Friend's Pretty Mother - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

With the soccer practice over for the day, Malcom Fuller and Jimmez Sanchez waved to their good friend Jeff Daniels as he departed.  They had played soccer together at times and often on competing teams.  Now they were together again for an all-star team in the district, in a team comprised of boys under 14 years of age.  Jeff lived a few miles away from them in an upper middle income area versus the middle to lower income level that Malcom and Jimmez lived in.  Yet, through the years of playing soccer, they had become to know one another well and often hung around together.

Jeff had two younger sisters that played on a girl's team that practiced on a distant field.  Their mother normally hung around the girl's team to watch their practice and the practice was over, Jeff's mother would drive over to pick Jeff up on the way home.  The three buddies would normally hang around together and shoot the bull till their rides came.  Both Malcom and Jimmez were waiting for Jimmez's father to pick them up after he got off work.

"God, Jimmy, Mrs. Daniels is so fuck'n beautiful!  Her skin is so white and clean, I just wanna rub my black body up against her! Fuck, I got a damned hardon right now!  I gotta tell you man, I dream about her every fucking night in bed.  Gotta jack myself off each night so I can get some fuck'n sleep!" Malcom told his good buddy.

"Fuck, you ain't the only one jacking off to Mrs. Daniels' fuck'n sexy bod!  Gotta tell ya I got ya beat when I dream of her each night though!  Remember the time we were over at Jeff's house a few months ago after we all made this team?  I was washing my hands in the laundry room and spotted a basket of clothing to be washed!  With the john in the laundry room, I locked the door and wrapped a pair of her sexy pink panties around my cock and whacked off!  Fuck, I creamed right in her panties and buried it back in the laundry basket!  I searched around for another pair of panties and a pair of lavendar ones home with me!  Man, I bury my face in her sweet panties every fuck'n night when I jerk off!" Jimmez responded.

"Oh, shit …………you fuck'n SOB! You just gotta let feel it and get a whiff of her sweet honey!  Fuck, I'm ready to fuck'n cream in my pants already!" Malcom panted.  His hand went down to his bulging crotch and stroked his throbbing cock, moaning "Oh, fuck!  Man, I'd give anything to get into her sweet panties!  She's the hottest thing I've ever seen, just like the fuck'n magazines!"

"Yeah, man, I know what you mean!  Shit, during practice, I saw her far off watching the girls practice and saw her going for a walk around the field!  Man, if I happened to be in to bushes at the end of the field, I'd have been tempted to just grab her and rape her right there!" Jimmez responded, rubbing his aching crotch also.

In the car, Mary Ann Daniels chatted with her son and daughters as they headed on home and agreed they'd stop off to buy a pizza for dinner.  At the age of 35, Mary Ann felt that life couldn't be any better than raising her three fantastic children and being the wife of Dave Daniels.  Ever since she and Dave had met in their first year of college, it had been an instant attraction for one another.  Oh, they had kissed and petted a lot but Mary Ann had managed to put Dave's advances off and was able to surrender her virginity to him on their wedding night.  From there it was blissful lovemaking and neither entertained any thoughts of ever being with anyone else.

Mary Ann's beauty had often made her a bit embarrassed in her teenage years, trying to dress down so as not to attract the stares of male eyes.  But no matter how she dressed down, she still had men's eyes turning to her natural beauty.  Now that she had borne several children and matured, her beauty was all that much more apparent but she endured the stares and the constant passes that men made upon her.  She hadn't mentioned it to Dave, not wanting to cause a problem, that even a couple of his very close friends had made passes at her.  At 5'5", 35-23-35 figure plus her long slender flawless ivory legs and long blonde hair, men's cocks twitched as she passed them by.

Back at the field, Malcom and Jimmez were rubbing their young cocks through their shorts as they mouthed to each other what that would do if they ever got their hands on the beautiful Mrs. Daniels.   "God, I just gotta get a chance to rub myself up against her sexy white body!  Shit, I'm about ready to cum just thinking about it!" moaned the agonized young Malcom.  "Ah, yeah!  Imagine getting your cock into her tight little pussy!  Fuck, I'll fill her up with all my jism!  Shit, imagine knocking her up with your nigger baby!" Jimmez responded.

Once they got to Jimmez's home, up in his bedroom, Malcom pleaded with his friend to show him the prize that he had stolen from Mrs. Daniels.  Malcom groaned as his friend pulled out a sealed plastic bag, containing a lacy white pair of panties, from his hiding place in his closet.  "Aw, God, lemme feel those silky panties!" Malcom pleaded with his laughing friend.  "Okay, but you ain't wrapping it around your cock cause you'll just shoot off on'em!" Jimmez advised.

Touching the soft silky garment, Malcom groaned as he brought it up to his face to inhale its fragrance.  "Oh, God, I gotta cum!" he moaned as he stepped into the bathroom adjacent to Jimmez's room.  Rubbing the silky garment over his face with one hand, he dropped his shorts and jockeys with the other.  "Oh, fuck …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he unleashed the huge load of cum pent up in his contracting balls.

It was Jimmez's turn to get himself off, needing to ease the throbbing ache between his legs.  With the precious panties again sealed up and hidden away, both Jimmez and Malcom sat on the floor leaning against the bed as they both continued their fantasies verbally.  Then Malcom said "I'm gonna get me a pair of her sexy panties for myself!  I'm gonna strip'em right off her long sexy white legs myself!  Then I'm gonna give her a fucking like she's never had before!"

"Yeah, right!  As if she's going to spread her fucking sexy legs for the likes of you!  Shit you're just a year older than Jeff!  Only way you'd get her is to force her to spread her legs!  Fuck …………….that's what you're planning on doing, ain't ya?" Jimmez asked his buddy.  Jimmez felt his own cock twitch in his pants, growing rock hard, doing his talking for him "Fuck, I want in on this too!  C'mon man, I just let you get off smelling her fucking panties!  Man, I just gotta get me in her tight little pussy!"

With the two young teens getting a few bucks from Jimmez's mom, they headed out for some burgers and to work on their evil plan.  As they ate their burgers, they came up with an idea as to having another teammate, who attended school with them, tell the coach that they had to miss out on practice because of being kept after school for a project that they were failing on.  Instead, they would find a good hiding place where they could lay in wait for their beautiful prey.  On their next practice, after Mrs. Daniels picked up Jeff, they would then scout out the perfect little spot for what they had in mind, maybe even get the area prepared.

Following their next practice, Jimmez and Malcom wandered up towards the car to say goodbye to Jeff.  But really, it was just so they could peer into the car and get a glimpse of Mrs. Daniels' long sexy white exposed below the shorts she wore that day.  Then, with time to spare, they went in search for the perfect hiding spot to pull off their planned caper.  In the brush at the far end of the girls' soccer field, Malcom brought out the sickle that he had at the bottom of his bag and began to clear out an area to give them comfort among the overgrown brush.

Surveying the layout of their groundwork, it was like animals marking their territory as each teen then unzip their pants and began masturbating.  Each had his eyes closed, picturing the beautiful Mrs. Daniels in their minds.  Loudly, each mouthed just how he was going to 'fuck' the woman of their dreams.  Moments later, each began to spray his scent onto the ground, marking the spot that they planned to mate with the lovely woman.

Watching from their hiding place that was covered in heavy brush, Malcom spoke "I got the blanket that we can lay out and be comfortable on!  Sure don't want Mrs. Daniels to get all dirty! I also took the video camera from my dad's closet so we'll have it all on film!  You got that bottle, right?  Did you get enough to put on the rag?"

