Grand Prize – The Governor’s Wife!
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Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

“What the fuck!” Cecil Benson growled out loud as two of his goons, so called ‘collectors’ for his operation, reported that two of their customers wouldn’t be paying up for the ‘protection’ that they provided as of next week.  The ‘protection’ racket that Cecil ran was more strong arming any company that wanted to do business on the south side of town, the area that was his for the taking.  Oh, Cecil’s firm did provide protection if anyone was foolish enough to try and bother his customers, with one young punk ending up at the bottom of the river when he tried to cut in on them.  “Fuck, those were two good paying customers who always paid us on time!  F-U-C-KKKKKKK!” he cursed again.

It had not been the two customers unwillingness to pay for his ‘protection’ any longer as they knew that it was part of doing business in that part of town.  In fact, the amount of money that they raked in each week was obscene and provided them with more than a good take.  The only problem was that their business was in fact deemed ‘obscene’ by the goody-goody public and the XOP (X Out Porn) organization was creating a lot of heat for them, so much so that the two good paying customers were folding up their tents and moving across the state line where XOP didn’t have as much influence.

“It’s that goddamn fuck’n bitch again!  Jesus, she’s a real fucking pain in the ass!  First, she’s out there stirring up a public outcry when she first became president of the fuck’n organization a couple years ago!  And now, since her husband got elected governor of the state, she’s been putting the fuck’n hammer to us!  Christ!” Cecil cussed out in frustration.  Then Bubba ‘Da Hammer’ Jones, one of his lieutenants, chimed in with “Man …………………would I’s like to put ‘Da Hammer’ to that purty little bitch!  I’s sure as hell know how to shut that fuck'n beautiful bitch up about spouting the evils of porn …………………….by stuffing it full with my big black cock!”

Cecil laughed at Bubba’s comments, as everyone knew that he had quite a hankering for white pussy, even paying for it at times to take the edge off his always horny cock.  “Shit Bubba, only way ya only gonna git that fuck’n bitch by raping her!  Being the gov’s wife, she’s even got security wherever she goes!  Besides, ya git caught after, ya ain’t even gonna make it to the slammer!  They’ll fuck’n string up at the nearest tree or telephone pole with yer nuts stuffed in yer mouth!” Cecil advised.  He then added “Yeah, that’d sure be a nice way to shut her up though!  Bet she don’t know more than a half-dozen words that’s associated with porn!”  Thinking of what Bubba had said, Cecil chuckled “Hey, Bubba, ya can be the one to teach the haughty bitch what a ‘blowjob’ is!”  Laughing again, Cecil added “Me ………….I’s wanna teach her what butt-fucking’s all about!  Wonder if'n she'd have a fuck'n clue as to what I'm saying if'n I told her to her face that I'd like to 'bugger' her!”

Then one of the runners added “Hey, all of us here can then show her what a ‘golden shower’ is all about!”  Another added “I’s like to her all about the number ‘69’!”  A third guy chuckled “I’s bet half and a half is only familiar to her on a milk carton!”  “Doggie-style’s what I’s wanna do to her!” another added in.  From the back of the room, another runner added “Bet she’s never had the kind of ‘facial’ I’d like to give her!”  “Shit, let’s have her ‘pull a train’ fer us first and then we’s can have her experience what a ‘gangbang’ is all about!” someone else added.  Everyone was chiming in on the bitch who was creating such a problem for them, but all this was just idle talk as each and everyone in the room knew that she was untouchable in her position.

“Damn, sure wish that we could git something on that fuck’n bitch to git her off our ass!  But our guys couldn’t even find an overdue library book much less a traffic ticket on her!  Everyone, from grade school to college had nothing but good things to say about the goody-goody little bitch!”  Cecil advised.  “Jeez, this fuck’n broad is just too unfucking believable to be true in real life!  Good grades, nearly all straight A’s from grade school through college and even law school, doesn’t smoke and never experimented with any drugs ………………nothing!  Not even an ex-boyfriend would say anything negative about her!  We’s gotta git something on this bitch to git her to back off on pornography or she’ll drive all our damn customers outta business!” he added.

That’s when Bubba ‘Da Hammer’ spoke up again, “Shit, I coulda told ya that without going through all that trouble!  Just looking at that sophisticated beauty, it was purty obvious that she was a true blue goody-goody little bitch to the core!  I’s can siz’em up jist be looking’em over!”  Then Bubba added “Seeing her on tv going after the porn industry, ya can jist see how pure and innocent the bitch really is!  What ya gotta do is concentrate on the fuck’n husband!  Dig up the dirt on hubby is the way to silence that little bitch!  She’s got two weak spots: Love fer her husband; and being humiliated in public!”

“Da Gov?  Did up dirt on the governor?  Yer shitting, man!” someone asked.  Bubba responded “Yeah, man!  Any guy married to a goody-goody bitch like that has gotta be getting something on the side to fulfill his fantasies, regardless whether he’s the governor or not!  Seeing how innocent that elegant bitch is, I’d bet my last dime that she’s only letting the gov bed her in the old missionary style!  And I’s bet the gov’s probably paying some hooker to blow him because his goody-goody little wife thinks its too fuck’n dirty to put her sweet pink lips on his cock!  So the fuck’n bastard gotta be paying some bimbo to blow him while he pretends its his beautiful wife doing him!  Catch him in a sex act with another woman and ya can imagine what it’d do to her anti-porn bullshit!”  Bubba chuckled and threw out “Shit, get the goods on the gov’s dirty deeds, and I’ll silence the bitch …………………down on her knees and stuff her mouth full of my big black cock!”

Cecil smiled and advised “Damn …………………….ya jist might have something there, Bubba!  Tell ya what Bubba, ya take charge of getting the dirt on the asshole governor she’d married to, something that we can use to have her ease up on shutting down the porn industry …………………………ya can be the first one to plug that fuck’n mouth of hers with that big black cock of yers!  And ya’s git the honor of being the one of ‘ruining’ that innocent bitch before we’s gangbang the shit outta her!  That outta knock her down a peg or two, maybe knock her off that fuck’n perch she’s on fer good!”  Then Cecil laughed and added “How’s about me buggering the bitch when she starts blowing ya?  Or are ya afraid she might jist bite yer dick off?”

At 35 years of age, Mrs. Kristin Caldwell (formerly Ms. Kristin Peters) was currently the most highly respected and most visible woman in the entire state.  A mother to two young teenage girls, Kristin had made a name for herself from being a hard charging prosecutor with a no-nonsense attitude when it came to going after sexual perverts, then becoming a vocal leader of the ‘X out Porn’ movement after she went out into private practice.  Next came her being president of XOP and her verbal attacks on the police to crackdown on the porn industry, which she felt was the biggest contributor to influencing the vile fantasies of the sexual perverts that she had gone after during her stint as prosecutor.

‘Mother of the Year’ a couple of years back, chairwoman of the state chapter of the Women’s League, and now First Lady of the state in her husband having been elected as governor the past year.  With her status of First Lady, Kristin had used her influence in having the resources disposable to the governor’s office to champion her XOP organization in going after the porn industry.  It was not formally on the state police department’s record, of her directing the use of that department to go after the porn industry, namely because it had only come as a suggestion by the governor’s wife when the head of the department had been introduced to her at a conference.

