Fiancé’s Foolish Fling
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Darnell Walker was a man who always prided himself on his ability to parlay any opportunity into a windfall.  He knew that his strengths were in wit and grit.  But he had one major weakness if one would call it a weakness, that being ……………pussy …………………snug and tight pussy …………….snug, tight and white pussy to be exact!  He wasn't the monogamous type as he was always looking for his next conquest, trying to get into as many tight panties as he could.  Currently, he was shagging an attractive twenty-seven year old blonde name Gayla Barnett.
As for Gayla, she had her own agenda.  First, she was head over heels in love with Darnell and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.  She was under his spell, his swagger, bravado and his huge black cock.  Gayla was currently on the mend, recently divorced and trying desperately to pay off the credit card debt her husband had run up before the divorce.  To help create a bit of extra income, Gayla had recently placed an ad for a roommate to help offset part of the rent and utilities of the two bedroom apartment.
Earlier that day, Linda Townsend had answered the ad and was the easy choice to be Gayla's new roommate.  Young and attractive, Linda was 22 years of age and in her last semester of college.  She had been out looking for an apartment to rent that was conveniently located close to both campus and her part-time job at the mall.  As far as Linda was concerned, Gayla Barnett's apartment was perfect, as she would have her own room.  She was also thrilled with her good fortune in having been the one selected by Gayla.
For the first couple of weeks or so, things went very smoothly between the two new roommates.  Gayla and Linda blended well and they became fast friends.  It wasn't long, however, before Linda met Gayla's boyfriend Darnell, who scared the hell out of her.  But for Gayla, she had instantly picked up on the vibes that Darnell had designs on bedding her younger and very attractive roommate.  Afraid of losing her man, Gayla felt quite jealous and threatened of this.
Although Gayla kept her thoughts and suspicions to herself for fear of forcing a situation that might've resulted in Darnell choosing Linda over her, she began to resent her younger roommate.  Unknown to Gayla, her jealousy could not have been more misplaced as Linda had no romantic nor sexual interest at all in Darnell.  In fact, Linda detested Darnell and wanted no part of her roommate’s muscular black boyfriend.

Linda was very much in love with and engaged to Paul Monroe, a businessman who lived in another state.  Linda and Paul had met a year earlier during a business trip Paul had made to town, when he happened upon Linda as she tried to change a flat tire on her car.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  Paul had come to her rescue and a romance quickly flourished.  Paul had proposed to her just before the start of Linda's final semester of college.  She had immediately accepted, asking only that she be allowed to complete what she had started, a promise she had made to her father on his death bed that she would graduate from college before getting married.

Once she graduated, the plan was for them to get married and she’d move to Chicago to be with him and begin her new life as Mrs. Paul Monroe.  Paul understood and thus reluctantly agreed with Linda's wish to wait till she completed her final semester of college.  Doing well financially, he had generously offered to pay Linda's tuition as well as her room and board to live on campus.  Though she sincerely loved Paul, Linda declined his offer, wanting to do it on her own.  Having found herself a part-time job, decided to
look for an inexpensive apartment that was conveniently located near to both campus and her job.
Linda had no romantic or sexual interest in Darnell whatsoever.  In fact, the very thought of being romantically or sexually intimate with a black man such as Darnell made her skin crawl.  Not that she was a bigot, just that her prim and proper upbringing did not include the more liberal acceptance of a person becoming involved romantically or sexually with someone outside of his/her race or religion.  When Darnell visited, Linda would hole up in her room, always giving the excuse of having to do some studying.

To unwittingly add insult to injury, the naïve and innocent Linda Townsend had made an off-hand comment to Gayla, hinting that she did not condone Gayla's involvement with Darnell.  Already apprehensive about Darnell’s lust for Linda, she then misinterpreted that comment, suspecting that Linda was now trying to undermine the relationship so that she could displace her and grab Darnell on the rebound.
As Gayla had indeed accurately picked up on the subtle vibes from Darnell that he was really turning on the charm with her new roommate and trying to win Linda's favor, albeit unsuccessfully, Gayla was none the less livid at this point.  Though Linda was genuinely friendly and cordial to Darnell, she certainly had no romantic or sexual interest in Darnell whatsoever.  It was just that Gayla’s man was a horny bastard who wanted most what he couldn’t have.

Darnell sensed Gayla's mounting jealousy over his attempts to flirt with Linda and downplayed the whole thing.  He convinced Gayla that it was all for show, to keep everyone on friendly terms.  He pretended to sympathize with Gayla's situation, that he didn’t want her roommate to feel uncomfortable around him, especially since Gayla was in dire need of the revenue that was generated by someone sharing the rent.  Though he wanted to get into Linda’s tight little panties, the closest he could get took place when Gayla went downstairs to put her laundry in the washer.  With her roommate at school, Darnell slipped into her room and Linda's hamper in the corner of her closet, that to his delight contained five pairs of panties.  Several pairs of white ones, a blue and a yellow thus snatching a pair of her white ones.

On the third week, Gayla noticed that Linda had a ring at the end of the gold chain that she always wore around her neck.  It was then that Gayla learned of Linda’s engagement to Paul Monroe, that she wore it around her neck rather than on her finger as she had wanted to keep it a secret for the time being, especially when she went home to visit her mother.  Once graduation day came, Linda advised Gayla that she would then make the announcement of the engagement to Paul and that the wedding would take place the end of summer to give some time for preparations to be made.  Though relieved, Gayla still was a bit apprehensive about Linda as one never could be sure as her former husband had already proven to her.

