Forced in Foreclosure - V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Forced in Foreclosure 1,  2, 3 & 4’
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Turning the page to that of Day 15 of Rufus Johnson’s solicitation folder, a prospective customer would certainly find the beautiful and refined blonde beauty pictured there as a very interesting proposition that deserved some consideration.  No one in his right mind could believe that the beautiful 37 year old 5’4” Mrs. Evelyn Huntington would be gracing the likes of such a folder and that the married beauty was on the cunt market.  Prim and proper, sophisticated, along with a touch of class were words that would certainly be fit in describing the beautiful woman.  But one thing more that was stunning to all, the three words typed beneath the picture:  ‘Likes it ROUGH’!
Mrs. Evelyn Huntington
For Rufus, meeting the lovely blonde beauty at her lakeside home that sunny day sure was a memorable one for him.  Thinking back that that fabulous day, Rufus chuckled as he figured ‘That sweet little blonde beauty ain’t ever gonna fergit that day either, heh, heh!’  Prim and proper, elegance at its best, and smart ………………..very smart as she saw the way he looked at her, could basically read his mind as he thought ‘Man, sweetie, I’d definitely grant that extension if I could get into those tight little panties of yers!’  As it had been over an hour since he had gotten there and gone over their finances and various options, Rufus had indicated that he just needed to take some photographs of the home and property before taking off.

As the couple’s son and his boarding school roommate had just come back for the weekend holiday, the two boys had been fishing from the shore and waiting for
Mr. Huntington to get done with their meeting as he had promised to take them out on the boat and head to the north end of the lake where the fish were supposedly biting.  And thus, it was the beautiful blonde wife who made the suggestion “Tim, as everything’s pretty much completed except for the pictures, why don’t you take the boys’ out fishing at the north end as they’ve been anxiously waiting for you!  I’ll give Mr. Johnson a tour of the house and show him around the property!”

With Mr. Huntington headed off to change into a more casual attire while Rufus was getting his digital camera set up, his eyes met the blonde beauty’s when she turned from looking at the boys fishing in back of the house.  He sure liked the way she dressed, looking quite classy in her navy blue outfit with beige blouse and wearing 3” navy blue heels.  ‘Damn, that’s class!’ he thought while their eyes remained locked on one another’s till Mr. Huntington came out of the bedroom, telling his wife “Okay, I’ll take the boys out to the north side, honey!  You’ll show Mr. Johnson around, right?”  “No problem, honey, catch a lot of fish!  I’ll see that Mr. Johnson gets ‘everything’ that he needs!” she replied as her blue eyes stared directly at him.

Extending his hand out to the husband, Rufus advised “Nice meeting you and your lovely wife!  I’m hoping everything works out for the two of you!  I can understand and see why Mrs. Huntington is willing to ‘give it her all’ to keep this beautiful place that you’ve got here!”  As the boat headed off, the blonde beauty stood next near the outdoor benches waving to them and wishing them good luck as Rufus remained in the living room while supposedly taking pictures of the interior.  Once the boat got out a bit, Rufus then went to stand next to the beautiful wife as she had her hand up waving goodbye to her son and friend.  From the back of the boat, the son could only see his beautiful mother waving and that their visitor had come back outside and standing next to his mother.  Unseen was the visitor’s large black hand caressing his beautiful mother’s backside through her navy blue slacks while she stood there waving to him.

What also could not be detected from the back of the boat was that the visitor facing and also waving with one hand was talking to his mother, the hand on her backside now inside the elastic waistband of her slacks, telling her that “Ya are willing to ‘give it all’ to keep this beautiful place, aren’t ya, Mrs. Huntington?  Ya wanted to pull out all the stops, and the only way was to get yer hubby to leave, that’s why you had him take the boys out to the north end before I left!  Right?  You know what I want, don’t ya?  Yer willing to take off yer purty cloths fer me, aren’t ya?  And to let me run my hands all over yer soft sexy body ………………………….spread yer long sexy white legs so I’s can git between them …………………………..let me fuck ya ………………………..without wearing a rubber, aren’t ya?”

Boat far off now, unable to make out the figures on the boat, the blonde beauty then lowered her hand and panted as Rufus continued massaging her backside as he began nuzzling at her neck.  Taking the hand that she had just lowered, he guided it back some and placed it upon his throbbing hardon.  He could sense her breathing becoming labor, felt her tremble as her manicured fingers closed and squeezed upon his throbbing bulge.  Then Rufus put it bluntly to her with “Ya know exactly where I wanna fuck ya, don’t ya, Mrs. Huntington?”  As there was no response, Rufus insisted of her to “Tell me, Mrs. Huntington!  Tell me where I wanna fuck ya!”  That’s when she sniffled while trying to blink back the tears, then she blurted out “In my bedroom ………………….in the master bedroom ……………………..where I sleep with my husband!”

Up in the master bedroom that overlooked the lake, from where the Huntington’s boat could be seen but was now just a mere speck, Rufus got to enjoy the pleasure of undressing the elegant beauty.  First was the navy blue jacket, then the beige blouse but not before getting the front of it all wrinkled from his pawing and squeezing at her soft titties, then the lacy black bra was unhooked and removed so he could cup her titties and thumb her pinkies.  Slacks were unbuttoned worked down her trim hips to puddle around her ankles and heels.  Same went for her lacy black panties.  Then he had her step out of her heels so she could kick the garments free from her.  “Put your heels back on and get up on the bed, Mrs. Huntington!” he then advised.

Getting her on all fours, her head right over the window sill so she could see hubby’s boat at the other end of the lake, Rufus caressed her beautiful white ass as he shuffled forward to get up behind her.  He could hear her panting for breath as she prepared herself for him, prepared herself to get another man’s dick shove up into her for the very first time in her life, a black one at that!  On a hunch, upon grasping her trim hips and holding her firmly in place, Rufus lanced up into her tight slit with a hefty lunge that caused the beauty to scream “Aaaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  He figured that was just what she wanted, the way in which she wanted it – ROUGH!

Yes indeed, that was the way the elegant blonde bitch wanted it, for in that way the pain served as an unloving way she was taken, serving to justify the ultimate sacrifice that she had made in order to save the family’s beautiful lakefront home.  And as Rufus correctly figured it, such pain would ease the guilt she’d feel in allowing herself to have sex with another man.  “Ya want it like this, don’t ya?  Ya like it rough, don’t ya, Mrs. Huntington!” Rufus asked as he slammed it up all the way up to his black balls.  “Yessssssssssssssss ………………………yes …………………..hurt meeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..hurt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” the beautiful wife panted out as he fucked her doggie style on the bed that she shared with her husband.

After collapsing backwards onto the bed from the fabulous fuck, Rufus gazed up at the most fantastic sight - that of the elegant Mrs. Evelyn Huntington naked except for her high heels, on all fours with the top of her blonde head resting atop of a pillow, with his thick cum dripping out of her well-fucked slit.  And there she continued to remain on the bed, on all fours as she silently wept, her tears soaking into the pillow case.  Cock up on the rise again, Rufus smiled at the beautiful sight, his mind churning as he though ‘She likes it rough, huh!  Wants to be hurt, huh!  The hurt eases the guilt, huh!  Well, then ya oughta really enjoy this, sweetie!’

Shucking his dick, getting all stiff and hard again, quickly shuffled back up into place between her sexy legs when he was primed and ready to go.  Before she could figure out that it wasn’t going to be a doggie style fuck like before, Rufus got his throbbing boner up into position against the crack of her beautiful white ass.  Then it registered to her and the beauty was trying to crawl away from him as she cried out “No ……………… ……………………..not there ……………………..not there!  Please …………….no …………………….I’ve never had it back there before!”  That just made it sweeter for Rufus as he dragged her back to him, then gave it good to the beautiful bitch, causing her to scream out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Rufus chuckled, figuring ‘That oughta help on yer guilt trip, Mrs. Huntington!’

