Far East Exchange
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

A young beautiful wife at the age of 27, Kelli Rennard still had men's heads turning whenever she passed.  Standing at 5'4" with long blonde hair, her sexy body in that 35-23-34 frame had men drooling as they licked their lips in ogling her milky white bod.  The fact that she was quite conservative, in fact quite naïve, had men's lusting desires come to a boil.

Having fallen in love head-over-heels with handsome Dave Rennard during her junior year in college, they had become inseparable and marriage followed shortly after graduation.  Kelli was indeed quite innocent and naïve, having dated in high school and college but she had never been intimate with anyone, promising to save herself for marriage.

Now, after four years of marriage, things couldn't be better as Kelli was doing well in her job as an interior decorator for the top firm in the city.  She was madly in love with Dave and never gave a thought of anyone else of the opposite sex.  Kelli definitely had not looked at another man since falling in love with Dave, though many a man tried to proposition her whenever she had a night out with the girls and often by men at work.  With their jobs progressing up the ladder, they decided to hold off on family plans for the time being.

Dave really enjoyed his job in sales and marketing with a large import/export firm, getting large bonuses for his high production.  Prior to meeting Kelli in college, he had been quite a lady's man and bedded many a wild filly.  Once he had met Kelli, he found her quite sweet and wholesome, type of girl he'd like to marry.  Her innocence and naiveté when it came to sex made it all the more desirable to make this lovely beauty his wife.

After two months of dating, with Kelli drawing a firm line in waiting till her wedding day, it was quite frustrating for Dave sexually.  Unable to contain himself any longer, he had sought out the companionship of a hooker that he knew from his freshman year.  Each time that he stepped out on Kelli, Dave felt bad about it for a few days till a beautiful gal caught his eye and once again got him aroused.

It was now a year after their marriage, Dave had come in at the top in sales production for the recent quarter and he enjoyed the benefits of the job, especially a big expense account and the ability to travel.  It was on his traveling assignments away from home that he managed to sate his manly lust, especially getting some head and butt-fucking.  He loved Kelli very much but he just could not get his beautiful wife to go down on him nor would she consider anything but the standard missionary position.

Dave Rennard had quickly learned the how-to's in this rather cut-throat business of wheeling and dealing to make his quota plus surpass his peers within the company.  With his rapid rise in the company, Dave was selected to handle the Far East trade, meaning now he would get a chance to travel even more.  Most of all, this would now provide him with his first opportunity to get into the panties of a tight little Asian beauty.  He especially liked the fact that Asian girls were quite conservative by their upbringing, rather prim and proper, which reminded him of his lovely wife in a sense.

Although Kelli had wanted to join him on his first trip to Japan, Dave advised her he'd be totally involved in a business deal and it would not be the ideal time for her to accompany him.  Dave was relieved that he had convinced Kelli to join him on another trip, as it would provide him the opportunity to sate his pent-up lust for a cute Asian beauty.

Seeing her husband off on his first overseas trip to Japan, Kelli felt a bit depressed in being left alone for nearly a week till Dave returned.  Although her husband traveled a lot, it was normally only a couple days at a time, nothing as long as this trip would be.  She kissed Dave goodbye, whispering teasingly "Now don't you go 'ga-ga' over those cute little geisha girls!"

Having read up on the basic customs before arriving in Japan, Dave was a bit nervous in this being his first trip to the Far East.  He was happy that the head of the trading firm, whom was to meet in possibly handling their imports/exports with the U.S., was sending a chauffeur to greet him at the airport.  Dave understood that the Japanese businessmen liked to entertain their clients in the evenings and knew he'd be obligated to accompany them.  He just hoped it would allow him time to visit the 'red light' district so he could then sow his wild oats.

Exhausted from the lengthy trip, he was glad that he could rest up for several hours at the hotel before the chauffeur returned to pick him up again, taking him to meet Mr. Sasaki, the head man of the firm.  While at the airport, Dave's eyes kept wandering about at the number of cute little Asian beauties, his cock throbbing in anticipation of getting into a a soft little beauty.  But he knew that he'd have to put it off till after dinner with Mr. Sasaki, hoping that it would not be too boring as he wanted to get his rocks off.

Having taken that much needed nap, Dave dressed in a nice suit and went down to the lobby where the chauffeur was already waiting for him.  In broken English, the chauffeur advised him that he would be taken to meet with Mr. Sasaki at a teahouse situated near the company headquarters.  He was really impressed with the service and attention that he was being given, so much different from back home in the states.

Arriving at an exclusive teahouse that serviced the most influential clientele, Dave was quite impressed with its beauty and especially the young beautiful hostesses that saw to the needs of the rich clientele.  Dave's cock rose to attention upon seeing the hostess that came up to him and escorted him to the tearoom where Mr. Sasaki was already situated.  As customary, he removed his shoes before entering and bowed to the two men who had stood to greet him.

Mr. Sasaki was a squat fifty-year old man, who was balding at the top of his head.  Exchanging the bow of greeting, he was then introduced to a Mr. Muraoka, a skinner fellow who apparently was Mr. Sasaki's right hand man.  Squatting down on the zabuton, Dave was happy to see that these men liked to drink and he was introduced to the delicacy of rice wine, better known as sake.

Mr. Ichiro Sasaki was a man who had worked his way to the top and made it a point to be quite observant of what was taking place before him.  He had readily observed that this young visitor to Japan just could not take his eyes off the young geisha who had just served him, pouring the sake to refill his cup.  He suspected that this red-blooded American male would give anything to sample the charms of a lovely geisha girl.  In his mind, Ichiro mused 'Funny that American men dream of experiencing the charms of an exotic beauty from the Far East while it is quite the opposite with men from this part of the world!  What the men from this country would do to bed a beauty with long golden hair!'

When the owner of the tea house stopped in to pay his respects, shaking hands with everyone, Ichiro greeted him in Japanese as the owner did not speak any English.  Sipping his sake while the men conversed in Japanese, Dave was unaware that the conversation was about him and how he fancied that beautiful girl who had served him sake a bit earlier.  Moments after the owner departed the room, Dave was pleased to see the lovely beauty kneeling next to him and refilling his sake.  It was then that Mr. Sasaki formally introduced him to the lovely Eiko, looking very beautiful in her white kimono and hair pinned up.

Feeling the effects of the potent sake, Dave loved the feel of the lovely beauty's soft petite hands caressing his left hand that he had placed on his left thigh.  Feeling his cock throb, her soft touch was driving him crazy, making him wish 'Oh, baby!  Move your hand a few inches and you'll be stroking my fucking hardon!'  Sipping more of his sake, Dave wondered if his innocent looking beauty was a virgin, especially being a geisha and all.

In his discussion with the owner, Ichiro had learned that the lovely Eiko had come to be a geisha from a rural area of Japan.  Apparently both of her parents were elderly and required much medical care in their old age.  With the Japanese economy taking a severe downturn in the early nineties, it was rather difficult for the younger generation to find work.  While visiting relatives living near Eiko's parents, the teahouse owner had happened upon the lovely girl and convinced her parents to allow her to work as a geisha at his teahouse.

Eiko Amazaki, at the age of nineteen, stood at 5'1" with long flowing silky black hair.  Her 114 lb. petite frame had all the curves in the right places.  She had never thought of herself entering such a profession, having heard all the stories of how geishas were there to serve the comforts of the men who frequented such teahouses.  Though not engaged to marry as yet, she had long hoped to marry her longtime boyfriend who she had gone to school with from her early teens.

The owner could not get over how lovely this innocent looking beauty was and suspected that she indeed was a virgin.  To get her to agree to come and work at his teahouse, Eiko was promised a very good wage, higher than what was available in this economy.  On top of that, the owner had promised to cover all the medical expenses incurred by her parents.  With family the number one priority in the Asian culture, the owner knew that Eiko would be hard pressed to turn down such an offer, especially with her parents' needs.

Bringing the lovely girl back with him upon his return, the owner learned that his suspicions were well founded after hearing back from doctor who serviced all of his employees.  He knew that a lovely beauty such as this, with her virginity intact, would certainly bring a healthy reward for the honor of deflowering this succulent creature.

