Fiance's Father - III
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Erin Sterns
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having introduced herself to the secretary, advising that she had a scheduled appointment with Mr. Haster that morning, she was told "Please have a seat!  Mr. Haster will see you just as soon as he finishes up his current meeting!  It should only be a couple minutes before they're done!"  Erin nervously fidgeted about in the chair while waiting, her heart thumping madly in her chest, wondering 'Just how much does Pop Haster know?'  The reason for Erin's nervousness stemmed from the call she had gotten early that morning from Pop Haster's secretary, who had identified herself before inquiring "Ms. Sterns, are you available to meet with Mr. Haster this morning at 10 a.m.?  He would like to discuss your Uncle Bart's situation with you?"  'How does he know about my Uncle Bart?  What does he know?  How much does he know?' Erin wondered nervously as uncle's name had not come up in over ten years, a name that her parents would not talk about as they no longer considered Uncle Bart as a part of the family.  Uncle Bart was still in prison, having served 10 years of his sentence, with 10 more to go of the twenty years sentence handed down by the judge at the end of the trial.   As she worriedly sat there in the chair, Erin observed a a very pretty, very pregnant blond gal drop some file folders off at the secretary's desk.  The elderly secretary then looked up and smiled asking "When's the big day, Julie?"  "May 20th according to the doctor!" the young gal replied.  "How long are you going to be off?" the secretary then inquired.  "Well, I'm not really sure!  The three month paid pregnancy leave for sure!  But I might just want to stay home and play 'mommy'!  Mr. Haster's so understanding and told me that I'd certainly be welcomed back when I do decide to stay out longer, just that it'd be limited to whatever job openings are available at that time!  But for one thing, I'm sure going to miss those business trip bonuses that comes with the Personal Assistant job!" the gal replied.   

With the door to the office opening and a man exiting the office, Erin saw the secretary getting up from her chair as she walked to the entrance, smiling at her and advising that "Mr. Haster will see you now, my dear!"  As she entered the plush office, Erin heard her future father-in-law tell his secretary "No phone calls, Phyllis!  And I'm not to be disturbed for any reason!  Please lock the door on your way out just to make certain we're not disturbed!"  "Yes, Mr. Haster!" the secretary had replied.  Not sure how to greet her fiance's father, who was standing in front of his desk, Erin formally extended her hand with "You asked to see me, Mr. Haster?"  But instead of getting a handshake, Erin was caught by surprise when the big man stepped towards her to give her a hug, greeting her "Thank you for coming on such short notice, Erin!  And remember's Pop!  Don't be so formal!"  She had called him 'Pop' as he had requested that last time when she and Brian had gone to the house for dinner.  But today had been so different, especially after hearing that the man wanted to discuss the topic of her imprisoned Uncle Bart, a man whom Brian knew nothing about.  The topic of her Uncle Bart was not an item that Erin ever hoped to disclose to Brian, never having expected that her uncle's name would be brought up at all, especially by Brian's father.

At the age of 55, Marv T. Haster was a wealthy man who owned and ran a well known energy company, one who made it a point to have anyone who he'd be dealing with investigated thoroughly.  That also applied to anyone who would be joining the Haster family, and upon his meeting the beautiful Ms. Erin Sterns a couple months ago, he had told the owner of the investigative firm "Don't spare the expense here!  I want everything!  You know what I mean!"  A shrewd guy, Marv Haster had the reputation of being a ruthless bastard by those doing business with him, for he always did his homework in looking for an opponent's weak spot.  Marv's philosophy was that if one looked hard enough into a person's history and background, there' be some dirt to be discovered, and if not found on that particular person then there would be something unsavory to be found on someone intimately close to the one being investigated.  So that 'You know what I mean!' portion of the instructions to his buddy that owned the investigative firm meant that he wanted anything and everything related to the beautiful young woman that would soon become his newest daughter-in-law.  

On top of his large desk lay two rather thick folders, one that included the court transcript of Bart Sterns, a file that Marv had read in its entirety and caused him to get a raging hardon.  Bart Sterns, his future daughter-in-law's uncle, was in the slammer with a 20 year sentence handed to him for the crime of 'child molestation'.  That court transcript showed Erin's Uncle Bart had pleaded guilty to the charge of 'child molestation', that in his willingness to plead guilty to that charge, the other charge of 'rape' would be dropped by the prosecution.  In the transcript, there was no mention of the young victim's name, with all reference to the victim being referred to that of 'Jane Doe'.  Such characterization was normal in court documents that would become a matter of public records in order to protect that young victim who had been victimized by the now imprisoned bastard.  But in reading the indictment, specifics were giving to reveal that the bastard had first made his way down the hallway and entered his young ten year old niece's bedroom, first touching her over her pajama top, touching her undeveloped breasts, then unbuttoning her pajama top and sliding his hand inside.  In a duplicate recording of his admitting his guilt to child molestation before the prosecutor in exchange for the rape charge being dropped, Bart Stern admitted that 'My niece woke up when I was sucking on her nipple!  I calmed her down, bribing her with $10 and that I'd buy her the cell phone she had been saving for, if she kept everything a secret and let me keep touching her and sucking on her nipples!'   

The other folder was one that the investigator had pulled some strings, having had to slip his contact some five hundred bucks to obtain, documents that were supposedly sealed by the courts as it involved a minor.  Upon opening that smaller file folder, Marv had smiled widely as it identified the young victim that had suffered under the hands of the vile Bart Sterns .................................that victim named in the file as one Ms. Erin Sterns, who was age 10 at the time she had been molested by her sick uncle!  In the folder were typed notes of the interview with a child psychologist present along with the girls mother and a female detective from the unit handling sex crimes.  In the notes of the sealed file, it indicated that Erin had been victimized by her sick Uncle Bart for some three months, coming to an abrupt halt after Bart Stern got caught sneaking into the bedroom by Erin's mother.  In the interview Erin indicated that her uncle had bought her whatever she wanted in exchange for letting him continue touching and molesting her, items that included the cell phone, spending money, a laptop computer, along with some expensive clothing that had been the fad during that time.  After the first month of her Uncle Bart limiting his touching and licking her breasts area, her uncle had wanted to put his mouth on her sex which she had refused until he told her he'd take her shopping after to get the outfit that was the rage in her peer group!  There were quotations in the notes stating that "Uncle Bart made me unbutton my shorts and take them off, then he wanted to take my panties off himself!  I lay down on the bed and he made me spread my legs ......................then he put his mouth over my private part!  It made me shiver and shake all over when I felt his tongue wiggling up into me!"  