As Rufus was getting dressed and ready to exit the master bedroom, he observed the boat getting larger and larger as it became apparent that he fishing trip was over and they were now headed home.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Huntington was sitting at the dresser and looking into the mirror to adjust her make-up.  She first wiped the edges of her lips before apply a new coat of her pink lipstick upon them, a much needed new coat as the prior one was now coating the sides of his black cock.  ‘Damn, gitting a blowjob from an elegant beauty like this going down on ya, what more could a guy hope fer!  Jeez, and she didn’t even puke either!  That sure as hell took me by surprise!  Even looked up at me as she was licking my cum off her pink lips!’ he mused.

On to the next page of the folder, that of Day 16, there the prospective customer would get a hardon in seeing the picture of an obviously nervous looking red haired beauty.  Thus, for a customer who got his pleasure of trying to find the opportunity and chance of getting to bed a nervous young wife, just a look at Mrs. Tammy Swanson’s photo would tell him that she was going to be a winner in that category.  This 27 year old 115 lb. beauty always turned into a bunch of nerves when it came time to put out, always feeling so guilty about having a man other than her loving husband touch her, and the reports began coming back from happy customers advising of how great it felt dicking a scared and trembling beauty who obviously was feeling guilty about the whole thing.

Mrs. Tammy Swanson

Indeed, the luscious little beauty had been scared shitless from that very first time he had her alone in the master bedroom of the house that she shared with her husband and two year old girl.  With hubby feeding the young girl in the kitchen, Rufus was assisting the trembling beauty with getting her black sweater off.  The feel of her petite body trembling under his touch certainly added to the thrill of it all.  And the way she panted for breath when he reached up to undo the top button of her long sleeved blouse added to the pleasure derived in bedding this beautiful married bitch.

In bed with the scared and nervous little beauty, seeing the way she closed her eyes in shame when he got his cock up against her, Rufus then began rubbing his bloated cockhead up against her tight little slit.  As he continued, the trembling wife was gritting her teeth to keep from feeling any pleasure from it, trying to keep from juicing her slit for his soon to be invading cock.  Hiding his smile, he observed the shamed beauty trying desperately to keep from showing any emotion while her trim fingers clutched and unclutched at the sheets time and time again.  Then through clenched teeth, she hissed “Do it ………………….do what you want ……………………just do ittttttttt!”  But Rufus was doing exactly what he wanted to do at that moment, especially in knowing how his dick was affecting her as her juicing slit was getting wetter and wetter by the second.

Never before had Rufus seen a bitch juice so much by rubbing his cock up and down her snatch, juicing so much was she was actually flowering open for him.  Although she was fighting it, her hips weren’t obeying as they were arching up a bit, putting more pressure from her petite body up against his bloated boner and her sopping wet cunny was flowering open to envelope his cockhead.  Tears were in her eyes, sheets balled up in her clenched feet, and her legs taunt with toes pointed but she was pushing down with her heels and back arching up as her cunny now clasped over several inches of his thick cockstem.

That cunny turned out to a real hot little swampland the way she kept juicing and juicing as he began fucking the bitch.  She was obviously ashamed at the way her body was behaving for she sniffled and fought it right away, more so when the battle was totally lost as her petite body began to spasm uncontrollably in her unbelievable climax.  And when busted his nuts in her, seeding her fertile womb with his vile seed, she grabbed a pillow put over her face as she wept in shame.  Pulling his prick out of her, Rufus was amazed at how soaked the sheets had gotten, with the bitch’s cunny in the center of a large wet puddle.

When he got up to bat once again, getting her up on all fours this time, the bitch had her face buried face down in the pillow.  Giving her a slap on the ass, he got up in the saddle and got himself another fantastic ride on the sniffling bitch, this time taking her doggie style.  On this ride, he had her climaxing three times before he gave her another serving of his black baby batter.  In each of her climaxes, her body stiffened and tensed at first then shuddered uncontrollably, but she didn’t utter a sound by biting down into the pillow and not express her shameful conduct.  She collapsed forward onto the bed when he pulled his dick out with the sound of a loud juicy ‘pop’ that caused her to sob in shame once again.

As he was about to finally take his leave from the master bedroom, he looked at the young wife as she now sat upon the bed, wondering if she would be washing those sheets beneath her or throwing them in the trash.  They were not only sopping wet with their fuck juices, but moments ago she had been unable to get up from the bed when he had pulled his spent dick from between her sweet lips, unable to handle all the protein that he had fed to her from his swollen balls and she had lost it all as she upchucked on the bed.

At that time, Rufus had to wonder how she’d be able to service six guys on her night of employment.  But after getting some feedback from some very satisfied customers, they just loved the way she juiced for them, making the ‘johns’ feel that she was really hot for each of them.  And in her looking so ashamed at what she was doing, the guys really felt honored to be able to enjoy having the pleasure of fucking another guy’s beautiful wife who apparently needed to put her cunt on the market to make ends meet at home.

For Day 17, the picture of Mrs. Kristi Yamada had been taken as she gazed from the fabulous view of the penthouse that she and husband owned but were on the verge of losing.  An exquisite picture of Japanese delicacy at its best!  The 29 year old 114 lb. beauty was employed as a stenographer at the courthouse, while her husband Rick was or had been the proud owner of the lumber company that he had handed down to him.  Unfortunately, with housing down substantially, he was forced to layoff long-time employees who had been with the company when his father had run it.  And to keep things going, he had refinanced the penthouse to help out on the business end.

Mrs. Kristi Yamada
With things getting worse in the economy meltdown and no more lending from the banks, even the most credit worthy people with long history of having good credit lines were in shock.  Rufus had gone over the figures that had been presented as the punk relayed that he just needed time as the economy would surely turn soon.  He had indicated that all the assets of value had been borrowed against on a personal loan, and that he hoped the bank would understand that and grant him the extension in which he could catch up on the amount overdue without large penalties.

Staring through the glass of the closed patio doors while taking in the lovely young wife as she made a flower arrangement, Rufus advised “Ya says ya’ve taken out loans on all yer valuable assets that ya have certified appraisals on, huh?”  Continuing to stare through the glass door and into the penthouse for a bit, he deliberately made the gesture of licking his lips in seeing hubby look up from looking at the figures in his folder, Rufus then asked “How about assets that ya don’t have no written appraisal on?  Ever pawned anything before?  If’n ya haven’t, ya really should consider it, never knows how much ya can git!  Ya can hock the item fer jist awhile, a month, a day, or even jist a few hours to get the time ya need ……………..jist like in a bridge loan ……………… to speak!”

With him talking and looking away, that had the punk naturally turning to see just what he was looking at.  From the corner of his eye, in seeing hubby’s stunned response with his jaw dropping down, Rufus knew that he had indeed communicated the message that he wanted sent, and now hubby was contemplating if he dared put his most prized asset up as collateral, that being his very beautiful Asian wife!  And what happened next was just what Rufus wanted to hear, that of the distressed husband asking “Is it  ……….is that ‘asset’ adequate enough for the extension to be granted?”  “Oh, yes ………from what I see …………….absolutely!  A few hours, should do the trick!” Rufus advised.

As hubby contemplated his options with his head slumped in dismay, Rufus then began filling him in with info that “Ya might also see if’n yer lovely young wife can take on a part-time job to help you on easing the finances each month!  Looking at the mortgage nut that ya’ve got, one evening a month and maybe a couple of Saturday afternoon shifts, ought to take care of the entire amount each month!”  With hubby deep in thought, Rufus then asked “It’s getting warm out here!  Mind if I go and get myself a drink at the bar?”  But without waiting for a response, Rufus made his way to the glass door and then heard the hubby meekly advise “Would ask my wife to come out to the patio, please?”

