Friend's Pretty Mother - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Friends Pretty Mother 2’
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As the campaign for State Representative Brian Wilson’s bid for the recent opening of the State Senate got under way, due to the passing of the former senator, his staff and group of volunteers were actively going door to door in order to drum up support.  The passing out of brochures and flyers was critical as there was expected to be a formidable opposition in the race for the senate from the other party.  Brian Wilson knew that his beautiful young wife was a big asset to his campaign, just as she had been in his run for the current seat he was now holding.  With his lovely wife out in the public’s eye, her charm and charisma seemed to help attract the younger generation to come out and volunteer their time.

With the senate district quite large, all the help was needed and Brian and his regular staff thought that his wife Bobbi would be the ideal person to help spearhead the volunteer staff.  With Bobbi Wilson on various committees in the community, along with being big sister at her sorority and advisor to several high school girls’ clubs, she did not even have to ask and volunteers from those groups came out to help in droves.  Yet, still more help was needed and Brian asked his son John to see if some of the guys he knew at Roosevelt High would be willing to come out to volunteer their time.

Now a freshman at Roosevelt High, John Wilson was playing on the freshman baseball team along with the bunch of friends that he had been hanging around with since middle school.  From the type of home and where he lived with his parents, the guys that comprised of his group of friends came from the other side of the tracks, with a couple of them even having spent some time in the DH.  His father had wanted him to attend an exclusive school but his biological mom had insisted that he attend public school, more to spite his father, which was the way in getting back at her ex-husband and their bitter divorce.  And his step-mom Bobbi, although she wanted the best for him, she had no say in the matter of his education.

And so John broached the subject with his pals: Jason, Derek, Jose, Juan, and Sam.  Jason and Derek were his two black buddies, Jose and Juan were of immigrant Mexican families, and Sam was an Asian dude from the outskirts of the Chinatown area.  Thus, John was the only white guy in the group, a bunch of teens that many of the ‘good’ students steered clear of for fear of getting into a fight.  Perhaps it was a chip on John’s shoulder, created by him being a pawn in the custody battle from the divorce between his parents, that caused him to tie up with this bunch of hoodlums as most people referred to them as.

When filled in on the need for volunteers, advised of his step-mom in charge of the campaign volunteers, Jason spoke up and advised John “We’s be only too happy to volunteer to help yer step-mom out!  She’s real nice!  And after all, she really went out of her way to make us feel at home and please us at the birthday party ya had at the end of last the last school year!”  With baseball practice over and John going to approach a couple other groups to see if he could recruit more volunteers, Jason asked “Is yer step-mom working out of the campaign office that just opened up at 6th and Main?”  With an affirmative answer and that she normally works a bit late to get things squared away, Jason told his buddy “We’s all going over there right now and see how we can be of help!”

A busy day overseeing the new volunteers, giving them flyers and brochures for distribution, Mrs. Bobbi Wilson had given them the instructions and mapped out each team’s area.  With some areas rather unsafe for a single person, especially a female, teams were formed so they could look out after one another.  Thus, safety for the campaign’s volunteers was of high priority.  With the number of volunteers now over a hundred, it was growing but the goal was two hundred and fifty, and things were beginning to slow as to the increase in numbers.

For Bobbi, she had seen first hand as to how vile and crude residents of the low income housing area could be, especially the young teenagers.  She herself did not want to campaign there as it was considered the ‘rough’ side of town, but they were a part of the senate district and each vote counted in this upcoming election.  She could only wish that her stepson John was not going to the public school there as it was really not up to par and the guys he had chosen to hang out with just weren’t of the best morale character.

It had been her stepson’s friends, those literally from the other side of the tracks, that had shown her what life was really all about in their world of depravity.  At that last birthday party for her stepson, his closest friends naturally had to be invited, even if she herself did not approve of his rather crude friends.  It had first started at a pizza parlor following a baseball game when John’s friend Derek had blatantly peeked down her blouse as she was serving the pizza.  To have a young black teen so daringly ogle her had given Bobbi the willies.

