Hell of a Honeymoon
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Twin's Twisted Thoughts
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With Stacy attending her sister's bridal showers and reception dinner, she did as Terrel had instructed and kept her ears open.  It was her job that Terrel gave her to find out where the bride and groom would be honeymooning.  She was so proud of herself in learning where Lacy and Dave would be headed to right after the wedding reception.  Once she got back and relayed the information that the bride and groom were staying at the resort where the reception was beng held.  She listened as Terrel got on the phone and called the resort, making reservations for the night the honeymooners would be checking in.

Still, there remained one thing that Stacy had not been able to determine for certain as yet.  That was to find out for Terrel if Lacy was in fact still a true virgin.  She would have to get into some girl talk with Lacy's best friend and matron of honor, a gal who Stacy did not care much for, or maybe a one on one heart to heart with her dear sister herself.  Thus far, all the girls she had talked with all confirmed the fact that her sister was still strait-laced but with Lacy and Dave going together for this lengthy period, everyone doubted if anyone could remain chaste for so long.

Then it came to Stacy that there would be a final bridal shower hosted by the maid of honor for all of Lacy's closest friends on the eve before the wedding day.  With drinks flowing throughout the night and the girls getting giddy, it would be the perfect time to get it out of her innocent sister.  'Gosh, if you're still a fuck'n little virgin, I know just the guy to bust that precious little cherry of yours!' she thought hopefully, wondering if her boyfriend would go so far as to help her.

That night, after a rehearsal for the bridal party, Stacy told Terrel that she was anxious to hear what he had planned out thus far for her goody-goody twin.  She listened to his plan as her boyfriend stacked up the videotapes and spread out various photos of explicit sexual acts taken from the videos.  She had to agree that the blackmail scheme would work, provided of course at Lacy was no longer a virgin.

Looking at the photos, Stacy smiled at the photos of her, proud of her performance in each episode.  The outfits had been perfect, the cheerleader's uniform with 'Lacy' embroidered on it, the labcoat with the 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond' nametag, and of course the actual wedding gown that Lacy would be wearing as she walked down the aisle.  Her friends and family, parents included, would certainly believe that it was Lacy in the incriminating photos.

"Terrel, what if that bitch of a sister I got is still fuck'n cherry?  She'd be scared shitless and there'd be no fuck'n way to blackmail her into giving up her precious little cherry!" Stacy inquired.  "Were you serious about what you said the other day in helping me out, that you'd rape her yourself if it came to that?  You were serious, weren't you?" she asked.

At the mention of Stacy's lovely sister possibly still having her cherry intact, Terrel's cock twitched in his pants.  Playing the part of a true boyfriend to Stacy, Terrel wanted to laugh at the bimbo's inquiry.  'Would I rape the innocent and naïve little Lacy?  Damned right, I would!  That's a fuck'n dream come true!  Shit, Stacy ………..I can get a fuck'n slut like you anytime ……………but a fuck'n innocent little bitch like Lacy ……………now that's sweet!'

But Terrel was no fool as he played Stacy right into his hands, telling her "Well ………sure babe!  But ………….it is kinda risky, ya know!  If she ever reports it to the police ………………I could get 20 years!"  "Tell ya what, I'll set a plan for the possibility that yer sister's still cherry!  For you sweetie, I'll take the risk and rape her fer ya!" he added.  'Damn, I sure your sweet little sister is cherry!  God, I wanna hear her scream when I 'ruin' her!' he thought hopefully.

The bridal shower, on the eve of the wedding date, was being held in a private room of a plush restaurant.  Drinks were flowing from the start and of course the gals wanted to get the lovely bride a bit tipsy.  After a nice dinner, it was time for the usual fun and games for such an occasion.  Stacy watched with interest, waiting for the right timing, watching as Lacy opened her gifts.

For Stacy it was a hilarious time, especially seeing her innocent sister's expression each time she opened up a gag gift.  She couldn't stop laughing when Lacy reached into the box to withdraw the huge black dildo that she had given her sister for the shower.  Finally, it was time for the game of 'Truth' where each of the gals would get to ask the bride a question and the bride had to tell the truth.

Listening, Stacy heard the first question asked of Lacy "When did you first meet Dave?"  Then more innocent questions were asked:  "Where did Dave take you on your first date?"; When did Dave first kiss you?";  "When did you first let Dave feel you up?"; "How many children are you and Dave planning to have?";  "When did you first get to feel Dave's …………you know what?"

Finally, more intimate questions began to spring up and Stacy listened intently.  The next gal asked "Have you ever sucked Dave off yet?"  After blushing and shaking her head 'no', Lacy was met with the following questions:  "Do you and Dave make love more than five times a week?";  "More than three times a week?";  "More than once a week?";  "Have you and Dave ever made love?"  Finally, the ultimate question was asked of the bride-to-be "Lacy, are you still a virgin?"  Everyone in the room gasped with surprise as Lacy blushed a beet red and nodded a 'yes'.  Then all the gals began to giggle, making fun of the cherry bride.
Terrel picked up the phone and listened as Stacy was calling from the restaurant.  His cock hardened in his pants upon learning that his ultimate dream had come true.  Yes, it was confirmed that Stacy's innocent twin sister still had her cherry intact and was going to surrender it to her husband on their wedding night.  Once Stacy hung up, Terrel called the resort and had their reservation for one night extended for the entire week.

With the wedding ceremony to be held out in the garden area of the resort and reception in the ballroom to follow immediately thereafter, the bridal suite was made available the entire day for the bride and brides maids to get dressed.  A limo had dropped the bride-to-be and her wedding party off early and they were escorted up to the bridal suite.  Stacy noted that Lacy was introduced to the maid who was assigned exclusively to the bridal suite and to service the bridal party.

