Fooling Her Fiancé
(m/f, i/r)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Mile High Club 1’
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‘My, God!  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world!  So loving, so caring, and I’m the only guy in the world she has eyes for!  And best of all, although she tries to put me off most of the time in telling me to wait and that she’s all mine once we get married, at least she gives in once in awhile!  Jeez, I’d have gone off my rocker if I had to jerk off for another few months till the wedding!’ Brad Nicholson thought to himself.  ‘Damn, that was so good last night!  Nicole must have been thinking of me all the way to and from the west coast on her last assignment!  She was so hot and horny for me once I put the move on her after dinner!  God, that was just fuck’n great ………….best ever ………………….with Nicole begging me to fuck my cock deep in her!’ he mused.

For young Nicole Patterson, she enjoyed their sexual activities but did limit such as she did not want their relationship to be strictly based on sex.  Once she had given in to Brad, surrendering her virginity to Brad late in her junior year of college, she had wished they had waited further as Brad then wanted or hoped for more lovemaking whenever they were together.  Not that Nicole regretted it but because she enjoyed their lovemaking far too much, becoming rather ashamed of herself as her feelings betrayed her conservative and puritan upbringing.  Whenever she and Brad made love, Nicole desperately wanted to let herself go completely but always fought to refrain herself, fearing that Brad would look upon her as a hot little slut.

As she sat in her apartment unit, Nicole’s mind was consumed with the night before at Brad’s pad after dinner.  It had been obvious then that Brad was getting promiscuous as usual, evidenced by his hands touching and caressing her, and how he held her during that one dance at the restaurant before leaving.  Yes, she had been hot and randy when he put the move on her last night, but it was because she really needed it herself.  She indeed had been thinking of her handsome fiancé throughout the coast to coast trip, but in somewhat of a far different manner from which Brad had thought, one that would have shocked him to the very core of his being.

It had all happened several months ago when the airline she worked for got the charter contract for the professional football team to transport the players to and from their away games.  It normally involved a one night layover, back the next day as a scheduled commuter flight for the paying public, then back again the day before game day with another layover to transport the players back home as a charter.  Upon her return home from that first charter flight, Nicole told her fiancé of having seen his old fraternity brother who had starred in football while in college and went onto the pros as he had just been acquired by the team in a last minute trade.

Brad had really gotten excited at the news of his frat brother Bill Turner was now playing for their team and not against them, asking her if it’d be okay if he invited his buddy on over for dinner some time, and possibly also inviting some of his favorite players.  And Brad had gotten ecstatic when she pulled the game tickets out of her purse, two fifty yard line seats, compliments of his good bubby Bill.  When Brad asked how his frat brother looked, Nicole replied “He’s even taller than in college!  He’s far heavier now and way more muscular ………………….just muscles everywhere!”

“You won’t believe this, honey, but Bill even approached me once when we had started dating!  He asked me to let him know if you and I ever broke up, saying that if that happened and if I didn’t mind then, that he wanted to ask you out!  Can you believe that?  Guess Bill didn’t even figure that he being black mattered to a girl like you!” Brad advised.  Seeing the shocked look on Nicole’s face, with her jaw dropping wide and face flushing, Brad just chuckled “Yeah, can you believe that, Bill Turner thought he could get a date with you!  Apparently, you really turned him on!  Guess you can’t blame the guy though, a black guy like Bill must drool at the thought of dating a beautiful blonde like you!  Yeah, can’t blame a big black stud like that for wanting a chance to get into your panties!”

Brad had a good laugh at his beautiful fiancée’s obvious embarrassment at the thought of the big black dude who was now a professional football player having the hots for her, the thought of his big muscular black body upon hers, making love to her.  Gazing upon her sexy ivory body, Brad felt a twitch of excitement in his loins at the thought of a stud like Bill Turner putting his big black paws upon her petite body.  Chuckling to himself, Brad shook his head thinking ‘That’d be the day!  Ain’t no way in hell Nicole would allow him to even touch her without screaming her bloody head off!’  If Brad only knew the truth, he would not be laughing as the laugh would be on him.

Even if Bill Turner had told him the truth of that meeting with Nicole on the first chartered flight, Brad would have laughed at him and believe that it was just a fabricated lie to get under his skin.  No way would Brad have believed it, even if Bill had truthfully informed him that ‘I saw’s yer beautiful fiancée on that chartered trip and she looked so damned sexy!  She got me so fuck’n hot and bothered that I jist had to bone her!  Do you that when the coast was clear and she was in back of the cabin alone, I went on back there and pulled her into the empty bathroom!  And she obviously wanted it too cause she didn’t put up much resistance!  Then I’s went and initiated that beautiful fiancée yers into the infamous ‘Mile High Club’!’

