Entrapped Asian Beauty
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
Kerri Ling, at the ripe young age of 24, reflected back on her past few years.  Having graduated a few years ago from Cal State, then completion of law school, she was now completing her first year of employment as a corporate attorney at a major law firm in San Francisco.   Immediately after getting her law degree, Kerri got married to Phil Hu, the man who had swept her off her feet in her junior year of college.  Phil was a year older and had embarked on his high paying career, with stock options, at an upstart dot.com company.

Everyone commented on what a lovely couple they made, seemingly perfect for one another.  Phil, at 5'10" was handsome, quite outgoing and a charmer.  Kerri, at 5'2" and 115 lbs, was quite reserved and shy as a result of her conservative upbringing.  Of Chinese ancestry, her grandparents had immigrated from mainland China with her parents both being born in the United States, the same as her husband's.  With her long flowing black hair and creamy white skin, Kerri had male eyes following her wherever she went, her beauty making her feel uncomfortable with all the attention she attracted.

It had been like a fairy tale dream come true, Phil's stock option skyrocketed up into the millions immediately after the firm's IPO, and then Kerri was hired by a top law firm in the city where she would start off at $75,000.  Their wedding was a gala affair that made the society pages in the major papers. Even the mayor of the city and governor of the state attended as Kerri's parents had established long lasting ties in the city and throughout the state.  Both she and Phil were celebrated as up and coming people in the papers' society pages.

With the future looking so bright, the two newlyweds had bought a beautiful home overlooking the entire city, a Mercedes Benz for Phil and a Lexus for her.  The furnishings for their new home was nothing but the best with an outdoor pool recently added.  They had incurred a lot of debt but with the amount they were bringing in monthly, the payments were no problem at all.  In their young lives, they were certainly leading the good life and were the envy of everyone.

With Kerri assigned to handle the account of Triton State Bank of California, she had gotten to know all the top brass at the bank.  Naturally, when she and Phil were in the process of purchasing the fabulous mansion on the hill, Kerri inquired with the president of the bank on getting a mortgage.  There were no problems in getting the loan approved, not with the bank president's stamp of approval already on it.  She felt so fortunate that her boss had felt confident enough to let her handle such a large prestigious account.

She had been surprised when her boss had called her in to meet the bank's president and at times wondered why she was given the account to handle as many attorneys ahead of her looked for such an assignment to get away from being just another lowly associate.   Now, her handling the bank's account eased the obtaining of the mortgage.  Little did Kerri know that it was not her intelligence and nor dedication to her job that got her the assignment.

Max Griffith, age 55, had gotten to be president of the bank by stepping on anyone who got in his way.  He chuckled as he congratulated himself on being the first black president of a major banking institution in the state.  He had seen many beautiful Asian women in his time but none so attractive as young Mrs. Kerri Hu.  He was impressed with the oriental upbringing where they were always respectful, dedicated and conservative.  In seeing Kerri Hu, he wanted his first taste of Asian cuisine and boy, did he was to literally taste this tempting morsel.

Max had gotten his first glimpse at the young beauty when he had stopped in at the law firm that acted as one of the bank's legal counsels, where he was to meet with Tim Sharpe, a senior partner of the firm.  Max liked dealing with Tim, a black attorney known to be ruthless and tenacious in the courtroom.  When the senior partner had come out to greet him in the lounge, it was then that beautiful Kerri Hu happened to pass by them on the way to her office.

Tim Sharpe had observed Max's head turn to watch Kerri's every movement as made her way down the hallway and his unconscious licking of his lips.  When the little beauty had disappeared into her office, Tim chuckled and whispered to him "Sorry, Max, but you wouldn't be able to get to first base with that pretty little peach!  She just got married and only has eyes for her young husband!"

Once in Tim Sharp's office, Max inquired more about the young beauty and learned that the former Ms. Kerri Ling had recently passed the bar exam, then became Mrs. Kerri Hu.  He learned that the lovely young wife and lawyer was concentrating in corporate law with the firm.  Learning that she had been married only a couple months earlier, he was even more determined to get into her tight little panties.  Anyway, Max just wanted to have the opportunity of being up close to the innocent little beauty, with the hope that something would come of it.

Max's mind was quickly thinking, then smiled at Tim and said "Tim, you just don't know what a little 'ol black magic can do with a sweet thing like that!  With that pretty little gal handling corporate law, how about having her assigned to handle the bank's account!  You know, Tim, I just might have more of the bank's legal business directed over to your firm!"  Pulling out his wallet, Max withdrew a $100 bill and waved it at Tim "A little wager that says I'm in her tight little panties within six months!  I'll even send you her panties the first time I nail her!"  Max saw Tim smile as he picked up his phone and punch in the three digits, then speaking into the phone "Kerri, can you step into my office for a few moments.  I'd like you to meet a very important client of ours!"

Being a senior partner of the law firm, the only black senior partner, Tim Sharpe had in fact notice the young beauty when she had applied with the firm.  He in fact had maneuvered to have the little beauty put under his wing for mentoring.  Working closely with the lovely young woman sure brightened each day but Tim knew he didn't dare make any type of sexual advances to a subordinate employee.  Now, with Max's little wager, Tim really hoped he'd lose that bet to Max.  For that would certainly change things, giving him an opportunity of his own to bed the sweet little newlywed.

Up until the past three months, all had been going just fantastically for the young married couple, then it seemed that the dot.com craze had suddenly come to a sudden halt.  With the large amount of loans outstanding, the high amount of monthly bills, things got a bit tight when all the employees in Phil's company had to take an across the board pay cut just to keep the company afloat.  The month following the initial reduction in pay, the employees were again faced with another pay cut to avoid the necessity of letting people go.  But it had not ended there, with everything deteriorating further each month, a lot of Phil's pay was substituted with more company stock.

With the continuous drop in income, the young couple was now basically living on Kerri's salary from the law firm.  The credit card debt and high monthly mortgage payments were more than eating up all of the money coming in each month, leaving Phil and Kerri in dire straits.  Kerri could see the strain on her husband's face everyday when he arrived home from his job.  She knew that Phil was a proud man and now he was having a tough time facing the fact that she was the current breadwinner of the household.  She just wished he wouldn't take it so hard that he was not the breadwinner as she didn't care, all that matter was the fact that they were together and in love.

Getting home from the office, Kerri found a very depressed Phil, who was already half plastered from the tequila he had been drinking.  She knew that normally Phil stayed away from having more than two shots of tequila due the effect that particular drink had on him.  Tonight was obviously going to be different as Phil apparently was bent on getting totally wasted.  Kerri didn't know what to do as it seemed that Phil was getting more depressed with each passing day.

Having a glass of wine to keep Phil's company but mainly to learn what was bothering him, she learned that his company might be joining the heap of dot.com failures.  Phil was totally down as he indicated he started making phone calls to friends in the industry and learned that they were all in the same boat, taking on so much water that the boat was about to sink.  Thus, other job prospects did not look very promising.

Picking up her purse from the table, along with the mail that she had brought in, her shoulders slumped upon seeing the number of bills.  Also in the stack were a letter from a finance company and another from the bank where the mortgage was held.  Going into the bedroom, Kerri opened the envelopes and upon reading them, she had to blink back the tears.  She didn't know what to do, knew this was not the right timing to show it to Phil, especially in his state of mind.  The finance company was threatening to repossess Phil's pride and joy, the sleek silver 530 SL Mercedes Benz that he drove.  Worst yet, the bank indicted that if they did not get caught up in their mortgage payments that they would have no option but to initiate foreclosure proceedings.

Staying late at his office, Max Griffith looked at the mortgage folder of Phil and Kerri Hu.  Once he had observed the first late payment on the delinquent loan list, he had called for the folder and advised that he would personally oversee the account.  When he had looked over the mortgage application, Max knew exactly what the problem was, especially since the firm that Phil Hu worked for had several delinquent loans here at the bank.  Survival of the firm was highly questionable and Max knew that the firm would be forced to lay off workers to stem a filing for bankruptcy.  In fact, the CEO of the firm had been in to see him earlier, trying to see how things could be worked out and to hold off calling the loan due.  Max smiled as he told himself "Now I hold the key that'll let me into that little bitch's panties!"

Having the power to ignore the delinquent payment just required his initials on a slip of paper but Max knew it was just the thing he needed to turn on the pressure.  He wanted that sweet little thing to come to him for his help, thus the stern letter of potential foreclosure bore the name of one of his lieutenants.  Closing his eyes, the image of the lovely Mrs. Kerri Hu came to his mind, picturing her long black hair and creamy white legs.  Feeling his cock twitch at her image, he rubbed his bulging crotch, moaning 'Oh, sweetie, any day now and you're gonna be all mine!'  He could just hear her whimpering and pleading when he forced his oversized boner into her tight little hole!  He laughed at this thought for even some pros had a hard time taking all that he had to offer.

A couple days later, Max knew that the young beauty was to see one of the VP's on the bank's pending court cases.  When Kerri Hu was in the bank, Max purposely stopped in and waved "Hi, Kerry!  How's things!"  In seeing her blush a bit and her nervousness in responding, he knew he had her upon hearing "Oh, Mr. Griffith, is it possible to see you for a few minutes today!"  He readily advised her to just come on into his office when she was done.

"Hmmm, let me go over your mortgage folder a bit and see what I can do to help you, Kerri!" Max advised, taking his time in reviewing the folder before him, wanting the lovely woman to squirm in her seat.  "Oh, I see your husband works for Apex.com.  I understand your problem now, knowing that the employees at that firm have had to take company stock in exchange of pay and the stock has just tanked!" he told the worried Kerri, who looked up at him in surprise that he knew the inner workings of her husband's firm.