Smart, well-educated, Kristin was at the top of her class from grade school through law school and was editor of the law review at the prestigious college she had gone to.  With a friend of hers brutally raped in high school, Kristin wanted to put sexual perverts away and do good for society.  Also desiring to have trial experience right away, Kristin chose to go with the prosecutor’s office in her home state and bypassed the many high paying jobs offered to her by the top-notched law firms throughout the country.  But although armed with a law degree and job as a deputy prosecutor, Kristin had much to learn about life when it came to just understanding the goings on with street crime.

Rather sheltered in her conservative church going upbringing, Kristin’s high school and college days were quite different from so many the typical girls in school.  For Kristin, her time in high school was devoted to the likes of editor of the school newspaper, student government, honor society, and becoming valedictorian of her class.  College was pretty much the same for her, with membership in sorority which was more dedicated to grades rather that dances.  Never having dated much at all, and in her being so prim and proper, Kristin initially found herself at quite a disadvantage in her desire to come down hard on sex crimes.

With the prosecutor’s office so understaffed due to many going there just for some trial experience before going out on their own or with a private firm for more money, there was really no time for much training and one learned on the job.  One of the first cases that had been assigned to her to prosecute had involved that of solicitation where the ‘john’ had made the mistake of hitting on an undercover female cop.  Reading the officer’s report, Kristin was at a loss on where to begin as everything on it seemed to be in Greek.

Interviewing and questioning the female officer who had written the report, it became quite apparent that she knew zero when the officer rolled her eyes and inquired “You’ve got no clue what the ‘john’ solicited me for, do you?”  Kristin had blushed and swallowed deeply at the question for it was so true.  Fortunately the female officer took pity on her and advised “See the sentence that he used in the solicitation, it reads ‘How much for me giving you a golden shower and then getting a blowjob?’  Honey, what that means is that he’s soliciting me to get down on my knees so he can then piss all over my face and then when he’s done, I’m to take his prick in my mouth and suck him off!”  Jaw dropping wide in disbelief at what she had just heard, Kristin had been stunned speechless for an entire moment before snapping back to reality, still not believing what she had just heard.

Later, on the arraignment day, Kristin wondered if she could go into court and do an effective job in prosecuting the man who had been arrested for solicitation.  But as this was the first criminal charge against him, the black man charged with soliciting ended up pleading guilty and getting a slap on the wrist since it was his first offense.  She had stared at the slimy bastard charged with had having pled guilty to the crime, and when the black got off with just a slap on the wrist, he looked over at her with a devious smile and licked his lip as if he was propositioning her right there in the court room.  That look on his face told it all, that he’d give her a hundred to do the same things he had been charged with ………………………making her get down on her knees so he could piss on her face and make her suck his filthy penis till it ejaculated down her throat!

From that night on, Kristin had recurring nightmares of just that unspoken proposition in the courtroom.  Tossing and turning, she’d snap out of the nightmare just when the black bastard’s scalding urine hit her square in the face.  On occasion, she’d awaken as she was unable to breathe, gasping from the thought of trying to keep from dying as the thick filthy black penis was pushing into and clogging her throat.  At other times, the nightmare would come to an end when she felt like throwing up due to the horrid slime suddenly being ejaculated into her mouth and throat.  Each time she’d wake up in a cold sweat, making her even more determined to put such sexual perverts away.

Meeting handsome Kyle Caldwell in the courtroom, actually in a case involving vandalism damage to state property that she was prosecuting against a teenager whom Kyle had been hired to defend, they went out on a first date a week after the case had concluded.  It was true love from then on and Kyle had been the very first man of her life.  Oh, she had a few dates in high school and college but nothing serious nor nearly romantic and they began seeing each other at least on the weekends if not more, talking on the phone when not on a date that night.  Kristin fell madly in love with her attorney cohort, and soon she was engaged to be married to the handsome fellow.

For Kyle Caldwell, coming from a very prominent east coast family, going to a prestigious college and then getting a law degree had been an expected thing of him.  And with his pedigree upbringing, it was also expected for him to follow many of his family members, that of following his uncles and father in pursuing a career in politics.  Taking that case in representing the teenage son of one of the firm’s big clients had been the best thing that had happened to him, otherwise he may never have meet the beautiful prosecutor as criminal defense was not what he normally worked on.  A fabulous wedding at the family estate, with all the who’s who on the social list showing up, Kyle could not believe his fortune in marrying such a smart beautiful young woman like Kristin Peters.

Coming from his prestigious family background Kyle either had everything right at his fingertips or dropped right into his lap without him asking for it.  And that included a number of girls from high school, college, and throughout his bachelor days as each would have loved marrying into money.  And Kyle had not been bashful, taking full advantage of all that was offered to him, bedding many beautiful gals and especially enjoying having them suck him off.  But in proposing to Kristin, Kyle had found that the beauty he’d soon be marrying was not like the floosies he’d bedded as she was not interested in marrying into the family name nor the money, and that she intended on remaining chaste till the wedding day came.

All along, while dating Kristin and not getting beyond first base when it came to sex, Kyle had to get by in soliciting a couple of discreet escort services that he was familiar with to get him by and ease the pressure.  Thus, during their year long engagement, Kyle continued on paying for the services needed in order to relieve the pent up sexual tension.  At times, after kissing and petting with his beautiful fiancée but sent along home with an aching hardon, Kyle would detour off to make a much needed pit stop.  Picking out his choice of gals and going off to a private room, with the woman on her knees giving him head, Kyle had his yes closed pretending that it was his beautiful fiancée making him feel good.  He just couldn’t wait to marry the lovely Ms. Kristin Peters to make his dream come true.

But when his dream was to come true, Kyle quickly found that marriage to the beautiful young woman he had fallen in love with did not mean that she’d fulfill all his sexual desires.  In fact, it was shortly after the return from their honeymoon that Kyle discovered that getting his beautiful wife to service him with her sweet pink lips was definitely out of the question.  It had been their very first fight, one in which he found himself sleeping in the guestroom after Kristin demanded he get out of the bedroom and had locked him out.  Kyle had been shocked at how his lovely wife had reacted so violently, looking so horrified and disgusted when he had scooted up on the bed to straddle her, grasping the back her head and aiming his cock at her beautiful pink lips.  So shocked in fact, not expecting her violent reaction, Kyle had suddenly been thrown right out of the saddle.

Limited to lovemaking in the missionary style or having his beautiful wife use her pretty petite fingers to wank him off, Kyle’s dream of having Kristin’s soft pink lips around his throbbing hardon would just have to remain a fantasy.  Thus, throughout their marriage, Kyle would continue to frequent the escort services in order to sate his fantasies, mainly that of having his lovely wife going down on him.  Becoming a partner in the big law firm he had been working at was a sure thing as the partners of the old-time firm certainly knew that he was a rising star and would one day be quite an important political figure in the state.  With the well-known family name behind of him, some well publicized trials that had his picture in the paper along with the many in the society pages, Kyle had boldly entered the governor’s race without any actual political experience.