That would surely have seemed like a wildly fabricated story, one that no one knowing Nicole would ever believe for a second that such could be true.  Even the sequel wouldn’t be believed, that of Bill adding ‘With the crew staying at the same hotel with the team on that one night layover, I’s went up to her room to visit her!  She hesitated answering at first, then opened the door to let me into her room!  Man, was she hot or what!  And I’s didn’t leave till early the next morning, not until the crew had to check out and head back to the airport!  Do you want the details as to how we fucked and sucked that entire night?  How I trained yer purty innocent little honey how to be a fantastic cocksucker!  And she learned a little math on my visit ……………….cause I’s thought her what ‘69’ was all about!’

And if Bill Turner was to brag and torment his fraternity brother ever further with the truth, he’d then add on ‘Did notice yer beautiful fiancée jist happen to be working on all the ‘away’ games this season, not missing even one?  They changed things as now the chartered plane would come in early on game day, lay over that night for the return trip back home the next morning!  Of course, I’s always had a limo to pick yer sweetie up from the hotel to take her to the game so’s she could cheer on the team!  Lemme tell ya, ain’t nothing better after a tough game to have a sweet little honey like Nicole to cuddle up with afterwards!  Oh, hey man, did ya yer know that yer beautiful fiancée’s on the fuck’n pill, huh?  Cause I’s sure as hell would’ve knocked her up by now if’n she hadn’t gone on the pill!’

Now, if any of the players’ wives or girlfriends happened to bump into Nicole on the street, that spouse or girlfriend would recognize Nicole as Bill Turner’s sweet little honey!  Once, upon returning home from one of the chartered flights following game day, Brad had commented to her “I saw you on television during yesterday’s game when they panned the crowd and was focused in on Fiona Bradley, the quarterback’s wife, after her husband threw a touchdown pass!”  Nicole had been caught redhanded on camera while sitting in the section for the players’ wives section, causing her to swallow in nervousness before lying “Oh, they happened to have some extra tickets in that section for the game and offered it up to the crew when we flew in!  Little did Brad know that she and Fiona had become fast friends and sat next to each other at the games!  As for the home games, she would be away on another flight assignment!”

And to add even more insult to injury, Bill Turner could supplement his so-called fictitious but very true tale of ‘Damn, that sweet little Nicole is really one hot little bitch!  Can you guess what her favorite position is?  Well, she’s always anxious to git up on all fours wiggle that sweet little tail of hers up in the air, begging me to fuck her like the ‘bitch’ she really is!  Yeah, doggie style’s her favorite, with me sliding my’s 12” boner up her hot little twat while cupping her pert little titties and pinching at her swollen pink nipples!  Oh, she probably didn’t let ya touch her titties fer a couple of weeks in October, seeing as how I’s sank my teeth in’em and bruised them up pretty badly!  Oh, and one more thing about that sweet little tail of hers ……………………she’s really knows how to shake that thing when I’m butt-fucking her!’

For Nicole, she just could not help herself in engaging in this wicked charade, feeling ever so guilty whenever she was with her handsome fiancé.  When with Brad, she would appear her normal self, that of being very prim and proper that one would expect of a gal with a conservative upbringing and college education.  But it seemed that whenever she was about to depart on a chartered flight with the team and knowing Bill Turner was onboard, all Nicole could think about was them being alone together in the hotel room sucking and fucking like two rutting animals. Ever since that time in the back of the plane on the team’s first charter flight, when first introduced into the Mile High Club with Bill Turner pulling her into the vacant toilet and seducing her, Nicole had turned into had hot little slut for big black cock.

And now, with everyone recognizing her as Bill Turner’s girl, she would hear a loud chuckling among the player at times just before Bill sashayed his way on back to where she was working in the galley.  Often pulled into a vacant toilet stall and the ‘occupied’ sign lighted, Nicole was to be an active participant in the ‘Mile High Club’ that Bill Turner had initiated her into.  Though embarrassed that the other players knew what was taking place in the stall, it was that ‘other’ Nicole doing it, the slutty Nicole that enjoyed being shagged like a slutty whore whenever and wherever possible!