Stacy overheard the phone extension that the maid provided Lacy, telling her to just give her a call if anything was needed and also if she wanted the bed turned down before she and the groom came up to the honeymoon suite.  Getting a pen from the desk in the room, she then jotted down the maid's name and extension so as not to forget it.

With the reception winding down and everyone tipsy from so much celebration, Terrel flashed the sign that it was time to move as nobody would miss Stacy at that point.  Stacy slipped out of the reception and headed up to the room Terrel had obtained for them, then changed from her bride's maid dress and slipped into a dress she had earlier borrowed from Lacy.

Then Stacy unpinned the wig she had been wearing, a wig that she had bought to pull off this intricate scam, one that had matched her recent hair color.  Getting her hairbrush, she then teased her recently dyed hair, smiling as her now blonde hair matched that of Lacy's.  Looking in the mirror, she got it to where the style was identical to that of the bride.  Getting out the slip of paper from her purse, she picked up the phone and dialed the extension written on the paper.  "Mabel?  This is Lacy Hamilton ………I mean Lacy Richmond after this afternoon!  Could you have the bed turned down in the bridal suite?  Thank you so much!"

Watching from afar, Stacy observed Mabel enter the bridal suite, then waited a couple of moments.  Entering the open door and into bridal suite, she greeted the maid "Hi, Mabel!  Thanks so much for turning down the bed!  I just wanted to freshen up a bit and look enticing before my husband comes on up!"  Looking exactly like Lacy, no suspicion was raised from the maid.  Once the maid turned to leave, Stacy thanked her and closed the door behind her.

Quickly finding and donning Lacy's sexy negligee, she added a spritz of Lacy's perfume to fool the groom into thinking it was his lovely bride who was under the covers.  In the dark, with the blonde wig, Lacy's negligee and perfume she was sure the intoxicated groom would be fooled.  With Dave never having made love to her sister, there was no way for him to determine who he was really in bed with.  'Oh, Davey, boy!  You're going to be in for a big surprise tonight!' she chuckled.

Moments before the last guests left, and with the groom seeing some of his family and friends out to their car, Terrel sprung into action.  He took Lacy aside, telling her he needed to see her for a moment privately, telling her that there was a serious problem ……….an emergency!  A bit tipsy and caught completely off guard, Lacy followed him naively out to the elevator, too concerned about the 'emergency' to suspect any kind of trap.

Terrel had a real talent for deception, and was able to keep her off-guard with his rambling explanation about the nature of the emergency, reassuring her it would just take a moment, and she could rejoin the groom at the reception.  He indicated that the hotel staff wanted her to come up to her suite right away as there may have had a break-in.  All of a sudden Lacy realized they were standing at a door to a room she was unfamiliar with, and Terrel was sliding the card key in, telling her she'd understand everything in just a moment.

Lacy began to protest, to demand they return to the reception immediately, that they'd be missed, but Terrel ignored her protests, ushering her into the brightly lit room.  Terrel had the room set up earlier with special lighting and he got the remote from his inner coat pocket, pressing the remote to turn on the camcorders.  In the bride's confusion and tipsy condition, she finally realized that she was all alone with her twin sister's black boyfriend, alone with him in this brightly lit room.

Panting in fear, Lacy pulled her arm out of Terrel's grip and made a dash for the door.  But just as her hand began turning the doorknob to freedom, Terrel's arm was wrapped around her trim waist.  "HELP …….….HEL ………………mmmmhhhfffffffffffffff!" she had tried to call out for help as Terrel's hand clamped over her mouth and preventing her from doing so.  Then she was being pulled away from the door to freedom, dragged back into the room.

Dragging the beautiful bride back into the room, Terrel enjoyed her struggles to free herself as she kicked and scratched at him.  This was indeed the real thing, so much fuck'n better that the staged rape that he and Stacy had set up for filming the video.  As he reached for the phone, releasing the bride's mouth in the process, he dialed the extension to the bridal suite.

"Please ……………..please ………………..let me go ……………….let me go!" was what Stacy heard upon picking up the phone in the bridal suite.  "Oh, please ………………..please …………….please!" she heard Lacy sobbing on the other end.  Then Terrel's voice came on, saying "Got the pretty little bride right here with me!"  Stacy then yelled into the phone "Fuck that little bitch!  'Ruin' her!  Bust that fuck'n cherry of hers!  Knock that fuck'n bitch up!  Give her a little fuck'n black bastard!"

Hanging up the phone, Stacy implemented the next phase of the plan.  Phoned the lobby, identifying herself as Mrs. Lacy Richmond, she told the clerk to relay a message to the groom in the ballroom that his services were required in the bridal suite.  Five minutes later a drunk and horny groom stumbled into the bridal suite, giving his lovely bride a sloppy kiss and began to strip off his tux.  Then he proceeded to climb into bed with her and unceremoniously sought to consummate their marriage.
It was all Stacy could do not to burst into laughter, finding that her twin sister had married a very clumsy and inexperienced lover.  As she began to stroke his cock, Stacy choked back a laugh upon feeling a rather pathetic excuse for manhood.  Then she sighed impatiently as he shuffled up to retrieve one of the several condoms she'd remembered seeing next to the phone on the nightstand earlier.

In the dark, Stacy could hear him grunting and gasping as he tore open the foil packet and slipped the condom on.  Then she felt him, without any foreplay at all, get into position and plow into her without any style or fanfare.  Bored, Stacy just lay there as he humped and flailed, grunting and gasping as he mauled her breasts.  It was frustrating for Stacy as there was practically no friction at all, his puny penis not effective at all in filling her well-stretched cunt.  But the turd of a bridegroom plodded on, continuing to hump and gasp until Stacy felt him stiffen and shoot his load harmlessly into the condom.

