Friend's Pretty Mother – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Raped Young Beauty - II
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Mrs. Bobbie Wilson, the former Bobbie Thompson, was now at the age of 26 and the wife of a successful politician.  Married now for two years to State Representative Brian Wilson, it seemed that her only problem was to win the affection of her stepson, John.  When she had married Brian, a man twenty years her senior, she knew of the challenge ahead with a stepson to care for.  With Brian and his former wife having joint custody, Bobbie knew it would be that much more difficult.  However, her love for Brian made her determined to succeed.  When she and Brian had married, John was at the age of ten and he would soon reach the beginning of his teenage years.

It was John's biological mother, Ann, who decided upon John's education with Brian more than willing to pay for a private school education for his son.  But bitter with the divorce, it seemed that Ann decided on John going to the public school near her home just to spite Brian.  John was just ending his years at Roosevelt Middle School and Ann had indicated that John would go up to Roosevelt High, which did not have a very good reputation in its quality of education.  Brian tried to convince his former wife to enroll John in the exclusive private school nearby but without success, mainly due to Ann wanting the public to think that such a political success could not afford to send his own son to a decent school.

With her husband trying to give his son attention in his spare time, Bobbie felt obligated to do her best in accompanying Brian to some of John's activities.  She thought back to the youth baseball game in which they had attended to see John play since it was on a weekend when they had custody of him.  To cater to his son after the close win, Brian told John to invite his friends over to the nearby pizza hangout.  It was the first time that she and Brian had met John's new friends that were on the team with him.  On the team were kids of various nationalities and most were of the lower social economic status.  At the table where John sat were two blacks, two Hispanics and one Asian.  It was an indication that John was not settling in with the right crowd at the look of the unkempt young boys, who John introduced as his 'best' friends, all of whom seemed to be so much more matured than John.

In helping bring the mugs of pop to the various tables, Bobbie did not feel very comfortable with John's 'best' friends.  One particular boy named Jason, a muscular young black boy, a rather blatant an obnoxious young punk.  When she had leaned over to set the heavy mug down onto the table, she had actually caught Jason leaning forward quickly so he could peer down her blouse.  She could feel her body flush in embarrassment when she pulled back and observed the smirk on the evil black face.  She then noticed John was oblivious to what his friend had just done but that his other friends had known what Jason was up to and were all chuckling at her embarrassment.

That incident had occurred two months ago and ever since then, Bobbie managed to find one excuse or another to avoid attending another of John's baseball games or a function where his nasty friends would be present.  Since that incident, Bobbie could not get the image of the crass young boy out of her mind.  She had very limited experience with blacks, the last being just prior to her marriage four years ago when she was assaulted and brutally raped by an old black derelict.  It had occurred at the homeless shelter that she had been celebrating its first anniversary and she had attended in Brian's absence.  She had been too ashamed to report the rape for fear of the publicity and fear of Brian never wanting to touch her soiled body ever again.

Bobbie relived the horrid incident and the blackmail that had followed, forced to submit once again to the decrepit rapist for fear of him exposing the incriminating photos that were in his possession.  She had feared that she would be in the grasp and control of that horrid man forever but her fortune took a good turn a week after her last submission.  In reading the newspaper one day, she had read that a homeless derelict had been murdered and his body and meager possession were dumped into the shelter's trash bin and set ablaze.  She had never felt so good as when she read the name of the deceased.  She had immediately called the shelter's director to inquire about the incident and learned to her relief that the intense fire had destroyed all the decedent's meager belongings and that the identity had to be made through dental records.

With John's thirteenth birthday coming up on the weekend that Brian had custody, he had asked John if he wanted to have a special party for his entrance into his teenage years.  Brian was quite excited had wanted his friends from the baseball team and some girls over for a pool party and dancing.  Bobbie was not receptive to the idea at all, especially having John's 'best' friends over to the house, especially that horrid young Jason.