On that last charter flight back, Nicole had been pounded and literally nailed up against the wall by Bill Turner’s big black hammer.  After Bill had gotten out of the stall first, she then had to compose herself and straighten out her uniform.  And when she had exited the stall, she blushed a bright red upon hearing the rousing applause from the players as they obviously had heard her getting banged in the toilet stall.  Nicole then heard one of the players ask Bill “Hey, man, how long ya been engaged to that purty little thing?  When ya two gonna tie the knot?”  She realized then that with her sporting a sparkling diamond ring on her finger, the players and wives had merely assumed that they were engaged to one another, with no one suspecting that she was engaged to someone else other that Bill Turner.

Thus, the charade of her double life had started and the end was not in sight, not even with her marriage to Brad approaching rapidly.  Nicole told herself that this charade and her double life could only lead to utter disaster if ever uncovered by Brad or even one of their close friends or family members.  Marriage to Brad offered her a lifestyle that any woman would cherish, married a handsome man with the promise of raising a much desired family.  And to have the respect from all her family members, friends and the community in which they’d be living in would be such a desirable life.  Very desirable as compared to what would happen if her double life was ever discovered and exposed.  There would only be utter shame associated to being looked upon as a total slut, an adulteress, a cheap little whore who would willingly spread her sexy white legs for the likes of a big black buck.

Nicole knew that she had so much to lose with nothing to gain at all by continuing to sate her sexual desires.  Well, nothing to gain but having absolutely fantastic sex with her big black stud.  Sure, she was wracked with guilt when she was in the strong muscular arms of Bill Turner, wondering just what would her fiancé think or say if he knew of her extra-curricular activities during her trips away.  But when back at home and in Brad’s arms, all Nicole could think about was having Bill’s monster black cock making her moan as he grabbed her titties and fucked her doggie style.  And when returning a passionate kiss from Brad, she had to wonder if her handsome fiancé would even want to kiss her if he knew that she took Bill’s thick ebony meat into her mouth at least once each trip and went at it till he blew his wad in her hot sucking mouth, a pleasure that her fiancé was yet to enjoy.

When the big event came on a sunny Saturday afternoon, it turned out to be just a beautiful wedding with everything going smooth to perfection, so many family and friends in attendance, with Brad and Nicole being pronounced ‘husband and wife’ to culminate the ceremony!  In attendance were many of Brad’s fraternity brothers, including the most famous one of them all, that of pro football star Bill Turner.  A dance with her handsome husband, then her dad, and more dancing followed with some of Brad’s fraternity brothers.  Everyone looked on as the lovely bride moved about on the dance floor, looking so beautiful and inocent in her white bridal gown and long white gloved hands.

With a slow dance playing and the dance floor crowded, Nicole was now smiling up at her husband’s famous frat brother as he asked her for a dance.  Dancing off in a darkened corner, her gloved right hand up high in the standard position in her dance partner’s left hand, what was not observed was her gloved left hand after Bill Turner had advised “Reach on down and inside for the wedding present I’s brung ya!”  As they continued looking at one another, appearing to onlookers that they were enjoying a pleasant chat while dancing, the onlookers would be unaware that Brad’s black fraternity brother was telling the bride “Ah, yeah, Nicole!  Pull on it!  Faster!  Music’s gonna end soon!  Ahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh, good girl ……………………atta girl!!”

Husband now at her side shaking hands with his famous frat brother and thanking him for coming, Nicole commented “These gloves are sure hot!”  And then, with her left fist remaining closed to keep the thick fluid from dripping to the floor, she rolled her glove down inside out to keep the slick fluid captured in the palm of her glove, then proceeded to roll down the right side.  Once done, walking arm in arm with Brad as they went from table to table, she whispered to Brad “Honey, would you mind if I slipped my gloves into your coat pocket?  I don’t want to lose them!”  Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting groom, one of his beautiful bride’s gloves that he had in his coat pocket was laden with a coating of thick spunk from her last dance partner, male semen that the bride had so wicked pumped out of his fraternity brother.

With their honeymoon planned for a weeklong stay at a luxurious resort in Cancun, Brad was quite happy with going along with the outline set up by his beautiful and thoughtful bride.  To his surprise and delight, with his enthusiasm for golf and sports fishing, Brad had come to find that Nicole had planned for him to enjoy it all.  With Nicole saying they would be enjoying romantic dinners and then being alone together each night of their honeymoon, he could enjoy golf and/or fishing during the day while she went to the spa and splurged on relaxing massages.  Arm in arm, husband and wife relaxed in their first class seating, then finally arrived at the plush resort that was surrounded by a world class golf course.