Then Stacy went into her performance, wrapping her legs around the young bridegroom, frantically pleading "Dave ………..no …………no ………………….Daveeeeeeeeeee!  Not yet ……………not yet …………………….I'm not even close!  Damn it!  Not so fucking soon!  You're fucking kidding me!  Jezzz, what a fuck'n loser!"  Stacy felt Dave's body quiver upon her, smiling as she knew that it was not a shiver of pleasure but one of apprehension.

As the exhausted bridegroom pulled out of her and flipped onto his side, Stacy watched and waited till the groom was just about to doze off.  Timing it perfectly, she purposely swore loudly to waken him a bit, yelling out 'Damn!'  Perfect timing as Dave's eyes opened half way, asking "What's the matter honey?"  Stacy wanted to crack up laughing but she played the part, acting pissed and frustrated, reaching for her purse and getting out her 'pocket-rocket'.

Turning it on and putting it between her legs, Stacy watched for Dave's reaction.  She saw the puzzled looked cross his face as he pressed up on his elbows to hear what the humming sound was.  With her legs widespread, Stacy then began to run her 'pocket-rocket' up and down her horny slit.  Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Dave's mouth drop wide open as he stared at her performance, muttering out "Wha ……..what are you doing?"  Clenching her teeth so as not to laugh, Stacy then let him have it in a curt tone of voice "What do you think I'm doing, damn it?  I have to get myself off after you faded so quickly!"

That curt put down remark sobered Dave Richmond up rather quickly.  He had looked forward to this special night for so long and he had obviously blown it by drinking too much at the reception.  He felt so bad, knowing that it was all his fault for screwing it up.  He cringed as he watched his lovely wife hump up against the vibrator that she was using to relieve herself.  Blinking his eyes rapidly, as if trying to wake himself up from this nightmare, Dave couldn't believe his eyes.

Looking down at his shrunken penis, still encased in the condom, Dave reached down to examine it.  'There ………………there's no blood at all!' he realized.  Going with Lacy all this time and she had made him wait till the day they got married, had Dave boiling and screaming to himself 'FUCK'!  He had assumed that she had wanted to wait till the wedding day so she could give him her precious virginity as a wedding present.

Mouth open and speechless, Dave watched as his young bride arched up into the humming vibrator as she insultingly moaned "Ohhhh ……………….God, I'm so glad I brought this along!"  Dave was flabbergasted as his beautiful bride moaned and cooed as she humped herself up against the vibrating dildo, then watched as her body shook in a mild orgasm.  Having failed to give his bride the satisfaction that she had desired, Dave did not dare question or even mention the fact that there was no blood from the loss of her virginity.

Stacy gritted her teeth, holding back her laughter upon seeing the groom's stunned look upon seeing his innocent bride resort to masturbation to satisfy herself.  She wished that Dave could see what was happening to his innocent young bride at that very moment, struggling in a bedroom across the way, desperately trying to preserve her virtue.
In the twin towers across the way, Lacy Richmond was completely terrified as she lay clad in her wedding gown, pinned down on the bed by her twin sister's black boyfriend.  "Please ……………please ……………..don't …………….don't rape me …………….please ………………..pleaseeeeeeeeee!  Please, Dave's going to be looking for me!  If I'm missing, he'll surely have the hotel staff start a room-by-room search for me!"

Looking up at her captor, Lacy saw him smile and chuckle as he responded to her pleas "Dave ain't gonna miss ya, sweetie!  That phone call I just made ……………..that was to the bridal suite!  He's going to think that his precious little bride is right there with him in the honeymoon suite!"  Stunned by what she had just heard, trying to make sense of things, Stacy shuddered in horror as Terrel snickered "Yes, sweetie …………..your twin sister's going to see if yer hubby's any good in the sack!"

Hands pinned above her head, squirming under Terrel's muscular frame, Lacy tossed her head from side to side as Terrel sought out her lips for a kiss.  Unable to avoid him, Lacy shuddered as her lips were captured by Terrel's.  Lacy felt violated already at this point as his thick tongue forced its way into her mouth.  This was so much different from the tender romantic kisses that she and Dave shared together.

When the kiss ended, Terrel lifted up a bit, using one hand to keep the bride's captive hands above her head.  Using his free hand, Terrel undid his pants and pushed his pants and jockeys down to his knees, encouraged as the beautiful bride sobbed and pled "Please ……………..please …………….this is my wedding night!  Please …………….please don't ………….please …………….I ……………….I'm a virgin!  I've save myself all these year's to make my wedding night special!"

Terrel thought back to the video he and Stacy had shot, only now this was so much more enjoyable …………….so real! Reaching down, pulling up a portion of the wedding gown to have it bunched at the bride's waist, Terrel reached down to get it all up above her thighs.  "Oh, Lacy ……………..sweet little Lacy!  I'm gonna make sure yer wedding night is real special ……………….I'm gonna personally guarantee it!" he chuckled.

Tears pouring out of her eyes, Lacy sobbed in terror "Please …………..please ………..please don't rape me!"  Feeling Terrel shuffle his body upon hers, getting between her now bared thighs, she shuddered as she felt his fingers pulling at her lacy white panties.  Then she heard the tearing of the flimsy garment and looked up to see it being dangled in the air above her face.

Legs spread wide by Terrel's big body, his weight on her inner thighs, Lacy could not use the spike of her heels to stab him with.  Feeling him reaching down and fumbling a bit, Lacy shuddered as she felt the thick prodding of a hard fleshy bar running up and down the entrance to her womanhood.  In a panic, she struggled all she could under her superior opponent, determined to prevent him from achieving his goal.

