Forced in Foreclosure - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Forced in Foreclosure 1,  2, 3, 4 & 5’
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Beginning with week 3, the photograph for Day #22 was that of Mrs. Aileen Madison, a lovely 28 year old librarian at the city’s main branch.  A nice sexy bod, beautiful set of tits, Rufus surmised that the curvy 5’4” beauty must be in the range of 36-23-35.  Married, with a two year old child, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Madison had found themselves in the same financial crisis that many others had fallen victim to after refinancing their mortgage a few years earlier.  With the banks freezing new credit and taking a rather tough stand on any delinquencies, Rufus was assigned their account as all the bank reps were swamped with their own cases.

Mrs. Aileen Madison

‘Damn, that purty Mrs. Madison sure got herself one nice set of titties!  Jist couldn’t keep my eyes off of’em, especially when she was trying to point out some figures to me!’ Rufus recalled.  With her hubby out getting soused, depressed after the massive layoff at his workplace, his beautiful wife was left to handle the financial mess they were in.  Sitting across the table from the sexy brunette, Rufus’ mouth was watering as he ogled her set of jugs through the thin blue blouse that she was wear and surmised by that she might not have a bra under her blouse, especially in being able to make out the pointed buds of her titties.

Rufus wanted to laugh as the beautiful bitch had gone through a lot of trouble as to preparing a balance sheet and income statement as to their current finances and also to include a potential part-time job income of possible hair dressing work on the weekends.  As she held up the paper and pointed out the various figures that she had prepared, Rufus pretended to be interested as he advised “Hmmm, very interesting!  Let me take a closer look to what yer presenting!”  Leaning over at first, Rufus then stood up and advised “Lemme take a closer look!  Keep going!”  Feigning to be bending over and looking at the paper, Rufus edged his way around the table to stand immediately behind the succulent little bitch.

As the unsuspecting bitch kept pointing to various items on the sheet of paper, Rufus was only interested in trying to look down into the top of her blouse as he licked his lips in seeing the outline of her budding nips.  Now at her side, with the lovely young wife asking for any pointers, Rufus reached over her shoulder to point out the added income line on the sheet of paper, then let his hand come down and the back of his thumb purposely brushed up against her sensitive nipple.  As she gasped in shock, Rufus had his other hand brought forward and he was thumbing at both her hardening buds, advising that “These here are the pointers that will guarantee there will be no foreclosure on yur home, Mrs. Madison!”

Thick nipples swelling to his touch, the young wife had let the paper slip from her fingers to fall back onto the desk as she sat there panting for breath, and Rufus bluntly told her that “Guys will pay big bucks to suck on these big jugs of yers, Mrs. Madison!”  Fingers kneading at her now well extended nips, he pinched at the long stiff nippies while telling her “Fergit that part-time job hair dressing!  It don’t pay shit enough to do ya any good!  Ya jist leave it to me, Mrs. Madison and I’ll have guys lined-up to suck on these beauties!  Don’t ya fret about that foreclosure, jist one night a month and ya’ll have that covered!”  Having rubbed her shoulders a bit, deftly pushing the thin straps of her blouse over her shoulders, Rufus then worked it over her mounds and was now caressing her bare breasts.

“Please …………………….no ………………no ……………………..don’t touch me like that …………….………no, please …………………..I can’t  ………………….my husband won’t approve of getting the finances resolved this way!” the young beauty panted out while her aroused nips were being squeezed and played with.  “Ahhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as Rufus manhandled her titties.  With his large hands cupping her breasts, he pulled her back to an upright position in the chair, then moved around to the front and mouthed her right nip.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came her moan as he suckled on her tender flesh.

Reflecting back to that scene in the Madison’s home, with the youngster busy playing with toys in the playpen, the child’s mother titties were toys being played with by their devious visitor.  Moments after that, with the beautiful mother’s nipples red and swollen from his sharp teeth and the sucking he gave them, Rufus then eased her chair back some from the table.  He had then given the beauty the big pointer on just how she could to save her beautiful home from being foreclosed upon.  He hand her handle it with her trim manicured fingers, squeeze upon it, then shuck that pointer with her fists.

The contrast of her milky white fingers upon his big black pointer was a sight to behold.  More so were the sparkle of her large diamond along with the glistening of her wedding band as she fisted his throbbing pointer.  Grabbing Mrs. Madison by her long silky black, he then pulled her closer to the table, telling her “C’mon, Mrs. Madison, give it a kiss!  Seal the deal with those beautiful lips of yers!”  The look of fear in her eyes told it all, then was verbally confirmed with her frantically panting out “I …………I’ve never done such a filthy thing before!”  Fingers tightening their grip, he held her head firm and saw the bitch grimace as his leaking cockhead came into contact with her succulent pink lips.

Getting the trembling bitch to open her tightly clenched mouth, Rufus laughed at her plight in trying to lift up and get away from performing the hideous task of sucking his big black dick.  A hard hank upon her hair caused the bitch to yelp, only to have her now open mouth plugged by his invading stem of flesh.  Fucking into her mouth, in about four inches before being blocked by her left hand that was atop the other clutching his boner, Rufus then peeled her fingers of her left hand off to allow him to get more of his cock deeper into her reluctant mouth.  Hand now on her left wrist, he guided her hand down some, then Rufus sucked in his breath as her trim fingers encircled his swollen balls and began rolling them in the palm of her hand.

Rufus recalled looking over the half wall as he sat atop the table top, seeing baby Madison having picked up his ‘sippy’ cup in his crib to drink some milk.  His body then shuddered, causing him to chuckle as he began feeding the little boy’s beautiful mother some hot milk, straight out of his churning balls!  Now both mother and son were getting some rich protein into their bellies.  Gripping her entwined hair tightly as he felt the bitch trying to pull her head away, Rufus sent a geyser of hot cum into her mouth, filling it to the brim.  Rufus then pulled her hair back some and got a good laugh at seeing the whites of her eyes as she was forced to swallow or drown in his slimy filth.

After getting off the table and having the trembling young wife to lead him to the master bedroom for a fuck, the pretty bitch suddenly turned into the hallway bathroom while clutching her stomach.  With no time to even lift the toilet seat, the beauty’s head was down in the opening as he heard her “Arrrrrrccccccccccckkkkkkk ……………..acccckkk ……………………arrrrrrcccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”  Standing at the entrance to the bathroom, Rufus laughed as the sexy young wife just could not hold down the rich protein that he had fed her, knowing full well that it was her very first time to eat a guy’s slimy jizz.

A bit later, after getting the bitch to strip and reveal her succulent charms for him, Rufus then told the beauty “Okay, sweetie, now up on the bed ………………..on all fours …………………cause I’s gonna fuck ya like a bitch in heat!”  With the young wife and mother still looking sick to her stomach but doing his bidding, Rufus shucked off his clothing before shuffling up behind the beauty’s sexy white ass.  Hands upon her trim hips, lifting her up a bitch, then thrust forward and proceeded to skewer his revived cock up into her tight little snatch.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ooooooooooooooooohh!” came her moans as he made her his little bitch.