"Yeah, I got into the cabinet in biology class where Mr. Winters put that bottle of chloroform.  I watched how it worked on the frog before he dissected it!  Should be more than enough to put her out with!  Hey, Malcom, be sure to zoom in when I put my cock between her sweet pink lips and cream in her mouth!  Fuck, I'm gonna flood her mouth with my hot jizz!" Jimmez replied.

As the girls scrimmaged among themselves, Mary Ann then took some time off for herself to get in some exercise by walking around the large soccer field.  She enjoyed the exercise and liked to look at the leaves as they began to change color during this time of the year.  Dressed in a white blouse and skirt, she peeled off the white heels she had worn to work and put on a pair of tennis shoes.  Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, Mary Ann enjoyed the warmth of the sun as she took her stroll around the park.

Now far off between the playing fields, she took a deep breath to inhale to the fresh air, enjoying the warm sunshine as she took her stroll.  Then Mary Ann cocked her head a bit, thinking that she had just heard someone yelling for 'Help!'  Taking a few more steps, she now definitely heard a young male's voice calling out "Help!  Someone, please help me!  I think I've broken my leg!"  "Keep still, I'm coming to help!  Keep calling out so I can find you!" she responded.

Finding a very narrow trail that apparently the young teen had used, Mary Ann edged herself down a bit, trying to look for the youth though the thick brush.   With her hands, she grasped onto the thick brush as she edged her way further down the small but steep hillside.  "Where are you?  Call out so I can follow your voice!" she called out.

Mary Ann turned to the direction where she heard "Help ……please, help me!"  Suddenly, her mouth and nose were being covered by a wet rag as a strong arm wrapped around her waist.   She tried to scream but only a muffle came out around the rag.  She gasped for breath as she tried to fight off her assailant.  Another desperate attempt to breathe and her head began to spin as she was being dragged backwards through the heavy brush.  Seconds later she had passed out from the chloroform soaked rag, her hands falling limply to her sides.

Holding his limp prize up against his body, rubbing his face into her silky hair, Malcom awaited for Jimmez to make his way over and help him carry her to their prepared spot.  Meanwhile, his arm around her waist moved up so his hand could cup her soft breast, finding and pinching the budding nipple through her thin clothing.  He leaned over, nuzzling and licking at her ear, announcing his intentions "Oh, Mrs. Daniels!  I can't wait to get my mouth over your tender pink nipples!  Gonna plant my baby right in your little white belly!"

Jimmez appeared from the heavy brush and smiled at the sight before him.  Just as they had planned and now Mrs. Daniels' limp body was being held up by his buddy.  He moved up between her limp legs and bent down to help Malcom carry her to the planned area.  But first he let his hands slide up the legs of her shorts, caressing her soft ivory thighs, moaning "Ohhhh ……..God!  She's so fucking soft!  Fuck, I'm rock hard already!"  Then he reached down, putting his hands under the back of her knees to carry her to the laid out blanket.

Reaching the designated spot, they gently lay the beautiful blonde wife and mother of three down upon the blanket.  Malcom was kneeling above her, both hands roaming over her well-endowed breasts, then he began to unbutton her blouse.  Meanwhile, Jimmez was running his hands over her soft ivory thighs, then down her calves.  Reaching her feet, Jimmez peeled off her tennis shoes and socks, tossing them off to the side.  By now, Malcom had unbuttoned the white blouse and pulled it from her skirt, the lacy white bra had been pushed up and Malcom was fondling her bared breasts.  Since Malcom had first dibs on the lovely beauty while Jimmez was to do the camera work, the told his friend "I know how you've always wanted to suck on her beautiful titties, go ahead and get taste of her beautiful pink nips while I get outta my clothes!"

He watched as buddy began to lap up the tasty treat, hearing him moan in disbelief.   "Okay, Jimmez, get the camera rolling!  I just gotta get in her now before I cream in my pants!" Malcom ordered.  Having already tripped off his shirt and sneakers, he waited for the camera to start rolling before he undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his jeans.  Throwing his clothing aside, he knelt down with his knees on both sides of Mrs. Daniels' head, smiling for the camera as he pumped his throbbing cock over her beautiful face.  Afraid he'd cum right then and there, Malcom knew he had to stop, wanting his potent load to first be emptied in her fertile womb.

Getting up, Malcom moved to the other side of the unconscious beauty and knelt down on the blanket.  Reaching up, he unbuttoned the of the white skirt she was wearing on this day and took a deep breath as her lacy baby blue panties were revealed.  Unable to prolong his agony, he peeled both the panties and skirt down over her hips to reveal her golden treasure.  "Oh, fuck!  Pure eating stuff!" he groaned, rolling the garments down Mrs. Daniels' trim white legs.  Then he dove forward, nuzzling his face in her soft golden mound, inhaling the sweet fragrance.

To get a better angle, Malcom lifted a limp leg to put it over his shoulder, then followed the same procedure with the other.   Now he could eat out the sweet honey to his heart's content.  Slurping, burrowing his tongue into the sweet slick slit, Malcom thought he was in heaven.  Finally coming up for air, his mouth and nose slick with the tasty juices, he looked up at Jimmez to exclaim "This is so fucking sweet and tender!"  Ready to explode, he heard his buddy say "C'mon, lemme get at taste of her sweet honey!  Wanna taste it without all your creamy sauce on it!"  Standing up, he took over the camera as Jimmez shucked off his clothes and got into the same position he had been in for his tasty meal.

When Jimmez's taste buds had been satisfied, he again exchanged places with Malcom, taking over the camera as his buddy was on his knees shucking his cock.  He aimed the camera higher as Malcom leaned forward to mouth and suckle a pink tipped mound, then the other, leaving both wet with his drool and both pink peaks hardened from his endeavors.  He then got it all in, Malcom hooking the back of her knees with his arms, then moving forward to place his throbbing black cock at the entrance to her golden jewel.

Malcom positioned himself, then pushed forward, groaning "Oh, Godddddd ………oohh, fuckkkkk!  Oh, it's so fuck'n tight!"  Pushing forward again, embedding half of his cock into the very tight slight, his body shuddered as he moaned "Oh, so fuck'n tight!  Three kids and she's fuck'n tighter than any of the teenage whores I've nailed!  Fuck, this is a fuck'n dream come true!"  Slamming himself forward again, he buried his throbbing teenage cock into the woman of his dreams.

Wanting to make it last, Malcom stilled himself, keeping his throbbing cock absolutely still in the confines of Mrs. Daniels' gripping slit.  Then, slowly, he began to pump his raping cock in and out of the unconscious beauty.  Faster and faster he pumped, his mouth on her lips, his tongue dipping between her soft pink lips.  Reaching down, he grabbed her soft white ass in his hands, then slammed forward to bury his cock as deep as it would go.  "Oh, fuck ………………..ahhhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhh, gonna make you a little baby, Mrs. Daniels!" he groaned loudly, body shuddering in spasms as his cock exploded and spewed out its hot juices.

Moments later, Malcom withdrew his dwindling black cock out of the beautiful blonde's raped slit, a flow of his thick jism following his withdrawal.  He then took over the camera duties, getting his buddy as he straddled the lovely Mrs. Daniels'.  He focused in on Jimmez shucking at his lengthening brown cock and then zoomed in as Jimmez had asked, focusing on the thick brown cock parting the soft pink lips of the unconscious beauty.

