Fiancé’s Father - I
(m/f, cons, incest)
Black Demon
Ms. Lynne Nesser
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

During high school Lynne Nesser was quite promiscuous and had obtained the status as a slut among her peers.  She was bright in academics but fell in with the wild crowd that partied a lot.  She had lost her virginity in the back seat of a car during her freshman year.  From then on, Lynne found that the itch between her thighs could only be put out by a good fuck.

Lynne graduated from high school and went off to an exclusive college on an academic scholarship.  She was determined to shed her promiscuous behavior and to become Ms. Prim and Proper.  She kept busy and somehow managed to keep the lusting males away from her, giving her the air of a respectable young woman.  She did not want to have the reputation of being easy, though she constantly felt the itch between her soft thighs.  Lynne was one of the most attractive girls on campus, standing at 5’4”, 118 lbs., long flowing blonde hair, with the face of an angel.  Lynne was courted by many, falling in love during her sophomore year of college to handsome John Belton.  But she was intent on maintaining her newly acclaimed status of being a prim and proper young lady on campus.

Deep down in her heart, Lynne wondered just how long the charade could be maintained.  She managed to keep John at bay, often scolding him for trying to get too intimate on a date and put up quite the prim and proper front.  But Lynne knew she really needed a good ‘fuck’ to quell the fire between her thighs.  To accomplish this, Lynne eagerly looked forward to returning home on some weekends and holidays.  Back at home, she met up with guys she had dated and fucked during her high school years, guys who would never amount to much.  One of the guys worked at a service station, one worked at a construction company digging ditches, while another was a trash collector for the city.  But each one of them were more than willing to take her out for an evening, no expensive dining at a restaurant, just an all night fuck session.

Having put out the fire between her thighs for a while, Lynne managed to return to the college campus and her sweetheart as the goody-goody Ms. Prim and Proper.  Then in her senior year of college and as Christmas vacation was nearing, John proposed to her.  Lynne was so happy at the proposal and immediately accepted.  With this new and happy event, the holiday season plans for both Lynne and John changed so the first week would be spent at Lynne’s parents and the second at John’s.  That would give them the opportunity to meet each other’s parents, to get on the right footing with their respective in-laws.  But Lynne felt the itch between her thighs needing to be scratched once again.

  Lynne was happy that John and her parents hit it off and got along so well.  That first week of vacation was quickly coming to an end.  There of course was the one drawback to this happy occasion for Lynne.  The itch and craving between her soft thighs were in a desperate need of relief, sexual relief that she had planned to get again from one or more of her old boyfriends.  But Lynne just could not get away from John, who wanted to spend every second with her and to see the sights of her hometown.  Then they were packed and headed off for the hour’s flight to visit John’s parents.

 Wanting to impress John’s parents, Lynne dressed in a pink top, short black skirt, and 3” black heels.  They were greeted at the airport by John’s parents.  John’s parents were in their 60's and both seem to be very nice and kind.  To ease their first meeting, Tom Belton told Lynne to sit in the front with him while John and his mom sat in the back. Once in the car, Lynne could not help but notice the slight eye movement her future father-in-law made towards her direction.  She turned to the back a bit while talking to John and his mother, but she was really watching John’s father ogle her long bare legs.

 During the long drive to the Belton’s home in the countryside, Lynne managed to squirm about in the seat, letting the hem of her skirt to ride up far onto her trim white thighs.  Then to add to the allure of the long white legs, she let a heel slip off her trim right foot and began to dangle it with her tiny toes.  In glancing over at the driver’s seat, she noticed her future father-in-law panting for breath.  Lynne felt totally wicked, teasing this elderly man right under the nose of his wife and son, the man whom she had just become engaged to.

 That night at dinner, Lynne wore a nice pastel yellow dress and white heels for the occasion as John had advised her that the family liked to dress up for dinner.  Lynne was sitting directly across Tom Belton while John was sitting across his mother.  The Belton’s also took to Lynne immediately, asking her to call Mr. Belton ‘Pop’ and Mrs. Belton “Mom Belton” since she would soon be part of the family.  Purposely, Lynne's dangling foot brushed against Pop's leg.  Lynne saw him shiver and look up at her.  "Oops ………………sorry Pop!" Lynne smiled.  She saw Pop swallow hard and smile, blushing from the brief encounter.  Later, she felt Pop's leg moving out towards her and she left her leg there when contact was made.  Slowly Lynne moved her a bit caressing Pop's leg.  Pop did not look up but continued eating, leaning his leg into the caressing foot under the table.

