Her Friends’ Vile Sons
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier
stories entitled: ‘Star Player 5’ & ‘Friend’s Pretty Mother 1’
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“Hi, Natalie!” she heard her name called as she saw Trish Lawson waving her over to the table in the coffee shop.  And there with her were the other gals that comprised their group, Kris Williams and Diane Nelson.  Friends for many years now, all having moved into the subdivision at about the same time when the subdivision had opened, they had gotten even closer having boys the same age and also the best of friends.

Grabbing a seat and taking in a deep breath as she got to relax a bit, Natalie smiled as Diane commented “We sure give you and Dave credit for starting a second family at this point in your lives!”  Kris then commented “I don’t think I’d have been able to put an established career on hold for years like you’ve done!  I’d be so worried about getting it back on track!”  And Trish added “God, I wish my husband was like your Dave!  I’d just love having him throwing me on the bed and ‘knocking me up’ once again!”

“Oh, girls ……………………..sorry I’m late, but I’m just so tired right now!  I really could go to sleep right here and now!” Natalie replied as she slid into the booth.  “I don’t know how you manage to keep your trim figure and your looks, especially since you stopped coming to the gym class with us years ago!” her friend Diane commented.  And then Kris chimed in with “Oh, Diane, Nat’s getting in way more exercise than any of us!  And she’s having fun at it ……………………….in bed making babies!”

Natalie smiled and blushed at that last comment as her youngest children, ages were 4, 2, and 1,  served as confirmation to that fact.  She was now in her late 30’s like the others, but the only one in the group to start a second family, having three little ones to boot.  And of course, the gals would kid Nat as to what a virile stud of a husband she was married to with the three little ones to show for it.  ‘My, God, if you gals only knew the truth!’ Natalie thought guiltily.

Of course, soon the conversation turned to the boys who were now in college, a topic that Natalie knew she’d have to endure though hoping that it would be brief.  Her oldest son Bryan had gone off to an Ivy League college on an academic scholarship, so when asked, Natalie would fill them in on how he was doing.  As for Tim Williams, Sam Lawson and Josh Nelson, they were together at nearby State U. on football scholarships and sharing an apartment together.

Natalie swallowed deeply as the other gals commented about how rarely any of the three teens made it home from the nearby college, even though it was just a bit over an hour’s drive away.  The moms would get to see their sons briefly after home games on the weekend and maybe out for dinner together after the game but they hardly ever made the back drive home.  Clenching her thighs together, Natalie thought ‘If only you knew that I see each of your sons every Wednesday of each week!  That each of you are grandmothers to one of my little ones!’


Mind drifting to that sunny day five years ago when her friends so-called ‘angels’ had stopped on by when her husband Dave and son Bryan were off fishing, Natalie had been unaware that the young teens had discovered her deep dark secret, one that she had prayed would never be discovered.  With the teens having gained that knowledge, emboldening them with courage that they could not ordinarily have, Natalie had been caught totally by surprise.  She shuddered as her mind replayed how it commenced.

Natalie recalled her son's best friends looking over the wooden fence that day, eyeing her up in her yellow bikini as she relaxed at poolside.   Josh had burst out with “Wow, Mrs. Stevens, you look so damned sexy in that yellow bikini!” and Natalie could feel herself blush a deep red with that comment.  “Mrs. Stevens, Josh claims that he held his breath for over two minutes when he went diving last year!” Tim exclaimed.  “Can you believe that, Mrs. Stevens?” asked Sam.

When Josh chirped in to add “I tell you guys that it was high tide in the canal last year and I dove off our small boat to get some oysters!  I swear I was underwater each time for over two minutes!  Heck, once when I was underwater, I managed to shuck an oyster and eat it raw before coming up for air!”  And that's when Sam, Tim, and even Natalie had laughed at what seemed like a preposterous feat for someone his age.