Terrel was enjoying this ultimate conquest of the lovely bride, knowing that he would soon be defiling her innocent young body, 'ruining' her forever.  With the cameras capturing this on film, he taunted the struggling beauty "Oh, baby ……………..I'm gonna make the lovely bride a 'woman' soon!  Do ya like the special wedding present I brought fer ya?  Put's Davey boy's to shame, huh?"

Rearing back some, Terrel then slammed forward with all his weight, penetrating the virgin bride a few inches, then slammed himself the rest of the way home.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ....……………………nnnooooooooooooooooo ………………………..nooooooooooooo ………………awwwwwoooooohhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the bride's piercing scream as Terrel 'ruined' the pretty little thing.  Terrel was ecstatic at having his dream come true, having felt the bride's precious cherry give way under the assault of his plundering cockhead.

Initially, Terrel's initial thrust had been stopped by the protective hymen, then it had stretched and snapped like a broken rubberband.  Now he was in the sobbing bride to the hilt and had to remain still for a moment to regain his composure, knowing that any further movement and his sensitive cock would explode prematurely.  He smiled, letting his cock soak in her raped cunt, feeling her warm blood coat his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………..pleaseeeeeeee ……………………….pleaseeeeeeeee ……….nooooooo ……………….nooooooooo ……………………it hurts …………………it hurtssssssss!" Lacy sobbed and whimpered in pain, feeling as if she had literally been torn in two.  She could not believe anything could hurt so bad, feeling her rapist's cock buried fully up in her womb.   Lacy moaned and sobbed as Terrel began to hump in and out of her ravaged body.

Through her agony, Lacy heard a wet squishing sound as Terrel pumped in and out of her, then began feeling a warm trickle dripping down the crevice to her ass.  Feeling the sticky wetness spread beneath her, Lacy sobbed and quivered as she realized that it was blood from her ruptured hymen pouring out of her and being soaked up by her wedding gown.  What was to be the happiest day in her life was now one of utmost horror as her twin sister's black boyfriend had robbed the precious gift meant for her husband.

Though in the midst of his dream cum true and ready to pop at any instant, Terrel's manly pride of being an expert cocksman took hold.  Slowing up a bit, sliding his cock in and out of the bloody slit, he edged up a bit, wanting to be certain that his cock rubbed up against the bride's sensitive clit.  Terrel now wanted to give the raped beauty the coup-de-grace, have her creaming on his cock, then she'd never be satisfied with what her husband could offer her.

"Mmmm ……………mmmmm ……………mmmmm ……………mmmmm ……………mmmmm!" Lacy panted as her body shivered from the sudden unwanted feeling of pleasure coursing through her young inexperienced body.  It was something Lacy had never before experienced as her body betrayed her, with strange sensations stirring between her loins, causing her to cross her trim white legs around Terrel's pumping black ass.  Heels locking upon each other, she pushed down with her locked heels to arch up into Terrel's next thrust

As the once virgin bride lost control of her petite body, she began humping up to have the thick raping cock rub against her agitated and sensitive clit.  Feeling the change come over the beautiful bride, feeling her legs wrapped around him as she arched up to meet his thrusts, Terrel knew that he could now release her restrained arms.  In doing so, Terrel then felt her trim white arms come down to wrap themselves around his shoulders as she continued to thrust her mound up at his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh ………Goddddddd ……..ohhhhhh ………..what’s ……….happpingggggggg ……….ohhhhhhhh, God ………………….what's happeing?  Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………..ahhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhh ………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the raped bride moaned as her body began convulsing uncontrollably.  Hearing that beautiful scream of pleasure and feeling her legs squeezing at him, Terrel buried his thick lengthy cock into the womb of the quivering bride.  With all his willpower, Terrel fought to keep his body totally still, as any movement on his part would surely send him over the edge.  He allowed the lovely bride to shudder in her orgasm around his thick cock.

It was moments later before Lacy began to come to her senses, her mind anguished at the realization of what had just taken place.  'Oh, God …………..what have I done?  Raped by my sister's black boyfriend …………..on my wedding day ………………in my wedding gown …………….and ……………and I had to have an orgasm!' she shuddered in horror.  'Oh, God ………………what will Dave say?  What will Dave do?  Oh, God …………will Dave even want to touch me again if he learns of this?' she shuddered.

Renewed determination flowed through her wracked body in the hopes of preventing her rapist from satisfying himself in her.  She had lost her virginity to him, orgasmed for him, but she still had a chance of preventing him from unleashing his vile lust in her body.  The potential consequences of this illicit mating were too terrible to contemplate for Lacy.

She got her arms from around his shoulder and got her hands between their bodies, Lacy tried desperately to push the muscular body up and off her.  "Nooooooo ….…….pleaseeeeee ……………….…Terrel ……………… noooooooooo!  Stop ………………stop ……………….pull it out ……………….pull it out!" Lacy sobbed.  "Please …………..pleaseeeeeee ……………..no ………………..no ………..you'll get me pregnant!" she pleaded.

Twitching his cock in the sobbing bride, enjoying her desperate attempt to push him off, Terrel chuckled as he withdrew his cock till only the tip remained enveloped in her ravaged and bloody cunt.   She had climaxed once already and now Terrel was determined to send her out of this world once again before he was finished.  He began to feed her his thick black cock again, pumping in and out of her raped slit, then speeding it up to jackhammer speed.

Feeling her arms and legs once again clutching at him, Terrel knew that she was all his for the taking. Pumping up and down, Terrel slammed into the beautiful bride, then taunted "I'm going to cum in the bride's cunt, right on her wedding day!  Gonna give her a black bastard  to remember me by!  Ya want it, don't ya, baby?"  "Ohhhhhh ...…………...ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, God ……………..oh, yes ………………yessssssssssssss ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the bride's stammering response as she climaxed once again, body quivering even more this time as the throbbing cock suddenly burst deep within her body.