Keeping a straight face, Max further advised "I am well aware of Apex.com's problems, Kerri.  Their credit line with the bank has dried up and they've been far behind in their payment of a large loan.  Because of the problem, I've recently been put on the board of directors in hopes of salvaging things there.  In fact, just last night there was an emergency board meeting and they went over job functions and several people were going to be let go today!"  He wanted to laugh, seeing the beauty's distraught face as she worried if her husband was one of the unlucky ones.

Letting her worry a moment, Max then advised "Don't worry, Kerri, I don't recall your husband's name being mentioned as one of those being released!  Hold on, let me get my notes!"  Thumbing through the folders on his desk, Max then pulled the one that he had prearranged for this occasion.  He muttered the names just loud enough for Kerri to hear, then closed the folder and smiled "Good news, Kerri, he's not one of those on the list!"  He knew she recognized some of the names, especially the name of the fellow who's cubicle was situated immediately next to her husband's.

"Kerri, I'll talk to the fellow who sent you this foreclosure warning and get him to ease off!  I'll also see what I can do when the next list of layoffs is proposed at Apex.com!  With the company's current problems, there's board meetings with the directors nearly every week and various proposals are made, along with possible job functions that can be eliminated to help the bottom line.  I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try my best if his name comes up on one of those lists.  Tell you what Kerri, if your husband mentions anything he hears from the grapevine, let me know right away so I can check it out ahead of time, okay?" Max advised.

Relieved that Mr. Griffith was of great help to her, taking that heavy burden off her shoulders for a bit, Kerri let out a sob of relief and could not stop the tears.  As Kerri sniffled, tears flowing down her cheeks, Max moved to embrace the soft little beauty, holding her close to him. Turning his head to hers, he breathed in her sweet fragrance, his hands softly caressing her back through her dress.  'Oh, baby, soon I'll be holding without the hindrance of this damned dress!  God, you feel so damned soft and sexy!' he told himself.  He was so tempted to just tear off her fucking dress right then and throw her to the floor and just rape her, hear her scream and cry as he forced his cock into her tight little snatch.  But he knew he had to be patient, knew it even be better when he got her in a better setting, one away from his office.

Her eyes closed as she wept, taking comfort in the understanding arms of the understanding Mr. Griffith, being reassured by his gentle stroking of her back.  Then her body trembled, her mind disbelieving what was happening but there it was again.  'Oh, my God ………..he ………..he's getting excited!  Oh, my God ………I ……..I must get away!' she realized upon feeling his pulsing member pressing up against her belly.  Frightened, Kerri put her palms up against Mr. Griffith, pushing back to break the embrace.

Max managed to keep a straight face, acting as if nothing had happened, enjoying the shocked look on the lovely face of Ms. Kerri Hu.  He had deliberately pressed his cock up against her soft belly and twitched his growing cock.  Holding the tiny beauty up against him, he wanted her to feel what she would soon be getting up between those sexy legs of hers.  He knew that wimp of a husband had nothing compared to his, as few men could come close to his manly possession, knowing she would be mentally comparing his cock up against her husband's little weenie.  He loved he way she stammered out her 'thank you' and excused herself in having to get back to the office.

Rushing back to her law office, Kerri shut the door, nervous at what had taken place in Mr. Griffith's office.  She took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself, shuddering as she recalled the feel of Mr. Griffith's throbbing cock against her, a cock so much bigger than her own husband's.  Kerri clenched her thighs together, wondering just how any woman could take anything so big.   'God, I'd just die if someone tried to rape me with a monstrosity like that!' her mind raced.  Closing her eyes, her mind drifted back to Mr. Griffith's office and wondered how'd she react if Mr. Griffith had pushed her to the floor, tearing off her panties and forcing himself upon her.  'Oh, my God, my mind has gone in the gutter!  How can I even think of such an awful thing!' she pondered.

Getting home, Kerri found that Phil had just gotten in and was pouring himself a rather stiff drink.  Kerri already knew what had happened at Phil office, knowing that his good friend at work had gotten the ax.  Pouring herself a glass of wine, Kerri listened as Phil went about telling her of what happened at the office.  All the names Mr. Griffith had mentioned were in fact the people who had gotten their pink slips that afternoon.  She saw her husband looking quite depressed as he poured himself another stiff drink, saw his hand shaking in nervousness.

Over the next few days, Kerri could see that her husband was drinking from the moment he got home till he was drunk by the early evening.  It was now over three weeks since they had made love, leaving Kerri in need of some sexual relief.  Since they had been married, never had such a lengthy time lapsed without them making love.  With Phil's job situation, he was in no mood for lovemaking, only seeking solace through the bottle.  As she lay in bed under the covers, Kerri could not help but to slip her hands under her negligee to touch her breasts and to let a finger roam down to her womanhood.  But Kerri always felt so guilty in doing such a thing, feeling that a woman should not play with herself.

The next week, Phil advised Kerri that there was a rumor going around that more cuts would be coming in a couple days.  He told her that apparently there was a meeting the next evening where the board of directors and the company officers would be deciding where additional job functions could be consolidated and jobs eliminated. Seeing how depressed Phil had gotten, Kerri tried to reassure him, telling him "I recently learned from Mr. Griffith, the president of the bank, that he had been put on the board of directors of your company!  He did tell me to see him if you heard of any rumors and he'd see what he could do to protect your job!  I have some legal work to do at the bank and I'll stop in to see him tomorrow.  I'm sure he'll be able to help!"  It was the first smile on Phil's face in weeks that Kerri had seen.  She just hoped that Mr. Griffith was willing to help as he had indicated.

When Max got the expected call from the lovely Ms. Kerri Hu, he played with her mind a bit telling her he had a meeting at the Winstar Hotel and wasn't sure if he'd make it back to the bank.  But he advised that he could meet her for lunch there at noon.  Once the luncheon had been set up, Max laughed in knowing that the Miss Prim and Proper was going to be all his before the afternoon was out.  Closing his eyes to picture the lovely beauty, he muttered loudly "Oh, baby, you're gonna be screaming when I split your beautiful legs with my big black cock!  Gonna stretch you out so good that your faggot of a husband ain't gonna feel a fucking thing the next time he wants some luving!"

Normally Kerri didn't have any alcoholic beverages during lunch, feeling it would affect her job performance and did not feel it appropriate to drink in front of clientele.  However, she did not want to offend Mr. Griffith when he had taken it upon himself to order a bottle of wine for them.  She first sipped her wine when Mr. Griffith had proposed a toast to 'better times'.  She didn't want to offend Mr. Griffith as he filled her wineglass to the top.  Over lunch Kerri relayed the rumors that Phil had told her yesterday and how worried he was.

In a plea for help, Kerri looked at Mr. Griffith and asked "Mr. Griffith, you mentioned that you would see what you could do on Phil's behalf!  Phil's been so depressed lately that I just don't know how he'll handle things if he loses his job, especially with our current financial situation!  Please, Mr. Griffith ……!"  As Kerri reached for her glass of wine to calm herself, shivered as she felt Mr. Griffith's hand touch her other hand that had been resting on the tabletop.  Then her hand was captured by both of Mr. Griffith's hands, causing her to take a deep swallow of more wine.  She felt him caressing her hand and she desperately wanted to yank her hand away.  She steeled herself, not wanting to offend the man whom she was asking to help save Phil's job.

Not one to drink much, normally limiting herself to one glass of wine, Kerri and already consumed two full glasses as Mr. Griffith again refilled her glass.  With the bank owning a portion of the hotel, Max Griffith had ready access to the penthouse suite reserved for the bank, which he had reserved for this special occasion.  Being well known at the restaurant, there were no problems with them leaving with their glasses filled with wine as he told the lovely beauty that they should talk more privately about her husband's situation.  "Let's go up to the bank's penthouse suite so we can figure out a strategy in saving Phil's job on this round of cuts!" he advised, knowing that she couldn't refuse when put that way.

Kerri shivered and took a gulp of her wine as she felt Mr. Griffith's large black hand around her trim waist.  She shivered as he led her into the elevator to go up to the penthouse.  She felt so nervous with Mr. Griffith still keeping his arm around her waist, feeling his slight caresses as his hand slowed moved up and down an inch or so on her waist.  She wanted to move away from his touch but could not offend this man who could help her husband.  Nervously she continued sipping her wine as they exited the elevator and made their way to the penthouse suite.  Upon entering the luxurious suite, Max pressed the remote on the wall to drawback the curtains to present a view of the city.  The other button pressed on the remote activated video cameras throughout the suite.

Needless to say, the penthouse suite was quite impressive with a full bar, large living room and of course a large bedroom with a king-sized bed.  Kerri nervously walked toward the glass doors overlooking the city, hoping to get some distance between her and Mr. Griffith.  She swallowed deeply when he continued walking along with her, his large hand still caressing her waist as he spoke "Isn't the view beautiful, Kerri?  In fact, if you look to the right over in a distance, you can see where Apex.com is located!  You know, Kerri, after you called me, I placed a call to the CEO and found out that the president had submitted a list of employees to be laid off!  Unfortunately, Phil's name was on it!"

"Oh, no!" Kerri sobbed, tears forming in her eyes as her worst fears were now before her.  She was unaware of Mr. Griffith stepping closer to embrace her as she rested her head on his broad chest.  Closing her eyes, she took comfort in the large hand that was caressing her back.  Then she heard his soothing voice reassure her "There, there, Kerri!  All will be just fine!  I'll do all I can to convince them at the meeting tonight."  It felt so good to have his hand massaging the tense muscles in her neck as she began to sway a bit from the large amount of wine she had consumed.

