Flirting with Trouble
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Mrs. Eileen Asher
Standard Disclaimer:
This story is fictional and intended for adults only!

With Bill going into the master bathroom and closing the door behind of him, Eileen quickly went to her dresser drawer to retrieve the neatly stacked negligees and sexy undergarments that she intended on packing for the three day 'conference'.  Lining the lacy garments on the bottom of her suitcase, she then got the stack of clothing set aside on the armchair to cover the sexy ones, then breathed a sigh of relief that she had done it in time when her husband came back out of the bathroom.  "Wow, half packed already!  That was really quick!" her husband advised in seeing that much of her packing had been done.  Heart thumping in her chest, Eileen advised "Oh, I had pretty much everything already stacked up and ready to go!"  Finishing her packing, closing up the suitcase and putting it on the floor, Eileen then sat on the bed and wondered 'Do I dare?  Do I dare go through with this?  Cheat on Bill ...................................after seventeen years of marriage!'  And the charade she had gone through, signing up for the stenographers' conference and putting it on the refrigerator door, not as a reminder for her but really for her husband to see where and when it was to be held.  But Eileen had not intention of attending the conference that served of a charade, for instead of being at that mediocre hotel, she had been told that reservations had been made at a plush 5-Star hotel a few miles away.  Eileen remembered getting that email from Greg telling her "Forget going to the conference me instead!  I made reservations for us at the Regency for that weekend!"  Eileen had fallen head over heels for this well-groomed older man, whose mere touch now seemed to just make her melt on the spot, but she had managed to keep him at bay ............................till now, anyway! 

Although she had known him for years, their relationship had intensified over the past six months, ever since that New Year's party at Greg's house when the host had seen her all alone out on the balcony and brought her a glass of white wine.  A poker game had gotten started earlier with Bill was in the midst of it all, and Eileen had stepped out onto the balcony when some aerial fireworks started going off over the bay.  As she took the glass of wine from him, Greg's fingers touched the top of her hand, remaining there and then caressing her.  Eileen recalled trembling as she looked up into his eyes and handsome face, feeling her heart racing as his lips descended down toward hers.  Their lips barely touched when they were interrupted by the young children running out onto the balcony to see the fireworks.  Naturally the parents watching their children were soon out on the balcony also, forcing them to step away from one another so as not to cause tongues to wag.  But that had started the ball rolling, with the first email from Greg coming the next day, telling her that "All I could think about last night was our first kiss!  That was so unbelievable! Wish it didn't have to end so soon! I love you, Greg!"  Not knowing what to do, thinking about it for over an hour, she then responded with "Greg, what happened last night should never have happened!  It can never happen again!  Eileen!"  Trembling with nervousness after hitting the 'send' button, Eileen looked at the email he had sent once again, focusing on the part saying "I love you, Greg!"  'My, God .....................what would have happened if those children hadn't come running out onto the balcony?  Our lips had just touched for a brief instant, but if not for those children ..........................there's not a doubt in my mind that it would have ended up being an intimate one indeed!' she realized.

A week later, after getting a number of emails from Greg with each expressing his love for her and asking her to meet with him, Eileen realized that this was getting dangerous and a bit out of control.  Knowing that Greg would keep on emailing her no matter how she tried to convince him that she couldn't cheat on Bill, Eileen figured that she should take added precautions, one being to obtain an additional email address to give only to Greg since he persisted in writing her.  "Greg, you really must stop emailing me!  What if Bill should find out?  If you insist on emailing me, please use this new email address!  That way I'll only check this email account when Bill is not around!  I love you too, but we must end it here before it gets out of hand, Eileen!"  she had replied.  But emails from Greg professing more and more his love for her kept on coming, but at least it came into the new email account, that way she wouldn't have to worry about opening her regular account when Bill was around.  Answering her cell phone in mid-January, Eileen sucked in her breath upon hearing Greg's voice telling her "I had to hear your voice again!  God, I love you!  I can't get you out of my mind!  Out on the balcony ....................New Year's Eve .......................that was so unbelievable!"  Panting for breath after hearing Greg's voice on the phone, Eileen advised that "You shouldn't be calling me like this!  New Year's Eve ..........................we both had too much to drink .....................when it happened!  And it never can ...........................or will happen again!"