Getting himself a drink from the bar after the beautiful young wife put aside the flower arrangement and went out to the patio, having closed the glass door as her husband had signaled her to do.  A moment later as he sipped upon his drink, Rufus could see the look of horror of the young wife who’s lips had parted slightly as she shook her head in total belief as the outrageous proposal, telling him ‘Noooooooooooooooo!’   Then Rufus observed the innocent young wife slouched forward in the patio chair with her face in her hands as she sobbed in disbelief.  As the distraught beauty continued sobbing with face in her hands, Rufus observed hubby getting up to stand beside his beautiful young wife to stroke and caress her shoulders to calm her down.

Minutes later, with the innocent young wife being calmed down somewhat as hubby stood behind her chair, caressing her shoulders in order to calm her down some.  Then Rufus observed the spineless bastard assisting his still sobbing wife up to her feet as she covered her face in shame.  Then the bastard was actually escorting his trembling wife back into through the glass patio door and back into the living room.  With her still sobbing with face in her hands, her scum of a husband escorted her to where he was standing, then pointed to the left and advised that “The bedroom is at the end of the hall to the left!”

Now, it was Rufus’ large hand around the beauty’s trim waist as he proceeded to escort her down the hallway to the master bedroom of the plush penthouse unit.  With his hand upon her waist, asserting some pressure to keep her moving forward, such changed once they entered the bedroom.  As Rufus closed the door behind of him, not bothering to lock it, he observed the young wife walk over to the nightstand and open the top drawer.  She retrieved a small box out of the drawer and fumble with it some, then held up a gold foil packet and asked “Would you consider wearing this?”  With Rufus merely smiling and chuckling without any other response, the innocent young wife then hung her head in dismay as she dropped the foil packet into the open drawer and used her knee to close it.

As the beauty blinked back the tears, she closed her eyes and reached back to undo the hook to the back of her beige print dress.  She was going to do her part as requested by her husband, to make the ultimate sacrifice of herself in order to help preserve the penthouse and business.  Silky beige dress unzipped and shoulder straps peeled off, the garment now was puddle around her 3” beige heels.  Eyes closed shut as the young beauty sought to just go through the motions, she reached back to undo the hook to her lacy white bra.  Seconds later, the flimsy garment lay upon her dress as she stood erect with breasts bared as she kept her eyes shut tightly.

Seeming to be in a trancelike status, with eyes remaining closed, the young wife inserted her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy white panties and proceeded to the garment down over her trim hips.  Now with her dress and panties puddled around her heels, the beauty then braced the side of her right heel against the back of the left, then she stepped out of her heel and out from the garments on the ground around her.  Toes of her left foot in back of her right heel to brace it, she then stepped out of that heel and out from the dress while kicking the pair of panties caught around her ankle.  Feeling embarrassed from her nakedness at that point, her left arm came up to cross over her exposed breasts while her right hand shielded her prized possession.

As the young wife stood trembling with embarrassment while trying to cover up her nakedness, Rufus pulled off his tie and tossed it aside.  Getting off his coat next, Rufus was putting it down over the chair to his left when he noticed the curtains off to the left and back of him.  Walking over to one corner he peer out and smiled in finding that there was a patio just like where hubby was sitting at the one adjoining the living room.  Then, pulling the cords had the drapes opening up, causing hubby on the patio across the way to look up as his attention as caught by the sudden movement.  Walking over to the glass door, Rufus slid it wide open as he heard the gasp and plea from the young beauty “No ………………, don’t …………………don’t!”

Now hubby could only see into the master bedroom but also hear most everything taking place in it.  But in turning back, Rufus found that the young wife had retrieved her dress from the floor and was holding it up in front of her to cover her nakedness.  With hubby looking on from across the way, Rufus then had his shirt stripped off and shoes removed.  Then he began undoing his belt buckle as the sweet Asian beauty utter her objection, telling him that “I can’t ………………I can’t ……………….not with the drapes open ………………not with my husband watching!”

Stripping off his pants, Rufus just chuckled at the young wife’s plight, figuring that this was going to be fun from here on.  ‘Fuck, what she gonna do at this point, cry rape?  Tell the cops that she came into the master bedroom with me, without being forced, but she changed her mind when hubby was looking in!  Right!  Ain’t no fuck’n way, not with hubby right across the way, able to come to her rescue as the bedroom door might be closed but it ain’t locked!”  Buck naked now, cock up and ready, Rufus then approached the trembling beauty.  Grabbing the dress from her, he tossed it aside and then pushed her back onto the kind-sized bed.

“No …………………….no ………………………not with my husband watching!” she panted out while trying to push him from her.  Easily overpowering the petite beauty, getting control of her by pinning her wrists above her head with one hand, Rufus used his free one to guide his cock into position.  Shuffling up some, as he forced the scared little bitch to spread her sexy legs wide, she began sobbing “Please ……………………no …………………not like this …………………..not with my husband watching!  Please …………………I said ‘NO’ ……………………this is rape …………………..this is rape!”  Rufus just laughed at that point, telling her “Ya gonna yell rape ……………that changed your mind …………………..because hubby was watching?  Go right ahead and yell rape to the cops!”

Then with cock in position and the sweet young thing fully under control, Rufus looked up and off to the side, smiling at the foolish young husband how had pawned his beautiful wife off to him.  “Aiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………nooooooo …………………noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” came the high pitched scream of pain when he brutally took her without any mercy.  “No ………………please ………… ………………!” was what the bitch sobbed throughout the fuck as Rufus essentially raped the unwilling bitch.  And he raped her good, slamming into her time and time again, not caring if she derived any pleasure from the fuck, just enjoying hubby’s stunned face as he peered in from the patio across the way.

This was some thrill, taking the bitch as she fought to prevent it, all while her consenting husband watched it all taking place.  Slicing it up into her, stretching her as never before, she cried and sobbed in shame as he buried his full twelve inches up into her twat and ground his pelvis up against her mound.  Buried up to the hilt, with his cock expanding even more and his cock twitching deep in her, the young wife realized what would happen next and pleaded “No ……………….please ………………….please ………….not in me!”  But hammering her a few more times and burying himself deep once again, Rufus popped his nuts just as the bitch was pleading “No …………….no …………………not in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Oh, baby, I’s gonna knock ya up good!” he panted out as he creamed her.

After pulling out of the sobbing bitch, Rufus spotted a small refrigerator next to the large television screen.  He over to open it and grabbed himself a beer, then turned to see the weeping beauty curled up in the fetal position.  As he was about done with his beer, Rufus felt his cock beginning to rise to the occasion once again.  Seeing the soft creamy ass facing him, that got him up to rock hard status.  Going over to the bed, he maneuvered the defeated beauty onto all fours and got up on the bed behind her, rubbing and caressing her soft creamy ass.

The young beauty continued weeping, just wanting it to be all over with, until she realized just what he intended on doing to her.  Once Rufus ran his bloated cock up the length of her tight little asshole, the innocent young wife freaked out and tried to scramble up the bed and away from him, pleading “No ……………… …………..not there …………………….not there ………………………..I’ve never had it there before.  That was all Rufus needed to hear as he grasped her trim hips and pulled her back to him.  And in one fluid movement as she was sliding back to him, he was brutally sodomizing her virgin ass, causing her to scream out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………….stopppp ……………….stop …………………….it hurtssssssssssss …………………… hurtssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Back out on the patio as he handed the signed extension approval, Rufus gazed over across to the next patio where he had just come from, and from the positioning of the setting sun one could see clearly into the master bedroom with the curtain and glass door opened.  And from where he stood, Rufus observed the luscious Asian beauty partial clothed and lying back upon the bed with hands covering her face in shame.  When he did make his departure, the beauty was sitting up on the bed with a hand clutching at her belly.  Then he visibly observed a shudder course through the petite beauty’s entire body, at which he surmised that her belly was in the process of digesting or rebelling the thick slimy substance that was coating her belly.