“Well, I guess I'm just going to have to prove it to all of you!”  Josh then advised.  “You guys told me that you'd each time me, so get your waterproof watches ready!  Mrs. Stevens, tell me if I accomplished everything that I claimed I did!”  Natalie had been totally puzzled at that statement, assuming that he wanted her to time him also.  Then Josh took several deep breaths in preparation for his dive, then advised his buddies “Okay, guys, like I told you earlier ………………..don't start until my head goes under the water!”

Natalie had then looked on as Josh took a deep breath as he prepared himself for his long dive underwater.  She didn't bring a watch with her to the pool so she would have to go along with what other boys' timing of this unbelievable feat.  But as soon as Josh's head had disappeared under the water, Natalie noticed the sudden movement from the other two boys who had been treading water on either side of her.  She had been taken completely taken by surprise as each arm was in the grasp of Tim and Sam.

Before Natalie could utter out a cry, Tim had his hand clamped over her mouth and Sam undid the pin that held her hair up, causing her long blonde hair to fall about her shoulders.  The young teens were quite strong from their football training, pushing her back a bit until she was pinned against the wall at the deep end of the pool with her arms placed onto the tiled drainage funnel for support.

Natalie had tried to struggle but it was all in vain against the deceitful teens.  A cold shiver coursed throughout her entire body upon feeling Josh’s hands on her hips as they were undoing the ties to her yellow bikini bottom.  Seconds later, her yellow bikini bottom was floating a foot away from her face as Tim loudly exclaimed “Josh is sure making good time!  He's already shucked the oyster!  Let's see if he can really eat it all underwater!”

Natalie had not understood what Tim was referring to, but then felt Josh’s hands trying to spread her thighs apart.  It was then that Natalie came to realized what the vile teen was intending to do.  Struggling with all her might, trying to break free, Natalie’s body froze and shuddered at what was happening.  She recalled thinking ‘Godddddd ………….oh, God ………..this can't be happening to me ………….they're Bryan's best friends!  This evil Josh is a little animal ……..he wants to ……….eat me!’

Delirious at that point, with Tim removing his hand from her mouth, Natalie had moaned out loudly “Ohhhhhh …………….….ahh ……………………ahhh ………………...ahhhhh …….ohhhhhh!”  “Christ …………Josh is really eating Mrs. Stevens’ cunt!" Sam had blurted out as he continued holding on to her shuddering body.  “Go, Josh, go ………………eat that oyster!” both Tim and Sam cheered on in harmony.

“Ahhh …………………..…..ahhhhh ………………....ahhhh …………………….oh, God …………….I …………….….I'm cummingggg!  Ahhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhh, Godddddd …………….……….!” Natalie had cried out as she lost total control of her now convulsing body, shuddering in a mind-shattering climax.  Seconds later, Josh broke the water was a smirk on his face, licking his chops for the benefit of his buddies.  Running his tongue slowly across his upper lip, Josh told his buddies “That was the juiciest and sweetest oyster I've ever tasted!”

Later that afternoon, each teen had become a ‘man’, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to lose his virginity between soft trim sexy legs of their buddy’s beautiful mother.  And with the threat of that secretive x-rated video taken of her in their possession, Natalie had found herself at the mercy of their lust craving desires.  Of course, the teens had learned about the use of condoms in their sex education classes but they didn’t care a bit about keeping her from getting pregnant, but in fact each was hoping to make her the mother of his baby.

Six weeks after that gang rape by her son’s best friends, the worst scenario was to be faced by Natalie when she was overcome with morning sickness and the positive results of the home pregnancy test.  With Dave and her son off on an overnight fishing trip one weekend of each month, Bryan’s buddies would stop on over for a dip in the pool, with each of them wanting a turn at shucking and eating an oyster underwater before it was time for her to entertain all of them in the master bedroom.