Max smiled as he caressed the sweet little beauty, as she had fallen for his ploy that her husband was about to get the ax.  He had made the call but Phil Hu was not about to be laid off, in fact the CEO had advised him that Phil would be one of the last to be laid off as he did put in a lot of effort for the company.  "Just let your body relax, Kerri!  I'll call in all the favors the other directors and officers owe me to protect your husband's job!  We can't let your husband down, can we Kerri?  We all have to make sacrifices to save him!  As you said, he'll go into a deeper depression if he losses his job!"  Feeling the petite beauty relax further in his arms, he continued massaging her neck, feeling the tab to the zipper of her dress.

Seconds later, the zipper was undone a few inches, enough to allow Max Griffith to slide his caressing hand under the material of the dress.  He could feel his cock twitch as he now caressed her soft creamy skin.  Moving his hand down further, the pressure of his wrist on the zipper caused it to further open, allowing Max to now touch the clasp holding her thin lacy bra together.  He continued stroking her, calming her in her plight, then his fingers expertly unclasped the hooks to her thin bra.  The sudden release of the pressure from her bra snapped Kerri back to reality.  It took another moment to realize exactly what had taken place, shivering as she felt Mr. Griffith's large hand caressing the bare skin of her back.  She realized that this devious man had slid the zipper of her dress down, allowing him access beneath her dress and worst he had taken the liberty of unclasping the strap of her lacy bra.

Captured in his strong embrace, Kerri stuttered "What …………….what are you doing?  How ………how dare you!"  With that, Kerri placed her hands on his broad chest and shoved back with all her might to break the embrace.  But Max Griffith had been expecting her shocked reaction and his hands had grasped the openings of her dress along with the straps of her lacy bra.  When Kerri had shoved back with all of her might, Max suddenly released his arms and a shocked Kerri staggered back with the entire front of her dress pulled off.  The front of her dress was dangling before her while her lacy white bra was dangling from the hand of a grinning Max Griffith.

Kerri quick crossed her arms to cover her bared breasts, feeling so ashamed to have a man other than her husband see her in such a state of undress.  Panting in fear, Kerri was now in a state of panic as she watched the evil Max Griffith now approaching her as he held her thin lacy bra in his hand.  Having used her arms to cover her breasts unfortunately allowed her dress to fall at her heels.  Turning to run and escape from her advancing tormentor, Kerri tripped from the dress tangled about her heels.  Looking back at the slowly advancing menace, she scrambled about as she crawled forward to distance herself from the evil man.  With her eyes on the grinning man, she continued to crawl away but she unknowingly was headed right where Max Griffith wanted her to go.  Right to the king-sized bed!

Suddenly, Kerri bumped up against the side of the king-sized bed, then pulled herself on the side of the bed in an attempt to scramble across of it.  She realized her attacker had caught up with her, with his hands now upon her waist, feeling his thick fingers insert themselves under the waistband of her black pantyhose and lacy white panties.  Crawling away, her pantyhose and panties were peeled down her trim hips to bunch around her knees.  Then she felt the hands pullling the tangled dress, which in turn caught upon her heels and all were pulled from her.  Naked except for her bunched up pantyhose and panties around her knees, Kerri fearfully pleaded   “Oh, please ………..please ………….please don’t do this to me!  Please ………..please don't rape me!”

Before she could make it across the bed, Kerri felt large hands capture both ankles to pull her backwards on the bed.  She turned, trying to kick at her captor but then he was upon her, pinning her to the bed with her hands now pinned to the bed above her.  "Please …………please, Mr. Griffith …………..please ……..please don't rape me!" she sobbed and pleaded.

Max laughed at the futile attempts of the struggling beauty, whom he easily controlled with his overpowering size and strength.  While he had been stalking the little beauty, he had stripped off his coat, tie and shirt.  Also discarded were his shoes and socks.  With his free hand, he unbuckled his pants and pushed them down over his hips, then kick them off with his feet.  Then followed his boxer shorts.   Now he rubbed his bulky black body up against Ms. Kerri Hu's soft creamy flesh.

“Oh, please ………..…..please …..………please ……..…….you mustn’t ………….oh, please …….!”  Kerri sobbed.   She groaned in shame and revulsion as the elderly black bank president began to thumb a sensitive nipple as he bent his head to begin feasting and sucking upon the other.  Kerri could only sob in shame, her head shaking in disbelief, whipping her long black hair about.  “Oh, please, please ………..….please, I beg you ………..……please ……..nooooooo ……….owwwww!” she pleaded and cried as he sank his teeth into a sensitive nipple.

“Oh you sweet little thing! I’m going to 'ruin' you, sweetie!  Gonna stretch ya out real good, you gonna have a 'real' man today!" Max laughed as he rubbed his thick cockhead up and down her tight dry slit.  He loved the way she struggled, as she tried to move her hips to prevent his probing cockhead from plundering her womanhood.  With his cock in position, Max exerted a bit of pressure behind it, wanting the struggling beauty to feel just what was in store for her.

Kerri shuddered as she felt the entrance to her womanhood about to be penetrated by what felt to be the size of a man's fist.  “Oh, noooooo …………please ………please …………….pleaseeeeeeee!  Please don't rape me …………..please ……………you ………………you're far too biggggggggggg!  You ………you'll tear me …………..I can't take anything like that!” she sobbed, feel the blunt cockhead trying to force its way into the sanctity of her private possession.  She gave a loud groan as the blunt cockhead forced its way between her now slick cuntlips.

Not having such a frantically struggling woman in his arms before, Max was really enjoying the fight that she put up to save her innocence.  He was rock hard with excitement but knew that he would not last for very long once he had her struggling to get his cock out of her.  Feeling her slim sexy legs kick out, trying her best to kick at him, Max got himself ready for the main event.  Feeling the thick blunt shaft between her moist slit, Kerri could do nothing to escape from under him, knowing from the feel of the size of his probing cockhead that she would surely be torn apart.  The pain of the invading cudgel was so great that she forced herself to spread her legs wider in order to ease the pain.  “Noooooo …………..ohhhhhh …………..ohhhhhh ……………..ohhh, please don'tttttttt ……………….please don’t rape me ………….…………..ohhhhh, argghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kerri screamed as her rapist slammed into her, sending the length of his cock plunging deep into her.

Again and again, stab after stab, the devious bank president stabbed into her, going deeper and deeper.  Finally, his long black cock had plunged as far as it could go, deep into the depths of her fertile womb.  “Oh, my God ………….oh …….…oh ….……oh …….…oh ………oh ..……..oh, no ………oh, nooooooo …………………oh, my Godddddddddddd, nooooooooo!” Kerri screamed as her body began to betray her.  Against her will, her legs unconsciously moved up to cross over to wrap themselves around Mr. Griffith's buttocks as she arched up into his now spurting cock, her body shuddering uncontrollably in a mind shattering orgasm such as she had never felt before.

Thoroughly enjoying the feel of the beautiful young wife under him as she now desperately clung to him, Max stabbed forward once again to skewer the convulsing beauty.  Then Max began to pump his muscular black frame up and down into the young wife, giving her the fuck of all time.  He had earlier felt her body betraying her will power to fight but the pleasure that his long thick cock was giving her won her petite body over.  Max now felt the young innocent beauty arch up at his invading shaft, enveloping more of his lengthy shaft into her sheath.

Kerri sobbed in shame as her body would not obey her will to show no emotion, clenching her thighs tightly together, squeezing at the invading cock.  She had tried desperately not to respond in any manner, trying to think of her loving husband, trying to be 'true' to him at least in mind only.  But never in her life had Kerri felt anything so big, so lengthy, and so deep between her legs.  A feeling she had never before encountered coursed throughout her body, making her squeeze her cunt muscles around the pleasure giving shaft.  Gone now were any thoughts of her loving husband, with the only concern being to reach the heights of pleasure never before obtained in her young life.

Moments later, Max slammed his bulky black frame into the groaning young beauty, the entire length of his cock buried to the hilt.  He held her creamy trim hips tightly to him, his short kinky hairs rubbing up against her soft bush, causing him to gasp “Oh, baby ……………..oh, sweetie ……………….ah, yeah!   Ohhhhhhhhh ………………. here it cums you sweet little bitch!  Ohhhh, sweetie ………………gonna cum ………gonna cum ………………here it is ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His body shook in uncontrollable spasms, his cockhead expanding, then exploding deep into the shaking young wife.

Feeling the massive black cock suddenly burst deep in her womb, flooding her with its burning essence, spewing its potent seed deep in her womb.  Kerri felt the burning sensation seemingly course throughout her entire body, causing her body to react instinctively on its own, encircling her trim legs around the humping black ass to squeeze him even closer.  Unconsciously she moaned "Ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh …………….oh, yessssssssss!"

Panting in exhaustion, keeping his now extra-sensitive cock soaking in the raped beauty's tight slit, Max observed Kerri's return to reality as she began sobbing in shame and humiliation.  The naïve innocent young wife had now been viciously raped and ‘ruined’, a shame that she would never be able to reveal, fearing that her loving husband would never want to touch her again.   Max Griffith beamed with pride, his cock finally easing out of the raped beauty as he looked down upon her as she curled up into a fetal position with his thick cum oozing from her ravaged slit.

