Fiancé's Father - II
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Spring break for the colleges had just commenced and Pop Hastings anxiously awaited the return of his son Tom.  With Mom Hastings' passing three years earlier, it had been quite a strain as they had always been a closely knit family.  Pop was a bit nervous as Tom was bringing a guest home with him, a very special guest, the girl he had gotten engaged to a few months earlier.

Hearing a car pull up in the driveway, Pop looked out the window to see that it was indeed Tom's car.  Going outside to greet Tom and his guest, he took a deep breath as his eyes fell upon what appeared to be a beautiful angel with long golden hair.  'My gosh, Tom sure landed a beauty queen!' his mind raced.  Once he greeted Tom, introductions were made and then Pop shook the soft petite hand of the lovely beauty.  He stammered out a welcome as he swallowed deeply with his cock twitching madly in his pants.

The beautiful Ms. Brenda Fleming, Tom's fiancé, indicated that she had been brought up in a town further north and still lived there with her parents.  Pop then assisted Tom with the luggage into the house, letting Tom show his lovely fiancee to the guest room.  As Tom and Brenda were changing into something more comfortable, Pop poured himself a drink to steady his nerves.  'God, she's so fucking beautiful!' he thought.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairway, Pop turned and nearly choked on his drink.  His son's beautiful fiancee had indeed changed her clothing into something more comfortable.  He was in awe as he stared at the beauty who was now wearing a loose blouse that was tied a bit below her breasts, revealing her soft trim waist.  With the pair of shorts she was wearing, her long ivory legs were so damned beautiful down to and including her sexy bare feet.

With there being several hours of sunlight remaining, Tom wanted to give Brenda a tour of their town and show her around a bit.  Pop told them to go ahead and have fun, advising them that he'd put some ribs on the grill just a bit before they got back.  From the window he watched as they went out to Tom's car, watching intently till the door was closed, shutting off his view o Brenda's long sexy legs.

Breathing hard as the car pulled out of the driveway, Pop could hardly move, his cock so damned hard in the tight confines of his pants.  'Fuck, I gotta get some fucking relief!' he groaned to himself, making his way upstairs to his bathroom.  Passing the guest room, he glanced in and his cock throbbed in seeing the pink floral summer dress that his son's fiancee had been wearing earlier.  Biting his bottom lip, Pop nervously move towards the bed where the dress was lying.

Reaching out, Pop touched the soft fabric of the thin dress, wishing that the lovely beauty was still in it.  Putting it back down, Pop nervously stepped over to the nearby dresser.  Unable to breathe as he slowly opened a drawer, his heart nearly stopped upon seeing the lacy garments that it contained.  Withdrawing a lacy yellow panties, Pop then unzipped his pants and withdrew his hard throbbing cock, then wrapped the soft silky garment around it.  Stroking his cock several times with the sexy garment, he shuddered in panic, realizing that he was about to cum right then and there.

Stumbling to the nearby bathroom, silky panties held tightly around his cock in hand, Pop groaned loudly as he could hold back no longer.  "Oh, fuck …………….ahhhhhhhh …………………………oh, Godddddddd!" he shuddered as his cock lurched in his fist, spraying the air wildly with his cum.  "Ahhhh ……….ahhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhh!" he panted as he emptied his lust into the toilet below.

Breathing heavily, sighing in relief, Pop looked at his lust sinking down into the water to puddle at the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Then in a panic he looked down at his hand, seeing that he had not been that timely nor cautious after all, not with the crotch of the yellow pair of panties covered in a layer of his thick gooey cum.  Trying to regain his senses, Pop tried to think, wondering what he should do to cover up his sinful indiscretion.

Pop first tried to wipe off the gummy evidence of what he had done, realizing that he could not have his son's beautiful fiancee discover that he had jerked off onto her panties.  Then he ran the warm water in the sink, nervously placing the soiled garment under the water to cleanse it of the sticky deposit.  With the damp garment in his hands, he wondered if it would get totally dry before Tom and his fiancee returned.

In the guest room again, Pop shifted about nervously, afraid that the pair of panties would not be dry in time and his terrible deed would be discovered.  Then the red hair dryer atop the dresser caught his eye.  He breathed a sigh of relief as he plugged in the hair dryer that Brenda had brought with her.  Ten minutes later, satisfied that he had adequately dried his future daughter-in-law's panties, he replaced it back in the dresser drawer.

Sitting back in a lounge chair, Pop consumed two more straight shots to calm his nerves.  Realizing that Tom and his beauty would be returning in an hour or so, he needed to get a move on and get the fire started.  Once he got the fire started, he then went into the kitchen to check on the ribs, seeing that it was marinated properly.

As he placed the ribs on the hot grill, Pop heard Tom's car drive up and park.  Then the front door opened and the young couple joined him on the patio.  He inquired of Brenda as to how she liked the town and watched as she slipped off her tennis shoes and lay back on the lounge chair.  His cock gave a twitch in his pants as he eyes roved over her long ivory legs and sexy feet that were pointed in his direction.  His mouth watering, he wickedly thought 'Thank God I jerked off on her panties!  Otherwise, I'd jump her right now and tear off her skimpy clothing!  God, I'd give anything to get between those long sexy legs of hers!'