When little Tyler was born, the question was ‘Which of the three teens was the father of baby Tyler?’  With the teens anxious and wanting that honor, each had brought over their baby pictures for Natalie to look at, hoping that one would be the spitting image of little Tyler.  And that had met with success as one baby photo of Josh Nelson clinched the deal, though it was far from being a scientific method.  But what else could be done, certainly not having each teen get his parents’ permission for a DNA test to see if it was their son who had successfully knocked her up.

Throughout her oldest son’s high school years, unable to say anything to dissuade Bryan from having his friends over as often as before, Natalie just had to endure the agony each time they were over.  And from when they were young, water and pop were on a ‘help yourself’ basis, thus the lusty teens took advantage of the opportunity whenever she happened to be busy in the kitchen.  Needless to say, water or pop weren’t what they wanted from the kitchen.

Natalie found herself trying desperately to put off washing the dishes or cooking whenever the teens were over visiting with Bryan, otherwise it’d be a wide open opportunity for her son’s friends.  Several times she had managed to escape from the confining kitchen when hearing or seeing one of the teens heading towards the kitchen.  But there were the occasions when she had been caught by surprise by one of them, then had to endure having her ass felt up or titties fondle while her neck was nuzzled.

Then there were a few of those occasions where a bit more time was afforded to the teen catching her in the kitchen.  Natalie recalled that time when Tim inserted his hand into her shorts and panties, then proceeded to use his middle finger to fingerfuck her, causing her to orgasm right there.  Another occasion that stuck in her mind was when Sam had unzipped himself before accosting her at the sink, pulling her hand out of the soapy dishwater and back to handle him, and moments later she was wiping down the cabinet doors under the sink to wipe up the sticky mess.

But to Natalie, Josh was the most notorious of the bunch as to being vile and devious in nature.  One day, with Dave cooking burgers out in the backyard while Bryan and his friends tossed the football about, Josh had slipped into the house supposed to grab a drink.  Hands cupping her breasts through her summer dress and bra, the bastard pushed his bared penis up under the hem of her dress and between her thighs.  Moments later, Natalie was alone in the kitchen, blinking back the tears as she wiped her inner thighs and calves clean of the teen’s slick semen.

Upon the discovery that Josh was the father of little Tyler, the teens’ monthly visitation changed somewhat as the baby had to be cared for.  With two of them caring for the baby while Natalie entertained the third privately in the master bedroom, Sam would always be the third in line.  It was not that Sam was the loser as one would think in this situation, that of being forced to go last, and Natalie would soon learn first hand what the devious teens had in store for her.

That second month after the important discovery of who was little Tyler’s daddy, again with Josh and Tim pulling out in time and forcing her to suck them to completion, Natalie would learn that only Sam was allowed to cum in her.  Being the best of buddies, and with Josh already a ‘daddy’ in having fathered little Tyler, that had left Tim and Sam on the short end.  Thus, an arm wrestling match between the two teens, won by Sam, gave him next dibs for getting her ‘knocked up’!  Only after Sam succeeded in getting her pregnant would his buddies cum in her again.  And thus resulted in her having little Jenny.

A year later, three months after little Jenny was born, it took Tim just two tries to ‘knock up’ his buddy Bryan’s beautiful mother.  Tim was certainly proud of himself for his fast results, but also disappointed at the same time since Sam had the pleasure of being the only one cumming in the lovely Mrs. Steven’s for an entire year.  After just after two months of having that sole pleasure, now it was back to sloppy seconds for all.  But Tim would soon be further rewarded with birth of little Denny.
Now, with the lusty teens off to college, Natalie found that they were demanding even more sex from her than ever.  With the three of them taking an apartment together, no parents around to check on their whereabouts, they all had arranged a class schedule that left Wednesdays free for any classes.  Wednesdays were often referred by working people as ‘hump day’ since it marked the middle of the week, but for Natalie and the three teens, it would literally be their ‘hump day’!