"You ………..you raped me!" Kerri sobbed, drawing her arms together as she was curled up in a fetal position, trying to hide her body in embarrassment.  "You'll go to jail for what you did to me ……………I'll have them put you away for the rest of your life!" she sobbed threateningly.  Trying to move, to get up and away from her rapist, Kerri cried out "Ohhhhhh ………..it hurtsssss ……………..you tore me ……………..you hurtttttt meeeeee!"

But the response that Kerri heard was one of laughter from Max Griffith, who confidently told her "Go right ahead, bitch!  Go call the cops and report me for rape!  Hell, all the waiters in the restaurant saw you drinking with me and come up to the penthouse voluntarily with a glass of wine in your hand!  I'll just tell the cops you came to bed with me willingly and then threatened to yell rape if I didn't agree to save your faggot husband's job, since you learned I was on the board of directors!  Go ahead and tell'em how I stuck my big black cock in you!  How you got 'ruined' by a nigger cock!  Think that faggot of a husband's ever going to touch you again, bitch!"

"Gonna yell rape, bitch?  Well, yell as loud as you can right now!  Scream as loud as you can so someone comes to save you!" he sneered at the sobbing beauty.  Grabbing her roughly by the hips, he pulled her over so she was on all fours upon the bed, then stripped off the tangled pantyhose and panties off her sexy legs.  "Go ahead, bitch, scream!" he yelled at the sobbing wife.  Shuffling up behind her, shucking at his aroused cock, he put an arm around her waist as he fitted himself into position.  Once nestled into position, he wrapped his other had around her waist.  With a brutal thrust, he shoved himself into her virgin ass.

"Aaaiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………………owwwwwwwwwww ………………ahhhh ……….ahhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhh ……….stop ………..stoppppp ……..please …………….please stopppppp!  It hurtssssssss …………………..ohhhh, it hurtssssssssss!" Kerri screamed out loud in a plea for mercy.  Trying desperately to crawl forward to get away from the lancing cock, she felt the arms tighten around her.  Then she was pulled back as her rapist thrust into her again, causing her body to shudder in agonizing pain.  "It hurtssssss ………….it hurtsssss so badddd ………………oh, God, let me dieeeeee!" she sobbed in pain and humiliation.

Pumping into the weeping young beauty, Max laughed with pleasure as she cried and pleaded with him to stop the rape her of her tight little ass.  He enjoyed hearing her pleas “Oh, God ……….no, nooooo …….please ……….stopppp   ……….please …….you’re too biggggg!  Please, no one’s ever  ……….. I’ve never had   …………please …………..no, stopppppp!”  It was just what he wanted to hear, confirmation that he had just gotten her tight cherry ass.  Max reared back and gave another brutal lunge forward with all his weight behind it.

“Aeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeee …………..noooooooo …………….nooooooooooo ………ahhhhh …………argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Kerri screamed.  The pain was so unbearable, her body shaking from the tearing of her virgin ass.  “Oh, stop ……..stopppp ………it hurtsssss ……….ohhhhh, my God!” she sobbed and pleaded.  “Nooooo ……… noooo ………arrgggghhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as Mr. Griffith slammed viciously into her again.

Thinking she’d never survive the shameful ordeal, Kerri felt her body shiver in total revulsion but her cunt muscles reacted as the searching fingers began to rub at her wet slit.  She moaned as the roving fingers found her sensitive bud, shivering as her clit was teased.  “Ohhhhhh …….…ohhhhh …..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ….………ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my God!” Kerri moaned from the unexpected pleasure, shuddering as an orgasm shook her petite body.

"Ohhhhhh, Kerri sweetie, your ass is so fucking tight!  Gonna cum soon!  Gonna cum in your tight little ass!” Max groaned.  “Ahhhhhhhh, yeah, yeah …………….here it cums, sweetie!  Oh, Goddddddd! ………gonna cream your sweet little ass!” he groaned loudly as he then unleashed a hot blast of cum into her ruptured bowels.   He felt her trim body shake and shudder as she also climaxed from his unwanted finger stimulation on her clit, bringing about another wild orgasm in her innocent young body.

Both the bank president and young wife soon collapsed onto the bed, the long black cock still embedded in the once virgin ass of the still moaning beauty.  The muscular black arms were still wrapped around the petite beauty as the thick black cock slowly began to dwindle in size, finally popping out of the raped young wife.  There they rested against one another, both savoring the aftermath.  As Max began to regain his strength, he began caressing Kerri's soft creamy thighs, then his hand moved to caress her soft tender ass.

Touching the beauty's soft creamy body, Max's cock twitched back to life, pulsating and slowly growing back in length.  Pushing forward a bit, from the back of the soft creamy thighs, his lengthy black cock slid between them.  Back to full strength, the long black cock lay nestled while twitching between the soft creamy thighs, the slick and shiny black cockhead sticking out at the front of the raped beauty.

With his cock being lubricated from the fuck juices drooling from Kerri's raped slit, Max slowly began to fuck his pulsating cock between the soft creamy thighs.  Expecting the raped beauty to merely lay there, trying not to showing any emotion, he was taken by surprise at the feel of her soft palm caressing his cockhead each time he pushed beyond the front of her clenched thighs.

Leaving his cock steady, cockhead penetrating beyond the front of her thighs, he felt her palm move in circular motions on his slick sensitive cockhead.  Max shivered, steeling himself to keep his cock in check, not wanting to spurt his load prematurely.  It was a fantastic feeling, nearly making him cum as the soft palm rubbed faster and faster upon his slick plum-sized cockhead, causing his cockhead to flare out even more as it threatened to spurt its juices again.

Then Max was further surprised, feeling the lovely young wife shift up a little, her hand still on his cockhead.  He then felt her soft fingertips just below the front of his cockhead, pushing his cock to aim higher, higher till it was again positioned at the entrance to her oozing gash.  He couldn’t believe that this little beauty was positioning herself and his cock so he could fuck her again.  To his delight, it became obvious that this lovely beauty wanted more of his black loving.

"Haaaaaaaaaa ………………..ah ……………ahhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhh!" Kerri moaned and shivered as the pleasure giving cock touched the entrance to her womanhood.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, God……………..oooooh ………..oh, ooooooohhhhhh!" she hissed.  "Ohhhhhh ………..oooooooohhhhh!" Kerri shivered as her cuntlips enveloped the advancing cockhead.  "Ohhhhhh ……….God ……….ohhhhh ………..oooooooohhhhh ……….deeper!" she moaned, unconscious of her urgings, something she had never done with her own husband.

"Oh, God …………God ………..please ……..please ……………….ohhhh, pleaseeee ……….ooooohhhhhh!" Kerri moaned as she felt the thick shaft slide into her again.  Hunching back, she began to fuck herself on the lengthy shaft, wanting to feel it sliding in and out of her womanhood.  "Oh, God ………..you're sooooo biggggggg!  Oh, God no ……………..nooooooooo ………I ………I'm cumminggggggg!" she screamed, her body shaking and convulsing in an uncontrollable orgasm, the most satisfying ever experienced in her young life.

Following this wild passionate fuck session, both Max Griffith and Mrs. Kerri Hu lay fast asleep on the king-sized bed, still joined together as only a husband and wife should be.  It was over an hour later that Max stirred upon the passed out beauty.  It was a beautiful sight to awaken to, his cock twitched in the tight confines of the raped beauty.  He smiled as his twitching cock expanded in the gripping sleeve, feeling the beauty's body respond automatically as it squeezed his cock like a tight glove.

Seeing Kerri Hu's eyes flutter as she awoke, the sight of her horrified face upon realizing her predicament made his day.  He lunged into her, bringing about loud sobs from the agonized beauty as she again struggled with all her might, trying desperately to throw him off.  But as he continued to slice in and out of her raped slit, he could feel her body betraying her again.  Max then bent over to plant a kiss on her pink lips and felt those soft lips part to admit his exploring tongue, then felt her pointed tongue dally with his.  A wild passionate mating then took place with the lovely young wife wrapping her arms and legs around the muscular black body.

It was nearing 6 p.m. when Kerri neared her home, her mind a total jumble after the events of the day.  This was one day that she hoped Phil had drunk himself into a stupor, hoping he would again not pay much attention to her when she arrived.  Squeezing her thighs together, Kerri tried to keep more of the thick juices from escaping her enlarged slit.

She had used all the tissues in her purse to stem the flow but Kerri could feel the wetness spreading as she sat in the driver's seat of the car.  She felt so ashamed and humiliated at what had happened to her but she could not get over the mind-shattering orgasms that shook her for the very first time in her life.  She knew that by now the back of her dress was sopping wet, adding to her agony of feeling so soiled and 'ruined'.  Without the aid of her panties, the copious amount of juices leaking from her cunt had the tissues fully soaked and useless.  She felt so self- conscious not wearing a bra nor panties, souvenirs of the bank president.

Entering through the kitchen door that connected to the garage, Kerri was startled to find her husband there.  With drink in hand, Phil had gone to the kitchen to find something to snack on.  "Hi, honey!  Were you able to talk to Mr. Griffith for me!" he slurred.  Upon seeing her nodding in response, Phil put his drink down and embraced his wife, planting a kiss on her lips.  Kerri tried to break the embrace, trying to push away from his tight embrace, telling him "Oh, Phil ………..you've had too much to drink ……..I can really smell the alcohol!"

Phil nuzzled at his wife's ear as she pushed at him.  She struggled even more when his hands wandered down to cup her tight asscheeks.  Unknowingly, he commented "Honey your skirt feels wet!"  Blushing a beet red at being discovered, Kerri pushed away and stammered "I ………it's my period and I had an accident while driving home!  I …….I need to get to the bathroom right away, backing away into the nearby restroom so Phil did not see that it was not blood soaking the back of her skirt.