As a relieved Gayla relayed her findings to Darnell the next day, a devious idea came into his mind.   It was a cunning and inspired scheme in which he would worm his way into the panties of his girlfriend’s attractive roommate.  As Gayla's only interest in Linda was that of a source of monetary income for the time being, Darnell asked what Gayla had learned of Linda’s fiancé. At that point, Gayla could only tell Darnell that “I think she said something about him being in investment banking!  Apparently he’s well-established in his career as he offered to pay for her college expenses but she turned him down on that!”
Days later, formulating more details to his devious plan, Darnell pretended to sympathize with Gayla about her finances and hoped she’d be able to find another roommate once Linda was gone.  “Hey, maybe this hot shot financial wizard can figure out a way for us to make some money!  You know, enough for ya to help pay off her credit card debt!  I ain’t got much money, but I’s sure could use some hot tips from the guy!” he suggested.  Though Gayla had never met the guy, Darnell’s plan was to use Gayla to pry more info out of her roommate, then use the pretty bitch as the "in" to set up Paul Monroe.

Though Gayla didn’t think it was a good idea, she didn’t want to cross Darnell by giving her two-cents, thus shrugged and went along with his suggestion.   As Darnell laid it out, it would be her job to win Linda's trust and confidence, befriend her and to find out as much as possible about Paul Monroe.  Gayla never caught on that Darnell was just using her to get into Linda’s panties, that the pair he had stolen from her roommate had him jerking off with it each night and now he wanted to sample the real thing.

Linda never caught on that she was being set up by Gayla.  Happy to have someone to talk to about her man, Linda unwittingly shared intimate information about herself, about her fiancé and about their relationship.  Gayla was quite surprised when she learned that her roommate and fiancé had never been intimate to date.  In this day and age, that was unheard of to Gayla.  But it was Gayla's finding out that Paul had offered to send Linda a plane ticket, inviting her to rendezvous with him in Seattle over the upcoming weekend that offered the break Darnell had been looking for.

Paul had told Linda that he would be in Seattle on business and desperately wanted her to take off for the weekend, catch a flight and to join him there.  He had told her how much he missed her and promised her a very romantic weekend.  But Linda had regrettably begged off, telling Paul that she had to work and to study for exams.  When Linda mentioned Paul's offer to her roommate, she did not realize that the details given to Gayla would be passed along to Darnell, especially the fact that Paul had reservations at the West Towers Hotel.
In turning down Paul's offer, Linda had unwittingly set up the perfect opportunity for Darnell to implement the next phase of his cunning plan.  Knowing that money was tight for Gayla, and gambling that he would easily recoup his financial investment on the
back end of the scam, he purchased airline tickets to Seattle for himself and Gayla, as well as a hotel reservation at the West Towers.  Gayla wondered how things had gotten so far away as to just finding out some hot tips from the guy to she and Darnell now about to try and dupe the guy.
Darnell also picked up the tab for a complete makeover for Gayla, instructing her to have her hair colored and styled identical to Linda's.  As a kicker, Darnell had instructed Gayla to 'borrow' a dress from Linda that the naive young beauty had unwittingly confided in her roommate was Paul's favorite.  With Linda working and studying all weekend, it was unlikely that she'd even notice that her yellow dress was missing and Gayla planned on simply sneaking the dress back into Linda's closet.  And Linda would never be any the wiser.
Darnell and Gayla checked into their room at the West Towers and Gayla donned her disguise, primped and made ready to implement the next phase of the plan.  Darnell went over the plan with her to ensure she knew exactly what he wanted her to do that night, though Gayla did not and could not believe Darnell was encouraging her to have sex with another man.  But with his encouragement, knowing Paul Monroe was quite handsome from the photo on Linda’s desk, Gayla was not about to argue at this point.  She’d been around the block with a lot of guys and did enjoy sampling, until meeting Darnell.
With that accomplished, it was simply a matter of dangling the bait and then reeling Paul in.  Gayla staked out the hotel lounge, sitting at the bar, disguised in Linda's dress and similar white heels, her hair was colored and coiffed to look just like her roommate.  Purposely having her back to the door, Gayla knew that he couldn't help but notice her and then seek her out.

Sure enough, Paul Monroe was drawn to her like a moth to a flame, mesmerized and thinking that his lovely fiancée had taken the weekend off and had flown in to be with him.  As he approached her, his heart soared as he thought it was in fact his beautiful fiancée.  As Gayla looked up from her drink, she choked back a laugh at the shock and disappointment that registered on his face in realizing that she wasn't his sweet little fiancée.
As Paul Monroe stuttered out an apology for mistaking her for his fiancée, Gayla sprung the trap.  She graciously accepted Paul's apology and invited him to join her, telling him that she wanted to hear more about the gal who looked so much like her.  He hesitated for a moment, then politely accepted, introducing himself as he did so.  Knowing that Paul Monroe knew the name of whom his fiancée’s was sharing an apartment with, Gayla introduced herself as Gayle Barnes so as not to give herself away.