A bit later, across the way in the bridal suite, Stacy reached over to grasp the groom's wilted cock in her hand.  Pumping it in her fist, Stacy smiled as she felt it begin to grow in the palm of her hand.  As it grew in size, Stacy increased the speed of her of her jacking fist, knowing that she was getting the inexperienced groom to a point near ejaculation.

Knowing Dave would never expect this of her innocent and naïve twin, Stacy quickly bent down and engulfed his cockhead in her mouth.  Hearing him groan loudly in the unexpected pleasure she was giving him, she felt his cock throbbing madly.  Well experienced in the art of sucking and fucking, Stacy knew that the bridegroom was ready to cum again.  Taking her mouth off his cock, she flicked her tongue rapidly against his sensitive cockhead.  Knowing that Dave was ready to pop at any second, Stacy straddled him, speeding up the pumping with her fist.  Feeling him ready to pop, she put the cockhead up against her snatch and rubbed it, pretending that she was trying to put it in.

Seconds later, Dave arched up and grunted, spurting his load up in the air and against her belly.  Feigning a look of distraught as she continued to pump the spurting cock, in a dismayed tone of voice, Stacy groaned loudly "Nooooo ………Daveeeeeee …………no …………….not yet ………………..not yet ………………damn it!"  With Dave's cock nearly spent and its final spurts of cum landing on the back of her hand, Stacy gritted her teeth to keep from laughing, then exclaimed her disgust "SHIT!"
Across the way, Terrel slowly withdrew his bloody cock from the devastated bride as she lay sobbing in agony.  He then raised up each of her limp legs, spreading them wide and planting the spike of each heel into the bedspread to keep her positioned in a lewd manner.  Bending forward, using both thumbs to peel open the bride's raped slit, Terrel smiled as blood oozed out of it.

Getting off the bed, Terrel went to stop the recording of a camcorder.  Then, getting it out of the tripod, he refocused and then resumed shooting, framing in close enough to incude most of the beautiful bride but centering on her bleeding slit.  Zooming in even closer, he captured a flow of blood escaping the raped slit and soaking into the once snowy white wedding gown.  Widening the lens focus and slowly standing for an overall view, the tape would leave no doubt to anyone that it was the lovely newlywed, Mrs. Lacy Richmond in her wedding gown.

Things were so different in the two suites, as opposite as they could be.  Although the lovely bride was held captive, she was allowed to rest and recuperate from her horrid ordeal.  Terrel wanted the lovely beauty to recuperate, knowing that he had the entire week to break her down completely.  He had taken her to two mind-shattering orgasms and with a bit more patience, he would soon have her hooked on black cock!

In the honeymoon suite, the bridegroom panted in exhaustion, praying that his cock would respond to the pumping hands of his lovely bride.  Lifting his head up, the bridegroom was near tears as he observed his cock shrinking rather than stiffening, feeling so inadequate and inept as she bride dropped his cock in disgust and muttering "Damn!"  Stacy sneered her contempt for the inept bridegroom, wanting to laugh aloud, knowing that he was now the equivalent of a whipped puppy dog.

At this point, Stacy knew that she had total control over the inexperienced bridegroom.  He was groveling at her feet and eating out of her hand.  She would make sure that he did not leave the honeymoon suite without first getting her permission, giving Terrel full reign in using the resort at his disposal.  Everything should work out according to plan as her boyfriend had total control over her twin sister.  Should Dave Richmond indicate that he was going downstairs to the lobby, etc., Stacey would merely tell him to wait up for her.  She would then stall some, go into the bathroom and hit Terrel's pager and punch in the digit to indicate the minutes before they would be downstairs, with five minutes the minimum for Terrel to clear out.

Allowing the bride to sleep for over an hour, Terrel then reached out to slip off one white heel and then the other.  Gently, he then turned the bride onto her side, unzipping her dress, then removed the wedding gown from her petite body.  Unhooking her lacy white bra, he then had her totally bared except for the string of pearls around her neck.  Looking at the lovely bride as she lay prone upon the bed, his cock twitched as he gazed at her lovely white body, blemished only by the bloodstains coating her inner thighs.

Stirring from her deep exhausted sleep, Lacy instinctively clutched at the body that was upon her.  Encircling her arms around his neck, wrapping her legs just under his ass, she squeezed her cunt muscles around the thick cudgel that was buried deep with her.  "Mmmm ………….mmmmm ……………mmmmmm!" she moaned as the thick cock pumped in and out of her.

With his expert cock slicing into her, rubbing against her sensitive clit, Lacy could not deny the pleasure coursing through her body. "Mmmm ………………….mmmmm ……………….…mmmmmm!" she continued to moan as she now arched up to meet his thrusts.  "Ohhhh ……………..yes ……………..yes ………………..deeper ………….fuck me deeper!"

Terrel knew that he had this pretty little lady now hooked on black cock.  She was now begging for it, begging him to fuck her deeper.  It was a great fuck with each humping up against each other, both in need of sexual release.  As the bride shook and convulsed, Terrel knew she was about to climax.  Slamming into her faster and faster, he was intent on sending to outer space.

"Ahhhhhhh ……………..yes ………………yes ……………..yessssssssssssss!  Oh, God …………..yessssssssssss ………………I'm cummingggggg!" Lacy screamed as she quivered in her climax.  Her body shook and quivered once again as Terrel unleashed his hot roe deep in her womb, flooding her to the brim.

The next morning Dave awoke to find his beautiful wife expertly sucking on his cock as she tried to get him hard.  He could not believe his innocent and shy wife was moaning so lustfully as she masturbated herself. This was so unlike the Lacy he had known for the past few years.

