Grand Prize – The Governor’s Wife III!
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Grand Prize – the Governor's Wife 1’
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At the age of thirty-five, first woman of the year then becoming First Lady of the State upon her husband being elected governor, Mrs. Kristin Caldwell was the envy of women nationwide. Using her new-found status as First Lady, Kristin then used whatever clout it carried to champion her cause, that being her crusade against porn. Of course, any tactics used by Kristin and the organizations that she backed had to be legal, she had not anticipated the depth to which the porn industry would go to shut her up. Her opponents, led by the notorious Cecil Benson, were out to silence her one way or another. Of course, rubbing out the governor's wife was out of the question, so an unscrupulous had to be concocted in which to achieve their goal of silencing her.

Cecil Benson and his cohorts tried desperately to uncover some dirt on the governor's beautiful wife, but there was just nothing at all on the bitch. It was the governor himself that proven to be the weak-link, one that Cecil and his goons could exploit to the fullest, especially as the gov had been literally been caught with his pants down. That was where Cecil's trusted lieutenant came into play, the trusted Bubba Jones was to immediately become the governor's private chauffeur, as the need arose the day after their meeting as it just so happened that the regular driver got put into the hospital when two assailants beat him to a pulp. Afraid of his wife filing for divorce if the pictures were made public, even getting booted by a recall from the voters, the gutless governor had opted to sacrifice his beautiful wife to save himself.

Although Kristin had tried to get her husband to assign another driver to her, her husband had frowned upon it, saying that Mr. Jones came highly recommended and the big man was also doubled as part of the security detail. Kristin's initial instincts had certainly been good ones, but her own gutless husband helped to set her up, handing her right into the clutches of the top lieutenant to the head man in the porn industry that she vigorously sought to destroy. On a long ride home in the limo with her husband, Kristin unwittingly accepted a glass of wine from the chauffeur, unaware that it had been laced with a potent knockout drug that would have her out in no time. Rendered totally unconscious, upon wakening in her own bed next to her husband the next morning, she readily accepted her husband's explanation that she apparently had been so exhausted that she feel into a deep sleep after consuming the glass of wine, that she had groggily got out of their limo walked up to their bedroom.

Once she had fallen into a state of unconsciousness, Bubba Jones detoured to the empty warehouse that was actually his intended destination. Bubba just loved the look of befuddlement on the governor face, especially when he told the asshole that the First Lady's glass of wine had been laced with a potent drug. With the gov merely watching stupidly, making no attempt to interfere, the prick made no attempt to interfere as Bubba easily scooped up the lovely blond beauty from the back of the limo and carry her over the waiting king-sized bed. Using some transparent fishing line, Bubba intertwined the beauty's manicured fingers before tying them together, then put the governor to work in manning the camcorder.

First Lady's dress pulled up, panties pulled down, Bubba nuzzled his face in her sweet soft muff before bringing her tied hands down to clasp the back of his head. Even with the beauty unconscious from the potent drug, his avid lapping of her slip cunny had the beautiful bitch responding with a definite moan of pleasure. With her hands appearing as if they were clasping by the back of his head, anyone viewing the filming of this would never dream that the sexy bitch was unconscious rather than enjoy being eaten out, as it would appear. And after having eaten her to a shuddering orgasm, Bubba would pull his head on up so the governor could get a shot of his face glistening with the First Lady's love juices. Then, after undressing the lovely woman and getting naked himself, Bubba got atop of the unconscious beauty. Tied hands pulled over his neck, Bubba thrust himself into unconscious First Lady, then shouted out to the gov “Okay, Gov ….............................put her legs around my ass and lock her ankles together …...............use that fishing line to tie her ankles together!”

Trim legs stretched around him, barely able to encircle his ass, the fishing line did its purpose in securing locked ankles together as Bubba proceeded to rape the beautiful bitch. This taping of of the beauty's rape would have Cecil Benson beaming with delight upon watching the demise of his chief anti-porn opponent. From this point on, the bitch couldn't very well continue with her crusade against the porn industry, especially when there's this flick on her having sex with a man other than her governor husband …..........................that of her fucking with the governor's big black chauffeur! In a week's time, with her husband apparently drugged and unconscious in their penthouse suite, Bubba Jones would be showing her the video of them having had sex together. And then the First Lady would be faced with such video being made public …................................unless she got down onto her knees to take Bubba throbbing black cock into her lovely mouth! Little did she know that her husband was feigning unconsciousness but was secretly enjoying the scene of her giving Bubba head, and even more when she had her head over the trash can puking her guts out!