As to the part of both of them having had too much to drink on New Year's Eve, Eileen knew that had not been the case, knew that it had been a spark or chemistry between them that evening.  Panting deeply, heart thumping in her chest, Eileen couldn't help but to picture how handsome Greg had appeared to her that evening out on the balcony.  On a conversation at the end of January, Eileen advised "Greg can't be calling me like this so often!  When Bill is here and the phone rings, he's beginning to wonder why I won't answer even if I say that 'it's just work and it can wait!  But the number of calls on the past month is far more than I've ever been getting before!  I'm worried that Bill might be getting suspicious!"  A bit to her relief, Eileen got an email saying "I'm sorry, sweetie ...........................I just like hearing your voice!  I'll do emails from here ....................until I just have to hear your voice once again!  It's just been so long since I've seen you!  I just can't get you out of my mind!  Love, Greg!"  "Thank you for understanding, Greg!  I must admit .............I think of you every night too!  But we must be realistic in that we can never get together in the way you want .........................not even just for an 'innocent' lunch!" 

"Tell me the truth, Eileen you have any feelings for me?  Tell me 'NO' and I'll stop calling or emailing you!" the question was posed to her.  "Greg, please're married ..................and so am I!  This has to end right here and now!  It has disaster written all over it if this is to continue!"  Eileen, she responded.  "Okay, just tell me that you don't love me!" her older admirer emailed back to her.  Eileen found that she just could not type those words, even if it would be such an easy way to bring this to and end, but instead she responded with "You know very well I'd be lying if I said that I had no feelings for you!  But it's already become too dangerous a situation!"  Lying next to her husband in bed that night, Eileen's mind was still racing after the email exchange she had just had that afternoon, with the image of the handsome and successful man twenty years her senior filling her mind.  Playing back those few seconds, from when he handed her the glass of wine till their lips just touching that New Year's Eve, Eileen realized just how willing she had been that night to let him kiss her so intimately had those children not come running out onto the balcony.  'My, God ...........................I wanted him to take me into his strong muscular arms and kiss me!' she realized, then thought 'What would have happened if we hadn't been interrupted!'  Eileen then shivered at the thought of the handsome man boldly sliding his hands over her trim hips, then cupping and feeling up her asscheeks as they kissed intimately!' 

Arriving at the five star hotel shortly after her flight, Eileen was surprised at not seeing Greg waiting for her in the lobby as he told her he would, especially after there was a limo waiting for her at baggage claim and the driver holding up a sign with her name on it.  Setting her luggage off to the side and getting a seat in the lobby, Eileen wondered if Greg had tried to reach her by phone and couldn't get through as she had it on 'airplane' mode.  Getting her cell phone from her purse and turning off the 'airplane' mode, Eileen saw that there was a text message on it from Greg telling her that he was running a few minutes late due to a flight delay.  Anxiety building up, heart pounding faster and faster with each passing moment, Eileen then thought 'Maybe this is a sign telling me to leave before its too late!  Nothing's happened so far its still not too late ..............................not too late to preserve your marriage vows!'  This was an option on the table, something that she had made Greg agree to, that if one decided not to go through with their get-together the other party would totally understand as to why.  Sitting there only in the lobby made it all the worst for Eileen, having her think that everyone walking by knew that she was there to have an affair with another man ...............................that she was about to violate her marital vows of some seventeen years!  Hands trembling, Eileen told herself to 'You've still got time to change your mind!  Get your ass up from the chair and leave ...................before it's too late!'  Standing up, going over to her suitcase and pulling up the handle, she took a step towards the lobby door when she observed a white stretch limo pull up in front.  Her heart pounded in her chest as the driver came around to open the limo door, then out stepped the handsome and worldly man of her dreams ..............................the man she had come to meet ..............................the man with whom she planned violating her marital vows with!  Just seeing him immediately changed her mind about departing and not going through with it, instead she immediately walked towards him with a wide happy smile on her face. 

"Honey, I'm so sorry for being late but the flight got delayed due to a mechanical problem!  Did you get the text message I sent you?  I was so afraid that you might think that I backed out when I wasn't here when you arrived!" he advised her.  "No, I knew you'd be here!  I did get the text message that you sent!  But ................I must admit that I was getting nervous and feeling guilty about my being here!  I was just about to get up and leave when I saw you walking in ......................I .....................I'm just so nervous .....................I'm shaking all over .............................feeling so guilty!" Eileen advised, after having just thought that she really should not violate the marriage vows that she had given some seventeen years earlier!  Seventeen years of marriage, no children, and a husband who had lost interest in her and only seemed to be interested in doing good at his father's firm so he could eventually take it over one day!  "Don't feel guilty, honey, we don't have to do ............................anything!  Just stay with me this weekend ..........................that'll make me happy enough!" he told her.  But Eileen was realistic and knew her weakness and limitations, telling him "You know for a fact that I won't be able to resist you if we're here together this weekend can feel me trembling at this moment!"  "Well, I can't say it any bolder than the last email I sent you yesterday!" Eileen was told, to which she swallowed deeply to compose herself.  That email, actually being a series of email exchanges, to which she had read a number of times was indeed stuck in her mind, for it was so bold and descriptive, with the man she loved telling her "I can't wait to put my arms around you!"  "And then what are you going to do to me?" she had replied.  To which came the response of "I'm going to strip you naked!"  "And then?" Eileen had replied, to which she remembered shivering upon reading of his intention was to  "FUCK you and FUCK you till you can't walk straight!"  "Promises!  Promises!" she had signed off with a happy face symbol at the end.               