In private, Bobbie tried to discourage Brian from going ahead with the party, telling Brian that those boys were not of the social status his son should be hanging around with.  But Brian was thinking more of the votes he'd get but getting a photo of his son's birthday party in the local paper showing his many minority friends, telling Bobbie "In fact, let's get a professional photographer to get a lot of shots!  They'll really look good in my upcoming campaign brochure when I run for Congress!"

In the baseball dugout, which John and his friends used as a hangout at times, John's friends were waiting for his arrival.  Waiting for him was his five 'best' friends.  Without John there, his friends were free to make wisecracks about John and his family.  Jason's comments brought a lot of laughter and applause, especially with his comments "God, I can't get over the bod on his fucking beautiful step-mom!  Man, I wanted to dive into the opening of her blouse and bite on her beautiful tits!  Shit, I'd give anything for a roll in the sack with her!"

Juan, a Hispanic youth, laughed "Damn, Jason!  The way you moved to get a peek down her blouse, I thought you were about to grab her and rape her right there on the table!  Can't says that I blame you though, shit, I'd like to feel her long sexy legs wrapped around me!  Man, Jason, you sure as hell scared her off caused she ain't shown up for any games after that!"

Sam, the Asian, moaned "Shittttttt …………ever since that day at the pizza joint, I've been dreaming of her every night and jerking off!  Her lips are so damned beautiful!  I keep dreaming of having those sweet lips sucking on my cock!  Shit, I think if Mrs. Wilson was ever to put her beautiful lips on me I'd cum right then and there, spurting my entire load all over her beautiful fucking face!"

Derek, the other black, chuckled as he added "What I'm after is her tight white ass!  Man, I'd stick it to her real good and make her scream!  Bet her ass is still cherry!  Jesus, with what you guys are after, it'd be one hell of a gangbang! What about you, Jose?"

Jose, the other Hispanic, unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock to pull at his pulsing stem.  "Hmmm, if I could be alone with her I'd spread her long sexy legs and dip my tongue into her pink cuntlips and drive her crazy, make her squirm and moan!  Then I want to learn from her all the pleasures of what '69' is all about, giving her my creamy load while I suck the sweet honey out of her!"  Closing his eyes, Jose groaned "Ohhhhh, Mrs. Wilson ……………… it …………eat it all!"  With that, his cock spurted in a huge arch with his cum landing in the dirt of the dugout, bringing laughter from his friends.

A moment later, the guys greeted John's arrival by telling him that they were all thinking of him.  It was then that John invited all of them to the birthday party his dad and step-mom was throwing for him the next weekend.  John told them it be at their home across town but not to worry about transportation as his dad would hire a company to pick up everyone and which would take care of getting everyone home.

The next weekend, Brian and Bobbie played chaperone for John's birthday party.  A lifeguard had been hired for the occasion, especially with all the young boys and girls attending.  As a precaution in case of an emergency in the pool, also to not be overdressed, Brian wore shorts with a shirt on while Bobbie wore a one piece bathing suit with a blouse covering over it.  But Bobbie did not realize how her long sexy white legs had all the young budding male teens nursing their throbbing hardons.

While John was busy greeting some guests, his 'best' friends were gathered together in the pool with their eyes ogling Mrs. Wilson's long sexy legs.  With Mrs. Wilson's back to the pool as she chatted with some of the girls that had come to the party, Jason told the guys "Oh, man …………I just gotta get up close to those long sexy white legs!"  The guys then watched as Jason floated on over to that side of the pool, just a couple feet from where Mrs. Wilson stood.  They watched as Jason's eyes were glued to the exquisite sight above him, his tongue licking his lips in hunger.