With her husband wanting John to have the birthday party, with photos of John and his friends from the other side of the tracks providing a good photo opportunity for his political campaign, Bobbi was not able to convince her husband to just do a very private family party.  But with both she and her husband there to chaperone the party, Bobbi hoped and anticipated that all would go smoothly during the night of the party.  And it did, up until her husband’s aide stopped by and Brian had to quickly put on a tie and head out to the emergency meeting called at the State Capitol.

Unbeknownst to Bobbi, with her husband having departed, the conniving teens had her son deliberately kept occupied by a sexy blonde nymph and then she had been called upon by one of his ‘good’ friends as apparently one of the teens had taken seriously ill after downing some sort of drug and had gone to lie down.  Concerned, Bobbi quickly followed the teen down the hallway as he led her to his friend.  Though taken aback somewhat that it was the master bedroom where the teen had sought to lie down upon the king-sized bed, her main concern was going to the convulsing teen.  Looking and seeing the whites of eyes of the convulsing teen upon her bed, Bobbi instructed the other teen to call 911 and get an ambulance over to the house.

In turning to see the teen hanging up the phone without making the call and locking the bedroom door, then a hand from the teen lying on the bed was clamped over her mouth, Bobbi had then found herself trapped in the master bedroom of her own home with these two young teens from the other side of the tracks.  With her husband having departed earlier, her son and his other friends partying outside, Bobbi was now in the clutches of these devious teens.  Her summer dress torn into shreds, then stripped of her undergarments, the black teen who had faked his illness was then upon her body.  With his large calloused hand over her mouth as he brutally thrust himself into her, her screams were muffled and went unheard to the partygoers outside.  Bobbi could not believe how well-endowed such a young teen could be, for what he was brutally forcing up into her tight slit was far thicker and longer than her own husband’s.

And with the teen rapist not wearing a protective condom, the consequences loomed in Bobbi’s mind as to what could potentially result with such an illicit mating with this demented black teenager.  Though mentally aware of the horrid consequences, it was only made more devastating as the teen rapist laughed and taunted her with his desire of I’s gonna ‘knock’ ya up good and put my’s little black baby in tummy!”  In the manner in which he had taken her, rutting at her like an animal, it was obvious that the teen atop of her was not inexperienced when it came to sex as he then boasted of already having put three young teenyboppers into the family way.

When the black teen had satisfied in lust by spewing his hot filthy seed into her body, it was then that the Latino who had deceived her into following him took his turn, only this vulgar teen pushed her legs wide apart and without hesitation clamped his wide open mouth atop of her slit that was oozing copiously with the fresh hot semen of his friend.  She could not believe the teen could be so depraved, tonguing her lavishly without even caring how filthy she was at the moment with another teen’s semen oozing out of her.  But soon she was squirming atop of her bed, arching up, giving the filthy bastard the sweet honey that he had been after as she involuntarily climaxed in his hot slurping mouth.

One by one, the other three members of the bunch entered the master bedroom to take his turn on the bed after apparently standing guard out in the hallway.  Raped orally and anally, she just could not tolerate any more disgrace.  And when the last teen wanted his turn, wanting her to blow him too, Bobbi had refused and kept her teeth clenched tightly as the Asian teen rubbed his filthy penis about her cringing face.  In hindsight, Bobbi wondered if she should have given him the oral sex that he was wanting, for now it certainly seemed less humiliating than to have the bastard ejaculate his filthy semen all over her face and hair.

Thanking the last group of high school gals who had distributed their campaign flyers that day, Bobbi gave them a new supply and went over their next assignment area for the following day after school got out.  And as the last gal was leaving her office, she asked “Oh, Jenny, can you turn the ‘Closed’ sign over and lock the door on your way out!  The lights also if you can as I think that’s the last of the volunteer groups that’ll be coming in today!  Thanks!”  Turning to clean up the table of literature on the far wall, Bobbi looked at the time and smiled as she’d finally be able to get home early for a change.