Governor Caldwell was way in over his head, caught with his pants down with a woman other than his wife, then having sacrificed his beautiful wife in order to save himself from being exposed. He had even assisted in allowing the big black in raping her, after she had been drugged into unconsciousness, then had taken pleasure in watching her being blackmailed into sucking and fucking with the black bastard. Now, days later as he sat in the limo headed to give a speech at the Chamber of Commerce, Gov. Caldwell could only swallow in despair as the chauffeur dictated his new demands, that being “Gov, yer gonna announce my promotion to the press, telling'em that yer promoted yer trusty chauffeur to a new position of Black Community Liaison Director! And yer gonna announce that both the First Lady and I will be initiating a new outreach program and also to coordinate fund raisers in the black community.

Kristin was certainly caught off guard when husband made the announcement before the press, shocked that he had not even consulted her with it beforehand. Upon confronting him, her husband had merely advised that the staff all had agreed that Bubba Jones seemed to have a lot of the necessary connections in the black community. And she couldn't object when her husband advised that “You told me the other day that you were going to step down from the anti-porn group as you've done all you could and that Virginia Appleton was savvy enough to step in and take over without the organization missing a beat! And you asked me put you to use in gearing up for bid for re-election! And when I talked to Bubba Jones on promoting him to the newly created post of Black Community Liaison Director, to both improve relations and raise funds in the black communities around the state, he was the one who suggested that it'd be a big hit with the black community if they saw you out there making appearances on my behalf!” Hearing that, Kristin was trembling with fear as she certainly could not upset Mr. Jones, especially with the hold that he had upon her.

When her secretary came into her office with a message, Kristin felt her stomach turn upon reading the note that had personally been sent by Mr. Jones. Her secretary had received an email that read “Please check with Mrs. Caldwell if she's available to meet with me this afternoon! I'd like to go over a strategy that I have in mind, hoping that she can give me a good head start into the black community!” As the note had been written personally by Bubba Jones, once her secretary left her office, Kristin picked up the note once again to look it over carefully for any hidden meanings. Her stomach got queasy and she swallowed deeply in reading the parts about 'meet with me this afternoon' and 'that she can give me a good head'! As she had feared, her interpretation of the bastard's message turned out exactly as she had thought, for in the early afternoon Kristin was on her knees in Bubba Jones' new office giving him head. On her way back to her office, Kristin detoured quickly off to the ladies room, locked the stall and then was barfing in the toilet bowl.

That Saturday night, according to what Bubba Jones told her, they were to fly down to attend a gathering of the top black community leaders in city of Metwood, with her being the special guest speaker. It was also to serve as the first fundraiser in the southern part of the state, the poorer part of the state where porn was one of its biggest industries, tapping the wallets of the black community. When Kristin had asked Bubba as to what her speech to this group she be, she was told that they were particularly interested on the progress achieved during her reign at the leader of the anti-porn movement as this group also wanted to tone down the porn industry. Even though it had been through force and blackmail, it still felt rather hypocritical to Kristin for her to continue to wave the banner of anti-porn, especially with evidence out there performing vile sex act with the black bastard.

Told that besides needing to impress those in attendance, a camera crew would be on hand to film her. With everything being film, it would be necessary to wear something elegant as she had to look the part as First Lady of the state. Making a call to the director of public appearances on her husband's staff, Kristin inquired as to what was the best type and color of the wardrobe she needed to wear for the upcoming event. Told that blue sometimes didn't do well on screen, Kristin decided on wearing a nice elegant light green dress and white heels for Saturday night. As this was probably one of the last anti-porn speeches she'd be giving, Kristin went over what had been accomplished in the past couple of years and outlined what would be needed to continue making progress to shut down the porn industry.

Going over her notes during the flight to Metwood, Kristin saw a white limousine waiting for them at the tarmac when she deplaned. Entering the back of the limo, Kristin cringed upon the feel of Bubba Jones big hand caressing her ass, realizing that the black bastard would now be sitting back there with her due to his new found position rather than chauffeuring her to their destination. Then the dark partition between the driver's seat and the back of the limo was being raised as Bubba Jones had pressed the electronic button, giving them privacy that Kristin did not want, for immediately the vile bastard advised “C'mon, bitch …...................give me some head!” “Not now …'ll ruin my lipstick …......................I can't be meeting people that way!” Kristin retorted.

Notes in her hand grabbed and tossed aside, Kristin froze as Bubba Jones turned towards her to push up her the hem of her dress and was reaching up to grasp the waistband of her panties. “Yeah, yer right, bitch! Can't mess up yer purty lipstick! But they ain't gonna be able to see yer juicy little pussy after I eat it!” she was told as the bastard pulled her panties down to her knees. Seconds later, panties down at her heels, removed from one leg but they ended up caught and dangling from the other heel as her legs were pushed up and then draped over Bubba Jones' broad shoulders. “Nooooooooo …....................oh, Godddddd …...............................nooooooooooo …, don'ttttttttttttttt …..........ahhhhhh …........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …...........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kristin cried out from the unwanted pleasure of the bastard clamping his mouth over her cunny and having inserted his long thick tongue up into her juicing slit!

