Good Friend Indeed
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Jim Anderson and Leroy Butler had been longtime friends from their high school days, ever since being on the high school football team together.  Jim was the studious handsome white quarterback that all the girls were attracted to but Jim was rather nerdy and enjoyed reading more than partying.  On the other hand, Leroy was muscular blocking back to protect the quarterback when he was passing.  Leroy had often saved the Jim from taking a vicious hit and thus the quarterback became fast friends with his black protector.

Though from different social and economic backgrounds, Jim and Leroy found a strong common bond from playing on the same team.  They partied together with the other teammates and Leroy even found himself protecting the quarterback on several occasions when they had unexpected run-ins with rivals from the cross-town football rivals.  It was nothing serious, just teenagers acting up and being macho.  Now they just laughed about it and some of those rivals had become friends when they attended ESU together.

Jim decided that he would concentrate on studies as he took on the difficult major of electrical engineering.  Leroy was not the greatest in academics, in fact he would probably not have gotten into ESU had it not been for his football skills landing him a full ride.  Having joined the same fraternity, their friendship remained a tight bond throughout their college years.

Leroy was making the best of college life, enjoying all the partying and scoring with as many girls as he did touchdowns.   He was not one to settle down with any girl, figuring that now was his opportunity to get into as many panties as possible.  Of course, the gals that he came into contact with were the party gals, those who would eagerly drop their panties in hopes of landing the stud who had the potential in making it in the pros, thus assuring them with an enriched future.

Many of his conquests included some attractive white beauties, sating Leroy's penchant for tender white meat.  But something always seemed to be missing, though he thoroughly enjoyed nailing a beautiful white bitch and having her screaming for more of his big black dong.  None of the beauties interested him in wanting to have her on a long term relationship, just to sate his lust temporarily.  He tried to put a finger on what was missing but shuck it off, figuring he didn't want a long-term proposition anyway.

Leroy always kidded his good friend Jim, telling him that he ought to go on out more instead of just hitting the books so much.  Even in high school, girls were falling all over for Jim but he was just too nerdy, wanting to excel in his studies.  Just getting Jim out for a couple of beers on a Friday night was a big accomplishment for Leroy.  He had always kidded Jim about going out with some of the beauties on campus and was surprised that on this occasion Jim advised him of having a crush on one particular girl.  Trying to pry out more information, Leroy couldn't get anywhere, wondering who had captured his buddy's heart.

Then, following a big win at the ESU Stadium, Leroy was congratulated by his buddy Jim for scoring the winning touchdown.  It was then that Leroy laid his eyes on the most innocent and sweetest little blonde beauty he'd ever seen.  He couldn't believe that Jim was introducing her to him, realizing that this must be girl he'd been seeing for the past few weeks.  As the lovely manicured hand was extended to congratulate him, Leroy wiped his dirty and sweaty palm onto his uniform before taking the soft pretty hand into his.

Immediately, Leroy's cock hardened in the tight confines of his uniform, aching in its attempt to grow in the restrictive environment.  Holding her soft hand in his as he stared into the angelic face, Leroy was then introduced to the beautiful Ms. Linda Dawson.  This lovely beauty had just that something extra that Leroy had been missing in all the girls he had scored with.  After thanking her for the well-wishes, he waved to Jim and his pretty girlfriend as they began to walk off the playing field.

Leroy licked his lips as his buddy had his arm around the trim waist of the sexy little beauty.  His cock was rock hard and hurting in the confines of the tight uniform, aching to get between the trim ivory legs that he was now spying upon.  'God!  So fuck'n beautiful and so fuck'n innocent!  Damn, I just gotta figure out a way to get into that bitch's tight little panties!' he muttered to himself.  Sure, Jim was his good buddy but when it came to a sexy beauty like Linda, Leroy was only thinking with that throbbing head between his legs.

For the next year and a half, as graduation day neared, Leroy nursed a raging hardon whenever he got a glimpse of Jim's innocent girlfriend.  He knew that she wasn't putting out for Jim, noting that whenever Jim escorted her back to her sorority house that Jim was back in the frat house within a half-hour.  Leroy often kidded Jim about it but Jim just smiled saying that Linda just wasn't that kind of girl.

The young couple had announced their engagement just after the New Year with plans to get married shortly after graduation.  Leroy had gotten drafted by the pros and would begin training camp a month after the semester ended, thus all three were looking forward to a bright future.  Soon they would be parting company but Leroy just couldn't get his mind of the innocent young bitch, dreaming every night of getting between her sexy white legs and sticking his big black bone up her tight little twat.

Having majored in Physical Education, plus being a star on campus, many of the professors had let Leroy get by without taking the normally required finals.  Thus, while others were busy cramming for finals along with packing their belongings up, Leroy was cruising and on party mode.  His things were packed far in advance and he taken all but the bare essentials home, returning to the frat house to celebrate the ending of college life.

Leroy could see that his buddy Jim was getting a bit flustered with the tough finals he was facing along with the wedding being scheduled a week after graduation.  Having been asked to be an usher at the wedding, Leroy proudly accepted the honor, only wishing that he was to be the one having the honor of bedding the innocent bride.  Knowing the stress that his friend was under, he offered to help in any way possible, especially viewing that he had all the time in the world.

With the parents of the soon to be newlyweds putting the down-payment on a nice suburban home as a wedding present, Leroy helped his buddy pack up his things from the frat house and moved his belongings into the new home.  Then Leroy and Jim headed off to Linda's sorority house to pick up the items that she had ready to be moved to the new home.

Linda had just finished the last of her final exams and had everything ready to be transported to the new home.  As Linda was headed home to see her parents, along with her old friends who would assist her with the upcoming wedding, she told them to merely put all of her things into the spare bedroom for now.  They'd be getting new furniture for the master bedroom what they had from college would go into the spare bedroom.  She'd be going over to the house after the weekend and get things in order.  But in her haste to get things loaded up, she had been bent over, providing Leroy with quite a provocative view up he skirt.

With the borrowed van loaded up and Linda heading off to see her parents, Leroy and Jim were about to head off to the new home.  Then Jim looked at his watch and commented "Jezz, where'd all the time go?  God, I'm supposed to be conducting the last directors meeting at the frat house in an hour and return Bill's van this evening so he can pack his gear up!  We'll never get back in time!"

"Hey, buddy, don't sweat it!  You go and take care of that meeting and I'll take care of getting everything put away!  I've got nothing pressing and the items aren't anything that I can't handle on my own!" Leroy advised.  With Jim thanking him profusely for the offer, realizing what a favor Leroy was doing for him, little did Jim realize Leroy's ulterior motive.

Dropping Jim off at the frat house, Leroy reassured him that he could handle everything himself as he knew how to get to the new home and the layout of the house.  "Don't worry about it, buddy!  You can buy a pitcher of beer tonight and we'll call it square!" he advised as Jim got out of the van.  Stepping on the gas, Leroy's cock grew and twitched in the crotch of his pants at the thought of being all alone with the personal belongings of that innocent little bitch.

When Leroy had helped Jim with the small dresser, he had opened a drawer partially in order to get a better grip on the frame.  In doing so he had observed that the drawer contained Linda's lacy undergarments and it felt so soft against the back of his palm.  How he had wanted to reach in and fondle the silky fabric but certainly could not do so in Jim's presence.  Now with Jim out of the way, his heart began pounding in his chest as he contemplated touching the soft treasures hidden in the drawer.

Breathing hard, Leroy could think of nothing better than to have time alone with the innocent beauty's undergarments, except of course the thought of fondling them while still on the soft sexy body.  'God, I just gotta get that sexy fuck'n bitch one way or other, even if I gotta rape her!  Shit, looking at her long sexy legs and feet as she knelt down in her bedroom today, I was about to jump her right then if Jim wasn't there!  Damn, I just gotta get me a piece of that sweet honey!' he muttered.  "Damn, I just got to find me a way to be alone with her!  Man, I wanna hear her squeal when I stick the meat to her!" he cussed loudly.

