie looked with disdain upon the teen that had tried to demean her earlier as she felt the strapon being removed.

Body glistening and dripping with perspiration from her total involvement and energy expended on the skinny waterboy, Melanie found herself being dragged backwards onto a thin plastic shower curtain that had been spread out upon the wooden floor.  Looking about, Melanie found herself now surrounded by the five black linemen and their white quarterback, all jerking their throbbing cocks in their fists.  Then she heard Mark's voice saying "My, my, Mrs. Haverly!  You don't look so lady-like right now, so wet and sweaty!  C'mon, guys, time for our guest to have a shower.  But first Isaac gets his turn at the two minute drill!"  Melanie shivered with fear as the big brute began to approach her, fisting that long throbbing monstrosity before him.

Melanie then heard Mark speak up once again to announce the new game "Okay, Mrs. Haverly, here's the play! You've got two minutes to get Isaac off like you did Adam!  You do, then all the rest of us will get our hardons off on poor Adam over there!  But if you don't, you'll be getting a hot cum shower from all of us!"  Seeing the big throbbing cock looming before her eyes, Melanie thought 'He must be close ……………jerking himself all the while watching the show that took place!  Maybe I can do it!  Better than suffering the indignity of having six sex-crazed teens cumming all over me!' she thought.  Then there was that all familiar 'ding'.

Frantically, Melanie grabbed the meaty cock in both hands and began pumping with all her might.  With the bulblike cockhead so big and round, Melanie knew she would never be able to get her lips around it.  Thus, she flicked her lips rapidly on his cockhead, pushing the tip of her tongue into her pisshole.  Feeling the thick cock throbbing madly in her hands, Melanie was hopeful when Isaac moaned "Oh, baby ……………oh, baby ………..ahhhhh …………..ahhhhhh ………………not yettttttt!"  At the 'ding' , Melanie's head slumped in defeat with her hands still clasped tightly around the thick cock.

"Sorry ……………you lose, Mrs. Haverly!  Since Isaac's been so patient and waited so long, it's only fair that he gets to have you continue with your sexy hands and mouth!  If you can't get him off before the others do, then Isaac's going to shove it all the way down your throat!" Mark announced.  Melanie trembled with fear as the teens edged in closer around her into a small circle, each pulling at his throbbing cock.  Determined not to have Isaac's monstrosity forced down her throat, Melanie immediately resumed her manipulations on his cock, pumping up and down as well as flicking her tongue against the pulsating cockhead.  All the guys watching wanted to see Isaac force his giant cock down her throat and they began jerking on themselves, eager also to shoot their slimy seed onto her.  Putting all her concentration on the task 'in' hand, Melanie was startled when 271 lb. Tim Gumbel to her right unleashed his pent up lust, sending his hot cum splashing up against the side of her face and into her long silky brown hair.

Seconds later, another cock unleashed itself, this one uncorking itself against her left cheek and across the bridge of her nose.  It was 258 lb. Cory Rashad who had just done the honors.  The remainder of this teen's load was sprayed into her silky hair as the teen laughed "Ohhh, giving her some shampoo to lather her hair up!"  To one side of Isaac stood 252 lb. George Thompson while 263 lb. Mike Foreman stood at his other side.  Both teens suddenly moaned and grunted in unison, their cum spurting forward, arching a bit to crisscross over her arms to splatter upon each breast.  Arms splotched with cum, Melanie shivered as the sticky goo dribbled down the tip of her pointed nipples before dripping down to her thighs.

"Just me left, Mrs. Haverly!  And I'm gonna cum real soon, baby!" Melanie heard Mark's voice from behind.  Feverishly, she flicked her tongue like crazy on Isaac's bloated cockhead, teasing his pisshole and running her tongue around the sensitive rim.  "Ahhhh ………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she heard Mark moan from behind, then felt the how wet splashes upon her neck and back.  Then, much to Melanie's relief, Isaac came right in her face with cum gluing her eyes shut!  The lurching of the thick cock threatened to break out of her grip.  Totally depraved at this point, happy that she would not have Isaac's cock shoved down her throat, Melanie unconsciously opened her mouth wide, giving Isaac a target to dump his load.