Departing the honeymoon suite for the round of golf that his wife had prearranged for him, Brad wondered if she would be watching as he played towards the third hole, which was overlooked from their room.  Looking up but not seeing his beautiful wife, Brad assumed that she was remaining indoors behind the reflective glass doors as she had not wanted to get dressed to come out onto the balcony.  His beautiful bride was indeed watching from inside, only from the penthouse located several floors above, the unit that had been reserved by pro football player Bill Turner.  Completely undressed as she watched him hit onto the green from the tee, Nicole wished that Brad could see his frat brother’s stroke his lengthy club that had just gone for a hole in one!

Round of golf over and returning to the honeymoon suite after a beer with his foursome, Brad was greeted by his happy bouncing bride who looked so happy and radiant.  Asking if she had been watching him at the 3rd hole, Brad saw her beautiful smile as she replied “I sure did!  I was undressing at that time and didn’t think you’d like to see me calling and waiving at you in the buff!”  “Hmmm, I guess that might have distracted me some and I’d have blown making par on that hole!” he chuckled.  Asking how her day went and learning that she had a fantastic massage and then given a ‘facial’, he then gave his lovely bride a passionate kiss on her soft creamy lips, much from the aid of the slick semen that had been spurted onto her lips just fifteen minutes earlier.

The next day, once Brad had departed the honeymoon suite to make the fishing charter, the door to the suite opened to allow his famous frat brother inside.  With the charter not scheduled back till 4 p.m. in the afternoon, the honeymoon suite would be occupied till early afternoon in order to allow time for room service to clean up the room.  That morning, the honeymoon suite was not being occupied by the honeymooners, but instead it was by the young wife and her black lover.  And then it would be back up to the penthouse once again where the lovers had room service send up some lunch as they were famished from all that sexual activity.  No dessert was ordered though, for only one dessert could sate Nicole’s palate, that hot tapioca pudding shot right out of her lover’s big black boner.

By coincidence at 11 a.m. that morning, both on the fishing charter miles out in the ocean and back in the honeymoon suite, the two fraternity brothers were cheering in unison with “C’mon, baby ………………..go for it, go for it …………………take it, take it all!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhh …………………….swallow it, baby ……………………..swallow itttttttttttttttt!  Yessssssssssssssssssssss!”  For Brad Nicholson, with feet planted firmly, he was leaning back firmly holding onto the fishing pole to keep the pole upright and prevent the big fish from getting away!  As for Bill Turner, his feet was also firmly planted as he leaned back, only he was holding onto tightly to Nicole’s silky blonde hair as he leaned back and arched upwards to keep his pole upright, determined not to let her get away!

A year later, for Brad and Nicole’s 1st Anniversary, it would be a very special day of celebration for both husband and wife.  With Nicole arriving back home in the afternoon following from a layover the night before in Denver, a romantic dinner was on the agenda that evening after Brad got home from work.  He’d pick her up and head on off to a fancy restaurant where reservations had been made.  Upon her husband’s arrival, he had her open up this nicely wrapped gift for their 1st Anniversary, wanting her to wear the beautiful and expensive diamond pendant that he had purchased for her.  And in return, initially having planned on giving the gift that she got for her husband during dinner, she opened her purse and presented him with two fifty yard line tickets for them to attend the division playoff game that Sunday.

Kissing his wife passionately on the lips and attempting to unhook the back of the dress that she had recently donned for their dinner date, Brad was so happy to have such a beautiful and thoughtful wife and wanted to detour off into the bedroom for a quickie before dinner.  But to Brad’s surprise and delight, his beautiful wife was shaking her head ‘no’ while giving him a squeeze as she slowly got down onto her knees before him, something that he had always dreamt of but never got Nicole to do, causing Brad to pant in anticipation as his sexy wife unzipped his pants and reached in to pull him out.  “Ohhh ………………….oh, honeyyyyyyyyyyy!” he trembled in pleasure at the fantastic feeling of having his wife’s warm mouth on him for the very first time.

On her knees, Nicole felt her husband swaying as he had his hands clasped to the back of her head in order to keep from falling and also with his fear of her pulling away.  Having felt that passionate kiss and how anxious Brad was in trying to unclasp the hook of her dress to get her in the sack, she decided on giving her loving husband an added anniversary present that he’d never forget.  Hearing Brad’s moans of pleasure, she pulled her head back while using her mouth like a vacuum to suction him, unable to help but think of how puny her husband’s manhood really was as there was just not enough meat to make a good meal.  And of course, she obviously had something very recent in which to compare her hubby’s pathetic endowment to.

