Forced in Foreclosure - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Forced in Foreclosure 1,  2  & 3’
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Turning the page of Rufus Johnson’s prized solicitation folder to Day 8, a prospective customer would observe the picture of a lovely shy and demur looking blond beauty, one that would bring a surprise to anyone looking for a bitch that would willingly spread her sexy legs for a stranger.  The picture was that of 28 year old Mrs. Leigh Thomas (See Forced in Forclosure 2), a young beauty that had been forced to give into Rufus’ advances or realize the loss of the very first home that she and her husband had purchased in hopes of raising their family together.

Mrs. Leigh Thomas

Giving hubby a pile of forms to complete, a ploy to keep the whiteboy busy, Rufus then had the blonde beauty give him a tour of the rest of the house.  And of course, it was the master bedroom that interested Rufus the most.  There was nothing remaining to be said to the innocent young wife as to what it would take for the Thomas’s extension to be granted, especially when he closed the bedroom door shut behind them.  Even a dumb blonde would know what that meant.  What made it so sweet for Rufus was that while the pretty wife was doing her part to get the needed extension, he had noticed the shadowy movement on the carpeting coming from just outside the doorway.

As to Day 9, a potential customer would find a lovely young 23 year old brunette.  It was a picture of Mrs. Mandi Burke, another casualty of the subprime mortgage meltdown that threatened foreclosure on the first home that she and her husband had purchased a couple of years earlier.  Just another case where the mortgage company loaned too much with basically zero down and the young couple getting caught with insufficient income to meet the mortgage payments when the rates skyrocketed under the terms of the loan.  Thus, this arrangement was of course a mere ‘temporary’ solution to the couple’s problems.  But when they would not longer have to make monthly mortgage payments, the extra funds certainly would come in handy and they’d have to think twice about ending the wife’s well paying part-time job.

Rufus certainly remembered that eventful day when the young couple showed him around the nicely kept property that had a lot of greenery planted.  Learning that the lovely Mrs. Burke enjoyed the gardenlike atmosphere and had been the one that had planted the greens, Rufus then asked about certain plants so he could size her up and keep hubby in the background as he trailed behind them.  ‘Hmmm, wonder if she’s willing to give me some pointers first hand in working in the garden?  Damn, I’s sure as hell would like to seed her fertile garden!  Well, I’ll jist have to see how desperate they are to keep their home and not lose it in foreclosure!’ he mused that day.

Talking to the young couple, Rufus learned that the young punk that she was married to was a real loser, more worried about what his ‘daddy’ say if the house got foreclosed on them.  Apparently, hubby’s father had forewarned the punk about taking on a subprime mortgage and the punk had dismissed it all in telling his father “I’ve got a degree in business!  I know what I’m doing!”  And it was the young punk that made the inquiry of Rufus when his wife was getting them some cold drinks, asking from his side if there was anything that he could do to get the much needed extension.  Rufus replied “No, I’m sorry, Mr. Burke!  Looks like my hands are tied on this one in looking at the delinquency and what’s owed!”  It was the fuck’n punk who then asked “How about …………….my wife …………………………can she do anything to convince you to give us the extension!”

A brief discussion with young man ensued before the wife brought the drinks to the dining room table, where she sat down to join them.  Rufus wondered as to how the prick was going to lay it on his innocent young wife, that to get the extension they needed, she’d have to spread those her sexy legs of hers for another man that afternoon.  First, the punk asked his wife if she could get some coasters as it was getting the table wet.  And when the beauty got up from the table to comply, the punk rose immediately afterwards to follow her into the kitchen.  He swore that he heard a loud gasp from the beauty, apparently stunned beyond belief at the outrageous proposition that her husband had arranged.

From his seat at the dining room table, suddenly the vibrations of the garage door opening could be heard.  Looking out the living room’s plate glass window, Rufus observed the young punk backing his car out of the driveway, then making his departure as vibrations of the garage door closing could then be heard.  The foolish punk had left his wife there to do the dirty work to save get the extension needed and to save his ass from being embarrassed and shamed before his father.  Getting up from his seat at the table, Rufus then made his way to the kitchen where he observed the young wife with tears running down her pretty cheeks as her petite body trembled with fear.

Rubbing and caressing the beauty’s back as she continued to tremble uncontrollably, Rufus then guided the tense young wife out of the kitchen.  Back at the dining room table, Rufus had a devious idea churning in his mind, then asked pointed to where her husband had been seated and asked “Is that where hubby sits for dinner every night?”  The tearing beauty merely nodded a ‘yes’ in response to his question.  “Well, why don’t ya and I teach that punk a lesson, huh?  Let’s FUCK right there and every night that he eats there, ya’ll have something to laugh about!” he suggested.  Although the young beauty did not verbally respond to his suggestion, Rufus smiled when she reached up to undo the buttons to the navy blue blouse that she was wearing.

Then she was kicking off the tennis shoes that she had on before undoing the top of her jeans.  The beautiful bitch was pissed at her louse of a husband and determined to pay him back as she didn’t hesitate to insert her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and push the flimsy garment down over her hips as Rufus was out of his shirt and tie.  Then she was assisting him with his belt buckled.  As he was stepping out of his pants, the beautiful brunette was pushing herself up onto the table, getting her butt to the edge as she spread her long trim legs wide for him.  When he stepped up to the plate between her widespread legs, the innocent beauty reach down to grab his jutting cock and guide him home.

The upset beauty had revenge on her mind, hissing out “Fuck me………………..fuck me ………………..fuck me with your big black cock!  I’ll show that bastard!”  Although the beauty was vengeful and wanted such revenge upon that sorry assed husband of hers, the petite Mrs. Burke had a change of heart when she got to feel the size of his dong when it knocked at her door.  “Oh, God ……………………oh, God ………………………oh, my God ………………………’ll never fit …………………….it’ll never fit in me!” she panicked as she tried to scramble back across the table to safety.  But Rufus was anticipating her change of heart, as most white beauties did when they got a feel of his bloated monster, easily pulling her back into position.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….oh, Godddddddddd …………………….Godddddddddddddddddd ………………………..stopppppppppppp ………………….it’s too big ……………………..its too bigggggggggggggggggggggg!” she screamed when he slammed his bloated prick up into her.

It was one sweet fuck session on the wooden dining room table, with the lovely young wife swooning in her climax as he seeded her fertile garden.  And when it all over, Rufus had eased his cock out of the beauty and stepped back to fall into the armchair off to the side a bit.  Moments later, the young wife had revived her strength enough to sit herself up on the table with her sexy white legs dangling over the side.  Then he observed her scooting her butt back several inches, raise her knees up to plant her heels on the tabletop.  Next, the young wife spread her knees wide and reached down to finger herself, getting the thick spunk to ooze out of her well-fucked slit to puddle onto the table top.  What had been mere drops of tell-tale fuck evidence was now a puddle of sticky stuff measuring three inches in diameter.

And then the young wife was swinging her legs to the side of the table in order to slide herself down and not disturb the offerings that she had obviously left for husband to find when he sat himself down for dinner that evening.  Rufus was rather caught by surprise when the young wife reached down take his hand, signaling for him to get up as she advised “That’ll ought to teach Jeff a lesson when he gets home tonight!  Now I want to teach him a lesson for when he goes to bed tonight!”  As they entered the master bedroom, Rufus observed the beauty grab her husband’s red tie from off the doorknob where it had been left, and to his amazement the young wife used the front end of the tie to wipe up her still oozing twat as she told him “Oh, you sure filled me up to the brim, Mr. Johnson!”  She looked down at the soiled tie after cleaning herself with it, then turned it around for him to see the mess on the front.

As the young wife climbed up onto the right side of the bed, pulling down the pillow from that side and sliding it under her butt as she spread her legs for him, there was no question in his mind as to what side of the bed hubby slept on each night nor which pillow was his.  Besides being a really pissed off bitch, the beautiful young wife turned out to be one hot little number once she got turned on, giving him the ride of a lifetime.  So pissed was she that she begged him to cum in her, panting out “I’ll show that bastard ……………I’ll show him!  C’mon, Mr. Johnson, fuck me again …………….fill me up with your black baby batter ……………………give my damned husband a little black bastard to take care of to remember the day he had me put out for you!”