Having left the well-fucked bitch dozing on her marital bed, after sodomizing her tender virgin ass, Rufus exited the Madison home.  On his way out, he passed the youngster who was fast asleep in his crib.  ‘Would the young wife tell her husband as to how she managed to have the foreclosure process stalled?’ Rufus wondered.  ‘Naw, she’ll probably give him a fig telling hubby that she managed to show credible figures that had convinced me they’d be caught up soon!’ he surmised.  ‘Yeah, she’ll probably shower and change the sheets before hubby comes home!’ he figured.  Then Rufus chuckled wondering what hubby’s reaction would be when seeing the note he left for him, written with a permanent black marker when the beauty had passed out from being sodomized, with it reading ‘Blacks only!’ with arrows pointing down to her rear-end.

On turning the page to that of Day #23, a rather stern but prim and proper little beauty graced this page.  It was photo of 29 year old Mrs. Tamara Jennings, owner of a high-end boutique lingerie shop in the upscale part of town.  Looking at the photo, a guy would size this beautiful little bitch up as a no-nonsense business woman that would just love putting a man down.  That stern no-nonsense look was what had made Rufus even more determined to bring that little bitch down a peg or two, especially as the note on her mortgage had fallen into arrears.  And if he figured right, the photo placed in the folder would have prospective customers also wanting to get a piece of the feisty little bitch for the very same reason.


Mrs. Tamara Jennings
His nuts had tightened in getting to meet the snooty little bitch who was dressed in a nifty long-sleeved grey blouse, white slacks, and 3” white heels.  The bitch had even thought that she could buy him off, trying to offer him $500 worth of sexy lingerie for his lady friends, telling him “You’re an astute business man, Mr. Johnson!  Can we work out some kind of business deal between us?  Perhaps some expensive lingerie for your lady friends, in exchange for some additional time for me to come up with the money?” the bitch had advised.  Rufus then smiled, then advised “Ya know, the set of see-through ones right out side yer office door sure caught my fancy!”

The bitch then went out of her office, returning with three see-through negligees, telling him that “You have excellent choice, Mr. Johnson!  Absolute top of the line!  Retails at $200 apiece!  So we have a deal then?”  Rufus smiled at the snooty little bitch, reaching out with hand and lifting the white negligee up with his finger, then responded with “Well, I’s need to at least see this sexy white one being modeled ……………by ya ……………………..with nothing ……………absolutely nothing ………………on underneath!  Jist wanna see how it looks on a purty bitch like ya!”

Rufus just enjoyed the glare she gave him with her pouty lips pursed in anger then snatched the negligee from him and walked to where the dressing partition was located off in her corner.  As she was disappearing around the partition, he then yelled out for her to “Leave those white heels on!  That’ll be real sexy!”  Then Rufus added “Hey, make it exciting ……………… they do it in the movies ……………………after ya take off each item, drape it over the top of the partition!”  A moment later, he smiled in seeing the grey blouse being draped over the middle of the partition, and then seconds later the lacy white bra joined it.  Soon, the white pair of slack was atop of the partition, then came the finale of the bitch’s lacy white panties!

The anger on the bitch’s face was quite visible when she stepped back out from behind the dressing partition, making it even so much better for Rufus in bring this haughty young wife down a couple of notches.  In the lacy white see through negligee and her high heels, the haughty little bitch looked so damn sexy to him, especially in seeing the humiliation on her pouty face.  She came to a stop about five feet away from him, then closed her eyes shut as he stepped forward to have a closer inspection of the garment.  He heard the audible gasp that she emitted, saw her fists clenching when he mouthed the tip of her right titty through the sheer negligee.

“Owww!” came the cry from the bitch when he mouthed her other nipple through sheer garment and bit down hard on it.  “Bastard!” she hissed under her breath but loud enough for Rufus to hear, causing him to sink his teeth into her tender breast.  “Owwwwwwww!” she cried out loudly in pain.  “Okay, bitch, git up on yer desk …………………on all fours!” Rufus ordered the haughty little bitch.  With the beauty up on her desk to comply with his demand, he then proceeded to slide up onto the desk between her legs, on his back till he reached his destination.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ohhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned when he clamped his mouth over her mound through the thin fabric.  Pulling up the garment, Rufus slid his head under her negligee and buried his nose in her soft fleece while inserting his tongue up in her juicing snatch.

Sliding out from under the panting bitch, after she had orgasmed in his mouth, Rufus got out of his clothing and was moving around to the front of the desk when the intercom came on with the receptionist advising that “Your husband is on line three, Mrs. Jennings!”  ‘It can’t get any better than this!’ Rufus thought as he pressed the flashing button on the console and picked up the receiver to hand it over to the stunned little bitch.  With hubby’s voice coming over the line, Mrs. Jennings was forced to respond, telling her husband that “Yes, I’m meeting with Mr. Johnson right now and trying to come to some kind of agreement to renegotiate the loan with the bank!”

With the bitch listening to hubby talk for a bit, Rufus flipped up the hem of her negligee to reveal her soft creamy white ass, the beauty  then told her husband that “Yes, honey, your idea of bartering some expensive lingerie for the loan extension was a winner!  He’s inspecting the merchandise at this very moment and seeing what he wants to take in trade for the deal!”  With hubby again talking to his wife, Rufus could see the beauty shudder as the knuckles on her free hand turned white from her desperate grip on the side of her desk as he stuck his bloated cockhead up into her tight little snatch.

From the way wifey had told her hubby about his ‘inspecting the merchandise at this very moment’, the cuckold she was married to probably figured that he was out in the store to figure out what he wanted to take in the barter exchange.  Indeed, Rufus was inspecting the merchandise as his calloused hands caressed the insides of the bitch’s thighs as he sliced this thick dark meat in and out of her gripping cunny.  “Y ……………..yes ………….ah ha ………………….ah ha …………………….okay …………………..yes ………………yes!” was all that her conversation consisted of as the bitch could obviously not think straight while getting the fuck of her life.

Bending over, Rufus whispered in the bitch’s free ear, telling her “Ya’ll git the extension plus a renegotiation of the note if’n ya keep hubby on the phone till I’s cum in ya, bitch!”  Her hand over the phone, the pretty bitch looked back at him and shook her head ‘no’ as she didn’t want to be debased in such a manner.  “It’s all up to ya, bitch!” Rufus whispered in response as he grasped her trim hips to continue on with the fuck, giving her and extra thrust while fully embedded for good measure.  Humping at the bitch, giving it to her with long hard strokes, Rufus felt her pussy snapping at him repeatedly as she was wanting him to cum quickly so she would get the deal that she wanted.