But it was actually quick thinking on Nicole’s part to improvise this impromptu anniversary treat for her amorous hubby, for she dared not have him disrobe her in the daylight, especially with the red splotches and purplish bite marks visible on her milky white boobies.  All this had resulted in her wanting to please her husband with a memorable gift on their first anniversary.  It had been hard work to obtain the prized tickets for the sold out game and she had just completed the purchase transaction a half hour before Brad had come home to pick her up for dinner.

With the game an immediate sellout at home, it was next to impossible to get tickets.  And when she had turned to Bill for a pair of tickets, Nicole had learned that the tickets had already been promised to his two nephews since they had actually managed to graduate from high school, something that was a remarkable feat for his nephews.  Thus, Nicole had asked Bill to stop on by with his nephews at 1:30 that afternoon.  Bill’s car had just pulled up into the driveway before her as she had been caught in some traffic on her way out of the airport.  Inviting them all inside, she then made a pitcher of iced tea and served her guests in the living room.

As for Bill Turner, he sat back and just had to keep from chuckling out loud as he observed his two nephews with their mouths wide open as if to catch flies as the couldn’t take their eyes off the sexy blonde beauty still dressed in her fight attendant’s uniform.  And the way that Nicole went about turning them on, Bill could see that his nephews would soon be parting with their cherished game tickets, for the bulges in their jeans spoke a thousand words.  With the top two buttons of Nicole’s blouse undone, his two eighteen year old nephews were sitting up straight and leaning over to peer down into the garment when she refilled their glasses with more iced tea.  And when Nicole sat across of the teens with her uniform skirt rising and her dangling a heel, they were hooked.

Going to the kitchen for a bucket of ice, Nicole returned after having removed the gray jacket of her uniform, then she was telling them “I heard that your Uncle Bill promised the two of you tickets to the game this Sunday!  Being that today’s my 1st Anniversary, I’ve been desperately trying to find a pair of tickets as a gift for my husband since he’s a big fan!  Is there any way I can buy those tickets from the two of you?  You can name your price, because I’d do ‘anything’ for those tickets!”  Using the prongs to put one ice at a time into each of their glasses, the teens were licking at their lips as the peered down into the opening of her blouse.

Then, as she stood in the living room before her guests, the teens stared at Nicole as she began fingering the third button of her white blouse.  As Nicole slowly drifted towards the hallway, that third button was undone as the bottom of her blouse was being pulled from her uniform skirt, she then asked the teens “Would you guys like a tour of the house ……………..starting with the master bedroom?”  As their beautiful hostess went down the hallway before turning and disappearing into the master bedroom, both Marcus Turner and cousin Joey Jones got to see the bared ivory shoulder as the blouse was being removed.  Quickly, the two teens pulled out their wallets to pull out their prized game tickets as they hurried down the hallway, followed by their chuckling Uncle Billy.

With the beautiful Mrs. Nicholson lying atop of the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, now clad in a lacy white bra, her gray uniform skirt and 3” black heels, each of the teens swallowed nervously as they placed their unspoken entrance fee atop of her dresser.  For Marcus and Joey, they had some white meat before, but mainly white teeny boppers or just cheap white trash and nothing this refined as this sexy flight attendant.  Having her on her marital bed certainly added to their thrill, made even better by this day actually being that of her 1st Anniversary, both factors also wickedly exciting Nicole herself by taking these young studs on at such a memorable day.

For young Marcus Turner, he had never seen such beautiful titties in his life after having the pleasure of easing her straps down over her shoulders and pulling the lacy cups down to bare her breasts.  Tonguing her twin pink peaks, lavishing them with his saliva, he then muttered “Damn, ain’t ever seen such long pinkies like these babies!  Like extra long pencil erasers!”  Unable to resist, he clamped his front teeth down, then nipped at the tip which caused her to squeal from the painful bite.  And the way in which Marcus avidly mouthed her titties, there were bound to be bruises resulting on her milky white globes.  With a chance to bone such a beautiful woman, on her very first Anniversary, it was quite a turn-on for Marcus and his excitement was evidenced the boner that he was now sporting, bigger than any time ever before.