Dave thought that it was his charm and good looks that had the lovely Eiko paying so much attention to him.  Little did he know that Mr. Sasaki had agreed to the pricey terms of the teahouse owner, where Mr. Sasaki had paid the man for Eiko's virginity.  Unknown to Dave at the moment, the lovely beauty would be returning to his hotel with him, where he would do the honors.

Having tried the many Japanese delicacies and much of the potent sake, with the lovely beauty close to his side, Dave could not concentrate on the business at hand.  A handshake was all that was needed to seal the business deal but Dave was not accustomed to wrapping things up in this manner, not with so much sake in his system.  As he bid his goodbye to Mr. Sasaki and his associate, he was advised that the chauffeur would be taking him back to the hotel.

Turning to leave, Dave's mouth dropped open in seeing that the lovely Eiko, now with her long silky black hair down to her shoulders, wearing a westernized dress with heels.  He swallowed deeply in taking in this very lovely beauty.  Then Mr. Sasaki was at his side, telling him 'This is my gift to you, my young friend!  She will accompany you to your hotel tonight and stay to serve you for your entire stay!  Her overnight bag is already in the truck!  I trust she will not be in much need of clothing for her stay, eh!  The owner tells me she is untouched and quite an innocent young beauty!  You will have the honor of teaching this lovely new geisha how to please a man, eh!"

In the back of the limo, Dave could feel the lovely beauty's apprehension as he pulled her close, kissing her passionately on the lips.  He briefly wondered what made a lovely innocent young beauty, such as Eiko, become seduced into the life of pleasing a man as a geisha.  He wondered if what Mr. Sasaki had hinted was really true, that she was indeed an untouched virgin for him to deflower.

As they neared his hotel room, her arm in his, Dave smiled as he sensed her apprehension as her hand gripped his arm tightly.  Once in the privacy of his luxury suite, Dave pulled the sexy little beauty into his arms for another passionate kiss.  When the kiss broke, he heard so sweet voice say "Mr. ………..Mr. Rennard …………..I …………….I'm so frightened!"  Dave was taken aback, never suspecting that this lovely beauty spoke fluent English, having only seen her nod and bow earlier with bits of Japanese spoken when Mr. Sasaki or the owner had addressed her in Japanese.

Eiko had attended English school each day following her regular schooling, which also taught English but at a far slower pace.  Prior to the lifestyle change of becoming a geisha, Eiko had simple dreams of becoming the wife of her teenage love and living near her parents on the farm so she could help care for them.  But since she had accompanied the wealthy owner of the teahouse, all that had changed and she was about to become a 'woman' by this handsome young man from America.

Having listened in on the conversation at the teahouse, Eiko felt sorry for the young wife of this American man, knowing he was not one to be faithful to the woman he had pledged himself to.  Previously, she had always dreamt that she would become a 'woman' on the night of her wedding ceremony.  Now that dream would no longer be possible she realized, then thought 'At least this American is young and handsome!'  She wished she could be back home with her family and boyfriend at this very moment but resigned herself to this fate, knowing she would do anything to help care for her aging parents.

Frozen to the spot, shivering with anticipation as the handsome American began to disrobe her, Eiko prayed that he would be gentle with her.  Unsure of what to do or expect, she closed her eyes as she felt her dress falling to her feet, leaving her totally bare as she had eliminated her undergarments.  For the very first time in her live, Eiko was experiencing the first touch of a man caressing her body.  She could not deny the tingling sensations of pleasure coursing throughout her inexperienced body, ashamed of feeling this way with a strange foreigner from another country.

Dave thoroughly loved the feel of this young innocent beauty trembling under his touch, her skin so soft and creamy.  Cupping her breasts, he felt her shudder as her nipples began to poke up against his caressing palms.  As his hands caressed her soft trim belly, Dave heard the young beauty gasp as his fingers wandered through her soft curly bush, his middle finger now touching the outer lips of her womanhood.

Quickly stripping off his clothing as he stood behind the trembling beauty, Dave stepped up behind her, pressing his throbbing shaft against the small of her back.  Guiding her to the bed, where she stepped out of her heels, Dave then position her on all fours as he caressed her soft creamy ass.  Shuffling forward between her widespread legs, Dave fitted himself at the trembling beauty's most prized possession.

With his hands grasping the trim hips firmly, Dave's dream was about to come true, that of possessing a lovely innocent Asian beauty.  His tender caresses on the erotic beauty were about to come to end as he reared back and lunged forward with all of his might.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeee .............................aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the loud shriek of pain from the now deflowered beauty who tried to scramble out of his grasp.  Dave groaned at the extreme tightness that gripped him, savoring the exquisite pleasure of just having destroyed this beauty's innocence forever, taking her like a caveman would and having to be gentle as when with his wife.

"Please ……………please ………………..Mr. Rennard …………..stop ………..please …………….it hurtsssssssssss!" Eiko sobbed as her virginity was violently shredded.  As the foreign man behind her stabbed brutally into her again, she realized that this was what the future would be for her, that of having her body used to satisfy the lustful desires of a man.  She sobbed in shame as the lusting American grunted out his lust with every thrust into her pain-racked body.  Eiko couldn't believe how a man could only think of pleasing himself, shuddering as he grunted and began to spew out his hot seed.

As Dave's heavy body collapsed upon the petite beauty, the young geisha in turn fell forward onto the bed, sobbing from the pain that coursed through her body.  Dave knew he had caused her great pain but it had certainly given him the thrill of a lifetime.  Resting just a few moments after his cock slipped out of the raped slit, Dave then lifted up and smiled as he observed his cock and the beauty's thighs coated with her blood.  Cock hardening again, he grasped her hips, pulling her up a bit and sent his cock knifing into her bloody slit again.

Slamming again and again into the agonized beauty, Dave was beside himself as he groaned "Oh, baby …………….oh …………………sweet!"  He knew he was giving her no pleasure, not in the way he was shagging her, but he could not resist the temptation of brutally having his way with such an innocent little beauty.  "Oh, baby …………baby ………………you're always going to remember your first fuck!  You're going to remember the American who copped your cherry!" he exclaimed.  "Oh, baby ………………ohhhhhhhh ………gonna ……………….cummmmmmmmmm!" he groaned as his body shook, his cock filling her womb to the brink.

With the man who had taken her virginity in such a brutal way now sleeping soundly on the bed, Eiko dragged her ravaged body up to retrieve her nightgown from her overnight bag.  Draping the thin white nightgown over her aching body, she made her way out to the living room area of the spacious hotel suite.  Sitting on the sofa, she drew up her left leg onto the sofa to ease the pain between her loins. She sobbed, wondering why the American had enjoyed inflicting so much pain, especially knowing that she was a virgin.

Prior to leaving her family just weeks ago to assist them financially, she had always been raised with the concept of finding a husband, to whom you would give him your most prized possession of your virginity.  She had found her true love but now she could not give him such a prize.  Closing her eyes, she pictured him in her mind, then began to sob in shame for she was now a used woman.

Taking his job of teaching the lovely geisha the art of pleasing a man to heart, Dave spent very little time in business meetings with Mr. Sasaki and his aide.  With the prices of the commodities being traded being within pennies over the past few months, Dave felt there was no need to keep checking on prices since the supply of the product was always at his fingertips.  Thus, he could spend his precious week in Japan fucking and sucking his pretty little Asian flower.

Throughout the week, Dave taught his little geisha how to please a man in the '69' position, as well as taking a stiff cock up her tight little ass.  After the initial night of brutally taking her virginity, he was thrilled at her mewls of pleasure as he took her to the heights of a mind-shattering orgasm.  By mid-week, his little geisha was wrapping her trim legs around his waist, bucking up at him like a real pro, moaning for him to fuck her harder and to spurt his hot cream into her.

Returning home after that eventful week, totally fuck out, Dave was too exhausted to please his loving wife in bed.  Kelli had really missed her husband as this had been the longest trip they had been separated since being married.  She had looked forward to Dave's return home, wanting to feel his arms around her once again, wanting him to take her to bed and make love to her.  She was disappointed that Dave fell fast asleep but understood him being too exhausted after that lengthy trip.