Cockhead embedded in the tight hot mouth of the woman he fantasized about for months, Jimmez reached forward to entwine his fingers into her soft blonde hair.  Leaning forward, he pushed more of his manhood into her hot wet mouth.  Faster and faster, Jimmez pumped forward, not burying his cock into her throat as he wanted her to fully get a taste of his manhood when she awoke.  "Ohhh ………ohhhh ……….ahhh ……God …………I'm gonna cum!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh …………….yeahhhhh!" he groaned, with only his pulsing cockhead enveloped between the soft pink lips, his body shuddered uncontrollably as he began spurting his thick load to fill Mrs. Daniels' mouth with his jizz.

Malcom zoomed in once again when Jimmez pulled his deflated cock out from between the beautiful pink lips, filming Mrs. Daniels' head slump to the side once the invading cock was fully withdrawn.  The zoom shot had only Mrs. Daniels' lovely face in the frame, her pink lips partially open as a thick drool of jism flowed from the corner of her mouth, the drool puddling onto the blanket.  Then the microphone picked up Jimmez exclaiming "Oh, Mrs. Daniels!  Eat it!  Eat it all!  You've got the Jimmez's special Mexican pudding!"

When Jimmez was finally able to move his body, withdrawing his sensitive cockhead from the enveloping pink lips, he tried to regain his composure while his buddy placed the video camera onto the hillside above them.  Finally, he managed to walk over and look into the viewfinder, agreeing with Malcom that it was the perfect spot to place the digital camcorder.  Now, they could both have their fun together with the lovely mother of their good friend.

Moments later, once Jimmez began to recover, both boys scrambled into position.  Jimmez was situated between Mrs. Daniels' widespread thighs while Malcom was facing him with both knees on each side of the blonde head.  Once his cockhead was between the slick messy cuntlips, Jimmez leaned over to begin sucking upon a tender breast.  Meanwhile, Malcom parted the soft pink lips with his fingers to insert his pulsing black cockhead, then leaned forward to feast on the other breast.

Kneeling between the widespread beauty and lifting up her limp white limbs, Jimmez inserted his manhood and stabbed forward to begin to fuck away at the lovely Mrs. Daniels.  Meanwhile, cockhead enveloped between her soft pink lips, Malcom pumped away with very short strokes wanting to fill Mrs. Daniels' tight mouth as his buddy had earlier.  Both young teens groaned, betting each other as to who'd last the longest as they furiously pumped away.  It was truly amazing as each teenager groaned loudly at the same moment, groaning in unison "Aw, fuck ……………….I'm cummingggggg!"

An hour later, Mary Ann blinked her eyes, trying to filter out the bright sunlight as she wondered just where she was and what day it was.  She was puzzled as she looked up at the green shrubbery above her outlined by the cloudy blue sky above.  In a total daze, her head pounding, Mary Ann had no clue as to what day it was nor where in the world she was at the moment.  Blinking her eyes, she tried desperately to think, trying to clear out all the cobwebs, feeling a mean headache pounding in her head.

Laying there, looking up at the shrubs and the blue sky, Mary Ann tried to swallow but quivered at the slimy film in her mouth.  Then swallowing a bit, she shuddered wondering what the salty taste was, realizing that her mouth was coated with the rather sticky salty substance.  Reaching up with her right hand, she touched her throat area, feeling the wet sticky substance on her skin.  Her fingers touched the slimy film and she rubbed her thumb over her film coated fingers.  Bringing her fingers up to her nose, she inhaled to see if she could tell what the substance was.  The familiar odor immediately struck her, causing her body to shudder in revulsion.

"Oh, God …………..nooooo!" she cried, recognizing the essence on male spend, the scent that she had only encountered following lovemaking with her husband.  Then to her horror, Mary Ann ran her tongue over the slimy film in her mouth, turning to her side just as her stomach rebelled.   "Aruggghhhhhh ……….ahhhhh ………ahhhh ……..ahhhh ……..oh, Goddddd!" she moaned, her stomach heaving as she tried to spew out the filth within her.  Looking down at the long string of slimy filth connecting her bottom to the forming puddle on the blanket, she shivered in disgust, telling herself 'No ……no!  It …… can't be ………no one ……… one could do anything so vile!'  But the slick film and salty taste in her mouth told her otherwise.

Having turned onto her side, Mary Ann grimaced at the sharp pain emanating from between her legs.  She felt as if she had been torn inside, never having been stretched to such an extent.  Moving her hand to feel the painful area, she sobbed as her fingers came into contact with her pubic hair, covered with a messy wet stickiness.  She knew that the most horrid nightmare had fallen upon her, knowing that she and been soiled and violated by a deranged rapist.  Her fingers wandering further, dipping into her flooded slit, she moaned in shame and wept loudly "Ohhhhhhh …………..wh …..what …….how ……… can I ever tell Dave that I've been violated …………ra …..raped!"

Trembling in fear and shame she then looked down, tears flowed from her eyes as she viewed her open blouse and her lacy white bra pulled up over her bared breasts.  Sniffling, Mary Ann reached up to pull her bra back down to cover her nakedness, then closing her eyes in shame she began to button her white cotton blouse.  Lying there for a moment, she clenched her legs tightly together, shuddering as she felt how slick and wet her flooded channel was.

'Oh, God!  What ………..what if I get pregnant!' she worried, realizing that this was her worst time of the month.  Sitting up, Mary Ann gazed down upon her soiled and violated body, shuddering at the thought of the potentially horrid consequences from this vile rape of her body.  Her cycle was always very predictable and during the week she was fertile, Dave always took the precaution of using a condom to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  With three children, they had agreed that they'd be careful not to add to the family.  Grabbing a corner of the brown blanket, she stuck it into her flooded cunt, trying to remove as much of the filthy mucous as possible.

Mary Ann quickly looked at her watch, realizing that the girls would be done with practice in fifteen minutes.  She could not let them see her in this state.  She knew she could not walk around in this tattered condition and decided that it'd be best that she make it back to the car before practice was over and wait for them there.  Reaching out, she retrieved her torn skirt, then desperately looked about for her panties that were nowhere to be found.  Slipping on her socks and tennis shoes that she had put on when arriving at the field as her heels weren't appropriate, she then slowly made her way back up the steep slope.

In the car, Mary Ann touched her right breast, grimacing as pain shot throughout her body from the bruises caused by her rapists.  Never had Dave ever bitten her nipples in such a crude manner.  The mere touch of her soft lacy bra sent a tingling of pain through her body.  The girls had used up the tissues in the box kept in the car, tissues that would have been of great benefit at the moment to absorb the juices leaking from her raped slit instead of dripping onto the back of her shirt.

The drive home did not take very long, but for Mary Ann it seemed like an hour, especially when one of the girls asked "What's that strange smell, Mom?"  Mary Ann lied, saying it was an ointment that she had just but on.  She was concerned that the damp leather seat beneath her was now sopping wet from her leaking cunt and breathed a sigh of relief as she finally drove up into the garage.

Mary Ann instructed the kids to put their bags away and that dinner would be at 6:30 p.m.  As Jeff got out, Mary Ann told her son "Jeff, hand me one of those rags on the shelf!  I need to clean up a spill in the car!"  With the kids gone, she then proceeded to get out of the driver's seat and used the rag to wipe up the damp spot on the leather seat.  Then, lift up her skirt, she stuffed the egde of the dirty rag into her raped slit to absorb any further leakage till she made it to the safety of her bathroom.