Rufus chuckled to himself, wondering if her punk husband would kiss his lovely wife later to thank her for being so instrumental of their obtaining the much needed extension.  Rufus suspected not, figuring that the punk would now look upon his beautiful wife as damaged goods, an asset that he no longed valued nearly as much and one that had depreciated substantially after having been soiled by a big black cock.  With another man’s semen, more so it had been a black buck’s hot cum soiling her, hubby would not be so anxious to embrace and kiss the lips that had just sucked off a big black dick and swallowed all the filthy mucous.
For a prospective customer looking at the next page, that of Day 18, the picture of the lovely 27 year old Mrs. Trish Webber certainly was a tantalizing little brunette that one had to consider.  With her lovely grey eyes, 117 lbs. and standing at 5’5”, who wouldn’t want to opportunity to take this married beauty to bed and give her a good fucking.  As a middle school teacher, her job was secure, but her husband Bob’s job was in jeopardy as the company was considering some cut backs.  And like many with a subprime loan, the increase in the monthly mortgage payment was taking a toll, and things just didn’t balance no matter how hard she worked at the figures.

Mrs. Trish Webber

Hubby had to work and was unable to make the meeting, however Mrs. Webber indicated that she basically handled all the financing every month.  The lovely beauty had just come home from her job teaching sixth graders at the nearby middle school.  Meeting the lovely beauty, Rufus licked his lips as he thought ‘Damn, if’n I’s had this sweet little bitch teaching back when I was in sixth grade, I’s wouldn’t have cut class so much!’  After going over her finances, which was futile at this point, the lovely beauty shrugged her shoulders and admitted that “It’s just a fantasy at this point in think that there a way to get the extension to stay the delinquencies and allow us to get caught up!”  Rufus then asked to borrow the calculator, plugged in the figures needed and divided by a hundred, the amount she could earn every hour and a half.  Showing her the hours she could earn working at part-time job that might be available, the bitch’s interest was certainly piqued.

The beautiful school teacher sitting to his right did in fact remind him of a teacher that he had in the ninth  grade though, the pretty Mrs. Meredith Atwater, to whom he would dream about at night and jack off to.  And thus, as they chatted and talked of her job as Rufus had steered the conversation to that topic, he asked “Are you aware if any male students in your class having a crush on you, Mrs. Webber?”  As she blushed from the question, Rufus pried “Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed those growing boys, with their hormones kicking in, eyeing you up and down?  Trying to git a peek down the top of your dress?  Eyeing up yer sexy legs and trying to git a shot up yer dress?”

As the young beauty swallowed in nervousness of the questions and topic, she then stammered out that “Well, that’s something that all female teachers must take into consideration as young boys are going from adolescence and entering their young teenage years!  It’s bound to happen but a teacher must treat it as mere ‘puppy love’!”  Then Rufus revealed the crush he had on Mrs. Atwater in the ninth grade, telling Mrs. Webber that “She was jist like ya!  Young and so beautiful, but I was jealous of her being married!”  Then he relayed how he had dreamt about her every night, telling her that “And I still think of her to this day, a fantasy that I’s keep wishing would someday come true!  Remember how she was nice and formal in always addressing me as Mr. Johnson!”

“Do ya know what went through my mind every day when I sat in Mrs. Atwater’s class?  Would ya like to know?  I’s bet a purty teacher like ya has always had to wonder jist what goes through a young pup’s mind when he’s eying ya up?” Rufus asked, knowing that she would be rude and say that she didn’t want to hear about it.  And then she did admit that “I have wondered about it at times!  Just out of curiosity, you know!”  Telling her how he dreamed about being with her at night, in place of her husband, Rufus advised that “For one, the dream of making love to her ………………………..but maybe the thrill was of being with a beautiful woman ……………………….maybe the excitement of then being with another man’s wife ………………………..having sex with her ………I really don’t know!”

With the young beauty stunned by what she had just heard from him, sitting there unmoving, Rufus then made his move as he continued on as to how “I’s would always enjoy sitting next to her desk as we went over a problem, like we’re doing right now, I’d wish that I could extend my hand out to touch hers!”  With that, Rufus slid his hand over to her, and proceeded to do just as in the story he was telling her “I wanted to touch and caress her soft beautiful hand, touch her manicured fingernails, then I’d play and toy with her diamond ring and wedding band to signal to her my intentions of wanting to go to bed with her!”

As he continued toying with the pretty school teacher’s diamond ring and wedding band, Rufus could see her in deep thought, and he spoke bluntly that “Ya’ve told me of your fantasy in somehow getting that needed extension on your delinquent mortgage, and now ya know mine!  So, I’ve got the power to make your fantasy come true and you have just what it takes to make mine come true!”  Continuing to hold her hand, Rufus could feel her fingers trembling and could see her panting for breath at the indecent proposal that he had just made.  Indecent it was and one that she would normally slapping a guy’s face for making such a pass at her, but the beautiful Mrs. Webber was in dire straits and even such an outrageous proposal could not be ignored and needed to be considered before flat out rejecting it.

But Rufus was not idle as he prodded the beautiful wife and school teacher for an answer.  Having his legs extended under the table, he had managed to trap the 3” black heel on her left foot, then put pressure on the heel of it while keep her foot in place as his out shoe braced it from going forward.  Touching and caressing her hand, toying with her diamond ring and wedding band, Rufus was now also playing footsie with the trembling beauty.  The stunned and worried look on the lovely beauty’s face told it all as her petite body trembled and shuddered in revulsion of his touch.  As his suspicions were correct, this sweet little beauty had never been with another man, at least since giving her vows at the altar.  But now, those vows were definitely in jeopardy due to the dire straits they were in financially.

As she panted for breath, not saying a word, he then decided that she was too stunned to respond verbally to his proposition and thus gave her a different option in giving him an answer as he advised “Slip off yer other heel for me, Mrs. Webber!  I’s always dreamt of my beautifully ninth grade teacher doing that when sitting next to me, then slipping her bare foot up under my pant leg to tell me that she wanted me sexually!”  There was no movement and just no response from the young wife sitting next to him, then Rufus again added that “Jist think, Mrs. Webber, yer fantasy of having that extension is within yer grasp!  All ya have to do is make my fantasy come true!  Fair exchange don’t ya think?” The feel of her bared foot moving up upon his shoe, then up under his pant leg gave Rufus the answer that he was looking for.

Holding her hand, Rufus then got up from his seat, telling her that “If’n ya were my teacher back in the sixth grade, ya know what I’d be dreaming of every night?  The chance of being alone with ya in yer classroom, going up to ya to tell ya ‘Mrs. Webber, I’s hurting real bad!  Can ya help me, plaeaseeeeee!’  And then ya’d address me as ya always did and asked as to how ya could help me!”  Standing next to the sweet little beauty while still holding her hand, it was obvious that he wanted her to get into the act of role playing to fulfill his fantasy.  “How …………………how can I help you, Mr. Johnson?” she stammered out.  Guiding her hand over onto the bulge in his pants, Rufus then advised “My muscle’s all wound up and hard as a rock, Mrs. Webber!  Please help me git the kink out!”

Reaching over and bringing her other hand over to his pants and guiding it to his zipper, he panted out “Please, Mrs. Webber ………………………please take it out and massage my aching muscle fer me!”  Looking down as the young wife and teacher panted for breath, Rufus wondered if this would instill some illicit thoughts in the beauty’s head the next time she discovered a male student in her class with a case of the hots for her.  “Oh, teach, yes …………………..oh, yer hands feel so soft on it ………………………ohhh, it feels better already!” he panted out as the lovely Mrs. Webber stroked and shucked at his hardon.  Then, with a hand at the back of her head, he guided the now mesmerized beauty towards him as he edged forward to cut the distance.  “Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah, Mrs. Webber ……………………….oh, suck it ……………………….suck it …………….oh, so good so good!” Rufus panted out in pleasure.

This young wife, prim and proper school teacher, had Rufus fooled as to her innocence and inexperience once she had her pink lips around his throbbing boner.  The lovely Mrs. Trish Webber was going down on him like a back alley pro as she was reaching forward to cradle his balls in the palm of her hand once he had dropped his pants.  With her eyes closed, the way in which she had carried out her part of role playing, Rufus had to wonder if in fact she had been harboring some secret fantasy of her own that involved a male student that she had become attracted to in her classroom.