Eileen had indeed fallen head over heels in love with her older lover, a man successful in all his exploits, one who was quite endowed where it counted most and she would certainly attest to the fact that he sure knew how to use it too.  'My, God ...........................he must be at least ten inches long ........................and so thick!  I swear ...............not a quarter of an inch didn't get in on the action!  Ohhhh, that was fabulous!  He went and fucked me till I can't think straight!' she panted out from enjoyable exhaustion from their recent fuck session.  'Jezz, I must have sounded like a young stupid teenager the way I panicked when he tried to get it in me at first!' she blushed with embarrassment.  'Oh, gosh .......................he stretched me out so much that my pussy lips won't close tightly ......................his cum leaks right out of me if I don't squeeze my thighs tightly together!' Eileen realized after feeling the stream of cum oozing out of her well-fucked slit down to soak into the sheets.  One thing that Eileen felt embarrassed and ashamed of, causing her to shudder in humiliation, was the manner of which she had acted when being penetrated by her older lover.  She had wanted to welcome the handsome man between her welcoming arms and legs like a sexy mature woman, the way she had dreamed of each night in bed before this day.  But when he was only a mere three inches into her, Eileen had panicked from his size and instead acted like a young teenage girl surrendering herself for the very first time in the backseat of a car.       

Trusting the man who had successfully seduced her into bed him after seventeen years of faithfulness, Eileen smiled and posed together with him while wearing a lacy white negligee donned after their fantastic lovemaking, pulling a sheet up over her legs.  She trusted him in that these photos will only were to be viewed by his eyes only, photos to be kept on his computer for him to gaze upon when thinking of her, Eileen agreed to pose for him after the first one was taken with a timer.  "C'mon, honey me a little leg!" her lover requested as he focused the camera on her.  With Greg backing up some from the bed for another shot, telling her "A little more leg!", and she complied to please her lover.  "C'mon, honey .....................give me some naughty shots!  It'll be only for my viewing!" her lover asked of her.  " I can't make it any more naughty than this, not after the way you stretched wide open with that monster of yours!  Plus the fact that you filled me to the brim with your 'goodies'!  That's why I've got to keep my legs crossed like this ............................or it'll all come pouring out of me if I don't!"  With her lover convincing that it was just for him to look at when they not together, Eileen then gave in and provided him with some real naughty and x-rated poses, acting like a porn star as she lifted her knees up then spread them wide apart ...............................posing that way with cum oozing out of her well-stretched slit!  Eileen couldn't believe how shameless she had become to please the man she had come to love, allowing him to take such x-rated shots of her, then had to laugh when he told her "Let it flow, honey!  Let it all go to make some room in that sweet pussy of yours ..............................cause I'm going to fill it up again real soon!"

What her lover had just told her was just so very true, for he was soon in bed with her again, stripping her naked and this time getting her to straddle him.  Leaking cunny providing the lubricant, Eileen slid right down onto his thick meat as it filled the void left by the cum that had leaked out over the past few moments.  "Ohhhhhhhhh ..............................ohhhhhhhhhhhh .............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Eileen panted out as she sank down further towards the bed as she skewered herself on down onto the jutting pole.  "Ohhhhhhhh, so good gooddddddddddddddddddd!" she panted as even this position of having sex while straddling her lover was a new sex act for her.  It felt so good to ride her lover's manly pole while he caressed her body, cupping her titties and then pinching at her sensitive nipples.  Eileen found that straddling her lover was indeed an exciting position, for now she was the one controlling the speed of the fuck, and she began riding him as if she was riding to win the race in a derby ......................................chanting out "Yes .............................yessssssssss ...............................yessssss .............................give me what you got .....................................give it your all it it!  Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ........................................ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"  Eileen then shivered, body shuddering as she climaxed, all while her lover ejaculated his seed to fill her to the brim once again.  She then collapsed forward into her lover's waiting arms, her cunny squeezing upon his manhood to milk every precious drop of his seed into her.