The next day, Dave returned to work and was in total shock when he viewed the sharp rise in the commodity price that he had made commitments to Mr. Sasaki on the last day of his trip.  'How could I have been so stupid as to not double check the price before committing myself?' he wondered.  'Damn, that's what I get for using the wrong fuck'n head!' he muttered.  Worried about incurring a large loss for the company due to his stupidity, he decided to claim everything was misunderstood, thinking that it wouldn't hold up in a court as there were no signed documents.

Mr. Sasaki was visibly angry when his aide told him of the broken contract, especially after showing the young American a good time during his visit to Japan.  He was always cautious when dealing with foreigners, especially Americans, as many times they would not live up to their handshakes.  In Japan, a handshake meant one's honor and to break such an agreement was disgraceful.  He than ordered his aide to retain the firm that did their private investigation, to learn as much about Mr. Dave Rennard as possible.

It was indeed fortunate that Ichiro had taken the necessary precautions, putting the young man up in a luxury suite and providing him with that erotic flower from the teahouse.  In the box handed to him by his aide, he looked at the videocassettes that recorded every moment of the young American's stay in the hotel.  Being an honorable man, these tapes would not be viewed by anyone, unless there was cause for concern such as now.  He had learned from the young man that he indeed was married and wondered 'Will Mrs. Rennard approve of her loving husband taking in the orient as he so well did during his stay?'

Just over a week later, Ichiro Sasaki was at his desk when an express packet was delivered to him.  Seeing that it was from the private investigation firm, he opened the packet and withdrew the folder.  Opening the folder, he smiled as he gazed upon the beautiful angel with long golden hair flowing to her shoulders.  His cock throbbed in his pants and he licked his lips as he gazed at the beauty in the photo.  'Mr. Dave Rennard ……………..you shall pay dearly for your indiscretions!  Better yet, your lovely wife shall pay dearly on your behalf!' he muttered.

Two weeks later, Kelli checked her calendar with her secretary, asking if she knew who had called in for the afternoon appointment.  Her secretary responded "Oh, yes, I took the call from the aide of a Mr. Sasaki!  Apparently he knows your husband and it was your husband who referred him to you!  The aide mentioned that Mr. Sasaki purchased the penthouse of the new Benton building!"  "The Benton building!  Wow, that penthouse was listed for $2 million!" Kelli exclaimed in awe.

Walking into the office of the lovely Mrs. Kelli Rennard, Ichiro looked at the lovely blonde angel and immediately realized that the photo did not do her justice.  'Yes, Mr. Dave Rennard ………………….your beautiful wife will pay very dearly for your indiscretions!  No, I am not going to tell your beautiful wife of your indiscretions with that lovely geisha!  Nor do I think you want this lovely wife of yours to learn of your episodes in Japan!' he thought.

Chuckling to himself, Ichiro added 'No, Mr. Rennard, your lovely young wife will not be witness to the tapes of you being unfaithful to her, making love to that beautiful young geisha girl!  But you, my young American businessman, shall have the honor of witnessing your beautiful wife in the hands of Japanese men who just dream of getting their hands of a golden angel!'
Looking at the sexy young interior decorator, Ichiro hoped that the bulge in his pants was not too noticeable.  With the lovely Mrs. Rennard in a nice yellow dress and white heels, he took in her beauty and looked forward to the day those trim flawless white legs would be widespread with him between them.  'Yes, my dear Mrs. Rennard, your despicable husband shall be witness to every which way that he sated his lust with the young geisha girl!' he mused.

When Dave returned home that evening, he was taken by surprise when Kelli came running up to him, giving him a deep passionate kiss.  "What's this all about?" Dave asked with a puzzled look on his face.  "Why didn't you tell me, honey?" came the response from his obviously happy wife.  "Tell you about what, Kellie?" he asked.

"You know!  About that unlimited budget to do the penthouse at the Benton building!   An unlimited budget, can you believe that?  It's a dream project that any interior decorator would give their eye tooth for!" she exclaimed.  "Thank you so much, honey!" she excitedly said before planting another passionate kiss on his lips.  When the kiss ended, she panted and exclaimed "I met with Mr. Sasaki today and he said he just had to retain my services after the glowing things you told him about me on your trip to Japan!"

Dave Rennard's heart near stopped upon hearing that last statement.  A cold sweat went through his entire body, knowing that something sinister was lurking from Mr. Sasaki's sudden arrival from Japan, especially since he had never mentioned Kelli's profession.  He had hoped that his screw-up would be forgotten as there was no written contract, plus the fact that Japan was such a distance away.  Dave shuddered as he realized how small the world really was and that his earlier foul-up would now come back to haunt him.

Over dinner, Dave listened intently as Kelli carried on with the possibilities of what the penthouse project could mean, listening for more clues of what Mr. Sasaki intended.  "I understand that the penthouse has more square footage than most homes and it’s the sole unit on the top floor of the Benton building, overlooking the entire city!  This will definitely be the most expensive living space that I've ever decorated!" she went on.  "Oh, Mr. Sasaki said to mention to you that he looks forward to meeting with you again soon!  Says he's planning on calling you in a few days, hoping that you two can meet again!

Kelli added "Once the penthouse is fully decorated, Mr. Sasaki says he'll be having two big open-house parties and we're invited to both!  Can you believe he wants to introduce me to everyone, to tell them that I'm the interior decorator of his fabulous penthouse!  Says he has some very special entertainment for the shindigs!  He indicated that the first open house party will be for all his American friends and plans to invite all the members of your firm, honey!  The second one will be for his friends and businessmen who'll be flying in from Japan for the special event!"

The next day, sitting at his desk, Dave could not concentrate as he was totally exhausted from being unable to sleep during the night.  He realized that there was just no way he could discourage Kelli from taking the penthouse job, no way he could justify such a request, not without revealing his true reasons.  Throughout the entire day, he merely sat motionless behind his desk, unable to concentrate on his job at all.

Looking blankly at the desk before him, Dave's snapped to attention when an express delivery package was placed on his desk.  He shook with nervousness in seeing that the sender was listed as I. Susaki with the name of his firm listed below.   Breathing hard, Dave sliced open the heavy plastic mailer, then withdrew the contents.  It was a videotape marked 'Open-House Parties - Special Entertainment!'  Below the title, in smaller type it read 'Highlights of tapes 1 thru 30'.

Getting up to lock the door to his office, Dave opened the cabinet doors that housed a television and VCR.  He turned on the television and inserted the tape into the VCR, then hit the play button.  He was then greeted by loud shrieks of a woman's voice crying out in sheer pain. Eyes focusing on the events on the screen, he recalled hearing those exact screams before, screams that had given him so much pleasure that initial time of hearing them.  Now those very same screams sent chills running down his spine.  As the scene revealed, the screams were generated when he had brutally deflowered that lovely Asian beauty.

Then the next scene showed the blood covering his cock and the beauty's trim thighs, with him then lunging again into the ravaged slit.  Dave felt the life drain out of him as the tape showed what kind of animal he really was and the sadistic streak within him.  With the lovely beauty sobbing from the brutal deflowering, he could be seen standing in front of the brutalized woman with his hands entwined in her silky black hair.  Knowing what was to come next, Dave head slumped down, remembering how he degraded the beauty by forcing her to open her mouth as he shoved his blood soaked cock between her lips.

On and on the tape played with the lovely Asian beauty being sucked and fucked in every imaginable way.  The earlier shrieks were later matched and were equally chilling when he had buggered her, slamming himself into her virgin ass without any mercy.  Heart pounding in fear, Dave turned off the tape, wondering just what he should do.  Retrieving the tape from the VCR, he again looked at the title 'Open-House Parties - Special Entertainment!'   Perspiration beading at his forehead, he realized 'Holy Shit!  He ……..he's going to play the tapes while everyone is at the open-house events!  Oh, my God, what will Kelli think of me then?'