Two weeks into the task getting to figure out the way of tailing the governor and finding dirt on him, Bubba smiled widely in finally uncovering a tidbit that the gov frequented the like of the services of the EES Corp., with EES standing for Enchanting Escort Service.  Pulling strings here and there, slipping a wad of bills to the right people, Bubba learned that the big man used the service to send young beauties to meet with him whenever he traveled out of town.  And from what Bubba learned, a lot of money changed hands as all expenses for the call girls were taken care of and naturally a big percentage went to the company itself for making the arrangements.  A big wad to one of the call girls had her singing ‘Oh, the guy just loved it when I blew him down, if’n you get the meaning!’

Normally, Gov. Kyle Caldwell inquires from unknown business constituents would be left to his staff or personal assistant to handle.  He’d go through the list of callers asking for a meeting with him and unless it was from someone he knew personally, Kyle would turn it over to his staff to do the follow up work.  On this day, after scanning the list, he looked on up an entry of one person wanting to meet and discuss a company name that looked familiar.  ‘EES Corp.’ ran a bell in his mind but one that he had recognized as being on a charge card receipt from way back when he was a carefree bachelor, before deciding that all his clandestine affairs should be paid for strictly in case.  He recalled that company name from back in his college days, when he didn’t care about covering his tracks, when he would put the escort’s service charge on his charge card.

With the reason of the call indicating ‘wishing to discuss with you or your wife on product satisfaction on the recent purchase made from the company and if they endorsed the company’s product that a sizable donation to either his next political campaign or his wife’s XOP organization’!  Knowing that his wife’s personal crusade against the porn industry was indeed having an effect, Kyle swallowed hard in knowing full well that EES Corp. and XOP were on opposite ends of the conflict.  A chilling fear immediately coursed throughout his body, guessing that his secret outings might have been discovered and be unveiled to the public.  It was obvious to Kyle that ignoring this call would be disastrous and that his extra curricular activities would be exposed, that if that ever came out, his lovely wife would immediately be filing for divorce and leave him with nothing.

Security detail left outside of the restaurant, Kyle met a rather clean cut black man dressed in a suit, whom he learned was representing a client and the he had been retained merely to meet with him in order to deliver an envelope personally.  The representative, an attorney who’s name Kyle recognized from being in the same profession, further advised him that “First, I have no idea what the envelope contains!  I’ve advised my client, Mr. Jones, that I would only proceed if everything was legitimate!  Furthermore, I’ve advised him that I would not jeopardize my legal practice and turn him into the police if you so advise me that what’s in the envelope is criminal in any nature!  In you’re interested in discussing things further, my client will be happy to contact you directly if that is permissible!”

Using the butter knife on the table, Kyle sliced the top of the envelope open, then slowly pulled a portion of the enclosed photograph out with the back of it facing the other man.  Kyle’s heart sank, his life passing before his very eyes, for the shirt he was wearing in the enlarged photograph clearly depicted a scene of his most recent out of town trip.  Meeting up with the young and pretty call girl sent by the escort service, Kyle recalled how the gal so expertly tongued him, then went down on him to give him the much needed temporary relief of his fantasy.  In the photo, he was leaning back with his eyes closed, with his arms outstretched and hands grasping the back of the gal’s head.  With only an inch of his cock visible in the picture, it was quite clear were the remainder of his shaft was at that moment.  Swallowing nervously, when asked if everything was in order, he responded with “Yes!  And I’d very much like to discuss that campaign offer your client is willing to make!  Here’s my card with my direct line, please have your client call me any time!”

A few days later, after taking the call from the mysterious ‘Mr. Jones’ on his private line, Kyle sat at his desk drenched in a cold sweat.  “Hey, Gov, ya like that photo?  Man, yer really photogenic, y’know!  Imagine if’n that makes the front page of the Tribune!  Like they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, huh!  Ain’t no one gonna mistaking ya in the picture and how’s ya getting yer rocks off!” had come the initial greeting.  “What …………………how much do you want for the picture and negative of it, along with any others you have?” Kyle inquired.  Then he learned why he had been targeted for blackmail as the man with the gruff voice responded with “Even ya ain’t got the kind of money to make up fer all we’re losing because of that fuck’n crusade yer wife is on!”

The next day, Bubba ‘Da Hammer’ Jones sat confidently in a booth at the same restaurant setting where the governor had seen the blown up photo of him being blown.  At the scheduled appointment time, Bubba could see the governor’s security detail being told to wait outside as the big man came into the restaurant for the meeting with him.  Hearing the big man sounding more of a wimp on the phone yesterday, Bubba knew that he had the fuck’r by the balls and he was planning on exploiting it to the utmost.  This was just the first step in the process and when he got the governor’s fuck’n wife to call off her crusade against the porn industry, there’d be a big bonus reward in store for him.

An hour after the meeting had commenced, Governor Caldwell breathed a sigh of relief in having brokered a deal with Mr. Jones assuring that the incriminating photograph would not make its way to the newspapers or tabloids.  Of course there was a high price to pay for his indiscretion, but there was no choice in the matter if he wanted to remain as governor of the state and not be the butt of jokes throughout the entire nation.  Having met Bubba Jones, the big black man had instilled a chilling fear down to his bones as the bastard obviously was enjoying putting the screws to him.

Kyle had found that his governorship was on the line at that point, all because of his crusading wife’s insistence of using the state police to further that damned XOP organization.  He had told her to just do the smiling and help with the entertaining of visiting VIPs but Kristin had reminded him that when he had thrown his hat into the ring, she had agreed to go along with that provided she could do something meaningful should he be elected.  So, he had backed off, not thinking that she’d stir up such an outcry from the public and put so much heat on the porn industry that had even contributed to his campaign for governor.  With his wife such a strait-laced puritan, there was no dirt to be uncovered on her, thus they had obviously found and exploited his own weaknesses.

Kyle had been shocked that money was not what the man was after, with the fellow just chuckling when he offered fifty thousand for the incriminating evidence.  “A hundred thousand!” he then offered, knowing that he was just bidding against himself and absolutely the wrong thing to do.  But with his reputation and governorship at stake, needless to say the end of his marriage as Kristin would definitely file for divorce, Kyle was desperate and not in a very good bargaining position.  When Mr. Jones had advised him that by adding three zeros on top of his last offer might get him into a talking position, Kyle swallowed hard as there was no way he could get that kind of money.

Kyle nodded his head ‘yes’ when Mr. Jones asked “Ya remember that picture that was in the envelope, Governor?”  He shuddered as his stomach turned when the black bastard advised him that “Ya know, Gov, ya and me’s got a lot in common …………..cause I’s jist love gitting a blowjob best!  That wife of yers has caused us so much fuck’n trouble with her crusading against porn, always on the news, but I’s must say ……………she sure is beautiful!  The way ya look in the pic, ya were fulfilling yer fantasy when that picture was taken, weren’t ya?  Now I’s wanna fulfill my fantasy …………….. getting blown …………………………by that beautiful wife of yers!”

“Ah, Gov, don’t look at me like that!  When ya was getting serviced by the gal in the picture, ya’s was pretending that it was really yer beautiful wife on her hands and knees sucking ya off!  Right?” came the knowing accusation that caused Kyle to shudder.  Indeed, the black bastard had hit the nail right on the head but there was no way that his lovely wife would even stoop to degrading herself to save his ass once she saw that that incriminating photo of him and the gal sucking him.  “There …………….there’s no way my wife would go along with that!  She ………………..she'd rather divorce me than save me once she sees that photograph!  She’ll walk right on me once she gets wind of …...........…..of my indiscretion!” Kyle advised his blackmailer.

