Exploited Bridal Guests
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

As in any business, a steep drop in income from one year to another would certainly get the attention of management, even for a business involving prostitution that was being run by the mafia.  Like in any other business operation, there'd be an equivalent to a VP in charge of that particular segment of the business, and such job for the Moroni Organization had just fallen into the lap of 58 year old Monte Corbella.  Having worked his way up the ranks, from collection to bodyguard, Monte was now one of the higher-ups for the organization after getting promoted to take over a position recently vacated by a fellow who had died on the job - suffering a massive heart attack while in the saddle getting a free ride with one of the hookers.  Having observed much in his near forty years of such work, Monte had learned watching and observing that it best to delegate the bone-breaking to the lower echelon and to keep his hands clean and to project himself as a respectable business and family man within the community. 

Having enjoyed some of the more pleasurable side of the operation when he was younger and quite a horny bastard, Monte decided that he had to see for himself as to what and why the business was deteriorating so badly and causing the steep drop in revenue, knowing that some changes were obviously needed to turn things around.  Married with two teenage children, Monte kept his family and business totally separate from one another, with his family merely thinking that he was a very successful business man with the kids attending the best of schools and one about to enter an ivy league college.  But as to satisfying his own cravings and sexual needs,  of which he had successfully kept secret from his wife and family, Monte kept a young sexy 24 year old mistress on the side by putting her up in a fancy condo downtown near his office.   

To get a good in-depth and true look at the business, Monte told the lieutenant currently overseeing the operation since the passing of his boss that he wanted make a personal visit to the Velvet Rose, what once was the heart of the operation and now was the one with the steepest percentage loss of revenue.  When his lieutenant was about to make a call ahead to the Velvet Rose to get things set up, Monte told him "No Tony, I don't want you calling ahead as that won't give me a true look at the operation!  In fact, we're just going to show on up and you'll say that I'm a good client and you brought me there for some drinks and to show me a good time!"  Having gone over the books of the past couple of years, Friday nights were by far the biggest producing nights of each week, with Saturdays being a close second.  As this was a Friday night, Monte felt that it was the opportune time to make a visit, and he and Tony proceeded to head on out to the Velvet Rose.

Arriving at the Velvet Rose that was previously a small hotel located on the banks of Lake Dorner, Monte felt that it needed a bit more spicing up on the outside as the facade was a bit dated, but that wouldn't be much in cost and the books showed that there were funds already allocated for building repairs.  From what he had learned, the Velvet Rose did not just operate as an old-fashion brothel where 'Johns' went to get laid, a lot of income came from out-call services where girls were sent you to well-paying 'Johns' who frequented the high class hotels owned and operated by the organization.  Entering the premises and being introduced as instructed, they were greeted by all the 'working girls' as they headed on off to the bar for a drink, and Monte immediately knew that the business was in deep 'shit'.  The 'working girls', there to entice men with their succulent charms and get them to part with money for some female companionship, looked as if each had been worked over by some thug before starting her shift. 

Monte shook his head in disgust, wondering 'How many of these bitches aren't on drugs or don't have some kind of fucking tattoo on her bod?  Not more that a fuck'n handful and I wouldn't be shocked if there isn't even one of them clean of both drugs and tattoos!'  Asked by Tony if there was any gal that interested him, Monte looked at his lieutenant with disgust and asked "Who the hell's in charge of hiring the 'talent' here?  That fuck'r ought to be shot and dumped out in the harbor for letting this place go down the tubes!"  'Fuck .................not one attractive bitch in this whole fuck'n place!  No wonder income has dropped so badly ..................shit, I wouldn't pay a dime for a blowjob from one of these strung-out bitches, much less fuck any one of them!  Might be best to scrap this whole operation and start over from the ground up!' he figured.  A week later, Monte got to learn how literally that his lieutenant Tony had taken in everything that he had said to him, for Big Al who had been the one in charge of supplying the talent to the brothel ended up dead and being dumped in the harbor.

Having studied the market and the current competition out there, with the organization having moved up some from the cheap sleazy motels to a higher grade and even had branched out to an upscale hotel chain, Monte's analysis was that the quality of talent servicing the all their clientele should be upgraded to be desirable to any man willing to pay the price versus what they were now getting.  As to 'talent', Monte knew that there were many women in need for sexual pleasures, that there was a need to supply them with young virile handsome studs, and they were vulnerable and quite desirable to men willing to pay a lot for a beautiful woman to service him.  Naturally the best market was of servicing the many men who sought companionship while traveling on business trips and to sow their wild oats, and nothing could be better than to hire the services of a married or who was engaged, especially if that woman was attractive and one who seemingly would never have sought to work in the world's oldest profession.  With Tony being a loyal lieutenant and good fella in the eyes of the mob, Monte felt it best to reassign him to overseeing collections, and freeing up the slot for a second in command in charge of executing his idea is sprucing up the brothel outlet. 

Having made a deal with the major competitor in the lower-end brothel business, selling him the business at a very reasonable price and on the condition of a non-compete on the upper end of the scale, the 'talent' was moved out to the new buyer's premises.  Once that was accomplished, remodeling of the hotel commenced to bring it up to 5* standard and a high-end spa was to be included, with the target market being young women getting married as they'd go for special days with their bridesmaids.  With the organization already having a steady clientele to their 5* hotels, they'd be able to have many of them come for a stay on a business trip, especially as it cater to their sexual fantasies of bedding a beautiful woman who wasn't a sleazy little whore.  Along with the women in the wedding party, often times a bride-to-be would have her mother and maybe even her mother-in-law would be invited to join in as part of the prep for beauty treatments and massages prior to the big day.

Having successfully overseen the organization's growing motel/hotel arm, Monte knew the goal there was to upgrade the premises and services provided, for such would attract a higher class of clientele.  A good example of such a success was that of the Star Millennium Hotel, which catered to the upscale businessman clientele, and those guests wanted nothing but class or the top of the line goods.  On those premises and with that type of clientele, the typical young hooker with tattoos all over her body or clearly a crackhead just wouldn't cut it.  Thus, an upgrade was clearly needed and Monte felt it was time to give the assistant manager of the hotel a promotion to being his lieutenant as head of operations in the brothel branch of the organization.  Having previously worked some with Rashad Jonese, the assistant manager at the Star Millennium, Monte knew the fellow had a good head on his shoulders and was well aware of his actions that helped to diffuse a situation that would have blown the lid on the hotel's underworld connections and the sleazy side of its operations.  'Yeah, I'll call Rashad in to have him take a look at the operation and see what he recommends!  And if it makes sense and looks good, I'll put him in charge!' Monte decided.         

After getting the call from Mr. Corbella's secretary to set up an appointment, then meeting the head man in his plush office, Rashad was eager to take on the challenge and his mind was already churning out some possibilities.  Having worked at the Star for some time and getting to know the businessman clientele coming there, he himself had earlier assessed that the 'talent' available to satisfy the guests just wasn't up to par.  Having looked at photos of the Velvet Rose and the illustration for the upgraded premises, an idea came to mind right away, one that would not only give instant credibility to the new operation but to be a means of supplying new and very classy 'talent' at that to the motel/hotel arm that included the Star.  Asked how much time he needed to come up with his proposal, Rashad to Mr. Corbella "Two weeks as I'd first to visit the Velvet Rose location and look over the proposed upgrades!"  Given two weeks off from his job at the Star, with Mr. Corbella calling his boss to see to it that he was fully paid and not docked for vacation time, Rashad got right to work on his new project.  

Snapshots of Mothers of the Bride/Groom from prior wedding receptions held at the Star Millennium Hotel

Having dedicated all his time into his new project, having gone out to the lakefront property and going over the current construction plans, Rashad then took a look at what was trending when it came to getting bookings of wedding receptions.  Going over the Star Millennium's website and clicking onto wedding archives for photos, his first search was aimed at seeking out attractive older but very classy women, such being the nicely dressed Mothers of the Bride/Groom.  After selecting six photos to make a part of his presentation to Mr. Corbella, Rashad looked over the photos and smiled widely, thinking 'Yeah, now if we could provide such 'talent' to our guests at the Star or any of the motels/hotels under the organization, attractive mature women ..........................women who obviously aren't regular hookers but married beauties .......................that will surely create a big demand from the male clientele!  Hell, old geezers would give up one of his nuts for the chance of bedding such a beauty!  And young studs might have a thing for an older woman ........................maybe sate his craving of bedding a beauty who reminds him of the woman next door, a teacher he had when young, or even his attractive mother-in-law!  Who knows ...........but I'm willing to take the risk!'

'Hmmm, getting a beautiful bride-to-be in a compromising position just days before her wedding is going to be quite a tough task, especially with the maid/matron of honor and bridesmaids looking after her well-being!  But those gals taking care of the bride, friends or sisters of the bride or groom, would be of the same age and quite possibly about to get married or just recently married!  And once they get the bride safely to her room each night, if hit on by a handsome young stud earlier in the day with a suggestion to meet him later on in the night, that might just be the way to go in getting that sweetie into a very compromising position!  Yeah, that's the way to go ..............a two prong approach ..................and got to make it where the sweetie is so frightened of those compromising pictures of getting out that'll she'll be willing to put out for it!  Of course she won't play ball if the demand is overwhelming, like putting out for guys every weekend, or even every other weekend!  But one four hour stint or a couple two hour session each month might seem reasonable for her to spread her legs for a 'John' and not have her boyfriend, fiance, or hubby get those pics of her being naughty!' Rashad surmised.  'Yep, both quality and quantity will be the answer to making it work!  A lot of beautiful broads spread throughout the entire month and top notch quality!' he mused.        