With Tyler off to a pre-school and the two little ones dropped off at a sitter, Natalie made the hour long drive down to State U. and the teens’ apartment.  On her first visit to the apartment, Natalie found that each of the teens wanted time alone with her.  An hour alone with each, after they had drawn cards for their place in turn, then it was gangbang time for the next few hours with Natalie straddling one, mouthing the other and taking the third up her ass.  After each had her in every way the series of gangbangs, then Natalie would be headed back home in time to pick up Tyler from the preschool and after school care.

Although each teen would profess his ‘love’ for her while in the bedroom, especially while he was about to or actually spurting his seed in her, Natalie knew that she was merely the vessel for which these teens were using to vent their lust.  And it seemed that each of the vile teens got even more turned on in calling her by her marital name while in the process of fucking her, gloating in mouthing out such comments such as “Oooooh, Mrs. Stevens ……………………I love you ………………………….aghhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Little did Natalie know that the devious teens rented out the apartment across the way from one of their buddies, giving him free viewing while collecting thirty bucks apiece from the guys who showed up to watch the fuck show that she provided in the teens's apartment unit.

Wearing a very sophisticated dress and heels each Wednesday, as demanded by the three teens, today she wore the elegant pink dress that they always liked along with a pair of 3” white heels.  But what worried her on this particular day was that of getting the email and telling her exactly what to wear, and that she was to meet them at the Starlight Motel on the edge of campus.  ‘Why?  Why a motel all of a sudden?  What’s going on?’ were the questions running through her mind throughout the trip.

Having gotten an email the other day from the teens, instructing her of the change, Natalie sent an response in which she asked the reason why.  But the stern response she got was “Just be there ……………on time …………..or else!”  ‘Be on time!  A motel all of a sudden!  What’s going on?’ Natalie shuddered with worry as she neared the edge of the college town.  Swallowing nervously as she looked at the large sign reading ‘Starlight Motel’ atop of the building.

Recognizing Josh’s car and parking next to it, Natalie got out of her car and pulled the slip of paper from under the windshield wiper of Josh’s automobile.  Looking at the note that read Room 212, Natalie’s heart thumped madly as she forced herself to make her way up the steps to the second level.  Just as she was about to knock upon the door, it opened and a smiling Josh greeted her with a “Right on time, Mrs. Stevens!” as he ushered her in with a hand grasping her by the elbow.

Her intuition and fears had indeed been realized upon seeing a large black man sitting in the armchair with a wide grin on his face as he announced “Well now, I’s guess ya boys were’s telling me the truth and and trying to set me up fer a drug bust!  But still, this purty little lady could jist be a decoy, so I’s ain’t buying it till ya prove to me she ain’t a cop!  Prove fer me that she ain’t no undercover cop ……………………….git her down here to suck me off!”

Horrified, Natalie turned to make her way out of the motel room but her arms were suddenly grasped by Tim and Sam, while Josh was at her back and pushing her forward toward the drug dealer.  “No!  No!  How dare you!  I won’t do it!” Natalie yelled out in rebellion as the teens dragged her forward.  “Boys here want me to supply them with some illegal steroids so they can bulk up and git more strength to make the starting lineup!  So, they’s promised me something real special if’n I’s come up with the supply!  And from the looks of ya …………………….ya’s a real special lady!”

Pushed down to her knees, arms still held firmly to keep her there, Natalie watched in horror as the black drug dealer was unzipping himself before her.  Natalie swallowed for it had been quite a few years since she had any dark meat such as this, ever since she had succumbed to the handsome black football jock who had accosted her in her own home after bringing the boys home from football camp.  Tyrone Thomas had seduced her, then had that horrid sex tape made, which the teens had discovered and blackmailed her with ever since.  As for Tyrone, he had gone off to college on a football scholarship only to be cut down in the crossfire of two gangs when bar hopping in the inner city.