In the safety of her bathroom, Mary Ann leaned against the sink and sobbed.  Reaching up under her skirt, she pulled the dirty rag out and looked at the puddle of gooey slime that had leaked onto it.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she began to weep in shame.  Quickly she prepared a potent douche, wanting desperately to cleanse herself of the potent scum that threatened to put her in the family way again.

Once she had flushed her flooded womb out, Mary Ann removed her blouse and bra to examine the bruises.  She grimaced as her fingers brushed against her tender nipples.  Looking in the mirror, it appeared there were several bruises on the bottom of her left breast, like teeth marks.  Turning the water on for a hot shower, Mary Ann wanted to try and scrub away the filth on her body.  'God, I can't report this rape to the police!  I ………I've already washed away all the evidence!' she realized.  Scrubbing herself with a brush, she knew she could not tell Dave that his wife had been soiled and violated by an unknown rapist or rapists.

Not in the mood to do any cooking, Mary Ann called to place an order for Chinese food at the nearby restaurant.  Then she called Dave on his cell phone to see if he would mind picking it up on his way home.  When Dave arrived home with the food, she shivered when he took her in his arms as he normally did to give her a kiss when getting home from work.  'Oh, Dave!  How can I ever tell you that I'm no longer deserving of you?  That your wife is now soiled …………violated by another man!' were the thoughts flooding her mind.

That night, Mary Ann slipped into bed and pulled up the covers as she turned on her side.  She hoped and prayed that Dave was not in the mood for any lovemaking, not wanting to let him soil himself in her violated and 'ruined' body.  When Dave came out of the bathroom and slipped into bed, she gasped loudly as his arm crossed over her body and his hand cupped her badly bruised left breast.

Dave mistook his lovely wife's loud gasp and the shivering of her body to be that of pleasure rather than the actual pain she was feeling.  This reaction encouraged him even more as he slipped his hand through the opening of her nightgown to cup her bare breast and pinched at her stiffened nipple, massaging and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

Gritting her teeth, Mary Ann tried to still her body from the shivering reaction caused by the fondling of her tender breast.  When Dave turned her over and gave her a passionate kiss, she knew this was the prelude to intercourse.  She felt guilty in letting Dave soil himself in her disgraced body but did not want to rebuff him.  After all, he had a right to her body, not like the rapist ore rapists who had taken her against her will.  "Oh, honey, you'll need to put on a condom tonight!" she advised.  If she needed to get an abortion, she wanted to rid the unwanted result from the rape and not Dave's baby.

It was an agonizing love session for Mary Ann.  The more that Dave suckled upon her bruised breast, the more she moaned in pain.  But with Dave mistaking her moans of pleasure, the harder he sucked and the louder she moaned.  When her raw cuntlips where parted, Mary Ann groaned loudly.  Again, her husband mistook her reaction for that of pleasure as he thrust himself hard into her aching body.  Never had Dave seen his wife react in such a passionate manner and this caused him to pump into her faster and faster, making her groan and moan loudly in response.  Lying upon his lovely wife, his cum safely contained in the teat of the rubber, he exclaimed "Oh, baby!  That was the most exciting fuck ever!"

Each day, Mary Ann suffered through the fear and anxiety of learning if she had been impregnated from that horrible rape of her body.  She prayed that the potent douche had been timely and strong enough to combat the seed before it took root.  Now she would merely drop Jeff and the girls off at practice, then leave to go to the mall or do other shopping, not wanting to do any more walking near the scene of her violation.

One afternoon, the girls had a game on their field and Mary Ann was watching from the sidelines along with the other parents.  Dave had taken off an hour from his job to take in the girls' game, joining her and the other parents.  As this was an actual game, Jeff and his friends walked on over once their practice was over.  When the game was over, Mary Ann told Dave to take the kids home in his car as she needed to pick some items up at the market, allowing them to shower and change in time for dinner.

Opening the driver's door to her car, Mary Ann looked down at the large brown envelope that was addressed to 'Mrs. Daniels' on the front.  She merely thought one of the team mothers for the girls' team had slipped in some schedule changes through the slight crack she had left in her window.  Wondering what it contained she began to open the envelope as Dave drove off with the kids.

Drawing out what appeared to be several photos, she gasped and a cold sweat overtook her body.  It was actually photos made from a computer with her as the subject matter, her face easily recognizable.  Swallowing in fear, gazing about so no one would get a glimpse of what she was looking at, she felt her heart sink in despair.  What the photos depicted was so vile and despicable, making her want to throw up in just looking at them.

Clutching her stomach, Mary Ann thought back to that awful day, remembering when she had come to and that slimy film in her mouth.  These photos confirmed her fears of what had happened besides the rape, something that she had not even done for Dave, even though he had often begged her.  Not only had there been one rapist but two, both of whom had used her mouth as the receptacle for their lust.  She shuddered, knowing now that neither of her rapists were white, as evidenced by the color of the photos.  Again she worried about the potential consequences of that awful day.

Feeling something else in the envelope, Mary Ann reached in to retrieve a folded sheet of paper that was typed, reading "A copy of these pictures will be given to Mr. Daniels and each of your kids if you don't follow the instructions!  On Friday at 2 p.m., get a room at the Sunset Motel.  We'll be watching as you check in so don't try any funny stuff!"

Knowing that she was being forced to meet the men who had violated her at the motel, Mary Ann knew it would not be just to talk.  Fearing the worst, the next morning she contacted her gynecologist and advised she wanted to go back on the pill, asking that a prescription be called in to the pharmacy for her to pick up that afternoon.  She just prayed that she was not already pregnant but if she weren’t, the pill would certainly be needed from here on in.  'Oh, God, what can I do?  Being raped while unconscious is one thing but to knowingly let a stranger touch me intimately ……..!' she shuddered at the prospect.  Deep down, Mary Ann knew she could not let anyone see those horrid photos.

By Friday morning, she was just a nervous wreck as she tried to concentrate on her job.  She had cleared it with her boss to just work a half-day, putting the other half-day on her vacation time.  When it came time for her to leave, Mary Ann tried to tell herself not to go, just not show up as they had demanded of her.  Opening the envelope that she had locked away, she peered at the photos it contained and tried to blink back the tears.  She knew she had to do as instructed or Dave and her children would see the awful evidence of her shameful violation.

Pulling into the motel that was located just two miles from her home, Mary Ann found a parking space away from the main road, not wanting anyone to see her car parked there.  She looked about to make certain no one she knew happened to be around and also to see if her blackmailers were around.  Going to the registration desk, she felt so guilty and ashamed at what she was doing, feeling as if she was a prostitute checking into a motel to get fucked.  Looking at the key in her hand, Mary Ann then made her way to the motel room, her heels clicking on the pavement with every step that she took.

From their hiding place nearby, Malcom and Jimmez nudged each other when they had seen the familiar car pull into the driveway and park.  They had watched the beautiful Mrs. Daniels nervously get out of the car to get a motel room.  Then they watched her look about nervously as she made her way to Room 7, a corner room on the ground floor.  She looked so elegant and beautiful in her white blouse and yellow skirt, walking in her 3" white heels.  They would wait for ten minutes, to be certain that it was not a set up with the police coming for them.

Each moment that Mary Ann waited as she paced about the motel room, she tried to tell herself that she was doing it for her family, that it was a dreadful sacrifice she would just have to make.  She shuddered, knowing from the photos that she'd be submitting to a black man with a monstrous cock.  She recalled the other cock being a lighter brownish in complexion but not as massive in size as the black one.  As nearly ten minutes had lapsed, she began to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking now that her blackmailers had changed their minds.  Getting a glass of water to dampen her parched lips, she suddenly froze upon hearing the knock at the door.