Snapshots of attractive babes in bridal parties from prior wedding receptions held at the Star Millennium Hotel

Having gone through the Star's wedding archives again, this time Rashad put together a collage of six beauty's who had been a party of the bridal party, all young beauties that didn't show any tattoos on her nice bod and not dope heads.  'The only problem of course is to get the evenings covered, for if they're going to commit to one four hour stint or a couple two hour sessions, its most probably going to be right after she gets off work or during the weekends!  She's not going to want her boyfriend or spouse asking where she's been or going off to, thus she'll be going with a four hour stint during the weekend on the guise of going shopping with her girlfriends!  A couple two hour sessions right after work might be what works out for her, especially if her punk is one who works late everyday, so we get her to commit to certain dates and times each and every month would be the way to work things out!  It should work out if we keep a few pros on call to service the clients in need of getting off, make it a point for the bartender or ass't manager to spread the word out to the clientele as to when the good prime stuff is available!  And if'n the customer can give a certain time frame, he'll be shown pictures of what sweet bitches are on call at that time!  And we give the bartender or ass't mgr making the sale a nice commission on each sale, where the payout is more when the prime stuff is peddled off at a nice hefty price!' 

Rashad then had a thought, that of bringing in some gals loose morals from across the pond, young attractive gals with loose morals who would like to visit and work for a year!  'Yeah that might just work out with part-timers who'd love to get a bonus from an American sugar daddy!  And I've got just the right connection to pull that off!  That might be the way to avoid having those pros on call and keep this way more classy for the guests!  Nailing some sweet young English or European gal who's here on a green card might just be the turn on for a lot of the guys, rather than a pro!  And the prime good stuff, those bitches who we have the goods on and don't want her boyfriend or hubby finding out, the 'John's' will pay a bundle to get in the sack with another guy's hot babe!' he chuckled.  If I sell this idea to Mr. Corbella, I'll finagle a week's trip to London to get our connection set up along with the pipeline of those English gals to work a year in the spa or resort, and get some hot classy pussy when I'm up there!  And we should be able to attract some from here as well, but we must be sure to keep things real classy and high end, not give the hint that this is where a guy comes to get laid!'      

On that scheduled meeting with Mr. Cobella, Rashad was fully prepared with his presentation and began his spiel with what was the current trend in the nation, that resorts were still growing and being used for wedding receptions but those with a high class spa and hair salon was the top of the line.  For instance name recognition and a classy prestige, Rashad suggested the resort be named as the Lake Dorner Resort, a subsidiary of the Star Millennium Hotel, with the organization bringing in it's own spa and hair salon with a high class franchise name.  Knowing that Mr. Corbella had his mind set on this new operation essentially being a high class brothel to attract wealthy businessmen, one drawback might be that of the distance to downtown NYC, of which Rashad used the old saying of 'it takes money to make money'!  To solve that problem, use of the resort as subsidiary of the Star would come in handy with the establishment of a helicopter shuttle that would go to/from the resort, with the Star being the destination as it already had a rooftop helipad and was right in the middle of NYC.   

With a well prepared video presentation, Rashad put up a collage of pictures that could be found on the Star Millennium's website where there was an archive of previous weddings and related receptions.  The collage were pictures of Mothers of the Bride/Groom from prior wedding receptions held at the Star Millennium Hotel, mature and very classy beauties, to which Rashad advised "If some businessman with money wanted a classy babe to bed instead of a gal hooking for a living, imagine if he was presented with something like this to choose from for the time that he specifies?  We'll do things a bit differently in this operation, showing the customer as to other beauties that would be available to service his needs if he could adjust his time a bit!  Otherwise, there'll be a slew of young beauties available at the resort at all times to take care of his needs!  And if that customer indicates that he's disappointed that he can't get his selection at the time that he desires, he'll quickly change his mind upon learning that it's the only time that she's available as her husband is unaware of her extracurricular activities!  Of course, as in any product being sold, if it's a slow day with lots of product available .....................the price drops to what the market will bear!" 

"If the businessman customer wants a younger beauty that's clearly not a hooker for a living, provided he go with the time she's available, imagine if he could choose from a selection such as this!" Rashad went on, then the video went to show a collage of young beauties, to which Rashad advised the headman that "Each of these young beauties were a member of a wedding reception held at the Star!  Imagine if its made quite affordable for a bride to host her bridal party at a plush resort where they can go to a name spa and hair salon in prep for the wedding being held there!  They'll be there to assist and take care of the bride-to-be, each about the same age as the gal getting married, probably recently married or about to be married like her friend.  Imagine them partying each night, drinking more than she normally would and dancing at the disco with the young handsome studs we'll have there, and if she happens to let her guard down we'll get some incriminating goods on her and she'll become a part of what I'll term as our 'special hostess' program!  And with the helicopter shuttle service that I've proposed, these young beauties can be transported over from the Star as it's then only a twelve minute flight over!"              

"Not only will our 'special hostesses' be available to our clientele at the new resort and at the Star, but also be available to our clientele staying at our less prestigious motels and hotels!  Each of our 'special hostess' will be providing the date(s) and time(s) for each month, picking out the two sectors of the city that'll be divided up to include both high end and not-so-high end of our hospitality arm of the organization!  Each 'special hostess' will be notified two hours in advance as to where she's to be to meet up with her 'John'!" he advised in his presentation.  Rashad then laid out the British connection that he personally had, telling the headman that the hiring of International Concepts LLC out of Great Britain would provide them with classy English as well as a few other European gals to work as staff in the resort, while secretly sexual services desired by the male clientele.  Furthermore, he recommended hiring the company on the condition that Ms. Nicole Lexcombe (see story: Nightmare for Nicole) handle any hiring from Great Britain or all of Europe to be handled by her.  Of course the fees would be high, but certainly well-worth it, and Rashad pointed out one big benefit ..................that if need be for any beauty refusing to play along, the English lass would be the ideal one to convince her otherwise .............................especially getting her to agree to the proposed monthly date(s) or affirm to her that her boyfriend/husband would be getting those incriminating photos in the mail.    

Mrs. Nicole Lexcombe           

Days later in London, Mrs. Nicole Lexcombe shuddered at the thought of reliving her worst nightmare, one that she had thought had been put far away and and thousands of miles from her.  She had been advised that a new customer from the  USA had been assigned to her late last week, that client being the Lake Dorner Resort which didn't ring a bell, and only now had she opened the file to review it.  Not only was this new client being assigned to her, but the person requesting her to be assigned to handle their account was none other than a Mr. Rashad Jonese, a name she readily recognized and made her tremble in fear.  With Rashad Jonese behind this obvious charade or illegal operation of some sort, it was going to be forced upon her no matter how she argued against it, especially as the bottom line profit for the company would certainly be looking attractive to the board.  And then that text message from Rashad giving her the date and time of his arrival, along with added instructions for her to 'Pick me up at curbside; reserve a nice hotel room for us - one week; can't wait to see if you remember what I taught you in NY!'  Stomach churning after having read that text message, Nicole felt queasy and made her way to the restroom to lock herself in a stall, then threw up in the toilet.

Closing her eyes as her head slumped in defeat, Nicole certainly did remember what Rashad Jonese had taught her back in New York in exchange for preventing those incriminating photos from being sent to her husband ...........................she was told to get down onto her knees .............................then forced to admit a male penis into her mouth for the very first time!  A filthy black cock on top of that!  This awful memory was something that Nicole could not put out of her mind, often playing as a nightmare when she slept, to which it'd startle her awake and Nicole would find herself dripping with perspiration.  That first time had been so awful for her, forced to do a degrading sex act that she had refused to even perform for her loving husband, recalling how she had ended up leaning her head over the toilet bowl as she lost it all!  Looking at the text message once again, Nicole knew that she have to lie to her husband in saying that she'll have to go out of town for a week to resolve a problem at one of the branch offices, for she knew that Rashad had a thing for her ..............................especially with her on her knees sucking him off or with her getting down on all fours as he especially enjoyed seeing her agony in being forced to take it up the ass!


Forced to lie to her husband, telling him that she had to go the Bedford Branch for a week to take care some problems, Nicole knew that she'd be forced to do the bidding of whatever the vile black bastard from New York would be demanding of her.  After picking Rashad Jonese up from the airport and driving him to his London hotel, it was no more than ten minutes after checking in that Nicole found herself on all fours atop of the king-sized bed.  Naked but for her black hose that Rashad insisted she keep on, Nicole gritted her teeth and shut her eyes in preparation for the worst, which soon came upon feeling the rough calloused caressing her backside.  "Ohhhhhhh, Godddddddddddd .....................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" she groaned as the black bastard grasped her tightly at her hips and thrust his thick black bone up into her shitter.  "Oh, damn, sweetie .............................it's been a long wait to git my hands on yer beautiful ass again!  Damn, yer so fuck'n tight ...........................wish that hubby of yers could see you take it up the ass!  Jezzz, tighter that ever .........................yer skinning my fuck'n cock!" she heard him wheeze out as he began humping her butt.  Clutching at the edge of the bed while hanging her head in shame, feeling so degraded at being sodomized once again, feeling so humiliated when the bastard exploded in her butt.  But the worst was soon to come when Rashad grabbed her by the hair and ordered her to "C'mon, sweetie ..................take it in your mouth and clean me up!"

Having been away from the New York office for quite some time now, Nicole came to realize that the contract had come to her mainly because Rashad was after her ass once again, for it required her to go back to the U.S. from time to time.  She knew that would call for her to service his big black dick on each trip over.  Being blackmailed by Rashad and the organization he worked for, not wanting her husband with a bad heart to be shown the incriminating evidence of her not being true to their marital vows, Nicole soon learned that she was soon to be the ideal instrument of breaking the bad news to women being caught in the very same predicament as her.  A part of her involvement would involve presenting the distraught women caught in the web as to their options:  (A) do the bidding of the organization by putting out sexually for other men; or (B) the incriminating photos would be sent to her husband and posted up on all the social media sites.  Apparently she fit the bill as to the needs of the organization, handling the legal details of Europeans coming over to work for the organization on a green card status and that of explaining to the women caught up in her situation as to the alternatives they were faced with.                     