Bubba chuckled, advising “Yeah, kinda figure that, Gov!  She’ll drop ya like a hot potato, clean ya out completely and she’ll definitely git custody of the kids since their father’s an obvious sexual pervert!  But how’s this Gov, yer purty wife won’t even know about yer so-called ‘indiscretion’ and never git to see that photo!  No one else, nor the newspaper will ever git to see it either, jist a secret between ya an me!  All ya gotta do is have me replace yer current chauffeur where I’s be serving both as chauffeur and bodyguard fer ya, Governor!  Ya let me handle the rest and ya’ll even git to witness yer purty wife sucking my big black dick!  And I’s personally will be the one to see to it that I’s convince that purty Mrs. of yers to back off on her crusade against porn!”

Back in his limo, Gov. Caldwell breathed a big sigh of relief in having struck the deal with Mr. Jones that would preserve his name, reputation and governorship.  Closing his eyes as he finally got to relax some after being under such stress, Kyle swallowed nervously as he now pictured his lovely wife in his mind and pictured her lovely pink lips being made to open wide and accept the big black man’s ebony cock.  In his mind, he could picture Kristin down on her knees with her face cringing in disgust as the bloated ebony cockhead approach her untouched lips.  At the thought of that despicable scene, Kyle’s cock twitched with excitement and became absolutely rock hard, giving him quite a bulge in the crotch of his pants.  Picturing his lovely wife turning disgustedly away to avoid the humiliation, with the muscular Mr. Jones cruelly yanking at her long silky hair, Kyle’s cock throbbed as he imaged the jutting ebony prong brushing over her lovely facial features.

That following Monday morning, As Kristin preceded her husband in entering the limousine’s door that was being held open by the hotel’s valet, she sat down and scooted over to make room for her husband as the driver adjusted the rearview mirror.  Just as her husband sat down next to her and the door closed, Kristin nearly gasped as she sucked in her breath as a big black face with a salacious grin turned to great them “Good morning Mrs. Caldwell, Governor!  I’s been assigned to take over for Clay while he’s recovering from in the hospital!”  The grinning man really unnerved her with his lusting eyes that first looked at her face on that then had slowly gone down her entire body all the way down the white dress that she wore to her white heels.  And Kristin swore that she had observed the crude bastard actually licking his lips as if he was lusting to sample her body.

Body shuddering as she swallowed deeply, Kristin turned to her husband as the limo pulled out from the curb, asking with concern “What happened to Clay?  And who is this gross and very uncouth fellow?”  Clay Morris had been with them from even before her husband had become elected governor and the middle aged man had always treated her with great respect, something that this uncouth black knew nothing about.  Kristin was stunned to learn from her husband that he had received a call from his chief of staff early that morning to advise that Clay had been severely beaten by an unknown assailant who apparently had targeted him because of his relationship with the governor’s office.  Thus, Mr. Jones had been brought in as the replacement as he could also double as a bodyguard if someone was targeting them.

“My God, Kyle, this guy gives me the creeps!  Did you see the way that animal eyed me up?  I felt as if he was undressing me as I sat here in the backseat of the limo!” his upset wife whispered to him.  “Oh, honey, you’re just too involved with your XOP group that you’re now letting your imagination get carried away in thinking that all men are just after sex from a woman!” Kyle responded, shaking his head as if in disbelief.  But in reality, Kyle had seen Bubba Jones and it was all as his wife had just described, even more so in knowing that the bastard had to adjust the rearview mirror after having it positioned to get a glimpse up under Kristin’s skirt as she slid across the backseat.

Indeed, the governor had it right as Bubba had in fact lowered the mirror and positioned it so that he could get a shot up under the front of his beautiful wife's white dress.  And boy did he get a view, one that gave Bubba a hardon as he got to see her soft white thighs right up to her lacy white panties.  Driving along the freeway to get to the Imperial Hotel across town, Bubba could not help but to steal glances of the lovely beauty through the rearview mirror.  And upon reaching the destination, Bubba got out and went around the limo to open the door for the governor and his beautiful wife.  Bubba’s cock twitched as he reached out to hold the First Lady’s hand to assist her out of the vehicle, especially enjoying seeing her reluctance to put her delicate hand in his oversized one but she did so in order to not create a scene.  And then the Governor was reaching into his coat pocket to hand him a small padded envelope, instructing him “Can you see that this gets into the right hands!”  “Sure will, Governor!” he replied.

Back in the limo, Bubba drove down to the parking lot and looked about for a shady spot as it’d be an hour or so before he’d be needed to be up front to pick up the governor and his lovely wife.  Reaching into his coat, Bubba retrieved the small brown envelope that the governor had given to him before departing and instructing him to see that it got into the ‘right hands’.  Tearing open the edge of the envelope, Bubba looked down into the envelope and smiled widely upon seeing its contents.  Reaching in, Bubba chuckled ‘Yes indeed, Governor, it’s in the ‘right hands’ now!’  Bringing the contents out, he then held it up to his face and inhaled deeply before adding ‘Thank ya fer the first installment, Govna!  Yer purty wife’s panties sure do smell good!’  Tongue lapping at the crotchband, Bubba licked his lips and chuckled ‘And taste real good too!  Can’t wait to stick my tongue up her tight little snatch and drive the fuck’n goody-goody bitch crazy!’

With the goods on the governor, Bubba’s devious mind had his boner stiffening at the prospects that lay at hand.  Sure, he could easily get the gov to drop a drug in her drink to render her unconscious, then he could rape the beautiful bitch as her wimp-assed hubby looked on.  But that was far too easy, and really no fun for Bubba in getting to fuck a dead piece of ass.  No, for Bubba, nothing was better than having a beautiful white bitch in his clutches and absolutely terrified at the prospects of being fucked by his big black dick.  And nothing could be sweeter that having the beautiful First Lady of the State down on her knees and running her pointed pink tongue over his flaring cockhead.  It’d also be quite a blast in cumming right in her beautiful face, especially with it all caught on video!

After three short days of chauffeuring the governor and his beautiful wife around, Bubba’s nuts were in mean turmoil after eyeing up the lovely beauty and her sleek white legs whenever she got in and out of the limo.  He’d already learned that this dinner meeting was the final engagement of the day, as they'd then be headed on back to the governor’s mansion, he had waiting a double scotch on the rocks for the governor while having a glass of cabernet for the governor's lovely wife.  Thus, having checked out the schedule for the day and with the couple hours of dead time for him to kill during a conference, Bubba had things set up for that evening.

Pulling up to the lobby area, Bubba got out and stood by the back of the limo to open the car door upon the arrival of the governor and his wife.  Minutes later, out came the top man and first lady accompanied by the many legislators attending the political function.  Closing the door behind them, Bubba got into the limo and started it up, advising “Double scotch on the rocks fer ya, Governor!  And a glass of yer favorite cabernet fer ya, ma’am!” he advised.  Glancing in the rearview mirror and seeing the lovely First Lady sipping at her glass of cabernet, Bubba’s cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come.