 After dinner and coffee, they lounged in the den. Lynne displayed her trim white legs to Pop at every opportunity.  Pop couldn't keep his eyes off her dangling legs in front of him.  He wanted to kneel right down before her and bury his face between her soft ivory thighs and lick his way up to the golden treasure.  A treasure that was to belong to his son but Pop could only dream of having those luscious legs wrapped around him.

 The next evening, the seating arrangement at the dinner table remained the same.  This time, wearing a nice black dress and matching heels, Lynne kept her legs outstretched awaiting for Pop Belton to make the first move.  It was not long before Pop’s leg stretched out in the hope of touching his future daughter-in-law.  This time, Lynne dropped her heel with her foot playfully sneaking up the pants leg of her future father-in-law.  As Pop began to choke on his food, Lynne’s hand reached across to touch his.  “Are you okay, Pop?  Can I get you anything?” she asked, all the while playing footsies with him.

 On the third day at the Belton’s, the weather was quite unusual for this time of the year.  It was blue skies and the sun broke through, making it a nice winter day.  A perfect day as Pop was starting the outdoor smoker early to put a roast on.  He was sipping on a scotch as he looked inside where Lynne lay resting on the lounge chair.  He licked his lips as he gazed upon Lynne’s long white legs and her sexy feet.  ‘Oh, God!  What I’d give to get between her long sweet legs!’ Pop muttered to himself.

 Once the smoker was started, Mrs. Belton came out to tell her husband that she had forgotten that this was the day they were to drop off some Christmas gifts to some family members.  As Pop had to keep an eye on the smoker, adding chips periodically to the smoker, he suggested that John drive her as the roads could still be a bit icy.  John volunteered to be the chauffeur.  Pop thought surely that lovely Lynne would tag along and be with John.  But Pop was quite surprised when he heard Lynne tell John “Oh, I’ll stay back and keep Pop company!  Besides, I think all mothers like to have a private chat with their son, especially when they bring a fiancee home to meet the family.  It’ll be good for you to spend some time alone with her on this Christmas vacation!”

  Once John and his mother had left, Pop went into the house to make himself another scotch and to talk to lovely Lynne.  He wanted the opportunity to be up close to gaze at her long flawless milk-white legs.  As he approached the smiling Lynne, he was about to take a seat across the small room from where she was lounging.  He was pleasantly surprised when Lynne mover her trim legs over to the edge of the lounge chair and told him “Oh, Pop!  Don’t be shy!  Come and sit right here next to me.”

 Pop gulped a drink of his scotch and sat on the lounge chair, right next to her lovely thighs.  Pop tried to make some small talk and couldn’t help but to tell Lynne how lovely she was.  “Why thank you, Pop! You’re so sweet!” Lynne replied, drawing a leg up and letting her knee rest on her father-in-law’s upper arm.  She could see Pop panting for breath from his obvious excitement as her knee moved slowly back and forth on his arm.

 The nearness of this succulent little beauty had Pop Belton beside himself, unable to think clearly, throat dry.  He desperately wanted to reach out that few inches and caress those long lovely legs that were driving him crazy.  Wanted to tear off her clothing and fuck the hell out of her, right on this very lounge chair but he gripped the chair’s padding tightly in his attempt to stem his lusting urge while thinking ‘Maybe it’s all in my mind that she deliberately teased me during the dinners?’  But then all of Pop’s will power vanished as Lynne’s right leg raised up further and she ran her foot up to caress the back of Pop’s pudgy body.

 Pop Belton’s had eased his grip on the lounge chair and his hand lifted to caress the soft milky white thigh of his future daughter-in-law.  He drew a deep breath, not believing anyone could have such baby soft skin, so smooth and flawless.  His breathing was slow and shallow as he caressed the soft white flesh of Lynne’s left thigh, edging his exploring fingers up slowly, touching the bottom edge of her white shorts.