It was six weeks later that she made a three day trip over to New York, where Nicole was handed a couple of folders, each containing photographs and disc recordings along with information on the woman in the photos.  The first folder was that of a Mrs. Allison Monroe, age 42, with the incriminating photos and video of her taken while at the Lake Donner Resort.  On the information sheet was job and personal info, along with the fact of her being at the resort for a recent wedding, that of her daughter as Mrs. Monroe was the Mother of the Bride.  The initial set of photos were of her at the poolside bar, then entering the resort's highly rated spa, and there was a handsome young stud seducing her in there.  The second folder contained information and incriminating evidence on a Mrs. Kelli Roberts, with Lake Donner Resort also being the location of the beauty's downfall, and this occasion also being a wedding in which the subject matter was the Mother of the Groom.  With Rashad having told her that basically she'd merely be presenting the options available to a desired candidate that the organization wanted to employ, plus seeing the information and incriminating evidence, Nicole felt for these women as they were now in the very same predicament that she had gotten herself into a couple of years earlier.        

Mrs. Allison Monroe, age 42, spending a few days of relaxation before her daughter's wedding as she'd be Mother of the Bride:

It had all been arranged perfectly, she and her husband Dwight would be relaxing together for a few days before the wedding at the Lake Donner Resort, while her daughter Elle and the girls in her bridal party celebrating her last few days as a 'free' woman at the plush establishment.  Only items on the agenda was to be at the chapel for the wedding rehearsal Thursday evening at 7pm, followed by dinner at one of the resort's 5* restaurants, then keeping Saturday free for the big event and wedding reception.  Tuesday was a nice start as they got in at mid-afternoon, right in time for check-in at the fancy resort, then she and Dwight had a fabulous dinner together at one of the three highly rated restaurants.  But that bliss only lasted till mid-morning the next day when Dwight got a call on some problem with one of the company's big accounts, and then her husband was off on the hour trip back to his job in the city, leaving Allison all to fend for herself at the romantic resort. Although her daughter would have gladly welcomed her to join in girlfriends, Allison did not want to cramp their style and thus did not mention anything about to Elle about her father having gone back to his job in the city and leaving her all alone till the wedding rehearsal that next evening.

Upset with her husband for having abandoned her on their supposed romantic time together, the joy of being at this plush resort was now rather depressing that she had been left alone.  Wearing a a pink blouse along with a beige pantsuit and beige heels, Allison decided to go down to the garden restaurant for a bite to eat.  But upon getting there and basically seeing all couples or groups having lunch together, Allison moved further down to poolside and sit at the bar for a bite to eat for lunch.  'A bite to eat ..............who am I kidding!  I need a drink ...........make that two ...............strong ones!' she fumed at the thought of having to eat alone on what was supposedly a romantic few days with her husband.  Down at the poolside bar, after looking at the menu available there, Allison told the bartender "Ill have a shrimp salad and a vodka tonic .............make that a double!"  Mind preoccupied as she was deep in thought, Allison was unaware of the handsome young man sitting across the way eyeing her up, thinking 'Damn, she's a fuck'n looker ................just what I need .................fits the profile of ringing that bonus bell of twenty-five hundred bucks!'  For the handsome young stud who was now making way over to sit next to her, 'ringing that bonus bell' for him meant getting a lovely married woman in her 30's to 40's in the sack where hidden video cams had been set up!      

Allison was flattered as the handsome young man took up a seat next to her and striking up a conversation, a rather obvious sign that he was trying to hit on her, so she made sure that reached over to grasp an extra napkin with her left hand which would clearly display her diamond ring and wedding band.  In chatting with the young man, Allison learned that he worked at the resort where he acted as a reliever for fellow employees whenever they needed a break, but he enjoyed being a bartender the most.  She relayed to the young man as to why she was there, that her daughter was getting married that weekend, and that she was helping babysit her daughter's future mother-in-law till the wedding rehearsal on Thursday evening.  Not thinking anything of it, Allison let slip that her husband would be coming in just before the rehearsal and then staying at the resort with her till Sunday.  Before she knew it, time had flown on by in talking with the young stud next to her, and it was approaching time for her spa appointment.       

                  Mrs. Allison Monroe

'Hank, I must thank you the drink and for brightening my day but I do have leave as I've got a two o'clock spa appointment!  There's just enough time for me to freshen up and make it there!' Allison told the handsome young man as she signed her tab being billed to her room.  Glancing over at the handsome young man, she couldn't help but to think that 'If I wasn't married and old enough to be your mother .............I'd certainly drop my panties for you!'  After bidding one another goodbye, Allison got up from her stool to make her way to the nearby restroom to freshen up.  Blinking her eyes, feeling a bit tipsy from have two doubles, she steadied herself as she make her way.  Unbeknownst to Allison, once she had disappeared Hank was on his cellphone to the spa and asking "Gina, who's schedule to handle the appointment for Mrs. Monroe?  Felix, huh ..........good put him on! Thanks!"  "Felix, my man .............need a favor from you .............I'll handle your 2 o'clock appointment .................and in exchange you get the time off plus two big bills on top of that!  Great, I'll be right over .............just show me which oils to use and that'll be all I need to know!  Be there in a few minutes!" Hank advised his buddy, then turned to the bartender "Al, another one for the lady that I can take with me!  Put it on my tab!"   

After having checked in for her appointment, the door opened and a gal wearing a colorful uniform type outfit appeared and called out her name.  Getting up, she was escorted down the hallway and into a room where she directed to a changing area and advised to "Please remove all of your clothing, then you can wrap a towel around your middle!  When you're done, please lie face down on the massage table!"  Just as she was about to ask the gal if she was the masseuse, the door closed and the gal was gone.  Biting down on her bottom lip, hesitating some, Allison decided that she shouldn't be such a prude and do exactly as she had been instructed, thinking 'Besides, I'll be covered by the towel over my butt and I'll lying down on the table so my breasts won't be exposed!'  First stepping out of her heels, Allison then proceeded to remove all of her clothing, once again being hesitant when she got down to her bra and panties.  After taking a deep breath to steel her nerves, she then removed her bra and slipped out of her panties.  One hand holding the towel around her waist, opening the door with her free hand slowly and raising her arm up to cover her breasts, she slipped on out and onto the massage table as the coast was clear. 

Relaxing at the smell of some sweet incense filling the room,  Allison was ready to doze off when she heard the door being opened and closed shut once again.  As she had had folded her arms to where she rested her face on the back of her hands, Allison could observe some movement and shadows off to her right, then a person with white trousers was moving along the side of the table and placing a small 2' high glass table at the front of the table that she lay upon.  Allison next observed a drink similar to the ones that she just had the poolside bar being place upon the small table in front of her, then to her a surprise she heard a familiar male voice advise that "Hi, this is on me ............................I took the liberty of ordering you another drink from the poolside bar, Mrs. Monroe!  And I hope you don't mind that I called my buddy to give him some time off so I could work his shift ........................I just couldn't resist the temptation after meeting at the poolside bar!  I'm really an apprentice when it comes to massages ......................learning to be a reliever when someone needs a break or to fill in when someone calls in sick!" 

But that last portion of the spiel by Hank was just a lie, as this was the young stud's very first attempt at giving a massage to a customer at the spa, having only just had a quick indoctrination from his buddy as to what oils to use when he began.  Once he saw his beautiful prey take two big gulps of her drink, Hank knew that it was now just a matter of time before that $2,500 was good as in his pocket, for he had laced the top of her drink with a good dose of a potent aphrodisiac and had not even stirred it in.  With the amount of drinks that she had already consumed at the poolside bar, now adding that potent stimulant into her system, Hank knew that it was just going to be a short wait to have her squirming about on the massage table.  Pouring a bit of oil on the beauty's back, upon putting his hands on her soft creamy skin, Hank's cock gave a twitch under his shorts and a bulge began to tent it up as he had removed his jockeys before coming into the room.  The bonus money was a goal of achievement, but for Hank there was nothing more exciting than to seduce a beautiful and faithful wife ...............a mature beauty ................and the lovely Mrs. Monroe certainly fit the bill!

As his hands slid down her back, Hank stopped when his fingertips touched the edge of the towel draped over her beautiful round asscheeks, he then moved on upwards to her shoulders before headed on back downwards.  With each downward rub of the beauty's back, Hank's fingertips stopped upon making contact with the edge of the towel, but only after nudging it down a half inch or so each time.  A few moments later, with the potent aphrodisiac coursing through her petite body, Hank observed the agitated beauty raising up some to rub her sensitive nipples along the bed sheet while pressing her pelvis down into the mattress to scratch that nagging itch between her legs.  Upon seeing her in heat, Hank had the towel pushed all the way down to the back of her upper thigh and thus baring her beautiful ass for his viewing.  Oily hands now massaging and squeezing her asscheeks, Hank knew that it was just a matter of time before he was atop of the massage table with the beautiful wife, only no longer 'faithful' to her husband.  As his left hand slid a bit lower, going down between the back of her legs, Hank felt the beauty shiver as his middle finger traced the outer edges of her slick slit.  Then the next time, he crooked his middle finger so that it was not just the outer edge of her slit being traced, for this time the tip of his middle finger was wiggling just inside of her sensitive groove and causing her to squirm about on the massage table. 