Being in a different city, so far away from where Linda attended college, Paul had no idea that the woman next to him was his fiancée’s roommate nor that the similar looking dress was really Linda’s.  This ‘chance meeting’ was actually a setup.  He was quite intrigued with this attractive woman, especially how her hair was colored and styled identical to Linda's.  The dress she wore, the white heels, and even Linda's fragrance of perfume had him weak at the knees.  What's more, Gayla had picked up on some of her roommate’s mannerisms and expressions, dropping some catch-phases that would have Paul Monroe thinking of his lovely bride-to-be.
Gayla was getting into it and very much began to enjoy this game.  Sweet, beguiling and coyly flirtatious, she led Paul on.  Playing the role of an innocent and naive young woman, Gayla claimed that it was her first time in Seattle.  She also remembered Linda's tale about how she and Paul had met, purely by chance, a fairytale meeting that had blossomed into romance.  Perhaps she could parlay tonight into a similar scenario, at least enough to dupe him into a one-night stand.
Paul had no intention of cheating on his lovely fiancée.  But he was in town alone for the weekend, disappointed his Linda couldn't be there with him and missed her terribly.  Suddenly, he found himself having drinks with a woman who could all but pass for the woman he loved.  Even so, it never crossed his mind to cheat on Linda, just intending on a few drinks and friendly conversation with a kindred spirit.  But, without him quite understanding how it happened, drinks somehow led to dinner.  Then came after-dinner drinks and dancing, with a nightcap for a finale.

It just sort of happened, or so Paul thought.  With the attractive woman feigning that she was tipsy from all of the drinks, she had cajoled him into playing the role of Prince Charming and in seeing her safely to her room.  Then Gayla insisted Paul step in for a nightcap, the least she could do to show her appreciation for dinner and for such a lovely evening.
Paul had no way of knowing it was all a setup, that Darnell had rigged the room for videotaping what was about to transpire. Gayla put on quite a performance.  In spite of his intentions to the contrary, Paul ultimately succumbed to the wily plan to seduce him, tricking him into having unprotected sex with her.  Paul had every intention of pulling out before he came but Gayla anticipated his orgasm perfectly, wrapping her legs around him and locking her ankles to prevent him from pulling out.  Then, with the damage done, a drunk and sexually drained Paul Monroe soon nodded off to sleep.

At daybreak, Paul awoke to the ecstasy of Gayla going down on him, priming the pump and spurring him on to another go-round to begin the day.  Of course, he had no way of knowing that Darnell had just given Gayla the thumbs up that film was rolling to videotape Paul and herself having another roll in the hay.  Darnell wanted to leave no doubt to anyone who might see the video that the illicit tryst was not just a one-time thing.   With Gayla turning herself about, the couple was eating each other out in the classic ‘69’ position.
A short time later, with his lust sated, reality kicked in. Gayla could read the guilt and remorse on Paul Monroe's face but pretended not to notice.  Instead, she pretended to confide in him that the reason she had traveled to Seattle was to give herself a chance to sort out her feelings about whether or not to marry her fiancé.  She advised him that she thought she loved her fiancé but she wasn't quite sure.  However, after meeting him the night before and sharing such a magical night together, she told him that she now realized that he was the one she'd waited her whole life for and that surely fate had brought them together.
Paul, on the other hand, was in a panic.  He realized that he had consumed too much alcohol, had been horny, and being all alone in town had led to all this.  The fact that this woman reminded him so much of Linda, he had given in to a moment of weakness.  Paul knew he could never love Gayle the way he loved Linda.  ‘Was this woman expecting him to drop everything he had going for him, break things off with Linda and marry her instead? Just after only one night together?  Was she crazy?’ he wondered.

If he only knew what Gayla was really thinking for she was basking in the afterglow of her Oscar-winning performance and having so completely duped her roommate's fiancé.  Her mind wasn't filled with fantasies of ‘Happily Ever After’, it was filled instead with the dollar signs Darnell had filled her head with.  She was now anxiously anticipating the implementation of the next phase of Darnell's plan, that of fleecing Paul Monroe as punishment for his indiscretion.  Also, Gayla knew that Darnell would be pleased with her for pulling off the scam so flawlessly.
Meanwhile, Paul's life was already becoming a living hell.  If suffering the guilt and remorse were not punishment enough, the woman was already making a pest of herself.  He politely begged off on seeing her again that weekend, claiming his schedule was booked solid and that he thought he might be coming down with the flu.  Still, the phone in his room rang constantly, leaving messages for him to return her calls.