Putting her ear to the bathroom door, she listened intently for Phil's footsteps, waiting for him to go back into the living room where the bar was situated.  Without any other clothing available, Kerri could not make it to her bedroom for a new set of clothing.  She finally heard Phil pass by the closed door, then she slipped out of the bathroom to where the laundry room was located.  From the laundry basket, she gathered a pair of panties, blouse and shorts that were to be washed.  There she changed and hid her wet skirt at the bottom of the laundry basket.

Going upstairs to the master bedroom, she locked herself in the master bath.  Taking off her clothing, she examined at herself in the large mirror.  Bringing her hands up, Kerri cupped her tender breasts, then shivered and grimaced as she thumbed her raw nipples.  She could still recall the sensations caused by Mr. Griffith's hunger for her breasts, mouthing and nipping at her tender buds with his sharp teeth.  Moving closer to the mirror, she could see some discoloration caused by his teeth clamping down upon her breasts.

Then Kerri let her hands wander down, her fingers rubbing at the dry matted curls, sending flakes of dried cum falling to the bathroom floor.  She gave a slight gasp as she parted her swollen cuntlips, then shivered as her finger made contact with her sensitive clit.  Delving two fingers in her recently raped slit, she then drew out her fingers to view the thick slimy coating over her fingers.  Mesmerized, Kerri drew her fingers up to her nose to inhale the familiar smell of the odor that permeated the hotel room.  Her mind then snapped back to reality.  Quickly, she got the douche prepared to quell the potentially hazardous outcome of the rape.

That night, Phil had felt so relieved that Mr. Griffith had promised Kerri in seeing that his job would be kept safe.  Though he gave it his all when at the job, Phil knew that no one was safe considering the company's financial position.  Phil knew he had not been much of a considerate husband lately, being too distracted with his job problems.

In bed first, he watched as his lovely wife walked about in her thin nightie.  'God, she's so beautiful!  I couldn't ask for a more beautiful and faithful wife!  I can't believe how innocent and naïve she is when it comes to sex!'  He only wished Kerri would let herself go more when they made love but he knew her conservative upbringing had her refraining from showing such emotions!

When his lovely wife slipped into bed and turned off the lamp, Phil turned to caress her, leaning over to kiss her on the lips.  Normally he had to prod her lips open with his tongue but tonight her sweet lips opened readily and her pointed tongue licked at his lips.  After a deep passionate kiss, Phil's lips traced their way down Kerri's slender neck while he pulled at the ties to the front of her nightie.  Then Phil moved further down, taking a tender nipple into his hungry mouth.  As he did so, he heard a loud gasp from his lovely wife, exciting him as he mistook the gasp for one of pleasure.

Kerri shivered as her husband took in a very raw and sensitive nipple, gritting back the pain as he nipped playfully with his teeth.  What had been so pleasurable earlier in the day now was quite a painful event.  She had thought of making an excuse, a 'headache', but she did not want to discourage Phil as this was his first attempt at lovemaking in weeks.  She just wished that it wasn't so soon after another man had soiled her body with his semen, a black man's cum on top of that.  Although she had douched out Mr. Griffith's semen when she had arrived home, she felt so guilty as she embraced her loving husband, ashamed that she was presenting him with 'soiled' goods.

Crawling up upon his beautiful young wife, Phil felt her sexy legs spread wide for him.  Normally he had to pry her legs apart to gain entrance, making Phil happy that she was finally spreading her sexy legs on her own for him to gain entrance.  He gasped as he felt his lovely wife's soft hand enclose around him for the very first time, jerking him in her tight fist.  Feeling her guiding him to her slit, Phil could feel his cock pulsing madly in her grip.  Just as he was about to gain entrance to her womanhood, Phil felt her sexy legs crossing over him.  Never having had his lovely wife wanted him in such a way, it was just too much for him, he groaned loudly "Ohhhh ………..ohhhh, babyyyy …….ahhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"No ……….no, Phil ……….put it innnn!" Kerri desperately pleaded.  But she could not control Phil's pulsating member in her hand as it jerked about in spasms.  Then a hot wetness was being splattered upon her mound and belly.  Stunned, Kerri continued to jerk him off, knowing it was now useless in trying to get him to put it to proper use.  A moment later he lay upon her body, panting in total exhaustion.  She silently cursed to herself 'Damn you, Phil! Why can't you be a 'real' man?'

Ten minutes later, Kerri pushed hard at her now snoring husband, trying to slip out from under him.  Going to the bathroom, she took a cold shower to rinse off the drying spunk and to cool off her need for sexual itch between her legs.  She couldn't believe that Phil had left her high and dry, not even able to control himself to even put it in her.  Closing her eyes under the shower, her fingers pinched hard at a tender nipple, making her shiver from the pain.  Then, her other hand rubbed at her still tender slit, fingers seeking out her sensitive clit.  Moments later, relief was obtained as she shuddered under the shower while picturing Mr. Griffith shagging away at her body, just as he did earlier in the day as she quietly mouthed "Oh, God …………why am I doing this!  Why can't I get that awful afternoon from my mind?  Why did I respond in such a manner when that evil man raped me?"  As her fingers sped up, she shivered and groaned "Ohhhhh …………Goddddddd!"

The next day, Kerri got a call from Phil, telling her that his job was still safe but now the fellow in the other side of him had just gotten laid-off.  Phil told her to be sure to 'thank' Mr. Griffith at the bank for help saving his job on this layer of cuts.  Kerri had purposely worked on other projects other than the bank's for this day.  With Phil's mentioning of Mr. Griffith, her thighs had clenched automatically as she could feel her slit moistening.

Late that afternoon, Kerri sat across Mr. Sharpe's desk after being summoned to his office.  When she heard him say that he had just gotten a call from Max Griffith of the bank, she blushed as a shudder shook her body in fear.  "Max Griffith is quite impressed with you Kerri!  Says he had lunch with you yesterday and was convinced that the bank should turn over another section of the bank's legal business to us, provided that you're in charge of it!  Looks like you'll be making junior partner with this added business you've brought into the firm!  I'll be overseeing the work in case of any problems but we'll now be working quite a bit more together from now!"

"Tell me, Kerri!  How'd you manage to get Mr. Griffith to turn over more business to you over lunch?  Hell, I've wined and dined that SOB for years and haven't gotten anywhere for new business!" Mr. Sharpe inquired.  Kerri blushed and meekly replied "Gosh, I really don't know, Mr. Sharpe!"  "I'm meeting with the partners tomorrow and will be sure to mention your success with Mr. Griffith!  I'm certain you'll be in for a nice bonus once the new business arrives!" he advised.

As Kerri sat before the ecstatic senior partner, little did she know the real reason that Mr. Sharpe had called her into his office.  True, Mr. Sharpe had been on the phone to Max Griffith but the phone call was not much about business.  Her boss had made the phone call only after the messenger had delivered that padded envelope marked 'Personal'.  While she had sat sitting across the desk from her boss, he had been fingering the contents of that padded envelope, a thin lacy white bra and matching panties.

Once the lovely Kerri Hu departed, closing the door to his office, Tim Sharpe could not resist bringing up the pair of lacy white panties to his nose.  Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the sweet fragrance of womanhood that it contained.  Burying his face into the soft crotch of the lacy white panties, he licked the scented and stained portion, bringing a throbbing sensation to his bulging crotch.  Going to door and locking it, advising his secretary to take all calls, Tim then put in the videotape that was also contained in the envelope.

During the next two weeks, whenever Kerri worked on the bank's account, she made it a point to only talk to Mr. Griffith's underlings to let them pass things along.  She had managed to avoid making any type of personal contact with Mr. Griffith, not wanting to fall prey to this devious man again.  She felt so ashamed of herself in the way her body had betrayed her that afternoon, responding to that evil man who had viciously raped her.

After Phil's last failed attempt to make love to her, he had again been consumed in the failings of the company and continued to drink up a storm each night.  Every night, Kerri went to bed with hopes of making love with Phil, needing to put out that terrible itch between her legs.  But each time, Phil was too preoccupied or too drunk as he merely plopped his body down on the bed and was fast asleep.  Under the covers, Kerri would caress her breasts and let her fingers slip into her panties, rubbing herself to a much needed climax.

Another week went by and Phil had come home with more news on the company, rumors of another cut about to take place.  Kerri listened as Phil expressed his concern that his job was on the line this time and then heard Phil ask if she would mind talking to Mr. Griffith again.  Phil saw the reluctance on his wife's face but he kept pressing, telling her his job was on the line.

Kerri was indeed very reluctant to again make contact with the man who had brutally raped her.  She tried to rationally explain to Phil that "Mr. Griffith will remember your name and will do whatever he can at the board meeting.  He assured me of that!  But, honey, you should be prepared for the worst in view of the company's situation!  Besides, its not feasible to keep calling him each time there's rumors of another layoff!"  Seeing her husband nod his head in agreement, Kerri breathed a sigh of relief.

Two days later, Kerri was expecting the worst, waiting to get a phone call from Phil advising that he had been laid off.  She knew what it would have taken to save Phil's job but she cringed at the thought of having to submit to that evil Max Griffith again.  Still, her mind was in shambles upon recalling the manner in which her own body had betrayed her, the way in which she had clutched to her rapist as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.  She felt so ashamed of herself for never had she responded in such a manner with her own husband.