 Lynne did not know what had come over her.  Having tried to give and maintain her appearance as a respectable young woman throughout her college years and now she was letting it all fall by the wayside, flaunting her body to none other than John’s father.  To make matters worst, she had let it start by teasing her future father-in-law the very first time she met him.  For some reason, the forbidden and illicit nature of her teasing her fiancé’s father made it all the more wicked but yet all the more exciting.  So exciting that it made the itch between Lynne’s thighs unbearable.

 Pop was getting braver, letting caution go to the wind, his fingers now slipped under the edge of Lynne’s shorts and moved to the golden jewel.  Another short inch and he came into contact with the lacy silk panties that served to protect that precious jewel.  “Ohhhhh ………Pop!  Yessss ……………….ohhhhh ………….yesssss …………yes ………..touch me, Pop …………touch me there!” Lynne moaned loudly as Pop’s exploring fingers found her sensitive clit through the silky panties.

 Pop knew he had to possess this lovely bitch here and now, forget the fact that she was the fiancée of his own son.  To hell if she objected his advances from here on, he was determined to possess her now, even if he had to rape her.  He had to taste the sweet nectar between her soft thighs, needed to plunge his aching cock into this sweet little thing.

 But there would be no need to rape the lovely Lynne.   As Pop’s fingers rubbed the groove of the moist panties, it was time to possess the lovely beauty.  Reaching up to her hips with both hands, the white shorts and lacy panties were gripped by his thick fingers.  The shorts gave no resistance, having already been unbuttoned by Lynne’s trembling fingers, sliding over the trim white hips accompanied by the thin lacy white panties.  In a few seconds, the garments were drawn down the trim white legs, off Lynne’s lovely feet to fall to the floor.

 Pop saw the ivory thighs spread open, the golden fleece parting to reveal its pink treasure.  Bending over, Pop’s face delved forward into the golden fleece, his tongue darting out to tease the moist pink treasure.  Then he had to satisfy his lusting hunger as he set out to eat all the sweet honey from this tasty morsel.  “Ohhhhhhhh, Pop ………..yes …………….. yessssssssss!  Eat me, Pop …………….ohhhhhhh ……..God, yesssssss  ………..eattttttt, meeeee!” Lynne moaned, hips arching up into the tonguing face.  “Ohhhhhh ………………my Godddddddddddd!” Lynne moaned, body shuddering in convulsions of this wild orgasm.

 Feasting on the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted, Pop now had the trim white legs wide spread as he was crouched with head buried between the soft white thighs.  He now had to fuck this beautiful little bitch, had to have those trim white legs wrapped around him.  He didn’t care if his wife or son arrived home and walked in at this very moment.  He moved up to take possession of this lovely beauty.  Moving upwards, Pop was pleasantly surprised to find Lynne’s lovely white breasts bared of its clothing.  He took one pink nipple into his mouth and tongued it to stiffness.  Then he followed suit with its perfect twin.

 Moving up, Pop gave his future daughter-in-law a kiss.   A deep passionate kiss that only his son should be giving her.  His exploring tongue was met in return by Lynne’s responsive lips as she sucked on his thick tongue.  The kiss was a long passionate one as Lynne’s trim white arms encircled Pop’s neck, drawing him even closer to her. 

 Desperately Pop Belton stood up a bit in order to unbuckle his pants and to shuck it off his pudgy body.  As he was unbuckling his belt, his son's fiance reached up to caress the hard boner that was captive in his pants.  He nearly came in his pants as he watched Lynne lean forward, sticking out her pointed pink tongue, licking at his throbbing length through his pants.  Finally, dropping his pants and jockeys, grasping his throbbing cock, he joined the beauty on the lounge chair and leaned forward to get into position.  Parting the soft golden fleece, the thick cockhead pushed forward into the parting pink treasure, slipping into the warm slick folds of this lovely blonde beauty.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………..Godddddddd ………………….dammmmmm!” he groaned, shuddering and trying to stop the sensations from building too fast, not wanting to erupt prematurely.