As for the rape charge, that had been dropped in exchange for the guilty plea that made to the charge of 'child molestation' since that charge would not have added much more time to the sentencing.  The file made fantastic reading for horny Marv Haster, wanking himself off into a wad of tissues when he had read the part of Erin describing that one time "He made me unzip the front of his pants and put my hand inside!  He wasn't wearing anything underneath!  He had me grab onto his 'thing', then made me pull it out of the opening!"  When asked as to described what happened next, the notes were quoted as Erin saying that "He made me put my panties over the top of his 'thing', then I was told to hold onto the middle area tightly and pump at it!  He kept telling me to do it faster, then faster ........................till it jumped about in my hand and then suddenly my panties got soaking wet and gooey white stuff was dripping down from my panties onto the bedroom carpet!  Then it oozed on down Uncle Bart's 'thing' and onto my fingers!  It was so messy!  I wiped my fingers off with some tissues but my fingers smelled terrible that I had to wash them twice with soap and water!"  It was also noted in the file that the child psychologist felt it be better for the child that the 'rape' charge be dropped as then she'd mentally be able to acknowledge that aspect of having been molested as a child but not actually raped, especially as her Uncle Bart had not actually put his penis into her.  The file noted though that Erin had technically been raped, with Uncle Bart having inserted a rubber dildo into her vagina, causing Erin to lose her virginity in the process.

"You asked me here to discuss uncle ....................Bart?" Erin asked as she stood next to one of the chairs in front of the man's large desk.  "There, there .....................don't be so nervous, my dear!  Sit and relax!" came her the reply from her fiance's father.  As she was about to sit in the chair next to where she was standing, Pop Haster advised "No .....................sit come sit on the sofa here!  It's way more comfortable than those stiff chairs!"  With Pop Haster's hand now on her elbow, she was being guided over to the plush sofa where she sat herself down at one end of it.  "Relax, my dear ......................I just wanted to chat informally with you, so you be one bit nervous!  First let me get us something to drink so we can relax and get to know one another better!" she was told as Pop Haster turned to go to the bar in the corner of his office.  Erin was rather shocked to see her fiance's father return with two glasses of white wine for them as it was only ten in the morning, and she was not much of a drinker, but she was put at ease with Pop Haster telling her "I know it's a bit early but I wanted you to sample this very special wine that I had ordered and it just arrived yesterday from France!  It's very mild and supposed to be quite smooth!"  But the contents of each glass was a bit different, just one item more was in the glass Erin had been handed ...............................that of a dose of potent aphrodisiac!             

According to the file as to the mind-set of the young victim, Pop saw that the child psychologist had come to the conclusion that 'The young victim loved her Uncle Bart so much that she just adored the attention that he gave her, making her feel so grown up, especially when he wanted to hug and kiss her!  Victim did not realize that an adult male shouldn't touch her in such a way, apparently convinced by her devious uncle telling her that those who love one another want to and feel each other all over - to make and feel every part and make that person feel 'good' all over.  Believing what her uncle told her, the young victim did not object to his intimate touching and did not object when he took her hand and put it on the bulge of his pants.  From then on, things quickly progressed to the uncle taking his niece's hand and putting it into the opening of his pants!  According to the young victim, the first time she put her hand into his pants the uncle had nothing on underneath, and her fingers came into contact with what she described as "Like a baby's arm!  It was warm and it got bigger some when I grabbed it in my hand, and I could tell my uncle was liking it as he began moaning each time I squeezed at his 'thing'!"  According to the victim, her uncle made her pull his 'thing' out into the open where he coaxed her to keep on jacking him off!  And when Uncle Bart popped his load, he grabbed her left hand to cap his spurting load, drenching her hand with his semen!  According to the victim, her uncle went to get a wet wash cloth so she could wipe the evidence of her hand that first time, but from then on 'Uncle' always brought a wet wash cloth with him when he came to her room!' 

More notes from the child psychologist had Pop Haster quite interested as such could/would be the key to his being able to unlock the opening to the golden treasure that he was after .......................all those soft golden curls hidden under her panties!  Of much interest was the section as to the reason for why the young victim had not put up a fuss when her uncle had crept into her bedroom to take intimate liberties with her.  Apparently her Uncle Bart had watched over her from time to time from when she was very young, with the parents dropping her off to stay when her uncle while they needed a sitter for her.  Young Erin had it drilled into her mind that she had to listen to her Uncle Bart, that he was an adult, and thus knew what was good for her as well as to protect her from any danger.  In general, it was noted that Erin always looked up to a person older that she was, that she was rather naive in always assuming that everyone was good and not out to do her any harm.  Sexually, when her Uncle Bart had touched her intimately with his hands and mouth, young Erin had found it quite pleasurable and thought that it was what 'love' was all about.  As to young Erin coming to learn how pleased she would make her Uncle Bart with just the use of her hand upon him, she had not thought it to be wrong at all but a means of showing her love to him.               

"In reading the file on your uncle, it said that the 'rape' charge against him were dropped, is that right?" Pop Haster inquired, knowing full well as to why but he wanted to know if the naive young beauty knew why that particular charge had been dropped.  "It was dropped because I hadn't been raped by him!  He didn't actually put his 'thing' into me so that's why!" she responded while blinking back tears of shame, confirming the avenue that child psychologist had suggested to help lessen the psychological impact to the young victim at that time.  Knowing all the facts, especially with the psychologist noting that the young victim at that time had been indoctrinated early in life by her parents that she should listen and obey her elders like her Uncle Bart as he knew what was good for her well-being, Pop Haster then inquired "Did your Uncle Bart hurt you in any way ........................maybe put something into your sex?  Tell me all that took place when he did that to you!"  As the blond beauty bit her bottom lip, obviously hesitant and rather embarrassed in disclosing such intimate details, Pop Haster patted her hand and advised that "Remember ..................all I'm asking is that you be truthful in all your answers!  All of this will be kept a secret as my lips are sealed shut!  This is something that Brian never needs to know about!  I just need to know everything so that I can help you maybe on the night of your wedding!  As an example ................should Brian expect you to be a virgin ................I could put a drug into a drink I give him for a toast, then he'll be fast asleep after that!"             