The guys watched as Jason appeared to have a difficult time breathing as he stared at the beautiful woman near him.  Then they realized what Jason was doing, jerking off under the water as he dreamed of having Mrs. Wilson's sexy white legs wrapped around his face and eventually spreading those legs for some wild fucking.  When Jason's eyes rolled back and glazed, head momentarily slipping under the water, they all knew his cum was now mixed with the pool water.  Then the other four of John's 'best' friends made their way over to where Jason lay floating, wanting to share his close-up view and relieve their throbbing hardons.

Following a cookout dinner at the poolside, the guests changed into the dancing clothes that they had packed with them.  Then the loud teenage music filled the air as the young teens got into the dancing.  Both Brian and Bobbie also changed into more appropriate clothing to chaperone this part of the party.  Brian had put on a dress pants and sports coat while Bobbie put on a nice summer dress and white heels, planning to take in a few of the slow dances.

An hour after the dancing began, there was a slight commotion near the front door and then Brian grabbed a tie and rushed off with the aide who had come by.  Bobbie was flustered, realizing that she was left all alone to chaperone these young budding teens.  Bobbie dreaded this, having seen the ogling stares that John's 'best' friends had given her throughout the day, feeling as if they had stripped her bathing suit right off her body.   She just hoped things wouldn't get out of hand with all these young hoodlums that John hung around with and prayed that Brian would get home before the end of the party.

John was busy dancing with all the girls who had come to the party as all the girls wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Sam, who happened to be getting a drink of water from the kitchen, had overheard what the commotion was all about.  He relayed to the gang that there was some kind of political crisis that Mr. Wilson had to rush off to and probably would be away all night.  Immediately, Jason had the guys huddled together, telling them "I don't fucking believe it!  With Mr. Wilson out of the way, this is our fucking night!  I just gotta get me between those sweet fucking legs!  Now, listen up, this is what we're gonna do …………………!"

When the gang saw that Mrs. Wilson was occupied with some of the girls, Jason and Jose slipped into the house to get a layout of where the master bedroom was located.  As they peered into the dimly lit room, lit up only by lights coming in from the pool area, Jason moved about to survey the room.  Then they made their way back outside to where the rest of the gang waited anxiously.  Once outside again, Jason told the guys "Oh, man, I gotta get her!  God, she smells so fucking sweet, guys!"  The gang members watched in awe as Jason held up a pair of Mrs. Wilson's lacy white panties that he had retrieved from the hamper.  Jason held it up to his face to inhale a deep breath of the intoxicating fragrance.  Then, Sam grabbed it from Jason and he too breathed in the sweet fragrance before passing it on to the guy next to him.

"I've had some white pussy before, but lemme tell ya guys, this is the fucking classiest piece of white meat I've ever seen!  She makes all the other white bitches look like white-thrash!" Jason muttered as Juan got his whiff of the lacy white panties.  "I've made all the white bitches scream when I shove my monster cock in'em!  Betcha I'm gonna have to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming her head off when I stick it to her!  Man, she's so fucking prim and proper!  Well, we'll see how prim and proper pretty Mrs. Wilson is with my black prick up her snatch!  Did you notice how she shuddered a bit when I shook her hand today!  Well, she's gonna shudder a hell of a lot soon enough!" he laughed.

To get things set up, Jason went to dance with sexy young Jenny, who he knew John had the hots for!  He knew Mrs. Wilson would never approve of this sexy tart and would definitely consider her as white trash.  Jason knew of Jenny's weakness, her craving for his long black cock, especially since he had copped her cherry a year ago.  Jenny would do anything for him, anything he asked, just for more of his fantastic loving.  During the dance, he told her the favor he needed of her, that being to keep John busy the rest of the night no matter what it took.

As Bobbie had made her way around the pool, taking a few scenes with her video camera, also to make sure everyone was having a good time and there were no problems.  Then she observed a frantic Jose rushing up to her, panting for breath as he spoke "Mrs. Wilson ………Mrs. Wilson ………….Jason …………..something's wrong with Jason!  Please …………you gotta come!  He popped some kind of drug about fifteen minutes and all of a sudden he began stumbling around!  He kept saying he needed to lie down and staggered into the house!"