But little did she know that the door had not been locked after the ‘Closed’ sign turned to face the street.  Jenny had just turned the lock and about to close the door when a high school acquaintance of hers had advised “Our buddy John asked us to stop by as his mom needed some volunteers to pass out flyers!”  An unsuspecting Jenny was off with her girlfriends, allowing the male teens to enter unannounced.  Door now locked behind them, the light was turned off as the teens quietly made their way over to the lighted office in the back, the devious teens planned on surprising the unsuspecting beauty.

Her back to the doorway as she took printed flyers out of the box to stack them upon the supply table, Bobbi then grabbed a bunch of the flyers to put out front as the supply there was getting low.  But in turning about to take the flyers to the front office, Bobbi gasped in sheer fear at the sight of the five leering teens who had quietly snuck into the room, dropping all the flyers that she had been holding.  Flyers scattered about her office, Bobbi stepped back in fear as the demented teens closed in upon her.

“Hiya, Mrs. Wilson!  Heard ya needed some volunteers!” said the Asian teen named Sam.  “I’s was the first in the gang to step up to the plate!  Yessiree, I’s volunteered first ……………………… be the first to have his cock sucked by that beautiful mouth of yers!” he chuckled.  “Or would ya like another one of ‘Sammy Tong’s’ hot creamy facials, huh!  Remember the last time?  Ya wouldn’t take me in yer fuck’n mouth!  Ya had me popping my nuts off all over that beautiful face of yers!  That can be put on the agenda again, if’n ya so desire!” he commented.

No match for the strong burly teens as she tried to fight her way through the surrounding teens, Bobbi found herself in quite a predicament as two of the teens held by the arms and were forcing her to her knees.  A teen behind of her was grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to looking up at the demented Sammy Tong as he began reaching into the bottom of the baseball uniform that he was wearing.  Then the grinning teen told her “Ya know, being the catcher sure ain’t fun at times!  Always gotta wear this fuck’n cup to protect by balls from getting whacked in the fuck’n balls!  Sure is good to get this fuck’n uncomfortable thing off!”

Bobbi wanted to die right there on the spot when the devilish teen put the plastic sports cup right over her mouth and nose, forcing her to inhale the foul acrid smell of the item that had been covering his genitals.  Struggling madly against the strong hands holding her arms secure, Bobbi tried desperately to break away as she was getting lightheaded from the awful stench.  The smell of it was just overwhelming and Bobbi got to learn why as the chuckling teen announced “Like the smell of me, Mrs. Wilson?  With us on a winning streak, I’s didn’t wanna wash it and jinx things!  Let’s see now, guess it ain’t been washed since the third game of the season, which was about a month ago!”

When the foul sports cup was finally removed from her face, Bobbi gasped and coughed as she sought to breathe in some clean fresh air.  But that had given the deviant teen the perfect opportunity to step forward and insert his filthy penis into her mouth.  Now the tall lanky Asian teen was sawing his bloated penis in and out of her salivating mouth as his fingers grasped onto her hair to serve as handle bars as he proceeded to fuck her face.  “Ah ………………ahhh ………………ahhh …………….……oh, Mrs. Wilsonnnnnnnn ……………………..….I’s been dream’n of this fer so fuck’n longggggggggggggggg!  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the teen announced as he kept his cock buried down her throat and began spewing out his filth.

Coughing and gagging on the slimy goo, it backed up from her throat to fill her mouth up with the filthy stuff.  Head pulled back by the hair, she was made to look up at the lanky teen who ordered her to “Swallow all my’s cum, Mrs. Wilson!  There ain’t nothing better than the taste soups that us Chinese make!  A little lumpy, huh?  Jist like the tasty Egg Flower soup!” the Asian teen gloated, then chuckled “Ah, yeah, that’s it!  Suck it up!  Suck it all up!  Ah yes, us Chinese always start dinner with a hot bowl of soup!  Keep sucking, there’s still a lot more goodies stored up in my balls fer ya!  Ah!  Ah!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Coughing and gagging, Bobbi felt her stomach churning in revulsion of the slimy goo that began to form a hot lake in her belly.  Feeling utterly sick and humiliated at what she had been forced to do, Bobbi felt her arms being pulled up and then she was being dragged over atop of her just cleaned desktop. Then she felt a pair of hands flipping up her navy blue skirt and fingers were being inserted into the waistband of her lacy white panties.  The familiar voice of the teen named Jose was then heard saying “I volunteer next!”  Seconds later, she heard him announce “This time I’m gonna eat her nice clean little beaver!  Shit, eating that cream pie ya had fer me that last time was jist nasty!”

“Ahhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhh!  Oh!  Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Bobbi shuddered as her thighs were now draped over Jose’s broad shoulders as he savagely ate her muff as if he had not eaten a meal in days.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………….noooooooooooooooooooo!” she whimpered in helplessness as the Jose stuck his long flicking tongue up into her slit.  “Oh, God …………………oh, God ……………………..oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she screeched out, arching up into the teen’s face as she creamed into his mouth as the tip of his talented tongue teased at her ultra-sensitive clit.

Panting from the mind shattering orgasm that had totally rocked her petite body, Bobbi now found herself being pushed over off the front side of the desk, she was then pulled down some so her heels were now on the ground.  A moment later, with the back of her skirt flipped up to expose her bare bottom, Bobbi was on tip toes screaming “Noooooooooooooooooo ……………………stop ……………………………stop …………………….stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!”  The black teen named Derek was behind of her laughing “Ah, ya’ve got the tightest little white ass, Mrs. Wilson!  Jist as tight as that last time I’s buggared ya!  Oh, yeah, that’s it ……….bet it feels like a fuck’n big turd up yer ass huh?  Go and see if’n ya and squeezed it outta yer purty white ass!”

“Shut the bitch up, Jose!” she heard her sodomizer instruct the bastard who had eaten her out just minutes ago.  The Latino teen was now at the back of the desk pulling her head up by the hair, then proceed to silence her by gagging her mouth with his stiff erection.  Arms held outstretched across the length of her desk by two of the gang members, Bobbi shivered upon feeling her hands being guided into the bottom of their baseball uniforms.  Being sodomized, forced to suck another cock, her fingers on both hands were now being molded over two sticky erections.

Meanwhile, Sammy Tong had grabbed the campaign’s camcorder and was standing on the brochure table looking down and capturing everything on disc.  And now, focusing upon Derek who had been shagging the beauty for some time now, the manner in which he was giving her the bone made it quite clear that his black friend would soon be giving Mrs. Wilson a good enema.  “Uh …………………..uh …………………………uhhhh …………………….uhhhhh …………………………yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the announcement as Derek buried his boner deep in her ass with his balls banging against her soft asscheeks.  With Derek’s ebony body shuddering and asscheeks clenching, it was quite obvious that he was in the process of hosing down her ravaged rectum with a slick hot balm.

“Ah, damn!  Fuck’n good!  Ya and me make sweet music together, Mrs. Wilson!” Derek wheezed, before asking “Who’s the next volunteer?”  “My turn!  It’s my turn!  I’s volunteer to be the first one to fuck her like at the birthday party!  I’s aim to fix whatever went wrong the last time ……………………..I’s gonna fuck’n knock her up fer sure this time!” Jason advised, then began prying her fingers of his dick and telling her “Okay, Mrs. Wilson, let go of my dick!  Ya’s got it all primed up and ready to go!”  Then guiding her fingers, Jason advised “Feel that, Mrs. Wilson!  Feel how swollen they are!  Gonna pump all of that out right into yer hot little pussy!”

Then Bobbi was flipped around, her back upon the desk and being turned upon it to lie lengthwise upon.  Head tilted back upon the edge of one side of the desk, legs draped at the knees on the other side, Bobbi had not strength remaining to put up a struggle as the teenage hoodlums shuffled about in changing positions around the desk.  With Jason now getting his black body in position between her legs, the Asian teen who was just about to put his cock back into her mouth was told “Move on over Sam!  Git yerself a handjob cause I’s wanna give Mrs. Wilson a real special treat tonight!”

Bobbi had not believe that she could be humiliated any further, but she was about to find out how wrong she was.  Mouth forced open by the strong hand pressing down on her chin, Bobbi could not prevent the invasion of the filthy black cock into her mouth, the one that had just been all the way up her rectum.  And the humiliating taunting that she had to endure as the cruel teen advised “C’mon, Mrs. Wilson, clean me off!  Clean off all the shit she covered me with!  What’s the matter?  Don’t like the taste?  And here I’s thought rich sexy bitches like ya only shit ice cream, heh, heh!”