Isaac couldn't believe the sight below him, watching the beautiful woman jerk and tongue his cock.  With his first blast hitting her right in the face, he reached forward to push the tip of his cockhead down a bit, determined to shoot the rest of his copious load right into her open mouth.  "Oh, baby ……………ahhhhhhh, yeah, Mrs. Haverly ………gonna give ya a cup of hot cum cocktail!" he moaned as he spurted and spurted right into her mouth.
Moments later, now kneeling all alone on the plastic curtain, Melanie shook her hands in an attempt to wring off the sticky cum.  Looking down at her body, she saw the streaks and splotches of semen that now covered her body.  She next heard someone approach from behind, stepping onto the plastic covering, then heard what sounded like sniffling.  Then she saw a pair of white skinny legs standing before her.

Standing before her was the angry waterboy whom she had brutally sodomized with the giant dildo.  Looking up and seeing the tears flowing down his eyes, hearing his whimpering, Melanie knew that he was out to seek his revenge upon her.  Seeing the whimpering teen holding his limp prick in his hand, aiming at her, she then heard him blurt out "You fuck'n bitch!  Piss on you!"  Melanie gasped and turned away as Adam began to obtain his revenge as his hot piss came pouring down in a wild torrent upon her face and breasts.  As she wept in shame, Melanie suddenly felt the plastic covering being pulled up around her, then she was bundled up in it.  With the liquid collecting down into the bottom of the bundled center, Melanie now sat in the collected puddle of piss and cum.  Then, two of the muscular linemen were carrying her off towards the bathroom and Melanie found herself being deposited into the shower stall alone with the drenched shower curtain.

Having turned on the hot shower, Melanie turned to the shower door as she heard it open.  She blinked back the tears as her daughter's boyfriend smirked at her and remarked "If Mr. Haverly only could see his precious little wife now, covered with piss and cum like a two-bit whore!  Got your negligee hanging here for you!  Scrub all that piss and slimy cum off of ya, then I'm gonna give you the loving that you came up here for ………..just you and me alone in the bedroom!"  Melanie sobbed as she ran her hands over her soiled body with the bar of soap and hand towel, trying desperately to cleanse herself of the filth.  But as her hands drifted down to scrub her matted curls, she could not resist the temptation to slide her middle finger into her agitated slit.  That first brush against her inflamed and sensitive clit had Melanie quivering with the need for sexual release.  The potent drug had her clit so agitated she was now desperate, needing a cock between her legs immediately.

Going out into the bedroom, she found her daughter's devious boyfriend smirking as he waited for her on the bed, waving his fisted cock fist at her.  "Have another drink!  I made a fresh one for you, Mrs. Haverly!  Drink it all then we'll get down to some serious fucking!" he advised as he handed it her with his free hand.  Needing Mark's cock while wanting a strong drink after that humiliating scene, Melanie took a large gulp to the new glass of gin and tonic.  Unknown to her, the potent drink masked that taste of the additional 'spanish fly' that was again consuming.

"Mark ………….Mark ………….please, I need it so badly!" Melanie panted in desperation as she reached down to finger herself.  To her dismay, young Mark merely laughed at her plight, commenting "Guess what they say about 'Spanish Fly' really works, huh Mrs. Haverly?  That one pill I dissolved in your first drink got you horny for cock, huh?  Shit, you'll be climbing the fuck'n cabin walls when this next one hits!"  "You …………..you bastard!  You ………………you drugged me!" Melanie sobbed, yet she continued clenching her thighs together in hopes of stopping that nagging itch.  As her inflamed clit demanded relief, Melanie shuddered in desperation, pleading "Please ………..please, Mark ……………….fuck me ………………fuck me, pleaseeeeee!  Please ……………please ………………..I'm going out of my mind!"

Upon hearing Mark command her to strip off her negligee, Melanie readily replied as she saw her daughter's boyfriend the get off the bed on the other side and began walking around it towards her.  "I hear you love aerobics, don't you, Mrs. Haverly?" she heard Mark ask and nodded a 'yes' in response.  "Well, let me see you bend over and put your palms flat down on the floor without bending your knees!" Mark advised.  Seeing the lovely woman accomplish the feat, he reached forward to caress her soft creamy ass.  "Now you keep that position, palms on the floor without bending your knees and you'll get your wish!" Mark chuckled as he stepped forward, guiding his cock up into her juicing nest.

