Gift for the Bride
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Pam Anderson looked at her reflection in the mirror as she blinked back the tears.  Wearing 3" white heels, matching white panties and bra, Pam held her beautiful floor length wedding dress up to herself.  The beautiful gown was one she had fallen in love with upon viewing it and trying it on many months ago.  It had been an occasion that she had dreamt of for so long, dreamt of wearing the beautiful white lace wedding gown and becoming Mrs. Steve Somers.

Gazing into the mirror, she bit her lip and began sobbing uncontrollably, her head slumped as it pained her greatly to now look at the beautiful gown that was yet to be worn for the very special occasion.  But now, everything had changed, what was to be a happy occasion turned into one that Pam was hesitant to follow through with.  Her sobs were those of shame and guilt as her dream had now become a nightmare.  She was now filled with feelings of revulsion, guilt and shame.

'How can I marry Steve?' she sobbed, dropping the gown at the foot of the bed.  Holding her hand up to her face, she sobbed and threw herself down onto the center of the king-sized bed that were to serve as the bed that she and Steve shared following the wedding.  Pam felt so awful, feeling so soiled, that she was now unworthy of Steve's love.  Worst of all, she was filled with something even more horrible, filled with another man's sperm, perhaps even impregnated by him.

'God, how could I have allowed this to happen?  Worst yet, I found myself giving in to him, arching up against him as I soared to orgasm after orgasm!  I …………..I just couldn't stop myself, my body betrayed me ……………...why ………………why?' she sobbed.

Pam recalled how it had started out so wonderfully in her townhouse, dressed in her favorite black dress and heels, having just returned from the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal had gone according to plan and it promised to be a beautiful wedding!  Her mind was filled with dreams of the upcoming wedding, picturing the image of her handsome fiancé.  Then her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the front doorbell.

'Perhaps one of the bridesmaids!' she thought as she went to answer the door.  Upon opening the door, she was shocked and puzzled as she was face to face with her boss, Sherm Williams.  He advised that one of girls filled him in on her borrowing large cars from friends for transporting the wedding party from the church to the reception.  Then he pointed out the huge white stretch limo behind him with a uniformed driver, telling her "Give him the time and he'll be at your disposal the entire day for you and that lucky man of yours!"  It was a special bonus to show his appreciation for her long hours and superb work since being hired several months earlier.

Although Pam was secretly repulsed by him, she had always been careful not to be obvious about it …………..or so she thought.  In fact, she was sure she'd caught him ogling her, even licking his lips as he eyed her from head to toe.  But she always pretended not to notice, not wanting to confront him nor jeopardize her well-paying job.  In fact, Pam had convinced herself it was just an overactive imagination on her part, that her boss was not really leering lustfully at her.  She told herself that he was merely  observing the style of her dress and work habits.  The fact that he had selected her as "Employee of the Quarter" after just a few months on the job made her feel proud.  She wanted very much for her boss and fellow employees to think highly of her.  The bonus that she received with the award was rather substantial, very much appreciated in view of the mounting wedding expenses.

With the wedding date nearing, she had been surprised when her boss had called her into his office and told her not to worry about the menial tasks of the job if she had to tend to last-minute wedding plans.  With time-off granted for her honeymoon as she had not been with the company long enough to earn vacation time as yet, plus the limo now, Pam was speechless.  She graciously accepted his kind gesture as money was naturally tight since she and Steve were just starting out.  The plush limo certainly would add a splash of Ritz to their rather modest wedding.

With her boss standing outside, pointing out the plush limo he had arranged for her wedding, Pam stepped back and invited him in, not knowing what else to say or do.  She thanked him again for arranging the limo, mentioning nervously that she was just about to go to bed, exhausted and needing to rest up for the big event the next day.

Sherm could see that she looked noticeably uncomfortable being there with him, but he just smiled, reassuring her that he had a bit of business to discuss with her before she turned in for the night.  She mentioned that she had some beer that she kept in refrigerator for her fiancé and offered him one, which he graciously accepted.  As he drank his beer, Sherm's demeanor then took a more serious tone, explaining that he had received something that had him rather disturbed.  He explained to her the agreement each employee signed upon employment, acknowledging that her or she represented the company itself.  An embarrassment to an employee was the same as an embarrassment to the company itself, considering anything of the sort as a 'breech of integrity'.  Looking at the sexy young beauty, he saw her concurring nod to what he had just explained.