Driving along towards the subdivision where Jim and Linda would be living in, Leroy's eyes glanced at the hardware store.  There was the bright red and blue neon sign advertising 'Keys'.  His mind racing, realizing that Jim had given him the key to the house.  Turning right, he went around the block and turned into the parking lot of the hardware store.  Getting out of the van, he went inside the store and had the clerk make him a duplicate of the housekey.
With the duplicate key tucked away in his pocket, Leroy hurriedly made his way to the future home of the young couple, anxious to unload his precious cargo.  Pulling up into the driveway, he then opened up the front door to the home and then went back to the van to begin unloading the goodies.  His cock twitched and expanded in his pants at the thought what he knew was contained in the dresser drawers.

First, Leroy took in the items blocking the small dresser, the returned to remove the drawers, taking in two at a time.  On his next trip back into the house, he swallowed hard as he gazed upon the colorful lacy garments that filled the top drawer in his hands.  Once in the house, he stacked the drawers on top of the other two, then slowly reached forward towards the lavender panties that caught his eye.  A shiver went throughout his body as he touched the soft silky garments with his fingers.  Lifting it up to his face, Leroy closed his eyes as he pressed it tightly to his face and inhaled deeply.  Then he extended his thick wet tongue out to lap at the crotch of the panties.  Folding the garment back up, he replaced it where he found it in the drawer.  Finding the matching lacy bra, Leroy pulled it up out of the pile and fingered the soft garment.

Cock rockhard in his pants, Leroy went back outside to get the remainder of the sexy babe's belongings before returning to her most intimate garments.  Having brought a dolly with him, Leroy eased the dresser's side onto it, then wheeled it towards the front door.  Just a few more small items remained in the van and then he could get back to Linda's sexy garments.  Retrieving a chair and laundry basket sitting in it, items that Jim had loaded into the van, Leroy set it down onto the pavement as this was the last items from the van.   He took the precaution of locking the van, not wanting anything stolen or vandalized in the borrowed van.  As he proceeded to the house, Leroy noticed a cloth garment bag laying within the basket.  His heartbeat quickened, his cock throbbed, wondering and hoping that what appeared to be a garment bag contained even more precious goodies.
Once inside the house, Leroy locked the front door behind him and proceeded to the spare bedroom where he was to put everything.  Setting the chair down in the spare bedroom, he licked his lips in anticipation as his fingers fumbled with the knot tied atop of the garment bag.  As the opening to the bag widened, Leroy sucked in his breath at what came into his view.
Reaching in, Leroy withdrew a pair of lacy rasberry panties that were lying atop of all the other garments.  It was the pair of panties that the lovely blonde beauty had worn up until that very morning.  Turning the panties inside out, he pressed the crotch up to his nose and inhaled the sweet fragrance of the lovely beauty.  It was sheer heaven for Leroy as he took in the scent of the most beautiful angel in the world.

Then Leroy began to lap his tongue up against the tasty crotchband of the yellow panties.  Letting his saliva soak into the crotch, he then sucked up all the sweet flavoring, wishing only that he was sucking Linda's juicy twat directly.  'Oh, baby …………someday …………..someday I'm gonna eat you alive!  Gonna have your sexy little bod squirm when I tongue ya!' he said to himself.  Unable to resist the temptation, Leroy unzipped his bulging pants, needing to free his aching cock.  He shuddered with pleasure at the feel of the soft silky panties being wrapped around his sensitive cock.

"Ohhhh, fuckkkkk!  Ahhhhhhh …………… fuck'n good!  Oh, Goddddd ………………..ahhhhhh, yeah!" he moaned loudly as he rubbed the silky garment up and down around his throbbing cock.  "Ahhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh!" Leroy grunted, his body convulsing as his cock erupted into the crotch of the rasberry red panties.  It was the absolute cum of a lifetime for Leroy!  So much cum being pumped from his cock, yet such as small wisp of a garment to absorb it all.  Panting to catch his breath after that fantastic cum, he looked down at the panties that he had let drop to the tile floor, saw that they were totally soaked with a thick layer of his cum.

Leroy knew he'd better give it a good washing, knowing that it would dry up into a solid crusty ball if he returned it back into the bag like that.  He couldn't have the little angel discover that he had jacked off into her sexy little panties and started to make his way to the bathroom.  Then, turning around, Leroy made his way back to the stacked-up dresser drawers.  Not wanting all of his spunk to go to waste, Leroy grabbed the lavender pair of panties with his free hand and shook it open.  Then, dipping a finger into the gooey mess, he rubbed a layer of his spunk into the clean crotch band of the lavender panties.  Leroy smiled, imagining that later the sweet little beauty would be having his then to be crusty seed soiling her soft golden fleece.  Reaching over to retrieve the matching lavender bra, he dipped his finger into his spunk again and did the same into the cups of the lacy bra.

Having washed the spunk out of the yellow panties, Leroy draped it over a towel rack to make sure it dried before putting it back.  Meanwhile, he had to arrange the items that he had brought in, including putting the drawers back into the dresser.  When he was done, Leroy couldn't resist the temptation of emptying the garment bag onto the carpeted floor, wanting to see what other treasures it contained.  Indeed, several more precious items were discovered and Leroy buried his face into the silky treasures, lapping up at all the delicious tasting remnants of his dream girl.

As he knelt upon the floor, Leroy reached up towards the desk and retrieved the 8 x 10 framed picture that Jim always had on his desk at the frat house.  Putting the picture on the carpet, wrapping the soft panties around him, he began pumping his cock as he gazed upon the lovely blonde beauty.  It was fortunate that the glass protected the picture from all the spunk that shot out onto the beautiful face of the upcoming bride-to-be.  "Ahhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh, baby …………….ahhhhh …………….ya look so beautiful with my cum all over your face!  One day ……… day soon, baby!" he moaned loudly.

The next Thursday night, at a restaurant following the rehearsal dinner, Leroy couldn't take his eyes off of the sexy little beauty.  Then, as Linda leaned over to talk to her maid-of-honor, the shoulder of her summer dress shifted a bit to reveal a glimpse of her shoulder strap.  Leroy's cock stiffened and twitched upon seeing that familiar lavender color.  Knowing that the bride-to-be was in all probability wearing the matching pair of panties, it was certainly a thrill for Leroy to know that the lovely beauty had his dried cum up against her pink nipples and golden muff on this special occasion.

Ever since Linda had been introduced to him, in his mind, Leroy had planned and plotted a number of scenarios to worm his way into her panties.  But they had all gone for naught and now she was Jim's wife, a beautiful blushing bride on that Saturday afternoon.  Linda was somehow even more attractive and desirable to Leroy when he saw her in her wedding gown.  In fact, it was all he could do to control himself from raping her on her wedding day as she looked so incredibly sexy in her white lace bridal gown and 3" heels.  He vowed to himself that someday, somehow, he would figure out a plan to get into her tight little panties.

Now, with the young newlyweds still settling in and getting adjusted to married life, Leroy decided it was the perfect time to make his move, to put his new ingenius plan into action.  Knowing that Jim would be out of town on business, he used the duplicate house key that he had secretly made he let himself into the house while Linda was at work.

Once in the house, Leroy planted a fictitious note, a sexually explicit one from an unidentified female.  The envelope was addressed to Jim and contained a rather explicit note along with an incriminating pair of panties, ones that Linda would immediate realize were not hers.  He planted the envelope where Linda was sure to find them when she got home from work.  His plan was to lead Linda into suspecting that Jim was having an affair, with the note and panties serving as the incriminating proof of his infidelity.