Some twenty minutes later, Eileen began to stir after dozing to find that she had fallen asleep atop of her lover, that she had just woken in a very special way ........................that being by his pulsating and expanding cock that was still embedded in her cunny!  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................................ohhhh, gosh ...................................oh, my Goddddddddddd!" she panted out, realizing that he was actually rising to the occasion once again and going to fuck her for the third time in less than two hours.  Oh, she was certainly wanting it but never did Eileen imagine just how virile her handsome lover could be, and she was indeed impressed by his stamina.  "Oh, my gosh ..............................I can't believe this!  You're hard again!  You're unbelievable!" Eileen exclaimed as she pushed herself up to a straddling position once again, wondering if he wanted her to ride him one more time.  Squeezing her cunny around his pulsating member, Eileen felt it respond with a resounding twitch from his penis as it expanded quite a bit within her.  Another squeeze of her cunny got another similar response within her, once more and then again till it had gotten fully erect in her well-filled slit once again and another fuck session was about to commence.    

Then Eileen felt her lover reach down to grab an ankle, getting her to bring her leg and foot upwards towards his head.  Next she was being made to bring her other leg and foot up on the other side of his head.  Next Greg was grasping both of her wrists tightly, then was lifting himself upwards, causing her to lean further and further on back towards the mattress.  Eased on down onto the bed, her lover still deeply embedded in her clutching cunny as the stud followed her till atop of her.  Right ankle grasped once again, this time placed so the back of it rested upon the shoulder of her handsome lover, then the same was done with her other ankle.  Rolled up in a ball, Eileen sucked in her breath as she came to learn that with her being in such a position, her lover's lengthy cock managing to penetrate her even deeper than before.  "Oh, Greg .............................ohhhhhhhhh ........................yes ......................deeper .....................fuck it deep in me!  Oh, my God ..............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................yes .........................yesssssssssss .............................ohhhhh, yessssssssssssss!  Fuck me ...........................fuck me ............................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she panted out.

For Greg, this was something he had dreamed of many a night, seducing this beautiful woman twenty years his junior and getting to fuck her in every which way.  And from many years of experience, Greg knew that this was the best position to get a beautiful bitch into if he wanted to skewer every centimeter of his 10 1/2" boner up into her.  Sliding his muscle all the way down into her gripping snatch, he then flexed his pulsating muscle so she could feel him swell up into her tight little snatch, and her mewls told him how very right he was.  Withdrawing till just his cockhead remained enveloped in her, he then slid his thick meat back down into her, another withdrawal and another slicing plunge.  Then faster and faster he'd build up the tempo, till her toes curling as she skyrocketed into outer space and he got to pop his nuts in her fertile womb, loving the sound of her squealing out in ecstasy to make it quite obvious to Greg that this was indeed the deepest she had ever been cocked.  "Yessssss ....................................yesssssssss ...........................ohhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" she squealed beneath him as he hosed her down with his hot roe.

After catching his breath after seeding the lovely beauty, Greg realized that she must be getting uncomfortable in the balled up position and thus eased back up some to help her get her ankles off his shoulders.  When her legs came down to give her some comfort, Greg smiled upon feeling her trim sexy legs encircle his waist and lock themselves around him.  Then he was treated to some admiration as the beauty he had seduced told him "Greg're amazing!  In my dreams .................I liked to imagine that you'd want to take me a second time in one evening .......................but now three times in two hours!"  Greg smiled and told her "Sweetie, the night's still young!  There's a five star restaurant in this hotel, let's shower and have dinner .....................I'm really famished after all that and need some food if you're hoping for a fourth tonight!"  Sliding out of bed, holding his hand out to help his beautiful partner, which was fortune as she nearly stumbled.  She thanked him for saving her, but did blame it on him, telling him that "I guess you were right in your email .............................telling me that you were going to FUCK me till I can't walk straight!"  He watch as she bent down to pick up her panties, then ball them up in her hand, using her panties to catch all the cum leaking out off her well-fucked pussy. 


As both of them didn't want to go to breakfast down in the restaurant, just wanting to be alone together, an order was placed with room service.  Dressed in a white robe provided by the hotel, Eileen reflected back on the unbelievably fabulous night it had been.  'And to think, that fourth time that Greg promised me came before we even made it downstairs for dinner!' she thought in amazement.  That fourth go-round took place right in the shower after he had soaped her down as he began rising to the occasion when his manhood began to rise to the occasion in her soapy fist.  It was with her back up against the tiled wall in the shower that she got her fourth fucking, with him lifting her up for her to wrap her legs around his waist, that he banged her in the shower.  It was so fantastic that when it was over, Eileen had to rely on her lover to dry her off with the towel as she was just one fucked out bitch.  Going downstairs to the fabulous five star restaurant, Eileen found that she too was famished from all that energy spent on their extra-curricular activities.