Slowly making her way to the door, her hand froze on the doorknob for a second, then closed her eyes as she began to unlock the door.  Opening the door, her eyes flashed open and she gasped upon seeing Jeff's two soccer teammates standing at the door.  She stumbled back a few steps in total disbelief but that allowed the two young teens to quickly step into the motel room and close the door behind them.

"You!  You were the ones who attacked me!  How ………… could you?  You're Jeff's friends!" stammered Mary Ann as she stared at the two lusting teens.  Then she remembered the horrid photos that they had sent her and wondered if there were more, knowing she couldn't let anyone see them.  "Please ……..please …………..please give me all the horrible photos you have of me!" she pleaded.  "Please …….please …………I'll die if anyone see them!" she sobbed.

"Oh, Mrs. Daniels, that's not the way to beg for something!  You really got get down on her knees if you expect us to consider giving you all our precious photos!" snickered a taunting Jimmez.  He knew he had the elegant and beautiful Mrs. Daniels in the palm of his hand as tears streamed down her lovely face.  He smiled as he watched her knees slowly collapse so she was knelling on the carpeted floor, pleading "Please …………please give me all the horrible photos!"  Jimmez smiled, watching as Malcom walked around the lovely woman to stroke her long blonde hair.

Jimmez told her "I'll certainly consider it, Mrs. Daniels!  Maybe a little 'kiss' will help convince me!"  On her knees, Mary Ann looked up at the vile youth, puzzled as to why he had ordered her onto her knees and now demanded a kiss.   She looked up at his smirking face, completely puzzled, then shuddered as he stepped forward with his hands moving to his zipper.  'No!  Oh, my God ………….no!  He ………..he can't expect me to do such a filthy thing!' she told herself, shuddering at the sound of the zipper being undone.  Her eyes widened in horror as the thick brown penis was withdrawn and was throbbing madly just inches from her face.

Horrified, Mary Ann knew she couldn't go through with this insane demand being made upon her.  Just as she was trying to stand and run from the room, Malcom's thick fingers had entwined themselves in her hair, holding her tightly, preventing her from standing.  From behind her, she heard her son's black friend laughingly snicker "Don't be that way, Mrs. Daniels!  Jimmez has been dying to get a little 'kiss' from you!"  Seeing the throbbing cock now nearly touching her, Mary Ann closed her eyes and clenched her teeth tightly shut.

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Mary Ann tried desperately to turn her head away from the horrible smell in front of her but the fingers in her hair held her firmly in place.  Her body shuddered in revulsion as she felt the thick rubbery cockhead prodding at her clenched lips, pushing at her to gain entrance to her mouth.  "Owwwwww ……………….mpffffffff!" she reacted to the sharp pull of her hair from behind and her mouth being filled by the youth in front of her.  Her hands reached up to grasp the thick cock to preserve herself, not wanting the evil youth to force the filthy thing all the way down her throat.

"Mmmmphhhhhh ……………..mmmphhhhhhh!" she whimpered around the meaty cock, clenching it tightly with her lips in a futile attempt to prevent more of it from being forced into her mouth.  'Oh, God, Dave begged me so often to do this to him …..but I always refused!  Oh, God ……………I feel like a prostitute …………..a cheap little whore!' she sobbed.

With the lengthy cock pumping through her now slick hands, the thick cockhead and three inches of thick meat kept sliding over her wet tongue.  She could feel her mouth getting slick and sticky from his leaking juices as Jimmez kept fucking into her mouth.  Horrified, Mary Ann didn't know what overcame her as she put her pointed tongue up against his pisshole, teasing it as he pushed himself into her mouth.  Then she ran her tongue around the sensitive cockhead, feeling it expand even more, filling her mouth to the brim.

Clutching the back of her head to keep from falling, Jimmez began to fuck faster and faster.  "Ah, fuck, yeah …………….ah, Mrs Daniels ………….suck it …………..suck it!  Oh, baby ……………oh, baby …………..I ……..I'm cumminggggggg!" he groaned, his body convulsing as he leaned forward to spew his entire load into the sucking mouth.

With the dwindling cock finally slipping from her mouth and out from her gripping hands, Mary Ann continued kneeling on the carpeted floor.  Her mouth remained partially open as a string of the thick fluid connected from her bottom lip to where it was forming a puddle on her yellow skirt.  'Oh, God …………..oh, God ……….what have I just done?' she asked herself as reality set back in.  Shuddering in revulsion, she clutched at her stomach, then leaned over as her stomach rebelled.  Coughing, she began to spew out the vile contents that she had been forced to swallow.

Then she saw Malcom standing before her as she continued to cough up the slimy spend.  "No!  No more …………no more …………I can't take any more!" she sobbed.  "Don't worry, Mrs. Daniels!  You ain't gonna have to suck my cock!  Cause I'm hungry now!" she heard from the snickering youth standing above her, puzzled at his comments.  Regardless, she was not about to stay and find out.  Then, as she staggered up, her arms were locked behind her body as Jimmez had revived from the bed to grab her, pulling her back so she was lying upon him on the bed.

Stunned at being pulled back onto the bed, Mary Ann was horrified as she felt her hands reach up under her skirt to strip her lacy yellow panties down her legs and off one white heel, left to dangle from the other.  "Ahhhh ……………ohhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhh …………….noooooooo!" she cried out, shuddering as Malcom's head dipped under her skirt.  "Ahhhhh ………….what …………….what are you doing?  Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, her body quivering as a hot mouth clamped down on her soft mound.  "Oh, God ……………..oh, God …………..ahhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her body quivered from the sensations caused by the wiggling tongue between her legs.

Shuddering, body quivering uncontrollably as she trashed about, Mary Ann could not believe what was happening to her.  Never had she ever experienced such sensations, feelings that she tried to quell, nor could she believe anyone would do such a dirty thing.  "Oh, God …………….stop …………….stop!  Pleaseeeee ………………ahhhh ………………arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her body shuddered uncontrollably.  She now had learned what it was to literally be 'eaten' alive as her cunt muscles contracted madly, excreting her love juices into the hungry slurping mouth, her body falling totally limp as she blacked out from her mind-shattering orgasm.

Ten minutes later, blinking to clear her hazy eyes, Mary Ann could see the unfamiliar ceiling through her partially opened eyelids.  Her face felt wet and clammy as she tried to blink away the foreign matter in her eyelids.  Trying to get up, fright coursed through her body upon finding that her arms were stretched out above her head, hands tied and secured.  She then looked down and sobbed, realizing that she had been totally stripped naked and had been the source of the evil teens' entertainment while in her faint.  The white wet streaks on her body testified to that.  She sobbed, closing her eyes as she realized why her face was not wet and what the foreign substance on her eyes were.

Jimmez shucked at his revived cock, leaned over to Mrs. Daniels' head as she turned away from him.  Tonguing her ear, nibbling at her earlobe, he whispered "Malcom sure gave you a creamy facial, Mrs. Daniels!  Today is my turn to fuck your tight little pussy first, Mrs. Daniels!  Is your little belly already swelling up with a brother or sister for our friend Jeff?  We sure filled ya up to the brim with our baby jizz the other week, didn't we?"  He laughed as he advised "We're good at making babies, Mrs. Daniels!  Malcom and me's knocked up three teenage bimbos apiece in the last year and a half!  Wonder which one of us is gonna be the lucky guy to knock ya up?"