Though concurring, Pam was dumfounded and at a total loss as to what her boss was getting at.  'Breech of integrity!  What's he talking about!' she wondered as she had always prided herself on always looking and dressing her best.  She felt that she always represented the company to the highest standards.  Puzzled, she watched at Mr. Williams brought an envelope out of his coat pocket and began to open it.  Then her boss laid out a set of photos onto the coffee table.  Pam gasped as she realized that the photos were of the bachelorette party thrown for her a few nights earlier by some of the girls who were her fellow employees from the office.  It was a 'girls night out' …………… just a few drinks, a few gag gifts and a bit of harmless fun.

In fact, the girls had sprung the party on her immediately following the end of the workday.  She had tried to decline politely as she had dinner plans with her fiancé that night.  But the girls had insisted and Pam didn't want to seem rude.  She had been feeling a bit shunned by the girls at the office, especially when she had been selected "Employee of the Quarter" after just a few months on the job.  She was thrilled that the girls had been thoughtful enough to want to throw her a bachlorette party, a gesture of acceptance on their part, Pam thought.

Relieved to know the girls really did like and accept her, Pam politely explained her dilemma, her dinner date with Steve.  The girls had laughed and winked at her, convincing her to call her fiancee, break their date using a 'little white lie' that they had to stay late with the other girls for inventory.  Pam had never lied to Steve before but the girls had assured her it was all in good fun, her last night out with the girls before settling down to married life.

As naive and innocent as Pam was, she never suspected that the party and the idea to finesse Pam into lying to her fiancé, about her plans for the evening, was a set-up by her evil, opportunistic and conniving boss.  Unknown to Pam, the night out was being funded entirely by her devious boss.  And so, the girls crashed bar after bar, drinks flowed throughout the night.  At some point during the festivities, in the private party room of one establishment, Pam found herself being treated to a wild show and dance by a male stripper …………………. a big black stud, who's body just rippled with muscles.

Pam had never been attracted to black men but she didn't want to be impolite in any way.  With the coaching and prodding from the girls, plus a few too many drinks, Pam allowed the performer to bump and grind against her as the girls clapped and cheered.  She even got into the spirit of the occasion a bit, blushing as she shoved dollar bills the girls handed her into the crotch of the stud's bulging g-string.  The performer finished the dance and showed his appreciation for the tips, shaking her hand.  Then he advised "Since you're the guest of honor, you deserve something special!"  Before she could object, the black stud was kissing her passionately as the girls whooped it up.

Even in her stupor, Pam recovered from the initial shock of the unexpected kiss, pushing the muscular stud away from her.  Blushing from embarrassment, she shivered from the unwanted sensations tingling throughout her body.  However, that passionate kiss was captured on film, showing the male stripper grinding against her as she was shoving money into his g-string.  All of this rambunctious activity captured on film as well as the digital camera, had been supplied and paid for by her devious boss.  A camera given to one of the girls, in exchange for the promise of a big bonus, with strict instructions to ensure the illicit acts were set up and caught on film.

Then the girls began to tease her, telling her that she had to 'get with it' and 'loosen up some'.  Pam was caught by surprise when a gal standing directly behind her, grasped her wrists and forced her hands forward, right onto the big bulging crotch of male stripper.  She gasped loudly, aghast at the feel of the thick throbbing meat in the grasp of her hands.  "Oh, my God!" she said in amazement, bringing laughter and giggling from the other girls.  Pam was unaware of the male stripper raising his right hand up, bringing it behind her head, pulling her forward a bit.  On film, it would look like she was about to rub her beautiful face up into the big bulging crotch, getting ready to do some earnest sucking.  Then, reality suddenly set back in and Pam was appalled at what she had just done.  She dropped the meaty bulge in her hands like a hot potato, the horrified look on her face brought a roar of laughter from the girls.