Suspecting such in the manner in which the so-called innocent bitch was eating him, he pumped at her beautiful face as he encouraged her with “Think of that handsome young stud that ya’ve had in yer 6th grade classroom!  Think of how ya’ve dreamt of being the woman to make a ‘man’ of him, how ya become the naughty little teacher and teach yer student how to use that cock between his legs!”  Rufus realized that he had obviously struck a chord as the beautiful brunette as going down on him like there would be no tomorrow!  “Oh, teach …………………….oh, Mrs. Webber ……………………eat it ………………….eat my cock!  Here it cums …………………….here it cummssssss …………………eat it all ………………………ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rufus groaned as she sucked his balls dry with that hot mouth of hers.

Once his cock slipped out of her still nursing lips, the supposedly prim and proper school teacher snapped back to reality and realize just how carried away she had gotten in pretending that she was actually pleasing the handsome young teen that she taught.  The look on her face told it all, that she had indeed harbored such thoughts but had obviously never let things get beyond the student/teacher relationship roles.  But guilt could be read all over her face that she had such thought of such inappropriate relationships with male students of hers.  Guided to the bedroom as Mr. Johnson felt her up, the beauty trembled upon being told “Now show me jist how you’d like to teach that handsome young stud in becoming a man!”

It was one hell of a fuck session for Rufus after taking the beauty to the bedroom that she shared with her unsuspecting hubby.  With the beauty’s eyes closed as she stood there before him, he began undressing the black print dress from the lovely beauty, caressing her soft body while suggesting to her the unthinkable by whispering softly “Oh, Mrs. Webber, I dream of touching you like this every night!  You make me so hot when you’re standing at the blackboard, whenever I get a chance to see your long sexy legs, and make me wish that we can make love together!”  Now as he unhooked her lacy black bra and slipped the straps over her lily white shoulders, Rufus reached around the panting beauty cup and gently rub her hardening nipples as he whispered “Ohhhhh, Mrs. Webber, I’ve been wanting to touch you like this for so long!”

As the petite beauty swayed and swoon against him, with her eyes closed shut, Rufus was caught by surprise when she suddenly panted out “Ohhhh, Tommy …………..Tommy ………………touch me …………………….touch your teacher like that ………………it feels so gooooodddddd!”  ‘Tommy, huh!’ Rufus mused as the application had hubby’s name as Bob.  Thumbing her nipples hard, then using the palm of his hands rubbing over the tips of her sensitive nips, Rufus plied for more in asking “How long have you dreamt of being with me, teach?  Tell me please!  Is it as long as I’ve been wanting you, from the first day of class!”  Then the beauty replied in panting out “Yes ……………….yes ………………..after the first few months of that school year ……………………five years ago ………………….when ……………….when your realized that I had caught you rubbing yourself while I was up at the blackboard!  From that time on, from when I realized you were fantasizing about me!”

Panties eased off and gently getting the delirious beauty into bed, not doing anything to bring her out of her delirium, Rufus got the fucking of a lifetime as the prim and proper little bitch acted out her secret forbidden fantasy.  After getting to stretch her legs wide and easing his cock up into her flowering cunny, the bitch went wild as she begged “Oh, Tommy ……………………Tommy ……………………yes …………………….yes ……………………make love to me!”  Fucking the so called prim and proper school teacher, Rufus then got what he wanted to hear from her when he panted out “Oh, teach …………….teach ………………….I’m going to cum ………………….should I pull it out!”  The response was priceless when the lovely Mrs. Webber clutched at him, wrapping her trim arms and legs around him, panting “No ………………, Tommy …………….Tommy Baxter, don’t you pull out ……………….don’t you dare pull out ……………… it in me ………………….give me your little baby!”

After leaving the Webber’s home, Rufus had to wonder if Tommy boy might soon be getting the surprise of his life, that of getting to bed his former 6th grade teacher.  The sexy bitch was obviously holding a secret love for her former student, one that had not been expressed in each others arms due to their student/teacher relationship and also the bonds of matrimony that she was bound to.  But after today, those bonds were obviously broken and after the 18th on next month, the beautiful school teacher would have spread her sexy legs for six other men.  ‘Hmmm, it should be easy to find this Tommy Baxter!  Maybe I should help the two love-birds get together again!  Maybe sending Tommy boy a little love note from his former teacher!’ he mused.
Day 19 would certainly interest a prospective customer that loved a tall beauty standing at 5’10” and 125 lbs. that was sweet and attractive with long sexy white legs.  This 28 year old beauty with honey brown hair, the lovely Mrs. Rachel Brewer was employed as a manager in the women’s department of an upscale department store.  Hubby John was a foreman at Hendrix Construction, but with real estate prices plummeting, new construction of homes had come to a near standstill.  Basically down to one income, and that was not at all a guarantee with shoppers going to discount stores to shop for clothing more and more with the economy continuing in the downward spiral.

Mrs. Rachel Brewer

With their cute little one year old baby boy to look after, losing their beautiful home at this stage in their lives was not a good one to contemplate.  The appropriate timing for Rufus to discuss the available part-time employment for the pretty ‘Mrs.’ came about when they naturally talked about the dire economy, layoffs, and the like as to their being unable to meet their mortgage payments on time.  He had told the young couple of how he had discovered that a surprisingly large number of couples like them had made the ultimate decision to pull out all the stops to preserve their homes and lifestyle, adding at the end “It’s jist too bad its not something that you can consider too!  Jist not for ya to consider!  Not something fer you!”

Now more so, the young couple was intrigued at this part-time job that others had undertaken to help pay off their mortgage notes.  And so, acting nonchalant about it all as if it was just an everyday thing, Rufus then more into detail of the hostess job at the private club located at the Regency Arms.  It was then that the lovely Mrs. Brewer advised that “I was a hostess at a plush restaurant when I was working my way through college!  It was hard standing all the time in heels but I’m sure I could handle being a hostess once again on a part-time basis!”  Rufus laughed in response, chuckling as he replied “No this is not the type of hostess job fer ya, Mrs. Brewer!  Not yer someone like ya!”

“Why?  Why not?  I’m a hard worker!  I’m willing to give it a try!  My husband is available to watch the baby when I’m working!” the pretty wife advised.  Then Rufus smiled and bluntly advised “Mrs. Brewer, I swear to you that this is not the type of job fer ya to consider!  It’s not fer someone the likes of ya!  It’s not where its hard work being on yer feet all the time!  This particular job requires you on your back most of the time, if’n ya git the drift of what I mean!”  With the young wife and husband both sucking in their breaths, Rufus knew now that they both had come to realized exactly what the job entailed.

“Women you’ve met recently have done that ………………… meet their mortgage payments?” she asked.  Then Rufus added the shock treatment that “Yes, many in consultation with their respective husbands before seeking such employment!”  Husband and wife looked at each other for some time, first in disbelief and then as if wondering if such should in fact be considered.  It was hubby asking “Do you know how to arrange for my wife to get an interview for the job?”  Rufus noticed the shocked look on the wife’s face in hearing her husband asking that question, realizing that he was actually considering her having sex with other men to make things meet.

Hearing that just the interview session that his wife would automatically get him enough cover the cost of the needed extension, it was then hubby looked at his beautiful wife to advise that “Perhaps maybe you could just go to the interview, honey?”  “Are you serious?  Are you out of your mind, John?  You heard what kind of job it is, didn’t you?  This is not going for an interview for a hostess job opening for a restaurant!  This if for being a hostess at a private men’s club!  And what does this interview entail to get the job ……………………spreading my legs and letting the interviewer have sex with me to see if I’m good enough for the ‘johns’ in the club?” the upset wife yelled back in response.  As the couple was fuming at one another, Rufus excused himself saying “I’ll let you two talk alone!  Call me if ya come to a decision!  I’ll let myself out!”