Leroy made it seem that the envelope was carelessly left behind by Jim in his haste to pack and catch his flight for his business trip.  Then, allowing just enough time for Linda to arrive home after work and find the evidence he had planted earlier that day, Leroy rang the doorbell and waited anxiously for Linda to answer.  He had borrowed Jim's camcorder the other day and would give the pretext of stopping by to return it, hoping that the planted evidence had been uncovered.

There was no answer upon the first ring of the doorbell.  Leroy smiled as he suspected that the lovely newlywed had discovered the planted panties and was too distraught to answer the door.  Reaching up to the doorbell again, he pressed it even longer this time.  Waiting a minute, Leroy heard the lock being undone and the door being slowly opened.  His cock twitched as he observed Linda in an obvious state of shock and utter confusion.  In fact, she was still holding the panties in one hand and the note in the other as she stared blankly up into his face.

Leroy now began to play his part perfectly, uttering a brief explanation that he had stopped by to return Jim's camcorder as the pretext for his having stopped by the house.  Then he immediately asked in a concerned voice "Linda, what's wrong!  You look so pale!  What's wrong?  What's gotten you so upset?"

Linda could barely think straight, just as Leroy had hoped, and could only hold up the panties and note to show Leroy.  Tears filling her eyes, sniffling, Linda could only shake her head in shock and disbelief.  "Oh, Leroy …………….I ……………I …………..Jim ……………..Jim ………………..oh, Leroy!" she sobbed.

Leroy took that opportunity to step inside the house as he took the note and panties from her.  He pretended to read the note and then wrapped his arms around the sobbing and distraught young bride.  Leroy savored the moment, breathing in the scent of her intoxicating perfume, caressing her soft petite frame.  'God, I wanna to throw it to this little bitch right now!  Take it easy …………..take it slow, stud ………..don't blow it!' he told himself.

Slowly, Leroy ushered the petite beauty over to the sofa, getting her to sit down as he told her he would get something to calm her nerves.  Having seen her drink vodka tonics on the rehearsal night, he went to the small bar Jim had set up and made a drink for the distraught beauty, only making sure it was heavily laced with vodka.  Taking it to the couch, he held it up to her lips as her hands came up to take the glass from him.  Meanwhile, Leroy slipped his arm around her, pretending to console her as he sipped on a glass of scotch that he had made for himself.

Leroy gazed at the lovely blonde beauty who was still wearing the same light blue dress and white heels she'd worn to work that day.  He was very much impressed and aroused by how she's dressed, licking his lips is anticipation of soon getting that dress off her sexy white body, knowing his plan was working out perfectly thus far.  He shivered with pleasure as he touched her soft skin exposed at the back of her dress, wanting desperately to slide his other hand up under her skirt.

Totally naive and unsuspecting of the evilness that subsided in her husband's close friend, that Leroy was actually there in an attempt to seduce her and that he had actually planted that envelope for her to find.  Linda sobbed and blurted out to Leroy "There ………there must be some kind of mistake!  I just can't believe Jim is cheating on me!"

Leroy was silent for a moment, then reached down to retrieve the pair of red panties from the coffee table and held it up to face level between them.  Hearing Linda sniffling grow louder, he knew that the dangling panties were having the desired effect upon the distraught beauty.  Sighing, Leroy then spoke "Ohhh, I had hoped that Jim would be a bit more discreet than this!  I told him that he shouldn't step out on you, that you were too precious to risk losing by going out with those airheads just for sex!"

Linda realized that Leroy, being Jim's friend, knew more about Jim's affair or affairs.  Breathing hard, trying desperately to think straight, she took a big gulp of the potent drink.  As they sat on the sofa together, Linda nervously braced herself to hear the worst, asking "Leroy …………… knew ………………you knew that Jim was seeing other women!  Why ………………why ……………I ……………..I thought Jim loved me?"  She began sobbing, burying her face in her hands.

Leroy smiled at the way his plan was falling into place.  Playing it cagey, he drew her sobbing body in slowly towards him, lying to her that Jim had expressed his concerns on their compatibility, telling her "Jim's very much in love with you but apparently he's not accustomed to having anyone so inexperienced as a bed partner!  Before Jim met you, he was wild in high school!  You know he was the quarterback on the high school team, don't you?"  Seeing her head nod a 'yes', he added "Well, you know how girls flock to a handsome football star, don't you?  Many of those girls willingly put out, hopefully become the star's steady girl!  Jim told me he respects you so much that your innocence scares him off!"

Linda confessed to Leroy that she still loves Jim but doesn't confront him about, fearing it would be the end of their marriage.  She wondered, rather hoped, that Jim would come to his senses and seek to have his sexual needs satisfied by her.  She just couldn't believe this could be happening to her, after all, they were still newlyweds!  "Leroy, what should I do?  Should I confront him?  How do I get him to end his need of seeking out more experienced women?"

Leroy knew that he now had her right where he wanted her.  The naive newlywed was totally confused and vulnerable at this point.  He could sense that she was quite desperate to save her marriage and at all cost.  Leroy mistakenly made his move then, telling her "You're so beautiful, Linda!  You deserve better than to have a cheating husband and that Jim was crazy to want any another woman over you!"  He foolishly leaned in and kissed her soft pink lips, hoping that she'd succumb to his kiss, surrender to the moment.  But a mere second or two of hesitation on the stunned beauty, Leroy felt a sharp slap on his face.

Linda was shocked at what her husband's friend had just done, confused and surprised, she came back to her to senses.  She pulled back away from the friend she thought she could trust, telling him "Leroy, how could you do that?  I'm married to Jim!  Just because Jim if flirting with other women, I'm just not that kind of girl who would give herself to any other man!"

Leroy changed gears, shifting quickly into the second phase of his plan, telling Linda "That's exactly it, Linda!  You just laid out the problem in what you just said to me!  You're a 'GIRL'!  Jim wants and needs an experienced 'WOMAN' to take care of his sexual needs!"  Seeing the defeated look on her beautiful and innocent face, Leroy knew he really had her this time.  Then he added to cover up his mistaken move upon her, telling Linda "I purposely did that to see what kind of response you would have with another man kissing you!  Do you kiss Jim like that?  If you do, it's no wonder he's seeking out other women!"

Linda was now on the defensive, not wanting to admit that she was so naïve and innocent that she didn't know how to please a man, much less her husband.  "I ……….I …………….I ………………..oh, God, Leroy …………….you're right!  I …………I'm just a 'GIRL' …………………not an experienced 'WOMAN'!  I ………….I don't even know how to please my own husband!  Oh, Leroy ……………please help me win back Jim ………………tell me how to win him back!"

Leroy now had to be certain that he played it right, especially seeing how she had reacted to his kiss.  He figured that he'd have to get her to beg him to teach her rather than telling her that he could solve her problem.  Shaking his head slowly from side to side, muttering "Wow, I just don't know!  It's not something that  I've done before ……………I've only gone through experience …………………you know, fooling around in high school till I got the technique down right!  I've heard there's books out there but I have no clue at to which ones would help you!  Maybe a marriage counselor!  I've even heard of sex therapist but I don't know what that involves!"

With that he stood up and took their empty glasses back to the bar for a refill.  As he poured out new drinks, this time an even more potent one for the naïve beauty, who was now pleading with him "Please, Leroy ……………..please help me …………….please try to explain as much to me as you can!  Do it for Jim!  You must help us save our marriage!  I ………..I can't go to anyone else …………..I can't tell anyone else about our marital problems!  Not so soon after being married!  Jim will be so embarrassed that he'll never forgive me!  Please, Leroy …………help me ………….help Jim and me!"