Having the soft trim fingers pulling on his knob earlier as well as forcing her to cradle his nuts in the palm of her hand, Jason was primed and ready to give her a good fucking.  “Oh, yeahhhhhhhh!  Tight!  Oh, yeah, Mrs. Wilson, I’s determined to do it right this time!  Gonna make Johnny boy a big brother!  What’s yer pleasure, Mrs. Wilson?  How about a little baby girl, that suit ya, cause I’s real good at making them little girlie things!  Ya jist ask those three teeny boppers I’s went and knocked up!  Each of’em got a healthy baby girl to take care of!” he boasted while slamming his dark meat deep.

Meanwhile, Sammy had seen the tripod in the corner of the room and was now setting it atop of the table and attaching the camcorder upon it.  Primed for more action once again, once the camcorder was focused upon the desk and surrounding participants, Sammy climbed back down.  Seeing Mrs. Wilson’s sexy white legs waiving about each time Jason lunged into her, he want over to caress them.  Then, one 3” navy blue heel was peeled off a sexy foot and dropped to the floor, revealing her lovely pedicured toes.  The other heel was soon removed and with a hand grasping each ankle, Sammy had her long trim wrapped around his buddy’s ebony waist.  Holding her sexy feet together, soft pink soles wrapped around his revived boner, Sammy would get his pleasure in this manner.

Simultaneously, while unable to hold back the unwanted orgasm now rocking her raped body, Bobbi felt the cock in her expand even further just before it exploded deep in her fertile womb.  Utterly defeated, Bobbi had beat the odds that last time but with this being the most dangerous time of the month for her, she realized that her luck might just have run out.  She now felt the wetness between her thighs as well as heard the loud ‘slushing’ sounds of the still rigid cock going in and out of her raped body.  Suddenly everything seemed to become soaked about her, fingers and palms wet, even her toes and bottom of her feet.  Now rain from above was splashing down onto her cheek and chin.

“Goddamm, she’s a fuck’n cumbag!  Lookit, she’s jist dripping cum!” Sammy Tong announced as he now had the camcorder back in hand and focusing in on the defiled beauty on the desk.  Her arms outstretched and hanging limply off the sides of the desk, fingers webbed with cum that dripped from her fingertips.  Legs draped down over the side of her desk, toes webbed with cum and dripping from between her pointed toes onto her discarded navy blue heel on the floor just on the side of the desk.  And down the side of her desk was a trail of cum, oozing out of her raped slit, flowing down the side to the bottom before dripping onto the floor.

With Sammy and Derek have shot off twice each already, they were spent and watched as their buddies sought to get themselves caught up.  As Sammy manned the camcorder, Jose, Juan, and Jason each grabbed a chair and pulled it around the desk.  Juan was in front of the desk, Jose behind it, and Jason off to the right side just above her head.  With each of them standing above on a chair, wanking at his meat, their intent was quite obvious.  And they were talking to one another, asking “Are ya about ready?”  Timed perfectly, all three popped their nuts at the same time, showering the raped beauty with their hot spunk.  Spurt after hot spurt, they aimed their molten spunk upon her face and neck, saturating the beautiful Mrs. Wilson with their gooey mess.

Alone in the office of the campaign headquarters, Bobbi finally found the strength to roll to her side and sit up upon her soiled desk.  Shreds of her clothing were scattered about on the floor, minus her undergarments that were missing, Bobbi was grateful to the fact that she kept a couple outfits in the closet in case the need arose for picture taking or a sudden political dinner engagement.  Donning an outfit from the closet, she got into another skirt and blouse outftl, then put the jacket on to cover the visible nipples pointing up against the front of the blouse.  Even a new pair of heels were needed after retrieving the pair of navy blue ones but only to find them covered with male droppings.