Now her awful boss was showing her the photos, demanding to know how she could have behaved so brazenly in public, bringing disrespect upon the good name and integrity of his company.  Being naive and innocent, Pam was caught completely off guard.  It never dawned on her to ask who had taken the incriminating photos, nor how they had come into his possession, not realizing that the whole thing was a set-up.  Instead, she tried to explain it was all just in good fun, a last night of celebration with the girls.  She admitted that all of them had a bit too much to drink but that nothing obscene or disrespectful had actually occurred.  "It …………… was just a kiss!" she stammered, blinking back the tears welling up in her eyes.

Sherm loved seeing the innocent little blonde beauty squirming about in her seat, knowing she was in a frightening panic.  'Ohhh, baby!  Yer gonna be squirming a lot more if I get my way!  Squirming with my horny black cock stuffed up yer tight little twat!' he mused with delight.  Then, seeing her frantic state of mind, he was quick to up the ante.  "I just don't know what to say!  I've tried my best to make you feel comfortable in the company, yet I've always detected you being repulsed by me because I'm black!  Why is that, Ms. Anderson?"

"Ms. Anderson, I just thought you weren't accustomed or hadn't been brought up in a neighborhood with many blacks, thus I tried to be friendly!   But …………..looking at these photos ……………………….you just don't have and respect for me, do you?  Do you, Ms. Anderson?" he adamantly grilled at her, wanting to feel as uncomfortable as possible.  Tossing the next picture onto the table, he scoffed "Just a kiss, huh?  You sure did more than kiss, baby!"

Stunned, looking at the photos, Pam looked at the incriminating photos of her kissing the black stripper and worst yet feeling him up through his thin shorts.   Pam stammered, trying desperately to explain that, then began to sob in despair.  "Oh, please …………please, Mr. Williams!  I …………….I ………..don't know what else to say!" she sobbed.

"There, there, Miss Anderson!" he soothed her, placing his hand purposely on her back, more to caress than to comfort the distressed beauty.  "Well, Miss Anderson, if you can kiss one black man, you certainly can kiss another!" he advised.  Seeing her puzzled looked from his comments, Sherm grabbed her and pulled her to him kissing her hard on the lips as he pressed his body up against her.  She tried to pull away but couldn't, being no match against his superior strength. Finally when the kiss ended, Sherm smiled as the repulsed beauty pulled away from him, the look of disgust on her pretty face.  Next he flipped down a snapshot of her hand stuffed in the stripper's g-string and smirked as she stammered and tried to explain that she was drunk and that the girls had prodded her to do it in the spirit of fun.

Sherm saw the sexy beauty shudder as she looked at the incriminating photos showing her disgraceful behavior.  Then to set the hook, knowing from the other girls that she had lied to her fiancé about working that night, he asked "Does that lucky man you're marring tomorrow know that he's really marrying a little hussie?  Does he know what you were doing that night?  Imagine if he gets a look at these photos ……………….you kissing a black stud ………………grabbing that big cock of his!"

Pam then realized that Steve had no idea she had gone bar-hopping with the girls from the office, that she had actually lied to him in saying she had to work late that night.  'He'll never forgive me!  Especially since we were supposed to have dinner together that evening!  Oh, God …………….he'll call off the wedding if he sees the photo of me kissing the black performer!  He'll never look at me the same if he sees the photos of me stuffing dollar bills down that skimpy garment or those of me grasping his cock with both hands.  "Please …………….please, Mr. Williams ………………..please give those to me!  I …………..I can't let Steve see those awful pictures!  He …………..he'll never understand ………………..he'll call off the wedding!" Pam sobbed, burying her face into her hands.  "Please ……………please ………………I'll pay you for the pictures!" she stammered, not knowing what else she could possibly do.

"Tell you what, sweetie!  You can have the pictures and no one else will ever get to see them, especially Steve!" Sherm advised.  He saw her lift her head up, tears flowing down her cheeks as her face lit up in happiness.  He reached over and grasp her hands, pulling them slowly towards him as he advised "You can have all the pictures and the negatives …………………after you get a good feel of this!"
The look of absolute horror registering on her beautiful face made Sherm's day as he placed her petite hands upon his crotch.  "What's the matter, baby!  This ain't new to you!  You've done this before!  Just look at the photos!  Feel it growing in your pretty hands, sweetie?  Oh, yeah …………..squeeze it, baby ………………make it grow ………yeah ………………..oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned.