 “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhh!” Pop Belton groaned again as his sensitive cock was drawn into the warm slick folds, aided when Lynne wrapped her long trim legs around his pudgy ass.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, baby …………………oh, sweetie!” he groaned loudly as his future daughter-in-law arched up to capture more of his pulsing erection.  Then he began to hump away in earnest, all to the encouragement of his young conquest “Ohhhhhh, Pop ……….yessssssssss …………….fuck me Pop, fuck me ………………….!” Lynne chanted.

 The lounge chair shook and moved about, leaving some scratches due to the roughness in which it was being moved.  “Ohhhhh, Godddddd ………..oh, Godddddd …………………oh, babyyyyy!” Pop Belton groaned, body quivering as he began to belch out his love into his future daughter-in-law.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssss, Pop ……………………….shoot it in me ……………ohhhhhh, yessssss ……………give me your baby!” Lynne moaned, body shivering in a mind shattering orgasm, made that much more special due to its illicit nature.

 Twice more over the next hour, the padded lounge chair served to fulfill the illicit mating. Each time Pop Belton spurted a load of thick cum in a manner he had never experienced before.  Lynne’s womb was filled to the brim with her future father-in-law’s love.  “Ohhhhhh, God ……………….oh, Pop ……..I ………………I love you, Pop!” Lynne groaned, squeezing her legs around his quivering ass as his love juices spurted deep into her.

 Lynne was in the shower to freshen up and get prepared for dinner while Pop Belton nervously checked to make sure nothing was out of order.  Grabbing a wet towel, he had wiped down the padded lounge cushion, wiping up the slick evidence of their recent mating.  Fortunately the padded cushion was two-sided and could be flipped over to hide the dark wet spot.  He had opened the door to the patio to get in some fresh air, to quell the obvious aroma of raw sex.  Now he stood by the smoker as he heard the garage door open, signaling the return of his wife and son.

 At the dinner table once again, Pop Belton was enjoying the footsies being played under the table, right under the noses of his wife and son.  He loved the feel of the sexy feet touching him as Lynne had dropped her heels to give Pop the thrill he desired.  As Lynne cut a tender piece of the roast and tasted it, she gave him such a compliment “Ohhhh, Pop, this is so delicious!  You sure did wonders with this piece of meat!”  Pop knew it was not the roast Lynne was referring to, not with her feet being stretched out under the table to touch and rub at the real piece of meat she was referring to.

 The next few days were utter frustration for Lynne and Pop Belton.  It seemed that either John or Mom Belton were always around and any moment they had together was to be very brief.  Thus, a brief intimate touch here and there was all that could be achieved.

 On the last evening before Lynne and John were to depart, they all sat at the table to have a cup of coffee before retiring for the evening.  Pop Belton told his wife to relax for a bit and he’d get the coffee from the kitchen.  Once they had consumed the coffee both Mom Belton and John were both yawning and could barely keep their eyes open.  Then everyone said their ‘good-nights’ and headed off to bed.

 A half-hour later, Lynne was rubbing her moist slit, wishing she could somehow extinguish the fire between her loins.  She froze with her finger in her quim as she heard the doorknob being turned.  The shadow of a familiar figure was outlined by the moonlight coming through the window and blinds.  She swallowed as Pop Belton lifted the sheets and crawled into bed with her.  “Oh, Pop!  I’ve been wanting this for the last three days.  But aren’t you afraid that we’ll get caught?” she whispered.

 Pop Belton gave Lynne a long passionate kiss, telling her “We won’t get caught, not with the sleeping pills I put in their coffee!  I need you so badly!  Ohhhh, honey ………………..I need you!” Pop moaned as Lynne’s soft hand closed over his throbbing cock.  “Ohhhhhh, Goddddd ………..ohhhhh ………………yessssss!” he moaned as his cock once again slipped into the soft womanhood of his son’s bride-to-be.

 It was to be a spring wedding as both John and Lynne were graduating at the end of the spring quarter.  Two weeks before the big day of the wedding, Mom and Pop Belton made the trip to the small university town where their son and future daughter-in-law were to graduate in a few days.  There they met Lynne parents for the first time and they all got along fine.  With an extra day before the graduation, the two sets of parents planned to take a guided tour of the town and have a nice luncheon at a well-known restaurant.  John was tied up with turning in his thesis while Lynne had plans to help her sorority sisters decorate the house.