That afternoon, Kerri answered the phone and prepared herself as she heard Phil's voice.  She was instead surprised to hear how cheerful he was.  Stunned, she listened as Phil advised that he had not been one of those laid off.  Then a shudder went through her body as she heard Phil say "Honey, guess what, Mr. Griffith was in the building today and made a point of stopping by my office!  He even told me that if I should get laid off, he'll do what he can to find me a position at the bank.  I was going to invite him out to dinner to get better acquainted but he suggested a more casual atmosphere so he could talk with both of us together!  Guess he doesn't want my working for the bank to interfere with your handling the legal side for them!  Anyway, I invited him over for dinner tonight!  Don't worry, honey, I'll take off early and get some steaks!  I'll handle the grill so you won't have to do much when you get home!  I'll stop at a the deli for some appetizers also!"

Upon hanging up the phone, Kerri sat at her desk, unable to think clearly.  Here she had done everything possible to avoid seeing the man who had brutally raped her.  Now her husband had invited him over to their house for dinner.  How could she tell Phil that she did not want the evil man in their home?  How could she tell Phil that Mr. Griffith had raped her over and over on that awful afternoon?  Those questions nagged at her throughout the remainder of the afternoon till it was time for her to head on home.

Driving up to her home, Kerri saw a silver Mercedes sitting in the driveway.  She knew who that Mercedes belonged to and a cold chill went down her spine.  Upon entering, Phil greeted her with a kiss and led her to the living room where a smiling Max Griffith awaited her.  With Mr. Griffith's hand extended, there was no way she could avoid shaking his hand, without her husband noticing her cold rebuff.  She shivered when that large hand clasped upon hers and pulled her forward so he could plant a kiss on her cheek.

As they went out to the patio for Phil to get the grill started, Kerri cringed as Max Griffith pulled up a chair right next to her.  There was no way for her to get away from this evil man without making a scene and without Phil noticing, especially when Mr. Griffith loudly said "Kerri, take a look at these photos of my grandchildren!"  Kerri shuddered in fear as she was handed the photos, not of his grandchildren as he indicated, but intimate photos of them in the hotel bed together.

Kerri took a gulf of her gin and tonic, shuddering in her chair as she used her free hand in an attempt to push the big black paw that was caressing her thigh under her yellow skirt.  With the tablecloth draping over the table, Phil's view was blocked and would not be away of the predicament she was in.  She was powerless to stop him, especially after hearing his whispered threat "Spread those sexy legs of yours unless you want Phil to see these pictures!"

Kerri blinked back the tears as Mr. Griffith's sweaty palm forced its way up under her skirt, forcibly slipping his hand into the elastic waistbands of her pantyhose and panties..  She shuddered when a thick finger traced and pushed at her moist slit, then began diddling with her cunny.  The hot sizzle of the steaks being put on the grill muffled the gasp that she emitted when that teasing finger pushed against her pantyhose and panties to dip into her now wet slit.  She couldn't believe what was happening and she felt helpless as this evil man was fingering her with her husband just yards away.

When Phil got everyone fresh drinks, he joined them at the table while the steaks cooked.  He was surprised at Kerri having finished her first drink already as she normally just sipped at her drink.  He was happy with the choice of appetizers when he saw Mr. Griffith lick his fingers and comment "Hmmm, best appetizer I've ever tasted!"  Little did he now that Mr. Griffith was licking his fingers to savor the taste of his wife's sweet honey.

Rather than chancing this lovely beauty distancing herself from him, Max made it a point in telling the young prick of a husband how nice it was on the patio.  He then mentioned to young Phil that it'd be nice have even eat out where they were in view of the cool night air they were having.  With dinner out on the patio, he could continue to feel up the sexy legs of the agonized young beauty, even with her husband so close by.

Throughout dinner, Kerri made every excuse possible to get up from the table, staying away for as long as possible.  But eventually she had to return so as not to arouse Phil's suspicions and not have the evil man make good on his threat of showing those incriminating photos of her.  But each time she returned to the table, she would shudder in revulsion as the sweaty hand again returned to fondle her.

When Phil had excused himself to go to the restroom, Kerri looked at the grinning man next to her.  She didn't know what to do or say to this evil man, who's hand was again rubbing her through her the nylon fabric of her pantyhose and panties.  "Please ………..please, Mr. Griffith ……….please stop!" she pleaded as she tried to keep her thighs tightly closed.  "Ohhhhh ………please ………….pleasseeee!" she groaned as an orgasm coursed through her body.  Panting to catch her breath, she could only watch in silence as Mr. Griffith reached over and dropped a pill into Phil's drink. Speechless, Kerri watched as her husband returned to the table, wanting desperately to stop him from consuming that spiked drink.  But she sat helplessly as Mr. Griffith held his glass up to Phil's, proposing a toast of 'good luck'.  She sighed as she watched Phil take a big gulp of that drink.  A few moments later, she saw Phil rise up from the chair to refresh the drinks for he and Mr. Griffith.  Having consumed far more than normal, she was feeling woozy and was now teetering a bit.

As Phil consumed the new drink, Kerri could see the effects of the drug that had been slipped into his drink.  Phil was blinking to keep himself awake as his speech now began to slur.  She reached over and shook him awake several times.  Then her husband slumped back into his chair and would not respond to her shaking of his arm.  Worried, Kerri got up to try and revive him from his drug-induced state.  Then she saw Mr. Griffith come around to the back of Phil's chair and pull it back away from the table but Phil remained out totally.

"Please …………..please, Mr. Griffith …………..he's not responding!" Kerri exclaimed in fright.  "Don't worry, sweetie!  That pill will put him out till morning!" came the laughing response.  With Phil not able to see her actions, she turned to face Mr. Griffith and swung her arm out him, wanting to slap his leering face.  Her arm was caught at the wrist as she panted in fear, his lusting face told her exactly what he was after.  She stumbled in his grasp and fell back, right into Phil's lap.

Each of her wrists was captured in one of Max Griffith's and she could only grasp the metal arms of the outdoor chair.  Kerri looked down to see the wide grinning smile of the evil man, who remarked "Hmmm, I'm just going to enjoy the special dessert that your husband has me!"  She threw her head back and shuddered as the face disappeared under her skirt and the kinky hair brushed at the insides of her thighs.  "Oh, God ………..please ………….please don't …………please stop!" she begged in a whispering tone, not wanting to awaken Phil and have this awful scene take place before him.

"Oh, God ……………oh, Godddddd!" she muttered, her body arching up on its own accord, stimulated by the hot wet mouth that clamped over the pantyhose and panties that protected her moist slit.  'This can't be happening to me!' she said over and over to herself.   It was so debasing, trapped in a sitting position on her drugged husband's lap with the evil Max Griffith's mouth on her sex.  She shuddered again as she felt the wiggling tongue flicking out at her, pushing at her slit while he mouthed her.

Gripping tightly onto the metal armrests, Kerri tried to steel her body from reacting.  But she could only pant and shudder as the unwanted sensations coursed throughout her body.  At this point, Kerri's mind could not focus on anything except the lapping tongue between her legs, unaware that her wrists had been freed of the captive hands.  Those hands were now also up under her skirt, grasping the waistband of both her black pantyhose and lacy white panties, pulling them down over her waist.

"Ahh ………ahhhhh ………..please ………….please!" she begged, squirming about on her husband's lap.  She felt the only protection that separated her from the greedy mouth being drawn down her legs and stripped from her.  "Ohhhhh, Godddd ……ohhhhhhh ………….noooooooooooo!" she gasped as the hot wet mouth was now clamped directed upon her gushing slit.  The wiggling tongue in her slit sent her over the edge as she pushed her back against her slumping husband while arching her hips up to the now slurping mouth.  "Ahhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhh ………..I ………..I'm cumminggggg!" she groaned loudly.

Withdrawing his head from under the young wife's skirt, Max stood up and licked his slick lips and looked down at the young couple on the chair.  Husband passed out from a spiked drink while his lovely wife sat slouched upon him, passed out from the mind-shattering orgasm that shook her from being eaten out.  He had made himself another drink to quench his thirst from eating all that sweet honey.  Then he saw the lovely beauty stir as she came out of her stupor.  When Kerri woke from the aftermath of her climax, she was horrified to see the awful man sitting across from her, his face leering with lust.  She realized she was still sitting upon her drugged husband, then shook him in an attempt to get him up.  Seeing that he would not awaken, Kerri knew she had to get away from the evil man before anything further happened.  She slid out of the chair and backed away from the grinning Max Griffith.

As she had feared, Max Griffith was after more, much more!  Kerri was frightened of what was to come as the evil man stood up from his chair and slowly began to approach her, unbuttoning his shirt as he moved.  Panting in fear, Kerri backed up to the patio door, intent on getting to her bedroom and locking herself safely inside.  It was like a cat and mouse game as the broad black chest was bared, then the hands moved down and were soon unbuckling the belt of his trousers. Turning quickly, Kerri made a run to the safety of her bedroom.  But it was difficult for her to run in her white heels, especially with the garments bunched around her knees.  Hampered by the garments as she tried to pull them up in her haste, Kerri fell to the carpet on the hallway just a yard from the safety of her bedroom.  As she stumbled to get up, she felt a hand grasp the back collar of her blazer, pulling it from her as she desperately tried to get away.

Then Kerri was caught just before her bedroom entrance and pinned up against the hallway wall.  She turned her head as her assailant nuzzled at her neck.  “Oh, please ……………please ……………….please, Mr. Griffith ………….stop ………..don’t do this to me!” Melanie pleaded.  The response she received was grasping hand at the top of her white blouse.  She sobbed in fear as a hard yank by that hand sent the buttons of her blouse flying in all directions.  She groaned in shame as large black hands closed over the lacy bra cups, thumbing her sensitive nipples to arousal.