As he humped away, it was evident that the conversation was coming to an end before he could get off and the bitch obviously was aware of that, telling her husband “Wait, honey ……………don’t hang up yet ……………………….tell me about the plans you were thinking of making for that getaway if we got things squared with the bank!”  Then she began humping back at him, determined to get the extension and loan renegotiated, thus determined to fulfill her end of the bargain by allowing him to cum in her hot little pussy, with him ejaculating in her while she talked on the phone with he cuckold hubby.  Her petite body shuddered and stilled as Rufus kept his boner embedded up to the hilt while ejaculating his hot potent roe deep in her fertile womb.  Following the “Got to go honey, Mr. Johnson is ‘cumming’!  Goodbye, honey!  I love you!” the bitch leaned her head down atop of her desk and began to sob.

An hour and a half later, Rufus left the uppity little bitch the completed forms that granted her the extension and assurance of the loan modification being worked on to lower her monthly payment by $200 a month for the next two years and then to be reviewed for adjustment at that time.  “Here ya go, Mrs. Jennings, jist as I’s promised ya!  Extension on the time to git caught up on the amount delinquent and assurance of the loan modification that will be done in the next two weeks to bring yer payment down $200 a month fer the next two years!” Rufus advised, folding up those papers and then stuffin’em up the bitch’s widened cunt that was still oozing out his thick cum.

Unlocking the door to the bitch’s fancy private office, Rufus looked back at the haughty little bitch as she was sobbing on her desk while still on all fours.  Negligee bunched around her neck, breasts bared and showing signs of bruises, with cum dripping from her mouth and from between her legs onto her desk.  Of course, the cum dripping from her pink lips were due to his forcing her to blow him, but not after having reamed out that tight little ass of hers.  And making the fucking bitch suck him off was even better as he taunted her with “Ya fuck’n stuck up uppity little bitch!  Know it all little bitch!  Not so uppity now, huh?  Yeah, clean that shit of yers off my cock!” he gloated.

Day #24 showed a photo of lovely 26 year old Mrs. Crystal Rawlings, a young blonde beauty married for just under two years, with both she and her husband working at the university.  Crystal worked as a research assistant in the agricultural department while hubby Bill worked in the university’s recruiting department.  The financial problems arose when the State, of which the university was a part of, forced furloughs upon all state employees to meet the state’s reduced budget.  The combined hit upon their incomes had forced them to dip into their savings and now that too had been depleted, making it necessary to somehow get their monthly mortgage payments reduced or eventually lose their beautiful home to foreclosure.


Mrs. Crystal Rawlings
With the blonde beauty teary-eyed at the prospect of losing their nice suburban home, the thought of their dreams vanishing due to this economic meltdown, it had been relayed that both had tried to find part-time jobs in addition to their regular ones but basically none existed.  As it all looked hopeless to the couple, the young wife excused herself to go to the bathroom to compose herself, it was then that Bill Rawlings advised that “It’s too bad we have to lose this place!  It was a bit more than we could really afford on what we earned and with the reduction in our pay for the next fiscal year, it seems hopeless at this point!  Crystal really fell in love with the house the moment we stepped in to view it!  And she really went all out to try and get herself a second job!”

“Ya know, I’s can git that purty wife a second job, one that would pay enough to cover the balance that yer short each month!” Rufus advised.  “You can ………………what ………………..what kind of job ……………………what does she need to do?” the husband ask, his voice full of suspicion, perhaps because the young punk had caught him looking at his wife’s shapely ass when she had departed from the table.  Rufus and stared openly at the blonde bitch, hadn’t cared about hubby catching him looking as his wife’s beautiful little ass, figuring he held all the playing cards in his hands.  “Well, sonny boy …………………….give ya a hint ……………….it’s the world’s oldest profession!” Rufus snickered.

With the young wife exiting the bathroom and going down the hallway to the master bedroom, Rufus tossed the punk some paperwork and told him to “Ya fill out these forms that’ll apply fer that extension while I’s go and check on that purty wife of yers and see if’n she’d like to apply fer that job ………………………….by spreading those long sexy legs of her fer me, huh!”  Rufus chuckled as the spineless punk just sat there staring as he headed on down the hallway, making his way down to where the master bedroom was located while undoing his tie.  With the double doors closed, he reached for the doorknob and turned it, smiling as it had been left unlocked as expected.

Seeing the beauty’s back to him as she lay on the king-sized bed sniffling in her sorrow.  Leaving the door wide open, Rufus entered and approached the bed, then gently sat at the foot of the bed and reached out to caress the petite beauty’s back through her thin aqua blouse.  As the young wife seemed to calm down a bit, assuming that it was her husband who was stroking her back, Mrs. Rawlings then asked “Did Mr. Johnson leave?  Did he give any indication as to how much time we have left in the house before we’re evicted?” “I’s right here, Mrs. Rawlings, and yer not going to be evicted!” Rufus advised while running his hand up her suddenly shuddering body.

“Haaaaaaaaaaa……………………….!” came her stunned gasped as she turned to look up at him, panting nervously “My husband …………………my husband!”  “He knows I came down the hallway to check on ya, Mrs. Rawlings!  He knows how much ya love this home, that ya’d be willing to do anything to keep it!  And apparently he’s okay with it ………………………he saw me looking at yer beautiful little ass when ya’s left the table ………………………….he’s willing fer ya to spread yer sexy legs fer the extra income ……………………….willing fer ya to become a prostitute so’s ya can keep the house and maintain yer lifestyle!” Rufus advised while reaching up to undo the top button of her aqua colored blouse.

The wide-eyed young wife merely looked down in horror as button after button of her blouse was being undone by him.  Pulling the front of her tucked-in blouse from her black slacks, Rufus then undid the final button, then pulled the front open to reveal her beautiful breasts covered now by only her thin lacy white bra.  Reaching up with his left hand, Rufus sought and found her budding nipple through her bra, then began thumbing it as he advised “Imagine, jist a couple hours of yer time tonight and ya’ve got an extension covered for a full month!  It’s real simple, ya be nice to me, Mrs. Rawlings ………….and I’s be nice to ya!”

“Haaaaaaaa ………………………ahhhh …………………..ahhhh!” came her pants as Rufus pulled up her lacy bra and began slobbering over her tittie, then captured her swollen nipple between his sharp teeth.  Then he proceeded to pay homage to it’s soft beautiful twin tittie.  Suckling at her titties, mouthing them hard, the bruises would definitely become visible in no time.  Sliding off the bed and standing up, Rufus reached down and undid the button to her black slacks, then slid down the zipper.  Reaching further down, he peeled off her left heel and tossed it aside, then reached over to the matching 3” black heel on her right foot.  Caressing her soft pink soles for a moment, loving the sight of her cute pedicure toes, Rufus then reached back up to work the pair of slacks and lacy white panties down her trim sexy white legs.

With the young blonde beauty lying on her back in all of her glory, Rufus grinned from ear to ear as he pulled at his belt buckle, then let his pants fall to the floor.  “Please, Mr. Johnson ……………………you need to put on a condom!  My …………my husband has some in the nightstand!” the frightened blonde advised as she pointed to the nightstand to his left.  Pulling the drawer open, he pulled out a foil packet and held it up fro the young wife to see, then tossed it over his shoulder while chuckling “Ain’t ever used one of those fuck’n rubbers!  We’s gonna fuck bareback, Mrs. Rawlings!  And I’s gonna knock ya up good, bitch!”