 Lynne had driven both her and John’s parents to where the tour bus was to set off from.  Unfortunately, Pop Belton advised he wasn’t feeling very well, feeling some muscle tightness.  Pop Belton advised his wife to go along on the tour and not to worry about him, that he’d have Lynne drop him off at the hotel where he would get some rest.  Lynne’s parents encouraged Mom Belton to come along and join them, as she may not have a chance to see the town again.

Little did they suspect that this feigned excuse was Pop Belton’s ploy to be alone with his lovely daughter-in-law to be.  Pop Belton was dying to be alone with Lynne once again.  Once in the car, Lynne knew her future father-in-law was not ill at all, not the way he was leering at her as his pudgy hand caressed her right thigh and began to slide up under her short skirt.  “Pop Belton!  You’re so …………..naughty!” Lynne playfully scolded him as his fingers were edging their way ever so close to her moist panties.

Entering the Belton’s hotel room, Pop Belton slipped the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign onto the front of the door.  He certainly did not want to be disturbed at this moment.  Lynne turned to face him, raising her arms up to embrace him as their lips locked in a passionate kiss.  Pop Belton nearly melted as Lynne’s pointed tongue dipped into his mouth, dallying with his.  Then Pop was in for a big surprise when Lynne told him that she would be walking down the aisle ‘pregnant’.  Then she told him that she had allowed John to make love to her for the very first time a month ago.  Pop was in for a definite shock when Lynne told him “I never did let John make love to me until a month ago, Pop!  I had to then, otherwise John might suspect that the baby I’m carrying is not his!  I’m so happy that you’re the one who knocked me up, Pop!  What a Christmas present you gave me!”

 As they undressed each other, Lynne exclaimed “Ohhhhh, Pop! Is this my graduation present?  You weren’t lying about having a tight muscle!  Ohhhhhhh, it’s so tight and hard as a rock!  Let me see what I can do to loosen your muscle up!  Maybe a good massage will do the trick?”  Pop Belton groaned as Lynne’s soft hand gripped his hardened cock and slowly massaged it up and down in a pumping motion.

 In the early afternoon, Mom Belton returned to the hotel to check on her husband.  She felt so sorry for him, getting ill and missing that exciting tour of the town.  She hoped he would be feeling better for the graduation as she looked at his sleeping form under the covers.  An hour later, Pop awoke and went to the bathroom to shower.  As Pop got out of the shower, his wife got a glimpse of her husband’s small shriveled penis and exclaimed “Oh, honey, you must be coming down with a bout of the flu.  You’re so small and shriveled up!”  Little did Mom Belton suspect the real reason for her husband’s penis to shrivel to such a degree.  The shriveled penis had actually spurted out two massive loads of cum deep into her son’s fiancée’s womb.  That just an hour before her return, a third load had been spurted into her future daughter-in-law’s hot sucking mouth, the entire thick load eagerly gobbled up.

 Two weeks later, parents of the bride and groom had checked into the hotel where the wedding ceremony was to take place in the beautiful garden with the two waterfalls in the background.  John and Lynne also checked into separate rooms where they would rest the evening and get dressed for the big event.

 At 6 a.m., Lynne went to the door of her hotel room wondering who could be knocking at her door so early in the morning.  Peering into the peephole, she saw it was her loving fiancé John.  Through the door, Lynne spoke loudly so John could hear her “John, you know you’re not supposed to see the bride till the wedding ceremony begins!  It’s tradition and not good luck if I let you in now!”  Peering through the peephole again, Lynne gave a sigh of relief as she watched John turn and walk away from her door.

 Going back to the king-sized bed, Lynne looked at her sheer nightgown that lay on the floor.  Then she removed the robe she had put on and got back into the comfortable bed.  Turning to her side Lynne asked “Now where were we, Pop?  Oh, you were going to give me my wedding present, weren’t you Pop?  Ohhhhhhh, yesssss …………..Pop!  Ohhhhh …………..yesssss ……….fuck me ………………….fuck me on my wedding day, Pop!  Ohhhh, yessss …………..deeper ……………...deeper ……………….oohhhh, yesss, Pop ……………cum ……….cum in me!”  Pop Belton groaned as his well embedded cock exploded deep in Lynne’s clenching cuntlips, excited as the trim legs wrapped themselves tightly around his quivering ass.