Later, as the sun was setting, Rufus took his leave from the Burke’s marital bedroom.  He was totally drained at that point, having cum a total of four times that afternoon.  After that fuck session in the bitch’s marital bed, she had asked him to teach her how to give a guy a blowjob.  Said that her husband had always tried to get her to blow him but she now wanted to make it known to him that she had just learned how from someone other than him.  Also, she was intent on not going down on him but making it known that she would be giving that pleasure to other men that might fancy her.  Then they had showered together, where she had bent forward and placed her hands on the shower stall, wiggling her butt for him as she wanted to experience another first to get back at hubby.  Fifteen minutes before leaving, as he was signing the extension form in the bedroom, he heard the young beauty on the phone “Honey, can you bring home dinner tonight?  Mr. Johnson is about to leave in a few minutes!  And yes, he is signing the extension at this very moment!  I’m exhausted and think I’ll lay down for awhile!  Can you me from when dinner is ready?  Thanks, hon!”

As he was leaving the subdivision, Rufus observed the familiar car that he had seen earlier when backing out down the driveway.  He smiled and waved at the punk who looked rather startled to run into him, saw how he had swallowed deeply with shame and had immediately turned pale as he passed on by.  Rufus chuckled as to what hubby would find upon entering his home as the lovely Mrs. Burke was merely sitting naked on the bed brushing her hair when he had left just moments ago after he retrieved the video camera that he had used to film the house, both exterior and interior, and it had also been left on to capture the kitchen table scene.  Surely the young pup would see his wife’s clothing scattered there near the dining room table, and the mess that was still drying where he sat each night to eat his dinner.
Turning to the next page, the picture of the beautiful Mrs. Erin Michaels graced the page for Day 10.  The 29 year old blonde beauty still could not believe that the State had been forced to cut positions and do layoffs, the first-time ever in the state’s history.  Basically, to keep from being sued for discrimination of any sort, the basic rule followed was that of seniority.  And the order given, so that no one department was hit badly, it was basically the last one in at each department got the heave ho.  The irony of it all was that Erin had been in private industry from when she got out of college and had always wanted to get into the state for job security and retirement benefits.

Mrs. Erin Michaels

And for the past five months, finding decent employment was just a laugh in view of the poor economy and the number of over qualified applicants scrambling to find any kind of job.  To make matters worst, her husband Bob was worried about a job layoff at the electronics firm that he worked at.  Savings had been nearly depleted, and with the subprime loan kicking in with higher rates, the loss of her job was quite devastating on their household budget leading to three late payments in a row and the bank on their backs.  These factors had all been relayed and reviewed when Rufus showed up at the scheduled appointment time to meet with the Michaels on their request to the bank for refinancing.

Rufus had his dick up immediately in a raging hardon once the lovely blonde beauty opened the door to greet him.  And on inquiring of Mr. Michaels who was also to be present at the meeting, the lovely Mrs. Michaels advised that “Unfortunately, my husband Bob has been so stressed lately that he was having chest pains last night when trying to get all the information collected for our meeting today!  At first the doctor said that he’d be able to come home this morning but after they checked the results of his EEG, they thought that they should perform more tests on him!  There was really no time to call and try to rearrange this appointment, so I’m hoping you’ll understand if I don’t have all the figures and documents ready for you!”

And so, with this succulent little blonde beauty, Rufus was quite straight forward and blunt about things if she wanted to keep the house and help relieve hubby of all the stress that he was under.  Propositioning the bitch outright, telling her that if she reported it that he’d just claim it was all made up in an attempt to force him into approving the refi, Rufus had made his proposal with confidence.  Grabbing both the beauty’s wrists, he had guided her reluctant hands to his throbbing hardon, telling her “Shall we say, Mrs. Michaels, that the key to the refi yer looking for is right in the palm of yer hands!  Think of all that stress being taken off Mr. Michaels’ shoulders, how he won’t even need to know what really got ya folks that much needed refi, huh!”

With the beautiful wife closing her eyes in defeat, allowing him to guide her hands over the length of his massive hardon, Rufus knew that the prim and proper beauty had come to a decision when she began squeezing him through his trousers.  Once in the master bedroom, he watched as the sexy beauty complied with his request for her to take off the long sleeved pink sweater that she was wearing.  Pulling her to him, Rufus then biting at her tender nipples through lacy white bra through which he could see the budding pink bullets.  Expertly getting the bra unhooked and getting the garment off her shoulders, he then mouthed her titties and bit at her nipples, knowing full well that he’d be leaving bruises and welts on her ivory white breasts.

After the lovely Mrs. Michaels had stepped out of her flats and peeled off her black slacks and lacy black panties, he saw her walk go over to the nightstand to get something before stepping towards him as he was getting out of his pants.  Rufus looked at her extended hand and saw the foil packet being held with her thumb and forefinger.  Giving her a disgusted look,  a shake of his head ‘no’, Rufus had the beauty stunned as he reached back down retrieve his shirt and began to put it back on.  “Please, Mr. Johnson ………………you ………………………you need to wear one!” she pleaded to him.  “Uh-uh, ain’t ever wore one and ain’t about to now!” he advised while continuing to get dressed.

As the blonde wife’s head looked down in defeat, Rufus watched as she reached out to place the foil packet on the nearby dresser to signal that he had won the battle and that the protective condom would not be used.  Then the beauty stammered out a request, fully knowing that if wasn’t going to happen, but she pleaded “Please …………………please pull out in time ………………………I ……………………..I can’t get pregnant by you!”  Getting his shirt back off, Rufus chuckled, reassuring her that “Sure …………..I’ll pull out in time, Mrs. Michaels!  After all, another mouth to feed will jist add on to the financial burden that yer in right now!  Now, ya go and lie on down on yer bed and we’ll git this refi deal all cinched up, huh, sweetie!”

Just then, the phone rang and the beauty was in a panic saying that it was a call from St. Vincent’s hospital where her husband was at.  When she answered, Rufus could sense both relief and fear as she spoke “Bob, I wasn’t expecting you to call!  Are you okay?  Oh, I’m glad to hear that the test was negative!  So the doctor will release you tomorrow morning if everything else is positive?  Great!”  And then it was just small talk between them, with the wife listening more as hubby asked if the meeting had gone well, for she then advised “Actually, Mr. Johnson is still here, assessing our finances and said that he believes that we may indeed qualify for the refinancing that we applied for!”

It was quite fitting when Mrs. Michaels told her husband the following, that “As you weren’t able to get all the documents on our assets before your emergency hospital tie up, Mr. Johnson advised that he’d have to physically inspect some of the assets that we have!”  Quite appropriate a comment, for at that instant Rufus was checking out the crown jewel that Mr. Michaels owned ……………………..using his flicking tongue to find the ultra sensitive clit of his beautiful wife!  With hubby chatting away, the beautiful wife had her eyes closed, her toes curled as she tried desperately to refrain from screaming out in ecstasy!  As she shuddered uncontrollably and began creaming in his mouth, Rufus heard her voice from above stammer out “I’ve got to go now ……………….I’ve got to go now!  I’ll be there in the morning!”  Then the phone was slammed down without even as much as a ‘goodbye’!

While hubby was apparently lying back in his hospital bed feeling relieved in hearing that the mortgage refinancing would be approved, Bob’s beautiful wife was on her back in their marital bed trying to reassure the approval of their much needed refinancing application.  Monitors registering hubby’s heart rhythm began showing immediate and rapid improvement from being relieved of the stress build up.  But if those same monitors were to record the heart rhythm of his lovely young wife, the needles would reflect her heartbeats going off the chart at that very moment, reflecting her nervousness of having Rufus’ thick black cock stretching her wider than ever before.  Her heart was obviously thumping madly as she panted out “Please ………….……………..please, Mr. Johnson ……………………….please be gentle!  I ………………..I’ve never been with another man before!”

For not being with another man other than her husband before, Rufus discovered how quickly this little hottie got turned on to sex once he got his cock up in her hot snapping pussy.  Thinking back to that day, Rufus whistled as he recalled ‘Damn, as soon as I stuck it to her, the fuck’n bitch had her long sexy legs tied around my butt, and her long fingernails were digging deep into my back!’  And Rufus recall how the bitch had panted out loudly for him to “Fuck me …………………..fuck me ……………………..fuck it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………….ohhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss ……………………yesssssssssssssssssssssss ………………….yesssssssssssssssssssss!”  It certainly hadn’t taken long for the so-called faithful wife to sing a different tune once he got to pulsate and throb his thick cock up in her snapping pussy.