With traffic congested as expected, Bubba watched as the lovely beauty sipped slowly at her glass of wine but with time going by slowly due to the traffic, nearly half of the drug laced drink had been consumed.  It was a new drug on the market, a rather potent substance that would temporarily render one unconscious for a couple of hours, where the use of smelling salts would snap one out of the drugged stupor, leaving that person awake and functioning but with the feeling of being very tired.  Also slipped into the wine was a dose of liquid Spanish Fly that would have the bitch hotter than a firecracker, even when in a drugged stupor.  Glancing up at the rearview mirror once again, Bubba smiled in seeing the effects taking place as the bitch was having trouble keeping her eyes open and her head bobbing a bit as she placed the empty glass down into the holder on the door.

“Where are we going?  Why are we turning off the highway?” came the questioning by the puzzled governor.  Bubba looked back at him in the rearview mirror and advised “Don’t ya worry none, Gov’na!  Yer purty Missus has got me so fuck’n turned on that I’s jist gotta git me some relief!”  Seeing the frightened look on the governor’s face as he quickly turned to see if his wife had heard the vile comments, Bubba advised “No worries about yer purty wife, Gov, cause she’s out cold from the drug I’s put in her wine!  She can’t hear a thing and she’ll be out of it fer a couple of hours!  Enough time fer me to git my fuck’n rocks off!”

Minutes later, with the driver of the limo pressing the button of a remote, a large door began rising at the large structure up ahead.  Ordered out of the limo, Kyle got out and went to turn on the lighting that was located on the other side of the limo as instructed.  He then watched as the big man peered into the window at his dozing wife.  As for being the head man of the entire state, Gov. Kyle Caldwell could only stand and watch frozen to the spot as the chauffeur then instructed him to pick up the camcorder lying on top of the barrel next to the lighting stand.  “Okay, Gov., jist turn it on and ya can see what yer filming through the screen!” he was advised.  Doing so, Kyle got it going and nodding ‘yes’ to the question of “Ya got it, Gov?” he then saw the big grin on the black bastard’s face as he took off his coat and began removing his bow tie.

Camcorder going as Kyle filmed his chauffeur moving to open the back door of the limo, then captured his drugged wife as she sat there oblivious as to what was taking place.  Then the bastard was reaching out with one of his black paws to touch and caress Kristin’s ivory white thigh that was nearest to him.  And with being a hot day, his wife had done away with her pantyhose, displaying her trim flawless ivory thighs for everyone to enjoy.  Armrest in the middle of the limo pulled down to act as a support for the drugged beauty, Bubba then lifted her slender white legs out of the limo, then slid his grimy hands up under the hem of her dress to drag down her lacy white panties.  Panties up to his nose, Bubba turned to look at the camcorder and inhaled deeply, he then took the garment away to give a big smile before draping the lacy garment over the handle of the limo’s door.

Continuing to film the ongoing episode of his drugged wife’s dilemma, Kyle captured Mr. Jones grasping her hands together and intertwining her fingers, then was reaching into his pants pocket to retrieved something and was appearing to secure her hands together.  Looking away from the screen for a better view, Kyle then realized that it was something that appeared to be transparent fishing line to secure her hands together with Kristin’s finger’s intertwined.  Hem of Kristin’s dress eased up as the huge black paws caressed them, then his wife’s vagina and silky curls were made visible for viewing.  With Bubba Jones then going down on his drugged wife, the bastard then reached up and brought her limp entwined hands over the back of her head, making it appear that Kristin was actually enjoying this and grasping at the back of her lover’s head while he proceeded to eat out her cunny.

Intrigued by it all with his cock tenting the front of his pants, Gov. Kyle Caldwell looked at the display screen on the camcorder and moved to his right in order to get a better view and in turn to record it all.  With Bubba Jones looking up at the camcorder with the big grin on his face, followed by that salacious swirling of his 5” long tongue, it was quite obvious as to his vile intentions.  Bending down to get a good viewing for himself as well as for the camera, the long extended swirling tongue of the black bastard slowly began to disappear up into Kristin’s pink cunny.  Seeing the trembling of wife’s petite body, as well as hearing the mewling sounds from her lips, that swirling tongue was obviously a great effect.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah …………………………..aggggggggggggggggh …………..nnnnn ……………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the moans from the open limo.  And from his vantage point, Gov. Caldwell could see the muscles of his wife’s trim calves going taunt as the pointed toes of her high heel shoes aimed down to the ground as she arched up instinctively into the chauffeur’s lapping tongue.  And with her head lolling back as if in the throes of ecstasy due to her intertwined fingers being bound, it appeared that Kristin was actually participating in this vile debauchery and enjoying the eating out of her juicy cunny.  With the loud slurping sounds emanating from between her widespread thighs, it sounded like a very thirsty animal was getting sated at the trough.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …………………………..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud gasps of sheer ecstasy from within the limo, with the loud slurping sounds mixed in.  Finally, Kristin’s body went totally limp with head falling back with her mouth wide open.  Then Bubba Jones fat ebony face withdrew from between her thighs to turn towards the camcorder with a wide grin as he licked at his lips.  And with the bottom half of his face glistening brightly in the light, it was quite obvious from where all that juicy substance had come from ……………………..right from between Kristin’s sweet white thighs!

Filming continuing as Bubba slipped his head down and out of her entwined hands, he then unloosed the bindings a bit to rearrange her hands before slipping the loops of the nylon fishing line over her thumbs to keep her hands in place.  Hands now holding her trim wrists, slim white manicured fingers now intertwined around his ebony cock, Bubba called out “Hey, Gov, put the camera down and come on over hea ………………….hold yer purty wife’s face up fer me!”  Seeing the governor hesitate, Bubba added “Ya can turn it off …………………..ya sure don’t want anyone seeing ya holding yer wife so’s I’s can rub my big black dick all over her beautiful face, huh!”  A moment later, Gov. Caldwell was standing behind his lovely wife and cupping the back of her head up as Bubba slid his throbbing black cock up over her soft cheek and pink lips. “Go ahead, gov, unzip yer pants ………………..that bulge might jist bust outta yer pants!?”

For Gov. Kyle Caldwell, he certainly did not want to be in this vile setup of his beautiful wife’s degrading episode, one that he had participated in arranging so as to keep his blackmailer at bay.  Bad enough, he was already on tape with the prostitute, but this would be even far more disgraceful should anyone get to witness his holding Kristin’s face steady for the bastard to sexually abuse.  Little did the governor realize how conniving Bubba Jones could be, for once the remote to raise the garage door had been pressed, three camcorders were also activated within the building.  Not only was he being captured on film now, while holding his beautiful wife’s head steady as Bubba ran his big black cock about it, but his earlier filming of his wife's violation had also been captured on film.

Back at aiming the camcorder as instructed by Bubba Jones, after he leaned Kristin’s head to rest back against the side of the limo, Kyle watched intently as the black bastard was now puffing and intent on shooting his load.  He prayed that the bastard would keep his word and not ejaculate all over his wife’s beautiful face, nor soil her expensive and elegant dress.  “Uh ……………….uh …………………..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the telltale groan as Bubba Jones shot a geyser angled off to the side to spray the back fender of the limo.  Another looping geyser arched up into the air, then the bubbling goo began to ooze down onto Kristin’s entwined fingers.