Grabbing the back of her ankles to lift her sexy legs high, he then mouthed the tips of the toes of her right foot, tonguing the soft undersides before spreading her wide.  From his expertise, Rufus got his cock centered into position, right at the bitch’s tight little pink slit.  “Oh, no ……………….no …………….nooooooooo, it’s too big …………….it’s too big for me ……………………it wont’ fit!” the bitch panicked as he tried to force is bloated cockhead up into too tight snatch.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came her scream of pain as Rufus brutally forced half of his cock up into her.

With the scream loud enough to be heard from the living room, Rufus swore that he heard footsteps coming quickly down the hallway.  Through the reflection of couple’s wedding day picture on the nightstand, Rufus made out the shadowy figure standing frozen right at the doorway to the master bedroom.  With hubby now watching his beautiful wife getting another guy’s cock for the first time, a big black one to top it off, Rufus withdrew a good ten full inches to leave just his bloated cockhead enveloped in her gripping snatch.  Then he skewered it all the way back in till his balls bounced against her soft asscheeks as the young wife moaned “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!”

“Oooooooooooooooh ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………ohhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the young wife’s moans as Rufus proceeded to slice in and out of her slick pink folds.  Then Rufus looked back over his shoulder to smile at the young punk who was sporting fucking hard on as he watched his beautiful wife join the ranks of working in the world’s oldest profession.  In and out, in and out, Rufus fucked away at the petite beauty while hubby looked on.  And then he buried his thick throbbing bone all the way up to the hilt, deep in her fertile womb, his muscular black body spasming uncontrollably as he cried out “Cummingggggg …………………..cumminggggggg ……………………here it is ………………………….argggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Belch after belch of his thick cum erupted out of his balls to fill the bitch to the brim with his potent hot roe.

It was two hours later that Rufus began dressing to make his departure from the Rawlings’ master bedroom.  Signing the documents that he had hubby bring in with him, the young couple got the much needed extension to forestall the foreclosure on their lovely home.  “Have yer beautiful wife show up at 5 p.m. on the 24th of next month at the penthouse of the Regency Arms, and the same date goes fer each month thereafter!  She’ll work and eight hour shift, and six well-paying studs will help pay fer yer mortgage shortfall!”  With the beautiful wife out of it and lying widespread upon the bed, fucked to exhaustion, a dribble of cum could be seen at the corner of her mouth as well as out of her pink slit and tight little asshole.

A sweet little 25 year old Asian beauty named Mrs. Cori Yasunaga graced the folder for Day #25.  Although married less than a year, when engaged to be married she and her young fiancé had bought the home together in advance of their wedding date.  Hubby had not been too keen about it, worried that they might not be able to keep up with the payments should anything go wrong.  But Cori had been insistent, telling her then fiancé that she’d even work a side job if she had do as the house was so beautiful and just too good to pass on up.

Mrs. Cori Yasunaga

But as with so many thousands of other married couples, the kicking in of higher rates and higher monthly mortgage payments due to the now infamous ‘subprime’ loans, had put the young couple’s marriage on the rocks.  Getting the call, from an obviously scared young wife the day his letter had arrived, Rufus listened as the sweet but trembling voice on the phone asked if she could meet with him alone as things weren’t going very well within the marriage because of their current financial problems.  Over the phone, the young wife had relayed to him as to when and why they had purchased the home prior to their marriage, how her husband was hesitant to do so but she had insisted and he had done it to please her.

Showing up that next day, with hubby not expected home early as it was the night he went out drinking with his buddies, Rufus got the opportunity to meet the young wife alone in her home.  Knowing what the young beauty had revealed to him over the phone, Rufus was not worried of any repercussions from a blatant proposition for the scared young wife to ‘put out or lose the beautiful home’, which might very well lead to the failure of the couple’s less than a year’s time of marriage.   The look on the beautiful young wife’s face was priceless when Rufus made the proposition, asking her “Jist how far are ya willing to go to save this beautiful home of yers …………………and that precious marriage of yers, Mrs. Yasunag?”

“What ………………….what do you mean, Mr. Johnson?” came the innocent young wife’s inquiry.  Rufus smiled deviously, and with no worries of her reporting him, he blatantly advised “I mean, I’s can save yer beautiful home from being foreclosed upon ………………….provided ya being ‘nice’ to me, Mrs. Yasunaga!”  Seeing the color from her face drain in horror from the 5’1” 100 lb. beauty, Rufus advised “Take yer heels off, sweetie!”  Black heels slipped off, Rufus’ muscular frame just towered the tiny beauty, and he had to wonder if could take his cock up her cunny without rupturing anything.  “Unbutton yer blouse fer me, honey!” he then ordered, then watched as the teary eyed beauty reached up to the top button to comply.

After the top button of her white blouse had been undone to reveal the tops of her lovely breasts, the beauty dropped to her knees sobbing “Please …………………please, Mr. Johnson ……………………..I can’t go any further!”  Stepping right up to kneeling beauty, Rufus reached out to grasp the back of her silky brown hair to force her to look up at him.  With his free hand, Rufus unzipped himself, then proceeded to reach inside to whip out his foot long dong.  A moment later, the young wife was cringing with disgust as he rubbed the sticky underside of his pulsating member over her horrified face.

A hard yank on her hair caused the beauty to yelp, but that was quickly stifled when Rufus plugged her mouth with his rubbery cockhead.  Then to add insult to injury, he ordered the innocent young wife “Lick it, bitch!  Run yer hot little tongue over the rim!”  Smiling with pleasure as the beauty complied, Rufus advised “Ahhh, that’s it, sweetie!  Now put the tip of that talented tongue of yers in my pisshole!”  Then, with two hands holding the back of the young wife’s head, Rufus began to face fuck the now delirious bitch as the white’s of her eyes were visible.

Moments later, after he pulled his spent cock from out of her throat and from between her pink lips, Rufus chuckled as he observed the petite body spasm involuntarily.  First once, then again, and all hell broke loose when the third rocked her body.  Cum just poured out of her parted lips, flowing right over her chin and then into her palms that were cupped together.  But she had failed to capture it all in her hands, with splotches of jizz visible on her blouse as well as her black skirt.  With her cupped hands filled with his gooey jizz, the bitch then managed to get up to her feet and hurry over to where the bathroom was located.

Handfuls of cum deposited into the sink, the sickened young wife washed herself of the sticky goo, then looked down at her cum soiled white blouse.  Fingers gingerly unbuttoning the rest of her blouse, the lovely Mrs. Yasunaga wanted to rid herself of the soiled garment.  Seeing this, Rufus went into the bathroom to help the young beauty by grabbing the garment and tossing to the floor.  Then he snapped the hook to her thin lacy white bra, getting the straps off her shoulders and also tossing that away.  “For a little lady, ya sure got yerself some nice set of jugs, baby!” he advised in admiration before bending down to take a brownish-pink nipple into his mouth biting down on it, causing her to yelp “Owwww ………………………owwwwwwwwww!”