Hearing Pop Haster's reassurance, his patting and caressing her hand, Erin's breathing felt a bit calmer at this point.  In Erin's mind, it was the relief of knowing that Pop Haster didn't care about the family's hidden secret concerning her Uncle Bart, having no idea that it was the potent aphrodisiac now coursing throughout her petite body.  Not only had the very potent drug put her at ease, the main effects had made her nipples even more sensitive than ever, her sexual slit become quite slick with her juices.  Due to such relief and feeling at ease, Erin honestly blurted out that "He hurt me badly one time .......................the time when he wanted to put his man 'thing' into my sex!"  Upon Pop Haster's quizzing and resigning herself to telling him the whole truth, Erin admitted to liking it when her Uncle Bart touched her body, then she sucked in her breath and gasped "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................ohhhhhhhhh ........................ohhhhhhh, Poppppppppp!"  "Does that feel good, honey?  Like when your Uncle Bart touched you?" she heard Pop ask of her.  "Yes ................even better breasts feels even more sensitive now .....................I guess since my breasts have developed!" Erin panted out truthfully.  Sucking in her breath and panting softly, shivering as Pop Haster was now touching her other breast through her blouse and thin lacy bra, thumbing her nipple to hardness like he had done to her other one.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Pop ...............................ohhhhhhhhhh, my Godddd .............................oh myyyyyyyy .......................I like that ......................bite it ........................ohhhhhhhh, bite it with your teeth!" she panted out as Pop had undone the top button of her blouse, pushed down her lacy white bra and had captured her left nipple between his sharp teeth.

Feeling the soft palm of her hand caressing the back of his head while he pulled at her tender pink nipple, knowing the powers of the potent aphrodisiac that he had slipped into her drink, Pop Haster began pulled the tucked in blouse out of her skirt and then began to unbutton it.  His deft skill at undressing a woman, he slid his hand down over her skirt to touch the smooth skin of her outer thigh, sliding his hand on down her sexy leg and lifting her foot so he could slip her heel off.  'Thump!' was that of her heel hitting the plush carpeting.  Seconds later, another 'thump' was heard as her other heel was removed, and just a bit later he navy blue skirt lay partially covering both heels on the carpeting.  Blouse, lacy white bra, and then her matching lacy white panties were added to the heap of clothing.  "Ohhhhh .........................ohhhhhh ......................ohhhhhhhhhh .......................ohhhhh, Pop ..........................ohhhh, Pop ...........ahh .................ahhhhhh ..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the moans from above as Pop Haster felt his son's beautiful fiancee quiver before arching up into his open mouth.  And then she began to shudder uncontrollably, both of her hands were now clasping the back of his head, and Pop was enjoying the sweet taste of his future daughter-in-law!  As evidenced by the sweet honey that she was now feeding him, Pop knew that he had just eating the young beauty to a mind-shattering orgasm.

"Oh, Pop ....................I'm so scared!  It hurt so bad when my uncle put that artificial ................that hard rubber 'man thing' into me!" Erin panted out, remembering that her  hymen got ruptured when her Uncle Bart put that rubber dildo up into her vagina.  In her drug induced mind, her sexual parts now ultra-sensitive from the potent aphrodisiac, she was in bad need of some kind of sexual relief.  Then she was being calmed by the kindly man who was soon to be her father-in-law, his stroking of her body put her at ease, and he was coaxing her that "I promise you that I won't hurt you any .................I promise .....................I'll be very gentle with you!  Trust me, my dear!  It won't be a hard rubber dildo this time'll be nice and covered with flesh ......................the 'real' thing, honey!"  Her legs spread wide, left foot hung up high and resting on the top of the sofa, her right foot flat on the carpeting with the burly man settling down between them while guiding his bloated cockhead up against the slit of her sex.  "Ahhhhhhh .....................oh, Pop ......................oh, Pop feels sooooo .....................biggggg!" she panted out in fear, worried that he'd now jam the length of it up into her, just as her uncle had with the artificial one.  But as Pop Haster rested above her with only his thick cockhead enveloped in her sex, Erin began to relax as her body got accustomed to his pulsating penis within her body.  With her body relaxing and juices still flowing, she felt Pop's manhood sliding further up into her, greatly aided by the lubrication that she was providing.  Further and further Pop worked his magical tool up into her, and now Erin was now feeling his pelvic bone up against her body, telling her that Pop's 'thing' was fully embedded within her cunny.                     

"Does that feel better than what Uncle Bart put up into you, sweetie?" Pop Haster panted out, twitching the bloated head of his fat cock that was now enveloped in her tight pussy lips.  As his son's beautiful fiancee was hyperventilating and not responding to his question, Marv expanded his fat cockhead in her once again as he demanded "Tell me!  Tell me, my dear!" Thrusting another inch up into the tight gripping slit, expanding his pulsating cockhead once again, he panted out "Tell me!  Tell me!"  "Ohhhhhh's bigger much bigger ......................and it's pulsating in meeeeee!  Ohhhhhhhhhh .......................ohhhhhhhhhhh!" the quivering blond beauty panted out in response.  Slicing in and out of the gasping beauty, Pop Haster asked "Do you like it pulsating in you?  Is it better than the artificial one your uncle used on you?"  "Ohhhhh ....................ohhhhhhhhhh much better much better!  Ohhhhhhhhh, it feels good good ...................................ohhhhhh, yessssssssssssssss!" his future daughter-in-law replied while panting for breath.  Running his rough hands up her soft smooth outer thighs, Pop then grasped her trim hips, then began to fuck her in earnest ...................humping at her faster and faster!  "Ohhhhhh ................ohhhhhh ....................ohhhhhhh ..........................Poppppppppp .......................Popppppppppppp ...........................Poppppppp .........................oh, Godddddd ..............................oh, Godddddddd .............................ahhhhhhhhhhh ........................ahhhhhhhhhhh ..................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Pop heard the beautiful bitch scream out as her quivered about in a wild orgasm, to which he responded with a couple loud grunts of "Uggghhhhh .............................ugggghhhhhhh ..................ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as he filled her never before 'really fucked' vagina with his hot and very potent semen.           