Handed a rag by his chauffeur, the head man of the state was relegated to the duties of a lowly janitor, that of wiping down the limo to clean off the streams of the bastard’s spunk running down its side.  Looking over, Kyle observed the bastard handling Kristin’s panties, then saw him using the cotton crotchband to wipe his spunk of Kristin’s soiled fingers.  He next observed Bubba Jones lifting Kristin under her arms to get her back on the carseat, then the bastard was slipping the soiled panties over her heels and up her sexy legs.  To make matters worst, once the pair of panties were in place, Kyle observed the vile bastard rubbing at the crotchband of her panties with a thick finger.  H realized that that the vile bastard was apparently hoping that some of his vile seed would get up into her juicy slit.

Back at the governor’s mansion, Kristin snapped awake and gave a big yawn as she exclaimed “I feel so exhausted!”  Assisting his wife, seeing her raising her hand up to cover another yawn, Kyle grasped her hand and held it away from her face as if he was attempting to assist her up the walkway.  It was a close call for the governor as he certainly did not want his lovely wife to smell the heady aroma of Bubba Jones’s spunk that still remained after the goo had been wiped off her fingers with her panties.  “C’mon, honey, you’ll feel much better after a hot shower!” he advised, wanting his wife to cleanse herself as much as possible from the night’s activities.

Ten days later, after being chauffeured around to numerous events, Kristin still wished that their regular chauffeur would recover enough to return to work as Bubba Jones just gave her the creeps.  She especially hated it when she was being chauffeured alone as she had the unnerving feeling the unsavory bastard just might pull off onto a deserted road and assault her ………………..force himself upon her and ..............................even rape her!  Kristin had no prejudice against blacks, with there being several black women and men on the staff, but this unruly character just did not belong as a part of the governor’s entourage.

That weekend, after a long three hour drive, they arrived at the highest grade hotel available in Benson County where the conference of mayors would be held.  It was the first trip out of town since the regular chauffeur was injured and which their new chauffeur would accompany them.  On this trip, Bubba Jones also acted somewhat as a personal assistant, seeing that their luggage was delivered and then he was pouring drinks for them.  As it had been a long tiring drive, Kristin thought nothing of it when her husband advised the chauffeur to help himself to a drink at the bar after he had turned on the television to the news channel for them.

Sipping at her glass of wine, Kristin began to feel an unusual tingling feeling and instinctively closed her thighs together to stem that itch and need to scratch herself.  Nipples in her encased bra tingling, she first put her upper right arm over her right breast to rub the itch, then used her upper left arm to do the same to her left breast.  Feeling hot as she now squirmed about on the sofa, Kristin then glanced over to where her husband was seated at the bar and saw that he had his arm outstretched, head on his arm facing her as he had apparently fallen asleep.

The tingling increasing even more to a maddening level, Kristin sucked in her breath upon seeing the wide grin on Bubba Jones’ leering face as he took a gulp of his drink and began to approach her while loosening his tie.  Then the chauffeur was telling her “Ya’ve been very standoffish with me, Mrs. Caldwell!  I’s think it’s about time ya’s and me got to know each other better ………………….a lot better!”  In seeing the chauffeur unbuttoning his shirt, Kristin knew what ‘better’ entailed and called out “Kyle …………………….KYLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  “Sorry, Missus but the gov’s ain’t getting up fer awhile …………….not with the potent sedative I’s put in his drink!” she learned.

“Stay away from me!  Stay away from me!” Kristin yelled out at the approaching black brute.  Looking back to where here husband had passed out, she realized that he had not heard her cries for help and this uncouth bastard was intent on assaulting her.  “Ya want me, Missus Caldwell ……………….I’s seen that look in yer eye ……………wondering what it’d be to be with a black man!” the confident bastard advised.  “No …………, absolutely NOT!” Kristin screamed out in reply.  “Oh, yeah?  Ya sure didn’t object the other week!  See’s fer yerself!” the bastard advised as he put a opened the door to the recorder and slipped a disc in.

A loud audible gasp escaped Kristin’s lips as the newscast on the television screen was suddenly replaced by an obscene video being played from the disc.  Eyes wide, Kristin let out with “Oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddd!”  Displayed on the screen was the facial features of the black chauffeur and it was right up against a female’s vagina.  Never had Kristin ever seen such a disgusting display of filth, exactly what she and her XOP organization sought to stamp out of the state first and move on to stamp out nationwide.  Kristin cringed in seeing the thick lengthy tongue actually wiggling up in the filthy slut’s slit.  As the camera view panned out, Kristin saw that the slut must obviously be enjoying the filthy lapping the way her fingers were intertwined and hands clasping at the back of the bastard’s head.

Next came the view of the slut’s trim white legs draped over the chauffeur’s broad shoulders, her calve muscles taunt and pointed heels aimed at the ground as the slut arched up into the slurping mouth of the vile black man.  “My God ………….noooooooo …………………nooooooo ………………….it can’t beeeeeeeeeeeee!” Kristin let out in a screech as the camera had panned out further and she recognized the slutty whore in the film being herself.  The woman’s body in the film suddenly went limp, then the grinning black face smiled with lips and chin glistening in the light.  Television turned off, Kristin looked up at the familiar grinning face though not now glistening as in the video, she was taunted by “Ya sure as hell went wild when I’s ate ya out that night, sweetie!”

Kristin had no recollection of that ever happening nor could she think back as to when it might have occurred, but it certainly did appear to be her in the video.  Also, it did appear to be the rear seat of the limo where it had taken place.  Looking over at her drugged husband, Kristin then deduced that she too must have been drugged on that particular night and vile bastard had had his way with her while she was under the influence of some potent drug that also robbed her mind of recalling such a violation of her body.  Then it occurred to Kristin as to what damage it’d do to her organization in regards to stamping out pornography if such a video went public and also what it’d do to her husband’s governorship. Not to mention the humiliation she'd suffer if such went public.

Feeling so helpless, as if her entire life was passing before her, Kristin stammered out “Please ……………..please ……………….no one must ever see that horrid film!  I ………………..I’ll ………………………be ruined!  No ………………….no one will ever respect me again!  Please ……………….it’ll ruin my husband’s career!  And he’ll divorce me for sure!  Please …………………I have some money in the bank!  How ………………how much do you want for that disc and any other copies of it?”  Kristin then learned “I’s don’t want yer money, Missus Caldwell!  I’s jist want ya on yer fuck’n knees, bitch!  Yeah, on yer fuck’n knees right over here, bitch!”

From the bar, through the slits of his eyes, the non-drugged Gov. Caldwell watched as his near sobbing and teary eyed wife trembled in absolute fear.  “Over here, bitch!  On yer fuck’n knees, bitch!  Right over here!” he heard Bubba Jones growl, then saw his trembling wife slowly edge forward to the front of the sofa.  “C’mon, bitch, or’s that X Out Porn organization will be X’ing ya out next!  Kinda hypocritical of ya don’t ya think?  Imagine what those goody-goody bitches will think if’n they’s git to see the way ya like getting eaten out!” he heard Bubba Jones advise his scared wife.  ‘Will she do it?  Will she do what he wants?’ Kyle wondered.