Kerri fought with all her might, trying to kick at her evil attacker but lost her heels in the process.  The struggle took them to the entrance of the master bedroom when Kerri felt her yellow skirt tear at the buttons on hook, causing the skirt to fall to the floor.  She sobbed in fear as she was now dressed only in her torn white blouse and lacy white bra.  When she turned to run, Max grabbed the back of her white blouse and with a yank he pulled it off her.  Max pushed the sobbing young wife onto the bed that she shared with her loving husband and he was immediately upon her, forcing her creamy legs apart.  A swift grab at the lacy white bra and it too was ripped from the beautiful body.

Kerri felt the heavy body lift a bit, shifting as it became obvious that he was baring himself.  “Oh, please ………………….please ……………….please ……………..Phil will get up and find us!” Kerri sobbed.   She groaned in shame and revulsion as the lusting bank president thumbed a sensitive nipple while bending over to feast his thick lips upon the other.  Kerri could only sob on her marital bed, her head shaking in disbelief, whipping her silky black hair from side to side.  “Oh, please, please ……………please, Mr. Griffith …………..please ……..nooooooo!” she pleaded.

Kerri struggled with all of her might, trying desperately to move her hips in order to prevent the thick black cock from finding its goal.  Then she felt Mr. Griffith's large hands grasping her trim hips and the thick black cock found the entrance to her womanhood.  “Noooooooo …………….oh, nooooooo …………pleaseeeeeeeee!” she sobbed.  But her pleas went unheard as the thick black shaft pushed its way into her moist and still tight slit.

Max groaned as his thick cock was enveloped in the slick but tight groove of the sobbing young beauty.  Her slit had obviously tightened up since that afternoon weeks ago and just added to his pleasure.  Having dreamt of her over the past weeks and enjoying the feel of a struggling woman in his arms again, Max was overly excited but he wanted to make this last.  He stabbed forward, embedding his cock in the struggling young beauty, then began to pump his muscular frame up and down into the distressed young wife.

Kerri fought and struggled with all of her might, tossing about in an attempt to throw her attacker off of her.  But he was already in her, possessing her as only her husband should be.  She sobbed in her futility and the horrid fact that this awful man was breeding her on the bed that she shared with her husband.  'Oh, God!  What if he gets me pregnant?  And on the bed I share with Phil?  What could be worst?' she thought.

Unwillingly, trying to still her actions, her body betrayed her as she arched up her rapist's thick cock.  She groaned in shame as her body would not obey her will, feeling her thighs squeeze tightly at the invading cock, clenching at it again and again.  "Ohhhh, God ……….oh, nooooooo ………………..noooooooo!" she screamed as her body began convulsing uncontrollably from an unwanted orgasm.

At that instant, Max slammed his muscular black frame forward, burying the entire length of his thick cock into the convulsing beauty.  “Oh, Kerri baby ……………….ohhhh, gonna seed you again, you sweet little bitch!  If you ain't already knocked up from that afternoon in the hotel, I'm gonna put you in the family way ………….right on your marital bed!  Yeah, baby, her it cummmmmsssssss!” he groaned, his body quivering as he began unleashing his hot baby juice directly into her fertile womb.

Max heavy body collapsed upon the tiny young beauty, letting his still throbbing cock soak in her raped slit.  Hearing her sob and cry in shame, his cock responded by hardening again and began to expand, causing her even more anguish.  Kerri tried her best to get out from under her evil rapist, feeling so soiled, raped and ‘ruined’ right on the bed she shared with Phil.  She groaned in agony with each and every throb of the hardening cock, feeling thick cum oozing out from her raped slit.

With this being her dangerous time of the month, once the heavy body turned to the side, Kerri rolled off the bed and tried to rush to the bathroom.  She needed to douche out her flooded womb or face the possible consequences of such an illicit mating.  But her legs ached so badly from being so widely stretched that she could barely walk.  Then she was yanked back by a pull on long black hair, causing her to fall backwards onto the carpeted floor.

Caught by surprise, fingers entwined in her long silky hair, Kerri shook with fright as she was staring at the throbbing black menace pulsing just inches from her face.  Looking up to see the leer of Mr. Griffith's evil face, the realization of what he desired had her shudder in disgust.  "Please ……………..please …………I can't …………..it's too filthy ………….I've never!" she stammered.  With her head being firmly held tight in the large hands, she could only close her eyes in shame as it neared her face.

Just when Kerri had finally managed to get out from under her rapist, Phil Hu awoke from the temporary effects of the spiked drink to find himself alone in the patio.  He saw the dishes on the table but no one around and assumed that Mr. Griffith had already left.  Entering the patio door, he observed Mr. Griffith's shirt on the floor and a cold chill shot through his body.  Heart pounding in his chest, Phil entered the hallway and his mouth dropped open upon seeing his wife's yellow blazer and white heels scattered at the far end of the hallway.  He feared what he'd find if he proceeded down the hallway and looked into the bedroom that he and Kerri shared together, ever since they had exchanged their wedding vows.  Quietly making his way down the hallway, he also viewed the torn blouse and scattered buttons on the floor.

Seeing the torn blouse, it was obvious that Kerri had fought desperately to get away from Mr. Griffith.  'What do I do?  I've got to save Kerri!  But ……….Mr. Griffith just saved my job and promised me a position with the bank if I get laid off!' Phil wondered, anguished at the dilemma that he now faced.  His heart now pounding even harder, his cock gave a twitch and began to grow at the prospect of seeing his lovely with another man, a black man.

Peering in from the small opening of the hinged area of the doorway, Phil nearly gasped loudly as he viewed his lovely wife naked and on her knees.  Standing before her was Mr. Griffith, his fingers entwined in Kerri's long silky hair, the long black cock throbbing and growing in length.  Then Phil heard Kerri's stammering plea of "Please …………..please …………I can't …………..it's too filthy ………….I've never!"

Max knew that the drug he had slipped into Phil's drink took effect quickly but that it also wore off quickly.  He had lied to the young beauty in telling her that her husband was out for the entire night, letting her think that her husband would not find out of her being with another man.  Thus he was on the lookout for Phil's appearance, wondering if he come in to save his beautiful wife or merely stay in hiding and watch his lovely wife being raped.  He suspected that young Phil Hu would not stop the rape, putting his job ahead of his lovely wife and also he'd in fact be turned on by it all.

Aware of the movement at the doorway, Max wanted to laugh as he realized that his assessment was correct and the young husband would not rush in to stop him.  He loved the horrified look on the lovely wife's face and the fact that he was the first to introduce her to the fine art of cocksucking.   With Kerri Hu's eyes tightly shut and head turned away, Max took the opportunity to lean forward and push his rubbery cockhead up against her tightly clenched lips.  He twitched his cock and fucked up and down her cringing face, not to gain entrance at the moment but to let his oozing pre-cum drool all over her pretty features.

From his vantage point, Phil could see his wife's pink lips now glistening with a glossy sheen, lips that were still clenched as the thick rubbery shaft now sought to gain entrance between them.  Finally, he saw her pink lips part under the relentless pressure to admit the bulb-like cockhead into her mouth.  He saw Kerri's eyes spring open and bulge in disbelief as to what was being forced into her mouth and down her throat.  As more and more of the thick shaft disappeared, he saw Kerri's face flush as it became obvious that it was difficult for her to breathe.  He watched as her hands instinctively reached out to grasp the end of the length stalk like a baseball bat, a desperate attempt to keep the entire length from being forced down her throat.

“Ohhh, baby ……………….ah, yeessss ……………….that’s the way, Mrs. Hu!” Max Griffith groaned.  He let her hands push him back out a bit, then held her head firmly in his hands with his cockhead remaining in her mouth.  He knew her womanly instincts would prevail and in a moment he got what he hoped for, groaning with the feel of her pointed tongue exploring his cockhead.  "Ohhhhhhh …………yeahhhhhhh, baby ………….tongue me!" he groaned with a shudder, feeling the tip of her tongue push up into his pisshole.  "Ohhhhhh, yeah ………………….you're a natural cocksucker ……better than the fucking pros!" he moaned as he began to slow fuck in and out of her tight mouth.

"Look up me, bitch!  I want to look into your beautiful brown eyes when I cum!  Eat all my jism!  Show me what a whore you really are!" he ordered.  He groaned as he saw her lift her head and look up to comply, taking her hands away from his stem and placing them on his hips.  Then he was amazed as he leaned forward and watched as inch after inch of his lengthy black cock disappeared between her pink lips.

Kneeling at the doorway, Phil Hu's mouth dropped in astonishment.  'It's not possible!  God, she's nothing but a fucking whore!' he surmised as he watched his wife swallow the entire length of the thick black shaft, her throat bulging from its intrusion.  Then he silently watched Kerri bury her nose into Mr. Griffith's crotch, then slowly withdraw her head only to swallow the entire length again.  Faster and faster the movements became and it was obvious that his lovely wife was giving Mr. Griffith the blowjob of a lifetime.  'Shit, she's never gone down on me and even slapped me when I tried to get her to do it!' he muttered.

Max groaned loudly as he looked down into the eyes of the beautiful Mrs. Kerri Hu staring up at him as she tongued and bobbed her head on his cock in earnest.  Never had he felt anything so fantastic.  He had never believed he'd get the best blow-job ever from this reluctant little beauty, realizing that she took the entire length of his cock, something that even the damned pros had a problem with.  “Ohhhhhhh, sweetie …………ohhhhhhh, Mrs. Hu …………………..ohhh, yesssss ……….fuckkkkkkkkkkkk ………….eat it ………eat it all!” he groaned.  His fingers tightened, gripping her long silky hair, groaning "Oh, baby ………eat it …………..eat all my nigger cum!" "Godddddd!" he groaned as his body shuddered, cock exploding into the hot sucking mouth.