For Erin, this well-respected older man who was her fiance's father had learned of the deep dark secret that she had harbored for years, and she needed to put her trust in him that he would keep what he had learned a secret.  And while they were still joined together on the bed, Erin confessed to Pop Haster that she was a bit nervous in thinking about the night of her wedding, because of her lack of a hymen even though no sex had been involved ..............................but now that 'no sex' part was also no longer true!  'There ..........there ................don't you worry about anything, sweet!  You just leave it to your 'Pop'!  I'll make sure to have a toast with him at the end of the reception and it'll be just minutes before he passes out!  I'll be sure to stay there to help him up to the honeymoon suite!" she was assured by to old boy, who's cock twitched within the confines of her cunny.  Her adoration for this older man, her future father-in-law who was intent on helping her, a man who so much reminded her of the first older man that she loved at an early age .................her Uncle Bart!  Squeezing her cunny in response to his expanding twitch, feeling the burly man's penis thicken and expand once again, causing Erin wrapped her trim legs around his buttocks to pull him deeper into her.  "Ohhhhhhhhh, Pop ........................ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so good!  Ohhhh, Pop ..........................fuck me ............................fuck me ...........................oh, yes, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...................................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she panted out as the old boy began humping at her once again.           

The wedding was just fabulous for the young couple, everyone just admiring as to how beautiful the lovely bride was, especially that but with young Brian Haster also looking forward to deflowering his beautiful bride later that night.  Erin was ecstatic upon their arrival at the banquet hall of the exclusive Oakhill Resorts, seeing that the room had been decorated to perfection, but was more than a bit nervous at the thought of later that night after the reception was over.  She prayed and hoped that Pop Haster would come true on his promise, for in that way Brian would be duped into thinking that they had made love together and consummated their marriage together, and hopefully there wouldn't be any question of her being a virgin on their wedding night.  Seeing Pop glance over towards her, giving her a wink, Erin was put at ease knowing Pop Haster was going to take care of things as he had promised her and thus she could enjoy the reception.  A bit later, with her now father-in-law asking her for a dance, Erin was reassured by Pop Haster that he had everything in hand he turned her on the dance floor with her back to the wall and no one behind of her, Pop slipped his hand down from the small of her back to caress her shapely backside through her wedding gown, whispering to her "Yes, sweetie ...................I've got everything in hand!"  "I owe you one big kiss, Pop!" she advised.  "And I'm intent on collecting that IOU later this evening, sweetie!" he responded while feeling up her soft beautiful ass. 

Some hours later, the 'best man' Steve Harding and the other groomsmen were dancing with their spouses or significant others.  The same applied for the maid of honor and all the other gals in the wedding party.  Steve was quite a bit woozy from all the drinking he had done that night, and was glad that Pop Haster had said he'd help the groom up to the honeymoon suite as he too would be retiring for the night.  Stepping off the dance floor and getting himself another drink, Steve chuckled at the thought of his best friend Brian and hoped that he wasn't too wasted that he couldn't perform his duties for the night ..................that should be taking place right at this instant up in the honeymoon suite!  Probably a lot of the other wedding guests were thinking the very thing that Steve was ..................picturing the groom French kissing his beautiful young bride while unzipping the back of he wedding gown!  But all would have been wide-eyed in total awe if they could have a view into the honeymoon suite at that very moment ...................groom passed out on the living room sofa .........................while the beautiful bride was getting a good Frenching from her horny father-in-law, who collecting on that kiss she owed him, all while slipping his pudgy hand down the back of her unzipped wedding gown!  Just a moment earlier, as Erin was leaning up to payoff her IOU kiss, she whispered to her father-in-law that "It's too bad that Brian's passed out already!  I had always dreamed of a lovely wedding day like this and being made fantastic love to at the end of the evening!  One of my dreams was to get 'knocked up' on my wedding night and right now is the perfect timing of the month for me!  I guess that dream will never come true and I'll be one of those brides going to bed unsatisfied on her wedding night!"

As the intimate kiss ensued, Pop worked his hands down the small of her back, then his thick fingers were worming their way down inside the waistband of her lacy white panties till he was palming the soft round butt of his beautiful daughter-in-law.  Moments later, the king-sized bed in the honeymoon suite had two occupants lying upon it, the beautiful bride still partially in her wedding gown that was bunched up at the waist with her horny father-in-law caressing one breast while avidly sucking on the swollen pink nipple of the other.  "Ohhhhh, Pop ....................ohhhhh, that feels so goooooddd!" the bride panted from the tongue teasing her budding nipple.  A moment later, she swooned once again as the twin pinkie was being administered to.  Then Pop was thumbing both her sensitive pinkies as he slid on down her already bunched up wedding gown, down so that he was now rubbing his face over the front of her lacy white panties.  "Ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd ........................Popppppppppp!" his daughter-in-law squeal out as he began lapping at her panty clad slit.  Bringing his hands down from her breasts, fingers inserted into the waistband of her panties at both hips, the protective garment was quickly work on down her thighs and pushed to her knees.  Telling the bride to raise her legs up, Pop lifted his head and then ducked back in under her panties to feast on his tasty prize.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................................Poppppp ..........................Popppppp .........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the moans from the young bride as Pop began to eat her out.  Moments later, the bride squealed "Oh, Goddddddddddd ........................oh, Godddddddddddd .........................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" as her body convulsed as she arched up her hips, then uncontrolled spams racked her petite body as she orgasmed in her father-in-law's slurping mouth.

Lifting his head up from between his daughter-in-law's thighs, Pop Haster licked at the sweet honey covering his lips, determined not miss a bit of his son's tasty wife.  Getting off the bed, Pop quickly kicked off his shoes and began shedding his clothes till he was ready for action.  Then he reached forward to peel the lacy white panties all the way down the bride's sexy legs off off her white heels.  Getting back onto the bed, pushing the trim sexy legs wide apart, then Pop was welcoming the beautiful bride into the Haster family in quite an unusual way .............................the young newlywed not getting a good fucking from the man she married but from her father-in-law!  "Oooohhhh, Pop it all so big and hard ...............just for meeeee!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh .....................yessssssssssss ........................sooooo goooooodddddddddd ............................sooooooooooo gooooooodddddddd ................................soooooo damn goooddddddd!  Fuck meeeeeeee ........................fuck it to meeeeeeeeeee ...................give it to meeeeeeeee!  Ohhhh, Goddddddddddddd gooooddddddddd .........................fuck it to me, you horny old bastard!  Fuck your daughter-in-law ..........................on her wedding night!" Pop heard his son's bride pant out while spurring him with the back of her white heels.  "There, you little bitch!  I'm going to give you the fucking you've always dreamed about on your wedding night!  I may be old but I'm not shooting any blanks're get knocked up on your wedding like that you hoped would happen!  Gonna be batting a 1000 ......................gonna knock you up good ...........................make it two in a row!" he chanted while skewering his entire length up into her.            