Below him, Stacy felt her brother-in-law stir awake amid her avid sucking of his pathetic cock.  She was proud of her performance, though no real acting of this scene was required of her.  Between slurps, Stacy panted "Oh, Dave ……………please ………I need it so bad!  Please …………..don't leave me high and dry ……..again!"

A twinge of guilt coursed through Dave's body upon hearing that last comment, knowing that he had failed to give his lovely wife any satisfaction the night before.  Having had a fitful night's sleep because of his humiliation and shame, Dave was determined to succeed in satisfying his wife this time as he was now rested and no longer intoxicated.

Stacy knew her inexperienced brother-in-law was determined to succeed this time, thus making it a challenge to see if he could hold up against her expertise in cock sucking.  Jerking, pumping, sucking and gobbling up the young bridegroom's cock quickly had him on the verge of losing it all once again.  Feeling his cock give that familiar throb, Stacy sped up her fisting as she scrambled up into position and was about to straddle him.  Timing it perfectly, her pumping caused him to moan in despair and arch up into her fist as he ejaculated prematurely into the air once again.

With the vibrator in the bathroom moments later, it was all Stacy could do from busting out in laughter.  She was proud of her acting job once Dave had shot off in the air.  She had given him a look of total disbelief that he had done it prematurely again, then swore "Damn!" as she stormed off the bed, grabbing her 'pocket rocket'.  Slamming the bathroom door behind her, Stacy then turned on her vibrator, putting it at the highest speed so Dave could hear its hum.

Vibrator buzzing loudly on the counter, Stacy looked in the mirror as she combed her hair.  She then began emitting perfectly timed moans, of both frustration and pleasure, for her unwitting brother-in-law's sake.  She wanted to let him know that she was desperately trying to complete the task that in reality she had expertly caused him to fail in accomplishing for the third consecutive time.  She smiled to herself, knowing that his self-confidence like his undersized excuse-for-a-cock, was irreparably drained and shriveled.  All thanks to his wicked sister-in-law!

Across the way, sobbing as she held the covers up against her naked body, Lacy watched as her sister's boyfriend carried in the breakfast tray that he had ordered for them.  Three times during the night she had engaged in intercourse with this devious man who had raped her, yet she had achieved multiple orgasms on each occasion.  It was something she had dreamt about on her wedding night, only it was supposed to be with man she loved and gave her solemn vows to, not with a man who raped her.

With the breakfast sitting in the middle of the bed as Terrel sat beside her, cupping and caressing her right breast, Lacy shuddered in horror as she wondered how long this ordeal would last.  Moments earlier, she had observed Terrel slip a cassette into the video recorder and now he was using the remote next to the bed to turn the television on.  Hand cupping her breast and flicking her nipple, Lacy quivered and looked toward the television as it came on.

Blinking twice, then leaning forward for a closer view, Lacy realized that it was her giving a cheer in her high school uniform.  She gasped as she observed herself in such tantalizing positions, then peeling down her orange panties for the camera.  She gasped as a black pair of legs walked into the scene.  Then she realized it was Terrel in the scene.  Shuddering in horror, feeling faint, she watched herself dropping to her knees onto the floor and begin handling his big black cock.  Her mouth dropped wide open as the screen showed her eating the big cock as if it was a special licorice lollipop till she got out all of its juices.

The next scene showed her wearing her black dress with her labcoat over it.  The nametag on the labcoat clearly could be identified as 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond'.  It was in the apartment that she and Dave had rented, where they would spend their first night together after the honeymoon was over.  It was Terrel at the front door and she was inviting him in.  Then came the blackmail scene and she was getting down on her knees to buy him off, jerking him at first then sucking him off as he demanded.

As Terrel had anticipated, the lovely bride had refused to eat anything from the breakfast tray that he had ordered.  He heard her sobbing as she watched the incriminating film of her in the cheerleader outfit and labcoat.  He knew that she had come to realize that it was her evil twin that had dressed up as her to perform those x-rated flicks.  "Sweetie, you didn't eat anything from the tray I ordered up!  Here, I know what you really want!" Terrel advised as he reached out to pull her head towards him.

Had she not seen the video scenes, Lacy would have had absolutely not clue whatsoever as to what to do with the blunted cockhead brushing across her nose and cheeks.  "C'mon, bitch!  You just saw how it's done!  Weren't ya watching the fuck'n video?  Didn't ya learn anything from it?" she was taunted.  As it moved down to push up against her pink lips, she hesitantly grasped the stem to hold it steady.  The educational video had indeed taught her how to flick the tip of her tongue out to tease the sensitive crown.  Then, opening her lips wide, Lacy engulfed the entire cockhead in her mouth.

Indeed, the video had taught Lacy what to expect as Terrel grasped the back of her head and began to face fuck her.  Even his grunts of pleasure sounded exactly like those on the video.  She also knew how it would end with Terrel using her mouth as a receptacle for his vile lust.  Feeling his throbbing cock expand even more in her mouth, hearing Terrel grunt, Lacy clamped her lips tightly over the cockhead as it exploded in her mouth.

Terrel was surprised at how well this innocent young bride had performed her first blowjob.  She was performing just like a pro, looking up at him just like the cheerleader slut in the video had done.  Then to top it off, when his drained cock slipped from her pink lips, the beautiful bride kept looking up at him as she opened her mouth wide to show him her cum filled mouth.  "Swallow it, sweetie!" he ordered.

Obeying, Lacy shivered at the revolting feel of the slithery jizz sliding down her throat.  Her body shook and quivered as the hot bile slowly made its way down to her belly.  It was as if she had been in a trance and just awoke from it as Lacy realized the demeaning act that she had just performed.  Clutching her churning stomach, she fought to keep from throwing up on the spot.