Frantically worried, Bobbie quickly followed the boy into the house and down the hallway to the open bedroom door, the master bedroom.  But Bobbie was so concerned about the ill youth that she gave no thought as to why or how he had found his way to that particular room.  The light switch of the master bedroom lit two lamps in the room, keeping it still rather dim but enough for Bobbie to see John's friend on her bed, body shaking as if he was in convulsions with the whites of his eyes showing.

In a panic, Bobbie leaned over the passed out teen, tapping his face and calling to him, tapping the face of the apparently drugged youth.  "Oh, my God!  This can't be happening!  Call 911 and get an ambulance here right away!" she advised Jose who had led her to the drugged youth.  Tapping at the apparently drugged black teen, Bobbie could not get him to respond, then in glancing to her side she saw that Jose had apparently youth froze in panic and had not made a move to call 911.

"Jose!  Snap out of it!  You've got to call 911 for help!" Bobbie yelled to the staring young Asian teen.  Finally it appeared to sink into Jose's mind as he moved toward the phone but she was puzzled when instead the teen closed and locked the bedroom door.  Suddenly, with a hand clamped tightly over her mouth, she watched the Hispanic teen laugh at her plight then reach over to the chair where she had dropped the video camera into when coming into the room.  As Jose began to aim and begin recording her dilemma, she realized that this had all been a devious ploy.

With the sound of the loud stereo music and commotion of the party, Bobbie's muffled groans went unheard by the others guests.  She tried to struggle but the teen behind her had unbelievable strength for his young age.  Then she heard Jason's voice behind her say "It was so nice of you to invite us all to John's birthday party!  I just wanted to personally thank you and show my appreciation!"  She struggled to get away as the stronger teen pulled her back onto the bed and then slid over her body.  In her struggle to throw off the deviant teen and to escape, she lost her heels that had initially dug into the bedspread and sheets, heels cutting through the material and getting lodged in the tangle.  Then she felt him tearing at her light summer dress, ripping it to shreds and throwing the shreds aside.

Clad only in her lacy bra and panties, Bobbie tried to crawl off the bed.  Suddenly strong hands were upon her body, turning her over and she found her arms held above her head with both wrists held firmly in one of the young teen's large hands.  Just as she was about to scream, a silky garment was stuffed into her mouth, her panties that had stolen earlier from her hamper.  The aggressive teen had her pinned to the bed with his muscular frame nestled in between her widespread legs.  Then she felt Jason lift up a bit from her body, only to feel her thin bra brutally ripped from her body.  She cringed and wept as she suddenly her left nipple engulfed in Jason's mouth and tongued to stiffness.  She sobbed, tears flooding her eyes, body shivering as she tried to will herself from feeling any pleasure.  However, she could not stop the unwanted pleasurable sensations coursing throughout her body, causing her cunt muscles to clench together in response.

"Don't think the prim and proper Mrs. Wilson likes a low-life like me, huh, seeing how you cringed and shuddered when I first shook her hand!  Wanna see how you cringe and shudder when get a feel of something special for you to feel!"  Jason taunted beauty.    With that, he reached between their bodies and with a violent yank, he was waving her torn panties in the air to signal her defeat.  Then he leaned forward, his cockhead prodding at the entrance to her jewel, enjoying the look of horror in her eyes, then clamped his hand over her panty filled mouth.

"Mmmmmmffffffff ……………..mmmmfffffffff ……………mmmmfffffffff!" came her muffled cries as Bobbie felt the entrance to her womanhood being penetrated by the deviant young teen.  Held spread-eagled upon her marital bed, she couldn't believe the pain he was causing her, not believing how a teen so young could be so well endowed.  "Mmmmmmmffffffffff …………………..mmmmfffffffff!" she tried to scream as the teen forced his way into her tight channel.  'Oh, God …………..oh, God ………….he's so much bigger than Brian!' she realized.