Taking his hands away and middle left finger out of her quim, Hank then tossed the towel over the back of her thighs aside, bent towards the head of the table to whisper out "Turn over, Mrs. Monroe!  Let me finish you properly!"  Without any hesitation, the frantic beauty turned over onto her back as Hank put his hands upon her flat belly, then let his left hand slide on down to the juncture of her thighs, and from there his fingers did the talking as he began to expertly frig at her juicing cunny.  The aphrodisiac had the lovely wife in such a crazy fit that she was humping her hips up into his frigging fingers, and then arched her hips way up in the air while screaming out "Eiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  He had frigged the once faithful wife to a mind-shattering and squirting orgasm, squirting her joy juice all about his hand and splashing up into the air to land on the mattress and even onto the floor.  With her limp legs now spread wide and the beauty in a total daze, Hank got out of all his clothing and climbed up onto the massage table with her.  "Ohhhhhh, Mrs. Monroe ...................so nice and tight!  Damn, never expected you to be this fuck'n tight!" Hank groaned out with pleasure as he speared his thick cock up into her tight little cunny.       
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ...............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............................ohhhhh, Goddddddddddd ....................................yesssssssssssssssssss!" Hank heard the drugged wife moan out as he forced the last few inches up into her tight slit was resisting as apparently nothing had skewered her so deeply before.  Remaining still a bit to allow her resisting muscles to relax, Hank could feel their union becoming lubricated from her juicing and then he began to slice in and out of her gripping slit.  Hank knew that the potent aphrodisiac had aided in his seduction of this married beauty, but couldn't help but to smile and gloat of his conquest, thinking 'Damn, got her .................nothing better than screwing an older woman .....................a beautiful married woman .................a once faithful wife!  And a $2,500 bonus on top of that!'  He felt her arms encircle his neck, then felt her trim sexy legs wrapping themselves around his waist, her ankles apparently locked together to pull him even deeper into her.  It was a frantic woman beneath of him as her sharp fingernails were now clawing at his shoulders as she kept arching up into of his thrusts into her. The soundproofed room kept Allison's cries and squeals from being heard outside, but such was all being nicely recorded in sync with the hidden camcorders recording all the action from various angles. 

"Ohhhhhh ....................ohhhhhhhhhhh ............................I'm cumminggggggggg ..........................ahhhhhhhhh ...................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...............................oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" the beauty could be heard as she embraced her young lover tightly.  "Ohhhhhhh, Mrs. Monroe ..........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ................................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the stud's groan as his body could be seen stiffen and then shudder, making it quite apparent that he was emptying his lust into the blond beauty.  Moments later, the scene would have Hank sliding off the table, leaving the dazed beauty with her legs spread wide apart.  Hank stood alongside the massage table, pulling her left leg further towards the edge of the table to spread her legs even further apart, but he noticed one problem ......................no cum was leaking out of her well-fucked cunt!  He had called up to camera control room before the session started to make sure everything got caught on camera for his bonus, was told of what he needed to do and that was to be the clincher for the bonus.  Using his middle finger once again, he wiggled the tip of his finger in her cunny, then used his thumb and index finger to spread her pink lips apart .......................and the flow thick cum commenced!  And it didn't stop as it continued pouring out of her cunny, puddling up under her butt.              

Having stepped back a bit, getting himself out of the picture, Hank was on his cell phone to the fellow up in the camera control room, asking "Did you get what you needed?"  "Yeah, good job, Hank!  Damn, you sure popped your cork in that beautiful bitch!  Ain't ever seen that much cum before!  To finish off this session, I'll pan the camera back out from the close up of her oozing pussy to get her full profile in again!  Wait twenty seconds or so, then step back into the picture, turn her head towards you and make her suck you clean!  Just have her lick you clean!  We'll save the full blowjob for when you take her back up to her hotel room, it'll be better then with her back in her dress and heels ..........................when you near the bed in her room, have her kneel on the floor with her back to the front door, then I'll zoom in with the camcorders to get close ups of her sucking your cock off!  Put on a good performance by wrapping her fingers in her hair, arch up into her face and give a good groan announcing that you're cumming in her mouth!"  "Okay, gotcha!  I'll make it real good so you can zoom in at the end of the blowjob ............cause I'm gonna pull out at the end so I can send a stream of jizz all over her beautiful face!" Hank advised.

After helping the dazed beauty who was in need of another good fucking, Hank quickly stripped off the soiled bedsheet and dumped into the laundry basket, needing to do some wipe up of the mattress below as it got a bit soaked.  Needing turn the mattress over, he then remade the massage table with a clean sheet, then buzzed the front receptionist that the room was now being vacated for the next appointment.  Grabbing her hand and escorting the fucked up wife through the side door, Hank then used the employee elevator to take her up to her room.  Helping her with the keycard and into her hotel room, he turned to give her an intimate kiss, then slowly guided her across the room to where the king-sized bed was located.  In the desired position, a couple feet before the bed and with her back to the door, after their tongues against one another for a bit, he licked at her earlobe and whispered "Give me a nice long kiss!"  She had turned her face towards him, the puzzled look on her face was priceless as she found herself being pushed down to her knees, and he then he was guiding her hands to the front of his zipper.

It was now mid-morning, Allison leaned out over the balcony awaiting for room service to bring up their breakfast, feeling so guilty when her husband had noticed her blinking back the tears and sought to comfort by rubbing her shoulders and saying "Don't think of it as losing your daughter but gaining a son-in-law, honey!"  With her husband putting his hands on her shoulders, that only made more tears well up in her eyes, as Allison's mind was not on her daughter getting married but on her act of infidelity as she thought 'Dwight thinks I'm sad ......but its the guilt that's eating me up!'  That guilt was for violating her marital vows to him and worst of all having done something that Dwight had wanted of her since they were married ..............................licking and sucking off her lover's penis!  Several times Dwight had tried to get her to go down on him, to take his penis into her mouth, but each time she had refused to perform that degrading act.  She had gone and done what was once unthinkable, performing that degrading act with the handsome young stud who had seduced her, first taking in her mouth to clean it after they had made love in the spa, then up in this very hotel room where he ejaculated in her mouth and ejaculated a huge stream of cum that went from the tip of her nose all the way up into her hair. 

Reflecting back to her seduction in the spa, Allison recalled the young man leading her up in the employee's elevator to her room, where she was willing to do anything for him and indeed did his bidding by dropping down to her knees to suck him off.  They had made love to one another till 8 o'clock that night, showering with him as she had to meet up with the group for dinner, then met up with him at the bar as soon as the dinner was over.  From there it was straight back up to her hotel suite for a lot more sucking and fucking, going at it time and time again throughout the night, ending in the early morning hours when her young lover had to go to work.  Having slept till mid-morning after the young stud had departed, Allison awoke from what she initially believed was a wild dream, that she had been seduced by a handsome young stud and made love with him throughout the entire night .....................then her sensitive nipples and messy vagina told her it had been no dream at all.  Showering had cleansing herself of any her lover's evidence within her, Allison was overwhelmed with guilt she awaited her husband's arrival for the wedding rehearsal.       
Weeks later when at work, Allison had received a short omnious phone call telling her to check her email, that she should call the number in the email withing fifteen minutes or that those very same incriminating photographs would be sent to her husband.  Afraid not open up that threatening email, Allison was horrified when she viewed the attachments, a number of photographs and even a short video of her infidelity.  That short had her mesmerized, first beginning with a full profile of her lying atop the massage table with her legs spread wide, then it zoomed on in to focus on the stream of thick white goo oozing out of her well-fucked slit.  As the video panned back out to capture her full profile, her young lover stepped into the picture, turning her head towards him as she opened her lips to admit his manhood into her mouth.  Upon following the instructions, Allison made the call and spoke to a woman named Nicole, agreed to meet up with her after work as she was in quite a predicament should the photos and video be sent to her husband.       

Seeing the blinking light flashing on her cell phone, Allison's heart pounded in her chest with nervousness, for she knew it was the dreaded call that would tell her where and when she was to join the world's oldest profession ..................becoming a prostitute ....................where men paid for her services!  'All because I let my guard one time ......................that's all it took .....................getting myself seduced by a handsome young stud at the resort!  I'm so ashamed but now I've got to pay the price or my marriage will certainly come to an end, as no way can I expect Dwight to ever forgive me for violating our marital vows to one another!  Faithful for more than twenty years of such a good marriage, so how could I have let things get so carried away from that massage in the spa, exquisite pleasure it surely was but a very costly one!' Allison sighed in despair as she looked at the blinking light on her cell phone.  Closing her eyes as she pressed the button to retrieve the message on her cell phone, Allison felt nauseous as she read the message advising that: 'Both of your 2 hr. appointments for today are at the Star Millennium Hotel!  The 1st is at 2 pm Suite 1111 and the 2nd is at 4:30 pm at Suite 2022!  Between appts, proceed up to the Helipad level where there is a Women's Restroom for you to shower and be presentable for the second appt!'
Her wish that time would stand still and not move to the appointment time had not come true as Allison stepped out of the elevator at 1:59 p.m., looked at her watch as she slowly approached the suite where her first 'John' was waiting for her.  The other night, Allison looked up the definition on the internet as to what she was to soon become, the nitty gritty details surrounding a 'prostitute'.  She also read that a prostitute's customer was referred to as a 'John', that if the guy was married that he might be soliciting her services for sex pleasures often to sate his lust for what he couldn't get at home.  What she had read involved women selling themselves and demanding a price for certain sexual favors, refusing to do things that she found too gross for her, but such did not go over what a woman in her predicament dared refusing to do.  Allison knew that she would end up providing sexual favors to the 'Johns' that afternoon but could only pray that neither would be demanding any weird degrading sex acts of her.               