Pushing his cockhead into her horny nest, Mark smiled upon hearing her moan loudly "Oh, yesssss ………………….yes ……………fuck me ……………fuck me hard!"  Grasping her trim hips as he pumped back and forth less than a fraction of an inch, Mark readied himself for the big plunged but first warned "You're keep this aerobic position all the while I fuck you, Mrs. Haverly!  That is, unless you want me to pull out and leave you high and dry!"  It was a position that Melanie practiced often, but never before with a cock being shoved in her cunt.  With the teen's thick cock slamming down into her slit, her body nearly buckled to cause her to fall forward.  Somehow she managed to maintain her position, fighting the urge to get into a more comfortable position for fear that the much need cock would be taken from her.  "Yes ………………yes ……………yes ………………oh, Mark …………fuck me ………………fuck me …………….fuck your little whore!" she chanted.

"Yes …………..oh, God ………….yes ……………….oh, Mark ……………..cumming …………….I'm cummingggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Melanie shuddered in the throes of her mind-shattering orgasm.  Her swollen clit and agitated cunt creamed as never before.  With the pumping of Mark's thick shaft in and out of her juicing slit, the slick juices were being extracted like oil from a well, causing the juices to flow down the insides of her thighs.  Then the flow of juices became thicker as the teen's hot white cum mingled with her love juices and joined the flow out of her cunt and down her inner thighs.

Having douched and showered as Mark had instructed, Melanie was now fresh and clean as she adjusted her sheer negligee before the bathroom mirror.  She then heard a roar of laughter coming from the den of the cabin, wondering who had just won the drawing for next dibs alone with her in the bedroom.  Melanie knew she should feel shocked and abhorred at the thought but instead she had to squeeze her thighs tightly together to stem the gushing flow of her love juices.  She was now under the full effects of the aphrodisiac that Mark had spiked her drinks with.

Hearing the bedroom door slam shut, Melanie knew that her teenage stud now awaited her.  Shuddering as the powerful drug had her once again needing a big cock between her thighs, she bit her bottom lip and reached for the doorknob.  Then Melanie threw open the door bravely, anxious to see who had won her charms for the next hour.  Blinking her eyes to get them adjusted to the darkness of the room, Melanie stepped in and gasped loudly at the sight of seeing Isaac's big muscular frame sitting upon the bed.  Her eyes slowly drifted down to his hand moving in his lap, then saw that he was stroking that giant cock that he possessed.  Reaching the edge of the bed, Melanie leaned forward and climbed up onto it, crawling forward between Isaac's widespread legs.

Sticking her tongue out, Melanie once again began to lap at the monster that had earlier erupted right in her face.  Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she then tried to get her lips around the big bloated cockhead as she continued to tease him with her tongue.  "Ohhhh ……………ahhhhhh, Mrs. Haverly …………..that feels so fuck'n goooood!" she heard Isaac moan from above.  Pumping his cock, Isaac couldn't believe his eyes as the beautiful woman went down on him.  Then it was a first for Isaac as he exclaimed "Ohhhh …………….ohhhhh, Mrs. Haverly ………..no gal's even tried to get it all in her mouth before ……………they've all been too afraid to try!  Ahhhh ……………..don't stop ……………just a little bit more ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned as his bloated cockhead was enveloped fully between a woman's lips for the very first time ever.

Arching up as he continued fisting his throbbing cock, Isaac saw the lovely beauty shudder and quiver, then saw her eyes rolling from the lack of oxygen.  He was amazed that she did not quit nor try to pull away but instead flick her pointed tongue faster and faster upon his cockhead, teasing at his pisshole.  She realized then that she wanted him to cum in her mouth, to shoot his thick jizz down her throat.  "Ahhhhhh ……………oh, Mrs. Haverly …………….you're the fuck'n best!" Isaac announced.

Just as Melanie thought she would lose consciousness, she felt Isaac's cockhead expand even more within that her jaw ached so badly from being stretched in such a manner.  Then it popped like an over-inflated balloon, filling her mouth with the escaping jizz.  Never had her mouth been filled to the brim and there was no possible way for the slick fluid from escaping her lips, not with the thick cock blocking its way.  Looking up in a panic, not knowing what to do as her throat muscles would not contract for her to swallow, Melanie shuddered at the thought of choking to death.  Hoping that Isaac would pull back some to allow her to breathe as well as to an outlet for all his cum, Melanie saw that the teen would not realize her dilemma as he was in the throes of his climax.  Then, as the thick jizz began to slither down the back of her throat, her body quivered from the nauseating feeling to throw up the gooey slime.