Wanting to put as many miles as possible between himself and the persistent blonde, he cut his business trip short and booked an earlier flight back to Chicago.  Thinking he had divested himself of Gayla and had put the experience behind him, Paul rededicated himself to Linda and pressed on full speed ahead with plans for the upcoming wedding.  They had gotten together several times during the semester but the times he stopped to pick Linda up at the apartment, Gayla had made sure to be out at the time.
Several months later, in town for Linda's graduation, Paul was in total shock upon answering the knock on his hotel room door.  Gayla's hair was no longer the same shade and style as Linda's but Paul recognized her immediately, cringing at the thought that this woman had suddenly reentered his life.  His mind was racing, wondering how this woman had managed to track him down.  Even worse was the fact that Paul was in town for Linda's graduation.  Now he faced the very real risk that Linda may find out about this woman who he had a tryst with in Seattle.
He was behind the eight ball and he knew it.  He needed to handle this Gayle Barnes with kid gloves, get rid of her as quickly and quietly as possible.  He had to wonder that if she had been resourceful enough to track him down at the hotel, perhaps she knew where Linda lived as well.  With Gayla having always been careful to ensure that she was never at the apartment whenever Paul had picked up or dropped off Linda, Gayla had never been formally introduced to Paul as Linda's roommate.
Gayla insisted they discuss a matter of urgency over dinner and Paul had no choice but to cancel his plans with Linda and do as the woman asked.  Over dinner, Gayla prattled on and on about how magical their weekend tryst in Seattle had been and finally got down to the business at hand.  Paul's carelessness as a lover had resulted in knocking her up and because of her strict Catholic upbringing she could never consider abortion as an option.  She added that she believed with all her heart that their meeting in Seattle had been fate and that the baby had been conceived in love.  Therefore, she could never consider aborting it.
Paul was stupefied as he listened to this Gayle Barnes telling him that she wanted to be fair and reasonable about all this.  That, if Paul didn't love her enough to break things off with Linda and marry her instead to raise their child together, then she would still have the baby but raise it herself.  Unfortunately, of course, the bitch could not possibly afford it financially without his help.  He wondered to himself why she hadn't deferred to her ‘strict Catholic upbringing’ the weekend they'd met in Seattle but he was in no position to make waves.

Instead, Paul tried to reason with her that he wasn’t a wealthy man but would agree to pay a generous sum to support her through the remainder of the pregnancy and for child support after the baby was born.  If only he knew that she wasn't even pregnant and that it was all just a setup.  But Paul was in no bargaining position and quickly made out a check to ‘cash’ and sent a sniffling Gayle Barnes on her way.
A few weeks later, graduation behind her, Linda brought Paul to her home several hundred miles south of the college she attended.  There she introduced him to her frail mom who had not been able to make it up to the graduation due to her health condition acting up.  Then they were off as Paul took care of the expenses to move Linda to Chicago, setting her up in an apartment until after the wedding.

The time had come for Darnell to cash in on his windfall.  As Linda had followed through with her promise to send a wedding invitation to her roommate and her boyfriend, Darnell and Gayla headed off to Chicago. Darnell had it all figured out, getting there several days in advance, with Gayla having called Linda with an invitation for her and Paul to join them for dinner at a very swank restaurant.  Darnell couldn’t wait to see the look on the punk’s face when he comes face to face with gal who had shared the apartment with his bride-to-be.

Paul had been aware of Linda’s former roommate having a black boyfriend so there would be no surprised look on his face when Darnell was introduced to him.  But the last thing Paul was expecting that night was finding that Gayle Barnes was really Gayla, Linda’s former roommate.  He turned white as a ghost and perspired profusely as drinks were ordered before the dinner commenced.  With Gayla acting as if they had never before met, Paul knew that he had definitely been set up and a shakedown was coming from the devious bitch and her boyfriend.

With the gals off to the restroom to ‘powder their noses’ it was then that Darnell began the shakedown process, commenting “Does that purty little bride-to-be of yers know that ya boned her roommate up in Seattle?”  Sipping on his drink as Paul turned beet red, Darnell advised “Ya know ……………..I’s don’t take kindly to anyone boning my girlfriend!  And I’s hear ya didn’t have the courtesy of using a fuck’n rubber!  Ya went and fucked my gal ……………bareback, ya bastard!  Heard ya ate her out too …………………had her suck yer fuck’n cock ……………and blew yer fuck’n wad in her mouth too!”

As Linda and Gayla rejoined them at the table, Paul downed his drink and ordered another to steady his nerves.  “Were you guys talking about us, sugar?” Gayla asked of Darnell who replied “Of course, sweetie!  Well, we were actually comparing notes on how to handle sticky situations in business, especially when one pulls a fast one on ya!  As I was telling Paul, my philosophy is ‘An eye fer an eye ………….a tooth fer a tooth!’  That’s the only way!  Right, Paul!”

Paul was speechless at that point, downing half of the new drink that was just handed to him.  The phrase of ‘An eye fer an eye ………….a tooth fer a tooth!’ kept playing back in his head.  It was obvious as to what Darnell was getting at, telling him that he wanted payback …………………….that he was intent on having sex with Linda ………………and not use any protection to prevent her from getting impregnated!  Not only that, the vile man was going to eat her out …………..have her suck his black cock …………….and he intended on cumming in her sweet mouth!

Unable to breathe, feeling as if he had just been punched in the gut, there was no mistaking at the price Paul would have to pay for his indiscretion in Seattle.  Speechless, trying to gather his thoughts as their waiter came to take their dessert order, Paul heard Darnell order a pie ala mode with whipped cream atop of it, topped with a cherry.  After Paul passed on dessert and ordered an after dinner drink instead, Darnell’s pointed shoe gave his shin a not so gentle tap as he commented “Ah, yes ………………..nothing like a cherry to top it all off!”

There was no mistaking as to what Darnell was hinting at as Paul wondered ‘How ……………… does he know Linda’s a virgin?’  He then realized that Linda must have confided in her roommate when they lived together that he and his bride-to-be had never been intimate together.  That he respected Linda and though they spent time together, vacationing together in the same room and sleeping in the same bed but it was just kissing and petting.  Never did they go all the way as Linda wanted their wedding night to be very special.