"God, you're so fucking tight!" Jason exclaimed.  "Ahhh, Mrs. Wilson ……… feel so fucking good!  Awww, yeah ………..squeeze me like that ………….keep squeezing my cock like that!  Ohhhh, yeah, Mrs. Wilson ……………….you got a 'real' man's cock in ya for a change!  Gonna give little John a step-brother or sister to play with soon!  I'm good at making little babies, Mrs. Wilson …………..already knocked up three of the white-trash bimbos at school ………………….you're next on my list, Mrs. Wilson!" he bragged.

Then Jason began to pump his cock in an out of the sobbing beauty, telling her "Gonna take my hand away and take the panties out of your mouth, Mrs. Wilson!  Scream all you want and bring everyone in here for all I care!  Let'em see how the future Congressman's beautiful wife looks like with a black teenager's cock shoved all the way up your cunt!  It'll make good headlines in the paper when we tell'em how you invited us all into your bedroom for some fun and games, how you wanted to sample some young prime black meat!  Think John will ever respect you when he learns you invited his 'best' friends into your bedroom to party?"

Bobbie was shocked, confused and humiliated, being raped by this young teenage hoodlum.  This couldn't be happening she told herself, but she couldn't collect her thoughts, not with the teen now pumping in and out of her ravaged body.   She realized what he said was true, that it would be devastating for her to call for help and have others witness her shameful plight.  She sobbed and pleaded “Nooooooo ....…….nooooooo, please …………stoppppp ………I’m a married woman ……………you're one of John's best friends!"  But the teen upon her responded by thrusting three quick and brutal times into her, causing her to sob in anguish  “Aieeeeeeeee ..……….nooooooo, please ……………oh, Godddd ………… nooooo …………stopppp!”  But Bobbie did not realize that this sexual deviant liked nothing better than the thrilling sound of a beautiful white bitch hysterically pleading for him to stop.

"Aieeeeeeeee ………......…….nooooooo, please …………nooooooo ………God, nooooo, Jason ……..please!  It hurts …………….it hurtsssssssssssss ……………oh, pleasssseeee ……………you're hurting meeeee!" Bobbie sobbed.  But her cries and pleas only stimulated more as he brutally lunged himself into her aching body, burying his thick cock deep into her ravished slit.  “Aieeeeeeeee ...……….ohhhhhh, please ……………oh, Godddd ………… no more …….no more!” she cried.

Never had Bobbie been ever been taken in such a crude and violent manner, her body hurt so badly as the pain shot through her.  She heard the sadistic teen laugh loudly as he raped her, rotating his hips in violent circular motions to cause her even more pain, causing her to sob in utter despair.  Then she felt him withdraw this thick cock, only to immediately slam back down into her, again and again to cause her unbearable pain.

'Oh, God …………..oh, my God ………..he …………he's not wearing a condom!' she realized in horror but she could not prevent her cunt muscles from automatically responding as it clenched and unclenched around the invading shaft, squeezing as if to milk it.  Unconsciously, she arched up against the teen rapist then crossed her trim legs around him, squeezing him closer to her.  Worried at the horrifying consequences that could result from his brutal mating, she pleaded desperately "Please ………..please, Jason …….pull it out …………..pull it out …………..please …………please, I'll get pregnant!"

“Oh yeah, Mrs. Wilson …………ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh …………gonna cum soon ………….gonna cum ……………gonna fuck a little baby in ya …………..….uhhhhhh, here it cumsssssss!  Ohhhhhhhh ……..……..ohhhhh, yesssssss ………Mrs. Wilson …………….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jason groaned loudly, his muscular black body convulsing in uncontrollable spasms.  With the tightening of his ass muscles, it was quite evident to the amazed teen audience that he was unleashing his hot jism into the beautiful Mrs. Wilson.  With Mrs. Wilson's sexy white legs wrapped around the black teen, the video camera focused in on the thick cum oozing out where they were joined as only a husband and wife should be joined.