Inhibitions loosened by the potent drug coursing through her system and coupled with her dilemma, Kristin concluded that it would utter devastation for both she and her husband if that horrid video became public.  Edging off the sofa, Kristin slipped down to her knees as she remained there about four feet from her tormentor.  “Git over here, bitch!” she was ordered.  Biting down on her bottom lip, she then forced herself forward, knee-walking over to where the chauffeur stood and trembled with fear as she observed the lump in his trousers pulsate before her.  Kristin felt sick to her stomach when she was told to “C’mon, sweetie, reach on up and feel a ‘real’ man fer a change!”

Cock pulsating in his pants as Kyle eyed up his wife’s curvy butt as it rested upon her calves and back of her heels.  ‘She’s going to do it!’ Kyle thought as he observed Kristin slowly raise up her left hand, then saw his wife’s body visibly trembling as her trim fingers neared the big bulge in Bubba Jones’ pants.  He saw his wife’s pink lips part as she panted in both fear and anticipation with her hand nearing her tormentor who now stood with legs spread wide and hands on his hips, telling her “C’mon, bitch!  Ain’t got all fuck’n night!”  ‘My God …………..she’s doing it!  She’s squeezing his hardon, even using her fingers to trace the length while feeling how thick the bastard is!’ Kyle thought as he watched it take place before his own eyes.  Then he was wanting to see more, mentally wishing ‘Make her take it out!  This time she’ll be consciously stroking you!’

For Kristin, she was now breathing heavily through her nostrils as her teeth were clenched shut in order to keep her stomach from heaving as she forced herself to comply with the bastard’s demand to unzip the front of his pants, put her hand into the opening created, and pull out his filthy penis.  Putting her left hand into the opening and then moving across to where the bulge was located, Kristin cringed and shuddered as she realized that ‘The uncouth bastard’s not even wearing any underwear!’  Kristin shuddered in revulsion, stomach churning as she grasped his thick sticky meat between thumb and forefinger as she then tried fish it out from the restraining garment.

From his vantage point from the bar, Kyle wondered if the potent ‘Spanish Fly’ that Bubba Jones had laced her glass of wine with in getting her to do what she was now doing without much apprehension.  He could see that initially his wife had been panting in fear but now observed the tip of her pink tongue tracing her upper lip and then her bottom one as if to wet her dry lips in anticipation of taking in the thick fleshy prong that she was currently stroking with both fists.  And with Bubba Jones wrapping his thick fingers into her long silky hair, Kristin would be unable to pull her head back even if she wanted to avoid complying with the demand to “Suck me, bitch!  Wrap those purty pink lips around my cock, honey!”

Body tingling, nipples agitated and pussy now aflame, Kristin did not understand why she was actually wondering what it would feel like to actually have a man’s penis in her mouth for the very first time.  Mental inhibitions that would normally have her totally repulsed at such a thought had been essentially stymied entirely by the potent aphrodisiac coursing through her system, causing Kristin to swallow in anticipation.  And when the thick rubbery flesh made contact with her soft pink lips, Kristin did not attempt to pull her head back but instead speared the flaring pisshole with the tip of her pointed tongue, causing the big man to roar “Oh, yeah, sweetie …………………….tongue meeeeeee!”  Sexually aroused and mentally impaired from the drug, it became exciting for Kristin to see a big man like Bubba Jones jumping out of his skin at the mere touch of her tongue and thus she ran her wet tongue over the rim of his bloated cockhead full circle before engulfing it into the confines of her hot mouth.

“Oh, baby!  Oh, baby!  Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Bubba panted out as he tightly gripped her hair for fear of her pulling away from him.  Panting as he looked over to see the governor’s eyes wide open as he watched his beautiful wife blowing him.  “Oh, yeahhhhhh, sweetie!” he moaned while feeding her several thick inches of his bloated black meat until he bumped up against the back of her throat.  Letting go of her head for a few seconds, Bubba undid the clasp at the front of his pants and let the garment fall to the floor.  “C’mon, honey, swallow it ……………………swallow it!” he advised while pushing his hips forward into her face.  “Ahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….that’s it …………..that’s it …………………….ohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as he edged forward till her pert little nose was in his short kinky hairs.

Hands now on the chauffeur’s hips as there had been no more cock to hold on to, Kristin felt her right hand being grasped and led to the pant’s opening where she was told to “Grab my churning nuts, baby!  Roll’em in that soft purty hand of yers!  Feel’em!  Feel’em  pop when I’s cum in yer mouth, bitch!”  Then Bubba once again had fingers of both hands entwined in her hair as the bastard literally humped her face as she handled his walnut sized balls in the palm of her hand, wondering what he meant by feeling them as they ‘popped’.  With her nose rubbed into his hair bristles, Kristin then realized the feat that she had just accomplished, that of taking 12” of fat man cock into her once virgin mouth and obviously about to please the man in this obscene manner.

As he pretended to be out cold while watching his beautiful wife get her first lesson in cocksucking, Kyle knew his once prim and proper wife would soon be giving up her position with that damned organization that was so hellbent on destroying the porn industry.  With the damning video that she had just been shown, that of Bubba Jones eating out her snatch till she climaxed, he knew that his wife could not allow that to reach the XOP organization or the public for that matter.  Even if it was proven that she was not conscious when it had occurred, Kyle knew that the camcorders set up by the devious bastard to record this event would certainly do the trick.  Mini camcorders been placed in strategic positions in the unit by Bubba Jones when he pretended to sweep the hotel room for ‘bugs’, with several also placed in the bedroom to be operated by remote when the time came.

‘My God, I hope the camcorder’s getting all of this, cause I want a copy of it!’ he told himself as his cock throbbed in his pants.  ‘Do it!  Do it in her mouth!  Shoot your cum in her mouth!’ Kyle silently cheered the black bastard on as he was certainly turned on by the erotic scene.  And when Bubba Jones announced that “Cumming, baby …………..I’s gonna cum in yer sweet mouth!”, Kyle reached down with his free arm to rub his own hardon.  Seeing Bubba’s fists clenched tightly in her hair, Kyle knew that his beautiful wife would be getting her very first taste of male cum.  Then he wondered “Will she swallow it all?”

With the announcement from the man standing above her stating his vile intent, Kristin instinctively tried to pull back but was held firmly in his powerful grip.  Now the thought of what was about to take place had her in a panic, for Kristin certainly did not want this crude black bastard’s filthy semen ejaculating in her mouth.  Feeling the bastard stiffen and shudder, Kristin knew it was about to happen, then she felt his nuts contract in her enclosed palm.  Seconds later, she was the one shuddering as she began gurgling around the deluge of slick salty semen flooding her mouth to the brim.  Eyes widening in terror as she was unable to expel the filthy goo from her mouth as her lips were sealed around the thick stem, it was swallow or drown in the bastard’s filth cum.  Shuddering in revulsion as she swallowed the first mouthful, Kristin was horrified to find her mouth quickly filling up once again by the still ejaculating penis.  She swallowed again ……..............…and again ………………then yet once again!