At dinner, Pop thought he'd cum in his pants when Brenda accidentally brushed her bare foot up against his leg.  Throughout the night, all he could do was to stare at the couple cuddling up as they watched television.  Seeing her long sexy legs stretched out on the sofa, Pop could not help but to stroke his cock that was out of view from them.

In bed that night, Pop could not fall asleep, thinking only of the beautiful angel just down the hall.  "Oh, baby …………….oh, you sweet little angel ………….ahhhhh …………ahhhhhh!" he groaned loudly, letting his cock spurt high up into the air.  Now totally exhausted, he quickly fell asleep, letting the wet cum to dry on the sheets.

Shortly after breakfast, Tom headed off with his fiancee to show her more of the town and let her visit the mall.  As soon as they departed, Pop made a beeline to the guest room.  Swallowing deeply, looking about, he found a small garment bag next to her overnight case.  Peering in slowly, his heart was pounding madly as he got a glimpse of a lacy pink item.  A moment later, the pair of pink panties were wrapped around his cock as he jerked off once again.  This time he was much more careful, letting his entire load spurt directly into the toilet.  Then, he wrapped the crotch of the silky panties around his oozing cockhead to wipe it dry.

Getting into his car, Pop made the twenty minute trip to town.  Having lived there all of his life, Pop knew just about everyone there, even some unsavory characters that he had grown up with.  He remained friends with them all, but purposely shied away from any contact with the unsavory ones other than a friendly wave and greeting.  Several in fact owed him a favor from eons ago but he had never sought a payback of any sort.

Finding a spot to park away from the mainstream of traffic, Pop made his way around the corner to where one of his old unsavory friends hung out.  He was warmly greeted by his old friend Al Lutz and invited to have a seat with him on a shaded bench that was out of sight from passersby.  His friend opened a can of beer and advised "Here, have a beer for old times sake!"  "Al, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you?" Pop inquired.

"Hell yes!" came the response from Al.  "Shit, I owe you so many favors for way back!  I'm only too happy to be able to help!  Whatever I got, its yours, man!  What do you want?  Some weed?  Crack?  Set somebody up to get whacked?"

"No ………no!" Pop shook his head and hesitated, nervous to ask the real question.  "Nothing like that, Al!" he said.  "C'mon, you can tell me anything!  My lips are sealed!" his old friend advised.  "Al, remember in our growing up days there was something called 'Spanish Fly'?" Pop asked.

Al laughed loudly "Shit, man, you wanna get into some bitch's tight panties!  Is that it?"  Seeing Pop nod in embarrassment, he quickly advised "Don't sweat it man!  Got a couple of things for you!  The most popular is the 'roofie', better known at the 'Date Rape Drug' cause its cheap and popular with the high school kids!  Guy slips it in a girl's drink and soon she's out cold for a good eight hours!  Then there's the modern day version of the old 'Spanish Fly' called the 'Black Label Spanish Fly' that's in liquid form!

Pop watched as Al got up and put a capsule of pills and a bottle of liquid into a brown paper sack.  Then Al advised him "Here's both of those goodies!  Me, I prefer the new version of 'Spanish Fly' versus the 'roofies'!  Giv'em a 'roofie' and you'll be fuck'n a limp piece of meat!  But you mix one capful of the 'Black Label Spanish Fly' in her drink, she'll be squirming out of her tight little panties in no time!  Plus, she's be hot as a fuck'n minx and will fuck the living shit outta ya!"

After another beer for ol' times sake, Pop inquired "What do I owe you for this, Al?"  Pop was glad he had helped out Al in their younger years, especially when Al advised "Shit, man, what are friends for?  Besides, I owe you a hell of a lot more!  If you run out, just come on back for more!  No charge, man!  Fuck, remember our senior year in high school ……………..shit, you saved my fuck'n ass from going in the can for two years!"

Late that afternoon, Pop sat back on his armchair ogling the shapely form of his son's fiancee who insisted that he relax while she prepared dinner that night.  At the dinner table, Pop enjoyed the delicious pasta dish that Brenda had prepared, thinking 'Not only is she beautiful but she can fucking cook!'

When dinner was done, he insisted on doing the dishes, telling the two lovebirds to go and relax in the den.  He also added "When I'm done with the dishes, I'll make a batch of my special hot chocolate for you two!"  Taking his time in doing the dishes, Pop pondered as to what he should do, nervous on following through with the devious thoughts running through his mind.

Peering out of the kitchen into the den, Pop felt his heart pounding in his chest as he gazed upon the beautiful blonde angel.  Quickly he returned into the kitchen to prepare the hot chocolate.  Before pouring in the hot water, he gazed at the cups, wondering if he really had the nerve to follow through with his plan.

Hesitantly, Pop got out two sleeping pills that he already had as a prescription for himself and put them into one cup.  Opening the brown paper bag that Al had given him, he looked at the contents and his mind played through all the things Al had advised him of.  Thinking of the young sexy beauty in the den, picturing he squirming in heat under him, Pop licked his lips and reached in for the bottle of liquid.  Measuring out a capful of the liquid, he then poured the contents into the other cup.

Entering the den, holding two cups of hot chocolate, Pop advised "Prepared my special hot chocolate for you two!"  Handing a cup to his son and his lovely fiancee, Pop heard Brenda's sweet voice thanking him for the cup of hot chocolate.  "My pleasure!" he responded.  'Yes my sweet little beauty, its gonna be all my pleasure once you drink that cup of hot chocolate!' he thought.