Returning to the sofa, Leroy handed Linda her new drink and sipped at his as he sat back down next to her.  "Well, if you put it that way, I …………I'll try my best!  If you're really sure of this!  Let me think for awhile as to how would be the best way!" he replied hesitantly to assure her of sincerity.  Placing his arm around her, caressing the back of her petite body, Leroy's cock was aching to bust out of his pants.  'Soon, buddy!  Soon ……very soon!' he told his throbbing cock.

"How much do you know about sex, Linda!" Leroy asked bluntly.  Seeing her color up to a beet red, he grit his teeth to keep from laughing at her obvious plight.  "See ………this is not going to work, Linda!  Just by asking you a blunt question about sex, you've turned beet red in embarrassment and can't even answer me!" he pointed out truthfully.

"It ……… ………… just caught me by surprise with that question!" Linda stammered.  "I ………..I don't know very much obviously!  I ……….I've only been with Jim!  I was a …………the wedding night was my very first time!" she advised, her face flushing up again in embarrassment.

"Gosh, I don't know how you'll get the needed experience to please Jim?  Haven't you even made out with other guys in high school or college?" he asked.  Seeing her shake her head to indicate 'no', Leroy's cock lurched in his pants as he told himself 'Damn, this fuck'n bitch is really innocent!'  "Haven't you touched a guy through his pants?  Jim?" he asked.  Seeing her 'no' response, he advised "Oh, Linda ………………'re way too innocent for even me to teach by explaining things!"

"Please …………please …………..don't give up on teaching me!  I …………I'll learn quickly ………….teach me, please ……………..teach me!" Linda begged pleadingly.  At that point, she grabbed Leroy's hand, bringing it to her lap as she pled for him to help her.  "Please, Leroy …………help me ………………I'll do anything you say!"

Just beneath the back of Leroy's palm was the hidden treasure that he craved.  He pressed down just a bit, knowing his knuckles were pressing down upon her golden mound.  Then he advised "Linda, you can't get the experience you need just by reading about it or someone telling you how to do it!  It's really something you need to physically experience!  I can probably help you to a certain extent but ……………….I ………….I don't think it'd be appropriate for me to show you everything ……………especially with you being Jim's wife!"

Nearly having finished that second potent drink, Linda mind was certainly not thinking straight at this point.  She just wanted to save her marriage at any cost without having to reveal this embarrassing situation to anyone else.  "Please, Leroy!  I can't seek help from anyone else!  You have to help!  Help me!  Help Jim!" she pleaded, tugging his hand into her lap.

"Well, I guess I've had enough experience where I won't get carried away!  But Linda, you have to realize that I'm just human too and a woman's touch will get me aroused to some extent!  I can only promise that I'll try my best to keep it at that and stop myself when it gets too far along!" Leroy advised, knowing every bit was a total lie.  There was just no way he was letting this innocent little bitch get away from him.  "Linda, I want you to close your eyes and pretend you're with Jim!  Everything you do, you'll be doing to Jim!  Pretend you're all alone with Jim while I get you another drink!" he added.

Her hand placed around the new glass that was brought to her, Linda raised it up to her lips and gulped down a mouthful of the very potent drink.  It was so strong that she could feel the warmth making its way down her belly.  Never had she consumed so many drinks, nor anything so potent as this evening.  Eyes still closed, she felt her free hand being grasped and pulled to the side of her.  She shivered as her hand was placed upon a large lump.  Gulping more of her drink, Linda instinctively squeezed upon the material covering that lump, feeling it throb in response.

Linda hesitated, knowing what was throbbing beneath the palm of her hand.  'Oh, God!  It's pulsating!  It's getting bigger!  It's Jim's ……………it's Jim's ……………I'm getting Jim excited!' she told herself as she squeezed down harder on the growing lump.  The growing of the lump beneath her hand was getting her aroused, knowing that it was her touch that was causing this male arousal.  "Yes, that's how to touch Jim!  That's how to arouse a man!  That's how a man wants a woman to touch him!" Leroy whispered in encouragement, feeling the beauty's fingers then squeeze down even harder.  As she continued rubbing her beautiful hand over his crotch, Leroy slowly undid his belt buckle, then the top button.  Not to disturb the naïve beauty from stopping her task, Leroy unzipped his pants and began to ease down his jockeys.

For a brief second, Linda felt her hand being lifted from the large lump, then felt her fingers being wrapped around a thick fleshy pole.  Breathing hard, Linda told herself over and over again 'I'm touching Jim!  I'm touching Jim!  I'm making Jim excited like an experienced woman would!'  She was unaware that her instincts had taken over once she had touched the thick cock, unaware that she was now unconsciously pumping up and down the big piece of meat.

Leroy gritted his teeth as he watched the soft beautiful fingers grasping and pump at his big black cock.  Steeling himself, shuddering as he held back the urge to let his boiling cum erupt at that very second, he wished Jim was here at home to see his innocent bride.  He looked down to see his cock oozing out its pre-cum, drooling down to soil the pretty white fingers, greasing the pumping fist as it sped up its shucking.

Caught up in the fisting of the cock, excited that she was the cause for getting a man's cock so excited, Linda wondered what it feel like when a cock began spurting as she pumped it.  Then she heard "Okay, Linda!  That's when Jim would want you to stop!  Jim would not want to waste his load by shooting it up into the air!  Jim would want you to finish him another way ……………………..guess that's as far as I can teach you!"  "No ……………, Leroy …………….you must teach me how to finish!  How do I please Jim if I'm supposed to stop at this point?  What am I supposed to do?" Linda pleaded.  "Please …………….please, Leroy ………….tell me!  I ……………I promise not to be shocked!  No matter what you tell me!  I ………….I must learn ………please!" she stammered out.

Seeing Linda with her eyes still closed, Leroy knew he had to take it easy, not wanting her to be repulsed at what he planned next.  Reaching out, he placed a hand on her soft silky hair, pulling her head closer to him.  Feeling her hesitate as her head neared the cock in her hand, he whispered "Jim would want you to kiss him now!  Kiss him with your soft pink lips!"

Senses dulled by the alcohol, Linda parted her lips slightly, leaning forward with the aid the helping hand upon the back of head.  She shivered as her lips came into contact with slippery substance coating the thick flesh, the same sticky fluid that coated her hand.  Instinctively, the tip of her tongue moved out to touch the sticky substance, then withdrew back between her lips to taste the favor of the foreign substance.  Then her tongue reappeared and began licking it like it was a popsicle.

Watching the innocent beauty now eagerly licking his cockhead in an attempt to learn how to please her husband, Leroy whispered "Open you lips!  Open your lips for Jim!"  Gritting his teeth to keep from groaning as the soft pink lips opened to engulf his thick cockhead, he then arched up to shove inches more of his thick cock into her virgin mouth.  "That's it!  That's it, sweetie!  That's how to suck a man's cock!" Leroy encouraged as he began to pump into her sucking mouth.

Had it not been for the alcohol consumed, Leroy knew that the likelihood of getting this innocent beauty to suck his cock was nil.  He wished his good buddy could see how well his precious little wife was adapting to the art of cocksucking.  He thought of the thrill of watching this replayed on video.  When he had gone to the bar to make her second drink, he had turned on the camcorder and had it focused perfectly to capture all the events taking place on the sofa.  Without the aid of the alcohol, he knew she would have been repulsed by the very idea, saying it was a vulgar, dirty thing to do.  He suspected that she would not have even perform it for Jim!

More and more of the thick black cock began disappearing between the widely stretched pink lips, with now both hands behind the bride's head, as she gagged and swallowed the thick down her throat.  Unable to breathe, the young wife put her hands upon the muscular black thighs in an attempt to push him away from her.  She tried to plead for her life, thinking she'd die from the lack of oxygen, but only gurgling sounds could be heard.