At dinner that evening, Dave could only grit his teeth and not say anything as Kelli excited told him how nice a man Mr. Sasaki was in giving her carte blanche on the decorating of his penthouse.  He even wants me to pick out the beds for each room, telling me to pretend I'll be the one in that bed.  That last bit of information sent a chill down Dave's spine, wondering just what the rich Mr. Sasaki wanted of him.  Worried with fear as Kelli began telling him of an expensive oval bed that she had to special order, Dave wondered just how he could stop Mr. Sasaki from disgracing him in public.

That night, with Kelli feeling so good, she had cuddled up to him for some loving.  Panic stricken at the events of the day, Dave just could not get his lifeless member up no matter how hard he tried.  Even Kelli's soft trim fingers wanking at his meat failed to bring it back to life.  Never was he so embarrassed before his lovely wife as he always playfully kidded her about being a stud.  It didn't help when Kelli playfully said "Oh, poor baby!  Looks like Mommy has to go to bed all hot and horny!  Mommy's stud has turned into a little dud!"

The next day, call after call, message after message brought no results.  Dave was fit to be tied, knowing that he just had to get hold of Mr. Sasaki and see if he could somehow make amends.  He knew that his marriage would be over immediately if Kelli got to view that him in the tape.  Needless to say, his sales production was slipping drastically as Dave was unable to think of the business at hand.

Over dinner, Dave found out why he was unable to get a call back from Mr. Sasaki.  He learned from Kelli that she had spent the entire day with the man and he had treated her to a fabulous Japanese restaurant in the city.  "Honey, everyone there seemed to know Mr. Sasaki!  Those geisha girls in their silk kimonos sure catered to him!" she remarked.  "If I didn't know better, I'd swear that rich old man was coming on to me!  I was flattered when he kidded me in saying that I should quit interior decorating and come to Japan to be his #1 geisha girl!" she added.

In bed that night, with his happy wife wanting some love making, Dave could feel the fire in his loins as her soft sexy hand began to shuck at his tool.  Just as he was half-way up, Kelli playfully said "C'mon, stud!  Come and get your little geisha girl!"  He couldn't get over the shocked look on his wife's face, nor the embarrassment coursing through his body, as his cock suddenly wilted in her pumping hand.  The mention of a geisha girl had ruined everything.  Again, Dave could not perform and would have his beautiful young wife go to sleep hot and horny.

In getting through to Mr. Muraoka, Mr. Sasaki's aide, Dave was relieved to learn that he could have a meeting with Mr. Sasaki late that afternoon.  He knew he was in deep trouble, wondering what would be needed to get him out of this awful mess.  Dave knew that he was at the mercy of this very powerful man, knowing that he did not have much to bargain with but would have do what he could to prevent Kelli and the people he worked with from seeing him and the geisha girl.

Nervously entering the partially furnished room in the new penthouse of the Benton building, Dave could see the stern look on Mr. Sasaki's face, so different from when he had met the then friendly man in Japan.  He bowed to the older man, trying to be very respectful in hopes of not aggravating the situation any further.  To break the silence, Dave spoke "Mr. Sasaki, I am truly sorry for not being able to hold up my end of the deal!  How can I make it up to you?"

Looking sternly at the young man, Ichiro spoke gruffly "Mr. Rennard, when you visited my country for a week, you enjoyed the pleasures of a beautiful young geisha, did you not?  As I am now in your country, it is my desire to enjoy the charms of a lovely American woman!  A blonde beauty as you Americans would say!  A beautiful blonde woman who will please me like a geisha would, like the way you enjoyed that young geisha!  If you can do that for me, then we shall forget that the deal ever took place!"

Dave smiled, relieved that he would be able to get out of the mess he was in.  Paying for the services of a good-looking hooker for Mr. Sasaki's stay would be expensive but a far cry from the expensive screw-up on the botched deal.  "Mr. Sasaki, I shall go out and find you a very attractive blonde to serve you throughout the remainder of your stay!  I will naturally take care of all of her expenses!  I …………..I just want your assurance that  ……………that the tapes will not be shown at your open-house parties!"

Sternly, Mr. Sasaki replied "Mr. Rennard, I assure you that the tapes will not be shown if you deliver the woman of my dreams to me, so I can treat her the way in which you did the young geisha!  But you need not spend any of your money in supplying me with my beautiful American geisha!"

Dave was totally puzzled at this point, not understanding what Mr. Sasaki was saying to him.  'He wants me go deliver a beautiful blonde to service him throughout his stay!  Yet I'm not supposed to spend my money in doing so?  How the hell am I going to get a good-looking bitch to service him for free?' he wondered.  Looking at the stern man, Dave asked "Mr. Sasaki, I'm confused!  How am I going to find you a beautiful woman without hiring her?"

What Dave heard next made his heart sink.  He could not believe what Mr. Sasaki had just told him "Mr. Rennard, I am only interested in one woman to serve as my lovely American geisha!  She seems to be quite naïve when it comes to pleasing a man!  Isn't that the same quality you liked most with that young geisha, being the one to teach her the art of lovemaking in various ways?  Having a woman in a way that one would not be able to do with one's own wife.  I know I shall enjoy such pleasures in making your beautiful wife my American geisha!"

"But ……………but ……………..Kelli will never agree to such an atrocity!  I ………I could never convince her to go along with such a thing!  She ……………she would never willingly go along with such a thing!  I ……………..I can't agree to that!" Dave stammered as he stood up and backed out of the room.  Before leaving the room, he heard Mr. Sasaki say "You have up until the tapes begins playing at the open-house celebration next week!  Otherwise, the beautiful Mrs. Rennard and all of your colleagues shall see how you introduced the young geisha to the art of sating a man's lust!"

A week later, the night before the big open house was to take place, Dave tossed and turned as he lay beside his sweet sexy young wife.  He looked over at the sleeping form of his lovely wife, thinking that she did look like an innocent little angel.  Dripping with perspiration, Dave starred at Kelli's lovely form as his mind conjured up the image of the squat burly Mr. Sasaki crawling up between her sexy white legs.

Knowing now of Mr. Sasaki lust for Kelli, knowing what the devious man had in mind, Dave knew that Kelli would be taken without mercy.  Shivering, he could hear Kelli screaming in pain, crying as the demented man forced himself upon her.  Tears formed in his eyes as images formed of the squat old man thrusting himself between Kelli widespread legs, grunting and body quivering as the vile man spewed his hot seed into his wife's innocent belly.

Wanting to make sure that everything was in place, Kelli made sure that she and Dave got there ahead of time to check on things.  Kelli was rather concerned over her husband's rather depressive state in the past few weeks since his return from Japan.  'Gosh, Dave must really be feeling the pressures of the job or maybe he's coming down with some kind of virus!  He looks so nervous, like something's really bothering him badly!' she thought.

Puzzled at her husband's lack of performance in bed, Kelli was definitely concerned as she thought 'Dave has always been eager for lovemaking, trying to get me into the sack on every possible occasion!  I can't believe that it's been over a week of trying and he just goes limp in my hand each time!  Before, with just the slight touch of my fingertips, he would immediately rise to the occasion!'  Then the next thoughts entering her mind caused her to blush at her wicked thoughts of 'Gosh, I've want to get laid so bady!  I really need a good screw!  Get my brains fucked out!'  Never had Kelli let such wicked thoughts enter her mind before, making her feel ashamed of herself.

As the elevator opened to the penthouse level, Kelli and Dave were stunned to see two geisha girls in their kimono garb bowing to them and indicating for them to enter the luxurious suite.  Then a shivering chill coursed through Dave's body as another beautiful geisha approached them and bowed. Dave was literally shaking like a leaf as he and Kelli bowed in return.

The smiling face of the lovely geisha indicated her happiness in greeting them, her sweet voice saying "Mr. Rennard, san …………………so nice to see you again!  Is this Mrs. Rennard?"  Stumbling for words, Dave stammered "Y-y-yes, this is Mrs. Rennard!  Kelli …….I ……….I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Eiko Amazaki!"  Then Dave and Kelli followed Eiko as she led the way to Mr. Sasaki.  As they followed behind the lovely geisha girl, Kelli whispered to her husband "Wow, she is such a beautiful girl!"