Moments later, Jason pulled his exhausted body up from the sobbing beauty, then slowly pulled his extra sensitive cock out of her raped slit.  He groaned as his dwindling cock exited with a loud 'pop' and watched as the beautiful Mrs. Wilson continued sobbing as she turned to the side and curled up in the protective fetal position.  Grabbing a piece of the shredded dress, he dried his cock off with it, then proceeded to get dressed.  With Jose shutting off the video camera, putting it down so he could begin undressing, Jason laughingly told him "I hope I didn't put too much creamy sauce on your dinner!"  Then he told Jose that he'd send the next guy in to handle the camera while he got his fun.

As Jose stepped out of his pants, the door opened to admit the grinning Juan, who immediately picked up the video camera to do his part.  Getting up onto the bed, he caressed the soft white body of the sobbing Mrs. Wilson, bending over to mouth a soft breast and to tongue the pink nipple to stiffness.  Jose pulled his friend's sobbing mother onto her back again then straddled her body in an upside down position as he now feasted on her other nipple.

Pulling Mrs. Wilson beautiful limp thighs apart, Jose viewed the soft lovely curls of his friend's sobbing mother.  He could see the plentiful creamy sauce that Jason had poured onto his dinner but that did not lessen his hunger for the meal before him.  Then Jose clamped his mouth over the messy muff, determined to fulfill his hunger for this beautiful woman.  "Ohhhhh, Goddddd ………………nooooooo!" came the cry of despair from the shocked beauty.  Having positioned himself perfectly, Jose thrust his hips forward to silence any loud outburst, hearing her cry stifled by "Mmmmffffffff …………………...!"

Bobbie withered about the bed, the flicking tongue driving her out of her mind.  She shook her head, trying to spit out the teen's filthy cock, shuddering at the despicable act that was being forced upon her.  Forced to take a deep breath, she cringed at the awful smell of the teen's sweaty crotch, her body rebelling and wanting to throw up.  Her body arched up to the incredible feeling between her legs as the flicking tongue was driving her crazy, making her wither about uncontrollably.  Unconsciously, hunching up against the teen's face, she began to bob her head up and down the throbbing cock, her mouth began nursing upon it like a vacuum.

Juan was enjoying the sight through the viewfinder, watching his buddy go to town on the beautiful Mrs. Wilson.  The way Mrs. Wilson was withering about the bed, he knew that Jose was driving her crazy as he ate out her juicy snatch.  Then the action on the bed became more frantic, both bodies shuddering and convulsing in spasms.  It was apparent to Juan that Mrs. Wilson was going out of her mind as her body shook in an orgasm.  Also, it was obvious that Jose was cumming, spurting his hot seed into Mrs. Wilson's sucking mouth.

Juan kept filming as Jose finally rolled off to the side, his cock slipping from Mrs. Wilson cummy lips.  Keeping the camera focused on his friend's mother, it became apparent that reality had finally set back in as it registered on Mrs. Wilson's face.  The camera caught her horrified look as she crawled over to the edge of the bed, leaning her face over the side just as her stomach rebelled and she began spewing out the juices that Jose had fed her.  Once Jose got off the bed, Juan turned off the camera and set it down.  It was now his turn for a piece of the action.

As Jose departed, Juan was undressing as Derek entered to take up the camera duties.  By now, Mrs. Wilson had coughed up most of Jose's thick cum as she lay over the side of the bed, her stomach still heaving in rebellion.  Juan climbed up onto the bed, enjoying his opportunity to bed the crying Mrs. Wilson.  Pulling her over onto her back, he saw that she was trying to block everything out by tightly closing her eyes.  This made him that more determined to take his time and have her begging him to fuck her.