Upon their return to the penthouse suite, they embraced for an intimate kiss, after which Eileen licked his earlobe and whispered "And what dreams of me haven't been fulfilled yet?"  Eileen could tell that her older lover was rather hesitant to say anything, correctly figuring that he thought he'd offend her by telling her of his fantasies of her.  Although he was older, wiser and far more than her sexually ..................Eileen knew how he was always so considerate to her feelings, and thus didn't want her to do anything that might humiliate her.  But what Eileen had learned from her female co-workers, some who were quite promiscuous, it was that men just loved having a woman that he desired kneeling before him with his manhood in his mouth as she looked up at her conqueror.  This was one thing though that Eileen had never done before, refusing that one time her husband tried to make her do it after they were married, but she had no qualms in doing it if it pleased her handsome lover.  "C'mon, I told you my fantasies!  You need to tell me yours!" she whispered in his ear.  Taking things literally into her own hand, Eileen slid a hand down between them, her palm going over his bulge to feel it pulsate with excitement.  Then she asked "Have you dreamed of me kissing this big boy?"  The exciting twitch against the palm of her hand gave Eileen her answer.  "Hmmm, something's telling me I'm right, aren't I?" she said while squeezing her fingers on his growing boner.  It was then that Eileen knew how much he loved her, for he advised "Oh, honey know I've fantasized about that many a time!  But ................are you sure?"  "Please be patient with me .....................I've never done this before!" Eileen advised her far more experienced lover.       
For Greg, head over heels in love with this beautiful woman who was married to another man, what attracted him most was that she was such a prim and proper woman.  He knew she bored to death with her husband who never wanted to have fun and even take her on a trip, and now Greg had finally had broken down all the barriers in seducing this lovely beauty.  Wanting her to love and respect him, correctly suspecting that she had never taken a cock in that beautiful mouth of hers before, he was worried of her hating him if she should get offended in his asking her to fulfill this fantasy.  Panting hard as she began to go down to her knees, Greg felt his cock twitch with excitement as she kissed the lump in his trousers that gave away his bulging hardon.  With her admitting that she had never done this before, recalling that she had just mentioned giving him a 'kiss' down there, Greg wondered if that would be the extent of things to come.  He certainly hoped not, hoped she'd actually take him into her mouth, but Greg still did not want her to feel humiliated or degraded by being down on her knees to 'kiss' his cock.  "Honey ...........................if you don't want to .......................I'll understand and won't be upset!" he panted out, his cock twitching with delight as she traced her manicured along its length.

Eileen knew he loved and respected her, and his consideration for her feelings were now reinforced by what he had just told her.  Licking her lips, Eileen was determined to make his dreams and fantasy come true no matter if she would normally think of such a sex act being humiliating or degrading for a woman to do.  Manicured fingers grasping the tab of his zipper, Eileen unzipped his pants, then slid her fingers in to find the manhood she wanted to kiss and suck on to please the man she truly loved.  Working it out of its hiding place, she then drew it out into the open, then smiled as the swelling bulb seemed to be winking at her.  Bending her head forward, she gave it a pursing kiss on the tip of the twitching bulge, then darted the tip of her tongue out to tease the sensitive pisshole.  "Ohhhhh, sweetieeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, yesssssssssssssssssssss!" she heard the groan of pleasure coming from above.  Next Eileen swirled her wet tongue around the bulb-like cockhead, hearing another groan of pleasure being emitted from above.  Knowing what Greg wanted of her, as she had learned  from the women she worked with, Eileen engulfed the bloated cockhead along with several inches of the thick stem, then got to hear her lover above groan out "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Greg just couldn't believe that his fantasy was actually coming true and thus far this far surpassed any of his dreams of having this beauty take him in her succulent mouth.  He was tempted to grasp her long silky hair to hold her to him and prevent her from pulling away but Greg fought that urged, wanting to allow her to pull away if she got scared and desired to do so.  "Oh, honey!  Ohhh, so good good!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he panted out as the unbelievable scene unfolded below him, and now she was bobbing her head up and down his boner in earnest.  Arching his hips upwards, attempting to feed her his entire length, Greg realized that she was swallowing repeatedly to achieve just that.  Sawing his thick meat in and out of her hot buttery mouth, Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven as nothing could ever be better than this.  Cock pulsating and swollen, his toes curled in his shoes in order to keep from losing it right then and there.  Panting heavily, Greg felt that he should warn her when time was imminent, allowing her to pull away if she desired even though that would bring his fantasy of cumming in her mouth to an abrupt end without being fully achieved.