Finally, having managed to swallow the entire load that the teen had spurted into her mouth, Melanie was finally able to breathe a bit easier as the bloated cockhead began to shrink in size.  She heard the teen groan as she lapped at his now extra-sensitive cockhead just as it escaped her lips.  Wondering what it feel like to have such a monstrosity forcing its way into her cunt, Melanie shuddered at the thought of being torn apart by it.  But now, the time lapse since consuming the potent drug had Melanie rubbing her thighs together madly.  Then the idea struck her as she grasped the still thick cock in her right hand and shuffled up to straddle the teen.

Waiting, allowing the cock to shrivel further within her fist, Melanie then began to pump it slowly to get it back to life.  Feeling the dwindled cock stiffen back to rigidity, Melanie spread her thighs wider as she sat herself down upon the teen's cockhead.  She shivered as the thick prong began to part her cuntlips, then lowered herself further and gasped as it began to skewer into her.  "Ohhhhh, God ………………..ohhhhh, so biggggg ………..so damn biggggggggg!  Ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhh!  Owwwwwwwww!" Melanie panted from the stretching pain.  Panting, breathing through her gasping mouth, Melanie didn't move a fraction in order for her body to get accustomed to the size of the foreign object.  Frightened that she had more than she bargained for, Melanie began to ease herself up from the upright spike.

"Ahhh ……..ahhhhhh ………ahhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh!" she shuddered in fright as the teen flexed his throbbing cock, causing the thick cock within her to widen even more.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Melanie screamed at the top of her lungs as Isaac grasped her by the hips to pull her down as he shoved his big bone into her petite body.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as Isaac thrust up once again, tearing her apart.

Outside, all the guys stopped in their tracks, mouths all dropping open upon hearing the blood curdling screams.  "Oh, man .………………I think he just killed her with that cock of his!" Cory advised.  "She's 'ruined' for sure!" George added.  "Of all our luck, Isaac won first dibs on her!" commented Mike.  Then Tim sighed "Shit, with Isaac stretching out with his cock, she ain't even gonna feel us when we get our turn!"  "Good for the goddamn bitch!" hissed a still angry Adam.  "Don't worry guys!  She got so much of the 'Spanish Fly' in her that she' be fucking like a little minx for the whole weekend!  She'll be climbing the walls for sure ………..better yet, she'll be climbing all over you guys!" Mark advised.  But even Mark himself had cringed from her piercing shrieks of pain.  He had to agree with George's comment that 'She's 'ruined' for sure!'   He knew it was a weekend she'd never forget, thinking 'Damn, she'll never be satisfied with a regular cock again!'

Moments later, all was quiet in the cabin as a pin drop could be heard. All the guys in the den crooked their necks to lean towards the wall separating them from the bedroom, trying desperately to hear what was going on.  The cries and shrieks of pain had suddenly ceased along with the squeaking of the bedsprings.  "God …………….he killed her!" one of the guys whispered with fear in his voice.  Then they heard a squeak of the bedspring as if someone got off the bed.  Squeaks from someone walking heavily in the bedroom followed next.  They all sat up to attention when the bedroom door suddenly swung open and a proud smiling Isaac came stumbling out with a cheery "Damn, ain't no bitch taken all of me like that before!  Fuck ……….did you guys hear her screaming?  That was sumpting ……….wasn't it?"

All eyes drifted down to Isaac's dwindling but still massive cock and there was no mistaking the pinkish mixture which was surely due to some bleeding he had caused.  Adam, who was nearest the doorway peered into the room and seriously asked "Is ………is she dead?"  Hearing that comment all the guys rushed pass the muscular Isaac to look into the room.  Slowly, one by one, all the teens crept into the room.  Seeing the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, Tim let out a loud sigh "She's alive!"  Then there came a nervous laughter from Adam as he chuckled "Damn, Isaac fucked her out of her mind!"  With Melanie's legs widespread, all the teens leaned in for a closer inspection.

"Damn, look at what he did to her!  Fuck ……………you can put your cock in there without even touching the sides!" Cory muttered.  "Jezz, look at all the cum pouring outta her!" George added.  "I hope I don't get the next draw!  Whoever gets the dibs to be next is a 'loser' for sure ………………it'll definitely be sloppy seconds!" Mike laughed.  Relieved that she was just fucked out of her mind, Mark told the guys "Well, guess we better let Mrs. Haverly get some beauty rest for a couple of hours!  Hopefully Isaac hasn't stretched her cunt out permanently!  Lucky thing I rented a couple of videos just in case!  But if any of you want a 'dead lay' and really 'sloopy seconds', be my guest!"  Slowly, one by one they all filed out of the bedroom to watch the movie.
End of Story