Pam jerked her hands out of his grasp, sobbing "How ……….how dare you!  I ……….I'm not a prostitute ………………not someone you can use!"  But then her evil boss countered "Is that right, Ms. Anderson?  I wonder if that young man you're marrying tomorrow will think the same when he gets to look at these photos!  Think he'll understand and forgive you, sweetie?  Let me show him this pictures and see what he says!"  "No …….no, please!  No …………he won't understand!" Pam stammered as she reached out to prevent her boss from getting up and leaving with the photos.  Her body shivered and slumped in defeat as she allowed his hands to again guide them to his bulging crotch.  Closing her eyes in shame, she sniffled back as sob as she squeezed the thick throbbing meat through the pants material.  She prayed that her evil boss would be satisfied with this humiliating act he was forcing her to do.

Sherm sucked in his breath as he enjoyed the pleasure of her soft hands squeezing and working up and down the length of his cock, enjoying the cringe of disgust on the beauty's face.  "Squeeze it, baby!  You like playing with a big cock, don't ya?  Ya just luv playing with a big black cock, don't ya?  Loverboy got anything to compare with what ya got in your pretty little hands, sweetie?" he taunted, enjoying the tears flowing down her cheeks.

Then Pam heard the dreaded order "Take it out, Miss Anderson!  Take my cock out!"  Her body shuddered with disgust but realized her desperate situation and resigned herself to her fate.  She paused, biting down on her bottom lip, stemming the tide of nausea that was building in her stomach.  A thought of getting back at this evil man entered her mind 'It'd serve him right if I threw up all over him right now!'  But her senses told her that she had to get those awful pictures and she dared not disobey his demands.  Closing her eyes as her fingers grasped the tab of his zipper, Pam shuddered at the sound of it being undone.  Reaching in, she swallowed deeply as she slowly fished out the thick meat hanging between his legs.  'Get it over with! After all, you've fondled Steve's cock before!' she told herself.

The astonished look on her face, as she fished his thick cock out of his pants, reassured Sherm that her fiancé's cock was no match for his.  He would be willing to bet that perhaps it was the biggest she'd ever seen.  Had Sherm been able to place that bet, he would be collecting his winnings for indeed his cock was both longer and thicker that any she ever seen before, quite comparable to the one that the male stripper possessed.

Pam stared at the cock in her hands, mesmerized by the sheer size of it.  Unconsciously, her feminine instincts had her hands moving, stroking the thick stem that jutted high up into the air.  Hypnotized by the throbbing wand in her hands, she was unaware of her boss gently getting her down onto her knees.  "Take it, sweetie!  Taste it!  You know you want to taste it!  C'mon, honey, put it in your mouth!" she heard the voice from above.

Then the horror set in as to the despicable act that he was demanding that she perform upon him.  Shuddering, Pam shook her head, indicating that she would not perform such a dreaded task.  Instead, she began pumping her fists faster and faster, from its thick base to the oozing tip she stroked it madly.  "No ……………no …………..its too dirty ……….too filthy to do such an awful thing!  I …………….I've never done such an awful thing …………….not even with my fiancé!  Please …………………please …………..let me finish you with my hands!" she pleaded.
Sherm grinned, thrilled to know that he would be the first to claim her virgin mouth, even before her husband-to-be.  "You do what I ask and you'll get those telltale photos and negatives!  Steve won't know you let that male stripper kiss you nor see you fondling his big cock!  Think about it, sweetie!  A small price to pay for my silence, don't you think?" he advised.  Then Sherm added "If I walk out of here with those photos, who knows where it'll end up!  In your fiancé's hands, that's for certain!  Maybe on some newsgroups on the internet!  Better yet, I'll be certain to mingle at the wedding reception tomorrow and meet the groom's employer ……………I'm certain he'd love to have a copy!  Maybe I'll even pass one out to all the guests there!  Now suck ……….or else!"

The look of fear and shame on Pam's horrified face told Sherm that he had her right where he wanted her.  He saw her sigh with defeat, having taken only a few seconds for her to weigh the options, then smiled as she reluctantly leaned forward towards his throbbing cock.  "Ohhhhhh ……………babyyyyyy …………….ahhhhhh!" Sherm moaned as the sexy beauty began to lick his cockhead with her hot wet tongue, nearly causing him to start spewing his seed right then and there.