Climbing aboard the bed, Jimmez kneed his way up, forcibly spreading her legs apart to admit him.  Then he leaned over to begin licking and nibbling at her pink nipples, causing her to sob in anguish.  Then he rubbed his youthful body over her soft ivory features, fitting his throbbing cockhead into place.  "Oh, gonna fuck you good, Mrs. Daniels!" he moaned, pushing himself forward, his cockhead enveloped by her slick sleeves.

"Ohhhhh …………stop ……………please stop!" Mary Ann whimpered, feeling the thick cockhead penetrate her sacred opening.  'Oh, God!  He ………….he's even bigger that Dave!' she realized in horror, feeling the thick shaft slide further into her.  Feeling a shiver of unwanted pleasure coursing through her body as the teenage cock now penetrated her deeper than she had ever experienced before, she tried to still her body from reacting in any way.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………!" she moaned as Jimmez pushed himself further into her, his cock sliding up into her womb.  The slippery sliding of his body upon her, caused by the streams of cum shot onto her body by his friend, made it such a wicked feeling.

"Oh, yes ……………..oh, yes ……………squeeze me …………squeeze me ………..just like that, Mrs. Daniels!  Oh, God …………..that's it ………squeeze …………….ahhhh, it feels so fucking good!" Jimmez groaned.  "Oh, yeah, baby ……………oh, yeah …………wrap your legs around me!  Oh, Mrs. Daniels …………..ahhhhhh …………….oh, you're gonna squeeze all the cum outta me!" he panted.

Then he began pumping harder, causing the wooden headboard of the bed to bang against the wall.  "Oh, God …………..she's squeezing me …………..ahhhhh …….ahhhhhh ………….I …………….I'm cummingggg!" he cried out, burying his cock fully as his body shook, his cockhead exploding as it began spurting its hot sticky load.

"Oh, God ……………..oh, God …………….what ……………what's happeninggggg?  Oh, God ……….no ……………no ……………..don't let me …………..cummmmmm!" Mary Ann screamed as her body betrayed her willpower.  Never had she been filled to such an extent, feeling the thick cock in her womb, spraying his hot semen into her.  'Oh, God …………..its so hot ……………it feels like acid …..burning me!' she shuddered, yet she could not stop her cunt muscles from continuing to contract against the still spurting cock.

When her legs had fallen to the side of her teenage rapist, she breathed hard in exhaustion but a moment later she felt the other teen crawl up between her widespread legs.  Mary Ann panted and shivered as she felt the fumbling taking place between their bodies.  She couldn't believe the size of the hard prodding bar of flesh that threatened to tear her apart.  Feeling the thick cockhead pushing at her tight slit, she was in a panic "Ohhh ………..please …………….please, Malcom .…….you ………'re too big!  It …….it won't fit!"  Trashing against her bonds, she tried to get away from this evil rape.  "Owwww ………….ohhh ……………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as the thick bulb-like cockhead forced its way in.

Malcom slammed forward with all his might, pushing his thick cockhead further into tight resisting slit, then he thrust again and speared her deeply.  "Ohh, noooo ………….uhhhhhhhhhh …………….uh, Malcom, ohhhh ……………you're …………you're too ………..tooooo biggggggggg!  Oh, God ………owwww …….it hurtssssssss …………ohhhhhhh!" he heard her cry out as he slammed into her with a ramming thrust.  Withdrawing till only an inch of his lengthy cock remained, he then slammed forward again, burying his cock deep into her womb.  It was the most fantastic fuck he had ever experienced, feeling the trim beautiful legs cross over his back and begin squeezing him to her.

"Uh ……..uh ……...uh ……..uh ………uh ……...ohhh …….…ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhh, God …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, my God!" Mary Ann chanted.  She was being fucked completely out of her mind, fucked by her son's teenage friends.  "Oh, Malcom ………………oh, God ……………oh, God ……….…..oh, God ………..I ……I …………….I'm cummingggggg!  Oh, Godddddddddddd!" she screamed.  At that instant, she felt the long thick cock deeply embedded in her, cockhead pulsing and expanding more deep in her womb.  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Ahhhhhhh ………….…….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as she felt the thick cockhead expand, then explode its hot cream directly into her womb.

Lying upon the bed, hands still tied above her head, she sobbed as the teen lying upon her began to suckle at her breasts.  Mary Ann sobbed in anguish, feeling the thick but dwindling cock still within her raped slit, feeling the sticky mess between her thighs.  'Oh, God!  Why ……………..why did I have to respond in such a shameful way!  Why did I have to respond at all!' she chided herself, her cunt muscles squeezing at the teen's still thick cock, trying to expel it from her raped body.

Finally, with the black teen lifting himself from her body, she felt the bindings on her wrists being untied.  Then she was being positioned across the width of the bed, her head facing Jimmez as he knelt on the bed's edge.  She looked at his wilted cock, still wet with their fuck juices, shivering at the thought of putting his messy cock into her mouth again.  "C'mon, Mrs. Daniels, clean me up with that beautiful mouth of yours!" she heard him order.  Her stomach felt queasy again, remembering how it had rebelled a bit earlier she turned her head away in disgust.

Feeling hands caressing her hips and ass, she heard Malcom's voice, ordering her "You heard Jimmez, Mrs. Daniels!  Open those sweet lips of yours!  Do we need to force you to open those lips, Mrs. Daniels?"  She was determined not to comply, not give in to any more of their horrid and debasing demands.  She did not see the exchange of glances take place between the two evil teens.  She felt an arm go around her waist, then felt fumbling behind her, feeling the teen behind her rubbing his cock against her body.  Then she realized what he intended on doing, she screamed out "What  ………..what are you doing?  Nooooo ………….noooooooo ……………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..mpppffffffff!"

Never had she dreamt anything could be so awful and filthy as the deviant teen was forcing himself into her virgin ass.  Her screams had been muffled as Jimmez forced his messy cock between her lips, her body shuddering in total disgust.  Now she was being buffeted by both teens in unison.  She felt the hands on her hips move forward, fingers dipping into her raped slit in search of her sensitive clit.  It finally ended in a mutual climax for all three participants.  With cocks exploding deep in her ass and throat at the same instant, Mary Ann's body shuddered in a wild orgasm as the experienced fingers sent her over the edge.

An hour later, Mary Ann found herself alone in the motel room, the two teens having dressed and bid her a goodbye as they had to meet Jeff at the movies that night.  Opening her purse, Malcom took a $20 bill, telling her "We'll treat Jeff to a hot dog at the movies!"  She looked at the time, knowing that Dave would be getting home in an hour so they could go out to dinner.  She staggered out of the bed, going to the shower to cleanse her body of the filth.  She looked at herself in the mirror and groaned, seeing the streaks of cum that soiled her face.  Looking down, she saw her pubic hair covered in a layer of slimy cum, making her wonder just how much more was contained in her womb.  She gingerly made her way to the shower, feeling the sharp pain in her ruptured bowels.

With the girls sleeping over at a soccer friend's place, she and Dave had a nice dinner together.  Dave was telling her of an exciting project he was working on but Mary Ann's mind could not shake the events of the afternoon.  When they arrived home, Dave held her in her arms and gave her a deep passionate kiss.  As Dave nuzzled at her neck, his hand fondling her asscheeks, she knew he wanted sex.  Although she had been fucked out of her mind the entire afternoon, she could not let on that she couldn't handle anymore.