 As Pop Belton lay exhausted on the lovely bride-to-be, cock still embedded in the drenched slit, a startling ring came from the bedside phone.  Pop stared blankly at the ringing phone as Lynne reached over to answer it.  “Hi, honey!  Hope you’re not mad at me for not letting you into my room!  Yes, I can’t wait till we’re pronounced man and wife!”  The conversation continued for over five minutes, all the while Pop Belton pumped away, determined to cum while Lynne was on the line with John.  “Oh, honeyyyy ………….I ………..I love you so much!” Lynne crooned just as the cock in her exploded its love goo deep in her womb while her legs tried to squeeze out every drop of jism.

 Six months later, the Mom and Pop Belton were in the hospital’s maternity ward to see their first grandson named ‘Thomas’.  Having viewed all the babies at the showing window, singling out their prized little boy, they went to congratulate their son and daughter-in-law.  Pop smiled when his wife told the young parents that “Young ‘Thomas’ sure has the Belton features as he’s the spitting image of Pop Belton in his baby pictures.  John was happy at being a father, telling Pop Belton that “Lynne gave him the name ‘Thomas’ after you, dad!”  Pop Belton couldn’t be happier in learning that his ‘son’ was actually named after him.

 Months later, Mom Belton was going on a week-long cruise with her two sisters.  As the two sisters were widows, Pop Belton declined on going, letting his wife go alone with them.  Pop Belton asked John if he needed any help in the yard or anything around the house, hoping to get an invitation.  Luckily John responded as Pop hoped and extended an invitation for him to stay the week with them.  Thus, Pop Belton would arrive at John and Lynne’s home on a Monday morning after dropping his wife and her sisters off at the nearby port for the cruise.   Then he would leave the next Monday morning to pick them up.

 When Lynne learned of her father-in-law’s upcoming visit, her thigh muscles clenched in anticipation.  She was in desperate need to put out the fire between her thighs.  She couldn’t wait to see Pop Belton again, needing him to do what his son couldn’t – giving her a good fuck!  Making love with John was so disappointing, always in the missionary position with John cumming quickly each time, leaving her in a sexually frustrated state.  Lynne was craving for a good screwing and she couldn’t think of anything more thrilling than another illicit mating with John’s own father.  She could not believe what a stud Pop was in bed while John being a real dud.

 Arriving at the residence of John and Lynne, Pop arrived in the morning and was greeted by both his son and daughter-in-law.  Both Lynne and Pop were not happy with the ‘good’ news John announced.  John had managed to get the entire week off to keep Pop company during his stay.  Pop glanced at Lynne’s trim white legs, wondering if he could manage to stem his lusting ache for her lovely body.  To make matters worst, as Lynne was sitting on the sofa located behind John, Pop’s balls ached as he watched Lynne deliberately spread her long sexy white legs to give him a view under her thin summer dress.

 A few intimate touches and quick kisses were all Pop managed to get from his sexy daughter-in-law.  It seemed that John was always around to see that he was entertained and not left alone.  To Pop’s dismay, this was certainly not the type of entertainment that he had been dreaming of during the past two weeks.  As this was now Thursday evening, Pop was resigned to the fact that there did not appear any opportunity to satisfy his lustful cravings.  To make matters worst, Lynne made shivers go up his spine as she ran her foot up his leg during dinner that evening.

 Late Friday afternoon, John got an emergency call from his employer.  Apparently they needed to get as many programmers over to regional office to assist in clearing up a problem backlog that had arisen.  John had to give the ‘bad’ news to Lynne and Pop, saying that he would have to fly out right away and would be working all weekend.  As he probably wouldn't be home till late Sunday, John apologized to Lynne for the burden of having to entertain her father-in-law herself.  Lynne told John not to worry, that see to it that Pop was entertained and she would ask him what he wanted to do.