Early the next morning, having woken up a few minutes earlier, Erin kept her eyes closed, feigning sleep as Pop Haster had instructed her to do.  She had a pillow covering her bared breasts but her entire bottom was totally naked, then she moved her hand on down the bed to feel the towel that Pop said he put beneath her, which she did not remember taking place as she had apparently fallen fast asleep prior to that being done.  Trying to recall all the events of the evening, the last thing she remembered was her wedding gown being stripped from her and on all fours with Pop fucking the hell out of her, telling her that "I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are!  Gonna knock you right on your wedding night, bitch!  And if you think I'm shoot blanks at my age ......................guess who fathered cute little Timmy, your ring bearer!"  That was the last thing she could remember, other than her body shaking madly due to uncontrolled spams while Pop spurted his hot load far up into her fertile womb.  Thinking about cute little 4 year old ring bearer that had performed terrifically at the wedding, Erin couldn't believe that such was true.  If so, it meant that Pop had also fucked his oldest son's beautiful wife Trish, her now sister-in-law!  'Oh, my God .................he fathered Timmy Haster?  He fucked Trish too?  Trish let him fuck her ........................does he have something on Trish too?  He must have something on her, cause she just doesn't seem the type that would willingly go to bed with that bastard!' she swallowed while deep in thought.  Through the corner of her eye, Erin observed Brian fast asleep, dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts as apparently Pop had stripped him down to that after getting Brian into bed next to her.  Pop had told her to let Brian get up from bed first so he could view the towel which would have some blood on it from the vial Pop had brought with him to the reception. 

From all that champagne that she had consumed at the reception, along with being eaten out followed by two exhausting fuck sessions from her robust father-in-law, Erin had fallen fast asleep following that fantastic orgasm achieved as the old boy was spurting his hot seed far up into her fertile womb while fucking her doggie style.  She prayed that Pop had made good on the promise that he made to her, the first part accomplished as Brian was undressed and in bed next to her.  As Brian got out of bed and made his way around the puddled wedding gown over to her side, Erin feigned sleep and heard her husband suck in his breath and asked in concern "Erin, honey .....................are you okay?  Are you hurt bad?"  Pretending to come out of a deep sleep, groaning as if in pain, Erin moaned "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bad!"  Then she pointed out at his inner thighs and advised "You missed some spots when you went to wash off the blood on your 'thing'!"  Erin then thought that 'Pop really did a good job, even putting a bit of bloody smears on his thighs!  I just hope Brian believes everything I say, thinking that all the champagne got him too drunk to remember anything after the reception!'  Sitting up and looking down at herself, she then realized why Brian was so concerned as there were blood smears on both her inner thighs, her golden fleece was matted a mixture of cum and blood, and there was blood splatters on the towel that had been tucked under her.  Feigning a limp as Brian held her by the elbow, Erin gave out a couple winces as she made her way to the bathroom.   

The week long honeymoon cruise to Acapulco was nothing short of a disaster as far as Erin was concerned, for one the marriage did not really get consummated till the third night of the cruise, and Brian's lovemaking techniques could only be rated as 'pathetic' at best.  Checking out the next day and taking a limo to board the cruise ship, Brian didn't try to touch her that evening, mainly due to continue to feign some pain when she walked.  On the morning of day #2 of the cruise, Erin decided that it was indeed time for them to consummate their marriage together, thus she reached on over to her still sleeping husband and slid her hand down over his belly with her fingertips delving down under the waistband of his boxer shorts.  With his cock immediately swelling and growing in the grip of her curling fingers, then she felt him stir as his cock lurched in her grip.  Stroking him, pumping his now boner of some 5" or so, Erin kept thinking that the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree' and thus expected his penis to grow another 50% or so to be nearly as big as his father.  Shucking harder at his penis, waiting in anticipation for it to get bigger, she heard Brian stir awake but then his penis lurched and expanded in her fist.  Erin discovered that she had just gone too far in her shucking as Brian's body shuddered, with him moaning out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  It was all over for now in seeing the wet spot forming on the top of the sheet, as well as feeling the wet slime flowing over her clenched fingers. 

Another try on night #2, with Erin touching his 'thing' but making sure to stop so he could get it up into her, it was Brian pathetically trying to find the right spot to put his 'thing' into her when he spurted all over her belly without even getting it in.  It was the night of Day #3 that turned out to be the charm as her marriage with Brian finally got consummated, but it was far from satisfying for a frustrated Erin, for Brian got his 'thing' into her but the lousy loser went and spurted in her on the very first stroke.  Lovemaking for the remainder of their honeymoon was not much of an improvement as it certainly did not take much for Brian to go and pop his little wiener once he got it in her.  Like all newlyweds, they held hands while walking about the deck, laying back on the lounge chairs surrounding the pool on the main deck.  One thing that really stuck in Erin's mind, that of her now nephew Timmy Haster, and as to how Pop Haster got into her sweet sister-in-law's panties.  'Trish willingly dropped her panties for the dirty old bastard?  No, no way, not Trish!  Just no way in hell would she willingly let the bastard fuck her ....................unless there's some deep dark secret that she's hiding and the bastard uncovered he did about my Uncle Bart!' Erin concluded.  And so Erin went about quizzing her husband to get as much details he could provide to her, especially that of his brother's wife and his cute 4 year old nephew, even taking down notes on the pretense of keeping a log of important dates. 