Having exchanged greetings with Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Muraoka, Kelli and Dave were truly impressed with the layout of Japanese delicacies and the number of tended bars set up for the occasion.  It was quite obvious that no expense was spared for this shindig.  Kelli took Dave on a tour of the entire penthouse, showing him the gigantic flat screen television that had just been installed onto the wall earlier that day.  The screen covered 20' x 20' of wall space, like a movie theater with surround sound.

Dave's heart was pounding madly in his chest when Kelli told him "We'll later get to see how well the images are on this new flat screen!  Mr. Sasaki told me that he had a very special event to display on this giant screen.  He wouldn't tell what the event was, just that it was a big surprise!  I wonder what he could have planned to make this event even more special!"

With the arrival of his boss and fellow workers, Dave knew he had to get hold of Mr. Sasaki immediately, knowing he would have to make the ultimate sacrifice before the special surprise was played.  Excusing himself, Dave found a snickering Mr. Muraoka who had been watching him and led the way to the host.  Approaching Mr. Sasaki, Dave blurted out "Please …………..please don't show that tape!  Please, I beg you ………I …………I'll be ruined!  I …………….I'll agree to whatever you want but just don't show that tape!  But ………….but there's no way my wife will agree to such a thing!"

"So, Mr. Rennard, you have decided to sacrifice your very beautiful wife in exchange of saving yourself some embarrassment!  You will let her become my little American geisha!  Do not worry, Mr. Rennard, I shall ………….as you Americans say ……….set it all up!" Ichiro advised, his face finally breaking out in a wide smile.  Putting his arm around the distraught young man, he said "Come!  Ichiro shall now set things up!"

Dave was in awe as Mr. Sasaki walked with him to where Kelli was along with the members of his firm.  He watched Mr. Sasaki greet them and then tell his boss, Mr. Anderson, "Please excuse my delay in placing the order with your firm!  I very much enjoy Mr. Rennard servicing my firm as he is a very wise young man!  I would like Mr. Rennard to accompany my aide back to Japan for a week, at my expense, so that he can assess just how much supply we shall need for the next year!"

With the promise of a large order, plus no expenses incurred by his trip, Dave's boss readily agreed to Mr. Sasaki's request in saying that Dave could leave for Japan immediately.  Then he heard Mr. Sasaki say that he would arrange for a flight out in two days.  As Mr. Sasaki turned towards Kelli, he advised "Mrs. Rennard, I am so sorry to take your husband from you this soon after returning from Japan but I shall make it up to you!  You have done such a beautiful job on the penthouse that I would like you to handle another project for me!"

Then the large flat screen lit-up as the night's entertainment commenced.  Dave breathed in a deep sigh of relief to see that it was a live television feed from Mr. Sasaki's headquarters.  On the screen were a dozen beautiful geisha girls, clad in their colorful kimonos, performing a Japanese dance to celebrate the occasion.
On the drive home, Kelli was bubbling over with excitement at the prospect of doing another dream job for Mr. Sasaki.  But Dave sat in silence, remorseful at knowing the real truth of what Mr. Sasaki had in store for her.  'God, at least I'll be far away in Japan when all of this takes place!  It'd just kill me to be here at home, so nearby yet helpless in preventing Kelli from falling into his evil clutches!' he thought.

"Oh, honey, Mr. Sasaki told me that this project is bit of a rush and may require me to work late!  With the huge time difference, it'll be next to impossible to get hold of one another by phone at a good time!  Best to email me if you need to reach me on your trip!  Otherwise, I'll just see you when you get back on your trip!" Kelli advised.

Mid-morning, two days later, Dave watched as the limo pulled up at the curb to take him to the airport.  He saw that it was Mr. Muraoka in the front passenger seat next to the driver.  Nervously kissing his wife goodbye, Dave followed the driver who had come to the door to take his luggage.  Getting in the back of the limo, he was then accompanied by Mr. Muraoka.

As they took off in the limo, Mr. Muraoka advised "Why are you looking so glum, Mr. Rennard!  Perhaps you cannot imagine what will happen to your lovely wife, heh?"  Chuckling, the aide added "Do not worry, Mr. Rennard!  Mr. Sasaki knows how to treat a beautiful woman!  He has trained many a geisha on the art of pleasing a man!"

Looking about the outside of the limo, Dave realized that they were not headed towards the airport but in the opposite direction.  Then he heard Mr. Muraoka say "You will not have to imagine what your lovely wife will be going through for your indiscretions as you will witness her training to become Mr. Sasaki's American geisha!  You will see first hand how the Japanese train their women!  Seeing how you loved making the young geisha scream in pain, you will especially be happy when you see how Mr. Sasaki make your beautiful wife scream!"

As the limo pulled out to pick up Kelli, Dave was left to carry his own luggage as he followed Mr. Sasaki's aide into the building and the private elevator.  He was taken to a room just adjoining the entertainment center with the large flat screen on the wall.  Then Mr. Sasaki appeared in the room, accompanied by a geisha carrying a tray with a container of sake and cups.

Having consumed several cups of sake, Dave was trying desperately to dull his senses, not believing what was about to take place.  Then he heard a beeper go off in Mr. Sasaki's pocket and watched as the shrewd man stood and smiled, commenting "Ahhh, your lovely young wife has arrived to have lunch with me!  I have an exquisite lunch being prepared by my chefs!  But dessert shall be my main course!"  Dave saw the man's smile widen even more as he added "I shall eat your beautiful wife for my dessert!  I bet she will be sweet and juicy!"

When Mr. Sasaki left the room, an aide whom Dave had never seen before entered and turned on the flat screen unit.  A press of the button and the aide had a camera showing Mr. Sasaki going out to the elevator.  As the elevator doors opened, Dave observed his lovely wife dressed beautifully in the beautiful gold dress that she had recently purchased with matching heels.  He cringed as he heard Mr. Sasaki say "Ah, you are truly a golden angel sent from above!"

As Mr. Sasaki was escorting her to the small cozy dining room, set up like a tearoom in Japanese tradition with the table a foot off the floor, Kelli recalled the custom of removing ones shoes before entering.  She then stepped out of her heels as she walked into the rather smoky room.  It was a strong smell of what appeared to be incensed but it made her feel a bit heady.

When Mr. Sasaki sat and padded a cushion, inviting her to sit next to him, Kelli felt a bit uncomfortable but did not want to offend this rich and powerful man who had given her the biggest job of her career thus far.  Reluctantly, she sat herself down on the cushion next to the paunchy old man.  Sipping at the cup of sake that her host had handed to her, Kelli found herself already a bit dizzy from the heady aroma of what she thought was incense.  Little did she realize that she had really entered an opium den.

As several geishas began bringing in the food dishes, Mr. Sasaki clapped his hands and a geisha brought a bottle of liqueur and cups to the table.  With her host holding his cup of liqueur up to toast her success, Kelli took a sip of the sweet tasting liqueur.  Immediately Kelli could feel the warming effects of this sweet liquid coursing through her body.  Sipping more of the tasty liqueur, she felt a tingling in her body and unconsciously squeezed her thighs together.

Nibbling at her food, Kelli could not get enough of this sweet tasty liqueur, which an attending geisha made sure that her cup remained filled at all times.  Kelli did not know that this special liqueur from the orient served to stimulate as well as irritate one's sexual organs.  Coupled with breathing in the potent opium fumes, it would cause an inexperienced woman to become hot and horny as never before.  Feeling dizzy and hot, Kelli felt relieved to have one of the geishas help remove her matching gold jacket from her shoulders.

Gritting her teeth, Kelli tried to steel her body to keep from touching herself.   Her breasts were now aching to be touched and fondled, her thighs squeezing tightly together to stem that nagging itch between her legs, an itch that so desperately needed to be scratched.  Closing her eyes, shuddering from the need to be touched, Kelli welcomed her host's arm around her back to draw her closer to him.

