Forced in Foreclosure
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

In these days and times, with a depressing economy and rising unemployment, more and more homeowners were faced with late mortgage payments.  Subprime borrowers were naturally the first to get hit on foreclosures, but with massive layoffs on Wall Street as well as Main Street, the normally well-off and timely bill payers were finding out that they too were now overextended.  Thus, with pay raises near non-existent and the fear of losing one’s job quite high in most industries, the outlook was certainly bleak for most people.

For Rufus Johnson, owner of Apex Collections, business couldn’t get much better.  With the banks and S&L’s looking for ways to cut staffing, Rufus had worked his way into handling the collections of their delinquent accounts.  He had first proven to them that he was even more effective in getting people to pay up quickly on regular credit loans and now he had convinced them to turn over collection of delinquent mortgage payments.  Once foreclosure proceeding began, Rufus was quite efficient in either getting payments back up to current status or the people out of the house so it could be put up on the market.

With the banks and S&Ls having their hands full in just staying afloat, and with Rufus’s agency being a savior with the money he was bringing in, Rufus had gotten carte blanche authority to do as he saw fit on any delinquent mortgage.  No one was really checking on any particular overdue account so long as the end of the month‘s collection figure hit its goal.  Thus, Rufus could play God where he saw fit with no questions asked as to why one homeowner got a pass for a particular month with late payment penalties waived if paid with 30 to 60 days of the due date.

Shrewd and ruthless, Rufus enjoyed his job, especially when it came to collecting from some whiteboy who fell behind and he got to give those fucking wimps the boot.  Normally, those white boys would be coming into his office looking for sympathy or some kind of break in getting caught up in their mortgage deficit.  But Rufus took great pleasure in seeing the whiteboys in near tears as they walked out of his office looking so pathetic in having to tell his wife that they had lost their home and would have to pack up their belongings as the bank was foreclosing on the property.

Normally too busy at the office to get out on inspection of properties to be foreclosed upon, Rufus got particularly incensed when one punk failed to show on two occasions after making an appointment to resolve his mortgage delinquency.  Checking the mortgage loan documents that were completed two years earlier, Rufus saw that it was a subprime loan to Mr. & Mrs. Darvin Wilmore.  Looking at the date of birth for the applicants, Darvin was now 25 years of age and wife Cindy just turned 24 years old.  Both were college grads, with hubby working in sales at Sparks Realty while the wife was employed as an accountant at Landon Motors.

Seeing the job employment for both husband and wife, Rufus immediately recognized the young couple’s problem and knew that it’d be difficult for them to get out of the hole they were in.  With real estate sales down 75% on the last article he had seen, Rufus knew that hubby was not bringing in much bucks each month if any at all.  And with auto sales down with the economy and the public hesitant to buy new cars, he recalled seeing an article recently that Landon Motors hesitated to let any of their employees go had to do some drastic shifts.  All on salary at Landon Motors would share the pain as they went on a steep 50% cut in salary and hours until things recovered.

Rufus smiled, chuckling as he surmised ‘Hubby ain’t making shit on real estate sales and the fool even got his ass caught up in the subprime mess, apparently buying a place right when they got married before they even had enough saved up for a rainy day!  And if wifey is at 50% of what she had been earning after that recent announcement, they’re barely making enough to put food on the table!’  And as customary, before foreclosure proceeding commenced, a retail credit report was done on the mortgagees to see if there was any hope they would be able to make restitution or not.  In looking at the report, things at the Wilmore household looked even tougher with a one year old added to the family, meaning more expenses going out, especially for child care if mommy went to work.

‘Damn, its gonna be a fuck’n fun day throwing that fuck’n punk out on his ass in front of his wife, telling him what a fuck’n lousy provided he is for he and his family!’ Rufus laughed to himself.  So the plan was simply to head on over to the Wilmore house after work one day and set sail into the punk for standing him up on the missed appointments.  Then tell’em that the punk and his family had to pack on up and get the fuck outa there by the end of the month.  To top things off, he would have the sheriff come the following day to serve them with the eviction notice, making it formal as to the date they were to vacate the house.