With hubby laid up overnight in the hospital, Rufus had taken the opportunity to bed down in the Michaels’ master bedroom for the night, although there was not much sleep to be gotten.  Rufus chuckled as he recalled dozing off for a bit after having had a fabulous blowjob from the lovely Mrs. Michaels.  At first, when he had tried to get her to take him between her pink lips, she had been reluctant as she trembled and advised that “I’ve never done that before ……………………it’s such a filthy thing to do!”  But once he forced her lips open and slipped his boner into her mouth, the bitch was applying the tip of her pointed pink tongue up against his pisshole.  And for a fuck’n little bitch that never had sucked cock before in her life, she swallowed down the entire pint of hot cum that he spurted down her gulping throat!

It was also a first for the blonde beauty when it came to butt-fucking!  Just like her first time in sucking cock, the bitch was appearing scared shitless and reluctant to do anything so ‘dirty’.  But once he skewered his thick cock up into her virgin asshole, Rufus was stunned at how she began humping back and forth on his dick, panting out “Ohhhhhhhh, yes ………………………..shag me, Mr. Johnson …………………………..shag me good ………………………..butt fuck me ………………………….stretch me out with that big black cock of yours!”  For being sodomized for the very first time, the bitch was swooning with pleasure as he gave her ass a hot cummy enema.

Sound asleep during the night, twice in fact, Rufus’ was waken from his deep sleep to find the hot little goody-goody bitch fisting his cock in order to revive his boner.  And when she got him good and hard, the sexy Mrs. Michaels was straddling him and guiding his cock up into her hot snapping twat.  Arching up to pump the bitch, giving her some assistance, the hot little bitch went through the roof screaming “Oh, yesssssssssssssss ………………… good …………………so good!  Oh, Mr. Johnson …………..ohhhh ………………….oh, yesssssssssssssssss ……………………fuck me …………….fuck me …………………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Weeks later, Rufus was quite surprised to get a phone call from the grateful Bob Michaels who wanted to express his appreciation for having been granted the refinancing, learning that “My wife told me how you bent over backwards to get the refinancing approved when you learned of my hospitalization!”  That had Rufus chuckling to himself as he only bent over backwards that night to get every centimeter of his cock up into the bitch’s snapping pussy.  “Oh, and thanks for giving my wife that tip in Regency Arms looking for private hostesses!  Going to work, even for just a night, really has picked up her sprits up!  Plus, she was really psyched up and excited with the job after her first night working!” Bob Michaels advised.

Figuring that the blonde beauty was just telling hubby that her job was that of a hostess to an exclusive club at the Regency Arms, Rufus helped cover for her by advising hubby that “Yeah, fortunately I had learned of the opening from a good friend of mine at the Regency!  Just hearing it being at the Regency, it’s got to be top notch employment as they only hire smart and attractive people!  Having met your beautiful wife that day when you were in the hospital, I felt that she would be a perfect candidate for the job opening, something that would be of help if even for just one day a month!”  Already having gotten feedback on Mrs. Michaels’ first night on the job, all six ‘johns’ had given her top scores, advising that they had never seen such a beautiful bitch like her who was so enthusiastic for any type of fucking or sucking that they desired.

Day 11’s photo would certainly have a prospective customer plunking his hard-earned dough down for a roll in the hay with this 26 year old redhead beauty.  This innocent looking beauty, listed below the photo merely as Mrs. Kimberly K., would have the potential customer wondering what idiot husband would allow his beautiful wife to spread her sexy ivory legs for strange men no matter how much money was involved.  But unfortunately for Mrs. Kimberly Kerns and husband Zack, it had come to that point or face losing the beautiful home that they had strove so hard to decorate and had hoped to raise a family in.

Mrs. Kimberly Kerns

Looking at the dire straights this couple was in after having gone over their financial statements, Rufus saw how dearly they wanted to hold onto their beautiful home and not lose it to foreclosure.  With the couple going over their income statement with him at the dining room table, Rufus bluntly stated that another $600 of income was needed each month to help take care of the new mortgage payment that had just skyrocketed up with the recent rate adjustment.

With the suggestion that one of them get a second job or part-time employment in addition to their current jobs, all would be lost in a few months if the foreclosure action was to proceed.  It was then that Mr. Kerns advised that they had both beat the bushes for such a second job but there were none to be found.  It was then that Rufus made mention of an exclusive club that met at the five star Regency Arms Hotel and were always looking for attractive hostesses.  “And in looking at how beautiful you are, Mrs. Kerns, there’s no doubt in my mind that a spot would be made available for you!” he advised the excited couple.

When the couple asked him to fill them in more on what the job entailed and the amount one could earn in a day’s time, Rufus then pulled a ruse by calling his home number that would go to his answering machine.  And as his answering machine came on, Rufus pretended to be talking to a friend of his at the exclusive club, asking various questions concerning the job and pay and if there were any current slots open for the hostess position at the club.  Then, for purpose of reeling in the excited young couple, he spoke loudly as if repeating what was being said “The 11th of each month, starts at 5 p.m. and off at 2 a.m., six hundred dollars for that shift!”  Describing Mrs. Kerns over the phone, he then spoke loudly “She’s got it with my okay?  Fine!  I’ll give her all the details!”

When quizzed on the job details, Rufus merely repeated that it was a hostess position at an exclusive men’s club located at the Regency Arms.  “Is it a dinner club?  What do I do there?  Escort them to the tables?  Serve then drinks?” the pretty Mrs. Kerns asked.  Then Rufus got a little more to the point, saying “Well, one word that you used helps to accurately describe the job requirements!”  After a bit of silence and puzzled looks exchanged by husband and wife, Rufus advised “Escort is the word I was referring to!”  Then the beautiful wife gasped and her hand covered her open mouth in horror.

Mr. Kerns had just slumped down in his chair with his mouth open as he remained in stunned silence.  But Mrs. Kerns was upset and livid, her eyes glaring at him as her voice rose in pitch “An escort service!  How dare you?  How dare you think I would even consider such a thing!”  That’s when Rufus leaned back some, apologized “I’m sorry but I thought you’d consider all possible options to save this beautiful house that you have!  I guess I’d better get going and leave at this point since you’re not interested and there’s really no hope without it!”

As he packed up his briefcase, he noticed the young couple talking rather quietly, then hubby told his wife that “I’m going out to the workshop to refinish the cabinet door!”  As he was about to depart, the young beauty stammered as she asked “Does …………..does ……………….a hostess need to provide sexual favors?”  Rufus smiled, knowing that his ruse had worked and hubby left to leave the job decision up to his lovely wife, then responded with “Well, it is an exclusive men’s club!  And to be frank with you, the answer to your question is ‘yes’ it is expected!”

Before there was any more pauses and hesitation on the part of the young wife to try and think of questions to ask, Rufus advised that “As a hostess, ya’ll be giving a gentleman your entire attention for an entire hour!  Then you have a half-hour to prepare yourself before the next gentleman arrives!  And as the shift goes from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., you’ll be hostess to six gentlemen for that particular evening!  As you heard from the phone conversation, it pays six hundred dollars for an evening of being a hostess!”

As Mrs. Kerns bit her bottom lip while contemplating it all, she blinked back the tears as she then advised “Can you tell your friend that I’ll be there at the Regency Arms on the 11th of this month for the shift that was available for me?”  “Oh, I certainly will, Mrs. Kerns!” Rufus advised, keeping his laughter inside when it appeared the beauty had no clue that she’d have to have a personal interview with him, right in the master bedroom.  And that’s when Rufus smiled widely at the beautiful redhead to inform her that “I’ll tell him that ya’ve got my stamp of approval ……………………….after I conduct the interview …………………….with you …………………….in your bedroom, Mrs. Kerns!”

The young wife looked rather sick at that moment, realizing that to get the job that was essentially that of a high-class hooker, and that she had to allow him to have sex with her first.  Rufus licked his lips in anticipation as he looked at the lovely beauty dressed in a dark brown blouse and beige slacks with matching beige flats.  Her ivory white skin made such a nice contrast with the dark brown color of her blouse, a contrast that Rufus thought would be better when his ebony body was up against her soft ivory skin.  Stepping over to where the beauty was sitting, Rufus loved feeling her shudder in revulsion when he placed his large hand on her bare shoulder.