On the large flat screen, Dave was mesmerized at the unfolding scene and the geishas were scurrying about to place cushions behind the couple.  A moment later, Dave observed the geishas unzipping the back of Kelli's gold dress and drawing the garment off her milky white shoulders.  He next saw the geishas assist in laying his wife back onto the cushions, then her dress was quickly stripped from her prone body.  A moment later, the lacy white bra was being removed to reveal all of his wife's sexy perfect breasts to the leering gaze of her host.

As the geishas were about to draw down the lacy white panties, Mr. Sasaki's voice could be heard "Leave that to me!"  Then the partially disrobed host appeared next to Kelli, hands caressing her through the top of her lacy white panties, then inserted his fingers in the waistband of her panties to slowly drag them down, revealing the soft golden curls hidden beneath the protective item.  He saw the smile on Mr. Sasaki's face as it was obvious he was taking great pleasure in dragging lacy garment down Kelli's trim flawless legs.

With Mr. Sasaki standing back to finish disrobing, Dave watched as the geishas softly caressed his wife's inner thighs, then observed Kelli's knees being drawn up with her feet on the cushions.  Next he saw the geishas pulling Kelli's knees wide apart.  It was but a moment later that the paunchy old man was as naked as his lovely visitor and was now shuffling up between the widespread legs.

Not being able to get a hardon in weeks, Dave felt that bone now threatening to break through his pants as he watched the paunchy old man lean forward to sample his succulent dessert.  Once the host got to put his sucking lips upon his golden dessert, a loud mewling sound echoed throughout the room.  "Mmmmmmm ………………..mmmmmmmm …………ohhhhhhhhh!" came the moans as Dave observed his wife's head tossing from side to side, whipping her silky blonde hair about.

Dave could not believe what he was witnessing for the very first time, his wife's head tossing about as her fingers caressed her nipples while another man sucked the honey from between her thighs.  It was an unbelievable sight as Dave watched his lovely wife close her thighs around Mr. Sasaki's head, arching her hips up to feed him her sweet honey.  A chill went through his body as he heard his wife's voice "Ohhhhhhhhh ……..yes ……………..yes ………………ohhh, it feels so good!  Oh, suck me ……..yes, suck me …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!   Oh …………..oh ………………….oh, God ………….yesssssssss ……………I ……….…………I'm cummingggggggggggggg!"

Never had Dave ever seen his lovely young wife in the throes of such a wild climax, hands grasping tightly behind the balding head of the man who was eating her alive.  Never had he witnessed such a wanton display from Kelli as she thrust her hips up into this man's face, begging him "Eat me …………eat me …………….eat me out!  Oh, God ………..oh, God ……………eat meeeeeeeeee ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Dave saw his wife's trim hips arch up high, remaining there as her host feasted on his sweet and juicy dessert.

With his lovely wife's body now widespread on the cushions after that shattering orgasm from being eaten out, Dave saw Mr. Sasaki look up in the direction of the camera to give him a gloating smile.  Then his wife's host ran his tongue over his slick lips, saying loudly "Ahhhh, sweet and juicy American pie!  The best dessert I have ever tasted!"  In the picture came a geisha to serve Mr. Sasaki another cup of sake now that he had consumed his dessert.

With Mr. Sasaki now sitting back at the table to partake in more sake, lovely Kelli was being helped to her feet by the attending geishas.  Dave watched as a silky kimono was wrapped around his wife as the geishas then led her out of the room.  The scene changed to the hallway to show where his wife was being led.  With the women going into a room, the camera was switched to show the room that Kelli had entered.

It was an oval shaped room, the one that Kelli had mentioned to him one night over dinner.  In the center of the room was the unusual shaped bed that Kelli had told him she had special ordered for Mr. Sasaki.  It was a bed that had cost thousands according to Kelli, who had indicated her puzzlement to him as to why Mr. Sasaki would want a bed to obviously be the center of attention by being in the middle of the room.  She had giggled over dinner, saying "I laid down on the bed when it was positioned in the room and I think Mr. Sasaki must be planning to use it for fun and games with his little geishas!  When you lie on the bed, you see your reflection as the ceiling is paneled with mirrors!"

Delirious and uncaring due to the effects of the stimulating liqueur and inhalation of the opium fumes, Kelli was led to the edge of the bed as the geishas then began to remove her kimono.  Sitting on the bed, Kelli was then given another cup of the sweet liqueur that she now craved.  Then a geisha went to a corner where she lit items in the large bowl.  Soon the smell incense and fumes of opium began to fill this room, similar to the one she had left.

Mr. Sasaki, now dressed in a robe, entered the oval room and stared down at the golden angel that withered on the bed with eyes closed as one hand caressed her hardened nipples while the other rubbed at her gushing slit.  With Mr. Sasaki's arms out a bit from his sides, a geisha assisted in the removal of his robe.  Then it could be heard "Oh, my little American beauty, you did well in purchasing this oval bed!  I hope it is comfortable for you!  You shall have the honor to be the very first to bless this bed as now you shall enjoy a treat from the Far East!  A treat that perhaps shall make your pretty little belly swell up like a balloon fish and start your family!"

Dave's jaw dropped open at that last comment.  So preoccupied with saving his own ass that he had not even considered the potential consequences of an unwanted offspring.  'Oh my God!  Last week, when Kelli was trying to get me hard, she said I'd have to use a condom if I waited a few more day!  Oh, God ………………this ………..this is the wrong time of the month for her!  Damn …………..he ……….he's hoping to knock her up!"

As Mr. Sasaki moved to the foot of the bed and knelt upon it, Dave was treated to a view of the fat cock between the old man's legs.  It was only about 7 inches long but as thick as Kelli's wrist, curving upwards from the middle and with a bulblike cockhead.  Dave realized that the older man did not possess the length as he did but the thickness of the cock certainly would stretch Kelli as never before.

Now appearing on each side of the bed were the two geishas who had escorted Kelli into the room.  Each geisha gently grabbed hold of Kelli's nearest leg, pulling her legs wide apart as Mr. Sasaki shuffled up between them.  The bulblike cockhead was now pressing up against Kelli moist slit, pushing to spread her pussy lips open.  It soon became quite obvious that there was much difficulty of gaining penetration due to the cock's thickness.

Some reality set back in as Kelli shuddered as she realized that she was about to be penetrated by what felt to be the size of a man's fist.  “Oh, noooooo …………please ………please …………….pleaseeeeeeee ……..don't ………..don't ……………..I must be true to my husbnd!  Please …………..please ……………you ………………you're …………….too biggggggggggg!  You ………you'll tear me …………..I can't take it …………..you're too big!” she sobbed as she felt the blunt cockhead trying to force its way into her.  "Arggggggg ……………Godddddddddd!" Kelli screamed as the blunt cockhead forced its way between her wide-stretched legs.
"Aaaiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………………owwwwwwwwwww ………………ahhhh ……….ahhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhh ……….stop ………..stoppppp ……..please …………….please stopppppp!  It hurtssssssss …………………..ohhhh, it hurtssssssssss!" Kelli screamed. She shuddered as the fat sweaty body was now upon her, hands firmly gripping her waist as he thrust into her again, causing her body to shudder in agonizing pain.  "It hurtssssss ………….it hurtsssss ………..of God, it hurts so badddd ………………so baddddddddd!" Kelli sobbed in agony.