As one would come to expect these days, one’s plans don’t always go as expected and the ability to improvise went a long way.  Shrewd and devious, Rufus was a master at the ability to improvise at a moment’s notice and play the cards as they were dealt to him.  On this particular occasion, the cards that came to him one by one kept on improving his hand.  First, after having just waited in his car across the street for fifteen minutes, up rolled the gas guzzling SUV that hubby drove with mom caring for baby in the backseat.  Second, looking through his binoculars, Rufus began licking his lips as focused in on the succulent little blonde beauty as she carried the baby into the house.

Having assessed the fact that the young family was all in one car with no other vehicle in the garage, Rufus deduced that they were in dire straights and had probably sold their other vehicle to use the funds to pay off debts.  With hubby in jeans and a t-shirt, while wifey was nicely dressed with heels, hubby must have been watching the baby and had gone to pick up the lovely beauty from work.  ‘They’re obviously trying hard to make ends meet but finding it impossible on just one-half of his wife’s normal salary as hubby ain’t making shit in this real estate market!’ Rufus correctly surmised.

Seeing the well manicured lawn and yard in overall excellent condition, Rufus assessed that the young couple took great pride in their home as it too was well-maintained, with the problem merely lying in income vs. outflow on expenses.  With the young baby and the need to shelter and feed it, Rufus concluded that both husband and wife would do ‘anything’ to keep from being foreclosed upon.  And once he met them personally, he’d be able to assess if his deductions were true about this young couple.

Hearing the doorbell ring while holding the baby in her arms, and with her husband in the bathroom, Cindy went to answer the front door.  Although the large black male standing at the door was quite well-dressed in a business suit, a tremble when through her petite body in seeing the tall 6’5” man who was built like a football player.  Cindy’s heart sank when the man asked “Mrs. Wilmore I presume!  Is Mr. Wilmore in?  My name is Rufus Johnson and I’m from the collection agency concerning the delinquent mortgage payments!”

With the man putting his foot in the doorway while asking if he could come in to discuss the matter, Cindy could not very well slam the door on the man, especially in view of the dire straits they were in.  Leading the way to the living room, Cindy trembled with the fear of soon losing their precious home that they had struggled so much to keep, then invited the mortgage collector to have a seat on the leather sofa, telling him that “My husband should be out shortly!”  She smiled nervously as the big man commented on how lovely the house was, something that Cindy prided herself in keeping the interior immaculate while her husband took pride in maintaining the outside of the house as well as the yard.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Darvin could see the fear in his wife’s face and he asked “What’s wrong, honey?”  Darvin’s heart sank when Cindy responded that “Mr. Johnson, from the collection agency is here regarding our mortgage payments!”  Immediately, a cold sweat broke out and Darvin’s heart began pounding in his chest realizing that this must be the Mr. Johnson whom he was supposed to meet at the collection office but had been too afraid to meet as there seemed no way out of the dilemma they were in.  With debt piling up and there being few if any real estate inquiries, things certainly looked bleak to Darvin as they’d already sold one auto and now there was basically no other assets to sell or pawn.

Hesitantly going into the living room, Darvin saw the man stand and found himself looking up at the towering black collector who had a smirking grin on his face.  “I ………………..I’m sorry I missed those two appointments with you, Mr. Johnson!  I ………………….I guess I was just too depressed to go in and hear the bad news of being evicted!” he said meekly.  Hearing the gasp from his wife, to whom he had lied and said he had gone in to the collection agency and had bought some added time to catch up, he turned to Cindy and advised “I’m sorry, honey!  I lied about going in to the collection agency and having gotten added time to resolve our delinquent payments!”

Hearing this bit of news, Rufus improvised some and advised “Why don’t we sit down at the table and go over what’s owed along with your income and assets! Maybe find a solution can be found to your problems!”  As they proceeded over to the dining room table, the young husband blurted out that “We sold our second car months ago and used those funds to keep current with our bills!  But with the real estate market crashing and Cindy’s job along with income cut in half, we’re falling farther and farther behind at this point!”

Hearing that, Rufus improvised further with this lie “Well, my brother-in-law owns a pawn shop and I’ve often referred clients to him!  I can survey what your assets are here in the house and make some suggestions and give you an estimated figure of what you can get!  The figure I quote you would also be acceptable with my brother-in-law as he trusts my judgment!”  Sitting down and going over the mortgage deficits and figures on the couple’s income, Rufus inquired about their current income situation which obviously had changed since they had obtained the mortgage.