Peering out from the kitchen, Pop eagerly watched as the couple in the den consumed the hot chocolate that he had prepared for each of them.  Another ten minutes went by and Pop could readily see the effects on the couple in the den.  Tom was about to nod off in front of the television set while his beautiful fiancee had laid herself back onto the sofa and was literally squirming upon it.

Turning off the kitchen light, Pop bid Tom and his fiancee goodnight as he proceeded up to his room.  In the darkness of his bedroom, Pop soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs.  Listening carefully, he heard his son say "I'm so ………tired tonight!  Goodnight, honey!  I'll see you in the morning.  First came the sound of one door closing shut, followed by the hallway light going off, then came the sound of a second door closing shut.

With the house in pitch darkness, Pop waited a few moments then slowly moved down the hallway towards the guest room.  First stopping outside of Tom's room, he pressed his ear to the door and heard his son's loud snore, then he proceeded further down the hallway. As he had hoped, Brenda had not locked the door to her room, expecting that if anyone was to visit her in the night that it would be her loving Tom.  He knew what he was doing was certainly wrong but he just had to be close to this lovely young beauty.  His eyes having adjusted to the darkness, he made his way to where the bed was located.

Having changed into her nightgown, Brenda had been lying in bed, squirming under the covers wondering why her body felt to different, wishing that she could embrace her loving fiancé.  She so desperately wanted to be touched and for the very first time had let her hands move up to cup her breasts, her thumbs caressing her hardening nipples through her nightgown.  She had heard the turning of the doorknob and was so happy that Tom had snuck on over to her room.

Seeing the outline of her fiancé approach the bed, she reached out to touch his hand, telling him "Oh, Tom, I'm so glad you snack on over!  Come and lie down with me!  I need to feel your arms around me!"  She scooted over on the queen-sized bed, making room for Tom, lifting the blanket and sheet so he could join her.  Feeling the muscular arms embrace her, her lips parted as they engaged in a passionate kiss.  Feeling his tongue part her lips, she responded as her tongue met his and engaged in dallying with each other.

Pop Hastings could not believe his luck as Brenda had mistaken him for his son, his similar build as Tom's had her fooled.  Her agitated condition from the doctored chocolate, along with the darkness, had allowed him the pleasure of getting into bed with this beautiful girl.  He could not believe he was actually kissing her, touching her up intimately through her thin nightgown.  His hand traced the outline of her body, feeling her trim waist and up over her hip, feeling the outline of the waistband of her panties.  Then he moved his hand up to touch her soft trim belly and up to cup a breast, his thumb searching and finding a budding nipple.

"Ohhhh, Tommm ………………ohhhhh, that feels sooo gooddddd!  Oh, yesssss ………..oh, Tom ……………touch meeeeee!" Brenda cooed.  "Oh, Tom ………..I love you so much!   Make love to me!  Make love to me …………make me your woman tonight!" she pleaded.  "Oh, Tom …………..I know I made you promise to wait till our wedding night …………but ……….I ……………I want you to make me yours tonight!" she begged.

Pop grasped her hand, dragging it slowly under him till her fingers met the bulge in his crotch of his shorts.  He shivered as Brenda's fingers instinctively squeezed at this throbbing cock, her fingers tracing the length of his manhood.  He felt so proud upon hearing her moan "Ohhh, Tom …………its so big …………so hardddddd!"  Then he felt her soft fingers on his bare thigh, feeling her finger slip under into the opening of his shorts and make contact with his leaking cockhead.

Brenda could not believe she was stroking Tom's bare cock for the very first time, squeezing at the bulb-like cockhead, enjoying the feel of his slippery juice leaking onto her fingers.  Eagerly, she pumped at his throbbing manhood, feeling him grow even larger in her hands.  "Tom ……………Tom ………… me ……………make me a woman tonight ………….your woman!"

Seconds later, the two lovers began undressing each other.  Tom pushed up the nightgown and pulled her hands from the sleeves, then felt her free hands undo the top of his shorts.  As the shorts was pushed over his hips, Pop was getting the nightgown over the head of his son's beautiful fiancee.  Next he pulled down the thin lacy panties over her trim hips, down her trim legs and off her feet.  Then he was rubbing his bared body over the soft naked body of the beauty who would soon be marrying his son, kissing her passionately as they embraced one another.

Getting into position, Pop got between Brenda's soft thighs, enjoying the feel of her soft thighs rubbing against his hips.  Reaching down between their bodies, he rubbed his leaking cockhead through her soft curls, then fitted himself at the entrance to her moist slit.  Pushing forward a bit, worming his cockhead between her tight slit, he smiled upon hearing "Oh, Tom ………….its so bigggggg!  Please ……………please be gentle with me!  I'm scared …………..I ……………I've heard its quite painful the ……….first time!"

Feeling her soft hands caressing the back of his shoulders, Pop caressed her trim hips and cupped her soft asscheeks in the palm of his hands.  Pulling her up to him, Pop pushed forward a bit, embedding an inch of his throbbing cock into the tight resisting flesh.  He held himself still upon hearing the desperate plea "Tom ……….Tom …………ohhhhh, it hurts …………'re too bigggg!  Tom ………I ………..I'm so scared ……….I can't …………..I can't go through with this!"