From the comments made by Darnell, it was obvious to Paul that the vile black boyfriend of the gal he had his indiscretion with intended on being the one to take Linda’s virginity.  Now as they said their goodbyes while the valets got their cars, Paul cringed as Darnell put his big paw on his shoulder, then advising him “Guess we won’t see ya two till the big event on Saturday!”  Then Darnell whispered to him “Bet ya must be all excited ………………….cause I’s sure as hell can’t wait till the reception is over ………….I’s jist can’t wait to see the honeymoon suite!”

Over the next few days, Paul was in total misery, wondering just what he could do to somehow buy off the devious Darnell and the woman who had assisted him.  Having learned that they were staying at the hotel where the wedding reception was to be held, Paul made call after call to their room but each went unanswered.  Little did he realize that Darnell and Vicki were in fits of laughter as his calls to reach them were becoming more and more frequent.  Darnell knew that the groom-to-be was scared shitless at his eye for an eye proposal but Vicki merely thought that Darnell was priming the pump for a higher payout and with no knowledge of Darnell’s true intentions.

The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch with the beautiful bride looking so radiant as she walked down the aisle in her satin white wedding gown.  As Paul stood and watched his lovely bride-to-be nearing him, he shuddered as he observed the smirking face of Darnell off to the side.  What should be the happiest day of his life was one filled with dread and worry for Paul.  The smirking smile on the face of the devious Darnell left no doubt of that.

Towards the end of the reception in the hotel’s ballroom, as Paul and Linda were saying their goodbyes before heading up to the honeymoon suite, Darnell and Vicki approached.  Forced to shake the large extended black hand, Paul felt the small paper pouch being handed over on the guise of the friendly handshake.  With Linda and Vicki chatting and then hugging each other, Paul heard Darnell advise “Have a nightcap when you get up to the honeymoon suite and slip one of the ‘roofies’ into yer purty bride’s drink!  I’ll be stopping by in a half-hour, fucker!”

Paul stammered out his last minute plea “Darnell ………………can’t we work this out some other way ……………………how much do you want …………………I’m willing to pay!”  But the boyfriend of the bride’s former roommate just chuckled and responded with “Looking at how beautiful yer lovely bride is …………………….I’d say she’s ‘priceless’!  Either ya slip her that ‘roofie’ or the bride will be watching the video of yer performance up in Seattle …………………then I’m going to fuck her anyway!”

Upon their arrival up into the honeymoon suite, Paul reluctantly prepared a nightcap for the two of them, watching as the ‘roofie’ quickly dissolved in Linda’s glass.  Kissing and embracing one another, professing their love for one another, Paul soon felt his lovely wife beginning to rest her head on his shoulder as they continued their embrace.  Then as she tried to stand to lead him to the bedroom, Linda swayed and commented “Ooooo, I guess I had too much champagne ……………….I feel so light headed!”

Standing next to his beautiful bride, Paul put his hand around her trim waist to assist her to the bedroom.  As they entered the bedroom, his wife advised “Oh, honey ……………..I think I had better lie down for a bit before getting out of my wedding gown!”  Getting her to the bed and easing her down, Paul saw the glazed look in her eyes as her head swayed some!”  Seconds after her head rested upon the bed, the potent drug had his lovely wife fast asleep.  “Honey ………………….I’m so sorry …………………..but there’s nothing else I can do!  I can’t let you find out that I had sex with that bitch you were rooming with!” Paul whispered as he held her gloved hand.

Ten minutes later, Paul’s heart sank upon hearing the loud knock upon the door.  Upon answering the door to admit the devious and demented Darnell, Paul was surprised that the bitch Gayla had not accompanied her boyfriend to add insult to injury.  “Where ……………..where’s Gayla?” Paul stammered out.  “Hell, she’s out cold after I slipped a ‘roofie’ in her drink!  You don’t think she knows I wanna bop the beautiful bride, do ya?  Hell, the bimbo thinks I’s was only helping her scam some money outta ya!  She’s got no fuck’n clue that I’s only was helping her so’s I could ball yer beautiful roommate!”

As the muscular Darnell took off his coat and tossed it onto the chair, Paul could only sheepishly follow the confident black man as he headed into the bedroom.  Paul blinked back the tears as Darnell chuckled “Damn ……………………she so beautiful!  So beautiful in her wedding gown ………………….so pure and innocent!  Think she told ya the truth, Paulie ……………………….ya know …………………….about her still being cherry?  Well, we’s about to find out ……………….ain’t we?”

His bride’s legs grasped and being positioned so she’d be lying across the width of the king-sized bed, Paul was forced to follow Darnell’s order t assist in turning Linda’s upper body along.  Then Darnell was pulling Linda towards him, till the back of her thighs was at the edge of the bed.  Paul shuddered as he observed Darnell’s large black hands caressing his bride’s ankles, calves, then disappear up under the wedding gown.  “Damn, yer purty little bride’s got the most sexy legs I’s ever felt up!” he heard Darnell advise.


“Now what did ya do to my girlfriend, Paulie …………………ya’s went and ate my girlfriend out, didn’t ya?” Darnell asked tauntingly as he reached up under the wedding gown to beginning pulling down the bride’s panties.  Pushing the gown up some, he smiled upon seeing the distressed faced of the shamed groom as the panties came into view from under the satin white wedding gown.  Pulling the lacy white garment off the bride’s heels, Darnell drew it up to his face and inhaled the fresh scent of the lovely beauty, all to the dismay of the on-looking groom.