“Mrs. Kerns ……………….there’s obviously a lot fer ya to learn, cause this is a high class operation, being at the Regency Arms and all!  Everything is top of the line at this club …………………..penthouse at the Regency …………………….a beautiful hostess to greet each member …………………………..and each member’s needs are catered to by the hostess of their choosing!  So don’t think that this is just some arrangement for the guy to show up at a certain date and time hoping to get lucky in being served by a beautiful hostess!  No, he’d have already seen your photo along with a number of other beautiful women, and he’d have already selected you to be his hostess that evening!  Everything is prepaid in advance by the club member, your account will be credited $600 for your evening’s work, but there are some women going home with even more that amounts from tips!  So, like in any service industry, the way you treat your customers will certainly determine the kind of tips ya’ll git!  Now stand up and pretend I’m a customer!” Rufus advised.

As the nervous beauty slowly stood up before him, Rufus could feel his cock throbbing with excitement as he then asked her to “Show me how ya greet yer customer!”  Holding back the laughter as the trembling young wife looked up at him blankly, Rufus shook his head to indicate that such a non-response wouldn’t do, telling her “Ya’ve got to put on a nice smile, walk quickly up to the gentleman and greet him like a long lost friend, then ya reach up and slide a hand around the back of his next as ya tip toe up in yer heels to give him a passionate kiss!  And not jist a lip service kiss, ya need to giv’em a lot of tongue action!  Now ya try it!  I’ll step back some and ya come to greet me like I said!”

Rufus was certainly enjoying it all, seeing the nervous beauty swallowing deeply to calm her nerves, her fists balled up tightly as she sought the courage to begin the performance as she had been instructed.  She at first took a hesitant step forward, apparently then remembered that she had to smile widely, and Rufus held back his chuckle up seeing Mrs. Kern’s upper lip begin twitching in nervousness as she stepped forwards towards him.  It was as if she had never rushed up to kiss her husband as the bitch had to think everything through step-by-step!  “It …………….it’s so nice that you could make it tonight, Mr. Johnson!” came her stammering greeting as she place her right hand on his chest and slid it up to the back of his next while tip toeing up to give him the type of passionate kiss he had described for her.

Once the kiss was over, seeing that the trembling young wife was waiting for more instructions from him, Rufus gladly obliged by grasping her left wrist and placing her trim manicured fingers on his bulging hardon.  “Guys like a beautiful woman like ya to be excited by him, anxious to have sex with him, and that is transmitted by yer feeling him up through his pants!” he advised.  Then grabbing her other wrist and drawing it up to the front of his pants, Rufus advised “Now you need to act anxious and excited to git the customer unzipped so you can handle him in the flesh!  Once ya git him unzipped, reach in quickly to find and pull out his manhood, then start stroking and caressing it as if yer gonna worship it!”

Rufus nuts tightened from the pleasure of the soft hands stroking and caressing his throbbing cock.  Clenching his teeth to still himself, he then breathed a sigh of relief as he certainly had come near, seconds in fact to creaming all over her pretty fingers.  “Okay, now being anxious and excited to be with yer customer, ya lead the way and dick-walk him to the bedroom!” Rufus instructed, knowing full well she’d be puzzled about ‘dick-walking’!  Once he observed the frown forming on her forehead, Rufus explained that “Nothing gits a guy more excited that having a married woman wanting to have sex with him!”  “He ……………..he’ll know that I’m married?” the innocent beauty asked.  “Damn right he will, that’s what makes a guy willing to shell out so much dough for a night of pleasure at this exclusive club!  Every hostess is married and a job requirement calls fer ya to wear yer diamond ring and wedding band during yer entire shift!”

“Now ya dick-walk the fellow to the bedroom, and by that I mean ya pull him along with yer hand around his dick, squeezing him from time to time to keep him hard!” Rufus instructed.  The hesitant beauty then turned slowly, seemingly needing to think of the instructions given, and was about to proceed towards the bedroom when Rufus corrected her with “Now ya never dick-walk a guy using yer right hand, like yer doing!  Ya be sure that when yer gonna dick-walk a guy at the club, yer to always lead the way using yer left hand!  Again, its thrilling fer the guy to have a beautiful married woman pulling him along by his dick, especially if’n he gits to observe the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on yer hand when yer pulling him along to the bedroom!”

Getting the inexperience beauty to move over to his right, he placed her trembling left hand on his dick as it twitched with excitement as her trim fingers closed around him.  Pulled along the hallway and entering the master bedroom, Rufus complimented her with “Very good, Mrs. Kerns!  I can see yer a real quick learner!  On yer work night, yer to wear an elegant dress, the choice is at yer discretion along with a nice pair of 3” heels!  Guys enjoy being in the company of a beautiful woman who knows how to dress!  Makes it even more exciting when she’s going to disrobe and reveal herself to him!  So do a tantalizing strip tease to git him all hot and bothered!  Make him feel he’s gitting his money’s worth!  And remember, such a performance will influence the amount of tips he leaves at the end!  Although yer dressed casually today, let’s see what ya can do to git me all hot and bothered!”

Rufus then sat himself down into the armchair nearby with his dick hanging out at half-staff from the opening of his pants.  He watched as the nervous beauty shifted about some as she was trying to decide on the best route to give him a tantalizing performance.  But with her dressed in a pull-over blouse, there was wasn’t much as to the strip tease that could be done, or so Rufus thought.  Thus, he was a bit surprised when the beauty smiled and slowly approached him, then raised her bent knee up high to put the tip of her beige shoe atop of the armrest as she tantalizingly asked “Would you help me take my shoe off for me, Mr. Johnson?  Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!”  How could he refuse and Rufus then reached to hold her ankle with one hand and the other to grasp the heel end of the shoe to peel it off her ivory foot.

“Oh, Godddddddddddddddd!” Rufus groaned with pleasure as the beauty brought her bared foot down gently to rest her pedicured toes upon his throbbing cock.  With her pretty toes and soft sole rubbing on his dick, his prong was up in a fully upright position in no time at all.  Right foot removed from his pulsating dick and back on the floor, Rufus found himself quite excited with the beauty’s performance as she raised her bent left leg now to place the tip of her shoe on the other armrest.  Shoe removed and footjob to come, he heard the beauty giggle “Oooooo ……………….looks like something’s leaking!”  Then Rufus shivered as the beauty’s big toe was rubbing the leakage around is bloated cockhead till the dome was glistening from the lube.

The young wife then removed her foot from his pulsating cock and turned to her side as she lifted the bottom of her blouse some, asking “Would you like to unbutton my slacks for me, Mr. Johnson?”  That accomplished, the lovely redhead then stepped back some to give him a show as she slowly pulled the brown blouse up over her head and off her ivory white arms before tossing it over the back of a chair.  Standing there in her lacy white bra and slacks, the beauty then smiled nervously as she unzipped her slacks and began working the garment down her trim legs before stepping out of it.  Stepping up close to the armchair where he sat watching, she then turned to ask “Would you like to unhook me, Mr. Johnson?”

After unhooking the back of her bra, the beauty tantalizingly kept her back to him as she peeled one strap down over her shoulder and then the other before holding her right hand up with the lacy white garment dangling from her fingers.  Next the lovely redhead turned with bra still in hand, her other arm now crossed over her to cover her bared breasts.  The dangling bra was then being lowered as the sexy little bitch used the loose strap to tease at this upright prong.  After using her bra to play with his dick some, the bitch let her lacy bra fall onto his throbbing dong.  Arm removed to reveal her ivory mounds with each capped with a red cherry, the bitch had him going as she then asked “Would you like to help take off my panties, Mr. Johnson?”

Of course, as expected, the innocent bitch was looking for more instructions once she stepped out of her panties.  “Well, Mrs. Kerns, I’s must say that ya’ve performed quite a tantalizing and exciting strip tease fer me!  But what comes next that ya’ve got nothing else to take off?” Rufus quizzed.  With the beauty at a loss for an answer, he advised “Yer customer would need help in getting undressed, don’t ya think!  But if’n he had his dick out like me, probably going down on yer knees to give him some head would be in order before pulling him up to get his clothes off!”  Performance that she had obviously gotten into now over, the young wife was again trembling with nervousness as she slowly bent down to kneel before him.