But to Natalie, this foul looking man weighing over 275 lbs. was far from the handsome young football jock to whom she had succumbed.  One thing that she about to soon discover was that this big burly man had a cock to match his body size, a big bloated black boner!  With his zipper open as the man fished his cock out, the stench of his unclean genitals made her lightheaded and nauseous.  ‘My, God!  How can they do this to me?’ she shuddered while futilely trying to get away.

From the moment that she walked into the room, Art Thompson knew that there was no way this hot little bitch was a cop, but he had to wonder just what these college jocks had on her.  Looking down at the sophisticated blonde beauty, having noticed her diamond ring and wedding band, Art loved seeing her cringe in disgust as he rubbed the sticky underside of his black cock on her beautiful face.  He chuckled as she tried to turn her head away but he followed her with his cock

And when Josh pulled her head back by her long blonde hair, causing her to yelp from the pain, Art plugged her mouth his bloated cockhead.  Having forced his fat smelly cock into her gagging mouth, Art chuckled “Guess this purty little honky bitch ain’t no cop, heh!  Ain’t no purty honky cop would be putting her purty pink lips around a big black boner!”  “Ah, babyyyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………..ah, yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..suck me ………………..suck meeeeeeeeeeee!  Cumming ……………..I’s cummingggggggggggggggg …………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned, heaving his hips up into her beautiful face.

Hand cupped over her mouth, body shuddering as her queasy stomach rebelled and slimy jizz poured out over her bottom lip, and dripped down onto the front of her pink dress.  Natalie’s humiliation was not over as Josh unhooked the back of her dress and began pulling down the length of the zipper.  Dress pushed off her shoulders, bra clasp undone and shoulder straps pushed off, it was if she was now on the auction block as Josh was reaching around her petite body to cup the undersides of her breasts to offer them up to the black drug dealer.

As Josh removed his hands, Natalie felt larger more calloused ones replacing them, fondling her breasts as if test the ripeness of some fruit.  Then the fingers closed tightly around her fleshy globes and digging into her flesh as the vile man pulled himself up from the sofa while using her titties as handles, pulling her up to a standing position with him.  And at the same time, Josh was pulling down her dress alone with her panties, leaving the garments bunched around her heels.

“Looks like this sweet little bitch doesn’t like me very much, guys!  She must be partial to white boys, huh!” Art chuckled as he rubbed the hardened pink nipples with his wide thumbs.  “Take her over to the bed fer me, guys!  Think that fantastic blowjob gave me an appetite, so I’s wanna git me a taste of some sweet honey!” he advised, getting out of his clothing while the teens dragged her unwillingly over onto the bed.

“Josh, no!  Let me up!  Tim, Sam, stop!  Please …………………please I don’t want him to have sex with me!  Please ……………stop ………………..I don’t want this!  This ……………………..this ……………….is rape!” came the beauty’s frantic cries as Art shucked his cock to bring it back to life as he neared the bed.  With Josh holding her arms above her head, Sam and Tim were holding her by the ankles and spreading her wide for him.

“No ………………………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………………oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” Natalie groaned as the big black bastard dropped down between her legs and commenced to eat her snatch.  Hips lurching up instinctively as the hungry mouth slurped at the love juices, the snaking tongue delving deep between her slit, then was in search for her ultra-sensitive clit.  And Natalie discovered what an expert tongue man this man was as he immediate found her G-spot.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed out in a climax that shook her so quickly and unexpectedly.

Panting for breath while still held securely upon the bed, Natalie trembled as the big man slid off to stand at the foot of the bed while shucking at his reviving boner.  “Please ………………….please don’t let him!  You know I’m not on the pill …………that I’m allergic to the pill …………………it’s too dangerous ………………..I can’t have his baby!  Don’t let him!” she pleaded, wanting the devious teens to let her up.

As the bed sagged and the heavy body descended down upon her, Natalie trembled as the black bastard bragged of how he was “Gonna show a purty white bitch like ya what fucking a ‘real man’ is all about!”  “Goddddddddd ……………oh, Goddddddddddddddd ……………..it’s too big ……………………….too bigggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” she screamed out as the big black bastard rammed forward at her without trying to ease himself in.