Slipping the flimsy garment into his pants pocket as a souvenir, Darnell taunted the blackmailed groom, asking “Now, if I’s recall correctly ………………ya’s went and ate out my girl, didn’t ya!”  Grabbing the bride’s trim ankles, Darnell lifted her legs up into the air to form a ‘V’, then advised “Okay, Paulie ……………..hold yer purty bride’s legs up so I’s can git myself situated here!”  As the punk complied, Darnell slid down and licked his thick lips in anticipation, showing the groom his long thick tongue that would soon be lapping at his bride’s most private parts.

Paul could only watch in disbelief as Darnell’s thick pointed tongue darted forward to begin licking and flicking as his lovely wife’s pink gash.  With Linda stirring, mewling softly as she was being eaten out for the very first time, Paul could not prevent his own cock from throbbing in its own arousal.  Darnell pulled back some to lick at his glistening lips, before taunting “Mmmm ……………mmmm, good!  Damn, that der is some pure sweet honey!”  Then he dove back down onto the bride’s tasty honey pit, causing her to mewl with pleasure even in her drugged state.

Holding his lovely bride’s legs up by the ankles, Paul observed as well as felt the quivering of her body as Darnell long tongue wormed its way up between her slick folds, apparently causing her to orgasm from the pleasure.  As her body relaxed and settled down, Darnell’s glistening black face reappeared, again smiling widely while licking his chops before taunting “Damn, I’s swear the tip of my tongue was lapping at her cherry!  She did tell ya that she was cherry, didn’t she, Paulie?  Let’s see if’n she told ya the truth!”

Still holding Linda’s legs up in the air, Paul shuddered as Darnell kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants, pulling down his jockeys to reveal the monstrous weapon between his legs.  Paul could only relate it to the withering black snake he had come upon one time when hunting in the woods.  He’d heard of blacks bragging about the size of their manhood but Paul was now witnessing just how true it really was.  The size that Darnell’s cock was expanding to made his look like a mere toy as Paul thought ‘Oh, my God ……………..Linda will never be able to take anything like that!’

As Darnell moved into position, rubbing his bloated cockhead up against the bride’s virgin slit, he laughed as the groom pleaded “Please …………….put a condom on!”  To which Darnell responded “What’s that, Paulie, my boy?  Ya’s want me to put a raincoat on?  But when ya went and boned my girl, ya didn’t wear one, did ya?  Ya didn’t care if’n ya went and got her knocked up, did ya?”  Darnell snickered as he got his bone hard cock into position, then advised “Gonna ‘ruin’ yer purty little bride, Paulie!  Gonna pop her little cherry fer ya!”

“Owwwww, damnnnnnnn!” Darnell cussed as his first lunge was thwarted, prevented by Linda’s too tight slit that would not part for his monstrosity.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Darnell moaned as his second attempt had his cockhead splitting the bride open as he forced the helmet of his boner into her.  Rocking back and forth, Darnell managed to force another two inches into the raped bride, groaning “Damn, she’s tight!  Fuck’n skinning my dick alive!”

Paul blinked back the tears, though his cock was now rock solid, as he witnessed the rape of his beautiful bride.  ‘Oh, Linda ………………….I’m so sorry …………………but I had no choice!  What else could I do?  I couldn’t let you find out about my affair with your roommate on my Seattle trip ………………….I had no idea it was her!’ he silently apologized to his wife.  But still, Paul was aiding and abetting the devious Darnell with her rape as he held her legs high and wide apart.

“Oh, Paulie boy …………………I’s think yer beautiful bride was telling ya the truth …………………….cause I’s bumping up against something!” Darnell proudly announced.  As he reared back some, Darnell advised “Here it goes, Paulie, my boy!”  Grabbing Linda’s wedding gown at the waist, he thrust forward with all of his might, only to give out a loud yelp “Owwwwwwwwwwww ………………………………God damn …………………………fuckkkkkkkk ………………………damn that hurt!  It’s like trying to bust through a cement wall!”

Shuddering from the pain of having his cockhead bruised, Darnell had to regroup as he readied himself once again for the onslaught.  Snarling at this point, determined to do the dirty deed, he slammed forward with all of his might as he put all of his weight behind him.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………….yes ……………………yessssssssss!” he exclaimed.  Looking up as the distraught groom, he then advised “Got it, Paulie, my boy!  Copped yer purty bride’s little cherry!  I’s went and it ……………….I’s popped her precious little cherry!”

Paul’s jaw dropped as Darnell purposely withdrew his raping stick very slowly, proudly displaying the bloody mess.  “Lookit all that cherry juice, Paulie!  Damn …………….I’s sure did ya a big favor ………………………….that cherry was in der real tight …………………………would’ve busted up that little pencil dick ya got between yer fuck’n legs!” he was laughingly advised.  Watching as Darnell fucked in and out of his lovely bride’s innocent young body, Paul observed blood now fully coating the long black cock and heard the squishing sounds as the pumping continued.