Pam was visibly disgusted and tried not to think about what she was doing, telling herself that she had no other choice.  Having never performed this disgusting act before, she thought perhaps that he would soon tire of her sucking his cock, that it would end there.  She felt sick to her stomach as she licked at the bulb-like cockhead, quivering as the slimy ooze began to leak out of it and onto her tongue.  Then Pam realized that her boss had wound his fingers in her hair, pulling her head down further as he was arching his hip up into her face.  Shuddering in horror, Pam was forced to open her mouth to the prodding invader between her lips, admitting her boss' foul tasting cock into her mouth.  'Oh, God ………….let me be sick at this instant so I can throw up all over him!' she prayed.

Never in a million years would Pam have guessed that a man would want to degrade a woman in such a filthy manner.  'Oh, God ……………….let me die!' she wished, feeling the thick cock pushing up at the back of her throat.  'God ……………he's going to kill me!  I'll never be able to breathe!' she panicked, trying desperately to lift her head up off the thick cock.  She was getting dizzy, feeling the room spin as the thick shaft cut off her air as it forced itself down her throat.  She gasped for air as the cock withdrew from deep down her throat, shuddering as the devious man was now sawing his cock in and out of her slick mouth.  Her face was being buffeted as her head was pulled back and forth as the thick cock sawing in and out of her lips.  Pam prayed that it'd be over soon, prayed that he'd soon tire of this.  The last thing on earth she expected were for him to actually cum in her mouth, not thinking any man would want to humiliate a woman in such a manner.

"Oh, baby!  Oh, you got sweet lips!  Ya gonna make hubby one fine cocksucker!  If your fiance was here to see this right now ……………see the kind of whore he's about to marry!" Sherm taunted.  "Oh, baby!  Yeah …………..yeah ………….suck it ……….suck it, ya little bitch!  Suck it, cunt!" he groaned.
It caught Pam totally off guard when sudden the thick cockhead exploded in her mouth.  Immediately her mouth was filled to the brim with its hot gooey fluid and there was no where for it to go but down her throat.  With the thick cock filling her mouth, she could not spit out the awful tasting goo, struggling desperately by pushing at his hips.  As the thick cockhead again threatened to push further, back down into her throat, Pam gulped and swallowed.

Sherm laughed, holding the struggling beauty in place, fucking her face until he was finished.  "Ahhhhh, baby …………… it ………………eat it all you fuck'n slut!" he moaned.  Done, he released his grip on her hair, watched as she pulled away in disgust as she crawled over to the trashcan.  He roared with laugher as she gagged, spitting out whatever cum that she could, then her stomach rebelled as she began retching into the basket.

When he lifted her into his arms, Pam was expecting him to take her to the bathroom as she felt sick to her stomach, telling him how disgusting and degrading it was for him to have cum in her mouth.  "Oh, God!  I'll never be clean again!  Please, hurry ………take me to the bathroom ……….I'm going to be really sick!" she sobbed.

Sherm just smiled at having had the pleasure of violating her young, virgin mouth and told her "Its something you need to get used to, cause you're gonna be doing a lot of it from now, you little cocksucker!  You'll even learn to enjoy it soon!"  Instead of taking her to the bathroom as she'd expected, Sherm turned into her bedroom and placed her on the bed.

As naive and innocent as she was, Pam thought her ordeal was over.  However, with the way her boss was running his hands up her legs, she quickly realized that she was in for more defiling horrors.  She pleaded one last time "Please …………no ………….please!  I'm getting married tomorrow!  I can't have sex with you!  I've already done what you've asked of me ………………….that's as far as I'll go!"

Sherm laughed out loud, asked her "What your fiancé would say when I shake his hand in the reception line tomorrow?  Cause I'm going what a beautiful bride he married, one that is so good at cocksucking!  I'm going to give him all the juicy details of how his beautiful young wife-to-be fondled my cock and sucked me off the night before the wedding?  But I'll be sure to tell him that he needs to train you not to puke out all the juicy good stuff and keep it in your belly!"