Held down by the teens who had professed to ‘love’ her, allowing the black drug dealer to rape her, Natalie knew just how much she really meant to these teens.  She was just their piece of fuck meat to satisfy their lewd lust, sating their devilish desires with each fathering a baby with her, and now they were whoring her out in order to get illegal steroids to bolster their athletic careers.  Wanting to get back at these devious teens, shuddering as the big man skewered her with his oversized cock, Natalie mind was racing, determined somehow as to extract some revenge.

Though it was painful to be stretched like never before, Natalie was determined, cooing “Ooooooooooooooh, God, yessssssssss ……………………………….ooooh, so good …………………….so goodddddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes …………………please …………………tell them to let go of my arms and legs …………………….I promise not to scratch you ……………………oh, please, I want to feel your big muscular body!”
Smiling as he responded with “Let her go, boys!”

Bringing her arms up, Natalie rubbed her hands over the muscular biceps and shoulders while throwing her trim legs up over his heaving butt.  Knowing that the three teens were looking on intently, Natalie panted out loudly “Ooooooooh ………………..it’s so good to have a ‘REAL MAN’S’ cock in me once again!  Ooooohhhhhhhh, it’s been so long ……………………..so long a wait to have a ‘Real Man’ again …………………fuck me with your big black cock, stud!”

To her delight, she heard the drug dealer chuckle in his response of “Guess these white boys just ain’t man enough to satisfy ya, huh, sweetie!”  Extracting her revenge, Natalie panted out “Oh, noooooo ……………….they’re just little ‘boys’ compared to you!  Show them how it’s done ………………………show them how to fuck a woman!”  With the full twelve inches of horse-like cock sawing in and out of her juicy twat, Natalie moaned “Yes …………………oh, yes ……………………..show them how a man does it!  Fuck me with your big black cock!”

In feeling just how tight the sexy white bitch was, Art knew that he must be hurting her as his big bloated cock stretched her innards and correctly suspected that her moans of ecstasy were really to get back at the punk teens by demeaning their manhood.  “Feel good, baby?  Like Art’s big black cock up yer honky twat, huh?” he asked loudly, seeing just how she respond to demean the white boys even more as he bent down to nuzzle at her neck and whisper in her ear ‘Wanna teach these young punks a lesson?  Tell’em ya wanna be my whore!’

And Art wasn’t disappointed when she panted out “Oh, yes!  Oh, yesssssssss!  Your big black cock is just what I needed ………………….so big and strong ………………so long!  So much better than what I’ve had to put up with!  Fuck me ………………fuck me ………………..make me your whore ………………………I’ll be your whore ……………just fuck me …………………fuckkkkkkkkkkk mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  As he sliced in and out of her slick hole, Art smiled as she moaned loudly “Goooooddddd ………………oh, so gooooooooddddddddd!”

The three teens looked on in awe as the woman they loved so much was responding wildly to the man they had forced her to copulate with.  The way in which the beautiful Mrs. Stevens had her ankles crossed and locked to draw him deeper into her, the manner in which she was clawing at his muscular shoulders while arching up into him, each teen felt so demoralized in how she had berated each of them for their small manhood.  “Oh, God ……………………it’s so good to have a ‘Man’ in me once again!” was the comment that had each of their own boners wilting in embarrassment.

“Fuck me ………………………….fuck me …………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!    Yes ……………………….yes ……………………oh, God, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!” came the panting from the woman of their dreams as she avidly took the pounding of the thick black cock slamming in and out of her with slushing sounds emanating from between their joined bodies.  Then their drug dealer was panting out “Gonna cum, sweetie ………………………..gonna cum in ya!”  To their dismay, the woman of their dreams responded with “Yes ……………….yes, cum in me!  Squirt it in me!  Knock me up!  Knock me up with your little black bastard!”