In the entertainment room not far away, as the paunchy host slammed in and out of his beautiful guest, Dave was witness to the sudden transformation taking place on the bed.  He saw Kelli's legs being released to voluntarily wrap themselves around the fat fucker, arms now encircling the man's neck.  The rubbing of the fat cock on his wife's enflamed clit was now driving her crazy as she humped up each time the old man thrust himself into her.
"Aaaaaaaaaaahh ………………..ah ……………ahhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhh!" Kelli moaned and shivered as the pleasure giving cock rubbed against her agitated clit.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, God……………..oooooh ………..oh, ooooooohhhhhh ……………..yes ……………yessssss!" she hissed.  "Ohhhhhh ………..oooooooohhhhh …………yessss ……..yes!" she panted.  "Ohhhhhh ……….God ……….ohhhhh ………..oooooooohhhhh ……….deeper ……………deeper …………….fuck me deeper!" she pleaded, unconscious of her pleas, something she had never done with Dave.
"Oh, God …………God ………..please …………...please ……………….ohhhh, pleaseeee ……….ooooohhhhhh, yes …………….yesssss!" Kerri moaned as the thick shaft slid into her again and again.   "Oh, God ………..oh, God …………so big ……………sooooo biggggggg …………so good!  Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………………fuck me …………fuck me!  Oh ……….ohhh ……..ohhhhh ………I ………oh, God ………………….I'm cumminggggggg!" she screamed as her body shook and convulsed uncontrollably, giving her an orgasm the magnitude never before experienced in her young life.

Dave watched his lovely wife clutch at the fat old man with wild abandon, then saw the backside Mr. Sasaki's ass quiver once, then again but longer in duration.  Next, the man's entire fat body quivered, making it obvious to Dave that Mr. Sasaki was spewing his hot seed into Kelli's fertile womb.  Dave's eyes closed in disgust, realizing that his lovely wife may soon be carrying this man's baby.

For the next two hours, Dave watched as his now insatiable wife asked to be fucked by her host time and time again, often reaching over to grasp his dwindled cock to shuck it back to life.  He could not believe the staying power of this old man who made Kelli cum time and time again before expending his seed into her womb.  Dave knew it was the potent liqueur and opium fumes that got Kelli so hot and horny, but why did she have to be so openly wanton with Mr. Sasaki.

Dave was especially disturbed when his wife was being royally fucked and commented "Yes ………..yes, Mr. Sasaki ……………ohhhh, you're so much better than my husband!  Oh, fuck me ………….fuck me!  Ohhhhh, Dave just can't compare to you!  Ohhhh …………you're so fantastic!"  Drinking the sake that had been brought to him, Dave sought to get drunk as the two lovers on the screen continued to embrace each other as they rested.

Falling asleep on the couch late that evening, Dave awoke time and again to the sounds of moans and groans of lovemaking.  It seemed that Mr. Sasaki could not get enough of his blonde American beauty, nor could Kelli get enough of the lovemaking expertise of her host.  In the course of a wild mating session, Dave heard Mr. Sasaki ask "Oh, my little golden angel, you be my little American geisha, heh?"  To his dismay, Dave heard his wife exclaim "Oh, yes …………..yes ……………make me your little geisha!  Fuck your American geisha!  Give your American geisha a baby!"

Not having eaten for awhile, Dave was surprised as Eiko suddenly appeared with a tray of food for him.  As Eiko knelt beside him to fill his cup with sake, he felt his cock stirring at the beauty he had broken in just weeks before.  With the young beauty remaining by his side, now caressing his arm like the first night at the teahouse in Japan, Dave wanted more of this sexy little beauty.  Dave found that he would be well entertained that night when Eiko told him "Mr. Sasaki is quite pleased with the beautiful American geisha you have provided to him!  He has sent me here to keep you happy tonight!"

The next day, Dave sat before the large flat screen with a cup of sake in hand as he watched his beautiful wife continually beg her host to fill her horny twat with his cock, begging Mr. Sasaki to keep on fucking her.  Never had he seen Kelli in such need for sex, though he realized that the liqueur and potent fumes were a major reason for her condition.  But it seemed that Kelli was now just cock crazy, especially wanting to get fucked doggie style, a position that she would never let him have her in.

In the middle of the bed, Kelli got on all fours, begging Mr. Sasaki to possess her as she felt him shuffling up behind her.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yessss!" she whimpered as the thick cockhead probed at her mushy slit and slid into her.  "Oh, Mr. Sasaki ………………fuck your American geisha ……………fuck her like a bitch in heat …………..….ohhhh, yesssssss!" she shuddered.

Ichiro licked his lips as he caressed the beautiful soft white ass of his lovely new geisha, loving the sounds of her whimpering as he soaked his cock in her mushy cunt.  Now he would teach this lovely young beauty how to take a man's cock up her tight little ass.  He smiled in anticipation, certain that the innocent beauty never had a man in such a manner would scream like crazy when he buggered her.

"Ohhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhh!" Kelli moaned as the thick cockhead pulsed in her, trying to edge back so he would lunge his entire cock into her juicing slit.   "Huh ……………..ahhhhh ……….what?" came Kelli's puzzled reaction when the cockhead was suddenly pulled from her cuntlips.  Feeling the fumbling behind her, Kelli's eyes bulged as she felt the blunt probing at the entrance to her ass.

"No ………….no, Mr. Sasaki …………..not there ……………..I …………I've never done that!" she stammered out in fright.  With the blunt cockhead at the entrance to her ass, hands firmly holding her hips, Kelli shivered in fear.  "Stop …………..stop ………….no ……………no ……………….not there!  Please ………….it's too big …………..it'll kill me!  Please …………….please …………I've …………neverrrrrrr!" she sobbed pleadingly.

Suddenly, Kelli’s head snapped back as Mr. Sasaki brutally thrust himself into her.  Her eyes bulged in disbelief as she screamed “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………oh, Godddddddddd!”  The excruciating pain and horror of her degrading plight had sobbing for mercy "Please …………….please ………….stop ……….oh, God ……………it hurtttssssss!  Oh, God …………….stoppppppp!  Stopppppppppppp!"

Kelli's screams not only brought great pleasure to the man introducing her to such a sexual act but it certainly brought a rise to her husband's cock as he watched and heard her being taken in such a brutal manner.  Dave wondered if his beautiful wife would come to love being fucked in the ass as she was now cock-crazed.  He hoped that he too would have the opportunity to take her in such a manner.

That evening as Dave ate this dinner, he was again pampered and catered to by the sexy Eiko.  He learned from Eiko that Mr. Sasaki would be hosting the penthouse party for his friends and clients from Japan, the next evening.  He shivered when Eiko told him "Your lovely wife will be dressed as a geisha and be there to please all the men!"

Watching the flat screen the next evening after the guests arrived and were seated for dinner, Dave observed his lovely wife appear for the first time, garbed in a beautiful orange and white kimono.  Kelli's hair was pinned up as a geisha's would, only the white powdery make-up was eliminated to allow her true beauty to stand out.  He watched as she sat next to each man, pouring sake for the men, watched as their hands reached out to touch her.

Dave observed Kelli being escorted out of the room by two geishas while the others remained behind to serve the men.  As the aide handling the cameras did not switch to the location where Kelli had disappeared to as he normally would, Dave wondered just what was taking place.

After twenty minutes went by, Dave observed the geishas spreading out a large black plastic tarp onto the floor and was puzzled as to what was to come.  Then he heard the aide handling the camera switches say with delight "Ahhhh, bukkake time!"  Dave wondered just what that meant by 'bukkake'.  Then he saw everyone in the room freeze and look towards the doorway.  As the camera moved in that direction, Dave realized why everyone was staring in that direction.

There in the doorway stood his beautiful wife accompanied by the two geishas who had left earlier with her.  Only now, Kelli's long blonde hair had been unpinned and flowed beautifully down to her shoulders.  Instead of the kimono, Kelli was dressed in the beautiful gold outfit and matching heels that she and arrived in the other day.  Then she was being led to the area where the plastic mat had been laid out and made to kneel in the center of the mat, where she was given a cup of the liqueur that she craved.

As Kelli sat sipping her liqueur, all the men rose to their feet and held up their cups of sake in her honor.  "Banzai!  Banzai!  Banzai!" came the loud chants from the excited men.  After finishing her drink, feeling the heat coursing through her body and centering between her legs, she watched as all the men began to strip off their clothing.  Soon all of the men were totally bare and moved to form a ring around her, four to five deep, all fisting at their manhood and anxious to get closer.

Kelli looked about at all the cocks of various sizes being aimed at her.  She wondered what was expected of her, wondered if she would be expected to jerk each of the men off one by one.  With over fifty men present, it would take over an hour to accomplish such a task.  'What am I expected to do?  Perhaps one man will step forward and do something?' she wondered.  She squirmed a bit, needing desperately to scratch that itch between her legs.  Kelli moved her left hand up to caress her tingling nipples through her dress as her right went down to scratch that irritating itch.