First one nip, then the other, Rufus ravaged them with his teeth.  Nipping them with his sharp teeth, sucking on them hard, the young wife would not dare allow her unsuspecting husband to touch or see her badly bruised titties.  Then Rufus was tearing at her black skirt, popping the button and getting the zipper down to have the garment fall down around her stocking clad feet.  As she tried to push him away, Rufus would have none of that as his thick fingers were in the hem of her panties.  The flimsy garment was not made to withstand the strength at which he was applying, causing it to tear and come apart as Rufus balled it up and tossed them onto her white blouse.

A moment later, the innocent young wife was lying atop of her marital bed while clad only in her nylon hose as her trim legs were being widespread by the mortgage collector.  Rufus looked down at the beauty’s terror filled eyes when he brushed his bloated cockhead up and down the length of her tight little snatch.  Her eyes widened even more when he put some pressure against her cunny, causing her to panic as she stammered out “Oh, God …………………it’s too big …………………….it won’t fit ………………it’s too big!  Please ………………….please …………………….I’m scared!”  For Rufus, hearing that was such a pleasure, and then the music began when he grasped her trim hips and lunged.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………….stop …………………………stoppppppppp …………………………stopppppppppppppp!” the music began.

Shagging the pretty little lady, enjoying her cries of pain and pleads for him to stop, Rufus gave the bitch a shagging that she would never forget.  As he boned her, the bitch then began to push at him in trying to get him off as she evidently came to realize that “You’re not wearing anything!  You need to pull out and put something on!”  Rufus laughed “Pull out?  Now? Are ya kidding?”  “Please …………………….please ……………………..I’m not on the pill!  You ……………….you’ll get me pregnant!” the young pleaded.  But there was no mercy to come as Rufus gave her his full length, telling her “Too fuck’n bad, bitch, cause Is gonna knock ya up good!”

It was an hour later that Rufus made his departure, shortly after hubby had called home to tell his wife that he’d be finishing up his last drink and heading on home.  That left the young beauty in a scramble to pick up her clothing strewn about in the bathroom, her heels in the living room, and the need to remake the bed.  It was not just remaking the bed but the need to get new sheets as well as a new bedspread to replace items that were wet and laden with sticky cum.  Lipstick smeared and needing to be fixed, a shower was in order to remove the stench of their lovemaking, and shampooing her hair was definitely a must as Rufus had ejaculated his load in her beautiful face and hair when she was on the phone with hubby.

For Day #26, the photo displayed a lovely 32 year old blonde, a wife of seven years and mother of two.  Mrs. Evelyn Brewer, a housewife caring for the two youngsters, had planning to return to the work force when the youngest entered pre-school.  That had recently taken place but lack of jobs and overload of jobseekers put a quash on that plan.  Having refinanced a few years back to build the extension on their lakeside home seemed a good thing to do.  But who could have anticipated the economic downturn, drop in income from her husband’s job as a realtor.

Mrs. Evelyn Brewer

Hubby Bruce busy on an unexpected sales opportunity, the lovely wife was advised to show Rufus around the property.  As they walked about the property that morning, while the children were off at school, the attractive wife made mention of her failed attempts to find a job to help her husband out with the drop on income coming in.  Sizing things up that the beauty was not a young and naïve as to what this world was all about, the give and take of it all, Rufus advised of having the need for a receptionist at his office and asked “Would ya like to ‘interview’ fer the job?  Base pay’s enough yer ya to help out with the mortgage ……………..and there’s bonuses involved if’n yer willing to help ‘entertain’ important customers!”

Rufus would learn that this beautiful wife was not so prim and proper as one would expect.  The lovely Mrs. Brewer evidently could put on quite a façade, fooling hubby and all their friends, even Rufus at first until they got to the master bedroom where she began undoing the red buttons to the colorful sweater she had on and asking “Would ‘entertaining’ important customers involve me taking my clothes off for them?”  Even without him giving her a response except for a wide smile, the lovely wife shed her sweater and then was pulling the white blouse over her head.  She began undoing the button to the beige slacks, followed by pulling down the zipper, then had them sliding down her trim legs before stepping out of them.

A moment later, the supposedly prim and proper beauty was undoing the clasp of her bra while standing there clad only in that and her matching white panties.  Bra straps peeled down her shoulders and her lovely breasts revealed for his viewing, Rufus was surprised as the beauty made no attempt to shield herself but had her thumbs in the hem of her panties and in the process of revealing her golden fleece to him.  Rufus knew that this little bitch must sure have her hubby fooled as to being such a goody-goody wife, and wished hubby was home to see his beautiful wife on her knees and unzipping his fly.  “Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rufus groaned as the beautiful wife had reached in and pulled out his dick, then went right down on him.

Several minutes later, spent dick drooping after being released by the pursing pink lips, Rufus looked down as the talented beauty licked at her glistening pink lips.  “Damn, ya sure give good head, Mrs. Brewer!  What other hidden talents do ya possess?” Rufus asked as she had grabbed his flaccid dick and was rubbing it about her beautiful face.  Her response was rather surprise as she advised “Whatever pleases you, Mr. Johnson!”  “How’s about some butt fucking, bitch!” Rufus advised.  To his surprise, Rufus watched in amazement as the bitch just turned herself around on all fours and presented him with her pretty round ass.

It was a fabulous butt fuck as the lovely beauty panted out that “It’s so gooddddddddddd!  Oh, butt fuck me ………………………..shag me ………………………..ream my ass out!”  Giving it to the bitch and about to cum up her ass, she then begged him to “Shoot it …………………….shoot it up my ass …………………..shoot your hot cum up my ass …………………give me an enema!”  With the lovely wife falling forward after he deposited his hot load in her ass, Rufus fell exhausted upon the talented blonde beauty with his cock still stuck up her tight little ass.  “Oh, God ……………….that was fantastic!” the prim and proper looking beauty exclaimed to Rufus’ amazement.  It was then, with his cock stuck up her ass and pulsating it in her, that the blonde beauty admitted she’d been butt-fucked before and that she had quite promiscuous prior to meeting her husband-to-be, something that he had no knowledge of.

A little later, Rufus was sitting at the dining room table, eating a very tasty lunch served up by the pretty Mrs. Brewer.  With her pointed toes pressing down onto his shoulders and her hands pulling him down to eat, Rufus lapped up her tasty snatch as she cried out “Eat me …………………oh, eat me …………………….oh, yesssssssssssssss ……………………..yessssssssssssssssssssss ……………….yessss!”  He proceeded to eat up all her sweet honey as the fucking bitch when wild, her petite body convulsing time and time again as she arched up into his face to feed him her sweets.

Then, after carrying her petite body over to the sofa, the hot little bitch had her sexy legs and arms entwined around his body as she was eager for a good fucking.  True to form, beautiful Mrs. Evelyn Brewer proved to be one hot little number as she reached down between their bodies to grasp his boner and guide it to her juicing slit.  Rufus found that she had a little snapping turtle for a cunny, for once she had enveloped his cockhead in her slit, her pussy was snapping and getting more and more of his pulsating meat up into her hot little pit.  “Fuck me ……………………….fuck mmeeeee …………………..oh, yes, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she panted out in heat.