The soft trim hands, that were caressing his shoulders a moment ago, now were desperately pushing at his chest.  "Tom ………..please ………please ………I ……..I can't!" came the frantic plea from under him.  But Pop was not about to release the struggle beauty, not at this point, not with his pulsating cockhead encased in her virgin twat.  There was no thought nor consideration of getting off her struggling body, for the only head Pop was thinking with was the one between his legs.

Unable to hold himself back any further, Pop grasped the quivering asscheeks in his hands, pulling her up as he slammed himself into her.  "Ahhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhh …………oh, Tommm ……… hurts ……………it hurtsssssssss!" came the loud scream from the beauty beneath him as her fingernails dug into his upper arms.  He smiled to himself as he thought 'Man, I've popped her fucking cherry!'  Deeply embedded, Pop held himself still to ease the pain coursing through the raped beauty and also to keep himself from cumming prematurely.

Feeling the tense body beneath him finally begin to relax a bit, Pop then pushed forward till he was now fully embedded, his pubic hairs mingling with her soft curls.  He ground himself into the moaning beauty, enjoying her moans "Ohhhhh ………..Tom ………..Tom!  Oh, Tom ……………'ve made me a woman ………….your woman!"  Withdrawing himself slowly till only his thick cockhead remained, Pop then slowly lanced her again till he was able to ground himself against her mound.

Slowly, stroke after stroke, Pop fucked into the mewling young beauty.  The hands that were gripping tightly at his upper arms were now caressing his shoulders again, moving up to encircle his neck.  Next Pop felt her soft trim feet moving up and down the back of his calves, then felt her legs encircle him, squeezing him to her.  It was a fantastic fuck, feeling the young beauty hunch up at him each time that he fucked into her.

Brenda couldn't believe the sensational pleasure now coursing throughout her young body.  'Oh, God …………thank God Tom didn't listen to me and stop when I begged him to!  Ohhhhhh ……………I'm actually a woman now ………….Tom's woman!' she thought.  With each lengthy stroke, Brenda couldn't believe the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body, wanting Tom to keep on fucking her.  "Oh, Tom ………….of, Tom ……………it feels so gooddddddd ………….oh, fuck me ……………….don’t ever stop fucking me!" she moaned up to her lover.

The bed in the guest room was squeaking as never before, headboard thumping loudly against the bedroom wall as the two lovers shagged at each other.  "Tom ………….Tom ……………..oh, God ………………oh, God …………….I ……………I'm going ………..I ………..I'm cummingggggggg!" she moaned loudly.  "Oh, yes …………yes, Tom ……………I feel you ………….cumming in meeeeeeeee!  Shoot it ……………shoot it ……………..yes ………yesssssssssss!" she screamed.

As the two lovers lay embraced in each other's arms, they kissed passionately and caressed each other's body.  When the kiss broke, Brenda squeezed her cunt muscles around the shaft that had just made a woman her, enjoying the twitch that she got in response.  "Oh, honey ……………I'm so glad we made love tonight!  We might just have gotten an early jump on starting our family!" she giggled.  Wanting to see the love of her life, the man who had just deflowered her and made her a woman, she reached over to the side and flicked at the switch to the lamp.

"Pop …………….Pop ……………..oh, my God …………..noooooooo!  Pop ………..Pop ……….how ………….how could you?  You …………you raped me!" Brenda stammered.  Horrified, she sobbed and tried to push the man who was to be her future father-in-law off her body.  Then her hands were captured at each wrist and her arms were being pinned on each side of her head.  Sobbing, Brenda tried to turn her head, trying to avoid the lips that were again seeking to kiss her.

Still embedded deeply in the raped young beauty, Pop licked at the soft pink lips that were now clenched tightly.  His cock thickening again in the raped slit, he began to fuck her again, this time not holding back, slamming himself again and again into the sobbing beauty.  Harder and harder, Pop thrust himself into the soft petite body, anxious to satisfy his lust once again.  When he felt the trim legs once again encircling him, the arms not struggling against him, Pop knew she was now his for the taking.  He released her wrists and felt her arms encircle his neck as she turn her head towards him, lips parting to accept his exploring tongue.

Once again, the bed squeaked madly as the two lovers humped at each other, the head board thumping against the bedroom wall.  "Oh, Pop …………..oh, Pop ………….ohhh, you're ………………..I ………………I going to …………….cummmmmm!  Ahhhhh, Pop …………….Pop …………………..yes ……………yes …………….fuck me ……………fuck me ……………….fuck your future daughter-in-law!  Ohhhhhh, Pop …………..cum in me ……………….fuck your baby in me ……………….I ……….I ………….cummingggggggg!"

Pop was beside himself, feeling the beauty's arms and legs tighten in their embrace.  "Oh, sweetie ……………….you're so soft ……………so beautiful ……………….oh, honey!  Oh, Brenda ……………..I'm gonna cum ……………..gonna cum in you!  Ahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh ……………..yeahhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock unleashed its hot potent load.  Moving to kiss his son's fiancee again, he was pleased that she did not turn away this time but instead parted her lips to accept his exploring tongue.