"Oh, baby!  Ahhhhhhh, yeah ………………suck it …………………suck it up, bitch!" Leroy groaned as he fucked faster and faster between the lips of the sweet little beauty.  "Ahhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………cummmmmmingggg …………….eat it ………………eat it all …………….yeahhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled, body convulsing as he exploded deep in her throat.  Then he jerked her head back till his cockhead was back in her mouth, wanting her to get a good taste of his cum.  Holding her head tightly to him, not letting her mouth off him, Leroy watched as the young wife's body quiver and shudder as she swallowed his vile gooey cum.

Moments later, cock dangling between his legs, Leroy looked at the stunned beauty who was just starring down blankly.  He smiled as he observed her pink lips remain partially open as a string of cum connected her bottom lip to the other end on the sofa.  Then he continued on with the deception, telling the lovely beauty "I …………..I'm so sorry, Linda!  I …………..I told you I was only human!  I tried to stop but just couldn't ……..that's why I didn't want to be the one to teach you!"

His ploy worked on the stunned beauty, who instead apologized to him as she stammered "No ………….no, don't blame yourself, Leroy!  I …………..I ask you to ………you were only trying to help …………to help me …………to help both Jim and me!"  Panting for breath, thinking as to the horrid act that she had just performed, she told Leroy "At least …………….at least I now know what I must do to please Jim!"

Putting his arm around her, caressing her back, he drew her closer to comfort her against his body.  Then he eased her back, getting her prone on the sofa as he whispered to her "You have to let Jim do the same to you!  You might think it filthy but Jim or any man would do anything to do what's called 'eating you out'!  I won't do it but you just need to know what it feels like to have a man's head between your thighs!  I promise not to do it - hold the waistband of your panties tightly and that'll reassure you I mean it!"

Leroy saw Linda's hands tightly grip the waistband of her panties tightly and bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud.  'Oh, baby!  I'm gonna have your beautiful little ass squirming all over the sofa when I get my tongue up your tight juicy twat!' he said to himself.  As he spread her thighs open, he looked up to see Linda close her eyes tightly, obviously making believe that it was her husband doing this to her.  Taking it slow and easy, Leroy bent down to place his head between her soft ivory thighs.  He let the top of his head bump up against her panty clad mound, nuzzling his head to and fro, inhaling the sweet fragrance emitted from between her nearby thighs.  Then he licked at the interior of her soft creamy thighs, edging up inch by inch till his face was up against the soft lacy white panties.

Leroy wanted to laugh as the innocent little beauty had thought that the panties would serve as protection but he knew better as let his thick tongue swipe up the length of her panty covered slit.  "Ohhhhhhhhh ………………mmmfffffffff ………….mmmmmmm ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!" he heard the moan from the lovely beauty.  And squirm she did upon the sofa as he tongued her through her now sopping wet panties.  Expertly, Leroy reached up to grasp the legband of her tightly held panties, pulling it aside to reveal her pink gash.  Then he clamped his wide open mouth over her cunt and delved his thick tongue between her juicing pink lips.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………..……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the loud wail of unexpected pleasure from the innocent beauty.  Slurping up the sweet honey, Leroy chuckled as he ate out the young wife, teaching her all the pleasures of life.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………….oh, God ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………yessssss …………….yes ……………oh, yessssssssssssssss!" came the scream as the young beauty arched her mound up into his greedy mouth.

As the young beauty fell back to the sofa in a dead faint from her mind-shattering orgasm, Leroy laughed as he continued slurping up her sweet juices.  He stood up and got out of his clothing, then went into the master bedroom and opened the drawer to the nightstand.  He smiled as he spotted the box of condoms and got one out and set it aside on the nightstand.  He pulled down the bedspread, getting it ready to bring the young bride back to her marital bed.  Cock throbbing as he sat the beauty up, Leroy pulled her zipper down and eased the dress from her shoulders.  Removing her white heels first, he then pull the dress down and off her legs.  A moment later, the lacy bra and panties were stripped from the sexy little beauty.  Leroy then easily lifted up her naked body and made his way back to the master bedroom.  Placing her on the clean white sheet, he then spread her legs wide apart.  Ripping open the foil packet, he then rolled the protective condom onto his cock.

Getting onto the bed, he took a pink nipple into his mouth, sucking it to hardness, then paid homage to the twin nipple.  Then Leroy felt her stirring back to consciousness as he hovered inches above her face.  He saw her startled reaction as she realized that he was on top of her and what they had just done.  "Leroy ………………..Leroy, we must stop now!  We've done more than we should have already!" Linda pleaded as she placed her hands on his shoulders to push him off.  Expecting this reaction, Leroy advised "But, Linda, don't you want to save your marriage to Jim!  You've learned so much already!  Just one more step and you'll know how to please Jim and save your marriage!  You just need to know what to do in making love to a man!  I've taken the precaution by putting on one of Jim's condoms, that way you'll be protected!  See, look down and see for yourself!"

With Leroy's hand lifting her head up, Linda looked down between their bodies.  She could see the base of the thick cock from her vantage point, seeing that he indeed had on one of Jim's condoms.  She could feel his cockhead pressing up against the entrance to her womanhood and tried to rationalize to herself that she and Leroy were doing this to save her marriage with Jim.   Feeling the pressure of the cockhead against her, feeling how thick it was, Linda had second thoughts of going through with this.  "Leroy ……..I …………..I'm afraid!  It …………..its too big …………….it won't fit!" she pleaded.

Leroy held still, trying to comfort the frantic beauty, telling her "Close your eyes, honey!  Think of Jim ……………think of pleasing him ………………think of how you can please Jim!  Don't worry …………….one of Jim's condoms will be protecting you!"  Feeling her tense body relax a bit, he pushed forward some to get his bulblike cockhead into her tight slit.  'Yeah, baby, just relax!  Let me ease my big bone into your tight little twat!  Yeah, Jim's condom is really going to protect you from getting knocked up - if I hadn't cut the tip off with the nail clipper!' he chuckled to himself.

Having seen the protective condom, senses dulled by the effects of the alcohol, Linda closed her eyes again.  "You must learn ………….learn how to please your husband …………….do it or your marriage will fail!  Pretend Jim is teaching you what he wants!" she told herself.  "Ohhhhhhh …………….so big ……………so bigggggggg!" she cooed as she arched up to capture another thick inch of cock.

Leroy was beside himself at this point, pumping inch after thick inch into the naïve little beauty.  It was a thrill to hear the moans and coos coming from the innocent bitch, knowing he was stretching her out as never before.  'Oh, you dumb little bitch!  Falling for my ploy hook, line, and sinker!  Ah, baby, gonna make ya my woman!  Ya gonna be dying to get more of Leroy's big cock!  Gonna knock ya up, bitch!  Whadda ya think Jim's gonna do when ya present him with a little black bundle of joy!' he laughed to himself.

"Ohhhhhh ……………so good ………………so good …………………yes ……….yes ………………fuck me, Jim …………..fuck meeeeeeee!" Linda moaned as her mind pictured Jim making love to her.  "Oh, Jim …………… big ………………'re so bigggggg!  Oh, fuck me ………………fuck me!  I'm yours …………………only yours ……………….I belong to you ………….fuck meeeeeeeeee!" she cooed.   "Yes ………yes ……………oh, yessssssssssssss!" she chanted as she arched her now widely stretched cunt up to capture more of the pleasure giving cock.

Delirious from the alcohol and the pleasure fucking between her legs, her mind did not distinguish the difference in the voice of her husband from the stud fucking her, though she could clearly make out what was being said to her.  "You're my whore!   Aren't you, bitch?" she heard.  To that, she responded "Yes ………….yes …………..I'm your whore ……………..treat me like a whore ………………….fuck me like a whore!  Fuck me like a slutty whore!"