Knocking on the door of Suite 1111 of the Star Millennium, Allison was quite surprised when the door opened and a young handsome young man appeared, and he seemed to be quite surprised himself.  "Oh my ...................I'm Rick .............................come  ..................come on in, please!" she was told by the young man who seemed a bit in awe.  "Wow, the guys weren't kidding when they said that they had arranged a big surprise for me!  I thought they were joking!" the young man advised, appearing quite nervous to Allison.  Trying to act the  part of being experienced in this kind of thing, that she had done 'tricks' with strange men before, Allison thought 'My God, he's young enough to be my son!'  Having worn a nice lavender dress with white heels, she began playing the role of an experienced hooker by slowly approaching the young man, putting the fingers of her right hand atop of his chest and slowly trailing them down his body while leaning up to give him a kiss on the lips.  As the young stud pressed his lips down upon her lips, she could tell that he had been drinking quite a bit already, her fingertips were met with quite a twitch when she began tracing over the thick bulge in his pants.  

"Oh my, you're so big, Rick!" Allison whispered up to the young man as her gently covered his growing bulge.  Then she was caught by surprise when the young man moaned out "Ohhhhhhhhh, Mrs. Bennett ........................I never thought this day would come ...............................you've made all my dreams come true!  It was so hard to pay attention to the class work in the 7th grade ................................I just couldn't take my eyes off you and dreaming of being close to you!"  Allison then came to realize that she must have closely resembled the math teacher that Rick and possibly his friends had in the 7th grade, that probably he and the others had all confessed to one another of having the hots or a crush upon their older teacher, and that was how she was the chosen one for this event.  Taking the initiative, her hands were pulling at and undoing his belt, the Allison boldly reached into the opening of his jockeys to pull out his thick pulsating piece of meat.  "Oh, Mrs. Bennett .....................I ......................I'm not experienced ...................at all!" the intoxicated young man stammered out to her, fearing that his inexperience would disappoint her.  But that knowledge emboldened Allison, telling her that she was the one in command of the situation, that the inexperienced young man would appreciate her taking the lead.

With one hand slowly stroking his pulsating manhood, her other hand was undoing the buttons of his shirt, feeling the young man's strong hands begin to move from her trim hips and down to where he was grabbing at her ass through her dress and panties.  Leaning up to nibble and coo in his ear, Allison whispered to him "You'll be just fine!  Just do what comes naturally!  Have you dreamed of me all these years ....................from the 7th grade?  What did you dream about us in your dreams all these years ............................show me .........................show me what you've wanted to do you in those dreams of me!  Did you start by taking off my dress?"  "Yes ............yes!" came his response.  With that, Allison turned about so he could begin by undoing the hook and zipper in back, enjoying the feel of the trembling fingers of the inexperienced young man.  To offer encouragement, Allison cooed "Ohhhh, your hands feel so nice and strong!  Oh, Rick ....................I've often dreamed of you touching me like this .......................but knew that it couldn't happen back then ...................when you were my student!  But it's perfectly fine for you to touch me now!  Touch me ................touch me, Rick ............touch me all over ...............show me what you've wanted to do to me all these years!"

"Oh, Mrs. Bennett .....................I love you .......................I've loved you all these years!  I've wanted you to be the very first ........................and its finally come true!" the young man uttered out before planting his lips on hers once again, this time sliding his thick tongue between her lips, all while his hands were busy on pulling her dress down over her shoulder and over her hips before letting the garment down to puddle around her heels.  Her bra was suddenly undone and Allison found the young stud eagerly nursing from one swollen nipple to another, then she found herself being guided over to the king-sized bed, at which time she couldn't resist the temptation to naughtily tease the young man with "Would you like to take your teacher's panties off, Rick?  You've dreamed of doing that .......haven't you?  Now's your chance ...................now's your change to take your teacher's panties off!"  With Rick caressing her right leg and then removing her white heel, then doing the same to her other shoe, Allison was the lifting up her hips as her panties were being worked down over her trim hips.  As Rick shuffled up between her widespread legs, Allison reached down between their bodies to grasp his swollen manhood, guided it it her juicing slit and then panted out "Make love to me, Rick .......................make love to your teacher!  Oh, I've been wanting this for so long .......................so many years!" 

Fortunately she was all nice and juicy from being worked on up, as the inexperienced young man thrust ahead with all of his might, allowing him to bury his thick cock up into her tight slick sleeve.  "Oh, Rick ......................so good .....................so good .......................oh, what a man you are ................just as I dreamed!" Allison panted out, wanting to make this a memorable 'first' for the handsome young man.  And then the horny stud as going at it, humping her like there was no return, panting out "Oh, teach ...................oh, teach .......................oh, so tight ........................so good .....................so good!"  Embracing his strong body, wrapping her trim legs around him, Allison panted out "Fuck me, Rick .......................fuck me ........................fuck me, stud .........................fuck me hard ........................give it to your teacher ........................give it to her good!"  He was then humping it good in her, panting out that "I'm gonna cum!  Oh, teach ....................I'm gonna cum!"  Locking her legs around him, Allison panted out "Cum in me ......................cum in your teacher ..........................fuck your baby in your teacher!"  Allison felt the young stud's muscles tensed and tightened, then he was unleashing his hot semen deep up into her womb, causing her to quiver and shake as her body was rocked by an unbelievable orgasm. 

Dozing together while still joined in their embrace, Allison shivered when the dwindling manhood of the young stud slipped out of her clasping cunny, taking in a deep breath after having successfully turned her first trick.  She couldn't help but to wonder 'He mentioned that this had been all set up by his very close friends!  Could it be that his friends are the groomsmen and Rick is the groom about to be getting married?  His bride is not going to be the one he gives his virginity to ...................not with what we just did together!  'With him fantasizing that I'm his 7th grade teacher, that's he's finally gotten to fuck her, I'd be willing to bet that he's also imagined him getting her to doing the unthinkable .........................getting her to take his manhood into her mouth!' Allison thought as she reached down to take the spent cock into the palm of her hand.  'Do I dare make his dream come true?  Do what I learned to do at the resort .....................what I still haven't done for my own husband? Allison wondered.  A moment later she was scooting down some, down to where she was staring right at the young man's wilted penis just some six inches away, then came a loud groan "Ohhhhhhhh, Mrs. Bennett ..............yessssssssssss ......................................ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so goooooddd ..........................ohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhh ..........................teachhhhhh!"  Soon, after having swallowed several times followed by taking her lips of the softening piece of flesh, Allison licked at the creamy remnants on her lips.

Lying back in bed and cuddling up against the young man, Allison couldn't help but to keep on with the role-playing as such made her task so much more tolerable, putting fun into something she was forced to go through with while temporarily blocking out the fact that she was with a man other than her husband!  Sliding her hand across his hip and down to his spent penis, took him in hand for a few gentle shucks, then whispered in his ear "You're such a naughty boy!  What would people say ..............you putting your filthy 'thing' in your teacher's mouth!  And then doing it ...........................spurting your filthy semen in your teacher's mouth!"  Biting at this ear, Allison then teased the young man in asking "And what other naughty things have you wanted to do to me, young man?  Tell me or I'll never speak to you again!"  "I ...............I dreamed of making you ...............my bitch ................fucking you like a bitch, Mrs. Bennett!" came the young man's response, to which she countered with "Rick, I want you to show me exactly what you meant by that!"  A moment later, after being positioned on all fours, Allison was panting out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................yesssssss ...........................fuck me ..........................make me your bitch ............................fuck your teacher like the bitch she really is!"  And a bit later, she was crying out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so goooooddddd ...............................ohhhhhh, you naughty boy ..................................shooting your hot cum in your teacher!"               

Having departed her first 'John's' suite on the 11th Floor, Allison took the elevator up to the roof level where the helipad was located and located the women's room that had a shower in it, then got out of her clothing to freshen up for her next appointment.  But first things first as Allison took out the bottle of douche from her purse, as it wouldn't be good to see her next 'John' with her cunny filled with another John's spunk, and set aside a fresh pair of panties as the crotch of the one she had just removed was a bit wet due to some leakage on her way up.  Retrieving the folded plastic bag she had placed in her purse that morning, Allison put the soiled pair of panties in it so as not get the inside of her purse dirty, then glanced back down to double check on that second fresh pair of panties and bottle of douche to freshen up before heading on home.  With this women's restroom a very plush one for the high-end Star Millennium Hotel, Allison decided that this is where she'd come back to after service her next client, so she could douche and shower a second time to cleanse herself.  Allison was so glad that she had given some thought to packing up her purse ahead of time with these items, as she certainly did not to be going home with the smell of sex on her body and another man's semen soiling her body. 

After a cleansing shower and nicely dressed once again, Allison took the elevator down to the 20th floor where next appointment was scheduled, wondering if it could be one of Rick's friends who also had the hots for their teacher back when they were in the 7th grade.  'Is that what I should be hoping for?  Another young stud who has had the hots for years, nursing his young teenage lust for his 7th grade teacher?  Well, at least I'm experienced in handling a young stud with that fantasy .......................being a professional hooker who can role play the part of a 'John's' former 7th grade teacher!  The way in which Rick went at me those two times would give proof to him being quite satisfied, and him calling out his teacher's name while creaming that gusher in my mouth ought to be good testimony of his being satisfied!' Allison smiled to herself.  Taking a deep breath upon seeing that her time for the second appointment had come, Allison nervously bit her bottom lip and then knocked upon the door to Suite 2022. 