Twice more that night, the two lovers were intimately joined as only a husband and wife should be.  Only the two lovers were the bride-to-be and father of the man to whom she would be wed.  Finally, the two lovers were both physically exhausted.  The young beauty slipped out of bed and staggered unsteadily to the bathroom to cleanse her thighs of the cum and blood that stained them.  Meanwhile, her elderly lover stripped off the bloodstained sheets and replaced them with clean ones.

Early the next morning, Pop had gotten up early to prepare some bacon and eggs for breakfast.  He wondered how his son's beautiful fiancee would act towards him, especially after he had raped her during the night, taking her virginity.  She had looked so guilty and ashamed before she had gotten out of the bed that Pop confessed to her as to what he had done to put her in that irritated condition.  Hearing several footsteps coming down the stairs and voices talking, he swallowed in anticipation, knowing that his son and fiancee would soon be entering the kitchen.

"Smells good!  I'll pour the coffee!" he heard Tom say.  Then he turned as a smiling Brenda approached and she said loudly "Good morning, Pop!  I had a very good night on the soft bed!  Hmmm, sure does smell good!"  He was surprised as Brenda leaned towards him to give him a kiss on the cheek.  With Tom's back to them, he shivered as Brenda playfully nipped at his earlobe with her teeth, whispering "Are you as good a cook as you are a lover, Pop?  All that activity gave me a big appetite!  Besides, I might be eating for two now!"  Then he nearly shot off in his jockeys as Brenda boldy reached down and stroked his bulging cock through his shorts.

That day, Tom took Brenda out for a sightseeing excursion, wanting to treat his lovely fiancee to the beautiful scenery of the nearby coast.  In the late afternoon, they returned home a couple hours before dinner.  Tom indicated that he wanted to drop in on one of his old friends to say 'Hi' and have a beer since he hadn't seen Jack in about a year.  He was hesitant, not wanting to just leave Brenda alone on her vacation and asked if she would like to join him.  Brenda responded "You go ahead, Tom!  I'll meet your good friend Jack some other time!  I want to rest up a bit and also give Pop a hand!"

Pop had been nearby when he heard Brenda insist that Tom go ahead to meet his old friend.  He swore he could see a twinkle in her eye after she had said that she wanted to "give Pop a hand!"  He just figured that he was imagining things in getting all worked up like that, but he figured it wouldn't hurt any to do more wishful thinking.  As they would be grilling some steaks that evening, Pop went into the kitchen to season the steaks.  Then he heard his son and fiancee at the front door exchanging goodbyes.

He heard Tom's car engine start up and then the car departed from the driveway.  Then Pop heard soft footsteps enter the kitchen and approach him.  He sucked in his breath when he heard Brenda's soft sweet voice "I told Tom that I was going to stay back and give you a hand, Pop!  How can I give you a hand, Pop?"  He shuddered as a trim arm moved arm his waist and slim fingers gripped his throbbing bulge.

Squeezing at the large bulge, Brenda caressed it in her tight grip, moving her clenching fingers the length of the bulge.  "Is this the way you'd like me to give you a hand, Pop?" she teased, giving his manhood a squeeze.  Now with both hands around his waist, rubbing her breasts up against Pop's back, Brenda's fingers are busy getting the zipper down.  A moment later, having fished out his lengthy manhood, Brenda was stroking the thick cock that had recently deflowered her.

Looking down, Pop groaned as the slim manicured fingers shucked at his throbbing manhood.  He groaned as his cockhead began to emit its slick juices, squeezed out by the tightly clenched fists, looking down as the bubbling juices oozed down onto the gripping fingers.  Then his cock was sliding faster, in and out of the now slick fingers that held him tightly.  "Oh, baby ……………..oh, sweetie!  Oh, yeah ………….stroke it!" he moaned loudly.

Reaching down to her hands, Pop removed her now slimy fingers from his throbbing cock, replacing her hands after he turned to face her.  Putting his hands on her shoulders, she pushed her to her knees, telling her "Give me a kiss, honey!"  "Pop ………pop ……………I've never ……..!" came the hesitant reply.  Entwining his fingers into her soft silky hair, pulling her forward, he gasped loudly "Oh, baby!  Oh, sweetie!  Oh, God …………….yeahhhhh!"

Flicking out her pointed tongue, Brenda teased the pulsing cockhead of her fiance's father, enveloping it between her sucking lips.  Feeling her mouth getting slippery from Pop's leaking juices, she released the cock from her hands, placing her hands on his hips.  Holding his hips tightly, she pushed her head forward, feeling the thick fleshy pole slide to the back of her mouth and begin to enter her throat.

Looking down at the top of his future daughter-in-law's head, Pop couldn't believe this pretty little thing had never given head before.  The way she was sucking and lapping up his cock, he knew she was just a natural born cocksucker.  He felt as if he was in heaven with the pleasure coursing throughout his entire body as his son's bride-to-be tongued his cock, teasing his leaking pisshole.  "Oh, baby …………..ohhhhh …………don't stop …………..ohhhhh, sweetie ……………eat it ………….eat it ………..…..I ………..I'm cummingggggggg!"

Swallowing time and time again, Brenda swirled her slippery tongue over the pulsating shaft, feeling her future father-in-law's body quiver over her and hearing him wheeze in exhaustion.  Worrying the now deflating tube of flesh in her mouth, teasing the still oozing cockhead with her tongue, Brenda savored his manly taste.  Finally the dwindling cock was pulled from her lips and she was pulled up by Pop, who then embraced her for a deep passionate kiss.  She felt so wicked in darting her cum coated tongue into the man's mouth, letting him know what he tasted like.