She reached out to shuck at his cock, getting it fully upright once again, then fisted him some before reaching up to undo his belt buckle.  That accomplished, she then reached down to take off his shoes then went back to work to get his pants shimmed down while he still was in the armchair.  “Excellent work, Mrs. Kerns!” Rufus complimented as she had resumed fisting his boner.  Then she nervously asked him “Is ……………………is it expected of me to …………………….put it in my mouth?”  That got Rufus to inquiring “Haven’t ya blown a guy before, honey?”  To his surprise and excitement, she shook her head from side to side before uttering a meek “No, I haven’t!”

Rufus didn’t say anything further as he had provided Mrs. Kerns with the answer to her question.  As the beautiful bitch stared at the waving fuckstick that was pulsating in her fist, Rufus observed her licking at her lips while building up the nerve to take a cock into her mouth for the very first time.  Then the beauty approached his cock with lips partially parted and the tip of her pink tongue visible.  “Ohhhhh, yeaaaahhhhhhhh …………….oh, jeezzzzzzzzzzzz ……………………tongue me …………………………that’s how to tongue me, bitch!  Ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………….that’s how to use that talented tongue of yers!” he panted out in pleasure.  And then her mouth widened, going over the bloated dome, causing Rufus to loudly moan “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah ………………………oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Mrs. Kerns, yer one talented little cocksucker, that’s fer sure!  Yer a fuck’n natural when it comes to giving a guy head!”

As in her striptease performance, once the pretty Mrs. Kerns got into the swing of things, she was one little hottie.  Upon hearing the pants and moans of pleasure attributed to her performance in giving ‘head’ for the first time in her life, she really took to it as Rufus could attest to as she proceeded to bob her head up an down on his lengthy fuckstick.  Wrapping his thick fingers in her long silky red hair, he began face-fucking her beautiful young wife.  But when his cock expanded even more and he was giving her the quick short strokes, the beauty came to realize that moment of truth was about to arrive.  Rufus held on tightly, making sure that the beauty didn’t pull away, determined to be the one to introducing her into eating male cum for the first time in her life.

“Swallow it, Mrs. Kerns ……………………..swallow it all!  Guys really git turned on when another guy’s beautiful wife deep throats him and then eats all his jizz!  Oh, yeah ……………………..suck it all outta my balls, sweetie!  That’s it …………….that’s it!” Rufus panted out as the beauty continued nursing on his spent cock.  Finally, totally spent, he slipped his drained cock out from the beauty’s lips to let her continue kneeling there to savor the taste of male cum and to let the foreign substance settle in her belly.  Then, when it was obvious that she had been able to stomach it all, he stood up and helped her to her feet and told her to “Get on the bed and spread those sexy legs wide so I’s can return the favor!”

Thinking back to that eventful day, Rufus shook his head in recalling what a screamer that redhead turned out to be, especially when he started eating her out.  He chuckled in recalling how she yelled out “Oh, God ………………Mr. Johnson …………….oh, yessssssssssssssssssss ……………………….oh, eat me …………………… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  ‘Damn, she sure was a creamer!  Jist pure sweet honey and so much of it!’ he mused in recollection.  The way she had screamed when being eaten out, Rufus kinda figured that hubby must have heard his wife all the way down in the woodshop for the sounds of the hammer pounding suddenly ceased.

Rufus also had found that the very same thing applied to fucking, as the hot little bitch was quite a screamer, along with her getting all into it once he stuck it to her.  With there being no pounding of the hammer or any sounds of woodworking going on from the direction of the workshop, he figured that hubby was keeping quiet and listening intently for his wife’s voice.  “Oh, you’re so big, Mr. Johnson!  Ooooooooooh ………………..oh, please ………………..go easy …………………go easyyyyyyyyyyy ………………it ………………’s not going in ……………… won’t fittttttttttttttttttttt!  Ohhhhhhhh ………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she had screamed out as he finally stretched her enough.  “Yes ………………..oh, yes …………….yes ………………..fuck me ………………………fuck me, Mr. Johnson ………………fuck me with that big black cock of yours!”

Hammering away at the pretty redhead, slamming his ebony cock up between her ivory legs, Rufus had to imagine what a contrast the bed in the Kerns’ bedroom would be at that moment.  ‘The only thing that make this absolutely perfect would be hubby seeing his beautiful bitch getting shagged on his bed at this instant!’ he recalled thinking as the beauty’s trim ivory white arms and legs encircled his ebony body.  And then the bitch was climaxing, shuddering uncontrollably, screaming “Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd …………………….I’m cumminggggggggg ……………..I’m cumminggggggggggg!”  Seconds later, as he popped his load in the bitch, it caused her to pant out loudly in another climax “Yessssssss ………………….shoot it …………………give it to me …………………..cum in me ……………………………..shoot your black baby juice in me!”

Packed up and ready to go after giving the Kerns a copy of their extension approval, Rufus checked on the pictures taken with his camera.  “I’ll just need to take one more picture from the south side and then I’ll be on my way folks!” Rufus had advised the young couple, especially enjoying shaking the hand of the husband whose beautiful wife he had just sucked, fucked and gotten sucked off by.  He bid them goodbye and exited the home, walking around to the south side for one more picture to submit with the paperwork to the bank.  The south side was from the back corner of where the master bedroom was located, where he had not taken a picture from earlier due to the shrubs next to the house.  In trying to get the perfect angle for the shot, Rufus noticed a discoloration of the paint and went to check it was some kind of mold or mildew.  Then he had chuckled, finding that the discoloration was due to it being wet …………….with hubby’s cum!

The picture for Day 12 was of a 30 year old brunette named Mrs. Allison Chambers.  The pictured showed a trim and demure beauty, one that a prospective customer would easily detect the classy nature of just by looking at the photo.  Standing at 5’5”, weighing a mere 115 lbs with long wavy brown hair, the thought that one could sample this married beauty would certainly have her calendar booked each month.  Listed in the folder as Mrs. Allison C. (school teacher), her occupation would certain add to attracting a number prospective customers, especially if the guy harbored fantasies of school teachers from his past.  The combined factors, of her being married plus that of being a pretty school teacher, certainly could not be overlooked.

Mrs. Allison Chambers

Married to an architect, sole proprietor of his own firm, that did not bode well in the dire economy as projects were put on hold and even some even abandoned in mid-construction.  Add that to a large monthly mortgage on the fabulous house that he had designed himself just years earlier and cost a bundle to build, it seemed as if all would come crashing down on them.  His visit to inspect the house was quite interesting, with Mr. Chambers being in dire straits, the punk had subtly hinted that he’d design a house free of charge if he were to get the extension approved along with a stay on the back payments due.  He had the punk stuttering in mention “Sorry, I’d lose my license and business if the banks learned I took a bribe!”  “I’m sorry ………….I didn’t mean to offend you …………..didn’t mean it as a bribe, Mr. Johnson!” came the apology.

It was always nice to have the upper hand in this type of situation, very enjoyable to have a whiteboy calling you ‘Mister’ or ‘Sir’!  But in having the punk initiate a bribe, it showed how desperate the bastard was and that he’d be willing to consider anything at this point.  So when he wanted to inspect the interior of the gorgeous home and the punk wanted to show him around, saying that he could explain all the unique features that he designed and built into the home, Rufus more than subtly let out the type of bribe that he’d be willing to consider in exchange for the needed extension desired.

“Well, Mr. Chambers, that really won’t be necessary for my inspection report!  However ………..!” he paused in mid-sentence to look in the direction where Mrs. Chambers was standing, looking quite beautiful while still dressed in the hot pink blouse, black skirt and black heels that she had taught class in.  As the stared at the lovely beauty, Rufus could see from the corner of his eye that hubby was looking at him first then to where and what he was looking at, then back to him again.  Everything at that point had been communicated and nothing else needed to be said between the two of them.

“Honey, I just got a message on my pager!  It must be an emergency as I had left instructions that I was not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency!  Would you mind showing Mr. Johnson around?  He needs to do an inspection on the interior as it’s critical in order to get the extension granted!  I …………………I should be back in a couple hours or so, but I’ll call to let you know if I’m running late or not!” hubby called out to his wife as he prepared to leave her to fend for herself, obviously hoping that she’d do whatever it took to get the extension.