As the ring of men closed in on her, Kelli prayed that one man would show her what was expected of her.  It was but a second later that her prayer was answered, hitting her right between her eyes.  The man she had been facing had been the first to cum, spurting his hot load right into face, forcing her to close her eyes to prevent cum from getting into her eyes.  Then it began to rain hot cum upon her from all directions, matting her long blonde hair, covering every inch of exposed skin, totally soaking her dress as well as soiling her heels.

Dave was flabbergasted as he watched what was taking place on the screen.  Now he had learned the meaning of 'bukkake'!  Row after row of men emptied their hot gooey loads, enjoying their opportunity of cumming on a beautiful American blonde for the very first time.  Dave watched as the majority of the men returned a second time to sate his lust.  When it was over, his lovely wife was covered from head to toe by over a hundred loads of gooey cum, unable to open her eyes due to the thick layer of cum that covered her face.

Suddenly Eiko appeared and was pulling him with her, leading him down the hallway where the party was being held.  Entering the room, all the men were silent and smiling at him as he was being led towards his kneeling wife.  With all the cum covering her face, he realized it was impossible for her to open her eyes without cum seeping in.  He was then pulled to within a foot of his wife when Eiko unzipped him and began to wank him.

As he was hard and throbbing within the tight jerking fist, Dave heard Mr. Sasaki's voice say "Open your mouth wide, my sweet American geisha!  Open wide for a tasty surprise!"  Dave realized that Kelli had never tasted a cock before, much less a man's cum.  At least he would have the honor of being the first man's cum that she tasted.  With that thought, as well as Eiko's expert fisting, he was soon grunting as his cock spurted its first shot right into his wife's open mouth.  The spasming of his cock sent the next two streams of cum onto his wife's already cum coated cheeks.

Exhausted, Dave was pushed aside as three men stood side by side facing his wife.  He saw Kelli's mouth still wide open with her pointed tongue flicking out to beg for more of what he had given her.  And more she got as the three men came simultaneously, filling her mouth with their hot creamy spend.  A line of men three wide and ten deep had now formed, each man eager to have a chance to feed the hungry beauty a hot creamy meal.

Back in the entertainment room with Eiko to attend to his needs, Dave saw several geishas draw the ends of the plastic mat towards the center, literally wrapping the plastic up and around Kelli.  Then a strong muscular man bent and lifted his bundled wife up and followed the geishas out of the room.  The camera switched to the spacious bathroom where the man could be seen gently lowering Kelli to the floor.  As the man left, the geishas began to unwrap the sticky contents.

Kelli was assisted up at the elbows to a standing position.  Then her zipper of her soiled gold dress was unzipped and the soaked dress soon fell to the matted floor with a loud plop.  Kelli had not been wearing any undergarments for the occasion, leaving her now clad in only her soiled gold heels.  She heard a geisha instruct her to take off her heels so she could step into the shower.  Her eyelids were still shut tightly together, more like glued together, since that first man showed her what was cumming.

With her left heel behind the other she stepped out of her right heel and placed her foot down onto the mat.  When she had been wrapped up in a bundle, the remnants of over a hundred loads of male cum had pooled at the bottom or center of the mat, a thick pool into which Kelli's bare foot stepped right into.  A shudder coursed through Kelli's body as stepped into the slimy goo, feeling the thick mess ooze between her toes.  Kicking off her left heel, she cringed as that foot met the same fate.

Guided under the spray of the hot shower, putting her creamy face under the hot spray, Kelli lifted her hands to her face to scoop off handful after handful of the slop.  Then her hands went to her matted hair to scoop out the creamy shampoo that the men had lathered her with.  It was nearly five minutes before Kelli even attempted to open her eyes as the geishas now assisted in soaping her down.

During the hour-long break since the bukkake bath, the men partied and celebrated with their generous host, downing more sake.  Then the two geishas who had bathed Kelli returned to the doorway and signaled that the men could now enter the oval bedroom.  Six lucky men were allowed to enter the oval room where they would find the lovely American beauty awaiting them in a lacy negligee.

With the lovely Eiko kneeling between his legs, his cock in her sucking mouth, Dave watched the screen intently to see how his lovely wife would service six men at a time.  Dave realized that this would go on for hours and hours with so many men present and all wanting their turn.  Hands around Eiko head, Dave slowly fucked her sucking mouth as he watched the giant screen.

After many hours, Dave observed the two basic positions that Kelli used to service six men at once.  He saw how busy the geishas were, stripping the bed after each set of men had sated themselves and putting on fresh sheets.  Kelli was always bathed down and dressed in a new negligee if the other was soiled, making it obvious that Mr. Sasaki had spared no expense in seeing that his guests were treated to nothing but the best.  The two basic positions for his lovely wife were either on her back or on all fours.

 On her back, he saw Kelli service the six men in the following manner: one man in the missionary position; one man kneeling above her head to feed her; her arms outstretched on each side with her fists filled with their cocks; and a man hold each leg with him fucking her soft sole or licking her sole as while he fucked up against her trim leg.  When Kelli was on all fours: one man was beneath her as she straddled his cock; another kneeling being her to butt fuck her; her hands again fill with a cock while the sixth man drew her legs around the butt-fucker where he could fuck her soft soles and cream on them.

Back at home on the day he was to return, having been dropped off in Mr. Sasaki's limo, Dave began the task of unpacking his luggage while awaiting his wife to return home.  An hour later, watching intently out the window, Dave saw the limo pull back up to the front of the house.  He was taken by surprise as the chauffeur opened the back door and saw his beautiful wife looking radiant as ever, dressed in the beautiful gold outfit that he had last observed in a slimy puddle.  The dress looked immaculate as it obviously had been sent to the cleaners.  It appeared that soaking it in all that starch had done no damage to it.

Moving away from the window and going back to bedroom, Dave pretended to be completing the task of unpacking.  Hearing the door open, he heard Kelli call out "Dave, I'm home!"  "I'm in the bedroom, honey!" he replied.  Turning to see his beautiful wife entering the bedroom, running up to throw her arms around him, he held her tenderly in his arms.  Knowing what he had set Kelli up for and witnessing everything that had happened, he just did not know what to say, wondering if she would breakdown and tell him of her horror.

Still embraced after a passionate kiss, Kelli said "Oh, honey, I missed you so much!  I've been so busy with Mr. Sasaki helping him get the place in order for the second open-house party for his guests from Japan!  You should have been there, honey!  It was an experience one wouldn't ever forget!  I got to meet all of Mr. Sasaki's close friends and associates and they treated me so well!  In fact, Mr. Sasaki will be flying me to Japan for a week or so next month for another big gathering of this same group of men.  He wants me to get to know the men better as it promises to be quite rewarding!"

After another passionate kiss, they broke the embrace as Kelli then slipped off her heels and began to take off her beautiful dress.  "Oh, Dave, do you remember Eiko, that beautiful geisha that greeted us at the first open-house?  Well, we became good friends over the past week and when I go to Japan next month, I'll be staying with her.  I'm going to teach her western traditions when I'm there and she's going to show me the lifestyle of a geisha.  Clad only in her lacy bar and panties she went to embrace Dave, rubbing her sexy body up against him, asking teasingly "Do you think I would make a good little geisha and please men?  Do you think I can make men desire me?"

Six weeks later, Dave kissed his wife goodbye as the chauffeur carried her luggage to the limo where Mr. Sasaki awaited in the back of it.  As the limo drove off, Dave was dismayed that he would be alone without his beautiful wife for over a week.  He knew what his beautiful wife would be doing over the next week to get to know Mr. Sasaki's friends even better.  Sighing in frustration, his mind played back yesterday's surprise when Kelli told him "I guess our timing was a bit off a month ago!  I've been feeling a bit queasy the past few days!  Guess what?  I took a home pregnancy test and you're going to be a daddy near Christmas!"

End of Story.