Pam pleaded "No …………please …………you can't!  He ……….he'll never understand!  Please ………..if ……………if I let you make 'love' to me, will you promise that no one would ever know?  You'll give me the pictures and negatives?  I won't have to …………to have sex with you again?"

'This dumb little bitch thinks I'm going to give her all the pictures and negatives!  What a fuck'n naïve little bitch!' he chuckled to himself.  "Just this one time, sweetie!  That's all I want!  Its all up to you!  This one time and no one else needs to know what happened!  But so 'no' and you'll lose both your job and your fiancé …………….I'll see to that!" he threatened.

The look of resignation was unmistakable in her eyes as she nodded her agreement to his blackmailing threats.  "C'mon, sweetie, take off your pretty dress!" he ordered.  Although her striptease was obviously reluctant, it was very gratifying for Sherm to see the lovely bride-to-be shuddering in shame.  Slowly she removed her dress for his viewing, then she heard him order "The bra, baby!"  Closing her eyes, she obeyed by reaching behind her back to unhook her lacy white bra, leaving her in only her silk panties and heels.  At that point, Pam followed her boss' orders, going to her bed and scoot up into the midde of it, obscenely spreading her legs for him.  'Oh, God ………………please forgive me, Steve!  I have to do it for you!  I won't enjoy it  ……………….I promise you!' she sobbed to herself.

Stripping down and scooting up onto the bed between her legs, Sherm enjoy the thrill of touching her soft ivory thighs, running his hands up over the thin silky garment that now remained protecting the precious jewel that she would be promising her groom the very next day.  Slowly, he pulled the waistband of her panties down over her trim white hips,  unveiling her soft golden curls to his leering view.  Bending forward, Sherm inhaled her heady female fragrance for the first time, his head spinning in anticipation of lapping her young innocent pussy.  He blew lightly, watching the soft golden curls flutter some, seeing the lovely beauty visibly shiver as she felt the cold air blowing up against her clenching slit.

Wondering what he was doing to her, Pam lifted her head up a bit, then saw his face moving nearer to her sex as her boss licked his lips in hunger.  "What ………….what are you doing?  Oh, God ………..noooooo ……………..that's vulgar!" she stammered out, throwing her head back onto the bed as she tried to sink her body into the mattress.  Pam shuddered as she felt his face brushing up against her golden muff.  She tried to block it all out, trying to pretend that it wasn't really happening.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Pam moaned as her boss's hot mouth clamped over her sex, the tongue delving between her clenched slit.  "Ohhh, Goddddddddd!" she groaned as the man's talented tongue soon found its mark.  Pam could only shiver as she clenched tightly as the thick bedspread.  Then she began to whimper and moan in pleasure as her own body began to betray her.

Soon, Sherm knew that he had the little beauty her on the verge of the wildest orgasm of her young life.  Instead of her hands clutching desperately upon the bedspread, her fingers were now pulling at his kinky hair, not to pull him off but instead pulling his head up against her crotch.  And now she had draped her heels over his back, even locking them together as she involuntarily responded to his probing tongue.  Then, at just the right moment, Sherm lifted up suddenly, breaking free of her clutching hands and legs.  Quickly he made his move, scooting up onto the bed to claim his prize.  At first it all happened so fast for the innocent young beauty in her orgasmic delirium, she did not make the connection, trying once again to wrap her arms around the man giving her the most pleasurable feeling ever.

Pam only felt utter pleasure as she pulled her boss to her, shivering as the thick cock slid into her widening slit.  The pain of being stretched in such a manner was outweighed by sheer pleasure coursing throughout her body.  Wrapping her legs around her boss's butt, locking her heels together, pulling him even deeper into her.  "Yes ……………..yes ……………..oh, yes ……………..yessssssssssss!  Oh, my God, yessssssssssssss ……………….fuck me …………….fuck me!  Oh, God ……………I ………………I'm cummingggggggggggg!" she shuddered.  As she surrendered to the moment, it didn't even occur to her that her evil boss was fucking his potent sperm into her fertile, unprotected womb until the damage was already done, hearing his pig-like grunts above her.  Now, she closed her eyes again, feeling the throbbing cock deep in her womb contract and then spurt out its hot evil seed deep in her womb.