Jotting down the notes on the dates that Brian had been able to recall and give to her, Erin had noted June 1st of when Brian was a freshman in college, which would have been some five year earlier as her husband distinctly remembered the date as he had to rush home after his last final exam to make it to the wedding rehearsal a couple days before the wedding.  Having earlier learned from talking and playing with young Timmy when they had been invited over for dinner, she had wanted see just how smart he was for his age, like if he knew his home phone number and address should he become lost.  Having made a mental note back then as to March 1st being Timmy's birthday, she had made a mental note of it in her mind as Erin knew she'd be the one to buy birthday gifts for Brian's nephew each year.  Erin now recalled one other item that Timmy had told her back then, that "I'm named after my Grandpa, because 'Timothy' is his middle name!"   'Oh, my gosh ...................June 1st to March 1st's exactly nine months on the button!  Timmy could very well have been conceived right on his parents' wedding night!' she realized.  'Did he get the bridal couple together at the end of the reception to give them a final toast and to welcome the bride into the family, like he did with Brian and I?  Only difference being that he drugged both the bride and the groom!  Could that be what happened?  Help them up to the room, then take advantage of the situation?' she wondered, now determined to find out more about that night.   

"Honey, do you realize that little Timmy was probably conceived on the night that Mike and Trish got married?  If you calculate it out, little Timmy was born exactly nine months to the day of the wedding!" Erin inquired of her husband.  "Oh, yeah're right!  I never counted the days!  Boy, gotta give it to my big brother cause I never expected him to get it up that night!  Jeez, never seen him so wasted like that night!  In fact, both of them were so sloshed at the end of the reception that both needed help to get up to the honeymoon suite that night!" her husband advised.  Upon her snooping for even more details, her husband relayed that "Trish's sister, the maid of honor, helped her up to the room while Pop and I helped my brother!  Pop and I sat my wasted brother down on the sofa and got ourselves a drink from the bar while Trish's sister got her out of her wedding gown!  Once Trish got tucked into bed, Pop and I got my brother out of his tux and tucked into bed with his lovely bride!  Yeah, sure is a shock to hear that my brother managed to even wake up later that night, much less get it on up!  Guess he was determined to have the marriage consummated on their wedding day!"  Thinking about it, Erin then realized that 'That lousy SOB didn't have anything on Trish, nothing to blackmail her with!  After he and Brian left the honeymoon suite, I bet that the fucking bastard went back up to the room and raped Trish when she was unconscious!'                  

Mrs. Trish Haster
Two weeks after returning from their honeymoon cruise, Erin arranged with her sister-in-law for lunch and an afternoon of shopping at the new department store near Trish's home.  Erin really liked Trish who had really helped out with the wedding and had repeatedly rehearsed with Timmy as to his important role as the ring bearer and they seemed to have the same taste when it came to their likes and sense of fashion.  Stopping by to pick up her sister-in-law, Erin gladly stepped into the nicely kept home to join Trish for a cup of coffee.  With Timmy out with his father, they could openly have some girl-talk, things that women would not talk about with their spouses around.  Erin played and acted the naive part of the younger gal making an inquiry of her older 'sister' as to her experience or advice, asking Trish "Not to get too personal, but was it really painful ...............that first time?  Maybe being aboard a cruise ship had a part to do with it, cause it was a bit difficult to walk about on the deck of the ship, my thighs were hurting and I felt woozy with the ship moving!"  As it was just between the two of them, Trish readily opened up that "Me too!  I hurt for days after our wedding ................I was barely able to walk!  I'm so glad that I had too much champagne that night and passed out completely ..............because that was a blessing in disguise as I then didn't get to feel what would have been awfully painful when Mike took my virginity!  Normally its just one glass of wine for me, two at the absolute most, but I guess that champagne really did me in plus it being the night of my wedding reception!" 

Trish then added "But I'm so glad about that night because little Timmy was conceived then!  It's got to be that night because I was hurting so bad that we abstained from doing it again till the last day of the cruise!  Otherwise, Timmy was an overdue baby because he was born exactly nine months to the date of the wedding!"  Such info reinforced Erin's analysis of what had taken place on Trish's wedding, especially as the old bastard had bragged to her that Timmy was his little boy, so she was now sure that the fucker had gone on back up to the honeymoon suite,somehow letting himself back in, then raped his other daughter-in-law on her wedding night!  The bastard went and raped Trish, copped her virginity, and 'knocked her up' in the process!'  'All those months carrying the baby, Trish had no idea who the real father was!  And of all things, Mike and Trish unknowingly went and named their child after the fucking bastard who raped Trish and knocked her up with his bastard baby!' Erin shuddered in disgust.  The one good thing was that Mike and Trish just adored cute little Timmy, and now Trish had let her on a little secret ..................that they hoped to soon get started on making their family bigger, but Erin had cringed when Trish advised "Another baby, boy or girl, just like cute little Timmy would be perfect!"                        

With his entire family merely referring to him as 'Pop', it would just seem as if Pop was Mike and Brian real father, but the fact of the matter was that he was their step-father and had married their mother when both boys were youngsters.  Both boys had little memory, if any at all, of their real father who had been killed in the Gulf War.  Pop was one sick bastard, especially when it came to sex, having even paid to have sex with young virgins while traveling overseas on business.  He had found that in Asian countries, especially where the economy was poor, only $500 to $1,000 was all that was needed for a family to have a young virginal daughter sacrifice her virginity to him.  Upon meeting Trish Hampton, Pop's head between his legs began to swell up immediately, telling him that he had to have her for himself.  Upon learning of her conservative and religious upbringing, the fact that Mike had tried to get her to move into his apartment but that Trish had refused, Pop had come to the conclusion that she was indeed still a virgin.  That conclusion was sealed when he had asked Trish in front of Mike that "I'm surprised that you two aren't saving money by sharing an apartment together!"  It was then that Trish had responded with "No, it's not a very good idea!  Just too much temptation there!  And I've told Mike that he has to wait till our wedding night!"  Hearing that response, it only made Pop that much more horny for the young beauty.  Putting his PI buddy on the case of checking out Trish Hampton and her family, telling his buddy to spare no expense, yet the results came out being squeaky clean.