Lovemaking with Dave had always turned Mary Ann on but the orgasms she achieved was nothing in comparison to what she had experienced that afternoon.  She felt so guilty, closing her eyes as Dave gently made love to her, sliding his penis in and out as he normally did.  But with her eyes closed, images of the two teens filled her mind as she humped back at Dave, trying to get his smaller cock to make her feel as she did in the motel room.  She wrapped her trim legs around Dave's waist, something she had never done before, and arched up into him.  Suddenly she felt Dave tense as he was emptying himself into her, leaving her far short of reaching her peak.

Two weeks later, with Jeff's regular soccer season coming to an end, Mary Ann dreaded the thought that they had earlier promised the use of their home and pool for the team party.  She could not stand the thought of having those two evil twins at her home, not after the vile things they had done to her.  She felt so guilty as her thighs clenched automatically at the thought of the two teens, juices flowing into the crotch of her panties.  She thought back to the game earlier that day, before the start of the game when Dave was getting a cold drink, Malcom had knelt down beside.  While pretending to tie his shoe, he whispered to her "Tell Jeff he can invite Jimmez and me to sleep over after the party!"  Then the evil teen was off running to join his teammates.

During the late afternoon poolside party for the team, attended by the players and coaches, Dave was to handle the lifeguard duties to make certain there were no accidents.  Dave was in the pool and was quite surprised when Mary Ann came out in a bathing suit.  It was the one that she wore if company was here but he was surprised as his wife had told him earlier that she did not want to be the only woman in a bathing suit with only teenage boys and the coaches present.  He had not known that when she was passing out cold drinks to the boys, Jimmez and Malcom ordered her to join them in the pool.

As it was getting near time to get the grill going, Dave and the coaches were drinking beer and going over how the season went.  At the far corner of the pool, Malcom and Jimmez each had a hand holding onto the edge of the pool while Mary Ann was treading water near them.  Then they heard both boys laughing and commenting "Oh, Mrs. Daniels!  Thanks so much for inviting us over and for everything else!"  One of the coaches commented to Dave "Yeah, that goes for us too!  Both you and your wife have really been a great support to the team!"

Little did they realize that each boy had the leg of his shorts pulled up to release their manly prize.  That Mary Ann had each hand filled with a throbbing teenage cock, pumping her fists as she threaded water.   Mary Ann tightened her grip and pumped her fists faster when she heard Dave yell out "Malcom!  Jimmez!  The burgers are ready!"  She knew the boys could not get out of the pool at that moment, not with the hardons she was fisting.  "O ………..okay!  We ……….we're cummingggg!" the boys replied in unison, each feeling his cock throb and explode beneath the water.

Too exhausted to swim the length of the pool, both boys held on to the side of the pool and edged their way to the shallow end, giving them adequate time to let their cocks shrink enough to tuck back into their shorts.  Meanwhile, Mary Ann remained at the far end of the pool, blinking back tears for the shameful act she had just done with everyone so close by.  'Oh, God!  They're sleeping over tonight!  I just hope that was enough to satisfy them!' she worried.  'Thank goodness the girls are sleeping over with their grandparents!  I've got to keep those nasty boys away from them!' she told herself.

With the party coming to an end and the crowd dispersing, Jeff just told the other players that his father would be dropping Malcom and Jimmez off later, not wanting the others to get jealous of not being invited to sleep over.  With everyone helping with the clean-up, only the grill needed cleaning.  With everyone else having departed, Dave advised he'd have one last beer while he cleaned the grill.  Mary Ann was worried when Jimmez yelled out "I'll get the beer for you, Mr. Daniels!"  Watching nervously, Mary Ann watched as Jimmez retrieved the can of beer from the cooler and pop it open.  Then she gasped softly as she saw Jimmez smile at her while holding a white pill up for her to see before dropping it into the beer.

As Jeff had taken some items into the kitchen, both Malcom and Jimmez pretended on gathering some other items near her, with Malcom softly laughing "Put on a sexy negligee see-through and come out so we can see how sexy you look in'em!  And don't wear any undies underneath!  When you go to bed, we're going to pay you a visit in your bedroom tonight, Mrs. Daniels!  You lock the door and we're gonna break the damned thing down!"  Then the two teens headed on into the house to join Jeff, who had just set up some video games.  Nervously, Mary Ann looked towards the grill, seeing Dave take a big gulp of his beer as he cleaned the grill, contemplating the demands of the nasty teens.

When Dave was done with the grill, he shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs, telling Mary Ann "Whew, I'm sure feeling beat!"  Mary Ann watched as he slowly made his way to the bedroom, following to make sure he could make it okay.  At the bedroom doorway, she watched as he took off his shirt, then laid upon the bed in his shorts.  Then his head slumped to the side and he commenced to snore loudly.  She knew it was the effects of whatever Jimmez and spiked his beer with.  She cringed, knowing that the worst was yet to come from the evil teens, wondering if she dared put on the see-through nightie with Jeff in the room with his friends.

Nervously, she got out of the clothing that she had put on after the swim, then donned the pink see-through nightie.  Looking in the mirror, she gasped upon seeing how revealing it was, her pink nipples were a shade darker and her golden curls clearly visible.  Going back into the kitchen, Mary Ann stood at the sink staring blankly at the dark window above, shaking with the jitters at having passed near the den where the boys were located.  Fortunately Jeff was at the controls of the video game, engrossed in what he was playing, unaware that his smirking friends were eyeing up her up as she passed.

Breathing hard, panting for breath, Mary Ann could not believe she had actually taken the chance of dressing in the nightie with Jeff in the same room with his friends.  Now she tried to summon the courage to go back the way she had come, back to her bedroom!  'Maybe I can waken Dave!  If I can get him up, maybe coffee will help keep him up!' she pondered, trying to think of a way to prevent what was threatened earlier.

"Ahhhhhhh ………….….!" she gasped upon suddenly feeling the hands on her hips, then moving to caress her asscheeks.  Then she looked down to see the familiar black hands on the front of her nightie, moving up to cup her breasts, pinching her stiff nipples through the thin material.  Closing her eyes, biting her bottom lip, Mary Ann tried her best not to feel anything.  "Ahhhh …………..ohhhhhhh!" she moaned, the caressing fingers causing sensations to course through her body, her cunt muscles clenching as the juices began to flow.

One hand caressing her breasts, Mary Ann swooned as she felt the other hand move down to caress her thighs, then that hand was moving up under the hem of her nightie.  "Oh, God …………..oh, Goddd ………ahh …………ohhhhhh!" she moaned as a long thick finger began sawing in and out of her juicing slit.  "Ohhhh!" she gasped as she was pushed up over the edge of the sink, her toes barely touching the floor.  "No ………, Malcom ……….not here!" she pleaded, feeling her nightie pushed up and the young teen fitting himself into her moist slit.

"Oh ………ohhhhh …………no ………, Malcom ………….not here!  Oh, God ……………ohhhhh, you're so bigggggg!" she shuddered, feeling the young teen enter her from behind.  It was a quick fuck but Mary Ann had shuddered to mind-shattering orgasm just as the young teen flooded her channel with his hot jism.  As she remained in that revealing position, she saw Malcom turn on the faucet to get himself a glass of water.