Arms wrapped around Pop's neck, Brenda felt his hand gripping her asscheeks tightly through her shorts.  Then her feet could no longer touch the floor as he lifted her up, backing her towards the kitchen table.  She next found herself sitting on the table and the eager man was now unbuttoning her pair of white shorts, easing them over her hips along with her lacy white panties.  Brenda felt the garments slide down her legs, down to her feet, then she kicked the garments off to land onto the kitchen floor.

Reaching down, to her amazement, Brenda discovered that Pop was now re-energized and raring to go.  Wrapping her fist around his growing cock, she shucked at him till he again was at full staff.  She felt his hands on her ass pulling her closer to the edge of the table as she fitted his cockhead to her now gushing cuntlips.  "Ohhhhh ………..yes, Pop …………..ohhhhhhhhhh ……………..fuck me …………………..make me your little whore!" she moaned as the thick cockhead became a part of her.

Arms encircled around Pop's neck, Brenda then wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, pulling him deep into her.  Then she was being pushed up onto the middle of the table and Pop joined her atop of it, his cock still deeply embedded in her.  It was a wild and pleasure fuck for the two lovers who were both still clothed from the waist on up.  Only after a mind-shattering orgasm by Brenda and Pop grunting out his lust did they take the time to remove the remainder of their clothing before embarking on another lovemaking session.

Tom arrived home and found Pop getting ready to put the steaks onto the grill while his lovely fiancee was holding the pan of meat for Pop.  "Hi, I'm back!" he announced, moving up behind Brenda's soft trim body.  As she turned her head towards him, Tom gave her a kiss on her soft creamy lips, surprised as she naughtily darted her pointed tongue between his lips.  "Well, Pop, did Brenda give you a helping hand?" he laughed.  "Oh, she sure did, son!  She sure did!" came the reply.

That evening, after dinner, Pop passed the den where his son and fiancee were cuddled up watching television.  Then he saw Brenda look up at him and smiled, asking "Pop, that hot chocolate was so delicious last night!  Would it be possible for you to show me how its done?"  "Sure, come into the kitchen and I'll show you my special receipt!" he replied.

Once the kettle was put onto the stove, the two lovers were embraced in a deep passionate kiss.  When the water was at a boil so was the lust between the two lovers.  Pop then showed his son's fiancee just how he had prepared the hot chocolate the night before.  Before stirring the hot chocolate, Brenda watched as Pop dropped two sleeping pills into Tom's cup, assuring them that Tom would soon be fast asleep.

Then she watched as Pop opened the small bottle of the Spanish Fly and poured a capful of the liquid into her cup, telling her "This will make you even hotter than you are now, sweetie!  You're gonna be climbing the walls and fucking like a little minx tonight!"  Brenda smiled and retorted "Pop, you naughty old man!  You'll be sorry!  I'm going to fuck you crazy till your balls fall off tonight!"  Reaching down, she let her hand trace over the throb in his pants, telling him "Since we skipped dessert earlier, I'm in the mood for a little snack!  Just might take a bite out of this big guy!"

Indeed the pills worked well, as each moment went by, with Tom getting sleepier while Brenda got hornier.  As Tom saw her to her room before going to his, Brenda changed out of her blouse and shorts to put on a see-through negligee without bothering to put on any undergarments.  Dabbing a touch of perfume on, she then went to meet her lover.  Opening Tom's bedroom door and peering in, she could hear him snoring loudly already.  Closing the door, Brenda then proceeded down the hall to where her lover awaited her.

Pop smiled as the lovely beauty entered his bedroom, guessing right that she would be joining him in his king-sized bed this night.  Having kept the bedside lamp on, he could see her eyes focused on his hand, the one that was stroking his hard stiff cock.  He saw her lick her lips as she eyed his now oozing cock, slowly approaching the foot of the bed.  Pop watched intently as his son's fiancee then crawled up onto the bed, moving to where she was now straddling his waist.

Taking a deep breath through her tightly clenched teeth, Brenda replaced Pop's hand with her own, slowly stroking the pulsating bar of flesh.  Holding the stiff shaft in her hand, she positioned herself directly above the pointed head, then dropped her body weight onto it.  "Oh, Goddddddd ……………….ohhhhh, Popppppp ……………..oh, God ……….you're so biggggggggg!" she groaned loudly.  Lifting her body up a bit, Brenda then dropped her full weight forcibly down, impaling herself to the hilt of the lengthy shaft.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhh, Poppppp!" she swooned.

In the wee hours of the morning, Pop indeed felt like this beautiful bitch had fucked him to a point where his balls would fall off.  He was just amazed at the transformation of this beauty from a naïve innocent to that of an insatiable little bitch.  He couldn't believe the number of times they had sucked and fucked each other in the past few hours.  He was totally drained at this point in time, yet the little beauty continued to suck at his dwindled cock in hopes of reviving it one final time.

The vacation week had finally come to an end as Tom and Brenda put their luggage into the car.  Each night of that week, Brenda had asked Pop to prepare his special brew of chocolate for both Tom and her.  And later each evening, the two lovers would be embraced in passionate lovemaking that only a husband and wife should be engaged in.  With the last piece of luggage placed in the trunk, Brenda ran back to give Pop a hug.