Rufus listened as hubby relayed being hired also on commissions with the new truck dealership in town but that hasn’t proven out as consumers are even holding back on buying new cars with the poor economy, especially gas guzzlers.  Then the pretty young wife advised that “With my job hours cut in half along with my salary, I’ve just taken on a second job wand will be starting work at the local grocery store as a cashier to make more money and help catch up on our bills!”  Then hubby relayed that “With my commissions on both jobs not panning out much right now, I’ll be working from home to save on hiring a sitter and taking care of the baby once Cindy starts working her two jobs next week!”

Adlibbing, Rufus advised “Wow, I give you credit, Darvin!  I can see that you and your lovely wife are making every effort to get caught up with your mortgage and other debts!  Y’know, babysitting all day for a one year old could be quite taxing!”  With the young man advising that he’ll learn to cope with the new task, and that he’d merely sat the baby for an hour at a time thus far since they still had a sitter, Rufus was thinking with both heads at that moment as he gazed at the nervous young beauty sitting across of him.  ‘Damn, I’s gotta git me into the panties of this sweet young thing!’ he thought.

Pulling out a form from his briefcase, Rufus advised “The bank has given me broad powers on mortgage collection, especially in view of the number of delinquent mortgages currently out there!  Seeing how you two are trying so hard to get caught up, I might be able to help some since I have the authority to waive any delinquent fees to date, if you can get caught up say 50% of what’s overdue by this time next month and then the balance the following month!  But first, let me survey your home and make some recommendations as to what assets you might pawn off for now or use as collateral!  Rest assured that you have the first right to reclaim any of the assets pawned off within a certain period of time!”

With hubby eager to get the reprieve mentioned, Rufus saw how eager the young pup was to show him around the house to do the survey of assets.  That’s when Rufus advised the punk “Darvin, why don’t ya git some practice in sitting the baby as ya’ll have to be doing it all day very soon!  Let yer purty Mrs. shows me around the house!”  His cock twitched as the lovely wife got up and handed hubby the baby in order to lead the way down the hallway, and Rufus had his eyes on her shapely butt all the way.  The blonde beauty turned at the first doorway to point out that “This is the baby’s room!”

From his chair in the dining room as he held the baby, Darvin looked down the hallway as Cindy pointed out the baby’s room.  It was apparent that Mr. Johnson was saying something to his wife as they stood at the doorway to the baby’s room but Darvin could not make out what was being said.  He then noticed that Cindy appeared a bit nervous as she clutched her fingers together in front of her.  Craning his neck a bit, Darvin was puzzled as the next room that served as his office and containing computer equipment was bypassed as Cindy and the collector continued walking to the end of the hallway where the master bedroom was located.  Darvin then blinked his eyes, wondering if his imagination was getting carried away but he swore that the black bastard had put his large hand on Cindy’s trim waist before they disappeared into the master bedroom.

For Cindy, her heart pounded with fear after showing the mortgage collector the baby’s room, when Mr. Johnson whispered softly “The room I’m most interested in seeing is the one that ya share with yer husband …………………the master bedroom!”  ‘Why is the master bedroom that main one he’s interested in?  Why does he want me to take him straight to that room?’ she asked herself.  Then Cindy thought ‘And he wouldn’t or didn’t want Darvin to show him around the house, insisting that I show him around!  Is he expecting me to be ‘nice’ to him when we’re in the master bedroom?  What do I do if he makes a pass at me?  Is that what he expects in exchange for giving us that waiver on the delinquent fees?’

Minutes went by and Darvin was worried as Cindy and Mr. Johnson still had not emerged from the master bedroom.  He wondered ‘What assets are he making note of?  There’s only the basic nightstand, dresser, bed and not much other frills there!  Much less than my office!’  Then Darvin breathed a sigh of relief as he told himself that ‘It’s Cindy’s jewelry that he’s assessing!  Anything gold or silver should bring in some cash if pawned or sold!  Yes, that’s it!  That’s why they’re taking so long in there!  He’s looking at each piece of jewelry to assess how much we’ll be able to get if it’s pawned or sold!’  If he could see into the master bedroom from his dining room chair, Darvin would see that his lovely wife was indeed handing the collector a silver item ………………a silver foil packet that was quite invaluable!