Once John left for the airport, Lynne relayed the conversation to her father-in-law and asked him how he would like her to entertain him.  Pop smiled and playfully told Lynne that she had better entertain him or he would tell his son of her disobedience.  Pop was so excited, wanting her right then and there, pulling him to her in the living room for a long passionate kiss.  He sat on the edge of the sofa and ordered Lynne "Get out of your dress and kneel down so you can suck my cock off!  Then I'm going to take you upstairs to your bedroom and give you a good fucking !"  Lynne smiled at Pop as she unzipped his pants, her right hand reaching in and clasping Pop's prick.  She began jerking on him as she kneeled and replied "Your wish is my command, Pop!"  Lynne bent her head and began tonguing Pop's leaking cockhead.  Pop groaned "Oh, baby …………..ohhhhh ………….I …………..I'm gonna pop in your sweet mouth!  Ohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh ………….baby ……………..suck it, Lynne!"

 Their lust for each other was at such a fever pitch, they never made upstair to the bedroom for their first lovemaking session, kissing passionately while fucking like crazy right on the living room floor.  Later, after the edge was taken off after consumating their first fuck session, Lynne indeed entertained Pop where he wanted ..................…..taking him by and leading him to the master bedroom ...............................then fucking him right in his son's bed!  Pop Belton wanted to fuck his lovely Lynne in every conceivable position, even cumming all over Laura's sexy feet and beautiful face ..……until they were both exhausted.  Lynne as well as the sheets were well starched with dried cum.  They were showering together when Lynne got a surprise as she bent over to pick up the bar of soap.  Pop grabbed her hips from behind and plowed her pussy in one solid lunge, riding her roughly as the hot shower beat down on them.

Pop was well entertained by his daughter-in-law for the entire weekend.  His son's marriage bed had never squeaked and rattled so much in one weekend.  It was even more thrilling to both of them to fuck where in John’s personal areas.  Areas such as John’s place on the dining room table, the driver's seat of his sports car and his desk in the office.  Pop Belton couldn’t believe the amount of cum that his old balls generated that weekend.  Perhaps it was due to the excitement created each time Lynne’s trim white legs encircled him, as she yelled out “Ohhhh, Pop, yessssss ……………..shoot your cum in me ………………….knock me up again!”

 Early Sunday afternoon, John called home and Pop answered.  Pop told John “Sorry, John, Lynne says she tied up right now.  Think she’s getting some warm milk at the moment.  Okay, I’ll tell you’ll be back on the 4 o’clock flight and back home about 6.  You take your time, I’ll help with dinner.”  John assumed that Lynne was preparing a bottle of warm milk for little Thomas.  He’d have flipped if he knew his lovely young wife was kneeling down at the very moment, sucking all the warm milk Pop Belton’s loins could produce.

As John Belton boarded his plane, his lovely wife was on all fours on their marital bed, about to be boarded by the lusting Pop Belton.  Lynne looked back at her loving father-in-law “Oh, Pop, I’ve got a present to give you and it’ll always belong to you!”  Grasping the again rigid cock, Lynne put it into position “I want you to be the first to fuck me in the ass, Pop!  My ass will only belong to you and no one else!”  Pop Belton couldn’t dream of a better gift for this would be the first time also.  Unable to hold back the claiming of his gift, Pop slammed forward with all his might, excited beyond belief by the painful moans coming from his lovely Lynne.  “Ohhhhhh, God!  Ohhhhh ………..Pop, it hurtsssss!  Oh ……………ohhhhhh, yessssss ………………..hurt me ……….hurt me, Pop!” Lynne whimpered, loving Pop’s brutal stabbing into her once cherry ass.

An hour later, Lynne was about to change the sheets but noticed that the sticky love juices had dried.  Instead of changing the sheets, she smiled and remade the bed thinking what a thrill it would be to make love that night with her husband, in a bed soiled with the overflow of his own father's cum.

 Two months later, while John was at work, Lynne was on the phone to give her mother-in-law the good news that she would be a grandma again.  She asked Mom Belton to put Pop on the line so she could tell him the good news herself “Hi Pop!  I wanted to be the one to tell you that you’re going to be a ‘Pop’ again!  You naughty old man!  You went and knocked up your own son’s wife again!  John’s told me he wants to have four children in our family.  That’s two you’ve chalked up and two more to go!  Hope you’re saving up all your energy, Pop!  Can’t wait to see you again  …..I love you Pop!”

End of Story.