Performing instinctively, encouraged on by the groans from above getting louder as was as the quickening pulsations in her mouth, Eileen recalled from the gals at work telling her that ultimate thrill a gal could give a guy was to let him ejaculate in her mouth and then to swallow all his sticky juices.  Scared and apprehensive at the thought of thought of Greg's 'thing' ejaculating in her mouth, Eileen swallowed the thick combination of her saliva and Greg's leaking juices building in her mouth, then told herself 'He's made your dreams and fantasies all come true!  One thing had not happened that her cohorts had told her would happen if and when she did suck a guy's cock, that she'd had better be prepared for him to cum in her mouth as he'd hold her hair and head so tight as to not let her get away from his ejaculating in her mouth.  But such had not happened, and from the corner of her eye, Eileen saw Greg clenching his fist very tightly and obviously refraining himself from grasping the back of her head to keep her from pulling away.   And then she heard Greg's labored voice from above warning her "Honey .................honey out ..................I'm near ......................I'm near ......................I'm about to cummmmmmm"! Such action confirmed his love for her in Eileen's mind, making her more determined to go all the way in taking his how cum in her mouth, as it was obvious to her that her considerate lover was giving her the opportunity to save herself from what might be a degrading situation.  You need to do everything possible to please him, no matter how scared you are matter how repulsive it might seem!'

His knees getting weak from the unbelievable pleasure being derived from the beautiful woman ministering to his cock while kneeling before him, Greg could not believe his good fortune that she had not pulled away after he had given her that dire warning.  Clutching his fists tightly, desperately fighting the urge to grasp the back of her lovely head, determined to give the woman he loved so much the opportunity of saving herself from what she might deem rather demeaning since never before allowing any male to ejaculate his penis into her mouth.  Now the woman he cared so much about had one fist wrapped around the base of his cock to allow her to bob her head up and down his throbbing cock at a faster speed, and her other hand had slipped into the opening of his pants and she was palming his testicles.  "Honey ..........................oh, honey ................................look out ................................I'm going to cum!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................ohhh, sweetie ................................I'm cumming ..................................................I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!   Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he announced, giving one last warning before popping his nuts in her sucking mouth.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!" he moaned as his spurting jizz began to wane.  Labored breathing as he looked on , Greg was surprised to see those beautiful blue eyes looking up at him as the beauty continued bobbing her head up and down upon his still spurting cock.  Opening his clenched fists, he then gently put his right hand at the back of her head, not to pull her closer to his groin but to stroke her hair gently in appreciation of her making his fantastic fantasy to really come true.

Eileen was so happy and proud of herself for not having pulled herself away, doing something that she had previously sworn she'd never do, and she could see how pleased the man she had come to love so much was as he stroked the back of her hair.  Finally her lover's manhood began to dwindle and shrink in her mouth that Eileen let it slip slowly out from her pursed lips.  Holding the now limp piece of meat that hung down from her closed fist, her eyes still focused on the handsome man above, she gave the tip another kiss before releasing her grip at its base.  Assisted up from the floor by her considerate lover, they embraced for another intimate kiss, surprising Eileen that Greg had no qualms of kissing her with her mouth coated with his cum.  Then he was undressing her, and once naked but for her panties he lifted her up in his strong arms to carry her towards the king-sized bed, gently laying her down in the center of it.  Eileen watched as her handsome lover began to disrobe, wondering just what was in store for her next, and whether it would be another new sexual experience for her again.  Once her lover was naked, Eileen watched as he approached the bed, then he was reaching on up to grasp the waistband of her panties.  Naked like her lover, she felt her knees being lifted and legs being spread wide.  Expecting to make love in the standard missionary position, Eileen was once again in for a surprise one her lover settled in between her widespread legs.  "Oh, my Goddddddddddddd ...................................ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, Gregggggggggggggggggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she quivered as her experienced lover clamped his open mouth upon her sex and began exploring her with his tongue.      
On Mondy morning, a couple hours before check-out and time to take the limo to the airport, Eileen advised "Oh, Greg .............................all my dreams and fantasies not only came true this weekend but my expectations in each of them were surpassed ..........................thanks to you!"  Then she inquired "And how about you, honey?  Tell me the truth now!"  "Oh, sweetie, I couldn't ask for anything more!  This is the most fantastic weekend ever!" her lover replied as he bent over to give her a kiss on the lips.  "But did you get to have each and every one of your fantasies with me fulfilled?" Eileen prodded.  Seeing him hesitate for a second before advising that "Oh, yeah!  You made all me dreams come true!"  "And your fantasies?  Tell me the truth now, cause you were a bit hesitant in answering ..........................what are you not telling me?" she questioned her lover as he swallowed deeply, evident that he had withheld telling her all.  "You are holding something back, aren't you?  I've told you everything so you need to do the same!  In fact, instead of telling me, let's make your fantasy come true right now!  Now you tell me what to do!" she insisted.  Her hesitant lover then advised "Sweetie, I don't think it's a good idea!  I really don't think you'd approve of such a fantasy!"  But Eileen persisted, making a pout and showed her disappointment before threatening him with "If you don't .......................I'll never speak to you again!"