Mary Ann heard him leave but before she could recover, she heard a zipper being undone behind her.  Then she heard "I must say, you're the perfect hostess, Mrs. Daniels!  You sure know how to entertain us boys!"  She shivered as she then felt Jimmez shuffle forward, pushing up and into her already sopping cunt.  Another quick fuck but it left her feeling so guilty in having climaxed again, another climax that far surpassed the ones achieved with her own husband.

Lying on her side of the bed, curled up on her side, Mary Ann could feel the thick cum oozing out of her well-fucked slit.  She listened to Dave's loud snore, indicating that he indeed was in a deep drug induced sleep.  She hoped that Jeff's friends had satisfied their teenage lusts in the kitchen, hoping they would not follow through with their threats.  She had closed the door and was tempted to lock it but feared that it would indeed be broken down as they had promised.

Unable to sleep, waiting for the inevitable, she had heard the boys go to Jeff's room where the sleeping bags were laid out.  Mary Ann prayed that they would go to sleep, satisfied with what took place earlier.  Then she heard the familiar laughter coming down the hallway, the sound of the bedroom doorknob turning.  Heart pounding, knowing the door was opening and hearing the footsteps approaching, she could not believe this was actually taking place.

"Please ………..please ………..not here!  My …… husband ………he'll …….he'll get up!" she whispered pleadingly.  But she knew the young teens would not be deterred, cringing as she felt hands on her ankles, caressing her calves and moving up to her thighs.  Then both teens were undressing, getting up onto the bed, Malcom in the back of her and Jimmez facing her.  "Jeff …………Jeff's going to get up and look for you!" she warned.  Then she felt Malcom nuzzling her ear, telling her "We suckered Jeff into taking a whiff of the rag soaked with chloroform.  He's out cold from it, just like you were out on the field!"

She gritted her teeth to stifle her scream, not wanting to waken Dave at this point and have him discover her have sexing with two of Jeff's young friends.  She was being taken right on her marital bed, with her husband upon it while drugged into a deep sleep.  Never had she experienced anything so wicked as this, double fucked with one teenage cock reaming out her ass and the other fucking her in the more normal way.

It was not till 3 in the morning that the two teens staggered back to Jeff's room to get some sleep, leaving Mary Ann fucked out on her bed, but not before making her fist them off for the final act - with their last remaining spurts being shot upon her belly!    She couldn't count the number of orgasms that had racked her body throughout the night.  The two teens were insatiable, resting for only brief periods between fucks.  She had been taken in so many different ways, always being double fucked one way or another.

Exhausted and drained by the continuous bouts with the two teens, Mary Ann desperately wanted to go to sleep but fought it, knowing she first had to clean up the evidence of the night.  She recalled all the nasty things she had been forced to do, recalling that the teens often exchanged positions.  After begin sandwiched between the two teens, she remembered being forced to straddle Malcom's cock with her back to him while Jimmez stood on the foot of the bed to face fuck her.  When that was over, having rested a bit, she was forced on all fours with Jimmez taking her doggie style as she was forced to use her mouth to satisfy Malcom kneeling at her head.  And it all continued for many more hours.

Forcing her aching legs over the edge of the bed, Mary Ann gingerly made her way to the master bath to wash away the teenage cum soiling her body.  Under the hot shower, she scrubbed her body in an attempt to wash away the shame.  Dipping her fingers into her flooded twat, she scooped out as much of the slimy mess as she could.  'Thank God I'm on the pill!  I just hope it was not too late to get started!' she prayed, knowing a home test would tell in a couple more weeks.

Getting a wet washcloth, Mary Ann returned to the bedroom to gently wipe Dave's face.  She did not want to awaken him at this point but to wipe his face clean of the fuck juices that had escaped from her flooded cunt.  She thought back to the shameful act she was forced to perform when the deviant teens were done fucking her.  They had made her get on all fours, then crawl over Dave's sleeping form as Malcom pulled her husband's shorts and jockeys down.  She did as she was told, taking Dave's limp prick into her mouth and began sucking upon him.  But as she was positioned right over Dave's face, Malcom began finger fucking her, forcing her to clench her cunt muscles, forcing some of the thick juices to drip from her well filled cunt.

Still, she could not get over the numerous mind-shattering orgasms the young teens had driven her to, so much powerful that she was dazed each time.  Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, slipping her hands into her panties and shivered in particular at the memory of the long thick cock of her son's black friend.  Fingering herself faster and faster, Mary Ann wickedly thought of the illicit consequences she faced if Malcom indeed succeeded in 'knocking' her up.

Weeks went by and all Mary Ann could do was to think of Malcom and what he possessed beneath that big bulge in his crotch.  Just the other night, embraced in lovemaking with Dave, she had made believe that it was her son's friend who was again taking her against her will.  It worked as it helped bring about the first orgasm that Dave fetched her to in months, but she knew the real reason for that orgasm.

Although the regular soccer season was over, the team had qualified to play in the regional championships and the boys continued along with their practices in preparation for the tournament.  With the tournament being held in a distant city, they began making plans for the long three-hour drive.  The girls would be staying with their grandparents on the day of the first game as it was quite a bit of travel in the van.  When she heard Jeff asked his father if his two good friends could ride along with them, Mary Ann shivered and wanted to interject.

Hearing her husband say 'yes' before she should say anything, Mary Ann then rubbed her thighs together in an attempt to quell the tingling itch that suddenly began spreading in her loins.  She knew that this would not be an uneventful trip, not with her son's two horny friends riding along with them.

At 5:30 a.m of the first tournament day, one of the parents dropped Malcom and Jimmez off so they could ride with Jeff and his family.  Jeff was up to greet them and loaded their gear in the back of the van.  Pitch dark outside, the boys were still tired and were waited in the van for Jeff''s parents.  Jeff and Jimmez were sitting in the middle bench seat, with Malcom having the rear to himself.  In no time, both Jeff and Jimmez were fast asleep and Malcom was on the verge of dozing.

As Dave picked up the last remaining items on the trip, he told his wife "Looks like all three of them are passed out in the van already!  Maybe you should put those blankets on them so they won't catch a chill before the game, hon!  I'll fill up the large two gallon jug of water for the team and be right out, babe!"

Hearing this, Mary Ann went out to the van and unfolded a blanket and draped it over her sleeping son.  Nervously, she did the same to the sleeping Jimmez.  Moving out of the middle area of the van, she then unfolded another blanket and stepped into the rear portion of the van.  Nervously, Mary Ann began to put the blanket onto the muscular black teen. Then she gasped as the teen's hand closed around her right wrist, indicating that he certainly had not fallen asleep as yet.

Panting, Mary Ann felt her hand being drawn downwards in the darkness of the van.  She shuddered as her fingers made contact and encircled the teen's hot throbbing flesh.  Instinctively, her fingers tightened around the teen's thick manhood, her fist began pumping up and down on the growing shaft.  Feeling a hand upon her head, pulling her down, her mouth opened to engulf the flanged cockhead as her tongue flicked out to lick and tease it.


Moments later, backing out of the rear of the van, Mary Ann heard the front door closing shut and the approaching footsteps of her husband behind her.  "I got the jug of water along with a six pack of bottled water for us on the trip, hon!" Dave advised.  With the van loaded, Dave placed the bottled water between the front seats and then started up the van.

Mary Ann reached down for one of the bottled water, telling her husband "I …….I'm a bit thirsty.  I …..I think I'll have one now!"  Opening the cap, she took a large drink from the bottle, needing to dilute the sticky and salty film that coated her mouth.  After what had just taken place without even the van leaving the driveway, Mary Ann could not help but wonder what lay ahead on this lengthy journey,

End of Story.