On that fateful night of the wedding for Mike and Trish, his giving them a final toast before the reception came to end had both the bride and groom quite woozy some fifteen minutes later.  Marti Hampton, the maid of honor and sister of the bride, helped Trish out of veil and wedding gown in the privacy of the honeymoon suite's bedroom while the men remained out in the living room.  Once the bride was under the covers and tucked into bed, he and Brian then helped Mike into the bedroom and out of his tux, getting him down to just his boxers before pulling the sheets over him.  After the three of them left, locking the door to the honeymoon suite, Brian and Marti went back to the reception where dance music was still being played with Pop advising that "My driver will be coming back any minute now!  Had him take Mom Haster home as I got a bit of a business emergency to tend to!"  It had been a call from the answering service that rang his cell phone, a perfectly timed call that he had scheduled ahead of time, and that was the excuse given to his wife to have her driven home first.  The limo driver was told by Pop Haster "You make believe that you'll be coming right back here to pick me up and take me to the office!  Just identify yourself to the bartender in the lobby's lounge and order whatever you want to eat or drink!  I'll meet you in the bar when I'm ready, maybe in three or four hours!"  With Marti and Brian disappearing back into the reception's ballroom, Pop Haster was back in the elevator, pushing the button to the floor where the honeymoon suite was located, fingering the keycard to the room that he had pocketed.                  

Slipping into the honeymoon suite and locking the door behind of him, Pop then made his way to the bedroom where the newlyweds were fast asleep, then slowly moved to the side of the king-sized bed where Trish slept.  Reaching forward to grasp the top of the sheet and slowly pulling it on down, Pop licked at his licks at the beautiful sight on the beautiful young bride on display before his gawking eyes.  The sister had stripped the beautiful bride down to her strapless lacy white bra, matching panties, garter belt and white nylons.  Running his pudgy hands along the nylon sheathed legs caused Pop to get a mean raging hardon, then slid his up to undo the clip of her garter belt, then began rolling down the hose on her sexy left leg.  Down her ivory white thigh, down her calf, then off her foot and toes went the white nylon hose ........................with Pop Haster's lips and tongue just inches behind!  Then it was time to do the same for the nylon hose covering her right leg.  Lips and tongue ending on her nicely pedicured toes of her right foot, he then licked his way back up to mouth the panty clad golden treasure.  Garter belt went next, followed by the strapless bra so Pop could suckle at the bride's tender pink nipples.  Suckling at her tender pinkies at first, then capturing each bud with his teeth and pulling at them.  The last and final garment, her lacy white panties were slowly worked on down over her trim hips, pushed down beyond her thighs, then pull off her legs and feet.  Pop quickly traced his tongue back on up so he could then feast on the succulent dessert that he had been looking forward to all night long. 

After feasting on the bride's sweet golden beaver, mouthing and tonguing it all over, he got a hand towel from the bathroom and slid it in under her, then  Pop shuffled up onto the bed.  Spreading her legs wide, lifting her legs up at the back of her ankles, he shucked at this rigid boner and got it right up into position.  Fitting his bloated cockhead right between beautiful Trish's pink little slit, holding it in place with his right hand, Pop then lunged forward and dropped his full weight down behind of thrusting spear.  "Uuuuughhhhhhhhhhhh!" was the only response that he received other that the flinching of the bride's petite body, along with the warm fluid suddenly covering his penis and running down over his swollen balls.  Pop knew that that fluid was and smiled widely while deep in thought 'Oh, yeahhhhhhh!  She's fucking cherry all right!  Sweet little Trish is actually cherry .................was anyway!  Oh, baby ........................bleed, baby bleed ......................bleed all over me!'  Keeping his cock still at the moment, he let her cunny muscles relax some as they got accustomed to his invading boner, but more so he was afraid to move a muscle as that might just cause him to pop his pent up load prematurely.  Finally regaining control of the situation at hand, he expanded his cock in her tight bloody slit, then began slicing his rapier in and out of the unconscious bride.  Pausing the rape on an upstroke, Pop lifted his body up some so he could peer down between their joined bodies. 

Chuckling at the fabulous sight, Pop chuckled "Oh, Trish, sweetie sure are a bleeder!  Damn, look at all that cherry juice!  Mike went and let me in that you two were planning to start a family right away .....................that you told him you're quite regular on you cycle ...........................and that a perfect day this month fell right on you're wedding day!"  Continuing with the vile rape, went at it upon the raped beauty, then yelled out "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ............................there it is ....................there it isssssssssssssssss!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"   Collapsing upon the raped beauty, his cock still her and expelling even more semen into her fertile womb, Pop kissed his beautiful daughter-in-law on the lips before whispering in her ear "That's the best fucking cum I've had in a long, long time!  Sure got your hot little cunt filled to the brim with my jizz, huh!  You're gonna get that wish you were hoping for .....................getting 'knocked up' right on your precious wedding night!  Your gonna make Pop a grandpa in nine months cause what I shot in your pussy ain't no fuck'n blanks!"  Reaching over to the nightstand, taking one of the two blue pills that he had set there upon his arrival, he then popped it in his mouth and swallowed.  Shriveled cock twitching in the tight confines of her bloody snatch, Pop felt the revival of his boner begin to take effect, causing him to smile while and whisper "Just another ten minutes of so, Trish sweetie!  Just be patient a bit ...................and Pop with give you another good fucking on your wedding night!  Gonna give you a lot more of my baby batter, sweetie ...........a whole lot more!"            

For Mike and Trish, the wedding night and consummation of their marriage was something that neither wanted to discuss with each other, both feeling uneasy and rather ashamed as to how it had all happened.  With the room getting lighted from the sunlit drapes, Trish had stirred awake, her head pounding from all the champagne she had consumed at the wedding reception.  As Trish tried to move to get out of bed, she winced from the agonizing pain spreading from her loins, a pain so sharp that it made her entire body quiver.  'Oh, God hurtssss so badddd!  Ohhhhhh!' she shuddered, quivering once again from the shooting pain between her legs.  With the pain so bad, Trish slid her hand down under the pillow covering her breasts, her fingers sliding over dried matting over her pubic region and then down to her sex where it felt gooey and wet.  Bringing her hand up around the pillow to view her fingers, Trish cringed upon seeing the gooey mixture of what apparently was her blood and Mike's semen.  Sliding her legs off the side of the bed, Trish saw that she was still leaking badly as a gooey mixture of blood and cum oozed out of her slit to soak and spread about in the towel under her.  Sliding her hand under the towel, holding it between her aching thighs, she slowly shuffled her feet to get to the bathroom.   Trish observed her strapless bra lying on the floor next to the side of the bed.  She then passed by her white nylons, panties, and garter belt strewn on the carpeting at the foot of the bed.  It was obvious that a male had stripped those garments from her, from when she was lying upon the bed, for she would never have tossed her clothing about in that manner.  On the bathroom counter was a used washcloth, washed and rinsed out but still showing bloody stains, making it apparent that Mike had used it to wipe himself clean after having claimed her virginity.  Looking at the reflection in the mirror, saw just how raw and red her nipples were, and on close inspection Erin could teeth mark bruises on the tender flesh of each breast.     