Feeling the hot sexy bitch convulsing uncontrollably beneath him as she clawed at his back, Art knew that she wasn’t faking this wild orgasm, not the way in which her tight little pussy was milking at his cock.  Never before had Art ever had such a beautiful white bitch sharing his bed, and her snapping pussy sent him right over the edge as he bellowed “Oh, yeah, sweetie!  Squeeze me!  That’s pussy’s a real snapper ………….ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Ass twitching under her locked legs, Art proceeded to belch out his hot sticky jizz deep into her womb.

That afternoon, during that hour long drive home, Natalie smiled to herself in having successfully turned the tables on the devious teens.  Once the black drug dealer had pulled his softening cock out of her well-fucked slit, seeing the three teens standing around the bed while fisting their hardons, she had deliberately spread her sexy legs to tauntingly invite them with “Aren’t you boys going to eat me out like you normally do each week?  Got some tartar sauce on the ‘oyster’ you boys love!  You’ll now be able to taste what a ‘REAL MAN’ taste like!”

Reaching over to grasp the big man by his now flaccid cock, holding the base while the other half drooped over her closed fist, Natalie belittled the teens by taunting them as she giggled “Look, he’s even longer and thicker than each of you ‘boys’ ……………..and it’s not even hard!  How sad, you ‘boys’ go around campus with your chests out and pretend you’re men!  Look at you, not one of you can keep a hardon!  You’re all wilting!  How pathetic!”

With the woman of their dreams shaking her head in disgust at them, they watched as she lean over the prone drug dealer to take his flaccid cock into her mouth once again to lick at it in earnest.  “Oh, come on, get it up again!  I want a ‘Real Man’ to fuck me again!” Natalie encouraged him to rise once again while putting down the teens down at the same time.  They watched as Natalie kicked off her heels, then tossed a leg over the drug dealer and began rubbing the hardening cock along her slit before she slowly began to slide down upon it.

“Oooooooh, yessssssssssssss!” Natalie cooed as she proceeded to fuck herself upon the lengthy prong.  Then she told her black lover “Why don’t you send these ‘little boys’ on home?  They’re useless here!  And we can make ‘love’ in private the whole day!”  To her delight, the drug dealers gruffly told the teens “You heard the lady!  Git yer fuck’n asses outta here!  She’s mine from now if’n ya want that weekly supply of steroids!”  Natalie smiled as the three teens sheepishly headed towards the door as the drug dealer threw her onto the bed and nailed her to it with his big black cock.

Having picked up little Tyler from after-school care, having had to put on a scarf to cover the cum stains, Natalie pulled up into the driveway of her home.  Getting the sitter to stay for another hour, Natalie headed off to the master bath to take a hot shower to remove the smell of sex, and also to douche in hopes of not getting herself ‘knocked up’ by the black drug dealer.  ‘My, God, how in the world did he manage to do it?  He must have cum in me five times!’ she wondered, closing her eyes as remembered that fantastic fuck she had gotten when he took her from behind.

Having experienced the most fantastic fuck ever on this day, Natalie now was happy at the turn of events.  She smiled at how embarrassed and red-faced the teens had gotten when she had belittled them and made fun of their manhood.  ‘A just payback for what you did to me, you little bastards!’ Natalie thought.  With her now being the drug dealers whore, giving him a fantastic sex ride that day, Natalie suspected that he’d help her further if she did his bidding.

‘I’ll pay those fucking bastards for all they’ve done to me!  Yes, maybe get Art to supply them with some tainted steroids that’ll really screw them up!  I’ll get even with them!’ Natalie swore to herself.  ‘All these years, forcing me to have sex with them to keep that horrid tape private, whoring me out to their drug dealer!  Whatever it takes, I’ll get even!  I’ll give Art the best fucking of his life, even let him whore me out, if he’ll fuck those bastards up for me!’ she fumed, bent on revenge.

End of Story.