“Pull her sexy legs back fer me a bit, Paulie ……………..I’s wanna get it in deeper!” he was advised.  Blinking back the tears, silently telling Linda how sorry he was, Paul then pulled her legs back further as Darnell forced even more of his long thick cock into her.  More and more of Darnell’s black snake disappeared up into his bride’s tight slit as Paul then realized ‘My God ……………..I don’t believe it ……………………he managed to get it all in ………………………..all twelve inches!’
Paul was glad that his lovely bride was too drugged out of her mind to know what was taking place at the moment, though it was obvious her body was in agony as Linda moaned softly each time Darnell pushed his bloodied cock back into her ravaged slit.  As Darnell pumped away at his raped bride, Paul dreaded the consequences of what could happen if the black cock squirted out its creamy seed into Linda unprotected womb.  ‘Oh, God …………………..what if she gets pregnant ………………with Darnell’s black baby?’ he shuddered.

“Darnell ………………….please …………………….you ……………….you’ve got to pull out!  I ……………I’ll give you money …………..a thousand ……………….two thousand ………………..just ……………please ……………..don’t cum in her!” Paul pleadingly stammered.  But to Paul’s dismay, Darnell looked towards him with a big smile on his face, taunting him with “Don’t want me to knock yer purty little bridie-poo up, huh?  But ya’s went right ahead and fucked my girl without using a fuck’n rubber fer protection ………………………and came in her, didn’t ya, Paulie boy?”  As Darnell sped up the piston fuck motions, the large black hands left Linda’s waist and clamped onto her trim ankles just above his hands as Paul was then instructed “I’s got her now ………………….ya go an git that there camera on the dresser!”

Paul slid off the bed and did as he was told while Darnell continued fucking away at is drugged bride.  Obtaining the camera and moving back to the bed, more taunting came his way as Darnell commented “Looks like a nifty new camera there, Paulie!  Digital, I presume!  Jist buy it fer yer honeymoon ………………….to take some memorable shots, huh!  Well, ya aim it right here on yer honeymoon bed fer the first shot ……………in jist a couple of seconds!”  As the fuck action sped up to jackhammer speed, it was apparent to Paul that the first shot on the brand new camera would be of Darnell cumming in his raped bride.

As he focused the camera, Paul could not help but feel his cock swell up in his pants upon viewing the erotic black and white scene on the king-sized bed.  With Darnell slamming his muscular black body into Linda’s petite white one, burying his lengthy cock all the way into the hilt, Paul clicked the first shot as Darnell ordered “Now, Paulie boy …………………….git the first photo of yer honeymoon ………………….cause I’m about to cum in yer purty little bride!  Now …………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With the muscles of the big black body rippled, entire frame shuddering, Paul snapped more shots as Darnell was obviously spurting his copious load of semen into Linda’s unprotected womb.  Finally it was apparently over as a panting Darnell remained still, letting his cock soak in Linda’s raped body.  Paul too was panting, his heart beating with excitement after witnessing the rape of his beautiful bride.  Then his mind was snapped back to the present as Darnell ordered “Git ready to take some more shots, Paulie!”

Capturing it all, with Linda looking radiant in her wedding gown and veil, white gloves, stockings and heels but being penetrated by Darnell’s big black spear.  He snapped away as Darnell slowly withdrew his still lengthy and erect cock that was now covered with a mixture of blood and cum.  Finally a final snapshot was taken as the lengthy cock lay atop of Linda’s belly, the tip of the bloated cockhead several inches above her belly button indicating just how far up inside her had had gone.

Legs placed back down onto the bed, knees pushed up and wide with spiked heels on the mattress to keep her in position, Darnell then invited him over to take even more pictures as he wiped his bloodied manhood upon the front of the white wedding gown.  Paul could not believe how much blood had puddled beneath her on the bed from the loss of her virginity as he took a shot of it while blood and cum oozed out of her raped slit.  Frozen to the spot, Paul stared at the continuing flow of bloody cum trickling out of his lovely bride.  “Maybe ya better git a wet washcloth to clean up yer purty bride, huh, Paulie?” he was told as Darnell rested in the nearby chair.

Returning to the bed with a wet washcloth, Paul then sat upon the bed beside his raped bride, wiping the blood and cum coating her thighs.  He wiped continuously at her still bleeding slit but the slick mixture of blood and cum kept on oozing out of her.  Paul was quite concerned as it appeared to be a lot of blood loss and the bleeding continued, oblivious to the fact that Darnell was taking snapshots of him trying to clean up his raped bride.

Paul then looked up at the movement upon the bed as Darnell had pulled Linda’s head and shoulders over to the foot of the bed.  Bridal veil lifted, Paul watched as Darnell shuffled forward to rest his limp but throbbing cock onto Linda’s beautiful face.  Paul’s stomach turned as Darnell asked “Ya went and had my girl suck yer cock, didn’t ya, Paulie boy?”  Paul could only nod ‘yes’ in response.  He nodded once again when Darnell asked “And came in her mouth, didn’t ya?”  He watched as Darnell placed a thumb on his wife’s chin to open her mouth up for him.

Blinking back the tears as he continued to wipe away the bloody mess between his wife’s thighs, Paul could not help but watch Darnell sawing away between Linda’s pink lips.  Fortunately, Darnell was not shoving his cock all the way down into her throat for Linda would surely choke to death in her drugged state.  Staring at the scene of the first cock between Linda’s lovely lips, Paul reached over for the camera without being told for this momento.  “Gonna cum in a minute, Paulie!  Git yer camera ready!” he was told.