Hearing his cellphone ring, Terrel answered it, knowing that it was Stacy calling him.  He listened as Stacy filled him in on her accomplishments and laughed when she referred to the bridegroom as a 'little whipped puppy'.  "All right!  Sounds good!" he advised after Stacy told him her plans to have 'limp dick' take her shopping at the outlet mall.  With 'limp dick' to pay for all her purchases, Stacy planned to have him follow behind her like an obedient puppy dog, carrying all the goodies for her.

As Terrel was to give them a half-hour to leave the resort, he would then be free to do as he pleased downstairs for the next six hours.  Finding a nice yellow bikini in the drawer, Terrel tossed it to Lacy and told her to get cleaned up in the shower.  As she staggered to the bathroom, he suspected she might try to lock herself in and advised "Don't even think of locking yourself in there, sweetie!  You do that and copies of the videotape will be in the hands of your hubby, parents, and workplace within a day!"

Walking around at poolside, Lacy felt so self-conscious, knowing all eyes were upon her.  Clad only in her yellow bikini, she cringed as Terrel walked along side with his hand around her waist.  Lacy knew that everyone must be wondering just what kind of slut she was, letting a black man touch her in such a manner as he grabbed her asscheeks through her thin bikini.

Terrel found a nice corner where they could sit side by side on a couple of lounge chairs.  It was a corner spot but quite visible to a lot of people around the pool.  He whispered to Lacy "Those two old ladies on your left are admiring us, sweetie!  Giv'em a show, honey!  Reach over and rub my cock!"

Knowing not to disobey, Lacy blinked back the tears and reached over to place her hand on the bulge in Terrel's swim shorts.  As she rubbed him, she glanced out of the corner of her eye to see the two older women's mouths drop wide open at her display of shamelessness.  She could not believe Terrel's next demand and she hesitated defiantly.

Sighing in defeat, Lacy moved her hand down and slipped her fingers under the waistband of Terrel's swim shorts.  Then she commenced to jerk him off right in public.  The public display must have been a real turn-on for Terrel, for in no time at all his cock began throbbing madly and nearly out of control.

A moment later, Lacy withdrew her hand from under the shorts as she cupped a handful of creamy spunk.  She looked about for a towel, wanting to wipe her hand clean.  "Spread it out over your legs!  Its good suntan lotion!" she heard Terrel's stern voice say.  Wanting to cry, blinking back the tears, Lacy sobbed as she used both hands to evenly spread the creamy lotion over her legs.

The next day, by cellphone, Stacy filled a laughing Terrel in on how her little puppy dog was desperately trying to please her every whim.  "You should have seen his eyes pop wide open when I purchase three outfits for my job at the strip joint!  Ran up an $800 bill on his credit card and had him lugging all my bags around the mall.  Stacy laughed as her boyfriend filled her in on the details of his conquest.  She chuckled upon learning of how he had Lacy jerk him off at poolside with two old ladies watching it all.

Before hanging up, Stacy had Terrel cracking up when she told him how she got Davey boy to again cum prematurely.  Only this time, she had purposely sabotaged her 'pocket rocket' by turning the battery the wrong way.  When it didn't work as she tried to get herself off, she had cussed aloud, then sent the groom down to buy her a new battery.  "Hell, you should have seen the record time 'limp dick' set in getting his clothes on and down to the Sundries Shop to get me a new battery!" she laughed.

With the honeymoon coming to an end soon, Terrel was going to bed the bride all he could and while he could.  Then the cellphone rang unexpectedly as Stacy was going to spend a few hours down at poolside with Davey boy waiting on her hand and foot.  He listened as Stacy told him who she had just met and all about the guy.  "No kidding!  Jesus!  Yer shitting me!  Damn, that's fuck'n wild!" Terrel exclaimed as Stacy filled him in on all the details.

"Okay, baby!  Time for you to take a quick shower and get all dolled up!  We got some business to tend to!" Terrell advised the bride.  While Lacy was in the shower, Terrel got the door and obtained the nice dress and heels that Stacy had dropped off from the honeymoon suite.  When Lacy got out of the shower, she saw the dress and heels that she had unpacked on the day of her arrival.  It was an elegant black dress that she was going to wear when she went to the fine dining restaurant with Dave.

Nervous, not knowing what to expect, Lacy merely walked along with Terrel as he escorted her by the arm.  Getting in the elevator and going down to the ground floor, she was escorted by Terrel outside and headed towards a small two story building.  A sign on the path indicated it was for 'Employees Only'.  Then they stopped and Terrel knocked upon the door.  As the door opened, Lacy's eyes widened in horror as her mouth dropped wide open.  Stupefied, she watched as $50 was handed over to her as the man commented "You did say $20 for an hour or $50 for four!  I want the full four hours, honey!"  Frozen to the spot, the $50 was then snatched from her hand to be tucked into Terrel's pocket.

Door closed behind her, pulled along into the room, Lacy cringed in horror.  'I've just been sold!  Sold like a common prostitute!  Sold to of all people!  Oh, God ………………I can't go through with this!' she told herself as the grossly overweight man pulled her towards the bed.  'Oh, God ……………he's always been a fat leech ……………….a pervert …………….always after the girls!  Now he's bought me for the next four hours!  God …………..I feel sick!  How can I let this fat pig touch me …………….my high school principal!' she shuddered.

Lacy vaguely remembered reading a year or so ago that a female student had filed charges against him for trying to fondle her, and he lost his job.  She heard through the grapevine that he was now working as a lowly janitor.  Now she knew where his janitorial duties were ………right here in this resort!  This leech of a man, whom she had always referred to as Principal Higgins, had just paid for her services, that of a prostitute.