Then Darvin’s eyes widened and his heart pounded as a shudder of fear coursed throughout his body upon hear a “Thump!”  Seconds later came another “Thump!”  Then another and another with the time lapse between thumps decreasing.  He’d heard that thump once before, when he had yawned in exhaustion one night and fell back onto the king-sized bed, causing the headboard to ‘thump’ against the bedroom wall.  With the thumps now sounding like a drum beating, it did not leave much to the imagination as to what was the cause of the headboard thumping against the wall.

Upon entering the master bedroom, trembling as the bastard had the nerve to put his big paw on her waist, Cindy’s worst fear was realized when told that “Yer not that innocent to not know why’s I’s wanted ya to show me the master bedroom or what’ll make me sign that waiver form to help ya keep this beautiful home of yers, are ya?  Ya be real ‘nice’ to me and I’ll be nice to ya by waiving those delinquent fees and stall any foreclosure proceedings!  Let’s face, that hubby of yers lied to ya about taking care of the mortgage problem cause he ain’t making shit and there’s no hope if’n I’s don’t give ya that waiver!”

Cindy was in quite a dilemma as the bastard advised “Yer the only asset that yer hubby has that’ll help ya out of the mortgage jam you two are in!  Ya know that, don’t ya?  Yer the only one that can save yer home!  Now give me an incentive to sign that waiver!  Take off that dress so’s I’s can see those beautiful titties ya’s got hiding under there!”  Blinking back the tears, wanting to scream for her husband to come to her assistance, Cindy trembled and shuddered in absolute fear of this horrid man who was alone with her in the master bedroom.  But the fear of losing her beautiful home had Cindy reaching back with her shaking fingers to undo the hook at the back of her brown print dress.  Then she was pulling the long zipper down its back.

Closing her eyes, Cindy then proceeded to reach back and undo the clasp of her lacy beige bra upon hearing the bastard advise “I don’t have to tell ya what’s next, do I, Mrs. Wilmore?”  No sooner had Cindy peeled off the straps off her shoulders and the bra cups dropping their coverings than a hot mouth covered and gobbled at her left breast.  The black bastard was like a hungry animal as he bit at her, then held her sensitive pink nipple between his teeth as his flickering tongue lathered it with his saliva.  Then her right tittie was being mouthed and bit upon in the same manner.

Getting up from his chair with the baby cooing in his arms, Darvin then made his way quietly down the hall as he heard his wife moan “Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh …………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….mmmmmmphhh!”  Standing at the edge of the doorway, Darwin slowly peered around the corner, then observed the brown heels that Cindy had been wearing earlier with one atop the other on the carpet.  Immediately beyond the heels was the brown print dress Cindy had been wearing with her lacy beige bra lying atop of it.  Further toward the still thumping bed was a pair of beige panties followed by the business suit that Mr. Johnson had been wearing along with his shoes.

Wanting to confirm the cause of the thumping sound, still wishing that his conclusion had been in error, Darvin’s head moved further beyond the doorway so he could view things for himself.  Jaw dropping and mouth wide open, Darvin could only see his wife’s trim arms and legs wrapped around the massive ebony body atop of her.  With Cindy’s pink pedicured toes curled and pointed at him, Darvin could not believe that his once innocent and faithful wife would ever consent to having sex with this black bastard even if it meant being evicted and losing their beautiful home to foreclosure.

Seeing the previously unopened box of condoms that he kept in the nightstand now open and atop of the stand, Darvin felt relieved that his wife had taken the precaution and not allowed the bastard to do it in her in the raw.  Seeing the silver foil packet torn on one end and lying on the carpeting, he breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that his wife now wouldn’t get knocked up by the black bastard.  Once they had realized they were in financial trouble, the idea of increasing their family had been put on hold and Darvin had to resort to the use of condoms as Cindy was allergic to the pill.

The way in which the black bastard was humping away at Cindy, Darvin felt assured that the waiver was definitely to be approved, giving them some leeway to get caught up in their mortgage deficits.  Cock rock hard in his pants as he watched the erotic scene taking place on the marital bed that he shared with Cindy, Darvin adjusted the baby in his left hand as his freed right hand unzipped his pants in order to fish out his throbbing cock.  With Mr. Johnson humping away at Cindy, Darvin fisted his cock as he excitedly watched as his beautiful wife took another man’s cock right on their marital bed, and now she was reaching down to grasp his asscheeks to pull him even deeper into her.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn ……………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came his wife’s whimpers as the black bastard slammed into her petite body time and time again.  Then Darvin observed the heels of his wife’s pretty feet spurring the bastard to get him even deeper into her, saw the muscles in her calves tighten, then realized that Cindy was actually having an orgasm from the unbelievable fuck being thrown to her.  Then the bastard was suddenly stopping his withdrawals and keeping his hips thrusting forward to bury his cock up to the hilt, making it apparent that he too was cumming.  ‘Thank God Cindy made him put on that condom!’ Darvin thought as he could just imagine how much cum was stored up in those two walnut-sized balls dangling below his big black butt.  Then Darwin’s body spasmed for he too was cumming, only his semen went splattering about on the hallway wall.