Arms hanging limply down her sides, Kristin stared blankly ahead after the then dwindling cock slipped from her lips drawing a long connecting string of filth with it.  Stomach churning, Kristin trembled once, then again.  A shudder then came, the next one accompanied by a flow of semen flowing from her parted lips, down her chin and onto the front of her elegant dress.  More and more of the vile foreign substance was being rebelled from her churning belly.  Then came the bastard’s laughter as he taunted her with “What’s the matter, little lady?  Too much protein in my’s special ‘Bubba Spunk’, huh?  Or jist too creamy fer ya?”

Cunny tingling and driving her crazy, nipples swollen and agitated by even  the slight touch of satin smooth bra cups, Kristin was in a dazed stupor as cum continued to drip from her chin onto the front of her now very soiled dress.  Blinking and trying to gather her thoughts as she was assisted up by the elbow, Kristin then found herself being escorted into the bedroom.  Pushed down onto the king-sized bed, Kristin trembled in seeing the burly black chauffeur take off his jacket and long sleeved white shirt to reveal his barrel like chest.  She could only lay there panting as her 3” black heels were slipped off her feet, then Kristin felt his calloused hands up under the hem of her dress and was roughly grasping at the waistband of both her pantyhose and panties.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….oooooooooooooooooooooooooh …………………..Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!  Oh, Goddddddddddddd!” she squealed upon feel the bastard face nuzzling into her as his thick wet tongue slid into her pulsating snatch.  Never had Kristin ever felt such sensations in her entire life and the second that snaking tongue diddled at her ultra-sensitive clit, she reached down to clutch at the back of his kinky head, planting her feet on the bed to arch up her hips as she let out “Goddddddddddddddd …………………Goddddd ………………………..oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddd …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  A mind shattering climax rocked her petite body and then she went totally limp with her clutching fingers releasing the kinky hair as her arms fell limply back to the bed.

In the next half hour, Kristin had twice more arched up like she did, with feet planted on the bed and fingers clutching tightly at the kinky head of hair.  Each time, she got to enjoy an unbelievable climax that ended with her fornicator slurping up the sweet honey that she had emitted out of her love channel.  Pulled up to a sitting position, she felt the hook at the back of her dress being undone, then the garment loosened as the zipper was pulled down.  But apparently patience was not the forte of the big man as he swore “Fuck it!”  Seconds later, the front neckline of her dress was grasped tightly in the chauffeur’s black fist and her expensive dress was ripped away.  Reality now set in and Kristin attempted to scramble away.  No match for the quick man as he easily tore away her flimsy bra, Kristin trembled with fear as she looked up from bed as the bastard was now letting his pants fall to the floor.

Heart thumping in her chest as she trembled with fear while lying stark naked upon the bed, Kristin’s eyes were now focused upon the growing cudgel of black meat being fisted by her blackmailer.  And there was no question of the man’s intent now as he declared “Been waiting a long time fer this, Mrs. Caldwell!  Now I’m gonna fuck ya, bitch!”  Although the ‘Spanish Fly’ had her sexually hot and horny for cock, with her mind having snapped back to reality and the realization of the despicable acts that she had already performed, letting the black bastard have sex with her was totally out of the question.

One more attempt to scramble off the bed proved futile as she was grabbed by a strong hand and easily tossed back onto the bed and immediately pinned to it by the muscular bastard.  Struggling futilely as the heavy body atop of her pinned her to the bed, the thick bloated cockhead rubbing up along her pulsating slit filled her with fear.  Although made hot and horny by the potent aphrodisiac, a big solid cock was what she needed to quell that nagging itch, but Kristin could not accept this big black one knocking at the door.  “No ………………no ……………………..don’t rape me!  Please …………………..I can’t have sex with you!” she pleaded.

As for the governor of the state, Kyle Caldwell was now a peeking tom standing on the side of the doorway while fisting his hard boner.  With Bubba’s big muscular body atop of his petite wife, the only parts of her body visible were her trim legs and feet that were flailing about in the air.  From the rearview that he had, Kyle observed Bubba’s black ass lifting and he could now see that the bastard was now getting himself fitted to Kristin’s tight opening.  Cockhead fitted as the bastard now had both hands on his wife’s trim hips, Kyle saw the bastard suddenly lunge forward without mercy, followed by a loud female shriek “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Pussylips stretching as never before, Kristin felt the knifing pain shoot right through her entire body.  A second thrust had a full eight inches of solid cock lodged up her cunny, a full inch further than ever penetrated before, with her cunny instinctively squeezing around the thick throbbing muscle.  Now the bastard was sawing into her, using her juices to lube the action as he taunted her with “Yeah, that’s it sweetie ………….squeeze me with that hot little twat of yers!  Damn, that’s pussy like a snapping turtle now!”  Withering about on the bed, Kristin clenched her teeth together, not wanting to respond to the vile bastard but her hot pussy had ideas of its own as it clenched and unclenched around the thick man meat!

Seeing the muscular body of the big black chauffeur humping atop the bed, Kyle observed his wife’s calf muscles become taunt as her pedicured toes curled and pointed straight ahead.  Then he observed Kristin’s trim hands come up off the bed as her beautiful manicured fingers ran up and down the ebony biceps of her big black lover.  From what he was seeing at the moment, his prim and proper wife was now participating in the fuck, but Kyle knew that it was due to the potent dose of aphrodisiac that had her so hot and horny for cock.  As Bubby Jones leaned up to drive himself deeper, Kyle got to see how wide his wife’s twat had itself stretched around the thick ebony pole.

Soon, like a well lubed machine, it was in the groove upon the bed as the ebony shaft sliced in and out like a piston.  On and on it went as Kyle observed the shine on the glistening piston on the backstroke and heard the squishing of the lube each time it went back in.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard the mewling from beneath the black fucker.  Then, he observed his wife’s manicured fingers digging into the muscular arms as her heels were now trying to push the black bastard forward and further into her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………............................…………………..oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Kyle heard his wife scream out in ecstasy just as the black body atop of her convulsed and shook uncontrollably.  It was quite evident of the simultaneous climax now taking place upon the bed and with no condom used, Kristin was getting herself seeded by the potent black bastard.  Moments later, Kyle observed cum leaking out of the still tight union joint and could just imagine how much spunk soiled his beautiful wife’s fertile womb.

Cock withdrawn, Kristin felt her blackmailer lover pushing her legs up so her feet were flat on the bed and then he was pushing her knees apart.  She then heard him laughing out loud before taunting her “Oh, sweetie …………………..yer a real beautiful First Lady ………………………Here Cums the First Lady ………………………..damn, look at it oozing out of that hot little twat of yers!”  Kristin swallowed with shame from the taunting, not realizing that this scene too was also being filmed.  Having given into his vile demands, sucking his penis and having sex with him, Kristin wondered how much more of a price would have to be paid.  That nagging itch between her thighs had been scratched for the moment but was soon to be pulsating once again.

After a doggie style fuck session and her being in the saddle with the thick black prong up her twat, her blackmailer had told her to take a shower.  Cleansed from the hot water, Kristin returned to find her husband under the covers and assumed that the chauffeur had assisted him from the bar and into the bed before departing for his own room that adjoined theirs.  Kristin knew that she have to give up her work and resign from the organization to wipe out the porn industry, but little did she know that was just the beginning of the demands to be made from Cecil Benson, the evil man heading the porn industry in the city who as intent on showing her what butt-fucking meant!

End of Story –for now!