Phil watched as Max Griffith's knees buckled, nearly causing him to collapse if not for his hold on Kerri's head.  He saw Mr. Griffith's body quiver and shake uncontrollably, obviously in the act of spewing his hot load into Kerri's sucking mouth.  Finally, moments later, the now dwindling and shiny black cock reemerged from between Kerri's pink lips.  He observed his wife's dazed condition as she remained on her knees, mouth partially open with a string of cum lengthening from her bottom lip to the carpet.

"C'mon baby, get up on the bed cause I'm gonna make you scream again!  Know what I want this time, sugar?" Max laughed.  It was obvious that his comments snapped the horrified beauty out of her dazed stupor with her hands going to her belly in realization of what she had just done.  The fear on her face told the whole story, causing Max to laugh even harder "That's right, sugar!  I want your sweet little ass again!  That precious little ass of yours has saved your home from foreclosure as well as your faggot husband's job!  Now get your sweet little ass up there and thank me for saving your husband's job yesterday or he'll get those photos I showed you!"

"Please ………….please, Mr. Griffith!  Please ………………not that way ………….it ………it hurt so bad the last time!  I ……………I could barely walk for days after the last time!" Kerri pleaded.  But then she was resigned to her fate as she slowly stood up and climbed up onto the bed, getting on all fours with her creamy little ass presented up to be taken.

'Again?  The last time?' rang through Phil's drowsy mind.  He had just watched his lovely innocent young wife take that long black cock down her throat, taking the entire load like a fucking pro.  Yet, she had never allowed him the pleasure of feeling her lips on his cock even though he had practically begged her to do so.  'Again?  The last time?' again spun through his mind.  'Damn, this isn't the first time they've been in bed together!' he finally realized, watching as Kerri got into position.

From the corner of his eyes, Max kept a check towards the door, knowing full well that Phil Hu was peering from the crack between the door and hinges.  He had first noticed the movement when Phil's innocent little wife had her mouth stuffed with his thick black cock.  She had even surprised him with the way in which she gammed him, taking his hot and creamy load.  "Ohhh, baby, your ass is so soft!  Bet your hubby hasn't had the pleasure of this tight little ass, has he?" he questioned, rubbing his inflamed cockhead up and down the crack of her ass.  He laughed when Kerri responded by shaking her head to indicate that her husband had not obtained that pleasure.

"Argggghhhhhhh …………………owwww ……………….owwwwwww ………….it hurts!" Kerri muttered through her clenched teeth as she pit down into the thick bedspread.  "It hurts …………………….it hurtssssssssssssss!" she groaned as the thick solid meat was being rammed further and further into her bowels.  "Ohhhh, nooooo …….stop ………….stop, please …………….ahhhhh ………..ahhhhhhh!" she moaned, trying to stifle moans of pleasure as a finger had slipped into her nest and sought out her sensitive clit.

Phil was flabbergasted as he watched his lovely wife moan and her body shudder as she reached an orgasm.  At the same time, Max Griffith slammed himself up against Kerri's creamy tight ass, his body quivering as he spurted his load deep in her bowels, groaning "Awwwwww, babyyyyyyy!"  Finally Kerri collapsed forward onto the bed with the heavy black body falling upon her.

Wondering if this was the finale, Phil continued to peer through the crack in the doorway.  Finally he observed the deflated black cock slip from his wife's tight ass and watched as Max Griffith made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself.  Meanwhile, he saw his lovely wife turn over onto her back, panting in exhaustion.  Hearing Mr. Griffith returning from the bathroom, Phil heard the gruff voice say "Okay, sweetie, time for more black luving!"

Looking at his lovely wife lying on the bed, Phil saw her respond by lifting her trim sexy legs, spreading them wide in the form of a vee, her toes curled and pointing to the ceiling.  Phil nearly gasped as he saw Kerri's petite hand reach down beneath the hovering black body in search for his manhood.  He saw her clutch the mighty shaft in her hand and guide it to clenching slit, fitting it into her as her legs then crossed over the black butt to pull him into her.

Hidden behind the doorway, Phil watched intently as his cock throbbed from the exciting scene.  He could believe his lovely wife could take anything the size of Mr. Griffith's shaft that was slowly skewering her.  He heard Kerri's squeals as inch after inch of the thick black meat slowly disappeared within her petite body.  Then began the frenzied mating of two wild animals, causing the headboard to bang hard again and again against the bedroom wall.

It was so exciting a scene that Phil had to unzip his pants to relieve the pressure on his hardened cock.  Pulling his cock out of the opening, he began stroking himself as he watched the long black cock plunging in and out of his beautiful wife.   He couldn't believe it was his wife he was actually hearing moan "Ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhh ……………oh, God …………..it's so deepppppp!  Oh, faster ………..faster …………..ohhhhhhh, I ……….I'm going to cum soon!"

Phil got to observe the control that Mr. Griffith possessed, stopping suddenly in mid-stroke and slowly withdrawing his cock till only the thick cockhead remained enveloped in Kerri's once tight snatch.  Then he saw his lovely wife claw at the muscular back, her heels kicking at the black butt in an attempt to spur him back into action.  "Please ……..please …………..please ………….I'm so close!  I …………I need to cummm!" he heard his wife plead.

Stroking his cock faster and faster, he heard Mr. Griffith growl "You wanted to rush and douche out my nigger cum earlier, bitch!  Why should I waste my cum on you if you're going to douche it right out?  Huh, bitch, tell me!"  Phil groaned inwardly when he heard his wife's reply  "Please …………..please …………….oh, please …….I need to cum!  Please ………please ………..I promise ………..I promise ………….I won't douche it out!"

"You know what gonna happen all my hot cum in you, don't you bitch" Phil heard Mr. Griffith growl.  "Don't you bitch?  Tell me, bitch!" came the gruff voice.  "Yessss …….yes …………you'll get me …….preg ……….pregnant …….with your baby!  Please …….oh, please …………I ……….I don't care!  Shoot it in me!  Knock me up with your black baby!" he heard Kerri sob in her desperation.  Phil saw the muscular black body descend upon his wife's petite one, then began to pump in and out of her.  He heard Kerri squeal "Yesssss ………….yesssssss ……………ohhhhhhh ………….I ……………….I'm cumminggggg!"

Phil was dismayed as he never before witnessed his wife behave in such a slutty manner.  Whenever he and Kerri made love, it was just heavy breathing and panting, nothing even close to what he had just witnessed and heard.  He saw the big black body pump fast and fast, just like a jackhammer, then Mr. Griffith froze and his asscheeks quivered in spasms.  It was quite evident as to what was happening.  Phil closed his eyes in despair, hearing Kerri's loud moan "Ohhhhhhh …………….it's  …………it's so hottttttttttt ………………..ohhhhh, its burning …….meeee!"  Just then, Phil shuddered as his cock twithced began to spurt out its seed onto the front of the door.

Having returned to the patio chair shortly before Max Griffith made his departure, Phil pretended to still be in his drug-induced sleep.  Peering through the slit in his eyelids, he saw Kerri, now with an oversized t-shirt on, cleaning up the table and taking the dirty dishes into the kitchen.  When his wife had bent over to pick up some rubbish, Phil noticed that she had not bothered to put on a pair of panties and he could clearly view her hairy mound.

Phil grimaced in seeing his wife's dark curls matted down with a layer of dried crusty cum on the once soft silky curls.  It was obvious that she had not even bothered to wash the cum soiling her body much less the more dangerous portion that flooded her fertile womb.  Her pussy lips were reddened from the abuse it had suffered throughout the night and glistened with a wet gloss of slimy liquid.  But what could he say when his lovely wife covered him with a wool blanket so he wouldn't catch a chill.  He just wished that Kerri would put off washing the dirty dishes to first wash out something far more important at the moment!

Finally, with the dishes done, the lights were turned off in the kitchen as Kerri made her way to the bedroom.  Phil observed that Kerri left on a small lamp, obviously for his behalf if he awoke during the night.  He wondered what he should do but felt it best to continue to play the drugged part till daylight.  Pulling the blanket tighter, he closed his eyes to get some sleep on the patio chair.

Blinking his eyes, Phil saw that it was now daylight and decided to make his way back into the house.  He surveyed the kitchen and saw that all the dishes were clean.  Peering down the hallway, there were no signs of his wife's clothing and heels that had littered the floor earlier.  Going down the hallway, he peered into the bedroom and saw his lovely wife sound asleep.  He couldn't blame her, especially having witnessed what she had gone through during the night, knowing she hadn't gotten to bed till the wee hours in the morning.

He looked Kerri lying on the bed, wearing the same oversized t-shirt that he had seen her in earlier, with the sheet covering her up to her waist.  A nagging question raced through Phil's mind 'Surely she washed herself and douched out all that filthy nigger cum?'  Worried about the consequences of the mating, he continued to wonder 'She ……..she wouldn't keep such a promise …………not to a man who raped her!'  His heart pounded harder and harder as that question nagged at him.

With Kerri in a sound and exhausted sleep, Phil gently lifted the sheet and peeled it back slowly.  Never had his wife ever gone to bed without wearing a pair of panties but what he observed told him this night had been an exception.  To make matters worst, the dried flakes of cum could still be observed on her hairy nest.  'Do I dare stick a finger in her twat to see if its still filled with cum?' he asked himself.  He knew he'd certainly find out for certain in about six weeks!
End of Story