As the door opened, a short man sport grey hair appeared in his late sixties or early seventies welcomed her into his suite, making Allison shiver as this man really reminded her of her father-in-law.  Introducing herself as Allie, her 'afternoon date', she learned that the old fellow's name was Chuck.  The age, height, all the features of this particular 'John' indeed reminded her of 'Pop' Monroe, Dwight's 71 year old father, a man who always showed her respect.  With this 'John' reminding her so much of her father-in-law, she couldn't help but to wonder 'Does Pop seek out the services of a hooker when given the chance?  What would he think of me if he ever learns of me being a hooker, even though I'm being forced to do it?  What if he stumbled upon this dark secret of mine ...............would he demand for me to service him to keep him from spilling the beans?'  'Does this old 'John' get himself serviced by a prostitute each time he's here?  If so, he'll discover soon enough that I'm rather naive and inexperienced when it comes putting out for strange men, especially if he goes and uses terms that unfamiliar with!' she shivered nervously.  'What will he think of me if I don't know how to do things right or what he wants?' Allison worried.

But to her surprise, the old fellow suddenly seemed a bit sheepish and nervous to her, then Allison heard him stammer out that "Myyyy ...........you are so beautiful!  I .........I just hope that I don't disappoint ........it's been quite awhile!  In fact, I just hope everything is still working!"  Upon hearing that, Allison's nervousness evaporated and she was emboldened at having more recent sexual experience and possibly even more sexual partners than her 'John'.  Raising her hand up slowly to place it on the old fellow's chest, then moving seductively closer, Allison leaned forward to lick his earlobe with the tip of her extended tongue and then whispering to him that "You shouldn't worry about disappointing me ....................I'm the one that should have that worry of not being able to please you!"  After nibbling a bit at his ear, she then asked softly "How long has it been since you've been with a woman, Chuck?"  "Years ..................over ten ..............my wife had a long illness ....................and I just couldn't cheat on her .................while she was alive!" the old boy told her.  Turning her head a bit, Allison let her lips brush his, then slipped her pointed tongue between his as she reached down between their bodies to rub at his crotch.  Through the fabric of his trousers and jockeys beneath, Allison felt the telltale twitch and the old boner coming to life, then she cooed in the old boy's ear that "From what I'm feeling, you won't have any problem at all!"                                                                           

Allison kissing her 'John' after each helped the other out of their clothing.

Realizing that Chuck's wife must have recently passed away and that he was now free of guilt to obtain some physical pleasures for himself, Allison felt sorry for the old boy and wanted help give him the joy of having sexual satisfaction once again.  "Help me take off my clothes!" she whispered to him as she began undoing the buttons of his shirt, then felt his nervous and jittery fingers fumbling with the zipper at the back of her dress.  Having pushed her 'John's' jockeys down over his hips and letting the garment fall to the floor around his ankles, Allison then grasped his now jutting penis in her fist, giving it a few strokes and felt it swelling  up further in the palm of her hand.  Seconds later, her panties were being worked on down over her hips, then they were around her ankles right in front of the pair of jockeys that had fallen to the floor a bit earlier.  Although her new 'John' was rather elderly, he could certainly get his 'thing' on up good and hard, and he sure was excited in putting it back to use and Allison sensed that it wouldn't take very long for him to remember just how to use it!  "Oh, Chuck ...........................ohhhhhhhh, my goshhhhhhhh!  Oh, you're so bigggggg!  I want you to fuck me with your big boy!  Fuck it to me!  Give it to me .............................give it to me good and hard!" Allison encouraged the old boy as his jutting cock was poking at her belly.   

To Allison's surprise, the old boy was quite strong as his wiry hands cupped her ass cheeks and easily lifted her up to set her down upon the black granite counter top, and then he was stepping between her knees to spread her legs wide apart, at which time Allison her sitting upon the counter put her cunny right at the same level of the old boy's jutting cock.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chuck ....................................Chuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!  Oooooooooooh .....................so bigggggggggggggggg!" she panted out as the aged but still very thick cock skewered up into her, and then it became obvious that the old boy still had it in him as he humped at her like a young stud.  Heart thumping in her chest, shivering as the old boy was giving her so much pleasure as he pumped his still working cock between her gripping slit, causing her to cream and juice as never before.  With her mind swooning from energetic fucking that this old boy was throwing to her, Allison was not as tongue-tied as she thought she'd be in under such circumstances, instead she panted out for the old boy "Oh, Chuckkkkkkk .......................fuck me ....................fuck me .................show me what a young stud you really are!"  Try as she might, Allison just couldn't get her legs wrapped around the pudgy old boy's clenched ass, so she could pull him deeper into her as he boned her atop the counter top.  Allison did not think that she'd enjoy being fucked by such an old geezer, but the old boy gave her quite a mind-shattering orgasm, during which he flooded her with his still hot and plentiful roe.  The semen ejaculated deep up in her cunny was not as thick as the young man she had serviced earlier, but old boy's was so much more plentiful as it ran out of her cunny onto the granite counter top and over the edge to drip down onto the tiled floor. 

As she started on her drive home, Allison looked at her watch to see that it was nearing 8 o'clock, then breathed a sigh of relief as there was still a lot of time before Dwight normally would get home on a Friday night out drinking with the boys.  Her cunny juiced a bit at the recollection of how the old boy lifted her from the counter top after having sent a gusher up in her, his old boner still long and rigid in her, and with her legs wrapped around his ass the old boy walked their enjoined bodies over to the king-sized bed.  "Ohhhh, Chuck ..........I can't believe you're still stiff and hard in me!" she whispered in his ear.  "Must be that blue pill doing its wonders as that's never happened before!" he responded as they embraced one another while lying in bed.  They had dozed off in their embrace while still enjoined, with Allison waking at the feel of of the old boy's pecker throb and lurch with her, growing stiffer and even longer as if he was a young stud wanting another romp in the hay.  Allison just could not believe how the old boy actually humped at her like a young teenage stud, giving it to her so good that she had a mind blowing orgasm when he went and popped off another flooding gusher up in her cunny. 

Resting in bed for some time after their second go round, Allison got to learn that Chuck and his wife had celebrated their 50th Anniversary last year, just a few months before he became a widower.  Furthermore, he had never been with a woman before the wedding night and had remained faithfully for all those years, even with his wife gravely ill for the last nine to ten years.  Allison realized that she was only the second woman that had been with sexually, so she really felt for the guy and wanted this day to be one that he'd certainly remember, thus not making any effort to leave when the two hour mark approached.  With him noticing the time and commenting to her that "I know you have to leave!  I had tried to arrange for you stay till 7:30, since I had to show up for dinner at 8, but they said that wasn't possible!", Allison snuggled up to the old boy and told him "Well, if you let me show here, I can stay till you have to leave for your dinner!"  With Chuck feeling up her ass while asking "Can we shower together?", she giggled upon replying "Only if you wash my back for me!"  

They had just laid there in bed for over an hour, just chatting and cuddling as the blue pill that he had down after their second tryst just would not work, so they ended up showering when 7:15 came.  Allison smiled as she recalled saying "Chuck, I agreed that we could shower together if you washed my back for me ....................but that's certainly not my back!"  That had been just after he had soaped and washed her breasts, while he was sucking on her left nipple and using the wash cloth to wash her pussy clean, before inserting his middle finger up into her twat to frig his semen out of her.  When she returned the favor in washing his back, then reaching around his body to do his front, her right hand grasping his manhood had it springing back up to life.  "Oh, my ....................that little blue pill must have had a delayed reaction!" Allison exclaimed as she shucked at his growing boner while palming the old boy's swollen balls in her other hand.  'Oh, Chuck was such a gentleman in trying to warn me when he was about to ejaculate .................when I was kneeling down on the tiled shower floor sucking him off!  I still can't believe how much cum he had built up, especially after we had sex two times earlier, cause I must have swallowed three mouthfuls!' she recalled.

Upon getting home and making it upstairs to the master bedroom, Allison grabbed the sealed plastic bag from inside her purse, taking out the two pairs of soiled panties to stuff them down into the clothes hamper.  After tossing the plastic bag in the trash, Allison was about to put her purse away when the folded envelope caught her attention.  Having forgotten about it due to her concern in making it home on time as well as her mind being a jumble after her first day as a prostitute, it was an envelope that Chuck had slipped into her purse as she was leaving, saying that he wanted to thank her for making him feel like a man again.  In opening up the envelope, Allison's jaw just dropped in seeing a number of crisp $100 bills in there, ten of them to total a thousand dollars!  With the one hundred dollars that Rick had tipped her earlier that day, she had ended up with $1,100 in her purse, making Allison wonder 'And how much did they pay for my services besides these tips?  I guess if we're ever in dire need of money, I could take this sideline job on a few more days a month!'                                      
Picking up the mid-week's paper, the society page caught Allison's attention, for such column came out once a week and covered the high society events of the past weekend.  On the front page of the society page the main heading read 'Witter/Hunt United', referring to two of New England's well-known and very wealthy families, indicating that there apparently had been marital vows exchanged between two members of each of the families that prior Saturday afternoon at the Star Millennium Hotel.  Turning to the two page center foldout, one that would normally have a number of photographs of the recent big event, Allison gasped aloud upon glancing up at the picture of the bride and groom.  Under the picture read the names of the wedding couple, a beautiful young couple that had exchanged wedding vows, that of the bride Mrs. Caitlin (Witter) Hunt and the groom Mr. Rick Hunt!  Allison's eyes widened as she focused on the groom in the picture, recognized him easily, for he was her very first 'trick' in her new part-time profession as a hooker.  Glancing over the many photos, another one caught her attention on the opposite page, a photo that had the matriarchs of both families joining hands.  There was one man in the photo that she had personally met, and spent some time with the day before the wedding, that elderly fellow being identified Charles Witter as grandfather of the bride.  Taking it all in, Allison realized that she had actually fucked both the man that the bride was to marry the very next day as well as her elderly grandfather!            