“Oh, God …...........................oh, my Goddddddddddd …............................ahhhhhhh …..............ahhhh …..............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........................nnnnnnnnnnnnn …..........................nnnnnnnnnnnnnn …............................ohhhhhhhh …...........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kristin moaned out, her body shivering with unwanted pleasure, her hips arching up into the slurping mouth as she clasped the back of his kinky head to pull him to her cunt. Tossing her head from side to side, eyes closed shut as she gritted her teeth, Kristin fought the unwanted pleasure as best as she could, desperately trying not to give into what the bastard sought from her ….........................that of having an orgasm right in his slurping mouth! Toes curling in her heels, unable to hold back any longer, her entire body trembled as she arched up into his lapping tongue as she began feeding him her love honey. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, “Goddddddddddddddddddddd …......................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she quivered as the bastard ate her to a mind-shattering orgasm.

Straightening out her dress, now minus the pair of panties that were now in Bubba Jones coat pocket, the limo began slowing as it pulled up to the back of the building where she was to give her speech. Entering the back entrance of the theater like building, she was led up the stairs to the side of the stage, heard the man at center stage tell the audience that “Very soon we will be honored of having our beautiful and intelligent First Lady of this State honor us with her presence and to fill us in on how she successfully put the screws to the porn industry! With her enthusiasm and her husband leading the state, each of us need to dig deep into our pockets to be sure of the governor's re-election!” Having come in the back way, with the limo going through some side streets, Kristin never got to the gaudy neon lights of the front of the building.

Unbeknownst to Kristin, she was to give her anti-porn speech in the a notorious theater that showed only XXX rated flicks, one owned by Cecil Benson. Kristin knew the name Cecil Benson was synonymous with the porn industry, she never had met the man, nor did she ever care to. Little did she know that it was Cecil Benson who was currently the man standing at center stage and addressing the audience. With the spot light and camera lights on the speaker, Kristin could only make out that the seats of the theater were filled but could make out the percentage of men and women in the audience. She merely assumed it might be more women due to her speech to be given on anti-porn. But this event was by invite only, with Cecil Benson inviting his colleagues in the porn industry: producers, distributors, porn shop owners, etc.

And then the man at center stage was announcing “And here shes is …..........................let's give her a warm welcome ….......................our First Lady of the State ….........................Mrs. Kristin Caldwell!” Putting on a wide smile, she walked to the center of the stage, saw the speaker extend his hand for a welcoming handshake. Shaking the man's hand, then accepting the microphone from him, the man then walked off to the other side of the stage to wait in the wings. Stepping up to the podium, placing her notes atop of it, Kristin then proceeded to address the audience and to give them an update on the current status of the anti-porn movement that she had championed for so long and had recently handed over the reins to a very capable assistant. Unable to see out into the audience, Kristin could see the all male audience snickering and holding back their laughter as she gave her speech. Briefed earlier, Kristin had been told that once her speech was over, the fellow preceding her would be returning to center stage to act as moderator for taking in questions for her to respond to.

The first questions that came from the audience, one that Cecil Benson had planted with a cohort sitting in the second row, was repeated by Cecil “Why did you really step down from heading the anti-porn movement? It seemed that you were about to really put the screws to the porn industry but you stepped down? What did they get on you to make you step down?” Stammering some, totally unprepared for such a question, Kristin tried to relay the competency of her successor, who was very good but certainly did not carry the clout that she did. Then another question came “Have you ever attended or participated in a porn flick?” “Certainly NOT!” Kristin responded defensively, thinking 'How can this bastard even think of such a thing. “So how do you explain this?” someone shouted out from the audience.

Off to the back corner of the theater, a large movie screen came down and as a video came on, the moderator standing next to her asked loudly through his microphone “Was this just a bit earlier tonight? On your way here, Mrs. Caldwell?” Kristin looked up at the screen, her jaw dropping as she recognized herself in the very dress she was wearing on stage. It was the back of the limo she had ridden. And it showed Bubba Jones working her panties down over her hips and down her legs. Her legs draped over his shoulders with panties dangling from her heel as Bubba went down on her. Then the audio came on with her moaning “Nooooooooo …....................oh, Godddddd …...............................nooooooooooo …, don'ttttttttttttttt …..........ahhhhhh …........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …...........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Flick ending to the wolf whistles from the audience, the roar of laughter, and then Bubba Jones was coming onto the stage towards her at center stage with his arm raised high in the air with her panties being twirled in the air. Then the curtain several feet behind her was being drawn open, revealing a large king-sized bed. Before she could run off stage and get away from there, Bubba Jones was holding her arms behind of her as the moderator was smiling evilly at her. The bastard standing before her now hand his hands extended and caressing her breasts, then he advised “Let me introduce myself, my purty Mrs. Caldwell! My name is Cecil Benson!” The look on her face obviously told it all as the bastard then added “I see you recognize the name! Yes, I'm the one you were trying to destroy with your anti-porn campaign! Another word against me or the porn industry and the public will you starring in your own porn flick!