Tom was so happy to see that Pop and his fiancee got along so well together.  He smiled as he watched Brenda throw her arms around his father, giving him a big hug.  But he would not have been so happy to see his lovely fiancee dip her tongue teasingly into Pop's ear, whispering to him "There's Dad's weekend coming up at my college in a month!  I want to show you all around campus!"

As she hurried back to the car, Brenda turned and yelled out "Oh, Pop!  I left a surprise for you in the cookie jar!"  In the car, Tom inquired "What kind of goodies did you get for Pop?"  Brenda replied "Oh, I remembered you saying earlier how he liked brownies!  While we were out shopping yesterday, I found a store and got to taste a bit of their fantastic brownies!"

From his porch, Pop waved as the young couple made the drive back to their respective campuses that were about a half-hour apart from one another.  Tom and Brenda had apparently met at some inter-college function and hit it off right away.  They apparently had begun dating right away and would see each other over the weekends.

This was certainly a week that Pop would never forget.  He certainly planned on visiting Brenda's college on Dad's weekend, knowing that he'd certainly be exploring more than the campus itself.  Going to the kitchen, he opened the cookie jar and smiled.  Reaching in, he withdrew the lacy pick panties that he had stripped off his son's fiancee just the night before, the one that she had put back on before returning to the guest room.  Holding it up to his face, he inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet fragrance that it emitted.

A month later, Brenda chatted on the phone with Tom, telling him "I wish we could be together this weekend too, honey!  I miss you too but I'm needed as an escort around campus for Dad's weekend.  My dad came during my freshman year and the upperclassmen are expected to help out being tour guides to show the new dads the campus.  Well, time for me to get properly dressed for tonight!  Bye, honey!"

Hanging up the phone, Brenda then went to the bathroom and began undressing.  Then she stepped into the shower, wanting to look and feel fresh as she escorted her first tour that evening.  Dabbing on some perfume, putting out her lipstick, she then put on a lacy black bra and matching panties.  Then she put on a beautiful black evening dress and black pumps, eliminating the nylons to display her trim flawless legs.

Just as she had completed getting dressed for the occasion, the doorbell rang to her apartment rang.  Opening the door, she smiled and allowed her visitor to enter, then closed the door.  Putting her arms up to encircle her male visitor, Brenda pressed herself up against his muscular body, greeting him "Hi, Pop!  I've missed you so much!  Any problem finding my apartment?"  Then a passionate kiss commenced and Brenda felt a shiver of pleasure course through her body at the feel of Pop's hands caressing her body again.  Feeling Pop's fingers fumbling at her zipper, she broke the kiss and pushed away, scolding "Uh-uh, you have to behave yourself, Pop!  Otherwise, we'll never leave the apartment!"

Hand in hand, Brenda led Pop on a quick tour of part of the campus, waving at friends and introducing him to several of her professors as her 'Pop'.  But Pop was not interested in looking at he college campus, his eyes only focused on the lovely beauty next to him as they continued holding hands like two college sweethearts.

At an elegant restaurant off campus, the two lovers sat cozily next to each other in the corner booth that was dimly lit.  Like two people in love, they kissed and smooched while awaiting the arrival of the meals ordered.  With his left arm around the sexy young beauty, Pop slipped his hand under arm to cup a soft perfect breast, fingers caressing her stiffening nipple through her clothing.  Brenda was not sitting next to this handsome older man inactive either, her right hand was busy under the table, fingers tracing the throbbing length through the fabric of Pop's trousers.

Once back in the privacy of the apartment, the couple embraced for a deep passionate kiss.  This time, Brenda made no attempt to stop her companion from drawing down the long zipper on the back of her dress.  A moment later, Brenda felt the strong male hands pushing the shoulders of her dress off her arms, then felt the dress puddle and fall at her heels.  "Ooooohhhhh ……………Pop!" she moaned, feeling Pop's fingers expertly undoing the clasp of her lacy black bra.  The bra straps were being drawn down her arms and the lacy garment joined her dress on the floor.

"Oh, Pop ……………..ahhhhhhhh!  Oh, Pop …………..yessssssss ………….suck it ……………..suck it!" Brenda swooned as her fiancé's father suckled and tongued her sensitive pin nipples till they were hard as flints.  Her hands were clasping Pop at the back of his head, not wanting him to stop sucking her as she rubbed her breasts into his face.

Pop felt the succulent nipples harden in his mouth, one by one, then rubbed his face into her soft ample breasts.  As he did this, his hands were busy at work, his thumbs were inserted into the waistband of the lacy black panties.  Slowly, Pop eased the lacy garment down over her trim waist, letting it also fall to the floor.  Leaving her breast, his tongue slowly teased a trail downward to tongue and tease her navel.  Then he moved down even further, his tongue darting and licking in earnest through her soft golden curls.  Reaching his goal, her felt the hands at the back of his head being pulled tightly to the beauty's body, then heard "Ohhhhhh, Pop ……………..Pop ……………….oh, God!  Ohhhhhh …………yesssss ………….eat me, Pop ……………….eat me!  Ahhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Standing up, Pop lifted the shuddering and now limp beauty in his arms, carrying and placing her atop of her bed.  Staring at the sexy beauty, licking his lips, Pop then began to undress.  He saw his son's future wife watching him as he got undressed.  Having fully undressed, he looked at the lovely beauty once again, his hand clasping his throbbing hardon and shucked it a couple of times.  Then as he stepped towards the bed, he saw the sexy beauty raise her long trim legs up and spread them wide to welcome him between them.  She looked so damned sexy, clad only in her black heels with her lacy black panties dangling from her left heel.