Mrs. Kelli Roberts, age 44, extended her stay at the resort following the wedding where she was Mother of Groom:

It was to be an exciting getaway, just a couple extra days alone with her husband at the resort where the wedding would be taking place that weekend, a time to relax as the bride and groom said that they had everything under control.  For Kelli and Tom Roberts, their eldest son Jack would be getting married to a lovely gal whom they adored, so everything just seemed so perfect for them.  Arriving that Tuesday afternoon, a stroll around the resort hand in hand, then plans for the evening had reservations made for a romantic dinner up in the 5* restaurant.  Up in their fantastic suite following their stroll, kissing intimately and about to make love for the first time in some five weeks or so, that magic moment came to an abrupt end when Tom's cell phone rang saying that he was needed at work due to walkout by union members at one of their plants.  With her husband hurriedly getting dressed to head off to the plant, Kelli called to cancel the dinner reservations as she certainly did not want to show up alone at such a high-end ans supposedly very romantic restaurant. 

One of the features of this resort was the beautiful sunsets as the sun would go down across the lake and provide quite a beautiful scenery.  Taking the elevator down with her husband as he was about to make his departure, they kissed goodbye down in the lobby, with Tom headed to the parking lot while she started off on her solo stroll to take in the sun setting over the lake.  Leaning up against a palm tree as she took in the scenery, she then heard a male voice asking "Ma'am, can I get you a drink from the bar?"  Turning about, Kelli observed a very handsome young man wearing an outfit with the resort's logo and holding a serving tray in hand.  "Yes, I'll have a vodka tonic!  No, instead .........make that a vodka martini on the rocks!" Kelli advised, thinking that she really needed a stiff one to ease the frustration of her husband having to spoil their romantic getaway.  Again thinking about need a stiff one to ease the frustration, Kelli thought 'That's not the only 'stiff' thing that I could use right now to ease the frustration!'          

             Mrs. Kelli Roberts

With the return of the handsome young stud with her drink on the tray, she noticed his name tag of Matt, Kelli couldn't help but to wonder 'Besides the stiff drink on your tray, do you have anything else that's 'stiff' for me?'  As they chit-chatted some, with the handsome young man dropping a number of compliments her way, it was quite clear to Kelli that he was hitting on her.  With her being honest and telling him that her husband had been called off for a work emergency, Kelli was quite surprised that the young man offered to show her around the resort when he got off in an hour's time, making it quite obvious as to what he was really after.  But Kelli had been faithful to her husband in their twenty-two years of marriage and she was not about to break her marital vows at this point in time ...................even with handsome young hunk!  Still, Kelli couldn't help but realize 'Oh, my gosh ...................I just went and wet my panties looking at that handsome young stud!'  'Oh, this martini sure hits the spot!  I guess I should go and find a place to get something to eat after the sunsets, before I get wasted and take that handsome young stud on his offer to show me around the resort ..................like a nice secluded place where we can be naughty!' she chuckled to herself. 

Having earlier passed a bar and grill that had a very causal atmosphere, Kelli decided to head on over there to get something to eat and another drink.  Unbeknownst to Kelli, a pair of male eyes were focused upon her as she walked along the pathway and into the restaurant where she decided to get a seat up at the bar.  After sitting down and ordering herself a vodka tonic this time, Kelli began looking over the menu as the bartender excused himself to answer the phone.  That phone call was concerning her, coming from the handsome stud who had served her earlier, for he had watched her entering the restaurant to sit at the bar .................with the conversation going "Hey Bud, this Matt!  I'll up our deal from eight hundred and cut you in for a full grand if I get to score with that beautiful bitch that just sat down at the bar ...............the one in the purple jacket!  Just put some of that magic in her drink and I'll put on the finishing touch when I get in there!"  A moment later, Kelli picked up the glass of vodka tonic and took a large sip, with the potent aphrodisiac living up to its billing as odorless as well as being tasteless.                 

For Kelli, everything seemed like a blur from when dinner was served to her at the bar.  She remembered being surprised when that handsome stud named Matt came and sat at the bar and asking if it was okay for him to sit there next to her, and then the young man was ordering a drink for himself and another for her.  The next think that she remembered was kissing him intimately up in her hotel suite, feeling so hot and horny, needing it so badly that her precious marital vows no longer seemed to matter much.  Although no other man than her husband had been with her sexually, it didn't bother Kelli that this young stud was stripping her naked, touching and caressing her body as he went along.  So uncaring and badly in need, she was helping the young stud get his clothing off, then she was shamelessly handling and stroking this thick manhood .....................the only male penis other than her husband's!  'Adulteress!  I'm now an adulteress!' Kelli recalled telling herself when the stud went and shoved his long thick cock up into her.  "Oh, Matt .................fuck me ......................fuck me good!" she had begged him, of which he certainly did that throughout the entire night until early the next morning.    

Waiting till nearly the time limit was up for a reply some six weeks later, Kelli made the decision that she would agree to the blackmailer's demand, sending the affirmative response as required in order to save her marriage.  According to the instructions, once she sent the affirmative response, she'd then be receiving instructions as to how to proceed in scheduling her time slot(s) that she'd be committing to for the coming month.  Less than a moment after having sent the response email, she let out an audible gasp at the speed in getting the instructions as how she was to proceed from there.  Opening up the new email, Kelli was then referred to a website, to which she was to log in with the user name being her first name and password being her last name.  After a couple of typos due to jittery fingers, Kelli pulled up the site and then logged in, read the instructions that reminded her of her needing to commit to one four and a half hour time slot that consisted of a half-hour travel time midway through or two slots of two hours apiece that were far apart or on different days.  Upon making her time slot commitment(s), she then had to click onto her #1 and #2 sections of the city that were most suited for her, making her wonder as to what would be the best options available to her.

'What should I commit to?  The long one and get it over with that one day?  Or two different days at two hour stints each?' Kelli wondered.  'What would be easier to pull off without Tom becoming suspicious as to where I'm going?' she asked of herself.  Sighing in despair and defeat, Kelli went over her husband's daily schedule, saw that he dedicated two afternoons each week to coach their son's soccer team and would be out with the guys on Friday nights.  From when their son was three years of age, she and Tom had agreed to set aside their weekends for 'family time' , so Kelli felt that the weekends were out of the question.  Four and a half hours in any one stint during a weekday just wouldn't do also, thus leaving Kelli with the two sessions of two hours apiece, thinking that she could make use of some of the vacation time that she normally lost each year and that would give her the adequate time needed to be able to make it back home in time.  With soccer practice being on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, Kelli decided that it'd probably be best to go with every other Thursday afternoons, spacing the dates out as much as possible as she didn't think she could bring herself to handling two days in any one week.                

On that first Thursday selected, Kelli kept looking down at her cellphone in the open drawer of her desk, looking for the text message that was to come and give her the location of her dreaded rendezvous.  Having taken off three hours as vacation time, Kelli would be off from 1:30 that afternoon and the location should be no more than 30 minutes away, allowing her to complete her end of the agreement in furnishing two hours of her time and there be adequate time for her to make it home and get dinner started.  Kelli sucked in her breath as she noticed the blinking light flashing on her cellphone that indicated a text message had just come in.  Nervously reaching down to retrieve her phone, Kelli opened up the text message that had just come in, providing the following instructions:  2 -4 pm Star Millennium Hotel Suite 1407.  Knowing where the hotel was located, about a twenty minute drive from her workplace, Kelli shuddered at the realization that she would soon be having sex with a complete stranger. 

At the door to Suite 1407 of the Star Millennium at 1:58 p.m., Kelli felt sick to her stomach, closing her eyes as her body shuddered in revulsion of what she was about to do.  Waiting as long as possible, till exactly 2 p.m., she then pressed the door buzzer. When the door opened, Kelli felt sick once again and wanted to run far away, but she forced herself to remain and then stepped into plush hotel room suite when the grey haired and mustached man in his 70's stepped aside for her to enter.  Her dress was removed as requested, leaving her in her undergarments and heels, Kelli cringed as the old bastard was wanting her to disrobe his old flabby body.  Closing her eyes as she stood there frozen to the spot as the old bastard was wanting to help her out of her undergarments, first unhooking her bra before cupping her breasts with his pudgy hands, then his wiry fingers were easing working her panties down over her trim hips.  After stepping out of her white heels and panties, Kelli found herself being led over to the king-sized bed, and then the mattress sank further as the old boy scooted up over her petite body to kiss her intimately.  Although appalled at what she was doing with this total stranger, Kelli could not deny the wicked thrill coursing throughout her entire body.

Kelli cringed with disgust as the bastard's flabby old body moved upon hers, she felt his erect penis prodding about in a futile attempt to penetrate her, then his hand had moved down between their bodies to guide himself into her.  Cringing with absolute disgust, Kelli wondered 'How can sex be so foul
 and disgusting?  It'd be more tolerable being taken by force ...........forcibly raped than allowing this bastard to put his filthy old penis into me!'  And then the old boy was pumping his filthy 'thing' in and out of her now very slick slit, for which Kelli felt so ashamed of herself for having responded to the bastard in such a manner, and she couldn't help herself as her cunny squeezed and released the slicking boner time and time again.  Wrapping her trim legs around the old boy as he continued to fuck her, Kelli moved her hands up to caress hes arms and shoulders, then was surprised to hear the geezer groan out "Oh, Lori .............Lori ...........I've dreamed of this moment for so long ................from when I watched you walking down the aisle twenty years ago ................wishing I was the one making love to you up in the honeymoon suite ..................and not my son!"  Kelli then realized that 'I must have resembled his daughter-in-law, selecting me as his choice based on that or maybe even thinking that I'm really her, and now he's imagining that he was fucking his son's wife!'