Kristin shrieked as Cecil Benson suddenly grabbed the front neckline of her dress and brutally ripped the garment to shreds. Front of the dress torn apart, the audience applauded as the saw her now in her torn, bra and heels, with her cunny minus her panties to provide evidence of the flick shown earlier being quite true and that Bubba Jones was holding them in hand. With Bubba Jones pulling her towards the bed, Cecil Benson was pulling her bra cups down to expose her breasts to the cheering audience. Tossed upon the bed, stripped of her heels and clothing, Kristin found herself on all fours in the of the bed with Bubba Jones holding her shoulders firmly. Unseen behind of her, Cecil Benson was stripping off his clothing, then was getting up onto the bed in back of her.

“Ya fuck'n little bitch! Ya've been nothing but a pain in the fuck'n ass to me! Well, now's payback time!” Kristin heard him say. Then, felling his cock being fitted to her, Kristin was in a panic and pleaded “NO …......................NO ….........................PLEASE …........................not back there …..............................not back there …................................I've never had it back there!” Seconds later, a piercing scream filled the theater “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” The pain was excruciating as the rape of her virgin ass took place, with Cecil Benson taking his revenge and pleasure through her agony. As she cried and sobbed, Kristin heard the bastard behind of her yell out “Shut the bitch up, Bubba!” Seconds later, a couple of capsules were forced into her mouth and then it was plugged with Bubba's thick black cock.

The capsules were filled with the very potent Spanish Fly, pushed right on down her throat by Bubba cock forcing them down, and soon the effects would be coursing through her petite body. As the men took their pleasure, emptying their lust in her body, the cameras zoomed on in as they pulled out of her mouth and ass, capturing the outflow of semen. And then the aphrodisiac in her system kicked in and the flaming itch between her thighs was driving her crazy. With Bubba Jones having gotten off the bed, there was only one cock available, that of Cecil Benson's. Driving to the brink of insanity, Kristin desperately need a cock up her cunny, even if it was that of the man she hated most. “Please …......please …..............I need it ….................I need it so bad!” she confessed. Then she was told “Okay, ya can put it up that hot little cunt of yers ….......................but only after ya lick it clean!” To get the cock she needed, Kristin now had to clean off the bastard's cock, the very one that had just been pulled out of her ass! But desperate she was and Kristin took the shit stained cock into her mouth to comply. That accomplished, she then moved up to fit the upright erection so she could sink her body onto it, making her groan out “Ohhhhhhhhh, God …...........................ohhhh, yesssssssssssss!”  Pushed over onto her back, the audience cheered as Cecil got into the saddle and began humping her in earnest as Kristin panted out “Yesssss …...............oh, yessssss …..................fuck me …...............fuck me with your big black cock!”

That next afternoon, Bubba Jones turned in checks totaling a half million dollars from the black community, telling the astonished campaign director that it was Mrs. Caldwell who had played an instrumental part in getting the large donations for the re-election campaign. Yes indeed, each man in the came up on stage to drop off a sizable check, then had stripped off his clothing to have the honor into getting into bed with the governor's beautiful wife. To each man, it was worth every penny, for how many men could claim to had fucked over the First Lady of the state. Five, sometime six men at a time, and still the gangbanging continued on to the wee hours of the morning. At the end, the governor's beautiful wife was covered from head to toe in cum.

From here, there would be many meetings with the black communities, a lot with women being the majority of the audience and support was gaining among the blacks. But the real money makers would come from the private meetings that Bubba Jones would set up with those with money in the black community. On these occasions, Bubba had a dual role as he also resumed that of chauffeur, taking the First Lady to meet with the potential donor. Huge contributions came in this way, checks of $40,000 to $50,000 ….......................for a night in bed with the governor's beautiful wife! Although Kristin worried that one day, with her having been intimate with so many strange men, everything would be put on public display. But with Cecil Benson running the show, having the governor in his pocket and wanting to keep it that way, anyone thinking of spilling the beans would know he'd end up buried in some cornfield the next day!

End of Story.