Having had the opportunity of nailing a few girls to date, one over the age of eighteen, Juan knew how to turn a beautiful woman on.  Leaning over her, he bent down to gently suck and tongue one nipple, then the other.  He reached down to gently caress her inner thighs, his fingers teasingly nearing her sensitive slit but only to withdraw before reaching her mound.  Over and over, he teased the agonized woman till finally he felt her thighs close to clamp upon his hand as it once again neared her tingling slit.  Then he knew he had her just where he wanted her, climbing the walls as she begged "Please …………please, Juan ………please ………..touch me ………touch me!"

"Ohhhhhh, yes ………………yes, Juan …………..there …………..right there ………….ohhhhhh, yessss!" Bobbie moaned, as the teasing fingers finally made with her sensitive clit.  Arching up, wanting the teen to continue, she groaned "Ahhhhhhhhh …………yes …………..yes ………………ohhhhhh ……..ohhhh!"  Then she felt the teasing fingers being replaced by a bigger and blunter object, feeling it rub itself up against her clit.  Wanting him in her, she raised her legs up to wrap them around the young teen, trying to pull him to her.  "Please …………….please …………I ……….I want it!  Please, Juan ……..please …………fuck me …………..fuck me!" she pleaded.

The camera recorded the wild energetic mating that took place on the Wilson's marital bed.  Only it was beautiful Mrs. Wilson mating with one of her son's 'best' friends.  The recorder picked up Mrs. Wilson's plea to the young stud "Oh, Juan ………………..oh ……………fuck me ……………..yes ……..deeper ………..deeper!"  The camera captured her fingers clawing at the teen's broad back , legs drawing the youth closer as she humped up to meet each of his lengthy thrusts into her.

It was moments after the mutual climax for the arms and legs to untangle.  Meanwhile, Derek began to get ready for his turn.  Finally, Juan stumbled from the bed and into his clothes, going out to send Sam in.  As Sam entered, he saw Derek in the process of turning over the fucked-out Mrs. Wilson.  Picking up the video camera, he took up his duties as cameraman for this episode of Mrs. Wilson's debasement.

"I'm gonna get me my very first piece of some prime white ass!" Derek gleamed, looking over to the camera as he had turned Mrs. Wilson on all fours.  Shucking at his throbbing manhood, he then knee-walked up between her trim white legs, touching her soft creamy white ass and fitted his pulsing cockhead between her soft asscheeks.  Grasping her trim white hips firmly, smiling once again for the camera, Derek then brutally slammed himself into her.

"Mmmmmmmfffffff ………………..mmmmmffffffffff …………..!" came a muffled scream that had been cut off by his hand clamping over her mouth just as Derek had stabbed forward to skewer her.  The pain was unbelievable, the brutal thrust surely had torn her open, Bobbie realized as she sobbed against the smothering hand.  Then she heard Derek behind her speak "Gonna take my hand away now, Mrs. Wilson!  If you want to scream, go right ahead!  When all the kids will come rushing in they be in for a treat when they see my black cock up your beautiful white ass!"

"Oh oh, God ………….oh, God ……………oh, please …………..please …………..oh, you're tearing meeeeeeeeeeeee!" Bobbie panted through her gritted teeth.  She was in absolute pain from the brutal intrusion but she dared not scream.  She could not allow any of the innocent teens outside to come running in and witness her humiliating predicament.  Never had she felt such pain as this before, unbelieving how brutal this young teen could be, certain that he had ripped her insides apart.  "Oh, God ……….God …………..stop ………….please stop …………ohhhhh, it hurtsssssssssss!" she whimpered.  "Oh, God ……………..stop …………..stop ………don't do this to me!" she sobbed in humiliation.

"Oh, baby!  This is so fucking sweet!  God, your ass is so fucking tight!" Derek exclaimed as he began to hump her in the doggie position. It really turned him on to make this beautiful mature woman whimper as he nailed her ass with his big black spike.  "God …………..yeah, babe ……………….whine like a bitch in heat!" Derek laughed as he slid his hands forward around her hips as he went in search for her sensitive clit.