For Rufus, it was fun and games at that point, even going so far as to tell her that hubby didn’t have and emergency to go to and that “Yer husband saw me eyeing you up, leaving you and me alone together, that’s why he asked for you to show me around!”  “He did no such thing!” the pretty Mrs. Chambers retorted.  “Go ahead, call the number for the project!  Ask if he’s there yet and if in fact there was an emergency page made to him?” he challenged.  The bitch glared at him, then to prove him wrong went to the telephone and dialed the number, then made the inquiry “Hi Connie, this is Mrs. Chambers!  My husband asked me to call and see if someone just paged him from the project as something just went haywire with his pager!”  Defeat set in as the demure beauty meekly replied “No page!  Thank you, Connie!”

As the beautiful Mrs. Chambers was blinking back the tears, Rufus smiled while inquiring of the tour that Mr. Chambers had asked for her to give him.  And before she could stall for time by showing him the entire three story house, he advised that “I’m only interested in seeing one room in particular, Mrs. Chambers!  Getting that wrong will automatically disqualify you and your husband from getting the extension approved!”  With head bowed as she blinked back the tears, the lovely wife and school teacher then walked past him to turn right before the then before she proceeded slowly up the stairway that led to the master bedroom.  And once she entered the bedroom, Rufus smiled as he tauntingly advised that “I knew ya’d git it right, Mrs. Chambers, being well-educated and a school teacher and all!”  Then gave her another question for her to solve, “Now, ya know I’m not up here to inspect the bedroom walls, don’t ya?  Can ya guess what I’s wanna see, Mrs. Chambers?”

As the beauty resignedly reached around her back to undo the buttons of her pink blouse, Rufus had to make the comment again “Ah, ya guessed right!  So well-educated and being a school teacher, yer real good at figuring things out fer yerself!”  Pink blouse off and merely dropped to the floor, the lovely young wife stood there in her rather conservative plain white bra, black skirt and her heels.  Then, as she proceeded to step out of her black heels, Rufus chuckled with “Ah, yer right on top of things, Mrs. Chambers!”  Seconds later, the black skirt had been undone and was puddle around her feet as the beauty put her thumbs into the waistband of her rather plain white panties and began to work that down over her trim hips.

Stripping off his clothes as the defeated beauty edged on back to sit upon the bed, Rufus smiled as the beautiful wife began to tremble in nervousness.  And when he stepped up to her, she was cringing in fear as his dong bumped up against her left breast, causing her to pull back some in revulsion from his touch.  “Ever been with a black man before, Mrs. Chambers?” he pried, knowing full well what the answer would be as she shook her head ‘no’.  “Any man other than yer hubby?” he asked.  And he wasn’t surprised at all when she shook her head again ‘no’!  “Tell me teach, what do ya teach at school?” he quizzed.  “Eighth grade math!” came the reply.  “Well, then, that’s perfect ……………cause let’s go and do a ‘69’!” he announced, fully suspecting that the bitch had no clue as to what he was talking about.

He was delighted to hear her admit that “I ……………I don’t know what that means!”  “Yer a fuck’n math teacher and don’t know what the number ‘69’ means?  Jezz, and here I’s thought ya were well-educated and all!  Well, guess I’s gotta be the one to further yer education in math!” he taunted.  Rufus then pushed back onto the bed, ordering her to scoot back upwards some.  Crawling up over the trembling beauty, he grabbed the top portion of her hair, then proceeded to force feed her his monstrous cock.  Easing her head back onto the bed he told her to “Keep my cock in yer mouth, teach!”  He edged himself around a hundred eighty degress, not too fast in fear of her teeth cutting him open, then reached out to spread her raised knees and went down on her in the classic ‘69’ position.

When the math lesson was over, teach had gotten to learn what the number ‘69’ was all about as she held a hand on her belly to keep from not retaining the lesson she had learned.  Shuddering as she made a face at the taste lingering in her mouth, Rufus reached out for her hand to draw it to him, getting her to wrap her manicured fingers over his flaccid cock in order to revive it back into action.  Licking his glistening lips, Rufus smiled at the sweet taste of honey that the pretty school teacher and fed to him, feeling himself being revived as his cock twitched in the palm of her hand.

Cock revived, he then proceeded to mouth the beauty as she continued to hold onto his cock and guided it to the center of her being.  Prim and proper, school teacher and faithful wife, the lovely Mrs. Chambers spread her trim sexy legs as he mounted her and then gave her a fucking that she’d never ever forget.  Quite demure and extremely quiet while in midst of the sex act, was one way to describe the lovely Mrs. Chambers, but what a little snapping pussy she had that would milk you dry to the bone.  And she also had a way with that snapping pussy to squeeze on to your dick that you wouldn’t be able to pull it out for awhile, till she willingly let go anyway.

That night, when hubby came staggering home after getting himself soused in the bar, he found himself relegated to the spare bedroom down the hall.  “Here’s an extra blanket for you!” was the welcome home that he got from his beautiful wife as she merely tossed the blanket onto the floor of the spare bedroom.  It was quite noticeable that Mrs. Chambers had not taken the time to close the door to the master bedroom when she returned, and Rufus had to suspect that it had been purposely left open to teach that turd of a husband a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

And he found that the beauty sure had changed since their last fuck session, from not utter a sound before, she was quite verbal and loud enough that Rufus was certain it could be heard down the hallway the way she yelled “Ooohh, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these years!  You’re so bigggggggg!  Oh, Mr. Johnson, fuck meeeeeeeee ……………yesssssssss ………………..yes, fuck me ………………fuck me with your big black cock!”  And a bit later, when he was about to pop his nuts in her, she screamed out “Shoot it ………………………oh, shoot ittttttt ……………………shoot it in me …………knock me up with your little black bastard ……………………….I want you to fuck a black baby in me!”

For Day 13 in the folder, a lovely blonde named Mrs. Caitlin Andrews graced the page for the prospective customers as they tried to make a decision.  Twenty-seven years of age, with her husband recently laid off and possible layoffs being considered at her place of employment, a lot was at risk for Caitlin and husband Jim.  With two young children of ages 3 and 2, along with Caitlin’s widowed 88 year old mom, keeping the home was of utmost necessity.  Thus, even those faithful wives that would never contemplate such a thing in ordinary times, now such alternatives to surviving had to be considered.

Mrs. Caitlin Andrews

Rufus had noticed immediately that hubby planned on doing all the talking and negotiating for the family, with the pretty blonde wife staying off to the side.  And when she caught him staring in her direction, the beautiful wife would give him a wide smile.  And once, when hubby was trying to point out various figures to him, Rufus glanced over to the blonde wife’s direction.  There were no words that needed to be exchange in the communication that she had just given to him, that of using her thumb and the tips of her fingers to pull the top of her white blouse to the side to give him a better view of her luscious set of tits!  It was as if she was asking “Would you like to play with these in exchange for the extension?”

From that point on, Rufus was only thinking with his other head, the bloated one throbbing between his legs.  And of course, the answer was ‘yes’ as to wanting to play with those titties!  Right away, he knew that he’d be approving the extension as this on was going to be a cinch as the sexy blonde bitch was basically agreeing to put out for him in exchange for the extension.  So, it was just a matter of when and where the deal would get finalized between them.  Being realistic, Rufus surmised that with the two little ones around and grandma to boot, bedding the blonde bitch in the master bedroom was out of the question at that point.

As Rufus easily got to observe, hubby was a real nerd, thinking that he could make a convincing argument with the right figures plugged into his model.  But that of course was just a bunch of bull as Rufus had heard a lot of model theories from so many know-it-all punks but look at the failure each one became in real life, like in this punk’s current situation.  So Rufus merely nodded his head and tried to figure out as to how and where he could go to take the know-it-all’s pretty blonde wife to bed for a good fucking.  And then it came to talking about the condo unit that the punk had up for sale.  The punk wanted to show more figures, so Rufus merely out that just an inspection was needed as he had all the figures necessary.  That’s when Mrs. Andrews provided the opportunity for them to consummate the unspoken deal as she said “Honey, would you like for me to show Mr. Johnson the condo unit since he has all the figures?”