Having departed and leaving his card on the table as an argument arose between the young couple, it was the next day that Rufus got a phone call from the lovely Mrs. Brewer asking if the job interview and opening were still open for her.  Upon giving her the affirmative, the young wife advised “You’re the one who’s going to interview me, aren’t you?”  “Yes, Mrs. Brewer, I’m the one!  And I can definitely assure ya that ya’ll be gitting a passing grade!” Rufus advised.  “Good, that’s what I wanted to hear!  And I’ll bet that interview is to take place in the bedroom that my husband and I share, is that correct?” she asked.  Given the affirmative answer, she replied “Fine!  Would you be able to come by tonight at nine o’clock?”  “Sure!” was Rufus’ reply.

Nine o’clock on the nose, Rufus rang the doorbell to the Brewer’s home.  Through the door, he could hear Mrs. Brewer call out to her husband “Honey, can you get the door?”  Door opened and Mr. Brewer gave him a puzzled look as he asked “Mr. Johnson!  Is there any other financial documents we need to go over?”  Then the cheer voice of the young wife could be heard coming towards the front door that greeted him “Oh, Mr. Johnson, so good to see you again!”  Then she was handing the over the baby to her husband “Here, John, little Matt needs to be changed!  I’m going to have that interview that you wanted me to take for that hostess job!”

It was obviously the pretty wife’s way of paying back that SOB of a husband for suggesting she spread her legs for other men in order to meet their financial obligations.  As Rufus was about to close the bedroom door, the vengeful Mrs. Brewer advised “Leave the door open!  I want John to know how well the interview is going and how I’m going all out to get the hostess job for his sake!”  With hubby just down the hallway a couple doors away in the baby’s room, Rufus was certain that her husband heard her ask of the hostess job “In being a hostess at the private men’s club, am I expected to fuck and suck those six ‘johns’ scheduled on my shift?  How about if one wants to meet with me outside of the club, like going to his place?  Will I get paid more if it’s arranged where I get gangbanged by a bunch of guys one night?”

Throughout the evening, Rufus wondered as to what kind of heartache Mr. Brewer was going through as his beautiful wife was obviously doing her best to pay him back for even thinking of having her pimp herself out to other men.  He suspected that the wife’s comments were for the benefit of paying back hubby, especially when she loudly commented on:  “Oh, I’ve never touched a black cock before!  It’s so bigggggggggggg and longggggggg!  It’s sure no myth what they say about black men!  Do you like me tonguing it like that!  Mmmmm, I can hardly get my mouth over it!  Shoot it ……shoot it in my mouth ……………….shoot it all over my face!  Ohhh, God, it’s so gooooooood ……………………so much better ……………………..than with my husband!  Ohhhh, fuck me ……………………..fuck me …………………….fuck me with your big black cock!  Do it ………………….do it in me …………….shoot it in me ……………knock me up with your little black bastard, I don’t care …………………….my husband will be home to take care of it!”

That beautiful little bitch certainly had a mean streak in her as Rufus got to witness, especially in seeing the way she got back at her husband that night.  But she did give her husband a nice passionate kiss that night when he did her bidding in bringing in a beer and glass of red wine that she had called out to him for.  When hubby had arrived at the open doorway, the beautiful Mrs. Brewer got out of the bed to take the drinks from him, padding over to him totally naked.  Then she told him “You’re such as dear as she leaned up to give him a passionate kiss!”  From the look on hubby’s face, he was getting to taste the remnants of the salty semen that had filled his wife’s mouth just moments ago before she swallowed it all down.

Turning the page to Day 20, the picture of 30 year old Mrs. Leigh Anderson graced this page.  This 5’4” 120 lb. blonde beauty was one a prospective customer would never expect to grace the likes of a folder like this.  Prim and proper to say the least, but add on president-elect for the Women’s League as well as the neighborhood board, this blonde beauty being on the cunt market would have anyone knowing her do a double take.  A housewife since giving birth to two children, three and four years ago respectively, Mrs. Anderson wanted to go out into the workforce to help out as her husband’s income in jewelry sales were dropping due to the poor economy and the demand for luxury goods.

Mrs. Leigh Anderson
Acquiring this prized little beauty had come to Rufus in quite an unusual way, a nice little gift from an old acquaintance named Laverne Morris, a once trailer park tramp kind of gal he used to run around with in his high school days and happened to bump into six months ago.  Laverne had done quite well for herself, now married with two kids curbing her old trashy ways and the mean streak that she had when growing up, and even moving up into an upper middle class neighbor hood.  Over drinks, Laverne revealed that she had been in contact with some of the old gang recently as a result of a class reunion and had inquired as to why he hadn’t come, as everyone was commenting on how his collection business had boomed with so many people in financial problems.

Rufus soon learned that Laverne and her husband were also a bit in a financial bind, though just at the beginning stage, with his old friend saying they’d be able to pull out it soon as some inheritance money would be coming from the estate of her husband’s aunt’s estate.  Laverne advised that the lawyers indicated the estate would be distributed within the next ninety days, so once received they’d get current on the mortgage and other bills and be back on track.  Inquiring as to who had the mortgage and he’d make a call to see what he could do in the meantime, it was then that Laverne advised “Nah, I’ll take a pass on that, Rufus ………………… the reunion I also got wind of your little sideline business!  I’m done with that kind of stuff ……………‘been there, done that’, as the saying goes!”

For a change, Rufus was genuinely interested in helping his friend out for old-times sake.  Besides, having fucked her a number of times way back when, there wasn’t the mystique and challenge of bedding an innocent young beauty.  So, after prodding her as to the name of her mortgagor and getting the information, Rufus placed a call into the fellow he knew at Mid-Atlantic Bank Corp. and got him to agree to 120 day extension for the Morris’ mortgage to get caught up to date without any adverse notations put on their credit score.  And so, before they parted ways that night, Rufus reminded her to be certain the mortgage was caught up within that 120 window to protect their credit rating as the bank wouldn’t be pressing them further till then.

Out of the clear blue, over six months after having helped his old friend out, Rufus got a phone call from Laverne as she wanted to thank him for what he had done for her and advised that everything had worked out fine once they got everything taken care of within that 120 day period.  She then asked him where was now living and asked him to meet up at the bar in an upscale restaurant that was located right next door to where his condominium unit was located.  Sitting at the bar while waiting for Laverne to show up after getting through with her neighborhood board, Rufus merely figured that his old friend wanted to give him a bottle of champagne or something for his condo as a gesture of her thank you.

But when his old friend came walking in the door, Rufus saw that she was accompanied by a real sweet little blonde beauty that had his cock immediately rising to the occasion.  As she approached very ladylike with arm outstretched to shake his hand, Laverne’s actions indicated that she wanted him to play along with her spiel, she then spoke “Leigh, this is Rufus Johnson, an old friend of mine from back in the high school days!  He really helped me out six months back and helped me get a part-time bookkeeping job at one of his buddy’s firm!  I told him of your problem of finding any kind of job, especially in what kind of economy were now in, and Rufus indicated that he might be able to help once he got to ‘personally’ interview you and learned more of your skills.

Introduced to the lovely Mrs. Leigh Anderson, Rufus acted quite the professional business man as he proceeded to ask relevant questions as to her educational background and any prior work experience that she had.  As he chatted a bit with the blonde beauty, Laverne then slipped out of the booth to say she was going to the ladies room and would order them another round on the way back.  With Mrs. Anderson’s back to the bar, Rufus observed Laverne going straight to the bar and not going to the ladies room that was off to the right before getting to the bar area.  He then saw Laverne turn to smile at him from the bar, holding the rum and cock drink in her hand as she dropped a pill in it.  As he was drinking gin while Laverne was having wine, there was no doubt as to whose drink was being spiked.