As for young Joey Jones, getting his hands on a beautiful woman the likes of Mrs. Nicole Nicholson was a first for him, and this sexy blonde flight attendant was just a fabulous dream come true.  And with Joey sporting both foot and leg fetishes, this was just unfucking believable as he moved forward to caress her soft creamy white thighs!  Hands caressing the woman’s succulent thighs, all the way down t her soft pink soles and pretty pedicured toes, then Joey began the journey once again but only this time with his lips and tongue.  And when that pleasurable task was about done, he took her her pretty toes in his mouth, then Joey reached up as his long arms to grasp the waistband of her lacy white panties with his fingers.

The master bedroom of the Nicholson’s home now had literally turned into the beginnings of a wild orgy.  Young Marcus could not get enough of her beautiful tits, biting at them while nipping at her nipples, drawing one of her trim arms over to have her manicured fingers work on his pulsating knob.  Cousin Joey was now commenting on his eating the sweetest beaver meat ever while having her soft soles wrapped around his own boner.  And Uncle Billy was not about to be denied as he watched his nephews have their fun, for he went around the bed and molded her other hand around his excited cock that was fully aroused.

With the lovely wife soon moaning in pleasure as Joey’s wildly flicking tongue up against her sensitive little clit had her creaming in his mouth, the gangbang was about to commence.  As Nicole began to settle on back down to earth, her limp body was being turned across the width of the bed, right upon Joey who had laid down upon he bed, with his upright boner sliding right up into the slick beaver that he had just eaten.  And as Joey began humping up into her, Marcus fed the lovely wife his long black sausage, and Bill Turner took his pleasure in shoving his big boner right up in that saucy little white ass of hers.  It was Nicole’s very first gangbang and she was now sure of one thing ………..this would certainly not be the last!

Three big black cocks filling her orifices, Nicole got to enjoy her first ever gangbang, loving it especially when all three sliced deeply into her at the same instant.  And it all started when Joey announced “Hey, Marcus, we’s need to git synchronized like when we’s were on the crew team!”  To that, Marcus chuckled “Yeah, man, ya’s jist call out the beat!”  Then told his uncle “Okay, Uncle Billy, we’s go on the count of three!  One, two, three ……………….stroke!  Now pull on back and ………………….stroke!  Pull …………………………and stroke!  Pull ……………………………….and stroke!”  Three cocks pulling out in unison, then stroking back in synchronized timing, giving Nicole an unbelievable gangbang.  And it only got better when Joey sped up the tempo till she got all three cocks uncorking their hot pent-up loads deep into each of her orifices at the very same instant.

Nearly three hours later, Bill Turner and his two nephews had departed, but only after each had satisfied himself in her hot sucking mouth, pussy and hot little tail.  With only a half hour of time for her to air out the bedroom and change the bedding, Nicole frantically rushed about, knowing that a shower was definitely needed to wash the smell of sex from her body.  After a quick hot shower to cleanse her body, Nicole then dressed quickly as she that told Brad they’d leave as soon as he got home.  But the longer for the smell of sex to dissipate from the room the better it’d be for her, not wanting her husband of just a year to learn that she had celebrated their 1st Anniversary a bit early, with her getting gangbanged by three horny black studs.

Nipples red and raw, pussy still seething with male cum, Nicole’s decision to give her husband an anniversary surprise while down on her knees had been a wise ploy indeed.  She knew that Brad would much rather have the lips of her mouth sucking upon him for the very first time rather than her giving him a very squishy fuck between her smelly spunk laced cuntlips.  Nicole was pleased that Brad was ecstatic at the anniversary present she had gotten for him, knowing how much he wanted to go to the divisional playoff and that she was able to surprise him with those tickets.  She had certainly labored hard and long in exchange for them, though she had to admit for herself that she had certainly derived much pleasure in getting them for him.

Returning home from an exquisite dinner, Brad was quickly stripping off his clothing as Nicole promised him a very special dessert when they got home.  As his sexy wife was in the bathroom to freshen up, Brad certainly hoped that it would be just as special as a treat that she had given him upon his arrival that afternoon.  Meanwhile in the bathroom, Nicole was stripping off her clothing to don a sheer see-through night gown for the special occasion.  Applying a light spray of perfume by her ears, then one in her golden fleece, Nicole thought ‘That ought to camouflage the aroma of cummy spunk!  Don’t want to deter Brad from eating out my hot little snatch!’  Wickedly, she was intent on showing her husband that she knew what ‘69’ now meant, excited at the thought that her unsuspecting hubby would soon be tasting the left over spunk from big Bill Turner and his two teenage nephews.

End of Story.