Leroy grabbed the trim white hips and savagely slammed himself into her, wanting her to know that this was a fuck she never ever forget.  Feeling her arms encircling his neck, feeling her trim sexy legs encircling his waist, Leroy began pumping faster and faster into her now slushy tunnel.  "Yeah, baby, you're nothing but a fuck'n little whore!  A whore for a guy to dump his load of cum into!  A fuck'n cum dump!" he taunted as he slammed extra hard into her.

"Oh, God …………….never so good ………………oh, God, give it to me!  Fuck me ……………fuck me like a whore!" Linda chanted, arching herself up into the thick slicing cock.  "Ohhhhhh, I love it ………………..I love you fucking me ………..stick it to me ………………fuck me ………………..fuck me ……………….I love it!  Yes ……………..oh, yessssssssssssssss …………………..oh, God ……………..I ………..I'm going to cum …………………cum with me!  Arrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!"

This was too much for even Leroy to hold back any further, not with this innocent little bitch going off like a firecracker.  Grasping her hips, pulling her tightly to him, he let his cock uncork its pent-up cum.  "Oh, baby!  Ahhhh, sweetie!  Gotta cum ………….gonna cum in yer tight little pussy!  Ahhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………….oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!" he groaned, body shuddering as his cock spewed out his hot load into the teat of the protective condom. "Ughhhhhhhh. ………….ughhhhhhhhhh ……… ughhhhhhhhhh ………………ughhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock belched out his hot seed time and time again, flooding the innocent beauty's fertile womb.

Lying upon the fucked out beauty, Leroy twitched his cock, determined to drain his cock at this point in time.   Sensing that the sexy blonde beauty had again passed out from a mind-shattering orgasm, Leroy wanted to make sure that he got as much of his seed into her as possible.  Withdrawing an inch or so, he put his fingers around the top of the condom, pulling it down further till the cockhead hit the tip of the cut condom.  In doing so, all the cum captured in the protective condom was oozing out of the sniped tip and into the fertile womb of the unsuspecting young bride.

Lying upon the spread-eagled blonde beauty, Leroy smiled and chuckled, twitching his cock to make sure he had every bit of his cum deposited into the fertile womb, Leroy took in a satisfying breath of satisfaction and accomplishment.  "Oh, baby!  Jim ain't got a clue as to what kind of hot little bitch he now has to take care of!"  Reaching over, touching Linda's trim belly, Leroy smiled and chuckled "With all the cum I pumped in ya, yer little belly's soon gonna be swelling up with a little black bugger!"  Later, having disposed of the snipped condom down the toilet, Leroy smirked as he returned into the bedroom and looked at the beauty he had just 'ruined'.  Softly, he said "You dumb fuck'n bitch!  I sure as hell hope I knocked ya up good!  I can't wait to see Jim's face when you try to present him with a little black bundle of joy!  Don't worry, sweetie - when he kicks ya outta the house, I'll always have a place for ya!"

Drawing the sheet up to cover her, Leroy then sat next to the innocent little beauty as he stroked her face.  Seeing her eyelids begin to flicker, Leroy then played the concerned friend, comforting saying " Linda, are you okay?  I'm so sorry if I hurt you?  But …………you have nothing to worry about in pleasing Jim!  If anything ……………….it's Jim that needs to worry about taking care of a beautiful and sexy woman like you!"

Blinking back the tears as she clutched the sheet tightly to her body, Linda touched and caressed Leroy's hand, telling him "Th ………..thank you, Leroy!  Thank you for helping me!  I ……….I ………..I must admit that I've never felt such ………….such pleasure before!  You …………… ……… made me feel like ……… a real woman!  Thank you!"

"You are a real woman!" Leroy advised as he bent over to kiss her on the cheek.  "Jim doesn't know how to treat a woman like you!" he said, kissing her lightly on her soft lips.  He felt her shiver, looking fearfully into his eyes, saw the fear in his eyes as her nipples began to harden through the sheet from the touch of his caressing thumbs.  Pretending to be a true gentleman, he gave her another light kiss on her lips and said "I'll be more than happy to help you any time you want, Linda.  But you really don't need me to teach you anything else, sweetie!  Just let yourself go and you'll have any dying to make love to you!"

Linda then saw Leroy reach over to the foot of the bed where he had placed the familiar envelope that contained the incriminating evidence.  She listened as Leroy told her "I'll take these with me and have a long talk with Jim!  He obviously was in a rush or he wouldn't have been so careless in letting this envelope be exposed.  I'll tell him that it was fortunate you had told me to put the camcorder on his desk and that's where I discovered the exposed envelope!  Don't let on that you found this note and another woman's panties!"
As the thick thumbs resumed caressing her stiffened nipples through the thin sheet, Linda reached out to caress his hands, thanking him for being to kind and helpful.  Then Leroy held up the lacy white panties that he had earlier stripped off her body, asking innocently "Linda …………may I …………….may I keep this to remember you by!"  Blinking back the tears, Linda forced a smile and nodded a 'yes', thinking it was the least she could do for all he had done to help her.  After all, she told herself 'This will never happen again!'

Late the next afternoon, Linda got a call at work from Jim.  Linda forced herself to remain civil, pretending that she had not discovered that envelope nor how she had asked his good friend to help her saver their marriage.  Jim advised her that he had just gotten a call on his cellphone from his good friend Leroy, telling her that apparently Leroy desperately needed to meet with him tonight when her returned.

As Jim was asking her approval to go out rather than coming home right away, Linda gave her blessing as she silently began thanking Leroy for his quick action to help her.  Linda also added that it was perfect timing as the girls in the office wanted to go out on the town that night, telling him the name of the hangout the girls wanted to go to.  In fact, it was a normal Friday night event for a lot of the gals in the office and they had always invited her along but she normally passed, wanting to be home for Jim.  With all the thoughts rushing and jumbled in her mind, she wanted another mind numbing drink, the strength like Leroy had made for her.

Arriving back at the airport, Jim got his car out of the parking lot and headed of to Leroy's apartment.  He wondered what Leroy had to discuss with him that couldn't wait a few days.  But, as Leroy was his good frat buddy and did sound concerned over the phone, Jim knew it must be something serious.  Parking his car in a visitors' place, Jim made his way up the stairway to the apartment Leroy had temporarily rented.  With the door open, he saw Leroy on the phone and was waved in by his friend.  Then he was handed a beer by Leroy as he continued talking on the phone.  When the phone conversation was over, they clasped hands to greet each other.  "What's up buddy?" Jim asked.

As they drank their beers, Leroy began by asking rather innocent questions, such as:  'How's married life?  Is married life all that its cracked up to be?  Does he wish that he held off getting married so soon after getting out of college?'   To Jim, the questions made it seem as if Leroy was getting serious with a girl and wanted to find out about married life since he and Linda had recently gotten married.

It was just as Leroy had planned it, getting Jim to think the questions weren't concerning Jim and Linda.  Getting another can of beer out for both of them, they continued chatting with Leroy bringing the questions more directly to Jim and Linda.  Leroy knew that Linda was Jim's first true girlfriend and that his friend was quite inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex.  He even suspected that Jim's first time was like that of his lovely bride, on their wedding night.

When Leroy asked Jim "How is your sex life with Linda?"  Jim swallowed deeply and glared at his friend, wondering what this was all about as it was a rather personal thing between he and Linda.  Leroy could sense Jim's apprehension and agitation at the question, then added "Is everything all right between you and Linda?  Are you two having sexual problems?"