Thus, after a twenty minute drive, he parked his car at the visitor’s section of the condo and met up with the young blonde wife.  Going up the elevator with Mrs. Andrews, Rufus then decided to play his hand right then and there to see if he had read the clues right.  And in rubbing his hand over her nice little round butt and getting no objection from the little lady, Rufus found that he indeed had been correct.  In looking over the young blonde, he could see that she been around before, at least knew how one’s bread was buttered and what really made the world go round.

Once in the condo, she asked “Would you like to join me for a drink, Mr. Johnson?”  “Sure, scotch and water for me!” he replied.  Handed the drink, the blonde beauty then asked “Would you like to see the view from the bedroom?  I take it that you’re not interested in seeing the rest of the condo, are you?”  All he did was smile in reply as Mrs. Andrews turned and led the way to the master bedroom of the three bedroom unit.  Once in the bedroom, the young wife set her drink down on the nightstand, turned to face him, then undid the top button of her white blouse.

Sipping his drink, Rufus watched as the show began.  Long white blouse unbuttoned and removed, she stood there with the blouse held off to the side in the hook of her index finger.  The she let it fall to the carpet as she proceeded to reach back and unhook the lacy white bra that she was wearing.  “I’m jist curious about one thing, Mrs. Andrews!” Rufus asked.  But before he could get out the question, the blonde wife interjected “Why I married such a nerd?”  He nodded a ‘yes’ in response.  “Love and money at the time!  I do love him but since the downturn in the economy and his business, he’s just become so engrossed in turning things around!  And he doesn’t allow me to help when I offer!” she responded as the bra fell on top of her blouse.

“Well, yer nerd of a husband only has you to thank for getting the extension he’s after!” Rufus advised her as he took in the lovely set of pink capped titties while taking a sip of his drink. Tennis shoes kicked off, the young beauty stripped off her pair of jeans next, then came over to him in just her pair of baby blue panties.  Reaching up, the young wife first helped him get out of his coat.  She next loosened his tie, got it off and then proceeded to undo he top button of his shirt.  And when it came down to just his jockeys, the blonde beauty sure knew how to get a guy up in his jocks as she teasingly rubbed her manicured fingers over his massive bulge.
Oh, this little lady was certainly talented with her tongue, proving it to Rufus as she proceeded to blow him down.  She had admittedly given head before to her boyfriend in high school, a beau in college, but never to her nerdy husband and confessed to never having blown a black dick in her life.  “It’s been awhile!” she admitted as to the last time she gave head but she sure as hell hadn’t lost a beat, as Rufus would attest to.  And she had learned all the tricks: deep-throating him; bobbing her head up on down the length of his boner while looking up into his eyes; palming his swollen nuts and playing with them; swallowing all he had to offer; then finally licking her lips as if it was the sweetest thing in the world while smiling and continuing to look up into his eyes.

Fucking the blonde bitch was a wild ride for Rufus as he screwed her doggie style when she got up on all fours on the bed.  And it stunned Rufus when her damned cell phone began ringing in her purse.  “Must by my nerdy husband checking to see how the condo inspection is going!” she commented while squeezing his stalled dick with her cunny.  Then came the stunner of all stunners as the blonde bitch reached over to get her cell phone, answer it and chat with her hubby as if nothing else was taking place.  “Oh, hi, honey!  Mr. Johnson seems to like the condo unit a lot, giving it a high rating!” she told her hubby.  And still on the phone when the fuck was about to end in a mutual climax for both of them, the bitch advised “He’s in the bedroom and calling for me honey!”  Then she yelled out “Cumminggggggg! I’m cumming, Mr. Johnson!”

To round out week two, Day 14 provided a prospective customer with some tasty looking Asian Cuisine, a lovely Korean beauty queen.  In fact, it had only been five years earlier that the lovely beauty had actually won the local beauty queen title.  Graduating from college soon after, then getting married to an engineer, the beautiful Mrs. Sherri Kim was employed as an interior designer.  Age 26, standing at 5’3” with a 34-23-34 figure, the lovely beauty certainly had heads turning wherever she went.

Mrs. Sherri Kim

Adding the Asian beauty to his folder, putting her on the cunt market, had been quite a coup for Rufus as that fucking husband of hers had been nothing but a pain in the ass.  Taking the precaution in saying that nobody in their right mind would believe he made the outrageous proposition, that he’d merely claim it was some they had in fact created to get their needed extension and was trying to blackmail him, the young couple were both speechless when he came straight out with “Yer beautiful wife here sure turns on my fancy!  A little time alone in the bedroom with yer purty little lady would certainly have me leaning in favor of approving the extension fer ya!”

Husband and wife had turned and looked at one another with horror on their faces, both staring with mouths partially open from the shock of hearing the outrageous proposal, but neither could utter out a word.  Rufus merely sat across the table and smiled, watching them contemplate his outlandish proposition.  Finally, the young wife stammered out in desperation to her husband, asking “Ben ………………..Ben, what shall we do?”  But when hubby didn’t answer and put his head down in dismay, the beauty gasped “Ben …………… can’t be serious!  You can’t be!  You ……………….you can’t want me to have sex with him in order to get that extension!”  Biting her bottom lip as she fought back the tears, the lovely Mrs. Kim then stood slowly before leaving the table to walk towards the master bedroom.

Alone in the bedroom with the lovely Mrs. Sherri Kim, Rufus had his nuts up in a roar as he looked at the sweet Asian beauty.  As she blinked back the tears, the beauty then swallowed deeply before asking “Can I ask a favor of you, Mr. Johnson?”  Having heard the question from nearly all the wives being proposition, before she could ask her question, Rufus merely shook his head ‘no’ that “I’s ain’t using no condom, sweetie!”  Then she advised “I know, I suspected you wouldn’t!  The favor I wanted to ask of you is: Would yell out to my husband for him to bring some drinks in for us!  A glass of red wine for me!  Then, I’d like you to force him to sit in that chair and watch us while we have sex together!”

Rufus smiled at the request, realizing that the upset beauty was really pissed at her husband for essentially pimping her out to him in exchange for the needed extension.  It was her way at getting back at the bastard, making him sit and watch his beautiful wife having sex with another man, a big black bastard to make it even worst for the fucker.  Going to the door, Rufus opened it and yelled “Hey, Benny boy ………………bring me a couple of beers …………………..and a glass of red wine fer yer purty wife!”  Moments later, after the drinks were served, he told hubby “Sit on down in the chair over there, Benny boy!  Yer purty wife is gonna take her clothes off fer us!”  Popping open a can of beer, he handed to the punk, telling him “Here, make yerself comfortable, sonny boy!  Yer gonna git the opportunity of a lifetime!  Yessirree, ya gonna git to see a ‘real’ man fuck that beautiful wife of yers!”

With wimp-assed hubby sitting down in the chair and looking on, glared at by his pissed off wife, Rufus felt his nuts churn with excitement as the Asian beauty grasped the bottom of her blue pullover blouse and pull it up over her head and off her arms to reveal the lacy white bra covering her perfect mounds.  As the beautiful Mrs. Kim continued glaring at her husband, she placed a tennis shoe at the back of the other and slipped it off her pretty foot.  Cute little pedicured toes of her bare placed at the back of the other shoe, then it too was slipped off.  Button her white shorts undone, zipper pulled down, then the garment was sliding down her trim creamy legs to puddle around her feet, leaving the beauty in matching bra and panties.

The unsmiling beauty, obviously upset and pissed at her louse of a husband, continued to glare at the punk as she reached back to undo the hook to her bra.  Bra loosened, she reached up to the left strap to pull it over her shoulder, then used her other hand to push the other end off.  Seconds later, the lacy garment lay limply upon the bedroom carpet.  Then, with thumbs in the waistband of her panties, that lacy garment was soon sliding down her trim sexy legs.  As if to present a sense of some decency in being totally naked before a lusting stranger, she crossed her left arm over her bared breasts while moving her right hand to shield her furry nest.  It was as if she was waiting for further instruction from him but Rufus figured he’d get an even better performance by responding to the pissed off beauty with “What do ya think comes next, Mrs. Kim?”