Back in the dining room chair for a good fifteen minutes and not seeing the return of his wife and the collector, Darvin again made his way down the hallway as he wondered if they had both fallen asleep after the lengthy fuck session on the bed.  Slowing peering in once again, Darvin found that neither were asleep and nor even in bed for that matter.  Mr. Johnson was sitting in the armchair next to the window and facing him, spotting him in fact, all while Cindy had her back to him while she was on her knees servicing the bastard with her mouth.

Rufus grinned widely in having caught the prick peeking in on them and loved the shocked look on the punk’s face in seeing that his beautiful wife was giving head for the very first time.  As to this fact, Rufus had come to learn that when the beautiful bitch earlier pleaded and begged “Please ………………please …….……..oh, God, please ………………..don’t make me do that ………………..I’ve never done that before ………………’s filthy!”  And in his amazement, Rufus asked “Not even fer hubby?”  Rufus was ecstatic in seeing her respond by shaking her head ‘No’!

Looking at the dumbfounded punk while holding the back of his pretty wife’s head, Rufus sawed his thick cock in and out of her gagging and salivating mouth, laughing as he taunted “Ah, sweetie, yer one great little cocksucker!  And later tonight ya can show yer fuck’n hubby what I’s taught ya today!  Oh, baby ……………………..yeah …………………swallow it all ………………….………let it go all the way down ……………………..deepthroat me, Mrs. Wilmore!”  Grabbing her silky blonde hair tightly in both hands, Rufus proceeded to face fuck the pretty bitch while her voyeur husband continued to look on from the doorway.

From the doorway, Darvin could not take his eyes off the arousing scene even with the black bastard gloating at him and taunting Cindy as he made her blow him.  And from the way the bastard was working at it, Darvin knew that in no way was the fucker going to pull his cock out of Cindy’s mouth until after he blew his wad down her throat.  Although he should be repulsed at seeing his wife’s lips sucking another man’s cock, Darvin’s only thought was that ‘Cindy can never refuse to suck me any more!  She’s always refused saying it’s too filthy!  Hell, my cock ain’t filthier that that black bastard’s!’  And then the black bastard was groaning as he arched his hips while holding Cindy’s face glued up to his crotch, making it quite obvious that he was ejaculating his filthy cum down her throat.

Depressed now, Darvin dragged himself back down the hallway and back to the dining room chair.  With the baby hungry and acting up some, he then got up to get a milk bottle from the refrigerator and proceeded to warm it up on the stove.  Glancing down the hallway in hopes of seeing the return of his wife, Darvin hoped that the black bastard had already sated his lust, for the mortgage collector would surely sign the waiver at this point.  Looking up at the clock, a full hour had gone by since they had entered the master bedroom and the bastard had sated his lust twice, ‘So surely he must be done at this time!’ Darvin surmised.

Holding the warmed milk bottle up to feed the baby, Darvin then realized that he had been incorrect upon hearing that first familiar ‘thump’ that was soon followed by another.  Moments later, the thumping was more of a fast drum beat that told him the story of the kind of shagging his beautiful wife was getting at that moment.  Going to sit on the sofa as he fed the baby, Darvin still could not believe that Cindy had allowed the man to even touch her much less submit to having sex with the black bastard.  ‘My, God, it’s unbelievable!  If I hadn’t witnessed it for myself, I still wouldn’t believe that of Cindy!’ he thought.

With the milk bottle nearly drained, Darvin turned toward the hallway upon hearing footsteps approach from that directon.  Darvin’s stomach turned as the mortgage collector had his coat draped over his shoulder while tucking in his shirt tails.  Then the fucking bastard was zipping up the front of his pants as if the taunt him one final time.  Watching as the bastard went to the dining room table, sign the waiver form and then was coming over to hand it to him with a big smile on his gloating face.  Then the bastard was extending his hand out to shake his, and as Darvin could not afford to piss him off, he then extended his hand out to shake the hand of the black bastard who had just got done fucking his beautiful wife.