It was an awesome sight of seeing cum gushing out of Linda’s mouth with just the tip of the black cockhead remaining.  A snap of the camera had Paul quite a momento to keep and remember his honeymoon.  He continued snapping away, catching a spurt of jizz hitting his lovely bride square in the face, then the black fuck stick was being used as a paintbrush to give Linda a complete creamy facial.  With Darnell resting on the chair again, Paul went to the bathroom to rinse out the gooey washcloth.

Bringing back two wet washcloths this time, Paul put one to soak up Linda’s still oozing slit while using the other to clean up the creamy hot sauce that Darnell had spurted all over her beautiful face.  Face wiped clean, Paul then went back to cleaning up his bride’s raped and still bleeding slit.  Though still bleeding slightly, it appeared that the flow was subsiding and Paul took the two sticky washcloths back into the bathroom to rinse them out.

Cringing as he was forced to rinse out the washcloths, Paul felt the gooey slime of blood and cum on his hands.  But it had to be done so he could go back and clean Linda up further until all the bleeding had stopped, also to get out as much of Darnell’s potent cum as possible.  Then, a movement in the room caught his attention.  Paul's jaw dropped as Darnell was once again having a go at Linda while she was still in her wedding gown.  Then Paul watched as Darnell eased out of bride and began to undress her.  First the back of Linda’s wedding gown unhooked and Darnell was stripping her out of the garment.  Bra then removed, Paul observed his beautiful bride now clad only in her veil, gloves, stockings and heels as Darnell mounted her again to recommence the rape.

Dropping the washcloths into the basin, panting for breath, Paul watched the sight of the black male upon his lovely white bride as Darnell prepared to rape her once again.  He knew that there’d be a lot more to clean once again, only not as much blood this time.  Watching from afar this time, Paul could not resist unzipping himself as he stood over the open toilet.  As his lovely bride was once again being fucked by her black rapist, Paul was wanking at himself while Darnell slid his lengthy cock in and out of her torn slit.

“Ooooooo ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Paul grunted as his body shuddered while spurting his load harmlessly into the toilet.  His grunts had not gone unnoticed as Darnell yelled out from the bedroom, “Enjoy watching me fuck yer beautiful bride, huh, Paulie boy!  C’mon and git yer ass back in here and take more shots of me fuck’n yer wife!”  Sheepishly, tucking his now limp cock back into his pants and zipping up, Paul flushed the toilet and returned into the bedroom to take more snapshots.

Over an hour later, with Darnell having departed and the clean up finally done, Paul got out of his tux and got a blanket out from the closet.  Lying next to his drugged bride, he snuggled up against her and pulled the blanket over them.  Here was his lovely bride, finally in his arms but totally ‘ruined’ by the devious Darnell.  Paul did not know which was the most embarrassing point of the night, that of aiding Darnell as he raped Linda or when Darnell caught him wanking off in the toilet while watching the rape take place.

Holding his petite bride’s soft body next to him, Paul whispered his apologies once again and prayed that Linda would never learn of her honeymoon horror.  His heart pounded in his chest as Paul mentally made note of what was to be done the day he and Linda returned from their honeymoon.  He was to email Darnell with an attachment of the three dozen pictures taken on the digital camera.  Then he was to post a dozen of them up on a group site entitled ‘HowToBreedWhiteWivesWithBlackStuds’.  Of course, he’d have to be certain that Linda would not be recognized in any of those shots posted up on the group site.

The next morning, Paul awoke as Linda stirred in his arms.  He heard her painful moan “Ahhhhhhhh ……………….owwwwwwwww!” as she tried to move.  “Oh, Paul …………………………ohhhhhhhhhh ………………….I hurt so bad!  I ……………I can’t move my legs …………….it hurtssssssssssssss!” his bride sobbed out.  Tears flowing from his eyes, Paul held his bride tightly in his arms, apologizing “I’m so sorry, honey!  It’s all my fault!”

With Linda exploring her torn vagina with her fingers, Paul looked over as his wife examined her fingertips.  “Paul …………… ………………you did use a condom, didn’t you?” he was asked.  “I ………………I’m sorry, honey …………………I got too excited and didn’t get to put one on!” he lied.  As Linda snuggled back against him, her hand atop of his rubbing it over her belly, Paul shuddered as his bride advised “Oh, oh!  Something tells me that waiting the year before starting our family is not going to happen!  Our families are going to be counting the months and realize that I got ‘knocked up’ on our wedding night!”

Six weeks later, Paul drove up into his driveway after one of his worst days since the wedding.  Contacted by Darnell who ‘happened to be in town’ and needed a ‘loan’ of two grand, Paul had to make a withdrawal from the bank and then meet up with the bastard who had raped his beautiful bride.  But it was not over as Darnell advised him “Better slip one of the ‘roofies’ I told ya to keep into yer wife’s drink or coffee tonight, just before bedtime!  I’s gonna finish paying off my bookie and then I’s be ready for a midnight snack!”

Entering through the kitchen door that connected to the garage, Paul saw his lovely wife rush up to him, tiptoe and plant a passionate kiss on his lips.  Though she came to greet him with a kiss each night upon his arrival home, this was quite a passionate one in comparison.  As he held her in his arms, Paul swallowed as Linda announced “Guess what, honey!  You’re going to be a daddy!  The naughty groom went and knocked his bride on the night of their wedding!  Guess we wasted all those condoms after that night, huh, Paul!”  Paul’s only thought at that point was ‘Guess I won’t have to plead with Darnell to use a condom when he comes over tonight!’

End of Story.