Seeing Jim becoming upset, Leroy added "Hold on Jim!  I'm asking because I happened to be out carousing with some guys, bar-hopping the other night.  I …………I don't know how to tell you ……….but …………..but I saw Linda out partying with some other women!"  He then saw Jim smile and laughingly replied "Ahhh, don't worry about it!  Its just her friends from the office!  In fact, she told me she'd be out with them tonight again at some place call called the 'Round-up'!  Think its bar with some dancing going on!  Its all harmless fun!"

Leroy purposely sighed loudly and slowly let his head hang down a bit.  Softly he spoke "Yeah, that's the place where I saw her the other night!"  Then he kept silent for a moment, glancing up to see the concerned look forming on Jim's face.  "Jim, I was sitting at the bar with the other guys when I spotted her out on the dance floor!  The only other time I've seen her so tipsy like that was on your wedding night!"

Jim laughed at his friend's concern, advising "Well, guess she must have really missed me and had one too many that night!  Guess she's entitled with me being gone so much on business trips!  Doesn't have anything to do with our sex lives!"

Slowly shaking his head from side to side, Leroy advised "Well ……………one guy, a black dude, was hitting up on her when they danced frequently!  I was really surprised when she went outside with the guy!  Both of them were feeling pretty good at the time!  I didn't want Linda to get into any trouble so I followed them at a safe distance so she wouldn't see me!"

Seeing Jim's shocked face and being speechless, Leroy continued "Jim ………….she let the guy take her out to his car!  I ………..I watched as they got into the backseat!  I couldn't believe it myself and made my way in the dark as close as I dared!"  Pausing for a while, letting it all sink into Jim's brain, he then continued "They did it, Jim!  Right on the backseat of the car!  I couldn't believe it, she had her beautiful legs wrapped around the guys ass and her heels locked together, pulling him deep into each time he fucked into her!"

Leroy knew he had his buddy going, seeing Jim rubbing his growing cock through his pants.  "You ………'re scamming me, aren't you?" Jim asked.  Keeping a straight serious face, Leroy shook his head and replied "Jim, there's no way I pull a stunt like this on you!  I really so her go crazy with that black dude!  When they were done, I hid behind another car as they were getting ready to go back in!  She even gave the guy the panties she had on as a souvenir!"

Leroy knew his ploy had worked to perfection in seeing his friend's stunned face.  Then Jim told him "I ……….........…..I guess I didn't perform very well in the lovemaking on the honeymoon for Linda!  God, she got me so damned excited that I couldn't help cumming as soon I got in her!  I …………….I guess there was no way she could enjoy it with my inexperience and unable to last very long to give her an orgasm!  But …………I thought she give me time ………………she couldn't be cheating on me so soon …………just for sex!  Are ………..are you sure it was Linda that you saw?"

"Yeah, I was dead certain!  I wouldn't bring this up to you if I wasn't!  But don't worry, buddy!  I took care of that punk who nailed your wife!  I waited outside for the bastard and now he's replacing a couple of front teeth and mending a broken nose!" Leroy advised.  Getting up and opening a drawer, Leroy retrieved a zippped storage bag and tossed it over into Jim's lap, telling Jim "I took if off the bastard who screwed your beautiful wife!"

Looking at the contents of the bag, Jim was totally stunned.  He couldn't believe this outrageous tale that Leroy was telling him, that this couldn't be Linda's panties in the bag.   It looked like the panties could belong to anyone of Linda's size.  Then he realized that there indeed was one way that only he would know the truth, remembering that Linda had mentioned that all the girls in the sorority put their initials on the tags to prevent confusion on laundry day.  Opening up the zipped bag, he reached in to locate the tag.  His heart sank upon seeing the marking of a blue felt pen with Linda's maiden initials of 'LD'.

Just as Leroy had hoped, Jim wanted to get all the intimate details of what he had observed.  Leroy acted hesitant, telling Jim that he wouldn't want to hear the details of what he had seen.  As expected, Jim insisted and then Leroy began his story "Your wife looked so sexy in that light blue dress and white heels that night!  At first I always thought of Linda as being naïve and innocent but that night was something else!  I managed to get up close enough to see her trim sexy white legs wrapped around the guy's ass, spurring him on to fuck her!  She was even yelling to the guy 'Fuck me ………fuck me ………….fuck me like a whore!'  Damn, Jim, it was the wildest fuck I've ever seen!"

With his cock bulging in his pants, Jim could not deny the exciting thrill that coursed through his body at the thought of another man fucking his beautiful wife.  In fact, it was a fantasy that he harbored and dreamt about at night, that of seeing Linda wrapping her arms and legs around another man.  And more so, it intrigued him to see her ivory body covered by a big black stud, hearing her scream when the stud shoved his big black dong into her body.
 Jim lowered his head in defeat, blurting out to his friend "It …………its all my fault!  I ………….I guess I've always had this fantasy that won't go away!  Remember that night in our junior year when we had the dance with the Delta sorority girls, that innocent young freshman that got tipsy and you managed to get her upstairs!  Well, couple other guys and I crawled outside on the roof and watched you nail her!  It was so fucking exciting to see her squirm and squeal when you stuck it to her!  We all jacked off watched her wrap her sexy white legs around your black butt, while you pumped her full of cum!"  Ever since then, while Linda and I were dating, I always had this fantasy of seeing her getting screwed by another guy ………a ………….a big black guy!  I have to admit that I really get a hardon and jackoff to that fantasy!  I still dream about that night and ……..well, sometimes I make believe I see Linda as that girl being screwed out of her mind!"

"Hey, buddy, everyone got fantasies!  If you can live with it should your fantasy happen, then why not enjoy it!  Hell, I've got fantasies too!  Shit, I gotta admit that I've often dreamt about Linda in my sleep and wished she wasn't dating and now married to you!  Face it, she's an absolute beauty and I wouldn't be human if I didn't fantasize about her myself!  But don't get me wrong, I wouldn't make a move on her, not with her committed to you!"
"Yeah …………committed to me!  Right!  You just caught her stepping out on me ……..letting another guy, a black guy, fuck her!  Shit, only weeks ago she promised to be faithful to me for the rest of our lives!  What a bunch of bullshit!  Damn, Leroy ……………you've had a fantasy of fucking her and I've always fantasized of seeing a big black stud nail her!"

At this point, Leroy figured it was worth a try, telling Jim "Hey, Jim, Let's make both of our fantasizes come true!  You've always dreamt of her fucking another guy, a black guy!  Let me see if I can put the make on her.  Then you'll know I wasn't making things up about seeing her getting fucked out in the parking lot!  If she says no or objects at any time, I'll stop and you'll know that I probably mistook her for someone else!"

"Yeah, you probably mistook another blonde for my wife!  There's no way she'd act like that with another guy!  She's too damned naïve and innocent to behave like that!  Shit, let's head on out there now ………………she's at that same fucking place again ………put the make on her, tell her you met with me and I went home beat from the trip!" Jim advised

Sitting with her friends at a large table, Linda sat up in surprise as Leroy's smiling face came towards her.  She stood up extending her hand to grab Leroy's, telling him to sit next to her.  As her friends had all attended the wedding, Linda made the introductions, telling that Leroy was her husband's good friend and a part of their wedding party.  Linda had chosen a seat on the inside, not wanting to be asked to dance and turning down any such requests. She let the other gals do the dancing, telling them that after all, she was now a 'married' woman.
Picking a dark spot near the end of the bar, basically hidden from view, Jim ordered a beer as he watched Leroy approach Linda and her group of friends.  'God, it'll be a perfect match-up to sate his fantasy!' he said to himself as he viewed the ebony/ivory combination that the couple made.  Another aspect that was really intriguing to Jim was Leroy's big muscular frame as compared to Linda's tiny petite body.  'Oh, man!  Give my bitch of a wife that big black bone of yours!' he silently cheered his friend on.