Bobbie sobbed in shame with young teen's cock slicing in and out of her, her body shuddering from the unwanted pleasure from the finger rubbing at her sensitive clit.  Her mouth fell open as she panted for breath, trying desperately to hold herself in check.  "No …… ……….noooooo ………………oh ……….oh, God, no …………, please ……………..ohhhh, God ……….. I can't ………….cummmmm …….ohhhhhhh!" she groaned as her body went into convulsions, her ass muscles squeezing tightly again and again around the thick invader.  Then she felt, as well as heard, the young teen slamming his body up against her again and again, his sweaty body buffeting up against her soft asscheeks.

The energetic teen was panting and grunting as he continued to shag her without mercy, finally burying himself deep in her bowels, its thick shaft throbbing and then exploding to spew his hot juices deep in her.  Derek moaned loudly "Ohhhhhh ………..ohhhhhhhh, Mrs. Wilson ……………yeahhhhhhh ………… it issssss ………..ahhhhhhhhhhh!

After Derek withdrew his softening cock from her raped ass, Bobbie remained frozen on all fours, sobbing in agony.  As Derek slipped off the bed, Sam climbed up onto it at the head of the bed, spreading his legs wide so Mrs. Wilson's head was positioned just above his throbbing yellow cock.

Bobbie sobbed, unconsciously shaking her head in disbelief of the night's events, unaware that her long silky hair was now teasing the young Asian's pulsing cock.  Her arms finally gave way as she collapsed forward, wanting to rest her face on the bed, trying to blot out the shame of what had just occurred.  But instead, her face met young Sam's throbbing cock as she fell forward onto his lap.  Suddenly, Bobbie felt fingers entwined in her hair, pulling her face up as the fleshy probe sought to insert itself between her lips.  Not wanting to experience to foul taste of a teen cumming in her mouth again, Bobbie clenched her teeth tightly together.  She felt the eager teen's cock slide up and down her face in a frantic attempt to insert itself between her lips.

"Ah ……..ah ……ah ………….ah ………….ahhhhhh!" Sam panted in a panic as his excited cock slid up and down Mrs. Wilson's beautiful face, trying desperately to get her to suck him off.  After the long wait and watching Derek have his fun with the beautiful woman, Sam was ready to explode but wanted to put it off until he got between her soft pink lips.  Desperately, he clenched his fingers tighter in her hair but as his cock ran up her soft cheek again, he groaned "Aaahhhhhh ………….ahhhhh ……………ohhhhhh, shit ………..oh, fuck ……………….I ………….I'm fucking cumminggggg!"

Sam pulled back on the long silky hair, just as his cock erupted all over beautiful Mrs. Wilson's cringing face and hair.  It was as if a firehose had gotten loose as it wildly sprayed its hot juices about.  Derek laughed "You weren't shitting about cumming too soon, Sam!  Cum all over her beautiful face ……………cream her good ……………..give her all that gooey facial cream! Yeah, Sam, rub it all over her face!  God, she looks so fucking beautiful like that!"

Outside, the drivers had arrived to take everyone home and John looked about for his step-mom as he expected her to carefully oversee things.  That was when Jason advised "Your step-mom wasn't feeling well and mentioned to Sam that she was going to let you handle seeing everyone off as the party seemed well under control!  Sam told her he'd get us guys to help you out.  Tell her thank you from all of us for the great time!"  Then Sam added "Oh, John, your step-mom looked like she was a bit out of it!  When I last saw your mom, she looked a bit flushed and her face was just dripping wet!"

The next week, when Brian returned from attending John's baseball game, he mentioned to Bobbie that John's good friends all came up to thank me for last week's party.  They all asked about you inquired when you were coming to another of their games, saying that you're their lucky charm since the last time they won was the last game you attended.

End of Story.