Resting on the couch, atop of the hot little nymph with his dick still being milked by her hot little pussy, he observed Mrs. Brewer reaching out with her right hand to pull at an album under the coffee table.  As he leaned back, pulling his dick with him, Rufus felt her trim legs tighten around his butt to drag him back into her.  Photo album pulled out and lying on the floor, he watched as she flipped towards the back, then turned back a page and pointed to a young beauty with short blonde hair and asked “What kind of bonus would I get by arranging it so you can get into her tight little panties?  You like’em  sweet and innocent, don’t you?  I’ll guarantee that out of this goody-goody little bitch!  I’ll even bet that she pukes before you even get her put her innocent little lips on your cock!”

Indeed, the trim young blonde was quite a beauty and Rufus learned that little Miss Goody-Goody was 28 year old Mrs. Teresa Brewer, Evelyn’s sister-in-law that would be perfect for Day #27 of his special folder.  “Yeah, damn in-laws treat Miss Goody-Two-Shoes there like a fucking little prima donna!  Makes me sick!  Catholic school upbringing, Ivy League education, and that holier than thou attitude just pisses me off!  And that fucking brother-in-law of mine thinks he’s God’s gift to mankind!  It’d be so fucking great to know that when the arrogant bastard kisses and makes loves to that precious little goody-goody wife of his, he ain’t gonna be the only one dipping his pen into that inkwell!” he was advised.

Mrs. Teresa Brewer

Thinking back to how he had seduced the lovely Mrs. Leigh Anderson (seen on Day #20 of Rufus’ folder), with the assistance of his old friend Laverne Morris, a quick plan was being formulated in his mind.  “Hmmm, you know where Mitch’s Bar & Grill is at 7th and Harbor Blvd.?  Let’s say you git your goody-goody sister-in-law there for a drink when I’s just happen to stop by!  We spike her drink, then you find a reason to leave, and I’ll git her up to my condo across the way and seduce her there!  Hell, I’ll give you a key and ya can watch it all and get some good photos of it taking too!” he advised.  Then Rufus was taken by surprise upon hearing “Seduce her?  Screw that shit, I don’t want you seduce her …………………I want you to rape the shit out of her!  Give it to her good!  It’ll be fun watching her squirm and worry about having been knocked up that next month!”

For Teresa Brewer, it just seemed as if things really didn’t click between brother-in-law Bruce and her husband Jim.  It seemed that they were always so competitive with each other, and each wanting to come out ahead of one another.  Her mother-in-law always treated her very well, more so than Evelyn, and Teresa had seen her sister-in-law rolling her eyes a couple of times when Mrs. Brewer had complimented her on something.  She was in very much in love with Jim as her handsome husband was doing very well in business, even with it slowing a bit due to the economy.  Though they didn’t need the added income, Teresa wanted to take on a job just to help out some and get out in the public once in awhile but jobs were not to be had at this time.

Surprised at getting a call from her sister-in-law to join her for some shopping and then for lunch that Saturday, Teresa had accepted in hopes of bridging the gap that had seem to have been created by the brothers competitiveness and their mother-in-law seeming to favor her over Evelyn.  In meeting Evelyn at the mall, Teresa noticed that her sister-in-law seemed quite happy and then learned of the refi of their mortgage that had been creating a strain and that had recently started her new job.  Over lunch, Teresa told Evelyn “You’re so lucky to have landed a job in these economic times!  I’ve been searching for a job too but it’s darn hard to find anyone willing to listen as to what you have to offer and what talents you have!”

With the shopping coming to an end, Teresa had wanted to head for home but agreed to join Evelyn for just ‘one’ drink at Mitch’s bar and grill a few blocks from the mall.  Sitting in wait at the bar, Rufus saw the wink given to him as Evelyn led her unsuspecting sister-in-law over to a booth.  The waiter took the order of a vodka martini for Evelyn and a screwdriver for her sister-in-law.  Five minutes or so later, after the women were served, Rufus then made his move and got up in the pretense of leaving.  “Mrs. Brewer!  Oh, it’s nice to see you!  How’s the job coming?  It’s been a week now, hasn’t it?” he quizzed.

Of course, Evelyn Brewer went on to thank him for getting her the job and how wonderful the job was and how she enjoyed working there.  Rufus already knew that for a fact as the hot little bitch worked for him, her coordinating all the appointments, with none scheduled till after 9 a.m.  The innocent Teresa Brewer knew none of this, that Evelyn worked for but more like worked ‘under’ him, nor that the first hour of each morning was spent fucking and sucking to take the edge off.  And on to the ploy as Evelyn then made the introductions “Mr. Johnson, this is my sister-in-law Teresa!  Perhaps you can help her out too as she’s been trying to line-up some kind of job!”

With Rufus then joining them and ordering a gin and tonic for himself, Evelyn bided her time till more in depth info was being asked of Teresa as to her job qualifications before excusing herself to go to the ‘ladies’ room.  But her ploy was to return with a gin and tonic for Rufus and another screwdriver for Teresa, only she added in the vial of liquid that the horny bastard had supplied to her the other day.  Going off to the side of bar and moving around some décor, she snapped a few shots with her digital camera that had one perfectly capturing he goody-goody sister-in-law sitting alone in the boot with the horny black bastard.   Returning to the table with the two drinks, Evelyn then announced that “Since you two are busy in lining up a job for Teresa, I’ll bid you two goodbye as I’m going to run back to the mall and pick up the skirt and blouse that caught my eye!”  She could see Teresa looking a bit nervous, not knowing where to make her departure also or continue on discussing possible job opportunities with Mr. Johnson.

It was 2 ½ hours later that Evelyn got a frantic call on her cell phone, with her sobbing sister-in-law advising “Oh, Evelyn ……………….please ……………..I need your help!  Please help me!”  “Teresa, what’s wrong?  Where are you?” Evelyn replied, her voice full of concern.  Then her sister-in-law sobbed out “Oh, Evelyn …………………he raped me!  Mr. Johnson said he thought he had gotten something on a job opening recently but hadn’t gone over all the details ………………….told me to walk over with him to his office in the next building!  I went with him …………………..but …………………it was to the condo where he lived ………………..where he raped me!”

“Teresa, where are you now?  Tell me!  I’ll come and help you!” Evelyn asked, though knowing full well where her raped sister-in-law was at that instant.  Standing at the plate glass window of Rufus Johnson’s condominium, both she and Teresa’s rapist had watched as the raped blonde beauty had gone to her car in the parking lot with head down, blinking back the tears with arms folded over her chest.  Evelyn had already known what had taken place, how Rufus had held Teresa down by force, saw him rip her clothing apart and then taken her by force.  After Teresa had sobbed out that she was in her car that was still at Mitch’s Bar and Grill, Evelyn advised “I’m still at the mall!  It’ll take me about fifteen minutes to get there!”