Getting home late that night, a bit after her husband had pulled in, Bobbi swallowed nervously when Brian asked “Did John’s buddies from school show up today?  He said he was busy trying to recruit more from his school and that his ‘good’ friends said they’d go and see you late this afternoon!”  With her son studying in his room, Bobbi swallowed nervously and responded “Yes, they all showed up …………….and said that they wanted to ‘volunteer’!”  She had not lied to her husband, yet the word ‘volunteer’ had certainly been used in a different concept by the demented teens.  She shivered at thinking what was told to her before they had departed, that they’d be back tomorrow night to ‘volunteer’ their services once again.

That night in bed, Bobbi tossed and turned, wondering just what she should do at this juncture in view of the fact that both the night of John’s birthday party and this evening had all been recorded.  ‘What will happen if I refuse their perverted sexual demands?  Will they make public the horrid videos?  Will Brian divorce me?  Certainly that would be devastating for Brian’s campaign!  And with me being the wife of a current State Representative running for the senate seat, it’ll be splashed all over the front page of the newspapers!  I’ll never be able to show my face in the community again!’ were all the thoughts and questions running through her jumbled mind.  ‘Think!  Think of what you’re going to do!’ Bobbi ordered of herself.  The thought of her leaving was entertained but the results seemed to be equally as devastating, but it was an option.

The next morning, having decided what was best for the horrible predicament that she was in, Bobbi went to the closet to get a get her bags and tossed them over to where her dresser drawer was.  Garment bag opened, she then grabbed outfits from the closet to pack into the bag, throwing several pairs of heels into the bottom of the bag.  Then to the dresser drawers, she grabbed up her undergarments to stuff into the bag.  Bobbi’s mind was set on the decision of what had to be done today before departing from their luxurious home.

Loading up her car with her clothing, Bobbi mentally went through her checklist of what to take with her.  Then she realized what she had forgotten and hurried back into the house.  Grabbing a large empty sack, she then went to the closet and threw in a bunch of old rags.  Then to the closet, she grabbed several towels and a bunch of washcloths.  She grabbed another set of washcloths as she thought “I’ll definitely need a lot of these!  God, it took me forever to wipe their filthy mess off using my torn garments!  My face, my hands, even my feet …………….all soaked from those filthy animals!”

First to arrive at 8:15 a.m. to open the campaign headquarters as usual, Bobbi took her bags into her office to hang up her outfits and to store the other bags.  Grabbing some rags from the bag, went to the sink in the bathroom, then back to her office and down onto her hands and knees to the now visible spots missed from her hasty clean up using her shredded clothing the night before.  She shuddered in seeing several white spots that had been missed, thankful now that she had come in early with some rags.  As she wiped up the floor, Bobbi was then startled upon hearing “Good morning, Mrs. Wilson!  I skipped my first period class so I could come down and volunteer again!”

Shuddering and swallowing in nervousness, she turned to look up at the leering Asian teen as chuckled “Oh, do git up on account of me!”  Then he was slowly approaching her while getting his zipper down.  “C’mon, Mrs. Wilson, we’s gotta hurry a bit!  Doesn’t some of the staff come in about ten minutes as the sign says open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.!  Ya don’t want them to come in seeing ya sucking me off, now do ya!  Ya had better swallow it all or ya might jist git yerself another of Sammy Tong’s hot facials and yer beautiful dress might git a bit messy!” she was advised.  Time of the essence as the vile teen had correctly pointed out, she ran her tongue over his bloated cockhead, then began bobbing her head up and down upon his shaft.

It was just like clock work, for ten minutes later the front door of the campaign office opened just as Sammy was at her office door bidding her goodbye with “Glad I could ‘volunteer’ some of my time this morning before school, Mrs. Wilson!  I’ll be back with the rest of the guys this afternoon once baseball practice is over with!”  As the depraved teen departed, in came one of the women volunteer’s from the women’s league.  Having swallowed deeply and licked her lips of any incriminating evidence just seconds earlier, Bobbi braved a smile and hoped that her face was not too flush.  Behind her back, Bobbi’s fingers clutched at the rag used to the wipe the floor of the dried cum stains from the night before, the same one used just seconds earlier to wipe the fresher batch from her chin.

End of Story.