Early the next morning, Brenda slipped out of bed and put on a pot of coffee.  Seeing that Pop was still asleep, she slowly crawled up onto the bed and slipped her hand under the sheet.  She heard him stir once her fingers made contact with his manhood.  Slowly and gently, Brenda stroked the now expanding cock, feeling it grow in length and thickness.  Seeing that Pop was now awake and smiling at her, she gave him a wide grin in return, then straddled his waist, grinding herself up against his ever-growing manhood.

She had just slipped her hand into his jockeys to hold Pop's hot meat when the sudden shrill ring of the telephone had both of them freezing still for a moment.  Brenda looked over at the caller I.D. and saw who was calling.  Reaching over with her free hand, she picked up the receiver, answering "Hi, Tom!  How are you honey!"  After a brief pause while listening to Tom, Brenda responded "Oh, yes, it was quite a busy night!  Would you believe that a naughty old dad I was escorting made a play for me?  Gosh, the old fella really thought I was easy and that I'd go out with him!" she laughed.

"Yeah, right, Tom!" she laughed aloud teasingly.  "Why, sure, I love older men!  I even took that old fella home with me and we made passionate love all night long!" she continued teasing.  "Breakfast?  Got some coffee brewing and heating up my favorite breakfast sausage to munch on!  Once I'm done with breakfast, I'm off to do another campus escort!" she answered.

The conversation continued for a few more minutes, then Brenda advised "Tom, I've got to run now!  The coffee's done and my breakfast sausage is all heated up and ready to pop.  Don't want it to lose all its juice and flavor!  Okay, talk to you later!  Bye, honey!"  Hanging up the phone, Brenda quickly leaned over and opened her lips to encompass the top of her breakfast sausage.  Just in time for indeed her assessment on her breakfast sausage was quite accurate, popping its juices out as soon as her lips closed upon it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………………baby …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………… it …………… it all!" Pop groaned as his body shuddered and offered up all his thick juices into the hungrily sucking mouth.  Wrapping his fingers in her long silky blonde hair, Pop fucked into her beautiful face, giving her all the breakfast sausage that she wanted.  It had been such a wicked and wild situation with his son on the phone talking to his fiancee, all the while his lovely bride-to-be was stroking his throbbing cock.  And now his son's fiancee was giving him the best blowjob ever.

Early Monday morning, the two lovers embraced for their goodbye kiss.  There had been no campus tours on Sunday, the two lovers wanting to spend the entire day in bed, sucking and fucking to their hearts content.  "Ohhh, sweetie!  I wish I didn't have to go!" Pop cooed.  But the soft petite hands were on his chest, pushing him away and towards the door.

"Uh-uh, Pop!  I've got to start preparing for my finals if I want to graduate!  With you here, I won't be able to even open up a book, like this past weekend for example!  I can't concentrate with you nearly every second being literally on my ass, which by the way hurts like hell right at this moment!  Pop, it really hurts when you buggar me like that!" Brenda replied, giving Pop a feigning grimace of pain.  "I can't even take a step without it hurting, not after the way you reamed me out last night!"   Picking up her books, she exited the apartment as Pop held the door open for her.  Leaning up, Brenda gave her lover a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Will you be coming down for my graduation, Pop?  Do you know what I'd like for a graduation present?"  With that, she let her fingertips trace the length in Pop's pants.

With both Tom and Brenda having graduated from their respective colleges in late May, they were about to embark on their married life together with the planned wedding on the first Saturday of June.  It was a perfect sunny day for the wedding and all the plans went off without a hitch.  At the reception, shortly after the dancing commenced, Brenda went up to Pop and pulled him to the dance floor.

As the band played a slow dance, Brenda told him "This is my favorite song, Pop!  I asked the band to play this song now cause I wanted to be with you when dancing to it!"  Brenda had led Pop to the far corner of dance floor where it was dimly lit.  With Pop's face and body blocking the view of other's, Brenda's tongue teased his ear, whispering "I love you, Pop!  I've got some news for you, Pop!"

Pop held the beautiful bride in his arms, wishing that he was really the groom on this special occasion.  He listened as his daughter-in-law continued on "You not only became a father-in-law today but you're also going to be a father again!  I found out yesterday that I'm already five weeks along!  I'll always remember Dad's Weekend on campus, the weekend that you knocked me up, Pop!  Guess I'll have to convince Tom, when the baby's born, that it's a month premature!"

Soon the dance came to an end and the two lovers were forced to part.  As the beautiful bride and her father-in-law stepped off the dance floor, the audience thought it so touching as they watched the bride turn back to her father-in-law, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  But they would have been shocked if they could have heard the bride whispering to her father-in-law "Pop, you need to have a drink with Tom now so he'll be plastered by the end of the night!  After all, he's expecting to claim a virgin bride when he takes me up to the honeymoon suite!"

End of Story.