Stepping out of the Wilmore’s home, Rufus smiled widely in triumph as he made his way down the driveway to his car.  ‘Damn, that was fuck’n sweet!’ he chuckled to himself.  ‘I jist knew that innocent little bitch would do anything to keep her home!  Jezz, she was a sweet fuck!  Never sucked cock before but she sure was a fast learner!  Seeing the look on hubby’s face when he peeked in was fuck’n great!  Heh, heh ……………….and the twirp even shook my hand before I left!’ he chuckled.  ‘Yep, the fucker did git the meaning of what I’s told him before leaving …………..that I believe there’s one unused ‘ass …’ that he had and I’d like to appraise next month when I come over to review their progress on catching up on the deficit!’ he laughed.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Darvin put the baby down in the playpen after the bottle of milk had been consumed.  He then walked down the hallway to check on his wife as she had yet not come out of the bedroom.  Peering in, he saw that Cindy was dozing on the bed after that exhaustive fuck session.  His beautiful wife was lying on her back, left leg flat on the bed with her right knee partially raised with leg spread open a bit.  Darvin sucked in his breath in seeing what had earlier been her tight pink slit, only now it had converted into a dark wide open hole.  Blinking his eyes, Darvin shuddered as he observed thick white fluid slowly seeping out of his prone wife’s newly stretched hole.

‘Oh, God!  The bastard didn’t use a condom the last time!’ Darvin shuddered as he observed what was obviously male cum oozing out of Cindy.  Picking up the box of condoms, he found that only one was missing from the brand new box, that being the one opened and lying on the floor.  But then something else on the carpet near the foot of the bed caught his attention and Darvin bent down to pick it up.  It was the condom that had been in the torn foil packet, obviously unused as it had not been unfurled as yet.  The bastard had fucked Cindy bareback, not once but twice, spewing his vile seed into each time and maybe impregnating her with his little black bastard.

A month later, Darvin sat in his office with the door closed to get some quiet so he could concentrate on a possible real estate listing that an old high school buddy had called him to work on.  The baby monitor was turned on just in case the baby got up.  But still, he just could not concentrate at all as his stomach turned and he began perspiring.  It was not due to anything he had eaten nor was he coming down with a cold.  Darvin just could not concentrate, for even with the office door closed, he could still hear Cindy crying out “Oh, God ………………..not there ………………please ………………..not back there ………………’s too biggggggggg ……………………….oh, Godddddddddddddd ……………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Now, three months later, the Wilmore’s breathed in a collective sigh of relief in just having caught up on the mortgage delinquency and was current on all their other credit card debts.  The new financial plan that Rufus Johnson had initiated for them, after Landon Motors had completely shut down and Cindy lost that income, had brought in the income needed so they could retain their home and get back to living like they had normally done in the past.  This new plan created by Mr. Johnson required both husband and wife to coordinate working together to make things work as well as to generate more income for them.

‘Living normally’ now in the Wilmore’s home was not quite the norm for the average homeowner, not in a way that they’d tell any of their friends or family about.  The new financial plan worked as Mr. Johnson had pointed out, that any man would be thrilled to enter another man’s home and see the lovely wife hand the baby over to hubby to care for, while she would then lead the guest down the hallway and into the master bedroom.  It certainly proved to the right turn-on for each john, getting the chance to fuck a lovely young wife the likes of Cindy Wilmore, especially getting to fuck her bareback with the chance of knocking her up while hubby was out in the living room!

Earning $200 per customer, entertaining seven men would cover the Wilmore’s mortgage and another five would cover the credit card payments.  But being the consummate businessman, for each customer serviced by the Wilmores, Rufus Johnson was pocketing $300 for himself for this high end prostitution venture.  Once things got underway and the Wilmore’s were out of debt and accustomed to living with money in their pockets once again, Rufus set the blonde beauty up with an appointment at the penthouse of the Carlton Arms.  Rufus had made this arrangement as he was trying to land the mortgage collection business from the Cresent Bank, who’s seventy year old CEO had a hankering for lovely young blondes.

End of Story.

End of Story.