The sweet little wife lowered the arm covering her breasts, took her hand away from her mound, then slowly padded over to where he was standing.  She helped him off with his coat, then began to unfasten the tie he had on.  Shirt unbuttoned by the young wife, she pulled the tucked in tails from his pants, then proceeded to get the garment off his broad shoulders.  Reaching between their bodies, her trim fingers were grasping and working on getting his belt buckle undone, all while her hubby looked on in total awe.  Rufus looked over at the punk as hubby could not believe what he was observing, appearing frozen in the chair with beer in hand.

Shoes removed with the assistance of the young wife, pants down around his ankles as she assisted in pulling them away, then she was staring strait ahead of the bulging mound covered by the thin fabric of his jockey shorts.  The beauty swallowed deeply, then the tip of her pink tongue could be seen as she licked her lips.  Fingernails that were beautifully manicured were placed atop of the top of the jockeys as she began to feel and caress the throbbing bulge.  Seconds later, trim manicured finger were being inserted into the sides of his jockeys and being worked down over his hips.  A loud gasp was emitted by the sexy young wife when his throbbing boner sprung out and nearly struck her in the face.  Rufus was then standing proudly before the sweet young wife with his jutting prong just inches from her beautiful face.

Playing it by hunch, Rufus then asked “Do ya know what comes next, Mrs. Kim?”  The trembling beauty then replied with “Am …………………am I to put ‘it’ in my mouth?”  Turning to hubby, Rufus asked “Whadda ya think, hubby?  Is that what yer purty wife is supposed to do next?”  From the movement below, Rufus made out that the young wife also had turned to look at her husband for his response to the question, but also felt her trim fingers wrapped themselves around the base of his black bone.  As there was just silence on hubby part, Rufus growled “Well, punk, the extension yer hoping to git depends on yer answer!  Is yer purty wife to put her mouth on my black cock or not?”

As hubby bent his head in shame, his head bobbed up and down to signal his answer of ‘YES’!  Rufus swore that he heard the fuming beauty say something under her breath, something that sounded like “You’re pathetic!”  Obviously pissed at her husband, the innocent young wife then bent forward as if to worship and lick at his bloated cockhead.  With her mouth open, tongue extended, the sweet little beauty lapped at the undersides of his cock like there was no tomorrow.  “Oh, baby ……………………oh, yeahhhhhhhh!” Rufus moaned in pleasure as her hot little mouth went over the dome as she licked at his pisshole.  “Oh, damn …………………….that’s fantastic ……………………fucking fantastic!” Rufus exclaimed.  Looking over at the stunned hubby, he asked “Ya ever git head from yer beautiful wife like this, sonny boy?”  Hubby swallowed deeply as she shook his head ‘no’.  “Doesn’t she look like a fuck’n pro going at it?” he asked, to which hubby nodded a ‘yes’!

Fingers wrapped in the soft silky black, for his balance rather than fearing that the beautiful young wife would pull away from him, Rufus was panting with pleasure as he fucked in and out of her hot sucking lips.  Nearing the point of popping his load, Rufus looked at hubby and asked “Can I’s cum in yer purty wife’s mouth, sonny boy?”  As expected, there was silence and no answered from the embarrassed husband, and so he asked again “Do I’s have yer permission to empty my balls down yer wife’s throat?  Can I’s feed her all the hot cum from my black balls, huh?”

Seeing the tears in the punk’s eyes as he then nodded a ‘yes’, Rufus laughed to announced to his preoccupied wife that “Hubby’s jist given me his permission to cum in yer mouth, Mrs. Kim!  Yer hubby’s a really great guy!  He says I’s can ejaculate in yer mouth, sweetie …………………………….I’s think it’s so he’s can git to watch his purty wife eat all my nigga cum!”  As the wife heard that remark, she was obviously gonna make that fucking husband of hers pay, cause she started bobbing up and down in earnest while pumping at the base of his cock.  She was wanting him to shoot his hot slimy roe into her mouth, wanting her husband to see what he was missing all these years.

With the young wife clutching onto the base of his cock with both hands, like one would hold onto a baseball bat while Rufus’s body shuddered uncontrollably above, she swallowed immediately when her mouth was suddenly flooded with hot slick semen to keep from choking.  Again and again her mouth was filled with his erupting goo, but she hung in there by swallowing his goodies again and again.  Finally sate, Rufus eased his cock from the beauty’s sweet lips, then asked “This really yer first time sucking cock, Mrs. Kim?”  The young wife looked up at him with a smile while licking her cum covered lips and nodded ‘yes’.  “Damn, I’s swear ya’s good!  A real fuck’n pro at it!” he complimented.

After loudly asking her what she thought was next, the beauty slowly stood up before him, then grabbed Rufus by his spent cock and pulled him with her to the king-sized bed that she shared with her husband.   She crawled up to the middle of the bed, pulling him with her, then spread her sexy legs wide as she guided his head down to her perfumed snatch.  As Rufus lapped and sucked at her sweet pussy, the young wife panted out “Oh, eat me, Mr. Johnson …………………eat meeeeeee!  Oh, yessssssss ……………yesssss ………………..just like in my dreams …………………….I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a ‘man’ eat me!  Ohhhhhh, it feels so good ………………… gooodddd!”  And when she came, the lovely Mrs. Kim screamed out “Yesssssssssssss ………………I’m cumming …………….………I’m cummingggggggggggggggg!”

Resting in each others arms for awhile, till his dick was poking against her soft thigh, the young wife reached down to grasp and stroke him back to bone-hard status.  And as he moved to get into position, the beauty spread wide and raised her trim creamy legs and guided him into position.  She looked up at him with hands now braced on his chest, keeping him at bay for the moment.  Then to add insult and injury to the punk she was married to, she asked loudly “Shouldn’t we get permission from my husband first?”  Rufus laughed as he turned to hubby and yell out “The pretty missus wants me to git permission from ya first ……………………..before I’s stick my’s big black dick up in her and fuck her good!”  After getting the ‘yes’ nod from hubby, Rufus sought to clarify the permission obtained by asking “Without a condom, right?”  As he had expected, Rufus did get the ‘yes’ nod from the disgraced young man.

It was a fantastic fuck session, with the young wife energetically participating in the fuck.  She was certainly good in bed, the way she used her hands to caress his back and shoulders sure felt good, and the way she encircled her sexy legs around him was unbelievable.  And the way she arched up each time he stroked it to her, she was wanting it.  Rufus was not sure if she was still just wanting to get even with the punk she was married to or really wanting it as she loudly panted out “Oh, yes ………………….fuck me like that ……………………..oh, so goodddddddd ……………….fuck me, Mr. Johnson!  Oh, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these years!  Oh, God …………………so big ……………………so long ……………………….so gooddddd!”

As they fucked in unison, like a well-oiled machine as his lengthy cock pistoned in and out of her sleeve, the still fuming beauty whispered to him to “Please!  Make that damn husband give you permission to shoot your hot cum in me!  Make the bastard give his permission!”  It was with great pleasure that Rufus did the wife’s bidding, getting the punk to give his usual ‘yes’ nod, a nod witnessed by the beauty lying beneath his heavy body, that he could indeed shoot his hot potent cum into her fertile womb.  As the beauty reacted by arching up and squeezing him with her trim arms and legs, she then hissed “Shoot it in me ……………………….shoot your hot cum in me ……………………do it ………………………knock me up with it!  My husband wants you to cum in me ………………so, do it …………………….knock me up with your little black bastard …………………………he can get up at nights to change diapers!”

Lying in each others arms again, flaccid cock still embedded and still oozing out its potent semen, Rufus felt the soft hand caressing his shoulder.  Then young wife whispered to inquire “Will you do me another favor, Mr. Johnson?”  “Anything, sweetie!  Ya jist name it!” he replied.  She then whispered “When you slip out of me, I’d like you to force my damn husband to come over to the bed, get between my legs, and eat your hot cum out of me!”  And again with great pleasure, Rufus did her bidding.  After his spent dong slipped out of her still gripping snatch, Rufus walked over to where the young punk was sitting.  Grabbing him by the collar, he dragged him over to the bed and pushed his face down between his wife’s widespread legs.  Rufus chuckled as the punk tried to keep from putting his face down into the mushy pit, but was prevented from doing so as his wife grabbed him by his hair and arched up to rub his face into her sloppy cunt hairs.


End of Days for Week 2 of the month.