As Pam finally came to her senses, she sobbed in shame as her body shuddered in total revulsion.  The heavy body lay upon her, cock still buried within her, Pam pushed with all of her might, trying desperately to get him off of her.  Finally she succeeded, getting him to roll over, his thick cock exiting out of her with a loud 'plop'.  Pam looked down to the vee of her thighs, seeing the thick sperm oozing out of her pussy and realized that it was now too late.  Sobbing, tears flowing down her cheek, she curled up in the fetal position, pulling the covers over her ravished body as her boss snuggled up behind her.  After consuming the drinks at the rehearsal dinner, the exhausting fuck that her boss had just thrown to her, Pam was dead tired as she passed out with thick cum flowing out of her raw and sore cunt.

The next morning, Pam awoke at the sound of the phone ringing next to her on the night table.  Trying to move, the ache between her loins brought a flashback of memories from the night before.  She turned quickly, groaning in remorse as she saw her evil boss lying right beside her.  It had not been a dream at all, she had actually allowed another man to have sex with her the eve before her wedding day.  Another shrill ring of the phone had her remembering that she was supposed to call Steve in the early morning, to wake him and to talk to each other for the very last time as singles.  Scrambling up for the phone, the caller I.D. indeed showed that it was Steve calling for her.  And the clock showed that it was over an hour after she was to wake him.  Grabbing the phone, she quickly answered "Hi ……….hi, honey!  I so sorry ………….I over slept!" she advised.

Listening as Steve told her not to worry, telling her how much he loved her, Pam shuddered in fear as large hands were grasping her by her hips.  Caught in a vulnerable position, on all fours as she had scrambled upon the bed to get the phone, Pam felt her boss shuffling up behind her.  'No ………….no ……………he wouldn't dare ……..not when I'm talking to Steve!' she told herself.

But for Sherm, this was the most ideal fuck situation as he edged up closer, getting his already hardened cock up to her primed pussy.  Pushing his blunt cockhead up against her slit, Sherm chuckled as he saw the lovely bitch covering the mouthpiece of the phone, then pierced her with his cock.  "Ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhh!" he heard her groan over the covered mouthpiece as she listened to her fiancé over the phone.

Though Steve normally didn't like to talk long over the phone, for some reason he kept going on and on, making Pam wish he would just end the conversation and hang up the damn phone.  Hearing Steve tell her how much he loved her and how much he was looking forward to being married to her, Pam silently cussed 'Damn it, Steve ………shut up ………………..shut up ……………………don't say that ………………..not with another man's cock fucked up into me!'

Excited at the prospects of cumming in the sexy bride-to-be as she talked to the man she would be marrying that very day, Sherm knew he would not last much longer.  Leaning over, nibbling at her other ear, he whispered "Gonna cum soon baby!  Gonna flood your pussy with my hot cream!  Tell him how much you love him when you feel me creaming in you horny twat!"

Sherw pumped in and out, then slammed himself all the way home, then moaned softly in her ear "Cumming, baby ……………I'm cumming!" Not to be disappointed, as his cock exploded and began spewing all his hot jizz, he heard the sexy beauty "Oh, honey ……..I can't wait to marry you ……………….you're all I can think of ……………..I love you so much!"  Then she dropped the phone down onto the base, hanging it up as she shuddered and climaxed on his still spurting cock.

An hour later, Pam felt hands pushing her up from her side, back onto all fours.  Then her boss was lifting her up at her hips, and pulling her ass up further.  Then fear set in as Pam realized just what his intention was, feeling his cock prodding at the entrance to her rectum.  "No ……………no, please …………..not there!  Fuck me the regular way again, pleaseeeeee!  Please ………….please ………….I've never had it back there!" she sobbed.   "No ……….nooooooo …………..oh, God, no …………….nooooooooooo ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as the deviant man stabbed his cock into her ass.

That afternoon, looking radiant as ever in her beautiful floor length wedding gown, Pam was grateful for the slow wedding procession down the aisle of the church.  She grimaced with every step that she took, sure that she was still bleeding from her ruptured ass.  What was the day she had looked forward to for years now was a day of horrors, about to marry the man she loved with her body still soiled with another man's cum.
End of Story