"Well, remember now was you who insisted!" Greg advised as he got out of bed and held his hand to help her out.  He was surprised when Eileen got out of bed, she walked over to get the camera off the armchair to place it on the bed next to him, telling him "For you to add to your private collection and look at when you think of me!  Just for your private collection!"  They kissed once again, then Greg reminded her "Remember insisted on this!"  As she nodded in concurrence, Greg put her hands on her shoulders before telling her "Okay, now down on your knees!"  That accomplished as she was looking up at him for more instructions, Greg advised "Arms down or you can put your hands on my thighs!"  That done, Greg stroked the back of her head with his left hand while using his right to guide his pulsating cock up to her beautiful pink lips.  Feeling the vacuum suction on his pulsating cock, he released his cock, then had two hands at the back of her head as be began to fuck her beautiful face.  Faster and faster the tempo went as this was one secret and very naughty fantasy, one which some might just consider 'sick', that he had harbored for so long.

For Eileen, she thought to herself that 'He should have just told me he wanted to be in total control when getting me to suck him off!  Why'd he think I'd get upset with that?'  Sensing that her lover was about to cum soon, as evidenced by the way his cock was pulasating along with the thickening of the saliva/pre-cum mixture in her mouth, Eileen was expecting that hot eruption of male essence in her mouth, which she intended on savoring its taste before swallowing it all to prove her love for him.  Suddenly her head was pulled on back suddenly by one of Greg's hands, then his other hand was at the base of his cock and pulling it out of her mouth as he gruffly ordered her to "Open your mouth wider, bitch!"  Caught totally by surprise by Greg's gruffness, Eileen complied and opened her mouth wider, then felt a thick fleshy bulb settled down upon her parted lips and partially into her mouth.  "Now close your teeth on it ................without biting, bitch!" she was ordered.  Upon complying with Greg's demand of her, Eileen shivered as she found that it was a testicle captured between her teeth.  Opening her eyes to look up at her lover, Eileen got to see his upright cock in the process of being fisted with her lover panting in the background. 

"Cumming, bitch!  I'm cumming!  Ahhhhhhhhh .......................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddd!" came the annoucement from above and Eileen got to witness the pulsating cock explode, sending a geyser two feet straight up in the air.  And all that had to land somewhere, which just happened to be squarely in her face, to which Eileen was forced to close her eyes as her eyelids were pasted shut by a thick layer of hot sticky white glue.  Globs and globs of goo continued to rain down upon her face, forehead and into her hair.  Seconds after the cum shower ceased, Eileen saw a flash of light through her closed eyes to indicate that her lover had taken a picture of her with her face a complete mess.  Although she would have normally been appalled at having a male perform such a degrading sexual act upon her, Eileen instead felt proud and honored to have made her lover's fantasy come true for him.  But she soon discovered that Greg's fantasy was not completed as yet as he began to paint her face from the puddles of cum in her eyes, spreading it all over her face by using his cock as a paint brush.  Then she saw another flash of light to indicate another photograph had been taken.  Eileen winced as she was slapped hard in the face, once then again by Greg's long but flacid cock, and with the lenght of it lying in the center of her face from nose to forehead, another flash of light was sensed.

 "Oh, my God!" Greg exclaimed as looked down at his handy work, realizing that he had gotten so worked up in his fantasy that he had obviously gotten carried away in fulfilling his fantasy.  "Oh, honey ...................I'm so sorry ..................I really got carried away!  Let me go and get you a wet washcloth!" Greg advised as he rushed to the bathroom.  Returning with a couple of wet washcloths and a dry towel, he began to wipe all the sticky goo that he had shot onto her beautiful face, then apologized once again that "Honey, I'm so sorry!  I hope you're not upset with me!"  To Greg's delight, his beautiful young lover replied "Oh, Greg, I'd only have been upset if you hadn't done that to me!  It feels so good to have made your dreams come true for you!  And the one thing I can definitely promise you is that're the only man who'll ever be allowed to do that to me!"  "Oh, baby!  Ohhh, sweetie!" Greg groaned as Eileen took his sensitive cockhead into her mouth and began using the tip of her talented tongue to wiggle into his pisshole.  Then the vacuum of her mouth sucked out the last dribble of cum from his cock as well as to clean off the cum smeared on the underside from having used it to paint her face, causing Greg to pant out in exhaustion from that fantastic cumming on her beautiful face. 