Leroy ordered a round of drinks for the gals at the table, getting a beer for himself and ordering a double vodka tonic for Linda.  He wanted her inhibitions let down again, have the alcohol dull her senses, so she would encourage him to give her another valuable lesson.  Seeing each gal had two straws or so in front of them, he correctly suspected that Linda had consumed two drinks prior to his arrival.

When the drinks arrived, Leroy held his beer up to toast his buddy's beautiful wife.  He knew Linda was a bit nervous at his presence, especially due to what had occurred between them the other day.  He told her that he had sat Jim down and gave him the low down on finding that incriminating envelope and told Jim that he had to give up his flirtatious ways or fear losing his wife.  Then he shook his head and added "Linda!  I hate to tell you this …………but …………he admitted that he had met a gal on the business trip and she had shared his room with him the entire trip!"

Seeing Linda blink back the tears, Leroy knew his tale had brought about the desired affect.  Pulling her by the hand, he whispered to her "Let's dance, that way your friends won't see you upset and with tears in your eyes!"  It was a slow number, perfect for Leroy to mode his body up against the sexy little thing.  As always, she looked sexy in the nice dress and 3" heels that she had worn to work that day.  'Such a classy little bitch!  Can't wait to get in her pants again!' he told himself.

Taking her to a darkened corner of the dance floor, Leroy slipped both arms around Linda's trim waist.  In response, the young wife reached up to encircle his neck with her soft hands and laced her fingers together.  Then Linda lay her head upon his bulky chest, sniffling back the tears upon learn that her husband had spent with business trip with another woman.  Peering at the bar area, Leroy smiled as he got a glimpse of the beauty's husband watching them dance so close together.  Purposely, he let spread his hand wide and moved it over her white skirt to cup her pert little ass, knowing what a sight it provided the young husband at the bar.  And Linda made no objection to his fondle of her tight little ass, in fact it only cause her to rub herself intimately up against his chest.

Feeling the muscular body up against her, it brought back all the memories and pleasurable feelings he had given her just the other day, especially numerous mind-shattering orgasms that he had taken her to.  Knowing that Jim was cheating on her time and time again, Linda was furious with her husband, so furious that she wanted to teach him a lesson.

From his vantage point at the bar, Jim saw his lovely wife tilt her head up, looking at his buddy face.  He could see him pulling Leroy's head down, then watched as they kissed passionately.  When the kiss broke, he could see his wife saying something to his friend, wishing that he could hear what the conversation was about.  Jim would have heard his naïve little wife say "Leroy, I ………….I really enjoyed the other day!  Will you teach me more?  With Jim cheating on me, let's do it for us this time ………..for you and me!  I want you to fuck me ……………..fuck me like your little whore!  Take me out to your car and give it to me good!"

Jim saw that everything was going according to the plans he had laid out with his buddy Leroy.  He had instructed Leroy to take her outside to his car, just like the other guy had done and nail her in the back seat.  Leroy had kept asking if he was certain if that's what he wanted and Jim reassured him that it'd be a fantasy come true for him.  "Hell, Leroy!  If she's gonna give it away anyway, my good 'ol buddy ought to get his share!" he had laughingly kidded in encouragement.

Having driven Leroy's brand new van to the place, parking it alongside his big Olds, Jim would have a ringside view of the proceedings.  Both vehicles had been parked at the far end of the lot, away from the other cars in preparation of what was to come.  Watching his wife and buddy, walking arm around each other's waist disappear out the front door, Jim licked his lips in anticipation as he made his way to the exit.

Stepping outside and into the shadows, he watched as the couple neared the van, which blocked the view of the Olds.  Jim sucked in his breath as he observed Leroy's hand slowly slide down Linda's waist, then saw the large black hand disappear up under the hem of her white skirt.  It was now obvious that Leroy was getting to feel up his sexy wife's tight little ass through just her thin panties.  Once then disappeared around the van, Jim walked quickly and quietly down the parking lot to his planned hiding place.

Getting into the van quietly, the higher floorboard provided Jim with the perfect vantage point into the backseat of the Olds.  Peering out through the dark tinted window, the light from the parking lot provided a great view for Jim from the van.  Flicking the switch to the speaker box in the van, Jim smiled that the microphone that they had wired up upon getting there was working perfectly.  "Oh, Leroy!  Ohhhhh ……………yes ………touch me ………..ohhh, I'm so hot!" Jim heard his wife say.

Know her husband was spying from the van, hearing them clearly through the microphone setup, Leroy played the part, telling her "Linda, we've got to stop!  God knows I want to continue but you're married to Jim!  Ohhh, Linda …….............……….ahhhh, your hands are so soft …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so good!  Ohhhh, yessss …...................………ohhh, stroke it ……….............….ohhhhh, yes …............................….pump it!"

From the higher vantage point of the van's window, Jim could see into the dimly lit car, saw his wife's trim white hands moving up and down.  He gasped loudly when he could no long see her hands, his view suddenly blocked by the sight of Linda's silky blonde hair.  'She couldn't be ….............……she would never do that!' he said to himself.  But the next sounds coming from the speakers told him otherwise "Oh, baby!  Oh, Linda …….......................….oh, yeah …..........…………oh, yeah, tongue me ………........................ahhhhhhhhhh ............................…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Then Jim saw Linda quickly peel off her dress and kick off her heels in the process.  She then undid her bra and slip off her panties as she then laid herself back, arms outstrected and frantically pleading for "Leroy ……………hurry …………hurry …………..take your clothes off!  Please ………….please …………I need it in me ……………nowwwwww!  Hurry ………….fuck me …………….fuck me!"

Making out the shadow of Leroy hovering over his wife's white legs, seeing her trim white hand extend to clasp the thick black cock, Jim heard Leroy tell Linda "Hold on, baby!  Hold on so I can get the condom out!"  Wide-eye, Jim saw his wife's hand reach up to grasp it out of Leroy's hands and tossed it aside, then heard his wife's voice "No …...........……… ……………put it in ……….............…….put it in …….........................……now, damn it!"  "Oh, baby, I might knock you up!" came Leroy's voice.  "I don't care!  I don't care!  Fuck me …….............……fuck me …….............……..shoot it …….......................…shoot it in me …....................………..I want to feel your hot cum filling me up!" came his wife's voice.

It was a thrill of a lifetime as Jim watched his good buddy fucking his beautiful wife.  'Damn, Leroy was right!  How could I have been so wrong!  She sure had me fooled  thinking that she was so fucking innocent and naïve!  Damn, she's nothing but a fucking little whore!' he thought.  His cock throbbing, seeing his wife's trim white legs and arms wrapped around her lover, Jim cheered his buddy on "Give it to her, Leroy!  Give the bitch the fucking of a lifetime!  Fill her up with your cum!  Knock the bitch up!"

A half-hour later, Jim crouched down in the van so as not to be seen as his wife and buddy headed back to the bar.  Before the couple had gotten out of the car, Jim had picked up their conversation with Linda telling Leroy "Let's go back inside for one more drink and I'll bid my girlfriends goodbye!  Then I better get home to Jim!  You know Jim tried to go down on me during the honeymoon twice but I didn't let him!  Tonight, I'm going to give him a tasty little cream puff to munch on.  This is for you to remember me by!"  At that point, Leroy observed his wife tucking her panties into Leroy's shirt pocket.

Once they were back inside the bar, Jim started up the van and made his way back to Leroy's apartment.  There, he parked the van and exchanged it for his own.  He needed to get back home and get unpacked as he normally did each time and act as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  He was a bit hungry and opened the refrigerator door but decided to wait a bit as his lovely wife would soon be bringing home dessert.

End of Story