Upon Lavere’s return with the new round of drinks, after chit chatting a bit with the two women, Rufus got to learn that the two were friendly competitors in a lot of their social and community activities.  “Josh, I just can’t seem to get one on top of Leigh here!  We seem to be competing against one another each time lately!  President-elect for the neighborhood board first, then that for the Women’s League, but I can’t imagine losing to anyone nicer and a better friend than Leigh here!” Laverne had advised.  At that point, Rufus figured it out, that ‘Laverne can’t beat this beautiful blonde bitch that she’s got as a competitor, so she wants me to bring her down to her level …………….make her my little blonde bitch!’

And it wasn’t surprising that Laverne downed her drink rather quickly to make her departure, bidding her ‘friend’ and him with “I’m going to let you two talk business now as I promised to bring dessert home for my little ones!  Rufus, please do all you can to help Leigh out, it’d really mean a lot to me!”  “Sure will, Laverne, I’m sure I can git the lovely Mrs. Anderson here ………………………something real good, nothing that she can’t handle once she gits the hang of it!” Rufus advised his old friend, who smiled at the hidden meanings of what he had told her.  “Great!  I knew I could count on you, my dear old friend!” Laverne advised, bending down to give him a kiss on the cheek before departing.

Five minutes later, Rufus checked to see who was calling on his cellphone, then in seeing that it was Laverne, he answered it with “Hey, Larry, what’s up?”  “How do like that gift I’s got fer ya, my friend?” she asked.  “Oh, beautiful!  Jist perfect!  Jist what I’ve always wanted!” he advised.  Then Laverne advised “That goody-goody little bitch needs to be brought down a notch or two, or maybe knocked up real good!  And I’s knew ya was the right guy fer the job!  That pill oughta kick in soon, making her all dizzy and drowsy, and that Spanish Fly oughta git her real hot and horny!”  “Oh, yeah, ya can count on me to git the job done!  It’ll be my pleasure!” he advised.  “Hey, do me a favor, Rufus!” she asked of him.  “Sure, no problem, what do you need?” he replied.  “Jist a couple shots of you screwing the daylights outta that fuck’n bitch!  Oh, hey, ya can take yer time tonight!  Hubby’s off on a business trip till tomorrow afternoon and her kids are spending the night at grandma’s!”

A half hour later, Rufus had his arm around the trim waist of the beautiful Mrs. Leigh Anderson as the drugged young wife was obviously was in need of assistance.  From the corner of his eye, Rufus made out Laverne’s car off to the left, saw her ducking down a bit in the backseat of her car while focusing the zoom lens of the camera she was holding.  ‘Damn, Laverne really wants to get the goods on this beautiful blonde bitch!’ Rufus surmised as gave Laverne a good photo opt as he slid his hand down from Mrs. Anderson’s trim waist to her curvy little ass.

As the prim and proper turned and was about to slap him across the face, Rufus caught her wrist and drew her in for a passionate kiss that had her struggling in his grasp, at which time he ground his hardon up against her withering body.  With the drugs in her system, especially that of the potent Spanish Fly, Rufus had the prim and proper bitch panting in heat when the kiss was over.  Then he would let Laverne get more photo opts as he escorted the trembling blonde beauty across the way to the main entrance of the condo.  Was it just to get even with her nemesis or was his old gal pal going to blackmail the blonde bitch later, Rufus had to wonder.

Going up in the privacy of the elevator, the innocent young beauty was now much easier to sway when he pulled her to him, another kiss ensued as the Spanish Fly had her behaving in quite an unladylike manner.  There was still uncertainty as expressed in the innocent young wife’s face as she was torn between leaving to preserve her dignity and marital vows or to sate that nagging itch between her trim sexy legs that was now driving her crazy.  As she panted for breath, unable to make that crucial decision as he opened the door to his condo unit, a thought came to Rufus’ deviant mind.  Hand in his coat pocket, he pressed the needed buttons to dial back the number of his last caller, then put it on video mode before setting it down with the camera focused on where he planned on banging the blonde beauty.

Having turned on the lighting for a romantic mood, but bright enough to make out the parties involved, Rufus also pressed the button that would activate the hidden camcorders in the room.  Back behind the trembling blonde wife as he proceeded to nuzzle her neck, Rufus soon had the beauty panting in heat as his handw cupped her agitated titties through her blouse and bra.  Expertly undoing the buttons at the back, Rufus was easing the red print blouse off her shoulder along with the lacy white bra straps that had been unhooked in the process.  Having edged the swooning beauty around some, ebony hands cupping the soft white mounds with thumbs flicking at the budding pink nipples, the cell phone’s camera would now show the recipient of the call that he was certainly enjoying the present she had given to him earlier that night.

With the beauty delirious and panting as Rufus thumbed her extended and flint hard nipples, agitated from the effects of the potent aphrodisiac, causing the prim and proper young wife to pant out “Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhh, I’ve never felt this way before …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my Godddddddddddd!”  Playing with the blonde beauty’s extended pinkies, flicking them with his thumbs to have the bitch swooning, Rufus tongued at her ear as he whispered “Yer hot fer some cock, ain’t ya, Mrs. Anderson!  Ya want a ‘man’ bad, don’t ya?  Real bad!  And I’s got jist what ya need up between those sexy white legs of yers!  Here, feel it!”  “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” came the gasp of astonishment from the beautiful Mrs. Anderson as her trim fingers squeezed at the thick bulge they had been placed upon.

As the panting beauty was busy feeling up his rising boner, Rufus was busy getting the button of her red skirt undone and zipper pulled down.  Seconds later, the solid red garment was lying around her 3” white heels, leaving the prim and proper wife in just that and her thin lacy white panties.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhh!” the beauty panted and her petite body visibly trembled as Rufus slid his large calloused hand down into the front of her lacy white panties.  “Ohhh ………………………ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddd ………………………oh, myyyyyyy Godddddddddddd!!” the beauty panted as she body lurch as Rufus’ thick middle finger slid up into her slick juicing little slit.

Moments later, with her lacy white panties tangled around her white heels, a panting Mrs. Anderson sought to cover her nakedness once Rufus’ touching hands as left her body as she trembled and watched him baring his muscular black body.  Now, as she was not being touched sexually, rational thoughts again began flowing through her mind as she panted out “Please ………………I can’t do this ……………………..I can’t cheat on my husband ………………….cheat on my marriage!  Please, I ……………..I must leave!”  As she watched his muscular body being exposed, the trembling beauty swallowed deeply as advised that “I must get dressed ………………..I must leave ……………..this is not right!”

Having stripped off his clothes at this time, Rufus merely reached out to take her away her hand that was covering her golden fleece, pulling it over to place her hand on his throbbing black dong.  Trim manicured fingers encircled themselves around his throbbing flesh and the hot little blonde bitch began shucking at him in earnest.  With her shucking at his cock in the manner she was doing at that moment, Rufus wanted to chuckle out ‘So much fer ya wanting to git dressed and leave to keep from cheating on hubby and her marriage, Mrs. Anderson!’  And then the faithful was bringing the arm covering her pert little breasts, placing that hand also upon his throbbing black boner and wrapping her fingers around him.  “Haa ………………….haa ………………..haaa ……………haa …………….haa!” the frantic little beauty panted as she shucked at him with both hands now as she desperately needed to get herself fucked good!

“Shall we go to the bedroom, Mrs. Anderson?” Rufus asked with a smile while the frantic young wife squeezed and shucked desperately to get him up hard and ready.  In response, the lovely innocent beauty panted desperately “No …………..…….no ……….right here ……………..right now!  Please ………………..pleaseeeeee!”  Shuffling her heels, she then managed to kick her panties away, then backed herself towards the sofa while pulling him with her by his cock.  Once the back of her knees touched the couch, the hot little quickly laid herself down upon it, keep her left heel flat of the floor while swinging her right leg over the back of the couch as she pulled his dong to the just beneath the center of her golden fleece.