Having earlier moved her car that had been parked right next to Teresa’s when they arrived at Mitch’s, Evelyn poured herself a glass of wine as she and Rufus played back portions of the video that had captured the entire rape on disc.  “I’ve got one of those on my digital!  Just priceless seeing that goody-goody little bitch with her eyes bulging and her mouth filled with that big black dick of yours!  Heh, heh, beautiful!” Evelyn advised him, adding that “What do you say we set her up with a Monday-Wednesday-Friday job, huh?  Let her earn some money!  She won’t be able to say ‘no’ when she gets an email next week with a half dozen shots of you and her in the bar and then your condo!”

That spiked drink had Teresa’s mind not comprehending fully and had her body relaxed and feeling carefree.  With some businesses located on the ground floor, the high rise did give it the appearance of an office building, and she had entered the plush elevator with Mr. Johnson who had swayed her to come to his office to go over the recent job openings that had been sent to him.  But in seeing the set up of his condo, her mind did comprehend the fact that she was in this man’s living quarters and not a true office setting.  “I ……………..I think I had better go!  Perhaps it’s best I call you next week!  I have your card!” she had said before being grasped tightly at the wrist and pulled into the arms of the muscular black man.

With Evelyn Brewer urging him to fast forward the tape a bit, Rufus put it on play just when he had grabbed the scared little bitch.  “That shot is fabulous!  Look how scared the prissy little bitch is when you grabbed her!  Go forward to where you’re stripping her!” he was advised, then watched as he pulled the striped pink blouse and popping a couple of buttons in the process before he went after her white slacks.  Fast forwarding to where he had her pinned by her wrists above her head, just as he was about to rape her, then it played on to capture his brutal trust and capturing the audio of her loud piercing scream “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Then Evelyn Brewer took the remote from him to fast forward it further along as he was shagging the beautiful little bitch, then it was put on pause to capture the close up view of the facial horror of the raped beauty.  “Oh, that’s priceless!” Evelyn Brewer advised at the sight of her goody-goody sister-in-law’s expression of horror with mouth gaping wide and eyes bulging.  Rufus smiled, remembering it all so well for it was at that instant that he was ejaculating his hot sticky semen deep into fertile womb.  “No ………………no …………………..not in me …………please!” the raped beauty had then sobbed.  To which Rufus had chuckled “Too late now, bitch!  Gonna git ya knocked up good!”

Camcorder fast forwarded again, then it began playing with the lovely Mrs. Teresa Brewer on all fours, her fingers clenching the bedspread tightly as she braced herself while desperately pleading “Please ………………please, no ………………….no, please ……………not back there ……………………………………nooooooooooooooooooooo ………………………nnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The cries of horror just brought laughter to the raped beauty’s sister-in-law who had help orchestrate her demise.  And then it was again fast forwarded to where Rufus was face fucking the bitch, making her suck his shitty cock, then she was bent over the trashcan puking as Evelyn Brewer laughed “That was fabulous!  Making her suck you after you butt-fucked her!  Now she knows for sure that she doesn’t shit ice cream, heh, heh!”

Driving her car from the back of the condo and pulling into Mitch’s parking lot, Evelyn parked in an empty stall near to where Teresa’s was located.  She embraced Teresa, got her sister-in-law out of her car and assisted her over to hers.  Consoling her distraught sister-in-law, asking what had happened, Teresa blurted out that “He told me to go with him to his office across the way to check out the job opportunity that he thought would be appropriate!  But it wasn’t an office ………………… was the condo where he lived!  I had second thoughts right away and was trying to leave ……………………but he grabbed me ………………dragged me back ……………….and raped me!”

It was Evelyn who suggested that “We need to call the police to report this!  Put him behind bars where he belongs!”  After a moment of silence, Evelyn then inquired “He told you to go with him to his office to check out what had been sent to him earlier?”  And when Teresa had concurred, Evelyn first paused and the advised “When I first met with him at my home, Mr. Johnson had told me that he was quite busy …………….too busy to keep working out of his ‘home-office’!  So, if he in fact works out of his home, he didn’t lie to you about having you go with him to his office!”  Then Evelyn looked down and as if thinking aloud, muttered out “He’ll get the bartender at Mitch’s to testify that at the end, you and he were drinking alone in the booth!  That you left together!  And if there was security at the other building (which there was a guard at a booth where the elevators were located), they would testify of you going up willingly to Mr. Johnson’s condo unit!”

All this was to put the fear in Teresa’s mind that everything would become public and thus in the end, it would be her decision not to call the police and report the rape.  It was all working as Teresa then trembled while panting out “Testify!  In court?  In public?  Jim would find out …………..about me being raped ……………by ……………a black bastard!  I can’t!  I can’t let him find out!  Oh, Evelyn, what should I do?”  Sighing, as if in deep thought, she then advised “Teresa, you really should call the police and not let the bastard get away with raping you!  Of course, they’ll need to confirm the rape ……….get you to the hospital ……………………swab you to get semen samples …………..check for tearing and confirm penetration!”

With Teresa breaking down in tears, sobbing hysterically, panting “No ……………no ………………..I can’t do that …………………it’ll be hours at the police station, at the hospital ……………………..hours before I can take a shower ……………………and get to douche out his filth!”  Sobbing again, hands covering her face in shame, she then blurted out “No ………………….no, I can’t report it ……………………can’t let Jim know that I was raped!  I want to shower …………………douche right away so I don’t get pregnant!”  As the car started and pulled out, Teresa asked her sister-in-law “Where ……………where are we going?”

From his condo, Rufus watched as the car pulled out from Mitch’s and exit the parking lot.  He chuckled in listening to his cell phone, a call that had been connected to Evelyn Brewer’s cell from before she even met the blonde beauty that he had just raped with her assistance, and thought “That bitch pulled it off just as she had planned!  And I’s got the best part of the deal!  Damn, that sweet little blonde was so fuck’n tight!  Nearly skinned my boner when I’s shoved it up in her tight little cunt!  She sure as hell put up a good fight!  And the way she screamed and cried ………..…………….when I’s raped her ……………..and more so when I’s buggered the bitch!  Heh, heh, of course there was no way fer her to scream when I’s forced her to go down on me!”

As the car disappeared from sight, Rufus heard on Evelyn Brewer’s voice on the cell phone telling her sobbing sister-in-law that “I’m taking you to a nearby motel, rent a room so you can shower and douche before it’s too late!”  Shaking his head and laughing, Rufus saw that every detail was coming true as had been laid out earlier and relayed to him.  Once in the motel room, Evelyn would tell her sister-in-law to take a hot shower, that she had just purchased some douche at the drugstore earlier that day, and that she’d get it ready for her to douche out her raped pussy.  Rufus laughed, know full well that the douche kit being prepared would do nothing to prevent the blonde beauty from getting knocked up, especially as it would look like the real thing but it would not contain any spermicide!