Upstairs, Stacy and her stud boyfriend were getting it on in bed as Stacy desperately needed a good fuck.  Terrel relayed how shocked Lacy was to see her former high school principal being the man who had paid for her services, advising Stacy "If I hadn't kept a firm grip on her arm, I'm sure she would had run out of the room!"  Stacy laughed, wishing she had been there to witness it.

Then Stacy told her boyfriend "I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted his fat ass at poolside!  I remembered from our high school days how much Lacy loathed the fat lecherous principal!  When we were alone near the pool, I played the part of Lacy and got him to sit on the lounge next to me!  The ass made a play for me right there, telling me how much he had wanted to get to know me better in high school!   That's when I let my hand slip over his thigh to touch little cock and let it be known he could get his wish for five-hundred bucks!"

When asked about the groom, Stacy just laughed and told Terrel "He's such a woosie!  Can you believe he's never eaten any pussy before?  When he couldn't get it up for me this morning, I sat on his fuck'n face and made him eat me out!  Jezz, you should have seen his fuck'n face ……………he turned green all over!   Had to get him outta my sight for awhile and told him to get a drink at the bar!  When asked where I was going, I told him I was going to find a man and get fucked!  C'mon, stud, give me a good fuck, then let's go downstairs for a nice dinner that my sister's earning for us!"

Down in the resort's bar, Dave was downing one martini after the other.  Normally two were his limit but he needed this, wanted to get himself drunk after what he'd been through.  Sitting alone at the bar, knowing that his wife had duped him into thinking that he was going to get a virginal bride.  'I thought she was marrying me for love!  Was it because I was getting my medical degree?' he wondered.  'I wonder why she didn't seem concerned about my wearing a condom after that first time?  After all, we had both agreed that we were just starting our new life together, that we weren't ready to begin a family yet, and we'd start out with condoms until Lacy could get on the Pill!' Dave thought.

Downing another martini, Dave pondered whether it was just another part of Lacy's deception.  First Lacy had pretended to be an inexperienced, virginal young newlywed.  Now that the wedding vows had been exchanged, she dropped all pretext that she was an inexperienced, faithful virgin wife.  'Damn, she's just a slut for cock!  She's obviously been fucking around behind my back the whole time while keeping me dangling on a string!  I bet she didn't bother to use a condom those times either!' he cussed.


Lacy wanted to die of shame as the man she had known as Principal Higgins unzipped the back of her dress and eased it off her shoulders with his fat sweaty paws.  Then her bra was unclipped and drawn off her shoulders.  She sniffled as tears flowed down her cheeks as his arms encircled her and his pudgy hands cupped her breasts.  Lacy could only stand frozen to the spot as the ugly old man fondled her breasts and began to thumb her stiffening pink nipples.

For the next four hours, Lacy squirmed under the heavy weight of the 'fat pig' as the student referred to him behind his back.  She was totally drenched as the fat and flabby body sweat like a pig as he grunted and groaned while fucking into her petite body.  With Terrel it was so different as compared to this 'pig'!  Under this loathsome 'pig', she felt no pleasure whatsoever, only disgust as he spurted his hot seed into her.

Lacy felt totally sick as she heard her former principal tell her "Oh, Lacy ………….Lacy ………………..you're the one I've always dreamed of!  You sure had me fooled all this time in thinking you were an innocent naïve girl!  You're sure one hot cookie!  You're worth every penny of the $50!  We're going to have to do this more often!"

Having her former principal paw at her body, demanding another bout of sex, Lacy was glad that the four hours were nearly up.  Putting on her dress and slipping on her heels, she hoped to make her exit.  But he stopped her, saying "We've still got fifteen more minutes, sweetie!"  Her shoulders slumped in defeat.  Then she was being pushed to her knees, her body shuddering with disgust as she looked at his withered pecked hidden below the rolls of fat on his body.

Closing her eyes, Lacy reached out to grasp his shrunken penis, then began wanking on it.  Leaning forward, she captured it in her mouth and began sucking on it.  It was the most disgusting thing Lacy had ever done, feeling as if she was actually sucking off a real pig at the way he moaned and grunted.  Finally her mouth became rather slick and the cock began to shrink in her mouth.  She wanted to laugh out loud at the pathetic ejaculation, if you could call it that.

The next morning, as check out time approached, Lacy panted in fear as she knelt upon the bed on all fours.  "No …………….no, Terrel ………………it won't fit ………….it won't fit back there!  Please ……………..please …………….you'll tear me!" sobbed for mercy.  Her backside hurting something terrible as Terrel pushed up against her, feeling as if he was trying to shove a log up her ass.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeee …………………..  oh, Godddddddddddddddd ………………it hurtssssssssss!" she screamed as pain shot through her entire body as the thick black cock tore through her once virgin ass.

“Oh, baby!  Ya've got one fine piece of ass!  God, just got myself a soft cherry white ass!   Damn, its so fuck'n tight  ……………………..it’s tearing the skin off my cock!  Ah, baby, gonna ream you out good!” “Ahhhhh …………………yeah …………….yeah ………….. gonna cum ………….gonna cum in yer tight little ass!” Terrel groaned.  Gripping her hips tightly, he slammed forward, burying himself as deep as he could before unleashing his hot spurting load.
As they were still joined together, they both turned to look where the applause was coming from.  "Beautiful!  What a show!  Has the beautiful bride gotten anything left that's gone untouched?" exclaimed Stacy as she began stripping out of her shorts and blouse.  Tossing the garments over to the bed, Stacy advised "Better put those on cause Davey boy just saw me leave in them!  He waiting for your return so you two can check out of the honeymoon suite!"

End of Story.