On the plane ride home, a twinge on guilt coursed thru Eileen's entire body as she realized that after seventeen years of marriage that she would now be returning home to her husband as an adulteress.  Her three day affair with her older lover having resulted in many firsts for her, with the total number of sex acts performed during that short span having far surpassed the past three years of total sexual activity between she and her husband.  The guilt was easily put aside when Eileen realized 'That's what real sex is all about!  I guess that blue pill really works!  I just can't believe how Greg kept getting it on up ......................he hardly gave me any rest during the entire three days!  I'll sleep real good tonight!'  She remembered looking at the last three photographs that Greg had taken of her, shivering at the recollection as to just how much cum he had blown into her face and how her eyelids were covered by half an inch of his gooey mess, then that of the sloppy mess on her face after he had smeared it all over her by using his cock as a paint brush.  Eileen shivered once again, thinking 'He had better keep his promise in keeping them as his personal collection!'

Receiving no emails for the next three days from Greg, Eileen began to wonder if her lover just had wanted to bed her once and had gotten over her already once he had gotten into her panties over the weekend, making her tear up at the thought of such having occured.  Then on Thursday she got an email from Greg apologizing for not being in contact with her sooner as he had gotten tied up on a project, promising to make it up to her on Saturday when her husband went out on his regular tee time at the golf course.  The email had stated 'Pick me up at the terminal for private planes!  I'll be flying in at 8 a.m.!  Got a nice little surprise for you!  Love, Greg!'  Saturday couldn't come fast enough as Eileen was quick to get dressed and depart for the airport once her husband left to meet up with his golfing buddies.  Picking Greg up at the terminal, Eileen then followed his instructions to proceed to a newly built structure less than two miles from the airport.  Taken up in the elevator to the top floor, Eileen then walked into a plush penthouse suite, then learned why Greg had been so busy early in the week.  She learned that her lover had purchased the penthouse under the business name but it would be a lovenest solely for the two of them.  Eileen was told that she could decorate the penthouse to her liking and was given a company credit card to charge any purchases made for it. 

From that Saturday forward, Eileen would be cheating on her husband once he left for his golf session, sucking and fucking her older lover in any conceivable way .............................and many a time she'd have his testicle between her teeth as his cock sent geysers of cum down onto her face, saturating it till he used his cock to paint her face with the thick goo.  One Saturday had to be missed though, that of the Labor Day weekend as it was a long standing tradition that Bill's entire family would gather at his parents home to spend that weekend together.  Bill's brother and sister, along with their entire families, would meet up at Mom and Pop Asher's oceanfront property for the long three day weekend.  Thus, Eileen and Greg would not be meeting that particular Saturday at their private airport pentouse lovenest and would not be able to spend the day naked in bed with one another's arms.  On that first dinner that Labor Day weekend, with the entire family sitting around the large dining room table, Bill tapped his wine glass to get everyone's attention, then stood up to make an annoucement advising "We thought that this would be the ideal time to make this announcement, as Eileen is now four months along and the baby is due early February!" 

Mom Archer was just so delighted at the news that she began applauding, then turned to her husband to advise "Greg, this certainly is time to break out the two bottles of champagne that you always keep chilled for special events!"  With champagne poured out into glasses for all, Greg then handed one to his beautiful daughter-in-law and bent forward to give her a kiss on her cheek for congratulations.  With her face hidden by his head, Greg heard Eileen whisper in his ear "Congratulations ...............DADDY!"  After that brief kiss, Greg had a big grin on his face, for he was only going to be a proud grandfather but a proud father at the very same time.  With the baby due that early part of February and working back nine months to determine when his beautiful daughter-in-law had gotten knocked up, Greg's smile widened even more as it calcuated out to be that three day weekend when their sordid incestuous affair first began.  On the last day of the three day holiday weekend, time alone with his beautiful daughter-in-law finally came when no one else wanted to make that run out on the boat to pick up the crab traps for dinner .......................................but once they got to the traps, one item needed to be taken care on deck before pulling them, that of sating their pent up lust for one another!  Had the telescope up in the Asher's livingroom been focused on the boat out in the bay, that person would not see crablegs tangled in the net but instead see a pair of trim sexy legs wrapped around the waist of her avid lover as he nailed her down to the boat deck!

End of Story.