To round out Week #4, gracing Page 28 of Rufus’ special folder of beauties was the picture of Mrs. Lynne Irwin.  At age 29, the lovely wife and mother of two youngsters, her plan and timing as to when to re-enter the work force could not have been more disastrous with the downturn in the economy.  Her husband Tom had been the sole breadwinner from when she was seven months pregnant and had left her job to become a stay-at-home-mom for five to six years period, at least until the youngest of their planned family went off to school.  To make matters even worst, Tom worked for the city and due to the need to meet its annual budget, a furlough plan was established to share the pain among all the workers.

Mrs. Lynne Irwin
Rufus had noted on the application of hubby being employed with the City, with occupation as dispatch supervisor, along with length of employment and amount of his monthly salary.  But only when he had driven up to the Irwin’s home did he learn of the actual department Mr. Irwin work for, as the car parked in the driveway was a marked police car.  And upon entering the Irwin’s well-kept home, it appeared that hubby had just gotten home as he was still dressed in his uniform.  With this new information, there was no way that Rufus could go with his normal bartering process, not without getting himself arrested and put away in the slammer.

Introduced to Mrs. Irwin, his nuts began to swell as his cock twitched with excitement as he gazed at the beautiful brunette with an ivory white complexion.  Rufus had always wanted to put the screws to a fucking cop but this was an even better proposition ………………screwing the cop’s pretty wife!  But how to go about it was a real problem, especially if she wouldn’t go for it and told her cop hubby of his propositioning her, then leaving himself wide open to being arrested and put in the slammer.  ‘But damn, she sure as hell is a beautiful little bitch!  I’s gotta figure a way to git into her tight little panties and in my stable!  That’d sure be something – a cop’s beautiful wife doing tricks!  Heh, heh, I’s gotta git her somehow!’ he thought.

Assuming that the housewife was the one running the kids to and from school, since she was not working as yet, Rufus kept watch from across the street from the preschool and tailed the sexy bitch a couple of mornings.  On the third day of tailing her, getting to know her routine, he hoped that she would stop for a cup of coffee at the shop next to the grocery store that she had stopped at the first two days.  Having gotten there ahead of her, sitting at a small table with his back to the entrance, it worked out perfectly as she stepped up to the counter to order ‘just a small regular’ cup of coffee.  As she got her coffee and turned, he then greeted her with “Mrs. Irwin, good morning!  Please, join me, have a seat!”  As she joined him, the lovely beauty admitted “My one indulgence each day, a dollar for a regular cup of coffee here but it gives me an opportunity to go through the classifieds for free!”

Chit-chatting a bit, Rufus smiled and nodded his head in understanding as the desperate beauty advised that “With the City now on the police department to cut back even more, Tim says that many of the officers are worried that there might be some forced layoffs to meet the mayor’s budget!  Tim’s been on the force for a few years now but that may not be enough seniority to save his job!  I thought I had planned it out so well, years in advance when we decided to start our family, never expecting to be in an economy like it is now!  And the classifieds section is even shrinking noticeably was the jobs out there are getting quite scarce!  I just wish something would turn up!  I’ve never felt so desperate in all my life!”

It was then that Rufus made his pitch, advising the desperate young wife that “It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t let you know about how some wives have managed to prevent the foreclosure and able to save their homes!”  Seeing the puzzled frown on Mrs. Irwin’s lovely face, he then added “I’m sorry but I jist couldn’t take the chance ……………not with yer husband being a police officer and all!  I’s jist can’t take the chance of even mentioning it to ya!  I’s could go to jail jist by suggesting it to ya!”  Then, with her soft petite fingers on his hand to reassure and promise him that whatever he told her would remain between them and not a word mentioned to her police officer husband, Rufus told her of the available part-time hostess job of three days a week and an evening a month.

As a buddy of his owned a rather seedy motel down the road, Rufus had things set up in advance, telling the trembling housewife that “Ya have an hour to decide, Mrs. Irwin!  An hour to show up fer yer interview!  And if ya that ya really want to save yer lovely home from foreclosure and help out with the much needed finances from here on, I’ll be in Room # 12 at the Starlight Motel a mile down the road!”  Getting up from the table and ready to leave, Rufus looked at this watch and advised “It’s 9 a.m., so ya’ll need to show up by 10!  Nice seeing ya again, Mrs. Irwin!  Hope to see ya again soon …………..real soon!”

It was 9:59 a.m. when the knock came on the door to Room #12 of the rundown motel, a place that Rufus had especially wanted break in this beautiful police officer’s young wife.  He could have her come up to his plush condo unit, or to any classy hotel, but getting her to spread her legs and violate her marital vows in such a seedy motel made it so much better.  Admitting the teary-eyed beauty into the dimly lit room that reeked of smoke and filth, it was quite obvious that she had struggled with her dilemma for the entire time before knocking on his door.

As she was dressed very similarly to that meeting at her home, only now with a bright white blouse on, Rufus told her to “Let yer hair down, sweetie!”  As she undid the back of her hair, the beautiful brunette looked so sexy with her long flowing hair that came down to her shoulders.  He watched as slipped the silver watch band off her wrist, then began to slip out of her grey jacket.  “Nice …………………very nice, Mrs. Irwin!  I’m very impressed with yer interview thus far!” he complimented as the beauty blinked back the tears of shame.  Then she was undoing the buttons to the back of her blouse and then pulling that garment over her head to reveal her succulent breasts shielded only by her thin lacy white bra.

Then he ordered her to come to where he was seated!  As she stood before him, unhooking the clasp of her bra as order, Rufus gave them a good suckling once the bared beauties came into sight.  And as Officer Tim Irwin was out there enforcing the law, his beautiful wife was in a seedy room of the Starlight Motel learning the skills of the oldest profession in the world as she stepped out of her 1” black heels and then began undoing the button to her black slacks.  “Ohhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she exclaimed as her petite body shook in an uncontrollable orgasm while the love juices were being sucked out of her leaking slit.

Several moments later, Rufus was beaming with delight as he broke in the lovely Mrs. Lynne Irwin, wishing that the punk cop she was married to could see how his beautiful wife was getting the screws put to her.  Or that he could hear her wailing out “Noooooo ………………’s too biggggggg ………………’s too biggggggg ………………it won’t fit …………………it won’t fitttttttt ………………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Ohhhhh, sweetie …….ya sure is tight ……………but I’s gonna stretch ya out real good!” Rufus chuckled as he thrust forward again, eliciting a loud groan from the distressed beauty as he skewered deep into untouched territory.

For the next six hours, until the lovely wife and mother had to leave to pick her oldest one up from elementary school and then the youngest from preschool, Mrs. Lynne Irwin had gotten herself the schooling of a lifetime!  Not only had Rufus been the very first to eat out her snatch, but his big black cock was the first male penis to part those lovely pink lips, and topping it off was his boner was the very first to spread her creamy white cheeks!  And when her private interview was over with, the prim and proper Lynne Irwin had become a full fledged member of the oldest profession!  In starting her new part-time job that next Monday morning, little did she suspect that she’d come face to face with a person that both she and her husband knew, her husband’s superior ……………..the first black captain of the police department and old buddy of Rufus Johnson!

End of Week #4’s story!