Kelli with her very first 'John'
Sickened at the thought that she was facilitating the old boy's fantasy of having sex with his own daughter-in-law, Kelli realized that he must have paid a lot of money for this two hour session so he could fantasize about screwing his daughter-in-law, that if she went onto really playing the role she could elicit a bit more on the operation of this blackmail operation.  Squeezing her cunny tightly as she arched up into the old boy, Kelli panted out "Oh, Pop ..............yes ...........yes .............I've been wanting this for so long!  Tell me, Pop .............how did you arrange for me to come here ............to be with you?"  "Oh, Lori .................I couldn't believe I was seeing your picture among the girls ................among the hookers who were available!" the old boy advised as he continued humping her.  "And how much did you pay, Pop ............................so you could be alone with me for two hours ...............................to do whatever you wanted of me ......................to FUCK me ........................to FUCK your daughter-in-law?" Kelli asked.  "A grand!  But I'd have paid way more .................whatever they demanded ...............................to be with you!'" the old boy wheezed out. 

'A thousand dollars!  He actually paid a thousand dollars to have sex with me today .....................and I believe he would have paid even more as he indicated!' Kelli told herself, unable to comprehend the amount that had been paid out for a two hour stint, then wondered 'A woman like me can make that much money by soliciting a 'John'?  No, no, that's not correct ....................it's not me he was paying a thousand dollars for ......................but sex with his own daughter-in-law!'   'The only reason he was willing to pay such a high amount was that he was in a fantasy ........................thinking that he was able to obtain the services of his own daughter-in-law by paying for it!  Somehow I must really resemble his daughter-in-law and that's the reason for his choosing me!' she realized.  'Will he be able to distinguish reality from this fantasy after this?  Or will he really believe that he got to FUCK his daughter-in-law?' Kelli wondered as she slipped her hand down to take his wrinkled old balls in the palm of her hand.  Back to embracing him with her arms and wrapping her legs around him, she then squeezed her legs and teased him with "Oh, Pop ...............even at your age, you're so much stiffer and bigger than you son!  Oh, my ..................you're going to really stretch me with this big 'thing' of yours!" 

Playing the role of the old boy's daughter-in-law made the demeaning task of whoring herself out far easier, allowing Kelli to naughtily enjoy what she was doing to please this old geezer.  As she continued arching up into him with each of his thrusts into her, she then gripped him firmly and sas if she had just come to the realization that "Oh, gosh ...................you're not wearing anything .........................you're not wearing a condom...........................and I'm no longer on the pill!  Pop .................if we do this ....................you might get me pregnant!  Pop ...................what if that happens?  What if you get me pregnant?"  That really got the old boy all energized and he humped her like a jackhammer, burying is cock deep in her clasping pussy while uttering out "Oh, yeah ....................oh, at last ...................oh, sweetie ......................my dream has finally come true!  And it'll be that that much more perfect if I do 'knock you up' with my baby!"

Kelli just could not believe how the old boy was going at her, putting in even more enthusiasm that her own husband when they made love together, making her think 'Gosh, if only my husband would give it to me the way this old boy is fucking it to me!'  Wrapping her trim legs around his flabby ass, Kelli squeezed her legs around him while arching up her hips, panting in his ear "Oh, Pop ....................you're so fantastic .....................give it to me good .............................fuck your baby up in me!  Please ........................please do it ...........................I want your baby in me!"  Her words of encouragement had the old boy cranking it up into another gear, as he was now pounding his cock into her, rising his butt up and slamming his cock back in before wheezing out "Ahhhhh, sweetie ...........................I'm cumminggggggggggg ...........................cumming in youuuuuuuuuuuu ..........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Caught up in all role playing, her entire body shook and quivered as Kelli enjoyed quite an unexpected and explosive orgasm.

Once the old boy recovered from his exhaustive adventure, Kelli watched as he popped a blue pill in his mouth and down it with some water as he advised her "The doc says these things really work and ought to get me up again in no time!  Sure hope it works!"  As he held her close to him with his flabby arms wrapped around her, some five minutes went on by and reached out to play with his penis, touching and stroking it some but it remained totally limp and spent from their wild fuck session.  Trying again after another five minutes or so went on by, but still nothing, causing the old boy to sigh and mutter out that 'I guess that might just be it for me today!"  Five more minutes have lapsed, Kelli rubbed her hand over his hairy chest, then pushed herself downwards and scooted down further till her head was right at the level of is wrinkled old penis.

Heart thumping in her chest, Kelli wondered 'Do I dare?'  Swallowing deeply, contemplating if she dare to lean forward to take his wrinkled old penis into her mouth, for such a demeaning sexual act would be the very first time for her as she had refused her own husband of such a performance.  Throwing caution to the wind, Kelli leaded on forward to capture the shrived piece of meat between her pink lips, and she then heard the loud groan from above "Oh, sweet Jesus ................................ohhhhhhh, Godddddddddddd, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!"  To her amazement, Kelli felt a twitch of life as the meat between her lips gave a noticeable twitch, then it began swelling up in size.  As the old boy pulled his hips back some, before pushing forward again, gaining a rhythm till it was obvious that he was then fucking her face.  With his boner up and ready to go, Kelli grasped it in her fist as she pulled her mouth off, then she shuffled up some and swung her leg over his waist to straddle the old boy while fitting his jutting cock to the center of her being.

On her drive home, Kelli reflected back on this memorable first experience for her, that of having been pimped out for sex that had cost the old 'John' a thousand bucks.  'Well, twelve hundred to be exact if you were to include the tip that he gave me before leaving!' Kelli thought, recalling the old boy giving her a kiss as he slipped $200 to her and telling her "Thank you, honey!  Treat yourself to something nice!"  Kelli had gotten to see that little blue pill work its wonders as the old boy's peck had sure sent a geyser of hot cum up into her she rode him home past the finish line, with that gusher sending her into outer space with a mind blowing orgasm.  Later on, some fifteen minutes after another blue pill had been consumed, Allsion was then positioned on all fours as Pop said that he always wanted to fuck her (his daughter-in-law) like a bitch in heat.   

At noon on her next scheduled work day, two weeks after her interlude with Pops, Kelli got the text message instructing that her appointment was at the Harrington Arms Hotel on W. Chester Street, Room # 418.  'West Chester ...........eiii, yuk .........that's across the tracks in the sleazy part of town!' Kelli shuddered in apprehension.  She began to tremble in nervousness, for hotels/motels in that area were quite run down and very few even could make the 3* level.  Such a far cry and total opposite from the nice classy hotel when she serviced her first 'John', causing Kelli to wonder as to what type of 'John' would she'd be servicing today.  Then she wondered 'And how much did I go for today?  Surely not the thousand dollars for a two hour stint!  Maybe half that amount if location and type if clientele has anything to do with it!' she figured, thinking 'Five hundred ...........or two-fifty per hour!  That'd probably be more like it!' She pulled up the Harrington Arms on her computer and the hotel's website displayed a picture of the hotel from its parking lot, to which Kelli cringed as such would be a place that she'd definitely tell her husband "No way are we staying at a rundown place like that!" if he had booked them a stay there.      

When the door opened at Room 418 at the West Chester, Kelli was so scared at the sight of the 'John' that she wanted to turn and run away as fast as she could, but the fear of her marriage being destroyed forced her to step into the room with the big muscular black bastard that had paid her her services.  The location of this rather seedy hotel, one with no frills at all, was certainly a clue as how this two hour appointment would be going.  Told to always be on time, wearing a nice dress and heels, Kelli thought it'd be better to say 'dress appropriately' for anyone being given an assignment at this dump.  Shortly after entering the room, Kelli wondered if she could go through with it, wondering whether she should give up on her attempt to save her marriage at this point.  'I need to try .................at least try my best!' she told herself.  Dropping down onto her knees as requested, she reached up to pull down the 'John's' zipper, reached on in to end up pulling out the biggest black monstrosity ever imaginable .............one that should have been attached to a black stallion!

For Kelli, that ended up being the longest two hours ever for her, along with being the most shameful and degrading experience that she hoped to go through.  First it was that shameful experience down on her knees, trying to get her lips over that giant monstrosity of a cock, unable to pull away when the time came because the bastard's fingers were wound tightly in her hair.  Kelli could still hear his laughter when she had rushed to the bathroom, with her head over the toilet bowl puking her guts out.  Next she was lying on the bed with her legs draped over his muscular shoulders, his head buried in her crotch as he ate her out, causing her to arch up into his open mouth when he tongued her to a wild orgasm.  She then was made to get up in the saddle to ride him part of the way home, then was flipped over onto her back and taken missionary style, but she had to admit that she had one ride to outer space as she wrapped her legs around his humping black ass.  Finally, he fucked her like a true bitch, laughing at her while commenting "Oh, sweetie .................yer worth every penny of that two hundred bucks!  Yessiree ....................every fuck'n penny!"

In her car on the drive back home, it appeared to be a split decision that was bothering Kelli the most - getting fucked by a big black bastard possessing a foot-long monstrosity that belonged on a stallion or having her whoring fees drop from $500 an hour to a mere $100!  'Well, I guess it's not the quality of the whore being pimped out but the star ratings of the motel/hotel that the 'John' is staying at!  Gosh ............just two weeks ago, I thought that I was a high-class hooker commanding $500 an hour!  But the reality is .................I'm nothing by a cheap little whore .........................down now to just $100 an hour!  What will I go at next month ....................$50?  $25 an hour?' Kelli wondered to herself.  Upon seeing the traffic piling up and coming nearly to a complete stop, Kelli looked at the time as she need to get home to shower the smell of sex away, and especially to douche out the black bastard's filthy cum.  Quivering upon feeling the dampness in the crotch band of her panties, unable to stop the constant flow of semen out of her widely stretched cunt, realizing that there was still so much more of that filthy scum remaining far up in her.           

End of Story.