As the young wife pulled desperately at him, trying to get him to penetrate her, Rufus held back by just bumping up against her juicy little slit.  Each time he pulled back, time and time again, driving the panting beauty crazy as she then begged “Please …………oh, please …………………please, Mr. Johnson …………………..please put it in meeeeee ………………….I’m going crazyyyyyyy!”  And what he wanted captured on disc was her begging in a shameless manner, asking “Ya wanna it, Mrs. Anderson?  Ya want my big o’le black cock stuff up that hot snapping twat of yers, Mrs. Anderson …………..ya want it …………………without me using a rubber?”  Desperate to quell that nagging itch at this point, the faithful wife panted “Do it …………………..just do it …………put it in …………………..fuck me …………………..I don’t care …………………..just fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!”

With that all that priceless footage captured for prosperity, the prim and proper beauty would certainly not want her loving husband see supposedly faithful wife begging to be fucked by a big black stud, Rufus smiled he let her pull him into her hot little snatch.  He also knew that this little blonde beauty would be reluctant but in fact soon be gracing one of the pages in his prized folder and that many a horny old bastard would just love getting his hands on a beautiful young wife like this.   “Oh, yesssssssssssss …………………..oh, yesssssssssssss ………………….deeper …………………..deeper ………………..fuck me deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” the hot little bitch cried out as he sank in dong deeper and deeper into her gushing oil well.

“Oh, Goddddddd ………………….oh, Goddddddd ………………….oh, Goddddddddd ………………..……….oh, Goddddddddd ……………….……oh, dear Godddddddd ………………..oh, myyyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddddddddd!” the pretty little wife chanted each time Rufus sliced his big black dong far up into her tight little snapping pussy.  Then her trim arms and legs were encircling him as she turned into quite a tigress, arching up toward him as Rufus was on the down stroke, begging him to “Fuck meeeee ………………………fuck me, pleaseeeeeeee ……………………….fuck meeeeeeeee with your big black cockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”  And give it to the hot little nymph he did as Rufus shagged her good, slamming his dong into her with his full weight behind it, giving it to her again and again till she screamed “Yes ……………………..yessssssss ………………..I’m cummingggggg …………………….I’m cummingggggggggggg!”  Unable to hold back at that point, he proceeded to seed the delirious beauty with his potent roe.

With the young wife passing out from the mind-shattering climax, Rufus slipped out of bed to retrieve his cell phone, then switching it off video, he asked his gal pal “How was that, Laverne?”  “Fantastic, my man!  My old pal Rufus still got the o’le mojo going!  That goody-goody little bitch always pisses me off with that holier than thou attitude!  Fuck, I sure as hell hoped you knocked her up with a little black bastard!  Hey, I know you gonna have a couple more runs at the bitch before the night is over, but what would be sweet would be to have her wake up tomorrow morning when the drugs wear off and have her freak’n out when she finds herself in bed with you ………………………with big black dick stuffed all the way up her twat!  Can you handle that?” Laverne responded.  “Sure, my pleasure, my friend!” Rufus responded.  “Good!  Call me when she leaves for home cause I wanna be there when the bitch arrives home, heh, heh!” Laverne laughed.

And to close out week three, Day 21 pictured a petite and very ladylike beauty with long silky brown hair, that of 29 year old Mrs. Tamara Marks.  With two small children to clothe and feed, hubby’s sales commission from his job at a high end furniture store plummeting each month, the only asset left to sell or pawn off was …………..herself!  Hubby had headed off to work after a brief meeting, as things looked rather bleak on their finances, leaving Rufus to do the inspection of the property with the pretty Mrs. Marks care for the two little ones.

Mrs. Tamara Marks
With the baby in the crib and two year old in a playpen, the dejected young wife advised that she just didn’t know what they’d do or where they’d go when they lost their home.  Then she had asked if he knew much about pawn shops, wondering what percentage of an item’s value they’d pay as she had her diamond ring and a few pieces of jewelry that had some value.  So naturally, the beautiful young wife and mother got excited with her hopes up when Rufus had mentioned that “No, but I’s know of one thing that you could do to forestall that foreclosure and hopefully get things caught up!”

As the young wife was desperate to learn how she could save her home, Rufus smiled at her and glanced over at the king-sized bed in the master bedroom.  The beautiful Mrs. Marks turned to gaze at what he was looking at, then emitted a gasp in coming to realize just what it would take to have the foreclosure proceedings stalled and allow them some time to catch up on the mortgage delinquency and payments.  Then, after thirty seconds or so in deep thought as her mind raced in appraising the situation, the lovely brunette stepped forward into the master bedroom and began undoing the button to her pink jacket.  Removing the garment and draping it upon the armchair, she then reached up behind of her next to undo the nice necklace that she was wearing.  Next to be removed was the matching pink skirt that she had been wearing, leaving the beauty dressed in only her lacy white bra and panties along with her white heels.

Having stripped off his clothing quickly as the young wife had her back to him, Rufus loved hearing her shocked gasp from the beauty when she had turned to face him once again.  “Ya’ve made a very wise decision, Mrs. Marks!  A very good head on yer shoulders!  Yes, indeed ……………………..I’s really luv seeing the way ya use that purty head of yers ………………….yessiree!” Rufus advised while holding the base of his throbbing and ever-rising cock, upon which the lovely Mrs. Marks eyes were currently glued upon.

A moment later, down on her knees, the lovely wife was using that pretty head of hers in such a way that was about to save her home from foreclosure.  “Ahhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhh ………………….damn, now that’s what I’s call using that purty little head of yers, Mrs. Marks!” Rufus panted out as the supposedly innocent young wife showed her hidden talents.  “Ahhhh, yeahh ………………………suck it, baby ……………………..ahhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhh ………………..yeah ……………………….yeah ………………………..use that talented tongue of yers!  Ah ………………………ahhhhhhhh ………………………..arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Eat it …………………………………eat it all, baby!” Rufus groaned out in absolute pleasure as the hot little wife gave him an unbelievable blowjob.  Then, as he was slipping out from between her lips, he saw her licking her pink lips as if to savor the taste.

Helping the lovely wife up from the carpeting, Rufus escorted her to the king-sized bed, telling her that “Ya leave it to me, Mrs. Marks ……………….jist one night a month from now on, and ya won’t have to worry about yer mortgage payments and gitting foreclosed on!  Six guys a month will happily take care of that mortgage bill fer ya ………….of course, ya’ll have to make them git happy first ……………..if’n ya know what I’s mean!  Guys jist luv having an elegant bitch like ya gitting the shit fucked outta her!”  Seeing the beauty swallow nervously, Rufus pushed her forward gently, getting her onto all fours, then peeled the lacy white panties off her sweet little ass.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” came the painful wince through gritted teeth as the lovely wife tried to keep from screaming as Rufus shoved his boner up into her tight little ass without warning. “Mmmmmmmmmf ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnppppp!” came her moans of desperation as Rufus observed her tightly gripping the bedspread and sheets with clenched fist.  As she was skinning him alive with her tightness, Rufus inquired “First time gitting up the shitter, Mrs. Marks?”  There was no verbal response, just the nodding of the beauty’s head to indicate ‘yes’ to him.  Grabbing her trim hips, Rufus slammed his battering ram up the last remaining inches, burying his 12” boner up to the hilt till his balls bounced up against her upper inner thighs.

Rufus was also quite surprised at how this rather shy looking beauty quickly took to accommodating his thick cock up into her tightly gripping snatch.  After having returned from her crying child, having warmed a bottle of milk for him, the sexy Mrs. Marks merely untied the robe she had donned and got into bed while leaving on her white heels.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh ………………………….ohhhhhhhhhh …………………….ohhhhhhhhh ……………………..oooooooooooohhhhh!” the little hottie swooned as he stroked his lengthy cock in and out of her hot snapping snatch!  She sure knew how to please a guy, never bothering to even ask if would wear a protective rubber, apparently knowing the added pleasure a guy derived by shooting his potent seed up another guy’s wife!  She was going to be a hot little number in his folder.

End of Week 3’s list of beauties.