The lighted room, haring his wife's painful wince, Mike opened his eyes to see the naked backside of his beautiful bride.  And in the she was slowly making her way to the bathroom, the bloody towel visible from between the vee of her legs, Mike felt to bad in having inflicted so much pain to his lovely bride.  'Oh, Godddddd .....................what did I go and do?' he asked of himself, but Mike was clueless as he couldn't remember anything beyond having a good time and drinking a lot of champagne at the reception.  With Trish closing the bathroom door behind her, Mike felt even more guilty at having just watched rather than rushing over to her side and assisting her.  His head pounding, Mike shuddered from the headache that seemed to be quickly getting worst, and such was compounded in knowing that he had obviously hurt Trish badly in his drunken state.  Sitting up on the bed, he looked over to Trish's side, then swallowed deeply in seeing that the towel had not soaked up all the blood as there were various spots of dried bloody spots on the sheet.  Mike felt rather embarrassed in having consummated the marriage in such a way, breaking through Trish's hymen with his penis, yet he couldn't remember a damned thing!  Throat parched, Mike got out of bed to make his way towards the water bottles sitting atop of the bar.  In doing so, beyond the foot of the bed on Trish's side, he too now got to observe the garter belt, lacy white panties, and white nylons strewn about the carpeting.  Glancing down at his upper thighs, there were some faint blood smears, telling Mike that he indeed was the one to bust his beautiful wife's cherry.         
When Timmy was 2 years old, curiosity got the best of Pop Haster as he wanted to known that the cute little boy was a product from his lusty loins.  On a visit to see his supposedly 'grandson', Pop obtained a couple of the little boys hair, then a few strands of hair from his mother's hairbrush.  Those items, along with his DNA, was sent to his PI buddy and the results from the lab had put a wide smile on Pop Haster's face!  Little Timmy was his own flesh and blood, conceived on the night of the wedding, right on the bed where he raped and deflowered the unconscious bride up in the honeymoon suite.  And now, if what Erin had told him was true about the timing of the month for her, another paternity test down the road might just be in order.  With Trish having no knowledge whatsoever of his second visit up to see her in the honeymoon suite, that he was the one responsible for raping and knocking her up with his baby, there wasn't any chance on him bedding her again without the use of drugs and his slipping into the bedroom to get at her again.  As to this daughter-in-law Erin, Pop looked at the note that his secretary had put on his desk a half hour earlier, which stated 'Your daughter-in-law Erin called saying that she'd like to apply for the 'personal assistant' opening that you told her about!'  It had been at the family get-together the other night, while the adults were relaxing out in the patio before dinner being served, he had mentioned out loud to Erin that as she was looking for a job that she should consider the opening at this company as he needed a good replacement as his 'Personal Assistant'!  Linda Wheeling, his young blond and very cute 'Personal Assistant to the CEO' sweetie, had just gone out on pregnancy leave ...............all due to him knocking her up on one of their business trips, but that part of course was left out! 

Seeing that message, Pop Haster smiled widely as he certainly was horny as a bastard and needed to get his rocks off, and having a 'Personal Assistant' like Erin would be ideal!  He knew that she'd be applying for the job, for shortly after he had mentioned it while being seated right next to her, his new daughter-in-law dropped her heel and ran her bare toes up his pants leg.  Dialing Erin's cell phone number that had been left along with the message, and upon her answering the phone, Pop asked 'Would you like to give the job a try next week, Erin?  Got a business trip to Houston!"  "Oh, yes, Pop!  I definitely would!" came the reply.  "I hope you realize that this particular job requires a lot of traveling trips, meetings, conferences, the like!  It's a lot more than sitting behind a desk and doing typing and filing!  But there's large bonuses that come with each business trip!" Pop advised.  "That sounds great .................absolutely fine with me!  I expected that we'd be sharing a hotel room!  And if an emergency trip comes up, even during the night, you'll be getting a phone call to get ready in no time flat!" he advised.  "No problem with that!  I'll keep a suitcase packed at all times!" came the response.  "You do know that only one hotel room is going to reserved, don't you?" Pop inquired.  "Oh, yes, of course!  I fully expected that!" his daughter-in-law replied.  "Okay, sweetie ....................once you get all the paperwork done in human resources, and after my secretary Phyllis gets you settled in at your office, I want to see how good you are at taking 'Dick-tation'!" he added.  "Do I take it ............while down on my knees, Pop?" his daughter-in-law asked.  "Is there any other way?" Pop chuckled out in response.  As it was now all set up for Erin to start that next Monday morning, he transferred her call back to his secretary to get all the info to relay to human resources. 

At that family get-together at Mike and Sarah place the other night, going out to where his older son was grilling, Pop got to learn that his oldest son and daughter-in-law were thinking that it was about time for them to add to the family once again.  With little Timmy approaching five years of age, they didn't want to prolong the wait too much longer as the age gap would be quite large between their two siblings.  Sitting at the dinner table, with Trish seated directly across from him, Pop swallowed as his head swelled .....................that being the aching 'head' between his legs!  His licking his lips was not to get any of barbeque sauce from the ribs he was currently eating, but the thought of once again getting into the tight little panties of the sweet beauty married to his oldest son.  'God, I'd like to get her again!  That was one good fuck!  She was so fuck'n tight, and that cherry of hers was in there solid, really took a lot of pounding to bust it!' he recalled.  'Hmmm, I think I've got Erin hooked on my cock already, so now I just need to get her to enjoy all the bonuses that comes with the frequent business trips!  Then I think she'll do my bidding ............whatever I want of her ..............even slipping a 'roofie' into Trish's drink on a family outing!' Pop pondered.  'But she might object to going that far, especially in seeing how much the the two of them get along and all .........................but dangling that juicy little tidbit about her Uncle Bart will make her do whatever I demand of her!' he concluded.  In thinking and picturing sweet Trish in his mind, Pop's other 'head' swelled and lurched with excitement.  'Yeah, I'm one fucking demented psycho going after all the sweet forbidden fruit!' he chuckled to himself, determined to somehow get into Trish's tight panties and knock the beauty up .............again!                  

End of Story.